Villain Valuation

Top Ten Villains



  • Alien shape-shifter
  • Duplicates Fantastic Four’s powers
  • Irresistible hypnotism
Chrissy says…
“This Super-Skrull is no ordinary Skrull, he’s a Super-Skrull. Sort of like a product that’s new and improved.”
Villain Quote: “Anything you can do…I can do better!”



  • Master of Magnetism
  • Mutant Terrorist
  • Pleasant Penmanship
Chrissy says…
“Red suit, purple cape, and two crazy blue eyes.”
Villain Quote: “You haven’t defeated me yet! I can still escape you!”


Doctor Doom

  • Brilliant Scientist
  • Obsessed with Black Magic
  • Angry, desperate, a plethora of angsty personality issues
Chrissy says…
“Our heroes have not defeated the villain, but he has cleverly escaped them. For that alone, Doom zooms to the top of my list.”
Villain Quote: “The Fantastic Four!! HAH! Little do they dream they are naught but pawns in the hands of Doctor Doom!”



  • God of Mischief
  • Eternal Enemy of Thor
  • Illusionist, Hypnotist
Chrissy says…
“He just wants to make trouble because he loves trouble. How can you placate or reason with a villain like that?”
Villain Quote: “By my cunning wit I am at last free! Free to cause mischief–to create discord–and to seek revenge against the one responsible for my capture–THOR!”


Puppet Master

  • Mind Control
  • Radioactive Clay Dolls
  • Alicia Masters’ Step-Father
  • Really Creepy-Looking
Chrissy says…
“He’s got that all-consuming desire for world domination that seems so much more villainous than ‘Haha! I’ll hypnotize them and steal their wallets!’”
Villain Quote: “Perfect! He has no will but my will! No brain but my brain!”



  • Instantly transforms from solid to sand
  • Ex-con bank robber
  • Severe widow’s peak
Chrissy says…
“At last Marvel has created a villain it will be hard to contain”
Villain Quote: “I call myself…the Sandman! Now, then, any other dumb questions?”


Doctor Octopus

  • Brilliant Nuclear Physicist
  • Four Mechanical Arms
  • Paranoid Megalomaniac
Chrissy says…
“Sure he’s brilliant and has lots of arms, but…could he beat Thing in arm wrestling?”
Villain Quote: “I have the right to do anything–as long as I have the power!”


Miracle Man

  • Master of Illusion
  • Incapacitated by Bright Lights
Chrissy says…
“Not much more than a gaudily dressed magician.”
Villain Quote: “The Fantastic Four!! I sneer at their puny powers! I mock their childish feats!”


Red Ghost

  • Intangible
  • Commie Scientist
  • Dreams of Ruling the Solar System
Chrissy says…
“He is only capable of stealing and using other people’s inventions. Is he lazy, or stupid…or both?”
Villain Quote: “A man who cannot be touched, cannot be stopped!”


Stone Men From Saturn

  • Super Strength, Nearly Invulnerable
  • Interplanetary Travel
  • Retreat from Worthy Opponents
Chrissy says…
“If this is the best that outer space has to offer, I don’t think we earthlings have that much to worry about.”
Villain Quote: “How easily we tricked the earthlings! It shall be child’s play to conquer them!”
“Back to the ships at once!! We must flee this accursed planet!!”

Bottom Ten Villains



  • Mutant Genius
  • Uses multiple technological “toys”
  • Commie Crybaby
  • Will sacrifice ideology for personal gain
Chrissy says…
“The Gargoyle doesn’t embrace his lot in life, doesn’t know how to make the ugly mojo work for him.”
Villain Quote: “It’s the most horrible thing in the world to be a freak”



  • Immortal
  • Ruler of Underground Kingdom
  • Good-Looking Devil
Chrissy says…
“He at least is one step ahead of Ross, as he stumbles upon the only thing that can apparently weaken the Hulk.”
Villain Quote: “I have been fearful of only one thing–the armed atomic might of the land called America!”


Tomorrow Man

  • Has Time Machine
  • 23rd Century Despot
  • Rules by Intimidation
  • Likes Bombs
Chrissy says…
“I was a bit disappointed when he turned out to be nothing more than a power-hungry creep from the future who just happens to have a time machine.”
Villain Quote: “If I can’t use the cobalt bomb to enslave the world–then I’ll use it to destroy the world!”


Gen. Fang

  • Most Brutal Warlord since Genghis Khan
  • Terrorizes with projected images
  • Dishes it out better than he takes it
Chrissy says…
“Your cardboard cutout ruthless warlord.”
Villain Quote: “It is time for the hordes of General Fang to strike terror to those who were foolish enough to survive my missile attack!”


Impossible Man

  • Alien shape-shifter
  • Prone to temper tantrums
  • Pointy green head
Chrissy says…
“uncontrollable and unpredictable, but not really evil.”
Villain Quote: “Oh, I’m so glad I came to Earth! Wheee! It’s like one big party!”



  • Master of Disguise
  • Also Master of Self-Incrimination
  • Sells Secrets to Commies
Chrissy says…
“If Marvel has a Hall of Stupid Criminals, I nominate the Chameleon as a card-carrying charter member.”
Villain Quote: “With my multi-pocket disguise vest, it will be an easy matter for the Chameleon to become YOU!”



  • Subversive
  • Seek to Steal American Technology
  • Quitters
Chrissy says…
“Commies come on strong, but are vanquished way too easily. They have a few tricks up their sleeve, but apparently they have very short sleeves.”
Villain Quote: “Do not harm us! We are your prisoners!”



  • Grandiose Showman
  • Power of Mass Hypnosis
  • Leads Band of Circus Thieves
Chrissy says…
“He’s a petty thief. He’s got a power, but doesn’t appreciate all he could do with it.”
Villain Quote: “Nothing that lives can defy me! I have the power to sap men’s will!!”



  • Skinny Old Bald Man
  • Power of Flight
  • Jewel Thief
  • Camera Shy
Chrissy says…
“The public would more likely think him a retiree from a fried chicken joint than a master criminal.”
Villain Quote: “Nothing can stop a flying man! And all of space is my escape route!”
“I’ve got to move—fast! As only a vulture can!”


Paste-Pot Pete

  • Well…there’s Paste
  • Self-Serving, Egotistical Mercenary
  • Dresses like Refugee from Masquerade Ball
Chrissy says…
“President and charter member of Marvel’s Most Ridiculous Villains Club.”
Villain Quote: “Paste is the supreme weapon!”

3 Responses to Villain Valuation

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  2. fnord12 says:

    I came here to see Sandman’s placement in your Villain Valuation after your latest review, and it reminded me that Miracle Man is on the top ten list. Which makes perfect sense based on where you are reading-wise but is pretty funny in the long run. This is probably the only Top Ten Marvel Villains list on the internet that he’s on, so I’m sure that he’s a big fan of your site.

    But it made me wonder if you archive your older lists when you make changes so that one day when you’re all done (!) we can see how certain villains rose to prominence or fell to obscurity.

  3. Chrissy says:

    You’re right! This time, for instance, the addition of Sandman pushed Mole Man out of the Top 10, but not so far as the Bottom 10. There are many names between the two lists, and your comment has given me an idea. Sometime soon, I hope to set up a “Quarterly Villain Report,” to periodically show the list of all the villains I’ve encountered and how they rate. Comparing the movement on the chart should prove interesting. You can see whether or not you agree with my evaluations.

    As for Miracle Man, I’m constantly getting email from him with hypnotic suggestions to move him further up the list. Fortunately, due to my own superpower that manifested when I raised two children, I have so far been able to ignore his pesterings.

    Stay tuned!

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