Meanwhile… : November, 1962

Here are the other “Marvel Universe” books published in November, 1962:

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3 Responses to Meanwhile… : November, 1962

  1. Locust75 says:

    Ah, the good ol’Wizard who I think could of been a great villain. He had a cool background, a killer house, gravity weapons, and the ID Machine. But, he messed it all up by going after the Human Torch first. Which left us a many bad stories because of it.

    Just what was the dreaded secret to the Hidden Planet? All I have is the Human Torch story.

    Why the long face Wizard? You’ve done so many great things. The Miracle Man’s got nothing on you!

    That chess playing robot probably falls down a lot.

    “Down with Law and Order” How evil, or hokey can you get?

    I wonder if the melted statue was made of marble? The Skrulls did the same thing to poor Johnny in FF 2.

    On the last panel it looks like Johnny and Sue are about to walk into a wall.

    “That fire-guy is the greatest crime fighter in the world!”- Theater Patron

    • TAFMSV says:

      My favorite Wizard moment is his escape from inside a locked safe using “a vapor that expands immediately upon contact with air…expands with such force that it can even…break through a steel safe!”, AKA a high explosive charge. I laughed and laughed trying to imagine what the Wizard himself would’ve looked like after the safe was blown open.

  2. Locust75 says:

    Ugh…I wished the Protector had stayed unknown like the cover said.

    On page 1, panel 3 is the cop car a custom chopped?

    If I was a crook and saw a bunch of ants converging together. I would get the heck out of there!

    Bad ol’Protector stealing a kids water gun!

    Only Hank Pym could be cool enough under pressure when the Protector walks in, and calmly asks “May I help you?”! Also, can you rent a jewellery store?

    Soooo….if the Protector’s Disintegrator Gun is a fake how did the display cases disintegrate???

    “The Ant-Man! Hah! You impudent insect!”-The Protector

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