Pre Universe and Post Universe

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Pre Universe and Post Universe

Post by wolframbane » Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:57 am

After Secret Wars, particularly with Ultimates and Ultimates 2, it was revealed that the "current" Marvel Multiverse is the Seventh Cosmos and had been reformatted into the Eight Cosmos. I would like to complie a list of universes in Marve continuity that existed before and after the current universe or mutiverse, and not necessarily just the ones revealed after Secret Wars.

Ultimates 2 #1-6 revealed the First Cosmos was populated by the omnipotent First Firmament. The Second Cosmos was the first multiverse and popuated by the first incarnation of Eternity. The Fifth Cosmos was a magical ream populated by Moridun from New Avengers v4 #2.

The Sixth Cosmos was the multiverse where Galan of Taa (later Galactus of Reality-616) originated. Another universe of this multiverse was Earth-92131, where the 1992 animated series X-Men occurred, and it was destroyed by the Dweller in Darkness in The Adventures of the X-Men #12.

Post-Marvel Multiverse universes have been shown as well, perhaps as part of a "Ninth Cosmos" per se. The unfinished "The Last Galactus Story" was intended by John Byrne to result in the end of the alternate future of Earth-8436, only to start with the Big Bang of the next universe. In What If v2 #1, the alternate universe of Earth-89721 ends and a new universe forms thereafter.

Are there any other universes that existed before or after the current Marvel Multiverse? Any universes where alternate versions of Galan survive their universes end and are reborn as Galactus? Or any universes end with a glimpse at the next one?

I know that in the Doctor Who universe, there is also a Pre-Universe and Post-Universe, but these are part of the "Whoniverse" continuity and not Marvel, so these cam be discounted. The same can probably be said for Transformers and DCU continuity.

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Re: Pre Universe and Post Universe

Post by vanhornluke » Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:52 pm

Earth-92131 is the universe wherein Galan of Taa (later Galactus of 616) originated, as made clear in the Adventures of the X-Men series and confirmed by the handbooks.

Regarding universes from other continuities, I wouldn't be so quick to discount them. In Adventures of the X-Men #12, the Living Tribunal is shown to be superior to the Brothers from the DC vs. Marvel series, and the brothers are somehow intimately connected to the Marvel and DC multiverses. I think this comic shows that the DC multiverses are also created out of the sixth cosmos (and notice that #12 is also endorsed on the credits page by DC's editor).

I don't think there's any such explicit connection to the creation of the Doctor's universes, but given the number of crossovers between the Doctor and Marvel, it would be interesting to see if anything said in Doctor continuity is compatible with what's been established by Marvel.

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