Thursday, January 1: New Year's Day


The morning after PRX 1 (8-19). At "24 minutes after midnight," Suspiria arrives at Frank's apartment and they fight. Punisher

wins and binds and interrogates Suspiria. That morning, Suspiria's body is dropped on Regina's car. She calls a meeting with

the other wives and the Punisher shows up and kills Regina. He tells the rest that they have 24 hours to get out of the country,

but they have to make a donation to Santa Claus first.

Friday, January 2


The snowy day after PRX 1 (20-33). Dressed as Santa Claus, the Punisher collects the money from the departing wives.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #12 - FB (17:4-18)

One day, shortly before M/TU3 4 (19-20). Titannus arrives on earth.

Saturday, January 3


One day, a "few days" after W:S 5 (1-23). Given the reference to Sunfire and Silver Samurai in W:S 1, this segment must occur

before ROGUE3 7 (1-12). While Wolverine, Yukio, Amiko, and Mana eat, Mana reveals that Amiko is her descendant and

offers to train Amiko. It is "Girl's Day," March 3, but this reference may be topical.


One day, probably two or three days before X:KPSF 1 (1). Puff is photographed by her abductors.

Sunday, January 4


On the snowy night before Franklin's holiday school break ends, Franklin gets Herbie to type up his school report about how he

and his family celebrate the holidays.

Monday, January 5


One day. At the Xavier Institute, Scott gives Kitty a letter from Japan. It turns out to be a ransom note, with a photograph of

Puff, Lockheed's ex-girlfriend. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


One school day, sometime after X 161, since Sammy's death and the Brotherhood's attack are mentioned. David's kid sister,

mutant wannabe Kim, visits the school. Rahne and Josh share a kiss. Noriko calls home only to be rebuffed. The New Mutants

train the Danger Room. Weird things happen at Xavier's and Kim believes she's a mutant who can talk to the suspected ghost

responsible. Jay's statement, "after Sammy died," and Shan's statement, "We lost some rare first editions when the school was ...

attacked," indicate that this issue occurs after UX 164. Gambit is teaching a projectile class, so his sight is back - that places this

issue after X 165 (9-24) and quite likely after school reconvenes following the Christmas break in M/HOL'04 1/2. Appearing as

teachers in this issue are Gambit (whose sight must be back, since he's teaching a projectile class), Nightcrawler (in new

costume, teaching dramatic class), and Beast (who, in civilian clothes, gives out a science assignment "for next week"). "It's

freezing" and jackets are worn by some at the Institute. Kim must have a school vacation - perhaps a prolonged holiday/winter

break? Green grass and autumn leaves at Westchester.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #8 (1-14)

The same day as NX 7. After the Danger Room mysteriously turns on, the New Mutants are convinced that a ghost is at the

Institute. Cyclops suspects Julian to be the culprit. Josh and Kevin get into an argument. Cyclops and Emma are here in Reload

costumes and Beast is in civilian clothes. Jacket weather at Xavier's. Both bare and leafy trees (in silhouette) are seen at



One school day. This flashback must occur after ASTONX3 6 (20-23). Given X-23's appearance in M/TU3 5-6, this storyline

must occur after UX 454 and probably after X 165 (9-24). A mutant boy, Paul Patterson, manifests his powers in Peter's high

school. Wolverine (sent by Scott) attacks and Spidey webs him up. We see trees with green and autumn leaves.


The same day as M/TU3 1-FB. Logan escapes from Spidey's web while the mutant boy leads Spidey to his home, where Spidey

finds a corpse.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #2 (1-18)

The same night as M/TU3 1. Referring to Wolverine and Spider-Man, Patterson notes, "so this is what we're left with after the

Avengers disbanded"; this places this story after A:FINALE and before the New Avengers are public. Logan is still complaining

about his costume: "Friggin' Cyclops and his friggin' new costumes. 'We have to astonish them.' Give me a break." Spidey

remarks that Logan is "on so many teams" (this was written as a reference to his being on the Avengers, but it can't work that

way; Spidey must know about Logan's being on all the X-Men teams somehow). Logan catches up with Spidey at Patterson's

home and the two defeat the threat, causing an explosion. Logan calls SHIELD in to wrap up. Someone resembling Dr. Doom

materializes in Latveria. We see green trees and a full moon.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #3 (1-3)

The same night as M/TU3 2 (1-18). Dr. Strange detects the entry of "Dr. Doom" into his plane of existence. Full moon.

Tuesday, January 6

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #2 (19-23)

The day after M/TU3 2 (1-18). Logan returns to the Institute, where he sees Jubilee leaving to move to L.A., which places this

segment before JUB 1. A sleepy Peter Parker reports to work at school. Jubilee notes that Logan has "been away from the

mansion these last few weeks" - perhaps since X 165. Green trees in New York and autumn colors at Westchester.

JUBILEE #1 (1-4)

It must be the same day as M/TU3 2 (19-23). Jubilee arrives in L.A. to live with her Aunt Hope. Green grass and trees in L.A.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #3 (4-21)

The day after M/TU3 3 (1-3). The FF live in the Baxter Building, and Johnny has a date (a gallery opening) with Kourtney

"tonight," so it may be between FOUR 12 and FOUR 13 (6-11). He and Ben get in a fight over a practical joke, then "Dr.

Doom" shows up and battles the FF. Realizing that something is amiss, "Dr. Doom" leaves, then Dr. Strange arrives and leads

the team to where "Dr. Doom" is. After another skirmish, "Dr. Doom" reveals himself to be an alternate universe Tony Stark.

Patterson materializes in upstate New York, where Hulk is. Moon Knight and Hulk cameo.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #4 (1-18)

The same day as M/TU3 3 (4-21). It's a mail delivery day. The alternate Stark robs the FF of their powers and leaves after

Strange shows up. Johnny ends up in the hospital with a broken collarbone. The alternate Stark goes to Stark Enterprises to seek

a power source and, detecting Patterson, jets upstate and saves the boy from the Hulk.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #8 (15-22)

The day after NX 8 (1-14). Emma suggests that Kevin see a therapist. Laurie and Josh go to have dinner with her mom.

Suspecting that the ghost is a student who died in "Magneto's" attack, Kim and the other New Mutants try to find clues in a

nearby cemetery. There they encounter a specter of a boy who teleports them away. It is a school day at Xavier's. "It's

freezing" and jackets are worn at the Institute. Bare trees and green grass and brush at Westchester.


The same day as NX 8 (15-22). The kids return to the cemetery, where they are found by Dani and Shan. Dani tells the group

that the ghost is Jeffrey Garrett. Laurie and Josh end their date and Rahne breaks things off with Josh. Green trees at

Westchester. Full moon.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #8 (8:4)

One day. Warren Worthington visits disabled children.


The day after X:KPSF 1 (1). This segment occurs "just" after Logan returns to the Institute from W:S 5 (24); I have Logan's

return in M/TU3 2 (9-23). At the airport outside Tokyo, Kitty meets Ryoko from the Japanese Department of Supernatural

Sciences and they go to their headquarters. It's revealed that a ninja group called the Path of Destiny stole Puff from the LDSS

and sent the note. Kitty goes to her hotel room, sends an e-mail to Wolverine and tries to call Yukio, but no one answers. She

decides to hit the town. Green grass and trees in Tokyo.

Wednesday, January 7

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #4 (19-20)

The early morning after M/TU3 4 (1-18). This segment occurs after M/TU3 12-FB (7-8). Titannus observes everything and is

interrupted by Sunfire. We see snow flurries in the air and accumulation on bare treetops in New York.

JUBILEE #1 (5-13)

The day after JUB 1 (1-4). On Jubilee's first day at her new school, she meets a nerd named Meg Devereux and they go the mall

afterward. There, Jubilee attracts the attention of popular guy Dale Spangler and his jealous girlfriend Missy Lopez. Jubilee is

introduced as "a new student" to the rest of her class, meaning that the school year has already started at Payton-Noble High.

Green trees in L.A.


The same day as M/TU3 4 (19-20). This story must occur after UX 454 and probably after X 165 (9-24). Sunfire battles

Titannus and Spidey battles Cardiac at dawn of a school day. Storm catches X-23 watching security monitors at the Institute and

notices a blip worth investigating. Sue insists that Reed get some sleep after being up all night. Peter Parker reports to work late

and he gets a phone call at school from Patterson, who is held captive by the alternate Stark. Parker has Reed trace the call and

he heads to Stark's place, only to run into X-23. The two fight and are caught by the alternate Stark. Cyclops is seen in a "third

fitting" for his Reload costume. Johnny is noted as being released from the hospital. Green trees in New York.


The same day as M/TU3 5. This story occurs between CA5 32 and FOES 4 (6-21). According to the X-Men Handbook, this

segment occurs before UX 455 (5-15). Fury is probably here before the Enemy of the State storyline. Spidey calls Cap "Steve"

and refers to himself as "a fellow Avenger" - this may be a reference to Spidey's previous stint as an Avenger, not as a New

Avenger. "It's been a while" since Cap last saw Natasha, which was probably in A 503. Cap sees Nick Fury and Black Widow

aboard the Helicarrier and they discuss the Diamondback LMD. As Spidey and X-23 battle the alternate Stark, the energy

signature from the ersatz Stark's work is picked up by SHIELD and Reed Richards notes the threat. Cap and Natasha join

Spidey and X-23 in battling the alternate Stark (apparently from an alternate future), who notes an upcoming "Titannus War."

Patterson explodes and winds up in Canada with the Wendigo. SHIELD captures the ersatz Stark and Dr. Strange makes note of

it. Titannus leaves the fallen Sunfire. Full moon.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #7 (1-2)

The same night as M/TU3 6. Titannus returns to his ship and his beloved, Amissa, who is in stasis.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #9 (10-20)

The day after NX 9 (1-9). David and Noriko have a talk, Dani and Josh have a talk, and Emma takes Kevin to a psychiatrist to

have a talk. "That night," the New Mutants hold a seance and call forth Jeffrey, who tells his tale and repents. This story is

supposed to occur during the semester before NX 10, since in that issue Kevin notes that Josh and Laurie "started dating" "last

semester," but since this storyline must occur after Christmas break, Kevin may have meant "last term." Dani still thinks that it

was Magneto that destroyed the Institute in NX 9-FB. Kim Alleyne is "fourteen" It is a school day at Xavier's. Green grass and

trees at Westchester.


The day after X:KPSF 1 (12-14). Kitty is attacked by four thugs in Tokyo. She beats them up, and Lockheed arrives and stops

them from attacking again. The thugs go to a nearby bar, where they meet the ninja who hired them. After killing the thugs, the

ninja talks on the phone with Nao. Green grass and trees in Japan.


The same day as X:KPSF 1 (15-24). At JDSS headquarters, Ryoko talks to her boss, Miyashiro. Kitty is woken from a dream by

a phone call and goes to the Tokyo Tower, where she's attacked by ninjas. All escape but one, who kills himself. After cleaning

up and changing clothes, Kitty goes to the JDSS headquarters to ask Ryoko more questions. Kitty and Ryoko chat. Meanwhile,

Lockheed finds a device under the bed in Kitty's hotel room. Kitty leaves the JDSS headquarters and finds Lockheed, who's

been knocked unconscious by the device. Kitty is then approached by Nao, who's wearing an Ogun mask. Green trees in Tokyo.


The same day as X:KPSF 2. Kitty and Nao fight throughout Tokyo, while Nao leads Kitty to her underground lair under the

subway system. Once there, Kitty is asked to lead the Path of Destiny.


The same day as X:KPSF 3. Nao explains the Five Swords of Secrets and reveals she has one of them. Kitty offers, instead of

leading them, to get them a second sword, the Silver Samurai's. Nao agrees. Before she leaves, Kitty visits the dragons. At

JDSS headquarters, Ryoko talks to her boss. At the Clan Yashida compound, Kitty asks Keniuchio to borrow his sword and

challenges him to a duel. Kitty wins, but she had to "kill" him to do it. In the underground lair of the Path of Destiny, Nao is

informed of the Silver Samurai's "death," then plans to betray Kitty.


The same day as X:KPSF 4. This story must occur before ROGUE3 7 (1-12) and perhaps before A4 1. In the underground lair

of the Path of Destiny, Lockheed wakes up and plays with Puff while Nao prepares for Kitty's return, but she's already there

disguised as a ninja. They decide to trade the dragons for the Silver Samurai's sword, but Kitty shows up again. The first Kitty

is revealed as Ryoko in disguise by an image inducer. Nao is pissed, then the Silver Samurai shows up alive. This really pisses

Nao off, so she starts a big fight. Nao eventually escapes and the Path of Destiny ninjas are captured. Silver Samurai gets his

sword back and the dragons are freed. Later, Kitty gives the sword the Path of Destiny had to the JDSS. They give her some

plane tickets and she heads back to the states.

Thursday, January 8

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #9 (21-22)

The day after NX 9 (10-20). Kim, who has "another day" to visit Xavier's, learns she is not a mutant. Jeffrey is admitted to the

Institute's lower school. It is a school day at Xavier's.

JUBILEE #1 (14-23)

The day after JUB 1 (5-13). Missy picks a fight at school with Jubilee, who retaliates with her power, exposing herself as a

mutant. To avoid expulsion, Jubilee agrees to be a peer counselor. Dale apologizes for Missy. Green trees in L.A.

X-MEN v2 #166 - FB (14:1-14:2)

One day, probably shortly before X 166. A mutant woman gets into an argument with Butterfly-Bore at the mutant settlement at

the South Pole.

Friday, January 9

JUBILEE #2 (1-11)

The day after JUB 1 (14-23). The reference to "school tomorrow" is a joke. On a school day, kids pick on Meg and Dale tells

Jubilee that he and Missy broke up. That night, Aunt Hope gives Jubilee at moped. My guess is that this is the Monday

following JUB 1 (14-23). It is indeed "not 24 hours" before JUB 2 (15-22). Green trees in L.A.

FOUR #13 (1-5)

One day, after FOUR 14-FB (2:3-2:4). It is "four days" before FOUR 13 (6-11). Philip Masters greets Alicia after an eye

transplant restores her sight.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #1 - FB (12-18)

One day, a "week" before CA5 1. Captain America gets a little reckless in taking out some terrorist in New York, where we see

green trees.

Saturday, January 10

TOMB OF DRACULA v4 #1 (15:3-15:5)

One day. Benjamin Soloman Alomii destroys his vampire-infected wife and prevents her plague from spreading outside is native

province in Guyana.

Sunday, January 11

SHE-HULK v4 #13 - FB (3:4) ~ SHE-HULK v4 #13 - FB (16:1)

One day, probably after A 503 (30-31). Thanos makes a synthetic duplicate of himself.

SHE-HULK v4 #13 - FB (16:2-16:3)

The same day as S-H4 13-FB (16:1). Thanos prepares to give the dupe his own psychic imprint that will lead the dupe to

believe that he's the real Thanos. Thanos gets an idea and sends Seductra to get Eros.

Monday, January 12

NEW WARRIORS v3 #3 - FB (15:3)

One day. As captured in a newspaper photo, Dwayne Taylor visits the stock exchange and becomes a Wall Street darling.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #13/2 - FB (1-2)

One day, "two months" before AAF2 13/2 (3-8). In the Microverse, Cinglet and Xennon investigatw a strange asteroid that has a

space station attached to it. They enter the vessel and discover an alien language written on the walls and a cryogenic tube

containing a figure.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #14/2 - FB (1-2)

The same day as AAF2 13/2 (1-2). It is "two months" before AAF2 14/2 (3-8). Cinglet and Xennon pull the cryogenic tube onto

their spaceship and examine it further. Their ship's computer quickly translates the writing found in the ancient vessel, and they

read it to find that the figure placed in the cryogenic tube was placed there as punishment for a crime. Just then, some sort of

energy/meteor shower sweeps through the region, striking Cinglet and Xennon's spaceship.

Tuesday, January 13

FOUR #13 (6-11)

One day, "four days" after FOUR 13 (1-5). It is "two months" after FOUR 12 and thus at least two months before FOES 1.

Kourtney is planning to move to L.A., so she likely appears here after M/HOL '04 1/3 (9:3-9:5) and M/TU3 3 (4-21), and after

this Johnny probably dates Sabrina, as noted in W2 22. "It's been years since [Ben] and Alicia dated officially." The FF host a

"Welcome Back" reception to announce that "after a year of retrenchment...the Fantastic Four's corporate, philanthropic, and

educational divisions are back in business." Reed notes that "it's been a trying, confusing 12 months for Fantastic Enterprises";

this reference may be to the previous calendar year, much of which was marked by the Latveria debacle and the embezzlement.

Despite the business relaunch, the FF will continue to struggle to get ahead, as noted in FF 527. Reed also notes that he has "an

expedition scheduled for later this month" (which is seen in pages 15-16). Sue has put teaching on hold while getting business

affairs back in order, but she hopes to return to it. Cap and Iron Man appear. Alicia's body rejects her new eyes and Philip

Masters tells the surgeon he's blackmailing to proceed with another operation "tomorrow." We see green trees and roses in

bloom, but they may be topical or may be interpreted as being in an indoor nursery.


One day. Logan must appear here before W3 20 (2:3-2:4). It is a school day at the Xavier Institute. It's the first day of an

elective class on leadership and tactics taught by Cyclops. Feeling a bit useless, David sees Emma Frost to investigate the limits

of his power. Emma tells him that a mental block prevents him from retaining knowledge he absorbs. David decides to have

Emma lift the blocks, but instead she and Dani show him the possible consequences of his unfettered power through a mental

illusion. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


The same day as NX 10. Thanks to the vision shown to him by Dani and Emma, David understands his mental block and

chooses to keep it. "Later," Kevin tells Josh to break up with Laurie or he'll tell the whole school about his relationship with

Rahne"last semester" (presumably in NX 6).


One day, long enough after INV3 0 for attacks on Mazikhandar to occur "at regular intervals." With Jim Hammond, the Invaders

stop an attack of the Pterorists, an army of insectoid creatures, in Mazikhandar. Tara gets clothes. Thin Man explains his

mission to stop the Axis Mundi from replacing world leaders with synthezoid replicas by using the Invaders and a warship he

built called the Infiltrator.


The same night as INV3 1. At "0200 hours" Mazikandarian time, Hammond and Namor discuss the Invaders and the Axis

Mundi. Full moon.

Wednesday, January 14

NEW INVADERS #2 (5-22)

The day after IN3 2 (1-4). Shortly after "0900 hours" Mazikhandarian time, the Invaders arrive at the Infiltrator, where Thin

Man asks Hammond to be tactical leader of the team and Walker and Chapman argue. The Blazing Skull notes that he "spent the

last decade in a Saudi prison camp." A dead, captive Pterorist sends a signal that brings the Pterorists to the presumably cloaked

ship. The horde is led by the Axis Mundi.


The same day as IN3 2. The Invaders battle the Pterorists and the Axis Mundi around "11:17" Yemen time. The Pterorists are

defeated and the Axis Mundi escape, and USAgent is wounded in the melee. After securing the Infiltrator, the group reconnoiter

at "16:00 hours" Pakistan time.

Thursday, January 15

JUBILEE #2 (12-14)

One day. A weekend (at least) must have passed since JUB 2 (1-11). At school, Jubilee is told to start her counseling

"tomorrow." That night, Aunt Hope leaves for a business trip "until tomorrow." Green trees in L.A.

UNCANNY X-MEN #455 (1-4)

One day in Valencia, Psylocke appears out of nowhere on the spot where she died and is arrested by Action Force.

Friday, January 16

JUBILEE #2 (15-22)

The day after JUB 2 (12-14). It must be more than just "two days" before JUB 3 (14-17). It is indeed "not 24 hours" after JUB 2

(1-11). Jubilee makes a move on Dale, but he tells her that he and Missy got back together. Jubilee gives advice to Meg. That

night, Aunt Hope comes home hiding a wound she received at her "work." Green trees in L.A.

UNCANNY X-MEN #455 (5-15)

The day ("24 hours") after UX 455 (1-4). It is "not long" after XX 4. According to the X-Men Handbook, this segment occurs

after M/TU3 6. The XSE team practices in the Danger Room and X-23 disrupts the training when she believes Logan to be in

danger. Wolverine receives a phone call from old flame Mary McKenna and heads to Alberta, while the rest of the team are sent

to Spain. Sebastian Shaw is noted as still being in the hospital following the "recent" events of UX 454. Cyclops notes that X-

23 is "new" to the Institute. It is a school day at the Institute (and X-23 is supposed to be in Karma's class). Green trees in Spain

and snow in the Canadian Rockies.


The same day as UX 455 (5-15). Wolverine battles the Hauk'ka after they attack his plane in Alberta.

UNCANNY X-MEN #455 (16-23)

The same day as UX 456-FB. In Spain, the X-Men are shocked to see Psylocke alive. After Betsey is remanded to XSE's

custody, they receive a distress signal from Logan's plane and arrive in Alberta to find a hysterical X-23 warning of a threat as

the Hauk'ka approach the team. Logan is nowhere to be found and it is presumed he finds his way back to Westchester after this.


The same day as UX 455 (16-23). The Hauk'ka attack, turn Rachel against her teammates, and defeat the X-Men. X-23 escapes

and frees Psylocke, who engages the creatures in battle. The Hauk'ka get away with the captive X-Men and X-23 and Psylocke

go after them. Snow in Alberta.

UNCANNY X-MEN #457 (1-16)

It is either the same day as UX 456 or the next day, depending on how long it takes the Hauk'ka to get from Alberta to the

Savage Land. It is "days" before UX 457 (17-22). The Hauk'ka imprison Kurt and Bishop in the Savage Land, where they meet

captive Saurians. The Hauk'ka discover that Kaidan's telepathy has triggered a genetic remodeling in Rachel, who believes

herself to be Hauk'ka. The captive Storm causes severe weather in the Savage Land and the Hauk'ka hatch a plan to use Rachel

and Ororo to cause global hyper-storms. Psylocke and X-23 arrive in the Savage Land. The Hauk'ka have been in the Savage

Land for "months."


One day. This story occurs shortly after CA5 8-FB (12:3), a "week" after CA5 1-FB (12-18), "months" after CA4 32, and "five

years" after CA5 1-FB (1-5). The intelligence community reports on the Skull's presumed death in this issue "nearly a year"

before CA5 21 (18-22). We see an old Daily Bugle headline announcing the disbanding of the Avengers, so this story must

occur after A:FINALE. Sharon Carter checks in on Cap, who notes that "it's just been a rough couple of months" - probably

references to A 500-503 and A:FINALE. Steve has a new place to live, shielded by a hologram. He is under surveillance by a

minion of the Red Skull, who now holds the Cosmic Cube. The Skull is shot dead by an assassin working for General Lukin,

who wants the Cube for himself.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #8 - FB (12:3)

Probably the same day as CA5 1. It is the "week" before CA5 8. Appearing "about three years older than he was in '76," the

Skull's assassin, the "Winter Soldier," is captured on film at Dulles Airport, where he leaves the murder weapon.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #7 - FB (18-19)

One night. It may be not be "three months" after CA5 7-FB (17); Nomad may believe it's been three months, but he's

hallucinating. Nomad beats up innocent men he imagines are members of a drug ring.

Saturday, January 17


The early morning after CA5 1. SHIELD summons Cap to do a DNA test to identify the corpse of the Red Skull, whose body

was cloned from Cap. Cap and Sharon uncover a Skull plot to blow up New York and stop it. Fury discovers that a missing

Cosmic Cube is involved in the Skull's murder. Learning that his boss is dead, Crossbones orders the AIM splinter group called

AID to continue the Skull's plan for mass destruction.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #3 (1-19)

The same day as CA5 2. Union Jack discovers the London AID cell, including its leader, Mother Night, slaughtered and the

bomb they were to detonate missing. SHIELD tracks another bomb to Paris, where Cap battles an AIM squad who has reclaimed

the bomb after it was presumably abandoned by the Paris AID cell. Steve and Sharon spend the evening in Paris, where we see

green trees.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #7 (20:1-20:2)

The same night as CA5 3 (1-19). It is the night of the day after CA5 7-FB (18-19). It may not be "three months" after CA5 7-FB

(18). It is "nine months" after CA5 7-FB (11-14), "ten months" after CA5 7-FB (8), and "one year" after CA5 7-FB (2-7). Jack

Monroe sits in a bar outside Pittsburgh.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #3 (20:1-20:3)

The same night as CA5 7 (20:1-20:2). A TV in the bar shows a news report of Cap's battle with AIM in Paris "earlier today."

Jack notes that he worked with Cap. Green trees in Pennsylvania.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #7 (20:4)

The same night as CA5 3 (20:1-20:3). Jack sits silently and feels strange.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #3 (20:4-20:5)

The same night as CA5 7 (20:4). A fellow bar patron doubts Jack's claim and Jack gets uptight.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #7 (20:5)

The same night as CA5 3 (20:4-20:5). Jack gets up and heads for the door of the bar.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #3 (20:6-21:5)

The same night as CA5 7 (20:5). As Jack exits the bar, the bartender notes that Jack has been drinking there "for about a year

now." Outside the bar, a stranger (Lukin's assassin) approaches Jack and shoots him. Jack falls behind a car. Green and bare

trees in Pennsylvania.


The same night as CA5 3 (20-21). Jack lies behind the car.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #3 (21:6-21:7)

The same night as CA5 7 (1:4). The assassin loads Jack into the trunk of the car and drives off.


The same night as CA5 3 (21:6-21:7). The assassin's car passes an ice cream truck that then pulls into the bar.

Sunday, January 18

JUBILEE #3 (1-3)

The "Sunday" after JUB 2 (15-22). Shane Shooter, head of a Los Angeles street gang, goes through the day's "earnings."

TOMB OF DRACULA v4 #1 (17:2-17:3)

One day. Lucas Telling-Stone hunts down the Jumlin.


Probably the day after CA5 3 (21:6-21:7). Fury (who is SHIELD head) sends Cap to Arlington National Cemetery, where

someone has destroyed the grave markers of William Naslund and Jeff Mace. There he encounters Crossbones, who says the a

Russian sent him. When strange memory flashes distract Cap in battle, Crossbones leaves. Meanwhile, SHIELD discovers the

rifle used to kill the Red Skull and detects Jack Monroe's prints on it. Using an old homing device planted on Monroe, Sharon

Carter tracks Nomad to Philadelphia and is subdued. Tony Stark is BTS. Bare and green trees and green grass in Virginia.


The same night as CA5 4. Cap goes to Nick Fury aboard the Helicarrier to get some answers. Fury makes a connection to

Aleksander Lukin, a protege of Vasily Karpov. Cap relates a story about his WWII encounter with Karpov then asks for

transport to a place where he might match reality with his confusing memories. Fury refers to Cap being on ice "nearly twenty

years ago."


The same night as CA5 5. Carter's assailant reports in to General Lukin.

Monday, January 19: Martin Luther King Day

JUBILEE #3 (4-13)

The day after JUB 3 (1-3). On a school day that must be Monday, Dale tells Jubilee and Meg about a fund-raising dance he's

hosting and says that he and Missy broke up again. Later that day, Jubilee counsels Charlie, who wishes he could stay out of the

gang but feels he has no options. That night, she returns a phone call from Logan, but he's too busy to talk; he's fighting ninjas

(perhaps a failed attempt by the Hand to kidnap Logan prior to their success in W3 20).

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #6 (2-21)

The day after CA5 6 (1). It is the "week" before CA5 9-FB (4-6) and CA5 9. It is "not a month" (i.e. less than a month) before

CA5 12. SHIELD agent Neal Tapper expresses concern to Fury about Sharon, who "hasn't reported in for over twenty-four

hours." Cap explores an abandoned Nazi castle in the English Channel and experiences more confusing memories. Mysteriously

sensing Sharon to be in danger, he jets to Philadelphia, where he frees Sharon in a set-up. Sharon tells Cap that she suspects her

assailant and the Skull's killer to be Bucky. The mystery assassin detonates a bomb nearby, which fully charges the cosmic cube

in Lukin's possession.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #8 - FB (4-9)

The same night as CA5 6 (2-21). Cap and Sharon try to save lives in the aftermath of the explosion. Cap encounters AIM

soldiers trying to retrieve their technology from the ruins and faces their Modoc Squad.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #8 - FB (13-16)

The same night as CA5 8-FB (4-9). Cap battles the Modoc Squad and is assisted by someone he makes out to be Bucky before

the mystery man disappears.

Tuesday, January 20

JUBILEE #3 (14-17)

The day after JUB 3 (4-13). It must be more than just "two days" after JUB 2 (15-22). After school on a day that must be

Tuesday, Shane tries to intimidate Jubilee into stopping counseling Charlie. That night, Jubilee checks in on a convalescing

Aunt Hope.


The day after CA5 8-FB (13-16). It is a "week" after CA5 8-FB (12:3). Aboard the Helicarrier, Fury tells Sharon of Tapper's

death and briefs Cap on the Winter Soldier, a KGB secret weapon who has spent decades in suspended animation except for

times he'd be needed as an assassin. Fury believes him to be Bucky. Identifying Lukin as the prime suspect behind the bombing,

Fury assigns Cap and Sharon to a strike force to take him down.


One day, "several weeks" after Sabretooth's last appearance, which I interpret as being X 164, with Creed having survived

Logan's attack. This story may occur after AF3 12. The Coast Guard ice cutter Polar Sun receives a distress call from the

isolated Isle Dupree - a woman claims a monster is loose on the island, and is killed while on the radio. The cutter heads for the

island, where Sabretooth stands over the woman's body. He writes "Leave or Die" on the outside of the house, and stalks off.

When the Coast Guard arrive, they find massacred men everywhere, and follow some chimney smoke to a cabin where two boys

are locked in the basement. Hamilton, the landing party leader, descends to help the boys and the rest of the men are attacked and

killed by Sabretooth. Back at the dock, Sasquatch arrives to offer assistance. We see snow around Lake Superior. It is "winter,"

"January 20th."


The same day as SABRE2 1. Sasquatch orders the Coast Guard men to stay aboard their ship and begins searching the island.

He is attacked by Sabretooth and, as they battle, Sasquatch falls into a pit set up by Sabretooth. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard get

fed up waiting, and another landing party goes to retrieve the first. This landing party is quickly dispatched by a looming,

shadowy creature, and later, back at the cabin, a shadowy creature approaches the front door. We see a blizzard on Lake


SABRETOOTH v2 #3 (1-15)

The same day as SABRE2 2. Hamilton machine-guns the creature at the front door, who is revealed to be a badly injured

Sasquatch. Smitty, the only survivor of the second landing party, makes his way back to the ship as Sabretooth watches and

grins. Back at the ship, the remaining Coast Guard men are attacked and massacred, and Smitty hears the battle from the dock. As

Sabretooth surveys the carnage and leaves the ship, he finds Smitty's corpse in the snow; he shot himself.

FOUR #13 (12-14)

One night, "three days" after Alicia's bandage from her second operation is removed. Ben tries to call Alicia. Alicia's body

rejects the second pair of transplanted eyes and the surgeon tells Philip that more resilient eyes are needed. Full moon.

Wednesday, January 21

JUBILEE #3 (18-22)

The morning after JUB 3 (14-17). On a school day that must be Wednesday, Shane again confronts Jubilee again, who tells him

about Charlie's good grades and desire to go to college. At school, Dale reschedules the dance for the following week, and that

night, Shane lets Charlie out of his gang, but not before revealing his mutant powers.

SABRETOOTH v2 #3 (16-20)

The morning after SABRE2 3 (1-15). As Hamilton stitches Sasquatch's wounds, Sasquatch explains that he's alone and has

been tracking Sabretooth for several weeks. Hamilton believes that Sabretooth is hunting the men of Isle Dupree, but Sasquatch

reveals that Sabretooth is only after one creature, the Wendigo.


The same day as SABRE2 3 (16-20). Wendigo attacks the cabin, and Sasquatch (whose "enhanced metabolism" has healed most

of his wounds) attacks him, driving them both out into the storm. Sabretooth shows up at the cabin and explains that he's been

hunting and terrorizing the Wendigo for weeks, driving him far from his natural habitat. It's the Wendigo who's been attacking

and killing the islanders and the Coast Guard out of instinct and self-preservation. Sasquatch makes an impassioned plea to

Wendigo to let him help get him home, but Wendigo mauls Sasquatch savagely. As Wendigo sees a second ship approaching

across the lake, Sabretooth finds and attacks him and the two plunge off a cliff and through the ice. They sink through the

freezing water, still fighting. Later, back at the cabin, Sabretooth shows up and tells Hamilton that it's all over and walks off

wearing a crude coat made of the Wendigo's skin. Full moon.

FOUR #13 (15-17)

Probably the day after FOUR 13 (12-14). It is later in the month of FOUR 13 (6-11). Reed, Ben, and Johnny leave on an

expedition to another dimension while Sue stays home to take "Franklin to soccer practice" among other things, but Sue is

kidding. Daredevil finds a corpse in the Hudson whose eyes have been cut out.

Thursday, January 22


One day, shortly after NX 11 and shortly before NX 13. This story probably occurs before W3 21 (14-23). The New Mutants

score a win in a field day mission that resembles a mission from David's dream in NX 10-11. David avoids Noriko for the "third

time this week." When Josh kisses Laurie on the cheek, Kevin tells Emma about Josh's tryst with Rahne. The news causes Dani

to be enraged at Rahne and she has a talk with Josh. Shamed, Rahne leaves the Institute. Brokenhearted, Laurie drives Josh

away with her fear pheromones and rebels against her mother. Emma and Scott ask Sean Garrison to be the Institute's guidance

counselor and he agrees to join, not "this semester," but "at the start of the new school year." Green grass and trees at


FOUR #13 (18-22)

The day after FOUR 13 (15-17). It is a day in which Franklin has homework to do. Possessed by the Puppet Master, Sue leaves

her kids at the Baxter Building and heads to Masters' place while Alicia undergoes a third operation. The narration mentions

that "a hunter's moon" is out.

FOUR #14 (1-21:3)

The same night as FOUR 13 (18-22). It is "a month" after FOUR 14-FB (2:3-2:4). Alicia finds Sue and, deducing her father's

scheme, tries to save Sue, who explains that Puppet Master has been driven insane by years of exposure to his radioactive clay.

Alicia defeats her father by fashioning a doll of him and crushing its hands; the doctor notes that "it will take months" for

Masters to regain the use of his hands, so this segment must occur "months" before FOES 1. Daredevil cameos. The full moon

shown here is probably the one after that shown in FOUR 14-FB (2:1-2:2).

Friday, January 23

FOUR #14 (21:4-22)

The day after FOUR 14 (1-21). The Thing checks up on Alicia, whose latest eyes will give out soon.

SHE-HULK v4 #13 - FB (16:4-17:1)

One day, shortly after S-H4 13-FB (16:2-16:3). This flashback probably occurs before S-H4 6-FB (1:1). Seductra subdues

Starfox with a potion and takes him to the Thanos dupe, who carries out Thanos' plan to give Eros and himself false memories of

Eros influencing Thanos' decision to revere Death. Starfox is back in his classic costume.

Saturday, January 24

UNCANNY X-MEN #457 (17-22)

One day, "days" after UX 457 (1-16). The Hauk'ka release Kurt and Bishop to hunt them for sport. They encounter Psylocke

and X-23, who introduce them to their new allies, Ka-Zar and the Savage Land Mutates.


The same day as UX 457 (17-22). As Ka-Zar and the Mutates battle the Hauk'ka, Psylocke uses her teke knife to restore

Bishop's and Nightcrawler's powers. The X-Men retreat. The mutating Rachel uses her power on Storm to trigger some nasty



The same day as UX 458. Storm causes global hyperstorms that cause blizzards everywhere, including the Xavier Institute,

where the Astonishing team, Havok (still with his cowl), and Iceman monitor the situation. Brainchild offers to help stop Storm

and tricks the heroes into letting him take control before X-23 decks him. Storm and Rachel themselves synch up to stop the

hyperstorms. The Hauk'ka realize their mistake and make peace with the X-Men and the people of the Savage Land. The X-

Men may remain in the Savage Land for some time after this.

Sunday, January 25

NEW WARRIORS v3 #3 - FB (16:1)

One day. As shown in a newspaper, Zachary Smith's experiments only work for himself; his unspoilable yogurt went bad as

soon as it left his presence and proves deadly in an independent study. Taylor stock plummets.

THUNDERBOLTS #101 - FB (3:3-4, 5:6-6, 9-10:2, 13, 16, 19:4-19:5)

One day (in real time). These flashbacks occur after A/TB 6 (23), shortly before TB2 1, and "several months" before TB 101.

Zemo invites Melissa from ESU to a Manhattan apartment that exists outside of time, created by the alien gems Zemo took from

Moonstone. They spend time in this timeless place and Zemo appears to earn Melissa's trust and love. She notes that Abe

invited her to join a team of Thunderbolts he's re-forming and that she declined, but Zemo urges her to accept when he asks

again. Green trees in New York.

Monday, January 26

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #9 - FB (8-9)

One night. Fury tells Steve he can't get clearance for the op against Lukin and that the authorities consider Jack Monroe to be

the prime suspect in the Red Skull's murder and the Philly bombing. Fury proposes an unofficial attack on Lukin's corporate

nation in Asia "in two days." Steve requests that Sharon not be assigned to the mission because of Tapper's death. We see coats

and jackets in New York.

Tuesday, January 27

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #9 - FB (4-6)

The day after CA5 9-FB (8-9). CA5 6 (2-21) is referred to as having occurred "last week." Sharon argues with Steve about

going on the mission "tomorrow" and about Bucky being the Winter Soldier. Green trees and light clothing in New York.

JUBILEE #4 (1-5)

One day, "a couple of days" before JUB 4 (20-22). Aunt Hope confirms that Jubilee can attend the dance.

Wednesday, January 28

JUBILEE #4 (6-19)

It must be the day after JUB 4 (1-5). It must be more than just "a few weeks" after RUN 17. At school, Missy catches Dale

flirting with another girl. Jubilee learns that Miss Kingsley's car has been stolen, and asks Shane for help tracking it down. The

two get into a gang shootout and reveal their mutant powers to each other, but have no luck returning the car. Meanwhile, Aunt

Hope and Brad wreak vengeance on a mysterious criminal organization. Later, Hope decides to look into the missing car.


The night of the day after CA5 9-FB (4-6). CA5 6 (2-21) is referred to as having occurred "last week." It is "two weeks" before

CA5 15. Crossbones breaks into a secret government re-education facility and liberates a brainwashed prisoner - Synthia

Schmidt, daughter of the Red Skull. Meanwhile, Cap, Sharon, Nick, and a special ops team launch their attack on Lukin's Asian

nation (where it is daytime). The team encounters Lukin dealing with U.S. government officials and when the team cannot

justify their attack with concrete evidence about Lukin's schemes, the mission is scrubbed. Cap is furious.

Thursday, January 29

JUBILEE #4 (20-22)

The day after JUB 4 (6-19). It is "a couple of days" after JUB 4 (1-5). Jubilee arrives at school to see the car returned, and when

she bursts into Miss Kingsley's office to tell her, she finds her kissing the principal. Meanwhile, Aunt Hope and Brad suit up for

an all-out assault.


The same day as JUB 4 (20-22). Jubilee trades her silence about Principal Avery's and Miss Kingsley's fling for her release from

the peer counselor program. Shane asks her to the dance that night and she accepts, but when the time comes, they both decide

that the dance is lame, and go hang out on their own. At the dance (which I interpret as a year-end prom), Dale, single again,

asks Meg to dance. Meanwhile, Aunt Hope and Brad carve a bloody swath through a mysterious criminal organization. That

night, Jubilee brings Shane back to Aunt Hope's mansion, and just as they're about to kiss, the doorbell rings; it's Wolverine.

The Christmas decorations at the mall must be topical.

JUBILEE #6 (1-16)

The same day as JUB 5. Jubilee introduces Shane and Logan tells him to keep his hands to himself. As Shane goes to leave,

Brad bursts through the door and Jubilee demands an explanation. He tells her Hope was an assassin who was retiring, that she

got tricked into a one more job "last week," and that they'd gone to tell her boss that she was out for good. He explains how they

split up a hail of gunfire breaks the windows. Wolverine attacks a horde of henchmen in suits and bulletproof vests. Hope

crashes through a wall on a motorbike, bringing more goons with her. Hope tells Jubilee that Jubilee's parents had disowned

Hope over her career choice, and that's why they never told Jubilee about her. Brad is shot. Hope flirts with Wolverine as they

both fight goons, then she gets scratched by a bullet. The shooter offers Hope the chance to stand down and come back. Hope

agrees to negotiate only after the others are safely away. Logan, Jubilee, Brad, and Shane leave. Wolverine tells Jubilee and

Shane to get Brad to a hospital, then he doubles back to try to get Hope, but the house blows up. Waning crescent moon.

Friday, January 30

JUBILEE #6 (17-22)

The day after JUB 6 (1-16). A school day. Probably after midnight, Jubilee cries amid the wreckage and at Brad's hospital

bedside, where a policeman tells her they've found no sign of Hope. "The next morning," Jubilee and Logan leave Shane, Meg,

and Dale and return to the Institute. A jogger discovers Aunt Hope behind some bushes with her right lower leg mostly blown

off and sparks coming from the exposed mechanics.

WOLVERINE v3 #20 (2:3-2:4)

One day, "weeks" after W3 20 (1-2). This segment must occur after NX 10. Ichiro sits on a bench in the park, in grief that no

one seems to be able to help him recover his son. Not knowing to whom to turn to, he calls up Logan.

Saturday, January 31

WOLVERINE v3 #20 (3-12)

One day shortly after W3 20 (2:3-2:4). It is "one week" before W3 20 (13-14). Wolverine is in Nagasaki, carrying two duffle

bags which are supposed to be filled with the money the kidnappers want. He meets the kidnappers in a graveyard, and gives

them the duffle bags, which the kidnappers discover is not filled with money after all. Wolverine starts to kick their butt, but

then un-dead ninjas pop out of the ground, and Logan figures out this is a trap, and he's been set up. The Gorgon appears and

defeats Wolverine. As Logan blacks out, the Gorgon says they killed the boy. Logan is taken away to be brainwashed. Green

trees in Nagasaki.

Sunday, February 1


One day. A packet arrives at Steve Rogers' secret residence and Steve views its contents - evidence showing that the Winter

Soldier is Bucky. Steve calls Fury and tells him to come over with Sharon.


The same day as CA5 11. It is "not a month" (i.e. less than a month) after CA5 6 (2-21). Falcon now has a mustache and goatee,

which he may be growing and shaving periodically throughout the next year. At the New York offices of Kronas Corporation,

Lukin uses the Cosmic Cube to persuade a group of corporate executives to hand over their companies to him. When Lukin

begins to show stress from being in contact with the Cube, his friend Leon notes the danger of the Cube and Lukin beats him.

Fury and Sharon visit Steve and review the Winter Soldier files. Fury takes the files and Sharon tries to tell Cap that the Winter

Soldier is no longer Bucky and that he may have to be killed. When Sharon fails to reach him, Fury contacts the Falcon, who

encounters Cap while out on patrol. Green trees in New York.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #13 (1-4)

The same night as CA5 12. Falcon talks to Cap at Steve's secret home and Cap decides to try to save Bucky. Seeing the severity

of Leon's injuries, Lukin sees the Cube as a curse and sends it away with the Winter Soldier.

Monday, February 2

NEW WARRIORS v3 #3 - FB (16:2-16:3)

One day. As noted in a newspaper, Zachary Smith's son, Microbe, is found to be mutant who can talk to germs. Smith disowns

his son and moves to Scotland to prove world wrong.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #13 (5-20)

The day after CA5 13 (1-4). Early in the morning, Cap, Falcon, and Iron Man storm an AID warehouse, battle a prototype robot,

and obtain the energy signature of the Cube. With it, they track the Cube to a research facility in West Virginia where Lukin is

having it stored in a vault. Citing a failed takeover of his company by Kronas "last month," Tony cannot go with Cap and Falcon

for fear of the mission being seen as corporate warfare and losing his company; so the fact that Cap and Sam jet to West Virginia

in a jet labeled "Stark" seems ill-advised (duh). Sam thinks it's a bad move not to have Iron Man as backup; no mention is made

of the other Avengers. Cap decides against getting Fury to help because of the attendant red tape. While on route, Cap is

radioed by Sharon and Cap tells her he's going to Cube's location to find the Winter Soldier. Cap and Falcon land and as they

approach the research facility, the Winter Soldier gets them in the sight of his rifle and fires. Green trees in New York and West



The same night as CA5 13 (5-20). This story must occur before W3 38 and thus before W3 36. It must also occur before

PULSE 12, given D-Man's comment about the Winter Soldier in PULSE 13. It is before CA5 18-FB and "six months" before

CA5 16 (5-22). It is a "year" before CA5 26. The Winter Soldier misses his target and Cap chases him inside the facility while Falcon and the newly arrived Sharon Carter and SHIELD fight Lukin's forces outside. Cap and the Winter Soldier fight and Cap tries to get his foe to realize who he really is. In the scuffle, the Cosmic Cube is loosed and it returns the Winter Soldier's memories as Bucky. Bucky grabs the Cube and disappears. He reappears at the defunct Fort Lehigh, where he despairs his fate. Lukin is chided for the failure with the Cube by the Red Skull, who's been co-habitating Lukin's body, thanks to the Cube. Bare trees at Fort Lehigh.

Tuesday, February 3


One "morning." This segment occurs shortly after TB 101-FB, "two days" before TB2 2, "a couple weeks" before TB2 9-FB,

and must be more than "two months" after A/TB 6 (17-20). The Avengers are noted as being "disassembled" (presumably

meaning disbanded), so this story must occur after A:FINALE. Mach-4 has gathered Blizzard and mechanic Erik Josten and

invites Songbird to join his new Thunderbolts, for whom he's set up a headquarters at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. They all

respond to an attack on Manhattan by Fathom 5 and are joined by Genis-Vell. Sensing an attraction between Genis and Melissa,

Josten views Genis as a threat and attacks the alien hero, spontaneously growing to Atlas size. The villains get away and Abe

reports to the team's investor, Baron Von Strucker. Green grass and trees in New York.


The same day as TB2 1. As Genis lay dying in the Hudson River, a cocoon of photonic energy envelops him, opening pathways

through space and time, knitting Genis back with parts of himself from the past and future. Genis has a vision of himself tearing

reality apart.

Wednesday, February 4

WOLVERINE v3 #20 (13-14)

One day, "one week" after W3 20 (3-12), during which time Logan is missing. It is "one month" before W3 20 (15-17). Kitty

Pryde is at Ichiro's house, questioning Ichiro and his wife. No one has heard from Logan since he went to meet with the

kidnappers. Ichiro's wife says she feels in her heart that her son is dead. Green trees in Japan.

Thursday, February 5


One day, "two days" after TB2 1 and "months" after TB2 17-FB (16:3). The T-Bolts battle and defeat the Wrecking Crew and

Speed Demon shows up to join the team. The Purple Man plots against the T-Bolts.

ORDER v2 #2 - FB - FB (1/2:20)

One day. Becky Ryan has a bulimic episode.

Friday, February 6


Probably the day after TB2 2 (1-9). This storyline must occur after W2 20 (13-14). Reed Richards appears; a reporter notes his

being "the leader of the beleaguered Fantastic Four," and a U.N. delegate notes his "recent escapades in Latveria," clues that this

segment occurs after FF 511. Seeking justice for the terrorism of Fathom Five, the T-Bolts crash Namor's address to the U.N.

(whose building is noted as having been rebuilt after the Kang War). Seeking Namor as part of the Great Game, Joystick,

Polestar, and Tremolo attack, under observation of the Referee. When the Gaming Council activates a two-minute warning for a

failsafe explosive, the heroes try to jam the transmission and offer Joystick a spot in the T-Bolts. Their efforts fail, though, and

the U.N. building explodes. Namor is in his classic trunks.


The same day as TB2 2 (10-22). This story must occur sometime after PPTSS2 20, given that Spidey suggests that his webbing

is natural ("I'm probably gonna need a truckload of Twinkies to replenish my web-supply now"). Subby may appear here (now

recovered) after INV3 9. The T-Bolts, along with Subby, Reed Richards, Spidey, and Code Blue, evacuate the UN Building and

keep it from collapsing. Radioactive Man arrives to absorb the radiation leak from the explosion and is offered membership in

the T-Bolts. Meanwhile, Atlantean troops battle Fathom Five and the new Swordsman skewers Baron Von Strucker.


The same day as TB2 3. Strucker is saved by the death spore virus in him. Wolverine, brainwashed by the Dawn of the White

Light, shows up and attacks Strucker. Caught in the Hydra civil war, Swordsman defends Strucker, who gets away. Swordsman

leaves Logan and reports to the Purple Man (who must be here between ALIAS 28 and A4 1). None of this fight actually comes

to public attention, and SHIELD manages to miss the whole thing. Songbird recovers in the hospital and Captain Marvel appears

in a glowing cocoon in the Atlantic. As Jenkins meets with Warbird (back in classic costume again) to ask for clearance for

Joystick and Speed Demon, Fathom Five attacks. It is warm enough in New York for dining al fresco.


The same night as TB2 4. The Thunderbolts gather to battle Fathom Five, with Jenkins having to don his old Beetle armor to

participate. As the battle rages, a fleet of Hydra ships appears in the skies over Manhattan.


The same night as TB2 5. It is "a few days" before TB2 7. This story probably occurs before W3 20 (15-17). Strucker, noting

that he is "in a contentious struggle to control my organization," seeks to foment chaos with the Hydra attack on Manhattan,

which costs hundreds of lives. The New Warriors, Power Pack, Spidey, and Cap join the battle as Warbird and the Thunderbolts

save the city from destruction by all but one of a set of nuclear bombs planted by Hydra. Genis presumably rises from the dead,

starts calling himself Photon, and redirects the fallout from the last bomb into a spatial rift. The Thunderbolts learn that Mach IV

was taking money from Strucker to finance the team, which turns out to be a set-up and Speed Demon is revealed as Strucker's

spy on the team, but among the public, the new Thunderbolts are hailed as heroes. "It's Wednesday."


The same night as TB2 6. Under the sea, the Atlantean army escorts the captured Llyron.

Saturday, February 7


One day, before W3 20 (15-17) and probably after TB2 6. Defeated by the Thunderbolts, Strucker must have acquiesced to the

Gorgon's insinuation into Hydra and the civil war is ended. Gorgon and Strucker brainwash Logan, probably to reprogram him

to follow mainstream Hydra rather than just the splinter faction that was allied with Gorgon.

Sunday, February 8


One day. Namor is still in his classic trunks. After terrorists attack a gay pride rally in London that is attended by Roger Aubrey,

Hammond, Tara, Jacqueline, and Joe join Roger at Falsworth Manor. That night, what appears to be the ghost of her dead son

visits Jacqueline and she disappears.


Probably the same day as INV3 4. U.S., British, and Atlantean troops wage war on insurgents and Pterorists in Mazikhadar.


The same night as INV3 4. Jacqueline encounters her demonic baby grandson while the Invaders fight off Baroness Blood and

her vampiric minions. The Torch asks Aubrey to resume command of the V-Battalion on a temporary basis while he remains

with the Invaders.

Monday, February 9


The day after INV3 6-FB. It is "months" after INV3 0. This story must occur shortly after W3 22-FB; the Invaders have heard

rumors of Logan being brainwashed, but apparently have not been notified officially by SHIELD. Baron Von Strucker

dispatches Wolverine to kill Professor Eckhardt so that the secrets of the Pterorists do not fall into enemy hands. Logan kills

Atlantean advisor Sulumor and attacks U.S.Agent, Namor (now in his black and gold costume), and Blazing Skull, who have just

arrested Eckhardt. Walker ignores an order from Thin Man to leave Namor at the mercy of Logan and the Invaders succeed in

evacuating the scene with both Namor and Eckhardt. Hydra scrubs Logan's mission.

ORDER v2 #2 - FB (22:1)

One day. Becky Ryan makes an adult video.

Tuesday, February 10


The day after INV3 6. The Invaders have reunited aboard the Infiltrator and have been trying to track Wolverine since

"yesterday." Namor is bandaged up and "will be on his feet in a few days." Jim Hammond takes over the Invaders. Thin Man

tries to extract information about the Axis Mundi from Agent Axis, who Professor Eckhardt was forced to resurrect. Captain

America arrives on the Infiltrator to shut down Thin Man's operation.


The same day as INV3 7. In Antarctica, Merrano's men prepare a warhead to melt the ice caps and cause global flooding. Cap

and the Invaders arrive and battle them. Union Jack is injured and Tara is revealed to be a plant whose programmed mission is to

activate the warhead. Through her, the Invaders receive a recorded message from the Red Skull.

NEW INVADERS #9 (1-13)

The same day as INV3 8. Unable to release Tara from the Skull's programming, Jim Hammond absorbs the tremendous heat she

generates and releases it in an explosion high above earth. Jim is killed and Tara is left catatonic. Thin Man has the Infiltrator

evacuated then uses the ship to drop the warhead into sub-dimensional space.

Wednesday, February 11

SHE-HULK v4 #4 - FB (2-8)

One day during an 8-month period following either A:FINALE or A 503 and during the "February" before (but probably not the

year before) S-H4 4. S-H3 2 (1-13) is referred to as having occurred "last year." A guilt-ridden Jennifer Walters works as a

volunteer with the Green Cross, helping rebuild Bone, Idaho after the destruction she caused there as She-Hulk in A3 73-75. She

calls Doc Samson for counsel. Doc is working on a "gamma changer" that should help Jen change back into She-Hulk despite

the mental blocks she developed in S-H3 12 (20-22). He tells her to go to a support group for the victims in Bone, held "every

Wednesday night." Jennifer goes to the support group meeting and hears victims' stories, including one by a woman named

Kristy, who claims her husband is missing and presumed buried in the rubble. Bare trees in Idaho.

Thursday, February 12


One day. It is "a few days" after TB2 6 and "a few days" before TB2 8 (7-21). TV pundits discuss the Thunderbolts and

Joystick crashes the Today Show (an indication that it is probably a weekday). Sanders brings Gill to a bar where they meet

Herman Schultz, who offers Sanders an opportunity to get in on a five-million-dollar score. Genis can't remember anything

about his death. The Chinese government asks Chen Lu to stay with the Thunderbolts. Killgrave prepares the new Swordsman

to join the Thunderbolts and Songbird quits.

SHE-HULK v4 #4 - FB (9-20)

The day after S-H4 4-FB (2-8). It is "months" after A3 75. Haunted by nightmares of guilt, Jennifer goes outside before dawn

and joins Green Cross head Gary Swanson in digging rubble in Bone. That morning, crews discover the body of Kristy's

husband Travis. Feeling responsible for the man's death, Jennifer goes to the sheriff's office to hand herself in, but Wanda's

spell of concealment from S-H3 2 (1-13) prevents the people there from seeing her. She discovers some shady business

involving Travis and does some investigating. That night, she enters the pit in which Travis was found, then someone uses a

backhoe to dump rubble onto her. Jen partially turns into She-Hulk to hold up the rubble and dwells on all the damage she's

done "this past year" to Bone, the Avengers, and GLK&H. She is saved and shows Gary proof that Kristy murdered her

husband. After Gary tells Jen he harbors guilt for events that led to the Hulk's creation, Jen successfully changes into She-Hulk

so that the citizens of Bone can see her come clean and apologize. We see bare trees, snow flurries, and visible breath in Idaho.

Full moon.

Friday, February 13

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #15 (1-11)

One day, "two weeks" after CA5 9. Crossbones tells the captive Synthia Schmidt about her past.

NEW INVADERS #9 (14-18)

One day, shortly after INV3 9 (1-13). A memorial service is held for Jim Hammond. Among those present are the Invaders,

Cap, Spidey, the FF, the V-Battalion, and a horde of Atlantean soldiers.

Saturday, February 14: Valentine's Day

NEW INVADERS #9 (19-21)

Probably the day after INV3 9 (14-18). Given the history of Namor's attire, this section probably occurs before TB2 8 (7-21).

Cap and the Invaders reflect on their loss as Merrano and his followers are taken away to stand trial in Atlantis. Thin Man shows

up in Tijuana.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #15 (12-22)

Perhaps the day after CA5 15 (1-11). Crossbones tortures Synthia, trying to get her to throw off SHIELD's reprogramming and

become a worthy heir to the Red Skull. That night, the de-programmed Synthia escapes her cell and joins Brock in his bed.


On the Valentine's Day prior to IHM:WOR 1 (1-10), M.J. gives Peter an iPod and Peter gives M.J. a picture frame.

Sunday, February 15


One day. Abe writes a "weekly parole report" to Warbird. The Thunderbolts battle and defeat Batroc's Brigade, which includes

a new Machete.


One day, after YA 2-FB (10-11) and YAS 1-FB (27-) and before YAS 1-FB (14:4). When Iron Lad shows up at Eli's house

looking for Eli's uncle Josiah, Eli lies and tells him that he himself is a super-soldier who can help him.

Monday, February 16


The day after TB2 8 (1-6). It is "a few days" after TB2 7 and "months" after A/TB 6 (17-20). Given Namor's attire, this segment

probably occurs after INV3 9 (19-21). Melissa visits Dallas Rirordan. Monica Rambeau reacts to the news of a new Photon.

Speed Demon joins Shocker in his heist of $5 million in laundered Nazi money from a Long Island mansion. (The reference to

the Nazi money being around "for sixty years" must be topical.) Blizzard tries to stop Sanders from committing the criminal act,

but the speedster defeats him. Later, Sanders sics the police on Shocker and steals the money from him, handing it over to Abe

for use in financing the Thunderbolts. Namor (in his black and gold costume) shows up at Thunderbolts HQ and demands that

Radioactive Man stop a "plague" he unleashed in Atlantis.


The same night as TB2 8 (7-21). It is "a couple weeks" after TB2 1. The Thunderbolts discover that Radioactive Man irradiated

Llyron's gills, causing radioactivity to be transmitted throughout Atlantis. Mach-4, Atlas, and Blizzard accompany Radioactive

Man and Namor back to Atlantis so that Chen Lu can absorb the stray radiation. Unbeknownst to his teammates, Chen Lu

infuses Tamara Rahn with a radiation designed to kill Fathom Five in "several weeks." Monica Rambeau confronts Genis about

adopting the name Photon and she ends up changing her codename to Pulsar. Full moon.

Tuesday, February 17


The day after TB2 9-FB. Mach-4 and Radioactive Man discuss their Atlantis experience (the narrative for TB2-FB).

Wednesday, February 18


One day. Duff Memphis plays Captain America for the Fanboyz TV show.

Thursday, February 19


One day. Ozzie Sinatra plays Elektra for the Fanboyz TV show.

Friday, February 20


One day. Roscoe Lunch plays Namor for the Fanboyz TV show.

Saturday, February 21

NEW AVENGERS #14 - FB (13:1-13:2, 13:4, 13:6)

One day. Jessica lies hooked up to equipment in a Hydra facility as she undergoes the procedure for restoring her powers.

Sunday, February 22


One day. The Fanboyz try to replicate Spidey's feats for their TV show. Spidey prevents them from causing themselves and

others harm. We see short sleeves in New York.

Monday, February 23

POWER PACK v3 #1/2

One day during the school year. After failing to fool his mom into thinking he's sick to get out of his science homework,

Franklin sneaks aboard his father's micro-pod with Herbie and shrinks down to microscopic size. They end up inside the nose of

the cold-stricken Reed and end up being flicked out. The experience leaves Franklin ill for real.

Tuesday, February 24


One day. As Ven and his fellow draftees discuss the loved ones they've left behind in the Meta-Orb, military officers burst into

their quarters and tell them to suit up to go into battle. Ven says, "Shipping out? We've only begun our training," but the military

says Ashta is faster than anticipated.


The same day as SSBRB 3-FB (12). The Korbonites hold an emergency session between the priests and the military. They have

discovered that the fallen god Ashta is coming to attack their world, and they make preparations to defend their planet. The

priests want to revive Alpha Ray, the robot construct that preceded Beta Ray Bill, but the military is hesitant to release Alpha

Ray, because his mind was unstable. The session comes to an end as Ashta arrives close enough in their solar system for the

Korbinites to launch an attack..


The same day as SSBRB 1 (1-3). Ven and the other two soldiers are on a spaceship which is part of the fleet attacking

Ashta/Galactus. One of them begins praying for Beta Ray Bill to come back and save all of them. Ashta is shown starting to

destroy the fleet.


The same day as SSBRB 3-FB (13-14). The Korbinite military is losing the battle with Ashta. The priests convince the military

to release Alpha Ray.


The same day as SSBRB 1 (7). It is "days" before SSBRB 4. On board one of the spaceships in the fleet, Ven and his two

companions watch the battle unfold over the monitor screen. The fleet is losing.


The same day as SSBRB 4-FB (1:1-1:2). Beta Ray Bill arrives back in his home solar system to see the Korbinite fleet in ruins

and a giant tentacle creature destroying everything.


The same day as SSBRB 1 (8-10). A beam from Ashta strikes Ven's ship, shaking the crew, and blacking out the monitor



The same day as SSBRB 4-FB (1:3-1:4). Alpha Ray blasts off to fight Galactus. Beta Ray Bill starts attacking Ashta/Galactus.

The military and priests notice on their censors that Beta Ray Bill has returned.


The same day as SSBRB 1 (11). The monitor turns back on and Ven and his friends see Bill attacking Ashta/Galactus.


The same day as SSBRB 4-FB (1:5). Bill attacks Ashta and Alpha Ray comes along and attacks Bill.


The same day as SSBRB 1 (12:1-12:2). Ven and friends notice Alpha Ray attacking Bill. An energy blast from Ashta/Galactus

destroys part of their ship. A crack opens up in the ship and some of Ven's friends are sucked out into space.


The same day as SSBRB 4-FB (1-2). Bill asks Alpha Ray why he's attacking him. Alpha Ray says he will replace Beta Ray as

the favored warrior of the Korbinites. Back on the lead ship of the fleet, the military is demanding the priests get Alpha Ray to

stop attacking Bill, but the priests say it cannot be stopped. Galactus knocks Alpha Ray and Beta Ray away and starts to feed on

the Korbonites' home world. Bill tries to attack Galactus again, but Galactus has his new herald Stardust attack Bill. While the

two duel, Galactus swats Bill and devours the planet. The few remaining Korbinite space ships try to flee, but Galactus blows

many of them out of the sky. Bill's home world and solar system lie in ruin.


The same day as SSBRB 1 (12-23). It is "days" before SSBRB 5. Ven makes his way through the damaged spaceship, finally

meeting up with other soldiers in an armory room. The lights suddenly go out as the damaged ship loses power. They are left

alone in the dark.


The same day as SSBRB 5-FB (1:1-1:5). It is "several months" after SSBRB 2-FB (13-14). Bill floats unconscious next to the

sun in his solar system. Stardust asks Galactus if he can go and start slaying any remaining Korbinites. Bill awakens to find his

solar system in ruins. From space he receives a signal from his friend Skuttlebutt, a sentient spaceship of the Korbinites, and

flies off to join Skuttlebutt.


The same day as SSBRB 2 (1-6). It is "hours" after SSBRB 5-FB (1:1-1:5). The soldiers don't hear the sound of fighting

outside anymore, and think the battle is over. Just then, into the spaceship bursts Stardust, who starts slaughtering the

Korbinites. Ven is knocked by Stardust out the hull and into deep space. His helmet cracked, slowly losing oxygen, Ven wishes

that he'll get to see his girlfriend Sala in the next life.


The same day as SSBRB 5-FB (1-2). Bill hops aboard Skuttlebutt and the ship reveals that it's keeping guard over the Meta-Orb

as it journeys through space trying to find a new planet for their people to live on. As Galactus eats the last remnants of the

Korbinites' home world, Stardust kills remaining Korbinites in the wreckage of the fleet. Stardust encounters Alpha Ray's

unconscious body and asks Galactus if he can kill the construct, but Galactus says to spare him. Stardust is shocked to see that

Galactus' body suffered a minor crack from the attack Bill launched at Galactus. Stardust flies off to hunt down Beta Ray Bill to

exact vengeance.

Wednesday, February 25

FANTASTIC FOUR #536 - FB (1-2:4)

One early morning. At "5:07 AM PST," Mjolnir is detected arriving in earth's atmosphere. It passes by a small private plane in flight as it makes its way toward impact in Oklahoma.

THOR v3 #1 (6:1)

The same early morning as FF 538-FB (1-2). Mjolnir plummets toward the ground.

FANTASTIC FOUR #536 - FB (2:5-2:6)

The same early morning as T3 1 (6:1). It is "six months" before FF 536. Mjolnir strikes the ground at "5:37 AM PST."

THOR v3 #1 (6:2-6:4)

The same early morning as FF 538-FB (2:5-2:6). Mjolnir leaves a small crater as it rests on the Oklahoma soil.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #3 - FB (17:1)

One day. As noted in a newspaper, Dwayne tries to save his family fortune.

SHE-HULK v4 #4 - FB (21:1)

One day. With the completion of Doc Samson's Gamma-Changer, Jennifer is able to remain as She-Hulk for longer periods of

time, which comes in handy as she scoops away rubble in Bone.

Thursday, February 26


One day. The priests, working with scientists of faith, create the Meta-Orb to hold the life forces of the Korbinites. They have

begun a mass evacuation, putting 80% of all of the life forces on the planet in the Meta-Orb. As Ven and Sala wait in line to be

put in the Meta-Orb, when the military separates them. Sala is put in the Meta-Orb while Ven is told he has been put in a line of

strong, healthy males to be drafted into the military to serve in the battle against Ashta.


The same day as SSBRB 2-FB (18-19). It is "several months" before SSBRB 3. While waiting in line for uniforms, two drafted

Korbinites strike up a conversation with Ven, wondering what all the fuss is about. Ven explains it's Ashta coming to destroy

their world.

Friday, February 27


One day, probably days after SSBRB 2 (7-13). As Bill sits around overwhelmed by all of the tragedy that has happened to his

people and to the Asgardians, Skuttlebutt's censors detect that the Meta-Orb is in trouble. Stardust has arrived and is holding the

Meta-Orb hostage. Bill flies out and the two prepare to do battle.


The same day as SSBRB 2 (20-22). It is "several months" after SSBRB 3-FB (11). Bill rescues the Meta-Orb from the hands of

Stardust and sends it and Skuttlebutt deeper into space while he stays behind to face Stardust. They duel and Bill blows Stardust

to pieces. Stardust reforms himself and realizes he can't beat Beta Ray fair and square, so using a mystical spell, he unlocks a

doorway to a cosmic hell into which Bill barely keeps himself from being sucked. A black tentacle reaches out from the hell and

wraps around Bill, but he breaks the tentacle off. Stardust starts to panic and closes the door, but he's not fast enough - the black

tentacle mutates, transforming into a female devil-creature who calls herself Asteroth.


The same day as SSBRB 3. Bill and Stardust are knocked unconscious by emergence of Asteroth. She declares that she's a

being of pure chaos and intends to devour the order of the universe and she flies off. She arrives at a nearby planet and starts to

incinerate it, feeding on the destruction. Stardust and Bill wake up, and Stardust convinces Bill they need to put aside their

fighting and destroy Asteroth. They fly off together and attack Asteroth, but she's already too powerful. Stardust casts another

dimensional spell, this time opening up a black hole, hoping to suck Asteroth in, but she turns it around on them and Stardust

and Bill start to get sucked in. Meanwhile, Galactus picks up Alpha Ray and fills the robot with the Power Cosmic, saying he

needs Alpha Ray to perform one final task.


The same day as SSBRB 4. Stardust and Bill are being sucked into the black hole. They try to drag in Asteroth as well, but she

seems immune to the pull of the black hole. Draining energy from Bill and Stardust, Asteroth stumbles on the Meta-Orb, which

is tucked inside Bill's belt. All seems lost when Alpha Ray arrives, slamming into Asteroth and dragging her into the black hole.

Asteroth, Stardust, and Alpha Ray are sucked in, but Alpha Ray's slamming knocks Bill backwards out of the event horizon, and

the black hole closes before it can suck Bill in. Bill fades into unconsciousness.

Saturday, February 28


One day. Bill wakes up in a strange white place beyond time and space. A strange voice explains that Bill is in another

dimension outside of time and space, a dimension ruled by cosmic beings who locked away Asteroth and others in the cosmic

hell. They've transported Bill to their dimension to thank him for stopping Asteroth. Bill sees that Skuttlebutt is here too. The

cosmic beings tell Bill they will transport him wherever he wishes to go, and he decides he wants to go back to Asgard to check

to see if the Asgardians won the final battle of Ragnarok. So Bill gets onboard Skuttlebutt, and they leave this dimension behind.

Appearing back in real time and space, they find they're on a course for Asgard. Bill pauses to mourn the Korbinites some more.

Skuttlebutt reports that there is strange energy emitting from the Meta-Orb. This energy starts growing out of control, and Bill

grabs the Meta-Orb and busts out of the ship. The Meta-Orb emits an explosion of energy, and Bill and the Meta-Orb fall to the

ground below, which turns out to be Asgard in ruins. Bill stumbles upon Surtur's corpse. He walks back over to the Meta-Orb

and is shocked as it cracks open and a demonic version of Beta Ray Bill pops out. This creature reveals itself to be a mixture of

Asteroth and the Korbinites and calls itself Omega Ray. Before Asteroth was sucked into the black hole, she put a small portion

of her essense in the Meta-Orb. She's been feasting upon the souls in the Meta-Orb since then, and now has broken out in this

new body. Enraged, Bill immediately starts hammering away, calling upon all of the remaining power of Odin left in Asgard to

strike down this foe.


The same day as SSBRB 5 (10-23). Bill barely destroys Omega Ray, but all of the energy Bill unleashed leaves Bill dying as

well. He notices the Meta-Orb still pulses with life and realizes that not all of the souls inside were devoured by Omega Ray. He

crawls over to try to release the souls inside, but loses consciousness. He wakes up to what appears to be a glowing white female

figure standing overhead that says she will take good care of the remaining souls inside the Meta-Orb. She touches Bill, who

breathes his last breath.


The same day as SSBRB 6-FB (16/17-20). A homeless man, Simon Walters, lies dead in the gutter on a New York street corner.

Lightning bursts, rain falls, and Walters comes back to life. He gets up and walks out onto the street, nearly getting hit by a

speeding car. The car swerves and crashes, and out of it jumps a hoodlum, who says he's fleeing Spider-Man. This hoodlum

transforms himself into a super-villain, the Boar, and he smashes up the street, then beats up Walters. Simon hits his hand on the

ground, magically transforms into Beta Ray Bill, and starts pounding on the Boar. Spider-Man arrives and the two team up and

defeat the Boar. They then go out for pizza. A short time later, Simon/Bill tells Spidey about the plight of the Korbinites, and he

thinks back to the last thing he remembers. Spider-Man tells Bill he's gotten a new lease on life, and Bill says he plans on

making the most of it. The two heroes go their separate ways.

Sunday, March 1

TOMB OF DRACULA v4 #1 (18:2-18:4)

One day. Enzo Ferrara dispatches some vampiric creatures.

Monday, March 2


One day, "one week" before ASMU2 8/2 (11). Peter accompanies M.J. on a photo shoot in San Francisco during a "vacation" -

probably spring break at his school. There, he helps victims of an earthquake but fails to save the life of the father of a baby he

rescues. Green grass and trees in San Francisco.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #13/2 - FB (3:5-4:1)

One day. Chicago beat cop Ted Simmons tries to rescue a man dangling from a ledge. The Uni-Power suddenly enters his body

and he rescues the man with ease.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #13/2 (3-8)

The same day as AAF2 13/2-FB (3-4). It is "two months" after AAF2 13/2-FB (1-2). Ted, in the Captain Universe outfit, comes

home to his wife to explain the day he had and that he's a superhero now. He goes out on patrol and encounters a group of

armed bank robbers in a firefight with other cops in the street. Ted starts to beat up the bad guys, but then his powers

malfunction, and a cop named Burns is killed in the crossfire. Ted doesn't understand why the powers failed him and he

demands the Captain Universe powers leave his body.

Tuesday, March 3

WOLVERINE v3 #20 (15-17)

One day, "one month" after W3 20 (13-14) and "eighteen months" after W3 26-FB. This segment occurs after W3 22-FB and "a

couple of days" before W3 20 (14-17). In Minneapolis, Nick Fury, Elektra, and SHIELD agents are at a Catholic church, the

apparent scene of a brutal occult ritual murder. Elektra confirms this is the work of the Hand. Fury says he's smoked out a plot

to take down "sixteen key figures in the superhuman community" and Wolverine was at the top of the list. Elektra says she'll

work for Fury again, taking the case since it involves the Hand. Just then, a SHIELD agent comes up to Fury and says that

Wolverine has just been found in South America. It's snowing hard in Minneapolis, where we see bare trees.

Wednesday, March 4

WOLVERINE v3 #20 (18-24)

The day ("12 hours") after W3 20 (15-17). It is "three or four years" after W/NF:SR. Elektra steps off a helicopter onto a

SHIELD aircraft carrier in the South Pacific, which is where they're keeping Wolverine. A soldier informs Elektra they found

Logan in Argentina, with "no hair, one eye, and ninety percent burns." They tell Elektra Logan's now in their sick bay,

unconscious and healing. As Elektra heads to sick bay, Logan wakes up. A voice in his head tells him to kill the nurse attending

him. He at first resists, but quickly submits, killing the nurse and putting on his costume. Suddenly, all the power goes out on

the security systems in the carrier. In the dark of the hallways of the carrier, Elektra is confronted by Wolverine.

WOLVERINE v3 #21 (1-13)

The same day as W3 20 (18-24). It is probably not "five weeks" before W3 23 (1-15) and perhaps three weeks rather than "three

months" before W3 28. Wolverine and Elektra do battle, with SHIELD agents getting caught in the middle and getting sliced up

by Wolverine. Elektra starts to get the upper hand on Wolverine, but just then, an explosion from a bomb planted by Logan rips

through the carrier, which starts to sink. Water floods into the carrier, separating Wolverine and Elektra and killing several

SHIELD agents. Wolverine escapes out the hole in the carrier and swims away. Elektra and the surviving SHIELD agents

evacuate the carrier. Elektra says this was a trap, and that they need to check and see if Wolverine tapped into the SHIELD

carrier's system mainframe. Logan downloaded "Defense codes, Pentagon files, White House security details." Elektra says,

"I'm afraid you didn't find Wolverine gentlemen. Wolverine found you."

Thursday, March 5

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #14/2 (3-8)

One day, "two months" after AAF2 14/2-FB (1-2). This segment occurs before CU/H. In Brooklyn, a handicapped man in a

wheelchair named Gabriel Vargas tries to stop a thief, but the thief escapes. Vargas feels useless and heads home, where he is

confronted by the Uni-Power, which appears as a glowing orb. The Uni-Power explains to Vargas that its powers are

malfunctioning for some reason and offers to bond with him if Vargas will help investigate the cause of the malfunctioning.

Vargas agrees to go on this quest with the Uni-Power, and the Uni-Power says that before it can restore the use of Vargas' legs, it

has to go bond with some of Earth's mightiest heroes, to replicate their powers. The Uni-Power states that it shall try to replicate

the powers of the Hulk first. Green trees in New York.

WOLVERINE v3 #21 (14-17)

The day ("24 hours") after W3 21 (1-13). This segment occurs "a couple of days" after W3 20 (15-17), must occur after UX 460

(1-14), and probably after NX 12. In Manhattan, Nick Fury is in conference with Elektra and top SHIELD agents aboard the

Helicarrier. Fury says that trying to locate Wolverine telepathically doesn't work as the Hand has supernatural shields in place.

Fury says they've uncovered what the Hand, Hydra, and Dawn of the White Light's plan is - to kill super-heroes and reanimate

them as un-dead warriors to go out and kill others. Fury says they're going to put all super-heroes on red alert and lock them

down until they can capture Wolverine. Air Force One lands on the helicarrier.

UNCANNY X-MEN #460 (1-14)

Perhaps the same day as W2 21 (14-17). It is "more than a year" after XX 2 and probably more than "several weeks" before UX

460 (15-22). Bishop notes that "we've been away [since UX 455 (5-15)] a lot longer than we anticipated...and out of

communication." Rachel notes that X-23 is "new around here." This segment must occur before X:PE 1. The XSE team arrive

back at the Xavier Institute, where they discover that Colossus is alive, Rachel ticks off Kitty, Psylocke learns that Jean is dead,

and Beast reacts to Betsey's being alive. Bishop learns that Wolverine has gone rogue, having been "suborned by Hydra and the

Hand and has become their premier assassin" and that "a global alert has been issued for him - to be shot on sight" - this clue,

and the fact that Storm is featured in W3 21 (14-23), likely places this segment between pages 13 and 14 of W3 21. The report

that Logan's "latest target was the President of the United States" cannot be a reference to W3 25, given Storm's chronology.

Green grass and trees at Westchester.

WOLVERINE v3 #21 (18-23)

The same evening as W3 21 (14-17) and perhaps the same evening as UX 460 (1-14). At the Xavier Institute, Kitty Pryde has

tucked all of the younger students of the school into a group room, where they're to sleep together (so school is in session;

probably the second semester). She says the whole school is in lock-down, and everyone's sharing rooms. Kitty is sleeping in

the same room as Ororo. The last of the Baxter Building employees leave the building. Sue Storm overhears these last two

employees bad mouthing the FF and complaining about the evacuation of the building. She then steps inside the Baxter

Building, and Ben puts the place into lock-down, but he doesn't know is that Wolverine's already inside the building. Emma

Frost is BTS. Kitty says to Ororo, "All those prayers worked for Peter, right? Fingers crossed they work for Logan now, too." -

this places this segment after ASTONX3 6 (20-23).


The same evening as W3 21 (18-23). Wolverine fights the FF and manages to escape the Baxter Building with a disc containing

specs to Reed Richards' inventions, which Hydra wants to use to develop weapons. The FF are living in the Baxter Building and

Johnny is dating "Sabrina," so this story presumably occurs after Kourtney leaves for LA following FOUR 13 (6-11). Johnny

notes that "SHIELD's put the whole building into lock-down for twenty-four hours." Franklin hasn't seen Reed "in almost two

days" because Reed's been working on a terraformer for "forty-eight hours." Tony Stark and Hank Pym appear here, linked from

unknown remote locations; Pym may be in England, given that he was heading for Oxford a month after A:FINALE. Strucker

(who appears here without his trademark scar) sends instructions to the Hand to "create ten new super-agents within the next

seven days" and wants to retrieve Logan to retool him for "a brand new assault on Tony Stark and the heart of the American

banking industry. Hydra's secret bank roller [Elsbeth von Strucker] arrives at midnight tonight."

Friday, March 6


One day, probably many "weeks" before CU/DD 1 (18-22). This segment occurs shortly after AAF2 14/2 (3-8). In the snowy

woods, Bruce Banner steps on a bear trap and becomes the Hulk, who's semi-intelligent. The Uni-Force confronts the Hulk and

bonds with him, reverting him to Banner. The Uni-Force explains that its power has been compromised and it needs him to

contact Dr. Wiles in Manhattan. Banner reluctantly agrees to help. Wiles' partner, David Garrett, is contacted by costumed

agents aboard a sub who inform him that they have discovered what they have been looking for.

Saturday, March 7


Probably the day after CU/H 1 (1-6). It is "20 years" after CU/H 1-FB and "weeks" before CU/DD 1 (18-22). In Manhattan,

Banner meets with Dr. Wiles, who explains his connection to the Uni-Force. Garrett bursts in with a weapon and several robots.

He fires at Banner and the Uni-Force is extracted from him. Banner becomes the Hulk and battles the robots as the mysterious

agents monitor from their vessel. Using Delta Radiation, the robots gain the upper hand against the Hulk. Wiles disables the

weapon, releasing the Uni-Force, which merges with Hulk. Hulk defeats the robots and returns to the lab, where he discovers

Wiles standing over a dead Garrett. Wiles says he found Garrett that way. With the police on the way, Hulk offers to take Wiles

with him, but he refuses. Hulk leaves and Wiles is arrested. Later, Banner contacts Matt Murdock at his law office. Coat and

jacket weather in New York, where it's cold enough to see people's breath.

Sunday, March 8

SHE-HULK v4 #4 - FB (21:2)

One day. She-Hulk continues to use her strength to help in the rebuilding of Bone, Idaho.

Monday, March 9


One day, "one week" after ASMU2 8/2 (1-10). Because Peter and M.J. are in their apartment, this segment must occur before

ASM 515 (19-22). Peter and M.J. talk about the baby and the father from San Francisco.

Tuesday, March 10


Early one morning, probably two days before TOD4 2. This story occurs after BLADE7 6 (1-20). Blade joins up with vampire hunters Divinity Drake, Noah Van Helsing, Bejamin Soloman Alomii, Michiyo Watanabe, Lucas Telling-Stone, and Enzo Ferrara to stop Dracula from completing a rebirth that will make him invincible. Dracula is not yet in chrysalis.


One weekday before another weekday. This story occurs after WI:FF and "weeks" after WI:CA. Hector Espejo rides to school

on the bus. He's downloaded an audio novel off the Internet of the other dimension. The novel is about Daredevil, who lived in

Japan in the 19th century. In Hector's world (Earth-616), it is public knowledge that Matt Murdock is Daredevil, or at least that

most folks suspect that Murdock is DD.

Wednesday, March 11

IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN #11 - FB (6:6-6:10)

One day. This flashback must occur before IAM 1-FB (3-7). Mitch Carson and a squad of SHIELD agents fight ninjas.

Thursday, March 12

TOMB OF DRACULA v4 #2 (1-20)

One day, probably two days after TOD4 1. The vampire hunters train together. Noah briefs the vampire hunters about how

Dracula is planning to ascend to godhood and reveals that he plans to thwart the vampire lord's metamorphosis by bringing a

nuke down into Dracula's crypt and detonating it there. Dracula uses his new powers to secretly spy on the vampire hunters

through the eyes and ears of someone in their group, and then he tells his five generals what he's learned about their enemies.

The vampire hunters are attacked by a vampire horde as they approach the airport and only survive thanks to a rescue by some of

the Mortuus Invitus. A ticked-off Dracula makes plans with the Charniputra. Full moon.

Friday, March 13

TOMB OF DRACULA v4 #2 (21-22)

The day after TOD4 2 (1-20). After flying for about 14-15 hours, the vampire hunters are crossing the Carpathian Mountains,

unaware of the flock of Charniputra about to attack their plane.

TOMB OF DRACULA v4 #3 (1-4)

The same day as TOD4 2 (21-22). The Charniputra horde attacks the plane, tearing it apart, but Blade attacks them to give his

teammates enough time to don parachutes and escape.


The same day as TOD4 3 (1-4). Ben destroys the Charniputra and saves an unconscious Blade.

TOMB OF DRACULA v4 #3 (5-12)

The same day as TOD4 3-FB. Blade regains consciousness and the vampire hunters begin traveling to Brasov. Dracula kills

Kuyuk and waits while his enemies approach. Full moon.

Saturday, March 14

TOMB OF DRACULA v4 #3 (13-23)

The day after TOD4 3 (5-12). Three Yiki Onna attack the vampire hunters. Michiyo kills two but only at the cost of her life and

the third brings Noah to Dracula in his lair. Divinity seemingly reveals herself to be Dracula's agent. Full moon.


The same day as TOD4 3 (13-23). This story probably occurs before LOM:M 1/2 (1-7). Dracula's army attack the vampire hunters in the town plaza. The local Mortuus Invitus come to the rescue but not before Enzo and Ben die and Divinity falls under Dracula's control. Divinity and Blade enter Dracula's lair beneath his castle. Blade kills Deacon Frost (again) but finds himself helpless against Dracula's new powers. Dracula creates a giant new body for himself and tries to complete his ascension by absorbing Divinity into himself but things don't go as he planned. Dracula learns that Divinity is really Aamshed just before she releases upon him the six hundred thousand souls that she has gathered over the past two millennia. With help from Blade, Dracula and all the vampires in the town are destroyed and the world is safe for another thousand years.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #8 (9-10:4)

One day. Warren shows Scott the nearly completed Wings Over the World, a facility that uses an anti-gravity atmosphere to

simulate flight for disabled people. Green trees.

FOUR #15

One day during Little League baseball season. Johnny gets a phone call from Kourtney in California; they are apparently still

seeing each other. The Time Variance Authority asks Reed's help in correcting a temporal anomaly that is having global

repercussions. The FF leave Herbie and Franklin at the Baxter Building as they embark on their time platform. A disruption

causes Reed, Sue, and Ben to appear in ancient Egypt while Kang's son Ramades materializes in the Baxter Building. Green

grass and trees in New York. According to FOUR 18, it is "a warm spring day."

FOUR #16

The same day as FOUR 15. Franklin faces Ramades and then time passes as Ramades conquers the world; this sequence of

events ends up getting erased. Reed, Sue, and Ben encounter a Time Keeper in ancient Egypt, who notes that Ramades has

chosen a time to strike in which the Avengers are "smashed to pieces," an indication that this story occurs after A 503 if not after

A:FINALE. Johnny ends up in an alternate future in which Doombots patrol New York and Nathaniel Richards joins the others

in ancient Egypt.

FOUR #17

The same day as FOUR 16. It is "years" after FF 416. In the alternate future, Valeria and Johnny storm Doom's castle. Valeria

gets blasted, but they both take off in Doom's time machine. Nathaniel assists the rest of the FF in escaping ancient Egypt and

returning to the present, when they encounter Ramades on the roof of the Pyramid Hotel in Las Vegas. Inside the hotel, Herbie

frees Franklin and they discover eight minutes of missing time.

FOUR #18

The same day as FOUR 17. As Johnny returns to Earth-616, Valeria disappears and his time machine crashes on Ramades' army

in Las Vegas. The FF battle Ramades, then Franklin defeats Ramades by socking him with the eight minutes of missing time.

Most everything reverts to how it was before Ramades' rampage. Reed invites Nathaniel to live with the FF, but Nathaniel

declines and leaves.

Sunday, March 15

Monday, March 16

LONERS #2 - FB (13:3)

One night. Hornet calls up Johnny Gallo and tries to get him to join him on a gig that would put them both back on the map. Johnny declines.

WOLVERINE v3 #23 - FB (2:1, 2:3)

The same night as LONERS 2-FB (13:3). "At ten twenty-seven," Wolverine and 100 Hydra agents attack Stark International and "by ten forty-one," they slaughter security and trash all Stark's defense programs. Logan then pats a dog.

LONERS #2 - FB (13:4)

The same night as W3 23-FB (2:1,2:3). Logan slays Hornet.

WOLVERINE v3 #23 (1-15)

The same night as LONERS 2-FB (13:4). It is probably not "five weeks" after W3 21 (1-13). Elektra and Nick Fury show up at the site of the trashed Stark International "twenty minutes" after a SHIELD crew pull the Hornet's dead body out of the rubble. Elektra decapitates the Hornet to prevent him from becoming a resurrected member of the bad guys' death cult. Elektra fights a squadron of Hand operatives. Kitty and Emma discuss Logan's attack on a cathedral, as reported on the news, then Emma gathers the Institute's pre-cogs to see if they can help locate Logan through Cerebra. Elsbeth von Strucker torments her husband. Elektra notes that "Wolverine has been out there for five weeks now. Five weeks and eighteen significant attacks." It has been "three months" since Strucker has seen Elsbeth, who's been in Europe all that time. It is snowing in New York City and Westchester and we see bare trees and snow on the ground in Washington, DC.

Tuesday, March 17

Wednesday, March 18

X-FACTOR v3 #1 - FB (14)

One day, sometime after MADROX 5 (9-21). Madrox wins a million dollars on a TV game show.

PUNISHER v7 #26 - FB (9:3)

One day, within a year before PUN7 26. Viorica is allowed to visit her daughter, Anna. We see someone wearing a heavy


Thursday, March 19

NEW WARRIORS v3 #3 - FB (17:2)

One day. As noted in a newspaper, Dwayne and Microbe discover Zachary Smith dead because of his messing with flesh-eating


Friday, March 20: Vernal Equinox

GENERATION M #5 - FB (7:3)

One day. Sally begins to drink heavily.

Saturday, March 21

NEW X-MEN v2 #22 - FB

One early morning, "six months" before NX 22. While on an assignment at "3:17 AM," hit-man Matthew Risman receives a

phone call from someone telling him that he must remove his wife and daughter from their home by "4:01 AM," or they will die.

Risman rushes home and saves his family from a landslide just in time. William Stryker shows up, tells Risman that his family

was saved by divine intervention, and recruits the assassin. Green grass and trees in Los Angeles.

Sunday, March 22

EXCALIBUR v3 #11 (1-3)

One day, not long before XCAL3 11 (9-22). This prologue segment must occur after XCAL3 11 (4-8). Given the references to

Sage having installed Roberto as Black King, this segment must occur after UX 454. Courtney Ross dispatches Viper to



One day. Beast takes Kitty to the opera, but they are barred from attending. Hank then busts some thieves and Kitty takes him to

a Marx Brothers late show at the cinema. We see green grass and trees, light clothing, and students playing basketball and tennis

outdoors at Xavier's.

Monday, March 23


One day, probably before A4 1 (1-8). Peter and M.J. are still living in their apartment. Spidey battles Electro and an explosion

from the villain's backpack causes Spidey's wall-crawling power to increase, causing things to stick to him. Thing and Human

Torch join Spidey in a rematch with Electro. The villain escapes, leaving Spidey stuck to Ben. Reed Richards agrees to help the

two out of their predicament. Green trees in New York.

WOLVERINE v3 #23 - FB (17:3)

One day, earlier in the week of W3 23 (16-22), Logan helps the victim of an attempted sexual assault and butchers her attackers.

Tuesday, March 24

NEXTWAVE: AGENTS OF H.A.T.E. #5 - FB (8:3-9:4)

One day. After having spent 360 days with the Celestials, Machine Man is dumped back on Earth.
X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #8 (10:5-11)

One day, probably before XCAL3 11 (9-22). Disabled children enjoy flying at the completed Wings Over the World.


One night. Spider-Man turns in a mugger who killed his victim and lost his memory.

Wednesday, March 25

EXCALIBUR v3 #11 (9-22)

One day, "six months" after XCAL3 11 (4-8) and shortly after XCAL3 11 (1-3). This segment probably occurs after XU2 8 (10-

11), and Warren wears the same new costume here. Warren and Paige are in Zanzibar, seeking to promote a volunteer expansion

corps of X-Corps, when Viper and the Weaponeers attack. The heroes, joined by Zanzibar's president, the mutant hero Askari,

battle the attackers. When Broadband picks up transmissions of the battle, Callisto, Shola, and Karima decide to go help.


The same day as XCAL3 11 (9-22). Hub transports Callisto, Shola, and Karima to Zanzibar, where they fight the Weaponeers

and join Husk and Askari. Archangel and Callisto engage Viper in a battle in the sky and Shola goes to join them. Seeking help,

Askari takes Hub, Husk, and Karima to the residence of his vice president, who betrays them to Scimitar and the Weaponeers. In

Genosha, Broadband intercepts military transmissions from Zanzibar that suggest that Callisto and company are in trouble.

Magneto refuses to help and hides the crisis from Xavier so that they can concentrate on Wanda.

EXCALIBUR v3 #13 (1-18)

The same day as XCAL3 12. Earlier during the "week" before XCAL3 13 (19-23). Shola frees Archangel, Callisto, Viper from

rubble created by the explosion of an aerial minefield. Callisto and Viper vie for Warren. The four join Shola, Karima, Husk,

and Askari in defeating Scimitar and the Weaponeers. Shortly after this, Viper must disappear for "two months" before she

reappears in A4 11.

Thursday, March 26


One day, sometime before YA 1. Kate Bishop sees a psychiatrist and works out.

WOLVERINE v3 #23 (16-22)

One day, later in the week of W3 23-FB (17:3). Cap and the Falcon (who has no facial hair) bust up a Hydra cell. Falcon must

have decided against giving up being a superhero as hinted in A:FINALE. Fury reports on Wolverine's attacks "this week,"

including three banks, a credit union, and a naval liner and a report just in of an attack on Manhattan's IRS complex. Logan then

cuts power in Manhattan and he and the Hand drop in on Matt Murdock while he's sleeping. Fury notes that "the psychics are

saying he's two weeks away from a major act of domestic terrorism" at the White House.


The same snowy night as W3 23 (16-22). Daredevil beats the Hand and Wolverine falls on the sword of a defeated Hand

assassin. The skewering frees Logan from his brainwashing and Hydra teleports him away. Meanwhile, Gorgon II defeats and

captures Elektra. The finale of Strucker's plan, the assassination of the president, is scheduled for "tomorrow night." Bare trees

in New York.

Friday, March 27

WOLVERINE v3 #25 (1-8)

The day after W3 24. Cap, Iron Man, and SHIELD are in Washington, protecting the president from Logan's attack. But Logan

has snuck into the Xavier Institute and, equipped with Reed Richards' terraformer, tries to force Rachel to use Cerebra to kill the

president remotely. Green trees in Washington DC.

EXCALIBUR v3 #13 (19-20)

One day, later during the "week" of XCAL3 13 (1-8). It is "six months" after XCAL3 11 (4-8) and more than "thirteen weeks"

("three months") before X 189. Askari honors Archangel, Husk, Karima, Shola, and Callisto. Courtney Ross strikes a deal with

Zanzibar's vice-president that allows her access to confiscated Weaponeer technology. Charles Xavier sends his astral form to

Greenwich Village to seek Dr. Strange's help with Wanda. Rain in New York.


The same day as XCAL3 13 (19-20). This story occurs before HOM 1 (1-6). With Strange's help, Xavier goes on a psychic

journey and gains insight into Magneto, Wanda, and himself.

RUNAWAYS v2 #14 - FB (19-22)

One day, "months" after RUN2 14-FB (17-18). Alex's friends have gathered all the necessary items and try to perform a time-

travel spell to get Alex before he dies, but it backfires, as Oscar is killed and it is actually a young Geoffrey Wilder that is brought



One night. This flashback must occur after IAM 11-FB (6:6-6:10), and it may be more than "six months" before IAM 1. Eric O'Grady, Chris McCarthy, Mitch Carson, Jamie, and Frank play poker in Mitch's room. Eric thinks Nick Fury is an urban legend, invented by the SHIELD top brass for inspiration. Meanwhile, Hank Pym works on a suit and misses the last transport home. An agent finds him and arranges for a room for him for the night, but "Janet's going to be furious."

Saturday, March 28

WOLVERINE v3 #25 (9-11)

Early the morning after W3 25 (1-8). It is "seventy-two hours" before W3 26. Rachel uses Cerebra to tap into Reed Richards'

mind and gain the knowledge she needs to disarm the terraformer telepathically. Thwarted, Logan attempts to teleport but can

only do so in short hops through the Institute's property; he heads to the hangar.


The same early morning as W3 25 (9-11). The segment occurs shortly after NX 12 and the "week" before NX 13 (17-22). With

Logan possessed and at large, the New Mutants remain vigilant at the Institute. They hear a rumbling. Green trees at


WOLVERINE v3 #25 (12-13/14:1)

The same early morning as NX 13 (1). Logan hijacks the X-Men's jet from its hangar and smashes out.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #13 (2-3)

The same early morning as W3 25 (12-13/14). The New Mutants take cover as the jet smashes out. Green trees at Westchester.

WOLVERINE v3 #25 (13/14:2-13/14:3)

The same early morning as NX 13 (2-3). The jet smashes through the woods as the X-Men dash out of the Institute. Green trees

at Westchester.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #13 (4-5:2)

The same early morning as W3 25 (13/14:2-13/14:3). Northstar takes off for the woods with his older students as Captain

America arrives on the scene. The New Mutants argue as Jay and Josh try to join in pursuit of Logan. Green trees at


WOLVERINE v3 #25 (13/14:4-20)

The same early morning as NX 13 (4-5). This segment occurs before IAM 1-FB (12-19). It may be two weeks, not "two

months," before W3 30. This segment must occur before A4 1 (1-8). Falcon has no facial hair here. In the woods by the

Institute, Logan is attacked by X-Men, including a sighted Gambit. Logan is defeated and taken into SHIELD custody, but only

after he lacerates Havok and Beast and kills Northstar. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #13 (5:3-6)

The same early morning as W3 25 (13/14-20). The New Mutants witness the fallen Northstar and Josh's attempt to heal him

comes too late. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

WOLVERINE v3 #25 (21)

The same day as NX 13 (5-6). With Wolverine captured, Strucker gives up Hydra to Elsbeth.


The day after IAM 1-FB (3-7). Chris wakes up Eric and they report for duty. Their superior tells Eric he's one step away from a

demerit and Chris not to let Eric bring him down. Veronica King enters and checks that she and Chris are "still on for tonight."

Meanwhile, in his lab, Pym interviews four agents, one of whom is Mitch, for the job of Ant-Man, as a SHIELD scout. At lunch,

Eric asks how long Chris has "had a thing for Veronica." Chris claims that she asked him out "yesterday." Eric admits he's

jealous, and says that his thing with Kirsten has been over at least two weeks. That evening, in Eric's room, Chris plays his X-

Box and Eric reminds him about his date. He rushes to the hydroponics bay and admits to Veronica that he was forced to tell

Eric about them by her "little display at the console," but claimed it was their first date and that she asked him out when neither

was true. They have a talk about the evil alternate Stark, Chris having seen him on the way down, and when she ends the subject

after Chris describes the evil Stark's face as "like melted cheese," he admits he's a super-hero buff. They go off to have sex in

her room to "save the evening."

Sunday, March 29


The morning after W3 25 (21). Scott and Emma call a student assembly, where they announce Northstar's death and the

suspension of classes "this week" until after his memorial is held. They vow to finish the semester and "have finals, the year-end

dance and prizegiving."


One day, "three days" before W3 27. SHIELD begins to de-program Logan.


The day after IAM 1-FB (8-11). This flashback occurs after W3 25 (13/14-20). In the surveillance center, Eric bugs Chris about

his date, but Chris stonewalls until Mitch turns up; he has to pull some security agents off guard detail because of "some

classified business," but he still needs the appearance of guards on the detail. Despite being totally unqualified, he browbeats

them into doing it. Not knowing whether they're keeping someone in or out, they clonk Pym on the head when he tries to come

out before realizing their mistake. They drag him inside and panic before seeing the Ant-Man suit. Eric talks Chris into trying it

on, but he "disappears" (shrinks) when trying to take the helmet off so Eric can try it. Eric runs. Elsewhere, Logan undergoes

de-programming. Mitch looks nervous as Dum Dum Dugan mentions that he wants everyone on full alert, and is forced to admit

he's never seen Wolverine up close before. "Later," Eric hides in his room, repeating "I'm totally screwed" over and over, when

Mitch turns up, livid. Eric tells Mitch what happened, although he thinks it was a teleportation suit. Mitch says what it really is,

and that he and the other three agents are under suspicion since they were the only ones who knew about it. He tells Eric to keep

his mouth shut and vaguely threatens him. "Meanwhile," Chris gets blown about in the Helicarrier's ventilation system

Monday, March 30

PUNISHER v7 #26 - FB (10:1)

One day, within a year before PUN7 26. Vera and Cristu inspect their slave whores.

NEW X-MEN v2 #36 - FB

One day, "three months before M-Day." As his followers tend to Nimrod, William Stryker reports to Facility scientist Adam

Harkins that he's seen a vision of M-Day and the coming of a powerful mutant scourge afterward. He asks Harkins to create a

biological weapon (Predator X) to battle the scourge.


The evening of the day after IAM 1-FB (12-19). Veronica asks Eric where Chris has vanished to. He claims Chris is on a

classified mission for which he didn't make the cut. She's not surprised. Eric tells her that Chris is screwing Kirsten behind her

back. The shrunken Chris, hearing this from a nearby vent, is not happy.


The same evening as IAM 1-FB (20-21). It is "two days" before IAM 2-FB (6-8). Chris plots Eric's painful death and continues

trying to figure the suit out, eventually managing to get the two robot arms working. He then spots a kitchen, jumps down, and

finds out the suit has jets. He lands, uses the jet to open a can of beans, and starts eating a giant bean.

Tuesday, March 31

WOLVERINE v3 #26 (8-10)

One day, "seventy-two hours" (three days) after W3 25 (9-21) and "eighteen months" after W3 26-FB (in which we see autumn

leaves in Japan). 24 super-beings have been killed and snatched by the Hand in the past 24 hours. Elsbeth and Gorgon share a

touching moment and (presumably) that night, Elektra and the Hand kill Slyde II and the Spot. Bare trees and snow in Germany.


One day. Forbush-Man is recruited by S.I.L.E.N.T.

Wednesday, April 1: April Fools' Day


One day, shortly after NX 13 (7). Karma tells Alpha Squadron that she'll be replacing Northstar as their advisor and comforts

Victor when he takes it hard. Sofia and Julian talk about Northstar. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

WOLVERINE v3 #26 (11-12:3)

The same day ("meanwhile") as NX 13 (8-12). It is presumably the day after W3 26 (8-10). Portions of this scene are repeated

in NX 13 (13). Northstar isn't due to be cremated for another "two days" - the delay is due to difficulties in contacting his

family. Iceman, Dani, and Polaris say goodbye to Northstar in the morgue at New York University Medical Center.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #13 (13:4)

The same day as W3 26 (11-12). Bobby sheds a tear in a panel with added dialog to W3 26 (12:3).

WOLVERINE v3 #26 (12:4)

The same day as NX 13 (13:4). A blinding flash appears in the morgue.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #13 (13:5)

The same day as W3 26 (12:4). Elektra and Hand assassins materialize in the morgue.

WOLVERINE v3 #26 (12:5-23)

The same day as NX 13 (13:5). 41 super-beings have been killed and snatched by the Hand "this week" and "sixty to seventy

super-villains" total. Elektra and the Hand steal Northstar's body from the morgue and Iceman, Moonstar, and Polaris fail to

stop them. As SHIELD works on de-programming Logan (who may "be active inside twelve to eighteen hours"), the SHIELD

Helicarrier is attacked by a horde of super-beings re-programmed by the Hand.


The same evening as W3 26 (12-23). It is "two days" after IAM 2-FB (3-5). Chris still hasn't turned up, and Veronica asks Eric

about him. He stalls and then asks her out, which gets her away. He then runs into Mitch, who's still not happy, believing Chris

should have found them by now. He accidentally mentions the Wolverine/HYDRA reprogramming in noting that the missing

Ant-Man suit has''t been a high priority. Suddenly, a Level One Emergency Alert sounds; the Helicarrier's under attack and

essential personnel (including Mitch) are to go to their stations while the rest (including Eric) are to return to their quarters.

WOLVERINE v3 #27 (1-13/14:1)

The same day as IAM 2-FB (6-8). Wolverine is released from his "three days" (according to W3 30) of de-programming and

joins SHIELD in battling the horde of super-beings, including Northstar and Elektra.


The same day as W3 27 (1-13/14). The Elektra-led attack is in full swing and a small explosion knocks the lost Chris out of the

vent. He spots two villains attacking three SHIELD agents and manages to beat them with the jets. He then inadvertently hits

the "full-size" button just as someone punches through the wall beside him. He runs, encounters a grey Thing lookalike and

shrinks. He then finds his way to Eric's quarters, where Eric cowers under the table. Remembering the code, Eric jumps out and

attacks Chris with a shoe before realizing who it is. They explain what's been happening to each other, then a couple of villains

blast through a wall. Eric gets the door open and pushes his way in. Before Chris can get in, however, he's blasted in the head.

Eric is upset that his friend is dying, but Chris' last words are about what Eric had lied to Veronica about.

WOLVERINE v3 #27 (13/14:2-16)

The same day as IAM 2-FB (8-15). The melee forces the Helicarrier to crash to the ground in Arkansas, where we see green



The same day as W3 27 (13/14-16). As the Helicarrier crashes, Eric quickly strips the Ant-Man suit off his friend's body, puts it

on, and shrinks down. Dum Dum Dugan and various other agents and super-villains climb out of the wreckage. Shocked, Eric

figures out the jets, blasts up out of the wreckage, and promptly sees Nick Fury with a pole through his chest.


The same evening as IAM 2-FB (15-20). It is "one week" before IAM 3-FB (8-16). Logan, naked but for a sheet, sniffs the air

at the tented village near the crash site, when Eric runs in, carrying the Ant-Man suit in a holdall, with the injured Fury.

Wolverine tells him he did good, but Eric's depressed over Chris' death. Veronica, arm in a sling and glasses cracked, asks if

he's seen anyone, and Eric says Chris is dead. She cries and hugs him.

WOLVERINE v3 #27 (17-23)

The same day as IAM 3-FB (4-7). It is discovered that more than 200 SHIELD agents were killed in the crash. Logan calls

Ichiro and Fukuko, who want Logan to wreak vengeance on the Hand for their son's death. Gorgon tells Elspeth that they can

unleash their arsenal upon the world in "three more weeks...two and a half if we can smuggle those materials out of Wakanda."

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #13 (14-16)

The same evening as W3 27. It is "two days" before NX 13 (17-22). Dani returns to the Institute to report that Northstar's body

and that he could be a resurrected assassin now, but Scott and Emma decide to keep that secret and go on with the memorial.

Thursday, April 2


Probably early one morning. Hulk makes his way toward what is referred to as "Monster Island," destroying attacking sharks

and squids and thinking back to a period in his teenage years. Hulk washes up on the island and transforms back into Banner. A

monster emerges and is about to eat Banner, when two figures named Gwen and Ripley emerge. They use a flamethrower to

drive the monster off, then Gray Hulk appears.


The same early morning as H3 77. Banner transforms into Unleashed Hulk and battles Gray Hulk. Ripley and Gwen run away.

Unleashed Hulk eventually kills Gray Hulk by accident and the corpse transforms into a dead body of a Mindless One. Ripley

and Gwen take shelter deeper in the woods on the island and Ripley concludes they must be in Hell. Just then, the two of them

are approached by "Thunderbolt Ross."


The same early morning as H3 78. Standing over the corpse of the Mindless One, Unleashed Hulk is attacked by a Mindless One

masquerading as Fin Fang Foom. Hulk eventually tosses Foom into a volcano. Ripley and Gwen go with "Ross" to a secret

military compound where they will supposedly be safe from the monsters on the island. "Ross" says this is all a big military

experiment out of control. As they are about to enter the compound "Ross" is attacked by another monster and dragged away.

Prof. Yarish, the person who "Ross" says runs the island, yells at Ripley and Gwen to get inside the perimeter. Ripley does, but

Gwen runs off after "Ross" to save him.


The same early morning as H3 79. Hulk reverts back to Banner to sort things out, but then he's attacked by "Wolverine."

Banner turns back into Hulk and fights his attacker. Kang appears and explains he's plucking people from the timeline to kill the

Hulk, but Hulk reverts back to Banner and demands the truth. "Wolverine" stabs him and Banner wakes up. He finds himself in

a mental asylum, wrapped up in a straight jacket and attended by "Leonard Samson," who says that everything since Bruce left

the Pantheon (in H2 425) has been a demented dream and that Betty never died. Meanwhile, Yarish explains to Ripley that this

is a military experiment, but Ripley's doesn't believe it. Yarish, another Mindless One, drugs Ripley with some tea. Gwen

stumbles across "Ross," who grabs her and drowns her in a pond. He says she's not supposed to feel sympathy for humans and

leaves. Gwen awakens a few minutes later and notices her hair has changed from black to red...she's starting to remember who

she really is.


The same early morning as H3 80. Banner realizes that Samson and the Asylum are another illusion scenario. He turns into the

Hulk and starts to strangle "Samson." Hulk demands the truth, and finally gets it after Gwen reappears. She makes the illusions

disappear, and it stands revealed: Nightmare is the true master of this island and Gwen (aka Daydream) is his daughter.

Nightmare explains that the island was created because of a massive trauma that inflicted the world (presumably 9/11) and that

since that day he's been trying to weaken the line between what is real and what isn't. He tells Hulk that he's a "Prime Test

Case" and that certain memories of his aren't real. He also says that Daydream's mother is Betty Ross. Hulk rips Nightmare's

head off and rides his horse off the island. Daydream takes Ripley to take him to a special place where they can live happily ever

after. Betty Banner then washes up onto the island and a Mindless One disguised as her father greets her.

Friday, April 3

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #13 (17-22)

One day, "two days" after NX 13 (14-16). It is the "week" after NX 13 (1). The X-Men hold a memorial for Northstar.

Sasquatch makes an appearance. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


One rainy night, at least 25 hours after W3 27. It may be three weeks, not "three months," after W3 21 (1-13). It is "the better

part of a week" before W3 30. This story occurs "seven months" before X 189. Logan's present-time narration includes the line,

"Not the new Avengers. Avengers classic" - this indication that this story occurs after A3 6 is an error. Logan finds Northstar in

a bar and is ambushed by a horde of super-powered operatives of the Dawn of the White Light. He awakens in an abandoned

Alaskan oil refinery and summons three Sentinels to free him and smash the horde. After failing to get info on Hydra from

Northstar, Logan knocks him out and summons SHIELD. Logan takes off on a Sentinel to attack the Hand. The Rockslide in

this story cannot be the member of the Hellions. Waning crescent moon.

Saturday, April 4


Probably the day after W3 28. Riding the Sentinel, Logan arrives at the temple of the Hand in Japan and obliterates a bunch of

Hand operatives before encountering Elektra, who surprises the Hand by teaming up with Logan against them. Elektra and

Logan wipe out the whole temple and Elektra reveals that she's been shamming the whole time. The duo is picked up by

SHIELD and set out to get Hydra. Nick Fury is seen bandaged up in a hospital bed. Green grass and trees.

Sunday, April 5

UNION JACK v2 #1 - FB (5:3)

One day. Logan slashes through Hydra agents during "Enemy of the State."


One day, sometime between A:TI@ 1-FB (1-2) and A:TI@ 1/2-FB (4:2). Violet Lightner tries to commit suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Detecting her as she plummets, the second gauntlet that fell to earth from the alien collision launches itself from its landing spot in San Francisco Bay and attaches to Violet's arm. It fires a grappling hook that saves Violet. Violet sees the gauntlet as a sign of hope and a reason for being. Jacket weather.

Monday, April 6


One day. A military unit that crash-landed in the Savage Land "3 years, 10 months and 23 days" ago discovers a Nazi

installation in which they find slaughtered scientists, test subjects in tubes, and a raptor. They free the only surviving subject, a

strong woman, who saves the unit from the raptor. It is "April 6."


One day. David Beiderbecke is recruited by S.I.L.E.N.T.

Tuesday, April 7

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #9 (1-7)

One school day, the day after another school day. This segment occurs a "few short weeks" before XU2 9 (8-11). The guidance

counselor at the Xavier Institute quits and Scott and Emma appoint the Beast as her replacement. Hank deals with the problems

of several students and helps one girl complete a college application.

Wednesday, April 8


One day, "one week" after IAM 3-FB (4-7). It is "two days" before IAM 3-FB (17). Eric and Veronica arrive in Eric's and

Chris' childhood hometown in Vermont and meet Chris' parents, Jim and Nancy. Nancy is very distressed, wishing Eric had

died instead of Chris. Eric's parents moved away, so they stay with the McCarthys. That night, neither Eric nor Veronica can

sleep. She goes in to see him, and he says he's sorry he told her Chris was cheating on her, though he doesn't admit he made it

up. He puts his hand on her shoulder and she dashes out the room. He then puts the Ant-Man costume on, shrinks, and decides

to go for a test drive. In Arkansas, Hank Pym and Maria Hill visit the injured Mitch Carson in a hospital to ask him to use a

prototype Ant-Man suit to hunt down the person who stole the real suit, someone they suspect to be a SHIELD agent. Learning

that he would have been SHIELD's choice for Ant-Man, Mitch accepts. Back in Vermont, Eric has the basics down; he's as

strong as he is at full-size and has the jet legs figured. When he sees a guy threatening his wife, he shouts "Ant-Man to the

rescue," but overshoots the jump. Landing on his shoulder, he gives the guy "a full-sized punch from an ant-sized man." Instead

of knocking him over, his arm gets buried in the neck up to his shoulder. Then a great spurt of blood knocks him over and down

to the ground. An ambulance shows up and takes the husband to hospital. Eric returns to the McCarthy house and sees an upset

Veronica, who starts crying on his shoulder.


One day. It is "the better part of a week" - and more than three days - after W3 28. It may be two weeks, not "two months" after

W3 25 (13/14-20); during this time, Logan has not been with the X-Men for shame over his killing Northstar. Dum Dum notes

that Nick has being fighting Hydra for "fifty years," but this must be a topical reference. Emma holds a psychic therapy session

with Kitty, Bobby, Hank, and Rachel. Northstar's de-programming is going slowly. With the help of such contracted,

incarcerated sociopaths as Tombstone and Constrictor, SHIELD attacks seven Hydra death-factories that are using Reed

Richards' stolen notes to create super-weapons. Logan and Elektra lead a SHIELD strike team in an attack on Gorgon and

Elsbeth in Manhattan. Gorgon impales Logan and acquires from Elektra's mind the location of the hospitalized Nick Fury.

WOLVERINE v3 #31 (1-18)

The same night as W3 31. It cannot be "close to eleven weeks" before W3 31 (19-23); maybe it's eleven days. It is "a couple of

months" before GSW 1 (1-17). Elektra may appear next in E:HAND 1. Gorgon shows up at SHIELD's secret New York

infirmary, prepared to kill Fury, but Logan teleports there and battles Gorgon. Logan uses his claws to reflect Gorgon's gaze

back at him, turning the Hydra leader to stone. After Logan smashes Gorgon to bits, Spidey appears and remarks on Logan's

poor physical condition.

Thursday, April 9


One day. This story may occur after Elektra took control of the Hand following W3 31 (1-18), not "years" before comics

published in 2004. Six members of the Hand perform a ritual over a body that is concealed in white wrappings, all dying in order

to return the body to life. Elektra, watching all of this with an unnamed Hand member, is told of the origins of the Hand.


The same day as E:HAND 1. The story of the Hand continues to be told to Elektra.


The same day as E:HAND 2. The story of the Hand continues to be told to Elektra.


The same day as E:HAND 3. The story of the Hand continues to be told to Elektra.


The same day as E:HAND 4. This story may occur before W3 31 (19-23). Elektra's nameless narrator tells her that her destiny

is in her hands. Elektra and the anonymous Hand member disappear, and the resurrected figure on the slab awakens - the person

being revived was Elektra all along, and the conversation she had was a vision or hallucination that she had while being brought

back to life. Elektra discards her wrappings in favor of her white costume. If this story indeed occurs after W3 31 (1-18), then

Elektra discards the white costume following this to appear in a new red costume in M/N:I 1-6.

Friday, April 10


One day within "two weeks" before RUN2 1. The Runaways beat up Batroc in Los Angeles.


One day, "two days" after IAM 3-FB (8-16). Eric and Veronica nearly hold hands at Chris' funeral.

Saturday, April 11


The rainy day after IAM 3-FB (17). Eric finds Veronica at Chris' grave. With SHIELD saying they could be "on leave for over

a month before a new carrier is up and running," she decides to see her parents. Eric and Veronica start to get intimate, but she

stops and leaves. Eric sits for a minute, then looks at the gravestone and asks "what are you looking at?"

NEW AVENGERS #14 - FB (14)

One day. It may be seventeen weeks, not "seventeen months," after A4 14-FB (12). Spider-Woman is back in costume with her

powers restored and new flying ability.

Sunday, April 12

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #13 - FB (15-17)

One day. The Renegades (Rose Red, Suicide King, Smith, Six-Gun Kid, Padre, and Vegas) go out into the Texas desert to check

out a chemical spill that's caught on fire. Padre swims through the burning lake of chemicals while Vegas and Six-Gun Kid

show off for Rose Red.

Monday, April 13

WOLVERINE v3 #31 - FB (20:1)

One day. Logan leaves corpses in an alley.

MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2005 #1/2 - FB (21:5)

One day, sometime after IM3 48. Ultron's programming uploads into an unfinished prototype and seeks out a mind capable of

finishing it. Ultron finds Virgie Hanlon and uses his encephalo-overrider to control Virgie's psyche. Virgie wears a coat and we

see fallen leaves.

Tuesday, April 14


One day. Medusa narrates info about her life and how much she wishes to hear Black Bolt make any sort of sound. Black Bolt

appears and they get it on, but she's unhappy since the obligations of being a Queen and an Inhuman are mild compared to the

mere desire to not be left in peace and quiet.

Wednesday, April 15

WOLVERINE v3 #31 - FB (20:2)

One day. Logan leaves corpses on the banks of a river.


One morning. This flashback must occur after YAS 1-FB (14:4). On a school day, Cassie Lang shows up at Stark Industries

wanting to talk to Tony Stark about her father's death. Cassie's mom and her cop boyfriend Blake show up and they argue with

Cassie. Cassie storms out.


Perhaps the same day as YAS 1-FB (3-6). This flashback must occur between YA 8-FB and YAS 1-FB (3-6). Asgardian flies

above teammates Iron Lad, Hulking, and Patriot, perhaps as they prepare to respond to their first emergency.


Perhaps the same day as YAS 1-FB (19:4). Patriot, Asgardian, Hulking, and Iron Lad spring into action, perhaps in response to

the building fire.


Perhaps the same night as YAS 1-FB (33:6). It must be the same night as YAS 1-FB (3-6). As seen in newspaper photos, the

Young Avengers make their public debut by rescuing people from a burning building.


The same night as YA 1-FB. Cassie decides to leaves home, and as she does, she catches TV coverage of the Young Avengers'


Thursday, April 16


One day. As noted in NW3 3, Night Thrasher files paperwork to adopt Microbe.


The day after YA 1-FB. This story occurs after YAS 1-FB (24:1-24:2). The Avengers are noted as being disbanded, so this

story must occur after A:FINALE. J. Jonah Jameson wants Kat Farrell and the pregnant Jessica Jones to follow up on the Young

Avengers story. Cap and Iron Man meet with Jessica to discuss shutting down the new group. That evening, when gunmen

interrupt a wedding at St. Patrick's Cathedral and take people hostage, the Young Avengers show up and a battle ensues. Thanks

to bridesmaid Kate Bishop, the gunmen are defeated but the cathedral catches fire. In the aftermath, the Young Avengers escape

police arrest and go their separate ways. At the ruined Avengers Mansion, Cap, Iron Man, and Jessica catch up with Iron Lad,

who reveals himself to be a young Kang from the thirtieth century. Hulking notes that he has "school tomorrow." Green trees in



The same night as YA 1. Iron Lad tells Cap, Iron Man, and Jessica about his origin. The other Young Avengers nab a bunch of

MGH dealers then return to Avengers Mansion, only to encounter Cassie Lang and Kate Bishop, who want to join the group.

When Cassie demands to get access to her father's gear, she unexpectedly grows to giant size. Cassie notes that she'll be

"fifteen" in "June." Green grass and trees in New York.


The same night as YA 2. Cassie shrinks down to normal size and puts on her father's costume. Iron Lad reveals that he gathered

the Young Avengers by following a failsafe program he downloaded from the Vision. The Young Avengers share their identities

with Cap. The Growing Man arrives and sends a signal to Kang that Iron Lad's been found. Cap, Jessica, and Iron Man trick the

kids into being locked in one of the mansion's surviving rooms before Kang arrives. Iron Man notes, "would you look at this

place...?" and may reconsider leaving the mansion as is after this, resulting in the plans for a park unveiled in HERC 1. Green

grass and trees in New York.


The same night as YA 3. Kate Bishop dons costume elements and weapons she finds in the mansion and the Young Avengers

escape from the locked room, only to encounter Cap, Iron Man, and Jessica, who have relented to Kang's wishes to give up Iron

Lad in order to save their reality. Avengers are forced to fight Young Avengers until Kang takes control of Iron Lad's armor and

knocks out everyone save Iron Lad.


The same night as YA 4. Cassie saves Iron Lad from departing with Kang and gives the Young Avengers time to recover before

Kang returns. Iron Lad ditches his armor and gets away while the group holds Kang at bay, but he returns and runs a sword

through the villain.


The same night as YA 5. This segment must occur before HERC 1, RUN2 2 (1-10), and A4 1 (1-8). Kang's death changes

reality to a time line in which all the Avengers died, so Iron Lad decides to return to the future and become Kang to set things

right. Iron Lad leaves his armor with the Vision and returns to the future after Asgardian weaves a spell that will make him

forget this adventure. Things return to normal. Cap and company make the Young Avengers hand over all their gear and urge

them not to regroup. The Vision stays with Cap and company and the teens decide to leave.


The same night as YA 6 (1-15). Cap, Iron Man, Jessica, and Vision watch the Young Avengers leave.


The same night as IM/CA 1-FB (10:5). It may be more than "several weeks" before YA 6 (18-22) and "a few weeks" before YA

7. The Young Avengers disband, despite Kate's desire to stay together and train privately. Green trees in New York.

Friday, April 17

X-MEN v2 #194 - FB

One day, sometime before M-Day. Richard Palance outlines his project for employee Calvin Goynes.

WOLVERINE ANNUAL #1 - FB (6:5-6:8)

One day. Patrick Smitty (about 17 years old) steals a stereo from a house. Later, he confesses.

WOLVERINE v3 #31 - FB (20:3)

One night. Logan leaves corpses at a bar.

Saturday, April 18


The day after W@ 1-FB (6:5-6:8). Patrick Smitty sells the stereo he stole.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #515 (17:5-18:1)

One day, long enough after ASM 515 (16-17) for Charlie Weiderman to have a laboratory/factory going. Spidey busts some



One day, sometime between XX 2 and XCAL4 1. In another universe, the Shadow King shatters the mind of that reality's

Charles Xavier and makes the X-Men his hounds.

Sunday, April 19

WOLVERINE v3 #31 (19-23)

One day. This segment must occur before NFHC 1, AAF2 10, and A4 14-FB (15:2, 15:4), and may occur after E:HAND 5. I

have it before C&DP 13. It cannot be "close to eleven weeks" after W3 31 (1-18) - it may be eleven days - but during this time

Logan has been "off the radar," searching for something and leaving a trail of corpses from Jersey to Japan, and Elektra has

presumably re-started the Hand as her own militia in eastern Europe. The "Helicarrier v2.0" is "still sixteen weeks from

completion;" this may not be the Helicarrier shown in A4 6 and HERC 4. A recuperating Nick Fury, left arm in a sling, narrates

a memo to Kitty Pryde reporting on Logan and lying about Northstar's situation, making her think the latter has died when he is

actually still a resurrected baddie in SHIELD custody. Logan finds the grave of Ichiro's son in Japan.


One day, perhaps before M/TU3 9. Terminus attacks Tokyo, but the local military is more frightened of Ace and Jacquie, agents

of GRAMPA (in "case #538"). They fool Terminus into surrendering with a fake Ultimate Nullifier. Back at headquarters, they

also have fake Cosmic Cubes, Infinity Gauntlets, Holy Grails, and Serpent Crowns.


One evening, sometime before A4 8 and thus before A4 1 (1-8), given that the Wrecking Crew must go to the Vault after their

defeat in this issue. In Los Angeles, Victor and Jorge hear about a masked felony on Victor's police scanner. They can't go and

see it because Victor's mother has set a curfew. The Runaways stop a robbery by the Wrecking Crew, which now includes

Piledriver's son, Excavator. They leave them unconscious for the cops to pick up. Excelsior, a support group for former teen

superheroes, holds its first meeting. Rick Jones phones anonymously to offer them $1 million to put the Runaways out of the

circulation. The Runaways are back at the La Brea Tar Pits Museum, an old Pride safehouse that serves as their current hideout.

Gert comes back from 20 years in the future to warn them about Victor, who will become a major supervillain and wipe out all

the heroes. Future Gert then dies. The reference to it being "2005" must be topical.


The same night as RUN2 1. Nico uses a flashback spell to see the memories of the dead Future Gert, which confirm that Victor

is to become very nasty indeed. The Runaways decide to go after Victor.

Monday, April 20

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #7 (3-20)

One day, "three years" after AAF2 7 (1-2) and a "month" after a dioxin-based gas attack in Hong Kong. Carmilla, now 19 years

old, returns to Grand Falls upon word that her adopted parents were murdered. The sheriff tells her there are no suspects. She

goes to the funeral home to discuss plans for burial, then goes to the bank to retrieve her parents' safety deposit box. Inside the

box she finds a birth certificate for herself, showing that she was born and put in an orphanage in Madripoor. This comes as a

shock to Carmilla, as her adopted parents told her that they knew nothing about her real parents. According to her birth

certificate, Carmilla's real name is Thasanee Rappaccini. That night, Carmilla sits by a lakeshore talking to Janice about all of

her problems when suddenly AIM agents burst out and attempt to kidnap Carmilla. Janice flees in terror. A SHIELD vessel

arrives and the AIM agents flee. SHIELD captures Carmilla. Agents Khanata, Nagayoshi, and Sareva interrogate her to find out

where Carmilla's loyalties lie. They tell her that AIM killed her adopted parents to draw her out of hiding so they could kidnap

her. They tell her that her real mother is Monica Rappaccini, a high-ranking AIM scientist, who is apparently trying to meet up

with her daughter after all these years. Agent Khanata fears AIM is preparing for a major terrorist attack and they ask Carmilla to

help them, saying that they "have less than a week before AIM strikes." Carmilla agrees, and they dub her Scorpion. Green,

leafy trees in Vermont.

RUNAWAYS v2 #2 (1-4)

The day after RUN2 1. The Young Avengers are mentioned, so this story occurs after YA 6 (1-15). Excelsior have another

meeting at dawn and look at some footage of the Runaways in action. They decide to become super-heroes again to take the

Runaways down.


One night. Peter Parker goes to one of M.J.'s rehearsals.

Tuesday, April 21

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #7 (21-22)

Perhaps the day after AAF2 7 (3-20). Carmilla boards a plane for Madripoor. She and Khanata conclude that Carmilla should

investigate her place of birth in hopes that AIM will try and contact her again. Once on the plane, she sits down next to Troy

Goddard, a young wannabe writer, and the two hit it off as the plane takes off.

RUNAWAYS v2 #2 (5-10)

The morning after RUN2 2 (1-4). Nico uses a flashback spell to see the memories of the dead future Gert, which confirm that Victor is to become very nasty indeed. The Runaways decide to go after Victor.

RUNAWAYS v2 #19 - FB

The same day as RUN2 2 (5-10). It is "months" before RUN2 19. Dialogue indicates that the Runaways have not gone out

searching for Victor yet. Outside the La Brea Tar Pits Museum, the Runaways (Nico, Molly, Gertrude, Chase, Karolina, and Old

Lace) bury the Gert from the future.

RUNAWAYS v2 #2 (11-22)

The same day as RUN2 19-FB. The Runaways confront Victor, who reacts by displaying magnetic powers. With some

difficulty, they knock him out. Warned by Rick Jones, Excelsior arrives to confront the Runaways. This story occurs during the

school year. Green grass and trees in Los Angeles.


The same day as RUN2 2 (11-22). The Runaways battle Excelsior. The Runaways manage to get away with the help of their

abductee (and also because Darkhawk freaks out and attacks Turbo). Meanwhile, Victor's mom shows up at his school to learn

what has happened from Jorge. At sunset, the Runaways head to their base. Victor's mother phones his father, who tells her he's

coming. Green grass and trees in Los Angeles.

RUNAWAYS v2 #6 - FB (6:4)

The same evening as RUN2 3. Ultron activates a Doombot as a last attempt to try and fool Victor about his origin.


The same night as RUN2 6-FB (6:4). The Runaways finally arrive at their hideout. Nico neutralizes Victor's powers. Excelsior

go to Phil Urich, who receives a phone call by Rick Jones. Victor's mother tries to call him but is attacked by a Doombot. As

the Runaways look into their super-villain database to try to figure out who Victor's father is, Victor takes Gert hostage and call

his mother. It's the Doombot who answers.


The same night as RUN2 4. The Doombot tells Victor to meet him in a warehouse. He and the Runaways decide to fight the

Doombot together. Meanwhile, Excelsior discover Rick Jones' gift, a ship for Phil to drive. Rick is coming by the next plane.

Victor arrives at the warehouse pretending to have disposed of the Runaways and to pledge allegiance to the Doombot, who he

believes to be his father. Actually, the Runaways were trying to make Victor's mother escape, but the Doombot sees through it.

The Doombot is taken out by Victor, who discovers it's not the real Doom. Ultron steps out the shadow, kills Victor's mother,

and takes over Victor's consciousness, who turns against the few Runaways still standing.


The same night as RUN2 5. It is "a whole month" before RUN2 7. Ultron narrates Victor's creation. When he sees that Ultron

has killed his mother, Victor rebels and attacks Ultron. He teams up with the Runaways, but it's not enough. Karolina shoots a

beam of light through the roof, which alerts Excelsior. After a big fight scene, Darkhawk takes down Ultron. "Chamber" helps

the Runaways slip away. Excelsior meets with their sponsor Rick Jones and decide to become LA's superhero team full-time.

Victor joins the Runaways on probation. "Chamber" is an imposter; he meets with three other teenage members of a new Pride.

He uses the Minorus old chameleon glamour to disguise himself, which seem to be an artifact scavenged from Nico's parents' home.


One night. Peter and M.J. share a moment.

Wednesday, April 22


One day, shortly after RUN2 6. Molly writes in her diary about her recent adventures with the Runaways.


One day. Peter and M.J. share a meal with Aunt May.


The day ("21 hours") after AAF2 7 (21-22). Carmilla awakens on the plane as it lands in Madripoor. She heads to the

orphanage where she was put up for adoption to try and find more about her birth mother. They deny her when she can't provide

documentation that she was adopted. She hooks back up with Troy and they spend the day together.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #11 - FB (1:2)

The same day as AAF2 8 (1-6). Carmilla and Troy have a good time together, as captured on video.


The same day as AAF2 11-FB (1:2). Carmilla retires to her room at "almost midnight" to find Khanata has left her a costume to

wear and they tell Carmilla that she'll have to break into the orphanage if they are to find info on Monica Rappaccini. Green

trees in Madripoor. Full moon.

Thursday, April 23

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #8 (9-22)

The day after AAF2 8 (7-8). Carmilla, in Scorpion costume, breaks into the orphanage. She finds her file with a list of birth

certificates of other children of AIM agents attached to it. As encounters a cell holding young girls to be traded on the black

market as sex slaves by the local crime gang. She frees them and is attacked by the girls' captors, one of whom knocks her out

with drugs. The girls escape and the thugs decide to dispose of Carmilla's body. Later that morning, Carmilla awakens inside the

coffin of a member of the royal family just as the coffin is set afire in a funeral pyre. Meanwhile, Monica Rappaccini leaves

Carmilla a note in her hotel room. Full moon.


The same day as AAF2 8 (9-22). Carmilla breaks out of the coffin and is confronted by Madripoor police officers. Troy

witnesses the tussle and recognizes Carmilla. She escapes the police and she and Troy go to her hotel. Troy concludes she's a

superhero and Carmilla uses the idea as a cover story. She receives the note from her mother, which reads, "Observation Tower,

Petrin Park, Prague 17:00 hours." Carmilla and Troy decide to fly to Prague.


One night. Spidey nabs some criminals.


One night. This story occurs after AoATLAS 2-FB (3:3), AAF2 12/2 and six days before NFHC 3 (3-4). If the Fury here is genuine, then this story must occur before SECWAR 1 (1-2) and probably after W3 31 (19-23). SHIELD has recruited a strike-force of monsters consisting of Warwolf, Nina Price, Gorilla Man, the Living Mummy, Frankenstein, and the Zombie. Dubbed the Commandos, they infiltrate a terrorist group purchasing illegal software from the Lords of the Living Lightning, black market techno suppliers. Nick Fury forces Clay Quartermain to assume command of the Commandos' home base, the ultra-classified Area 13. Merlin ecapes from the holding facility at Area 13.

Friday, April 24

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #9 (7-22)

The day ("18 hours") after AAF2 9 (1-6). As Carmilla and Troy get off the plane in Prague, Khanta and colleagues, posing as

airport security, pull Carmilla aside and ask how she survived the incident in Madripoor. They tell her to be careful around Troy,

as they are wondering how he's able to afford to fly around the world. Carmilla rejoins Troy and they go to the Beer Hall. She

asks him how he's able to fly around the world and he gets defensive. They have an argument and split up. As Carmilla walks

around town, she is confronted by a group of SHIELD agents tracking a different AIM terror cell. They move to arrest her and

she flees, heading at 5:00 to the rendezvous point, where she is abducted by AIM. Khanata confronts the other SHIELD agents

and they get everything sorted out, but the SHIELD agents are unable to locate and save Carmilla, having been duped by an AIM

switcheroo. It is warm in Prague. According to Troy's blog page, it is "June 10th;" Troy's blog dated "June 11th" may be

posted the next day; the dates may be topical.


One day, between A:TI@ 1/2-FB (1-4) and ATI@ 1/2-FB (4:3) and perhaps before A4 1 (1-8). Armory (Violet Lightner) defeats the jewel-robbing Brothers Grimm, who may be sent to the Raft after this.


Praxagora is tortured by Hawal in the months prior.

Saturday, April 25


Probably the day after AAF2 9 (7-22). This story must occur after W3 31 (19-23). It is "19 years" after AAF2 10-FB. Carmilla

awakens on a transport that has just landed at an AIM base in Sudan. She is greeted by Lars, who demands that as a show of

loyalty she kill some Sudanese mercenaries that have been raiding AIM supply convoys. She heads to the mercenaries outpost

and plans to get the thugs to flee the camp and to blow up the place without taking lives. The plan goes wrong when one of the

mercenaries accidentally sets off a missile of mustard gas, killing all the mercs. Blaming herself for the loss of life, Carmilla calls

Troy on a cell phone and says she's going away forever. She hangs up on Troy just as Lars and the other AIM agents retrieve

her. They take her back to base and let her watch a videotape showing her pregnant mother hosting an AIM meeting, revealing

that Carmilla's adopted parents are AIM agents. Lars says it was SHIELD, not AIM, that killed Carmilla's adopted parents. At

the Helicarrier, Khanata meets with a seemingly fit Fury while Nagayoshi and Sareva do a little more digging into Carmilla's

history. Dr. Anish Rao calls and gives them the results of a blood sample they took from Carmilla; Carmilla has been genetically

engineered to survive biological, chemical, and radiological attacks, explaining how she survived the mustard gas. Nagayoshi and

Sareva deduce that Carmilla's adopted parents were AIM agents. Khanata says that Fury now considers Carmilla an AIM ally

and has ordered Carmilla's liquidation. Troy 's remark, "Were the Avengers Assembling?," is a funny line that doesn't

necessarily indicate the Avengers' status.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #82 (1-16)

One day. Bruce Banner walks the streets of London and is saved from getting hit by a car by a woman named Tricia. Bruce and

Tricia feel a connection, but she declines his invitation for a drink and climbs into a taxi, which explodes. Banner turns into the

Hulk and, realizing the escaping taxi driver as an assassin, chases him until the man collapses dead from fright. Hulk is

confronted by Tricia's ghost, who explains that she's a sorcerer and asks Hulk to help her find the rival sorcerer who ordered her

hit before her astral form fades away in "24 hours," and she truly passes on. Hulk then questions sorcerers throughout the city

without obtaining leads. We see trench coats and short-sleeve shirts in London.


One day, "a week" before C&DP 13. Cable has breakfast with terrorist Haji Bin Barat.

Sunday, April 26

INCREDIBLE HULK v2 #82 (17-22)

The day after H3 82 (1-16). Tricia runs out of suspects and tells Hulk to transform back to Bruce and tell her fiance that she

died. Tricia tells Bruce that she and Bruce are soulmates and hopes to be his lover in the next life. When Bruce is about to give

Tricia's fiancé the news, Tricia identifies the fiance's teenage son as the guilty party. Bruce transforms into Hulk and tells the

kid to run for his life, which the kid does.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #11 (1-7)

Perhaps the day after AAF2 10. Troy is still in Prague and wants to help Carmilla. He calls his father, the owner of Goddard

Aerospace (which explains how he can afford to fly all over the world), but Troy and his father have had a falling out. Troy asks

his father to trace the cell phone call that Carmilla called him from last issue, and his father agrees to do it if Troy will eventually

come home. Carmilla and Lars arrive in the USA just outside of Washington DC, where they meet up with other young AIM

agents who were genetically engineered. Lars secretly tells other AIM agents to keep an eye on Troy back in Prague.

Monday, April 27

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #11 (8-22)

The day ("24 hours") after AAF2 11 (1-7). Carmilla is told that the AIM terror cell plans to launch a decoy attack on the nearby

World Bank headquarters which will send the Vice President to his hiding place, where they will set off a biological virus bomb,

killing everyone in the area and infecting a good portion of Maryland. Carmilla slips out and calls Troy to warn him that a terror

attack is about to occur. Troy surprises her by arriving on the scene in person, explaining that he managed to track her down by

tracing her cell phone. As Khanata and his team prepare to snipe Carmilla from a nearby rooftop, they are attacked by the AIM

agents that have been following Troy. Lars appears and kidnaps Troy. and Carmilla checks on the wounded Khanata. An

explosion rocks the World Bank headquarters, and Carmilla and Khanata decide they've got to stop the AIM attack.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #12 (1-19:3)

The same day as AAF2 11 (8-22). The Secret Service takes the Vice President into the secret subway system below DC to his

hiding place. Monica, Lars, and the other zombie AIM agents hijack the subway train, and lock up Cheney and Troy. Carmilla

steals a motorcycle and rides it down into the subway system. She catches up with subway train and defeats most of the AIM

agents before the train arrives at its location. She uses her powers to absorb the biological bomb the AIM agents let off, saving

Cheney and Troy. Before Lars can kill Carmilla, Monica realizes this she is her daughter and kills Lars for not telling her the

truth about Carmilla. Carmilla asks why Monica killed her parents, and Monica says she didn't. The army shows up, Monica

teleports away, and Carmilla flees.

Tuesday, April 28

SHE-HULK v4 #4 - FB (21:3)

One day. She-Hulk plants some leafy trees in Bone, Idaho, where flowers are blooming.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #9 (8-11)

One day, a "few short weeks" after XU2 9 (1-7). Hank, who is wearing a sweater, sees some of his work with his students (one

of whom gets a college rejection letter) go down the tubes, but he earns the trust of the shy "Amoeba Boy."


One night,"days" after NFHC 1 - Clay is still the "new C.O." Warwolf and Gorilla Man, joined by Abominable Snowman and a

Sasquatch, subdue Groot and SHIELD takes him into custody. A new recruit, the Glob, is introduced. Brother Voodoo arrives

and warns the Commandos that the freed Merlin has amassed an army of the dead. Green trees. Full moon.


The same night as NFHC 2. The Council meets to discuss the impact of a force of unknown origin (actually the spell cast by Merlin in NFHC 2), including wiping out both SHIELD's esper force and their own.

Wednesday, April 29

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #12 (19:4-20)

One day, perhaps a few days after AAF2 12 (1-19). This segment must occur before SECWAR 1 (1-2). Khanata, Sareva, and

Nagayoshi (showing wounds from the battle with AIM) stand before Fury, who is mad at the way they've handled the operation.

Khanata reports that Scorpion did save the day, and that she would make for a great addition to SHIELD's forces. Fury decides

Khanata and company did a good job after all.


One day. "Humbled by the great powers of the universe," Gamora arrives on Godthab Omega and finds Mount Virago.


One day. Stark introduces Gungnir, a new hypersonic air-to-air missile.

IRON MAN: HYPERVELOCITY #2 - FB (19:2, 19:7)

The same day as IM:H 2-FB (8:3-8:5). Stark finishes explaining the Gungnir missile.


One day, six days after NFHC 1. Quartermain examines the results of Merlin's spell on the esper force.

Thursday, April 30


One day, after RUN2 6 and "three weeks" before RUN2 7. The Runaways fight the Tarantula.

SHE-HULK v4 #6 - FB (1:1)

One day. This flashback probably occurs after S-H4 13-FB (16-17). On a distant planet, Starfox (in his classic costume) saves a

space-virgin from space-monsters.


One day. Stellaris and Spirit blow up a settlement in Gamora's name.


The day ("24 hours") after NFHC 3 (3-4). It is presumably "two weeks" before NFHC 4. Quartermain tells Vampire by Night that she's going on a mission (to England) with another vampire. Vampire by Night and Lilith set out to discover the origin of the spell that wiped out the esper force and they get separated in the process. Merlin reveals to one of his elf servants, Telesti, that the realm of magic will be restored to England within "two weeks," and from there, to the world beyond. Vampire by Night battles many ogres while Lilith is treated like a queen. Lilith sees Son of Satan being escorted through the village streets by an armed guard. After defeating a slew of ogres, Vampire by Night is swarmed by other denizens of the village, who joyously dub her the "Tussle Queen." That night, Quartermain views a satellite photo of Vampire by Night being hoisted on the shoulders of the mob. The timestamp on the photo reads a topical "07/09/08 3:42 AM GMT."


One night. Stark records an emergency message in which he states that in the event of his incapacitation or death, the new armor

will upload his consciousness and become Tony Stark 2.0. While taping, Iron Man is attacked by a mysterious strike force.

Stark is incapacitated and the armor uploads his consciousness, flees the scene, and deposits Stark in the woods. Stark's

emergency message is altered and sent to SHIELD. Green grass and trees.


The same night as IM:H 2-FB (10-18). Thinking they're dealing with a sentient armor gone rogue, a squad of SHIELD cape-

killers finds and battles Iron Man. During the fight, Stark 2.0's thoughts are haunted by a mysterious tattooed and pierced

woman named Absynthe. A SHIELD strike briefly decapitates the armor, revealing the suit to be empty.


The same night as IM:H 1. A SHIELD squad finds Stark in the woods.


The same night as IM:H 1. SHIELD's "Major Tom" records a sitrep for SHIELD Director Nick Fury, who's involved in an

operation in the Caribbean. Tom reviews the faked footage as SHIELD planes chase the armor and surgeons tend to Stark's

collapsed lung. SHIELD launches the Gungnir missile at the armor, which rides the missile and dumps it at sea. Absynthe

appears to Stark 2.0 again, and he concludes that he's been set up. Full moon.


The same night as IM:H 2. The reference to it being "64 years" since WWII must be topical. Stark notes to himself that

"SHIELD isn't always known for its squeamishness and delicacy...as I'm now all too well aware" - this may be a clue that Stark

is head of SHIELD. Absynthe reveals herself as an avatar of the sentient intrusionware that has hacked into Stark's armor. Stark

2.0 infiltrates a group of mecha partying on the bottom of the harbor but realizes he's walked into a trap. Social Butterfly is

among the mecha shown here.


The same night as IM:H 3. Absynthe cracks the armor's operating system and leaves Stark 2.0 vulnerable to and detected by

SHIELD. As SHIELD streaks to the armor's location, Absynthe starts overwriting Stark 2.0's programming code.


The same night as IM:H 4. As Absynthe strips away Stark 2.0's memories, Stark 2.0 rewrites himself into Absynthe's memory space, but as they both face SHIELD's capekilling technology, an army of mechas is deployed.


The same night as IM:H 5. Stark 2.0 prevents a nuclear warhead from detonating and saves the day. Stark 1.0's condition is stabilized. This story must occur before SECWAR 1 (1-2), since Fury is noted as Director of SHIELD in this story arc. It must occur before LW 1.

Friday, May 1

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #12 (21-22)

One day, perhaps days after AAF2 12 (19-20). This segment must occur before CU/X 1 (1-20). Sareva still has a head bandage

from the AIM battle. As Troy and Carmilla enjoy a fancy dinner somewhere on the Mediterranean, she gets a call from Khanata

that it's time for action. She changes into costume and leaps into battle, jumping into a nearby AIM hideout to do battle.

Scorpion is now a SHIELD agent who poses as a super-hero and battles AIM and other terror cells while trying to track down her



One day, probably a few days after H3 82 (17-22) - enough time for Tricia's remains to be buried. Banner visits Tricia's

tombstone and puts a letter on her grave.

Saturday, May 2

NEW AVENGERS #14 - FB (15:2, 15:4)

One day. This flashback must occur after W3 31 (19-23). Jessica Drew gives Fury some intel: "Hydra has a splinter group

setting up camp in Iraq. They want to help the Saddam Abed Dasam build his - ," to which Fury replies, "We know that."

Jessica adds, "He has the Scorpio Key," and Nick says, "That I didn't know." This would seem to place this story before ELEK

2, but that can't be, given that GSSW 1 occurs after Disassembled. This flashback must occur much later in Elektra's

chronology; according to my calculations, Elektra would now be with a Hand militia in eastern Europe, as per W3 31 (19-23).

Perhaps Dasam has somehow retrieved the Scorpio Key, last seen in ELEK 5 (19-22) in the hands of the man who shot Elektra's

father. Leafy trees.


One day. Scorcher writes his wife a letter postmarked "6/09/05" (a topical date). He warns her to leave New York because of a

job he's doing "in the next couple of days."


One day. I'd argue that it's now after W3 31 (19-23). Logan is back in New York, perhaps for the first time since the end of the

whole Enemy of the State/Agent of SHIELD affair. He mops up a residual gang of Hydra agents causing trouble in a scene that's

obviously meant to be a reference to that W3 storyline. Logan's costume does not sport the diamonds down the sides of the pant

legs as it did during W3 20-31. It is "a week" after Cable's breakfast with Barat, but it cannot be just "a month," but rather

several months, after C&DP 12. As Cable researches the Skornn, Irene, Wade, and Prester John investigate the murder of

terrorist Haji Bin Barat at Providence. Wade comes to the conclusion that he himself killed Barat, and so do the others. Green

trees and coats and jackets in New York.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #14 (1-20)

The same day as C&DP 13. It may be four months, not "four days," before C&DP 14 (21-22). Prester John hunts down

Deadpool and battles him before Cable intervenes. Wade can't remember killing Barat because of his brain damage. Cable

states that he's leaving Providence to recruit X-Force for a mission and that Wade can't remain there in his absence. Deadpool

leaves Providence.

Sunday, May 3


One day, "5 months" after SSO 1 (1-7). Val Cooper and Jim Rhodes (in an armor that's a cross between Iron Man and Sentinels)

welcome a new batch of recruits to the Sentinel Squad O*N*E program. The recruits include squad leader Nathanial Briggs,

closet mutant Alexander Lexington, scientist Emil Winston, loudmouth Jake Slayton, Nixon, Rajani Dhama, and a mutant named

Meld. Cadet Skylark gives the recruits a demonstration of a Sentinel Brawler unit. General Lazer gives Val a mission for the

recruits - Operation: Savage Land.


One day, probably after H3 76. It may be more than "fifteen years" after FF 5. The military track Banner down to a café in the

desert, but the Thing intervenes and talks to the Hulk.


The same day as H/T:HK 1. Hulk and Thing talk some more.


The same day as H/T:HK 2. More Hulk and Thing talk.


The same day as H/T:HK 3. The events of this series are reported in the Daily Bugle in PULSE 7, so it's probably the day before

that issue. More talk and some fighting. Ben ends up with his arm in a sling.

SECRET WAR #1 (1-2)

One evening. This segment occurs after SECWAR:FFNF (40-41), must occur after BW5 6 (21-22) and IM:H 6, and probably

occurs after NFHC 1, AAF2 12/2 (19-20), PPTSS2 20, XU2 8 (8:3), and CA5 4. Given Logan's comments in PULSE 9, this

segment must occur after W3 31 (19-23). Cage and Jessica return to his apartment, where a woman waits. Jessica's pregnancy

still isn't showing.

PULSE #6 - FB - FB (8:1)

The same evening as SECWAR 1 (1-2). The woman addresses Cage.

PULSE #8 - FB (1-2)

The same evening as SECWAR 1 (1-2). The woman starts to attack and Cage tries to push Jessica out of harm's way, but an

explosion erupts.

SECRET WAR #1 (3) ~ PULSE #6 - FB (4)

The same evening as PULSE 8-FB (1-2). The explosion rips apart Cage's apartment. We see light clothing suggesting a warm


PULSE #6 - FB (5-9)

The same evening as SECWAR 1 (1-3). It is "one week" before PULSE 6. Cage and Jessica arrive at the hospital. Cage is in

serious condition, but doctors cannot treat him because of his unbreakable skin. Police question the injured Jessica.

SECRET WAR #3 (1-4)

The same night as SECWAR 1 (24). It is Peter and M.J.'s "anniversary," so this segment must occur on the same day of the year

as ASM@ 21. Peter daydreams of the Secret War as he and M.J. dine in a restaurant.

SECRET WAR #3 - FB (17:3)

The same night as SECWAR 1 (24). As Captain America returns home from "the mansion" (perhaps dealing with salvage and

security operations at the destroyed Avengers Embassy), he fends off an attack by Lady Octopus and the new Hobgoblin


The same night as SECWAR 3-FB (17:3). At "11:43 PM," Cap reports his attack to SHIELD and learns that Cage was also

attacked and is in the hospital.


The same night as SECWAR 3/2. Kat Farrell sends an e-mail to Robbie Robertson reporting on the attacks on Luke Cage and

Steve Rogers. Given the timing of W3 20-31, the date of the e-mail,"Thursday, February 12, 2004 5:17 PM," is probably topical.

Monday, May 4

SECRET WAR #1 (4-5)

The early morning after SECWAR 1 (1-3). The attack on Cage "last night" is reported to Nick Fury in the SHIELD Helicarrier.

There is a reference to the U.S. Secretary of Defense, but that person is unnamed; this means that this story cannot occur during

the time following A3 70 (16-20) in which Tony Stark is vying for the job, in IM3 73-86 - the unnamed secretary is probably

Stark's successor.

PULSE #6 - FB (10:1-10:3)

The early morning SECWAR 1 (4-5). Jessica and Danny sit by Cage's hospital bedside.

SECRET WAR #1 (6:1-6:4)

The same early morning as PULSE 6-FB (10:1-10:3). Danny reads a sports column that reports that the Indiana Pacers are "7

and 1 overall" and "have won six straight since losing at New Jersey on Nov. 1;" these references must be topical.

SECRET WAR #1 (6:5-7:3) ~ PULSE #6 - FB (10:4-11:2)

The same early morning as SECWAR 1 (6:1-6:4). Fury talks to Danny and Jessica asks Fury if he knows who the attacker was.

PULSE #6 - FB (11:3-11:5)

The same early morning as SECWAR 1 (6-7). A tense moment between Jessica and Nick.

SECRET WAR #1 (7:4-7:5)

The same early morning as PULSE 6-FB (11:3-11:5). It is "one year" after SECWAR 1-FB (8-18). More tenseness.

SECRET WAR #1 (24)

The same early morning as SECWAR 1 (7:4-7:5). Nick, Danny, and Jessica hover around Cage's hospital bed.

SECRET WAR #2 (20:1-20:2)

The same early morning as SECWAR 3/2. Nick, Jessica, and Danny are still gathered around Cage's bed.

SECRET WAR #2 (20:3-21) ~ PULSE #6 - FB (11:6-12)

The same early morning as SECWAR 2 (20:1-20:2). It is "one year" after SECWAR 2-FB (1-8). Cap bursts into the hospital

room and attacks and curses Fury for what he's done.


The same early morning as SECWAR 2 (20-21). Peter Parker is awakened from a dream about the Secret War.

SECRET WAR #3 (6:1-6:2)

The same early morning as SECWAR 3 (5). Grasping Fury, Cap yells at him.

SECRET WAR #3 (6:3) ~ PULSE #6 - FB (13:1)

The same early morning as SECWAR 3 (6:1-6:2). Fury tells Cap to stand down.

PULSE #6 - FB (13:2)

The same early morning as SECWAR 3 (6:3). Fury tells Cap to step outside.

SECRET WAR #3 (6:4-6:5)

The same early morning as PULSE 6-FB (13:2). Cap tells Fury to look at the injured Cage.

SECRET WAR #3 (6:6-7) ~ PULSE #6 - FB (13:3-13:8)

The same early morning as SECWAR 3 (6:4-6:5). Cap tries to get the "pregnant" Jessica and Danny to leave the hospital with


PULSE #6 - FB (14)

The same early morning as SECWAR 3 (6-7). Jessica calls Matt Murdock and leaves a message about the attack and the hospital

scene with Fury and Cap.

SECRET WAR #3 (8-22)

The same early morning as PULSE 6-FB (14). "Tonight's the anniversary" of the Secret War. This segment must occur after

Constrictor has had time to heal after S-H3 9-FB (22:1); he may have used some of his settlement money to see a superhuman

healer. Spidey heads to Matt Murdock's and discusses the dream with Daredevil. When Matt plays back the phone message

from Jessica, they head to the hospital. On the way, they're ambushed by Scorcher and a new Diamondback. After the villains

flee, Spidey and DD meet up with Cap and Fury at the hospital, where they are attacked by a horde of tech-based super-villains.

Full moon.

PULSE #6 - FB (15-21)

The same early morning as SECWAR 3 (8-22). Jessica is caught in the destruction during the attack on the hospital and she

can't find Cage.


The same day as PULSE 6-FB (15-21). NYPD officers exchange information on the hospital attack.


The same early morning as SECWAR 3 (5-22). Wolverine is attacked by Mandroids at the Xavier Institute. In Manhattan, the

horde of hi-tech villains battle the heroes, who are joined "at one in the frickin' morning" by the Fantastic Four, who are wearing

distinctively different costumes. The Scorpion is one of the villains, but despite the SHIELD file on him, this Scorpion may not

be Mac Gargan; it may the person who acquired the Scorpion costume in the auction shown in M/KS-M 12 (19-23). Lucia Von

Barda shows up to claim revenge on Nick Fury. She unites the villains, whose high-tech armors together form a giant bomb that

she detonates. Leafy trees at Westchester. Full moon.


The same early morning as SECWAR 4. It is exactly "one year" after SECWAR 5-FB-FB (19-23/24). This story must occur

before PUN7 13. Bardas is destroyed and Daredevil is injured in the explosion. The heroes are joined by the Astonishing X-

Men and they all demand an explanation from Fury. The heroes learn all about the Secret War and the brainwashing they

underwent to forget it. Logan guts Fury, only to discover that it's an LMD. Fury disappeared after the threat was over. Daisy

bids farewell to the heroes. We see the twin lights that replaced the World Trade Center.


The same morning as ("six hours" after) SECWAR 5-FB. It is a "couple of weeks" before SECWAR 5/2 and may be more than

just "a couple months" before W3 37 (1-15). While Sitwell and Quartermain observe, Maria Hill interrogates Daisy Johnson,

who is eighteen years old. Hill, who now has Fury's job, gets nowhere with Daisy. Fury's whereabouts are unknown, but after

the interrogation, he contacts Daisy.


The same morning as SECWAR 4. This story must occur after DD2 61 (22), given that the newspaper edition from that segment

shows up here as an old newspaper. Today's Daily Bugle headline is a story about the Hulk's destruction in Arizona, so this

story probably occurs the day after H/T:HK 4. At "six in the morning," Ben Urich finds Jessica at her destroyed apartment.

Trying to find the missing Cage, they run into obstacles with both police and the Bugle because of SHIELD involvement. Jessica

heads to Misty Knight's apartment, but she faints (because of her pregnancy) on the way and three Hydra agents find her. People

are wearing jackets and coats and we see green grass and trees in New York.


The same morning as PULSE 7. At "9:22 AM," a SHIELD operator reports in to Val Fontaine that SHIELD has lost contact

with Jessica Jones after she contacted Misty Knight, Danny Rand, and Agent Aspen. The recording date of "6/13/05" must be


X-FORCE v2 #1

One day, shortly after C&DP 14 (1-20). It is "several months" after XFOR:SH 3. Cable and Domino meet up with Shatterstar

and they battle time-travelers looking to steal the Five Fingers of Annihilation, a sword that is capable of killing the Skornn, a

mutant-eating creature the time-travelers seek to protect. Green grass and bare trees.

X-FORCE v2 #2

Perhaps the same day as XFOR2 1. Cable recruits Warpath, Sunspot, and Meltdown to join him, Domino, and Shatterstar; it

does appear from the dialog that they've just hooked up with Cable - to wit, Warpath notes, "But how does this affect any of us

now, Cable? Roberto and I both have responsibilities to X-Corp - especially now that they've come under attack" (a reference to

XCAL3 5). The group discovers that Jon Spectre is in Kentucky, where he tells Sam Guthrie a future tale of Nathan. Sam

apparently quit the X-Men following his injury in UX 447. Sam is sowing seeds (or maybe spreading fertilizer) in Kentucky,

where we see green grass and trees - this may be an indication of spring.

X-FORCE v2 #3

The same day as XFOR2 2. It is "a few days" before XFOR2 4. Cable and company fight Spectre and Cannonball, and when

Sam gets injured, Sunspot switches sides. Cable aborts his mission to get Sam and leaves him with Roberto and Spectre.

Meanwhile, Skornn rises at the ruins of a Bulgarian temple. Green grass and trees in Kentucky.


The same rainy night as SW:FFNF (45-46). After Ben Urich gets a call from Al Mackenzie, a SHIELD informant who wants to

expose Nick Fury and the Secret War, Jameson okays an investigation. After being asleep "all day," Jessica awakens in a Hydra

facility. Hydra agent Cohen offers her a job with Hydra, but she refuses. Then Clay Quartermain and SHIELD burst in and

rescue her.

NEW AVENGERS #14 - FB (16)

The same night as SECWAR 5. From Cage's hospital, Fury calls Jessica Drew and tells her he's going underground as a result

of the fallout over the Secret War.

Tuesday, May 5

PULSE #9 (1-20)

The day after PULSE 8. Jessica reams out Jameson, then she, Kat Farrell, and Urich run into Al Mackenzie, who tips them to go

upstate to find Cage. In an upstate bar, they encounter a bitter Logan, who rants about Fury, SHIELD, the Hand, and being

"raped" in body and mind - probably placing this segment, aside from SECWAR 5-FB (which occurs before this), as one of

Logan's first appearances after W3 31 (19-23), and thus before X:PE 1 and A4 1 (1-8). Logan clues them in about where to find

Cage, at a medical center that treats super-heroes. Once there, they encounter Danny Rand, who doesn't trust Jessica and refuses

to let her see Cage. After Misty Knight intervenes, Jessica sees Cage recuperating. A transmitted image of Fury appears saying

the cat's out of the bag and that no one will be hearing from him again.


One day. Cerise and Nebula rally in the ruins of a settlement.

SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN v2 #38 - FB (4:2-4:3)

One day. The hospitalized Eddie Brock (bald) listens to the piece of Venom that is still inside him.

Wednesday, May 6

PULSE #9 (21-22)

The day after PULSE 9 (1-20). Jameson and Robertson debate about running a story exposing Fury but decide to run a story on

Spider-Man causing mayhem with New Jersey traffic and a piece about the possibility of Matt Murdock facing trial.


One day, long enough after SSO 1 (8-22) for intensive training to have occurred, but not too long, as the squad seems to be

getting basic orientation info. Rhodes and Val discuss the recruits as the Sentinel Squad trains. The squad is anxious to get an

assignment, and Lazer gives them one - help SHIELD protect a senator seeking re-election from a suspected assassination

attempt by Hydra. At the sight of what appears to be a campaign rally, a Hydra agent deposits a "mystery weapon" as he blows

himself up. The weapon is the Growing Man, and the Sentinel Squad fights him. Briggs gets claustrophobia inside his Sentinel

and freezes in battle while the Growing Man rips Slayton's Sentinel apart. Lex finishes off the Growing Man by secretly using

his mutant power. Val demands a debriefing "tomorrow morning," and as the team argues, Slayton is hauled away on a stretcher,

minus his legs. Green grass and trees.

Thursday, May 7


The day after SSO 2. While conducting Operation: Savage Land, Rhodey and a squad of fellow Sentinel soldiers are struck

down and taken prisoner by the Savage Land Mutates. Val Cooper asks for an accounting of the battle against Growing Man and

Meld covers for Lex. Val relieves Briggs of his command. The trashed Sentinel husks of Rhodey's team are returned to the

O*N*E base and the recruits are sent to the Savage Land, joined by recovered paraplegic Slayton. There, they meet their new

commander, John Steele and, with another squad, storm a Mutate compound that "showed up a month ago" on satellite images.

The Sentinel Squad battles telekinetic dinosaurs. Lex demonstrates his mutant power again by frying several dinos, then he

orders his squad to retreat in defiance of Steele's order to stand their ground. Steele and company get creamed and the six

recruits are the only ones left. Lex leaves his Sentinel and announces that he has a plan to rescue Rhodey and company.


The same day as SSO 3. Brainchild outlines his plans to the captive Rhodey and Agent Skylark, who head-butts the villain into

unconsciousness. Briggs, Lex, and Meld make their way across the Savage Land in a stealth Sentinel operated by Slayton. A

trio of remote-controlled decoy Sentinels keeps the telekentic dinosaurs occupied while Lex and Meld find the lab from which

the dinos are controlled. There they find and free Rhodey and Skylark. Rhodey dons his armor and the team, except for the

missing Briggs, works on building a makeshift Sentinel from spare parts used by defeated squads. They defeat the dinos. At

O*N*E headquarters, Briggs tells Lazer that Lex is a mutant.


The same day as SSO 4. It is "three weeks" before SSO 5 (3-17). The squad returns to O*N*E headquarters and Lazer orders

Lexington's arrest for defying orders and concealing the fact that he's a mutant. Rhodey vouches for Lexington and stays his

arrest, but Lazer replaces Lexington with Briggs as squad leader.

X-FORCE v2 #4

One day, "a few days" after XFOR2 3. Wolverine tries to free Caliban from the Watchtower, but runs into X-Force, who are also

trying to retrieve him. The heroes are attacked by the Administrator of the Watchtower and Deadpool enters the fray. Then

"Stryfe" and the Mutant Liberation Front arrive, including Cannonball and Jon Spectre.

X-FORCE v2 #5

The same day as XFOR2 4. Thing notes that Reed and Sue are off shopping today. Thing: "Great timing fer the Avengers t'get

all mealy-mouthed about their charter. Can't afford t'run the group, my butt. We've been bankrupt before, didn't stop us."

Johnny: "Actually it did." This dialog places this issue after A:FINALE and one or both of the story arcs in which the FF were

bankrupt; I have this story after both. "Stryfe" reveals himself to Cable as Domino from an alternate future and X-Force and the

MLF, with Deadpool and Wolverine, decide to join forces to fight Skornn. Skornn shows up in Manhattan and starts eating

people. The Shi'ar detect Skornn's presence and call the Imperial Guard together to teleport to earth to battle him. The Thing

and Human Torch battle Skornn, then X-Force and the MLF arrive on the scene.

X-FORCE v2 #6

The same day as XFOR2 5. This story may occur four months, not "four days," before C&DP 15 (6-11). Logan must appear

here sometime before A4 1. X-Force, the MLF, Wolverine, Thing, and Torch battle Skornn and the Helix, the modified humans

from the future who unleashed him. Cable seemingly sacrifices himself in a psimitar energy burst that dispatches Skornn. The

Imperial Guard detect Skornn's disappearance.


One day, "seven years" after DD:R 6-FB (2). Matt gets a letter from Emily Flood dated "May."

Friday, May 8


One "Friday morning." Nick Fury arranges to have Leon Rastovich released from prison to smoke out Frank Castle for a job for

the military, with whom Fury is dealing in order to "get SHIELD back for good," so this story probably occurs after SECWAR 5.


Early one morning. According to UX 460, this story must occur after W3 31 (19-23), and thus likely after PULSE 9 (1-20).

Given Colossus' presence in X:PE 5, this story must occur after UX 460 (1-14). The Phoenix Force is reborn prematurely,

occupies the corpse of Jean Grey, encounters Logan, and flies away. Beast, Cyclops, Emma, and the Cuckoos also appear. Green

grass and trees and fireflies at Xavier's.


The same day as X:PE 1. Logan reports back and the X-Men prepare to face Phoenix, as do the Shi'ar responsible for its rebirth.

Quentin Quire emerges from his capsule and, learning that Sophie is dead, exhumes her corpse and resolves to see if the Phoenix

Force can resurrect her. Warren appears here, and since he gets involved in the fight, this story likely occurs after XU2 8 (1-5);

Warren may actually be at Westchester in connection with the assignment that Scott gives him in XU2 8 (1-5). Scott, Emma,

Ororo, and Kurt are in their Reload costumes. Peter is mentioned as being at the Institute, so it must be after ASTONX3 6 (20-

23). The Institute is rebuilt. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


The same day as X:PE 2. The X-Men leave Colossus behind to go face Phoenix, but she escapes with Logan and the team faces

the Shi'ar, who want to kill Quire because his omega level power makes for an attractive Phoenix host. Logan weakens the

Phoenix enough for Jean to take over and bury herself in the Arctic. But the Phoenix tries to seize Scott. Leafy trees at



The same day as X:PE 3. The X-Men trick the Phoenix Force into occupying Emma's body, then they trap Emma and Scott in a

chamber constructed by Beast to contain the energy. Then Quire arrives, seeking to set the Phoenix Force free.


The same day as X:PE 4. This story occurs before UX 460 (15-22). Quire releases the Phoenix Force, which resurrects Sophie

momentarily, long enough for Sophie to reject Quentin. Jean rises independently and reclaims the Phoenix Force from Emma's

body. Scott deduces why Jean/Phoenix has returned - to find true love, not to satiate a hunger. Emma and the Cuckoos find all

the active X-Men, who reach out to Jean mentally and show her how much she's loved. Then the Shi'ar activate an event

horizon that whisks Jean/Phoenix away. Thanks to Jean, the X-Men are spared. Quentin returns to his to test tube. "Later," the

Phoenix Force appears to one of the Cuckoos. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


One day. Matt meets with Emily and Constance. Matt and Constance catch up. Matt is noted as being outed as Daredevil.

GAMBIT v4 #7 - FB

One day, "three weeks" before GAM4 7 (1-20). Emery gets yelled at by his aunt for using his mutant powers to steal. She

smacks him and he leaves.

Saturday, May 9


One day, the "year" after PUN7 6. Fury says he's trying to "get SHIELD back for good," so he appears here after SECWAR 5.

After searching for "two days," Frank is in a bar looking for Leon Rastovich, who was just released from prison and who Frank

tried to kill "two years ago." An old Russian immigrant named Alexandr Baranovich Formichenko starts bemoaning the fall of

Russia and badmouths Rastovich in a drunken speech. Thugs loyal to Rastovich start to rough up the old man, but Frank pulls

them aside, interrogates them about Leon's whereabouts, and kills them. That night, Frank kills Rastovich at his mother's house.

Leaving the scene, he runs into Nick Fury, who explains that he's the one responsible for getting Leon out of jail as a way to

smoke out Frank. Castle and Fury go to a diner, where Nick explains that he wants Frank to go on a top secret mission at the

behest of the U.S. army. In exchange for completing this mission, Fury will supply Frank with access to criminal records kept by

the F.B.I., I.N.S., Coast Guard, and police. Frank takes the job and leaves Fury. Meanwhile the army brass who arranged things

with Fury authorize a CIA-type operative named Rawlins in the Mideast to initiate a plan.


One day. Matt visits Joel at Holman Correctional Center.

X4 #1

One day. "Nearly nine hours" after the space station Simulacra explodes "this morning," the FF arrive unannounced at the

Xavier Institute and they get into a fight with Logan before the FF ask the mutant team for help in rescuing Simulacra survivors.

A team of FF and X-Men members heads to the station and encounters the Brood. The tension between the two teams may be a

holdover from their encounter in ASTONX3 7 or it could be the result of Logan's attack in W3 22. Reed finally learns that

Xavier is no longer at the Institute. Gambit is sighted, and he, Cyclops, Emma, Nightcrawler, Logan, Storm, and Beast all appear

in their Reload costumes, so this story must occur after X 165 (9-24) and thus after the Christmas break shown in M/HOL'04

1/2. The Institute appears to be complete and intact. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

X4 #2

The same day as X4 1. The space-bound FF/X-Men team battle the Brood and discover that the space station crew have become

hosts for Brood eggs. Reed detects a cosmic storm and recalls the mission, but it's too late; when the heroes land back on earth,

the X-Men have developed FF-like powers.

X4 #3

The same day as X4 2. Reed, Johnny, Scott, Hank, and Ororo rush to the landing site and battle the mutated Logan, Emma,

Remy, and Kurt. Logan escapes, but the others are taken back to the Baxter Building for examination by Reed and Hank. The

Brood enter earth's atmosphere aboard a space shuttle from Simulacra. The FF are headquartered in the Baxter Building. Hank

notes that secondary mutation is a phenomenon that "we've been noticing over the past few years." Green trees in upstate New


X4 #4

The same day as X4 3. Johnny Sue, and Storm cause the shuttle to land safely in an evacuated midtown Manhattan. Hank and

Reed come up with a possible solution for the mutated X-Men. The Thing and Cyclops find Logan in Canada, subdue him, and

deliver him to the Baxter Building. Meanwhile, Brood ships appear over Manhattan. Beast notes, "given what's happened to the

Avengers of late, it's up to us to clean up here" - thus it's likely sometime between the disbanding of the Avengers in A:FINALE

and publicity of the team's reformation in A4 7 (1-6). Green trees in Canada.

X4 #5 (1-22)

The same day as X4 4. Because Reed only learned that Xavier was no longer with the Institute in X4 1, this segment must occur

before NA:I2 2. Reed cures the mutated X-Men, who then join the battle against the Brood. Reed and Emma use Cerebro to

create a mass hallucination among the Brood that Galactus and Phoenix have arrived and the aliens retreat in fear.

Sunday, May 10: Mothers' Day

PUNISHER v7 #14 - FB (2, 4, 6-8)

The day after PUN7 13. The Punisher is picked up by Fury and is flown to a military base in Rhode Island where Nick gives

Frank a briefing on the objective - go to a Siberian nuclear missile silo where Russian scientists are experimenting on a 6-year-

old Russian girl named Galina Stenkov, into whom a virus code-named Barbarosa had been injected by her scientist father. Fury

says that they have about "48 hours" to retrieve the girl and get a blood sample from her, so that they can save the virus, which is

fading from Galina's system. Fury also says the U.S. military also insists that Frank be accompanied by a Delta Force operative

named Martin Vanheim.


One day. May Rider sees Spider-Man nab some perps and help a victim.


One day. Family and friends visit Joel at Holman Correctional Center one last time the day before the execution. Joel's and

Adrienne's son Daniel is there. Later that night, someone tries to call Matt at his hotel but hangs up.


The same day as DD:R 6 (7). Karla Faye finds evidence that Howard killed their son, she tries to call Matt at his hotel, but

Howard stops her.

Monday, May 11


The day after DD:R 6-FB (15-16). Joel is executed at 6:43 PM.


The day after DD:R 6 (8-12). Daredevil sets Karla Faye free.


The same day as DD:R 6-FB (14-15). Howard goes home to re-sedate his wife, but Daredevil has freed her. Secrets are

revealed. Stonehouse and some cops arrive to arrest Howard.


The day after PUN7 14-FB. Frank and Vanheim parachute into Siberia and, posing as local peasants, make their way to Suhdek,

a town next to the missile silo. There they start a bar fight so that in the commotion they can knock out the two off-duty soldiers

present and steal their uniforms, IDs and jeep. With these stolen items, they get into the silo and take the elevator down below to

retrieve Galina. Meanwhile, Fury meets with the American generals, who tell Fury he didn't need to share all of the information

on Barbarosa with Frank, but Fury balks at this. Fury leaves the room and the army brass say they're going ahead with their own

secret plan to make sure Frank succeeds. In Saudi Arabia, Rawlins boards a plane for New York. He sees another plane taking

off, which is heading to Russia. He has put some trained operatives on that plane, and has set a plan into motion for the U.S.

Army. Snow in Siberia. Full moon.


The same day as PUN7 14. Frank and Vanheim rescue Galina and Frank gets her to trust him. They start to leave the missile

silo, but on the way out they see some Russian soldiers repairing a tank out front. Vanheim panics and shoots them, and so

Frank, Vanheim, and Galina duck back into the silo's elevator and take it back down as the Russians start to open fire on them.

Meanwhile, Colonel Lugansky and Major Yeremin, who are in charge of the missile silo, enjoy a lazy morning when a car pulls

up carrying General Zakharov and his lackey, "the Mongolian," who have come to take Galina back to Moscow. A soldier

rushes into the office to report on the gunfight at the silo. Back at the Silo, Frank loads up on weaponry , heads back up the

elevator and destroys a big chunk of the Russian military lining up outside, before retreating back down below. Meanwhile,

Fury, in bed with three hookers, gets a phone call from the U.S. generals telling him that their spy satellites have detected gunfire

at the missile silo. Fury tells them not to panic and hangs up.


The same day as PUN7 15. Frank keeps guard on the elevator shaft, killing Russian troops as they try and climb down the shaft

and get at him. Vanheim reports that the elevator appears to be the only way out. Zakharov receives reports from his soldiers

about the infiltrators and is convinced hey're Americans trying to extract the virus, but Lugansky believes they're Islamic

terrorists. Zakharov sends in the Mongolian. Meanwhile, back in America, Fury stops by the army base, to see the U.S. generals

are in a panic, knowing there's a possible international incident about to explode over in Russia. Fury tells them to calm down,

that Frank will finish the job, and he turns around and leaves. The generals aren't satisfied with that, but they reassure

themselves that Rawlins' men are about to spring into action. Just then, on a plane heading from Saudi Arabia for Moscow, a

group of men take control of the plane and bark on the radio about how Russia will pay for siding with America in the war on

terror. The Kremlin aims missiles at the plane. Back in Siberia, the Mongolian sneaks down the elevator shaft and slips by

Frank. He knocks out Vanheim and Galina calls out for help. Frank runs back to her aid, but the Mongolian gets the drop on

him and knocks Frank unconscious.


The same day as PUN7 16. Russian defense missiles shoot the plane out of the sky and Moscow sends a priority fax to Zakharov

and Lugansky about the terrorists on the airplane. Lugansky takes this as evidence that the people in the missile silo are Islamic

terrorists, but Zakharov still thinks it's Americans. Inside the silo, Frank fades in and out of consciousness and the Mongolian

tells the Russians upstairs that it's safe to come down. Galina begs the Mongolian for help, but he slaps the girl. Frank finds the

strength to get up and rip the Mongolian limb from limb. Frank then kills the Russians who are entering through the elevator

shaft. When he comes back, he finds Vanheim has woken up and is trying to inject the girl with something. Frank beats up

Vanheim and gets him to talk. Vanheim explains that if it looks like they can't get the girl out, he was told by the generals to

take a blood sample from her and kill her. Frank orders Vanheim to start operating the computer, that he's got a plan.

Meanwhile, back in America, the U.S. generals are happy that their terrorist plane attack went as planned until Fury steps back

into the room. He asks what they're up to and after they explain what their plan was, Fury repeatedly whips his belt over the

head of the general who concocted the plan. He tells the generals that they better hope the Russians don't see through this and

pray that Frank completes the job. Fury walks out. Just then, Lugansky and Zakharov get a message from the "terrorists" inside

the missile silo - the Russians are to stop their assault on the silo and let them escape, or they will set off all of the nukes inside

the silo, aiming them for Russian cities.

PUNISHER v7 #18 (1-15)

The same day as PUN7 17. It must be three days before PUN7 18 (16-21). This segment is supposed to occur "last year"

relative to PUN7 19 (4-22) and the "end of last year" relative to PUN7 23 (12-22), but this can't be right, considering that PUN7

1 is also supposed to occur "last year" relative to PUN7 19-24. Zakharov tells Moscow that he has the situation under control.

Lugansky is in disbelief and says he's relieving Zakharov from command, but Zakharov shoots and kills Lugansky. The first of

the missiles launches into the air and out of its hatch jump Frank, Galina, and Vanheim, parachuting back down to earth. The

missile lands in a snowbank and none of the missiles inside the silo go off because Frank had Vanheim reprogrammed them

before they left. Zakharov orders soldiers to search the area where the missile landed. Vanheim loses his backpack and coat

while parachuting. Frank has them draw straws to see who gets the only other coat. Frank wins, and so he, with Galina wrapped

with him in his coat, marches to the coast, where a Navy submarine waits to pick them up. Vanheim tries to follow but dies as

nighttime falls and the temperature drops to 20 below zero.

Tuesday, May 12


One school day. Maya Rider, who was in Peter Parker's science class "last semester," plants a bomb in her purse, intending to

kill Spider-Man, with whom she is obsessed. A would-be thief snatches the purse, but Peter subdues him. Peter talks to Maya

and becomes her new hero. We see some light clothing and green trees in New York.

UNCANNY X-MEN #460 (15-22)

One day, probably more than "several weeks" after UX 460 (1-14). This segment occurs after X:PE 5. Rachel and Kitty are still

not on good terms. Psylocke thinks she sees her brother Jamie. While Betsey trains in the Danger Room, Juggernaut and

Nocturne materialize from MojoWorld, thanks to a presumably possessed Spiral, but the inter-dimensional travel is a trick by

Spiral that allows Mojo to enter the X-Men's world. Logan is not present for this story. Green grass and trees, warm weather,

and garden planting season at Westchester.


The same day as UX 460 (15-22). This story must occur before CU/X-23 1 (1-20). This story may occur before XU2 9/2-FB

(5:1) and must occur before the end of the school year, since students, including Hellion, are here. Because the Danger Room is

operational in UX 460 (15-22), this story must occur before ASTONX3 7. Mojo is upset that Psylocke's bionic eyes no longer

exist. He turns Juggernaut, Nocturne, and the rest of the XSE team into X-babies and summons his Exile Legal Eagles to chase

the team around the Institute while the Astonishing team (including Colossus) and some of the cast of NX helplessly observe,

shut outside by Mojo. The heroes defeat Mojo and Spiral and return to normal. Emma states that she'll take care of Mojo.

Green trees at Westchester.

GENERATION M #5 - FB (7:6)

One day. After Ken leaves her, Sally drinks to cope with her despair.

Wednesday, May 13


One early morning, shortly after YA 6 (18-22). The Young Avengers make their debut in their new costumes with new members

Kate and Cassie. They battle the Shocker as he tries to rob a bank.


The same early morning as YAS 1-FB (14:4). The Young Avengers defeat the Shocker, as shown in a newspaper photo and on



The same day as YA 7-FB. It is a school day, "a few weeks" after YA 6 (16-17). This story probably occurs before ASMU2 12

(1-10). Cap gets upset upon seeing news reports of the Young Avengers' exploit. When Billy tries telling his parents about his

Wiccan identity, his parents assume he's coming out about a relationship with Ted. Peggy Burdick wonders if Stature is

daughter. Eli avoids telling his grandmother about his being Patriot, but his grandfather knows. Cap, Tony, and an obviously

pregnant Jessica Jones discuss the new Vision, who has the capabilities of the former Vision, but none of the experience. Cap

goes to see Eli's grandparents and Jessica sees the Burdicks to blow the whistle on the Young Avengers. Billy, Ted, Cassie, and

Kate all meet, but Eli fails to show; he's encountered a drug operation run by Mr. Hyde. The Young Avengers track him to

Hyde's place and battle the villain. Eli runs off and injects himself with the drug. We see both long- and short-sleeve shirts and

green trees and shrubs in New York.


The same day as YA 7. This story must occur before S-H4 1 and probably before TOXIN 1 (1-17). It is "over a year" after

CREW 7 (20-22) and "three days" before YAS 1. As the Young Avengers battle Mr. Hyde, Cap talks to Eli's grandmother and

discovers that he has no natural powers. Jessica Jones tells Cassie's mother about her Stature power and the mom expresses

concern over Cassie's heart condition. A drugged-up Patriot defeats Hyde and when the Avengers arrive at the scene, everyone

tries to get him to recognize that he needs help. Wiccan stops Eli, who later awakens in Avengers Tower, purged of the drug. Eli

admits his lie to everyone and quits the team.

X4 #5 (23)

One day, "days" after X4 5 (1-22). This segment occurs before X 166. The Thing joins the X-Men in a baseball game at the

Xavier Institute. We see green grass and trees and light clothing at Westchester.

Thursday, May 14


One day, "two weeks" before ASMU2 11 (11). As Spidey fights the Hulk in New York on live television, Max Dillon bets a

bunch of people in a bar that he knows Spidey's next battle moves. He cleans up. It's "the Hulk's third rampage since..."


PUNISHER v7 #18 (16-21:1)

One day, three days after PUN7 18 (1-15) and "three days" before PUN7 18 (21-22). Frank and Galina step off a military plane

at the army base where Fury and the generals are. The generals are informed that Frank wouldn't let any military scientists

aboard the submarine take a sample of Galina's blood, which means the virus is already dead in her system. The generals start to

have their soldiers escort Fury off the base and arrest Frank, but Fury walks over and tells the soldiers they're going to have to go

through both of them to get to Galina. Fury and Frank leave the base without being touched by the soldiers. Frank then gives

Galina over to Fury, saying Fury will find her a good home.


One day. Howard is in a holding cell at Kramer County Jail. An editor's box tells us that he's eventually found guilty of killing

Bradley Gideon, and that he's now on death row.

X-MEN v2 #166

One day. Emma's reference to the X-Men's adventure with the FF in X 170 means that this story must occur after X4 5 (23). It

is "four days" after an outbreak of violence in Calvary and "one day" after the X-Men stopped getting distress signals from the

South Pole. Havok (now without a cowl), Polaris, Rogue, Gambit, and Iceman find a bunch of corpses and the word "Golgotha"

written in blood at the site of an attempted mutant utopia at the South Pole. Then they encounter mutant zombies and a bunch of

psychopaths who they battle. Emma Frost shows up and they probe the mind of one of the psychopaths before he dies. Full


X-MEN v2 #167 (1-16)

The same night as X 166. The X-Men find and subdue the monster responsible for the deaths at the South Pole. Joined by

Logan, they bring the creature back to the Institute for study and Emma assigns the team with going to Calvary. A mutant named

Boy rounds up a bunch of mutants and they kill everyone at the home of Boy's master, Jim Collins. Logan refers to "winter," but

it is not known if it is a Northern or Southern hemisphere reference. Full moon.


One night, presumably "two weeks" after NFHC 3 (5-22), since all of England has now been converted into Merlin's world of magic. Gorilla Man puts down an escape attempt by Goom. At Stonehenge, Hellstrom attempts to form an alliance between Merlin and the Lords of the Living Lightning, but Merlin double crosses Hellstrom and attacks their stronghold, forcing the Lords to swear allegiance to Merlin. Merlin reveals that he knows all about Area 13, and Lilith's and Vampire by Night's mission. In the lounge in Area 13, Warwolf, Brother Voodoo and Beemer discuss the mission, and Brother Voodoo is surprised to learn they didn't use any "conjuries" to hide the vampires' presence from Merlin. At Stonehenge, Lilith and Hellstorm, who have joined Merlin, leave Vampire by Night staked out, awaiting sunrise. Merlin tells her she has served her purpose. At Area 13, Brother Voodoo says that if they didn't use protection, then Merlin knows everything. At Stonehenge, Merlin asks Lilith if there's anyone at Area 13 that she wants spared, and Lilith answers no. Meanwhile, Hellstorm advises Telesti that Merlin should have staked out Lilith, along with Vampire by Night, and Telesti expresses surprise that Hellstorm survived a previous encounter with Lilith. Merlin stages an all-out attack on Area 13. The Commandos raise the battle cry.


The same night as NFHC 4. The Commandos fight off Merlin's forces and use the portal to travel to Stonehenge to take the battle to the enemy. Groot and other giant monsters break free from Area 13 and follow through the portal. Merlin's forces retreat, and the Commandos set out to track them down. They are joined by Groot, who offers to help. Meanwhile, a fairy visits Vampire by Night and tells her he can free her, for a price. He says he knows that she's special, that the rising sun won't hurt her, and the fairies kept that fact from Merlin. The battle over, Brother Voodoo theorizes that Merlin is controlling or influencing the various mythical species, and that once the portal was closed, he lost control over them, and they lost the will to fight. At Stonehenge, the fairy tells Vampire by Night that when everything is over, the fairies want to be able to "stick around." Vampire by Night hooks up with Groot and the other Commandos. At Area 13, Beemer chastises Quartermain for rude behavior as commander, and at Stonehenge, Merlin is ushered like royalty through the streets of the village, cheered by the masses.

The same night as NFHC 5. Area 13 sends a cadre of sorcerers to Stonehenge using captured Eraser technology. Vampire by Night explains to the other Commandos the deal she made with the fairy. Meanwhile, in the village, Hellstorm and Telesti continue to debate who is using whom: Lilith or Merlin. In Merlin's room, Lilith believes she has turned Merlin into a vampire, but Merlin rises in his reflection in a mirror and presumably kills Lilith. Outside the village, the Commandos plan their attack and are joined by Brother Voodoo and another mystic. Brother Voodoo reports that the mystics have almost shut down Merlin's security perimeter, leading the way for a full scale attack by Area 13 forces, led by Goom and other giant monsters. Meanwhile, Quartermain has called in some chips, and Mole Man uses his technology to create a sinkhole beneath Salisbury. Gorilla Man and Warwolf storm Merlin's room, where he tells them that the auguries within Lilith's ashes convinced him that he can't win, and so he quietly gives up and vanishes. Lilith revives and says she was faking it, and manipulated her ashes to trick Merlin into believing he was doomed to fail, all according to Beemer's plan. Hellstorm turns on Telesti and apparently kills him, revealing that he, too, has been working for Area 13 and was undercover for SHIELD in the Lords of the Living Lightning. Hellstorm resents that Lilith was sent in behind him, and "three years, six months and seventeen days" of undercover work was ruined. Quartermain and Beemer learn to accept working with each other. Merlin's shadow falls over the Lord's inner council.

Friday, May 15

X-MEN v2 #167 (17-23)

The day after X 167 (1-16). TV news reports on the Collins killings "last night." In probing the creature, Emma learns a

horrible truth as the X-Men encounter another "Golgotha" written in blood at Calvary, where a suicide bomb went off "two

weeks" ago.

X-MEN v2 #168

The same day as X 167 (17-23). The X-Men defeat the Golgotha at Calvary. At Emma's urging, they fly to Los Angeles to

investigate the trouble there. Polaris, Iceman, and Wolverine battle Boy and his group. They capture Boy and return him to the

Institute, where the Golgothas start to affect the X-Men's behavior. Emma places the Institute under quarantine for "twenty-four

hours" so that the X-Men can sweat the craziness out.

X-MEN v2 #169 (1-6)

The same night as X 168. Emma notes that the Golgothas are actually shells of the actual creature, which is loose in the Institute.

The students are locked in their rooms as the X-Men search for the creature. We see some green vegetation at Xavier's.


One school day which is a day before another school day. Peter accompanies his class on a field trip to a museum, where they

encounter a battle between the Thing and the Absorbing Man. Peter is forced to use his agility to save a couple of students and

he frets that Ben has figured out his secret, but he hasn't. That places this story before SM/HT 5-FB. This story is supposed to

occur sometime during "Sept. 5th through 23rd," the dates of the exhibition that Peter's class visits, but this contradicts Peter's

boss, Lynn Nelson, head of the school science department, who tells him he used up his sick days "by the second month of the

school term." Green trees in New York.


One day. I've placed this story before A4 4 (1-15). Maria Hill gets her first presidential briefing as director of SHIELD. The

recording date of "4/15/2007" must be topical; perhaps it's 5/15.


One day, "nine months, three days" before CW:I 1. Hurricane II starts his super-hero career.

Saturday, May 16

X-MEN v2 #169 (7-22)

The day (starting "twelve hours") after X 169 (1-6). The craziness sets the X-Men against one another until they find the

creature in the hangar bay. After the X-Men incinerate the creature, Emma gets a call alerting her that an armada of Golgothas is

heading to earth from space.

X-MEN v2 #170

The same day as X 169 (7-22). This story occurs (perhaps many) "days" before X 171 (13-23) and must occur before GAM4 7

(1-20). Emma refers to the story in X4 1-5. I have this story before A4 1. The X-Men battle and defeat the Golgotha armada in

space and the White House keeps a lid on the mutants' victory. Green grass and trees in Washington, DC.


One day, "two weeks" after ASMU2 11 (1-10). Spidey subdues Electro, who is wearing his classic costume.

SHE-HULK v4 #4 - FB (21:4)

One day. This flashback must occur before S-H4 3-FB (21-22), M/TU3 11, and FOES 2 (1-9). She-Hulk attends a Green Cross

picnic in Bone, Idaho. The year "2005" must be topical.

NEW AVENGERS #14 - FB (15:3, 15:5)

One day. Apparently in India, Jessica Drew gives Connely some SHIELD intel about a defense initiative called "the God's Eye."


One day, "three days" after YA 8 and before YA 9. Jessica is still pregnant here, so this story must occur before PULSE 11 (19-

21), and since she's still working for the Bugle, this story must occur before A4 15. Kat Farrell tries to get Jessica Jones to help

her do a story on the Young Avengers. Jessica talks to Cassie, Teddy, Billy, Kate, and Eli to pave the way. Eli declines to talk to

Kat, citing a "history paper" he needs to finish (so it's during the school year). The other kids do grant the interview with Kat,

and as Jessica and Cage look on, Kang spies on them all. Cassie is "fourteen," so she hasn't yet had her fifteenth birthday, which

according to YA2 , occurs in "June." Green grass and trees and autumn leaves (which may be topical).


One day, "a month" (perhaps more) before A4 13 (1-21) and before A4 1 (1-8). SHIELD kidnaps Kenuicho Harada and

imprisons him in the Raft.

ORDER v2 #6 - FB (8:1-8:2)

One night. Mulholland Black and the Black Dahlias defeat a pimp and leave him for the cops.

Sunday, May 17

NEW X-MEN v2 #23 - FB (1-2)

One day, "eight weeks" before NX 23 (5:1-5:2). Stryker calls up Julia Cabot's name on a database.

NEW X-MEN v2 #23 - FB (3-4)

Perhaps the same day as NX 23-FB (1-2). It may be more than "almost a year" after UX 441 (1-23). On a "Sunday," Stryker

approaches Jay Guthrie in a Westchester church lighting a candle in Julia Cabot's memory. Stryker lures Jay with talk of hope

and faith.

PUNISHER v7 #18 (21:2-22)

One day, "three days" after PUN7 18 (16-21). It cannot be "two years" before PUN7 37 (1-6). Frank returns to the bar from

PUN7 13, gives the bartender a bottle of vodka he swiped from the bar in Siberia, to give to the old Russian immigrant.


One day, perhaps before A4 7 (1-6) and so perhaps before A4 1 (1-8). This story occurs long enough after S-H3 12 (1-19) for

Reed to have found the Infinity Gauntlet and two more Infinity Gems. Because Reed learned in X4 1 that Xavier was no longer

with the Institute, this story must occur after X4 5 (1-22), and because Xavier is present, it probably occurs before HOM 1 (7-

17). Reed probably does not appear here during the course of FOES. Reed calls together the Illuminati - Iron Man, Xavier, Dr.

Strange, Black Bolt, and Namor (in his blue and gold costume) - to tell them that he's collected three Infinity Gems and the

Infinity Gauntlet and that they must help him collect the remaining gems and secure them. Xavier, Namor, and Strange go to the

Xavier Institute, where they use Cerebro to enter "the collective consciousness" and fetch the Mind Gem. At the same time,

Reed, Stark, and Black Bolt open a rift in reality at the Baxter Building to fetch the Reality Gem. This risky, secret effort attracts

the passing attention of the Thing and Human Torch. When Reed adds the two new gems to the gauntlet, the last gem, the Time

Gem, appears. The Watcher appears and tells Reed how disappointed he is in him. Reed removes the glove after failing to will it

to cease to exist. When the Watcher says that no one being should have it, Reed divides the gems among the Illuminati and tells

each of them to hide the gems, tell no one of their location, and never use them. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


One day, probably after YA 6 (16-17). Ty Stone is bankrolling a TV series about Hercules and the cameraman is filming

Hercules at a bar, where the Avenger sees a news broadcast that shows Captain America unveiling a statue and a plan to turn the

site of Avengers Mansion into a park (I have Memorial Day as the occasion for this event). Hercules resolves to re-form the

Avengers, then he is attacked by the man-bull Archelous and is taken to his ancient foe Eurysthenes. We see people wearing

coats in Manhattan.


The same day as HERC 1. Eurysthenes offers to restore Hercules' glory by assigning him twelve labors for reality TV. Hercules

accepts, the deal is publicly announced, and Zeus (dressed as a businessman) reacts. It may take a little time to set up the


Monday, May 18


One day, perhaps after X:KPSF 5. According to A4 11, the Silver Samurai is brought to the Raft the "very day" of the big

breakout for "international crimes involving his cousin Sunfire."


One day, after SECWAR 6. It is a day the X-Men are "teaching class." Logan must be back at Xavier's after PULSE 9 (1-20)

and after having been away from the Institute for months for the Enemy of the State and Agent of SHIELD story arcs; I have him

here after X 170. Earlier in the day of A4 1 (1-8) - technically two days before A4 5 although referred to as "yesterday" by

Logan in A4 5 - Scorcher calls the Xavier Institute to report that some Savage Land Mutates offered him money to break Sauron

out of the Raft.

NEW AVENGERS #1 (1-8:1)

One stormy night, "six months" (inclusive) after A:FINALE (rather than A 503). It must be earlier than the "month" before A4

11-FB (3-4), and must be more than just "a couple of weeks" before A4 15-FB. This segment occurs after W3 31, YA 6 (16-17),

and ASMU2 9 and must occur after XFOR2 6, RUN2 1, and SSO 1 (1-7). This segment may occur after NA:I2 2 and after the defeat of the Brothers Grimm by Armory in A:TI@ 1/2-FB (4:2). It must be more than "weeks" before CW 1 (1-7), as noted in A4 30-FB. Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, and Luke Cage arrive at the maximum-security prison, the Raft, to see the Sentry and are met by Jessica Drew.

SPIDER-MAN: BREAKOUT #1 (7/8:1-7/8:2)

The same night as A4 1 (1-8). It is "two years" after SM:BO 1-FB. The lights go out at the Raft.

NEW AVENGERS #1 (8:2-9)

The same night as SM:BO 1 (7/8:1-7/8:2). The Raft's generators power down and lights go out in New York City.

NEW AVENGERS #1 (10-11) ~ SPIDER-MAN: BREAKOUT #1 (7/8:3)

The same night as A4 1 (8-9). A blast rocks the Raft.

NEW AVENGERS #1 (12-22)

The same night as A4 1 (10-11). Electro attacks, knocking out the prison's power and freeing a horde of villains. One of the

villains is Crossbones, who may be here after CA5 17. The attack attracts the attention of Captain America and Spider-Man who

arrive at the Raft. The water in New York Harbor is "ice cold."


The same rainy night as A4 1 (12-22). Electro helps Sauron to escape. Then, as Count Nefaria escapes, he knocks Spidey into a

horde of freed villains, one of whom snaps Spidey's arm.


The same night as A4 2 (1-4). The horde of villains rush Spidey.

NEW AVENGERS #2 (5-18)

The same night as SM:BO 1 (1/2:4). It is generally "six months" and specifically "six months, two weeks, three days, five

hours" before TOXIN 3 (1-11). Matt, Foggy, Jessica, and Cage try to get the Sentry, an inmate at the Raft, to help as another

horde of villains attacks them. As Cap arrives to assist Spidey, Sentry saves Foggy from Carnage by flying him into space and

Jessica saves Foggy from Hydro-Man.


The same night as A4 2 (5-18). Crossfire, Mr. Fear, and Corruptor slip away from the melee as Cap and Spidey battle on.

NEW AVENGERS #2 (19/20:1-19/20:3)

The same night as SM:BO 1 (9). Matt Murdock and Jessica Drew join Cap and Spidey in the free-for-all.

NEW AVENGERS #2 (19/20:4) ~ SPIDER-MAN: BREAKOUT #1 (10:1)

The same night as A4 2 (19/20:1-19/20:3). Ironclad throws Cap into the air.

SPIDER-MAN: BREAKOUT #1 (10:2-10:3)

The same night as NA 2 (19/20:4). Crossfire, Mr. Fear, and Corruptor pass up the chance to nail the U-Foes in order to escape

with Controller and Mandrill.

NEW AVENGERS #2 (19/20:5-22)

The same night as SM:BO 1 (10:2-10:3). Iron Man saves Cap and Purple Man tries to take possession of Cage. Killgrave's

presence here is confounding - he was active in TB2 7, which must occur before this point because of the crossover with Enemy

of the State a "few days" earlier, and he's active in TB2 9-10, which must occur after this point because of the crossover with



The same night as SM:BO 1 (10:2-10:3). It is "three weeks" before SM:B 1 (12-23). Crossfire, Mr. Fear, Corruptor,

Controller, and Mandrill escape the Raft in an underwater craft and set out for revenge against the Guardsman who shafted them

at the Vault.


The same night as SM:BO 1 (11). This flashback occurs shortly before FOES 2 (1-9), before NC3 7, and a day or two before

NW3 1-FB. Cage pummels Purple Man (although this may be a fake-out by Killgrave) and the heroes defeat 45 villains while 42

escape the Raft.


The same night as A4 3-FB. According to A4 11, the Silver Samurai, freed from the Raft (where he was imprisoned by his

kidnapers from a corrupt SHIELD), gets on a private plane to Japan.


One night. This story must occur after IM:H 6. The Livewires raid another covert, quasi-governmental R&D program in which

"pyromecha" are created from the original, android, Human Torch's thermogenic cells. Project Livewire's newest member, Stem

Cell, is hastily booted up to replace a fallen Livewire. At first unaware that she's a robotic "mecha" and not a human adolescent,

the stunned, bemused Stem Cell finds herself swept up in the mayhem. Stem Cell vomits up a functional version of the

component from the Humvee, and Hollowpoint Ninja plugs it into his gun.

LIVEWIRES #2 - FB (4:2)

The same night as LW 1. Hollowpoint uses his gun to cause a pyromecha to overheat, and Gothic Lolita, Stem Cell, and he flee

from the ensuing fireball.

LIVEWIRES #2 (2-6)

The same night as LW 2-FB (4:2). The Livewires destroy their target and escape. They destroy the body of their fallen

teammate. Green grass and leafy trees.

Tuesday, May 19

LIVEWIRES #2 (7-22)

The day after LW 2 (2-6). The Livewires leave intimidating messages at the homes of former AIM scientists. That night, Gothic

Lolita sabotages a plane delivering the power source for a Sentinel and ditches it at sea. Cornfed shows Stem Cell that Nannites

and LMDs are the Livewires' technological ancestors. It is a school day. Green grass and trees and light clothing.


The day after A4 3-FB. It is a school day. Jessica Jones is still pregnant, but now visibly so. Steve Rogers tries to form a new Avengers with the heroes who fought at the Raft. Daredevil refuses, but Iron Man, Cage, Spider-Man, and Spider-Woman (who is fired from SHIELD and appears to be spying for someone) meet at Stark Tower and Jarvis is called back into service. We see coats and jackets worn in New York.

NEW AVENGERS #4 (1-15)

The same night as A4 3. Nick Fury is no longer SHIELD director, so this segment must occur after SECWAR 5; I've placed this

segment after Hill's first presidential briefing in SECWAR 5/3. SHIELD has the Sentry in custody and defeated Raft prisoners

are in lockdown at Ryker's. Cap informs acting SHIELD director Maria Hill that he's re-forming the Avengers. The group

discover through surveillance footage that Electro was behind the Raft prison break. They find him in Boston (where he's been

for at least "three weeks") and their threats make the villain pass out. Spider-Woman goes to Ryker's and gets the villains there

to tell her that Karl Lykos was the one Electro broke out. We see green trees and al fresco dining in Boston.

Wednesday, May 20

NEW AVENGERS #4 (16-22)

The morning after A4 4 (1-15). The Avengers arrive in the Savage Land to search for Sauron. Their quinjet is destroyed and

they encounter Wolverine.


The same day as A4 4 (16-22). Logan explains his presence in the Savage Land, referring to the Raft breakout as having

occurred "yesterday," but technically it may be two days before. The team is attacked and taken captive by the Savage Land

Mutates. Vertigo is now blue and red. After Lykos explains that he was locked in the Raft after refusing to work for SHIELD

against fellow mutants, Tony activates his armor, which frees the heroes. The Avengers battle the Mutates and when Lykos turns

into Sauron, he's shot in the head by Yelena Belova, who's leading a shadow SHIELD battalion.


The same day as A4 5. This story occurs before TOXIN 1, WX:DOFN 1 (7-12), SM:BO 1 (12-23), and NA@ 1 (1), must occur

before ASM 515 (16-17), ASTONX3 11, ASMU2 13, ASMU2 13/2 (1-6), and CA5 16 (5-22), and probably before PPTSS2 23

(2). It must be more than "a couple'a months" before W3 42 (20-22). Spidey says he hasn't slept "in three days." The Avengers

battle the SHIELD battalion and, when threatened by Spider-Woman to divulge her bosses, Belova notes that she works for the

same people as Jessica does. Sauron rises and fries Belova before being subdued by the Avengers. The burned Belova gets

away. The Avengers discover an illegal vibranium mining operation run by a covert faction of SHIELD in which Savage Land

denizens are enslaved to acquire material for banned weapons. Just as the heroes raid the operation, the SHIELD Helicarrier

(apparently a backup for the one destroyed in W3 27 but not necessarily the "v2.0" noted as being "sixteen weeks" from

completion in W3 31) arrives and nukes the entire operation; the Avengers are saved by Iron Man's repulsor shield. The

Avengers argue about the slaughter with SHIELD commander Hill, who mentions the appreciation of the director of Weapon X

for getting Sauron back in custody. The team regroups and Iron Man tells his team that 14 of the Raft escapees are supposed to

be dead, leading him to the conclusion that someone is stockpiling super-villains in addition to weapons. Iron Man convinces

Cap to let him ask Logan to join the team. Wrapped in bandages, Belova awakens in a hospital room, where her employer offers

her an opportunity for revenge.


The same day as A4 6. It is "one week" before A4 8 and "soon" before GSA 1/5. This flashback probably occurs before GAM4 1. Tony talks Logan into joining the Avengers. Reference is made to the "Enemy of the State" storyline in W2 20-25, and so this story arc must occur after W3 31.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #14 (1-10)

One school day at the end of the school year. Logan appears here back to normal, so this segment probably occurs after W3 31

and PULSE 9 (1-20). With no mentor, the Paragons and Alpha Squadron are still having difficulty adjusting to the loss of Rahne

and Northstar. Julian gloats over the Hellions' winning the field day competition. Much to Nori's chagrin, David asks Laurie to

the Institute's year-end dance, for which the X-Men are decorating. Josh tells Nori about David's dream of a future in which she

and David are married. Fred Dukes sees a shrink. Green trees in Washington, DC.


One day, a day or two after A4 3-FB. It is "two months" before NW3 1-FB (1-23). Raft escapees (mistakenly identified as

"Vault" escapees) Tiger Shark and Armadillo rough up a pizza delivery boy, whose boss calls the cops and tries to call the

Avengers (apparently not knowing or remembering that they disbanded). A cop responds and gets his car smashed, so he calls

the FF.


According to A4 7, this scene occurs the same night as A4 6. The Crusader, a Raft escapee, attacks Dr. Strange. Strange

banishes him with a spell.

LIVEWIRES #3 (1-20:5)

Probably the rainy night of the day after LW 2 (7-22). It is "six days" before LW 3 (20-22). Cornfed, Social Butterfly, and

Hollowpoint Ninja infiltrate another covert quasi-governmental program and get a lead to their target, the "white whale." In the

Livewires' rented safehouse, Gothic Lolita reviews the history of Project: Livewire for Stem Cell. When their three teammates

return, they prepare for their "white whale" mission.

Thursday, May 21


One day, the "week" before M/TU3 9. The new Stilt-Man defeats Superpro.


One day, "a whole month" after RUN2 6. It is "a few years" after RUN2 6-FB (5:3). The Runaways fight Swarm and defeat

him, leaving the scene before Excelsior comes (off-panel). They then split into groups of two and go shopping. One hour later,

as they return, Karolina tries to kiss Nico, but she's not interested. Suddenly, a spaceship lands near them and Xavin comes out

from it. Nico is hurt by the ricochets of Karolina's defense, and Xavin declares he's Karolina's fiancé, as per their parents'

arrangement. Green grass and trees in Los Angeles.


The same night as RUN2 7. It is at least "a month" before RUN2 9. Xavin explains he's a Super-Skrull in training from Tarnax

VII. The other Runaways arrive and attack him; it takes the Leapfrog landing on him to knock him out. They leave, but Xavin

pursues them and forces them to listen to him. Xavin's plan is to marry Karolina so that they can unite the peoples of Tarnax VII

and Majesdane and stop their stupid war. Karolina accepts (mainly to atone for her parents' actions) when Xavin changes gender.

They both leave Earth.


The night of the day after LW 3 (1-20). The Livewires sneak into a tanker of nanofluid that AIM is delivering to the "white

whale," which is housed in the rebuilt frame of a wrecked SHIELD Helicarrier. Once inside the structure, the Livewires emerge

and attack the mechas there. The team disperses, and as Cornfed covers them, he is destroyed by the mechas, who turn out to be

Fury LMDs.


The same night as LW 4. Gothic Lolita and Social Butterfly are destroyed in their raid. Hollowpoint Ninja then stuffs Stem Cell

in a fuel pipe and tells her to shut down her commlink transmission as he goes off to continue sniping until his ammo and luck

run out. LIVEWIRES #6 (1-18:2)

The same night as LW 5. It is "six months" since LW 6-FB (21-22). Stem Cell hacks herself, blasting off her inhibitor module,

which allows her to customize her mental state. The Fury LMDs have Ninja strung up on spikes, alive but missing both legs and

his right arm, and reveal that they were created from data gathered in the botched Nick Fury assassination. Stem Cell arrives and

creates a bunch of pyromecha that fight the LMDs. Stem Cell rescues Hollowpoint Ninja and they escape as the Helicarrier



One night. It may be three days, not "three weeks," after SM:BO 1 (11), especially given the state of Peter's arm here, which

doesn't seem to be a problem in other appearances. In their apartment, M.J. tends to Peter, whose left forearm is still tender from

the Raft battle and is supposed to "take six weeks to heal;" there's no mention of the injury to the right arm sustained in M/TU3

13. This story must occur before A4 7 (1-6), since Peter notes that "this whole Avengers situation is still...kinda fluid...we're not

officially a team." Spidey goes out on patrol for Raft escapees and gets caught in the middle of a violent grudge match between

the U-Foes and Mr. Fear and the Controller. Green trees and sweatshirts and jackets in New York.


The same night as SM:BO 1 (12-23). Spidey subdues Mr. Fear, who blabs about the feud between his group and the U-Foes.

The U-Foes and the Controller escape and Cap and Iron Man arrive after "the third skirmish in as many weeks" ends. When

Controller reports back to his comrades, they decide to move from their Coney Island hideout. Cap and Spidey pick up more

clues at the Raft, then Spidey calls on Black Cat to ask Owl for intel.

Friday, May 22

LIVEWIRES #6 (18:3-23)

The morning after LW 6 (1-18). Stem Cell salvages stuff from the Helicarrier debris, among which are the remains of her

teammates. Although only the sleeping Ninja is certainly fixable, she's hoping she can fix the others. She heads for Project:

Livewires' home base, where she finds only a crater in the desert. She demands Ninja wake up and tell her what happened.


One day, shortly after RUN2 8. Molly writes in her diary about her recent adventures with the Runaways.


One day, a "couple of weeks" after SECWAR 5. At a SHIELD medical center in Atlanta, Sitwell interrogates the hospitalized

Scorcher, who asks to work underground for SHIELD. The recording date of "6/22/06" must be topical.


The evening of the day after SM:BO 2 (1-18). Owl gives Spidey a lead on Rozalyn Backus, the Raft administrator with whom

Crossfire had a dispute.


The same night as SM:BO 2 (19-20). Spidey checks out the penthouse of "Angela Marcy," an alias of Backus, only to find it


Saturday, May 23


The morning after SM:BO 3-FB (10:2). After checking tax records "overnight," Spidey finds Backus, a tenement super.


The same day as SM:BO 2 (21-22). At "7:46 A.M.," the U-Foes infiltrate an investment firm and enlist the services of Courtland

Whitehead, a former accountant of Vector's, to find Backus, who once cleaned out Vector's hidden financial accounts. Spidey

talks to Backus, who relates her story. Whitehead traces Backus and as the he sends the U-Foes on a wild-goose chase to deal

with her, Crossfire and his associates show up. Green trees and short sleeves in New York.


The same day as SM:BO 3. It is a school day. Crossfire forces Whitehead to give him Roz's address, then Crossfire leaves

Whitehead and his employees to the mercy of the Corruptor. The U-Foes show up and subdue Corruptor. They confront

Whitehead about the false address he gave them. Roz tells Spidey her back story, including her relationship with Crossfire.

Crossfire and Controller burst into Roz's apartment at Haven House and subdue Spidey. Green trees in New York.


The same day as SM:BO 4. This story occurs before NW3 6-FB (1:1-1:3). This story must occur before A4 7 (1-6), given

Spidey's comment in SM:B 1 that the New Avengers are fluid and unofficial. Because Peter and M.J. are shown in their

apartment in SM:B 1 (12-23), this story must occur before ASM 515 (19-22). The U-Foes burst into Haven House and battle

Crossfire, Controller, and Mandrill over a power-draining chamber that Roz says she destroyed. A cell phone call to Spidey

alerts Captain America and Iron Man, who capture Crossfire, Controller, and Mandrill. The U-Foes get away and Haven House

is destroyed. Roz is arrested and Spidey comes to appreciate being part of a team. After this story, the U-Foes probably battle

the New Thunderbolts BTS between TB2 12 (19-22) and TB2 13. Green trees in New York.

DISTRICT X #14 - FB (20-21)

One day, "one month" before DX 14. Billy Bates goes to the Café des Artistes and meets a waitress on whom he develops a



One day. The New Avengers are officially formed.

Sunday, May 24

CABLE & DEADPOOL #14 (21-22)

One day, "four days" after C&DP 14 (1-20). Deadpool shows up in Moscow and shakes down one the Black Box's "think

links." Wade wants Black Box to figure out a way to kill him.

NEW X-MEN: HELLIONS #1 (1:1-1:3, 2:1, 2:3, 3:1, 3:3-3:6)

One day, shortly after NX 14 (1-10). Emma tells Julian, "the X-Men have been called away on important business. I'm afraid I

won't be at the prize-giving tomorrow." She gives Hellion a lecture about his behavior and urges him to "use this summer" to

reflect on what she says. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #14 (11-20)

The same day as NXH 1 (3:3-3:6). The Institute holds its year-end dance. Julian shows up with the Stepford Cuckoos but asks

Sofia to spend the summer with him. When Laurie sees Josh dancing with Amara, she decides to make him jealous by making

David kiss her with her pheromone power. David and Sofia get ticked off and Laurie's chaperoning mother is heartbroken.


One day. This segment occurs "six months" after GSSW 1. It must occur after SM:B 5 and may occur after NA:I2 2.

Newspapers announce the reformation of the Avengers the day after Stark "got the Avengers back together" officially - but

details such as the group's lineup and headquarters are not yet made known to the public at large; that comes in A4 15. Iron Man

calls a meeting of the Illuminati - Dr. Strange, Reed Richards, Charles Xavier, Black Bolt, and Namor (in his blue and gold

costume) - to discuss the Sentry. They also discuss the formation of the New Avengers.


The same day as A4 7. It is "months" after DD2 56-FB (10-17). Iron Man and company learn that there is a mystery

surrounding the Sentry's existence.

HERCULES #3 (1-7)

One day. For his first labor, Hercules captures Zabu in the Savage Land, much to the dismay of Ka-Zar and Shanna.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #2 - FB (1:3)

One summer (or summer-like) day. A zoo in Salina, Kansas is taken over and the doors are shut.

Monday, May 25: Memorial Day


One "Memorial Day" morning. This story occurs "soon after" A4 8-FB and "two weeks" before GSA2 1/4. This story happens to land on the calendar between pages 6 and 7 of A4 7, which seems like a good spot. At Stark Tower, Spidey plays the latest of a series of pranks on Logan and Cap and Iron Man decide to talk to him about his responsibility as an Avenger. They take him to the destroyed Avengers Mansion and enlist the aid of Dr. Strange to have him experience episodes of Avengers history. Green grass and trees in New York.

One day, sometime after WX2 28. Under the command of Malcolm Colcord, Madison Jeffries' Box Sentinels battle the U-Men.


The same day as WX:DOFN 1-FB (12:1). This segment must occur after A4 6. It is "three weeks" before the divergent timeline

setting of WX:DOFN 1 (13-24). Colcord, Jeffries, and the Box Sentinels stand victorious over the slaughtered U-Men. They are

joined by Sauron, whose "jailbreak" (apparently the Raft breakout in A4 1-3) turned him from an enemy to an ally.

NEW AVENGERS #7 (7-22)

The day after A4 9-FB. The Wrecker reclaims his crowbar from the home of a Long Island super-villain memorabilia collector.

Spidey, Logan, Cage, and Spider-Woman show up and fight him. Cap and Iron Man fly to Nevada, where Director Hill and

SHIELD have found the Sentry in a cave. Sentry claims that he killed his wife and that the Void is coming, but Cap and Iron

Man show him his living wife and introduce him to Paul Jenkins, the creator of the Sentry comic book character. Green grass

and trees and sunbathing weather on Long Island.


The same day as A4 7 (7-22). It is "one week" after A4 8-FB. In the cave (which has somehow moved from Nevada to Arizona),

Iron Man, Cap, SHIELD, Jenkins, and Lindy Reynolds try to talk to the Sentry.

NEW AVENGERS #8 (9-18)

The same day as A4 8 (1-5). It must be more than just "a few months" before A4 36 (20:5-20:7). The Sentry freaks and takes off for his home in Hartford. The rest of the Avengers defeat the Wrecker and in the process, Spider-Woman reveals her pheromone power. Iron Man then calls them to meet up in Hartford.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #14 (21-23)

The day after NX 14 (11-20). Havok's team is "away." The X-Men respond to a request by the Avengers to meet in New York

(perhaps to meet up with some Avengers before heading to Hartford to confront the Sentry). Scott and Emma put Dani in charge

of today's prize-giving ceremony. When the Blob sees the X-Men arrive in New York, he decides to head to the unguarded

Institute. Green trees in New York.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #15 (1-5)

The same day as NX 14 (21-23). Just before the prize-giving ceremony, Dani talks to Amara about joining the faculty and the

Blob arrives in Salem Center. Shan visits Rahne in New York City, where she's investigating a kidnaping case with Madrox, and

tries to convince her to return to the Institute. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #15 (6:1) ~ NEW X-MEN: HELLIONS #1 (1:4)

The same day as NX 15 (1-5). Dani begins her introduction at the prize-giving ceremony. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #15 (6:2)

The same day as NX 15 (6:1). Dani continues her introduction.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #15 (6:3) ~ NEW X-MEN: HELLIONS #1 (1:5)

The same day as NX 15 (6:2). Dani continues her introduction.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #15 (6:4-6:5)

The same day as NX 15 (6:3). Julian stands up as Dani announces the field day winners. Green trees at Westchester.


The same day as NX 15 (6:4-6:5). Dani identifies the members of the Hellions as they claim their prize.


The same day as NX:H 1 (2:2). Julian makes an obnoxious acceptance speech. Green trees at Westchester.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #15 (7-23)

The same day as NX:H 1 (3:2). This segment occurs before NX:AXY 1 (1-18). David notes that next year will be his senior

year. As the prize-giving ceremony continues, the Blob attacks, injuring Laurie's mother. Dani, Amara, Agent Pierce, the New

Mutants, the Hellions, and the Stepford Cuckoos battle and defeat the Blob, who is taken away by SHIELD. Amara agrees to

join the faculty, but in New York, Rahne declines Shan's offer to return. Laurie and her mother reconcile and Sofia decides to

spend the summer with them rather than go with Julian to his parents' place "for a few weeks." Noriko tells David off. Green

grass and trees at Westchester and New York City.

NEW AVENGERS #8 (19-21)

The same day as A4 8 (9-18) and perhaps the same day as NX 14 (21-23). The New Avengers, SHIELD (still run by Director

Hill), the FF, Namor (in blue and gold costume), the Astonishing X-Men, Dr. Strange, and the Inhumans confront Bob Reynolds.

Reynolds tells the group that the Void has arrived. Green grass and trees on Long Island and in Connecticut.


The same day as A4 8. As the gathered heroes battle the Void, Emma enters Bob Reynolds' mind and discovers a suppressed

memory of Mastermind getting him to forget the Sentry and to use his power to make everyone forget.


The same day as A4 9. This story must occur before DEF3 1 (1-12), SENTRY2 1 (1-13), AAF2 13, FOUR 21 (1-7), HOM 1 (7-

17), and YA 9, and likely before HERC 3 (13) and M/N:I 4. Emma uses a shared memory from Lindy to get through to Bob and

make him remember the psychic traps Mastermind set for him. Then Emma gives him back his memories, shared only by Lindy

and Reed, and Bob transforms into Sentry. Although the rest of the world still has no memory of Sentry, the Avengers accept

him into their ranks to help him take advantage of this second chance at a hero's career, and to keep an eye on him. The

Avengers return to Stark Tower, only to discover that it revealed as the Sentry's Watchtower, which had been hidden during

Bob's craziness. Iron Man debriefs Strange, Reed, Black Bolt, and Namor. Reed asks Tony about recent shadiness with

SHIELD, but Tony refuses to discuss it.

HERCULES #3 (8-12)

One day. For his second labor, Hercules plows through some Hydra goons and witnesses a cyborg Hydra creature explode.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #2 - FB (1:4)

One day. A Super Ape posing as zoo owner John Burrows gives a bizarre recorded interview about the wants of the zoo animals.

GAMBIT v4 #1

One day. This story occurs after X 165 (9-24) and may occur after A4 8-FB, given Remy's knowledge of a Stark-funded

Avengers in GAM4 2 (1-16). In Baton Rogue, Gambit destroys a Sentinel that two guys from a garage rebuilt with monster truck

parts. He then barters his silence about the embarrassing incident for their motorcycle and finishes his trip to New Orleans in

style. Upon arrival, he meets his old friend Dan Down, a psychic who gets messages through playing cards. Dan warns him that

the cards have been sending bad signals all week, but Gambit dismisses him and heads out on his "date," a meeting with Lili

Penrose, who wants to hire him to steal a deck of cards. Meanwhile, club owner Orlean Cooper wants to hire Gambit to steal the

cards as well and fires the thief he had previously hired, "Fast Jack" Jessup. Jack vows that he'll steal the cards anyway and will

kill Gambit if he gets in the way. Shorts, short sleeves, and light long-sleeved shirts in New Orleans. Full moon.

Tuesday, May 26

GAMBIT v4 #2 - FB

The "morning" after GAM4 1. Remy seeks information from a fortune teller friend, Madame Camille, about the Penrose estate

so he can break in and steal the deck of cards Lili Penrose hired him to take. Full moon.


One day. Spidey's reference to "the next Avengers barbecue" places this story after A4 6. Spidey encounters the Rhino at a café.

Because Spidey and the police are not anxious to arrest Rhino, I presume that he has been released from Ryker's after M/KSM

10 (1-10) and has not yet committed another crime, as he appears to do in FNSM 5-FB (14) and M/TU3 7 (3-22).

HERCULES #3 (13)

One day. For his third labor, Hercules captures Lockjaw on the moon, much to the dismay of the Inhumans. Lockjaw remains in

lock-up until HERC 5, so his appearance in A4 8 cannot occur between now and then; I have placed this segment after A4 10.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #3 - FB (5:3-6:5)

One day. Night Thrasher recruits Speedball for the new incarnation of the New Warriors. Speedball's mom thought he was

going back to school.


One day. Spidey (who has organic web-shooters) mentions "missions with the Avengers," placing this segment after A4 6 (2-20). Spidey fights Vulture, who sneezes on Spidey and gets away. Peter catches a bug and M.J. tries to convince him to get some rest and call in sick "at work tomorrow."

NEW WARRIORS v3 #2 - FB (1:5-1:6)

One day. As captured on film, animals from the Salina zoo raid a convenience store. The animal control officer is powerless to

stop them.

GAMBIT v4 #2 (1-16)

The same evening as ("five hours" after) GAM4 2-FB. Remy refers to Stark International as "the tech company that bankrolls

the Avengers" - present tense; he may have learned about Stark's bankrolling of a new Avengers team from Logan, or the

formation of the team may be public knowledge as noted in A4 7 (1-6). Gambit steals a disc from a Stark International ship,

where monitors show Punisher (skulking around) and Wolverine (reading a magazine) in what are probably live feeds. Rogue is

also seen in what may be a combination of live feed and prerecorded clips. Gambit eludes Stark's security and makes his way

back to New Orleans, where he picks up the information on Morgan Penrose and begins to plan the heist with Dan Down. Short

sleeves and light long-sleeved shirts in New Orleans. Full moon.

Wednesday, May 27

SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED v2 #13/2 (7-11)

The day after ASMU2 13/2 (1-6). Because Peter and M.J. are living in their apartment, not in Stark Tower, this issue of ASMU2

(or at least this story) must occur out of order with other issues; this segment must occur before ASM 515 (19-22), and thus

probably before PPTSS2 23 (1). M.J. tries to prevent the sick Peter from going out and fighting crime and eventually calls in

Aunt May to lay down the law. The Human Torch captures the Vulture BTS and a radio report announces that "the Trapster's on

the lam," probably placing this segment before FOES 1. Peter starts feeling better, but M.J. comes down with the bug.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #3 - FB (8:2-9)

One day. Night Thrasher recruits Nova, which places this flashback shortly before M/TU3 11.


One day, "three weeks" after SSO 5 (1-2) and "one month" before SSO 5 (18-19). Lazer and Val argue over the appointment of

Briggs to leadership of the Sentinel Squad. Rhodey sends the Squad on a mission to save a mutant village in Ecuador from

attack by a mutated horde of Sentinels originally created by Cassandra Nova. After the Squad defeats the predators, Lexington

fools Briggs into going on a wild goose chase while the team fakes the death of Meld, who stays behind to live in the mutant


HERCULES #3 (14)

One day. For his fourth labor, Hercules trashes Dragon Man.

HERCULES #3 (15)

One day. For his fifth labor, Hercules drives Attuma's hordes from Atlantis...and to Florida.

GAMBIT v4 #2 (17-22)

The day after GAM4 2 (1-16). Jack Jessup scouts Morgan's estate, planning a heist of his own. That night, Dan takes Gambit

gambling, and Dan explains that the more he "sacrifices" to his playing cards - the bigger a pot he folds on - the stronger the

vision he receives. He and Gambit both fold on a large pot, and a vision of a demon flashes before them. Dan realizes that

they're not stealing playing cards, they're stealing tarot cards. Meanwhile, Orlean Cooper finalizes a deal with a familiar-looking


GAMBIT v4 #3 (1-19:6)

The same night as GAM4 2 (17-22). Morgan Penrose hosts a dinner party for New Orleans' top occultists (including Brother

Voodoo) and explains the origins of the Inficio Aquilus, possibly the world's first tarot deck, created seven hundred years ago by

monks who studied madmen. The deck contains four extra cards, with images so horrific that looking directly at them will burn

out the viewer's eyes. Gambit breaks into Morgan's estate during the party, but as he's disabling the security cameras, he's

interrupted by Lili, who seduces him into a quickie in the security office. A few minutes later he emerges, just as someone

reactivates the security cameras. Short-sleeves and light long-sleeved shirts in New Orleans. Full moon.

GAMBIT v4 #4 - FB (1:1)

The same night as GAM4 3 (1-19). Gambit is caught on tape approaching the glass case.

GAMBIT v4 #3 (19:7)

The same night as GAM4 4-FB (1:1). Gambit picks the lock.

GAMBIT v4 #4 - FB (1:3)

The same night as GAM4 3 (19:7). Gambit holds the cards in his hand.

GAMBIT v4 #3 (20-22)

The same night as GAM4 4-FB (1:3). Gambit meets up with Dan outside the estate, only to be ambushed from behind by Jack

Jessup, who electrocutes him and steals the cards himself.

Thursday, May 28

NEW WARRIORS v3 #3 - FB (11:3-13)

One day. Night Thrasher hires a deep ocean sub to take him to Atlantis and recruits Namorita, who joins because she is bored.

LIVEWIRES #3 (20:6-22)

One day, "six days" after LW 3 (1-20). A secret R&D program test-runs a Sentinel prototype and it malfunctions, thanks to the

Livewires' "cybotage" in LW 3 (1-20).

HERCULES #3 (16-18)

One day. For his sixth labor, Hercules stands up to the Red Skull's "dust of death" (the Red Skull doesn't actually appear).

Jimmy the cameraman inspires Hercules.

HERCULES #3 (19-23)

One day. For his seventh labor, Hercules trashes the Abomination before their scheduled match at Madison Square Garden. Not

pleased with the way things are going, Hera shows up and gives Eurytheus a new list of final tasks for Hercules to perform.


One day. Spidey (in his classic costume) battles the Rhino (apparently free from Ryker's after ASMU2 13) in a coffeehouse

where Vanna is.

GAMBIT v4 #4

The day after GAM4 3 (20-22). A furious Morgan Penrose shows Orlean Cooper the security footage of Gambit stealing the

cards. Cooper introduces him to Alphonse, his right-hand man and a top-ranking member of the Assassins Guild, who has

already spread the word to every hired goon in New Orleans. Gambit is to be killed. Meanwhile, Gambit plays cards with Dan

in the middle of a pile of defeated super-villains. Dan gets a flash from the cards that it was Jack Jessup who ambushed them

both "last night," and Gambit begins to plan a way to get the tarot deck back. Jessup is trying to reach Cooper to sell him the

cards, but Cooper isn't picking up his phone. In his office, he's joined by Lili, with whom he's working. Gambit, posing as a

hot dog vendor, lifts the cards from Jessup's bag, but as he and Dan walk away, they are ambushed by Alphonse and one of his

thugs. Gambit tries to charge the tarot cards and throw them at Alphonse, but they won't hold a kinetic charge - they're

indestructible. Alphonse and the thug begin to beat Gambit, and Dan flees. Dan goes to Gambit's apartment, where he asks the

cards for help. They spell out a phone number, but as he dials it, Jack Jessup kicks the door in looking for his cards. Jessup

strangles Dan with the phone cord as, on the other end of the line, a puzzled Wolverine listens. "The O.C." is on TV, so it may

be a Thursday.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #7 (3-22)

Perhaps the same day as FNSM 5-FB (14). It is a day that Peter has off from teaching. Ringmaster obtains a ring once

commissioned by the Mandarin and made from a fragment of the Cosmic Cube. After a day spent fighting the Rhino -

apparently free from Ryker's and having committed a crime sometime after ASMU2 13 - I posit that it's the crime shown in

FNSM 5-FB (14) - Peter burns dinner and has to go for take-out as Spidey. While out, he helps Moon Knight defeat the

Constrictor, then the two heroes respond to a bank robbery and find Ringmaster testing out his reality-warping ring. With it,

Tiboldt changes Spidey's webbing to an explosive substance that detonates. Green trees in New York. Full moon.


The same night as M/TU3 7 (3-22). Titannus leaves his sanctuary and is confronted by Sunfire and the Japanese army. Punisher

and Blade meet on a rooftop above an arms deal between some hoods and a gang of vampires. Spidey's explosion leaves the

vampires suspicious and they kill the hoods. Blade jumps in to fight the vampires. Full moon.


The same night as M/TU3 8. This story probably occurs before ASMU2 12 (1-10) and perhaps after AAF2 15/4. It is "weeks"

after the new Stilt-Man started his career and the "week" after he defeated Superpro. Titannus defeats Sunfire and destroys

Tokyo. Daredevil and Luke Cage battle the new Stilt-Man while Sleepwalker tries to stop Black Cat from committing a burglary.

Spidey's explosion catches their attention. Full moon.


The same night as M/TU3 9. This story must occur before ROGUE3 7 (1-12). Because Peter and M.J. are in their apartment in

M/TU3 7, this story must occur before ASM 515 (19-22) and probably before PPTSS2 23 (2). This story must occur before M/TU 2-FB, but it cannot occur "two years" before MK5 3 (17-23). Cap and Logan (who Cap calls an Avenger) exchange data discs about the current status of villains; the info Cap shares includes "some updates on the Sentry" - this probably places this story after A4 10. Spidey's explosion sends them springing into action. Spidey and Moon Knight survive the explosion because Ringmaster made them invulnerable, but then the villain gives them heart attacks. Daredevil intervenes but Ringmaster puts the three heroes in a death-trap. Frenchie intercedes with a blast from Moonie's helicopter and as Ringmaster regroups, Punisher shoots off Ringmaster's ring finger. Cap and Logan arrive. An ambulance picks up Ringmaster and the heroes split up, with Cap taking the ring to SHIELD for safekeeping. Sleepwalker surveys the scene of the battle. Green trees in New York. Full moon.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #20 (1-5)

The same night as M/TU3 10. This segment cannot occur the day before M/TU3 20 (6-12), since that segment must occur after

M-Day. Cap rushes to take the ring to SHIELD, but a blast causes him to drop and lose it. Cap faces the cause of the blast - a

Modoc Squad. As Cap battles the Squad, he forgets about the ring, which ends up near a Manhattan diner. Full moon.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #20 (13)

It must be the same night as M/TU3 20 (1-5), not the day after, nor the same day as M/TU3 20 (6-12) as noted in the narration

("at that very moment"). After his battle with the Modoc Squad, Cap reports to the SHIELD Helicarrier, where he is patched up.

Maria Hill hopes the ring doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Friday, May 29


The early morning after M/TU3 10 (a clock reads 12:10). Nova's reference to "the New Avengers" places this story after A4 10.

Nova also notes that "the New Warriors might be getting back together - again," which places this story after NW3 3-FB (8-9).

He also notes that his "ex-girlfriend just had a baby," and that he "might be graduating college soon." Carol notes that Jennifer

can control her transformations into She-Hulk, so this story must be after Jen's stint in Bone in S-H4 4-FB (21:4). "It's been so

long" since Jen Walters saw Bruce Banner. Nova and Spidey fight and defeat the Rhino, who apparently surrendered to Spidey

the last time they met - hours earlier in M/TU3 7. Mystically detecting the destruction of Tokyo, Dr. Strange calls together

Spidey, Nova, She-Hulk, Warbird (in classic black costume), and Bruce Banner to deal with the source of the cataclysm; Cap and

Iron Man aren't in New York (Cap must've skipped town quickly). Strange transports the group to the ruins of Tokyo, where

they see Logan battling Titannus; Logan was already in Tokyo, probably having taken a fast X-jet there right upon hearing of the

destruction on the news after defeating Ringmaster. Banner changes into Hulk and is clobbered by Titannus, who asks the heroes

for help. Full moon.


The same day as M/TU3 11. Tyrannus gives the heroes a cock-and-bull story about his past and tries to convince the heroes to

help him kick the Trellions' butts, but the heroes don't buy it and attack.


The same day as M/TU3 12. This story must occur before ROGUE3 7 (1-12) and NW3 1-FB (1:7), and probably occurs before

PPTSS2 23 (2). I have SHIELD here before HERC 5 (21:1-21:5) and thus Cap here before HERC 5 (13-19). The heroes fight

Titannus, who breaks She-Hulk's left arm and injures Spidey's right arm; this is the arm other than the one that was injured in the

Raft breakout, and Spidey notes wanting to go home and "heal for a month." As the battle rages, Strange and Nova free Amissa

from stasis and bring her to the scene, where she confronts Titannus with the truth about their relationship. Unable to handle the

truth, Titannus blows his own head off. SHIELD arrives to wrap up, and Nick Fury (LMD) is in charge. Quasar is summoned to

take Amissa back to her home planet, but on their way through space, she cold-cocks Wendell and takes off on her own. Fury

(LMD), Logan, and Spidey follow up with the alternate Stark, who with the Diamondback LMD is still in SHIELD custody. The

alternate Stark informs the group that, in his reality, the plot to get the heroes back to Trellion was Amissa's, not Titannus'.

Meanwhile, as SHIELD inspects Titannus' body, they note that his head is growing back.

HERCULES #4 (1-12)

One day, probably before FOES 1. Zeus and Hera argue and the Olympian gods decide to let Hercules' labors continue without

Zeus' interference. For his eighth labor, Hercules defeats the Mole Man's monsters as they try to invade Hawaii.

HERCULES #4 (13-19)

One day. This segment probably occurs after A4 10; I have this after M/TU3 13. Hercules knows that the New Avengers reside

at Stark Tower, but the TV crew does not, an indication that this story occurs before A4 11-FB (3-4). Hercules meets with Cap

and they apologize to each other, then for his ninth labor, Hercules decks Cap and takes his shield. Wolverine, Spidey, Iron

Man, and Spider-Woman try in vain to stop Hercules.

GAMBIT v4 #5 (1-21:4)

The day after GAM4 4. While Alphonse presents Cooper with the tarot deck, Wolverine (wearing the costume with the

diamonds down the legs) rescues Gambit from Stone, a hired goon who has been torturing him all morning. He takes Gambit to

Madame Camille's to recover, and explains that when he arrived in New Orleans he found Dan dead at Gambit's apartment. The

two of them hatch a plan to scare Alphonse into betraying Cooper. Using props and costumes, they impersonate the entire X-

Men team and spend all afternoon busting up Cooper's underworld operations. As Cooper prepares for a midnight ceremony

involving the tarot deck, Alphonse panics and, afraid of being killed by the X-Men, brings the deck back to Gambit. Short

sleeves and light long-sleeved shirts in New Orleans.

GAMBIT v4 #6 - FB - FB

The same night as GAM4 5 (1-21). Gambit hands Alphonse the cards.

GAMBIT v4 #5 (21:5-22)

The same night as GAM4 6-FB-FB. Gambit asks Alphonse for one more favor and prepares to avenge Dan's death with the final

phase of his scheme.

GAMBIT v4 #6 - FB (19:7)

The same night as GAM4 5 (21-22). Wolverine locates the unviewable card and burns out his eyes.

Saturday, May 30

GAMBIT v4 #6 - FB (4-15)

The early morning after GAM4 6-FB (19:7). After Wolverine departs Madame Camille's with a bandaged face, telling Gambit

not to ask him any more favors, Gambit, Camille and Ginny tune in to watch Cooper's midnight ceremony on their security

camera network. Cooper summons three demons, reveals that he's a demon himself, and tries to bind them to his service using

the tarot deck, but when the case is open, all that's inside are Uno cards. The demons rebel, burning off Cooper's face, and in his

anger, he blames the thief he scorned for the card switch - Jack Jessup. Camille tells Gambit to warn Jessup, saying not even he

deserves to be attacked by a demon, but when Gambit goes to Jessup's apartment, Jessup taunts him about killing Dan and

Gambit decides to leave him to his fate. Cooper shows up just as Gambit leaves, heading for Lili's, and screams fill the air.

GAMBIT v4 #6

The same day as GAM4 6-FB (4-15). Gambit is mystically bound, floating over a pentagram as Lili Penrose prepares to cut his

heart out. She wanted him to steal the cards so she could gain their power, but she needs a human sacrifice to complete the spell.

Upon request, Gambit explains to her how he took care of Cooper and Jessup. Lili reveals that she killed her uncle, and tries to

gouge out Gambit's heart, but her blade bends on something beneath his shirt. Ripping it off, she begins to scream as her face

boils and her eyes burn - Gambit had taped one of the four unviewable tarot cards to his chest. As she writhes in pain, her

binding spell fades, freeing Gambit, who pours hydrochloric acid on the cards and says that he'll take them to the X-Men, who

hopefully can destroy them. As Gambit leaves the estate, the police arrive, surrounding him. Charging some cards, Gambit

strikes a pose and a cocky smile. Full moon.

HERCULES #4 (20)

One day. For his tenth task, Hercules retrieves a Doombot from Latveria.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #1 - FB (1:7)

One day. This flashback must occur after M/TU3 13. Night Thrasher has sold the rights to air "The New Warriors" as a reality

TV show so they can fight crime outside NYC because he can no longer afford it. The Warriors' RV is filmed 90 miles outside

Fairbury, Illinois. Green grass in Illinois.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #1 - FB (1:4)

The same night as NW3 1-FB (1:7). A shot of Fairbury is filmed by the Warriors' crew on arrival. Green trees in Illinois.

HERCULES #4 (21:1-21:5)

One night. For his eleventh labor, Hercules hijacks a SHIELD Helicarrier. Nick Fury (LMD) is on board and appears to be

director, or at least the leader of the SHIELD crew aboard this Helicarrier.

Sunday, May 31

GAMBIT v4 #7 (1-20)

The day after GAM4 6. It is "three weeks" after GAM4 7-FB and probably a few days before GAM4 7 (21-22). This story must

occur after X 170 because Alex's headpiece is gone in GAM4 10. At a New Orleans jail, Gambit is interrogated about the events

of the last storyline, and is released. Tanaka gives Gambit a ride, but they make a detour at the bank which is being robbed by

Emery. Inside, Gambit has a quick fight with Emery and then talks him down. He even convinces the guy to attend the Xavier

Institute. Suddenly, Emery is shot and killed by Tanaka. Later, Tanaka gives Gambit a ride home from the bank and reveals that

she killed Emery on purpose to further her career. She drops him off at the cemetery, where Dan Down's funeral is finishing up.

Madame Camille, Genevieve, and others are in attendance.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #1 - FB (1:5-1:6)

The day after NW3 1-FB (1:7). The Warriors' crew interview the pizza shop owner, delivery boy, and cop "two months" after

their encounter with Tiger Shark and Armadillo.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #1 - FB (2-23)

The same day as NW3 1-FB (1:5-1:6). This segment must occur before ASMU2 12-FB (6:1). The New Warriors arrive at the

residence where the pizza boy was roughed up. They send Speedball to the door as a delivery boy. He is met by Tiger Shark and

Armadillo, who smack him around. Outside, a production crew orders Namorita (who is blue once again) and Nova in. They

engage the two, who are still chained together after escaping the Raft. After flying them in the air and dropping them, Nova asks

Tiger Shark to surrender. He replies by using the unconscious Armadillo as a weapon. Tiger Shark goes after new member

Microbe but he is saved by Night Thrasher, who uses acrobatics to force Tiger Shark to become entangled in his own chain.

Nova, Namorita, and Speedball then knock him out. The camera crew was unable to get good footage for the Warriors' pilot

episode and have the Warriors pose the unconscious villains for retakes. Thrasher explains the crew and after a citizen thanks

them they agree to continue. They head to Kansas. Green grass and trees in Illinois and the crew is in shorts.

HERCULES #4 (21:6-22)

One day. Eurystheus gives Hercules his final labor - to go to Hades and retrieve a flower from the hair of Hercules' wife,

Megara, who, along with her children, were killed by Herc long ago.


The same day as HERC 4 (21-22). This story probably occurs before FOES 1, must occur before A4 11-FB (3-4), and probably

occurs before ARES 1 (12-22). When Herc decides to bow out of his final labor, Allsworth convinces him to act like a man and

complete the task. Hercules bargains with Pluto (now an underworld boss calling himself Hades again) to enter his realm. Once

in the netherworld, Herc and crew face Cerberus and a legion of soldiers. Megara arrives with her children and forgives Herc.

Hera concedes and tells Eurystheus that he's lost. Herc returns and battles Eurystheus and Archelous, who end up skewering

each other. That night, as Herc goes to Greece to pay his respects at his family's graves, everyone involved in Herc's labors -

including Cap, Iron Man, Spidey, Logan, Fury (LMD), Namor (costume not seen), Ka-Zar, and Shanna - gathers at a bar. Zabu,

the Doombot, Dragon Man, Lockjaw, and Cap's shield are still locked up in Eurystheus' basement, but they're presumably

released immediately after this.


It must be the day after NX 15 (7-23). Julian gives encouragement to Sofia before he leaves Xavier's with his team. Dani tells

Sofia that several of her teammates have requested transfers off the squad. "Classes are over" at Xavier's. Green grass and trees

at Westchester.


The day after NXH 1 (3:2). The same day as NX:AXY (1-3). When the Hellions have trouble getting on a plane for California,

Julian pulls his parents' strings and gets the DHS to let them go. When the group arrives at the Keller mansion, Julian's father is

upset about his actions at the airport. Convinced of Julian's irresponsibility, he removes his son from his will. Raiding his

father's safe, Julian discovers documentation about someone named Kingmaker and contacts him. Green grass and trees and

outdoor swimming weather in Los Angeles.


The same night as NX:AXY 1 (1-3). As Dani, Shan, and Amara observe from a distance, the New Mutants work out their

differences during a camp-out by the lake at the Institute. Dani thanks Amara for joining the staff and Amara suggests that Dani

visit Rahne to make up with her. David and Noriko kiss. The weather must be warm enough for camping outdoors. Green grass

and trees at Westchester.


One night. Because Felicia refers to her help in breaking Osborn out of prison, this story probably occurs after M/KSM 12 (19-

22), and Peter and M.J. are still living in their apartment, this story must occur before ASM 515 (19-22). Spidey and Black Cat

break into the Latverian Embassy and fight a Doombot to retrieve a spider-tracer with Peter's fingerprint on it.


One night, "a few nights" before PPTSS2 23 (3-20). In her Paris home, Sarah lies by her toilet after having taken lots of drugs.

Bare tree in Paris. Full moon.

GAMBIT v4 #11 - FB (2:1-2:4)

One night. Bandit breaks into a mall jewelry store and knocks out a security guard. Green trees in New Orleans.

Monday, June 1


The morning after NX:AXY 1 (4-18). It is "several weeks" before HOM 1 (7-17). The New Mutants return from their camp-out,

eager to do some training. Dani announces that she's leaving for New York to visit Rahne "for a few days." Green grass and

trees at Westchester.

NEW X-MEN: HELLIONS #1 (21-22)

The morning after NXH 1 (4-20). The Kingmaker arrives at the Keller mansion, prepared to grant the Hellions' wishes.


The same day as NXH 1 (21-22). Dust expresses her distrust of the Kingmaker, who agrees to give the Hellion a demonstration

of what he can do for them. Meanwhile, Diamondback (Rachel Leighton) and Paladin spy on the California compound of

GenetAssist, where a lethal weapon is being designed.


One school day, shortly after YAS 1. This story must occur after A4 10. Captain America tells the press that the Young

Avengers are disbanded. Carol Danvers (now called Ms. Marvel again) saves a jumper. Billy, Teddy, Cassie, and Kate meet up

and worry about Eli, who hasn't responded to any of their calls, e-mails, or texts. Eli coincidentally shows up, just before Super-

Skrull arrives to claim Teddy, who he says is a Skrull. The kids escape and head to Billy's house, where they find Teddy's

worried mom. Super-Skrull bursts in, holding Eli hostage. The alien releases a probe that reveals Teddy's mom to be a Skrull,

who was assigned by the Skrull empress to protect Teddy. Super-Skrull kills her and takes off with Teddy. Green trees in New



The same day as YA 9. In Avengers Tower, Jarvis plays chess with the new Vision, who has not yet been allowed to go on

Avengers missions despite the fact that he's passed the requisite tests and training. They are interrupted by the Young Avengers,

who seek help against Super Skrull. "The Avengers are away on a mission" and are unavailable, so Vision locates another

Young Avenger - Tommy Shepherd, a speedster who vaporized his school "months" ago. Vision changes his appearance to look

less like Iron Lad for Cassie's sake. The Young Avengers break Tommy out of a detention center. Super Skrull tells the captive

Teddy that he's really Dorrek VIII, son of Skrull Princess Anelle and heir to the Skrull throne. The Young Avengers show up

and fight Super Skrull, then Kree soldiers burst in, claiming Teddy as their own.


The same day as YA 10. Because Logan and Sentry are both here, this story may occur after M/TU3 10. The Kree tell Teddy

that he's the son of Mar-Vell and must return with them to join their imperial militia. Teddy refuses and the Young Avengers

subdue the Kree soldiers and as the team contemplates hiding, the recuperating Super Skrull tells Tommy and Billy that they are

the sons of the Scarlet Witch. A Skrull warship appears and engages a backup Kree ship in battle. Caught in the middle, the

Young Avengers are joined by the Avengers (apparently back from their mission) - Cap, Iron Man, Spidey (in his classic

costume), Spider-Woman, Cage, Logan, and Sentry. The warring soldiers open fire and Eli is shot.


The same day as YA 11. This segment probably occurs before FOES 3 (7-22). Sentry takes Eli to the hospital. The Avengers

and Young Avengers battle the Skrulls and Kree until Teddy comes up with a plan to rid earth of the aliens. He has Super-Skrull

imitate him while Teddy imitates K'lrt. Disguised as Hulking, Super-Skrull agrees to go with the aliens and split his time

between the Kree and Skrulls. After the aliens leave, Teddy reveals his ruse and the two teams rush to the hospital, where they

meet up with Jessica Jones and see Eli getting a donation of blood from grandfather Isaiah. Eli will need surgery to recover.

Kate tells Cap that the Young Avengers will continue to fight crime and tries to convince him that the Avengers' support will

help protect them from future harm. Vision announces his intention to join the Young Avengers. Avengers Tower has the

Watchtower spires, which would seem to place this segment after A4 15, but this depiction could be an artistic error or a

momentary appearance noticed by few.


The day after PPTSS2 23 (1). This segment probably occurs after M/TU3 13, ASMU2 13/2 (7-13), and SM:B 5. It must be

more than just "several weeks" after ASM 514. Peter Parker gets a phone call from the hospital in Paris where Sarah is and Peter

decides to go to her.


One school day. Mole Man and Dragon Man are probably here after HERC 5. A worker in the Baxter Building notes that he's

been working there "for four months" and hasn't even seen the FF, suggesting that the FF have actually been living there for that

length of time, meaning that it's at least four months after FOUR 12, and thus at least two months after FOUR 13 (6-11); Johnny

is seeing girls other than Kourtney, so perhaps that relationship is open. It has been "months" since Reed took a day off. Puppet

Master and Mad Thinker call a meeting of a bunch of FF foes as a ploy to collect their DNA samples, to be used in a new device

that enables the Puppet Master to control all their minds. The Trapster may appear here after having escaped from prison as

reported in ASMU2 13/2 (7-11). Summoning Dragon Man, Puppet Master visits Alicia just as the Thing arrives. Ben defeats

Masters and Dragon Man and when the rest of the FF arrive, Reed discovers the DNA samples. Green trees and light clothing in

New York.


The same day as FOES 1. Sue notes that Reed hasn't slept "in nearly two days" and that Crystal can take the kids "until

Tuesday." Reed notes that "the Raft just suffered a massive jailbreak," so this story must occur shortly after A4 3-FB. He also

notes that "Henry Pym's Big House is currently being investigated regarding the legalities of shrinking prisoners;" apparently

Reed is referring to the facility by its old name, not its current name, the Lang Memorial Penitentiary. The FF arrest the Mad

Thinker and imprison him with Puppet Master and Dragon Man at the Baxter Building. She-Hulk - big and green, and so after

her stint in Bone in S-H4 4-FB (21:4) - appears after having picked up Franklin from school and notes that she has "a big case

tomorrow." Reed plans to use the Puppet Master's control device to track all the villains and proactively defeat them.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #2 (2-21)

Probably the night of the day after NW3 1-FB (2-23). It is "two weeks" before NW3 2 (22-23). The Warriors arrive in Salina,

KS and are greeted by their producer Ashley and Erika Hopkins of the Society for the Protection of Television Animals. Erika

allows only Speedball, Microbe, Namorita, and crew member Dave to enter the zoo. Once inside, Namorita communicates with a

walrus who leads them into a trap. The Super Apes caged them with John Burrows. Night Thrasher, Nova, and crew member

Brad head to the rescue and fight a bunch of wildlife along the way. Speedball tricks the silverback and baboon into fighting so

they can distract them to escape. All the Warriors meet up and fight them, but Erika enters and wants them to stop hurting the

animals. After hearing her the Super-Apes agree to talk things out.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #9 - FB (6-10)

One night, probably several days before XU2 9. Logan and his pal Johnny win a wager on a fight in a bar, and when the losers

confront them with guns outside, Johnny instinctively takes a bullet for Logan and dies.

GAMBIT v4 #11 (1-4)

The night of the day after GAM4 11-FB (2:1-2:4). It is "one week" before GAM4 11 (5-21). Tanaka interrogates the security

guard about the robbery "last night." Tanaka is sure the thief is Gambit, not Bandit. Green grass and trees in New Orleans. The

full moon is inconsistent with that shown in GAM4 11 (5-21).

Tuesday, June 2


The day after NX:H 2 (1-3). The Kingmaker gives Santo his wish of being a wrestling star.


The day after FOES 2 (1-9). It may be a few weeks, not a "few months," before FOES 5 (1-18). Reed gets Andrew Lewis, the

man who designed the Vault, to agree to design a new prison Reed wants to build in the Negative Zone. The FF go to the Zone

to scout out a location and battle and defeat Annihilus, only to be faced with a second Annihilus. Lewis reports back home to

discover that his "wife" is a bug-like alien. Green trees and bushes in New York.


The same day as FOES 2 (10-22). It is "some time" before FOES 3 (7-22). The two Annihiluses battle each other and the FF

return from the Negative Zone.


One day. Wolverine (in his current blue and yellow costume) visits a grave at Zorgvlied Cemetery, Amsterdam, with a yellow

locket in hand. He recalls the story of the woman who gave the locket to him in 1943.


One day, "a few" days after PPTSS2 23 (1) and "two days" before PPTSS2 24. Peter arrives in Paris, where we see green trees.

Sarah explains that her drug intake is to treat severe headaches unique to her condition. She is released from the hospital and she

and Peter go back to her house, where he has decided to stay. Peter calls M.J. and lies to her about his accommodations, then he

swings around Paris at night. There is an error regarding the relative times of day in Paris (night) and New York ("7 AM"). Full


SABLE & FORTUNE #1 (1-4)

One night. At Vollmond Castle in Hamburg, Germany, two of Wild Pack's operatives, Beta Unit, talk about Sable's

authoritarian leadership of the Pack. One of them mentions a rumour she threw Berecz out the window of her office for taking

her parking place. The other operative corrects this: Berecz was a mole, she had a talk with him and he jumped out of the

window. Silver Sable then calls in the Beta Unit as backup while she moves into the castle with the Alpha Unit. However, the

castle is abandoned except for a tied-up female hostage with an attached note reading: "Silver. A day late and a dollar short.

XOXO." Sable responds: "Not again."

Wednesday, June 3


The morning after PPTSS2 23 (3-20). While Peter showers, Sarah calls someone about making a drop. Green and bare trees in



Perhaps the day after NXH 2 (4-6). The Kingmaker reunites Cessily with her family and grants her the wish of being accepted by

them. Kevin receives a cure for his death touch. Green grass and trees in Oregon and California during "summer."

SABLE & FORTUNE #1 (5-7)

Presumably the day after S&F 1 (1-4). At Wild Pack headquarters in Symkaria, Sable, suspecting a leak within the organization,

requests personal files from everyone in the facility. As it turns out, Sobczak, a new operative, didn't report in "yesterday."

Sable then catches another operative eating falafel on duty and tells him he's fired. The operative identifies himself as Jaworski

and tells her she can't fire him because of a law the Symkarian parliament passed "last year" that requires documentation of at

least three written warnings before you can get fired. Sable punches him out as warning number one. She then goes on to tell the

operatives present that things have to change within the organization, as "four of [her] last ten operations [were] compromised by

betrayal or incompetence". She tells the operatives to get out of her sight as she catches one of them reading a travel catalogue

during her speech.

SHE-HULK v4 #1 - FB (9:6)

One day, shortly before S-H4 1-FB (9, 10). Southpaw fights Texas Twister in Texas.


One day, "some time" after FOES 3 (1-6). It is a "Wednesday." Nick Fury (LMD) notes that "enough months haven't gone by"

since FF 509 (1-3). Fury (LMD) gives the okay to Reed's Negative Zone prison, the beginning of whose construction is

scheduled "in six weeks." Repairs to the damage done to Alicia's apartment in FOES 1 are completed and Miranda leaves

Johnny for standing her up in FOES 1. Seeking the technology to contact his homeworld - and perhaps here after YA 12 (1-17)

- Super Skrull poses as Franklin to gain access to the Baxter Building. His cover blown, the Skrull battles the FF as Franklin

waits in the rain for someone to pick him up from school (which may be a summer semester at his private school). We see green

trees and short-sleeved shirts in New York.


The same rainy day as FOES 3 (7-22). Sue pummels Super-Skrull and Franklin phones home. Crystal arrives with Valeria, who

she's been babysitting. She notes that she has "a date tomorrow," but will "be free for the weekend." She suggests that She-

Hulk babysit too.

GAMBIT v4 #7 (21-22)

One day, probably a few days after GAM4 7 (1-20). On the banks of the bayou, Emery's aunt Antoinelle casts a voodoo spell to

raise the dead - Emery, Dan Downs, and a bunch of other corpses are zombified. Full moon.

GAMBIT v4 #8

The same day as GAM4 7 (21-22). The living dead attack a bayou cruise boat and run into Brother Voodoo. More zombies

attack the restaurant in which Remy is treating Ginny to dessert as thanks for her help with the Penrose heist. The battle empties

out into the street, where Gambit meets Drumm. Remy recognizes one of the zombies as Dan Down, whose funeral Remy was

"just at." Remy pauses in mid-battle, and as Jericho tries to get him back in the game, the dead Emery Arcenaux shows up.

Green grass and trees in New Orleans, which is experiencing "95-degree weather." Full moon.

GAMBIT v4 #9

The same night as GAM4 8. It is probably a few days before GAM4 10. Gambit and Brother Voodoo fight zombie Emery and

run into Tanaka and Frederickson. Tanaka tells them about Antoinelle, how she's connected to the plot, and where she lives.

Camilee asks Genevieve what's going on, and Genevieve decides to do something with the DVD. Gambit and Brother Voodoo

fight some zombies at Antoinelle's place. Gambit talks some sense into her while Brother Voodoo has alligators eat zombies.

Gambit stops Tanaka from killing Antoinelle, which doesn't make Tanaka happy. Later, Gambit puts Dan Downs back into his

coffin, and Brother Voodoo offers to give Gambit psychological therapy sessions because, in his professional opinion, Gambit's

messed up. Later still, Genevieve mails a DVD to Rogue at the X-Mansion.


One day, presumably "15 years" after T'Chaka's death. At a National Security Agency meeting, a general is upset that Wakanda

has declared their country a no fly zone. Everett Ross arrives to give a brief history, after which the general wants to invade

Wakanda. When Everett explains how it's already been tried, the general assaults Everett and Dondi has him thrown out. That

night in a prison cell, Cannibal says to Klaw that a presidential pardon is appealing. Green grass and trees in Washington, DC.


The same night as BP4 1. Everett tells Dondi about T'Challa. Dondi states that it's standard operating procedure to have a

military option in place for any potential threat to the US and notes that this is a job for special forces. Klaw and Cannibal go

into a whorehouse, where Cannibal switches bodies with a hooker, then they drive off.


One evening. This story occurs after A4 3-FB. Beast, Emma Frost, Iceman, and Christine Palmer attempt to resuscitate

Nightcrawler who became comatose while being operated on because of injuries he received during a battle with Vermin. While

unconscious, Nightcrawler interacts with various aspects from his life. In the depths of his memory, he comes across a trunk and

is about to open it, but Emma telepathically pulls him back to consciousness. The reference to "February" is entirely in Kurt's


NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #8 (1-2)

Probably the same night as NC3 7. At the Xavier Institute, Storm and Beast interrogate Vermin about why he attacked

Nightcrawler, but he says nothing. Emma tells Cyclops and Iceman that Vermin really does not know why he did and that a third

party might be involved.

Thursday, June 4


The day after FOES 4 (1-5). This segment occurs after M/TU3 6. On a "Thursday," Reed brings Super-Skrull to the SHIELD

Helicarrier, where he is placed in stasis with the Diamonback LMD and the evil Tony Stark from another dimension. "Hours

later," Reed (now growing a beard) notes that, with SHIELD's assistance, the new Vault could be completed in "a matter of

weeks" - before FOES 5 (1-18). The FF decide to field-test Reed's device for hunting down their foes, so they drop the kids off

with She-Hulk (who's sleeping around) and head underground. The team battles and captures Mole Man and bring him to the

Helicarrier for safekeeping. Andrew Lewis returns home from work to his monstrous "wife" and notes that construction of the

Vault will start "in a few days." Green grass and trees in New York.

NEW X-MEN: HELLIONS #2 (11-18)

Perhaps the day after NXH 2 (7-10). Sooraya is reunited with her mother in Afghanistan, Julian gets his wish of being a hero,

and Brian becomes Santo's and Julian's agent.


One day, probably several days after XU2 9-FB (6-10). Logan attends Johnny's funeral.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #3 (1-21)

One day. In Niganda, the Rhino takes down a real rhino and Batroc insults him. Klaw talks to Batroc while Cannibal watches.

Klaw mentions that the Rhino fought the Hulk. Batroc and Klaw look into a containment box, which is holding a new Russian

Radioactive Man. Batroc asks what their chances of defeating the Black Panther are, and Klaw responds by relating his history

with T'Chaka. Cannibal is at the Vatican, where a priest takes her to the Ebony Blade is in a glass case. In another room, a new

Black Knight is sparring on his flying horse with someone. The horse poops on Cannibal.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #4 (1-6)

The same day as BP4 3 (1-21). A class is touring Wakanda's Vibranium factory when an earthquake hits. A kid falls, but the

Black Panther saves him. From a distance, it's revealed that Igor is the cause of the quake. At the factory, Black Panther, his

uncle and staff are trying to determine the cause of the tremors. Shuri offers to investigate, but the Panther declines. The Panther

then talks to the kid he saved.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #3 (22-23)

The same day as BP4 4 (1-6). M'Butu is beating a servant when Klaw arrives. M'Butu has hired Klaw to kill T'Challa and

overthrow Wakanda. Klaw says the attack starts tomorrow at dawn.


One day. Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson defend Dr. Wiles in his murder trial. Murdock senses a man in the room no one else

can see. As the man leaves Murdock follows and Foggy calls for a recess. Daredevil catches the man on the roof but is

ambushed by three cloaked agents. As they gain an advantage, Daredevil is merged with the Uni-Power and the villains flee.

After gaining control of his new senses, Daredevil returns home as the Uni-Power explains why he has merged with him.

Murdock and Foggy try to figure out what's going on. That evening, Daredevil uses his new senses to sniff out and attack the

agents. The agents gain the upper hand and Daredevil asks the Uni-Power to leave him. The Uni-Power complies and Daredevil

beats them down and finds out they are from AIM. He makes a call to the Black Widow for a favor. Green trees in New York.

SABLE & FORTUNE #1 (8-11)

One day, "two weeks" before S&F 1 (12-16). In a simulcast to all Wild Pack frequencies, Silver Sable announces her retirement

and the dissolution of the Wild Pack. Shortly afterwards, Sable is visited in her office by operative Andreas Vadas, who she

reminds of the four failed operations and a fifth that failed "yesterday." Vadas agrees that the Wild Pack is a bureaucratic mess

but tells her he is going to miss her. He leaves her with a plane ticket to France and a CD containing his personal case notes on

the Hamburg operation. This includes information showing a high possibility that comm/optech. Artur Sobczak and unit

commander Joannes Boros compromised Hamburg and have gone AWOL, presumably to the south of France. The CD also

includes the code word "single malt sunrise."

GAMBIT v4 #10 - FB (9:2-9:3)

One day between GAM4 9 and 10. Madame Camille makes Genevieve call Gambit to inform him about the DVD she mailed.

Genevieve then makes a backup disk. Remy embarks from New Orleans to New York by car to beat the DVD to the Institute.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #8 (3-18)

One day. Nightcrawler, Wolverine, and Christine Palmer travel through Bavaria and Kurt remembers his childhood. That

evening after Wolverine retires, Kurt explains more of his past to Christine. Green grass and trees in Germany. Full moon.


It must be the day after PPTSS2 23 (21-22), since it is "two days" after PPTSS2 23 (3-20). A worried Mary Jane decides to go to

Paris, where, under the pretense of showing Peter around, Sarah makes a drop and runs into a gang. Peter helps Sarah but

remains in the dark about what's going on right through a picnic they have in a cemetery. Bare trees in Paris.


The same day as PPTSS2 24. It is "about a year" after SPECSM 25-FB (8:2) and more than a year after PPTSS2 25-FB (7:3-

7:6). After a sniper unsuccessfully tries to kill Sarah, Peter gets Sarah to tell him about her history of drug running and

addiction. Sarah tries to get Peter to fall in love with her and M.J. arrives in Paris and catches Sarah kissing Peter. M.J. takes off

and while wandering through Paris, she encounters Gabriel, whose memory is shot. Bare trees and green grass in Paris. Waxing

crescent moon.


The same night as PPTSS2 25. Spidey confers with Interpol on Sarah's case and hears that M.J. is back at the Stacy estate, quite

probably with Gabriel. Spidey smashes into the Stacy house and fights Gabriel, who thinks that M.J. is Sarah. When M.J. rejects

him, Gabriel leaves. Then Spidey goes after Sarah, who has taken out Dupres' gang and is about to kill Dupres. Sarah can't

bring herself to do it and Interpol arrests Dupres. Interpol asks Sarah to work with them and agrees to assign doctors to finding a

cure for her and Gabriel's accelerated aging. The full moon is inconsistent with the crescent moon of PPTSS2 25.

Friday, June 5

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #8 (19-22)

The morning after NC3 8 (3-18). Kurt, Logan, and Christine continue their journey. As they come over a ridge they see

Nightcrawler's former circus ablaze. Green grass and trees in Germany.


The same day as NC3 8 (19-22). Margali comes to Limbo looking for her daughter, Magik, and finds her being tortured by

Nightmare. Nightcrawler, Wolverine, and Christine Palmer search the destroyed Winzeldorf circus and find several survivors,

one of whom, Feur the fire-eater, tells them that creatures and monsters came looking for a sword and destroyed everything, and

that they are headed for another circus in Florida. Kurt knows this circus in Florida and has several memories about it, for it is

where he spent a short time between Germany and joining the X-Men. Wolverine radios Cyclops, who arrives with the

Blackbird and transports the injured to a hospital in Munich. While Cyclops is on the phone with Emma, Kurt, Logan, and

Christine take the Blackbird without Cyclops' knowledge and head for Florida. On the plane, Nightcrawler remembers his time

in Florida. On reaching Florida, Nightcrawler uses a special glider to make it to the swamp carnival while Logan and Christine

park the Blackbird. Once Kurt reaches the circus, he hunts for Jardine to warn him about the coming terror. In Limbo, Margali

and a wounded Magik interrogate Nightmare who does not know why he attacked her. Suspecting he was used, the three team

up to find out who's responsible. At the circus, Nightcrawler finds Jardine and warns him but he does not care. Just then an

army of possessed show up including Man-Thing, Carrion, Gator, and zombies. Green grass and trees in Germany, Florida, and

New York.


The same day as NC3 9. As Nightcrawler still tries to convince Jardine to leave the circus, the Man-Thing attacks them. Kurt

attacks Gator, then Carrion. Christine and Wolverine show up. Carrion says they are after the Soulsword, but Kurt says he does

not have it. During the battle, everyone except Kurt, Logan, Christine, and Jardine are put into a deep sleep by Nightmare,

Magik, and Margali, who arrive in the nick of time. Magik informs Kurt of an imbalance on a cosmic scale and Kurt gets

frustrated by the usual way Amanda doesn't answer his questions. Margali reveals that an incredibly powerful source is working

behind the scenes to get to the Soulsword through Kurt. Nightcrawler points out that Amanda is supposed to have the

Soulsword, but Amanda reveals that sometime ago, she hid it within him so evil could not get it. Margali withdraws the

Soulsword from Kurt and Jardine asks if he can hold it. When she refuses, millions of flies pour from him and attack the group.

Kurt warns everyone to cover their eyes and ears while the flies swarm around them. When it's all over, Wolverine stabs

Christine; he is now possessed by the entity known as Hive. He vows to kill them all to get the Soulsword. Green grass and trees

in Germany.


The same day as NC3 10. Given Logan's remark in NC3 8 that not everyone can revisit their past, this story likely occurs before

HOM 1 (7-17). Nightcrawler teleports the Hive-possessed Wolverine away before he can injure anyone else while Magik tends

to the wounded Christine. Kurt teleports Logan to the top of a roller-coaster and twists his neck, then teleports to check on the

others. Magik has stabilized Christine. Nightmare finds where Wolverine's displaced consciousness was sent and Margali tells

Kurt to defeat Hive with the Soulsword. Nightcrawler returns to Hive, whose Wolverine body has healed. Hive leaves Logan's

body and Nightcrawler finds the demon among the insects. Kurt tries to get info but Hive is then killed by the one orchestrating

this affair. Wolverine returns to normal and Kurt rejoins his friends. He learns Christine will be safe and the others believe it is

all over, but Kurt knows better. Green grass and trees in Germany. Full moon.


The day after PPTSS2 26 (1-21). This story must occur "just" before ASM 515 (19-22). Peter and M.J. take a plane back to

New York.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #4 (7-22)

The day after BP4 3 (22-23). The new Black Knight gives a religious speech to the group before the dawn attack on Wakanda.

W'Kabi informs the Panther that the Rhino is coming. Wakandan jets pursue the Rhino, but they're intercepted by the Black

Knight, who destroys one jet. Shuri investigates the tremors when a projectile falls into the factory. Igor comes out and kills all

the factory workers. In Washington, an aide alerts Everett Ross of the attack on Wakanda. In briefing Dondi, the general from

BP4 1 mentions that Niganda is using "Ulysses Klaw, a high-level Belgian assassin." Also involved in the attack are Batroc and

a new Russian Radioactive Man. One of the government guys urges helping their Wakandan allies, but another mentions that

U.S. troops are spread too thin already. Green grass and trees in Washington, DC.


The same day as BP4 4 (7-22). In Wakanda, the Rhino defies the jets that are trying to pinpoint him. Nigandan troops enter

through the path the Rhino made, so Black Panther calls M'Butu and they insult each other. Black Panther decides to fight the

new Black Knight on his skybike. Shuri calls Uncle and tells him about Radioactive Man. Rhino is subdued with gas and the

Panther defeats Black Knight. At the United Nations in New York, Cannibal approaches T'Shan. Posing as the Radioactive

Man's wife, she tells them a story about how he ''died'' at Chernobyl and that he contacted her recently. She mentions

"...finding out your husband's not dead after 10 years?" She asks if Wakanda can cure him while someone does a background

check on her. On a aircraft carrier, Everett Ross briefs the brigade being sent in to "assist" Wakanda. On his skybike flying over

the battle, the Panther is being briefed on the situation. Instead of joining the fight he decides to go to Niganda. He finds and

attacks M'Butu. The Queen is attacked by Batroc, who is with Klaw. Klaw wears his red jumpsuit, sans hat. He still has human

features and hair, no flat nose, etc. The brigade arrives at Wakanda.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #8 - FB (8:5)

The same day as BP4 5. As war with Wakanda breaks out, the Nigandan power grid fails and Dr. Paine's mutated creatures

escape before his factory's backup generators kick in. The creatures eat people.


The same day as BP4 5. Having pummeled M'Butu into unconsciousness, T'Challa talks to Klaw and the Queen via

videophone. Klaw tells Igor to make more tremors, which he does, and the brigade notices. Klaw tells the Panther to kill

himself. In New York, T'Shan, Cannibal, and the other guy leave the UN to fly to Wakanda in a trip that will last "an hour." In

Wakanda, Black Panther and Klaw are still talking through videophone when T'Challa's uncle shows up in his old Black Panther

outfit with security people. Security takes down Batroc, but Klaw shoots the uncle's leg off. Klaw hacks into Wakandan

cyberspace. He notices the brigade and tells Igor to destroy Wakanda in 15 minutes. Shuri attacks Igor. W'Kabi notices Klaw

in cyberspace and boots him out. Igor chases Shuri, who finds Black Knight's Ebony Blade. Klaw notices Batroc has been tied

up and that everyone else is gone. Outside, the uncle is carried away by security people and the Queen is carrying his leg. Klaw

takes aim at them through the window. The Panther jumps through the window and hits Klaw as he fires; the blast hits the

airborne jet, which contains T'Shan, Cannibal, and the other guy. Black Panther fights and kills Klaw. Shuri kills Igor with the

Ebony Blade. At the plane crash site, Cannibal jumps into T'Shan's body; the other guy is dead. Black Panther tells the recently

arrived brigade to go away. Everett Ross is on the aircraft carrier with the military guys on the other end of the call.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #10 - FB (10:4)

The same day as BP4 6. T'Challa has the Rhino and Black Knight in captivity.

Saturday, June 6

DEFENDERS v3 #1 (1-12)

One day, sometime after C&DP 10. Because Namor (who is back in his classic trunks) suggests that Strange consult the

Avengers, this story must occur after A4 10. Nightmare possesses Wong and warns Dr. Strange that Dormammu and Umar have

teamed up to invade earth. Strange recruits Bruce Banner, who is wandering the back roads of New Mexico, and Namor, who is

fighting off yet another barbarian invasion of Atlantis.


The same day as DEF3 1 (1-12). Strange tries to recruit the Silver Surfer, but the Surfer declines, preferring to surf with a bunch

of young folks at Long Beach, likely making it summer.

DEFENDERS v3 #1 (13-22)

The same day as DEF3 1-FB. As he prepares for an invasion, Dormammu argues with Umar and notes that "there's been a shift

in the cosmic axis! The very laws of the universe are evaporating before our eyes." Namor and Banner bicker at Strange's

Sanctum, and when Banner turns into Hulk, Strange teleports the them and himself to the barrier between the Dark Dimension

and Dormammu's realm. A shifting of the barrier has caused Hulk to land on the side with the Mindless Ones instead of in

Dormammu's domain with Strange and Namor. Dormammu detects the Defenders and teleports his army to battle them.


The same day as DEF3 1 (13-22). Dormammu captures Strange and Namor while Umar takes possession of the Hulk, turned to

stone. The Surfer is disillusioned by his surfer friends. Umar taunts Dormammu and the pair journey to encounter Eternity,

inending to bend him to their will and remake all creation.


The same day as DEF3 2. Dormammu absorbs some of Eternity and remakes reality in his own image. The Surfer questions the

customs of the surfers. Umar turns the Hulk back to normal and has her way with him. She gets paranoid when Hulk turns into

Banner. After he's given some water, Subby breaks free and releases Strange. They travel from the Dark Dimension to find the

earth transformed. Dormammu observes their arrival with an ersatz version of Dr. Strange.


The same day as DEF3 3. Umar tries unsuccessfully to get Banner to change to Hulk and the ersatz Dr. Strange tortures Clea.

The ersatz Strange sends doppelgangers of MU heroes to battle Namor and the real Strange, who encounter an alternate Banner.

As Namor defeats the doppelgangers and meets his alternate self, Strange battles his ersatz counterpart and falls.


The same day as DEF3 4. Namor allies himself with the doppelgangers and Umar to attack Dormammu, who is defeated thanks

to Strange's trickery, Umar's intervention, and the Hulk's strength. Umar wrests control of the Eternity power from Dormammu

but claims no interest in using it against earth. The Defenders' world returns to normal and the doppelgangers cease to exist.

Namor takes off and Strange and Banner discover that they have a new companion - a powerless Dormammu trapped in a small,

grotesque form. The Surfer takes his leave of the surfers. This story ends before "five o'clock" on a day the aquarium in New

York is open.


One day, "a while" after ASM 515 (16-17) and "just" after PPTSS2 26 (22-23). This story must occur after M/HOL3 1 (16), ASMU2 8/2 (11), ASMU2 13/2 (7-11), M/TU3 9, ASMU2 14, and SM:B 5. Prompted by a call from Stark Industries, Peter checks in on Charlie Weiderman, only to discover that Weiderman has been taking dangerous shortcuts in his work with vibranium. After Peter threatens to shut him down, Weiderman pushes ahead and his carelessness causes an explosion. Weiderman lies in the rubble covered in his skinsuit. Green grass and trees in New York.

SHE-HULK v4 #1 - FB (9:5, 10:1)

One day, shortly after S-H4 1-FB (9:6). Holliway decides to go find his daughter and records a message for Jen.

GAMBIT v4 #10

One day, probably a few days after GAM4 9. This story must occur before ROGUE3 7 (1-12). Kitty lectures Eugene, Quill, and

Winston about stealing and passes them off for instruction to Gambit, who has arrived from New Orleans. Gambit and the kids

train and encounter several X-Men, including Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Beast, Marvel Girl, Emma Frost, and Cyclops, who

recruits Gambit for a mission - fighting monsters in Manhattan with Cyclops, Havok, Polaris, Nightcrawler, and Emma. After

the group returns, the kids give Gambit the DVD. That night, Belladonna and Bandit watch the backup disk made by Genevieve.

Green grass and trees at Westchester.

Sunday, June 7


A Tokyo newspaper prints a story about Sunfire's family ties to crime and terrorism, "three days" before ROGUE3 7 (1-12).


On a "Sunday," the FF defeat Hydro-Man. Reed is bearded here and it is unlikely that he appears clean-shaven in other

adventures between FOES 4 (in which his beard was growing) and now.

NEW X-MEN: HELLIONS #2 (19-20)

One day. Having given them a taste of their dream lives, Kingmaker recalls the Hellions to Los Angeles.

GAMBIT v4 #11 - FB (7:1)

One day. Gambit exchanges a copy of FF #1 for information about Rutherford Loomis' rifle.


The day after ASM 515 (19-22). Just after "midnight," firefighters encounter Weiderman at the scene of the explosion. Later

that morning, Peter sees a news story on the explosion and calls in sick to school so he can investigate as Spidey. After learning

some facts from police, Peter returns to his apartment, where Weiderman shows up insisting that Peter help him.


The same day as ASM 516. Spidey states that he has "just come from" Paris (a reference to PPTSS2 26). Weiderman tells Peter

to cash his Stark money so he can find a way out of his skinsuit. Peter changes to Spider-Man and tells M.J. to stay in a hotel

with May. Weiderman kills his high school tormentor Rich. Spidey catches up with Weiderman but is distracted when innocents

are threatened. Enraged that Peter must have tipped off Spidey, Weiderman slips away to May's house in Forest Hills.


The same night as ASM 517. This story occurs "some months" before FNSM 8-FB. Spidey calls Stark "boss," an indication that

this story occurs after A4 6. This story must occur before M/KSM 13 (1-6). After battling Charlie again, Spidey comes up with

a way to defeat him. He traps Charlie in a pressure chamber and the high pressure solidifies Charlie's vibranium skin, rendering

him immobile. Both Peter and M.J.'s apartment and May's house are destroyed.

Monday, June 8

FANTASTIC FOUR: FOES #5 - FB (6:2-6:3)

The day after FOES 5-FB (6:1). On a "Monday," the FF defeat the Grey Gargoyle, then "Monday night," they defeat the



The day after ASM 518. This story must occur before ASMU2 12/2 (1-4). As Peter, M.J., and Aunt May survey the ruins of

May's house, Tony Stark stops by and takes them all to Stark Tower to live. Tony introduces May and M.J. to Logan, Jessica,

Cage, Cap, and Jarvis. Meanwhile, Hydra rises up again by extinguishing its "mediocre" syndicate men and creating men with

the powers of the Avengers. Green grass and trees and light clothing in New York.


The same day as ASM 519. Hydra unveils their new Avenger-like agents.

NEW X-MEN: HELLIONS #2 (21-22)

Probably the day after NXH 2 (19-20). Desiring GenetAssist's research, Dr. Octopus contacts the Kingmaker, who earmarks the

Hellions for a raid on GenetAssist's facility.


The same day as NXH 2 (17-22). Having tasted their wishes come true, the Hellions sign with the Kingmaker and agree to take a

project from GenetAssist, presumably to keep it safe from terrorists. Green trees in Beverly Hills.


The same day as ("two hours" after) NXH 3-FB. Diamondback and Paladin snatch the project from GenetAssist, but the

Hellions show up and fight them for it. The two mercenaries explain that they're working for SHIELD, but the Hellions don't

buy it and defeat the mercs. When they bring the project to the Kingmaker, who reveals his lie to the group and identifies the

project as a biological weapon. Regardless of the Kingmaker's intentions, Julian agrees to live up to the deal the team made with

him. Green trees in Beverly Hills.


The same night as NX:H 3. This story probably occurs before C&DP 20 (2-14). Nick Fury (LMD), obviously in charge of

SHIELD, reconnoiters with Diamondback and Paladin at GenetAssist. Julian gives Kingmaker the weapon but tricks him into

tearing up his contract with his team. The Hellions battle and eventually subdue Kingmaker and get the weapon back. Fury

(LMD), Diamondback, and Paladin arrive to claim the weapon, but the Hellions corrupt it, making it worthless. Green trees in

southern California.

GAMBIT v4 #11 (5-21)

One night, "one week" after GAM4 11 (1-4). Gambit steals Loomis' rifle from a museum. Bandit arrives and fights Gambit.

Belladonna arrives and the trio fight security guards. Tanaka kills her partner Fredrickson and steals a truck full of guns. Gambit

and Belladonna catch up on old times. Bandit plans to kill Gambit with the combined Thieves and Assassins Guilds, and when

Tanaka arrives with her truck full of guns, they decide to team up. Green trees in New Orleans. The full moon here is

inconsistent with that shown in GAM4 11 (1-4).

GAMBIT v4 #12 (1-2)

The same night as GAM4 11 (5-21). Bandit, Tanaka, and the combined Guilds inspect the guns Tanaka brought, and she has a



One night, "two weeks" after GSA 1/5. Cage and Spidey are attacked in Stark Tower by Emperor None, who is disappointed that the classic Avengers aren't around. Logan returns from a beer run and skewers the villain, who mystically disappears. Full moon.

Tuesday, June 9


The day after FOES 5-FB (6:2-6:3). On a "Tuesday," the FF defeat the Wizard.


The day after ASM 520 (1-2). M.J.'s play "opens in two nights," in ASM 521 (1-20). Logan's daily habits are well-known to

his teammates, so it appears he's been living at Avengers Tower for a while. Aunt May relieves Jarvis of breakfast duty and

stands up to Logan. Responding to four sites of apparent robberies, the Avengers battle Hydra's ersatz Avengers and have their

butts handed to them before the Hydra agents take off.

NEW X-MEN: HELLIONS #4 (17-22)

The day after NX:H 4 (1-16). This segment may occur before NX:AXY 1/2. Rockslide has to abandon his wrestling career and

Dust loses track of her mother. Cessily learns that her parents' acceptance was a result of mind control and she is again estranged

from them. Julian argues with his parents about Kingmaker. Emma Frost comes to Los Angeles and arranges for the release of

Kingmaker from custody with strings attached. Later, back at the Institute, Julian asks Emma if the Hellions can stay there

instead of at his parents' place. Emma agrees but insists that the team train. Green grass and trees at Westchester. A California

newspaper is dated "Tuesday, October 8, 2005," but the weather forecast in it is "sunny and warm, High 95-100" - given the fact

that it's still summer vacation at Xavier's, the date is clearly incorrect.

GAMBIT v4 #12 (3-8)

The day after GAM4 12 (1-2). Gambit poses as a SHIELD agent at the crime scene where Tanaka killed her partner Fredrickson

and others. "Later," Gambit informs Belladonna of Bandit's extracurricular activities.

Wednesday, June 10


The day after FOES 5-FB (7:2). On a "Friday," the FF defeat the Molecule Man.


The day after ASM 520 (3-19). When photos of three of the defeats are published in the Bugle, Peter comes up with a theory

about what happened and shares it with Bugle staff - the robberies were smokescreens for the smuggling of something dangerous

into the country.

GAMBIT v4 #12 (9-22)

The day after GAM4 12 (3-8). Gambit drops in on Bandit and Tanaka, who are discussing their plan to kill Remy. A fight

ensues and Belladonna joins in. Gambit disarms Tanaka's bomb and defeats her. The combined Guilds attack, and Gambit,

Bandit, and Belladonna defeat them. "Later," Gambit drops Tanaka off at the police station. "And later still," Gambit convinces

Madame Camille to look after Belladonna, who broke up with Bandit. Gambit turns Geneviere's affections towards Brother

Voodoo, who does not appear in this issue. Gambit decides to leave New Orleans and go back to the Xavier Institute. Green

trees in New Orleans.

ROGUE v3 #7 (1-12)

One day, "years" after UX 64. It cannot be only "two days" before ROGUE3 11. This segment must occur after X:KPSF 5,

GAM4 10, and A4 13 (1-21). This segment, leading up to Sunfire's amputation in ROGUE3 10, must occur after M/TU3 10 and

W:S 5. It must be long enough after M/TU3 13 for Tokyo to have at least partially recovered from Titannus' destruction. It is

"three days" after a Tokyo newspaper printed a story about Sunfire's family ties to crime and terrorism and Sunfire has not slept

in that time. In a diner, Rogue sees a TV report noting that "today" the Japanese government suspended Sunfire's status as

national protector pending an investigation. The report shows a photo of Sunfire with Rogue and Mystique, but Rogue cannot

remember any such meeting. Logan leaves a message on Sunfire's answering machine, offering to help. Disgraced, Sunfire

instructs Silver Samurai to kill him but they are interrupted by a call from Rogue, who wants to help Shiro solve the mystery of

the photo. The Samurai offers to have a plane retrieve Rogue "within hours." Rogue is wearing a coat.

X-FACTOR v3 #1 - FB (15:2)

One day. Guido hangs a new sign on the building housing X-Factor Investigations, which Madrox has bought with his million-

dollar winnings. Light clothing.


One day, probably after NW3 1-FB (2-23). Jackson Weele attends a Vil-Anon meeting with Armadillo and two other reforming

villains, Man-Bull and Equinox.

Thursday, June 11

ROGUE v3 #7 (13-22)

The day after ROGUE3 7 (1-12). A plane arrives to pick up Rogue, who thinks that she'll be in Japan "within twenty-four

hours." Lady Deathstrike emerges from the plane and attacks Rogue. Rogue defeats Deathstrike and takes off in the plane.

Silver Samurai reports to his boss about Deathstrike's defeat. We see green grass and melting snow and people wearing coats

wherever Rogue is.


The day after FOES 5-FB (7:1). On a "Thursday," the FF defeat Trapster.


It must be the day after ASM 520 (20-22), as it's two days after ASM 520 (3-19). Peter shares his theory with Cap, who

encourages him to investigate. Cap notes that "for the last ten years, Hydra has been just one more crime cartel. It hasn't been

nearly the threat it used to be." - apparently Cap doesn't consider "Enemy of the State" to have been a threatening situation.

Peter consults intelligence databases on Stark's mainframe and discovers that SHIELD agents assigned to monitor Hydra have

been missing "in the last few weeks" and that Hydra leaders have gone missing as well. That night, Peter attends the opening of

M.J.'s play, "Cat's Always Lie." Then Peter and M.J. attend an after-party, where they encounter tabloid photographer Vincent

Chambliss. They also see pharmaceutical company head and Broadway lover Edgar Lascombe. Peter's Spidey-sense goes off

and he follows a suspicious man who wears a Hydra ring. The man is killed when struck by a car and Lascombe arranges for an

ambulance to take him away. Lascombe then goes home, where a hidden Hydra base exists. Lascombe reviews a plan with his

lieutenants to unleash biological weapons into the Ogallala Aquifer. Chambliss catches M.J. entering Stark Tower and, covering

up the fact that she lives there, notes that she's there to see Tony Stark.

SHE-HULK v4 #14 - FB (14:2)

One day. Awesome Andy pushes Mallory Book's wheelchair through the park. Green grass and trees in New York.


One day. Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson defend Dr. Wiles in his murder trial. Murdock senses a man in the room no one else

can see. As the man leaves Murdock follows and Foggy calls for a recess. Daredevil catches the man on the roof but is

ambushed by three cloaked agents. As they gain an advantage, Daredevil is merged with the Uni-Power and the villains flee.

After gaining control of his new senses, Daredevil returns home as the Uni-Power explains why he has merged with him.

Murdock and Foggy try to figure out what's going on. That evening, Daredevil uses his new senses to sniff out and attack the

agents. The agents gain the upper hand and Daredevil asks the Uni-Power to leave him. The Uni-Power complies and Daredevil

beats them down and finds out they are from AIM. He makes a call to the Black Widow for a favor. Green trees in New York.

ORDER v2 #6 - FB (8:3)

One day. Mulholland Black gets a tattoo.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #9/2 - FB (5:1)

One day. Juggernaut appears here, which may place this flashback after UX 461. Iceman prepares to throw a snowball at Beast.

We see green trees and outdoor pool weather at Xavier's.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #9/2 - FB (7:4-7:5)

One day. Iceman watches TV in his room at Xavier's.

Friday, June 12


One morning. Iceman wakes up and writes a letter of resignation that he stashes in a drawer with a pile of identical letters written

on previous occasions. Beast provokes Iceman into chasing him.


The morning after ASM 521 (1-20). M.J. creeps out to get the morning edition of the Daily Tattler, but Logan has beaten her to

it. The headline reads "Married Model in Love Tryst with Tony Stark."


The same day as ASM 521 (21-22). Peter and M.J. react to the tabloid headline and Peter throws Logan out of Stark Tower for

pushing his buttons. Tony reports to Peter that the Hydra gunman Spidey took out "last night" is an employee of Lascombe's

and instructs Peter to check on Lascombe. Jarvis and Aunt May get friendly. Spidey goes to Lascombe's place and discovers

and infiltrates the Hydra base below it. He sees Hydra preparing for the poisoning of the Ogallala Aquifer in "47 hours."

Swinging into action, Spidey encounters the ersatz Avengers.


The same day as ASM 522. The new Avengers (Cap, Iron Man, Cage, Spider-Woman) show up to help Spidey battle their ersatz

counterparts. In response to the heroes' attack, Hydra rushes its assault on the Ogallala Aquifer by launching its missile early

and Spidey hops aboard. He redirects the missile into the ocean where it explodes and he plummets to the sea.


The same day as ASM 523. It is "two days" before IM 524 (4-22). Iron Man catches Spidey, who blacks out.


The same day as ASM 524 (1-3). The rest of the New Avengers rout Hydra, who evacuate their New York base and destroy it,

forcing the heroes to save people endangered by the explosions. Lascombe and the ersatz Avengers get away.


The day after FOES 5-FB (7:2). On a "Friday," the FF defeat the Molecule Man.

ROGUE v3 #8

The day after ROGUE3 7 (13-22). Rogue arrives in Japan and ambushes Sunfire, who she thinks sent Deathstrike after her. She

invades his mind and discovers he was duped by Silver Samurai. Kenuchio beheads a bunch of Yakuza leaders and brings the

heads back to his captive, the memory thief who reset his mind. She gets Kenuchio to set her free, but Deathstrike shows up.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #2 (22-23)

One day, "two weeks" after NW3 2 (2-21). Papers are signed and the zoo reopens without cages. The Super Apes perform

shows and the Warriors are given the key to Salina. After filming, the Apes want the Warriors to take Erika with them but she is

assigned to them to make sure they're not exploited. After this, I presume that the apes rejoin Red Ghost to appear in FOES 5 (1-

18). Green trees in Kansas.


The day after CU/DD 1 (1-17). It is "weeks" after CU/H 1 (7-22). Matt and Milla are clearly separated from each other at this

point in time, so this segment must occur before DD2 76. SHIELD agent Khanata (who wears a coat) intervenes at the trial and

the D.A. drops the charges. He asks Murdock about the Uni-Power, but Matt gives no answers. Later that evening, Daredevil

visits Dr. Wiles' lab. The Uni-Power apologizes to the doctor, but Wiles has no answers that will help it and suggests finding out

what AIM knows. Green trees in New York. Full moon.


One day, after GAM4 12 (9-22) and "a little over a year" before NW4 3. Bandit gets into a car accident and loses his legs.

Saturday, June 13


Presumably the day after FOES 5-FB (7:3), and thus a Saturday. It may be a few weeks, not a "few months," after FOES 2 (10-

22) and it is "a matter of weeks" after FOES 4 (6-21). Andrew Lewis takes a tour of the nearly-completed Negative Zone Vault,

where we see a number of villains incarcerated, including Sphinx, Mole Man, Puppet Master, Klaw, Dragon Man, and Mad

Thinker. The FF defeat Diablo and the Thing gets burned. That night, the group defeats Red Ghost and his Super Apes, who

I've placed here after NW3 2 (22-23). Green trees in New York.

GENERATION M #3 - FB (7:2)

One day. Photographer Joey V. takes a picture of a police chase.


Probably the day after NW3 2 (22-23). TV executives watch the video pilot for the New Warriors' TV show.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #3 (1-20)

The same day as NW3 1. This segment must occur before RUN2 11. Using a slide show, Ashley continues to try to sell the

Warriors' show through his production company in New York. The Warriors' RV breaks down 50 miles outside Wichita.

Speedball and Microbe have a heart to heart. Night Thrasher, Nova, and Namorita are refused service at a gas station. They head

to a truck stop and Nova almost gets arrested for being with prostitutes. At dusk, the quartet return to the RV to find out Microbe

got some bacteria to fix the tire. Ashley calls to say the show has been picked up. That evening, executives plan for new


ROGUE v3 #9 (1-11)

The night (in Japan) of the day after ROGUE3 8. It is "a day and a half" after ROGUE7 (13-22). Rogue and Sunfire shake down

some lowlifes and discover that Kenuchio killed every Oyabun in Tokyo "last night." They also find out about a meeting of gang

chiefs "tomorrow night." It is a "Saturday." Full moon.


One day. The Pitiful One, a deceased super-villain, uses a green goo from hell to give life to the deceased Miss America,

Mysterio, Kraven, and Anarchist. Dr. Strange detects something amiss, and Wong takes him to see a shrink for depression. That

night, the reanimated dead folks storm the U.N. building, where they kill a bunch of folks. Strange makes contact with the Pitiful

One before the dead guys disappear. Strange decides to contact Dead Girl for help. Short-sleeve weather in New York.


One day. Wolverine fights a Hydra robot near the edge of the atmosphere.


The same day as GSW 1-FB (13:2). It is "a couple of months" after W3 31 (1-18). In Waverly, North Dakota, LeeLee Buchman

checks out the robot that crashes in her lawn and finds Logan. LeeLee brings him into the barn and tries to clean him up. A

neighbor and the local sheriff check out the robot and think it's an alien spacecraft. They go to the nearby Buchman place to see

if they've seen any aliens. They ask Lee's stepfather Horace, but he's drunk. Meanwhile, Logan tells LeeLee hoe he ended up

here. The Hydra robot reactivates and destroys the barn, but Logan in turn destroys it. Meanwhile, Horace yells at LeeLee.

Elsewhere, a posse is being formed to fight the "alien invasion," and some Hydra agents are nearby to lend a hand. Bare trees

and coat weather in North Dakota.

Sunday, June 14


The early morning after GSW 1 (1-17). This segment must occur before UJ 1 (4-22), in which Hydra is referred to as "foremost no longer." LeeLee fills Logan in on her family history and how the sheriff "killed" her deformed mother. Horace informs them

that the sheriff is coming and tries to tell the sheriff to go away. He doesn't listen, so Logan attacks. Hydra calls in reinforcements. Horace is killed, which upsets Mama, who's a tumor-monster in the basement, so she kills all the attackers.

Afterwards, Logan buries Mama's old human body and tells LeeLee that he'll take her to people who could take care of her.

They walk off into the sunrise.


One "Sunday." Kurt goes to church.


The day after FOES 5 (1-18), and thus a Sunday. Reed finds a transmitter hidden in the wall of his lab. Andrew Lewis gives his

"wife" a tour of the Vault, then she reveals her alien nature, kills Andrew and the Guardsmen, and frees the captive villains,

including her boss, the Mad Thinker.


The same day as FOES 5 (19-22). This story probably occurs before BP4 9 and X 176 (9-23) and after HERC 5. The Wizard

escapes after this to appear in TB2 12 (1-19) and C&DP 25-FB (1/2:2). Reed traces the transmitter and figures everything out.

The FF, joined by She-Hulk and Hercules, show up at the Vault and stop the villains' escape. The Mad Thinker and Threska, the

alien who was posing as Lewis' wife, elude the heroes, but only temporarily. Thinker reveals that Reed's obsession with

building a prison in the Negative Zone was a set-up to return Threska to her native dimension, where she and the Thinker could

stay. The FF apprehend the Thinker. Later, aboard the SHIELD Helicarrier, Fury (LMD) tells Reed that Lewis blames Reed for

the murder of his real wife and the whole Vault episode. Reed probably shaves shortly after this story. Diablo next appears, still

in the Negative Zone prison, in FOUR 26.


The day after XSP:DG 2. It is baseball season, as the Anarchist and Miss America attack Yankee Stadium during a Major

League baseball game. Kraven rampages on Wall Street and the Pitiful One enlists the aid of the U.S. president to find Strange.

The Ancient One tortures Wong. Mr. Sensitive agrees to join Strange's team if they help him find Edie. Anarchist and Miss

America get together. Strange's team goes to hell and attacks the Pitiful One's team. U-Go Girl arrives with Moira, Gwen, and

Stacy and the good guys beat a retreat. Wong breaks down and reveals the location of Strange's body to the Ancient and Pitiful



The same day as XSP:DG 3. Strange's team searches the Level of Dead Bureaucrats in hell for the Pitiful One's address. The

Ancient One and the Pitiful One take Wong and Strange's body to a hotel on the lower east side. Wong escapes and impales the

Pitiful One on a fence. The Pitiful One goes to hell and chastises Tike for cavorting. Wong finds a medium to transmit a

message to Strange about the danger his body faces. The Ancient One breaks the protective spell around Strange's body.


The same day as XSP:DG 4. Strange is pulled from hell and battles the Ancient One, who reveals that he's gone bad from

jealousy of Strange. Strange defeats him and locks his essence in a bottle. Phantom Rider, Moira, Gwen, and Mockingbird

depart and the Piano Player returns to the land of the living. Mr. Sensitive, U-Go Girl, Dead Girl, and Ant-Man encounter

Anarchist, Miss America, Pitiful One, Kraven, and Mysterio in theHotel Self-Loathing. The good guys beat the bad guys, and

Tike and Maddie try to reform. Dead Girl visits Strange at his Sanctum Sanctorum before she slips back into the world of the



One day, "two days" after ASM 524 (1-3). This segment must occur before SM/HT 5-FB. Peter awakens in Stark's lab, cured

from the effects of the biotoxins. Stark tells him that his blood tests reveal anomalies and asks if Peter has been blacking out

lately. After "months" of auditions with nothing to show for it, M.J.'s getting all kinds of offers because of the tabloid coverage.

As she and Peter reunite, Peter notices May and Jarvis holding hands. Stark blackmails Chambliss into retracting his story about

his tryst with M.J. That night, Peter blacks out in the bathroom for an hour.


One day, sometime before HOM 1 (7-17). The squads at the Xavier Institute pose for their class pictures with their advisors,

including Magma. I theorize that the occasion for these photos is the beginning of a summer semester, following the return of the

Hellions in NX:H 4 (17-22). Amara appears after this in X:198 1 (1-2).

ROGUE v3 #9 (12-23)

The night (in Japan) of the day after ROGUE3 9 (1-11), so it must be Sunday. At the gang chiefs' meeting, Silver Samurai calls

for their allegiance. Rogue and Sunfire attack and Kenuchio escapes, but Rogue discovers where his safe house is.

ROGUE v3 #10

The same night (in Japan) as ROGUE3 9 (12-23). "Twenty minutes later," Rogue and Sunfire arrive at the safe house and are

defeated by Deathstrike, who amputates Shiro's legs. "Three hours later," Rogue awakens, chained to a bed near Shiro, who's on

life-support. Blindspot arrives and restores the memories of her that she had stolen from Rogue. Blindspot explains how she's

been deceiving Deathstrike to stay alive.

ROGUE v3 #11

The same night as ROGUE3 10. It cannot be only "two days" after ROGUE3 7 (1-12); the erroneous reference can be chalked

up to Sunfire's physical and mental state. Everyone learns how they've been played by Blindspot, and when Deathstrike attacks,

Blindspot forces Rogue to absorb Sunfire's last reserves of power, apparently killing him. Rogue defeats Deathstrike, and when

the X-Men (Havok, Polaris, Iceman, and Wolverine) arrive on the scene, Blindspot removes Rogue's memories of being an X-

Man, reverting her to her villain days. Rogue subdues the X-Men, who she now sees as enemies.

ROGUE v3 #12

The same night as ROGUE3 11. Rogue battles the X-Men and flees with Blindspot. Rogue realizes that she "must be pushin'

thirty" and gets Blindspot to admit what she did to her, all because Blindspot wanted Rogue's companionship. Blindspot

restores Rogue's memories, and Rogue gives Blindspot her costume as a keepsake in exchange for her old Brotherhood uniform

before letting Blindspot go. Rogue rejoins her teammates and they discover that Sunfire is missing. Rogue now has Sunfire's

powers permanently, which places this issue before X 171 (1-4).


One evening, shortly after CU/DD 1 (18-22). This segment must occur after UX 461 and AAF2 12 (21-22). The new Scorpion,

Agent Khanata, and other SHIELD agents observe AIM agents dressed as construction workers performing tests. When the AIM

team pulls out weapons to intimidate some homeless kids who interrupt them, X-23 assaults the agents. When backup AIM

agents attack X-23, she is merged with the Uni-Power. When X-23's adversaries pull out weapons meant to capture the Uni-

Power, but they are intercepted by Scorpion. The two women defeat the AIM goons. The Uni-Power asks X-23 to help destroy

the AIM info on it. She agrees and leaves. SHIELD radios Scorpion to not lose her. Scorpion offers to help and X-23 accepts.

Other SHIELD agents get info from the AIM guys who were turned over to them by Daredevil and they relay the info to

Scorpion. She and X-23 make their way into the base, which is deserted except for a lone scientist who has activated a self-

destruct mechanism. Scorpion is ordered to get the info while X-23 knocks out the scientist. Before Scorpion can download the

info, X-23 destroys it. Thinking they have been compromised, SHIELD orders Scorpion to take X-23 into custody. Scorpion

lies and says X-23 was destroyed in the explosion. We see coats and jackets and a full moon.

Monday, June 15

CAPTAIN UNIVERSE/X-23 #1 (21-22)

The morning after CU/X 1 (1-20). This segment must occur before NX 20. The Uni-Power thanks X-23 and departs for

someone smart enough to help it. Somewhere in space, Lilandra orders Gladiator to bring the Uni-Power to them for evaluation.


One day. This segment must occur after ASM 524 (4-22). It is a school day at the beginning of "summer school." Absorbing

Man escapes from a desert prison. Peter, M.J., and Aunt May are now living with the Avengers in Stark Tower, where Peter and

Logan have a run-in.


The day after BC3 12 (1). On a "Monday," Hank gives Kurt a check up. Hank mentions his injuries from NC3 7 and NC3 11, so

this segment probably occurs shortly after those issues Kurt's injuries here may be from some other cause. Hank tells Kurt he

can start training again.

GENERATION M #4 - FB (7:3)

One day, sometime before M-Day. Mutant Sarah Purser flies over New York City.


One day. This story must occur after UX 461. Wing is depressed about the fact that he lost his powers in ASTONX3 4: "they

said I could stay here, still study. Dr. McCoy said he'd like to run some tests on me. Said maybe it's just temporary, the 'cure,'

maybe I'll get my powers back. He doesn't believe it. The way they all look at me, the pity...even Hisako, even Miss Pryde, with

her big new muscle-buddy." This suggests placement shortly after ASTONX3 6 (20-23). Wing commits suicide in the Danger

Room. The X-Men speculate on Peter's state of mind after "all those months trapped in that lab" and Scott notes that "he has

been quiet." This also suggests placement shortly after ASTONX3 6 (20-23). Agent Brand faces a hearing to determine her

possible removal as head of SWORD following the events of ASTONX3 1-6. The Astonishing team battles a subterranean

creature that terrorizes Manhattan and defeat the creature with the help of the Fantastic Four. Dialog between the FF and the X-

Men suggest that this story may occur sometime after FF 513 (a storyline in which the FF's reputation was still besmirched);

placement relative to X4 1-5 is inconclusive from the dialog - Reed: "Your team's saved the world more times than they know."

Sue: "But not with the Fantastic Four at your side and dozens of news cameras running." Scott: "Well, that wasn't exactly a

drawback, no..." Emma: "That came out wrong. Of course we'd be nothing but pleased if this helps the mutant community."

Johnny: "But what if it backfires? What if the press brands us a menace?" (Johnny seems sensitive about the FF's rep in light of

recent events.) The autumn colors of the Institute grounds shown here are part of a Danger Room environment.


The same day as ASTONX3 7. The Institute's psychics are shut down. A Sentinel is activated and attacks the Institute. The

kids at the Institute are led into the Danger Room for safety and there they find the dead Wing, who is reanimated. The X-Men

defeat the Sentinel only to discover that they inadvertently trapped the kids with their enemy, the Danger Room itself. The cast

of NX must be here, but the only one discernable is Icarus. Green grass and trees in Westchester.


The same day as ASTONX3 8. Through Wing's corpse, the Danger Room explains its mutated sentience to Kitty. As the

Astonishing team try to destroy the Danger Room's "brain," the Room assumes female form and takes control of an X-jet.


The same day as ASTONX3 9. The female cyber-being mops the floor with the X-Men while another of the Danger Room's

cyber-forms, Danger, jets to Genosha to finish off Xavier.


The same day as ASTONX3 10. The Beast's reference to checking with the Avengers to see if they have transportation places

this story after A4 10. It is only "days" after Beast told Colossus about the destruction of Genosha; why that took so long to do is

unknown. As Xavier battles Danger, Kitty and Emma discover that Xavier has been in Genosha. The X-Men, in radio contact

with Reed Richards, jet to Genosha and join Xavier in the battle. Just when it looks as though Danger is finished, she activates

the Sentinel that wiped out Genosha.


The same day as ASTONX3 11. This story must occur after UX 454 and before X 171 (1-4), NC3 12 (3), and X:CB 1 (16-22).

According to the narration, it is "one day" after ASTONX3 10, but this may be a matter of the difference in time zones between

New York and Genosha. The X-Men battle both the Sentinel and Danger, and what remains of Hammer Bay is destroyed.

Emma leaves in the middle of the fight to meet secretly with a manifestation of Sebastian Shaw and the new Hellfire Club, which

includes Cassandra Nova. Realizing that the Sentinel became a living being when reactivated by Danger, Kitty restores its

memories of destroying Genosha, and the Sentinel flies off into space to deal with his genocide. The Beast defeats Danger and

the X-Men learn that Danger was sentient for years and that Xavier knew it and kept her in captivity regardless.

X-MEN v2 #171 (1-4)

One night, "a couple of days" before X 172 and a "few days" before X 173 (5-20). Since there is a place at the Institute in this

issue that "used to be the Danger Room," this segment must occur after ASTONX3 12. Since Rogue displays her Sunfire power

in this issue, this segment must occur after ROGUE3 12. Foxx avoids hunters and arrives at the Xavier Institute. We see bare

and leafy trees and a full moon.

SABLE & FORTUNE #1 (12-16)

One night, "two weeks" after S&F 1 (8-11). While playing at a Monte Carlo casino, Sable hears a guy ordering a "single malt

sunrise." He introduces himself as Dominic Fortune, private investigator. Though Sable recognizes him as the 1930s

adventurer, he is not the original article. Fortune informs her that her contact is dead, but that he got to him before he died and

knows where the two rogue agents are. He also tells her he's not a fighter and needs her skills to get to them. He does have a

high tolerance for pain, however. He also informs her that there is only a 20- to 24-hour window before the two guys move on.

Tuesday, June 16

SABLE & FORTUNE #1 (17-22)

The day after S&F 1 (12-16). At sunrise Sable storms a barn near Toulon. She and Fortune quickly manage to overcome both

Sobczak and Boros, who are both wounded by Sable's gunfire. Fortune unties their hostage, Jasper Angevine. Sable thinks he

may have been used as a guinea pig, just like the girl in Hamburg. We first hear than see two men watching the happenings in

Toulon. They identify Fortune as an ""anomaly"". While Fortune ponders the meaning of the code word ""Single Malt

Sunrise"", we see Angevine on the TV screen grasping for a machine gun. One of the guys is adressed to as M. Albasini. The

final page reveals us the other: none other than Andreas Vadas himself. A map behind the two shows us six names marked on a

map: Alexei Zubilov in Russia, Cardinal Bayle in Rome, Tabansi Mugabe in Libya, Prime Minister Koizumi in Japan, Senator

Les Rickenbacker and Kirk Applewood in the US. Albasini and Vadas agree to do business and to ""kill some Infidels"". A

gunshot is heard from the TV set. Green trees in France.

SABLE & FORTUNE #2 (1-11)

The same day as S&F 1 (17-22). Angevine shoots at our heroes but is quickly punched out by Sable. Sable and Fortune figure

out that he was "triggered" by the phrase "Single Malt Sunrise." Sable spots the spider she had dropped earlier and suspects

who's behind all this. Sobzak and Boros are still unconscious. At a safe house in Marseilles, Angevine regains his senses. Sable

tries unsuccessfully to reach several of her contacts, including Summerville. Angevine calls his father to tell him where he is.

Sable wants to engage him as an optech expert, though Fortune is skeptical. Angevine agrees to cooperate. That night on the

flight to Symkaria, Sable and Fortune discuss the details of the upcoming operation and the morals of suckering Angevine into


X-MEN v2 #171 (5-12)

The day after X 171 (1-4). Alex and Emma discuss the continued impact of the Golgotha adventure on the team. Foxx is

introduced to Gambit and his class. Rogue kisses Gambit and drains his life energy. It is a school day at Xavier's, where it is

"mid-term" (I would say it's the start of a summer semester) and we see green grass and trees.


The day after NC3 12 (2). This segment must occur after ASTONX3 12. On a "Tuesday," Kurt and Logan train in the now

defunct Danger Room until Kitty tells them to stop.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #6 - FB (1:1-1:3)

One day, sometime after SM:B 5. The town of Smyrna, Delaware elects a new mayor, John Peabody, who is secretly the

Corruptor. It doesn't need to be a regular election time, as the citizens are mind-controlled.


The day after M/KSM 13 (1-6). On his way to work, Spidey battles the Absorbing Man, who gets away. The delay causes Peter

to lose his "summer school" teaching job, so he wrangles a full-time job at the Bugle and is teamed with new reporter Ethan

Edwards to cover Spider-Man. Promising him drugs, the Owl recruits Absorbing Man to kill every person on a hit list "in 72

hours;" the list includes Spidey, Daredevil, and Punisher. During an Avengers training session, Logan stabs Spidey.


The same day as M/KSM 13 (7-22). Logan is reprimanded for stabbing Spidey. Creel kills one of the men on the hit list and his

female accomplice offers advice about how he can better use his power. Full moon.


One day, shortly after CU/X-23 1 (21-22). This story should not occur during FOES. The Uni-Power has sought out Reed

Richards to help it figure out its power fluctuations. While Reed runs tests and the FF watch, Gladiator bursts into the Baxter

Building explaining that the FF don't realize the danger and uses his heat vision to destroy the apparatus containing the Uni-

Power. When the dust clears, Gladiator's device shows that the Uni-Force is hiding in one of the FF. When Sue belts Gladiator

out the building, it's obvious that the Uni-Power has merged with her. Gladiator returns and tells Sue to fight its influence, but

as he tries to convince the rest of the FF, Thing and the Torch engage him. Not wanting to get innocents hurt, Sue tells Gladiator

to follow her and flies off. Gladiator catches her somewhere in the western U.S. She hits him with a rock and knocks him clear

into the Pacific. She follows him to the ocean floor and continues to beat him down. Knocking him out of the water she asks

him to stop so they can talk. Just then she is contacted by Reed who says there is a giant tsunami headed to the coast of

California. Sue lets the Uni-Power merge with Gladiator so they can get there in time. The Uni-Power rejoins with Sue and she

creates an invisible force field over San Francisco. That evening the two have returned to the Baxter Building and Gladiator

apologizes. After unsuccessfully running all the tests he can, Reed suggests that the Uni-Force return with Gladiator. The two

leave for space, where they are hit with an energy beam from an asteroid. A tractor beam pulls the unconscious Gladiator and the

Uni-Power inside. Jackets and green shrubs in New York. Full moon.


The same night as CU/FF 1. Gladiator is awoken by the Uni-Power, but he is trapped with other aliens in a stasis field that is

sapping his strength. The Uni-Power tries to merge with him but cannot break through the field. From a monitoring area, aliens

monitor the event. The leader, Krosakis, enters the stasis area and explains that he feeds on energy forces of others. He grabs the

Uni-Power and the two are merged. Somewhere in space, the Silver Surfer is struck when he feels a disturbance in the Power

Cosmic and rushes to find the cause. Krosakis is contacted by his crew about an approaching threat and heads into space to greet

the Surfer. The two fight. During the battle Krosakis hits his own ship and it begins to head toward a planet. The Surfer and

Krosakis plummet through the planet's atmosphere. On the planet's surface, Krosakis attempts to drain the Surfer and is

overloaded. The Uni-Power is freed and merges with the Surfer to save Gladiator and the damaged vessel. Gladiator tells the

coerced crew that Krosakis will be turned over to the authorities and that he and the Uni-Power can return on their course. The

merged Surfer says that it will no longer be necessary for his energies have made it so the Uni-Power can no longer be tampered

with. The merged Surfer heads to Earth.

Wednesday, June 17


The day after CU/SS 1 (1-20). At dawn the Surfer enters the home of Gabriel Vargas and the Uni-Power is transferred to him.

As Captain Universe, Vargas is about to embark on a great mission. He thanks the Surfer and they both leave.

X-MEN v2 #171 (13-23)

The day after X 171 (5-12). It is (perhaps many) "days" after X 170. Tensions flare in the Havok-Polaris-Iceman love triangle.

Emma revives Remy, who then trains with his class in what "used to be the Danger Room." Foxx makes a pass at Remy in the

shower. Logan appears. It is a school day before another school day at Xavier's.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #12 (4-5)

The day after NC3 12 (3). On a "Wednesday," Emma Frost gives Kurt a psychic therapy session while Scott watches. Later that

day in Limbo, Kurt and Amanda Sefton chat about a possible upcoming war/catastrophe on Earth.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #6 - FB (1:4)

One day. The citizens of Smyrna start getting attitude with each other. Short sleeves in Delaware.


The day after M/KSM 14 (1-8). During his "first full-time day" at the Bugle, Peter Parker goes hero-hunting with Ethan

Edwards. When they encounter Creel on a hit job, Peter secretly changes to Spidey and battles him. Edwards shows up, masked

and flying, and knocks Absorbing Man to Hoboken. Edwards leaves, and Creel's accomplice slips away and finds Creel. When

Spidey recovers his civilian clothes, he discovers his wallet is missing. Green trees in New York.


The same day as M/KSM 14 (9-22). Spidey and Edwards have a discussion about their secret identities. Creel and his female

accomplice show up at Aunt May's destroyed home and remark that Spidey must be "deep undercover now" - so his residence at

Avengers Tower is not publicly known - that places this story before A4 15, and thus before A4 11-FB (3-4). (Spidey's

appearance at Stark Tower in HERC 4 may not have been taped). Spidey visits Hank Pym at Pym's cabin in Cresskill; Pym must

have finished a semester at Oxford. Hank notes that he "just was in Manhattan for Avengers business," that "that chapter in my

life is finally closed," and that he has "no interest in jumping into my tights again." Hank agrees to have his ants look for

Spidey's wallet by homing in on a Spider-tracer inside it. Reporting to Owl on their way back from Forest Hills, Creel and his

companion are attacked by the Punisher, but Edwards intervenes to save innocent bystanders and the villains get away. "Later,"

at the Daily Bugle, Peter meets a new staffer, Laurie Lynton, who he knew in high school. Edwards shows up and asks to be

Spidey's apprentice. Peter reluctantly agrees. Green grass and trees in New York and New Jersey.


The same day as M/KSM 15. Creel and his accomplice report back to Owl, who is not pleased. Creel is duped into absorbing

cocaine and his powdery form is blown around a room, scraped, and packaged for sale. Spidey takes Edwards, who now wears

tights and calls himself Virtue, to the Baxter Building, where Reed Richards and the FF test his powers. Pym's ants find

Spidey's wallet and Spidey and Virtue trace it to Creel's accomplice, who now knows Spidey's identity. A fight ensues, and

while Spidey retrieves the wallet, Edwards is exposed on TV. Peter and Edwards return to the Bugle and Edwards is hounded by

reporters. Reed calls Peter and lets him know that Edwards is a Skrull, the son of the creator of the Super-Skrull. Reed's call to

"Parker" indicates that he knows Peter's secret (an established fact), but given the events of M/KSM 18, the other members of

the FF likely don't know it, even though Reed's call is in front of the rest of the FF; this story probably occurs before the Torch's

discovery of Spidey's identity in SM/HT 5 (15-22).


The same day as M/KSM 16, even though there's mention of Creel cocaine being sold out "by noon the next day." JJJ demands

answers from Edwards and Spidey tries to help him, but he races to his Iowa hometown upon hearing that the FF are there

seeking answers. Creel cocaine gives its users temporary absorbing powers and sells out quickly, making the Owl the self-

proclaimed king of the underworld. Spidey battles the Owl's dealers while the FF fight Edwards, who is faced with his Skrull

identity. As the cocaine leaves the users' systems, Creel re-forms.


The same night as M/KSM 17. Absorbing Man bursts in on Spidey's battle with Owl and kills his female accomplice. Owl

escapes and Ethan shows up, now in black leather and calling himself the Tiller. He decks Creel and takes off. Spidey gets a call

from Richards, who is with the FF investigating Ethan's spaceship in Louisiana, where it ended up after the Thing punched it in

Iowa. Reed briefs Spidey on Ethan's current state.

SABLE & FORTUNE #2 (12-22)

Probably the evening of the day after S&F 2 (1-11). Sable confronts Vadas in his apartment. Fortune disguises himself as a

guard and asks other guards if he can use the apartment next to Vadas' as he has a lingerie model coming over. Fortune installs a

tracking unit that allows Angevine to following all of this from an unspecified location, presumably Marseilles. However four

guards break in to catch him in action with the model. Both Fortune and Sable have to flee, but Fortune only manages to get to

the toilet where he is wounded by a gunshot.

SABLE & FORTUNE #3 (1-4)

The same night as S&F 2 (12-22). Sable rescues the wounded Fortune and the guard who wounded Fortune falls to his presumed


Thursday, June 18


The day after M/KSM 18 (1-9). This segment must occur before C&DP 24 (7-19). Edwards returns to the Daily Bugle, where

he researches the Skrulls. The Owl tries in vain to get Tombstone to protect him from Creel. Spidey sets the Owl up as bait to

lure Absorbing Man into a trap in which Spidey makes Creel blow up from absorbing an explosive combination of chemicals.

Ethan shows up at the Baxter Building and destroys a portion of its top floor demanding to see Reed, who's still in Louisiana

with the FF. Spidey and the New Avengers (Cap, Logan, Cage, Iron Man, and Spider-Woman) arrive and battle Ethan. Seeing

the melee on TV, Aunt May and Jarvis go to the scene and May talks Ethan down from his confused rage. The Owl says that

"the Avengers don't even exist anymore," which places this story before A4 15, and thus before A4 11-FB (3-4). SHIELD Agent

Hill appears, presumably in charge of SHIELD, although she's spending time here helping Spidey nab Creel - not exactly a

major SHIELD-type operation, as Spidey actually points out. After this, Owl must return to prison, where he's seen in DD2 78.

SABLE & FORTUNE #3 (5-7)

Probably the day after S&F 3 (1-4). While Sable and Fortune discuss the failed Symkaria mission in the Marseilles safe house,

Angevine hacks into Vadas' files and discovers that Vadas is selling the serum that turns people into killers to a North African

terrorist group called the Sword of Glory"the night after tomorrow" in Victor von Doom's castle in upstate New York. Angevine

also finds out that there are six more sleepers out there who have been injected the serum who are currently on stand-by.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #12 (6-22)

The evening of the day after NC3 12 (4-5). On a "Thursday," Scott invites Kurt downstairs for a surprise birthday party,

attended by Hank, Logan, Emma, Peter, Betsy, Kitty, Ororo, Christine Palmer, Lorna, and possibly Alex. Time freezes, and Kurt

wanders around to find out what's going on. He runs into Mephisto in front of a fireplace. Mephisto reveals that he's been

orchestrating events since NC3 1. They have roughly the same chat that Kurt and Amanda had, but Mephisto offers to bring

Kurt's brother back to life. Kurt refuses to make a deal. Time unfreezes, and Kurt blows out his candles. Later that night, Kurt

and Christine decide to stop seeing each other. It's Kurt's birthday, but this segment may not occur on the same day of the year

as UX@ 4, which was set in late October; the birthday celebrated in UX@ 4 was the one he celebrated as an adopted child, but

in the years since Kurt has discovered the details of his birth, including his true birthday. A calendar on the wall says

"November," but this must be topical. Green grass and trees at Westchester. Full moon, partially obscured by clouds.

X-MEN v2 #172 (1-12)

It must be the day after X 171 (13-22) as it's still just "a couple of days" after X 171 (1-4). Gambit's distraction with Foxx

interrupts a mental exercise that Emma runs with him and Rogue. Remy then takes his students on an overnight field exercise,

during which Onyxx's and Bling's feelings for Foxx lead to altercations. It is a school day at Xavier's. Green grass and trees at



One night. Peter dreams, then wakes up and breaks through the wall of his bedroom and lands in the front yard. Kitty, Logan,

Scott, and Emma run out in their pajamas to check on him, then discuss his recent escape from imprisonment. Green grass and

trees at Westchester. Full moon.

Friday, June 19


The day after M/KSM 18 (10-20). Back at their damaged building, the FF play host to the New Avengers and thank them for

defending their home from Ethan. Ben and Sue wonder who the "little old lady" was who saved the day, and Spidey and the

Avengers conceal her identity from the FF; this is an indication that this segment occurs before SM/HT 5-FB. Meanwhile, Ethan

has made is way to a land in which his healing power is needed - a power that he was not given by Skrull programming.

FOUR #19

One day, "two years" after film producer Richard Kornberg received permission from the FF to produce a movie based on the

heroes' lives. Herbie now has legs, but it has been established that there is more than one Herbie unit, and the one that is

Franklin's playmate in M/TU3 14/2, PP3 1/2, X 181/2, FF 534/2, SG:ELF 1/3, SG:ELF 1/4, M/PREV 32, X/RUN A/2, and other

stories is a different unit from the one shown here. Gorgon's daughter Alecto, with her boyfriend Reyno, an Alpha Primitive,

steal an imperial flyer and jet from Attilan on the moon to the Baxter Building to seek refuge from the Terrigen Mist ceremony.

Gorgon follows, and as Sue and Herbie fight him off, Alecto and Reyno run to the roof, where Franklin sees that Alecto has


FOUR #20 (1-19)

The same day as FOUR 19. It is "some time" before FOUR 20 (20-22). This is presumably the last time that the Inhumans visit

the FF prior to FOUR 30, but that isn't necessarily so. Franklin grabs onto the Inhuman kids as they fly away, and when he falls

he's caught by his father, who arrives with Ben. Gorgon is neutralized, and when Johnny arrives with Alecto and Reyno in tow,

Reed decides to discuss the situation. Despite Sue's protests, Reed decides to resect the Inhumans' culture and summons the

Inhumans, who take the kids away. Alecto is "thirteen years old." Green grass and trees in Manhattan.


One day during the "week" before X:CB 1 (16-22). Larisa talks to her editor Viktor about a piece she's working on. That night,

Mr. Sinister kills Larisa's roommate in a case of mistaken identity.

X-MEN v2 #172 (13-23)

The day after X 172 (1-12). X 171 (13-23) is referred to as having occurred "the other day." Bobby refers to Rogue's Sunfire

power as "new" and asks questions about it, so it can't be long after ROGUE3 12. Havok is still uptight about Bobby and Lorna.

Gambit returns with his class and Rogue cancels a telepathy session with him. Remy and Rogue talk and Remy becomes

determined to prove his love for her. After Remy tries to get Foxx transferred to another class, Foxx reveals herself as Mystique.

She explains that she is seeking to make Rogue happy by relieving tension in her and Remy's strained relationship by providing

Gambit a chance for physical release. She shape-shifts into Rogue's form and tries to seduce Remy. We see a full moon blocked

by something round.

X-MEN v2 #173 (1-4)

The same night as X 172 (13-23). Mystique reports in to her mystery boss. She notes that Logan "hasn't been around for a

while," meaning since she showed up as Foxx. Remy tells Rogue that he's having Foxx transferred out of his class but doesn't

divulge that Foxx is Mystique. Green grass and trees. The full moon is inconsistent with the crescent moon of X 174.

SABLE & FORTUNE #3 (8-21:3)

The night of the day after S&F 3 (5-7). At Castle Von Doom in upstate New York, Albasini and Vadas (now in his Silver Wolf

armor) conclude their deal. Vadas offers him the serum and as a bonus the program that gives the order to the sleepers to

eliminate the six targets. Angevine interrupts the execution of the program with a virus. Sable and Fortune then attack Vadas

and Albasini and their men. Fortune knocks out Angevine to prevent him from playing hero, but he is punched out by Albasini

who grasps the boy's laptop and wants to run the program from there. He is shot in the head by Sable before he can start the

program. Vadas escapes.

Saturday, June 20

SABLE & FORTUNE #3 (21:4-22)

Probably the morning after S&F 3 (8-21). It is likely that this segment occurs before Doom's return in FF 537-FB (8:3-8:5). At

a safe house in Newark, New Jersey, Sable and Fortune watch the events at Castle von Doom on TV while Angevine takes a nap.

Dominic Fortune is credited with single-handedly busting a terrorist arms deal and securing the arrest of four wanted terrorists.

Fortune is called a hero by Governor Pataki and asked to step forward. Sable and Fortune agree to team up, with her as boss and

him acting as a"bona fide media darling."

X-MEN v2 #173 (5-20)

The day after X 173 (1-4). It is a "few days" after X 171 (1-4). Polaris can't come to grips with the buried memory of what she

saw in space. Alex tells her he still loves her. With Cerebra's help, the X-Men discover Foxx's real identity and learn that

Gambit knew it. Rogue gets teed off at Remy. Mystique asks to become an X-Man, and the team puts her in a holding cell while

they consider the request. Since "some of the others are away on a special mission," Emma states that there will be a meeting of

"all available senior X-Men" to discuss Mystique "tomorrow." Green grass and trees at Westchester.

FOUR #21 (1-7)

One day, probably exactly a year to the day after FF3 50/4 (6-8), since it is Reed's and Sue's anniversary. The reference to "the

New Avengers" places this segment after A4 10. Having to spend the day without Reed, Sue keeps herself busy with battling the

Mole Man and Franklin's afternoon soccer practice. Alicia invites her for a girls' night out with She-Hulk, She-Thing, and

Emma Frost. Ben is noted as playing poker with "the boys," and Johnny's out with Kourtney, so it must be "many moons"

before FOUR 25 (4-6). Green grass and trees in New York.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #4 - FB (1px)

One day. An amateur video shows a shadowy figure at a time when pets are reported missing in Nuponder, Michigan.

UNDERWORLD # 1 (1-11)

One day, "three days" before UW 1 (12-22). With three days left before he's let out of prison, Jackie Dio gets in a fight and is thrown into solitary. There he talks with the Hippo, who tells him about the Consultant, a guy who revamps super-villains.

Sunday, June 21: Fathers' Day/Summer Solstice

X-MEN v2 #173 (21-22)

The early morning after X 173 (5-20). "At two in the morning," Emma talks to Scott in bed about Raven. Rogue goes to

Mystique's cell to demand the truth. She tells Rogue that she tried to entice him by taking her form.

X-MEN v2 #174

The same day as X 173 (21-22). To find the truth, Rogue tries to absorb Mystique's memories but encounters a barrier. Then

Rogue confronts Gambit. Later, as all the X-Men assemble to review Mystique's petition for membership, Raven gets into a

battle with Onyxx, who is infuriated that his crush Foxx was really Mystique. Nightcrawler comes upon the scene and asks

Raven to disappear for a while to give him time to get used to the concept of Mystique being an X-Man. The X-Men decide to

admit Mystique as a probationary member, only to find her gone and Onyxx needing medical treatment. That night, Raven meets

up with a mysterious colleague named Augustus. Green grass and trees in New York. The waning crescent moon is inconsistent

with the full moon of X 173 (1-4).

FOUR #21 (8-22)

The morning after FOUR 21 (1-7). While clubbing into the wee hours of the morning, Sue tells her comrades about her quasi-

romantic encounter with the Black Panther from years ago. She returns home at almost 6 AM to find Reed, who explains that he

was getting Sue's present - a plant from an alien garden - yesterday when he was waylaid. Green trees in New York.


One evening. The Warriors arrive in Nuponder and are greeted by the entire town. Two executives of the car company fill them

in and show them new photos. It appears that Terrax is stealing the pets. Using a resident's pets as bait, they set and wait.

Terrax shows up and grabs the cat, but before they can react a young girl starts attacking him with metal debris. The Warriors try

to help but cannot see because of the debris and dust. "Terrax" escapes. The girl turns out to be Debrii, the executives' new

addition to the Warriors. Ashley and Night Thrasher argue, but Nova tells everyone to shut up because they are looking stupid

on TV. Microbe's germs tell him that "Terrax" is a machine. Leaving Debii and Microbe behind, the rest of the Warriors decide

to check out the plant with cameraman Brad. Debrii and Microbe follow with cameraman Dave. The Warriors make it through

the advanced security only to be greeted by Virginia Woolf and Sigmund Freud, who take them to meet Albert Einstein and

Leonardo DaVinci.


The same night as NW3 4. The famous individuals introduce and explain that they were using the Terrax robot to steal the pets

to get the producers to send the Warriors there. They identify themselves as the Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots and explain

the Warriors learn they were chosen because they were the least powerful super team (and after they deal with them they plan to

go after the Great Lakes Avengers). The Warriors square off against them. Einstein beats the tar out of Speedball and Namorita

is thrown through a wall into a molten metal station. Meanwhile, as Debrii and Microbe enter the plant they are taken out by the

defense mechanisms. They recover and find a pile of debris. As the Warriors approach the brink of defeat, they are saved by

Debrii, who takes out the male robots. Woolf destroys herself in molten metal. Namorita is upset because she feels they couldn't

help them. As the heroes depart, it appears members of the community are also robots.


One night, during a time in which nothing special is going on in Reed's and Sue's lives. Reed and Sue (who has short, spiky

hair) think they invite each other for a night out. They drop off the kids with the Inhumans and head to the Tavern on the Green,

where they see Reeds and Susans from a number of time periods. They enter a portal into the courtyard where they witness Reed

propose to Sue in FF 35. Everyone goes back to their appropriate time-lines with no memory of the party. The "current" Reed

and Sue walk home and a kid offers to take their picture for five bucks.

SABLE & FORTUNE #4 - FB (3-6)

One night, "seventy-two hours" before S&F 4. In Rome, Sable and Fortune pass an antidote to the fifth of the six sleepers to

receive it. They hear a breaking radio news report that Kirk Applewood, Vice President of Operations for Smith-Locke

Aerospace, has been found stabbed to death in his office in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Monday, June 22


Probably the day after NW3 5. This story occurs before IHM:MI 1 (1-4) and probably before TB2 12 (1-19). On their way to

Smyrna, the Warriors get into a car accident. The old people act strangely and start hitting Speedball when he checks on their

welfare. The Warriors take off and meet up with Ashley. They believe the townsfolk are acting strangely, but Ashley believes its

because these idiots just elected a super-villain mayor. The Warriors proceed to the mayor's residence and are invited in. When

the Warriors enter the greenhouse they are immediately affected by the Corruptor and begin to fight each other. The only one not

fighting is Microbe, who talks to the Corruptor who just wants to make everyone like him so he can find a permanent home.

Microbe's germs start affecting him and as he goes to give the Corruptor a hug, he passes out on him smashing him through the

window. The fresh air revives the Warriors. Later, the police arrive and start detoxifying the town, the Warriors are informed

that their show has been cancelled, and Ashley and the crew take off. Later the Warriors all head home, leaving Night Thrasher

looking depressed because his foundation seems to be in further decline. The snow and coats in Delaware may be topical.

SHE-HULK v4 #14 - FB (14:3)

One day. Awesome Andy helps Mallory Book with her physical therapy.

SHE-HULK v4 #2 (21)

One day, "twenty-two days" before S-H4 2 (4-20). Tycoon Charles Czarkowski inadvertently shoots his future self in the back.

SABLE & FORTUNE #4 - FB (8-11)

One night, "fifty hours" before S&F 4. On Long Island, Fortune and Sable meet Bad Sebastian, an old friend of Sable's.

Sebastian flirts with Fortune, until Sable asks Sebastian to deliver the information he had. Sebastian reveals that he's been doing

some industrial espionage for Stark Industries, and discovered that Applewood had rooted out a crew at Smith-Locke that was

involved in an arms deal with the Sword of Glory. Sebastian also has a photo of Applewood's employee Sam Kurokawa with

Berecz, an ex-Wild Pack soldier.


One rainy night. The Thing is out getting pizza and leaves a phone message for Alicia, who's not home. After eating, he gets a

call from Reed.. Ben hangs up and a light shines on him from above. "12 blocks away," Wolverine and Elektra (in a new red

get-up) fight on rooftops, when a light shines on them and they're pulled up into a spaceship. Inside, Dr. Roekel injects Thing,

Wolverine, Elektra, and Spider-Man with the extract. They each hear voices then turn green. Full moon.


The same rainy night as M/N:I 1. Spider-Man, Thing, Wolverine, and Elektra fight one another. Already infected, Storm and

Human Torch join in as Roekel and Benedetta watch and discuss the experiment. After more fighting, the heroes shake off the

effects of the extract so Roekel teleports them back into New York. Satisfied with the results, Roekel wants test subjects without

powers and sends out scout ships to find them.


One rainy night. Peter Rasputin visits his sister Illyana's grave and despairs over her remaining dead while he has come back to


Tuesday, June 23


One "summer" day. Billy Bates is secretly a mutant with a tree-like arm and quills that he can grow. He selects a waitress on

whom he has a crush to be the first person he tells about his identity. When some café patrons harass the waitress, Billy goes to

her rescue and inadvertently kills one of the patrons. Green trees in New York.

DISTRICT X #14 - FB (2:1-2:3, 2:7-6:2)

The same day as DX 13-FB. The harassing patrons try to retaliate, but Billy kills them all.


The same day as DX 14-FB (2-6). As the police surround the café, Bishop talks to Billy via cell phone.


The same day as DX 13. It is "one month" after DX 14-FB (21-22). The waitress scolds Billy. When the authorities discover

that one of the victims was a Purity leader, they decide to take out Billy before anyone discovers he's a mutant. Unbeknownst to

Bishop, hey set things up so that the snipers shoot a seemingly menacing Billy. They get Bishop to go along with their payoff of

the waitress and her dad in return for silence about Billy's mutant status.


The day after M/N:I 2 (1-15). Matt Murdock talks to Johnny Ohm about his case in Ohm's prison cell. Matt leaves the prison,

gets in a plane, and goes to his law office, where Foggy tells him that Ohm just hanged himself in his cell. But Ohm is in

Roekel's spaceship with Solara and Fault Zone. Benedetta injects them and says that Roekel will now give them

"improvements." That night in the Baxter Building, Ben and Johnny talk about what happened and Johnny says Reed is studying

the extract now. Maya watches a spaceship with ugly aliens land in Brazil. More rain.


The same night as M/N:I 2 (16-22). Reed, Ben, and Johnny talk about the discoveries Reed made regarding the extract, Elektra

runs through the sewers, and Roekel is "improving" Solara, Fault Zone, Johnny Ohm, and Brigade.

UNDERWORLD # 1 (12-22)

One day, "three days" after UW 1 (1-11) and "ten years" after UW 1-FB. Jackie is set free, so he visits his old boss Silvermane. Silvermane can't give Jackie any work, so he sends him to the new Kingpin, the Owl. He talks to the Owl, who wants to give him work. He sends for Mr. Pain, his right-hand man, who turns out to be a super-powered Vince Dio.
UNDERWORLD # 2 (8-13)

The same night as UW 1 (12-22). Vince beats the crap out of Jackie and tells him to get out of town.

SABLE & FORTUNE #4 - FB (13-14)

One night, "twenty-seven hours" before S&F 4. In Budapest, Sable and Fortune interrogate Berecz, who admits that he activated

the sleeper Kurokawa; he mistook the abort command sent by Sable and Fortune as an activation command.


One night. Kitty talks with Peter about his time being imprisoned when Emma tells him of an urgent communication from his

cousin, Larisa.

Wednesday, June 24


The day after M/N:I 3 (1-7). Murdock checks out Ohm's cell. Johnny, Peter, Ben, and Ororo talk about what happened. Maya

watches ugly aliens running through the rainforest. Matt returns to his apartment and finds Elektra there. They talk about what

happened, and she asks for his help to find Roekel. Now with powers, Ohm, Solara, Fault Zone, Brigade, Benedetta, and Dr.

Kilham fight. Brigade threatens Roekel.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #15 (1-5)

One day, shortly after C&DP 14 (21-22). It is "days" before C&DP 15 (6-11). Black Box examines Deadpool.


The day after X:CB 1 (12-15). It is within "three months" after X:BC 1 (1-4) and during the "week" after X:CB 1 (9-11). This

segment must occur after ASTONX3 12. Peter gets a ride from Kirill from the airport. He meets with Larisa, who tells him of

two dozen recent killings over the past three months and explains how they're all related. As Kitty looks at one of Peter's

covered paintings st the Institute, in St. Petersburg Larisa tells Peter that they're related to Grigory Efimovich Rasputin. Kitty

sees a monstrous painting of Peter. Coats and bare trees in St. Petersburg.


The same day as X:CB 1 (16-22). In Siberia, Vladimir dances around and sings to himself while in St. Petersburg, Peter and

Larisa continue their discussion. They decide to go to Siberia, but on the way to the train station Peter beats the crap out of two

cops, then feels bad about it. They continue to the station and get on a train. Mr. Sinister and Mikhail watch. Full moon.

UNDERWORLD # 2 (14-18)

The day after UW 2 (8-13). This segment occurs "two days" before UW 2 (19-22). Jackie wakes up in the hospital.

One night, "seventy-two hours" after S&F 4-FB (3-6), "fifty hours" after S&F 4-FB (8-11), and "twenty-seven hours" after S&F

4-FB (13-14). Fortune shares a drink with Kurakowa in a San Diego bar and tells her about the problems he has with his new

boss. Realizing that Fortune is talking about her, Kurakowa runs out of the dinner, only to be intercepted and administered the

antidote by Fortune. At Kurokawa's nearby condo, Sam talks about discovering that she killed Applewood. Fortune invites her

to join them as a PR person. Sable reluctantly agrees when Fortune reminds her how she recruited Angevine.

Thursday, June 25


The morning after M/N:I 3 (8-16). With Daredevil in the sewers, Elektra finds the underground spaceship and enters. It then

flies away. Roekel injects Elektra with the extract.


The same day as M/N:I 3 (17-22). Because the New Avengers are formed, this story probably occurs after A4 10. The Fury who

appears here must be the LMD. Cap, Spider-Woman, and Cage are away on a mission. In Stark Tower, Tony Stark tells Storm,

Wolverine, and Spider-Man about his research regarding the extract he got from Wolverine. Daredevil arrives and tells them

about the spaceship that just flew away. Storm tracks the spaceship, followed by Iron Man and a quinjet containing the rest.

Wolverine and Daredevil get into a fight. Storm finds the ship and hits it with lighting, knocking the quinjet around in the

process. The heroes get a call from the FF and the spaceship proceeds to Brazil, where Roekel's team fights the ugly aliens and

fails to capture Maya. In the Baxter Building, Storm, Thing, Wolverine, Daredevil, Spider-Man, and the Human Torch talk

about what happened. Reed, Tony, and Sue talk about the extract. Roekel, unhappy about the team's performance in Brazil,

names them the Imperfects. He then gets ready to "improve" Elektra.


The day after X:CB 2 (1-12). On the train, Peter and Larisa talk about Peter's imprisonment, and then their family. Mr. Sinister

and Mikhail drive towards Vladimir's place. Peter and Larisa arrive at Vladimir's place. The three chat until Mr. Sinister and

Mikhail show up.


The same day as X:CB 2 (13-22). Vladimir threatens Larisa and Mr. Sinister calms everyone down. He then tells us a story.

Vladimir sets himself on fire, much to everyone's surprise.


The same day as X:CB 3. Colossus grabs the flaming Vladimir, runs outside and extinguishes him in the snow. Vladimir dies

anyway. The remaining Rasputin descendants feel the presence of Grigori getting stronger. Mr. Sinister explains that Grigori is

in all of his descendants. Colossus is upset with Mikhail, then Larisa remembers something from their childhood and Mikhail

listens. Mr. Sinister kills Larisa, which upsets Colossus. Mikhail teleports them away to the Dark Zone. After a quick fight,

Colossus prepares to kill Mikhail.


The same day as X:CB 4. It is probably a couple of days before X:CB 5 (21-22). Colossus feels Grigori's presence. Mikhail

overpowers Colossus and teleports away, leaving Colossus behind. Mikhail returns, chats with Mr. Sinister, and brings Larisa's

body over next to Valdimir's. Mikhail and Mr. Sinister chat, then Mikhail rescues Colossus and together they beat the tar out of

Mr. Sinister. Mr. Sinister teleports away and Colossus and Mikhail say their goodbyes. Mikhail goes back to the Dark Zone.

NEW X-MEN v2 #21 - FB (8:2-8:4)

One day, "days" before HOM:DA 1 (3-31) and "weeks" before NX 21 (5-21). William Stryker holds a press conference and

gives a vague prophecy of M-Day.

NEW X-MEN v2 #24 - FB (23:4)

One day. Josh and Laurie pose for a photograph on the grounds of the Institute, where we see green trees.

X-MEN: THE 198 #1 (1-2)

One day, four days before M-Day ("M-Day minus four"). Amara Aquilla - here after NX:AXY 1/2 - enjoys the end of a

"vacation" from the Xavier Institute in Guadeloupe with boyfriend Antonio, who convinces her to extend her vacation "an extra



The same day as M/N:I 4. In Brazil, Maya watches Elektra kill an alien and steal some crystals. Roekel tells them that they are

now connected and that Elektra is their boss. Wolverine, Thing, Daredevil, Storm, Iron Man, and Human Torch arrive in Brazil,

looking for the Imperfects. Various characters meet each other and they all eventually end up fighting. Storm and Iron Man are

infected with the extract.


The same night as M/N:I 5. Storm likely appears here before X 175. As more fighting occurs in Brazil, in the Baxter Building,

Reed finishes collating the data and uploads a reversal process for the extract to Iron Man, who then frees Storm and the

Imperfects, but Elektra doesn't want to be freed. She still wants to take Maya to Roekel. The ugly aliens attack and everyone

fights them. Maya discovers that her village is destroyed and everyone she knows is dead. Roekel arrives and takes the

Imperfects and Maya away but leaves Elektra. That night at the Baxter Building, Ben, Johnny, Reed, and Elektra talk about what

happened. On the spaceship, Roekel has "improved" Maya, who becomes one of the Imperfects.

Friday, June 26

UNDERWORLD # 2 (19-22)

One day, "two days" after UW 2 (14-18). Jackie shoots and kills some guys at the docks to steal their stuff. He's confused to find they're hauling around canisters, one of which has been punctured by his bullets, and he passes out from the escaping gas.
UNDERWORLD # 3 (4-14)

The same day as UW 2 (19-22). This segment occurs "less than a week" before UW 3 (15-22). Jackie goes to Satan's Circus, a bar for super-villains, to get a doctor. He's sent to one, who tells him that the gas gave him super powers. Mong the villains shown here are Hydro-Man, Rhino, Splice, Chameleon, Whirlwind, Man-Bull, Dr. Octopus, Shocker, Kangaroo, Tombstone, Electro, and perhaps Snake Marston.


One day, sometime after A4 6. AIM offers the injured and disfigured Yelena Belova a chance to be the new Super Adaptoid.

X-MEN v2 #175

One day, probably after M/N:I 6. News reports cover the slaughter of people in the African nation of Niganda and Cerebra

detects the emergence of a non-human mutant in Africa. Learning that the threat is a reptilian monster, Emma sends Havok's

team (including Logan) to investigate and Storm insists on joining them. After defeating a tyrant named M'Butu, the X-Men

discover a monster factory and there they encounter the Black Panther and a prone Erich Paine. Full moon.


The same night as X 175. Tricked by Dr. Paine, the X-Men unwittingly fight the Panther. After T'Challa explains what's going

on, he and Ororo share a personal conversation. Ororo then faces an unruly Nigandan mob, the Panther fights mutated primates,

and the X-Men are captured by Paine.

X-MEN v2 #176 (1-8)

The same night as BP4 8. The Dora Milajae save T'Challa from the primates (including a baboon with hypnotic power), then

Storm arrives and argues with the Panther. Paine punishes the baboon for failing to detain T'Challa.

Saturday, June 27

X-MEN v2 #176 (9-23)

The day after X 176 (1-8). Storm and T'Challa battle the mutated reptile. The Red Ghost arrives with his Super Apes

(apparently after FOES 6) at Paine's lab and Paine shows him the captured X-Men who he plans to turn into Red Ghost's lackeys

through lobotomy. Emma detects that the team is in trouble and contacts Storm, who leaves T'Challa to help her teammates.

Seeking to turn on the Red Ghost, Paine releases the X-Men and tries to coerce them to fight him by placing Polaris in a trap.

The Super Apes free the baboon, who has invented a virus to kill humans.


The same night as X 176 (9-23). It is "weeks" before UX 472. The X-Men catch up to the Red Ghost, who does a quick fade.

Logan helps T'Challa fight Dragon Man while his teammates subdue Red Ghost. The team brings the Red Ghost to Dr. Paine,

but when Paine refuses to release Lorna, the team battles him. T'Challa joins the fray with Dragon Man (probably here after

FOES 6) and he releases Lorna. Red Ghost kills Paine and escapes. He finds his Super Apes and mocks them for their plan to

inaugurate an "Ape Age." Storm prevents the apes' virus from being released, then she kisses T'Challa as she leaves with her

team. Ororo, however, apparently remains in Africa, since she's there in HOM:DA 1.


One day, probably a couple of days after X:CB 5 (1-20). Kitty greets Peter as he returns to the Xavier Institute.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #15 (6-11:3)

One day, "days" after C&DP 15 (1-5). It may be four months, not "four days," after XFOR2 6. After Black Box orders him to

eliminate the greatest threat to mankind, Deadpool teleports to Providence to kill Cable. He encounters Cannonball and Siryn,

who tell him that Nathan sacrificed himself but they believe he disappeared instead. Wade suggests that he might be able to

locate Nathan through their bodyslide link.

Sunday, June 28

HOUSE OF M #1 (7-17)

One day. This segment occurs after NX:AXY 1/2 and "several weeks" after NX:AXY 1 (19). Given Xavier's chronology, it

must occur after NA:I2 2. This segment occurs "three weeks" before NX 24. It is cited as occurring both "months" and "one

week" before A4 16; the former reference is probably the accurate one and is consistent with a reference to it being "months"

before A4 17. The Astonishing X-Men team meets the Avengers at "the new Avengers Mansion," which Carol Danvers (now

reclaiming her Ms. Marvel moniker)has not seen before now, and which is still being kept a secret from the general public. The

Avengers gathered include new and old members, including She-Hulk. Sentry is here, which places this segment after A4 10.

Charles Xavier, who has physically come to New York from Genosha, has called the teams and Dr. Strange together to discuss

the threat and fate of the Scarlet Witch. The heroes decide to go see Wanda. In Genosha, Quicksilver appeals to Magneto to stop

the Avengers and X-Men from killing Wanda, but he refuses. We see people wearing jackets in New York.


The same day as HOM 1 (7-17). In Genosha, Quicksilver, agonizing over the fate of his sister, tries to talk her into creating a

world in which everyone will be happy. Full moon.

HOUSE OF M #1 (18-23)

The same day as HOM 1 (7-17). The Astonishing X-Men, the Avengers, Dr. Strange, and Xavier arrive in Genosha. As they

approach Wanda, she alters reality.


The same day as HOM 1. Killgrave visits Melissa at her ESU dorm and commands her to stop inquiring about Atlas and Genis

and attempts to rape her but is skewered by the new Swordsman, or so it seems. ESU is in session. Green shrubs in New York.


The same day as TB2 9 (20:5-22). It is "ten days" before TB2 12 (1-19). This story probably occurs before Swordsman's

appearance in GLA 2-FB (8-22). With the skewering scene being nothing but a deception, Killgrave possesses Code Blue and

citizens of New York to attack Melissa and the Swordsman and thirteen ESU students die in the melee. Killgrave makes it

appear that Songbird killed the students. Controlled by Killgrave, the Thunderbolts arrive and battle Melissa and Swordsman.

Swordsman slices Atlas, who explodes from the release of ionic energy. Much destruction ensues, then Swordsman skewers both

Mach-IV and Genis. Wanda's reality warping kicks in and transforms the city. Burn to white.

MUTOPIA X #1 (1-3)

The same day as HOM 1 (18-23). Ortega is in the sewers. Burn to white.

UNCANNY X-MEN #462 (1-4)

The same day as HOM 1 (18-23). As the XSE team battles the Weaponeers, who are again trying to take over Zanzibar, Wanda's

reality warping causes everything to fade away, leaving Psylocke and Rachel in a "white hot room" outside of reality.

HOUSE OF M #1 (24)

The same day as HOM 1 (18-23). In the alternate reality of the House of M, Peter Parker wakes from a bed he shares with Gwen

Stacy to deal with a crying baby.

WOLVERINE v3 #35 - FB (7)

Wolverine and Mystique discuss Wolverine's recently adopted drinking habit.

WOLVERINE v3 #3 - FB (20:7)

Wolverine tells Mystique that he once knew a guy named Nick Fury.


Genis, Ms. Marvel, and the Howling Commandos, led by Major Erik Josten, fight Baron Strucker, the Radioactive Man,

Flashback, and Andrea and Andreas Strucker. Genis has an encounter with Flashback, which unlocks Genis' Cosmic awareness.

The Struckers are all killed, Flashback disappears, and the Radioactive Man is apprehended. "Fifteen minutes later," Killgrave

and Ronan watch Forge, Quasar, the Mole Man, the Mad Thinker and others track the photonic surges noticed during the recent

fight. Josten and Gen. Dugan meet with Speed Demon to discuss the progress on a virus that will kill all Kree on the planet.

Unable to handle his new cosmic awareness, Genis freaks out and flies away. Forge notices the new photonic surges, Ronan

orders a chase. Genis crashes into a graveyard, on Rick Jones' grave. Ronan, Forge, Gen. Dugan, Killgrave, and Major Josten

discuss the seriousness of the situation. Josten, Dugan, and Killgrave get the anti-Kree virus from Speed Demon, then drive off

to get a hidden sentinel. As Genis continues to freak out, Josten attacks, piloting the sentinel. To avoid further catastrophe,

Genis puts himself into a coma. "Hours later," Ronan's aide says he can minimize Genis' photonic fluctuations. Dugan says that

Josten has been missing for ''hours.'' A rising sun is seen.


Peter Parker wakes up, works out, and shaves his head. Captain Stacy does a presentation for law enforcement. Gwen oversees

takeover of Osborn Industries. That night, Peter's family throws him a surprise birthday party and Green Goblin visits J. Jonah



Jameson reveals Peter's secret and destroys him.


Peter Parker visits a hospital patient, then battles the Rhino. That evening, Peter returns home to apologize to his family and the

Green Goblin is captured and revealed to be Peter Parker.


Peter escapes from his captors and battles a Sentinel. Gwen convinces her father and Ben to take back Peter's journal. That

night, Gwen, her father, and Ben steal Pete's journal from Jameson.


Gwen, Captain Stacy, Ben, and May read and discuss the contents of Peter's journal. Later, Spider-Man arrives at a homeless

shelter and rescues a group of humans from mutant soldiers, the humans attack him. Peter calls his Uncle Ben, who meets him

on a bridge. Observing the rioting below them, which is the fallout from Peter's actions, they fake Spider-Man's death, hoping

to stop the rioting and the violence. A picture appears on the front page of the Daily Bugle, showing Spider-Man hanging from

the bridge, the victim of an apparent suicide. Hulk Hogan, the Rhino, the Vulture, J. Jonah Jameson, and Norman Osborn react

to the news of Spider-Man's death. In Genosha, Magneto finds a copy of the Bugle in a web with a note telling him to ease up

on the humans if he wants Spider-Man to stay dead.


Bruce is with a group of Aborigines in the Australian Outback when AIM refugees, including Machine Teen, Scorpion III, Dr.

Rappaccini, and Dr. Isaacs, flee in their direction. They're attacked by representatives of the Australian government, including

Unus, Pyro, and Exodus. The Hulk drives them off. The Aborigine chief approves of Bruce helping the AIM refugees.


Hulk and Rappaccini dine together. They're interrupted by Scorpion, who reports that they've been pinged by sonar. Bruce

hulks up to get a whale to hide them.


Exodus has an off-panel (presumably long-distance) meeting with Magneto. It is also mentioned that Unus is now hospitalized.

The AIM refugees are in a submarine, Hulk helps hide it under a whale. Inside, Rappaccini and Isaacs argue about their

respective progenitor. Rappaccini then remembers her dinner with Bruce. In Sydney at night, Exodus interrogates Adam. He's

interrupted by a missile launched from the sub; it explodes in the air and sheds tracts requesting a summit to settle things. Our

heroes learn that the Australian government is accepting the meeting, but they smell a trap. Bruce decides to go anyway. Exodus

telepathically attacks Bruce. Adam reassembles himself, breaks out of the workshop where he was being examined, and joins the

fight. Exodus being distracted, Bruce transforms into the Hulk and pounds down on him, throwing him down to the ground from

the balcony. He is acclaimed by Sydney's inhabitants.


Storm appears on the television show "Alison."


In Tsavo West, Kenya, Quicksilver unexpectedly delivers ice cream from Tuscany to Storm, trying to win her affections. Storm

reminds him that she's with T'Challa. He reminds her of T'Challa's harem, then leaves. At Magneto's palace in Genosha,

Quicksilver and Magneto discuss Pietro's inability to woo Storm. Magneto asks if Quicksilver has seen Storm's appearance on

TV yesterday. Magneto and Quicksilver watch yesterday's episode of "Alison," which shows Storm questioning mutant

superiority. Magneto and Quicksilver argue over the topics raised and mention that Africa's superior technology may threaten

mutant rule in a decade. Magneto says, "Since you failed at undoing their romance - I'll do it my way." In Wakanda, T'Challa

and Storm discuss their relationship through a holo-phone call. Monica Lynne and Shanna are mentioned as being in T'Challa's

harem. After Storm hangs up, Sabretooth teleports in and Black Panther shoots him. Sabretooth has been hired to kill Black

Panther as a message to Storm. They fight and Black Panther decapitates Sabretooth. In Magneto's palace, Quicksilver opens a

box to find Sabretooth's head inside. Quicksilver mentions that the box arrived "today," and that the Black Panther "must have

used the transporter we gave Sabretooth." Magneto is pissed. In Wakanda, Black Panther talks to Sunfire, Namor, Victor Von

Doom, and Storm (the "Council of Kings") on a holo-phone conference call. They discuss whether to stand together now that

Magneto has tried to kill T'Challa, because they're assuming that Magneto may now try to kill the rest of them. Doom declines

and hangs up. In Cairo, a smack-talkin' Apocalypse watches a pyramid being built and Magneto sends him after Black Panther.

Later, in his airplane, Apocalypse is flying to Wakanda when his pilots inform him that Storm is attacking. The plane crashes into

water. Namor rips the plane open and throws Apocalypse out. He grows gills and hits Namor, sending him out of the water,

where Iceman freezes him. Iceman is then attacked by Storm and then Sunfire. Storm refers to Iceman as one of Apocalypse's

horsemen. Off to the side, Angel and Nightcrawler argue about getting involved in the fight. Apocalypse enters the Panther's

castle, and off to the side Monica Lynne and Shanna fight over who's T'Challa's current girlfriend. Chasing Black Panther,

Apocalypse runs into Black Bolt, who blows him away with a syllable. Black Panther was hiding in a vibranium box. Storm,

Sunfire, and Namor arrive.

In Genosha, Magneto and Quicksilver discover how the assassination attempt on T'Challa turned out. They're not happy to hear

the news.


The Frightful Four fight and kill the Mole Man. They return to their home in Latveria to rest. Doom puts the It back into his

cage, reviews the work of his underlings, has a chat with his mother and is summoned to Genosha by Quicksilver. Once in

Genosha, Magneto and Doom discuss the Mole Man's demise. Doom takes his frustrations on the It.


Magneto asks Doom to find a prison-dimension for holding his enemies. The Frightful Four proceed to find an anti-

electromagnetic dimension and slaughter everybody there. Doom has formulated a plan to dethrone Magneto, but now hesitates.

His mother encourages him to take action. Doom and the FF invite the House of M to go into the portal to the aforementioned

dimension (minus Polaris, who wanders off just before).


In the other dimension, the FF beat Magneto and Quicksilver up, then leaves them stranded there. The FF come back to Genosha

and kill the Genoshan scientists, then take over. The It starts rebelling about this, but is dismissed. Off-panel, the It finds Polaris

and together they free Magneto and Quicksilver. There's a big fight between the House of M, their servants and the Frightful

Three. The Invincible Woman and the Inhuman Torch die. Doom's mother, brought to Genosha, denies her son in true

hypocritical form. Magneto refuses to kill the broken Doom and sends him back to Latveria. Later, Doom sulks alone in his

castle. The It joins the Human Resistance at the invitation of the redhead.

WOLVERINE v3 #33-FB (4-8)

In Southeastern Mexico, Wolverine and Mystique kill some members of the Human Resistance. Two hours later, they get ready

to attend a party at the American Embassy in Mexico. Wolverine is drinking heavily and popping pills.

WOLVERINE v3 #33-FB (11-19:2)

At the party, Wolverine drinks some more until they're attacked by members of the Human Resistance. The Mexican

government's new Sentinel has been stolen. Wolverine's infirmary room is empty; bloody hand a foot prints show that he left

through the window.

WOLVERINE v3 #35-FB (1)

Mystique and Jessica Drew look around Wolverine's infirmary room.

WOLVERINE v3 #35-FB (9-10:3)

Mystique finds Wolverine in an abandoned steel mill.

WOLVERINE v3 #35-FB (11-20)

In the steel mill, Wolverine attacks members of the Human Resistance, then talks with a hologram of Nick Fury. Fury sets off an

explosion, and Wolverine saves Mystique. They share a tender moment.


In Sydney, a guy named Jon is captured by some AIM grunts. His girlfriend escapes. Later that night, after a trying day as

President of Australia, Bruce is in bed with Rappaccini and tells her he's been thinking about hulking up to vent his frustrations.

Bruce mentions he's been with AIM for "a few weeks." At dawn, Jon's girlfriend is attacked by some AIM grunts again but is

rescued by Scorpion. She tells her about disappearances among volunteering test subjects. Later, Bruce deals with various

administrative matters, then storms off when they ask him to prop out the Hulk once in a while. Scorpion tells him they have a

problem. Bruce and Scorpion break into the testing facility, discovering a secret passage to a big underground laboratory where

Dr. Isaacs turns humans into cyborgs. Hulk smashes until Isaacs confesses that he and Rappaccini thought better than to tell

Bruce about this. Rappaccini sees the scene from a monitor.


Rappaccini tricks Scorpion into activating a sleeping post-hypnotic command she implanted one of the previous nights into

Bruce, and hacks into the cyborgs in order to kill him. Hulk was actually playing possum, and smashes through the cyborgs. A

giant cyborg is activated. The fight continues as Hulk pounds the giant cyborg through the ground and into the street. Scorpion

helps Jon out of the rubble. Rappaccini "suicides" Lazlo so that he can take the blame. Hulk destroys the cyborg and the opera

house. Bruce orders everybody in his office to get out of Australia except Rappaccini. Through a holographic phone call,

Magneto offers Bruce to give back Australia to Exodus and company, to which he refuses.

IRON MAN: HOUSE OF M #1 (1-12)

Tony Stark loses to his father in the Sapien Death Match. Tony learns that Pym is studying the mutant gene and orders him to

stop his research.

MUTOPIA X #1 (4-8)

A human terrorist attacks a concert in Sapien Town.

IRON MAN: HOUSE OF M #1 (13-22)

Tony learns Pym is missing and searches for him. Tony storms a Sapien Resistance meeting but everybody is then attacked by

sentinels. Howard hacks into a Sentinel's systems and starts talking to Tony.

IRON MAN: HOUSE OF M #2 (1-10)

Tony escapes the Sentinel with his father's help. Tony welcomes an envoy from the House of M. The envoy bullies him into

giving the Vision project to the House of M, and Howard reams Tony for doing so.

MUTOPIA X #1 (9-20)

Bishop and Ortega are assigned to protect Kaufman. That night, Terrorist attacks Kaufman's movie premiere.

IRON MAN: HOUSE OF M #2 (11-22)

Tony monitors the investigations of the envoy then tries summoning the will to destroy his armor. He finds Johnny Storm in the

armor and Johnny joins him. News footage shows that Pym has been caught. Tony and Johnny rescue Pym but are chased by

easily dispatched Sentinels and mutant guards. Pym activates an anti-mutant bomb which liquefies the mutant guards. Pym

reveals that hundreds of these bombs are deployed in Chicago.


Tony, Johnny, and other robot-fighters race against the clocks to neutralize the bombs. The House of M sends the Visions to

help, but they're taken over by Howard, who reveals this was all a plan to kill Magneto. Magneto shows up and kills Howard.

Tony refuses to kill Magneto and then helps clear the damage.


Peter and his family vacation by a lake.


Logan awakens in the House of M reality created by Wanda. He remembers the original mainstream MU, but others around him

are living lives with pasts in the new reality. We see scenes featuring the new reality's Cap, Cyclops, Emma, Dazzler, Wonder

Man, Warbird, Gambit, Kitty, Cage, Sentry, Dr. Strange, Colossus, Beast, Hank Pym, Wasp, Storm, and Mystique.

HOUSE OF M #3 (1-11)

Logan tries to figure out what's going on as he's confronted with a brand new reality.

MUTOPIA X #1 (21-22)

The Ortegas watch news coverage of the terrorist attack.


Shaw watches footage of Wolverine jumping off of the Helicarrier, as seen in HOM 2. Four hours later, Shaw interrogates

Mystique. Mystique tells Shaw that Wolverine has been abusing pills and alcohol. She recaps the attack at the American

Embassy in Mexico. Shaw makes a veiled allegation, and Mystique's rebuttal is that Nick Fury was behind the attack


Shaw informs Mystique that Nick Fury has been dead for almost twenty years. Shaw tells Mystique about Wolverine's and

Fury's history. Shaw tells Mystique that no one's sure exactly who killed Nick Fury. He asks Mystique if Wolverine was in his

infirmary room after the attack on the Embassy in Mexico, and follows it with more tough questions.

WOLVERINE v3 #35 (2-3)

Shaw recaps the interrogation, then destroys his desk. He sends Mystique to the brig.

MUTOPIA X #2 (1-10)

Ortega and his wife argue about the Rite of Transcendence.

HOUSE OF M #3 (12-15)

Logan goes to Westchester and discovers that the Institute is a private home occupied by strangers. There's no trace of a Charles


WOLVERINE v3 #35 (4-23)

Shaw looks into some files, then confronts Mystique in the brig. Mystique tells Shaw how she found Wolverine so quickly.

Shaw asks Mystique why she held back information. Shaw presses Mystique on the Fury issue. Mystique reveals that she was

impersonating Nick Fury the whole time. Shaw is pleased with the revelation and sends Mystique to retrieve Wolverine.

MUTOPIA X #2 (11-22)

Ortega and Lara get together. Later, Bishop and Ortega investigate Terrorist's safe house


Bishop and Ortega continue to investigate Terrorist's safe house. Ortega arrives home and fights with wife about Lara.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #16 (1-10)

In the House of M reality, the Hellions are SHIELD agents who save the day when human terrorists attack the New Mutant

Leadership Institute.

HOUSE OF M #3 (16-22)

Logan tries to look up Tony Stark at Stark Tower, but Logan's SHIELD unit (consisting of an altered Mystique, Nightcrawler,

Rogue, Spider-Woman, and Toad) confront him. He escapes but is swallowed up by Cloak and is transported to a place where he

sees Cage, Hawkeye, and their allies, which include Black Cat, Iron Fist, and Moon Knight.


Cage and Hawkeye question Logan, but Logan's tracker attracts Sentinels and Cloak transports everyone present to the Kingpin's

office. Logan tells the group about his reality, including Hawkeye's death, and they believe him because a girl, Layla Miller, is

present who also remembers the mainstream MU. Logan remembered the "real world" two days ago, and Layla remembered it

yesterday. Cloak transports the group to the Summers residence in Connecticut, where they encounter Emma Frost. With

Layla's help, Logan gets Emma to realize that they're in an altered reality.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #16 (11-20)

When the Hellions are given the assignment of tracking down human terrorists to a hidden base in Tokyo, Noriko is cut from the

squad because her father leads the resistance movement. Noriko gets David Alleyne and his friends to agree to help her sneak

her father out before the raid, but allies Laurie and Sean Garrison turn out to be SHIELD moles.

EXILES #69 (9-13)

The Exiles return to Earth-616, only to discover that it's been turned into the House of M reality.

HOUSE OF M #5 (1-13:6)

Led by Emma and Cage's resistance force, Layla restores the true memories of Scott Summers. Peter Parker and his family

(Gwen, Richie, Ben, and May) walk around New York City when one of his fans recognizes him. When the heroes (Danny

Rand, Hawkeye, Felicia Hardy, Luke Cage, Emma Frost, Layla Miller, Wolverine, Scott Summers, Cloak, and Marc Spector)

arrive on the scene, Layla uses her powers to make Peter remember his real life. Spider-Man joins the fight against Magneto.

Layla also restores the memories of Kitty Pryde and Stephen Strange.

GIANT-SIZE MS. MARVEL #1 - FB - FB (5:1, 5:3-5:5)

Magneto and preparations for his gala are videotaped for TV broadcast, as are Tony Stark and M.J.

GIANT-SIZE MS. MARVEL #1 - FB - FB (5:3-14:1)

This flashback occurs "a month" before MSM2 4. As Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers rescues kids from an apartment fire, then

she's attacked by Warren Traveler. They battle and Carol wins. As people cheer her, she departs for a charity benefit in

Washington, DC. While signing autographs there, she is approached by Emma, Scott, and Layla.

HOUSE OF M #5 (13:7-13:9)

Emma makes telepathic contact with Carol.

GIANT-SIZE MS. MARVEL #1 - FB - FB (14:2-14:4)

Emma makes Carol relax and Layla restores Carol's memories.

HOUSE OF M #5 (14)

Layla restores the memories of Tony Stark, Matt Murdock, and Jennifer Walters. Emma, Scott, Logan, Layla, and Cloak spy on

Steve Rogers but decide not to recruit him because of his age.


The Super Powers TV show reports on the day's news, including Carol's battle with Traveler. The "July 20" date may have

some meaning in the House of M reality, but not necessarily in the mainstream MU.

PULSE #10 (1-6)

SHIELD's Red Guard investigates Stark Tower. Hawkeye is nearby.

HOUSE OF M #5 (15-19)

The heroes (Wolverine, Emma Frost, Scott Summers, Luke Cage, Danny Rand, Cloak, Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Matt Murdock, Dr.

Strange, Spider-Man, Kitty Pryde, Tony Stark, Carol Danvers, Felicia Hardy, and Layla Miller) gather, but the Red Guard

(Jessica Drew, Mystique, Rogue, Nightcrawler, and Toad) find them and attack. The battle ends quickly when Layla's powers

cause the members of the Red Guard to remember their real lives. Hawkeye disappears and the heroes decide to confront

Magneto in Genosha.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #16 (21-23)

The Hellions arrive in Japan. When Quentin Quire discovers the moles, Laurie forces him to kill himself.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #17 (1-11)

The Hellions launch their attack on the Tokyo terrorists and Noriko intervenes when Kevin Ford and Josh Foley threaten human

resister Cameron Hodge, but Hodge convinces Noriko to kill him to avoid torture. The Garrisons try to cover for Quire's death

and Tag gets upset.

UNCANNY X-MEN #462 (5-23)

The effects of Wanda's reality-warping reach Otherworld, where Roma concludes that it's a trans-temporal tsunami that will end

all rational existence. Roma sends Brian Braddock to Earth-616 and gives him "forty-eight hours" to try to stop the source of the

threat. Betsy and Rachel see an image of Brian flying off with Jamie Braddock, who Rachel has been seeing "for months."

Jamie, who notes that he has bound the women's lives and fates together, removes them from the white hot room to save the day

on a reality-altered earth.

UNCANNY X-MEN #463 (1-5)

Betsy and Rachel land in the House of M reality and their memories of the real MU are quickly replaced by false alternate reality

memories. There they see Brian, whose memories are also altered.

MUTOPIA X #4 (1-3)

Kaufman's surgeons transform a terrorist into a perfect assassin.


An elderly House of M Steve Rogers attends a dinner held in his honor, then runs afoul of young mutants on the way home. As

he nears home, he is watched by Logan, Cage, Emma, and Peter Parker, who has rejoined the heroes. Apparently, the heroes are

having second thoughts about recruiting Steve. This issue occurs out-of-sequence with other issues of CA5.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #17 (12-20)

Now convinced of the nefarious nature of SHIELD's top-secret Project Genesis, Noriko, David, and their friends find the place

where Noriko's father is.

PULSE #10 (7-22)

Stunned at the revelation of reality, Hawkeye goes to the Daily Bugle and talks to Kat Farrell about it. He aims to kill Magneto

and Wanda "tomorrow."

HOUSE OF M #5 (20-21)

In Genosha, Magneto awaits Doom's arrival "in a half hour" and guests are expected soon. Magneto stands at Xavier's


EXILES #69 (14-22)

Beak discovers that Angel is a super-model and when he finds her he learns that she doesn't know him at all and that their babies

do not exist. After their encounter, Angel's body is seized by Mutant X. A newspaper reports of a "Von Doom/Magneto summit



Mutant X, in Angel's body, snatches Beak and the other Exiles meet Mutant X's mother, House of M's Moira MacTaggert.

After subduing a couple of Sentinels, the team encounters Mutant X. Green trees in New York.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #16 (19:5-21)

Deadpool enters a reality in which a baby Nathan is in the care of Mr. Sinister.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #17 (21-22)

The New Mutants find human terrorists in Japan.


At the New Mutants Leadership Institute, Shan and Doug discover that Dr. Garrison is a SHIELD agent and that he caused

Quire's death. Garrison confronts them. In Tokyo, the New Mutants fight Pierce and the human resistance until Noriko's father

tells them about Project Genesis. The Hellions show up and fight the New Mutants. Surge forces Illyana to teleport everyone to

the Project Genesis labs, where they see the horror of the project, designed to turn humans into mutants. When the New Mutants

and the Hellions voice opposition to the project, Laurie tips her hand and uses her power to order the gang to kill one another.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #19 (1-16)

The New Mutants and Hellions mop the floor with one another and a few of them are killed before Cessily is forced to slay

Laurie. Sophie clears away the pheromones and is killed by Pierce. Moonstar kills Pierce.


On a weekend evening in Genosha, Logan's crew boards the Helicarrier and head for Genosha, where leaders such as T'Challa,

Ororo, Namor, and Genis gather for a special ceremony for Magneto. As Dr. Strange prepares to meet Wanda on the astral plane

and the rest of their compatriots attack the ceremony to keep Magneto occupied, Cloak, Emma, and Layla try to find Xavier.

They encounter Xavier's grave only to discover that he's not in it. Both a full moon and a waning crescent moon are shown.

UNCANNY X-MEN #463 (6-22)

Brian dreams of the real MU and tells Meggan, Betsy, and Rachel about it. With real memories flashing to him, Brian attacks

Courtney, seeing her as Saturnyne. Brian and crew hear about Wolverine going rogue from SHIELD. They then go on a mission

to investigate some mutant fugitives being pursued by the Marauders in the West Country. There they encounter Nocturne.


Meggan manifests the forms of those who sent Brian on his mission to stop the House of M reality from destroying the universe,

but Brian still can't remember his mission. After Betsey and Rachel encounter a quantum tear in creation in which reality is

unraveling, Brian's memory is restored. The Marauders pursue Nocturne and Karima shows up to slay Brian and his family for



Captain UK and Justicer Bull show up to help Captain Britain and company battle the Marauders, Karima, and the Sentinels.

When the Sentinels channel their power through Karima for one big blast, Rachel and Betsey repel the blast, deflecting it into the

rift in reality. This action wipes out Karima and the Sentinels, but the rift still needs to be closed. Meggan sacrifices herself to

close the breech.

EXILES #71 (1-19)

The Exiles battle Mutant X. Moira shoots Mutant X, forcing him to leave Angel's body. He enters Mimic's body and, glimpsing

alternate realities in Calvin's memories, leaves Earth 616. Blink injects the dying Angel with a serum to regenerate tissue, but

Heather pulls her and the other Exiles back to the crystal Palace, leaving Beak and Angel on Earth 616.

MUTOPIA X #4 (4-23)

Terrorist kills Ortega's daughter and everything goes white.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #19 (17-23)

The New Mutants and Hellions free the human prisoners of Project Genesis. Illyana teleports the prisoners to safety as everyone

else faces down the newly arrived Sunfire and his forces in a last stand. The world goes white around them.

EXILES #71 (20)

The world goes white around Barnell and Angel.


As the heroes battle Genoshan forces, Strange discovers that it was Pietro, not Magneto, who convinced Wanda to reshape

reality. Hawkeye shoots Wanda with an arrow and is destroyed by her fabricated son. Magneto arrives and cuts down Pietro for

what he's done. Wanda takes Magneto to task and decides to remake reality again, this time with no mutants.


The House of M Mr. Sinister shows the trio around and explains his life's work. Sinister captures Wade, planning to use his

DNA to accelerate the maturation of baby Nathan. Deadpool escapes and takes the child, teleporting away just as Wanda's

reality warping reaches this reality.


Wade and Nathan teleport at the exact moment the HOM reality converts back to the mainstream MU reality. The timing means

that Cable is still a baby, although he undergoes accelerated maturing into a teenager. As this happens, Sam and Teresa appear

and Forge determines that the teleportation harness has absorbed aspects of Nathan's being. Cable deduces that Black Box is

behind Wade's brainwashing and sends X-Force after him, but the team ends up defeating an empty shell of Black Box, who

actually resides in a computer. Nathan gets his memories back from the harness, then he cures Wade of the mental tampering.

"Hours later," "about twelve hours" before Nathan reaches his normal adult state, he and Wade spend some quality time be

teleporting to Intercourse, Pennsylvania, where we see green grass and trees.


The same night as C&DP 18. In an Intercourse bar, Wade and Nathan trade stories of their youth as Cable's body matures to

adulthood. Green grass and leafy trees in Pennsylvania.

Monday, June 29: M-Day

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #11/2 (1-8)

Early on the morning of M-Day ("a few hours" after dinnertime), police arrest a delusional man named Mark Hawkins, who

swears he was a super-hero named the Marvel. When no details of Hawkins' story check out after questioning, police escort him


INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #87 (1-20)

On "M-Day," Monica and Bruce wake up in bed together inside the mansion of Jarrah Brandis, the richest man in Sydney, not

remembering how they got there. Police officers break in to arrest them. Banner changes into Hulk and scares off the cops. He

breaks down a wall and starts to jump away when he is confronted by an astral image of the aborigine chieftain, who convinces

the Hulk to come visit him in the Outback. Hulk grabs Monica and jumps off with her in tow. A short time later at SHIELD

headquarters, Agents Khanata and Sareva and the new Scorpion look at video footage of the Hulk leaping away from the

mansion with Monica in his arms. Scorpion decides to go to Australia to capture her mother. Hulk transforms back to Banner

and meets up with the Chieftain. The Chieftain says he remembers what life was like in the House of M world and offers Banner

a place in his tribe. Banner, the Chieftain, and Monica head off to the tribal grounds. That night, Banner tells Monica in private

he's thinking of staying with the Aborigines, but Monica thinks that Banner needs to stop denying who he truly is. Just then,

Scorpion arrives, knocking Banner out momentarily with her poison stinger. She says she was able to find Monica by tracing

Bruce's gamma radiation signature. As she's about to apprehend Monica, Banner transforms into the Hulk. The Hulk has a

tantrum and sets off a forest fire by spreading the flames from the Aborigines' campfire. The flames spread, Monica and

Carmilla are separated, and AIM soldiers rescue Monica. Green grass and trees in Australia.


The morning of M-Day. Carol Danvers wakes up and remembers what a hero she was "yesterday" in the House of M reality.

She vows to live up to her full potential as a super-hero.

NEW EXCALIBUR #9 - FB (1-4:1)

On M-Day, the whiteout comes as factions of the Weapon X program battle each other. Chamber loses his powers, which causes

the Weapon X-installed device in his chest to blow up.

NEW EXCALIBUR #6 - FB (3:1, 4:1, 5:1, 6:1, 7:1)

On M-Day, the Scarlet Knights lose their powers and fall from the sky while carrying passengers at the Farnborough Air Show in



Early the morning after HOM 1 (18-23); all of HOM occurs within the span of a single day, as evidenced in UX 466 by Rachel's

dialogue - "A couple of weeks ago, humanity went to its collective bed in a world where mutants were on their way to becoming

the dominant species, in both capabilities and population [this describes the mainstream MU, not the HOM reality]. Next

morning, we woke up to discover that a huge percentage of those mutants had not only lost their powers...but the gene sequences

that made them mutants had been completely erased [M Day reference]." Fred Dukes awakens in his room at an Atlantic City

casino, only to discover that he's lost his Blob power.

X-MEN v2 #200/2 - FB (4:2)

The same morning as HOM:DA 1 (1-2). The Blob recoils at his appearance as he looks in the mirror.


The same "morning" as HOM:DA 1 (1-2). Magneto and Xavier lose their mutant powers and Onslaught is reborn. Onslaught

heads to the Baxter Building and tries to attack Franklin Richards by possessing the Human Torch. The Thing battles Johnny

and Onslaught possesses Reed. Sue fights Reed and Franklin runs. Franklin uses his power to flee to his pocket universe and

Onslaught follows. Franklin encounters that reality's Bucky and they both face Onslaught. "It ain't even Saturday."


The same day as ON:R 1. The "reborn" versions of Cap, Thor, Iron Man, the Avengers, and the FF encounter Franklin and help

battle Onslaught. The "reborn" Loki and Enchantress plot against "reborn" Thor. Onslaught possesses "reborn" Thor, who faces

off against "reborn" Hulk.


The same day as ON:R 2. As "Reborn" Hulk and Thor fight, Onslaught jumps from Thor to Hulk, who separates "reborn" Thor

from his hammer and flings him into space, where "reborn" Iron Man fetches the "reborn" Don Blake and gives him to "reborn"

Human Torch to bring to the reborn world's Baxter Building. The "reborn" Avengers defeat the "reborn" Hulk and Onslaught

possesses "reborn" Iron Man. "Reborn" Reed Richards runs a DNA test on Franklin. At the reborn universe's Avengers

Mansion, Franklin and "reborn" Bucky face the "reborn" Loki, Enchantress, Executioner, Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man, and Ultron, who offer

their aid against Onslaught.


The same day as ON:R 3. "Reborn" Cap and Iron Man knock each other out and Onslaught leaves Shellhead's body. As "reborn" Reed tries to revive "reborn" Don Blake at the Baxter Building, "reborn" Namor shows up. At Avengers Mansion, "reborn" Vision and Ant-Man attack Loki and his team but are defeated. "Reborn" FF, Namor, and revived Thor arrive. Thor is bent on Loki's defeat, but Loki says that Onslaught must be stopped and Franklin must die. "Reborn" Reed agrees.


The same day as ON:R 4.

HOUSE OF M #8 (1-6:5)

The same morning as HOM:DA 1 (1-2) and GSMM 1. Layla Miller is woken by her mother on a school day. The Avengers

gather in Avengers Tower; some remember the HOM reality and others (those not protected yesterday by Emma's psychic and

Strange's mystical defense) don't. Peter Parker is haunted by his memories of the HOM reality. Dr. Strange arrives, in poor

shape. Emma Frost awakens on the lawn at the Xavier Institute and hears a scream. Green grass and trees in New York.

NEW X-MEN v2 #20 (4)

The same morning as HOM 8 (1-6). It is "two years" after NX 20-FB and "three months" after NX 36-FB. Emma rises to her

feet and runs for the Institute building.

HOUSE OF M #8 (6:6-9)

The same morning as NX 20 (4). Emma finds the students in a panic as many have lost their powers, including Sofia.

Nightcrawler teleports outdoors and wakens Logan, whose memories of his entire life have returned. Green grass and trees at


NEW X-MEN v2 #20 (5-15)

The same morning as HOM 8 (6-9). The sound of screaming awakens Kevin Ford, who encounters chaos. Dallas Gibson has

lost his Specter power and Kevin, thinking his power gone too, touches Laurie and withers her right arm. Melody Guthrie loses

her Aero power and Hydro drowns in the Institute pool. Emma summons the Stepford Cuckoos as other New Mutants and

Hellions waken.


The same morning as NX 20 (5-15) and XCAL4 9-FB (1-4). Beast finds the fallen Chamber and stabilizes him by placing him in

a machine that regulates his blood flow.

HOUSE OF M #8 (10)

The same morning as NX 20 (5-15). Emma heads to Cerebra to check on the mutant population.

NEW X-MEN v2 #20 (16-17)

The same morning as HOM 8 (10). It is "2 days" before NX 20 (18-21) and "two weeks" before NX 20 (22-23). In the Cerebra

room, Emma and the Stepford Cuckoos issue a mental command to put all the students to sleep to quell the chaos.


M-Day morning, "several months" before A4 26 (10-19) and "months" before A4 30-FB. Hawkeye awakens in New York and goes to the destroyed Avengers Mansion. He reads an old newspaper account of his death, pins his costume to a wall with arrows, and leaves. He reports to the Sanctum Sanctorum and asks Dr. Strange about Wanda. He tells Strange he's going to look for her, starting in Genosha, and instructs him not to contact the Avengers about his return.

HOUSE OF M #8 (11-19)

The same morning as NX 20 (16-17) and A4 26-FB. This segment occurs before XU2 13-FB and during the "week" before

X:DG 1 (1). It occurs before FOUR 22 since Jessica Jones' baby is supposed to be born after M-Day. Cerebra shows the X-Men

that most of the mutants of earth have lost their powers. Tag, Moonstar, and Iceman are three of those mutants. The students are

awake again. TV news reports about the loss of mutants come in from around the globe; speculated causes include a virus and an

anti-mutant government program. The Avengers watch the reports and Strange dwells on his failure to stop Wanda. Upon

hearing of someone at the ruins of Avengers Mansion, the Avengers go there and find a Hawkeye costume pinned to a wall with



The same morning as HOM 8 (11-19). It is "one month" after SSO 5 (3-17). On M-Day, Lexington wakes up to discover that

his mutant powers are gone. The Sentinel Squad catches news reports about the decimation of the world's mutant population and

Val states that O*N*E will have to stabilize the situation.


The same morning as HOM 8 (11-19). It is "a few months" after GENM 5-FB (8-9) and "a few days" before GENM 1 (6). At

"11:15 on a Tuesday morning," the offices of the Alternative are damaged by the fatal crash of suddenly flightless Ned Ralston, a

mutant who looks like a large, flying reptile.

GENERATION M #1 - FB (7:2-8:3)

The same day as GENM 1 (1-5). Tony Romeo, Jeannie Martin, and Gary Peterson die when their mutant powers give out.

LaTonya Jefferson loses her near-impenetrable skin. Scared people lash out.

X-MEN: THE 198 #1 (3-6:2)

The same day as GENM 1-FB (7-8). This segment occurs before X:198 1-FB. Fiery mutants Amara and Antonio play in a

volcano on the Galapagos Islands, but Antonio loses his powers and starts to burn in the magma.

X-MEN v2 #200/2 - FB (4:3)

The same day as X:198 1 (3-6). Amara tries to pull Antonio out of the magma with two hands.

X-MEN: THE 198 (6:3-7)

The same day as X 200/2-FB (4:3). Amara fails to save Antonio, and the horrified, still-powered Magma explodes the volcano.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #11/2 (9)

The same morning as XU2 11/2 (1-8). It is "a few months" before XU2 11/2 (10-11). At 8:30 AM, a TV news report announces

that it appears that mutants have lost their powers and that "the president will be addressing the nation within the hour."


The same day as X:198 1 (6-7) and XU2 11/2 (9). It may be a few days, not "a couple of weeks," before UX 466. It is "days"

after NX 21-FB (8:2-8:5), "a few months" before MSM2 13 (1-5), before X 200/2-FB (5:1), "months" before X 200/2-FB (5:2), and "months" before UX 486 (1-21). This segment occurs before RUN2 13 and M/TU3 20 (14-16). Without his power, the Blob wants to die. As Trish Tilby reports, Bishop checks out the situation in Mutant Town and assists de-powered mutants with Charlotte Jones. Terrorists bomb the X-Corp headquarters in Paris. Scott orders all X-Corp facilities closed and offers the Institute as a sanctuary for remaining mutants. In the War Room, the X-Men review the status of specific mutants; Thornn and Callisto are also among those who've lost their powers. The president declares a national emergency and activates the Office of National Emergency (O*N*E) - in X:198 FILES, this occurrence is dated "November 2," but this may be incorrect. Val Cooper is ordered to join the program. Madrox, Rahne, and Guido set out to help the ex-mutants of Mutant Town. Scott tells Kurt to assemble a squad and reconnoiter with Captain Britain in London to investigate the nature of Wanda's chaos wave. Scott comforts Emma, who cannot locate Xavier. Lorna comforts Bobby. Roger MacEwan is murdered. MI-13 orders Pete Wisdom to find Captain Britain and respond to the situation in London. Sage confirms that the genes of affected mutants have been erased. Beast refuses to take a call from Trish. When Scott asks Storm to return from Africa, Ororo decides to stay there. Pietro wallows in despair as a bum in Manhattan. In Los Angeles, Jubilee laments the loss of her power. Green trees in New York.

X-MEN v2 #191 - FB (3:5, 4:2-5:4)

One day. Sabretooth and Pasco kill the last scientist on their hit list and discover that he's connected to something "precious" in

a tanker called the Conquistador, whose location the duo discover in the scientist's files.

X-MEN v2 #191 - FB (9:2-13)

Perhaps the same day as X 191-FB (3-5). It is the afternoon of M-Day, which is "November 2nd." Sabretooth and Pasco take a

jet boat to the Conquistador, and as they storm the ship, a flash occurs and Pasco yells - his mutant power is gone. The Children

of the Vault emerge from the vessel and attack Creed and Pasco. Pasco is killed and Creed gets away with broken bones. From

this point until UX 188-FB (1-3), the Children pursue Creed throughout the Western Hemisphere.

X-FACTOR v3 #24 - FB (12:4-12:6)

On M-Day, Josef Huber notices that the howling of mutant voices in his head becomes merely a dull roar.

MUTOPIA X #5 (1-17)

On M-Day, a doctor operates on Chaymara, then tells Armena and Laline that she's been shot by an invisible bullet. Izzy talks to

Gregor the tree and goes outside to find chaos in the streets because all the mutants in Mutant Town have lost their powers. Izzy

and his ex-partner Nancy pick up Mr. M, who hasn't lost his powers, but when they get to the hospital, Chaymara has already

died. Armena tells Izzy to leave. Outside, Izzy tells Laline to make sure that Esteban never thinks Chamayra's death is his fault.

He then goes to see Lara, who also lost her powers. Bishop stops Izzy from killing himself.


The same day as MUTX 5 (1-17). Izzy gives Bishop his gun.

MUTOPIA X #5 (18-22)

The same day as MUTX 5-FB. Bishop takes Izzy to his family. That night in Mutant Town, Bishop thinks to himself. Full moon.

FANTASTIC FOUR #537 - FB (8:3-8:5)

One night, probably a year to the day after FF 537-FB (2-4). This flashback probably occurs after S&F 3 (21-22). Dr. Doom is

ejected from the dimensional (temporal) rift and deposited back on earth.

Tuesday, June 30

FANTASTIC FOUR #537 - FB (9-10)

Probably the day after FF 537-FB (8:3-8:5). With Doom's departure from Latveria "entering its second year," the Latverian

prime minister gloats. Doom arrives, kills the prime minister, and resumes control. Green trees in Latveria.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #87 (21-22)

The morning after H3 87 (1-20). The flames have finally died and the forest is now a smoking ruin. Carmilla emerges from a

cave and meets up with Banner. Banner says there's no reason to fight anymore and that the Aborigines are gone from this place

and no longer want to have anything to do with him. Banner says he's decided to listen to the Hulk and he decides to have

nothing more to do with the rest of mankind. He and Carmilla go their separate ways.

HOUSE OF M #8 (20-26)

Probably the day after HOM:DA 1 (3-31). The X-Men go to Genosha (where it is "morning") and question a powerless Magneto

about the location of his children; he doesn't know. Xavier cannot be found. Wanda lives happily in Europe. Hank Pym reports

to the press from London on the possible implications of this whole event.


One day during the "days" between HOM 8 and TB2 12. Through the city's pheromone-tainted water supply, Killgrave has

regained control over New York following the House of M interruption. Only the Thunderbolts remain beyond his control,

which is subtle enough for people to believe their lives are normal. Songbird contacts Warbird, who is outside Manhattan, and

she gathers non-New York super-humans for an assault, but they are repelled. Fearing civilian casualties, the DHS decides not to

launch more attacks and leaves it up to the T-Bolts to stop Killgrave from inside Manhattan.

X-MEN: THE 198 #1 - FB

One day, sometime between X:198 1 (3-7) and X:198 (15-23). After the volcano explosion, a traumatized, psychotic Amara

"finally" shows up in Guatemala.

UNDERWORLD # 3 (15-22)

One day, "less than a week" after UW 3 (4-14). Jackie shoots up a strip club owned by the Owl and fights a revamped Grizzly and Boomerang. Jackie runs off, but not before he's spotted by the Punisher. Jackie makes his way to the Consultant's place to get some new guns.

UNDERWORLD # 4 - FB (4-9)

The same day as UW 3 (15-22). Jackie gets some fancy new guns from the Consultant.

RUNAWAYS v2 #10 - FB (8-9)

One night. It may be just two days, not "several days," before RUN2 11. As Dagger beats up some drug dealers, she is attacked

by a Cloak lookalike.