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One day. This segment occurs "exactly one hundred and forty-seven days" after CW 1 (1-7) - making this April 8; this may not be right. Thunderbolts Mountain guards keep surveillance on Robbie Baldwin as he goes to a diner to get coffee. The waitress there has feelings for the silent customer. Robbie has become obsessed with certain numbers, and after talking to the psychiatrist, Osborn demands to know what the numbers mean. Robbie strings him along and Osborn wants to kick him off the team. When the Thunderbolts are dispatched to Baltimore to retrieve stolen nuclear launch codes from the Terrible Trio, Penance goes off on his own and subdues the villains alone. He gets the codes and lets one of the trio go to return to Latveria to tell Doom he has "twenty-four hours" to return an item he wants to U.S. custody. Moonstone chews Robbie out. The bare trees and snow in Colorado may be topical.


The day after P:R 1 (1-17). This segment occurs "in the last week" before P:R 2. Robbie returns to the coffee shop while under surveillance. After interacting with some kids at a playground, he disappears after spray-painting his numbers on walls. The bare trees and snow in Colorado may be topical.

CAPTAIN MARVEL v6 #1 (4-19)

One day, "two days" before CM6 1 (20-23). This segment must occur after MA 6 (21-22). Mar-Vell battles and defeats Cyclone at the Louvre. "One hour later," Stark has a virtual "telepresence meeting" with SHIELD agent Heather Sante in Paris. He charges her with keeping an eye on Mar-Vell, who took off in the middle of the Civil War finale and has just been sighted at the Louvre, where he's been obsessed with a painting of Alexander the Great. In Manhattan, reporter Nathan Jefferson tries to get an interview with Mother Starr of the Church of Hala but is turned away. The Church is out to "make things right" because Mar-Vell is disappointed with the world. Sante catches up with Mar-Vell and they talk.


One night. In Puerto Rico, a man is attacked by bloodsuckers called Chupacabras. The Thing packs for his annual three-day vacation away from the FF at a destination that he keeps secret, despite Johnny's and Sue's curiosity. With the kids at Alicia's, after Ben takes off in "the flyin' bathtub," Sue makes Reed reveal Ben's location and they head to San Juan, where they see a huge party thrown in honor of Ben. Ben is ticked at having his privacy invaded, and Sue has a heart-to-heart talk with him. The Puerto Rican authorities summon the FF for help in investigating recent killings by Chupacabras.

Saturday, July 2


The day after FF:IDLM 1 (1-16). The FF explore the El Yunque rainforest and are attacked and defeated by Chupacabras led by the Mole Man. The team find themselves in a cave, where Mole Man talks about how humans have threatened the local underground species through development. He notes how he intends to eliminate one-third of Puerto Rico's population to regain the Chupacabras' breeding grounds. The FF fight back and force Mole Man to retreat. "Later," Reed directs SHIELD to set up monitoring units to alert him if the Mole Man returns.

Sunday, July 3


The day after FF:IDLM 1 (17-36). The FF enjoy themselves in Puerto Rico and Ben reflects on how good it is to share this place with his teammates.

CAPTAIN MARVEL v6 #1 (20-23)

One day, "two days" after CM6 1 (4-19) and "days" before CM6 2 (4-22). The Mighty Avengers fight a giant robot in Manhattan. The robot is defeated by Captain Marvel.

Monday, July 4: Independence Day

CAPTAIN MARVEL v6 #2 (1-3)

The day after CM6 1 (20-23). TV news reports around the world report on the return of Mar-Vell, as does the Daily Bugle, which features an editorial on the subject by J. Jonah Jameson. National Pulse reporter Dan Jefferson is interested in doing a story on the Church of Hala and its leader, the heiress Julia Starr. It is a "Monday" ("two days" before "Wednesday"), but the newspaper date of "December 24, 2007" must be topical. The forecast in this paper calls for "scattered t-storms" a temperature range of 38-53 degrees.

Tuesday, July 5

CAPTAIN MARVEL v6 #2 (4-22)

Probably the day after CM6 2 (1-3), given that it is "days" after CM6 1 (20-23) and Jefferson has a deadline of "Wednesday" for his story. In his Stark Tower apartment, Mar-Vell obsesses over the Lebrun painting. Aboard the helicarrier, Agent Sante reports to Stark, who tells her that he was concerned about Kree retaliation against the traitor Mar-Vell, but now Kree space is surrounded by a bubble. Ms. Marvel visits Mar-Vell and they leave the tower to get reacquainted. When Carol asks him to join the Avengers, they are attacked by Cobalt Man, who Carol is surprised is alive following his death in Stamford. They defeat the villain and transport him to the Raft. The men who set up Cobalt Man's attack regroup. That night, Dan Jefferson visits the Church of Hala and is caught going through Mother Starr's desk. Sante checks on Mar-Vell's vacant apartment to discover the floor covered with dozens of papers printed with the image of the Lebrun painting. Iron Man meets Mar-Vell at the hellicarrier, only to discover they were set up for an attack by a Kree starship.


The same night as CM6 2 (4-22).

Wednesday, July 6


One day during the "week" after A:TI 8-FB (6-21). This story occurs "several months" after A:TI 8-FB (2:1-2:2). Yellowjacket stumbles through a wrecked sub-basement at Camp Hammond, where he faces MVP, whose left arm is a blaster.


One day. P:R 1 (18-22) is referred to as having occurred "in the last week." This story occurs "a while" after P:R 2-FB and must occur after SUBM3 6 (20-23), since Nitro has been transferred from Atlantis to Latveria. After getting a report from Baldwin's CSA psychiatrist noting that Robbie's gone AWOL, Stark pays a visit to Thunderbolts Mountain and gives Osborn "three days" to tell him where Penance went. Osborn and Stark learn that Baldwin stole information from the witness protection program and absconded with the nuclear launch codes he supposedly recovered in Baltimore. Robbie locates Mendel Stromm at a Vermont safe-house, takes out his robot guards, and asks him how to activate the launch codes to warheads aimed at Latveria, where Nitro is. Bare and leafy trees in Vermont. Full moon.


The same night as P:R 2. A SHIELD squad arrives at the home of Stromm, who tells them that Baldwin has the launch codes.

Thursday, July 7


The day after P:R 3 (1-2). It is "the better part of a year" - "almost a hundred and fifty days" - since Baldwin started studying classified information as part of his plan, or presumably since he joined the Thunderbolts in TB 109 (21-22). Stark calls Cornelius Worth to his office in Stark Tower to help figure out Baldwin's next move. The president arrives and notes that the Fifty State Initiative is in standby mode, waiting for Baldwin to attack. The original FF are among those who are in defensive positions at nuclear facilities across the U.S. Penance takes out Flying Tiger, Fin, and another Initiative hero at such a facility, then encounters Wolverine. Logan and Baldwin fight and talk. The Thunderbolts (except Bullseye) show up and encounter the defeated Logan. The team rushes to the facility's control center and discover they've been duped - Baldwin didn't launch any nukes, but rather stole the craft to travel to Latveria to get Nitro. Green grass and trees.

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WOLVERINE v3 #56 (1-13:3)

One day, "two weeks" before W3 56 (15-19). Logan has been in the pit for "six weeks," so it's at least six weeks since his last previous appearance. Wendell reports to work and shoots a man in a pit at regular intervals with an anchored high-powered machine gun for the duration of his shift. For some reason, though, the man in the pit won't die, and today he starts talking to Wendell.

Thursday, July 21

WOLVERINE v3 #56 (13:4-15:5)

The day after W3 56 (1-13). It is perhaps a year or so after W3 56-FB (14:1). Wendell shows up for work and shoots the man in the pit as they chat.

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WOLVERINE v3 #56 (15:6-19:1)

One day, "two weeks" after W3 56 (1-13). Wendell reports for his shift, shoots the man in the pit, and they talk about Wendell's life. The man in the pit tells Wendell that his crappy life is all Wendell's fault.

Tuesday, August 2

WOLVERINE v3 #56 (19:2-19:3)

One day. Wendell goes to work, but the man in the pit isn't talking anymore. Wendell is confused.

Wednesday, August 3

WOLVERINE v3 #56 (19:4-23)

One day. Wendell has started drinking again and is beaten up by his co-workers for jeopardizing their jobs with his drinking. Later, he decides what he has to do. That night he goes to a retirement home and demands that his dad kill him, but his dad has Alzheimers and doesn't know who Wendell is.

Thursday, August 4

WOLVERINE v3 #56 (24-33)

The day after W3 56 (19-23). Wendell reports to work and kills the guards. He releases the man in the pit, Logan, and begs him to kill him. He throws Wendell in the pit instead. Elsewhere, Wild Child tells Romulus that Wolverine has escaped. Romulus tells Wild Child to put the last batch of photographs on the wall along with the others.

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NEW X-MEN v2 #37 - FB (19-21)

One night, "weeks" after NX 37-FB (15-17). Belasco reclaims the throne of Limbo. He defeats Amanda Sefton and expels her

from Limbo through the dimensional veil.

NEW X-MEN v2 #36 (24)

The same night as NX 37 FB (19-21). It is "two days" before NX 37 and NX 39. Amanda falls out of a fiery hole in the sky into a German village and announces that "he's back."

Tuesday, August 9

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NEW X-MEN v2 #37 (1-21:2)

One night, "two days" after NX 36 (24). This story occurs after X:PW 5 and must occur after WWHX 3, X 203 and X 204/2 (15-16). Julian and Ashida are concerned about Cessily, who is haunted by her experience at the Facility. Elixir uses the Cuckoos to extract knowledge from the sleeping Beast. Blindfold tells some of the students at the Xavier Institute about the story of Belasco and his recent retaking of the throne of Limbo.

NEW X-MEN v2 #38 (1-4)

The same night as NX 37 (1-21). NX 36 (3-23) is referred to as having occurred "the other day." Santo and Anole react to Blindfold's tale, Cessily has nightmares, Dust prays, Laura trains, and Josh uses his power to correct David's vision. Inside O*N*E Sentinel Megaton, Alexander Lexington watches as Nori decks Julian for his foolishness in going off on a mission with X-23. Green trees at Westchester.

NEW X-MEN v2 #37 (21:3-21:6)

The same night as NX 38 (1-4). The students who heard Blindfold's story realize that it's real.

NEW X-MEN v2 #38 (5-6)

The same night as NX 37 (21:3-21:6). An explosion rocks the Institute and Lexington, Nori, and Julian react.

NEW X-MEN v2 #37 (22)

The same night as NX 38 (5-6). Belasco's hordes invade the Institute to find Illyana.

NEW X-MEN v2 #38 (7-22)

The same night as NX 37 (22). It is "two days" before NX 43. X-23, Mercury, David, Dust, Trance, and the Cuckoos awaken to find themselves shackled in Limbo and greeted by Belasco. At the site of the Institute, Rockslide, Anole, Pixie, Match, Loa, Wolf Cub, Gentle, and Blindfold battle Belasco's demons. Anole's arm is sliced off and Illyana arrives to help, pulling a bunch of the kids into the wastelands of Limbo. At Belasco's castle in Limbo, Belasco demands to know where Illyana is and he pulls David's heart from his chest.

NEW X-MEN v2 #39

The same night as NX 38 (7-22). It is "two days" after NX 36 (24). Trance flees Limbo and tells Surge and Hellion that Belasco is killing their fellow students. Elixir regrows David's heart and helps him recover, then Josh passes out. Belasco incinerates Laura, leaving only a pile of her bones. In the wastelands, the kids fight Illyana and N'Astirh when Darkchild tells them she needs one of their souls to form a Soulsword to defeat Belasco. Belasco tortures Mercury and Dust to learn of Illyana's whereabouts. Surge and Hellion report the news of Belasco to the O*N*E and insist on handling the situation. Amanda convinces Pixie to give up her soul.

NEW X-MEN v2 #40

The same night as NX 39. Val states that Kurt is "in another galaxy," so this story must occur between UX 476 and UX 486 (1-22). Val, Surge, and Hellion awaken Amanda at a German hospital and insist that Amanda take them to Limbo. In Limbo, Anole regrows a mutated arm and uses it attack Darkchild, interrupting the process in which Pixie's soul is taken. Rockslide attacks Darkchild, who asks where Colossus, Kitty, Dani, and Sam are. With a hole in her soul, Pixie now offers the kids with Darkchild a chance to get to Belasco's castle. Meanwhile, Elixir attacks Belasco, who then reanimates Laura and slays her again to show the group their fate in they don't tell him where Illyana is. Amanda transports herself, Surge, Hellion, and Alexander Lexington (in his Sentinel) to Limbo. Waxing crescent moon.

NEW X-MEN v2 #41

The same night as NX 40. Spidey is in black and in Strange's Sanctorum, so this story must occur after CW 7-FB (24:3-24:4) and before ASM 543. As Darkchild trains Pixie, Surge, Hellion, and Lexington storm Belasco's castle. Darkchild and company follow suit and a battle ensues. Belasco proceeds to bring earth to Limbo. Dr. Strange and Spidey see the dimensions merging from the Sanctum Sanctorum. Darkchild defeats Belasco and the Limbo demons bow to her. The Astonishing X-Men arrive and Colossus approaches Darkchild, thinking her to be Illyana, but Darkchild teleports all the earth folk out of Limbo. That night at the Xavier Institute, everything appears as if nothing happened, but Anole has his new arm, Pixie's soul is missing a piece, and Rockslide's body is made of fiery Limbo rock. In Limbo, Darkchild resolves to get her soul back.


Probably the same night as NX 41. Amanda Sefton and Dr. Strange examine Pixie and determine that the loss of a piece of her soul is not a large concern.

Thursday, August 11

NEW X-MEN v2 #43 - FB

Perhaps the day after NX 41. In the aftermath of the Belasco adventure, Surge has a talk with Cyclops about having loved ones in danger.

Friday, August 12

NEW X-MEN v2 #42

Perhaps the day after NX 43-FB. It must be more than just "several weeks" after NX 42-FB. This story must occur after UX 486 (23-24). Predator X hunts. Cyclops has a meeting with the Astonishing team to tell them that the protection of the "twenty-five students at the Institute" is their top priority. Beast fixes Dust's dislocated shoulder. Hellion, who can't control his powers, mentions "Marvel Girl staying in space" and Justice's training Initiative recruits. Cessily tries to figure out who the youngest mutant is; it's Indra. The Cuckoos are presumably "two years old." Beast has Santo explode and reconstitute himself to determine the nature of Rockslide's transformation. Emma interviews students about their recent experiences, and Mercury and Hellion tell her off. Logan trains Pixie. Nori gives David the cold shoulder and kisses Julian in the hopes of getting David to leave the danger of the Institute. Josh contemplates life and death.

NEW X-MEN v2 #43

The same night as NX 42. It is "two days" after NX 38 (7-22). Scott notes that the New X-Men have been through a lot "the last few months...the Decimation, the Purifier attack, Limbo." Julian breaks away from Nori and chases after the upset Laura. Fearing that his age makes him a target, Indra asks his teammates to stay with him through the night. The Cuckoos tell David that, despite the loss of his mutant power, his memories of all the knowledge he's gained previously can be restored. Cecily comforts Laura, who fears she will hurt someone. Sooraya comforts Julian. Josh acts "kind of spooky." Beast provides the New X-Men with new bulletproof uniforms. His memories restored, David tells Nori they're through and gets into a fight with Julian. The Astonishing team has a meeting to discuss their concerns about the New X-Men and the dangers they face. Lani asks Josh to make out. The Purifiers monitor the trek of Predator X toward the Institute to kill Dust, but a mile from Xavier's, the creature detects the birth of a new mutant and changes course northwest to the place of the birth. Seeing this, Risman calls for his Purifiers to take action. The snow and coats in New York State may be topical.

Saturday, August 13


The day after NX 43. At the Xavier Institute, guarded by Sentinels, Xavier uses Cerebro to track the dwindling number of mutants in the world, but Cerebro is fried when it detects the birth of the first new mutant since M-Day and the first mutant birth in "years." The green leafy trees at Westchester contradict the snow of NX 43 and may be a more accurate temporal reference.

X-MEN v2 #204 (19-22)

The same day as X:MC 1-FB (6-8). Sam awakens and Bobby visits him in the sick bay of the Xavier Institute. They witness a power surge and see fellow patient Blindfold issue another vague prognostication.


The same day as X 204 (19-22). Xavier tells Beast to fix Cerebra and Scott to assemble a field team.

X-MEN: MESSIAH COMPLEX #1 - FB (15-18:3)

The same day as X:MC 1-FB (9). The Purifiers show up in Cooperstown, Alaska looking for the new mutant baby, but the Marauders also show up for the same reason and the two groups battle.


The same night as X:MC 1-FB (15-18) and "a few hours" after X:MC 1-FB (6-9). This story occurs during the "year" after CW 1 (1-7). The X-Men (Xavier, Scott, Logan, Emma, Warren, and Kurt with new haircut) arrive at the burning Alaska town in their Blackbird and set about looking for survivors. They find Blockbuster, Prism, and four Purifiers dead on the scene. Emma reads a survivor's mind and sees the battle between the Purifiers and Marauders. They arrive at the hospital where the mutant baby was born, only to find the baby missing and everyone else dead. Scott figures the baby is in Sinister's hands and the X-Men leave. Predator X shows up and detects the scent of the newborn leading elsewhere, but it aims to eat Blockbuster's corpse. Full moon.

Sunday, August 14


The day after X:MC 1. This story must occur after XF3 24. Scott refers to UX 486 (23-24) as having occurred "last month," but it may be two months since then. The media report on the slaying of children in Cooperstown "last might." At the Institute, Scott has a pissing match with Xavier about leading the X-Men. Angel, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine hunt and find the Acolytes (Gargouille, Neophyte, and Projector), and after a fight the X-Men get a lead on Exodis' whereabouts. Emma summons Madrox and Rictor to the Institute, and they bring Layla with them. Scott asks Rictor to go an a mission to infiltrate the Purifiers and wants Madrox to go to Forge. Beast tries to get clues by examining a confiscated Purifiers' blaster, as he and Xavier continue to try to get Cerebra working again. Having eaten Blockbuster and Prism, Predator X stays on the trail of the new mutant baby. Green trees at Westchester. Full moon.

X-FACTOR v3 #25

Probably the same night as UX 492. X-Factor stages an attack on the Purifiers by Wolfsbane in order to plant Rictor into the organization as "Jake Murietta." Siryn extracts Rahne from the scene and reports in to Cyclops. In rainy Dallas, Madrox and Layla arrive at Forge's aerie, where Forge asks Jamie to investigate two branches in time that have spiked since the birth of the new mutant. Madrox makes two duplicates and Forge sends them to the two timelines. After Layla unexpectedly hitches a ride with the second dupe, Forge reveals that he gave each dupe a psionic message to kill himself once he gathered the needed intel. Jamie gets upset at Forge, then collapses. At a hospital in Santa Cruz, Logan poses as a patient to flush out nurse Amelia Voght, who agrees to tell Ororo and Kurt where the Marauders can be found. At the Institute, the New X-Men complain to Scott that they haven't been given an assignment, but Scott tells them they'll be involved at a time and place of his choosing. After they scan Rictor as a normal human, the Purifiers show him one of their arsenals. Green grass and trees in New York.

Monday, August 15

NEW X-MEN v2 #44

Probably the day after XF3 25. This story may occur more than just "a few months" after NX 23 (23-25); "it's been a rough year" for the New X-Men. Predator X kills a man while on the trail of the mutant baby in the Canadian Rockies. The New X-Men discover that the Purifiers may have the baby and that it's the reason Scott has not involved them. Surge chews out Xavier. Forge reports to Scott that with Jamie comatose, he can't know what's happening in the future timelines to which he dispatched the dupes. In one of those futures, a dupe and Layla arrive in New York after "five days" of travel from Texas. They discover a mutant relocation camp in Brooklyn. Surge rounds up Pixie, X-23, Rockslide, Mercury, Anole, Armor, and Hellion to go after the Purifiers; Dust, Elixir, and Prodigy disagree with her and refuse to go. That night they find the Purifiers' central church, where the spy Rictor has made a chilling discovery. As he warns Anole to get out, the New X-Men battle the Purifiers and Hellion is skewered by Deathstrike. Logan, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Angel raid Sinister's Antarctic base and face off against the Marauders. Green trees in Washington, DC. Full moon.

X-MEN v2 #205 (1-19:1)

The same night as NX 44. "Eighty years from now," Layla and one of the Madroxes contemplate infiltrating the relocation camp. Bishop arrives at the Institute. Storm's team, joined by Emma's astral self, battle the Marauders in Antarctica. During the melee, Logan corners Gambit and learns that an X-Man retrieved the baby from Cooperstown. Thanks to Pixie, the New X-Men and Rictor barely escape Deathstrike and her Reavers by teleporting to various locations. Emma feels Pixie scream inside her head and snaps out of her astral projection. Sinister blocks her from re-establishing contact with the Antarctica assault team. Angel and Colossus are taken down and Ororo makes a stand as Kurt goes to find Logan. Wolverine is blasted by Karima and Nightcrawler is shot by Scalphunter before teleporting himself and Logan away.

Tuesday, August 16

X-MEN v2 #205 (19:2-24)

The early morning after X 205 (1-19). Logan reports back to Emma that Cable has the baby. As Scott, Emma, Hank, and Bobby try to make sense of the news, Sentinels manned by Lexington and Slayton are taken over and attack the Institute. At "one minute before dawn," Cable holds the baby in a snowy landscape with bare trees. Green grass and trees at Westchester. Waxing crescent moon.


The same day as X 205 (19-24). The minds of the Institute's telepaths - Emma, the Cuckoos, and Xavier - are attacked and they are downed. As a result, Logan loses contact with the Institute as he flies the blackbird out of Antarctica with Storm and the injured Kurt, Peter, and Warren. As Hank gets Emma to safety, Scott, Bishop, Warpath, Hepzibah, and Nezhno battle the rogue Sentinels. Sinister tells Mystique that all data at his Antarctic base was transferred when the X-Men attacked and that the Marauders have to abandon the facility. Cable traverses a green, wooded landscape with the baby. Bobby returns to the Institute with the retrieved New Mutants. As Cessily tends to the wounded Julian, Laura and Bobby join the battle against the Sentinels, in which the Institute is destroyed. Sooraya infiltrates one of the Sentinels and discovers that a Nano-Sentinel has taken control. X-23 skewers the nano-Sentinel, which retreats after the other Sentinel falls. With Elixir injured in the battle BTS and unconscious probably for "days" to come, the many wounded X-Men need time to heal. "Later," as Scott rummages through the rubble of the Institute, he and Logan make the assumption that Nathan set the nano-Sentinels against them. Scott tells Logan to activate a new X-Force to take down Cable.

X-FACTOR v3 #26

The same day as UX 493. As the New X-Men sift through the rubble of the Institute, Xavier questions Scott's dispatching of X-Force to find Cable. Scott tells Xavier to butt out. In snowy Canada, Deathstrike and the Reavers catch up to Nathan and the baby and engage in battle. Feeling that he's being followed while driving in upstate New York, Peepers calls X-Factor for help, but while he's on the line, Predator X shows up and kills him. In a future, the Madrox dupe and Layla try to find out more about the mutant concentration camp, but end up getting arrested. In Cooperstown, Alaska, the new X-Force (Wolverine, Warpath, Hepzibah, Caliban, Wolfsbane, and X-23) split into two groups to find clues that will lead them to Cable. Logan finds it hard to trust Proudstar because of his allegiance to Nathan. Caliban finds a clue and the team departs. Teresa flies to Peepers' location only to find the remains of his eaten corpse. Green trees in New York.

NEW X-MEN v2 #45

The same day as XF3 26. In a future, the Madrox dupe and Layla are chained and taken to be processed. In Alberta, X-Force joins the battle between Cable and Deathstrike and her Reavers. In rainy New York state, Predator X pursues its hunger. In the Xavier Institute infirmary, Beast checks on his patients, including Kurt and Hellion, who are in rough shape. Surge blames herself for the injuries sustained by the New X-Men. Emma leaves her to protect the team at the Institute while she joins Storm, Cyclops, Guido, Siryn, M, Colossus, Iceman, Cannonball, Darwin, and Archangel to join X-Force. X-23 takes on Deathstrike by herself and skewers the villainess. Rahne is disturbed to hear a Reaver refer to Reverend Craig. Caliban sacrifices himself to save Warpath from a Reaver's bullets. Logan goes after Cable, but Nathan and the baby escape in the Blackbird.

X-MEN v2 #206

The same day as NX 45. In a future mutant detention camp, the Madrox dupe and Layla are shaved and tattooed. Scott's team arrives in snowy Alberta and picks up X-Force, including the dead Caliban. In Texas, Cable steals a truck and heads to Dallas. At the Xavier Institute, David fixes Cerebra and the Cuckoos use it to locate Nathan. The X-Men head to Dallas, where Cable busts into Eagle Plaza to use Forge's time machine. He finds Forge unconscious and is ambushed by Bishop.


The same day as X 206. Bishop moves in to kill the baby but he's ambushed by Fambit, Sunfire, Vertigo, and Malice. They defeat him and take the baby. Cable slips away and when the X-Men arrive, Bishop makes up a story about how he tried to save the baby from Cable before the Marauders got the drop on him. The X-Men give Forge medical attention and Emma unsuccessfully tries to read Jamie's mind. In the future, Jamie and Layla find each other and realize they're in the camp in which young Lucas Bishop was imprisoned. Scott orders Logan to take X-Force with Bishop in Bishop's ship to be ready to respond when Cable is relocated. Warpath unsuccessfully tries to prevent Hepzibah from going along. Hooked up to a now-functioning Cerebra, the Cuckoos claim the baby is jamming the signal and Emma and Scott have them look for Cable and the Marauders. Cable contacts Xavier to ask him to help him save the future. Green trees in Texas.

X-FACTOR v3 #27

The same day as UX 494.

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One day. This story must occur after SILWAR 6 (17-23). Given Namor's reference to his empire crumbling all around him, this story must occur after SUBM3 6 (20-23) and probably after ORDER2 7; Namor apparently has regrown his two missing ankle wings. Xavier may appear here after Messiah Complex. Most of the recent disasters Stark cites did indeed occur in the past "year," but Fury's ouster and Disassembled probably go back further. After SHIELD has spent some time spent trying to find the real Elektra to no avail and Stark has kept the possibility of a Skrull invasion to himself, Iron Man finally calls the Illuminati together to show them the corpse of the Elektra Skrull. One of the Illuminati is surprised to see Xavier walking; it can't be Strange as indicated in the coloration of the off-panel word balloon, as Strange saw Xavier walking in BP4 18, and it can't be Namor, as he saw Xavier in SUBM3 3-FB, so it must be Reed, who mustn't have seen Xavier at T'Challa's and Ororo's wedding. Reed suggests an autopsy of the Skrull to discover how she was able to escape detection. Iron Man fears a full-scale invasion, but Namor dismisses the alarmist stance until "Black Bolt" reveals himself as a Skrull. Namor impales the Skrull, but two more Skrulls, imitating Thor and Colossus, arrive. Iron Man destroys the two in a blast while Strange teleports he rest of the Illuminati away. They figure they have "a day at best" to get some answers before more Skrulls attack, but they all go their separate ways under a cloud of mutual suspicion.

Saturday, August 20

Sunday, August 21


One day. This story must occur after SENSM2 40, IAM 12, and NM 41. ASM 541 is referred to as having occurred "the other day," but it may be weeks later. Peter discovers that his blood transfusion had no effect on May's condition. Police report about May's admission to the hospital with a gunshot wound finally surfaces after coming into the precinct "a few days ago." Police detective Robert Delint gets suspicious and interviews a nurse, who says that May's blood count changed "in the last 48 hours," and she theorizes about May's situation. When Delint confronts M.J., Peter assaults him. He binds the unconscious officer and steals an ambulance. M.J. steals a patient transfer authorization form, Peter forges it, and they sneak May out of the hospital. They drive her to another medical facility, where she is admitted. Peter reviews all the laws he's broken.


Probably the same night as ASM 543. The Watchtower spires appear on an intact Stark Tower, rebuilt following WWH. At the new hospital, Peter and M.J. get a doctor who owes Spidey and is willing to cover up May's identity for them and suggests that money would help the situation. Peter goes to Stark Tower to demand money from Stark. They fight, and Peter manages to damage Stark's armor and web him up. Peter tells Stark about May, but Stark refuses to help for fear of compromising his position. He lets Peter go and returns to Stark Tower, where he asks Jarvis for a favor. Peter rejoins M.J. at the hospital, where Jarvis arrives with a $2 million check from a deposit in his bank account. Despite the money, the doctor tries to tell Peter that May is still likely to die. Peter can't accept this and goes swinging off in search of a solution in his classic Spidey costume. Full moon.


The same rainy night as ASM 544. Spidey goes to the boarded-up Sanctum Sanctorum and asks Strange for a magical cure for May. Strange says there's nothing anyone can do and uses the Hands of the Dead to send Spidey to many places at once to ask others for help so that he can be convinced of May's fate. At once, Spidey asks Yellowjacket, Storm and Black Panther, Mr. Fantastic, Morbius, Beast, Night Nurse, Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, Mr. Hyde, Dead Girl, Curt Connors, and Wizard for help and they all say there is nothing they can do. When Strange steps out of the room, Spidey uses the Hands to send him back in time so he can prevent May's death, but he fails. Strange retrieves Spidey. He tells Peter to go to May to be with her when she dies. Spidey leaves the Sanctum Sanctorum and encounters a girl who says she can help.


The same night as FNSM 24. The cryptic girl leads Spidey to cryptic men who turn out to be alternate versions of himself provided courtesy of Mephisto, who tells Peter he asks not for souls but for misery, loss, despair, hopelessness, pain, regret, and sadness. Mephisto brings Peter and M.J. together and tells them he demands their love and marriage in payment for May's life. He gives the couple "until midnight tomorrow" to decide if they want to forget about one another and live new lives apart. Green trees in Manhattan.

Monday, August 22


The day after SENSM2 41. This story must occur before ASM:SS 1. Peter and M.J. discuss the choice they must make. They decide to save May and dissolve their marriage. M.J. makes a secret deal with Mephisto to ensure that Peter will have a chance at happiness in his new life. M.J. tells Peter that their love will conquer and that they will be together again. Things go dark, then Peter awakens in his new life, in which the clock appears to have been rolled back to a time before his marriage - he lives with May in Queens, things between him and M.J. are "frosty," Harry Osborn is alive and just returned from a long stint in drug rehab in Europe, and Peter is wearing his web-shooters. Peter meets Harry's girlfriend Lily Hollister and her friend Carlie Cooper at a welcome home party for Harry. Peter is distracted as M.J. leaves the party. Green grass and trees and jacket weather in New York.

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Wednesday, September 1

SHE-HULK v4 #22

One day, "three months" after S-H4 22-FB. After Rocky Davis, aka Hi-Lite, skips bail, bounty hunter Jennifer Walters goes after him. She finds and arrests him, but Davis' cousin, the Absorbing Man, arrives and snaps Jen's neck. As Creel checks out Jen's van, She-Hulk jumps out and fights him. As they battle, Davis discovers that bounty hunter Jen is still alive and holding a gun on him. The miniaturized Titania, having escaped from the Big House, enters the fray and knocks out She-Hulk by attacking her ear canal. Green grass and trees in Minnesota.

SHE-HULK v4 #23

The same day as S-H4 22. As She-Hulk fights Absorbing Man at the Mall of America, Jen takes Davis into custody. In the battle, Titania is ejected from inside She-Hulk's ear. She is captured by Jen, who throws Titania into the mouth of a shark at the mall's aquarium. This distracts Creel, who ends up turning into water. That night, She-Hulk and Jen drive the incarcerated Davis in their RV. Jen assumes her true shape as Jazinda the Skrull. Green grass and trees in Minnesota.

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SHE-HULK v4 #24

One day, probably three days after S-H4 23 (as long as it takes to drive from Minnesota to New York). Jen and Jazinda deliver Rocky to the cops in Brooklyn, then return to their home in a trailer park. There, Jazinda has a talk with Roz, a girl who has father issues. Jazinda poses as a cop and tell's Roz's dad that she's dead, so when Roz shows up alive, Roz's dad shows her how much he loves her. Jen takes a motorcycle into Manhattan to collect her bounty. She meets Park, a man from the company that provides insurance for Freeman Bonding. He tells Jen's boss Emilee that his company will stop providing liability coverage if Jen remains on the payroll, but Emilee refuses to fire Jen. She-Hulk goes to a bar where she meets a guy who detonates a bomb there. Shulkie saves a number of lives, but some people are killed. One of the saved people is Park, who changes his mind about the insurance situation. Jazinda returns home and recalls her own father's hatred of her. Green grass and trees in New York.

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One day. Atlanteans live and work anonymously among surface dwellers. Green trees and barbecue weather.

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One day. This story likely occurs after ASM 545, given that Jackpot appears to be M.J. in the Brand New Day reality. Spidey hasn't "seen hide nor hair nor tentacle from any of my bad guys in weeks" and Spidey hasn't done anything public "for three whole weeks." Overdrive pulls a museum heist to get an artifact for a mysterious employer, and Spidey pursues the villain as he gets away. Desperate for a news story about Spidey, Jonah stops the presses to cover the event. TV news coverage of the pursuit is seen by a bunch of villains at the Bar With No Name; they include Hydro-Man, Slyde, Boomerang, Al Kraven, Cobra, Answer, Speed Demon, Clown, and Spot. The villains bet on the outcome. When the pursuit endangers the lives of bystanders, Jackpot arrives to save them. Spidey stops Overdrive, but the adventure causes Spidey to miss a party at a restaurant for Aunt May. When May returns to her Queens home, she finds Peter asleep on the couch and sees the cake he got for her. She thinks that Peter "still hasn't grown up" and that he could be "more responsible" - this seems to imply that May doesn't know that Peter is Spidey, but she may be joking to herself. The reference to "May 5th" may be topical, as may be the references to May's "birthday;" in the latter case, the cake that Peter gets for her and the party held for her may be for another occasion - perhaps her anniversary. Jackets, coats, and long-sleeve shirts in New York. Full moon.

Friday, December 24: Christmas Eve


One "Christmas" (probably Christmas Eve). This story occurs after LONERS 6 (20-22). The Loners exchange Christmas presents, then go hang out at the mall dressed as Santa and some elves. Later that night, Red Ronin starts writing in her new diary about her "first Christmas."