Friday, January 1: New Year's Day

FANTASTIC FOUR #539 (3:4-8:3)

The morning after FF 539 (1-3). This segment must occur after CW 4 (19-20) and CW:WC 1-FB (19:1|2). The Puppet Master

and Thinker prepare for the carnage they'll unleash during the transport of apprehended Resistance members from a temporary

holding facility to a more permanent facility. Cap and his associates prepare to leave their lair to intercept the convoy.


The same morning as FF 539 (3-8). CW 4 (1-14) cannot have occurred "yesterday." Iron Man and his associates (Spidey,

Yellowjacket, Wasp, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel) escort the security convoy. As they do, Spidey thinks about the protestors they

pass and discovers that Iron Man knows about his spider-sense. She-Hulk is uninjured; if this segments occurs after CW:FL 8/2,

then she has recovered her eyesight.

FANTASTIC FOUR #539 (8:4-9)

The same morning as ASM 534 (3-6). As the convoy moves on, Ben eats a sandwich in a deli, whose owner tells him about a

protest march on Yancy Street at "ten o'clock." Seeing that it's just after ten, Ben rushes out of the deli.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #534 (7-9:3) ~ FANTASTIC FOUR #539 (10-12:3)

The same morning as FF 539 (8-9). Spidey detects remaining Resistance fighters heading for them, so they switch routes and

end up at Yancy Street, where the heroes are pelted with junk. Tigra is among Iron Man's associates. Green trees in New York.


The same morning as ASM 534 (7-9). The new Ant-Man watches as the junk flies.


The same morning as CW:CS 1/2 (1). As the Resistance and the Thing arrive on the scene, Iron Man orders his group to deal

with the protesting civilians in defensive mode.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #534 (9:4-9:5) ~ FANTASTIC FOUR #539 (12:5)

The same morning as CW:CS 1/2 (2-3). Spidey's spider-sense tingles.

FANTASTIC FOUR #539 (13:1-13:4)

The same morning as ASM 534 (7-9). Realizing that Spidey is sensing them, Puppet Master and Thinker decide to act

immediately. They possess the pilot of a flying escort and make him fire a missile at the ground convoy.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #534 (9:6-10:3) ~ FANTASTIC FOUR #539 (13:5-14:3)

The same morning as FF 539 (13:1-13:4). Spidey warns of the approaching missiles and Iron Man and Ms. Marvel destroy

most of them, but two get through.


The same morning as ASM 534 (9-10). The two missiles approach Spidey.

FANTASTIC FOUR #539 (14:4)

The same morning as ASM 534 (10:4). Spidey extends his arms and yells, "I've got 'em! I've got 'em! I've-."

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #534 (10:5-10:6)

The same morning as FF 539 (14:4). Spidey shoots webs at the missiles and slings them away, yelling (again), "I've got 'em!

I've got 'em! I've-."

FANTASTIC FOUR #539 (14:5-15)

The same morning as ASM 534 (10:5-10:6). The Thing sees Spidey being slingshot by the departing missiles. He turns and

sees the crashing of the security van carrying the detainees. Rage escapes the van.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #534 (10:7-11)

The same morning as FF 539 (14-15). The missiles carry Spidey into the sky and he makes them crash into each other.


The same morning as ASM 534 (10-11). Amidst the carnage of fighting heroes Warbird, Thing, Cage, and She-Hulk, the new

Ant-Man saves a bystander from flying debris and finds her shelter beneath a car.


One day. Falcon and Ms. Marvel engage in a mid-air battle, probably at some point during the battle shown in ASM 534 and FF


FANTASTIC FOUR #539 (16-17)

The same morning as CW:CS 1/2 (4-7). Iron Man orders the Thing to prevent the prisoners from escaping. The Resistance asks

Ben to help them with the escape. Puppet Master and Thinker remotely possess a Yancy Streeter named Mouse into activating a

bomb, which falls to the ground when Cee tackles Mouse. The Thing plans to use the emptied van as a shield for the bomb.


The same morning as FF 539 (16-17). The Thing lifts up the van. Somewhere nearby, Cap offers Spidey one last chance to join

the Resistance, but Spidey refuses. They fight, and Spidey webs up Cap's shield.


The same morning as ASM 534 (12-20). The Thing throws the van on top of the bomb, which explodes.


The same morning as FF 539 (18). The explosion forces Cap to ditch his fight with Spidey. Spidey decides not to keep the

shield but to web it up in a safe place for Cap to retrieve later.

FANTASTIC FOUR #539 (19-23)

The same morning as ASM 534 (21-22). When the Puppet Master speaks through Mouse, the Thing recognizes the villain.

Then he sees Cee lying dead in the street. Cap returns and confirms that all the detainees escaped, and Iron Man prepares his

team to attack Cap. Holding Cee's corpse, Ben Grimm reams into both sides of the battle. Cap and Iron Man each try to talk

him into joining his side, but the Thing tells them to go to hell. He says he can't take a side and storms off, saying he's leaving

the country. Spidey is not present to witness this.


The same morning as FF 539 (19-23). After the Resistance leaves the scene of the battle, Iron Man and friends find the woman

who Ant-man helped. She tells them of her diminutive rescuer and Pym concludes that it's the person who stole a new Ant-Man

suit he designed for SHIELD. Pym alerts SHIELD and Ant-Man checks out a women's fitness center.

FANTASTIC FOUR #540 (1-17)

It must be the same day as CW:CS 1/2 (7-8). This segment must occur after CW:FL 5/4. In the Baxter Building, Reed prepares

a containment field holding Wildstreak for transportation to Negative Zone Prison Alpha. An unseen force frees Wildstreak and

helps her escape - it's Sue, who has apparently returned to the Baxter Building for an undisclosed reason (perhaps intending to

remain unnoticed). Reed calls her out and they argue. Sue loses her cool and shows off her power by punching a force field

through the building. Reed asks her to leave and she does, finalizing their break. Ben arrives (probably fresh from the Battle of

Yancy Street) and tells Reed he's leaving for France. Ben asks Reed if Sue left and Reed just says goodbye.


The same night as FF 539 (19-23). This segment must occur before CW:FL 8. Cap retrieves his shield as Spidey looks on and

Peter further questions his choice of sides.

Saturday, January 2


Probably the early morning after ASM 534 (23), since Spidey doesn't know why Ben Grimm is gone in ASM 535 (4:2-4:6); he

also doesn't know that Sue has left. This segment must occur after SENSM2 31, MK5 8 (21-22), and SMF2 4/2. At "2:34" AM, M.J. wakes

up to discover Peter watching a TV news report about how Stark Enterprises and Fantastic Four Inc. are profiting from the Civil



Probably the day after FF 540 (1-17). Ben Grimm arrives at the airport to catch a flight to France. IRS agents catch up with him

there and tell him they're freezing his accounts for a tax review. Left with $3000 in travelers checks, Ben flies coach to Paris,

where we see green grass and trees. There he encounters Les Heroes de Paris, who enlist his aid in fighting the rock creatures the

Emperor of the Underground World. The heroes win the battle.


One day, shortly after CW:FL 7/2. Cybermancer is apprehended during an attempt to prevent a bank heist. Simon Williams

"remains in stable condition after a dockland warehouse blaze late on Thursday." Civil liberties watchdog groups protest in front

of the White House. Green grass and trees in Washington, DC.


One day, shortly after CW:FL 7/2. Since Cap's shield is seen here, this story must occur after ASM 534 (23). Ben Urich

inspects the ruins of the warehouse where the Atlanteans were killed and police contact Danny Granville tells him the Green

Goblin was responsible. Urich replies, "Osborn again?" For the information, Urich sets Granville up on a blind date with Sally.

Urich phones Sally (now released from custody), who is about to meet with a contact named Jerry. Jerry introduces Sally to a

guy named Stevie, who baits Sally with information and convinces her to follow him to a shack by the docks. There, Stevie

reveals himself to be a disguised Captain America. Meanwhile, Granville talks to Urich about nanobot-controlled villains,

Osborn's being set free from Stark's control, and Stark's monetary windfall from the Civil War and a possible war with Atlantis.

Light clothing.


The same day as CW:FL 8. As Cage and Falcon keep watch outside the shack, Sally interviews Cap, but cuts the interview short

because she disagrees with what she considers to be Cap's misguided point of view. Light clothing.


The same day as CW:FL 8/3-FB. According to CW:FL 9/3, it is "a couple of days" after CW:FL 7/2. This story must occur after

CW:FL 8. In a deal brokered by the European agency SHE, a delegation of Atlanteans arrives in New York. They are greeted by

the new Red Dragon (whose predecessor was killed in a battle with the Void "last year") and his comrades in the Super Heroes of

Europe - Amazon, Belgian Brain, Claymore, Flying Carpet, Gunnar, Javelin, Magma, Oracle, Shamrock, and Yvette. As

Atlantean ambassador Govan makes a speech, Norman Osborn shoots him. Govan and his delegation return to the sea and

Osborn is apprehended. He falls to his knees and swears he didn't do it. Green grass and trees in New York.


The same day as CW:FL 8/3. Osborn is on his knees as the authorities approach him.


The same day as CW:FL 11-FB (20:1). Two NYPD detectives grill Osborn about his shooting of the Atlantean ambassador and

the attack on the warehouse of Atlanteans. They question his motives, methods and intel, and he claims it was none of his doing.

When Osborn gets angry at his inquisitors, he starts foaming at the mouth, to their surprise.


The same day as CW:FL 9/3 (1-4). The detective watch as Osborn foams.


The same day as CW:FL 11-FB (20:2). As the inquisitors press, Osborn notes, "They put something inside me," then the

interrogation is interrupted by Stark and federal agents, who take Osborn into their custody as "a matter of national security."


The same evening as CW:FL 8/3 and CW:FL 9/3 (5-7). Ben Urich has called Spider-Man (in his Iron Spider costume) to his

house to follow up on Ben's tip regarding the profit motive behind the instigation of the Civil War. Peter hacks into the

computers at Stark's accounting firm to access revenue reports. After correlating the data, Peter sees that Stark's financial

transactions anticipate Civil War events. Ben refuses to believe that Stark would play with people's lives for personal gain, and

Peter states he used to believe that "before he played with my life." In Manhattan, Sally meets with Danny, who tells her that

Osborn, who the NYPD have "in a lockup downtown," "keeps foaming at the mouth and stuff" - apparently, Danny left the

station before the feds arrived. Danny tries to ask Sally for a date and she kisses him. At Avengers Tower (where we see Sentry),

Reed concludes that "someone got to Osborn and reprogrammed the nannites in his bloodstream." Reed asks Radioactive Man

to "find out from CLOC who's had access to the nannite programming in the last month or so." Ms. Marvel reports that Atlantis

refused to speak to U.S. officials and that the Pentagon's lost a nuclear sub. Fearing war, Reed insists on going to speak to

Namor about the Osborn situation. As a suspicious Yellowjacket looks on, Iron Man pulls Reed aside and tells him he's known

who the traitor is from the beginning. Rain and green trees in New York.


The same evening as CW:FL 9 (4-12). Stark tells Pym, Ms. Marvel, Radioactive Man, and Sentry that he knows who the traitor

is and that steps are being taken to address the situation. Citing national security, Stark refuses to name the culprit. Pym gets

ticked and Reed defends Stark's decision not to disclose the traitor's identity.


Probably the same evening as ASM 535 (1-2) and CW:FL 9 (4-12). This segment must occur after IM/CA:CW 1. At Stark

Tower, Peter comments to Stark that he's "set to make a killing on the stock market." He asks Stark to see the detention area in

which non-registered super-humans are being held. Stark complies and the duo head to the Baxter Building.

FANTASTIC FOUR #540 (18:1-18:3)

The same evening as ASM 535 (1-4). Peter and Iron Man arrive at the Baxter Building and notice the damage wrought by Sue.

Peter asks Reed if he's okay.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #535 (4:2-4:6) ~ FANTASTIC FOUR #540 (18:3-19:3)

The same evening as FF 540 (18:1-18:3). Peter asks Reed where Ben and Sue are and Reed replies that Ben has taken a leave

of absence. Reed prepares to open the portal to the Negative Zone and Peter is shocked that the prison is there.


The same evening as ASM 535 (4:2-4:6). Reed tells Peter to grab a thruster pack.

FANTASTIC FOUR #540 (19:4)

The same evening as ASM 535 (4:6). Reed opens the portal.


The same evening as FF 540 (19:4). Peter and Iron Man prepare to step through the portal.

FANTASTIC FOUR #540 (19:5-20:4)

The same evening as ASM 535 (5). Reed closes the door after Peter and Stark step through. Rain starts to come in through the

hole that Sue punched in the roof.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #535 (6-13:2)

The same evening as FF 540 (19-20). Stark shows Peter Negative Zone Prison Alpha, where they see Prodigy, Gladiatrix, and

Living Mummy. When Stark tells Peter that inmates in this prison are there permanently, Peter objects and they argue.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #535 (13:3-13:6) ~ FANTASTIC FOUR #540 (20:5-20:8)

The same evening as ASM 535 (6-13). Peter and Iron Man return to the Baxter Building. As Stark presumably goes to the john,

Peter asks Reed why he's doing this.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #535 (14:1-14:2)

The same evening as ASM 535 (13:3-13:6). Reed starts to explain.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #535 (14:2-14:5) ~ FANTASTIC FOUR #540 (21:1-21:3)

The same evening as ASM 535 (14:1-14:2). Reed tells Peter a story about his blacklisted uncle. Iron Man eavesdrops.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #535 (14:6-14:7)

The same evening as ASM 535 (14:2-14:5). Reed continues his story.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #535 (15:1-16:4) ~ FANTASTIC FOUR #540 (21:4-22:4)

The same evening as ASM 535 (14:6-14:7). Reed finishes his story and explains why he must side with the law. After

eavesdropping, Iron Man returns and tells Peter it's time to go. Peter tells Reed he would have liked his uncle but that Reed

loved him.


The same evening as ASM 535 (15-16). Reed is left alone.

FANTASTIC FOUR #540 (22:5-22:6)

The same evening as ASM 535 (16:5). Reed contemplates his story and Peter's remarks.


The same night as FF 540 (22:5-22:6). Once outside, Iron Man asks Peter to go to L.A. tomorrow to help with "a new

program" tentatively called the Fifty-State Initiative. Later at Avengers Tower (with Watchtower spires), Peter awakens M.J. and

May and tells them he's made a terrible mistake. He tells them to get away now and as they flee, Iron Man bursts in and attacks


CIVIL WAR #5 (1-7)

The same night as ASM 535 (17-21). Since Happy Hogan appears here, this segment must occur before IM4 13 (11-13).

Nighthawk must appear here after TB 105. Cape-killer units pursue the Human Torch and Invisible Woman. Outside Stark

Tower, Nighthawk and Stature report to Happy Hogan to register. Upstairs, Spidey tells Iron Man he quits the Avengers and the

two argue and fight. Spidey flees by crashing out an Avengers Tower window.


The same night as CW 5 (1-7). It is "sometime" before ASM 536 (7-11). Spidey lands on a hot dog cart and Iron Man closes in.

Stark overrides Peter's control of the armor, but Peter overrides the override and flees into the sewers.

CIVIL WAR #5 (8)

The same night as ASM 536 (1-6). Maria Hill gets word of Spidey going rogue and tells Stark not to pursue Spidey. She

mobilizes fourteen Thunderbolts on a trial mission to get Spidey, but tells them to be stealthy, as Operation Thunderbolts is still

"top secret." The Thunderbolts shown here include Jack O'Lantern, Venom (Gargan), Bullseye, Ironclad, Deathstrike,

Radioactive Man, X-Ray, Songbird, Jester, Atlas, Vector, Ox II, Taskmaster, and Joystick (who apparently has been given a chance to serve the government after all, probably implanted with a chip).

PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #1 (24:4-25:5)

The same "night" as CW 5 (8). Punisher's detection device pinpoints superhumans underground and he heads into the sewers in


CIVIL WAR #5 (9)

The same night as PWJ2 1 (24-25). A bomb sent by Jester approaches Spidey in the sewer and detonates.


The same night as CW 5 (9). The blast knocks the nearby Punisher to the ground.

CIVIL WAR #5 (10-11)

The same night as PWJ2 1 (25:6). Jester and Jack O'Lantern catch up to Spidey in the sewers and attack him. SHIELD handlers

tell the villains to hold Spidey until SHIELD support arrives.

PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #1 (25:7-26)

The same night as CW 5 (10-11). The Punisher sees the Jester and Jack O'Lantern beating on Spidey (for some reason, SHIELD

doesn't restrain the villains after they said they would). He takes his firearm and pulls the trigger.

CIVIL WAR #5 (12:1) ~ PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #1 (27:1)

The same night as PWJ2 1 (25-26). Punisher's bullet explodes Jack O'Lantern's head.

PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #1 (27:2-27:3)

The same night as CW 5 (12:1). Punisher fires several bullets into Jester's torso.

CIVIL WAR #5 (12:2-12:3)

The same night as PWJ2 1 (27:2-27:3). Another bullet hits Jester in the head and SHIELD loses visual.


The same night as CW 5 (12:2-12:3). As the villains lay on the floor, Punisher recognizes Spidey in his new costume.

CIVIL WAR #5 (12:4) ~ PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #1 (28:2)

The same night as PWJ2 1 (28:1). Spidey looks up and tries to recall Punisher.

CIVIL WAR #5 (12:5)

The same night as CW 5 (12:4). Spidey sees a distorted image of the skull on Punisher's garb.

PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #1 (28:3-31)

The same night as CW 5 (12:5). This segment occurs before GR5 8 (5-22). Spidey screams. Punisher hoists Spidey on his shoulder and carries him away. Aboard SHIELD Helicarrier Pericles III, in a place on earth where it is daytime, G.W. Bridge tells Sitwell he resigns from SHIELD so he can go after Punisher outside the law.

CIVIL WAR #5 (13-16:1)

The same night as PWJ2 1 (28-31) and CW:WC 1-FB (25:1). Sue and Johnny elude the authorities and make it to the Resistance's "new H.Q.," where we see Asp, Patriot, Captain America (in a sling and bandages), Speed, Falcon, Hawkeye II, Living Lightning, Hulkling, Hercules, Monica Rambeau and Machine Man (both in their Nextwave costumes), the new DD, Diamondback, Vision, Justice, Cage, Firebird, Ultra-Girl, Stingray, Triathlon, and Silhouette. Cap reports that Cloak and Dagger were busted in Queens, forcing a change in plans for a Baxter Building raid to steal the plans for the Negative Zone prison. Cap notes that he has a job for Hulkling in Arizona and an assignment for Sue. Punisher arrives holding the badly injured Spidey.


The same night as CW 5 (13-16). This segment must occur before ASM 536 (7-11). Punisher places the bleeding Spidey on a

table as Cap (in his sling) looks on.

CIVIL WAR #5 (16:2-17)

The same night as PWJ2 1 (32). This segment occurs before IM4 14 (1-10) and may occur before BLADE8 1 (1-21). As Night

Nurse and Jane Foster give Spidey medical attention, the Resistance argues with Punisher about letting him into their ranks and

Tigra spies on the group. Apparently after this, Spidey gets well enough to tell Sue about Reed's story of the persecuted uncle.

Sunday, January 3


Probably the day after FF 540 (22:5-22:6) and FF 541. I have Sue here before SENSM2 32 (13-22). Johnny Storm meets with

Reed Richards in a coffee shop and asks him why he shouldn't leave the team now that Ben and Sue are gone; Johnny's been

with the Resistance but apparently hasn't officially terminated his membership in the FF. Johnny gets Reed to explain the true

reasons for his working with the law and Reed notes that his calculations on probable outcomes indicate that the Registration Act

is the least disastrous for the future. The two of them fetch the Mad Thinker from his Queens HQ to double-check Reed's

calculations at the Baxter Building, where John Porter of Damage Control gives Reed an estimate for the repair of the damage

Sue caused. Porter estimates that the repairs could be done in "three days." Shown here are Franklin and Val, who is a

preschooler older than a toddler. Meanwhile, Thing and Anais defeat a Hydra cell beneath Paris, where it is night. Johnny

shows up in a Pogo Plane and tries to get Ben to return. Ben says he'll think about it and Johnny leaves him a plane pod. At the

Baxter Building, Reed explains his calculations to the Thinker, who faults Reed for his naivete. Sue, who has been

eavesdropping on the conversation, appears and expresses her disagreement with Reed. As she leaves, she affirms her alliance

with Cap to beat the odds by doing the right thing, but Reed feels it's a futile effort. Green grass and trees in Paris. The weather

in New York is apparently appropriate for frisbee in the park.


One day. It must be more than just "a few weeks" after Ben's bar mitzvah in THING2 8-FB (17-18). Stark prepares a dossier for

the president on the Thing. He notes Ben's "recent departure for France," so it's after FF 540 (1-17).


One day. Stark prepares a cover letter to dossiers he intends to send to the president.


One day. Stark calls U.S.Agent to Avengers Tower (with the Watchtower spires) to give him a new assignment after his capture

of dozens of criminals under the Registration Act. Stark tells Walker to join the new Alpha Flight program in Canada to protect

U.S. interests in a country to which super-villains are fleeing. Walker refuses to accept the assignment and storms off.


Probably the day after CW5 (16-17), as Cap is now without his sling but Frank is bound. This segment must occur before ASM

537 and IM4 14 (10-20). As Castle sits restrained, he and Cap talk about his joining the Resistance while Patriot, Vision, Cage,

Hulkling, and Monica eavesdrop. Cap agrees to let Frank join but lays down the ground rules about no killing.


One day, "two years" after Rampage escaped from the Raft. G.W. Bridge stakes out Stuart Clarke's apartment. Clarke notices

the surveillance and blames Castle, who he notes has been in his life "for a half-hour," which is an exaggeration.


One day. Lucifer possesses the recently dead body of a preacher and uses the guise to "accidentally" kill a woman during a river

baptism. Ghost Rider appears and runs off the remaining congregation, and reveals Satan in his true form. All the recent killing

of other Lucifer-possessees is now working against Johnny, as this Satan is far more powerful. Satan yanks the chain wrapped

around his arm and smashes Ghost Rider against a tree. Then he grabs his neck and smacks him so hard his jaw comes loose.

Ghost Rider finally fights back, using his flame-breath to toast his foe. After fixing his jaw, he approaches the downed Lucifer,

who plays possum until Johnny's within reach. Then he yanks off Johnny's left calf and beats Johnny over the head with it. This

reminds Johnny that in order to beat this clearly superior shade of Satan he has give in to the Spirit of Vengeance within him.

Green trees.


The same day as GR5 6. Ghost Rider recovers and regrows his leg and Satan realizes that Johnny's given in to the Spirit of

Vengeance. Ghost Rider sets ablaze a tall wooden cross and flings it mystically through the air into Satan's chest, impaling him

against a pickup truck. The truck then explodes, destroying the Satan-possessed body. Ghost Rider reverts to Johnny Blaze,

who's confused about what went on while he was out of control. He departs the scene on foot.


One night, "sometime" after ASM 536 (1-6). This segment must occur after PWJ2 1 (32) and before FNSM 14-FB (17-18).

After being on the run "all day," M.J. and Aunt May settle down in the gym of PS 106. Peter (now recovered) shows up and tells

M.J. how he's changed his mind about the Civil War. M.J. deduces that he's joined the Resistance. Peter tells M.J. that she and

May have to get away, but May argues that they're staying.

Monday, January 4

UNCANNY X-MEN #483 - FB (6-7)

One day, "days" after UX 483-FB (2-5). Vulcan (in a new costume) and Deathbird kill Shi'Ar soldiers then have sex.


Probably the day after ASM 536 (7-11). Peter sits on a bench at the school playground and contemplates life. Green grass and

trees and blowing brown leaves in New York.

ETERNALS v3 #1 - FB - FB

One day, before ET3 1-FB (36-37). Reed Richards records a PSA for registration.


One night. Maria Hill watches the film, "A Few Good Men."

Tuesday, January 5

IRON MAN v4 #15 - FB (17:5-20)

One day, "three months" before IM4 15. This flashback occurs after IM4 11. Karim Mahwash Najeeb visits a secret part of a

Chinese psychiatric facility where Ho Yinsen has been chained for "some years."

ETERNALS v3 #1 - FB (6:2-6:4)

One day. Sprite acts on a TV show called "It's Just So Sprite."

DAREDEVIL v2 #93 (1-3)

One rainy day, "a week" after DD2 92. Back in the U.S, Matt pretends to stumble like a blind man down a road in upstate New

York when a passing car stops and asks if he needs help. A short time later, at his witness protection job in an accounting office,

Foggy tells an FBI agent on the phone that he should be allowed to go home, but the agent hangs up on him. Then, on a TV

Foggy sees the news that Matt Murdock has been found.

Wednesday, January 6

DAREDEVIL v2 #93 (4-10)

The day after DD2 93 (1-3). It is "two days" before DD2 93 (11:1-11:3). This segment occurs before DD2 94-FB (16:4-16:5).

It must occur before CW:FL 11 (1-5) if the DD shown there is Murdock. Matt holds a press conference and explains the

Punisher held him captive ever since they escaped from prison together and that when Castle learned that Drummond had

committed suicide, he decided to let him go. Ben Urich is in the crowd of reporters. Matt, Milla, Becky Blake, and Dakota head

back into their private quarters, where Foggy greets them. Matt is shocked to see Foggy still alive.

ETERNALS v3 #1 - FB (36:2-37:3)

One day. On a TV reality show called "America's Newest Super Hero," the Wasp gives the group of super-hero contestants (Grace, Trucker, ZeeBee, Tantrum, and Orlando) their challenge for the week - to film a public service announcement about registration. She shows them a PSA by Mr. Fantastic as an example. Wasp tells the group that they're going to the set of "It's Just So Sprite" and the winner of the challenge will record a PSA. The contestants are excited about meeting Sprite.
ETERNALS v3 #1 - FB (38:2-38:5)
Perhaps the same day as ET3 1-FB (36-37). This flashback occurs before ET3 5-FB (19:4). Orlando and Sprite record their PSA.

One day during the "week" before G5 8 (5-22). This scene probably occurs several days after PWJ2 1 (28-31). A funeral is held for Steven Levins, aka Jack O'Lantern.

DAREDEVIL v2 #94 - FB (16:4-16:5)

One night, between DD2 93 (4-10) and DD2 93 (11:4). Matt and Milla are in bed, happy to be back together.

Thursday, January 7


One day. In Philadelphia, the U.S.Agent chases down the Purple Man, only to fight his squad of SHIELD agents who are

possessed by Killgrave. Purple Man possesses Walker and tells him to fall from a SHIELD hovercraft. U.S.Agent complies and

is injured in the fall.

IRON MAN v4 #13 (11:5-13)

One day. Given Happy's chronology, this segment must occur after CW 5 (1-7). At Sal Kennedy's home, Stark tells Sal he

refused Kooning's offer and discovers that Sal doesn't agree with Stark's position on the Registration Act. Doubts creep in and

put Tony in a funk. Green trees and light clothing in California.

DAREDEVIL v2 #93 (11:1-11:3)

One day, "two days" after DD2 93 (4-10). Matt reads a newspaper obituary for Vanessa Fisk, who just died.


One day. This story must occur after ASM 538. Spidey (in his classic costume) battles the Rhino. In a safe house, M.J. wakes

up from a recurring nightmare brought on by the stress of the Civil War. She talks to May about their concerns before going out

incognito. She walks past the theater where her show's been cancelled. Green trees in New York.


The same day as SENSM2 32 (1-12). Rhino slugs Spidey.


The same day as SENSM2 33-FB (16:3). Spidey is downed and Rhino moves in for the coup-de-grace.


The same day as SENSM2 33-FB (6:2). In have Sue here between FF 542 and IM4 14 (1-10). M.J. meets with Sue Richards in

a wax museum and have lunch at a café. Sue tells M.J. to toughen up. M.J. dwells on her relationship with Peter and memories

of her nightmare return. When she returns to the safe house, M.J. finds May on the floor holding a battered and bleeding Spidey.


The same day as SENSM2 32. May and M.J. tend to Peter, who figures Rhino's attack was "a leftover..from the Chameleon."

M.J. gets supplies at the pharmacy while May thinks back to times when Peter was hurt. M.J. returns and she and May have a

talk about their life with Peter.


The same day as SENSM2 33 (1-14). A witness to the Spidey/Rhino fight is interviewed by a TV reporter.


The same night as SENSM2 33-FB (16:5). Rhino reads a newspaper article, "Chameleon Caught, Murder Plot Foiled" (from SENSM2 31); this must be an old paper with information that the Rhino is just now discovering. He is enraged that he didn't get paid by the jailed Chameleon in advance for a job that was a waste of effort. A TV news report of the defeat of "fugitive-at-large Peter Parker" by Rhino catches Felicia's attention. She dons her Black Cat garb and invites Firehart to "go out and paint the town red" with her. May tries to clean Spidey's torn and soiled costume.


Probably the same night as SENSM2 33 (15-22). The enraged Rhino trashes the Chameleon's Jungle Club then robs a liquor



The same rainy night as SENSM2 34-FB. May must appear here before ASM 536 (15-23). Anxious for payback from Rhino, Felicia arrives at the Parkers' safe house and asks where Spidey is. Peter has already recovered and is meeting (apparently in a fresh costume) with Cap, Vision, Patriot, and Cage at Resistance HQ. Felicia checks in with Puma, who has a lead on Rhino's whereabouts. Felicia finds and confronts Rhino, but instead of fighting him, she talks him out of his rampage by sharing lessons she's learned in life. Felicia returns to the motel and tells M.J. about her encounter with Rhino. Felicia suggests that she put a tracing device on the villain so that someone more powerful can nab him. Green and bare trees in New York. Full moon.

Friday, January 8

IRON MAN v4 #13 (14)

Probably the day after IM4 (11-13). This segment must occur before CW 6/2 (1-6) and CW:FL 9/2. Staying at Sal's, the

depressed Stark watches a TV report on Robbie Baldwin's upcoming trial. Seeing Stark's funk, Sal (in clothing different from

that in pages 11-13) calls for assistance.

IRON MAN v4 #13 (15-21)

Probably the same day as IM4 13 (14). It is at least two days before IM4 14. Happy arrives and pulls Stark out of his funk, then

leaves for an airport. As he prepares to join Pepper for an "anniversary" celebration in a "couple hours," he's attacked in the

hangar by Spymaster. They fight, and both men fall from a catwalk. That night, Pepper waits for Happy at the theater. Green

grass and trees in California.

UNCANNY X-MEN #483 - FB (8-19)

One day during the "weeks" between UX 483-FB (2-5) and UX 483. It is "days" before UX 483. Vulcan and Deathbird meet

Araki at a Shi'Ar palace where telepaths have been trying for "years" to bring D'Ken out of his catatonic state. Despite his

hatred for D'Ken, Vulcan restores him to consciousness for Deathbird's sake. Detecting Deathbird's ship on the planet, a squad

of Shi'Ar soldiers attack and Vulcan and Deathbird defeat them. The duo leave the planet with D'Ken and Araki.

Saturday, January 9


One day, "about a month" before WWH:GC 4-FB (3:2-3:3). This flashback occurs after FF 534. George Stevens, who lost his arm in the Hulk's Vegas rampage, and his twin brother Michael are subjected to one of General Ryker's Gamma Corps experiments. Their left eyes are injected with a serum that gives Michael super vision but causes George to lose his eye.


One night. Sharon's "insubordination" in CA5 22-FB (10-18) is referred to as having occurred "last month." Given that Cap

knows that Bullseye is working for Stark, this story must occur after HFH2 3. Cap notes that Hydra lost power "last year"; this

probably means that W3 31 (1-18) occurred during the year before this story. Fury and Cap are now only communicating

through dead-drops. Being deemed fit for duty, Sharon Carter is assigned by Maria Hill to hunt down Nick Fury. Aboard the

Helicarrier, Sharon has a clandestine meeting with the Fury LMD over which Fury has had control since CA5 23. Speaking

through the LMD, the real Fury sends Sharon to rescue Cap from trouble in a raid on an AIM cell, a mission that's "the first time

in weeks he's found anything that even might by Skull-related." During the raid, he finds the AIM warehouse abandoned and

being raided by rival Hydra. Cap battles Hydra and survives a suicide bombing that takes out the Hydra soldiers. As Cap leaves

the premises dazed from the blast, a squad of cape-killers closes in on him, but Sharon takes them out with an EMP and Cap and

Sharon take off in a flying car. Sharon tells Cap she's no longer conflicted about the Civil War ever since Goliath died.

Meanwhile, at a Kronas headquarters, the Red Skull conspires against Cap with Arnim Zola.


One night. Jack Russell rides into Salvage, Alabama and drops by Sullivan's bar. He encounters a young woman named Rhona, who is afflicted by the curse of lycanthropy. He helps rescue her from the werewolf hunting mob that killed her family and gets her to accept herself and her feral side. Bare trees and chilly weather. New moon.

Sunday, January 10


One day, long enough after CW:FL 8/2 for Baldwin to have recovered. This story must occur after IM4 13 (14). As Robbie

Baldwin is escorted into the Raft, a bunch of prisoners, including Razorfist (with new hook hands), Diamondhead, and Crimson

Cowl, take the opportunity to attempt a breakout. Baldwin's kinetic powers erupt, causing an explosion that kills a number of the

prisoners. Guards find Baldwin sitting in a cell, ready to register.

IRON MAN v4 #14 (1-10:1)

One day. This segment occurs after CW 5 (16-17) and Zemo must appear here before TB 106. I have Wonder Man here after

recovering from injuries in CW:FL 7/2. It is at least two days after IM4 13 (15-21), given that Pepper reports that Happy

squeezed her hand "yesterday." I have Sue here after SENSM2 32 (13-22). Given SHIELD's chronology, this story probably

occurs before A4 25. An invisible Sue Richards follows Tony Stark around during a day's worth of meetings - first, Stark meets

with Reed, Bishop, Maria Hill, Ms. Marvel, and Radioactive Man (in his classic tunic) at Stark Tower (which has the

Watchtower spires) to discuss cracking Cap's communications system; then, Stark checks in on the Quantico, Virginia

superhuman training grounds, where Wonder Man watches Arana, Batroc, and Stature train; then, he meets with Zemo to observe

villains housed at the CSA's criminal rehab unit, which include Doc Ock, Griffin, and possibly Ox II and Hammerhead; then, Stark visits Happy in the hospital, where Tony refuses Pepper's request to mercy-kill Happy; then, Stark buys a low-frequency

modulator and calls Cap to arrange a talk. Bare trees in New York.

GHOST RIDER v5 #8 (1-4)

One night. In Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, teenager Cameron Fillardi drives Emily Stouffer home from a date. Instead of taking her home, he drives her away and prepares to date rape her, but she locks him out of the car. Suddenly, Cameron sees a flash of light, which blinds Emily. She becomes scared and calls her father on her cell phone before hearing a loud screeching noise from outside. She drops the phone and sees Cameron with blood all over him. Opening the door knocks his body over, which remained propped up against the vehicle. A passing motorist rushes over just as she steps out of the car and finds Cameron's body, with his decapitated head lying in the street beside it. The Lucifer-avatar-revived corpse of Steven Levins killed him. Full moon.

Monday, January 11

IRON MAN v4 #14 (10:2-22)

The early morning after IM4 14 (1-10). This segment must occur before TB 106, A4 25, and PWJ2 2 (1-7). At midnight

("twenty-four hundred hours") at Yankee Stadium, Stark meets with Cap to ask him if he had anything to do with the attack on

Happy. When Cap says no, Stark asks him about the Punisher, but then Silhouette removes Cap from the field while Ultra Girl,

Cage, and Spidey (in classic costume) attack. Iron Man defeats the trio and tells Spidey how disappointed he is in him. Stark

leaves without arresting anyone to keep his word to Cap, and returns to his place, where he's prevented from taking a drink by

Sue Richards, who's been shadowing him. After a heated exchange, Sue leaves, and Tony pours the whiskey down the drain.

Then he prays as he causes Happy's medical machinery to flatline him. Reed puts his kids to bed and Spidey sits in

contemplation on his bed.


The day after GR5 8 (1-4). It is "a few days" before GR5 10. Ghost Rider faces five avatars of Satan in full-on demonic state. He swings his chain at one, causing blood to be splattered about.

GHOST RIDER v5 #8 (5-22)

The same day as GR5 8-FB. This segment occurs after PWJ2 1 (28-31) and during Civil War. A trio of elder men watch television at their Sleepy Hollow country club and talk about how messed up the world is becoming, with the "super-hero stuff" in New York, the death of Steven Levins, and the death of Cameron, godson of town sheriff, Harry O'Connor. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Emily awakens, screaming and strapped in her bed, fighting sedation. Sheriff Harry questions Emily, bringing up the fact Cameron forced himself on Monica Brezzi about a year ago, and how if he did the same to her, he'd understand if that's why she killed him in defense. But Emily reveals this isn't what happened at all. Soon leaving the hospital, Harry calls the district attorney, Roger Greer, informing him that Emily only heard a flash of light and noise, and it wasn't a gunshot. He's adamant the girl be left alone from now on, since she doesn't know anything. Greer is less than pleased and even suggests Harry's covering for Cameron again, which doesn't go over well with the sheriff. Harry brings up the fact a grave at St. Mary's Cemetery was desecrated the prior night, which might be related but is similar to what happens nearly every year around Halloween. He also mentions having spoken to Cameron's mother, who took his death hard. Harry gets a call from the three guys at the golf club, who found a bloody transient sleeping in the bushes. Harry gets there and and interrogates the man, Johnny Blaze, by beating and threatening him. Johnny takes the form of the Spirit of Vengeance. After blacking out, Harry awakens in the hospital. The officer by his bedside informs him of the explosion at the country club. The sheriff rises from his bed and dons the clothes brought from his gym bag at the station. The officer tells him that reporters are crowded out by the front door, since two more teenagers were murdered since he was out. This time, there were three witnesses who say a guy with his head on fire did it. Harry knows the "head on fire" bit before he says it, preps his gun and takes off out the window. Elsewhere in town, Marty Levins lies face-down in a pool of his blood at the breakfast table, while his wife, Phyllis, sitting nearby, asks their son and captor, Steve, if he could untie her hands so she can pray. Steve denies his mother's request, claiming he's had a busy day and wants to watch TV. On TV is a report on the Sleepy Hollow Murders. Steve is the costumed villain Jack O'Lantern, his pumpkin head barely repaired and still cracked from the gunshot wound through it that killed him, and his head unnaturally aflame. Green trees.

Tuesday, January 12


One day. This flashback must occur after ASM 536 (7-11). Spidey (in his original costume) meets with the Beast in a church.

Spidey asks Beast for sanctuary after the Registration Act has "all gone wrong" and Spidey is now on the lam, but the Beast

denies the request, citing the X-Men's neutrality in the Civil War, a stance that seems to have been re-adopted following CW:X

4. Instead, Beast gives Spidey an image inducer to make his life easier. As he leaves, Spidey notices a giant, busted-up cocoon

on the church.


One night. It may be less than a "few weeks" before CW:WC 1 (19-21). This segment must occur after DD2 86 and CW 1 (29-

31) and likely after CW 2 (1-2). Inside Ryker's Prison, the Enforcers (including Ox I) beat up a fellow prisoner on behalf of the Kingpin. It's Hammerhead's "last day" at Ryker's, as he's being released on a technicality. Hammerhead rubs Fisk's nose in the fact that he'll be out taking advantage of the Civil War while Fisk is stuck in prison. Then Stark shows up to visit Fisk, who offers to use his resources to help flush out Captain America. Skeptical, Stark asks Fisk for a show of good faith before he consider's his offer. Stark leaves and reports to Maria Hill.

GHOST RIDER v5 #9 (1-16)

One night. Despite the curfew in Sleepy Hollow, a pair of preteen boys, Marcus and Donnie, flee in horror when they see the flaming pumpkin head of Jack O'Lantern. Marcus jumps off a bridge just as the flying head smashes down upon it, avoiding injury. He notices Donnie hit the water and swims over to rescue the boy. He gets Donnie to shore and only then discovers he's missing a head. Jack O'Lantern is reunited with his cracked pumpkin head and floats on his hoverdisc above Marcus, offering to let him live if he gives him his soul. Before the frightened boy can shake hands to seal the deal, Ghost Rider's chain wraps around the avatar of Lucifer and yanks him away, dragging the supernatural being along via his bike. He finally stops quick, sending Jack O'Lantern flying ahead to be smashed by a big rig driving down the road. The driver gets out and is told by Ghost Rider to leave. Ghost Rider approaches Jack O'Lantern, recognizing him as Lucifer. The avatar of Satan notes two of the special features of his new "costume" are high-impact body armor and wrist-blasters, the latter of which he uses to shoot Ghost Rider in the skull, shattering it. The head immediately restores itself to normal. Ghost Rider is then bonked on the head by Jack's hoverdisc, allowing Jack to escape.

Wednesday, January 13


The day after GR5 9 (1-16). Sheriff Harry interviews Melanie Brockton.

GHOST RIDER v5 #9 (17-22)

The same night as GR5 9-FB. The story of the four teen decapitations makes the news again. A brief interview with Sheriff Harry O'Connor is played, stressing the importance of keeping the curfew until the killer of the children is caught. As this airs, Ghost Rider rides down the street in Sleepy Hollow and suddenly gets hit by a police car. With the Spirit of Vengeance pinned to the wall, Harry pulls out a very large, non-police-ordnance rifle, aiming to take his flaming head off like he did to the kids. Ghost Rider denies it was him and the sheriff laughs. Elsewhere, Jack O'Lantern proclaims his love for the town at the cemetery. Since it's Halloween, he wants someone to go trick-or-treating with him, asking volunteers to raise their hands. All at once, dozens of arms of zombies rise from the graves around him. Green grass and trees. Full moon. The references to "Halloween" must be topical.

The same night as GR5 9 (17-22). At the boutique, Harry, with Ghost Rider pinned behind his car, demands to know who he is. Once the Spirit of Vengeance tells him, he prepares to shoot, only to have the gun melt as Ghost Rider flares his hellfire, frees himself of the car, and wraps the sheriff in his chain. He warns the human not to delay his vengeance again. Harry refuses to give up until he's stopped. Ghost Rider flings his chain, sending Harry landing on a car across the street, right before the storefront explodes in a burst of flames, taking the cop car with it. Harry suspects the guy he thinks is the killer saved him from that on purpose, but calls up a guy named Ralph to report the fire. Ghost Rider steps out of the flames, and the sheriff readies himself, thinking the Spirit of Vengeance wanted to finish him off personally. Instead, Ghost Rider reverts to Johnny Blaze, who passes out right on the street in front of him. Elsewhere, Jack O'Lantern is furious over the ineptitude of his zombies. Johnny awakens tied to a chair in Harry's basement, which is filled with crates of ammo and TNT. Johnny tells him about his deal with the devil and how Lucifer is possessing recently-dead bodies. The sheriff buys his claims, and when Johnny manages to remember what the devil is currently looking like, he mentions a fiery pumpkin. Harry knows who it is immediately, and calls up Ned, who runs the cemetery. Ned confirms that the grave desecrated a few days back was Steven Levins'. Ned thinks kids were doing it again, since a bunch of more graves got dug up tonight. As he talks to Harry, the zombies attack Ned, killing him. Harry explains to Johnny that Steven Levins was a local boy who went bad, went to New York, and went by the name of Jack O'Lantern until he was "recently" killed by the Punisher. His parents had him buried in town, and his body is missing, and his description matches that of the current avatar of Lucifer. Harry unties Johnny and wants the two of them to work together to kill the child-killing devil. When told that Lucifer likes to defile beliefs, Harry knows just where he'll head next. He takes Johnny and some supplies to a house in town with a lot of large religious artifacts, statues of angles and crosses, and a big neon sign saying "Repent." Harry gets the owner and end-times proclaimer Darryl out of town with his family while he and Johnny get prepared to lay their traps.
The same night as GR5 10-FB. It is "a few days" after GR5 8 (1-4). Jack O'Lantern tells his zombie army to keep quiet as he rings the doorbell of an overly religious house, and begins to say "trick or..." as the door opens. Sheriff Harry O'Connor fires his shotgun right in the avatar of Lucifer's flaming pumpkin head, blowing it to bits. Jack O'Lantern's pumpkin head bits splatter against the zombies behind him as Sheriff Harry O'Connor responds, "treat." The avatar of Lucifer restores his head to normal in a flash and demands his army of walking dead attack. Harry shoots the head of one into a pulp, bemoans not using the M-60, and screams about the zombies being useless without orders from Jack to follow. Jack responds that he already knew that, only to find he wasn't talking to him, but to Ghost Rider, who emerges from the shadows on the lawn nearby.
The same night as GR5 10. Realizing he's been set up, Jack O'Lantern tosses a few pumpkin bombs at Ghost Rider, who flings his chain at them, detonating them right over the zombie army, wiping them all out. Harry ducked inside the house and braced himself behind the couch just in time to avoid that blast, but complains about that not being part of the plan. The avatar of Lucifer complains about how hard it was for him to raise an antire zombie army. Inside the house, Harry's godson Cameron, head sewn back on, appears before him as an evil zombie. Upon hearing the sheriff's screams, Ghost Rider becomes concerned and tosses his chain at Jack, only to latch onto the hoverdisc, which takes Ghost Rider high into the air. Ghost Rider pulls himself up onto the disc and yanks on the chain until the flying device shatters into pieces. As he plummets back to Sleepy Hollow, he summons his motorcycle, which launches off a parked car and meets him in midair. In the house, Harry tries to overcome his attachment to Cameron and view him just as dead meat. He stabs him with a pronged fork, but the undead boy proves too hard to kill. He finally tells his godson that he was a bad kid and would've killed someone eventually had he not died, as he kicks the zombie into the refrigerator, which then falls down atop him, imprisoning the living dead within it. Jack O'Lantern walks in, brandishing Harry's rifle. The sheriff tricks him into thinking there are no bullets, which distracts him while Ghost Rider whips his chain around his legs and pulls him down. The Spirit of Vengeance drives the avatar of Lucifer out into the living room, leaving him between multiple napalm discharge bombs. Harry and Ghost Rider get out just as the whole house goes up in a massive explosion. Ghost Rider heads back in and confronts Jack O'Lantern, who laments losing this body, since he liked the outfit. The Spirit of Vengeance punches through the hole in his armor and rips out his still beating heart, which he then ignites with hellfire and stuffs back in where he got it from. Jack topples back and his body explodes entirely, his flaming pumpkin head landing nearby. Ghost Rider stomps on it, thus ending this avatar completely. After reverting to Johnny Blaze, he goes to the basement to thank Harry for his help. The sheriff gruffly tells him the only way to do that is for him to get out of Sleepy Hollow and never come back. He obliges. Full moon.

Thursday, January 14

X-FACTOR v3 #24 - FB (15:4)

One day. Josef Huber uses the inventive powers of Forge to craft the mechanical being Nicole.

Friday, January 15

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #100/2 (1-3)

One day, "six months" after AAF2 15 and "2 weeks" before H3 100/2 (4-12). Gabe Jones and a SHIELD Cape Killer team in a

helicopter track Amadeus Cho, who they have deemed an unregistered super powered person. Cho gives Jones a call on his cell

phone and informs him he's taking out their helicopter, which he proceeds to do with the push of a button. The SHIELD agents

parachute to safety.

Saturday, January 16

ETERNALS v3 #5 - FB (19:4)

One day, sometime after ET3 1-FB (38:2-38:5). Grace tapes an episode of "America's Newest Super Hero," in which she is let back in after being kicked off.

Sunday, January 17


One day, long enough after CW:FL 9/2 for Zelinsky to have made Robbie's new costume. This story must occur before TB 109

(21-22). At a Maryland prison, Robbie Baldwin (on crutches and with inoperable shrapnel pressing into his spine) has a

discussion with his would-be assassin, who he has arranged to be set free as part of his registration deal. He leaves the prison,

tells Reed Richards to stuff it, and burns his Speedball costume. Tailor Leo Zelinsky arrives with a new costume Robbie has

requested he make to exact specifications as a torture outfit for him. Robbie dons the new costume and assumes the identity of


Monday, January 18: Martin Luther King Day


One day, before OF 1. Mostly recovered from his injuries, John Walker asks Stark where Purple Man is and when he tells him

Killgrave is in Canada, Walker accepts the assignment to join the Alpha Flight program.

Tuesday, January 19

BLADE v8 #5 - FB (1-2)

One day, after W3 48 and "three weeks" before BLADE8 5 (3-7). Logan is captured by SHIELD and brought before Maria Hill

in a power dampening collar and shackles. He asks where's she's keeping his two Atlantean friends, but Maria responds that

SHIELD let them go, as they have diplomatic immunity. Logan criticizes the government, breaks out of his shackles, and

escapes. Maria green lights "Contingency Plan 'Icebox.'"

BLADE v8 #5 - FB (8-9)

Presumably the same night as BLADE8 5-FB (1-2), if the flashbacks to "then" are consistently to the same day "three weeks"

before BLADE8 5 (3-7). Hector reports to Eric Brooks about being beaten by a guy he tried to mug, a guy he suspects of being a


BLADE v8 #5 - FB (12)

The same night as BLADE8 5-FB (8-9). Blade investigates Hector's report and encounters a vampire that he assumes was

responsible for Hector's beating.

BLADE v8 #5 - FB (16)

The same night as BLADE8 5-FB (12). The vampire fights Blade as Logan shows up in a trench coat and cowboy hat, which

matches Hector's description of his attacker.

BLADE v8 #5 - FB (21-22)

The same night as BLADE8 5-FB (16). This flashback probably occurs before W3 40 (22-24). When the vampire has Blade on the ropes, Logan steps in spikes the vampire. Logan tells Blade he owes him one.

Wednesday, January 20

ETERNALS v3 # 1 (1-18)

One day. Mark Curry, a worker at Bellevue hospital, cleans up and checks his phone to discover that his girlfriend has left him. He's approached by Ike Harris, who tells him that they're both half a million years old and have extraordinary powers. Mark tells him to get lost and goes back to work. At the end of his shift he goes home and watches an episode of "It's Just So Sprite" when Ike appears at his window. Mark tells him to get lost, so Ike flies away. Across town, Sersi borrows money from a friend while telling her about her new party planning business. That night, Ike is attacked by two Deviants who detonate a bomb next to his face. Elsewhere, Sersi meets with Druig, a Vorozheika ambassador, who wants to throw a party inviting rich people and scientists to discover his country as a tourist location. That night, Mark goes to work at Bellevue, where Ike has been brought as a patient.

Thursday, January 21

ETERNALS v3 # 1 (19-39)

The day after ET3 1 (1-18). Thena Eliot shows Tony Stark and some military men a new weapon she's created for Stark. That night, Ike tells Mark the secret behind intelligent design and human creation. Mark doesn't buy Ike's story, especially the part about Mark being an Eternal. He leaves Ike to watch an episode of "America's Newest Super Hero." Mark is approached by two Deviants disguised as doctors, who convince him that Ike is crazy. Mark sedates Ike and they take him away.
ETERNALS v3 # 2 (1-5)

The same day as ET3 1 (19-39). The two Deviants torture Ike trying to find a way to kill him while they talk on the phone with Sprite. Meanhwhile, Mark goes out for coffee and runs into Sersi. After only knowing each other for a few minutes, they feel like they've known each other for years.

Friday, January 22

ETERNALS v3 # 2 (6-24)

The day after ET3 2 (1-5). This segment must occur before Cap's surrender in CW 7. When guessing what super-heroes are attending Sersi's party, her friend lists off Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man; since registration is already the law at this point, guessing Cap and perhaps Spidey just might have been a flippant comment. Sprite gives an interview and Ajak is seen outside. Meanwhile, Mark is written up and put on leave for letting a patient go with people claiming to be doctors without credentials. He then talks to the police. Sersi decides to invite Mark to her party, and a homeless and drunk Zuras wanders the streets. The Deviants try to melt Ike. That night, Mark meets Sersi at the Vorozheika party, which is attended by Druig, Thena Eliot and her husband, and the cast of "America's Newest Super Hero." Under Druig's command, terrorists attack and kidnap the scientists, Thena's husband is killed, and Mark realizes he can move at superhuman speeds. Elsewhere, Ike is atomized.
ETERNALS v3 # 3 - FB (1:4-8:3)

The same day as ET3 2 (6-24). At superhuman speed, Mark stops all the terrorists' bullets and takes their guns. Grace helps out and defeats some of the terrorists with Mark, then Iron Man arrives. As Garce asks Mark if she'll be kicked off the show, Iron Man takes Sersi aside.
ETERNALS v3 # 3 - FB (12:6-13:3)

The same day as ET3 3-FB (1-8). Iron Man confronts Sersi about registration, but she has no memory of ever being an Avenger. He tells her she needs to make her mind up quick. That Stark gives her time instead of arresting her on the spot might be explained by the fact that Sersi is not an American citizen; the choice may be to register or leave the country.
ETERNALS v3 # 3 - FB (15)

The same day as ET3 3-FB (12-13). Druig runs from the party after he realizes the terrorists aren't really working for him and discovers he can persuade people to do what he wants.


One day, "a couple months" before NW4 3. Dwayne Taylor uses an electronic voice to call his brother Bandit and ask him to withdraw a lot of money from a Taylor Foundation offshore account. Bandit refuses, but the money is withdrawn anyway.

Saturday, January 23


One day, after TB 100. According to A:SAGA, this flashback occurs "183" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). Phyla and Moondragon are at the graves of Genis and Mar-Vell on the surface of Titan. Thanos and Skreet attack them, and Moondragon is captured. Before teleporting away, Thanos rips off one of her earrings, taking her whole left ear with it, and gives it to Phyla to take to Drax. Phyla relinquishes the title and costume of Captain Marvel.


The day after ET3 3-FB (15). This story occurs at least "two years" after ET3 4-FB (18-19), which was the Eternals' last appearance. Mark Curry and Sprite chat. Meanwhile, the two Deviants pray to their Celestial god. In New York, Sersi chats with her friend Abi. Elsewhere, Druig confronts his aide Prykrish about what happened at the party. Druig discovers that the terrorists were hired to kill everyone at the party except for the scientists. Druig convinces Prykrish to kill himself. Meanwhile, Thena escapes from her captors and contacts Iron Man at Avengers Tower (which has Watchtower spires). Ikaris wakes up in Antarctica.
ETERNALS v3 # 4 (1-3)

The same night as ET3 3. Ikaris flies around Olympus, trying to figure out what's going on.


One night, long enough after CW:WC 1 (3-14) for Hammerhead to have gotten a bunch of recruits. Slyde must appear here after the Thunderbolt army breaks up after TB 108. Out of prison, Hammerhead tries to get Trapster and Slyde to join him. Trapster accepts, but when Slyde declines, he's killed by Hammerhead's partner, Underworld.

Sunday, January 24


One day. A young woman named Esperanza comes to Citrusville, Florida, and takes over the job of tending to the lawn and garden maintence of the weathly Terrence DeFlyte.

Monday, January 25

ETERNALS v3 # 4 (4-24)

The day after ET3 4 (1-3). Sprite takes Mark to the Golden Gate Bridge and explains that the reason he and Sersi were so comfortable with each other is because they were lovers for a couple hundred years. Meanwhile, Druig takes over Vorozheika. Elsewhere, Sersi discovers that she has super powers when she changes her cat into a dragon. In San Francisco, Sprite takes Mark underground and tricks him into attacking the Dreaming Celestial, which shuts Mark down. In Antarctica, Ikaris turns Olympus back on and regains his memory. He's pissed. Sprite gives Mark a history lesson. Thena Eliot starts to remember things. She's revealed as an Eternal as Ikaris arrives. He tells her they're going to save the world.

The same rainy day as ET3 4 (4-24). The two Deviants attack Sprite in the Golden Gate Park. Ajak gives Zuras his memory back. The Dreaming Celestial stirs. Druig convinces half of the captured scientists to kill the other half. In San Francisco, the Deviants take Sprite back to the Celestial. Ikaris and Thena convince Sersi to go with them, but they don't have a chance to give her memories back. Zuras and Ajak talk to Druig. Yellowjacket and Wasp notice a seismic disturbance in California. The ground cracks open and the Dreaming Celestial is exposed.

CIVIL WAR: WAR CRIMES #1 - FB (19:1|1)

One day. Black Crow surrenders to SHIELD after a 12-hour standoff.


One night. As Esperanza plucks beetles from flowers, she spots DeFlyte and others sitting down to a meal of the Man-Thing. She flees in disgust.

Tuesday, January 26


The day after ET3 5. I have Galactus here before ANN 1-FB. Galactus remembers what it means to be afraid. The Eternals attempt a Uni-Mind, but it doesn't work. As it wakes, the Dreaming Celestial chats telepathically with Mark. Makarri regains his memory and tells Iron Man, Yellowjacket, and the Wasp that the Celestial is awake. They confront the Eternals about registration and Zuras explains that they protect the entire planet, and one country's laws are irrelevant to them.
ETERNALS v3 # 7 - FB (10:5-11:3)

The same day as ET3 6. Zuras explains to Iron Man that they won't register with the American government, but will return to Olympia to find the other missing Eternals. Stark agrees.


One school day, long enough after ASM 533 (1) for Deb Whitman to have written and published a book about Peter Parker. A

squad of masked goons tries to raid P.S. 108 to create a hostage situation that will lure Spidey out, but they scatter when Spidey

uses his image inducer to make them think they're up against Wolverine and the Punisher. In prison, Adrian Toomes is given a

chance to resume his Vulture identity and cooperate with the authorities to bring down the outlaw Spider-Man. Back at P.S. 108,

Peter uses his image inducer and applies for a job as "Ben Reilly." The school has filled Peter's old teaching spot, so they offer

"Reilly" a position as assistant phys-ed teacher under Flash, which he can start "tomorrow." Peter accepts, feeling he can't

abandon the kids. Afterward, he sees a headline story in the Bugle about Deb Whitman's new book, "Two Faced: How Peter

Parker Ruined My Life." The Vulture also reads the article, and both plan to go to Deb's book signing "today." Green grass and

bare trees in New York.


The same school day as FNSM 13. This story is referred to in FNSM 20 as having occurred "the other day." Betty Brant shows up to Deb's book-signing to inquire about her motivations. Flash reads about Deb's book-signing in the paper and as he leaves school to go there, Arrow eats a spider. Flash arrives at the bookstore and chews Deb out, but Betty interrupts, amazed that Flash is well. Vulture attacks and flushes a disguised Spidey out. They fight, and while high in the sky, Vulture slices Spidey with a dug-tipped wing blade. Spidey falls, and Vulture has some kind of attack, causing him to drop as well.


The same day as FNSM 15. This segment must occur before XF3 14. Spidey saves himself from the fall and saves the stricken

Vulture. In the crowd below, Deb has an argument with Flash and Arrow meets Betty Brant, who she discovers was an old

girlfriend of Flash's. That night, Spidey uses the image inducer to appear as an orderly so he can visit the paralyzed Toomes'

hospital bedside. Toomes has lost the will to live, but Spidey forces him to defend himself against a smothering. As Spidey

leaves, SHIELD agent Jamie Madrox bursts into the room. Deb drops in on Betty at her home and expresses regret about her

book, which she wrote to pay her mother's medical expenses.

Wednesday, January 27

ETERNALS v3 # 7 - FB (15:2-18)

The day after ET3 7-FB (10-11). Zuras finds Sprite and breaks his neck, killing him.

CIVIL WAR: WAR CRIMES #1 - FB (19:1|2)

One day, between S-H4 8 (17-22) and FF 539 (3-8). Iron Man is photographed by a newspaper photographer after (re-)capturing



One day. Esperanza continues working and trying to ignore the eating of Man-Thing. We see another "feasting" ceremony, which keeps her up at night.

Thursday, January 28

ETERNALS v3 # 7 (1-23:3)

The day after ET3 7-FB (15-18). This segment occurs "two weeks" before ET3 7 (23-26). The Dreaming Celestial stands in Golden Gate Park. The Eternals settle back into Olympus. Zuras decides that he won't interfere with Druig running his own country. Kra and his Deviant army arrive, looking for a fight. Makarri offers a solution. Sersi has dinner with Stark and tells him that she still doesn't remember being an Avenger and that she's also not returning to Olympus; she's going to throw parties. Makarri tries to calm the Deviants down, but Druig just wants to kill them. Makarri convinces the Deviants to leave peacefully.


One day, shortly after FNSM 16 (1-20). Jonah is outraged at an anonymously written (by Betty) front-page story in the Daily

Globe that cites anonymous sources claiming that the Bugle took advantage of Deb Whitman and altered facts for her book. Joe

Robertson tells him there's not much they can do about it, but Jonah assigns Betty the task of investigating the story.


One day. Esperanza picks some flowers from the swamp, and having made enough money, she sneaks in while the socialites are sleeping. She puts the flowers beside Man-Thing before she leaves. After she's gone, Man-Thing uses the flowers to regenerate completely and kills all of the men and women who ate of him by igniting their guts via the "whatever knows fear, burns at his touch" power.

Friday, January 29

CIVIL WAR: WAR CRIMES #1 - FB (19:1|3).

One day. D-Man is on the run after his whereabouts are revealed by a tip from the Kingpin.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #100/2 (4-12)

One day, "2 weeks" after H3 100/2 (1-3). This segment must occur after CW 4 (15-17), since Foster's death is noted, and before

BP4 24 (21-23), since work on the Thor Clone isn't done. While tracking the Hulk's trail through New Mexico, Cho discovers

an old hideout used by Banner years ago. In this hideout, he uses an old computer to hack into Mr. Fantastic's database. At the

Baxter building, Reed prepares to perform another modification to the Thor Clone when he gets a phone call from Cho. While

talking to Reed, Cho figures out that the Illuminati shot the Hulk into outer space, and he lectures Reed on how this was a bad

thing to do. Cho does some calculations, hacks into one of Reed's satellites, and determines that the Hulk is not on the planet

that the Illuminati meant to send him to. Cho informs Reed of this, and Reed is stunned. Cho calls Reed a monster, and Reed

notes all of the towns destroyed by the Hulk. Cho counters by pointing out all the good things the Hulk has done over the years

and that all the Hulk ever wanted was to be left alone. Later that night, Reed informs Iron Man that by the time SHIELD agents

got to the old base in New Mexixo, Cho was long gone. Reed tells Stark that Bruce isn't on the intended planet and this greatly

concerns them both. Meanwhile, Cho continues his quest to track down the Hulk.

Saturday, January 30


One day, sometime before A:TI 1 (4-9). Michael Van Patrick exercises at his Kentucky home.

Sunday, January 31

Monday, February 1


One day, "one week" before CW:WC 1 (22-24). It may be less than a "few weeks" after CW:WC 1 (3-14). At Ryker's, Turk

carts newspapers with headlines about the busts the government has been making. The Enforcers, upset about Fisk's cooperation

with the feds, attack Fisk in the shower, but Fisk makes short work of them.


One day. Given Zemo's chronology, this story must occur after IM4 14 (10-22). In China, Dr. Spectrum, Hyperion, and

Nighthawk seal their fifth open wellspring conduit, leaving only one remaining. Meanwhile Speed Demon visits Dr. Strange's

Sanctum Sanctorum and uses his scrolls to determine the location of the last wellspring - Germany. "Two hours later," Sanders

reports this discovery to Jenkins; both men are double-crossing their bosses to try to save the world. Jenkins relays the info to

Zemo, who dispatches the main Thunderbolts team to Germany, where they encounter the Squadron Sinister. The two teams

fight, and when the Squadron is on the ropes, the Grandmaster appears from the wellspring and battles Zemo. Zemo kills

Grandmaster. Joystick makes her move to betray Zemo, but the knowing Zemo stops her. However, Joystick's staff disperses the

wellspring's power and an explosion ensues.


The same day as TB 106. The Wellspring explosion gives the human race superhuman powers and several squads of the

Thunderbolts Army spread out to Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Tokyo, and Sydney to try to keep order. Among these squads is

Slyde. Also facing the empowered hordes are a team consisting of Cap, the new Daredevil, and Yellowjacket and a team consisting of Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, and Wonder Man. Joystick holds most of the main Thunderbolts team in stasis after they were kayoed by the Wellspring explosion. Swordsman escapes and communicates telepathically with Songbird via the Overmind. They determine that the best course of action is to subconsciously coax the unconscious Zemo to resurrect the Grandmaster. As they do this, Andreas draws the Wellspring energy into his sword and assaults Joystick. Jim Sanders is struck by a bolt of energy, and the Thunderbolts Army retreats amidst the worldwide chaos. Melissa enters Zemo's subconscious and encounters Karla there. They discuss Zemo's nature before Zemo brings back Grandmaster.


The same day as TB 107. This story occurs before CW 6 (1-3) and "three months" before Z:BB 1. It must occur before CW 5 (18-22). The Ox here is Ox II. Slyde must appear here before CW:WC 1 (15-18). As heroes (including Cap, Falcon, Hercules, and the new Daredevil in one group and Iron Man, Yellowjacket, Ms. Marvel, and Mr. Fantastic in another) battle super-powered crowds, Zemo battles the Grandmaster. Linked through the Overmind, the heroes give up their energy to assist Zemo, who kills Grandmaster. Joystick prepares to attack Zemo from behind, but Speed Demon arrives and gets payback. Zemo absorbs the wellspring's energies and ponders doing good with his power, but a distrustful Songbird shatters Zemo's moonstones, creating a vortex into which Zemo is sucked. Atlas blocks the wellspring conduit with his body.

THUNDERBOLTS #109 - FB (6:2)

The same day as TB 108. As Atlas' ionic energy is sucked from him, he sends a part of himself into Dallas' body, giving her the

ability to walk again.

THUNDERBOLTS #109 - FB (10:3-10:5)

The same day as TB 109-FB (6:2). It is "a week" before TB 109 (1-20). As the Thunderbolts awaken, they see the fragments of

the shattered moonstone glowing all over Melissa's body. Meanwhile, Karla's catatonic body begins convulsing at the facility in

which she's kept.


The same day as TB 109-FB (10:3-10:5). Speed Demon runs away before SHIELD shows up. The Blizzard's suit and Mach

IV's armor are ruined by the wellspring energy.


One day. While sitting around on a park bench making some evil puppets to aid in his taking over the world, Puppet Master is approached by a small boy called Buddy. He admires Masters' Spider-Man toy. Buddy talks about how his three figures of Captain America, Thor, and Hulk were given to him by his mother before she died and how they're his best friends. He goes off to play and some bullies toss his toys into a nearby lake. Seeing this and reminded of his own loss of a mother at Buddy's age and similar run in with bullies, Masters gives him his Spider-Man doll. Green grass and trees in New York.

Tuesday, February 2


The day after SMF2 4 (1-4). Again in the park, Buddy is set upon by the bullies, but the Spidey doll fights back, webbing and beating up the punks. They flee, and Buddy begins to succumb to the dark side, planning on doing some bullying of his own before realizing that good guys don't need to start trouble just to have fun. Buddy and the Spidey doll head off together, best friends always looking out for one another.
PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #2 (10:1-10:4)

One day, probably after ASM 538, since Spidey is with the Resistance. Resistance members Cap, Punisher, Cage, Hawkeye II,

Falcon, Spidey, Patriot, Human Torch, Monica, Vision, and ??? review Frank's plans for patrols. Cap and Castle perform a

tactical strike.

DAREDEVIL v2 #93 (11:4)

One day, perhaps "weeks" after DD2 93 (11:1-11:3). This segment occurs after DD2 94-FB (16:4-16:5). Matt is back in

court, with Foggy and Becky defending him. All charges against Matt are dropped.

MS. MARVEL v2 #6 (1-3)

One night. Since this segment must occur after the registration deadline in CW 2 (8:4), it must be more than just "a few days"

after the Stamford incident; I have it as a few months after, given that MSM2 8 is supposed to occur "a couple of weeks" before

CW 7. Ms. Marvel defeats the unregistered Prowler and SHIELD arrives to take him into custody. Full moon.

Wednesday, February 3

MS. MARVEL v2 #6 (4-10)

The morning after MSM2 6 (1-3). I have Wonder Man here after his recovery from injuries in CW:FL 7/2; indeed, after

appearances in IM4 14 (1-10) and TB 107. Carol's nightmares are interrupted when Wonder Man knocks on her door. He and

Carol go to Stark Tower (which has the Watchtower spires) to attend a meeting called by Iron Man. There they're greeted by

Julia Carpenter, now going by the name Arachne. Stark arrives and notes that "it looks like Captain America's little stunt is

drawing the attention of some other heroes and leading to some smart people making some dumb decisions" - this is an

indication that it's fairly early in the Civil War. Stark assigns Julia the task of bringing in the Shroud, who defeated a SHIELD

squad "three nights ago." He assigns Simon and Carol with finding and registering or arresting Arana. Stark asks Carol if she's

seen Cap, but Carol just says she doesn't know where he is. Carol and Simon head to Brooklyn to carry out their assignment.


One day. Cap and Punisher get the codes for the Ryker's Island portal to the Negative Zone prison.


One day, probably after NA:LFH. According to A:SAGA, this flashback occurs "204" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). Silver Surfer is taken down by Aegis, and Galactus fights Tenebrous as aliens in background try to flee. Aegis takes Galactus down from behind.


It must be the same day as ANN 1-FB, as it is "six (Annihilation) months" - "204" (Annihilation) days - after A:P 1 (2-8). The United Front against the Annihilation Wave has finally gotten to a point where they're holding off the forces of Annihilus. On Daedalus 5, the front's command center has been set up, commanded by Richard Rider and Peter Quill. With the Skrull empire wiped out, the main support for the front is the Kree, though their ruling house of Fiyero is incompetent in commanding their troops. Luckily, Ronan the former Accuser is part of the United Front, and his old school Kree soldier tactics have repeatedly come in handy. The force-fields surrounding the command center are falling. The front falls back to a secondary perimeter, while in space, three former Galactus heralds keep airspace clear. Nova consults Drax, the man who's spent the past months turning him into the leader the front needs, and is forced to sacrifice hundreds to keep from losing thousands. Remaining behind to allow a homing on his position, Nova orders a heavy ordnance barrage. He barely survives, needing a new leg grown as a result, and is recovered by Drax. Meanwhile in space, Firelord confirms that Annihilus' queens were at the center of each hive-mind command structure. He captures one, Extirpia, but at nearly the cost of his own life. Elsewhere, Annihilus' flagship is near the Kree System's Rhianda 9. Aboard, Annihulus is annoyed by the loss of Extirpia, and his remaining two Queens are equally livid about the success of Firelord. Thanos has apparently gotten what he needed elsewhere, the battle on Daedalus 5 nothing but a distraction. With no reason to capture the former heralds of Galactus now, Annihilus orders his right hand goon, Ravenous, to dispose of them.

Thursday, February 4

MS. MARVEL v2 #7

The early morning after MSM2 6 (11-21). After Anya flees the restaurant, Carol and Simon find her with her father on the roof

of their apartment building. "One hour later" at Avengers Tower (which has the Watchtower spires), Anya is forced to tell her

father about her Arana identity and she convinces him to approve her registration. Carol notes that Anya can stay with her dad,

but that she'll have to be at the Stark Tower training facility "each day after school and all day on weekends" - this may suggest

that school is still in session, but it could also mean that Anya is still expected to be training once school begins again in the fall.

In Hoboken, Julia steals some clothes from a laundromat and she and Shroud take off in a stolen car. Within "two hours" after

going rogue, Julia and Shroud (who have been together for "these last few months") are heading west on I-80 and Shroud

suggests heading to Canada, which "is about seven hours north;" he figures that if they "switch cars every couple of hours," they

"can be in Montreal by noon at the latest." Julia convinces Shroud that they need to pick up her daughter in Colorado before

they leave the country. "One hour" after the laundromat theft, SHIELD Agent Owen reports to Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Wonder

Man, and Arana that Julia's stolen car has been spotted in Pennsylvania and that Carol and Simon are approved to bring

Carpenter and Coleridge in. Soon Carol and Simon attack the car on the freeway and the Shroud is captured, but Julia gets away

aboard a truck. Since Anya is allowed to accompany Carol and Simon as an observer in what must be the wee hours of the

morning, it probably isn't a school day. Anya's "sixteenth" birthday "isn't until Saturday." Green grass and leafy trees in

Pennsylvania. Full moon.


One day, "two (Annihilation) days" after ANN 1 (1-12) and "206" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). On Daedalus 5, Nova

departs the bedside of his black-ops specialist lover Gamora, and seeks out Starlord, the only other Terran he can talk to. As they

discuss the current situations, Drax sharpens his knives as Cammi whines about being bored. She urges him to do some more

destroying, and brings a smile to his face for a change when she pegs his entire reason for fighting in the war is to get to Thanos.

In the medical center, Mari explains the confusion of Firelord's physiology to Nova, that the expended former Galactus herald is

in a dead/alive stasis they can't explain. Next, Nova and Starlord head to high security detention, where they confront Extirpia.

She reveals that the war is lost, since Galactus and Silver Surfer have already been captured by Annihilus.


One day. Cap and Punisher evade capture by SHIELD.

MS. MARVEL v2 #8 (1-15)

Probably the same day as MSM2 7. It is "a few months" after MSM2 8-FB (1-2). Ms. Marvel interrogates Shroud and he tells

her about Julia's recovery. Carol and Max get into an argument about issues of right and wrong in regard to the Registration Act

and this causes Anya to question Carol's position. Carol, Anya, and Simon go to Julia's parents' home in Denver and find Julia

there. Julia fights the heroes and forcibly takes Julia from Rachel. Green grass and trees in Denver.

MS. MARVEL v2 #14 - FB - FB (1-2)

The same day as MSM2 8 (1-15). It is "a couple of weeks" before MSM2 14-FB-FB (3:1) and "three weeks" before MSM2 14.

As cape-killer agents take Julia away, they subdue her with electrical charges. Anya asks Wonder Man what they're doing and

Julia's parents watch helplessly. Julia is taken to the Negative Zone prison.

MS. MARVEL v2 #8 (16-18)

The same night as MS2 14-FB-FB (1-2). It is "one week" before MSM2 8 (19-21). This segment occurs before CW:BDR (7:2). Wonder Man probably appears here before CW:FL 5/3. Anya expresses her regret about separating a mother and daughter, and Carol then questions her own actions before Simon. Full moon.

Friday, February 5


One day. Cap and Punisher fight a SHIELD platoon.

One day: Simon Garth (who lacks any amulet or talisman around his neck or on his person) is found during a fire near a dry cleaner's. Paramedics, surprised to see him moving and alive, bring him to the local hospital. Once there, they realize he's dead and send him to the morgue. He soon arises, searching for "music" of a woman. He slips out, wanders the streets, and saves a girl from a guy with a knife by breaking his neck. Simon tastes the girl's tears and finds her music to be sad. Soon, outside a dump called the Rabbit's Hole, Simon encounters a group of punks, the main one being a suicide girl named Kissy. When Simon finds her desire to be like him repulsive, she calls him a corpse tease and has her gang kick "Mr Stinky's" ass. After taking a beating, a cop stops them and calls it in. Waning crescent moon.

MS. MARVEL v2 #19 - FB (7:4)

One day, a "couple of months" before MSM2 19. After Alyssa Conover is struck and killed by a taxi, Rick Sheridan grieves over her corpse in the hospital.

Saturday, February 6


The early morning after LOM:MT 1/2 (1-?). When Simon is returned to the hospital, the same people realize it's that mummy guy again and send him back to the morgue. There, this time, he finds the music he seeks, as a female corpse nearby appears to come to life just like him. Both Simon and the girl escape from the morgue and watch the sunrise together in a pit out in the forest.

THUNDERBOLTS #109 (1-20)

One day, "a week" after TB 109-FB (10:3-10:5), during which time Songbird can make no other appearances; it may not be a

full week, but rather just a day during the following week, as Erik has not been able to drink since TB 108. This segment occurs

"days" before TB 109 (21-22), before TB 110-FB (18-20), and probably before CW:CS 1. Fixer can't fix Mach IV's armor.

Conrad checks on Atlas, who has been immobilized at giant size at the site of the wellspring energy in Germany. Radioactive

Man monitors the condition of Melissa and Karla, who communicate with each other mentally inside a shared subconsciousness.

Donnie and Andreas discuss their futures - Donnie's out and Andreas has been asked to continue hunting unregistered super-

humans. Because of her betrayal of mankind, Joystick is incarcerated and calls Donnie and Andreas "sellouts." Dallas offers

Abe and Norbert jobs trouble-shooting for the government. Melissa and Karla spar on a subconscious level and they emerge

from their containment chamber in a burst of energy, with Karla in a new costume.


One day. Cap and Punisher read documents.

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (4:1-4:3)

One day. A TV journalist interviews James Kreig for a feature on the FF.

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (5:1-5:2)

One day. A TV journalist interviews Herbert Eagle for a feature on the FF.

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (5:3)

One day. A TV journalist interviews Hank Pym for a feature on the FF.

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (6:1-6:2)

One day. A TV journalist interviews Marcia Hardesty for a feature on the FF.

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (12:2-12:3)

One day. A TV journalist interviews T'Challa for a feature on the FF.

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (13:1-13:2)

One day. A TV journalist interviews Namor (in his green trunks) for a feature on the FF.

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (13:3-14:3)

One day. A TV journalist interviews Dr. Doom for a feature on the FF.

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (17-18)

One day. A TV journalist interviews Willie Lumpkin for a feature on the FF.

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (19:1)

One day. A TV journalist interviews Wyatt Wingfoot for a feature on the FF.

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (19:2-19:3)

One day. A TV journalist interviews Spider-Man (in classic costume) for a feature on the FF.

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (20:1)

One day. A TV journalist interviews Luke Cage (holding his baby) for a feature on the FF.

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (20:2)

One day. A TV journalist interviews Sharon Ventura (She-Thing) for a feature on the FF.

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (20:3)

One day. A TV journalist interviews She-Hulk for a feature on the FF.

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (24:1)

One day. A TV journalist interviews Wolverine for a feature on the FF. Logan refers to Reed's support of registration as a


FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (24:4-25:1)

One day. A TV journalist interviews Tony Stark for a feature on the FF. Stark mentions public criticism of Reed for his support

of registration.

Sunday, February 7


One day, just before BLADE8 5 (13-15). Logan goes "fifteen rounds with Omega Red."


One day, six (Annihilation) days after ANN 1 (13-31) and "212" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). On Daedalus 5, Phyla

approaches Drax to inform him of his daughter's kidnaping by Thanos. Thanos even left her ear behind as a message. Drax

thinks it's to tell him to keep away or he'll kill Moondragon, but the Destroyer must live up to his sole reason for being and hunt

down Thanos. Phyla begs Drax not to do so until she can rescue her, but any compassion is lost on him. Cammi, surprised to

learn Drax's daughter isn't as dead as he claims, wants to keep the dismembered ear. Elsewhere, a conference among Nova,

Peter Quill, Ronan, and three Kree captains gets heated when the former Accuser starts lambasting the way the Kree controlling

House of Fiyero runs things. The captains, loyal to said House, bring up Ronan's status as traitor, and he notes the Commerce-

based Fiyero is treating soldiers like commodities. The three Kree take Nova's "you're against Ronan, you're against us" remark

literally. Ronan responds to rifles pointed at him by accusing the trio with his Universal Weapon, melting them into nothingness.

Nova is now concerned the House of Fiyero may pull the Kree from the United Front, taking with it 90% of their forces. Gamora

informs the group of a recent arrival, the Negative Zone inhabitant called Praxagora. She's brought with her Super-Skrull's

corpse and the tale of his heroic sacrifice. Ronan spits on the casket, and suspicions about Praxagora's loyalties are put on hold

when Ravenous teleports onto the scene. With him are his six Seeker dogs, Paibok, a giant Mad Thinker robot, a bug-controlled

Terrax, and a bug-controlled Delinquent. Meanwhile on Thanos' starship, Annihilus drops by to inspect how things are going in

his quest to find the biological application of the power cosmic. There, the defeated Galactus is strung up, while Silver Surfer is

imprisoned nearby. He's taking his time finding this solution, but Thanos has let Ravenous and company borrow his

teleportation technology. Daedalus 5 becomes another war zone. Terrax is ordered to kill Gamora, Praxagora holds off the Mad

Thinker bot, Drax deals with Delinquent (finding him infested), Ronan takes on Ravenous, and soon Red Shift and Stardust join

the fight. Then reinforcements arrive for Ravenous' goons - the Centurions, 100 super-beings, each from a world enthralled to



The same day as ANN 2. Drax takes down Delinquent, but the Centurions have proven to be more than the United Front can

handle. While Red Shift and Stardust clear room for evacuation of ships, the forces do their best to flee as the Annihilation

Wave of buggy troops join the battle. Praxagora gets Super-Skrull's corpse to the medical center, Starlord flirts with Phyla, and

Annihilus destroys most of his own orbital ships when his own flagship arrives. Annihilus learns from Thanos the secret of the

power cosmic - the biology of a herald of Galactus doesn't factor at all into the power, form adapts to function on a case by case

basis, and cosmic energy replaces the aura or soul as an energy parasite; Galactus doesn't feed on the cosmic energy of planets to

feed his biological form, but to feed his aura. So, Thanos alters Galactus' Worldship, straps the planet devourer to the front of it,

and intends to use his own functional tapping into cosmic energy for Annihilus' uses - a planet will feed Galactus and be

instantly siphoned to Annihilus' fleet, starving him but keeping him alive enough to be used as a living weapon. Ronan's and

Ravenous' battle ends up in the medical center, which is in the midst of evacuation. Firelord is awakened during their scuffle, and when he turns on Ravenous, the entire place explodes as he unleashes his rage. Nova is reluctant to retreat, since they were

holding off the Wave at last, but Drax reminds him either they flee or nobody lives at all. Gamora is about to kill Terrax, who

begs her to do it since he's under control of some bugs under his skin, when Stardust retrieves her, informing her that Galactus is

nearby and the world is doomed. She contacts Nova and reveals this to him, making the situation all the more dire. Mari is

recovered from the ruins of said place, and Super-Skrull is restored to life by a combination of energies released in the explosion.

He crawls from the wreckage, bringing with him Ronan's and Firelord's unconscious forms. Eventually, the evacuations end,

with Drax remaining behind to hold off the Wave, much to Cammi's protests. The final ships escape just as the Galactus weapon

blasts Daedalus 5. Stardust and Red Shift seemingly die holding it off, and Ravenous teleports away.

PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #2 (11:4-15)

One day. This segment must occur after SENSM2 31. Cap and Punisher fight Scarecrow and Molten Man, then escape from

SHIELD troops. Cap congratulates Frank on a job well done.


One "Sunday afternoon." As Simon Williams and Carol Danvers have lunch, a Keeper materializes over Manhattan. Ms.

Marvel investigates and discovers that it's a manifestation of the power of a boy named Gavin reading her book, "Binary," to a

friend in the library. When the swarm materializes, Carol helps Gavin save the day by destroying a materialized Swarm by

manifesting Binary through thought. When agents of AIM come to claim Gavin, he teleports them into a jail with his mind.

Seeing Gavin as a potential Wanda-type threat, she tries to help him, but he teleports her back to her lunch with Simon.


One day. Milo has accidentally killed the family horse, not realizing his own strength. His mom sends him to the bathtub, then

she and his dad discuss whether their decision not to register him was a good idea or not. That night, Milo is contacted by the

disembodied presence of Cyber. Green grass and trees.


The same night as W:O 11 (17-22). Cyber, in Milo's body, kills Milo's dad and threatens Milo's mom.

BLADE v8 #5 (3-7)

One night, "three weeks" after BLADE8 5-FB (1-2). This segent probably occurs after LOM:MORBIUS 1. In Long Beach, a registered Morbius and a crew of SHIELD cape-killers capture Blade.

BLADE v8 #5 (10-11)

The same night as BLADE8 5 (3-7). It is "a few months" after BLADE8 1 (1-21). Blade appears before Maria Hill, who offers

to give Blade free rein to hunt vampires with the government's blessing if he takes Logan down. Blade accepts.

BLADE v8 #5 (13-15)

The same night as BLADE8 5 (10-11). Blade breaks into Logan's Brooklyn apartment and encounters Logan, who "just got back from fifteen rounds with Omega Red." Blade tells Logan why he's there and they start to fight.

BLADE v8 #5 (17-20)

The same night as BLADE8 5 (13-15). This segment must occur before CW 7-FB (25:2) and probably before W:O 12 (5-22). As they battle, Blade realizes who Logan is and that he owes him a favor. Blade calls a truce and leaves. He reports to Maria Hill and tells her Logan is off-limits to him.

Monday, February 8


One day, "one week" after CW:WC 1 (19-21). At Ryker's, Kingpin gives Stark a list of the aliases Cap and his allies are using.

On his weekly "visitin'" day, Turk sees his wife, to whom he slips a note.


One day. This flashback must occur after A4 23 (21). Iron Man is photographed by a Bugle photographer after (re-)capturing

Cloak and Dagger on a tip from the Kingpin.


The day after W:O 5 (1-4). In Magdeburg, Germany, Logan reflects on recent events then wonders what his son's name is. In Potsdam, Daken is contacted by Romulus through an intermediary, who tells Daken that Romulus is unhappy with Daken for freeing Logan from SHIELD custody. Daken kills the messenger. Cyber meets with the Tinkerer. Logan and Daken both make their way to Brussels.

MS. MARVEL v2 #19 - FB (6:7)

One day during Civil War. Fearing the registration "goon squads," Rick Sheridan drinks coffee and Red Bull to stay awake to keep Sleepwalker from emerging.


One day, "about a month" after WWH:GC 4-FB (1-3). George Stevens dies of cancer and the insane Michael Stevens is killed.
THUNDERBOLTS #110 - FB (18-20)

One day, between TB 109 (1-20) and TB 109 (21-22). Norman Osborn meets with a fully recovered Karla Sofen to offer her a

"five-year tour" as leader of a new band of reconfigured Thunderbolts, special marshals to the CSA. Karla reviews the team line-

up and the compensation package and agrees.

THUNDERBOLTS #111 - FB (1-2)

Perhaps the same day as TB 110-FB (18-20). This flashback occurs between TB 109 (1-20) and TB 109 (21-22). Osborn meets

with Melissa Gold and tells her she can't be trusted to lead the new Thunderbolts team. He offers her a pardon and a new life if

she agrees to serve on the new team for "a year." Melissa accepts.

Tuesday, February 9

THUNDERBOLTS #109 (21-22)

One day, "days" after TB 109 (1-20). This story must occur after CW:CS 1, CW:FL 10/2, TB 110-FB (18-20), and TB 111-FB

(1-2). It must occur before TB:DM 1-FB. It is probably after HFH2 2 (6-22) and before CW 6 (16-22). It is "the better part of a year" - "almost a hundred and fifty days" - before P:R 3 (3-22). Abe says goodbye to the incarcerated Joystick, who's slated to be transferred to the Negative Zone prison. Abe then says goodbye to Melissa before leaving. Melissa joins Radioactive Man, Moonstone, and Swordsman to welcome the new members of their team (probably Venom, Bullseye, and Penance off-panel); this is not the first time they've met them - Venom and Bullseye were part of the Thunderbolt army as seen in CW 4 (20-21), CW 5 (8), and CW 6-7, and Songbird and Radioactive Man recruited Venom in CW:CS 1 - but it is the first time they see Venom, Bullseye, and Penance are part of the new core team.


The day after W:O 12 (5-22). Logan breaks into a bank in Brussels to get the Carbonadium and is attacked by Daken. Cyber shows up.

The same day as W:O 13. Logan, Daken, and Cyber fight. Cyber reveals that he works for the same people Daken does, and that he trained Daken. Daken leaves after Cyber has a heart attack. Elsewhere, Milo's mom gives his heart medicine to the local authorities in case they find him.
WOLVERINE: ORIGINS #14 - FB (22:2-22:4)

Probably the same day as W:O 14 (1-13). Wolverine picks up the Carbonadium.

Probably the day after CW:WC 1-FB (25:1). This segment occurs after HFH2 1. Stark visits Kingpin at Ryker's and shows him the Bugle headline about the capture of Cloak and Dagger. Stark guesses that what Fisk wants in return for his intel is release from prison and refuses to play along, so Fisk talks to Maria Hill on Stark's cell phone and tells her he knows the location of Cap's headquarters. Hill tells Stark to start Fisk's release proceedings and move on his information. Iron Man and SHIELD raid what they think is Cap's HQ, but it's Hammerhead's HQ, filled with a horde of super-villains he's organizing, including Electro, the Spot, Ape-Man, Bird-Man, Cat-Man, Override, Bloodshed, Squid, Mauler, Answer, Aura, Mauler, Kamgaroo, Commanda, Discus, Stiletto, Armada, Bella Donna, Foreigner, Lightmaster, Ringmaster, the Clown, and the Gambonnos. In the melee, Underworld shoots Hammerhead.


The same night as CW:WC 1 (25-30). A Bugle photographer takes a picture of the carnage following the battle between

SHIELD and Hammerhead's gang.


One day, "days" before CW:TR 1. Captain Mar-Vell is pulled through a tear in space/time to the Negative Zone prison. Cloc

identifies him and Sentry fetches Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic. Robert, Stark, and Reed ask Mar-Vell to run the prison and Sentry

explains to him that he is dead in this time.

Wednesday, February 10


One morning, earlier in the day of TB 110 (11-17). The Avengers deploy a new vehicle over Manhattan.


The day after CW:WC 1-FB (31:1). It is "days" before CW:WC 1 (36). This segment probably occurs before A4 25. Holding a

copy of the Bugle that reports on the raid, Stark shows up at Ryker's to speak to Kingpin, but Fisk sends Turk out to meet him.

Turk hands Stark a Rolex to explain Fisk's double-cross. Cap, in the company of Falcon and Hercules, gets a note from Fisk

saying it was a pleasure doing business with him. That night at Ryker's infirmary, Underworld apparently finishes Hammerhead



The day after W:O 14 (1-13). Cyber wakes up in a sewer and Logan interrogates him. Cyber passes out and Logan picks him up. WOLVERINE: ORIGINS #15 (1-20)

The same day as W:O 14 (14-23). This segment probably occurs several days before W:O 15 (21-22). Daken is tortured by Wildchild for disobeying orders. Elsewhere, Logan brings Cyber to the Tinkerer. Cyber tells a story. Tinkerer gives Cyber a Carbonadium pacemaker and Logan chucks the fake one into a river.

One day, probably six (Annihilation) days after ANN 3-FB and "218" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). Nova recounts the

battle in ANN 3-FB. Now within visual range of Earth, he gets a breather, but refuses to return home until the war is finished.

Gamora just put an end to the United Front, sundering the alliance with the Kree and everyone else. Now it's time for some

guerilla tactics. Nova sends his log recording down to the Fantastic Four, knowing Reed Richards has access to the Negative

Zone. Nova's new plan, much to Starlord's dismay, is to take down Annihilus himself. Ronan has his own mission in mind -

taking down the House of Fiyero. He warns the Earth has maybe about "three months" left before the Wave hits it, and before

departing, tells Nova that if he were Kree, he'd call him brother. With Super-Skrull and Praxagora tagging along, Ronan takes

off to take down the Kree ruling house.


The same day as ANN 3 (21-25). It is "218" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). On Caul 7, Drax kills some Annihilation

Wave bugs and steals their ship to take off after Thanos


One night during the "week" before IF5 1-FB (10-14). This story must occur before CW 5 (18-22). The new Daredevil subdues

some thugs and escapes a squad of cape-killer units. He returns home and plays an answering machine message from Jeryn

Hogarth about a big "thing coming up next week" concerning Rand and China. Danny recalls his promise to Matt Murdock and vows to fight the Civil War as Daredevil.

Thursday, February 11

ETERNALS v3 # 7 (23:4-26)

One day, "two weeks" after ET3 7 (1-23). Makarri has decided to leave his life as Mark Curry behind and search for the remaining ninety Eternals with Ikaris. Ajak keeps watch under the Celestial. Druig runs his country.

CIVIL WAR #5 (18-22)

One day. This segment must occur after TB 108, CW:CS 1/3 and A4 23 (21) and more than "thirty-six hours" before CW 6 (3-5). Reed and She-Hulk capture the new Daredevil, who is taken to Ryker's, where the portal to the Negative Zone prison is now. As the new DD is escorted through the portal, Stark tells him about his Fifty-State Initiative, which he's been working on "for months." Stark invites the new DD to join his side and lead a state team, but he refuses, calling Stark a Judas.


One day, two (Annihilation) days after ANN 4 (1-2) and "220" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). The Civil War is not yet

over. In the Kree system, Uruma Minor is the next planet to fall to Galactus, who serves as a living weapon of energy absorption

by the Annihilation Wave. Thanos explains the process in fuller detail to Annihilus, and despite the vast amount of stored

cosmic energy being supplied, Annihilus wants to cut off the small trickle of power keeping Galactus alive and Silver Surfer

imprisoned. Thanos argues successfully for its continuance, though it doesn't do much to help his position with Thanos. But it

does give Thanos a chance to have the captive and bug-controlled Moondragon (whose right arm is now sheathed in metal) to get

close enough to glean some info from Annihilus' mind. Meanwhile, Nova, prepared to kill Annihilus despite the fact he's doing

it for an Earth that can't even be united enough to keep from killing one another, is joined by Phyla and Peter Quill. Cammi

nearly joins too, but is tricked into staying behind with Gamora and her Graces. Elsewhere, Drax makes his way across the

cosmos by killing Annihilation Wave fleets and stealing ships. He finally reaches Eradica's craft, kills her and hot wires her dead

husk to take control of it. At his destination, Moondragon gives Thanos a mental visual of what the true goal of the Annihilation

Wave attack on the universe is, entirely contrary to what Annihilus himself has claimed - it's not about territory; Annihilus wants

to put an end to everything living so only he will live forever. Galactus is to be used as a bomb capable of wiping out all life.

Even Thanos finds this plot to be mad. He frees Moondragon from her infestation and works on the fail-safe in the Galactus-

device to free Galactus. Before he can finish, Drax arrives and rips his heart out. Thanos, seeing little girl Death nearby smiling,

finds the heartless feeling interesting and dies. But since the devices were keyed to his energy signature, Moondragon reiterates

that Drax, by fulfilling what he was created to do, has doomed two universes.


The same day as ANN 4 (3-25). It is "220" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). In the Kree System's Canticus Prime, Nova,

Quill, and Phyla meet with resistance leader Blastaar and his partners, the Spaceknights, right under the noses of the Annihilation

Wave. There, Nova gets the coordinates to Annihilus' flagship from Blastaar, who's been leaving bombs in Wave bug supply

ships. On Thanos' starship, Moondragon explains to Drax why his killing Thanos is a bad thing. They attempt to keep the

Annihilation Wave bugs' hivemind orders jumbled while he seeks out the one person capable of finishing Thanos' work. Thanks

to a weak exterior to the cell, Silver Surfer is freed and is told by Drax what to do. Galactus is freed, and he's irritated. On Hala,

Ronan, Super-Skrull, and Praxagora fight through the soldiers. The Centurions suddenly join in, revealing to the trio that the

House of Fiyero has aligned the Kree with the Annihilation Wave. The House seeks to open trade routes with Annihilus.

Ravenous meets with them as a representative of Annihilus, and when Ronan and company storm the conference room, fighting

ensues. Ronan takes down Ravenous, shattering his Universal Weapon. He and the Centurions teleport away, abandoning the

House of Fiyero. The Kree forces stand against the traitorous ruling council. Despite the Fiyero four begging and pleading

about their reasoning, it still comes to cowardice and a refusal to follow their warring nature to the end. Ronan accuses them and

passes judgement, wiping them all out. He then confronts the Supreme Intelligence, who didn't give the House of Fiyero control

willingly; they took him from Kree-Lar and lobotomized him. Unable to restore him from this living death, Ronan euthanizes the

Supreme Intelligence. When faced with the entire Kree empire chanting his name and awaiting his rule, Ronan is faced with the

full weight of the situation and wonders what will become of his people now.


One day. This story must occur after IM4 14 (10-22) and probably after CW:WC 1 (31-35). Upset at what Stark has done with

his technology in the Civil War, Kenny infiltrates Avengers Tower (with the Watchtower spires). He shoots Jarvis in the left

shoulder and subdues Iron Man. Kenny activates an antimatter generator, but Maria Hill comes to the rescue and shoots him.

Using some SHIELD tech, Hill prevents the bomb from going off. Ms. Marvel and Sentry arrive with SHIELD agents. "Nine

hours later," Hill tells Stark she doesn't want or deserve her job as head of SHIELD and tells Stark he should do it.

Friday, February 12


One day, two (Annihilation) days after ANN 5. It is "222" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). This segment must occur before ET3 6. From Thanos' ship in the Kree fringe territory now under Annihilation Wave control, a wave of Galactus' own cosmic power is unleashed, with the Surfer heralding this rage. Drax and Moondragon are teleported to safety beforehand. Annihilus tries to stop the explosive wave and is caught up in it, and nearly, too, are Nova, the former Star-Lord, and Phyla-Vell, having just phased into Annihilus' fleet. The explosion expands, killing a Watcher, and threatening not only Extermina and her Wave bugs, but Gamora and her Graces. Meanwhile, Ravenous, now without the Wave to count on for support and supplies, launches and orbital assault on Hala. Ronan, the new leader of the Kree, launches an assault of his own, firing city blocks full of buildings and jet-packed soldiers at the ships. In the debris of Annihilus' flagship, Annihilus recovers from the Galactus Event, but before he seek vengeance upon Galactus, he discovers he's not the only survivor of the brunt. Nova, with Phyla and Quill nearby in a Nova force-field, plans to finish the war right then and there. The two battle, and Phyla helps turn the tide when she realizes the Quantum Bands are giving Annihilus the added edge. She makes contact with them. Both repelled by Annihilus' evil and attracted by her goodness, the pair of bands forcibly depart Annihilus' wrists, and take refuge on Phyla's. Phyla is blasted and Nova recovers and figures out the Achilles heel of Annihilus' armor. Richard Rider shoves his arm down Annihilus' throat and rips out his internal organs, then he collapses in exhaustion. Nearby he notices Death with the newly-dead Thanos at her side, smiling in response. Nova tells them to have better luck next time, and thanks to his partners, avoids dying.

The same day as ANN 6 (1-21), and "222" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). On the Annihilation Wave Battle Cruiser Ch'Trrr, Admiral Deko chastises Terrax, Paibok, and Delinquent over the fact the three "positive-matter creatures" keep burning out the parasites that force them to fight for Annihilus so much that they have to have them replaced after every battle. Terrax informs Deko that they'll stop resisting it, since the parasites currently in the trio's body have shut down, which they would only do if Annihilus were dead. With nothing holding him back, Terrax slays Deko and fellow buggy crew members of the ship. Paibok wants to take control of the ship, but Terrax wants immediate vengeance against those who used them as slaves. He charges up his axe and rips right into the hull of the craft, shattering the Ch'Trrr explosively in half. Paibok reminds him that they're weakened from the parasites still, and will likely die as a result. Terrax doesn't care; he's happy to let their shame of enslavement be destroyed with them. He passes out as their section of the ship smashes onto a nearby planet called New Xeron. When he wakes up, he finds himself in the company of Paibok and Delinquent once more, all having survived the crash by their own special means. A young female Centaurian named Chandra helped to drag them from the burning wreckage. She requests aid from the trio, explaining that she, and her village of aliens from varying races, are being held as slaves of the being called Randau, the Space Parasite. He's been feeding off the people of the world's life energies, and whenever a stray ship passes by, he strikes them down with his Solar Scepter to add their crews to his roster of servants/food. Chandra is among the small group of the off-worlders who seek to overthrown Randau, while the planet's natives are too wimpy to even try. Randau only asks for a sacrifice every third moon, they think that's acceptable. Terrax is appalled by the planet of cowards and departs immediately. Paibok tries to stop him, stressing the fact that if the Space Parasite strikes him while trying to escape and drains him of his Power Cosmic, he'll become an even bigger threat. They have a minor scuffle, and Terrax is convinced to remain to aid Chandra. He's got Paibok on his side, as well as Delinquent, who has reverted to an infantile mental state as a result of the stress, but his matter transmuting powers will still work against someone trying to inflict him harm. They'll attack tomorrow. That night, Chandra approaches Terrax, her empathic powers allowing her to feel his pain and helplessness. She brings up his shame at being enslaved, which enrages him. When Chandra tells him it wasn't his fault, he calms down, but keeps up his air of arrogance to cover it.


The (Annihilation) day after A:HOG 1 (1-11). Terrax uses his control of the earth to collapse Randau's palace with a wave of dirt. The Space Parasite crawls from the rubble infuriated, facing Terrax, Delinquent, and Paibok. He brushes off Terrax's power blasts and fires back, knocking him off his flying rock. Delinquent is easily grabbed and drained of power, and Randau is excited by the prospect of using an Elanian's energy to expand his empire. Paibok saves his fellow former captive, zapping Randau and then trying to hypnotize him, to no avail, ending up stabbed through the chest. Terrax grabs the Space Parasite and tries to overload him on his own life energy. This just makes Randau larger and stronger. Before he can crush Terrax beneath his feet, Chandra distracts him and gets atomized as a result. Recovering, Terrax shuts off the cosmic energy to his axe, and uses the might of the blade to slash Randau right in half. Paibok, who survived by the usual Skrull way of moving around vital organs, rejoins his side, and notes the irony of the former dictator now becoming a liberator. But the people of New Xeron actually preferred to be slaves, since without Randau, they'll be left vulernable to invaders. They want Terrax to rule them now, and he's appalled. Paibok thinks he can rebuild the Skrull Empire by using them, but his ideas are cut off. Terrax feels only Chandra was worthy of life, and everyone else on New Xeron is nothing more than parasites just like their former master. He raises his axe and shatters the planet into pieces. Having restored his status as a conqueror and bringer of death, Terrax departs for elsewhere in space, but not before warning Paibok never to cross his path again. Paibok, who survived because of Delinquent's force field bubble, agrees. He then gets Delinquent to imagine up a spacecraft for them from the chunk of rock they're standing on. When the Elanian asks about Terrax, Paibok claims the Tamer travels and alone, and probably always will.
BLACK PANTHER v4 #23 (14-23)

One day. A disguised T'Challa leaves the Wakandan embassy for a rendezvous with the Resistance and Black Widow tracks

him. When she confronts him, T'Challa has the Dora Milaje fight her. T'Challa gets away and finds Steve Rogers, who is in his

assumed identity. The two get into a scuffle until T'Challa offers to supply high-tech equipment to Cap "under the table." Cap

asks T'Challa if he can help the Resistance get to the Negative Zone and break into "42." The Widow, sporting a cast and a

swollen eye, reports back to Iron Man. She notes that T'Challa's support of the Resistance and the possibility that Storm could

rally the mutants would tip the scales of the conflict. Stark decides it's "time for the big guns" as the Thor clone lies inert


MS. MARVEL v2 #8 (19-21)

One day, "one week" after MSM2 8 (16-18). This segment probably occurs after NX 32. Carol returns home, only to find

Rogue there. Rogue is in her new costume.

MS. MARVEL v2 #9

The same day as MSM2 8 (19-21). It is "several weeks" after MSM2 3 (1-15). Carol is surprised to see Rogue with her Sunfire

powers and notes that "there isn't much of an Avengers to speak of at the moment." Rogue refers to the Superhuman

Registration Act being in effect. Warbird awakens and battles Ms. Marvel and Rogue. The duo defeat Warbird and take her to

the Xavier Institute (where standard Sentinels stand guard), where Beast (who has a ponytail) runs tests on her and discovers that

she's an alternate universe version of Carol. Warbird awakens and tells her story of hatred for her universe's Rogue, her

alcoholism, and her self-pity. She note that in her reality, she refused to respond to the Brood threat in Spaulding, Georgia,

leaving the Avengers to handle it. Beast deduces that the shockwave blast from the Spaulding incident and Carol's energy

absorption powers caused Warbird to bounce around universes for several weeks before landing on Earth-616. Ms. Marvel gets

ticked at Warbird's pathetic behavior and they fight. When their photon energies mix in battle, they are knocked unconscious

and fall from the sky. Carol lands and has no pulse. Green grass and leafy trees at Westchester. Full moon.

MS. MARVEL v2 #10

The same night as MSM2 9. Beast administers CPR and resuscitates Carol. She continues her battle with Warbird and in the

fracas, Carol takes her aggression out on Rogue, cracking her ribs. Ms. Marvel defeats Warbird by blasting her in the head. "30

minutes later," SHIELD arrives to take Warbird into custody. Rogue is taken to the Institute's infirmary and is expected to "be

fine in a few days." Beast suggests that Carol leave. Carol considers flying off into space but resolves not to run away from her

problems. Green grass and trees at Westchester. Full moon.

Saturday, February 13


One day, "days" after CW:WC 1 (31-35). CW:WC 1 (19-21) is referred to as having occurred "the other day," but it must be

more than a week after. This segment probably occurs before ASM 537 (1-9) and must occur before WWH:GC 2-FB (12-13). Things are back to normal at Ryker's, with Fisk getting respect for suckering Stark and the Enforcers working for him.

CIVIL WAR #6 (1-3:2)

One day, shortly after PWJ2 2 (16-18). This segment occurs after TB 108 and MK5 8 (1-21). The Fifty-State Initiative is

underway, as Pym and Maria Hill oversee the training of a group of Greek god clones in Arizona. They mention other groups -

Champions in California, Mormon heroes in Utah, Spaceknights heading for Chicago, and Force Works being sent to Iowa

pending background checks. Disguised as a SHIELD agent, Hulkling calls Pym aside for the purpose of subduing him and

taking his place, but apparently he doesn't get the chance for a couple of days.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #24 (1-20)

The day after BP4 23 (4-23). Stark shows up at the Wakandan Embassy in New York to see T'Challa and to arrest the Dora

Milaje, but Storm tells him to go away. Ross discovers that the U.S. military is rattling its sabers just outside Wakanda in

Niganda and that the U.S. government is prepared to spread disinformation to support a military strike. In Wakanda, leaders

debate about a course of action without T'Challa around, and Brother Voodoo searches for the being that disrupted T'Challa's

and Ororo's wedding. At Resistance headquarters, T'Challa has a workout with Cap, talks to Sue, Falcon, and Monica, and

smells that Tigra is a spy. Ororo visits her grandparents in New Jersey, where we see green grass and trees.


One day, shortly before CW 6 (3-5). After subduing Bridge's men, Castle visits Stuart Clarke to pick up a "black-box suit"

Clarke designed for use in infiltrating the Baxter Building. Bridge decides to move in to meet Clarke.


The same day as PWJ2 2 (16-18). Bridge warns Clarke about Castle.


The same day as PWJ2 2 (20). I place Bridge here before C&DP 33. After warning Clarke, Bridge leaves his apartment and tells

his men to take Clarke out. Clarke escapes ungracefully with the help of a chestplate.

CIVIL WAR #6 (3:3-5)

The same night as CW 6 (1-3). This segment must occur after BP4 23 (14-23), more than "thirty-six hours" after CW 5 (18-22), and before BP4 24 (21-23). Iron Man contacts Reed, who's been at the Baxter Building repairing the Thor clone for "thirty-six hours straight." Reed reports that the president promised him twelve immunities for members of the Resistance captured after the anticipated "big finale." Stark notes that he's seeing the president for dinner. Meanwhile, directed by Cap, Castle infiltrates the Baxter Building in Clarke's black-box suit and steals information about the Negative Zone prison.


One night. This segment must occur after SENSM2 34. Peter, M.J., and May check into a cheap motel; they may have stayed at

several places prior to this, including the safe house seen in SENSM2 32. Spidey then goes to a TV station and interrupts a live

news broadcast to give a speech about security and civil liberties and announce that he will oppose the Superhuman Registration

Act. Iron Man watches the broadcast and instructs SHIELD to bring Spidey in.

Sunday, February 14


The day after ASM 536 (15-23). This story must occur after PWJ2 2 (1-7) and probably after CW:WC 1 (36). Peter wakes up at

the motel at which he and his family are staying. He goes out and picks up a copy of the Daily Bugle that has the headline,

"Spider-Man/Parker Challenges Registration." A prostitute recognizes Peter and reports him to underworld connections.

Concerned about Peter's well-being after his stunt "last night," Cap asks Johnny Storm to find Peter before Stark does. Johnny

leaves a fiery message in the sky calling for a rendezvous. Peter and family notice it as they have breakfast at the motel. At

Ryker's, Fisk is notified of Peter's whereabouts and Fisk gives the order to kill him and his family. Green tree.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #24 (21-23)

One day. This segment must occur after CW 6 (3-5) and H3 100/2 (4-12). In the Baxter Building, Reed Richards finishes his

work on the Thor clone, who awakens and declares that he is no myth. Storm arrives and sits down with Reed to talk about



One day, probably after BP4 23 (14-23) and "a few weeks" before FS:DOCA 3. T'Challa gives Kate Bishop an EMP arrow.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #25 (1-3)

The same day as BP4 24. At Resistance HQ, T'Challa and Monica Rambeau prepare a "Kimono Card," a device of Wakandan

design that will be needed to open the gates to the Negative Zone prison. Ororo and Reed have a conversation about registration

in which Ororo points out Reed's rationalizations.


Late one night. Apparently after doing more investigating following Spidey's assistance in CW:FL 9 (4-12), Ben Urich draws

some conclusions about the Civil War.

Monday, February 15


Probably the early morning (prior to sunrise) of the day after ASM 537 (1-9). As Cap goes to rendezvous with Spidey, Falcon

warns him about the possibility of a trap; he still doesn't completely trust Peter although I figure he's been with the Resistance

for a while now. Cap chats with Spidey and convinces him to accompany him back to Resistance HQ, Kingpin's hired hit-man

arrives at the Parkers' motel and monitors M.J. and May, who are wearing different clothes from the ones in ASM 537 (1-7).

Cap and Spidey join the Punisher, Vision, Living Lightning, Cage, and Ultra Girl. The Resistance is "moving toward a

showdown with Tony's forces." Iron Man, Reed, Yellowjacket, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel work at Stark Tower. Bare trees.

Full moon.


It must be the morning of the day after, not the same day as, CW 6 (1-3). Hulkling drugs Pym in Arizona and assumes his form.

One day, "227" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). Stardust is reborn, thanks to the Power Cosmic, and finds himself in the Andromeda Galaxy, far from where he was last. He attempts to return, accelerating to the speed of light and proceeds to pass across the cosmos. Suddenly he's interrupted on his journey by a Strangepac, a protective grouping of his people, the Ethereals. Three of them, Hadria, Tau, and J/Psi, are old friends of Stardust. They confront Stardust within the void of space, charging him with the crime of not being there for the Ethereals when the Annihilation Wave destroyed their home. Stardust refuses to even apologize, since he feels the Corporeals are superior beings who, unlike the Ethereals, don't just float about aimlessly. The trio of light-beings strike at their fellow Ethereal, calling him a traitor. He strikes back and destroys the entire Strangepac in a rage. Realizing his mistake, he absorbs the "cosmic ash" remnants of his people, taking them into himself to act as his conscience from here on out. Stardust resumes his journey and returns to Galactus' side. The world-devourer isn't surprised to see him alive. Galactus has no time for his former herald, since the Negative Zone beings he consumed didn't provide much sustenance, and now he's stuck using his machines to locate a world to eat while his current herald, Silver Surfer, is elsewhere on an "urgent errand." Stardust wishes to be his herald again, but Galactus claims he was an inconsistent servant. Arguing that his people are ethereal, not himself, Stardust demands a chance to prove himself. The only way to resume being his herald is to give him the energy he hungers for. To that end, despite much reservation and against the cries of his people within him, Stardust releases the life essence of the remaining Ethereals for Galactus to feast upon. Galactus is barely sated by the power of 53 beings, his facial features restored and his hunger still remains, but the fact that Stardust gave up the last survivors of his own race surprises and pleases him. Thanks to Thanos' assault, Galactus has a greater hunger than ever, and he thinks maybe he should indeed have two heralds to help feed it. Thus, Stardust is given a recharge and becomes herald again in Galactus' hand. He finds himself viewing the death of his people as the death of hope, but given the ethereal nature of the Ethereals, he's given new hope that they'll live on in a new way. Galactus shows Stardust the Silver Surfer, currently returning from his task. He knows that one day the Surfer will betray him again, and on that day, he'll call on Stardust. But for now, he hungers, and wants worlds to eat. Stardust does as commanded, vowing to bring him as many as needed and departing. As his fellow Ethereals hinted earlier, Stardust doesn't care for Corporeals any more than he cares for Ethereals. He cares only for Galactus; in fact, he's secretly in love with him.
CIVIL WAR #6 (6-9)

One day, shortly after CW 6 (3-5). This segment probably occurs after WSWK 1, must occur after TB 112 (1-), and must occur

after (and probably the same day as) ASM 537 (10-23). Sue Richards visits Namor in Atlantis to ask him for assistance in "the

rebel team's big raid...tonight." He refuses. Cap's "Secret Avengers" gather to review the plans they have for their raid on the

Negative Zone prison through the Ryker's Island portal. It is noted that Logan "won't break with the X-Men," Dr. Strange is

"still out of reach," and T'Challa and Ororo would help. Spidey notes that he's "still a little woozy from the Jack O'Lantern gas

bomb," even though that attack had to have been some time ago.

CIVIL WAR #6 (10:1-10:2) ~ PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #2 (19:1-19:4)

The same day as CW 6 (6-9). As Castle overhears, Diamondback introduces Cap's group to Goldbug and Plunderer, who offer

to join the Resistance in the raid.

PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #2 (19:5-19:6)

The same day as PWJ2 2 (19:1-19:4). As Cap prepares to welcome the two villains, Castle steps in and says "No deals ever."


The same day as PWJ2 2 (19:5-19:6). As Cap reacts, Castle guns down Goldbug and Plunderer.

CIVIL WAR #6 (10:3-10:5)

The same day as PWJ2 2 (21). Castle finishes the two villains off.


The same day as CW 6 (10:3-10:5). Cap leaps at Castle.

CIVIL WAR #6 (11:1) ~ PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #2 (22:2) ~ PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #3 (2/3:1)

The same day as PWJ2 2 (22:1). Cap decks Castle and calls him a "murderous (or murdering) piece of trash."

PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #3 (2/3:2-2/3:5)

The same day as PWJ2 (2/3:1). Cap tells Castle to stay down and Cage echoes the thought. Cap tells his colleagues to let Castle


CIVIL WAR #6 (11:2) ~ PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #3 (4:1)

The same day as PWJ2 3 (2/3:2-2/3:5). Frank tells Cap that his victims were thieves and killers.


The same day as PWJ2 3 (4:1). Cap tells Castle he belongs in a cage and expresses regret about their deal. Castle tells Cap he

knew who he was dealing with and Cap tells him to shut his mouth. Cap and Castle square off.

CIVIL WAR #6 (12:1-12:3)

The same day as PWJ2 3 (4-5). Cap attacks Castle and tells him to shut up.

PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #3 (8:1-8:5)

The same day as CW 6 (12:1-12:3). As Cap pummels Castle, he asks him why he doesn't fight back.

CIVIL WAR #6 (12:4-12:5) ~ PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #3 (8:6)

The same day as PWJ2 3 (8:1-8:5). Cap tells the downed Castle to fight back, but Frank says "Not against you."

PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #2 (22:3-22:4)

The same day as CW 6 (12:4-12:5). The downed Castle tells Cap to punish him for disobeying his order not to kill.

CIVIL WAR #6 (13:1-13:3)

The same day as PWJII 2 (22:3-22:4). Cap tells his colleagues to get Frank out. Patriot and Spidey discuss Frank's refusal to

hit Cap.

CIVIL WAR #6 (13:4) ~ PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #3 (10:2)

The same day as CW 6 (13:1-13:3). Cap calls Castle insane.


The same day as PWJ2 3 (10:2). Cap tells Castle that they had a deal and Frank replies that he doesn't make deals.

PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL v2 #3 (10:6-11)

The same day as PWJ2 3 (10:4). It is "four days" before PWJ2 3 (16-22). As Cap leaves, Castle gets up and the Resistance

decides to let him go.

CIVIL WAR #6 (14-15:3)

The same day as CW 6 (13). Stark and Reed meet a grateful Miriam Sharpe at a memorial garden Stark built in Stamford. Uatu

drops in on Dr. Strange, who is fasting and meditating at his sanctuary at the North Pole. Green trees in Connecticut.


One day. This segment appears to occur very shortly after CW:FL 10-FB and CW:FL 9 (4-12), but given the sequence of events

that needs to occur between then and now, it may be a good two weeks later, during which time Ben's been following up on his

investigation of the Civil War and Carol has been getting information on the Goblin situation and debating about sharing it. On

the sly, Ms. Marvel repays a debt to Sally by giving her a list of modifications made to the nannite firmware controlling the

Green Goblin. She doesn't know who the traitor is, but Sally comes to a conclusion after Carol flies away. Sally calls Ben to tell

him how big this story has become and Ben tells her that he's found out stuff about Stark. He arranges to meet Sally at "six,"

then goes to the Daily Bugle, where he tells Jonah and Robertson that he's quitting so he can report on a story that the Bugle

would never print. Ben leaves amicably. Stark watches the TV news reports about the mobilization of Atlantis and a political

condemnation of him for using his influence with Congress to push the U.S. toward war. Reed reassures Stark.


The same evening as ASM 537 (10-23). This story must occur before SENSM2 32 (1-12) and probably before PWJ2 (10:1-

10:4). Spidey, who's "an hour late for dinner," calls M.J. to let her know that he loves her and that things are about to get bad

(referring to the impending raid on the Negative Zone prison).

CIVIL WAR #6 (15:4-15:5)

The same evening as CW 6 (14-15), CW:FL 10 (1-8), and ASM 538 (1-2). Soldiers stand guard at the gate to the Negative Zone

prison at Ryker's Island Penitentiary.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #25 (4:1-4:2)

The same evening as CW 6 (15:4-15:5). T'Challa takes out two of the guards.

CIVIL WAR #6 (16:1)

The same evening as B4 25 (4:1-4:2). More guards are taken out.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #25 (4:3-4:5)

The same evening as CW 6 (16:1). Resistance members Cap, Falcon, Storm, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Spider-Woman,

and Patriot join T'Challa and Sue makes them invisible.

CIVIL WAR #6 (16:2-22)

The same evening as BP4 25 (4:3-4:5). This segment probably occurs after TB 109 (1-20). The"Secret Avengers" (Cap, Herc, Spidey, Human Torch, Vision, Storm, T'Challa, Spider-Woman, Invisible Woman, Tigra, Falcon, Patriot, Hawkeye, and Cage) storm through the Ryker's Island portal to the Negative Zone prison. Cap has Sue make them visible again. They encounter Iron Man's forces (Wonder Man, Stature, Black Widow, Taskmaster, Radioactive Man, Deathstrike, Arana, Sentry, Bullseye, Sabra, She-Hulk, Nighthawk, Fixer, Venom, Bishop, Ms. Marvel, Doc Samson, Wasp, Mr. Fantastic, and Songbird; the presence of Blizzard and Mach-IV here is an error) and Stark reveals what Cap already knew, that Tigra was a mole. Iron Man discovers that a mole is on his team as well - Hulkling, who has been posing as Yellowjacket since "this morning." Then Stark's team discovers that Hulkling has freed the prisoners, including Lectronn, Cloak, Dagger, the new DD, Living Mummy, Battlestar, Gladiatrix, Coldblood, Typeface, Solo, Shroud, Network, Lightbright, and Black Crow. The two forces prepare to battle.

CIVIL WAR #7 (1-3)

The same night as CW 6 (16-22). The pro- and anti-registration forces battle in the Negative Zone prison.

MS. MARVEL v2 #14 - FB - FB (3:1)

The same night as CW 7 (1-3). It is "a couple of weeks" after MSM2 14-FB-FB (1-2). The pro- and anti-registration forces

continue to battle in the Negative Zone prison.

CIVIL WAR #7 (4-6:1)

The same night as MSM2 14-FB-FB (3:1). Maria Hill has the portal back to Ryker's locked, but T'Challa accesses the portal to

the Baxter Building and Dagger has Cloak pull his biggest teleport ever, taking "what must be a hundred people" into his cloak.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #25 (5-6)

The same evening as CW 7 (4-6). T'Challa sends a communication to his embassy personnel to evacuate. As they quickly board

an aircraft on the embassy roof, a portal opens overhead and heroes begin falling out of Cloak's cloak. Resistance members

Hercules, Cage, Spidey, Vision, Dagger, Storm, T'Challa, Falcon, Monica, Sue, and the new Daredevil are the first out.

CIVIL WAR #7 (6:2-7)

The same evening as BP4 25 (5-6). Dozens of warriors fall to earth, with fliers supporting those who can't fly. Once on the

ground, Wonder Man takes out Cloak, Iron Man rebuffs the Human Torch, and the battle resumes.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #106 - FB (1:2)

The same evening as CW 7 (6-7). Doc Samson and She-Hulk stand side-by-side, ready to join the melee.


The same evening as H3 106-FB (1:2). Urich and Floyd meet up in Times Square at "6:14 PM." They take shelter as government forces (Venom, Songbird, Radioactive Man, and Sentry) pursue the new DD and Typeface, escapees from the Negative Zone prison. Safe in the subway, Sally shares her info with Ben, who says that it confirms the conclusions he made "late last night." Ben tells Sally he knows the real reasons behind the Civil War.


The same evening as CW:FL 10 (9-14). This story occurs "days" after CW:TR 1-FB (5-8). All the prisoners are free from the

Negative Zone prison, where systems are down, contact with the positive matter universe is lost, and the outer field is

deteriorating. A prison guard asks warden Mar-Vell what to do and Mar-Vell spends a few minutes alone deciding. He dons his

Nega-bands and flies into action.

CIVIL WAR #7 (8-12:1)

The same evening as CWTR 1. Stark notes that the Fifty-State Initiative has been going on for the "last few months," so it's

a "few months" after A:TI 8-FB (2-3). Spidey attacks Bishop, Doc Samson, Radioactive Man, and Mr. Fantastic.

Deathstrike, Venom, Bullseye, and Taskmaster gang up on Cap, but Namor and his Atlantean forces arrive to save him. To

counter the troops, Iron Man calls in the Thor Clone, Captain Marvel, and the Greek god clones.

CAPTAIN MARVEL v6 #1 - FB (1:6)

The same evening as CW 7 (8-11). An amateur video captures the Thor Clone and Captain Marvel streaking into action.

CAPTAIN MARVEL v6 #1 - FB (14:3-15:3)

The same evening as CM6 1-FB (1:6). As the Thor Clone and Greek god clones fly by, Captain Marvel tells a bystander, Mother Starr, that the scene is not safe. She notes that he is sad at what the world has become and he flies off. Thing, Torch, and Radioactive Man appear here.


The same evening as CM6 1-FB (14-15). The battle continues with Nighthawk, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Wasp, Falcon, Thor Clone, Sentry, Mr. Fantastic, the new Daredevil, Gladiatrix, Iron Man, Captain America, Invisible Woman, Taskmaster, Warbird, Hercules, Bullseye, Venom, Cage, Lady Deathstrike, She-Hulk, Human Torch, and others.


The same evening as ASM 538 (3-4). The battle rages on for Ms. Marvel, Patriot, and Living Lightning.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #25 (7-20)

The same evening as CW:FL 11 (1:1). T'Challa sees his staff trying to leave the embassy and asks Ororo to help them. Storm

deposits the Panther on the ground, where he kicks Taskmaster. Monica subdues Bishop, Cage decks Doc Samson, and Storm

assists Falcon in thwarting Nighthawk. The Thing returns to join the fray. A SHIELD craft tries to stop the embassy personnel

from evacuating and Storm flies to their rescue, but on the way the Thor Clone appears and she takes him on. In an intense

battle, Ororo holds off the wild Thor Clone with the help of the Invisible Woman. Then Hercules steps in.

CAPTAIN MARVEL v6 #1 - FB (2-3)

The same evening as BP4 25 (7-20). The melee continues with Hercules, Cap, She-Hulk, Wonder-Man, the new DD, Spidey, Taskmaster, Iron Man, Vision, Reed, Thing, Johnny. Atlanteans, and Greek god clones. Spidey sees Captain Marvel and thinks it's another clone. Cap approaches Stark.

CIVIL WAR #7 (12:2-13:1)

The same evening as CM6 1-FB (2-3). Vision phases through Iron Man and Cap decks Stark.


The same evening as CW 7 (12-13). As the battle rages, Cap presses his attack on Iron Man.

CIVIL WAR #7 (13:2-13:3)

The same evening as ASM 538 (5). The assault on Iron Man catches the Thor Clone's attention, but Hercules arrives and decks

the clone.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #25 (21)

The same evening as CW 7 (13:2-13:3). Sue and Ororo look on as Hercules beats the crap out of the Thor Clone. He delivers a

blow that Storm thinks is a "finish," but the fight can't be over yet, given that Sue leaves here to find Reed.

CIVIL WAR #7 (13:4-16)

The same evening as B4 25 (21). Sue notices that the Thing has returned and he urges her to protect bystanders from the

violence. Taskmaster aims his gun at Sue and Reed jumps in to shield her from the blast. As Reed lay injured, Sue flattens

Taskmaster. Hercules finishes off the Thor Clone by clobbering him with his own hammer.


The same evening as CW 7 (13-16). As Iron Man and Cap continue to battle, Spidey contemplates the meaning of the fight.

Jonah observes the chaos from his office window while M.J. and May watch it covered on TV.

CIVIL WAR #7 (17-22:3)

The same evening as ASM 538 (6-8). This segment occurs before TB 109 (21-22), shortly before FF 544-FB, "months" before SUBM3 1-FB, probably before LOM:S 1/2, and perhaps before S-H4 15. According to CW:BDR, this segment occurs before C&DP 33. This segment must occur before IF5 1-FB (10-14). Cap pounds on Iron Man, who tells him to "finish it." Cap hesitates, and a gang of bystanders attack Cap to save Stark. They force Cap to look at the devastation wrought by the battle. Cap realizes that he's no longer fighting for the people and that his actions have undermined his argument. He removes his mask and surrenders to the police. Her orders the Resistance to stand down. The Punisher picks up Cap's mask.


The same evening as CW 7 (17-22). Iron Man and the authorities lead the handcuffed Cap away.


The same evening as CW:FL 11-FB. Carol must appear here before MSM2 11. The Kingpin and other inmates at Ryker's watch

the end of the battle and Cap's surrender on TV. Jonah decides to run a story on Cap's defeat. Heroes from both sides sift

through the rubble to find the fallen, which includes Johnny Storm, who must have collapsed after Cap's surrender. TV news

reports that among the missing are Coldblood, Triathlon, and Spider-Man. M.J. goes out for air and the assassin trains his rifle

on her. Green trees. Full moon.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #25 (22-23)

The same evening as ASM 538 (9-16). TV news continues its coverage as rescue crews respond to the carnage. The Wakandan

Embassy is destroyed. T'Challa finds Ororo and tells her that Cap surrendered.


The same night as BP4 25 (22-23). If the DD shown here is Matt Murdock, then this segment must occur after DD2 93 (4-10).

Sally Floyd and Ben Urich emerge from the subway to see the devastation left by the battle. They wander around and see the

dead Typeface carried away on a stretcher. They see Yellowjacket, Sentry, and rescue workers deal with the carnage. Daredevil

mourns the devastation.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #25 (4-5:2)

The same night as CW:FL 11 (1-5). A TV news anchor reports on Cap's surrender.

CIVIL WAR #7 - FB (23:1)

The same night as CW:FL 11 (1-5). It may be more than just "two weeks" before CW 7 (22-26). A recovered Reed looks at Sue cleaning up debris with Doc Samson.


The same night as CW 7-FB. This segment occurs "three days" before the Fifty-State Initiative goes into effect. The media

reports that the president is meeting with his advisors to craft a speech that he will give to the nation "later tonight." They also

report that members of Congress are declaring the conflict ended. Bill Foster's parents visit his grave. The assassin waits for Peter to return to his hotel room and falls asleep at his sniper's nest. Green grass and leafy and bare trees.


The same night as ASM 538 (17-19). Spidey materializes from the future in front of the sleeping assassin and tries to subdue him, but he discovers he's incorporeal and leaves to warn his prior self of what's to come. As future Spidey reaches his prior self, he's attacked by Nightwalkers, whose duty it is to see that destiny is unchanged. Future Spidey fends them off as present Peter reaches his hotel room.


The same night as FNSM 24 (12-15). As Peter walks in the room, a device in the door alerts the assassin, who takes aim.


The same night as ASM 538 (20). The future Spidey rushes toward the hotel room.


The same night as FNSM 24 (15:2). In the hotel room, the present Peter detects that something's wrong while the incorporeal future Spidey frantically tries to stop fate.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #538 (21:5-21:6)

The same night as ASM 538 (21:1-21:4). The assassin starts to pull the trigger as the present Peter and M.J. stand in front of the hotel room window.


The same night as ASM 538 (21:5-21:6). The present Peter tells M.J. to get down.


The same night as FNSM 24 (15:5). The present Peter pushes M.J. to the floor as the assassin's bullet crashes through the window and the incorporeal future Spidey and hits May.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #538 (22:2-23)

The same night as ASM 538 (22:1). The present Peter looks up and realizes that May has been shot.


The same night as ASM 538 (22-23). The present Peter and future Spidey both scream. The Nightwalkers come for the future Spidey, but the future Strange banishes them. Seeing that future Spidey is wounded, Strange takes him to a point in the past to heal him.


The same night as FNSM 24 (16-18) Peter hurls a jeep at the sniper, then swings the injured May to a hospital and leaves her

there, afraid to jeopardize her safety from association with him.

CIVIL WAR #7 - FB (24:5)

Probably the same night as CW:FL 11-FB. Steve Rogers sits in a holding cell in civilian clothes.

Tuesday, February 16

BLACK PANTHER v4 #26 (3-5)

Probably the day after BP4 25 (22-23). This segment occurs "several weeks" after B4 26-FB (1-2) and "weeks" after BP4 26-FB

(6) and probably before FF 544-FB. T'Challa and Ororo look at the rubble of the Wakandan Embassy and T'Challa summons a

Wakandan ship that had been hidden in the harbor. He and Ororo leave in the ship, intending to use it as a home while they

remain in New York to work with the U.N. Maria Hill suggests blowing the craft out of the sky, but Stark tells her to leave

T'Challa alone and chides her for not knowing about the craft to begin with.


One day. Deadpool plants a bomb in Providence.


The same day as C&DP 33-FB. It must be more than "seven weeks" ("two months") after C&DP 29. According to CW:BDR,

Solo appears here after CW 7 (17-22). I place Bridge here after PW2 3 (12-15). At "2:37 AM" in the South Pacific, an

explosion rocks Providence and Cable teleports with Wade from Rumekistan to Providence to tend to the incident. "Several

hours later," the White House gives SHIELD the clearance to send the Six Pack into Rumekistan to destabilize the country. The

Six Pack consists of Anaconda, G.W. Bridge, Domino, Hammer, and Solo, who must be freed from the Negative Zone prison.

The media spreads misinformation about the Providence explosion, and when Gareb determines that the explosion was a

diversion, Nathan and Deadpool teleport back to Rumeskistan. They encounter the Six Pack and, just as Nathan's allies identify

the bomber as Wade, Deadpool is revealed as the Six Pack's sixth member and shoots Cable in the head.


The same day as C&DP 33. It is "years" after C&DP 34-FB. I place Bridge in this story before PWJ2 3 (16-22) and Anaconda before NW4 1 (4-25). Six Pack leave the injured Cable lying in the street and a group of Rumeskistanis attend to their leader as he recovers. Irene and Gareb conclude that Cable is the victim of a plot to humiliate him internationally. Cable finds Six Pack, expels Deadpool from Rumekistan, and arrests Solo, Anaconda, Bridge, and Hammer. He calls a press conference in which Domino exposes the plot against Cable. Irene sees how Cable manipulated events to his advantage and sheds a tear when she sees Nate kiss Domino.


Perhaps the day after CW:FL 11 (1-5) and CW 7-FB (24:5). It is ten days" before CW:FL 11 (15-24). This segment must occur

before CA5 25 (5-15). Sally Foyd tells Ben Urich she's leaving the Alternative for the same reason Ben left the Bugle. They go

to the Raft to interview the incarcerated Captain America, who is in a fresh costume and has nice digs. The interview turns into a

lecture by Sally to Cap, who she thinks is idealistic and out-of-touch.


The day after ASM 539 (1-6). This segment occurs before DD2 93 (19). Word gets to the imprisoned Fisk that one of Peter's

relatives was shot. Peter meets M.J. in Times Square and asks her to see to May's care at the hospital under the alias of May

Fitzgerald. Peter finds a scope at the scene of the sniper, and that rainy night, he ruthlessly shakes down some illegal arms

runners to learn the possible identity of the dealer who supplied the scope. M.J. checks on May, who was admitted to the

hospital "just a few hours ago." She learns that May is in a coma and isn't expected to live. Consumed with vengeance, Peter

finds a black costume he webbed up "a long time ago" and dons it.


One day, probably several days after W:O 15 (1-20). Bucky may appear here between Civil War (after WS:WK 1) and his vengeance streak following Cap's death in CA5 25 (in FS:DOCA 1). This segment occurs before W:O@ 1 (1-3) and may occur before W3 50. Logan sends the Winter Soldier a message through the Daily Bugle classifieds section. He goes to a bus station and picks up some adamantium-tipped bullets that Logan left for him.

Wednesday, February 17


The day after ASM 539 (7-23). This story must occur before CW:FL 11 (13:3-13:4), FNSM 17-FB, and SENSM2 35. Early in the stormy morning, Spidey calls M.J. and learns that May is not expected to live. Spidey goes after his gun dealer leads and uses harsh tactics to get information. He learns of hit man Jack Martino and tracks him to the train station. Just as Spidey is about to beat info out of him, Martino is shot by another assassin. Spidey throws a tracer on the assassin and follows the ambulance carrying Martino to the hospital. There he sees Martino die and checks in on May. He tracks the assassin and intercepts a cell phone call he has with the imprisoned Fisk. Spidey tells Fisk he can die. Green trees in New York.


The same day as ASM 540. This story is referred to as having occurred "the other day" in ASM 543, but it may be weeks before ASM 543. Spidey tells Fisk that "in the last 48 hours, I've broken just about every law there is" and is ready to see Kingpin die. Spidey then torments the hit man to send a message not to mess with his family. Meanwhile, Kingpin prepares to leave his prison with the help of bribed guards. Peter joins M.J. at the hospital and secretly then give May a transfusion of Peter's blood. Despite being weak, Spidey takes off to Ryker's and confronts the escaping Kingpin.


The same day as ASM 541. This story must occur before BLADE8 10 (9-22). As Peter Parker, Spidey humiliates Kingpin in front of a bunch of prison convicts by beating the crap out of him. Peter tells Fisk that he will return to kill him when Aunt May dies. Peter returns to the hospital, where M.J. tells him that they can't afford to keep May there for long. Peter refuses to move May to a cheaper place and swears he'll get money. Green trees in New York.

DAREDEVIL v2 #93 (11:5)

One day, perhaps "weeks" after DD2 93 (11:5). Matt appears before the New York State Bar, with Foggy and Becky defending

him. He gets his attorney license reinstated.

CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE #11 (13:1-13:2)

One night, within a "couple of days" after CW:FL 11 (6-12). Ben Urich works on the big, secret story about the Civil War that

he and Sally will never tell. Sally goes on a date with Danny Granville.

Thursday, February 18


Probably the day after ASM 542. In his hospital bed, Eddie Brock reads a Daily Bugle headline, "Guess Who's Back in Black," that is accompanied by a photo of Spidey swinging in his black costume.

CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE #11 (13:3-13:4)

One day, "three days" after ASM 538 (17-23). This segment must occur after ASM 540. Sentry publicly announces his support

of the Registration Act. Sally Floyd and Ben Urich interview Spidey, who is in his black costume.

IMMORTAL IRON FIST #1 - FB (10-14:2)

One day during the "week" after CW:CS 1/3. Danny must appear here after giving up his DD guise and thus after CW 7 (17-22). During a morning meeting at Rand Corp, Danny Rand suddenly cancels a multi-billion-dollar deal with Wai-Go Industries because of China's poor human rights record. Once the Wai-Go representatives leave, Jeryn Hogarth chides Danny for throwing away three and a half years of his life and promises to leave the company if Danny doesn't let him fix things with Wai-Go. That night, Danny dresses up as Iron Fist and breaks into Wai-Go's offices looking for evidence that they are bad guys. He soon realizes that the offices have never been used, and then the hordes of Hydra show up and he jumps out a window to escape a hail of gunfire.
DAREDEVIL v2 #93 (12)

The night of the day after DD2 93 (11:5). Foggy, Matt, and Becky have dinner at a restaurant and decide to reopen the

Nelson/Murdock law firm, with Becky to become a third partner in the law firm.

Friday, February 19


The early morning after IF5 1-FB (10-14). Iron Fist fights a running battle against a legion of Hydra agents across the rooftops of Manhattan. He falls over the side of a building while battling a mechanical Hydra weapon, the Mechagorgon. In Bangkok, Thailand at sunset, a beautiful young woman is told that a certain opium addict is the one she seeks. She relays the information to Davos but when he angrily insists that they don't take the word of drug peddlers she says that they will confirm it themselves. Davos then suffers a painful telepathic conversation with someone who reminds him that "we brought you back for a reason" but who will be more than happy to take him away again. Meanwhile, the girl and her twin sister confront the addict and attack him with knives which he shatters with his hands. Having gotten what they came for (by slashing open his shirt to reveal the winged dragon brand on his chest), the two girls transform into cranes and fly away, leaving Orson Randall, an Iron Fist from c. 1915, upset that something isn't as over as it was supposed to be. The reference to 2006 is topical.
The same day as IF5 1. Night Nurse probably appears here after OATH 5 (19-22). Iron Fist's crashes through a glass ceiling and lands on a lower level. With an alarm ringing, the Hydra forces leave him to be taken care of by the authorities since he's "unregistered." Danny calls Luke for help on his comlink before passing out. Later that night, Danny regains consciousness in a run-down room and finds that Luke is there with Night Nurse, who has been looking after him. Night Nurse notes that "there are so many super-injuries these days and unregistered heroes can't get treatment" that she's been thinking about opening up a system of underground clinics As soon as she leaves, Danny blacks out again and doesn't come to until three hours later. Danny and Luke eat and talk, and then Luke shows Danny a flier for Misty Knight's new Heroes For Hire team that is working freelance for the pro-registration authorities; I theorize that after laying low for a while recovering from the destruction of their headquarters and investigating the Skrull implants, Heroes for Hire has taken on assignments for Stark to earn much needed money, and Cage is surprised that Misty is still with Stark after his last encounter with her in HFH2 3. The flier is either an old one that Cage uses for effect or it's a recent one, documenting an unsuccessful attempt by Misty to recruit more heroes.

It must be the day after CW:FL 1 (13:3-13:4), as it is "four days" after ASM 538 (17-23). This flashback must occur before MA

1-FB (4-7). The Fifty-State Initiative goes into full effect "within four days of the end of the war," according to Ben Urich in

CW:FL 11 and "four days" after Cap's surrender, according to Stark in CW:BDR.


One day, "four days" after PWJ2 3 (10-11). I have Bridge here after C&DP 34. This segment occurs "a few months before PWJ2 13. After being "unconscious for four days" from a severe beating, Castle awakens in Clarke's presence in a SHIELD armory, where weapons and intel give Frank the tools he needs to go after super-villains. First, he defeats Rhino with a big gun and the Satan's Claw. The defeated Rhino says he thought Punisher was dead, and Castle tells him to spread the word that he's back. G.W. Bridge prays (maybe as he refocuses on his Punisher assignment after being diverted with Cable)..


One day, not long after C&DP 34, but more than one or two days after, considering that Nathan has "been checking on him

[Wade] every day" since C&DP 34. This story must occur before X 189 (19-22). A subliminal message implanted into Wade's

mind by Cable makes Wade see his victims everywhere he wanders in Manhattan. Wade has a falafel for dinner and heads home,

where he sees a vision of Ajax on his TV. As Wade runs away, Cable and Domino have a training session on Providence, where

it is morning. Irene reviews Nate's schedule for the day and Domino encourages Nate to look in on Wade, who continues to see

his victims everywhere. As Wade starts to shoot up a bar, Nate appears and explains what he has done. Wade gets ticked and

tells Nate his plan to make him regret his ways failed, but when Wade returns to his apartment, he thinks about his attitude about

life. Green trees in New York.


One night. A woman is picked up by the rapist and they go back to her place.

Saturday, February 20


The day after IF5 2 (3-8). Orson Randall arrives at a New York City area airport and uses his Iron Fist powers to convince an immigration clerk that he has the proper passport and declaration forms. Three NYPD officers see what he did and convince him to go with them willingly to avoid any harm coming to the innocent people around them. Later, while they are driving through the city, Randall causes the patrol car to crash after one of the "officers" inadvertently reveals that they are imposters working for someone who speaks Chinese. Randall kicks his way out of the overturned car and escapes. Later that day, an upset Danny is training when Jeryn comes in and reveals that Rand Corp is the target of a hostile takeover by Wai-Go Industries. Danny is then brought to his knees by an extreme pain in his right hand. In Chinatown, Randall is being tracked by two of the fake policemen, one of whom can sense that he is nearby and watching them. The other thug then grabs an innocent passerby and snaps the old woman's neck, promising to kill them all unless Randall shows himself. This murderous act triggers a memory of a traumatic WWI slaughter, and when Randall regains his senses the killer lies dying at his feet amidst evidence of a fierce battle. When the other assassin attacks, Randall quickly kills him with a blow which bursts his heart in his chest. At that moment, as Danny lies on the floor being tended to by Jeryn, he realizes that "someone else is using the Iron Fist!"

The day after MK@ 1-FB (2-3). The woman wakes up; she's been raped and beaten. She draws a picture of her attacker and starts to show it around.
CABLE & DEADPOOL #36 (1-2)

One day, "exactly two weeks" before C&DP 36 (3-10). This segment probably occurs after CW 7 (17-22). Seeking to restore his reputation, Wade tells Blind Al and Weasel that he's looking for Taskmaster so he can defeat him in a public forum.


One day. This flashback must occur after TB 109 (21-22). The new Thunderbolts (including Swordsman, Moonstone, and Venom) battle Gorilla Girl and Penance shows unnecessary force in subduing her.


Probably the day after TB:DM 1-FB. This story must occur before TB 110 (11-17). Norman Osborn chastises Robbie Baldwin for his handling of Gorilla Girl and wants to get rid of him. He gives the chained-up Bullseye command of a mission involving him and Penance, with backup by Songbird, Radioactive Man, and Swordsman - a suicide mission to take down Americop in Houston. As the mission goes down, Moonstone argues with Osborn about his judgment and his undermining her authority as team leader. Americop shoots Bullseye in the leg and Bullseye beats on Robbie to activate his power. Penance's bioelectrical surge blows out most of Americop's nerve endings. Osborn activates Bullseye's nanochain to stop his beating of Robbie. Robbie reconnoiters with Osborn and shows his resentment for being used by destroying Osborn's office. Osborn sees potential in Penance.


One rainy night, probably before CW 7-FB (23:3). This story occurs before S-H4 17. Rhino must appear here before FS:DOCA 4 and Puma before SVTU2 1-FB (8:4). Apparently Rhino and Chameleon have made up. Armadillo, Prowler, Rhino, Dragon Man, Eel, Will O' the Wisp, Gibbon, Chameleon, Shocker, Ringer, Answer, Puma, Absorbing Man, Professor Power, Rocket Racer, Princess Python, Cat Burglar, Grizzly, Masked Marauder, and a Doombot set up by Armada attend a (belated) wake for Stilt-Man at the Bar With No Name. They share old times and brawl, then they get lectured by Spidey (in classic costume for some unknown reason). Spidey has Puma remove Prowler from the premises before he himself leaves. The villains become sick and realize they've been poisoned by the Punisher, who is disguised as the bartender. Castle torches the bar and it explodes as he leaves.

Sunday, February 21


The day after IF5 2 (9-21). At the Rand Building, Danny brushes aside Jeryn's concerns that he almost died "last night" and insists that he has to figure out what's going on. He then changes into his Iron Fist costume and dives out the window. He concentrates so that he can focus his energy on following the vibrations caused by the interaction of his Chi with that of the other user of the power of the dragon. Davos and two Asian women arrive at Wai-Go Industries Tower and are met by Xao, who reports Hydra's failure to apprehend Randall as he entered the country last night. Xao then briefs Davos about how the Hydra squad who fought Iron Fist dispersed after confirming that he wasn't Randall, and left Rand unconscious for SHIELD to capture rather than risk exposure. Davos berates Xao for violating his orders to stay away from Rand. Iron Fist tracks the shockwave to a crime scene where three people died last night and vows to find whoever did it and stop him with his bare hands. Dressed in rags, Randall realizes that he needs to look important when he goes to see a man today, so he accosts a businessman in the street and insists on buying his suit. As Iron Fist evades SHIELD agents in helicopters with searchlights, he realizes that he can't deal with the threat as Iron Fist but as Danny Rand, using the power of Rand Corp. Davos and the two women confront the third failed assassin. Davos then orders his Hydra soldiers to find the men known as Iron Fist. Arriving at his office in the Rand building, Danny is surprised to find a man waiting there. As the stranger introduces himself as Orson Randall, Danny realizes that he's the one using the Iron Fist and attacks without warning. The two of them exchange a few blows before Danny tries to use the Iron Fist on him but Randall blocks it and then reveals that he knew Danny's father and practically taught him everything he knew about fighting.


The same day as IF5 3. Jeryn Hogarth listens on the phone to someone from Wai-Go Industries who tells him, "Even lawyers have mothers. Ha ha."

The same day as IF5 5-FB (18:4). Randall leads Danny along a subway tunnel on the way to Orson's father's pneumatic subway station. At the Wai-Go American headquarters, the two scantily-clad Asian women watch as Davos quickly defeats a half-dozen Hydra agents. Orson asks Danny how the Rand family empire began and Danny replies that his father played the markets. Danny then tries out the hypnotic fist technique that Orson showed him. Orson reveals that there's an evil "up there" that's waited decades to destroy them. Orson reveals that there have been sixty-six men and women to carry the mantle of the Iron Fist. Orson guides Danny in helping him smash through a wall and then welcomes him to the Five Points Station, the crown jewel in Orson's father's empire of hypothetical science. Davos continues brutally defeating his Hydra opponents and finally sacrifices the lives of the two women in order to unleash an energy burst that wipes out the rest of the Hydra legions and a Mechagorgon. In a phone conversation, Mr. Xao and Jeryn Hogarth discuss how Rand Corp will begin construction on the demo route of a maglev train cutting across the K'un-Lun Mountains and Wai-Go Industries will stop their takeover bid. Their conversation ends when Jeryn begs to be allowed to speak to "her" and Xao cruelly refuses. When Hydra invades the Five Points Station, the two Iron Fists fight back. After killing all his opponents, Davos calls out to his adopted mother and asks for a dozen or more of her daughters to be sent to him in New York City to be fuel for him. From the City of K'un-Zi, Crane Mother agrees that he can use her daughters as he sees fit in order to kill Randall to avenge the atrocities committed by K'un-Lun.
The same day as IF5 4. I have Misty and Colleen here after HFH2 4 (1-3). In the Five Points Station, the two Iron Fists hold off the Hydra soldiers long enough for Orson to retrieve a book that he left in one of the subway cars long ago. Orson then crashes a subway train, causing an explosion that destroys his father's legacy and occupies the Hydra soldiers long enough for them to climb up to the streets above. Orson then gives the book to Danny and explains that it is the history of the Iron Fist, written on parchment made from the scales of Shou-Lao himself and containing all the secrets of their kung fu. Orson tells Danny that he'll need it for what's coming next and how they'll come for him as they once came for Orson. At an airport in or near New York, Davos welcomes at least twelve of Crane Mother's Daughters, remarking that they all look ready to die. They then all get in limousines for the drive to Rand corporate headquarters. Orson tells Danny how killing another Immortal Weapon broke him more than he was broken already, and so, when Lei Kung was sent to find him, he told Yu-Ti that Orson was dead. Orson then explains about the seven Immortal Weapons and how they're expected to fight each other in a legacy of blood and death disguised as honor. Orson had taken the book in the hope that without the book the line of Iron Fists would end with him but he was wrong. At Rand, Jeryn Hogarth explains to Misty Knight, Luke Cage, and Colleen Wing how he's been cooperating with Wai-Go Industries because they kidnaped his mother and sent him her finger to force him to resurrect the deal that Danny cancelled. He asks them for their help and they agree just as Jeryn spots a lot of Hydra soldiers outside the window. After explaining how Rand Corp owns more buildings in Manhattan than anybody else in the world because they're all connected and all lead home to the Rand building, Danny ushers Orson into an elevator that takes them up into the Rand building where they find themselves face-to-face with Davos, many Hydra soldiers, and many of Crane Mother's daughters.

The same day as IF5 5. This story occurs a "few weeks" before IF@ 1. Cage probably appears here before HFH2 2 (6-22). I have Misty and Colleen here before HFH2 4 (4-22). This story is referred to as having occurred "recently" in A4 34 (8-22). In the lobby of the Rand building, the two Iron Fists fight a legion of Hydra troops and many of Crane Mother's daughters while Davos orders his forces to fight and die for him. Colleen Wing, Luke Cage, and Misty Knight fight more Hydra troops who burst into Jeryn Hogarth's office, but when the Hydra goons grab Jeryn, Colleen dives down the elevator shaft after them leaving Luke and Misty to follow more cautiously. Davos drains the chi from the bird women, sacrificing their lives to strike a tremendous blow that knocks most of the combatants off their feet. Davos then batters Orson, and after striking a lethal blow, he turns to Danny, but Misty, Luke, and Colleen show up with a rescued Jeryn and fight Davos while Danny talks to the dying Orson. At Orson's urging, Danny takes his chi from him as he dies, thereby increasing Danny's power for use in the Tournament. Iron Fist easily overcomes Davos, who disappears with the surviving bird women. As Danny thanks Misty for coming, he notices that Jeryn has been taken again by Hydra. As Danny questions a Hydra thug, Lei Kung and Yu-Ti appear and announce that the time of the Tournament of the Heavenly Cities is approaching and that his presence is demanded because Iron Fist shall fight for the honor of K'un-Lun. Initially unwilling to leave, Danny finally concedes once Lei Kung points out that those he seeks vengeance on will be found when the heavenly planes intersect. After declining Luke's offer of help, Danny takes the book and disappears with Lei Kung and Yu-Ti to fight the fight for which he was born.

Monday, February 22

CIVIL WAR #7 - FB (25:2)

One day. This flashback must occur after BLADE8 5 (17-20) and before MSM2 13 (1-5), MA 1-FB, FF 544-FB, NO4 1, SILWAR 4, BLADE8 9, and MK5 13. The president congratulates Stark on being elected by SHIELD Treaty signatory nations as Director of SHIELD.

DAREDEVIL v2 #93 (13:1)

One day. Foggy, Matt, and Becky have movers set up their new office.

ORDER v2 #1 - FB (1-3:1)

One day. Henry Hellrung is interviewed for the job of leader of the new Initiative team in California, which is unnamed here but is probably known by its draft name of Champions.

ORDER v2 #1 - FB (9:6)

The same day as ORDER2 1-FB (1-3). Hellrung recites his "silly little mantra."

ORDER v2 #1 - FB (25:3-25:5)

The same day as ORDER2 1-FB (9:6). This segment must occur before CW:BDR (1), ORDER2 2-FB (9), and ORDER2 2-FB (1-3). Hellrung is asked if he's afraid of dying.


One day. Stark reports on the new Ant-Man, who is at large.


One day, between MSM2 8 (16-18) and CW:INIT 1 (3-10). Stark reports on Arachne, who is in SHIELD custody.


One day, before MSM2 11. Stark reports on Arana, who he notes is enrolled in the Fifty-State Initiative training program and

"accompanies Ms. Marvel into action."

BLADE v8 #6

One night. Blade is captured by the men of Lucas Cross and is held prisoner in a chamber. With his bloodlust growing the

longer he's captive, Blade is offered a young girl on whom to feed by Lucas. Lucas informs Blade that he's his father, and that

his son must feed on virgin blood to help a prophecy come true. Blade chooses to gnaw off his left arm, punches down his

father, rescues the girl, feasts on some men who try to stop him, and flees the building. He discovers he's in Washington, DC,

and sets out to find all he can about the man claiming to his father. Green trees in DC.

Tuesday, February 23

ORDER v2 #2 - FB (1-3)

One day, after ORDER2 1-FB (25:3-25:5). Henry Hellrung and Pepper Potts interview Becky Ryan.

ORDER v2 #2 - FB (22:2-22:5)

The same day as ORDER2 2-FB (1-3). Ryan's interview continues.

MS. MARVEL v2 #11

One day. This story must occur after ASM 538 (9-16) and CW:BDR (8:1). This story is referred to as having occurred "the other night" in MSM2 13 (6-15). Carol notes that her "last few days have been terrible" and that she's "trying to forget the last few weeks." Carol meets with William Wagner, the owner of the restaurant demolished in her battle with Warbird. They go out on a date that night and Carol's spirits pick up. The Doomsday Man is inadvertently freed from his containment chamber in an AIM facility beneath Manhattan. A distressed AIM scientist goes to Carol's apartment for help and is taken down by Arana. Carol and her date arrive and the scientist tells Carol to stop the Doomsday Man. Carol instructs Arana to call Iron Man if she's not back "in five minutes," then she goes to the AIM facility, where she encounters not only Doomsday Man, but a horde of freed zombies called Targoths. Green trees in New York.

MS. MARVEL v2 #12

The same night as MSM2 11. It is "several years" after MSM 3. Carol fights the Doomsday Man and is infected by the

Targoths, who stream out of the AIM facility. Arana suits up and fights the Targoths. Barely conscious, Carol overhears voices

of unknown entities who heal her infection. Doomesday Man severely injures Arana and a fighting-mad Carol rips Korman from

the Doomsday Man armor. Wonder Man arrives, and "later that evening," he asks Carol about the AIM scientist who came to

her. The scientist reports back to AIM and tells them that he learned through Korman the location of Modok, who AIM wants to

kill. Sarah Day receives information about Carol's date "earlier this evening" and says she's going to have to deal with William

Wagner soon. At Bellevue Hospital, Arana's father watches over his daughter and chews out Carol for her culpability for

Arana's state. Full moon.


One day, long enough after MK5 12 for Spector to have attacked at least thirteen guys. Lt. Flint talks to a guy who's been attacked by Moon Knight. He has a moon carved into his forehead, so Flint shows him pictures of at least twelve other guys who have also had moon carved into their foreheads, some more than once. Frenchie wakes up and goes for a walk. Marlene and her boyfriend walk around after a date and are attacked by muggers. Marlene goes crazy and beats the hell out of the muggers, using her keys as weapons. At Moon Knight's base Ray talks on the phone with his mom. Eventually Frenchie shows up and they chat. Spector and Profile stake out a Registration office and Profile learns some secrets about the interviewing psychiatrist. Spector goes in for his registration interview, pretends that some of his aliases are actually a multiple personality disorder, then acts like he's possessed by Khonshu and tells Dr. Depford some secrets he couldn't know about, fooling him into registering him as Moon Knight.


The same night as MK5 13-FB. This story must occur after CW 7-FB (25:2) and may occur before MK@ 1-FB (15-19). Moon Knight hallucinates a conversation between him and a disfigured Iron Man, then jumps off the roof of the building he's on. Moon Knight beats the crap out of some guys in a car, kills them, and carves moons in their foreheads while listening to SHIELD director Stark talk about the registration act on the radio. Back at Moon Knight's base, Ray and Frenchie continue to chat. Elsewhere, Marlene and her boyfriend clean up. Full moon.

Wednesday, February 24

ORDER v2 #3 - FB (1-3:1)

One day. Henry Hellrung interviews James Wa.

ORDER v2 #3 - FB (17:1-17:4)

The same day as ORDER2 3-FB 1-3). Wa's interview continues.

ORDER v2 #3 - FB (22:4-22:7)

The same day as ORDER2 3-FB (17:1-17:4). Wa is asked what he would do if he met Carl Crenshaw, the man who caused tha accident that cost Wa his legs.

SHE-HULK v4 #15

One day, "weeks" after S-H4 15-FB (1-3). It is long enough after S-H4 14 for Jen to have gone on several missions against

Hulk-like nemeses. This story probably occurs after Jen finishes her representation of Robbie Baldwin in CW:FL 8/2, and may

occur after CW 7 (17-22). H3 106 features a flashback to a moment between 8:2 and 8:3 of this issue, but it's a memory scene that erroneously has Jen in sunglasses and the wrong color outfit. Quartermain's SHIELD troops are deployed to Reno and while She-Hulk battles the Abomination, SHIELD agents, including LMD Agent Cheesecake, evacuate bystanders and stop looters. Seeking advice on defeating her opponent with psychology, Jen calls Doc Samson, who is meeting with Yellowjacket. After defeating Abomination, Jen ignores Samson's request for an evaluation for her and tells Clay that she's separated from John Jameson. "Later," Jen sleeps with Clay.

DAREDEVIL v2 #93 (13:2-13:6)

One day. Matt and Milla spend quality time in bed.

Thursday, February 25


One day. Patrick Smitty (about 18 years old) wakes up and gives a homeless guy some money.

ORDER v3 #4 - FB (1-3:1)

One day. Magdalene Marie is interviewed for the Order.

ORDER v3 #4 - FB (22:3-22:5)

The same day as ORDER2 4-FB (1-3). Magdalene's interview continues.

ARES #4 (18-22)

One day, "five years" after ARES 4 (4-17), but this time reference may be relevant to Mikaboshi's realm, not mainstream MU

earth; it is long enough after for Ares' hair to have grown and Zeus' wounds to have healed - I put this five months after ARES 4 (4-17). In the eastern lands of the dead, Ares, Hercules, and the Olympian troops besiege Mikaboshi's castle. Inside, Alexander fights a giant humanoid turtle as a test and cuts it into pieces. He declares that he's ready for his father.


Presumably the same day as ARES 4 (18-22). This story must occur before MA 1-FB (4-7). Ares fights the undead legions and Mikaboshi in flame form. Inari "returns at long last" to his fellow lords of the light, shows them the cup of water he was offered by the Greek gods, and tells them to receive it in consideration for their assistance against Mikaboshi. Mikaboshi sends Alexander to kill Ares. Ares and Alexander are separated from the rest of the Olympian troops by a wall of impenetrable flame. First Apollo, then Zeus, engage battle with Mikaboshi in dragon form. Apollo is impailed during the battle. Zeus performs one last "act of magic" and opens Alexander's eyes to the truth. At that moment, the eastern lords of the light, accompanied by Hermes, arrive to the rescue. Alexander draws the sword from his father's wounded body and uses it to cut Mikaboshi in two. At that moment, the undead disappear. Poseidon and the Japanese goddess of water cleanse the eastern lands of the dead with a giant flood. Inari and Hermes take off with the wounded Ares and Alexander. "Later...somewhere in the mythic plains of Africa," Alexander and Ares, whose wounds are being looked after by an African shaman, discuss their relationship before they engage in a race through the savannah.

Friday, February 26

ORDER v2 #5 - FB (1-3:1)

One day. It must be 22 years after ORDER2 5-FB-FB (1:10). Pepper interviews Kate Kildare, who is "thirty-eight years old" and a "Virgo," for a PR position with the Order.

ORDER v2 #5 - FB (22:2-22:5)

The same day as ORDER2 5-FB (1-3). This flashback must occur before ORDER2 2-FB (9). Kate Kildare finishes her interview.

MOON KNIGHT ANNUAL #1 - FB (11-12:3)

One day. A second woman is picked up by the rapist and they go on a date.

SHE-HULK v4 #16

One evening. This story probably occurs before OF 1 (3-22) and H3 106-FB (1:4). Alerted about the renewed threat of the Wendigo by a Sarcee Indian friend, Wolverine finds the creature at Canada's Hudson Bay, being lured by decoy She-Hulk, who is part of a SHIELD unit dispatched to capture the Wendigo. As they fight the creature, Talisman shows up at the SHIELD perimeter set up nearby. She offers to help, but Clay Quartermain is directed not to have her interfere. Crimson, a follower of Cyttorak and head of SHIELD's magic-ops division, says he can contain the beast with his enchantments, but Talisman insists that she has a spell to cure the Wendigo. At GLK&H, White Rabbit fires Mallory Book. Mallory meets Zix's new secretary, Mr. Bobo, and is shooed away by Zix, who's being reprimanded by his superiors for not reporting She-Hulk's presence with Uatu at T'Challa's and Storm's wedding. Book goes on her first date with Matt Hawk, and after they leave the theater, Mallory discovers that her relationship with Awesome Andy is fodder for a tabloid article. Wendigo slashes She-Hulk, who imagines seeing her Jen Walters persona chiding her for giving up her job at GLK&H to be a super-hero. She-Hulk's healing factor kicks in and she performs a Fastball Special with Logan to skewer Wendigo's heart out of his chest. Crimson contains Wendigo as Talisman expresses concern about SHIELD's removal of the creature from his native land. She-Hulk propositions Logan, but Logan refuses to take Juggernaut's "sloppy seconds." She-Hulk exclaims that she did not sleep with Cain. Quartermain reports the mission accomplished to his superior, who stands before the captured Abomination and reports that they need every specimen they can get for Project Achilles. Bare trees and snow at Hudson Bay.

Saturday, February 27


The day after MK@ 1-FB (11-12). The second woman gets a call from the rapist and they set up another date.
INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #105 (19-21)

One day. This segment occurs before WWHP:WB 1. As Hulk's space ship continues its journey towards Earth, the Hulk and his companions prepare for war, forging a series of weapons and preparing to strike out at the "puny humans."

ORDER v2 #6 - FB (1-2)

One day. Stark interviews Milo Fields and offers him a spot in California's Initiative program.

BLADE v8 #7 (1:2-19)

One day, perhaps several days after BLADE8 6. Blade returns to London, seeking answers concerning his past and future.

Unable to bring his arsenal on the plane over, he uses his SHIELD contacts to find a place where he can score some black market

firepower - a place that happens to be run by vampires, so he can get what he needs while also taking out some of his favorite

foes. Oddly, one of the vamps doesn't turn to ash when staked. Blade thinks he missed his heart, and after snapping off the gold

necklace with the red gem on the locket he's been gripping him with, he tries again and succeeds. Word reaches a church where

a priest named Draconis awaits, having waited for many years to finally face the Daywalker. That night, Blade tapes a wooden

stake to the stump where his left hand used to be. He vows to start on the road to get answers needed to seek revenge on the guy

claiming to be his father tomorrow. Just then, Draconis smashes in the window, hits him, and tosses him back out into the street.

He then joins him, now fully vamped-out in the face. Draconis proves to be far stronger and more skilled than a normal vampire,

so Blade rushes into a grocery store, swipes a hand-gun from behind the counter, and tries to slow his enemy down. That doesn't

work, since he's fast enough to dodge the shots. Blade slips out the back of the store, and when Draconis follows, he drops down

from above onto him, shoving a stake into his heart. Somehow, the vampire isn't harmed. Draconis explains that he's been

exposing himself to stakes, crucifixes, holy water, sunlight, and garlic since he became a vampire. He's immune to all of them

now. He uses Blade's stake to stab Blade in the heart. Blade falls in the alleyway and Draconis departs.

Sunday, February 28

BLADE v8 #7 (21-22)

Perhaps the morning after BLADE2 7 (1-19). Blade awakens in a body bag in a morgue. Confused about how he survived, he

discovers he still has the necklace he stole from that seemingly un-stakeable vampire from earlier. Aware that it apparently

makes him just as immune to a vampire's death as Draconis appears to be, he pockets it, ready for the eventual rematch with his

priestly enemy.

BLADE v8 #8 (4)
The same night as BLADE8 7 (21-22). Blade goes around London roughing up vampires and getting every shred of information on Draconis. Upon learning enough, he calls in Hannibal King.

Monday, February 29

IRON MAN v4 #21 - FB (12:4-12:5)

One day, before MA 1-FB (4-7). Captain Ultra poses with Paragon and Gadget as members of the Nebraska Initiative.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #106 - FB (1:4)

One day, probably between S-H4 16 and S-H4 17. On the deck of the SHIELD Helicarrier, Iron Man and She-Hulk (in her SHIELD uniform) shake hands.

OMEGA FLIGHT #1 - FB (1:1-1:3)

One day. Daisy uses her super-strength to commit a crime in Nova Scotia.

OMEGA FLIGHT #1 - FB (1:4)

One day, "a few days" before OF 1 (1-2). Slag commits a crime in Winnipeg.

OMEGA FLIGHT #1 - FB (1:5-1:6)

One night. A bat creature and his horde of bats create havoc in Canada.

BLADE v8 #8 (7-20)

The night of the day after BLADE8 8 (4). After flying to London from America, Hannibal is informed of what's going on, though he's more interested in the fact Blade has been revealed to be half-white. Hannibal backs Blade up as he crashes Draconis' big celebration over killing Blade. Hannibal tosses a molotov cocktail into the room after Blade smashes through the skylight and fires off some bullets. Draconis scoffs, but the sprinklers to go off, dispensing holy water blessed by a priest at the processing plant. This turns the vampires to dust, but Draconis is immune. Blade takes out his rage on the vampire priest, but Draconis proves to be more powerful than him. Hannibal shows up and shoots Draconis through the heart, but Draconis is still active. Remembering that Draconis feeds on the blood of his own kind, Blade bites into Draconis' neck, draining him of what makes him so powerful. Blade breaks his neck and rips off his head, telling him to choke on his eternal life. After Draconis' body wafts away as ash and dust, Hannibal hopes he's really dead this time and asks if he can go home now.

Tuesday, March 1

BLADE v8 #8 (21-22)

The early morning after BLADE8 8 (7-20). It is a "couple of days" before BLADE8 9. At 3 AM in America, Lucas Cross is woken up by his assistant, Manning. His sibyl has begun to gleam with visions of Blade biting Draconis. It seems the prophecy's section about Blade "drinking of virgin essence" was satisfied by his biting of Draconis. Lucas mentions that once the "Splinter" is located, the prophecy will be fulfilled. Green trees in Washington, DC.

SHE-HULK v4 #17 - FB (2/3:4)

One day. She-Hulk and her Hulkbuster unit fight the Glob.

Wednesday, March 2

SHE-HULK v4 #17 - FB (2/3:5)

One day. She-Hulk and her Hulkbuster unit fight the Toad-Men.

Thursday, March 3


The morning just before OF 1 (1-2) and the "week" before OF 1 (3-22). Talisman arrests someone who tries to steal her

medicine bag.


One day, "a few days" after OF 1-FB (1:4), and during the "week" before OF 1 (3-22). CSIS Agent Brown reports to the

Canadian prime minister on the influx into Canada of super-villains fleeing from the Registration Act in the U.S. and that he's

"already on" a solution.

SHE-HULK v4 #17 - FB (2/3:6)

One day. She-Hulk and her Hulkbuster unit fight the U-Foes.

NEW WARRIORS v4 #2 - FB (2:1, 2:5)

One day within a "month" before NW4 2. This flashback occurs long enough after W:O 10 for Jubilee to recover. Wondra (Jubilee), a member of the new New Warriors saves a school bus full of children at the scene of a train accident.


One day. Acting on a tip, SHIELD agents find Robot Master at an electrical sub-station, looped into a screen saver program. Stromm is freed from his computerized coma and voluntarily registers.

BLADE v8 #9

One night, a "couple of days" after BLADE8 8 (21-22). This story must occur after CW 7-FB (25:2), since Stark is Director of SHIELD, and probably before CA5 25 (5-15), since Cap is noted as having surrendered but no mention is made of his death. Union Jack lurks outside the window of the place where Blade is staying in Soho, London. He wants Blade, but will settle for Hannibal. Meanwhile, Blade recalls Vanity's last words to him and hopes they're literal. He digs up his birth mother, Tara Cross, from her grave. There, he finds a letter clutched in her skeletal hands. From it, she learns that Lucas Cross was indeed her husband, and that she and her unborn child were in grave danger simply because they were members of a secret order known as "Tyrana." Blade recalls hearing of it several times in his past but never learned the specifics. He calls up his "boss" at SHIELD., Maria Hill, and asks for some info on the Order of Tyrana, only to find that because she's not the director of the organization, she can't unlock the locked file about them. What Blade does learn is that Tyrana is cross-referenced with the Knights of Pendragon, who are based in London. Maria tells him about Union Jack being a key member, and when he calls up Hannibal to have him track down this person, he's surprised to hear that the Union Jack found him, having burst through the window, firing silver bullets at Hannibal. While fleeing, Hannibal tries to explain himself to Union Jack, only to have his pleas fall on deaf ears. Meanwhile, Blade drops by Pegasus shipping center and picks up a SHIELD-sent package. He straps the sleek-black, specially made gun onto the stump where his left hand used to be, and rushes to the nearby rooftop, saving Hannibal from Union Jack's wrath. Among the three different types of ammo in the gun designed by SHIELD are rubber bullets, which he uses against Union Jack, who stumbles back over the side of the roof and is saved by Blade's gun-hand's grappling harpoon rope mode. Now calmed down and listening to reason, Union Jack accepts them as "vampires who hunt vampires" and as he tends to his wound in Blade's room, he asks what he wants with the Order of Tyrana. Blade claims he wants to do the world a favor and take them down. Union Jack reveals that the Knights of Pendragon spun off from the Order decades ago, but they still trade intel and the like. He says that the Order are good guys. Blade is stunned by this revelation. Green trees.

Friday, March 4

SHE-HULK v4 #20 - FB (17:2)

One day. John Jameson has an adventure as Stargod.
One night. Satana kisses a guy in an alley, turns his soul into a glowing butterfly, and eats it, leaving him dead. She returns to her current lair, a deconsecrated church, only to end up trapped in a glowing pentacle created by angels. The person responsible is a young woman named Jennifer Silence. Her twin brother, Jason, had his soul sent down to Hell "last month" as Satana's offering to her father. Jen knows that Satana is the Queen of Hell and offers her a contract swearing she'll bring Jason Silence back to Earth, alive and unharmed, and to never do harm on any member of their family or friends. Satana promises to sign it as soon as she de-powers the electricity-powered pentacle. She does, and Satana kicks her down and zaps her in revenge. She thinks Jen's working for someone else, but as she learns, she simply got the pentacle from a spell book. Giving it over to the demoness, the book is used to reclaim the pentacle. After chaining Jen up to one of her in-house near-corpses, Satana does some tinkering with the pentacle control device, exploring hands-on the Heaven technology for the benefit of finding out who specifically made it. Satana goes down to Hell, finds Jason's soul, and fights the giant Scorpion Queen, who has apparently stolen the spirit. Stupid Scorpy unleashes her brood on the demoness, which proves to be her weakness, as Satana scorches the baby scorpions, hurting the mother. Satana slaughters the Scorpion Queen and returns to Earth with Jason Silence. He's reunited with his sister, and once that happens, the contract is fulfilled. Jason vanishes again, returning to Hell, as Satana never promised he'd stay when she returned him. Later, Satana has tracked down the angels who made the technology that trapped her and has killed most of them. At least now she has a fancy laptop, something she couldn't get from Hell. Jen is kept chained alongside some of the captive men in Satana's place.

One day. This story probably occurs after CW 6 (16-22). The Living Mummy has returned to the Egyptian temple where he was buried alive for so long. He uses the Orb of Ra to resurrect the spirit of his old foe, Nephrus. N'Kantu wants to be freed from his curse or to die. The revival of Nephrus causes Anubis to take notice of the absence of his employee from the afterlife place. So Anubis appears through his jackal familiar, Khet, and demands Nephrus and the Orb be surrendered to the God. When N'Kantu refuses, Khet unleashes some skeleton soldiers on him. The Living Mummy kicks their butts. As it turns out, Nephrus made no restorative to the curse he used on N'Kantu because he never got around to it for himself before he was killed. So the Living Mummy must live forever as he is. Luckily, though, Khet informs him that Anubis has taken an interest in him and will give him the only gift he has to give - death. But first, the Jackal must be fed. Anubis hungers for souls, so N'Kantu must give him some. With Nephrus and Khet at his side, he'll travel the world, murdering people to send their souls to the Egyptian afterlife. Living Mummy decides to kill only evil men, about which Khet couldn't care less.
MOON KNIGHT ANNUAL #1 - FB (13-14:4)

One night. The second woman is drugged and the rapist beats and rapes her. Waning crescent moon.

Saturday, March 5

MOON KNIGHT ANNUAL #1 - FB (14:5-14:6)

The day after MK@ 1-FB (13-14). The rapist's second victim wakes up.
One day, "many years" after IF5 8-FB (1-3). It is long enough after IF5 4 for 200 kilometers of maglev track to have been laid in the Himalayas. In the K'un-Lun Mountains, Jeryn Hogarth is forced by Steel Serpent and Mr. Xao to supervise construction of the maglev train track. In the city of K'un-Lun, Danny Rand learns about the mighty tournament between the champions of the seven capital cities of heaven which occurs once every eighty-eight years. That night, Yu-Ti and Lei Kung escort Danny into the Heart of Heaven where he meets the champions and some of the rulers of the other six cities. In an exhibition match, Fat Cobra easily defeats 100 Shaolin Terror Monks and chooses Iron Fist as his first opponent.

The same night as IF5 8. It is "many years" after IF5 9-FB (1-3). In K'un-Lun, Danny is told by the blue-eyed servant girl that if he wants to find the secrets of Orson Rand he must lose his upcoming match.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #36 (3-10:2)

One night, "exactly two weeks" after C&DP 36 (1-2). Wade breaks Taskmaster out of an armored prison transport in Ohio. Taskmaster agrees to fight Wade in a public forum. Leafy trees in Ohio.

Sunday, March 6


One day, "268" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8) and "9" (Annihilation) days before ANN 6 (25-26). This segment occurs

before NOVA4 1. It is "Armistice Day." Still recovering from his injuries on Hala. Nova entertains options about his future, as

Peter Quill informs him of factions within the universe wanting Rich to stick around as a figurehead. Meanwhile, Ronan,

Firelord, and Gamora are present as Ravenous signs an armistice. To put an end to the war, he's given some Kree and Skrull

territories (including Kree-Lar) as his own to preside over, along with the remaining members of the Annihilation Wave.

Galactus is rumored to be hungrier than ever, with the Silver Surfer still his herald. Firelord is hunting down the remaining

Centurions, while Red Shift and Stardust are seemingly dead, and Terrax, Super-Skrull, Praxagora, and Drax are missing.

Moondragon seems to know where her father went, but is keeping it to herself. She tries to talk Phyla out of making use of the

Quantum Bands full-time and continuing where Wendell left off. Nova is unsure about where Cammi went, as Gamora dropped

her off on some alien planet. Unbeknowst to him, Cammi is alive and well and has joined up with Skreet. The fate of others,

such as Blastaar and the Spaceknights, remains unknown. Ronan apparently made an offer to make Nova an honorary Kree.

Quill wants him to start up the Nova Corps again, but Rich wants to return to Earth and is just happy that the universe was saved.


The night of the day after IF5 9 (4-7). During round one of the tournament in the Heart of Heaven, Iron Fist battles Fat Cobra but is finally forced to yield.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #36 (10:3-21)

Probably the night of the day after C&DP 36 (3-10). Taskmaster must appear here before being recaptured and put in the

Negative Zone prison as shown in CW 7-FB (24:1). It is "two weeks" before C&DP 36 (22). At a former Army training ground

outside Provo, Utah, a group of prospective clients kidnaped and restrained by Weasel sit and watch a manacled Wade fight and

defeat Taskmaster. All the witnesses agree that Wade is too much of a lunatic to hire and they leave. Taskmaster recovers and

departs (and I theorize that he's recaptured right after this). Waxing crescent moon.

Monday, March 7


The day after IF5 9 (8-13). The servant girl (Orson's daughter) guides Danny to a hidden interdimensional portal and tells Danny to seek out Orson's biographer in France.


The same day as IF5 9 (17-19). This segment probably occurs a couple of days before IF@ 1. Danny arrives in the Himalayas on Earth and narrowly avoids being seen by Luke, Misty, and Colleen.

One day. Ravenous (with cybernetic features) sips a drink, a young maiden by his side, as a parade passes in front of his throne on his newly acquired world.


One day. Firelord attacks a former Centurion, a Balurran. This flashback occurs at some point since the treaty was signed, but no date is given for it. Presumably, this is from one of the other four worlds on which he deposed a Centurion prior to A:HOG 2.

NEW EXCALIBUR #16 (1-10)

One day. Excalibur defeats a squad of armed bank robbers in London. In the melee, Dazzler is shot and dies, but revives from

death for a third time. She is taken to Royal Victoria Hospital for tests. Bare tree in London.


One day, "three weeks" before DP/GLI 1 (3-18). Dionysus gets drunk and falls off Mt. Olympus. He is found by AIM.

Tuesday, March 8

NEW EXCALIBUR #16 (11-23)

The day after XCAL4 16 (1-10). This segment must occur between UX 476 and UX 486 (1-22). It is just less than "a fortnight" before XCAL4 17 (16-22). This segment occurs "a month" before XCAL4 19 (1-11) and XCAL4 24 (1-18) and "less than a month" before XCAL4 20-FB. Excalibur arrives at the hospital, where Alison finishes her tests. There, Talia suffers a mysterious stroke and is admitted for tests. Sage tries to phone Nightcrawler for assistance, but Emma Frost answers and says that "Charles Xavier took him and Rachel and a team of X-Men to help save the Shi'Ar. We've had no contact since." Later, Talia awakens in a hospital bed and discovers that she is paralyzed and can't remember the names of her teammates who arrive to visit.


The same day as XCAL4 16 (11-23). As her teammates visit, Talia is upset that she can't understand their words.

CIVIL WAR #7 - FB (24:1)

One day or night. This flashback must occur after C&DP 36 (10-21). Lady Deathstrike and a recaptured Taskmaster are led into

the Negative Zone prison.

Wednesday, March 9


The day after XCAL4 17 (1). As Sage sits nearby, a nurse begins to test the extent of Talia's neural damage. Sage projects the

scene to her teammates. That night, Sage observes as Talia sees a vision of her carefree self coaxing her to "get out of bed and

come play." Brian gives Courtney Ross an update on Talia's condition as Courtney signs a document severing her connection

with Fraser's Bank.

CIVIL WAR #7 - FB (23:3)

One day, probably after PWJ2 4. Because of the timing of CW 7 (22-26), I have Texas Twister and Red Wolf here, selected for

the Rangers, before they're seen at Camp Hammond in A:TI 1 (9-23). Yellowjacket holds a press conference to announce the new Rangers (Armadillo, Red Wolf, Shooting Star, Night Rider, Texas Twister, and Firebird). Apparently, these seasoned heroes didn't need to be trained at Camp Hammond, since ground hasn't been broken on that facility yet, as seen in A:TI 8-FB (4-5),

CIVIL WAR #7 - FB (24:3-24:4)

One day. This flashback must occur before A4 28-FB and NX 41. Spidey shows his new black costume to Cage, Dr. Strange, and Spider-Woman, his teammates in a radicalized underground movement.

CIVIL WAR #7 - FB (25:1)

One day. A Time Magazine photographer takes a picture of "Man of the Year" Hank Pym (as Yellowjacket) shaking hands with

the Black Panther. Pym has started a "global revolution" in either environmental protection or a war on poverty.


One day, probably a couple of days after IF5 9 (20-22). This story occurs a "few weeks" after IF5 6. Danny Rand arrives at a villa in the south of France where he meets with Ernst Erskine. The two spend the day talking over drinks and Erskine tells Danny about three of the adventures he and Orson experienced over their years together. Danny then reveals that Xao's minions have found them and that he's been poisoned all day long by Erskine's nurse but the chi of Shou-Lao has burned the last of the poison out of his system. Danny then prevents a HYDRA assassination squad from shooting Erskine and defeats the squad while Erskine kills the nurse who was trying to kill one of his old friends. Erskine leaves Danny alone in his library, which is dedicated to the life and times of Orson Randall.

One day. This flashback likely occurs before CW 7 (22-26). Reed Richards visits Michael Pointer (the Collective) in a prison cell and reviews his medical status. Then Walter Langkowski arrives and interrogates Michael about Xorn. After playing footage of Michael's slaughter of Alpha Flight, Walter offers Michael the Guardian/Vindicator suit and a place on Canada's new super team, Omega Flight.

One day, "274" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). Firelord goes through space, killing Centurions who have taken over former Skrull Empire worlds as part of the Armistice Treaty to end the Annihilation war. He views them as war criminals and will go about dispensing justice against them until the Nova Corps is restored. He reaches a world called Omina Prime, and in trying to take out the newly-crowned warlord, former Centurion Smyt, Firelord encounters a group of Centurions who refused to continue following Ravenous' orders once they learned Annihilus' true goal of the war was to wipe out all life and not to take back universe space taken from the Negative Zone. They've been hunted down for this betrayal by their own, and now they act to assassinate their former Centurions turned warlords. After killing Smyt, Firelord prepares to do the same to these "traitorous" Centurions, only to be convinced otherwise by their makeshift leader, Hybalea. He notes they hunt Centurions still serving Ravenous out of shame, for only they seem to remember the honor that comes with the title of being a Centurion. Thus, Firelord spares the six remaining Centurions, leaving them off-planet and warning that they have not been pardoned from their crimes, but have been given a reprieve to do right. He uses his own role in killing millions to feed Galactus as a point of comparison, that they'll always have the blood of innocents on their hands. They understand, and Firelord departs, continuing to vow to remain merciless against those who must be held accountable.

Thursday, March 10

CIVIL WAR #7 (22:4-26:2)

One early morning. It may be more than just "two weeks" after CW 7-FB (23:1). This segment must occur before FS:DOCA 5 (1-4). At the Baxter Building, Reed Richards writes a note to his wife about developments since the end of the Civil War. As he knows about plans for Omega Flight, this segment likely occurs after CW:INIT 1-FB (3-10). After Reed checks on his sleeping children, Sue returns to her family.


One day, "9" (Annihilation) days after ANN 6 (22-24). In the ceded territory of Kree-Lar, Extermina dies in childbirth.

Ravenous clutches the blobby fetus thing high in the air above his buggy Annihilation Wave forces, proclaiming that their lord

Annihilus lives.


The day after XCAL4 17 (2-7). As Sage sits nearby, medical staff monitor Talia's progress. She can now talk and her movement

has improved since her swelling is down. That night, a vision of Nocturne taunts Talia.

Friday, March 11

CIVIL WAR #7 (26:3-28)

One day, shortly after CW 7 (22-26). Miriam Sharpe visits Stark, the new Director of SHIELD, aboard a Helicarrier. As Maria

Hill looks on, Stark tells Sharpe about the Negative Zone prison, his goal to clean up SHIELD, and the news about Colorado

requesting the Thunderbolts to be its official team.

UNCANNY X-MEN #479 (4-22)

One day, "weeks" after UX 479 (1-3) and UX 477 (19-22). It is "two days" before UX 482 (12-22) and "a week" before UX

484. Forced to use outer-rim stargates to travel to the Shi'Ar Empire, Xavier's team and their two Shi'Ar passengers continue

their journey through space. Korvus attacks their ship, drawn to the Phoenix sigil on Rachel's back. Korvus takes out Alex,

Lorna, Kurt, and James and battles Rachel. When Korvus' blade connects with Rachel, the two touch minds. Rachel removes

the implant in Korvus' brain and saves his life. Meanwhile, the two Shi'Ar passengers abscond with Xavier aboard Korvus'

vessel, with Darwin hitching a ride.


The same day as UX 479 (4-22). Araki knocks out Lilandra at a Shi'Ar royal retreat. Korvus offers to help the X-Men, but

James distrusts him. Korvus begins to repair the stargate machinery on their ship so that Rachel, Alex, and Lorna can power up a

space jump. They set their coordinates for the Starjammers' base so they can rest and refit the engines before battle. Alex

expresses self-doubt and kindred spirits Rachel and Korvus share a kiss. Xavier is brought before K'Tor, who puts him in a

torture device. Darwin attacks Xavier's captors and demands their assistance in freeing Xavier.

UNCANNY X-MEN #482 (1-11)

The same day as UX 481. This story occurs after UX 480 (17-22). With the combined power of Alex, Lorna, Rachel, and

Korvus, the X-Men's ship manages a space jump to the Starjammers. "Soon," as Raza and Ch'od overhaul the X-Men's ship,

Corsair tells the X-Men that Araki has taken Lilanda captive and that Deathbird is back. The Starjammers plan to attack the

transport vessel carrying the captive Lilandra and the X-Men see this as the opportunity to find and save Xavier and Darwin.

Aboard a Shi'Ar star carrier, Xavier is thrown into a cell and Darwin comes to his rescue. Alex tells Corsair about Vulcan.

Saturday, March 12

MS. MARVEL v2 #13 (1-5)

One morning, "a few months" after HOM:DA 1 (3-31) and "five days" (the "week") before MSM2 13 (6-21). This segment must occur after CW 7-FB (25:2). SHIELD responds to Indianapolis, where a terrorist attack has claimed about 100 lives. Iron Man and Ms. Marvel survey the casualties and determine that a DNA bomb was the cause, likely detonated by AIM. Carol chides Stark for his and SHIELD's preoccupation with the Resistance while groups like AIM went unchecked. When Stark brings up Julia Carpenter, Carol decks him in full view of network TV cameras. Green trees in Indiana.

CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE #11 (14:1-14:3)

One day, nine days before CW:FL 11 (15-22) and a "few weeks" before WWH:FL 1-FB (2-3). Ben Urich and Sally Floyd set up a business called "frontlines.com" and work out of an office on 53rd Street. Sally prepares an article on the Atlantean threat. The Coast Guard remains on vigil.

CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE #11 (14:4-15:2)

One day. The Thing assists with the rebuilding in Manhattan. Skyhawk flies over Seattle as a member of the Washington State team of heroes.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #26 (7-8)

One day. Because a newspaper headline says "King Backs Cap," it appears that Cap is alive, so this segment must occur before

CA5 25 (5-15). T'Challa has a tele-conference with his advisors in Wakanda. They discuss T'Challa's absence from Wakanda to

work with the U.N. and T'Challa sends them blueprints of a new embassy for New York.

Sunday, March 13

One day, "281" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). Galactus tells Silver Surfer the known history of the universe as it relates to Aegis and Tenebrous. Knowing that they live only to see the universe destroyed if it doesn't follow their own views of order, Galactus sends Silver Surfer off to find them so that the World Devourer can take them down out before they're given the time to see about their goals. Aegis and Tenebrous return to the Kyln, scouring the prison planets' remnants in hopes of finding fellow Proemial Gods still trapped within. All they find is Antophon the Overseer's corpse. Silver Surfer tracks their energy signatures, just as they're coming to realize much of the universe should be purged. He hopes to keep them busy long enough for Galactus to arrive to pass judgement on them. The pair of Proemials warn that unlike the last time they faced the Surfer, they're under no pact to leave him defeated but alive. Nevertheless, the Silver Surfer uses his years of experience and his Power Cosmic to show those ancient beings what for. But even he lacks an equal power to theirs, and eventually is smashed and laser blasted into a crack-hewed heap. With the last of his own energy, Silver Surfer aims for the edge of the Crunch, and tries to bend the powers of creation to his will, skirting the brim of the universe and using his board to create a wake of Crunch essence that spills out and consumes both Aegis and Tenebrous. The pair of Proemial Gods die within the same energies that birthed them. Galactus arrives and is stunned at the sight of the Proemials disintegrating in the Crunch. The Surfer got a little too close to the wave and is all but dead. In so much as awe over his herald mastering Crunch power that would even consume him, Galactus refuses to let the being who avenged him so bravely die. With a squeeze of Norrin's body in his fist and a burst of Power Cosmic, Silver Surfer is healed, restored to normal. He's disoriented at first, but all he needs to know is that his master hungers. So, again, the Surfer seeks to aid cosmic consonance by seeking out food for him.

UNCANNY X-MEN #482 (12-22)

One day. It must be two days after UX 482 (1-11), since it is "two days" after UX 479 (4-22). The X-Men and Starjammers raid

the transport ship carrying Lilandra and they free her. As Darwin tries to smuggle Xavier off the star carrier, he discovers that

D'Ken is alive and taking over. Then an intruder alert sounds and guards approach.


The same day as UX 482 (12-22). It is "weeks" after UX 483-FB (2-5) and "days" after UX 483-FB (8-19). Vulcan and

Deathbird observe as the Shi'Ar hail the return of D'Ken. D'Ken meets with Vulcan in private, and, citing an arcane Shi'Ar law,

he asks Vulcan to wed Deathbird.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #25 (5-15:4)

One day, after CW:FL 11 (6-12). This segment must occur after BP4 26 (7-8) and probably after BLADE8 9. The press and throngs of picketers show up at the courthouse where Steve Rogers is scheduled to be arraigned. Both Sharon and Bucky are stationed among the crowd, following orders from Fury. Cap arrives, escorted by U.S. marshals. Under orders from the Red Skull and Faustus, a sniper shoots Cap and Sharon rushes toward him. Bare trees in New York.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #25 - FB (31:1-31:2)

The same day as CA5 25 (5-15). Sharon makes her way through the crowd to Cap.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #25 (15:5)

The same day as CA5 25-FB (31:1-31:2). Under Faustus' control, Sharon puts a gun to Cap's side.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #25 - FB (31:3-31:4) ~ CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #25 (15:6)

The same day as CA5 25 (15:5). Unseen by the crowd, Sharon shoots Cap three times.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #25 (16-32)

The same day as CA5 25 (15:6). This segment occurs before CW:FL 11 (14-15) and CW:I 1, "six days" before CA5 26, within a "week" before FS:DOCA 2 (6-22), and "weeks" before CA5 28 (1-9). According to Civil War: Fallen Son Daily Bugle Special, this segment occurs a "few months" after CW 1 (29-31). It must occur before NW4 1 (4-25) and FNSM 21. Snapped back out of Faustus' control and with no knowledge of her deed, Sharon holds Cap and shouts for help. Bucky rushes to the site of the sniper, only to discover that he's gone. Falcon arrives and attacks Bucky, thinking he shot Cap. They straighten things out as Sharon reports to Fury while escorting the emergency crew that takes Cap. Fury spots the sniper fleeing in a helicopter and dispatches Bucky to pursue it. Falcon flies Bucky to the chopper and Bucky shoots it, forcing Crossbones to evacuate. Bucky fights and defeats Crossbones. Bucky flees as Cape Killers arrive to arrest Crossbones. An ambulance rushes Cap and Sharon to the hospital, where Cap is pronounced DOA. Posing as a nurse, Sin relays a message from Faustus to Sharon that causes her to remember her shooting of Cap.


The same day as CA5 25 (16-32). Bushwacker takes a hostage in Times Square and volunteer patrolman Ian stands up to him.

When the real police and G.W. Bridge and his men arrive on the scene, Ian refuses to stand down and Bushwacker demands to

see the Punisher. Castle shows up and concludes that the whole set-up is a ruse by the law to lure him into the open. But when

Bushwacker gets out of control, Bridge is forced to take him down. As Castle leaves, everyone in Times Square sees TV news

coverage of Cap's assassination. The Helicarrier shown in this story is not the new Stark-designed one.


The same "night" as CA5 25 (16-32) and before CW:TC 1. SHIELD takes Cap's body from the hospital.


It must be the same night as CA5 25 (16-32). This story must occur before A4 28-FB, CW:BDR (13), and FS:DCA 3. It must be more than just "a couple of years" after IM 150. SHIELD Director Stark boards a Helicarrier (not the one he custom designed) to see the body of Captain America. Alone with the corpse, Stark walks through the events of the Civil War and breaks down, admitting that the costs of the war weren't worth the victory.


One night. Dressed in Nazi costumes reminiscent of Captain America's costume, Hate-Monger and his goons slaughter a bunch

of Mexicans attempting to cross over into the U.S. illegally.

Monday, March 14

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #26 - FB (2-4)

The day after CW:TC 1. It is "five days" before CA5 26. Aboard the helicarrier, Sharon Carter confronts Stark about the removal of Cap's body from the hospital, and she argues with him as they stand over the corpse of Steve Rogers, which has reverted to its frail state, the effects of the super soldier serum having worn off. After this, Sharon resigns from SHIELD.

ORDER v2 #2 - FB (9)

One day, after ORDER2 1-FB (25:3-25:5). It is "six weeks...give or take" before ORDER2 2. This flashback must occur after ORDER2 5-FB (22:2-22:5). Henry Hellrung and Pepper Potts visit Kate Kildare to get some public relations assistance for the Order.


Probably the rainy night of the day after PWJ2 6-FB (2-7). It is shortly after PWJ2 5. Aboard the Pericles III Helicarrier, Bridge

and Sitwell track the location of Castle and Clarke and deploy a squad of cape-killers to pursue them. A chase ensues, and Castle

and Clarke escape by driving off the Brooklyn Bridge and surfacing undetected. They go to a diner, where they see a newspaper

report about Hate-Monger. Castle resolves to go to Mexico by stolen car to take him down. The newspaper is dated Friday,

December 15, 2006, but this must be topical. Full moon.

Tuesday, March 15

NEW EXCALIBUR #17 (10-11)

One day, perhaps several days after XCAL4 17 (8-9). On "yet another day," Pete Wisdom tests Talia's ability to grasp as Sage

looks on.


One day. I have the Enforcers here between CW:WC 1 (36) and DD2 99. Elliot Franklin, the Clown, is back in prison at Leavenworth. There, he gets into a scuffle with the Enforcers, who must have been transferred here from Ryker's.


The same day as WWH:GC 2-FB (12-13). This flashback occurs before WWH:GC 4-FB (4:1-4:5). General Ryker approaches Elliot Franklin and offers to spring him from Leavenworth to be subjected to a experiment to take down the Hulk. Franklin agrees.

Wednesday, March 16


One day. It is probably more like two weeks, not "two days," before A4 28-FB. Ms. Marvel encounters Spider-Woman fighting the Grey Gargoyle and takes out the villain. Carol tells Jessica that "the war is over" and that she should work with the registered heroes. Jessica exclaims that "Captain America is dead," but Carol tells her that he's alive and "tucked away safe on the Raft." Jessica refuses to join Stark and flies away. Carol lets her go. Grey Gargoyle must escape to appear in NW4 1 (1-3). Green trees in a place with palm trees.


Probably the same day as CW:I-FB (23-30). This story occurs after CA5 25 (16-32) and before MA 1-FB (4-7). The splash panels on pages 11-12 must be apocryphal, as the Omega Flight team cannot be assembled yet, especially with Beta Ray Bill on the team; this story must occur before OF 1 (3-22). As Iron Man flies over Manhattan, he reviews footage of Langkowski's recruitment of Pointer. Below, the Thunderbolts (minus Songbird) battle and apprehend Hurricane II, an unregistered super-hero who's been active for "nine months, three days." The one-page portrait of the team may serve only as a symbolic splash page. Stark arrives at Avengers Tower, where Carol tells him about her encounter with Spider-Woman. Jarvis (now recovered from being shot in A4 25) greets Stark, who begins to think about a line-up for a new Avengers team.


One day, probably two days after PWJ2 6-FB (8-21) - as long as it takes to drive (probably non-stop) from New York to Mexico. Frank and Stuart arrive in the Southwest. A local reporter named Tati Arocha tries to investigate the story behind the killings.


The same day as PWJ2 7-FB (2-6). Stuart applies a Nazi symbol tattoo to Frank's arm.


The same day as WJ2 7-FB-FB. Frank poses as a white supremacist and insinuates himself into the Hate Monger's gang. Tati finds a slain woman and runs back to her place, where she encounters Stuart, with whom she had a relationship. Frank passes an initiation into the National Force by defeating a bull.

UNCANNY X-MEN #484 - FB (14)

One day. Lilandra tells Corsair of her plan to get her former rival, the banished Major-General Ka'Ardum, to join them in

opposing D'Ken. Corsair thinks it's a fool's errand.

UNCANNY X-MEN #484 - FB (5)

The same night as UX 484-FB (14). Rachel and Korvus are drawn to each other.

Thursday, March 17


The morning after PWJ2 7-FB (7-18). Aboard the SHIELD helicarrier, Stark fires Bridge as Sitwell and Hill look on. Bridge goes to a motel in Newark, where he offers a reward via the Internet for information leading to Castle's capture. Castle returns to Clarke's hotel room, only to find him there with Tati. Frank says the National Force is going on another raid and has them help him whip up a new mask and uniform that incorporate elements of Cap's costume. That night, the three of them go into the desert, and after Frank leaves the others, Clarke and Tati are attacked by the National Force. They grab Tati and Clarke flees. In his civilian garb, Frank is confronted by Hate-Monger.


One morning. This flashback occurs after CW:I 1 and must occur more than "four hours" before MA 1. This flashback must occur after CW 7-FB (25:2), CW 7-FB (23:3), IM4 21-FB (12:4-12:5), and ARES 5. Stark works on a new red and gold SHIELD Helicarrier and Carol Danvers notes that Stark has "super heroes working in all fifty states." Stark tells Carol that she'll be running a new Avengers team that they get to pick.


The same morning as MA 1-FB (4-7). Stark and Carol talk about forming a team, and when Spidey and Cage are mentioned,

Stark says that they're going to have to bring them in, and whispers that if they don't, SHIELD will.

MS. MARVEL v2 #13 - FB (7:1-7:4)

The same "morning" as MA 1-FB (12-14). Carol reacts to Stark's offer.


The same morning as MSM2 13-FB (7:1-7:4). Stark and Carol pick the Wasp.


The same morning as MA 1-FB (16:1). Stark and Carol pick Wonder Man.


The same morning as MA 1-FB (18:1). Stark picks the Sentry.


The same morning as MA 1-FB (20:1). Stark and Carol pick the Black Widow.


The same day as MA 1-FB (22:1). Carol suggests Ares as a team member.

MS. MARVEL v2 #13 (6-15)

The same day as MSM2 13-FB (7:1-7:4), and so it must be the same day as MA 1-FB (24). It is "five days" (the "week") after MSM2 13 (1-5) and "three days" before MSM2 14-FB (4), and so two days before MSM2 13-FB (17:2-17:4). MSM2 11 is referred to as having occurred "the other night." Carol meets with Sarah Day, who tells Carol she's lost sight of her goal in life. That night, Carol calls William and asks him out to dinner "Friday night." Despite her father's restraining order against Carol, Anya arrives at Carol's apartment and says she's recovering from her injuries. They talk about the incident with the Doomsday Man and Anya leaves. Carol sees Stark at Avengers Tower; it is the first time they've seen each other since Stark asked her to join the Avengers "this morning." Stark explains to Carol why he wants her to lead the new team. Carol asks for Stark's help in ensuring she can do more "to make a difference." She asks to choose SHIELD agents and registered heroes to form a strike team to make preemptive strikes against evildoers in her "off hours."

MS. MARVEL v2 #14 - FB - FB (3:2-3:3)

One day, probably a few days before MSM2 14-FB (4). Julia Carpenter is sighted at her parents' place in Colorado.

MS. MARVEL v2 #14 - FB (12:6)

The same day as MS2 14-FB-FB (3:2-3:3). Julia sees that her parents' place is deserted and assumes that the government

removed her family.


The day after UX 484-FB (5). It is "a week" after UX 479 (4-22) and "three days" before UX 485. The X-Men and the

Starjammers invade Asteroid H-12 and clear a path for Lilandra and Corsair to get to Ka'Ardum's cell. Lilandra talks Ka'Ardum

into joining her by appealing to his sense of honor. Communications from Asteroid H-12 are cut off, and D'Ken suspects

Lilandra's actions and prepares for war. "Hours later," as Lilandra and Ka'Ardum prepare for war and their teammates celebrate

a victory, Alex and Lorna share an intimate moment. D'Ken allows Vulcan to decide the fate of the captive Darwin, and Vulcan

spares his life. Darwin tells Vulcan he's a monster for the killing he's done. Vulcan asks Darwin to be the best man at his

wedding "in three days."


The same night as PWJ2 8-FB. The National Force takes Frank out to their desert outpost, and the atmosphere of hate there makes him want to kill. Clarke answers Bridge's online reward ad and calls Bridge.

Friday, March 18


It must be the day after MSM2 13 (6-15). This flashback must occur after MSM2 13 (6-15). Carol and Stark visit Ares at the

construction site where he works (where we see light clothing). They ask him to become an Avenger and he accepts for money.


The same day as MA 1-FB (25-27). It cannot be "66 minutes" before MA 1. Iron Man and Ms. Marvel recruit Wonder Man.


The same day as MA 2-FB (1-2). It cannot be "55 minutes" before MA 1. Iron Man and Ms. Marvel recruit the Sentry.


The same day as MA 2-FB (7-9). It cannot be "22 minutes" before MA 1. Iron Man and Ms. Marvel recruit the Black Widow.


The same day as MA 2-FB (16-17). This segment must occur before CW:BDR (34:1), FS:DOCA 2 (1-5), and A:TI 8-FB (4-5). It cannot be "14 minutes" before MA 1. Iron Man and Ms. Marvel recruit the Wasp. This segment occurs before MSM2 13-FB (17:2-17:4) if the formation of the Mighty Avengers precedes the launch of Operation: Lightning Storm, as suggested by Stark's remark in MSM2 13 that "the Mighty Avengers come first."


The day after PWJ2 9-FB (4-10). Bridge flies from New York to Phoenix, then drives into Mexico to meet up with Clarke, who tells Bridge about the National Force and their plans to go "out again tonight." At the National Force's outpost, Hate-Monger gives Frank an initiation assignment - kill Tati, which he does, among the Force's cheers. That night, the National Force heads out on their mission, and Castle dons his new costume and attacks the group.


The same night as PWJ2 8-FB. Sporting his Cap-based uniform, Punisher opens fire on the Hate-Monger's men.


The same night as PWJ2 6-FB (22:3). Punisher cuts down a bunch of National Force guys, but he's overpowered and subdued.


The same night (dusk in the West) as PWJ2 9-FB (20-21). Stripped of his new uniform, Castle is tied to a stake and Hate-Monger tells him he's going to die.


The same night as PWJ2 6. Hate-Monger puts Frank's Cap-inspired uniform back on him and gives him a nativist, racist speech. The villain prepares to have his National Force execute Frank.


The same night as PWJ2 7. Hate-Monger beats the staked Frank, and as he's about to shoot Castle, a follower points out that others are present.


The same night as PWJ2 8. A sniper opens fire and several of Hate Monger's men are hit. The sniper reveals himself as Bridge, who says he's arrived to arrest Castle.


The same night as PWJ2 9. Clarke sets off explosions at Hate Monger's compound, forcing the villain and his men to abandon Castle to Bridge. Bridge frees Castle and they head to the compound, where Punisher kills Hate Monger. Bridge contacts SHIELD to have them bring a squad, then he kills Hate Monger's boss. Bridge then lets Frank and Clarke go.


One night. Bucky probably appears here after W:O 15 (21-22). Logan believes Cap's death was a SHIELD deception. At the old barbershop front for SHIELD, he asks Winter Soldier to join him in raiding the SHIELD Helicarrier to identify Cap's body, but Bucky declines. Next, he enlists the aid of Daredevil (Matt Murdock), and the two steal aboard the Helicarrier, cloaked by an enchantment from Dr. Strange. They take a detour to Crossbones' cell, where Logan interrogates the villain about the assassination, but Daredevil stops Logan's abusive interrogation when he detects Crossbones knows nothing. Logan tells Daredevil to leave before the enchantment wears off. Full moon. The newspaper date of "...sday, July 19" must be topical.


The same night as FS:DOCA 1 (1-19). Iron Fist must appear here after IF5 14 and the Mighty Avengers must appear here after MA 2-FB (23). Iron Man contacts the Mighty Avengers, who are heading to the Maine coast to stop Tiger Shark, who threatens to summon sea monsters with the Horn of Gabriel. Stark notes that Logan popped up on the helicarrier's sensors "a few seconds ago" and suspects Strange is behind it. The Thing shows up at the Sanctum Sanctorum, where Strange is unconscious, his astral self elsewhere. Wong and the New Avengers greet Ben. The newspaper date of "...sday, July 19" must be topical.


The same night as FS:DOCA 2 (1-5). Logan confirms the identity of Cap's corpse, dressed in military garb in a flag-draped casket, elsewhere on board. The enchantment wears off and Iron Man confronts Logan. He notes, "Doctor Strange is going to have to learn that I'm getting tired of this little trick." Yellowjacket shows up and tries to prevent Logan from leaving, but Stark allows Logan to leave to tell others that Cap is indeed dead. Logan tells Stark that he'll kill him if he finds out he had anything to do with Cap's death.


The same night as FS:DOCA 1 (20-22). This segment may occur before CA5 26. The Thing plays poker with the New Avengers. Danny notes that "it's been a hard week," an indication that CA5 25 (16-32) occurred within the past week. Logan returns from the helicarrier and confirms that he saw Steve's dead body. He gets into a fight with Spidey. The Mighty Avengers battle the sea monsters and defeat Tiger Shark. Namor shows up and admonishes the Mighty Avengers and threatens to retaliate if the missiles housed nearby are pointed at Atlantis. He takes Tiger Shark into custody and leaves with the horn and the monsters. Full moon.


The same rainy night as FS:DOCA 2 (6-22). This story must occur after CW:TC 1 and before A4 30-FB. Clint Barton shows up at the abandoned Avengers Mansion and summons Iron Man. Stark takes him aboard the helicarrier and confirms his identity. Stark offers Clint Cap's shield and the chance to be the new Captain America. Clint dons a Cap costume and accompanies Iron Man on a call to a Manhattan gas station, where Patriot and the new Hawkeye subdue Firebrand. Iron Man moves to arrest the two heroes for violation of the Registration Act, but Kate fends him off with an EMP arrow that T'Challa gave her "a few weeks ago." Patriot notes that Luke is playing cards, but this isn't necessarily a reference to FS:DOCA 2. As they move to escape, Patriot and Kate run into Clint dressed as Cap. They give him a lecture about how wrong it is to assume Cap's identity and use his shield. When Iron Man returns, Clint lets the two Young Avengers go, hands Stark the shield, and criticizes registration. Stark warns Clint not to join Luke and Peter. Green grass and trees in New York. The newspaper date of "...sday, July 19" must be topical.


The same rainy night as FS:DOCA 3. Rhino must appear here after PWJ2 4 and probably before NW4 2-FB (3:1). Spidey visits the graves of his parents and Uncle Ben to mourn the loss of Cap. There, he encounters the Rhino, who is visiting his mother's grave. They fight, and Spidey subdues the villain. Logan shows up, after having argued with Spidey "a few hours ago." Spidey leaves him and heads to the bridge where Gwen died. Logan follows, and the two talk about death. Green grass in New York.

Saturday, March 19


The morning after PWJ2 10 (1-9). Bridge takes care of mop-up with a SHIELD squad. He gets a call; he believes it's Stark offering him his job back, which he will reject. Accompanied by Frank, Clarke begins a revenge spree to kill those involved in Tati's murder, unaware of Castle's involvement.


One day, perhaps after FF 544 (8-9). At Cap's funeral, pall bearers Thing, Rick Jones, T'Challa, Stark, Falcon, and Ms. Marvel carry the casket and Stark takes the podium to give a eulogy. Stark is at a loss for words. According to CW:BDR, Falcon had to register with the government to attend, and according to CA5 26, he makes a speech. According to the Civil War: Fallen Son Daily Bugle Special, this funeral occurs on a "Saturday." Green grass and trees and rain in Washington, DC.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #26 - FB (22:3-22:4)

The same day as as FSDCA 5 (1-4). Stark says, "-it wasn't...it wasn't supposed to be like this..."


The same rainy day as CA5 26-FB (22:3-22:4). Stark says, "it...wasn't supposed to be this way..." and freezes.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #26 - FB (22:6)

The same day as FS:DOCA 5 (4:6-4:7). Stark stands at the podium.


The same rainy day as CA5 26-FB (22:6). It is "three days" before FSDOCA 5 (18-23). Reed and Sue must be here after CW 7 (22-26). Stark walks away from the podium and Sam Wilson takes the stand and delivers an inspiring eulogy. Among those at the funeral are the Young Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Storm, T'Challa, Rick Jones, Dum Dum Dugan, the V-Battalion, Spitfire, Union Jack, Isaiah Bradley, Ms. Marvel, Yellowjacket, Wasp, She-Hulk, Sharon, and Jarvis. The New Avengers watch live TV coverage of the funeral.


The same "afternoon" as FS:DOCA 5 (5-17). It is "six days" (nine days) after CA5 25 (16-32), according to CA5 26. Funeral attendants stand over Cap's casket, which is now in the grave.

NEW WARRIORS v4 #2 - FB (3:1)

One day during the "month" before NW4 2 (1-9). Rhino probably appears here between FS:DOCA 4 and C&DP 36-FB. The cops find the Rhino webbed to a wall, courtesy of one of the new New Warriors


The same night as CA5 26-FB (22:6). It is "five days" (thirteen days) after CA5 26-FB (2-4), "six days" (fourteen days) after CA5 25 (16-32), and a "year" after CA5 14. This story must occur after A4 37 and may occur after FS:DOCA 2 (6-22). It occurs before WI?:CW 1. On the way to Cap's wake (following the funeral), Sharon Carter talks to Val de la Fontane about her argument with Stark. At the wake, Sharon sees Sam Wilson, Dum Dum Dugan, the Thing, Rick Jones, Carol Danvers, and Simon Williams. Sharon retreats to the ladies' room and cries. Falcon leaves the wake and flies over a candlelight vigil in Central Park. Red Skull and Sin view the TV coverage of the vigil, then the Skull has an argument of egos with Faustus and Arnim Zola shows them his progress on studying Doom's time travel technology. The Skull tells Faustus he's like him to join a meeting with the Secretary of the Treasury that Lukin's having "this afternoon" (it must be tomorrow afternoon). Falcon goes to an undisclosed location to attend a "secret wake" with the New Avengers - Cage, Iron Fist, black-costume Spidey, Spider-Woman, Ronin (Barton), Patriot, Hawkeye II, Night Nurse, and Jessica Jones and her "nursing" baby. Then Falcon meets up with the Winter Soldier in a bar, where Bucky busts heads over a disparaging remark a patron makes about Cap. Bucky sees a TV recording of Stark giving his speech at Cap's funeral and thinks that he must kill Stark. Green trees in New York.

THOR v3 #1 (20-24)

One day, perhaps months after T3 1 (8-19). Thor, as Blake, finds himself in Oklahoma, where he rents a room. Green grass and trees and hot weather (enough to make air conditioning an option) in Oklahoma.

NEW EXCALIBUR #17 (12-13)

One night, perhaps a few days after XCAL4 17 (10-11). On "yet another night," Sage challenges Talia to use her powers, but

Talia is afraid.

MOON KNIGHT ANNUAL #1 - FB (15-19:3)

One night during the full moon after MK@ 1-FB (14:5-14:6). This flashback may occur after MK5 13. The rapist's second victim jumps off her roof, and she's saved by Moon Knight.


The same night as MK@ 1-FB (15-19). The rapist's first victim looks him up on the Internet.

MOON KNIGHT ANNUAL #1 - FB (21-23:1)

The same night as MK@ 1-FB (7). The third woman is picked up by the rapist and they hit the town.


The same night as MK@ 1-FB (21-23). The rapist's first victim sees the rapist in a restaurant with the third woman and she beats him up.


The same night as MK@ 1-FB (8). The rapist and the third woman leave the restaurant.

The same night as MK@ 1-FB (23:5). This flashback may occur before MK 14. The third woman and the rapist go to another restaurant and he's eventually attacked by Moon Knight. During the fight, the third woman passes out from the drugs the rapist gave her.

Sunday, March 20: Vernal Equinox


The day after MK@ 1-FB (24-28). The rapist's third victim wakes up at her place.

MS. MARVEL v2 #13 - FB (17:2-17:4)

One morning. It must be two days after MSM2 13 (6-15). Despite Stark's remark in MSM2 13 that "the Mighty Avengers come first," this segment probably occurs before MA 1. At nine forty-five AM," Ms. Marvel and a contingent of SHIELD operatives attack and destroy an AIM base in Indiana.

MS. MARVEL v2 #13 (16-17)

The same day as MSM2 13-FB (17:2-17:4). Stark reports to "Commander" Maria Hill the use of SHIELD agents for Ms.

Marvel's strike force, just as Sarah Day's televised press conference about Carol's AIM raid and the launch of Operation:

Lightning Storm hits the airwaves.

NEW EXCALIBUR #17 (14-15)

The day after XCAL4 17 (12-13). Alison encourages Talia as she gives her a sponge bath. Cain brings food for Talia, who

confesses her inability to remember names.

THOR v3 #2 (1-18)

Perhaps the day after T3 1 (20-24). Blake drives outside of the Oklahoma town in which he is boarding and turns into Thor. He takes command of a thunderstorm and re-creates Asgard. The cops arrive and tell Thor he can't build on ground he doesn't own, so Thor raises the whole city several feet above the ground. That night, he realizes the city is nothing without its people. It is a "Sunday."


One day, probably after Rhino's arrest following NW4 2-FB (3:1). Rhino escapes a prison transport train in Georgia.


The same day as C&DP 36-FB. It is "two weeks" after C&DP 36 (10-21). I have Wade here before DP/GLI 1 (3-18). At his Manhattan apartment, Wade watches a TV news report on Rhino's escape. Seeing that a reward is offered for Rhino's capture, Wade decides to be a super-hero.


One day, "three days" after UX 484. Vulcan and Deathbird are wed, and before Xavier can be publicly executed, the X-Men,

Starjammers, Lilandra, Korvus, and Ka'Ardum attack and the Imperial Guard counter. As the battle rages, Vulcan casts Xavier

into the M'Kraan Crystal and Darwin leaps in after him. D'Ken prepares to kill Lilandra, but he is slain by Vulcan, who claims

the Shi'Ar throne. Jahf watches these events BTS, as noted in WI?:XRFSE 1.

UNCANNY X-MEN #486 (1-22)

The same day as UX 485. This segment occurs "months" after HOM:DA 1 (3-31) and "two days" before UX 486 (23-24) and must occur after NX 40 and before X:EV 1 (1). Vulcan kills Corsair and an enraged Havok attacks his brother. Korvus slashes Deathbird's wings, distracting Vulcan, and Alex and Lorna press the attack, injuring the new emperor. Darwin finds Xavier inside the M'Krann Crystal and escapes it with the professor in tow. Kurt and Lilandra get the injured Darwin and Xavier, his powers now restored, back to their ship for medical attention, while Hepzibah and Proudstar go with them to retrieve weapons. Lilandra teleports planet-side to aid in the battle, having mucked with the ship's computer to prevent those aboard from following her. Kurt and company can't prevent the ship from jumping out of that sector of space. Seeing Vulcan's condition, Deathbird orders a retreat and they depart with the Imperial Guard. Lilandra arrives and, after burying his father, Alex finds himself the leader of a group - consisting of Korvus, Rachel, Cho'd, Raza, and Lorna - who vow to bring Vulcan to justice. The ship carrying Kurt, James, Hepzibah, and a revived Xavier and Darwin crash lands on earth.

Monday, March 21

MOON KNIGHT ANNUAL #1 - FB (9\p2-9:5)

The day after MK@ 1-FB (29:1). Two police officers approach the rapist's first victim and show her pictures of her attacker.


One day, many "weeks" after A:TI 8-FB (2-3). This flashback must occur after MA 2-FB (23) and before FF 544-FB and A:TI 1 (1-3). Stark, Reed, and Pym conduct a press conference on the groundbreaking of Camp Hammond in Stamford. Appearing here are Black Widow, Justice, Sentry, Invisible Woman, Ms. Marvel, Nighthawk, Ares, Wasp, Wonder Man, Gargoyle, and Thing.

NEW X-MEN v2 #37 - FB (15-17)

One day, "weeks" before NX 37-FB (19-21). Belasco returns to Limbo and is confronted by a horde of demons.


One day, "three weeks" before C&DP 38 (7-8). Agent X storms a Hydra base to retrieve an experimental morphogenic actuator,

but he is zapped by the machine, which gives him a debilitating case of advanced degenerative arthritis.

CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE #11 (15:4-24)

One day, nine days after CW:FL 11 (14:1-14:3) - I interpret the "day ten" as a reference to the start of frontlines.com, not the end of the Civil War. Ben Urich and Sally Floyd visit Tony Stark in Stark Tower. They confront him with the evidence they've gathered to prove that Stark was manipulating events, including the Osborn/Atlantis affair, to boost pro-registration support and encourage recruitment. They swear never to tell the story and after they leave, Stark breaks down.


One rainy day, between CA5 26 and FS:DOCA 5 (18-23). I have placed Stark here right after CW:FL 11 (15-24). Tony Stark visits the monument dedicated to Cap. There, he is approached by a "stranger" (perhaps Uatu) who shows him two alternate realities stemming from events in Civil War.

MS. MARVEL v2 #14 - FB (4)

The day (dusk?) after MSM2 13-FB (17:2-17:4). It is "two days" before MSM2 14. MSM2 14-FB-FB (3:2-3:3) is noted as

having occurred "the other day." Carol visits Stark at his office and asks him to help her find and help Julia Carpenter. Stark

feels that Carol's guilt is making her lose focus, but he agrees to help.

NEW EXCALIBUR #17 (16-22)

The night of the day ("the following night") after XCAL4 17 (14-15). It is almost "a fortnight" after XCAL4 16 (11-23). Sage

allows Talia to possess her body, which enables Talia to experience a night on the town and exercise. Talia redoes Sage's hair

and goes out, but as she exercises her agility, she starts to freeze up and Sage retakes possession of her body in mid-air. Brian

saves the two from falling. Brian and Sage return Talia to the hospital, where the rest of the team gathers and assures her she has

their support during the road to recovery. Full moon.


One night. Morbius lies around the floor of an old church, trying to ignore an imaginary bat that represents his need for blood. A couple of heroin junkies are also there and one of them, Gillie, offers Morbius a can of chilli to help him feel better. Another junkie, Roxy, overdoses, and her boyfriend Matthew urges Morbius, whom they know to be a vampire, to bite her and save her life. Morbius fights against the junkie's instance and his own inner demons, but finally gives in and feasts on the girl. Roxy awakens, but thanks to being brain-dead for too long, she's become a mindless vampire. She kills Matthew and Franz, but when she goes to kill Gillie, Morbius breaks out of his depressive funk and saves the girl who showed him compassion earlier. He breaks Roxy's neck and saves Gillie, but she refuses to be near him again. So Morbius departs, and has a heart-to-heart with his inner imaginary bat some more. Full moon.

Tuesday, March 22


One day, "three days" after FS:DOCA 5 (5-17). This segment must occur after WI?:CW 1 and before SUBM3 1-FB. Iron Man, Yellowjacket, and the Wasp delivers Cap's real corpse to the arctic, where they meet up with Namor, who notes "the current tensions between Atlantis and the surface world." They drop Cap's casket into the ocean.

UNCANNY X-MEN #486 (23-24)

One day, "two days" after UX 486 (1-22). This segment must occur before WWH:X 1-FB (1), CA5 28 (1-9), NX 42, and X:ES 1. In UX 492, Scott refers to this segment as having occurred "last month," but it may be two months before. Surrounded by his new team aboard a spacecraft, Alex contacts Xavier and Beast at the Xavier Institute to let them know that they're staying in space to restore Lilandra to the Shi'Ar throne, and that if they fail to stop Vulcan, he believes the new emperor will send an armada to earth.


One day, not long after CW 7 (7-22). This flashback must occur after CW 7-FB (25:2) and CW 7 (22-26) and probably after BP4 26-FB (3-5) and A:TI 8-FB (4-5). Reed Richards, T"Challa (in Black Panther garb), and Tony Stark (in SHIELD garb) find fourteen undetonated bombs in the rubble of the Wakandan Embassy. Stark, who hasn't talked to Reed "since Cap turned himself in," asks Reed to request that T'Challa return to Wakanda and let things settle down. Reed tells Stark he will not do so and agrees with T'Challa's position on the militarization of super-beings. Reed tells Stark he's leaving town for a while with Sue to work on their marriage; I theorize that Reed and Sue have already agreed to go away, that they've set up a night out to discuss details, that they haven't told Ben and Johnny yet because they haven't decided what to do about the FF, that this scene in the rubble gives Reed the idea to ask T'Challa and Storm to fill in.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #26 (9-10)

One day, shortly after FF 544-FB. At the U.N., Ororo shows her impatience with diplomacy as she discusses in vain an alliance with representatives of OPEC nations. T'Challa checks in and Storm reports on her progress talking to representatives of several other nations. T'Challa tells her they have "a dinner tonight."

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 (1-26)

The same night as BP4 26 (9-10). This segment occurs after CW 7 (22-26). "It's Tuesday night...the anniversary of the first manned faster-than-light space flight and the birth of America's first family of adventure," so it's the same calendar day as FF 1-FB (9-13). Ben learns that Valeria learned to talk while he was in Paris; this would make her a late bloomer if my estimate that it's almost her third birthday is correct. Ben, Johnny, Franklin, and Valeria watch a Lateline TV special on the FF, which mentions "the recent surrender of Captain America," but not his death, although that doesn't necessarily mean that Cap isn't dead at this point. In the Fantasticar, Sue and Reed, dressed for dinner, have a heart-to-heart talk about the current state of their relationship. Full moon.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #26 (11-12)

The same night as FF 543 (1-26). Reed and Sue have dinner with T'Challa and Ororo (dressed in formal garb) at Tavern on the

Green. The clothes Reed and Sue wear here are different from the ones they wear in FF 543; this may be attributed to artistic

error. Reed asks T'Challa and Ororo to relocate the Wakandan Embassy to the Baxter Building and take his and Sue's places on

the FF while they take time off to work on their relationship. T'Challa and Ororo accept the invitation. Green trees in New


FANTASTIC FOUR #543 (27-29:3)

The same night as BP4 26 (11-12). As the Lateline broadcast ends, Reed and Sue return to the Baxter Building and tell Ben and

Johnny they're leaving the team to work on their marriage.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #26 (13-14:1)

The same night as FF 543 (27-29). Reed tells Ben and Johnny that he's found replacements for Sue and him on the team. Ben

and Johnny are wearing different clothes from those shown in FF 543; this may be attributed to artistic error.

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 (29:4-30)

The same night as BP4 26 (13-14). After dropping hints, Reed introduces new FF members, the Black Panther and Storm, who

have changed into their costumes.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #26 (14:2)

The same night as FF 543 (29-30). Reed says, "I believe you know King T'Challa and Queen Ororo of Wakanda."


The same night as BP4 26 (14:2). In deep space, a mystery being forces a chrysalis to mature but then hides when Stardust

arrives in the area. Stardust reports to Sentinel that he has lost the trail. In the Baxter Building, Reed explains the decision to

have T'Challa and Ororo stay with the FF for their safety.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #26 (14:3-14:6)

The same night as FF 544 (1-7). Ben tells Reed the decision is a "classy move."

Wednesday, March 23

BLACK PANTHER v4 #26 - FB (16-18)

Probably the day after BP4 26 (14:3-14:6). This segment must be a flashback that occurs out of sequence, since 16:1 is shown

as a taped scene on page 15. Jericho Drumm probably appears here before A4 29-FB (14-21). Wakandan workers decorate the

Baxter Building with Wakandan art. T'Challa (in costume) asks Ben what Reed's fastest aircraft is. Ben and Johnny are still in

their blue FF costumes. "Meanwhile in Wakanda," Brother Voodoo tries to locate the Cannibal, and Wakandan advisors, fearing

the American naval ships offshore, try to get T'Challa's sister to take charge.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #26 - FB (15:3, 15:5)

Probably the same day as FF 544-FB (16-18). Reed speaks at an FF press conference about opening his home to T'Challa and

Ororo, who are in costume.


The same day as BP4 26-FB (15:5). T'Challa takes the podium at the press conference and discusses the relocation of the Wakandan Embassy to the Baxter Building and his activity in the U.S. Ben and Johnny are now wearing the "black" versions of their costumes, Reed notes that he and Sue are taking time off, and Sue notes that "it's been a very stressful year for us." Ororo notes that she and T'Challa will assist Ben and Johnny as "guests" of the FF. Later, Ororo and Johnny (back in civilian garb) watch the press conference in a TV news report and Ororo talks about her role as a queen.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #26 (15)

Probably the same day as FF 544 (8-9). TV news pundits discuss Reed's actions regarding T'Challa.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #26 (19)

Probably the same day as BP4 26 (15). A hawk in the State Department questions Reed's motives and tells Everett Ross that he

intends to make an example of Wakanda for messing with the U.S. Bare tree branches in Washington, DC.


One day. This story occurs before X 200/2 and must occur after X 486 (23-24), as Xavier has his powers. It arguably occurs "three weeks" before X 204/2 (1-4). Xavier, Scott, Emma, Hank, Kurt, Logan, Sam, Bobby, Cecily, Laura, Rahne, Jamie, Julio, and Bishop attend a funeral for the mutant Landru boy, as does Sebastian Shaw, disguised as an old man. They ponder death and the possible extinction of mutantkind. Bare and leafy trees and green grass.

MS. MARVEL v2 #13 (18-21)

One night. It must be two days after MSM2 14-FB (4). Carol shows Wonder Man around the SHIELD minicarrier that Stark

gave to Carol for Operation: Lightning Storm. She introduces Simon to Agents Locke, Baines, and Sum, who have tracked the

whereabouts of Julia Carpenter to Brooklyn, where Anya quits her fast food job. As she leaves the restaurant, she encounters an

angry Archne, who demands to know where her daughter is. Waning crescent moon.

MS. MARVEL v2 #14

The same night as MSM2 13 (18-21). It is "two days" after MSM2 14-FB (4) and "three weeks" after MSM2 14-FB-FB (1-2).

This story must occur before OF 1 (3-22). Arachne attacks Arana. Carol and Simon arrive at the restaurant, only to find that Arana has defeated Arachne. Julia awakens aboard the minicarrier and Carol apologizes. Julia insists that Carol was responsible for taking Rachel away from her, and they both discover that Rachel is missing because Julia's parents moved away voluntarily. Simon apologizes to Julia, but Julia tells him to shut up. Arana shows up to help, despite her father's restraining order. "20 minutes later," Operation: Lightning Storm agents locate Julia's family in Ohio, and "within the hour," they arrive at the family's new home. Julia removes Rachel from the home over her father's objections. Carol, Simon, and Anya allow Julia to take Rachel.

BTS, Stark flips when he hears of Rachel's abduction, but Julia strikes a deal to join Omega Flight in return for a full pardon and

custody of Rachel. Under orders from Modok, AIM agents recover a hidden DNA bomb in Anderson, Indiana. Green grass and

trees in Indiana and Ohio. Waning crescent moon.

Thursday, March 24

FANTASTIC FOUR #544 (10-13)

One day, shortly after BP4 26 (19). It is "not long" after BEYOND 5. This segment may occur after FS:DOCA 5 (5-17). Ben and T'Challa (back in civilian garb) observe as Wakandan workers continue to redecorate the Baxter Building. Ben notes that Reed and Sue have left for Titan. Michael Collins arrives to talk with T'Challa and W'Kabi verifies that Collins is the former Deathlok. "Shortly," T'Challa, Ororo, Ben, and Johnny (all back in costume, with the latter two wearing their new "black" FF duds) examine Gravity's disturbed grave with Collins. They decide to see the Watcher for answers. Green trees in New York.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #26 (20:1-20:2)

The same day as FF 544 (10-13). Back at the Baxter Building, the new FF (along with a BTS Collins) strap in to one of Reed's

spacecraft. T'Challa's mask is on.

FANTASTIC FOUR #544 (14:1-14:4)

The same day as BP4 26 (20:1-20:2). The spacecraft blasts off from the Baxter Building. T'Challa, now with his mask down

and wearing shades, marvels at Reed's genius in space travel.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #26 (20:3-22)

The same day as FF 544 (14:1-14:4). The spacecraft leaves Manhattan. A swarm of bug creatures storms the Negative Zone

prison and enter the portal to the Baxter Building.

FANTASTIC FOUR #544 (14:5-22)

The same day as BP4 26 (20-22). It is "a few weeks" before FF 549. The new FF and Collins arrive at the Watcher's place on the moon. T'Challa threatens Uatu with the Ultimate Nullifier to make him speak, and Uatu alludes to the destiny of T'Challa's and Ororo's children. Uatu grants the five access to the Cyclopedia Universum, in which Ben finds the coordinates of Gravity's body. The five jet to the coordinates, only to find Epoch, who is worried that he will be discovered by "the herald." Just then, the Silver Surfer arrives.


The same day as FF 544 (14-22). Reed and Sue rocket to Titan, where Mentor has arranged for them to stay in his "winter home." The new FF battle the Surfer and Stardust. T'Challa suggests collecting Greg's body and moving on, but Ororo convinces him to help Epoch and take a stand against Galactus. Epoch resurrects Gravity and imbues him with the power of the Protector of the Universe so that Greg can pick up where Wendell left off. Galactus arrives and T'Challa leaves with Collins aboard the FF's spacecraft, seemingly abandoning his teammates. As Ben squares off against the Surfer, Gravity arrives.

FANTASTIC FOUR #546 (1-21)

The same day as FF 545. On Titan, ISAAC informs Reed and Sue of an unidentified object heading for earth. Collins and T'Challa pilot their craft through foldspace to Wakanda, where they pick up King Solomon's frogs and some equipment pre-selected by T'Challa as part of his "Galactus contingency plan." In space, the rest of the FF and Gravity battle the Surfer and Stardust. Collins and T'Challa use the frogs to teleport back and join the fray. The Panther uses his a high-tech harness to absorb the Surfer's power cosmic. He has the Torch don the harness and use the power to attack the de-powered Surfer. To save Epoch, Gravity feeds his Protector of the Universe powers to Galactus. Sated, Galactus agrees to leave Epoch alone. A grateful Epoch offers to re-create Gravity's chrysalis and return the Protector power, but Gravity declines the offer and Epoch agrees to search for another Protector. The heroes gather around the frogs and they teleport away. Greg Willis is "nineteen."

BLACK PANTHER v4 #27 (1:1-1:2)

The same day as FF 546 (1-21). The Baxter Building is seen.

FANTASTIC FOUR #546 (22:1)

The same day as BP4 27 (1:1-1:2). The FF, Collins, and Gravity return to the Baxter Building.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #27 (1:3-2:1)

The same day as FF 546 (22:1). The Thing is glad to be home.

FANTASTIC FOUR #546 (22:2-22:6)

The same day as BP4 27 (1-2). Gravity, who retains his original powers, flies off to go back home.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #27 (2:2-22)

The same day as FF 546 (22:2-22:6). The FF settle back in at the Baxter Building. During the bug invasion of Prison 42, a big bug escapes from the Negative Zone into the Baxter Building. The FF battle the creature. Maria Hill radios in and offers to send backup, but T'Challa refuses help. In Wakanda, G'Mal observes the fleet offshore and tries to get Shuri to take action, and when she refuses, G'Mal proposes checking out the warships under cover of night. To eliminate the threat of the big bug, T'Challa uses a frog to teleport the bug and the FF. They end up in the Marvel Zombieverse, where they face Skrulls and a team of Marvel super-hero zombies.


The same day as BP4 27 (2-22). The Thing defeats the big bug and the FF get into the middle of a battle between the zombies and the Zombieverse Skrulls. The FF have a skirmish with a quartet of Skrulls with FF powers and conclude that they're in another reality when the Lyja they meet doesn't recognize them. The FF offer to help the Skrulls fight the zombies.


The same day as BP4 28. The FF, the Skrulls, the zombies, and the big bug all battle. The quartet of Skrulls with FF powers are killed and become zombies themselves.


The same day as BP4 29. The FF defeat the quartet of Skrull zombies, then the Marvel super-hero zombies return and the FF teleport away. The zombies decide to make like Galactus and eat the whole planet. When they detect the planet starting to fall apart, the FF teleport again, only to encounter the giant bug. The planet explodes.


The same day as BP4 30. The FF find themselves in a world in which a version of Psycho-Man has them prisoner. He tries to mess with T'Challa's and Storm's minds, but the heroes defeat the villain and the frogs teleport the FF to a 1920s-like world, where they are subdued by Skrull gangsters.


The same day as BP4 31. The frogs disappear, leaving the FF stranded on the Skrull gangster world. The gangsters and their monsters battle the FF. Thing and Torch are clamped with slave harnesses and T'Challa orders Ororo to retreat. The gangsters and monsters surround the Panther.


The same day as BP4 32. Storm flies to the gangster world's Harlem, where she encounters Skrull imitators of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, who runs a rival Skrull gang, the Black Panthers. Meanwhile, the mobsters throw Johnny, then T'Challa into their arena to fight intergalactic monsters. Each hero wins his battle, and T'Challa discovers that his triumph is seen as a victory for the Black Panthers, who he is believed to represent. Ororo allies with the Panthers. The mobsters set up the Thing and T'Challa to battle each other by threatening earth with a planet-smasher.


The same day as BP4 33. This story must occur before UX 487 (6-22) and DP/GLI 1 (3-18), shortly before FF 547, and probably before NW4 2 (1-9).

X-MEN v2 #200/2

One day, after X:ES 1. Desperate for a way to reverse the effects of M-Day, Beast resorts to bargaining with villains to help find a solution. Among those he contacts are Kavita Rao, Pandemic, Modok, Arnim Zola, Sugar Man, Mr. Sinister, High Evolutionary, Spiral, and Dr. Doom.

UNCANNY X-MEN #488/2 - FB (4:2-4:7)

The same day as X 200/2. Doom, Zola, Pandemic, Sugar Man, and Sinister all decline the Beast's offer.

UNCANNY X-MEN #488/2 - FB (5:2)

The same day as UX 488/2-FB (4:2-4:7). Rao tells Beast to come see her in "three days," so it is probably three days before NX 40/2 (2-8).

UNCANNY X-MEN #488/2 - FB (5:4)

The same day as UX 488/2-FB (5:2). Spiral considers the Beast's offer.

UNCANNY X-MEN #488/2 - FB (5:6)

The same day as UX 488/2-FB (5:4). The High Evolutionary provides a response that piques the Beast's interest.


One night, shortly after PWJ2 10 (20-22). At a psychiatric hospital in New York, Jigsaw and xxxx mold a young patient named Ian into a killing machine with psychotropic drugs, electroshock, and counseling. Stark visits Bridge on his houseboat in the Everglades. Bridge talks about his hatred for Castle, admits to a spiritual crisis, and confesses that he let him go. Stark offers him a job and Bridge asks for his crew. Castle rendezvouses with Winter Soldier in Washington, DC to ask him what inspired him to don a Cap-like costume. They fight, and Castle gives Bucky the costume and the keys to a dead drop containing Cap's mask. Green grass and trees in Washington.

Friday, March 25


Perhaps the day after UX 488/2-FB (5:6) if not the same day. Unable to reach Wyndham to follow up, the Beast goes to Transia and climbs Wundagore Mountain to see him, only to encounter the Knights of Wundagore.

X-FACTOR v3 #21/2

The same day as UX 488/2. The Beast battles the Knights of Wundagore until the High Evolutionary grants him an audience. Wyndham tells the Beast his research is doomed to failure and says that he told his "colleague" as much "when he came here." Snow Queen escorts the Beast away.

NEW X-MEN v2 #40/2 (1)

The same day as XF3 21/2. Beast comes down off Wundagore Mountain, where it is snowing. According to McCoy's field journal, it is "June 19th."

OMEGA FLIGHT #1 (3-22)

One school day. This segment must occur after CW:INIT 1 and probably after S-H4 16. Agent Brown shows up at a school at which Walter Langkowski is speaking. Aboard a SHIELD Helicarrier, Brown asks Langkowski to head up Omega Flight. Brown notes that people in the U.S. are "warring among themselves" and that "we don't have the Avengers anymore" - these statements should not be interpreted to mean that the Civil War is not over, since Brown notes that Stark "heads up SHIELD" and has put U.S.Agent and Arachne on the team; it may, however, be an indication that this story occurs before MA 1 (1-3). Walter balks when Brown shows him that Michael Pointer has been selected as well. As Sasquatch, Walter goes to recruit Talisman, who is at the Sarcee First Nations Festival. Elizabeth declines, opting to maintain her responsibilities to her tribe. Meanwhile, the Wrecking Crew crosses over into Canada. That rainy night, as Walter ponders the state of the new team, he receives a phone call about the Wrecking Crew busting up a bar and killing patrons. Sasquatch engages the Crew in battle but finds himself on the ropes.


One day. This segment must occur after A:TI 8-FB (4-5). In Iraq, Gyrich recruits the Gauntlet to train super-humans at Camp Hammond.


One day. The Headmen steal a Doombot from a young boy named Billy.


One day, "weeks" before A:TI@ 1/3-FB (6-7). Upset at the deteriorating condition of his brother, a former unlimited class wrestler given powers that rendered him a freak by Jackson Curtis, Roger Brokeridge attempts to kill the Power Broker, but Jackson offers him the ability to provide for his suffering family. Roger accepts the offer and undergoes a treatment that gives him powers. Green grass and trees in southern California.

THOR v3 #3

One day, shortly after T3 2 (19-24). This story must occur before A4 36 (21-22) and so quite likely before A4 28-FB. It probably occurs before T3 5-FB (21-22). Thor goes to New Orleans, where he encounters Iron Man. Stark tells Thor to move Asgard and register, but Thor is pissed about Civil War and the Thor clone, so he utterly defeats Shellhead and tells him to leave him be. Seeing Thor's raw power, Stark offers to have Asgard given diplomatic immunity and dispensation from the Registration Act. Thor agrees and leaves to meet a man bitter about Hurricane Katrina. Thor exorcizes Heimdall from the man. Stark returns to SHIELD HQ with his destroyed armor, for which a replacement will be ready "within the hour." He detects a second being on Asgard and lets it go.

PUNISHER v7 #44 - FB (7:4-8:1)

One school day. Detective Budianski reports to a school shooting and heads inside against orders.

PUNISHER v7 #44 - FB (8:4-9:3)

The same day as PUN7 44-FB (7:4-8:1). Budianski makes his way through the school and kills the shooter.


The same night as PUN7 44-FB (8-9). This story occurs the "year" after PUN7 42 (16-22). The Punisher finds out where a child pornography ring is. Elsewhere, a group of mob widows (Anabella, Bonnie, Lorraine, Barbi, and Shauna) meet and plan to kill the Punisher; revenge for him killing their husbands. Elsewhere, Jenny, sister to Anabella, picks up a date in a bar, then beats the crap out of him because she can't feel anything. The widows chat about the Punisher and finalize their plan to kill him. Jenny plans to kill the mob wives. Coat weather in New York, where breath can be seen.
PUNISHER v7 #44 (1-6)

The same night as PUN7 43. The Punisher goes to the child pornographers' house and kills the parents. He calls the police, leaving the children for them.

Saturday, March 26


One morning. In Brooklyn, Ian McNee makes a plea to Oshtur, who gives him an assignment to restore ancient Egyptian magician Heka-Nut by collecting four talismans named in tarot cards, starting with the Ace of Swords.

PUNISHER v7 #44 (7-22)

The day after PUN7 44 (1-6). Budianski is questioned over his actions yesterday. Elsewhere, the mob widows continue to go over paperwork on the Punisher. Budianski finishes his trauma therapy and goes home to his wife. Later, the mob wives go over their plan over dinner, and Jenny spies on them in the background.


The day after OF 1 (3-22). This story must occur after MSM2 14. Agent Brown reports to Talisman that Sasquatch took on the Wrecking Crew by himself and is now missing. The Crew throw Sasquatch in a hole under a secluded mountain cabin, then head to Toronto to rob the Royal Ontario Museum. In Toronto, U.S.Agent fights a muscular female perp who's defeated by Arachne. When the Crew arrives at the museum, a young man is there, having been drawn to Toronto by dreams. Brown brings Talisman to Ottawa, where they have a teleconference with Iron Man and Ms. Marvel. Stark (who is "the newly appointed director of SHIELD") and Talisman argue about registration, then Arachne arrives with daughter Rachel, followed by U.S.Agent, who is introduced to Talisman as the temporary leader of Omega Flight. Following him, much to Talisman's shock, is Michael Pointer, restrained and suited up as Guardian. Green grass and trees in Canada. Full moon.


The same day as OF 2. Talisman is enraged that Pointer is the new Guardian and refuses to work with him. Pointer cries. A TV report on the Wrecking Crew's museum attack sends U.S.Agent and Arachne into action. The Wrecking Crew break through a wall at the museum and enter a dimensional portal, where they encounter Tanaraq, who they agreed to free. Tanaraq gives the Crew tremendous power and charges them with destroying the world alongside the Great Beasts. Simon Walters, the young man who was drawn to Toronto, enters the scene and transforms into Beta Ray Bill. He battles the Wrecking Crew and falls.


The same day as OF 3. U.S.Agent, Arachne, and Talisman battle the Great Beasts and the Wrecking Crew in Toronto. They are joined by the revived Beta Ray Bill, but a crazed Sasquatch enters the fray on the side of the Beasts. Rachel frees Pointer from captivity so he can help her mom in battle. The new Guardian arrives and Sasquatch grabs him by the neck. Facing death, Pointer refuses to kill Walter to defend himself, but Sasquatch has no such reservation.

OMEGA FLIGHT #5 (1-18)

The same day as OF 4. Beta Ray saves Pointer, and as Omega Flight battles the Wrecking Crew, Talisman manages to reach Walter within the possessed Sasquatch and together they trap Tanaraq inside Shaman's bag. The Crew lose its power, and the Great Beasts come for the bag. Beta Ray Bill grabs the bag and leads the beasts toward the dimensional rift. Pointer goes to his aid and is forced to close the portal after Bill leads the beasts into their dimension. The Crew is defeated, and both Talisman and Sasquatch recognize Pointer's valor and accept his assumption of the Guardian identity. Green trees in Toronto.


The same day as OF 5 (1-18). Sasquatch and Talisman assist in cleaning up in the wake of the battle. Green trees in Toronto.

CIVIL WAR #7 - FF (24:2)

Perhaps the same day as OF 5-FB. I interpret this panel (if it's not apocryphal) as a flash-forward that must occur after OF 5. Members of Omega Flight are thanked. U.S.Agent and Talisman appear, but the presence of Beta Ray Bill in this panel must be incorrect.

OMEGA FLIGHT #5 (19-22)

Perhaps the same day as OF 5-FB. This segment occurs "four weeks" before MCP2 1/4 (1) and must occur before CW 7-FB (24:2) and CW:INIT 1-FB (3-10). Arachne watches as Guardian trains. Talisman returns home by bus. U.S.Agent busts heads. Beta Ray Bill battles demons in the other dimension.

Sunday, March 27


One day. It must be more than just "a month" after A4 27-FB-FB (2:3-2:4). Maya Lopez writes an e-mail to Matt Murdock that

summarizes her life as Ronin in Tokyo. She apparently writes this as she prepares for a mission that she expects to fail,

anticipating her death and the Hand's attempt to bring her back to life as one of their own.

PUNISHER v7 #45 - FB (5-6)

The day after PUN7 44 (7-22). The mob widows try to figure out what the Punisher would want to attack, so Bambi offers to sleep with Tony Pizzo to find out what's happening. Jenny spies on them.

NEW AVENGERS #27 (6-16:3)

Probably the same day as A4 27-FB. It is "three days" before A4 27 (16-23). Clint refers to this segment as having occurred "this week" in A4 32 (1-10). As Ronin battles some gangsters, Elektra and the Hand show up. Elektra skewers Maya and Elektra instructs the Hand to bring her back. The Hand resurrects Maya and begins to brainwash her. Full moon.


Perhaps the day after MYSARC:M 1 (1). McNee mmets up with a woman named Ammut aboard a train in Egypt. She takes him to the psychic plane for a test of intellect, which he passes. Ammut presents him with the Sword of Bone. McNee gets his second task - to retrieve the Ebon Rose.

THOR v3 #5 - FB (21:6-22)

One day, at least "a few days" before T3 5 (1-21). This flashback probably occurs after T3 3. Trapped in a mortal female, Loki contacts Dr. Doom to have him draw out Balder's spirit and plant it in the Destroyer in order to set up a situation in which Thor will indiscriminately free evil Asgardian spirits.

THOR v3 #5 - FB (19:1-19:2)

Perhaps the same day as T3 5-FB (21-22). Balder's spirit is drawn out from the hellish world in which it has dwelt since Ragnarok.


One day. Stark reports on Bad Girls, Inc.


One day. Stark reports on Bantam.


One day. Stark reports on Battlestar.


One day. This segment must occur between MA 2-FB (23)-FB and A4 28-FB. Stark reports on Black Widow, who has been selected to be an Avenger and whose espionage skills "will" prove handy on the team..


One day, after BLADE8 5 (17-20). Stark reports on Blade.


One day. Stark reports on Bloodshed.


One day. Stark reports on Brother Voodoo.


One day. Stark reports on Cable.


One day, after CW:C 1. Stark reports on Captain America, the news of whose death is "spreading."


One day. Stark reports on Captain Marvel.


One day. Stark reports on Captain Rectitude, who is in custody.


One day. Stark reports on Cloak and Dagger.


One day. Stark reports on Coldblood.


One day, "substantial time...since the Registration Act became law." Stark reports on the CSA, to which SHIELD is ceding more

authority for enforcement of the Registration Act, with full responsibility expected within a few months' time."


One day. Stark reports on Cybermancer.


One day. Stark reports on Damage Control.


One day. Stark reports on Daredevil.


One day, after C&DP 34. Stark reports on Deadpool.


One day. Stark reports on Digitek.


One day. Stark reports on Doc Samson.


One day. Stark reports on Equinox, who's still in the Negative Zone prison.


One day. Stark reports on Falcon.


One day, after CW 7-FB (23:3). Stark reports on Firebird.


One day. Stark reports on Nick Fury.


One day. Stark reports on Ghost-Maker.


One day. Stark reports on Gladiatrix, who has refused amnesty.


One day. Stark reports on Goldbug.


One day. Stark reports on Goliath.


One day. This segment must occur before DP/GLI 1 (3-18). Stark reports on the Great Lakes Champions, who have been appointed as the official super-team of Wisconsin.


One day. Stark reports on Green Goblin.


One day. Stark reports on Hammerhead.


One day, after MA2-FB (23). Stark reports on Hercules and notes Ares is an Avenger.


One day. Stark reports on Howard the Duck.


One day. Stark reports on Hulk.


One day, probably after A:TI 1 (9-23). Stark reports on the Initiative and the work of Gyrich, Pym, and Justice at Camp



One day, after CW 7-FB (25:2). Stark reports on himself.


One day, before DD2 93 (19). Stark reports on Kingpin, who is still in prison.


One day. Stark reports on Kogar and Shadow Slasher.


One day. Stark reports on Lectronn.


One day. Stark reports on Lightbright.


One day. Stark reports on Living Mummy.


One day. Stark reports on Mandarin's Avatars.


One day. Stark reports on Noh-Varr, now called Marvel Boy.


One day. Stark reports on Micromax.


One day. This segment must occur between MA 2-FB (23)-FB and A4 28-FB. Stark reports on the full roster of Mighty Avengers and notes their "first order of business" is to capture Cage's band of "Avengers."


One day. Stark reports on Moon Knight.


One day, after MA2-FB (23). Stark reports on Ms. Marvel and her roles as leader of the Mighty Avengers and instructor at Camp Hammond, but he doesn't mention Operation: Lightning Storm.


One day. Stark reports on Namor and the tension between Atlantis and the U.S.


One day. Stark reports on Network, who has accepted amnesty.


One day. Stark reports on the New Warriors and the fact that most of the surviving members have signed on to the Initiative,

including Justice, peer counselor at Camp Hammond.


One day. Stark reports on Nextwave.


One day. Stark reports on Nighthawk.


One day. Stark reports on Nitro, who is still in Atlantean custody.


One day, after OF 5 (19-22). Stark reports on Omega Flight, which to him includes Beta Ray Bill, but this may be the result of confused communication. His omission of Arachne as a member may be an oversight.


One day. Stark reports on the O*N*E.


One day. Stark reports on Paladin.


One day. Stark reports on Penance.


One day. Stark reports on Phone Ranger, who has accepted amnesty.


One day. Stark reports on Plunderer.


One day. Stark reports on Prodigy.


One day, after PWJ 4. Stark reports on Prowler.


One day. Stark reports on Punisher.


One day. Stark reports on Quicksilver.


One day. Stark reports on Ricadonna's Rogues.


One day. Stark reports on the Runaways.


One day. Stark reports on Sabra.


One day, after MA 2-FB (23). Stark reports on Sentry.


One day. Stark reports on the Super Heroes of Europe.


One day. Stark reports on She-Hulk, who is an instructor at Camp Hammond and a member of the SHIELD Hulkbuster unit.


One day, after MA 1-FB (24). Stark reports on SHIELD and notes the new Helicarrier he designed.


One day. Stark reports on Shockwave.


One day. Stark reports on Shroud.


One day. Stark reports on Silverclaw, who has registered.


One day, after C&DP 34. Stark reports on Solo.


One day. Stark reports on Stargod.


One day. Stark reports on Stingray, who is a recruit at Camp Hammond.


One day. Stark reports on the Thor Clone, whose remains have been sent to Camp Hammond for salvage evaluation.


One day. Stark reports on the Thunderbolts.


One day. Stark reports on Thunderclap, who is at large.


One day. Stark reports on Tigra, who is pursuing a romantic relationship with Yellowjacket.


One day. Stark reports on Typeface.


One day. Stark reports on U.S.Agent, who is the U.S. liaison to Omega Flight.


One day. Stark reports on Vienna.


One day. Stark reports on War Machine, who serves as field commander at Camp Hammond.


One day, after MA 2-FB (23). Stark reports on Wasp.


One day. Stark reports on Wildstreak, who is at large.


One day. Stark reports on Winter Soldier.


One day. Stark reports on Wolverine, who is not noted as being a member of Cage's rogue Avengers.


One day, after MA2-FB (23). Stark reports on Wonder Man.


One day. Stark reports on X-Factor.


One day. Stark reports on the X-Men.


One day, after CW 7-FB (25:1). Stark reports on Yellowjacket, who he notes is "Man of the Year" and director of the Initiative

training program and is dating Tigra.


One day. Stark reports on the Young Avengers, who are not noted as being registered.


One day, after A:TI 1 (9-23). Stark reports on a variety of super-humans, including Initiative recruits, potential recruits,

enemy combatants, sympathizers, and those of unknown status.

Monday, March 28


One day, "three days" before A4 33 (3-13). The Owl gets out of jail.

PUNISHER v7 #45 - FB (9-11)

The day after PUN7 45-FB (5-6). Bambi sleeps with Tony, who reveals that a new mob boss is being brought in from Reno.


One "Monday," "three weeks" after DP/GLI 1 (1-2). This segment must occur after BP4 34 and CW:BDR 1 (25:1) and before FF 547. I have Deadpool here after he decided to become a super-hero in C&DP 36 (22). Deadpool stops into the Baxter Building (perhaps to get some pointers in super-heroics), where he sees the new FF (Thing, Torch, Panther, Storm) acting drunk as the result of an "inebriation wave" that affects most of the super-heroes in the U.S (so no other U.S.-based heroes should be seen unaffected in other comics during most of this day). "Hours later" at a Wisconsin Dells amusement park, the renamed Great Lakes Initiative encounter Deadpool and together they discover an underground AIM base. They storm the base, find a captive Dr. Tannenbaum, and free Dionysus, whose power AIM was using as the source for the inebriation wave. Squirrel Girl helps Dionysus return to Olympus, and "later," the GLI show Deadpool their government-funded headquarters, which impresses Wade. Deadpool agrees to be a reserve member of the team. Both a full moon and waning crescent moon are shown.

NEW X-MEN v2 #40/2 (2-8)

One day, probably "three days" after UX 488/2-FB (5:2). Beast checks in on Dr. Rao, who he discovers is trying to create a mutant through the cloning of inert mutant DNA. Hank learns that all the X-gene samples taken from Rao's clients are now missing the mutant gene, thanks to Wanda. Rao offers Hank her data that was collected by Ord from Neverland, but she warns him not to make a deal with the devil as she did.

MOON KNIGHT ANNUAL #1 - FB (30:4-34:1)

One day, about a week after MK@ 1-FB (15-19). The rapist's second victim reads in the paper that the rapist is in the hospital, so she goes there and kills him.

One day. It is probably more two weeks, not "two days," after CW:I 1-FB (23-30). This flashback must occur after MA 2-FB (23), CW 7-FB (24:3-24:4), CW:C 1, CW:BDR (10:2), CW:BDR (34:1), and IF5 14 and likely after T3 3. While picking up milk for his baby, Cage confronts a would-be convenience store robber and draws the attention of a cop and a cape-killer squad. Cage escapes and makes his way back to Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, which the Resistance (Strange, black-costume Spidey, Iron Fist, Logan, Strange, and Jessica Jones) is using as their headquarters. No one has heard from Falcon (apparently since Cap's funeral). Spider-Woman arrives at the Sanctum and shares the news she got from Carol that Cap isn't dead and is being held at the Raft. The team suspects a trap, so Strange sends his astral form to the Raft and sees Maria Hill checking in on "Cap," strapped to a table. Strange returns and the team storms the Raft, only to discover that "Cap" is not the genuine article. They are surrounded by the Mighty Avengers (Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Wonder Man, Sentry, Wasp, Black Widow, Ares). Green trees in New York.

NEW AVENGERS #29 - FB (4-13)

The same day as A4 28-FB. The Mighty Avengers try to arrest the New Avengers, but Strange distracts the Mighty team with

nightmarish visions (including a corpse-like Cap) and teleports himself and his teammates to the Sanctum Sanctorum. The

Mighty Avengers and SHIELD (with Maria Hill) bust into the Sanctum but a cloaking spell by Strange hides the New Avengers

from them.

NEW AVENGERS #35 - FB (1-6:4)

One night, "several days" before A4 35 (19-20). Jigsaw tries to pull off a robbery, but Tigra foils the attempt. Jigsaw gets away when officers try to arrest Tigra. Jigsaw finds a note from the Hood inviting him to a meeting "tomorrow night" in Brooklyn.

Tuesday, March 29


One day. The Owl kills four SHIELD agents to steal the Luther Manning Deathlok.

NEW AVENGERS #29 - FB (14-21)

The day after A4 29-FB (4-13). Jericho Drumm probably appears here after BP4 26-FB (16-18). The Mighty Avengers show up

at Rand Corporation headquarters and demand to speak to Danny Rand "about last night." Rand denies being Iron Fist and Jeryn

Hogath threatens a legal battle if criminal charges are filed against Danny. The Mighty Avengers leave and Dakota North arrives,

bearing a note from Maya Lopez and a box containing the Ronin costume. She says that Matt Murdock asked her to give it to

Danny "because he's too far away to do anything about it in time." That night, Danny takes the Ronin costume and the note to

the New Avengers at the Sanctum and they decide to go to Japan. Outside, SHIELD and the Mighty Avengers return to with

Brother Voodoo to ferret out the New Avengers. Full moon.

NEW AVENGERS #35 - FB (6:5-18)

The night of the day after A4 35-FB (1-6). This flashback occurs before A4 33 (3-13) and must occur before DD2 95 (11-22). In Brooklyn, the Hood calls a meeting of super-villains, including John King, Mentallo, Chemistro, Chemistro III, Crusader, Jigsaw, Griffin, Cutthroat, Tiger Shark, Hood, Mr. Hyde, Mr. Fear, Purple Man, Rampage, Constrictor, Mandrill, Crossfire, Grey Gargoyle, Answer, Blackout II, Dr. Demonicus, Gronk, a Blood Brother, Machete, Armadillo, Trapster, Piledriver, the U-Foes, Deathwatch, Controller, and Bushwacker. Noting that "Captain America is dead, Nick Fury is gone, the heroes are fighting the heroes" and "Wilson Fisk was put out to pasture," Hood proposes an organized team of villains to take advantage of the situation. He gives each attendee $25,000 and promises the group wealth and respect if they join. When Jigsaw questions the arrangement, Hood proves himself by taking him to the New York apartment of Greer Garson, who is anxious not to be assigned to an Initiative team in a remote state. Hood brutally attacks Tigra and warns her to stay away from his men. Jigsaw films the attack and later shows it to the rest of the Hood's gang in a villain bar, where Curtis Carr tips off the Hood about something valuable the Owl wants to sell. Green trees in New York.

PUNISHER v7 #45 - FB (16-17)

The morning after PUN7 45-FB (9-11). Tony prepares to pick up the new mob boss, and Bonnie, disguised as a hooker, is put into one of the car's trunks.


The same day as PUN7 45-FB (16-17). The Punisher attacks and slaughters a caravan of mobsters. He kills the new mob boss from Reno with a rocket launcher, then finds Bonnie in the trunk of a car. She tells him that a prostitution/slavery racket is nearby. The Punisher is brought to the widows' ambush. Snow.

The same night as PUN7 45. The Punisher is ambushed by the mob widows and he's shot through the chest. Jenny comes out of hiding and eviscerates Bonnie, grabs the Punisher's machine gun and opens fire on the mob widows. They try to escape, but the police arrive. Budianski interviews the widows, and he's not satisfied with their story, given the evidence and the surroundings. Meanwhile, Jenny brings the Punisher to her place, cleans him up, and thanks him for killing her husband.

One night. Some women meet in an assault victim/rape victim group. One of them talks about her rape experience. Another woman in the group talks about her rape experience. A third woman tells hers, but she doesn't understand why she's at this meeting. The second woman mentions something she forgot to earlier, and everyone is shocked by her revelation that she killed the rapist. Jacket weather and bare trees in New York.

Wednesday, March 30


The early morning after A4 29-FB (14-21). This flashback must occur after FS:DOCA 3 and before MA 1. It is "months" after A4 26. Brother Voodoo fails to detect Strange or the New Avengers, so the Mighty Avengers leave. Suspecting that the New Avengers are present, Iron Man leaves them a heartfelt message to resolve their differences, but he leaves when he gets no response. Cage tells his teammates that he suspects a connection between the Civil War, the Secret War, and recent events with SHIELD and Hydra. Clint Barton shows up at the Sanctum to report back to Strange about his quest for Wanda, who he says he didn't find. The New Avengers suspect he's a government plant, so Strange conducts a spell that establishes the purity of intention of everyone present. The group asks Clint to join them on their Japan trip, and when he says he's no longer Hawkeye, they give him the Ronin costume.


One morning. The new Ant-Man saves Beth Howard from a mugger.


The same morning as IAM 1 (1). Ant-Man talks Beth into going to dinner.

NEW AVENGERS #27 (16:4-23)

The same morning as A4 30-FB. It is "three days" after A4 27 (6-16). Sent by Murdock, "the new New Avengers" (Cage, Iron

Fist, Spidey in black costume, Spider-Woman, Wolverine, Dr. Strange, and Clint as Ronin) burst into Elektra's headquarters and fight her and her Hand ninjas. They free Maya and flee. Elektra prepares to pursue them.


The same morning as A4 27 (16-23). It is the day after A4 28-FB. The fleeing New Avengers seek refuge at the Silver Samurai's

fortress. There, the Samurai discovers that the injured Maya was Ronin and that someone new has adopted the mantle. Harada

tells the group that "the word went out just two weeks ago that everyone in the Yakuza syndicates is working for" the Hand.

Seeking to protect his home, the Samurai attacks Logan, but Cage and Ronin bring him down. Then Elektra and the Hand show

up. Full moon.


The same morning (night in Japan) as A4 28. As the New Avengers face off against the Hand, Cage offers to strike a deal with Elektra.


The same morning (night in Japan) as A4 29. Cage's attempt to bargain is revealed as a stall tactic. The battle continues, and Maya stabs Strange and the tide turns in favor of Elektra and the Hand.


The same morning as A4 30. Jessica's and Cage's baby is bottle feeding. The battle rages. Strange sends a message to Wong and Jessica Jones at the Sanctum Sanctorum and has Wong recite an incantation that allows the sorcerer to heal and to exorcize Maya, who then skewers Electra. The Hand flee and Electra is revealed as a Skrull.


The morning after PUN7 46. This story occurs "about ten years" after PUN7 47-FB (21:2-21:4), Jenny tells the Punisher her life story. Meanwhile, the mob widows scramble to get their stories straight for the police. Elswhere, Budianski identifies the dead woman. Shauna asks her "associate" Curtis why Jenny isn't dead. Curtis reveals that he's a dumbass.


The same day as PUN7 47. Budianski re-questions the mob widows (sans Shauna) about what they were doing last night. When he leaves, Shauna has Curtis kill Budianski. He tries, but shoots his wife instead. Budianski kills Curtis. Later at the hospital, Budianski finds out his wife will live, but he's being suspended. Later he finds out that Curtis used to work for Toomey and decides to take care of the mob widows. That night, Jenny decides it's time to finish her own business with the widows and takes the Punisher's shirt for good luck.
PUNISHER v7 #49 (1-19)

The same day as PUN7 48. Jenny kills all of the widows except her sister Anabella. As she leaves, Budianski arrives to find their bodies. Jenny takes Anabella back to her place, tortures, mutilates, and kills her. Afterwards, she kills herself. The Punisher frees himself, gets dressed, and leaves, but he is stopped by Budianski. After a chat, he decides to let the Punisher go. Cold weather.

DAREDEVIL v2 #93 (14-18)

One day, probably weeks before DD2 93 (19). Matt meets with Wilson Fisk at Ryker's Island Prison. Honoring Vanessa's last

request to him, Matt tells Fisk that he's Fisk's new lawyer and will be seeking to get the charges against Fisk dropped. Fisk is

initially angry that Matt didn't get him out of here sooner to bury his wife, but Matt lectures Fisk and tells him it's time they

started honoring Vanessa.


One day. This story is noted as having occurred "the other night" and "last week" in LONERS 2. Ignoring Phil Urich's warnings, Julie Power risks public exposure to fly off a building in Los Angeles. That night, Julie and Phil meet with the other former members of Excelsior - Mickey Musashi, Johnny Gallo, and Chris Powell - for their weekly support group for former heroes who want to resume normal lives in the wake of the Civil War. They are joined, as they have been "for weeks," by Mattie Franklin. After some conversation, Mattie acts upset and leaves. Chris follows her, only to discover that Mattie has no intention to give up her life as Spider-Woman III. Mattie explains that she's tracked down the MGH dealers who abused her and offers Chris a chance to vindicate himself as Darkhawk by going after them. The duo crash the dealers' place and fight Nekra, who's there to sell her "neo-adrenaline" for MGH. Ricochet joins in the battle, having followed Mattie and Chris. They defeat the bad guys, resolve to stop the manufacture and distribution of MGH, and decide not to tell their friends about their mission. Alex Power is BTS.

LONERS #2 - FB (6:3)

The same night as LONERS 1. SHIELD takes Nekra into custody.


The same evening as IAM 1 (2). Eric O'Grady, out of costume, turns up at the arranged place, announcing himself to Beth as

Ant-Man and asking if she can keep a secret.


The same evening as IAM 1 (22). Eric maneuvers Beth into paying a bill she can't afford for the dinner that's coming. She asks

how he became Ant-Man, and he proceeds to tell her. After a meal and a Eric's pack of lies involving Doctor Doom, Beth invites

Eric up for tea. Meanwhile, Mitch, face deformed, tracks Eric down with a couple of SHIELD agents, determined to kill Eric.


The same night as IAM 2. Beth states she's not going to have sex with Eric to get him to leave. He takes note of the apartment

number, takes a taxi to a locker and back, changes into Ant-Man, and sneaks back in under the door. As Eric spies on Beth in the

shower, Mitch and company knock at the door and Eric recognizes the voice.


The same night as IAM 3. It is "three months" (perhaps technically, but closer to four) after IAM 4-FB (4-12). Beth storms out,

a towel wrapped round her, before Mitch and company break the door down. They ask her about Eric, then proceed to move her

out of the way and scan the apartment, installing sensors discreetly in case Eric comes back. Meanwhile, an unhappy Eric hides

under the couch. After Mitch finishes a radio call to Maria Hill, he finds a trace of Eric, and Eric grows out from under the

couch begging Mitch to let him be and to "end this, right here, right now."


The same night as IAM 4. This story occurs "a few weeks" before IAM 9 (1-9). Eric quickly changes his mind and, with the agents distracted, jumps out of the window down to a safe hiding place. A shocked Beth looks on as Mitch jumps out the window and into a flying car to go after Eric. As Mitch's device reads "signal lost," Eric's hides in the wheel arch of the car.


The same night as IAM 5. It may be the same night as MSM2 13 (6-15). This story cannot occur "one week" after IAM 6-FB

(17). Eric shows up after hearing Mitch confess to Maria Hill on the radio that he's lost the trail. Mitch is bitter because he's

getting pensioned off because of his injury; with no sight or hearing on his left side, he's only good for tracking Eric down. Eric

breaks Mitch's Pym Particle tracker and escapes. "Minutes later," Eric scopes out the women on the street for one to ride home

with. He settles on a blonde and jumps in her bag. The bag includes a registration card showing the owner to be Ms. Marvel.


The same night as IAM 6. Eric falls asleep inside Carol's bag.


One day, after FF 544 (8-9). Stark reports on Black Panther, who is with the Fantastic Four.


One day, shortly after A4 29-FB (4-13). Stark reports on Cage.


One day, shortly after A4 29-FB (4-13). Stark reports on Dr. Strange, who he notes is assisting Spider-Man and Cage.


One day, after FF 544 (8-9). Stark reports on the Fantastic Four.


One day, shortly after A4 29-FB (4-13). Stark reports on Iron Fist and his involvement with "Cage and his so-called 'Avengers.'"


One day, shortly after A4 29-FB (4-13). Stark reports on the New Avengers.


One day, after ASM 540 and shortly after A4 29-FB (4-13). Stark reports on Spider-Man, who he notes wears a black costume and is allied with Cage and Wolverine.


One day, shortly after A4 29-FB (4-13). Stark reports on Spider-Woman, who he notes is allied with Spider-Man, Wolverine, Cage, and Dr. Strange.


One day, after FF 544 (8-9). Stark reports on Storm, who is with the Fantastic Four.


One day. This segment must occur between ORDER2 1-FB (25:3-25:5) and ORDER2 1 (3-14). It cannot be the "six-month anniversary of the ratification of the Superhuman Registration Act." Stark prepares a cover memo to his report to the president, noting that there is a threat of war with Atlantis, that SHIELD is working to apprehend the New Avengers, and that the "Champions" of California (before they are renamed Order), Force Works of Iowa, and the Rangers of Texas have been deployed.


One day. Doorman does a PSA about drunk driving. Squirrel Girl, who has discovered the fate of Robbie Baldwin, heads to Thunderbolts Mountain in her helicopter.


The same day as D/GLI 1/2. Deadpool overstays his welcome as a reserve member of the GLI, and the team convinces Bertha to ask him on a date. That night, Wade takes Bertha to a diner, where they break up a shootout between rival Maggia factions. Bertha is disgusted by Wade's preference for her corpulent form and gets sick when Wade reveals his face to her. Green trees in Milwaukee.


The same day as D/GLI 1/3. I have Robbie here before NOVA4 2 (17-22). Squirrel Girl breaks into Thunderbolts Mountain and finds Penance in his cell. She tries to tell Robbie that the Stamford tragedy wasn't his fault, but Robbie is too full of self-hatred to listen. Determined to prevent Robbie's fate, Squirrel Girl decides to go back in time with the help of Doom's time machine.

Thursday, March 31


The day after IAM 7 (1-2). Carol "just got back" (I'd say from recruiting Ares) and heads out again for "a formal meeting" of "the Mighty Avengers" (which I interpret to mean the first official meeting of the new team). Eric awakens and watches Carol take a shower. Then he realizes he's on board a SHIELD minicarrier and freaks. He hops back into Carol's bag as she leaves to respond to a priority call from Director Stark. The Mighty Avengers deploy from an aircraft to face their first challenge.


The day after DP/GLI 1/4. Despite Doorman's warnings, Flatman tries to get Wade to pay for bills he's accumulated as a freeloader at GLI headquarters. He's unsuccessful.


The same day as DP/GLI 1/5. I have Wade here before C&DP 37-FB (3:4). Squirrel Girl arrives in Latveria and Doom grants her permission to use his time machine. She erroneously ends up in the year 2099 and encounters an alternate universe Robbie Baldwin. She's tempted to stay with this Robbie, until the Mr. Immortal of 2099 tells her she must return to her own time to take care of an important task - kicking Deadpool out of the GLI. On his way out, Wade kills a new Grasshopper. Green trees in Milwaukee.

PUNISHER v7 #49 (20-22)

The day after PUN7 49 (1-19). This segment probably occurs before PUNM@ 1-FB (4-6). Budianski visits his wife at the hospital, and the Punisher watches as paramedics takes Jenny's and Anabella's bodies out of Jenny's place. The Punisher walks off.
X-MEN v2 #201/2 - FB (2)

One day. Beast meets with his fellow Astonishing X-Men (Kitty, Logan, Scott, and Emma) to get intel about Neverland..

CIVIL WAR #7 - FF (23:2)

One day. I interpret this his panel as a flash-forward. It must occur before SILWAR 4. A press conference announces the new Avengers line-up (Black Widow, Wonder Man, Sentry, Iron Man, Wasp, and Ms. Marvel). Despite the Mighty Avengers' appearances in FS:DOCA, this may be the "official" (as noted by Stark in MA 6) launch of the team, the one that occurs "fourteen minutes" prior to MA 1.


Probably the same day as CW 7-FF (23:2). At a press conference "intended to cover only the new Avengers team SHIELD has formed," Stark finds himself answering a question he's answered "several times over the last few days" - why the new team doesn't include a new Cap.


The same day as IAM 7 (3-11). Given Carol's chronology, it must be more than "four hours" after MA 1-FB (4-7). This segment probably occurs after OF 1 (3-22). "Fourteen minutes" after becoming a team - perhaps fourteen minutes after the press conference in CW 7-FB (23:2) and CA5 27-FB - the Avengers confront a horde of Mole Man's creatures in Manhattan.


The same day as MA 1 (1-3). Ant-Man hitches a ride aboard Carol's sash, then high-tails it out of the ensuing fight scene.


The same day as IAM 7 (12). The Avengers battle the Mole Man's creatures, one of whom swats Wonder Man away.


The same day as MA 1 (8-11). Wonder Man crash lands near Ant-Man, who notices that the impact destroyed a parking meter full of coins ripe for the taking.


The same rainy day as IAM 7 (13). Wonder Man rejoins his team and they continue to fight the monsters.

MIGHTY AVENGERS #1 (16/17:2-16/17:8)

The same rainy day as MA 1 (15). The Wasp saves Ares from one of the creatures.

MIGHTY AVENGERS #1 (18/19:2-18/19:5)

The same rainy day as MA 1 (16/17:2-16/17:8). Wonder Man saves some bystanders.

MIGHTY AVENGERS #1 (20/21:2-20/21:7)

The same rainy day as MA 1 (18/19p-18/19:5). Sentry frees Ms. Marvel from the tentacles of one of the creatures.

MIGHTY AVENGERS #1 (22/23:2-22/23:6)

The same day as MA 1 (20/21:2-20/21:7). Black Widow blows up several of the creatures.


The same rainy day as MA 1 (20/21:2-10/21:6). As the Avengers fight, Maria Hill calls Iron Man's attention to a rash of severe weather occurring around the world. Mole Man emerges and declares that he is exacting vengeance for the destruction of his underground world. Iron Man explodes and in his place stands a new female Ultron.


The same day as MA 1 (28-38). The female Ultron makes short work of the Mole Man's monsters. The Avengers attack and Ares proves himself only to eager to smite impulsively, earning a reprimand from Ms. Marvel. Unable to figure out the situation, Carol orders a strategic retreat, much to Ares' ire. The Wasp gets close to the creature and realizes it's Ultron. She asks to have Hank Pym called in to stop the creature who "killed Tony Stark" and is "destroying the world."


The same day as MA 2. As Sentry holds Ultron at bay, Warbird withdraws the team to the Helicarrier above Manhattan, where she has SHIELD study the energy she absorbed off Ultron. Wasp summons Henry Pym, who is interrupted from an intimate scene with Tigra at Camp Hammond. Ultron takes over the Helicarrier's computers and sends the vessel plummeting toward the ground. Sentry stops it from crashing and sets it down on the Long Island Expressway with the help of Sharon and Simon. Aboard, Maria Hill is knocked cold, and with Stark missing, Natasha is put in charge of SHIELD. She starts barking orders and Ares is smitten. As Mole Man mourns the loss of his creatures, Hank Pym nears the scene via helicopter. Then a robot in an original Iron Man armor, Starketech 9, flies in and starts to deliver a post-mortem message from Stark.

NEW AVENGERS #32 (1-10:1)

The same day as MA 3. Clint refers to Maya's resurrection in A4 27 (6-16) as having occurred "this week." While en route back to the U.S. aboard a Rand jet, the New Avengers discuss the implications of the Elektra Skrull, whose corpse is aboard. Team members speculate about who else could be a Skrull and they suspect each other. Spidey suggests going to the press about the Elektra Skrull and Spider-Woman suggests taking the corpse to Iron Man to test whether he's a Skrull himself. Danny reports that they'll have to land in Chicago because "there's something going on with the weather."


The same rainy day as A4 32 (1-10). Ares distrusts Starktech 9 and slices him open. Pym reassembles him, and the robot says that Ultron took control of Stark's experimental weather-controlling satellites, about which the heroes are surprised to hear. Wonder Man and Sentry destroy the satellites. Starktech 9 says that Ultron has taken control of Stark's Extremis tech and thus his biology. Ultron then causes an electromagnetic pulse that temporarily causes a worldwide power outage. The Mighty Avengers respond to aircraft falling from the sky over Manhattan. J. Jonah Jameson cameos.

NEW AVENGERS #32 (10:2-22)

The same day as MA 4 (1-13). The power cuts out in Danny's plane. As the plane plummets, Spider-Woman bails in midair. The plane makes an emergency landing and in the rubble, Spider-Woman zaps Logan and makes off with the Skrull corpse. Green grass and trees in the Midwest.


The same day as A4 32 (10-22). While the Mighty Avengers deal with the EMP catastrophe, Jarvis reports that Stark Tower is compromised. They arrive there to find that Ultron has slain Lindy Reynolds and an army of Iron Man armors attack them. Meanwhile, Ultron forces the launch of a missile from a base in Lithuania, where we see green grass and trees.


The same evening as MA 4. As the Avengers battle the Iron Men, Sentry battles his wife's killer. With SHIELD's help, Pym re-programs Starktech 9 with old technology that Ultron/Stark can't control. Another missile is launched off the coast of Florida and Ms. Marvel flies after it. She alters its trajectory but she appears to be caught in the missile's mid-air explosion.


The same evening as MA 5 (1-17). Pym changes into Ant-Man and reveals a computer chip that will reverse Ultron's active programs and hopefully reverse engineer the biological damage to Stark. Ares orders Pym to shrink him.

MIGHTY AVENGERS #5 (18-21:2)

The same evening as MA 6 (1). Ultron punches Sentry to Pittsburgh and defeats Wonder Man. As Ant-Man, Pym distracts Ultron while Startech 9 fires a miniaturized Ares toward her mouth.

MIGHTY AVENGERS #6 (2:1-2:3)

The same evening as MA 5 (18-21). The miniaturized Ares enters Ultron's mouth.

MIGHTY AVENGERS #5 (21:3-22)

The same evening as MA 6 (2:1-2:3). Ultron's system detects a virus.


The same evening as MA 5 (21-22). This segment must occur before GSA 1. Natasha orders the Avengers to retreat to let Ares do his thing and prevent damage to Stark, but the enraged Sentry returns and attacks Ultron. As Wonder Man and Ms. Marvel attempt to stop Sentry, Ares successfully implants Pym's chip, but gets trapped in the metamorphosing Ultron. Wasp enters Ultron and rescues Ares as an explosion erupts from Ultron. An unconscious Stark appears at ground zero. He awakens in a med lab, where Pym and Reed Richards (who must have been called in from Titan or happened to be visiting the kids during his and Sue's extended honeymoon, between FF 546 and 547) review the diagnostics of his armor and Carol and Jan clue him in about what happened. Stark tells the group "tomorrow is your official first day as Avengers;" I theorize that the group has a couple of unofficial missions in FS:DOCA 2 and the flashbacks in A4 28-30 and that today was to be their first official meeting (as noted in AM 7 (3-11), but the Ultron event interrupted things - and Stark is being optimistic about his own recovery, which I theorize takes a couple of days After the other Avengers leave, Carol discusses the new team with Stark (and says that they've had "no prep and no practice"), then rendezvouses with Simon, who kisses her and tells her that she has to put the Avengers before him if they're to continue a relationship. In Avengers Tower, Sentry sees his wife alive. Aboard the helicarrier, Jan and Hank have a spat.


The same night as MA 6 (2-20). In the aftermath of the Mighty Avengers' battle, Ant-Man sees Black Fox looting and subdues the villain and seizes his sack of booty and his wallet. Hearing a girl trapped in nearby rubble, Ant-Man rescues her, then encounters Damage Control, including Lenny Balinger and Visioneer.


The same night as IAM 7 (14-20). This segment occurs "a few days" before IAM 8 (4-5) and IAM 8 (6-9). Black Fox comes to and tries to claim his rucksack of stolen property, but Eric convinces Damage Control that it belongs to him and allows the villain to walk away empty-handed. Lenny offers Eric a job at Damage Control and Eric replies that he'll consider it.

NEW AVENGERS #33 (3-13)

The same night as MA 6 (2-20). This segment occurs after A4 35-FB (6-18) and before MSM2 21. Checked into a Chicago hotel room, the grounded New Avengers learn about the Ultron situation from a TV news report, which notes that the "situation has been resolved and that the Avengers were the primary team on the field. We are awaiting word on who these New Avengers are..." Cage thinks Spidey is a Skrull, and Logan reports that Spider-Woman left to bring the Elektra Skrull to Stark. Logan notes that "we've been going two days without any sleep or food." In Hell's Kitchen, the Owl tries to auction off the Luther Manning Deathlok to Crimson Cowl, Jonas Harrow, Wizard, and Madame Masque, but the Hood shows up and shoots Owl several times. He explains to the group that Owl didn't have "permission" to steal Deathlok from SHIELD.

X-MEN v2 #201/2

The same night as ("seven hours" after) X 201/2-FB (2). Beast arrives at Neverland to discover that someone has already been there to take computer files and journals. He reviews remaining files that recount the inhumanity of the former operation. Black Beast then arrives. According to McCoy's field journal, it is "June 25th." Full moon.


The same night as X 201/2. After some discussion, Beast reluctantly accepts the assistance of Black Beast. According to McCoy's field journal, it is "June 25th."

Friday, April 1

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #27 (1-4)

The day after CA5 27-FB. Bucky visits the Smithsonian to see a new exhibit dedicated to Captain America and recognizes the shield on display as a fake and resolves to get the real one.


The same day as CA5 27 (1-4). Bucky accesses SHIELD databases and finds out that the shield is being stored at a SHIELD lab in New York. He also steals some stuff from Fury's armory then goes off the grid. Green trees in Washington, DC.

X-FACTOR v3 #22/2

The day after UX 489/2. Beast drinks some "liquid memory" provided by Black Beast and experiences the villain's back story. Black Beast believes the key to saving mutantkind lies with reconstituting Nate Grey. They arrive at the government research facility at Alamagordo, New Mexico.

NEW X-MEN v2 #41/2

The same day as XF3 22/2. Beast and Black Beast view an old film of "Project Black Womb," a study of human infants by Irene Adler, Kurt Marko, Nathan Milbury (Sinister), and Amanda Mueller. They explore deeper and discover that the SHIELD agents assigned with surveillance of the facility have been killed. The duo is attacked by an old SHIELD robot and destroy it. They discover that Sinister preceded them there and stole the data on mutant infants. Without it, Black Beast claims they'll need samples of mutant DNA and suspects where they might find them.


One day, a "few weeks" after CW:FL 11 (14:1-14:3). Ben Urich and Sally Floyd work at Front Line. A mysterious man, representing an investor who purchased the Alternative "just yesterday," offers to bankroll Urich and Front Line to "make waves."

DAREDEVIL v2 #93 (19)

One day. This segment occurs before NX 35. Now free from prison, Wilson Fisk leaves the U.S. in the "morning" and later that day, he visits the grave of his wife in Switzerland. He breaks down crying.


It must be the stormy evening of the day after MA 6 (2-20). This segment must occur before A:TI 1 (4-9), SILWAR 5 (1-20), ORDER2 1 (3-14), and CM6 1 (4-19). As Stark recovers in his bed, he is visited by Spider-Woman, who brings him the corpse of the Elektra Skrull.

NEW AVENGERS #33 (14-22)

The rainy night of the day after A4 33 (3-13), and thus the same night as MA 6 (21-22). The New Avengers return to the Sanctum Sanctorum. Cage introduces Maya Lopez to Jessica Jones. Maya tells Clint he can keep the Ronin outfit. Wong offers to prepare "dinner" for everyone. Suspicions remain even though Strange detects that no one present is a Skrull. Cage proposes the group spend "a day" to clear their heads and meet back at the Sanctum "for dinner tomorrow night." The group departs, leaving Cage and Jessica, who wants to know what happened. She claims she's been in the Sanctum waiting for him "for the last four days," but that may be a slight exaggeration. The paranoid Cage suspects she's a Skrull. Logan goes to a bar, where he stumbles across the Hood and John King in a back room.

NEW AVENGERS #34 (1-7)

The same night as A4 33 (4-22). Logan fights the Hood. They injure each other and Hood flees.

Saturday, April 2

X-MEN v2 #202/2

It must be the day after NX 41/2. Beast and Black Beast examine corpses in Genosha. Beast holds out hope that the mutant gene is dormant, not gone. They find it necessary to compare data from the same individuals before and after M-Day, and Beast resolves to find samples of MGH taken before M-Day from now de-powered mutants. According to McCoy's field journal, it is "June 27th."

NEW AVENGERS #34 (8-10)

The day after A4 34 (1-7). IF5 6 is referred to as having occurred "recently." While in bed, Night Nurse Linda Carter talks with Strange about the New Avengers. Echo encounters Clint in the shower.


One day. Captain Britain, Sage, Juggernaut, Dazzler, and Pete Wisdom gather to discuss Albion. Meanwhile, Albion trains with

Lionheart and tells her that he is a Captain Britain from another reality who, like her, chose the Sword of Might over the Amulet

of Right. He recounts his history and his mission to defeat Brian Braddock. Then Scicluna and the evil X-Men arrive to join

him in annihilating Excalibur.

NEW EXCALIBUR #19 (1-11)

The same day as XCAL4 18. This segment occurs "a month" after XCAL4 16 (11-23). Cain visits Talia in rehab and wheels her outside for a break. Cain plans to use his criminal connections (Black Tom) to get some intel on Albion. Albion strikes a deal with Shadow-X, despite Lionheart's dislike for the ersatz Jean Grey. Green grass and trees in Britain.

DAREDEVIL v2 #93 (20-22)

One day. This segment may occur before DD@2 1 (1-12). Matt, dressed as Daredevil, laments to Foggy that he misses Karen. Meanwhile at an airport in England, Lily Lucca boards a plane for New York City.

One day, sometime after PUN7 36 (1-21). Barracuda is approached by some of Big Chris' men, and through a misunderstanding he beats them up. He later discovers they were sent to give him a job, so he proceeds to Big Chris' place. There he's told to take his hemophiliac son Oswald to Santa Morricone, where he'll assassinate Leopoldo Luna to prove that Oswald is capable of taking Big Chris' place as a mob boss. Meanwhile, two CIA agents keep tabs on Barracuda.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #27 (5-22)

The day after CA5 27 (1-4). This segment occurs "at least" a "few weeks" after CA5 23. Sharon contemplates suicide, but Faustus' influence over her prevents her from carrying it out. Falcon shows up at Sharon's and tells her that Fury has given them an assignment to track down the Winter Soldier. Used as a decoy by the Winter Soldier, the reprogrammed Fury LMD blows its cover when it attacks two SHIELD agents in the SHIELD lab where Cap's shield is stored. A lab tech reports to Stark (who is in a meeting with the president and the UN secretary-general) that the LMD was compromised. Stark concludes that whoever reprogrammed the LMD knows about Cap's shield and arranges to have it moved. Bucky intercepts the vehicle containing the shield and confronts its guardian, the Black Widow. Bucky defeats Natasha and takes the shield. Falcon and Sharon arrive on the scene shortly after Bucky leaves. Stark meets with the defeated Widow, who tells him that the Winter Soldier blames Stark for Cap's death and intends to kill him. Green trees in New York.

NEW AVENGERS #34 (11-22)

The same day as A4 34 (8-10). Danny returns and asks Strange for help in preventing someone else from tapping into the Iron Fist, but Strange says there's nothing he can do. Spidey and Cage return to the Sanctum. Spidey thinks he may be a sleeper Skrull. Jessica chews out Cage for not telling her about the Skrull situation and is angry that he thinks she's a Skrull. Jessica and Cage announce that they've named their daughter Danielle. Logan arrives as Strange casts a spell to show everyone their inner natures. Cage and Jessica make up. Logan reports that the Hood is planning to launch a Deathlok at Avengers Tower. The New Avengers decide to help the Mighty Avengers and head to Stark Tower, where they see the Mighty ones and Spider-Woman launch into battle against a horde of symbiotes, created from a virus dropped on earth from a satellite.

NEW AVENGERS #36 - FB (1-6)

The same day as A4 34 (11-22). The Wasp and all the New Avengers except Cage turn into symbiotes. Cage joins the Mighty Avengers in fighting the symbiote army until Stark whips something up that turns everyone back to normal.

NEW AVENGERS #36 - FB (9-10)

The same day as A4 36-FB (1-6). The Mighty Avengers and New Avengers work together to help people who were turned into symbiotes. The Mighty ones do not attempt to arrest the New Avengers, who notice that Spider-Woman is with Stark's group. Green trees in New York.

NEW AVENGERS #35 (19-20)

The same night as A4 36-FB (9-10). It is "several days" after A4 35-FB (1-6). The Hood's gang have Deathlok lead an assault on a New Jersey bank with the Wrecking Crew and steal $12.7 million.

NEW AVENGERS #36 (1-20:3)

The same night as A4 35 (19-20). At the Sanctum, Cage tells his wife about the symbiote battle. At Avengers Tower, the Mighty Avengers plan an invasion of Latveria "in one hour" because Stark has evidence that Doom dropped the Venom bomb on New York. Logan drops in on Spider-Woman in the shower to interrogate her. She says that Stark freaked out at the news of a Skrull invasion and thinks there may be Skrulls among the Mighty Avengers. She tells Logan that she did not divulge the location of the New Avengers' base. Logan tells her that the Hood is heading to the Tower with a Deathlok, but Jessica knows about the Deathlok raid on the bank. Natasha walks in on Logan and Drew and Wolverine escapes with help from Spidey. The New Avengers head to the New Jersey bank and see the trashed Deathlok being hauled away. Logan picks up a scent and the team heads to the Hood's base.

NEW AVENGERS #35 (21:1) ~ NEW AVENGERS #36 (20:4)

The same night as A4 36 (1-20). Strange casts a spell that allows them to see and hear the Hood, John King, Madame Masque, Wizard, Curtis Carr, and the Wrecking Crew inside the base with the stolen money.

NEW AVENGERS #36 (20:5-20:7)

The same night as A4 35 (21:1). It must be more than just "a few months" after A4 8 (9-18). Seeing the villains inside, the New Avengers decide to call for "backup."

NEW AVENGERS #35 (21:2-22) ~ NEW AVENGERS #36 (21:1-21:3)

The same night as A4 34 (11-22). The Hood, John King, the Wrecking Crew, Wizard, Curtis Carr, and Madame Masque count and divvy up the money stolen from the New Jersey bank. They see a TV news broadcast showing the Mighty Avengers fighting the symbiotes in New York, which they believe is live. The Hood sees this as an opportunity.

NEW AVENGERS #36 (21:4-22)

The same day as A4 35 (21-22). Cage bursts into the Hood's base, backed by Spidey and a horde of illusionary heroes conjured up by Strange. Because one of those illusions is Thor in his new costume, this segment must occur after T3 3.


The same night as A4 36 (21-22). This story occurs before NA@ 2 and must occur before NW3 2 (1-9). Assisted by Strange's illusions, the New Avengers fight the villains. Hood turns into a monster in the melee and disappears. The heroes defeat the villains and leave them for the police. The villains are handed over to SHIED and Maria Hill interrogates Wrecker about the Hood, but Dirk and everyone else refuse to give up information. Hood infiltrates SHIELD and frees the captured villains, swearing revenge on the New Avengers.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #37 - FB (3:4)

One night. I have Wade here after DP/GLI 1/6. Deadpool is drugged by a woman in a bar.

Sunday, April 3

CABLE & DEADPOOL #37 (1-18)

The day after C&DP 37-FB (3:4). Deadpool awakens to discover that he's been shrunk to a height of three inches by Pym

particles at the request of the vengeful Rhino in retaliation for the time Wade shrunk him. Rhino puts Wade on a key chain and

takes him to the super-villain watering hole, the Three Strikes Bar, where Infinity TAP, Slough, and Foot of Doom play with

him. Wade defeats the villains and makes peace with the Rhino.

NEW EXCALIBUR #19 (12-16)

The day after XCAL4 19 (1-11). This segment occurs "days" before XCAL4 20-FB. Juggernaut and Dazzler train at Excalibur headquarters. Pete Wisdom wishes a good "morning" to Brian and sees that Sage has dyed her hair blonde for an undercover assignment to flush out Albion. "That night," Sage embarks on her assignment.


The day after PP:B 1 (1-20). Barracuda and Oswald arrive at the airport.

The same day as PP:B 1 (21-22). While on the plane with Oswald, Barracuda notices an old acquaintance of his, Digby. DEA, FBI, and CIA agents meet to discuss what's going on with Luna. Meanwhile, Barracuda catches up on old times with Digby. Later, Barracuda meets with Luna, meets his ex-porn star wife Wanda, and their mutual friend Father Flannery. Luna threatens to kill Big Chris' son if Big Chris doesn't call off the hit and pay him five million as an apology. Big Chris isn't pleased. Meanwhile, Barracuda calls his old friend General Fifty.


One day, "a few days" after IAM 8 (1-3). Eric sells the Black Fox's stolen gems to a crooked pawn shop owner for $10,000 and gets a fake ID from him.

IRON MAN v4 #15 - FB (11:3)

One day. SHIELD agents put suggestions in a suggestion box that Stark had installed outside a SHIELD cafeteria.


One day. This flashback must occur after PWJ2 4 and probably before SVTU2 2-FB (9:3). Puma assassinates a Vietnamese gang leader in Madripoor.

BLADE v8 #10 (1-7)
One night, "a few months" after BLADE8 10-FB (13-17). In Washington DC, Blade crashes Lucas' party and grills him for questions while Hannibal swipes the Prophecy paper. Blade and Hannibal regroup in the empty streets of the city at night. Reading of the Prophecy leads Blade to head to Kansas, where Hannibal is from. Green trees in Washington.

Monday, April 4


One day. Terrorists try to detonate a dirty nuke outside Paris.


The day before DD2 93 (19). This event occurs after ASM 540. DD2 93 (11:4) is referred to as having occurred

"recently." Wilson Fisk is released from prison.


The day after PP:B 2. Barracuda meets Fifty at the airport. Meanwhile, the CIA guys watch Big Chris meet with Santa Morricone officials. Later, Barracuda introduces Fifty to Luna, who doesn't recognize him (probably because Fifty is now a cross-dresser, and Luna doesn't even recognize that he's a man). That night, Barracuda reveals his plan to overthrow Luna to Wanda and Flannery and reveals that his old friend Digby will take care of the financials. They agree. Suddenly, Luna's house is attacked by the Santa Morricone military.


One day. Ian McNee recaps the plot and starts looking for the final item of his quest.


One day. Marie Laveau gives her Darkhold page to Ian McNee as "a love letter" and leaves immediately. Oshtur appears and reveals himself as Chthon when Ian McNee does his big spell with the help of the three sorceresses. After a big fight, Chthon is banished, Ian's soul is tainted by the experience, and Ashake ends up stranded in the present day.

One day, two days after X 202/2. In District X, Beast and Bishop visit Charlie Hustle's stash of MGH, only to discover that all his samples became inert on M-Day. Charlie offers to buy Beast's blood to make more of the drug, and Hank wails on Charlie. Beast realizes that Bishop and all other mutants from alternate timeline retained their powers and this gives him a new idea. According to McCoy's field journal, it is "June 29th."


Perhaps one day. This flashback occurs after WWH:GC 4-FB (3:2-3:3) and WWH:GC 2-FB (16-17), and must occur after CW:WC 1 (25-30). Mess has parts of a cloned Abomination grafted onto her. Prodigy is tested after an influx of Leader DNA. After being subjected to Harpy experiments, Clown becomes the new Griffin and is tested. Created from samples of Hulk blood and Leader DNA, Grey is tested.


The day after IAM 8 (4-5). This segment occurs a "few days" after IAM 8 (1-3), "two weeks" before IAM 8 (10-20), and "a few weeks" before IAM 9 (1-9). Using his new identity as Derek Sullivan, Eric goes to Damage Control headquarters and gets a job from Marie-Anne Hoag as a member of a search-and-rescue team. He looks up Visioneer and takes her out for coffee, introducing his hero identity as Slaying Mantis.


One day. The governor of Rhode Island resorts to try-outs for an Initiative team for his state, as the New Slingers assigned there opted for a jail sentence in the Negative Zone. Iron Man attends.


One night. This flashback must occur after ASM 540. The police find the wanted Peter Parker and Peter flees, stripping off his

shirt to reveal the black Spidey costume.


The same night as FNSM 17-FB. A police helicopter chases Spidey, and when it gets too close to a news copter, Spidey saves

both helicopters from crashing before getting away. Sandman breaks into Riker's Island prison to free his father, who he feels

was framed for murder. The prison guards rout Sandman, who gets flushed into the harbor.

BLADE v8 #10 (8)

Probably the night of the day after BLADE8 10 (1-7). Hannibal asks around at the site of the Helicarrier crash in LaCrosse, Kansas. He learns that just before agents from SHIELD, FBI, FAA, and NSA swarmed the crash scene, Jamal Afari was spotted by a farmer, swiping Dracula's remains from the farmland (salted Earth), fulfilling another part of the prophecy. Green trees in Kansas.

Tuesday, April 5


The day after PP:B 3. The CIA guys brief the military on the situation in Santa Morricone. Meanwhile, Luna takes Barracuda and Fifty on a helicopter ride, which ends in Luna falling out of it and into a volcano. When they land, Big Chris has returned to Luna's estate with tanks.

The same day as PP:B 4. This story occurs before PUN7 50-FB (30:1). Big Chris attacks. During the fight, Digby is run over by a tank and is killed. Flannery is knocked out a window and dies. Fifty takes bullets meant for Barracuda and dies. Barracuda, Wanda, and Oswald escape in a helicopter, but Big Chris has managed to tag along. Oswald kills him, and Barracuda accidentally kills Oswald by slapping him on the back. The helicopter eventually runs out of gas, and Barracuda and Wanda are stranded on a lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific.
X-FACTOR v3 #23/2

Probably the day after UX 490/2. It is "not long" after NX 31. At Eagle Plaza in Dallas, Beast consults with Forge about the possibility that chronal energy may be a key to saving mutants. Forge shows him that his research indicates that mutant readings in various future timelines have all flatlined. Frustrated, Beast leaves Forge and rejoins Black Beast at a motel. Beast says that he's shifting gears to isolate the chromosomes in ordinary humans that combine to create mutants. He intends to rebuild a viable x-gene.


One day during the "week" before IM4 15. Terrorists attempt an attack on the London Eye with Chinese silkworm missiles.


One day, "more than a day" after C&DP 37 (1-18) and "days" before C&DP 37 (20-21). After returning to his apartment, Wade

discovers that Weasel was the one who hired the scientists who administered the Pym particles to him. Weasel suggests that

Wade remain at a three-inch height to prove himself in capturing felons.


The day after FNSM 17 (1-10). It must be more than just "a few weeks" after FNSM 19-FB (17:3-17:7). On a school day,

Flash Thompson reports to work and finds "Ben Reilly" sleeping in his office. Flash forces Peter into revealing his true identity

and Flash gives Peter the keys to his apartment so he can crash there. Flash then calls someone to share some information that

"is gonna pay off pretty big." At Flash's place, Peter laments his current fate. Sandman shows up to ask Peter to help him prove

that his father is not a killer. Sandman recognizes Ben Parker from a photo of Peter's as the man who is supposed to have been

his father's victim.


The same day as FNSM 17 (11-21). It is "some months" after FNSM 18-FB (1:1-1:3). Using his image inducer to appear as

SHIELD agent Jamie Madrox, Peter goes to the police station with the Sandman, who poses as "Agent Sands." They inquire

about the murder of Ben Parker, and when Detective Collins tells the pair about Floyd Baker's forced confession, Sandman loses

his cool and blows his cover. Peter's image inducer loses its charge and he stands revealed as Spider-Man (in black costume).

Cops burst in to help Collins, and Spidey and Sandman flee. Spidey and Sandman have an argument, then they decide to go to

the real Ben Parker's grave. Flash and Betty have dinner at a restaurant, and when Betty goes to the restroom, Arrow secretly

sicks thousands of spiders on her and frames her as a druggie when she gets hysterical. At Ben Parker's grave, Spidey and

Sandman discover the singe marks from the immolation of Spider-Man 2211 (which means that Peter has not visited his uncle's

grave in all those "months" since, so it's unlikely that the anniversary of Ben's death has occurred between now and then). They

find the kid, Dennis, who swiped Spider-Man 2211's helmet, and he tells them that he witnessed the hero's murder. Spidey dons

the helmet and it shows him a recording of Ben Parker's crime. Spidey discovers that the helmet can lead him to Ben. Green

grass and trees in New York.


The same night as FNSM 18. Hearing that Spidey and Sandman have teamed up to break Floyd Baker out of jail, Baker's

execution has been moved up to "midnight tonight." While riding in Flash's car from the restaurant, Betty spies Arrow and the

distraction causes an accident with a police car. Betty starts ranting about Arrow, who no one else sees. The police arrest her

and Flash. Following the helmet's signal, Dennis drives Spidey and Sandman to Midtown High (PS 108), where they encounter

the Chameleon of 2211. This Chameleon confesses to killing the principal and reveals himself as a shapeshifting creature.

Spidey and Sandman fight him, then Dennis rushes in with the discarded helmet of Spider-Man 2211. Spidey puts it on the

creature's head and tells it to administer "poetic justice" - instantly, the Chameleon switches places with Floyd Baker just as the

electric chair switch is flipped. Chameleon fries and Floyd appears safe at PS 108, where Arrow observes the events from a

hidden place.

MS. MARVEL v2 #15 (1-2)

One night. Two AIM scientists kill two SHIELD agents stationed at the Anderson, Indiana AIM headquarters and retrieve a DNA bomb hidden there. Madigan kills the two scientists and takes the bomb. Carol goes on a date with William Wagner and end up at his place.

BLADE v8 #10 (9-22)

Probably the night of the day after BLADE3 10 (8). This segment occurs before BLADE8 11-FB-FB (5:1) and "a few weeks" before BLADE8 11, and must occur after ASM 542. Black-suited Spider-Man stops a villain named Fracture from destroying buildings and is saved when Blade uses tranquilizer darts on the crook. Blade asks Spidey about what he saw before getting turned into a vampire. This leads to his informing him the man in the green and black cloak was named Jamal Afari.

Wednesday, April 6

NEW X-MEN v2 #42/2

Probably the day after XF3 23/2. Beast and Black Beast visit Lucinda Guthrie to ask her for gene samples, but she refuses. Black Beast talks to Lewis Guthrie, who wants to be a mutant. Hoping to gain powers, Lewis takes a serum of necrotized DNA from Black Beast that makes him sick. Green grass and trees in Kentucky.

X-MEN v2 #203/2

The same day as NX 42/2. Beast and Black Beast battle as they argue the ethics of their course. Lucinda shoots Black Beast with buckshot and Beast treats Lewis. Green grass and trees in Kentucky. According to McCoy's field journal, it is "July 1st."

IRON MAN v4 #15 - FB (11:4)

One day. After Stark closes the SHIELD officers' club, SHIELD agents are fed gourmet food, prepared by Stark's chef, in a

SHIELD mess hall.


One day. This segment may occur after DD2 93 (20-22). Although he has the flue, Daredevil finds himself fighting Yakuza. Meanwhile, Carlos Lamuerto (Black Tarantula II) is released from an overcrowded prison on parole for good behavior since he was beaten by Bullseye in DD2 86. Matt is unable to capture all of the Yakuza because of his flu and momentarily collapses in a nearby Catholic church to recover from his injuries. While there, he thinks he overhears someone confessing to a murder, but loses track of whoever he overheard. Lamuerto visits his parole officer, who is corrupt and wants a kickback from Lamuerto if he returns to crime. A short time later, Murdock returns to his office to collapse, only to be greeted by Lamuerto, who asks for a job. Matt hires him to work with Dakota North to investigate the killing he heard about at the church.
MS. MARVEL v2 #15 (3-22)

The day after MSM2 15 (1-2). Carol is awoken aboard the minicarrier by Maria Hill, who voices her resentment about Stark's sanctioning of Carol's recent actions. Hill tells Carol to investigate the killings at the Indiana AIM HQ. Carol takes Simon and her squad to Anderson, and as they investigate, AIM Science Base One appears in the space. The group meets AIM Scientist Supreme Monica Rappaccini and discover that she's after the DNA bomb (a G-TAC scrambler). Monica and the base disappear when they learn the bomb was moved, and Carol instructs her squad to find the bomb. At AIM Research Base Alpha, Madigan tends to Modok, who has a disease that he hopes the G-TAC scrambler will cure by reverting him to a normal man. Madigan teleports away to Seattle and reports to the AIM scientists who want to eliminate Modok. Lightning Storm detects the bomb in Seattle, and a mole on the team relays the discovery to Modok. Monica's group locates the bomb in Seattle. Everyone converges on the Seattle HQ, and in the ensuing battle, Modok possesses Simon and sics him on Carol. Green grass and shrubs in Indiana.

MS. MARVEL v2 #16

The same day as MSM2 15 (3-22). Sarah Day summons William Wagner to her office and threatens to expose his secret id he doesn't leave Carol's life. In Seattle, Carol snaps Simon out of Modok's control by kissing him, and a bystander photographs the kiss. At the Seattle AIM office, AIM teleports in some of their experiments to join the battle and one of the creatures knocks Sum out a window. Sum miraculously survives. Baines is ordered to block all teleporting at the facility. Monica arrives on the scene and confronts Madigan, but Madigan and Modoc manage to teleport away with the DNA bomb despite the block. Locke defeats the remaining AIM scientists and experiments by using a neural blast that nearly kills her. When it's over, Carol and Simon return and Monica falls before them. "Two hours later," Locke recuperates in sick bay and Simon and Sum return the empty bomb casing. Sharon interrogates the captured Monica, who tells her that Madigan is Modok's son and his agenda is to splinter AIM into many cells. Monica suggests that Sharon help her stop Madigan so she can control a unified AIM. Elsewhere, Madigan plants the DNA bomb inside Modok and teleports him to New York. It is a "Wednesday."

MS. MARVEL v2 #17 (1-13)

The same night as MSM2 16. It is "one week" before MSM2 17 (14-22). An emergency signal goes out and Baines teleports Carol, Simon, and Sum to Times Square, where they face Modok. Aboard the Minicarrier, Monica shoots the traitor Baines. The DNA bomb goes off and Carol hurls Modok into the sky. Affected by the bomb, Carol turns blue, then reverts back to normal and passes out. Madigan telecasts the news of Modok's overthrow and his idea for breaking up AIM to AIM cells across the world, then Monica kills him. Waning crescent moon.


The day after FNSM 19. A school day. In Flash's school office, Peter Parker is surprised by the arrival of Arrow and barely manages to activate his image inducer in time. "Ben Reilly" meets Arrow, who asks Flash out.


The same day after FNSM 20-FB. FNSM 15 is referred to as having occurred "the other day" (I have it as seven weeks ago). Arrow (Ero) reports to a spider-creature in a church and declares that Flash will be her host. Spidey checks on the hospitalized May from afar, then returns to Flash's apartment, where Betty arrives and sees through Peter's image-induced "Ben Reilly" facade. They compare notes on Arrow, and Spidey concludes that Arrow is the spider-creature he encountered in Stark Tower (in FNSM 4). That night, Flash and his pro bowler friend Kelly Kulick take Flash's varsity bowling team out for practice. Arrow shows up and demands Flash leave to be with her. When she gets into a fight with Kelly, Arrow shows her true nature. Spidey bursts into the bowling alley and fights Ero. Spidey saves Kelly in the battle, but Ero escapes with Flash. Green tree in New York.


The same night as FNSM 20. This story occurs after CA5 25, since Spidey refers to Cap winding up "on a slab." Spidey subdues a police officer who wants to arrest him and a bystander gets it on video and uploads the clip onto the Internet. When Jonah sees it, he's gleeful, but Robbie argues with him about giving Peter a break. The argument gets heated and Jonah fires Robbie. Spidey gets a call from Betty, who tells him that Arrow took Flash. Spidey concludes that Ero's place of power is the church where he found a broken cocoon. When he arrives there, Ero is trying to force-feed Flash an egg sack that will birth hundreds of creatures like her. Spidey battles Ero and is stabbed in the shoulder with one of her stingers. Ero then tries to force-feed Spidey the egg sack. Green tree in New York.


The same night as FNSM 21. Robbie goes home and tells his wife he was fired. Randy blames Peter Parker. Betty shows up at the church with a shotgun and destroys Ero's egg sack. Betty blasts Ero to pieces, but Ero reforms and escapes. Spidey pursues her. They end up at the zoo aviary, where birds attack and devour her. Later, Peter's shoulder wound is bandaged and Betty checks her messages to discover that Robbie was fired. Peter resolves to have a chat with Jonah. Green grass and trees in New York.


One day, probably seven days after LONERS 1, since the group's meetings are weekly and LONERS 1 is referred to as having occurred "last week" and "the other night." The Civil War is referred to as having occurred "these past few months." Johnny writes a letter to his dead friend Hornet. He reflects on recent events and meets Chris and Mattie in a restaurant to tell them he's going to expose their adventure with Nekra to the rest of the group at their meeting "tonight." Mattie gets upset and leaves and Chris tells Johnny to stay quiet. At the meeting, Johnny tells the group why he came out west and confesses that he can't give up being a hero. "Later that night," Johnny tries to call Mattie and Chris, but they refuse to answer. Chris and Mickey go on a date. Working on a lead, Johnny goes to a facility full of MGH subjects in tubes. Here he encounters Delilah, who mistakes him for the first Ricochet. He defeats her, but the battle causes a tube to rupture and from it steps Hollow, the former Generation-Xer who was called Penance. Green grass and trees in L.A. Waning crescent moon.


The same night as LONERS 2. Hollow attacks Ricochet, then Lightspeed arrives on the scene and Hollow skewers her. Ricochet grabs the wounded Lightspeed and rushes her to a hospital.


The same night as LONERS 3-FB. It is long enough before LONERS 4 for Julie to recover. The Loners gather at the hospital and see Julie coming out of surgery. Ricochet recounts what happened and Phil is upset that some of his teammates have been getting into trouble. Hollow shows up at the hospital and Phil manages to befriend her. Delilah materializes with a strike force set on reclaiming Hollow. Mickey strikes a deal with Delilah and the villains teleport away. Mattie is upset that the bad guys got away. That night, Hollow sleeps at Phil's place, Mickey rethinks her deal, Mattie desires vengeance, Johnny feels guilt, Julie flies out of her hospital room, and Chris is angry. Green grass and trees.

Thursday, April 7

DAREDEVIL ANNUAL v2 #1 (13-26)

The day after DD@2 1 (1-12). Carlos wakes up and heads to Matt's office for work. Along the way, he runs into Little Loco, the new head of the Hispanic crime gang in New York. Loco used to be a soldier in Lamuerto's crime gang years ago, but he taunts Lamuerto that he owns these streets now. Lamuerto ignores them and heads to Murdock's office. Dakota North has him use the computer to search for suspicious obituaries, but Lamuerto doesn't like this style of research, so he heads out onto the streets to bust some heads and ask some questions. Murdock confronts Lamuerto and tells him to get back to the office. Murdock is suddenly confronted by some punks and Lamuerto busts them up. Murdock couldn't handle the punks alone because of his flu, and he realizes he could use Lamuerto's strong arm help after all. Daredevil and the Black Tarantula attack the Yakuza, one of whom escapes. Lamuerto wants to take the Yakuza's money, but Daredevil says to leave it for the police. Lamuerto questions how Daredevil does things, but solemnly goes back to his place.

Probably the day after MSM2 16. As seen in MSM2 18, the Daily Bugle runs the bystander's photo of Carol and Simon kissing to accompany a front-page headline, "While Cops Die, Ms. Marvel Smooches." The newspaper date of "August 12, 2007" must be topical.

NEW X-MEN v2 #37 - FB (18)

One day during the "weeks" between NX 37-FB (15-17) and NX 37-FB (19-21). Belasco cuts his way through the demons of



One day, "days" after XCAL4 19 (12-16) and "days" before XCAL4 20. This flashback occurs "less than a month" after XCAL4 16 (11-23). After being interrogated and evaluated, the undercover Sage is accepted into the ranks of Albion's Shadow-Captains. At the Royal Victoria Hospital, Talia practices reading aloud and writing.


The day after FNSM 22. At the Daily Bugle, Betty chastises Jonah for firing Robbie. In his office, Jonah discovers a note from Spidey to meet him at a specified address at "six P.M." At the meeting, Spidey tells Jonah to rehire Robbie. They argue, and Peter tells Jonah his real motive for firing Robbie was to provoke a face-to-face with Spidey. Spidey provokes Jonah into hitting him repeatedly until Jonah's hands are banged up, then he hands Jonah a roll of film that documented Jonah's beating of Spidey and tells him to run it so he can make more money than any lawsuit he could file against him. Back at the Bugle, Jonah destroys the film and is whacked in the face by a door.


The same night as FNSM 23-FB. Jonah stops by Robbie's place and tells him the story of his meeting with Spidey. Jonah decides to drop his lawsuit against Peter and rehires Robbie. Spidey swings by and swipes Jonah's bottle of wine. Green trees in New York.

BLADE v8 #11 - FB - FB (5:1)

One night, after BLADE8 10 (9-22). Blade and Hannibal fight vampires and search for Jamal Afari on the streets of Florence.

Friday, April 8


One day, a "month" before WWH 4 (18-23). Clarinda Roberts' husband retires.


One day. Magneto visits the grave of Percy Fellows in White River Junction, Vermont.

IRON MAN v4 #15 - FB (11:5-12:1)

One day. Dum Dum Dugan, alive and well, asks Stark why SHIELD agents aren't in uniform, and Stark replies that "it's casual

Friday." Dum Dum questions the closing of SHIELD's officers' club, but Stark replies that it's been re-designated as a day-care


IRON MAN v4 #15 - FB (12:3-12:5)

The same day as IM4 15-FB (11-12). Dum Dum goes to Stark's executive officer, Sal Kennedy, to discuss the closing of the

officers' club. Kennedy explains Stark's philosophy and tells Dum Dum to chill.

DAREDEVIL ANNUAL v2 #1 (27-35)

The day after DD@2 1 (13-26). Daredevil and Dakota go over any suspicious deaths and find one that looks like an old lady committing suicide. As Daredevil, Murdock goes that rainy evening and investigates where the lady died. Daredevil discovers the landlord of a condo wanted the old lady to move out so that he could renovate this block and earn money, but the old lady wouldn't move out, so he had her killed. This landlord now feels guilty and confesses to Daredevil his crime. The landlord says he hired someone named Little Loco to do it for him. Daredevil calls Lamuerto and asks if he knows of a thug named Little Loco. Feeling guilty for molding the young Rodriguez into a killer, Lamuerto rushes off to Little Loco's place and kills all of Loco's gang and Loco himself. Daredevil arrives a short time later and starts to arrest Lamuerto, but Lamuerto knocks the still sick Daredevil out.

One rainy night. Spiral materializes at the Xavier Institute to tell Beast that his failure in preventing mutant extinction has displeased Mojo and to look to magic for an answer. After she disappears, Beast goes to the Sanctum Sanctorum (disguised as a future Starbuck's), where he sees Dr. Strange and Wong. Strange shows Beast that Wanda's spell has altered reality so drastically that using magic to try to reverse the spell may destroy reality. Full moon.

X-FACTOR v3 #24/2

The same night as UX 491/2. As Uatu observes, Dr. Strange shows Beast a variety of planes of reality in which Hank fails to find a solution.

BLADE v8 #11 - FB - FB (5:2)
One night. Blade and Hannibal fight vampires and search for Jamal Afari on the streets of Berlin.


One rainy night. This flashback probably occurs after PUN7 49. Eddie gets his gang together for a job. They make their way to an apartment building and set it on fire to teach the new owner a lesson.


The same night as PUNM@ 1-FB (4-6). The building burns as a kid who's trapped inside screams for help, but Eddie's gang just watches.


The same night as PUNM@ 1-FB (7:5-7:6). Eddie and the gang go to the bar to drink their troubles away. When they leave, they're confronted by the Punisher.


The same night as PUNM@ 1-FB (9-12). The Punisher shoots up Eddie's gang.


The same night as PUNM@ 1-FB (13). The Punisher kills everyone but Eddie and Tommy, but Tommy is shot while getting into Eddie's car. Eddie drives away.

The same night as PUNM@ 1-FB (16-17). This story probably occurs before PUN7 50 (4-14). Eddie drives to the doctor while Tommy bleeds all over his car. The doctor informs Eddie that there's nothing he can do for Tommy. Eddie goes to Omar's building and tells the security guard to let him through. Eddie asks Omar, his crime boss, if he can hide out for a while. Omar is hesitant to offer protection from the Punisher, but agrees anyway. The Punisher infiltrates Omar's building and kills everyone. Eddie gets away and tries to get help from a couple of people, none of whom will help him. He goes to his place to get his stuff, and then tries to turn himself in to the police. When they hear he's running from the Punisher, they pretend he's drunk and tell him to sleep it off. As they drive away, the Punisher arrives and shoots Eddie in the face.
HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #4 (4-22)

One night, probably several days before HFH2 5 (18-19). I have Misty and Colleen here after IF5 6. At his Queens home, Humbug is attacked by Insecticide and defeats him. At a cemetery in Stamford, Maria and her father visit Rosa's grave, where they are attacked by ninjas. The ninjas kill Maria's dad and she kills them. In Chinatown, Shang-Chi is attacked by Shadow Stalker and defeats him. The heroes regroup at the ruins of the Golden Dragon, where Misty and Colleen tell the group the attacks were orchestrated by Ricadonna. Humbug's broken arm is in a cast. The bandaged Maria storms off to kill Ricadonna. "One hour later," Misty and Colleen shake down the Toddler for info on Ricadonna. Humbug's insects find the organ transplant operation at Ryker's, where King Size, Ferocia, Blue Streak, and Flame are joined by a super-powered Ricadonna, the latest recipient of Skrull organs. Green grass and trees in New York. Full moon.

Saturday, April 9

DAREDEVIL ANNUAL v2 #1 (36-38)

The day after DD@2 1 (27-35). This segment may occur before DD2 93-FB (20-22). Murdock is finally over his flu. He arrives at work to find a letter from Lamuerto. Lamuerto writes that he has much to repent for, and that he's got to fight crime his own way. He also warns Murdock that his parole officer is corrupt and needs to be investigated. Lamuerto leaves the money he stole from Little Loco's place last night at the local Catholic Church.
X-MEN v2 #204/2 (1-4)

One day, arguably "three weeks" after X:ES 1. Back at the Xavier Institute after being "out of town," Beast has the same dream he's been having about Wanda "for the last three weeks." Nightcrawler checks in on him and Beast tells Kurt he has one more stop to make.

BLADE v8 #11 - FB - FB (5:3)

One night. Blade and Hannibal fight vampires and search for Jamal Afari on the streets of Prague.

PUNISHER v7 #50 - FB (30:1)

One night. This flashback occurs after PP:B 5. Barracuda shoots Yorkie while his wife screams.

PUNISHER v7 #50 - FB (30:3

The same night as PUN7 50-FB (30:1). Barracuda shows Yorkie his gun.

PUNISHER v7 #50 (1-3)

The same night as PUN7 50-FB (30:3). Barracuda shoots Yorkie after killing his wife and asking him about the Punisher.

Sunday, April 10

DAREDEVIL v2 #94 - FB (20:4-21:3)

One morning, shortly before DD2 94. This flashback may occur after DD@2 1 (37-38). Milla awakens to find Matt up and asking her to go to breakfast with him. Milla's happy he's come back safely from his Daredevil patrol.

X-MEN v2 #204/2 (5-15:1)

Probably the day after X 204/2 (1-4). Beast goes to Transia, where he encounters Wanda but their conversation is oblique and resolves nothing. Hank leaves Transia "that day" aboard a prop plane. Green trees in Transia, where it is warm enough for al fresco dining.

IRON MAN v4 #15 - FB (1:5-10:3)

One day, "two days" before IM4 15. An Indonesian terrorist cell, armed with a nerve agent, takes hostages at the Sydney Opera

House. A SHIELD squad in Stark-designed armor, led by Iron Man, attack and neutralize the terrorists, but the biological bomb

is activated, and Iron Man flies it out to a Stark Foundation research vessel at the Great Barrier Reef. There he seals the bomb in

a decompression chamber, where it goes off safely.

IRON MAN v4 #15 - FB (13:3-15:1)

Perhaps the same day as IM4 15-FB (1-10). Stark drops in on Maya Hansen, who is on conditional parole and under his

supervision. Stark tells Maya that her nano-cams saved lives in the Sydney operation. Maya tries to get Stark to have her work on Extremis, but Stark explains why that can't happen.

NEW EXCALIBUR #19 (17-21)

One day. Shadow-X and Lionheart storm Crossmore Prison where they see the incarcerated Shadow Xavier. The Shadow King emerges from Xavier's body and attempts to take over Lionheart's, but he can't get in. Lionheart reveals that Albion suspected the Shadow King's involvement and puts a collar on Shadow Xavier that traps the Shadow King in that body. Then she skewers Xavier with her sword and turns to face Shadow-X. Excalibur then bursts on the scene.


The same day as XCAL4 19 (17-21). This story occurs "days" after XCAL4 20-FB. Talia has another therapy session at the hospital. Brian, Cain, Alison, and Wisdom defeat Shadow-X at Crossmore Prison as Lionheart escapes and they wonder why she was opposing the ersatz X-Men. The undercover Sage (Diana) joins Albion and the Shadow-Captains in raiding a British government security vault. Wisdom finds out about the raid and concludes that the Shadow-X operation was a diversion. As Albion claims his prize at the vault, Lionheart rushes in to report that Shadow X betrayed them. As Albion wields his prize, Sage/Diana risks blowing her cover to stop him, but she fails and Albion's prize casts a spell that disables all modern technology in London.


The same day as XCAL4 20. Planes fall from the sky over London and Excalibur and Shadow-X try to save passengers. Sage/Diana claims her actions were intended to save Albion. As Albion sets about securing the British government, he sends Lionheart to Balmoral for the queen. Shadow Jean proposes that Shadow-X and Excalibur join forces to stop Albion and Brian accepts, despite Dazzler's objections. Wisdom sets up a clandestine operation with Shadow-X's Cyclops and Angel; they go to London and battle Albion, a coterie of Shadow Captains, and Sage/Diana, about whom bystander Nocturne detects something wrong. The others battle Lionheart and her cohort of Shadow Captains at Balmoral. Sage/Diana decapitates Shadow Cyclops. Green grass and trees in Britain.


The same day as XCAL4 21. Albion offers to lead the resigned populace of London. He christens Sage/Diana as Britannia and sends her after Shadow Angel and Wisdom, who are joined by Dazzler, Juggernaut, Shadow Iceman, and Shadow Beast in fighting Shadow Captains. When Britannia arrives, she skewers and kills Shadow Beast and retreats with the Shadow Captains. Green grass and trees in London.


The same day as XCAL4 22. At the hospital, Nocturne seizes the body of one of Albion's captains and infiltrates Britannia's army. With Wisdom at his side, Shadow Iceman creates an avalanche of snow in London and Nocturne parts company with the captains to help civilians get sanctuary from the battle. Dazzler and Juggernaut catch up to Wisdom and they fight a group of captains. Wisdom is wounded, and an injured Shadow Angel goes to his rescue, only to be slain by another captain. Enraged, Shadow Jean slays the killer, only to be attacked by Albion. Captain Britain joins the battle, and in the melee, he and Albion realize they're both Brian Braddock. Green grass and trees in London.

NEW EXCALIBUR #24 (1-18)

The same "weekend" day as XCAL4 23. This segment occurs "a month" after XCAL4 16 (11-23). Lionheart turns against Albion and fights with Excalibur. Britannia snaps out of it and returns to being Sage. Shadow Jean finds the device responsible for neutralizing England's technology. She and Shadow Iceman sacrifice themselves to ensure victory over Albion. Green grass and trees in England.

PUNISHER v7 #50 (4-14)

The day after PUN7 50 (1-3). This segment occurs "two weeks" before PUN7 50 (15-26) and probably occurs after PUNM@ 1. Frank wakes up after having a dream of what it would have been like if his family hadn't been killed. Shaken by the dream, the Punisher goes out for some target practice. "Some time later," Barracuda enters a daycare center.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #37 - FB (20)

One day. The tiny Deadpool captures the Rhino and turns him over to police custody. Rhino must escape after this, showing up next in PWJ2 13.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #37 (20-21)

The same evening as C&DP 37-FB (20). It is "days" after C&DP 37 (19) and "five days" before C&DP 38. Weasel reads a

Daily Bugle front-page article, "Rhino Captured by Tiny Terror." Wade asks Weasel to restore his height, but Weasel tells him

that the scientists he hired accidentally used up all the Pym particles. Wade is stuck at a three-inch height.

BLADE v8 #11 - FB - FB (5:4)

One night. Blade and Hannibal search for Jamal Afari on the streets of a city.

Monday, April 11

X-MEN v2 #204/2 (15:2-16)

Perhaps the day after X 204/2 (5-15). This segment must occur before NX 37 (1-21). Beast arrives at Neverland, sorts through the remains of the inmates killed in the final purge there, and buries the corpses in individual graves.

IRON MAN v4 #15 - FB (16:3-17:3)

Probably the day after IM4 15-FB (1-10). Stark, wearing different clothes from IM4 15-FB (13-15), has a meeting with Maria

Hill, Dum Dum Dugan, and Sal Kennedy about the recent terrorist attacks and Sal theorizes that they all have a financial backer.

Maria argues with Sal, but Dum Dum agrees with him.


One day, after UX 486 (1-22) and "weeks" before X:EV 1 (2-14). The Scy'ar Tal hear about the killing of D'Ken and plan to attack the Shi'ar.

BLADE v8 #11 - FB - FB (6:1)
One night, before BLADE8 11-FB (4-6). Blade and Hannibal search for Jamal Afari in Paris and rough up a vamp in front of the Eiffel tower. Green trees.

Tuesday, April 12


Early one morning. Milla wakes up to find Matt isn't in bed with her; he's out patrolling as Daredevil. Milla flashes back to all

of the major events in their lives since they met each other. She has a horrible feeling that their love is doomed.

IRON MAN v4 #15

One day, "three months" after IM4 15-FB (17-21) and "two days" after IM4 15-FB (1-10). Dum Dum Dugan reports to

Secretary of Defense Jack Kooning to complain about Stark's management of SHIELD. SHIELD has conducted "seventeen"

code-red tactical operations "this month." Kooning notes that "Stark has cut SHIELD's operational costs by 19.8 million in the

first fiscal quarter alone;" this may be an indication that this story occurs after March 31. Kooning also notes that SHIELD's

morale, readiness, and public approval are up since Stark took over. Dum Dum submits his resignation, but Kooning refuses to

accept it, saying he needs someone inside SHIELD he can trust.


One day, "two weeks" after IAM 8 (6-9). This segment must occur before SENSM2 36 (15-23) and S-H4 17. Eric moves into a new apartment, where he shares a moment with Visioneer. When a big "ka-boom" interrupts things, Eric looks out the window to see She-Hulk (in her SHIELD uniform) fighting Mr. Hyde. To keep up appearances as a super-hero, Eric is forced to don the Ant-Man armor and join the battle as Slaying Mantis. Eric is swatted aside as the battle continues. Seeing that the battle has moved out of Visioneer's sight, Eric returns, pretending that he beat the villain. This battle may occur during the time that Zabo is turning people into spider-creatures, and Hyde must escape. "After a long, eventful evening at the hospital" getting bandaged, Eric is back in his apartment lying in bed when Black Fox arrives to claim his stolen gems. When Eric tells him that he sold them for $10,000, Black Fox shouts that they're worth over $100,000. Ant-Man returns to the pawn shop and tricks the owner into forking over the $150,000 he got for selling the gems. He gives the money to Black Fox and takes a cut. "Later that night," Visioneer arrives at Eric's bed and tells him she's falling in love with him.

NEW X-MEN v2 #33

One day. A memo refers to "the exodus of the 198 from the grounds of the Xavier Institute" (where we see new Sentinels) and

"the O*N*E's mandate...of protection," so this story must occur after CW:X 4 (21-22); this is corroborated by Mammomax's

chronology. The events of NX 31 are referred to as having occurred "recently." Hellion practices his telekinesis with Beast.

Emma urges Laura to leave the school, but Cessily defends Laura. Cyclops apologizes to David and Nori for not being there

when the New X-Men faced Nimrod, and he gives his blessing to Nori leading the team. Kimura's people runs tests on the

captured Mammomax. Elixir asks Beast to teach him about life sciences. Kimura's soldiers bomb the local coffee house and

attack Laura and Cessily. Laura thinks they're after her, but Kimura shoots a dart into Cessily. Green trees at Westchester.

NEW X-MEN v2 #34

The same day as NX 33. It is "not too long" after NX 34-FB. Kimura fights X-23 as Kimura's soldiers abduct Cessily.

Rockslide, Loa, and Anole watch a TV report about the Young Avengers, of whom Santo has never heard, and "several members

of" whom are still fugitives under the provisions of the Super-Human Registration Act; the file footage shown here includes

Cassie, but that doesn't mean she's still with the group - in fact, "several members" may be an indication that not all of them are

still fugitives and this story likely occurs after Cassie registers in CW 5 (1-7). Laura returns to the Institute and tells Julian that

Cessily's been taken. He insists on helping X-23 track her down and they make a dramatic departure from the Institute. Dust

asks Emma about the status of the search for her mother and Emma gets a call from Rahne concerning Kevin. As Lexington and

the other Sentinels attempt to track Julian's energy signature, Miguel Reyes authorizes "a full accounting of all X- Men and

students." That night, Cessily is secured by the Facility, which has their mutant-killing biological weapon, Predator X, slay

Mammomax. Hellion and X-23 bust in on some lowlifes in New York City and Laura kills one of them after he tells her where

the Facility is operating. Hellion tells Laura not to kill anymore. As Kimura observes, scientist Adam Harkins starts operating

on Cessily to get her skin.

NEW X-MEN v2 #35

The same night as NX 34. This story must occur between DD2 93 (19) and RUN2 25. As emergency workers tend to the scene

of the destroyed coffeehouse, O*N*E requests an assembly of all the mutants at the Institute, where new Sentinels are determined

to keep the students on campus despite Surge's defiance. In New York City, Laura continues her extreme form of interrogation

over Julian's objections. They visit the Owl, and Laura refers to Kingpin having "left the country." She and Julian force Owl to

tell them the location of the Facility, where, during the operation, Cessily's metallic skin resists and breaks out of her

containment, stabbing an assistant and intriguing Harkins, who explains to Cessily that he intends to bind her skin to Predator X.

Emma uses Cerebra to locate Julian and X-23, who streak to the Facility. Scott, Emma, Kitty, and David prepare to follow them.

Green trees at Westchester.

NEW X-MEN v2 #36 (3-23)

The same night as NX 35. This segment must occur before WWH:X 1 and is referred to as having occurred "the other day" in NX 38 (1-4). I have this segment occurring before X 189 (19-22). Laura and Julian storm the Facility and Laura tries to convince Julian to kill Kimura. Julian propels Kimura miles away and he and X-23 find and free Cecily. A squad of Predators attack and the trio flees. The rest of the New X-Men (Dust, Elixir, Surge, Rockslide), the Astonishing X-Men (Cyclops, Emma, Colossus, Shadowcat), and a Sentinel arrive and defeat the Predators and Facility guards. A "short time later," during the clean-up at the Facility, the X-Men reconnoiter with Colonel Reyes and Cecily can tell that one of the Predators got away. Back at the Xavier Institute, as Cecily thanks Laura, Emma thwarts an attempt by Kimura to assassinate X-23. Emma messes with Kimura's head, removing her memories of the only person who ever loved her. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #5 (1-17)

One night, long enough after HFH2 4 (4-22) for Humbug's arm to heal. It is "18 hours" before HFH2 5 (18-19). This segment

must occur before CW:BDR (27:1). The Heroes for Hire use a hover car borrowed from Stark to go to the Skrull transplant lab

on Hart Island. There, they defeat Ricadonna and her minions and blow up the facility. Ricadonna turns green and escapes.

Green trees in New York.

UNCANNY X-MEN #487 (1-5)

One night. Erg, Litterbug, Bliss, and Masque ambush Caliban and Leech in the Morlock tunnels. Masque injures Caliban with the power of his secondary mutation, and the Morlocks abscond with Leech.

Wednesday, April 13

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #5 (18-19)

The day ("18 hours") after HFH2 5 (1-17). It is "one week" before HFH2 5 (20-22) and probably several days after HFH2 4 (4-22). I have Black Cat here after SENSM2 37 (20-21). Maria is the lone attendant at her father's funeral in Stamford. She is joined by her teammates, who offer their condolences, but Maria remains bitter. Green grass and trees in Connecticut.

X-MEN v2 #202 - FB (1:2)

One day. The Marauders attack Vargas.

UNCANNY X-MEN #487 (6-22)

The day after UX 487 (1-5). This segment must occur after BP4 34. Despite the fact that the Beast hasn't completed all the tests on Xavier's restored telepathy, Xavier uses Cerebra to try to find Magneto, who's been sighted twice "this week" and is being sought by SHIELD and the O*N*E. Cerebra detects the injured Caliban approaching the Institute. James and Hepzibah talk about the current state of her life, then they locate the arriving Caliban. A Sentinel tries to claim Caliban for examination, but James defies him. Summoned by Xavier, Storm (a self-proclaimed temporary member of the FF) arrives and claims Caliban is under her protection. "Soon," Xavier convinces Val Cooper to let him care for Caliban. As the Beast examines Caliban, Xavier deduces that Masque is responsible for his injuries. Xavier asks Ororo to go to the Morlocks and investigate. In the Morlock tunnels, Leech wears a power dampener and Masque intends to use him when they find Magneto. Green grass and trees in New York.


The same day as UX 487 (6-22). Storm, Warpath, Hepzibah, and Caliban go into the Morlock tunnels below Manhattan, where they find wall writings from a seer of the future. Val Cooper insists that the O*N*E find Caliban, whose location Xavier won't disclose. Xavier is tired of cooperating with the O*N*E, and he and Kurt take the X-jet to find Magneto. Skids and Erg bomb a subway train and Masque disfigures the injured. Green trees at Westchester.

UNCANNY X-MEN #490 - FB (1)

The same day as UX 488. It is "a few hours" before UX 490. A train carrying Magneto to New York is delayed as reports of the subway attack are broadcast. Green trees in New York.


The same day as UX 490-FB. This story probably occurs shortly after UX 489-FB. It must occur between BP4 34 and FF 547. The TV news reports on the subway attack. That night at the Baxter Building, temporary home to Ororo and T'Challa while Reed and Sue are away, Storm uses Reed's equipment to track down the Morlocks. Ben and Johnny offer to help but Ororo declines. Masque issues threats on behalf of mutantkind and calls out Magneto via the Internet, and Skids objects as O*N*E agents prepare to strike. On Magneto's trail, Kurt and Xavier show up at the Vermont cemetery where he was spotted. They learn of Masque's message and resolve to find Erik before the Morlocks do. Storm, Hepzibah, Caliban, and Warpath find the remains of the Morlock hideout. In the rubble they find Skids, who identifies herself as a SHIELD agent. Green grass and trees in Vermont.


The same night as UX 489. Skids tells Storm of Qwerty's prophecies and brings her and Caliban to Delphi and a group of Morlocks who see Ororo's arrival as fate. The story of the Morlocks splitting into factions is related to Xavier, who is with Kurt in the Blackbird. In the tunnels with Leech, Masque, Erg, and Bliss defeat Warpath and Hepzibah, then set off bombs that trap Storm and her group under crashing rubble.


The same night as UX 490. Storm uses her power to free herself and her teammates and they defeat the Morlocks. Xavier and Kurt arrive and Masque is forced to fix the faces of those he disfigured. Skids retrieves Qwerty's book of prophecies and "later that day," she hands it over to Magneto. James and Hepzibah get close. Green grass and trees in New York.


One night. Robbers hit a liquor store, and when the owner tries to fight back, they beat him into a coma.

Thursday, April 14


One day, probably after SVTU2 1-FB (8:4). Thomas Firehart is arrested by the FBI on five federal bribery indictments.

MS. MARVEL v2 #17 - FB

One rainy day. Carol Danvers attends Baines' funeral.

MS. MARVEL v2 #17 (14-22)

The same day as MSM2 17-FB. It is "one week" after MSM2 17 (1-13). This segment must occur before SVTU2 1 (5-13). Modok has disappeared, Monica has taken control of a quarter of AIM, and the rest of the organization is splintered. Locke is on medical leave, undergoing surgeries. Medical tests indicate that Carol is physically fine, despite her having turned blue. Simon shows up to see how Carol is doing. William has stopped calling Carol, as per Sarah Day's request. At a secret AIM base, scientists reanimate the dead Madigan, turning him into Head Case.

MS. MARVEL v2 #19 - FB (7:4)

One day, shortly before MSM2 18 (9-22). Rick Sheridan registers.

X-MEN v2 #202 - FB (1:3)

One day. The Marauders attack the Dark Mother and her warrior nuns.

IRON MAN v4 #16 - FB

One day, "48 hours" before IM4 16. A militant animal rights activist group, Cat's-Paw, attacks the executive of a business that

does animal testing on his boat in Barbados. Using weaponized biotech and first-rate tactical training, the terrorists are taken out

by Iron Man.

DAREDEVIL v2 #95 (1-3)

The night of the day after DD2 95-FB. At Ryker's, Melvin Potter is subdued and is found in the workshop with two dead bodies, both of which have been killed by buzzsaws. In Hell's Kitchen, Daredevil attacks some robbers.

DAREDEVIL v2 #95 (6-10)

The same night as DD2 95 (1-3). Daredevil fights the robbers, but they kill each other so they won't be caught.

DAREDEVIL v2 #2 97 - FB (1-3:1)

It must be the same night as DD2 95 (6-10). It is "four days" before DD2 97 (3-6). Lilly is in a bar when a fight breaks out over her.
BLADE v8 #11 - FB (4-6)

One night, "three weeks" before BLADE8 11. In Washington DC, Lucas Cross is informed by Manning of Blade's and King's recent locations and what they've been looking for. Though Lucas thinks they're looking for Dracula, he's surprised to learn they're after Jamal Afari. Realizing Dracula used the Espil Shade to bring Jamal back and that Vlad is meaning to bring about the prophecy himself, Lucas hopes to turn his involvement into his advantage. Green trees in DC.

Friday, April 15

DAREDEVIL v2 #95 (11-22)

The day after DD2 95 (6-10). This segment must occur after A4 35-FB (6-18). Matt and Milla wake up, and Foggy calls to tell Matt that Melvin has gotten into trouble again. Matt refuses to take the case. Meanwhile, Becky talks to Melvin's attorney and agrees to take the case. Later, Matt, Foggy, and Becky talk about taking the case and agree to do it. Matt and Becky go to Bellevue, where Melvin tells them he didn't do it, and Matt believes him. That night, Mr. Fear spies on Milla and Melvin kills a guy at Bellevue, claiming he didn't do it directly afterwards. Long sleeve weather in New York.

One day, shortly after SVTU2 2-FB (9:3). At his hearing, Firehart claims he's being framed. His assets are frozen and he uses his last bit of cash to post bail.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #38 (7:2-8:5)

One day, "five days" after C&DP 37 (20-21), "three weeks" after C&DP 38-FB, and "two days" before C&DP 38 (8-22). Sandi

and Outlaw ask the miniaturized Wade's help in finding and rescuing Agent X. Wade is persuaded by the girls' feminine


X-MEN v2 #202 - FB (1:4)

One day. The Marauders kill 83 when they raze the Wohnhaus Strucker in Dresden.


One day, after WWH:GC 4-FB (4:1-4:5). This flashback occurs before WWH:GC 1. Gamma Corps defeat Hydra agents on what may be their first mission.


One day, sometime after A:TI@ 1/2-FB (4:3) and shortly before A:TI 1 (4-9). Armory saves a couple from Needle. She sees a registration poster and decides to join the Initiative.


One day, "weeks" after A:TI@ 1/3-FB (2-6) and shortly before A:TI@ 1 (9-22). Hardball uses his new power to knock over an armored car, but in doing so he saves a girl from being hit be the vehicle. Bystanders call him a hero and the passing Wonder Man tells him about the Initiative.


The day before X 190. Sabretooth walks into the Xavier Institute.


One night. This story may occur after W:O 15 (21-22). Given Sabretooth's chronology, this story must occur after X 199, and since Rogue is in control of her faculties, it must be after Messiah Complex. Logan enters the Xavier Institute, chats with Rogue about Sabertooth, then confronts Sabretooth, who's watching the Spice channel on TV and drinking a beer. Wolverine throws him out the window and they fight. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


The same night as W3 50. This story must occur before X 189 (19-22). Logan wakes up chained to the Blackbird jet. He frees himself and gets into the cockpit and fights the piloting Sabretooth. The Blackbird crashes and explodes, and Wolverine and Sabretooth continue to fight until Storm arrives and stops them with a lightning bolt.

Saturday, April 16


The "Saturday" before X 194. Paul Brunner is hit by a truck and is pronounced dead, then gets up and walks away.

DAREDEVIL v2 #96 (1-5)

The day after DD2 95 (11-22). Matt and Becky talk to Assistant DA Palmer about Melvin's Bellevue killing last night, which has already made the papers. They agree that Melvin should have a psychiatric evaluation before he's sent back to Ryker's. That night, Daredevil stops a mugger.
IRON MAN v4 #16

One day, "48 hours" after IM4 16-FB. It may be two months, not "six months," before IM4 21. Maya Hansen examines the corpse of the Cat's-Paw leader and discovers the weaponzed biotech in his body. Citing "over forty incidents" of well-funded, armed terrorist groups springing up "in the last month alone," Stark tries to help Maya in figuring out the biotech, even though he's needed at a funeral for fallen agents onboard. Dum Dum has a discussion with Stark about his management style, and Stark summons the strength to speak at the funeral. At a psychiatric facility in China, Najeeb is killed by his bodyguard, Darius Faraz, who presents the chained-up Master Khan with the Mandarin's rings.

X-MEN v2 #189 (19-22)

One day. A gap must exist between pages 18 and 19 of X 189, as this segment must occur after C&DP 35; I have this gap as

lasting four months, during which time Northstar and Aurora would be training with Perro and company. I have this segment occurring after NX 36 (3-23) and it must occur after W3 51. Perro and Serefina attack the Institute with Northstar and Aurora. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

X-MEN v2 #190

The same day as X 189 (16-22). Iceman is downed and the Astonishing team arrives. Northstar kayos Emma and moves on to

find Creed. He encounters Anole, who is amazed to see his teacher alive, but Jean-Paul assaults Anole and then is attacked by

Rogue. Aurora subdues X-23 and Mercury, then has a split-personality episode. Mystique finds Iceman, who has evaporated

and re-condensed, and gives him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. As Northstar sends Rogue down for the count, Cable arrives and

subdues him. Sensing a new variable, Serafina takes matters into her own hands and sneaks undetected into the Institute. She

overhears Rogue telling Cable that Creed "walked in yesterday" and is in the basement. As Cable tries to pry information out of

Creed, Beast and Karima examine Bobby. Serafina encounters the comatose Lady Mastermind and decides to do something to

her, but Cannonball walks in. Green trees at Westchester.

X-MEN v2 #191

The same day as X 190. It is the "Saturday" before X 194. As Serefina uses Lady Mastermind's powers to play with Sam's mind, Creed tells Scott, Cable, and Rogue about his history with the Children of the Vault. Paul Brunner's animated corpse shows up at the Institute and keels over. Logan confronts Serefina, and she decks him and Sam and teleports away. Cable tells the X-Men that the Children are of a new super-powered species that evolved after six thousand years passed in a matter of "three decades" inside the oil tanker, Conquistador, which is a time accelerator. Logan and Sam arrive and report on the corpse, then the X-Men decide to confront the Children on their tanker, but the Children decide to fly their vessel to New York. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

X-MEN v2 #192

The same day as X 191. This story probably occurs after NX 31. Sentinels are seen escorting mutants when they leave the

Institute, but that doesn't necessarily mean this story occurs before CW:X 4 (21-22). Rockslide, Mercury, and Anole observe as

Lady Mastermind awakens. Beast tells her that she's been unconscious "for more than a year." The Children remove the

cloaking from their flying ship and the U.S. military engage them with no success. Rogue gathers her team together -

Sabretooth, Cable, Lady Mastermind, Karima, Iceman, Mystique, and Cannonball. As they leave to engage the Children, Scott

objects to Creed's being released, but Rogue tells Scott to live with it. Rhodes sends Lexington to follow the jet full of X-Men.

Rogue tells Mystique that she selected her because she wants to keep an eye on her, but Mystique insists there's a bond between

them. Rogue's team attacks the Children's ship and battle the Children, but the ship has reached the Institute, where the Children

intend to destroy the New X-Men. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

X-MEN v2 #193

The same day as X 192. This story must occur before X@2 1. Rhodey probably appears here between BP4 22 and A:TI 1 (4-

9). As Rogue's team fights the Children aboard the Conquistador, the Astonishing team and the Sentinels attack the ship from

below and Beast examines the old guy from "earlier today," who "died at least seven days ago." Sam saves Sabretooth in battle.

Sangre tries to ram the ship into the Institute, but Mystique shoots him dead and explosions wipe out the Children aboard the

Conquistador, which remains suspended above the Institute. Scott welcomes Rogue back and Emma remarks on Rogue's "new

look," to which Rogue replies, "Sweet of you to notice" - Emma saw the new costume earlier in this story arc and may have seen

it on other occasions, but only chose to remark on it now. Rogue tells Scott and Emma that her team is "not staying. We just

came to pack our things." Meanwhile, the race of Children survives in Ecuador and plan to attack "soon." Green trees at


Sunday, April 17


One day, between HFH2 5 (1-17) and HFH2 7 (1-11). Stark reports on Heroes for Hire, who he notes have defeated Ricadonna

and include Orka as a member.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #38 (8:6-22)

One day, "two days" after C&DP 38 (7-8). Weasel and the tiny Wade track Agent X to a Hydra base in Pakistan, which Deadpool infiltrates. Wade finds Agent X there, hugely overweight because of an eating disorder that resulted from a genetic template that Hydra gave Hayden. Wade fights Hydra, restores his size with some Pym particles at the Hydra facility, and busts Hayden out of the facility. Impressed with Wade's rescue of him, and realizing that he can't do assignments until he loses weight, Agent X asks Deadpool to take over Agency X. Meanwhile, at the Agency X offices, T-Ray ties up Sandi and Outlaw and vows to get back at Wade and Hayden.


One day, shortly after A:TI@ 1/2-FB (4:4-4:5). This segment must occur after MA 6 (21-22) and A:TI@ 1/4-FB-FB (7:5). Rhodey is probably here after X 193. War Machine recruits Cloud-9 for training at Camp Hammond. Justice recruits MVP. In San Francisco, the Mighty Avengers (Wasp, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, Ares) battle Ultimo, who is taken down by Armory, a girl who wants to sign up to be an Avenger. Green grass and trees in Kentucky.


One day. This story must occur between X 193 and X 194. Maria Hill's title as "acting SHIELD director" may either be a mistake or may refer to a temporary assignment while Stark is indisposed, but it is unlikely this story occurs before CW 7-FB (25:2). Rogue, Cable, and Mystique use the Conquistador to reconnoiter with the Helicarrier, where they introduce themselves to "acting SHIELD director" Maria Hill. They ask to use SHIELD's virtual reality rig to "re-program" Northstar and Aurora. Hill reluctantly agrees and soon the twins are hooked up to the rig, reliving their lives in VR. Exodus, Random, Tempo, and Frenzy attack and board the Helicarrier. The VR programming is hacked and Northstar and Aurora undergo a mind-meld and break away. The three X-Men battle and defeat Exodus' Acolytes, Mystique saves Rogue, and the twins cure themselves. Despairing over the fate of mutantkind, Exodus converts the Hellicarrier into a futuristic Cerebro that can detect potential mutations, but he can find no mutant births since M-Day. Exodus and the Acolytes depart and Maria Hill orders the X-Men to leave. Rogue ponders the fact that she owes her life to Mystique. Exodus and the Acolytes go to a base in Antarctica to report to Mr. Sinister, who has a plan to save the mutant race.


One day, "a few weeks" after IAM 5 and IAM 8 (6-9) and "a few days" before IAM 9 (14-20). "Slaying Mantis," Visioneer, and Monstro defeat Dragon Man, who was not secured by Cloak and Dagger (who now work for the government), who departed too early after defeating him. When a SHIELD team arrives to take Dragon Man into custody, Eric hides and lies to Visioneer that he's avoiding an old girlfriend. Eric makes a date with Abigail for "Thursday." "Later that night," Eric arrives at his "recently purchased apartment," where he plays Nintendo with Black Fox. "Meanwhile," aboard the helicarrier, Iron Man, citing pressure from Hank Pym, tells Mitch to find the Ant-Man suit. Veronica King asks Mitch about Eric.

DAREDEVIL v2 #96 (6-12)

The day after DD2 96 (1-5). Melvin's evaluation doesn't go well, and it's decided that he go back to Ryker's. That evening, Milla goes to her therapist, and that night Daredevil goes out on patrol.
NOVA v4 #1

One day. This story must occur after CW 7-FB (25:2). It must occur after ANN 6 (22-24), and given the 2:1 ratio I've assigned

to Annihilation days vs. Earth days, it is indeed roughly "six months" after the start of the Annihilation War. Despite warnings

by the Worldmind inside him to slow down, Nova pushes himself by tireless traveling around space responding to crises. On

Turakis, he defeats the Planetfall weapon. He angrily destroys Annihilation Wave troop drones on Halexa. He responds to a six-

month-old distress call from a research habitat knocked out of its orbit and discovers its inhabitants have been dead for at least

"three months." As Nova responds to a stellar storm disaster, he tries to take a shortcut through space and ends up crash landing.

Nova takes the hint that he needs to slow down, Worldmind prods him to go home to earth. "Thirty minutes later," SHIELD

detects the planetfall and "Director Stark" intends to investigate the source of the class-12 power profile.

NOVA v4 #2 (1-16)

The same night as NOVA4 1. It is (many) "weeks" after CW 1 (1-7). Rich Rider returns home to his shocked parents, who tell him about the death of the New Warriors and the ensuing Civil War. Iron Man and a squad of cape-killers arrive at the house. "Ten minutes later," Stark and Nova compare notes on the Helicarrier. Nova tells Stark about the Annihilation War and Stark asks Nova to register and remain on earth. Rich asks for "twenty-four hours" to make a decision. Nova reunites with Justice aboard the Helicarrier. Rich returns home and ponders the state of the world. Rich's dad freaks when he sees the Xandarian Worldmind occupying Rich's body while he sleeps. Green grass and trees on Long Island. Full moon.

Monday, April 18

DAREDEVIL v2 #96 (13-22)

The morning after DD2 96 (6-12). While being transferred to Ryker's, Melvin's transport is attacked at 6 AM. Daredevil tries to stop it, but when Melvin is freed he attacks Daredevil and kills some of his rescuers and runs off. Daredevil goes to work, where Lily Lucca shows up and asks for help. Melvin finds his Gladiator costume waiting for him.
DAREDEVIL v2 #97 (3:2-6)

The same day as DD2 96 (13-22). It is "four days" after DD2 97-FB (1-3). Lilly tells Matt and Foggy why she needs help, and Matt tells her he'll hook her up with Dakota North. That night the Gladiator is picked up by two of Turk's men.

The day after IAM 9 (1-9). The battle with Dragon Man exposed Monstro and company, and now they must register. Afraid to reveal his identity, Monstro is ready to quit Damage Control, but Eric takes him to his pawn broker contact and gets him a fake ID. Monstro learns about Eric's stealing jewels.


Perhaps the day after A:TI 1 (4-9). This segment occurs shortly after A:TI@ 1/3-FB (6-7). I have Texas Twister and Red Wolf here after CW 7-FB (23:3). She-Hulk must appear here before S-H4 17. A bus full of new recruits passes a crowd of protesters and enters Camp Hammond. Aboard are Slapstick, Ultra Girl, Bengal, Cloud-9, Trauma, Hardball, Thor Girl, Rage, Komodo, and Armory. Yellowjacket welcomes them and hands them over to Gauntlet. Present at the camp are Texas Twister, Ms. Marvel, Stature, Nighthawk, She-Hulk (in her SHIELD uniform), Red Wolf, Stingray, Prodigy (of the Slingers), Doc Samson, Scorpion, Debrii, Constrictor, and Network. Staff counselor Justice discusses the new recruits with Yellowjacket and War Machine. MVP shows off his abilities.


The same day as A:TI 1 (9-16). Recruits Armory, Trauma, Komodo, Cloud 9, and Hardball report for training in their fatigues.


The same day as A:TI@ 1/2-FB (6/7:2). Pictures are taken of Armory in her fatigues.


The same day as A:TI@ 1-FB (8:2). Gauntlet, Gyrich, and Von Blitzchlag prepare for Armory's combat training session.


The same day as A:TI 1 (17:1-17:2). Armory begins her combat session against robots.


The same day as A:TI@ 1/2-FB (6/7:4). Gauntlet, Gyrich, and Von Blitzschlag run the recruits through their paces against robots in the Combat Simulator, but things go horribly wrong. Armory freaks out and accidentally kills MVP. Gyrich immediately goes into cover-up mode and the Initiative program surgically removes Armory's power gauntlet and boots her out.


Probably the same day as A:TI 1 (17-23). Von Blitzschlag performs an autopsy on MVP and gets the idea to clone him.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #39 (1-7)

Probably the day after C&DP 38 (8-22). This segment may not occur "weeks" before C&DP 44. Weasel is left behind at the Hydra base in Pakistan. Wade fights Slough and Infinity T.A.P. at Manhattan's Three Strikes Bar, seeking information of the whereabouts of T-Ray, who's "been lying low for months." That night, on a tip from the bartender, Wade goes to New Jersey with Hayden and Hydra agent Bob and finds T-Ray's hideout at a farm. Wade bursts in, but T-Ray ambushes him and knocks him cold. Green grass and trees.

X-MEN v2 #194

It must be the same day as C&DP 39 (1-7). It must be more than "a week" after X 188-FB (4-17). This story occurs after NX 32 and must occur after X@2 1. X 191 occurred after "last Saturday." Cable, who is "just visiting," finishes disarming the

Conquistador, which has been hovering over the Institute since X 193. Creed is locked up on board. Through her contacts in the

federal government, Mystique has managed to get permission for Rogue's team to remove the ship from U.S. airspace. Scott

tries to make sense of Rogue's decision to leave the Institute; Nathan tells him she feels she can be more effective as a "free

agent" outside of O*N*E monitoring - that Rogue's team is permitted to leave may be an indication that this story occurs after

CW:X 4 (21-22). Sam notes that he's been uncomfortable at the Institute since Jay's death. Rogue, Karima, Lady Mastermind,

and Iceman abduct Calvin Goynes and grill him about the Fordyce's program of dissecting mutants and discover that the Fordyce

leader Pandemic is Richard Palance, an old colleague of Xavier's. Beast reports that something in Paul Brunner's brain made his

corpse walk and that something is now gone.Rogue's team infiltrates one of Pan's facilities only to be ambushed by Plague Dogs, who teleport away with Rogue and deliver her to Pan. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

X-MEN v2 #195 - FB

The same day as X 194. Karima tracks the Plague Dogs and teleports herself, Bobby, and Lady Mastermind to Calcutta

in pursuit. Nathan receives an upload from Karima and he sets a course for the Conquistador as Sam locks up Creed on board.

Lady Mastermind locates Fordyce's hidden facility and she, Sam, and Karima attack it. Bobby destroys the gene and tissues

samples stored there, and Pandemic subdues the trio of X-Men. As the Conquistador arrives, its controls are frozen. Green trees

in India.

X-MEN v2 #195

The same day as X 195-FB. The incapacitated Karima transmits to Cable, who can't bodyslide in. Because the O*N*E made

them strip all weapons out of the Conquistador, Sam and Nathan release Creed over the Fordyce facility.

X-MEN v2 #196

The same day as X 195. Pandemic tells the captive Rogue that she was his inspiration and that he needs her as a guinea pig for

an experiment with strain 88, which will allow Pandemic to absorb not just powers, but the entirety of another's existence. Creed

lands at the Fordyce facility and faces the Plague Dogs. Cable and Cannonball arrive at the facility and join Creed in fighting the

facility's security troops. Mystique frees Lady Mastermind and Karima, and the entire X-Men team confronts Pandemic. Creed

tricks Pandemic into absorbing his healing power, which takes out the virus in Pandemic, rendering him powerless. Lady

Mastermind creates a mental trap for Pandemic, from which he'll emerge "inside a month or two." Rogue is freed, but she

collapses because her immune system is shutting down. Rogue is dying.

X-MEN v2 #197 (1-3)

The same night as X 196 (day in Providence). Cable brings Rogue to Providence for medical attention.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #39 (8-20)

The same night as X 197 (1-3). Gareb gives Irene a status report on Cable, showing his arrival at Providence (where it is day)

with the X-Men. Gareb reports that six candidates intend to run for president in Rumeskistan and that "elections are set for six

months." Irene refers to the Fifty-State Initiative and ponders Nathan's goal to change the way the world works. In New Jersey,

T-Ray beats on the bound Deadpool, but Wade breaks free and battles T-Ray while challenging his claim that Wade stole his

identity. Wade defeats T-Ray and saves Outlaw and Sandi. Green grass and trees in New Jersey.

X-MEN v2 #197 (4-22)

The same night as C&DP 39 (8-20). Sam and Karima tend to the captive Sabretooth aboard the Conquistador. Mystique talks to

Bobby about her concern for Rogue. At her request, Lady Mastermind has a hypno-therapy session and in the process a

Mummudrai energy creature named Ev Teel Urizen emerges from her psyche. He switches to Mystique's body and asks the X-

Men for assistance against the Hecatomb, who is coming to eat the world.

X-MEN v2 #198

The same day as X 197. The Hecatomb slices through the Conquistador and lands on Providence. As Cable merges his mind

with the Mummudrai to find out what he needs to know about the Hecatomb, Nathan's fellow X-Men try to distract the

rampaging alien monster and evacuate citizens to the Conquistador, but Creed has broken out of his captivity and denies access

to the ship. The Hecatomb bears down on the X-Men. Green grass and trees at light clothing on Providence.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #39 (21-22)

The same day as X 198. At Agency X, Wade, Hayden, Outlaw, Sandi, and Bob have pizza rolls as they hear a live TV news

report about an "alien creature rampaging across Providence." Karima, Sam, Bobby, and Mystique face off against Hecatomb.


The same day as C&DP 39 (21-22). This story must occur before TB 114. Wade and company play poker at Agency X while live TV coverage of the situation at Providence continues. Domino and Prester John find Nathan's zombie-like body as Cable's mind and that of the Mummudrai prepare to fight the Hecatomb. Sam, Mystique, Karima, Bobby, and Lady Mastermind hold the creature at bay and try to save lives, as Rogue lies unconscious in a hospital bed. Irene and Black Box wonder how to save the citizens of Providence. Nathan severs his link to the Infonet and his subconscious connects with Wade's. With the help of his Mummudrai mindworm, he then uses his telekinesis to levitate Providence. Then, Nathan charges in action. BTS, Bullseye kills someone.

X-MEN v2 #199

The same day as C&DP 40. Cable uses his restored TK power to bring the Conquistador down on top of the Hecatomb. Then he sends a distress call to Rogue, who springs from her hospital bed and inadvertently absorbs the life of a nurse, the result of Pandemic's mucking with her power. Hecatomb consumes the Mummudrai. Rogue comes in contact with the Hecatomb and absorbs the eight billion alien lives the creature absorbed. The X-Men defeat the Hecatomb, the traumatized Rogue refuses help, and no sign of Creed is found aboard the crashed Conquistador. It is not Mothers' Day.


The same day as X 199. Nathan instructs the X-Men to take Rogue back to the Institute to get help from Hank and Emma; he apparently doesn't know that Xavier is back and has regained his power. Cable stays behind to secure the ravaged Providence. Sabretooth kills Gareb and Domino faces him. Deadpool arrives and shoots Sabretooth many times. Nathan makes a copy of the Professor and uploads it. Irene, Domino, and Prester John evacuate Providence with the rest of its inhabitants. Nathan joins Deadpool and ejects Creed from the island. Cable tells Deadpool that those who intend to salvage his secrets from the ruins of Providence have arrived.

X-MEN v2 #200 (1-8)

The same day as C&DP 41. After trying to reach the Thieves Guild, Quiet Bill is killed in New Orleans, where people are partying in the street. Rogue takes her band of X-Men to Mystique's house in Mississippi. From there, they call Cyclops, Emma, and Colossus at Xavier's. Iceman fills them in on Rogue's state and they prepare to send help. Bobby and Raven share an intimate moment. Green trees in New York and Mississippi.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (1-7:1)

The same day as X 200 (1-8). Irene and Domino head out on an EVAC ferry. On Providence, Deadpool heads for Cable's apartment to retrieve a "backup bypass" as Nathan heads to the archives to encrypt information.

X-MEN v2 #200 (9:1-9:2) ~ CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (7:2)

The same day as C&DP 42 (1-7). Nathan reactivates a copy of the AI construct "Professor."

X-MEN v2 #200 (9:3-12)

The same day as X 200 (9:1-9:2). As Nathan works with Professor, Gambit looks on. At Mystique's, Karima is zapped by a virus while doing a diagnostic check. At 5:55 PM (Central time), Blind Alfred is attacked in New Orleans.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (7:2-7:5)

The same day as X 200 (9-12). Professor tells Nathan that there are 35 hours, 36 minutes, and 14 seconds left until Providence sinks into the ocean.

X-MEN v2 #200 (13:1)

The same day as C&DP 42 (7:2-7:5). Professor locates an intruder.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (8:1)

The same day as X 200 (13:1). Cable dashes off to get the intruder.

X-MEN v2 #200 (13:2, first balloon)

The same day as C&DP 42 (8:1). Cable detects the intruder and addresses him.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (8:2) ~ X-MEN v2 #200 (13:2, second balloon)

The same day as X 200 (13:2). Nathan orders the intruder to show himself.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (8:3-8:4)

The same day as CDP 42 (8:2). Gambit reacts to the order and charges up a doll.

X-MEN v2 #200 (13:3-13:4)

The same day as C&DP 42 (8:3-8:4). Gambit throws the doll.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (8:5-8:6)

The same day as X 200 (13:3-13:4). The doll explodes as Nathan wonders what Remy is doing there.

X-MEN v2 #200 (13:5-14)

The same day as C&DP 42 (8:5-8:6). The explosion knocks Nathan down and Remy tells Nathan to pick a card.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (9-13)

The same day as X 200 (13-14). Remy throws some charged cards at Cable. At Nathan's apartment, Deadpool fights Senyaka. "It's not Thursday."

X-MEN v2 #200 (15-17:5)

The same day as C&DP 42 (9-13). In Mississippi, as Rogue tries to connect with her sense of self, Sam tells her that "Cyke and the others are downstairs." Back on Providence, Cable wonders how Remy is back to his old self, minus the Horseman look. Remy charges up more cards.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (14:1)

The same day as X 200 (13-17). Remy throws the cards at Cable.

X-MEN v2 #200 (17:6, first balloon)

The same day as C&DP 42 (14:1). As the cards fly, Remy says "Never mind, homme."

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (14:2-14:4) ~ X-MEN v2 #200 (17:6-17:8)

The same day as X 200 (17:6). Cable defends himself against the cards but Remy reveals the attack is a trick.

X-MEN v2 #200 (18:1)

The same day as C&DP 42 (14:2-14:4). Sunfire attacks Cable.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (14:5-15) ~ X-MEN v2 #200 (18:2-18:4)

The same day as X 200 (18:1). Cable turns his attention to Sunfire as Remy places some charged cards by Nathan and they explode.

X-MEN v2 #200 (19:1-19:3)

The same day as C&DP 42 (14-15). The explosion fells Nathan, who struggles to get back up.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (16:1-16:2)

The same day as X 200 (19:1-19:3). Nathan staggers off.

X-MEN v2 #200 (19:4) ~ CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (16:3)

The same day as C&DP 42 (16:1-16:2). Remy tells Shiro to let Nathan run.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (16:4-17)

The same day as X 200 (19:4). As Nathan gets away, Deadpool tries to get at the hidden backup while under attack by Senyaka.

X-MEN v2 #200 (20-24:4)

The same day as C&DP 42 (16-17). As Cyclops, Mystique, and Wolverine look on, Emma enters Rogue's psyche and sees that the alien minds haven't been integrated and that Marie's own consciousness is overwhelmed. Beast isolates the viral agent that sent Rogue's absorption power out of control. Emma prepares to help Rogue. On Providence, Nathan reaches his archives and tells the Professor to seal and lock the blast door and run a search. Green grass and trees in Mississippi.


The same day as X 200 (20-24). Nathan tells Professor again to close and lock the blast door, but the Professor lacks the power to do so and, lacking time to encrypt files, Cable sets out to initiate a self-destruct sequence.

X-MEN v2 #200 (24:5-24:6)

The same day as C&DP 42 (18). Nathan recites a search code just before Sunfire strikes.

CABLE & DEADPOOL#42 (19:1)

The same day as X 200 (24:5-24:6). Sunfire and Gambit breach the blast door.

X-MEN v2 #200 (25:1)

The same day as C&DP 42 (19:1). Sunfire thanks Nathan for leading him and Remy to their goal.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (19:2-19:3)

The same day as X 200 (25:1). Nathan faces Shiro and Remy.

X-MEN v2 200 (25:2)

The same day as C&DP 42 (19:2-19:3). Nathan tells Shiro and Remy they don't understand what they're trying to destroy.


The same day as X 200 (25:2). Shiro raises his hand to fire a blast.

X-MEN v2 #200 (25:3)

The same day as C&DP 42 (19:4). Shiro prepares to slay Cable.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (19:5) ~ X-MEN v2 #200 (25:4)

The same day as X 200 (25:3). Cable recites a self-destruct code word to Professor.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (20-21:1)

The same day as C&DP 42 (19:5). Deadpool discovers that the backup he was supposed to retrieve was a diversion, and Nathan teleports him out of the area, leaving Senyaka alone.

X-MEN v2 #200 (25:5-26:1)

The same day as C&D 42 (20-21). Remy and Shiro start to flee.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (21:2-21:4)

The same day as X 200 (25-26). Remy and Shiro continue to flee, Cable recalls a memory, and the explosion starts.

X-MEN v2 #200 (26:2)

The same day as C&DP 42 (21:2-21:4). The explosion destroys the archives building.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #42 (22-23)

The same day as X 200 (26:2). This segment may not occur "six weeks" before C&DP 43. Shiro appears here before X 201. The explosion spreads and destroys Providence. Deadpool materializes in his apartment and turns on his TV to hear a news report of a "massive spatial distortion" at Providence.

X-MEN v2 #200 (27-35)

The same day as C&DP 42 (22-23). At Mystique's house, the X-Men are attacked by the Marauders, joined by the defecting Lady Mastermind and the Malice-controlled Omega Sentinel, who defeats Emma with some biotoxin. Rogue joins the battle but is shot by Mystique.

X-MEN v2 #201

The same day as X 200 (27-35) and C&DP 42 (22-23). As Rogue and Emma lay prostrate, the X-Men (Cyclops, Wolverine, Cannonball, Beast, Iceman) fight the Marauders. Emma transfers knowledge of the Marauders' goals and targets into Sam's brain and compels him to flee the scene in Blackbird One with Bobby. After defeating the X-Men, Mystique and the Marauders destroy Raven's home to bury the team and leave with Rogue. Sam tries to contact the Institute, where Kitty and Colossus fruitlessly try to contact both Scott and Cable. There, before the New X-Men (Anole, Pixie, Dust, Hellion, Rockslide, Mercury, all of whom are in good shape), Blindfold gives a cryptic message, touches Elixir and falls. Sunfire attacks Blackbird One and tells Sam that Cable is dead. Exodus, Frenzy, Random, Tempo, and xxxx attack the Institute. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

X-MEN v2 #202

The same day as X 201. While Tempo slows time for the X-Men, the Marauders find Blindfold and believe her to be dead. They turn their attention to finding Destiny's diaries, only to find copies with blank pages. They battle the assembled X-Men, New X-Men, and Sentinels, and when Exodus discovers he has no more answers there, the Marauders wreck and leave the Institute. Iceman fights Sunfire and discovers the Marauders have been targeting precogs, psychics, and things that contain info about the future. From the rubble at Mystique's place, Emma telepathically contacts Cannonball. Prodigy determines that Blindfold is not dead. The Marauders report back to Sinister, who uses a Cerebro device to find Bobby and Sam, who can lead them to Destiny's real diaries.

X-MEN v2 #203

The same day as X 202. This story occurs "months" after X 203-FB and must occur before W3 52 and NX 37 (1-21). I have Logan here before W:F 1/2-FB (1:3). As Kitty fights to save Blindfold at the Institute, Emma summons her so she can pull the location of the Destiny Diaries from her mind. Emma, who recovers from the neurotoxin, reports the location to Sam and Bobby, who arrive in Flint, Michigan. The Marauders arrive and free Sunfire from the Blackbird. They split into two groups and battle Sam and Bobby in the building where the diaries are hidden. Blindfold revives and declares, "he's coming." Mr. Sinister joins the Marauders and Sam and Bobby are defeated. Gambit destroys the diaries and makes it look like an accident. Sam grabs the badly injured Bobby and escapes. Mystique volunteers to go after them and gives Bobby a warning instead of killing him. Sam and Bobby leave in the Blackbird. Green grass and trees in Mississippi.

X-MEN v2 #204 (1-3)

Probably the same day as X 203. Beast examines the unconscious and badly injured Sam at the Xavier Institute and doesn't think "Sam is going to be particularly chatty for a while." Bobby regrets Sam's injury. The recuperating Blindfold has a vague, ominous premonition about Julian, Megan, and Kurt.

NOVA v4 #2 (17-22)

The day after NOVA4 2 (1-16). Robbie may appear here after DP/GLI 1/4. As Rich walks around town, he is confronted by Diamondhead, who is looking for payback. Nova defeats the villain and hands him over to the cops. The cops ask for Nova's registration papers and recognize him as a New Warrior. As Nova leaves the police station, he encounters the Thunderbolts (Moonstone, Venom, Radioactive Man, and Penance), who have responded to reports of a disturbance. Green trees and coats and jackets on Long Island.

NOVA v4 #3

The same day as NOVA4 2 (17-22). Nova fights the Thunderbolts until Iron Man arrives and tells the T-Bolts to stand down. Rich and Stark have a discussion about the status of things. That night, Rich's parents tell him he should register and suggest counseling. Penance shows up and reveals himself as Robbie. As they talk, Rich is convinced the world has gone nuts and that he just wants to go. Rich flies off into space and broadcasts a message to his parents that he's leaving. Worldmind informs Rich of emergency signals from Hala and Nova responds. Green grass and trees on Long Island. A weather report predicts "a chance of showers, Thursday."


The same day as NOVA4 3. A group of scavengers attack the Priests of Pama's temple on Lamentis, which is in the process of being rebuilt. The new Quasar (Phyla-Vell) and Moondragon beat them unconscious and Phyla hears an unknown voice call her name. They direct Om-Fad, one of the priests, to take their weapons and give them food and water. He objects on the basis that they're giving them what they attacked the temple for, but she tells him to do it anyway since they're probably starving. Phyla worries that she's not getting the hang of the Q-bands, and that they're wasting their time helping to reconstruct a minor temple on an "outworld," but Moondragon tells her it's needed. On Hala, Peter Quill and Ten-Cor see about last-minute preparations for the Spaceknights visit to upgrade the Kree War-Net. As Quill heads up for the ceremony, he gets a call from Nova, and they talk about how important the upgrading is to Kree security. On the roof, Quill greets Daystar and four other Spaceknights and they talk about the plan to upload the Galadorian upgrades into six ships and twenty-odd Sentries to run a threat simulation. Daystar notes that they'll have to access the War-Net itself, and Quill says permission has been given. It's done, and the Sentries take off. On Lamentis, Phyla meditates in a chapel in the temple when the voice speaks to her again. Without identifying itself, it warns of "disaster for the Kree...conquest, the end of all things," and tells her that there's a "deliverer" only she can find. Moondragon arrives as Phyla yells at the Q-bands, and after snarking at her, tells her that they're "getting the most illogical reports over the sub-etheric" about "something going down on the heartworlds, Hala itself I think." Phyla starts going on about her warning, and Moondragon snarks some more. A Kree Sentry then bursts through the ceiling. On Hala, Ronan yells at Quill over the holo-link, and Quill doesn't have an answer. The Captain next to him says the "firing solutions make no sense" and then a starship blows up. Quill yells at Daystar about the Galadorian software being incompatible and then realizes what's happened. Quill yells for Ronan to wipe it all, but Daystar grabs his comm and crushes it along with his hand as tendrils some from his eye-slot, and his speech balloon style changes as he says "we must all join together." Quill shoots him in the face with a gun in his other hand and yells to "target the damn Spaceknights!" In the ensuing fight, Quill is knocked flat on his back and sees the sky to be full of Sentries, blasting downward. On Lamentis, Phyla and Moondragon destroy the Sentry and realize it was aimed at them. The voice then gives Phyla a hurry-up, but Moondragon can't hear it, although she's starting to believe Phyla. On Hala, Quill's self-loathing takes over as he listens to the reports of the destruction being wrought by the Sentries on a dead Kree soldier's comm, reflecting that because of him, their program has taken over every part of the Kree infrastructure. The Sentries then mass over the city's main power generator, merging into "some kind of tower," which flashes white.
NOVA v4 #4 (1)

The same day as ("twelve minutes" after) NOVA4 3 and the same day as AC:P (1-30). Rich stargates into the Hala system and 2.6 seconds later, a Kree Sentry tries to kill him.


The same day as NOVA4 4 (1). A "radiation pulse of astonishing magnitude" blasts out of the Babel spire on Hala past the "outworlds" and Phyla and Moondragon and briefly knocks the Worldmind offline.

The same day as AC:P (31). Phyla chases after the wave and finds a Kree lightship cut in half by the formation of a massive barrier around the Kree Empire, caused by the entirety of Kree space being "shifted out of phase with the rest of the galaxy." The voice then flares up again, triggering a cosmic awareness flash in her, showing her Bug, Deathcry, Rocket Raccoon, Wraith, and what looks like one of Adam Warlock's cocoons. It tells her to "find the Deliverer...the Redeemer," and she promises to do so. On Hala, Quill puts down one of the Spaceknights by repeatedly shooting it with a "man-portable Kree particle-weapon." Ten-Cor and four other soldiers then find him. He tells them they're going to try and pull the War-Net's data core. However, when he turns round again, they're showing the same sort of eye infection as the Spaceknights. They tell him they must "all join together." He says he's never been much of a joiner, and they blast him through the window. An announcement states that the Kree should not fear or panic for the Phalanx will protect the Kree Empire and bring it order.
NOVA v4 #4 (3-22)

The same day as AC:P (32-43). It is "a year" after the Annihilation Wave. When the Worldmind reboots, it explains that "all links outside the Kree Empire have just been suspended." More Kree Sentries then attack them, and the Worldmind says something's trying to hack it. As soon as it realizes what it is, he orders Rich out of the sector immediately; the Sentries have been "violated by the Phalanx." At the Phalanx nerve center, several Phalanx scientists work on identifying Rich and send eight more Sentries at him. They don't last long, and the infected Gamora comes in and asks for a hundred Sentries to take on Rich. In the Hala system, Worldmind tells Richard what's going on and to get out and stay away before he's "contaminated." Rich refuses and the Sentries start to teleport in. Gamora starts to pin down Rich with the Sentries after getting frustrated with the "slow" Phalanx scientists. The Scientists deduce that Rich hasn't succumbed to the transmode virus because an "artificial intellect gestalt" is inhibiting it. Gamora regrets having to kill Rich. Crushed by several Sentries, Nova opens a Stargate, destroying a bunch of Sentries. Gamora fills the Phalanx in on what Rich did, and is ordered to "pursue and apprehend him." Rich has broken ribs and various other injuries and a torn suit as he hits the barrier. A stranded survivor of the Annihilation War on the ex-Kree colony world Drez-Lar, medic and captain Ko-Rel sends a message asking for rescue as she has everyday. Something crash-lands some distance away, and she, Chief Yan, and a few others put on anti-radiation suits to go out and look for it. It's Nova, who is barely alive. He mindlinks with her and a huge energy pulse jumps from him to her, and Ko-Rel finds herself a Nova Centurion.

NOVA v4 #5
The same day as NOVA4 4 (3-22). Two groups of Phalanx hunters teleport to Drez-Lar, one led by Gamora, one led by Lightstorm, a Spaceknight. Lightstorm's group is rapidly wiped out by something very fast moving. The Worldmind congratulates Ko-Rel and dubs her Nova 0001. Worldmind explains that it's an "emergency deputation" and directs her to protect it and Rich from the Phalanx. Once it starts using her name and describing her life, she finds it invasive. Ko-Rel addresses her crew, then checks on Rich, who is healing. Worldmind warns Ko-Rel that the Phalanx are probably closing in, and she directs Flagpole to set up a full, condition red, defence deployment. Ko explains the situation with the Phalanx to Yan and gets frustrated that she can't just go and fight Phalanx and save her son, Zam. Ess, one of the Kree sent out to be part of the defence perimeter, is attacked and assimilated by Phalanx. Phalanx hunters enter the ship and are fired upon by a group of Kree led by Dimples, who gets beheaded just after she reports to Ko-Rel. Lots of Kree get cut down by more Phalanx hunters. Ko-Rel gets upset at the Worldmind for repeating that "the Nova Prime" is her top priority. Ko then flies out, trying to lead the Phalanx away against the Worldmind's instructions. Seemingly, they all teleport after her, leaving the surviving Kree to tend to their wounded, but Gamora is still on the ship, unnoticed by the Kree's scans. She kills off five uniformed Kree in quick succession, then tells the Hunters to distract Ko-Rel. Gamora stabs Chief Yan in the back and enters the medibay and transmodes Rich with a kiss, which heals his remaining wounds. He stands up, a Select, feeling "perfect."
NOVA v4 #6
The same day as NOVA4 5. This story occurs "a few days" before NOVA4 7. Ko-Rel suddenly notices that the Worldmind's gone quiet even though she's destroyed all the Phalanx. She then notices the burning Spirit of Supremor, and realizes what's happened. She makes short work of the three Phalanx hunters Gamora left behind and runs inside to see all the corpses. She talks to the hologram of her son for a minute, and the Worldmind cuts in, telling her about Rich's selection and that it won't last long before it's also taken by the Phalanx. It asks Ko to kill it and Rich before that happens and opens a Stargate to Nil-Rast, where Select-Rich toys with Drax for a bit while selling the Selection plan as Gamora looks on. Drax stays down and Gamora comments how he makes it seem easy. They deliver Drax for selection, and Select-Rich is slightly bothered by how normal he feels. Gamora explains that the Phalanx has been taught that, in order to succeed, it must value individuality and free will. She dodges a question about who taught them and says that they're coded to serve the needs of the Phalanx Collective, but independent enough to act on their own instincts. Select-Rich then hears a stargate open just as he starts kissing at her neck, and is promptly knocked from Gamora's arms by Ko-Rel, who grabs him without slowing down. She asks the Worldmind what to do just as Select-Rich knocks Ko away with an omnidirectional blast. Select-Rich then asks the Worldmind to track Ko, and is told in no uncertain terms that he's getting no help from it as long as it keeps the transmode virus at bay. Worldmind guides Ko-Rel to lead Select-Rich on a merry chase, with Gamora following behind as fast as she can. Eventually, the Worldmind directs Ko down toward the central thermal processing core. While a blast from Select-Rich grazes her head, they manage to get him to run into a magma pipe, downing him temporarily. Worldmind says he's vulnerable and begs her to finish him and it off while he's down, but she can't do it. Gamora stabs her in the back and Ko dies in Rich's arms. Select-Rich and Gamora "hit the showers," leaving Ko's corpse where it is.

The night before A:TI 2 (1-20). Janet Van Dyne dates Andre.

DAREDEVIL v2 #97 - FB (7:3-7:4)

The same night as DD2 97 (3-6). Gladiator goes on a rampage at a block party.

DAREDEVIL v2 #97 - FB (8:2-8:3)

The same night as DD2 97-FB (7:3-7:4). Gladiator kills a bunch of folks at the party.

DAREDEVIL v2 #97 (7:1-7:2, 8:1, 8:4-10)

The same night as DD2 97-FB (8:2-8:3). Daredevil shows up after Gladiator is done and gone. Daredevil goes to Gus' apartment to see if he knows anything, but finds that Gus has killed himself.


One day, after A:TI 1 (17-23). Stark reports on Thor Girl, who is training at Camp Hammond.

Tuesday, April 19

DAREDEVIL v2 #97 (11-22)

The day after DD2 97 (8-10). This segment occurs "months" after DD2 92. Matt introduces Dakota to Lily, then has dinner with Milla. Gladiator attacks. Matt sends Milla home, then fights Gladiator as Daredevil and is knocked out. When he wakes up in a police car he's contacted by Mr. Fear, who tells him what Gladiator is up to. Meanwhile, Gladiator approaches Milla in her apartment.
DAREDEVIL v2 #98 (1-21)

The same day as DD2 97 (11-22). Turk talks to Ox about Mr. Fear's plans of distributing tainted drugs. Gladiator beats up Milla. Daredevil escapes from the police car and makes his way to his apartment but no one's there. Daredevil follows Milla's voice and saves her by defeating Gladiator.

Perhaps the day after A:TI 1 (17-23) and A:TI@ 1/4-FB (1:2-1:4). This segment occurs during the "week" before A:TI 3 (7-22). It must occur before SVTU2 1 (5-13) and A:TI@ 1/4-FB (1-8). While the new recruits train at Camp Hammond, Justice asks about MVP's whereabouts, but Pym refuses to answer. The secret comes out when Trauma loses control of his power and presents Cloud 9 with the specter of MVP's corpse. Pym intervenes, and Trauma inadvertently presents Pym with a specter of Jan battered by his hand. Pym takes anxiety pills and reports to the lab, where on Blitzschlag wants to harvest the dead MVP's DNA, much to Pym's disgust. Von Blitzschlag shows Pym the wrecked Thor Clone and tells Pym he's a fan. A Hydra Terror-Carrier materializes above the president's Crawford ranch and the Rangers (Living Lightning, Texas Twister, Firebird, Armadillo, Red Wolf, Night Rider, Shooting Star) spring into action. War Machine and Gauntlet takes a squad (Cloud 9, Hardball, Komodo, Hulkling and Wiccan of Earth A, Gargoyle, Ultra Girl, Nighthawk, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, Thor Girl, Justice) from Camp Hammond to Texas through the Negative Zone, while Iron Man deploys a Helicarrier. Pym saves the day when he lands on the Hydra carrier and grows to giant size, forcing the craft to crash. Green trees in Connecticut.

IRON MAN v4 #17 (1-13)

One day, "five months" after IM4 17-FB. Stark refuses to approve Dugan's suggestion to go to Mongolia to find the terrorists, and Sal suggests that Dugan is right, citing a "Capetown massacre this morning." Amidst media fallout about Stark's use of Maya Hansen, who moved in with Stark "two weeks ago," Kooning offers to have Maya work on Extremis for the government. Sal tries to convince Stark to use Extremis to fight terrorists. That night, Stark approves the Mongolian operation that Dugan has been planning "for the last nine days." Green grass and trees in New York.


One day during the "week" before C&DP 43. A statue of the deceased Cable is unveiled in Rumekistan.


One night. I have Logan here after X 203. Logan talks to a friend, Chief Lacey, about his captive son Samuel, who's been taken by Carmelo.

The same night as W:F 1/2-FB (1:3). It is "several years" after W:F 1/2-FB (3:5). Logan (in his Astonishing costume) infiltrates Carmelo's base and gets Samuel. Logan is attacked by Carmelo''s thugs, but he kills them after being set on fire. He discovers that Samuel has been poisoned and that there is no antidote, so he kills him, too. Full moon.

Wednesday, April 20


The day after W:F 1/2 (1-9). I have Logan here before W:F 1. Logan informs Chief Lacey that his son died bravely and that Carmelo has made it to Madripoor.
IRON MAN v4 #17 (14-21)

The day after IM4 17 (1-13). Iron Man and a SHIELD unit the Mongolian psychiatric facility and find the murdered Najeeb there. They are attacked by a squad of creatures controlled by a hive mind. Back in a lab, Maya and Sal examine Najeeb's body, from which a tentacled mass emerges. Snow in Mongolia.

IRON MAN v4 #18 (1-21:5)

The same day as IM4 17 (14-21). The tentacled mass runs rampant on the helicarrier and takes control of SHIELD operatives on board. Iron Man is alerted and arrives to beat back the mass. He discovers that the mass has killed Sal and Maya yells at him for ignoring her "months ago," convinced that an Extremis countermeasure would have stopped the "neoplastic tumor." When the Chinese military discovers SHIELD's presence in their country and respond, a tumor-controlled SHIELD gunman takes down a Chinese plane. Desperate, Stark exposes himself to the tumor, and when the neoplasm enters his Extemis system, it is destroyed. "Hours later," Kooning plans on firing Stark as SHIELD head and replacing him with Dum Dum, but Dugan stands by Stark. At an airbase at Okinawa, Stark talks to Hill about the mystery person behind the recent attacks by weaponized biotech. Full moon.


Perhaps the day after A:TI 2 (1-20). The president awards Pym the Medal of Freedom. The new recruits are thankful they made it through their first mission. The Beast arrives at Camp Hammond with Moonstar, who Gyrich called in to help Trauma control his power. Green trees in Washington, DC.


The same day as A:INT 2 (21-22). This segment occurs before A:TI 5-FB (1-2) and must occur before NW4 4-FB (12:3). As the recruits leave Washington, Komodo lets her guard down and is upset that Hardball sees her secret identity. At Camp Hammond, Moonstar convinces Trauma to let her help him.

DAREDEVIL v2 #98 (22)

The day after DD2 98 (1-21). Robbers knock over a convenience store.

The same day as DD2 98 (22). I have the Enforcers here after WWH:GC 2-FB (12-13), probably having broken out of Leavenworth. Matt, Foggy, and Becky check in on Melvin at Bellevue then head back to the office. Matt heads out as Daredevil to check in on some burglaries that occurred while he was being attacked last night, and Foggy checks in with Dakota and Lily when Milla pops in looking for Matt. After asking some questions around town, Daredevil makes his way to a warehouse from where the tainted drugs are being distributed. After Milla starts acting irrationally, Foggy decides to take her home and Lily decides to tag along. At the warehouse, Daredevil is attacked by the Enforcers and drugged. At the subway, Milla tries to kill Lily by pushing her in front of a train, but she bumps into a man and he dies instead. Meanwhile, the Enforcers bring Daredevil to Mr. Fear, who reveals that he knows Milla.

The same day as DD2 99. Milla is arrested while Foggy and Lily follow. Mr. Fear and the Enforcers beat Daredevil and throw him out the window. As Daredevil makes his way across town he has a bunch of hallucinations and eventually makes his way to Cranston's place, where he finds a man bound to a chair and wrapped in explosives. The apartment explodes, so Daredevil makes his way back to his place, where Foggy tells him that Milla's been arrested for murder. Green tree in New York.
MS. MARVEL v2 #18 (5-8)

One day. Puppet Master controls a squad of soldiers as they break into the Raft, but the mission goes awry and they are blown up by their own bomb. Carol goes to Beast at Xavier's for help because she turned blue, coughed up blood, and has been hearing voices. Hank's scans turn up nothing, and they make up for the Rogue incident from MSM2 10, which according to Beast was "the last time" Carol was at Xavier's. That night, frustrated by "three nights a week of brain-meltingly dull combat theory" as part of her training, Anya Corazon subdues some robbers and is confronted by her father, who chastises her for swinging around when she's "just out of the hospital." Anya argues with her dad and swings away.

One day, "sometime" after IAM 9 (10-12), but a different day, since Eric and Monstro are wearing different clothes. At Damage Control HQ, "Slaying Mantis," Visioneer, and Monstro get their SHIELD-issue registration cards. Eric bribes an agent to allow him to get his photo taken with a fake mask.


One day, long enough after LONERS 3 for Julie to recover. Hollow is staying with Phil. Mickey finally admits her jealousy of Mattie and makes up with Chris. Johnny accompanies Julie to Marvel Studios, where she auditions for a film based on the Civil War and is turned down. There, action film director Mark Lowell finds out that they have powers and casts them starting "today" as stuntmen playing Black Cat and Iron Fist in a film he's making. Excited about her first day of film work, Julie calls Katie, who thinks her sister is being irresponsible. Chris skips out on a meeting with Mattie, who is investigating the murder of a costumed ESU student after a Manhattan massacre. When Lowell makes a pass at her, Julie learns a lesson and decides to drop the persona she adopted since coming to California. That night, she comes clean to the rest of the Loners at their meeting. Then Nekra shows up to kill the group. Green grass and trees in Los Angeles.


The same night as LONERS 4. Nekra fights the Loners and moves in to kill the powerless Mickey, but she is defeated by Namie, a girl who was trapped in one of the tubes in the Fujikawa lab. Mattie insists that Mickey come clean about her deal with the Fujikawa woman. Julie confesses that she never registered, then she has a talk with Namie. Phil Urich goes home and starts to lose his mind in front of Hollow. Mattie knocks boots with Johnny Gallo as a cover for her checking his apartment for evidence of the daughter of a client named St. Commons. In Mickey's apartment, Mickey and Chris argue about their commitments to giving up their powers. Phil and Hollow arrive, and the jealous Phil attacks Chris and steals his amulet, becoming Darkhawk himself. The reference to "Wednesday, September 12" is a topical reference to the release date of this issue, but it may indeed be a Wednesday.

LONERS #6 (1-20:1)

The same night as LONERS 5. This segment occurs "one week" before LONERS 6 (20-22). Chris touches the amulet and becomes Darkhawk. As the two Darkhawks battle, the girls decide to suit up and enter the fray. Phil is taken down by Namie, Hollow, Chris, and Turbo. Phil reveals that he, like Mickey, made a deal with Fujikawa. He departs with Hollow, exchanging her for Namie, who is revealed to be Fujikawa's new Red Ronin. Mattie gets ticked off and leaves the team. Green grass and trees in California.

Thursday, April 21

MS. MARVEL v2 #18 (1-4)

It must be the "morning" after MSM2 18 (5-8). Puppet Master controls a squad of soldiers as they break into the Raft to free Extermiatrix, but the mission goes awry and they are blown up by their own bomb.

MS. MARVEL v2 #18 (9-22)

The same day as MSM2 18 (1-4) and the day after MSM2 18 (5-8). It is a school day. Carol tries to see William Wagner but runs into Battleaxe and a squad of Puppet Master-controlled soldiers trying to subdue her. The soldiers take out Battleaxe and Carol downs the soldiers. She then meets the super-heroes Maria Hill selected as replacements for Locke and Baines in Lightning Storm - Aaron Stack and Rick Sheridan. Anita Day meets with J. Jonah Jameson to object to the recent Daily Bugle coverage of Carol's kissing Simon. Jonah tells her he knows about Julia Carpenter. Anya's father calls SHIELD to report that she's missing. Carol and Aaron check on Battleaxe at the Raft, whose warden, Agent Tarver, identifies the captured soldiers as Chilean, dressed like the soldiers who attacked "this morning." Carol decides to go to Chile to investigate. That night in Chile, Puppet Master, using new, more powerful clay, keeps a bevy of mind-controlled women for sale to clients. They include xxx, Silverclaw, Stature, Tigra, and the newly arrived Arana. Full moon.


One day, after A:TI 3 (1-6). At Camp Hammond, Gyrich, Gautlet, and Von Blitzschlag watch the testing of an omega-level weapon called the Tactigon. Gyrich objects to Moonstar's handling of Trauma and removes him from her care. Gyrich then This flashback occurs "two weeks" before A:TI 5.

NOVA v4 #7
One day, "a few days" after NOVA4 6. Select-Rich thinks how great it is to be a Select, as he flies towards the Babel Spire along with several Hunters, a Kree Sentry, and what looks like a generic Spaceknight. They're summoned to a briefing, during which he hears a voice and experiences flashbacks to Ko-Rel dying in his arms. Disturbed by this, he asks Gamora, who writes it off as the standard background voices-from-the-Collective, but he starts getting a headache from it, then zones out. In his head, he's confronted by a version of himself in his original costume, the "tiny fragment of [his] psyche that the Worldmind has managed to protect from the transmode infection." Select-Rich is confused, then aggressive, then slips back into sales-pitch mode, when young Rich asks why he's accepting what's happening. When Select-Rich says he's accepted selection, young Rich says he is fighting it. He says that Ko-Rel's death will "be on [his] conscience a long time," but that it was her death that gave him a chance to break free. Young-Rich says that they can't cure the transmode virus, but they can force it into remission. Gamora asks Rich to say something and he looks up at her, his eyes clear. She mutters that it's "simply not possible," then he blasts her and a Phalanx scientist. Rich starts asking the Worldmind for help, and it finally answers him again - he's got Cable Syndrome, with 83% of the Nova Force tied up just keeping the T-O virus under control. Rich says that means he's no match for even one Sentry, and Worldmind says they need to leave. Worldmind opens a stargate. A Phalanx scientist tells Gamora that Rich is headed for a neutron star close to the Barrier. This rings a bell with her, and says she wants to teleport there to meet him and Drax volunteers to help her. Rich arrives at the star, whose immense gravity Worldmind intends to use to create a wormhole to get outside. Rich baulks. Gamora and Drax teleport in and shoot at him. Rich starts to fight them, but shoots through the wormhole into a distant part of the universe. Gamora and Drax are also dragged through the wormhole and dropped "nearby."

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #5 (20-22)

One day, "one week" after HFH2 5 (18-19). Tony Stark escorts Misty and Colleen (with blond hair?) through their reconstructed

headquarters, which he has outfitted with explosives sensors, a holding cell, and training room. Billy shows up wanting to hire a

hero. Jacket weather in New York.


The same day as HFH2 5 (20-22). It is "one week" before HFH2 8 (17-22). I have Black Cat here after SENSM2 34. Death

Cadre cause mayhem as they rob an armored car in New York's Diamond District. Billy tells the Heroes for Hire about the theft

of his robot, and Misty gives the assignment to the reluctant Humbug. Mafia security agent Louis Kravits hires the heroes to stop

the Diamond District thefts. Humbug and Billy encounter the Headmen, who have reprogrammed the Doombot to serve them.

The Headmen capture them. The other heroes track down the thieves and get them to lead them to a pier in Brooklyn to find the

supplies of the thieves' high-tech weapons. There they board a ship and find the Grim Reaper, Man-Ape, and Saboteur, who

plan to bomb the Statue of Liberty. The villains subdue the heroes. Green trees in New York. Full moon.

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #7 (1-11)

The same night as HFH2 6. This segment must occur after CW:BDR (27:1). The Heroes for Hire escape from being locked

inside the bomb-carrying ship as it approaches New York harbor. Orka arrives, takes the bomb, and detonates it underwater.

The authorities intercept the ship and question the team. The Headmen have decapitated Humbug and grafted Chondu's head

onto his body. Humbug's head is kept alive on a high-tech box. Discovering the cargo ship's point of origin is Latveria, Misty

decides to go there to investigate. "One hour later," bugs arrive at the Golden Dragon and tell the Heroes for Hire that Humbug

is in trouble. Misty sends Shang-Chi and Orka out to save Humbug while the girls go after the Grim Reaper.


One "Thursday night." This segment occurs "a few days" after IAM 9 (1-9). Eric and Abigail go on a date and Abigail brings him to her place to show him her son. Eric goes ballistic for keeping him a secret and breaks up with her. He returns home to find Monstro, who tells him the reason for his wanting to keep his identity secret - eluding a murder charge for an accident he caused that killed his family. Citing the stolen jewels, Monstro asks Eric if he's "a good person" and Eric says yes. "Later," in Eric's apartment, Black Fox sees Eric crying over a picture of him and Abigail. Green trees and long-sleeve weather.

Friday, April 22

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #7 (12-22)

The morning after HFH2 7 (1-11). As Man-Ape makes breakfast, Grim Reaper wonders why the Statue of Liberty is not

destroyed. When Saboteur gives him lip, Reaper slashes her with his scythe hand. The ladies of Heroes for Hire show up and

start kicking butt. Grim Reaper slashes Colleen's hair and Colleen severs the Reaper's scythe hand. Black Cat, Tarantula, and

Man-Ape take a dive out a window and the women save themselves while Man-Ape crashes. Misty and Colleen get the fallen

Grim Reaper to explain his terrorist actions. Orka and Shang-Chi bust in on the Headmen to save Humbug. Gorilla Man

summons the Doombot, which blows a hole in Orka's chest.

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #8 (1-10)

The same day as HFH2 7 (12-22). Shang-Chi loses it and takes out the Headmen and the Doombot by himself, injuring his

hands in the process. Otis calls the female Heroes for Hire, who are transporting the captured Grim Reaper, Man-Ape, and


HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #8 (13-16)

The same day as HFH2 8 (1-10). The female Heroes for Hire arrive on the scene and as Tarantula bandages Shang-Chi's hands,

they nearly share a kiss. Humbug's head is reattached to his body and SHIELD arrives to clean up.

MS. MARVEL v2 #19

The day after MSM2 18 (9-22). It is a "couple of months" after MSM2 19-FB (7:4). At his Chilean estate, Puppet Master makes local citizens fight and kill each other for entertainment as his enthralled super-heroines watch. Heading for Chile aboard Minicarrier 13, Carol talks to Rick Sheridan. Aaron Stack processes Chile's computer networks and discovers that many citizens are missing, including soldiers who have been AWOL for "three weeks." Carol flies down and discovers mind-controlled laborers digging up clay. She is attacked and subdued by Tigra and Silverclaw. Aaron, Sum, and Rick do reconnaissance work in nearby Puerto Maravilla and are attacked by Arana. When Anya knocks Rick unconscious, Sleepwalker emerges and subdues Arana. Puppet Master takes control of Carol.

MS. MARVEL v2 #20 (1-18)

The same day as MSM2 19. Carol turns blue and overcomes Masters' control, then she discovers his slaves. The ensorceled Tigra, Stature, and Silverclaw fight Ms. Marvel, Sleepwalker, Machine Man, and Agent Sum. When Anya is ordered to kill Carol, she can't do it and is freed from control. Enraged, Ms. Marvel goes after Puppet Master, who she discovers is prepared to set off explosives he had planted at his estate. Carol lets him blow himself up and survives the explosion thanks to the "blue stuff" in her body. Carol contemplates her actions.

Saturday, April 23

MS. MARVEL v2 #20 (19-22)

The early morning ("12 hours later") after MSM2 20 (1-18). Carol contacts Beast, who tells her that her body has a healing and anti-aging factor and that it's on the receiving end of a locator beacon. The source of that beacon, the alien creature Cru, storms the mini-carrier and attacks Carol. Green grass and trees in Chile. Waning crescent moon.

MS. MARVEL v2 #21

The same early morning as MSM2 20 (19-22). This story occurs after A4 33 (3-13) and "several months" after MSM2 3 (1-15). Carol battles Cru, who incinerates Agent Sum and cuts Machine Man in two. Cru takes Carol to Monster Island, where she has difficulty summoning her power. Cru takes her into an alternate mindscape to reveal her true, female form. Sum recovers and gets Machine Man fixed up with a Rambeau Captain Marvel body. Sum asks Maria Hill for Stark's help, but the SHIELD director "is unavailable." Wonder Man shows up to help and explains that Stark is changing security codes for a secret reason; this is a reference to Stark's actions following the discovery of the Elektra Skrull. Cru and Carol team up to face a swarm of Brood on Monster Island. Waxing crescent moon.

MS. MARVEL v2 #22

The same day as MSM2 21. This story occurs "several months" after MSM2 3 (1-15) and "years" after UX 166. Carol fights off the Brood without her powers, but they take Cru away. Aboard the minicarrier, Dr. Farrell gives Rick Sheridan a gadget that enables him to fall asleep and summon Sleepwalker when he presses it to his temple. Sum tells Anya that she "has been missing school for the last week," but it's only been a couple of days. Arana insists on helping find Carol. "Soon," Sum discovers that Cru took Carol to Monster Island and assembles Arana, Sleepwalker, Machine Man, and Wonder Man. They resolve to go to onster Island, but because of damages to the minicarrier, they have to take it slowly and expect to get there "by morning with luck." Carol spies on the Brood and sees that they've captured some Moloids. Cru bonds with Carol, who encounters alternate versions of herself as she sees Cru's memories. Carol is then captured by the Brood Queen.

MS. MARVEL v2 #23

The same day as MSM2 22. This story occurs several months" after MSM2 3 (1-15) and "a few years" after UX 166. The Brood Queen skewers Carol and she falls dead alongside Cru's body. Lighting Storm arrives at Monster Island and their minicarrier is attacked by the Brood. Sum asks Anya to detonate a bomb aboard the craft if the battle doesn't go well. Cru is forced to bond with Carol, which reanimates her and gives her new power with which she faces the Brood Queen.

MS. MARVEL v2 #24

The same day as MSM2 23.


One day, "five months" (I have nearly five and a half months) after NA 16 (1-8) and "four weeks" after OF 5 (19-22). U.S. Agent and Pointer pursue Tentakill. Green grass and trees in Canada.

MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS v2 #2/4 - FB (4:5-4:6)

The same day as M/CP2 1/4 (1). Pointer feels the power raging inside him. Green trees in Canada.


The same day as M/CP2 2/4-FB (4:5-4:6). As Pointer swoops in, U.S.Agent swears as he fights Tentakill. Green grass and trees in Canada.


The same day as M/CP2 2/4-FB (5:5). As Agent Brown monitors the battle, Pointer's power level drops and he falters. U.S.Agent takes up the slack in the battle with Tentakill and yells to Brown about how Pointer's not ready. Green grass and trees in Canada.

MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS v2 #2/4 - FB (6:5-6:6)

The same day as M/CP2 1/4 (2-4). Pointer lifts himself from the ground and fires at the two combatants. Green grass and trees in Canada.


The same day as M/CP2 2/4-FB (6:5-6:6). The blast takes down a tree that separates the combatants and allows Tentakill to escape. "2 hours later" at Omega Flight headquarters, Pointer's condition improves while a quarantined woman there loses some of her life force. Walker is ticked that Pointer was sent into the field when he was not ready. Green grass and trees in Canada.

NEW WARRIORS v4 #1 (1-3)

One night, probably after NW4 2-FB (2:1,2:5) and NW 4-FB (3:1). In New York, a mysterious group of heroes track down the Grey Gargoyle, who must have escaped following CW:I 1-FB (23-30). They shrink him and subdue him. Full moon.

Sunday, April 24


The day after M/CP2 1/4. Psychiatrist Dr. Benning interviews Pointer about his power, his guilt, and his performance against Tentakill "yesterday." Meanwhile, U.S.Agent spies on Agent Brown, suspecting that he's up to something.


The same day as M/CP2 2/4. Sasquatch and Arachne go looking for Tentakill, but end up finding a meeting of nine other super-villains instead. They defeat the villains and take them back to Omega Flight headquarters, where U.S.Agent and Agent Brown talk. It appears that Brown is planning to keep the captured villains rather than ship them back to the U.S. Meanwhile, Pointer is subjected to mid manipulation that focuses on his past destruction. In the process, the quarantined woman dies. Green grass and trees in Canada.

IRON MAN v4 #18 (21:5-22)

One day. Arranged by Kooning, Maya Hansen starts her new job with Prometheus Gentech to develop Extremis for the U.S. government. At a Prometheus facility in Nebraska, she meets company CEO Tem Borjigin.

PUNISHER v7 #50 (15-26)

One day, "two weeks" after PUN7 50 (4-14). A meeting between representatives of Russians, Triads, Jamaicans, Dominicans, and half a dozen other outfits is convened to see how the Italian rackets will be divided. Frank watches from the ceiling, waiting for everyone to show up so he can kill everyone, but Barracuda arrives and starts shooting up the place. He draws the Punisher out, detonates explosives, and captures the Punisher.

NEW WARRIORS v4 #1 (4-25)

The day after NW4 1 (1-3). This segment must occur after CA5 25 (16-32), given the reference to "what happened to Captain America" here and the "death" of Cap noted in NW4 2 (1-9). I place Anaconda here after C&DP 34. It must be late in the week, given that Sofia is late for work for the "fifth time this week," and it must be late in the month, given that Sofia has a nightmare of a stricken winged goddess for the "twelfth time this month." New York police officers Sykes, Givens, and Granville find the shrunken Grey Gargoyle tied to a pole and a message, "The New Warriors were here." In a televised interview, Stark claims that "SHIELD is doing everything in its power to bring these lawbreakers to justice." Sofia Mantega reports to work at a diner, where she makes a date with a guy named Barry who's been a customer "for a month." "Later" at home, Sofia is contacted by the New Warriors and is asked to join, despite her loss of powers. "Meanwhile," Sykes and Givens find Anaconda trussed up on a pole with what appears to be Spider-Man's webbing. "Later," Sofia goes to rendezvous with the Warriors, only to meet Barry, who reveals himself as Barnell Bohusk, formerly the Beak. He teleports with her to New Warriors HQ, where they meet Night Thrasher. Green trees. Full moon.

NEW WARRIORS v4 #2 (1-9)

The same evening as NW4 1 (4-25). This segment occurs during the "month" after NW4 2-FB (3:1) and must occur after A4 37 and probably after BP4 34. The new Fantastic Four (Thing, Torch, Storm, Panther), the New Avengers (Logan, Spider-Woman, Cage, Strange, and Echo), and the Mighty Avengers (Sentry, Widow, Ares, Wasp, Wonder Man, and Ms. Marvel) watch a CNN report on the new New Warriors, who appeared "roughly a month ago." Logan recognizes the one shown (Jubilee as Wondra) and leaves his teammates. Stark and Carol discuss the Warriors. As Barnell and the Warriors observe, Thrasher tries to talk Sofia into joining the Warriors, and before she leaves, he gives her a disc.

Monday, April 25

PUNISHER v7 #50 (27-34)

The day after PUN7 50 (15-26). Barracuda reveals that he set up last night's meeting to get the Punisher and that he spoke with Yorkie recently. Barracuda tells the Punisher that Kathryn O'Brien had a sister and she had been in contact with Yorkie. He then shows Punisher what he got from the daycare center - a baby girl.


Probably the day after M/CP2 3/3. As Arachne prepares a meal, U.S.Agent tells her daughter that he doesn't buy the "residual energy" explanation for Pointer's power. Omega Flight scientists observe Pointer as he unknowingly manifests the attributes of one of the captured villains. Agent Brown shares selected information about Pointer with Stark, who he is leading to believe that is operating on residual energy. Brown and Stark have a heated discussion about the politics of the Omega Flight arrangement, then Iron Man signs off and battles an attacking armored villain. Encouraged by their experiments with Pointer, the scientists set about looking for more "donors."
NEW WARRIORS v4 #2 (10-22)

The day after NW4 2 (1-9). NYPD's Harry and Bev discuss the Warriors. Accompanied by Carol, Stark gives a televised announcement that he's offering amnesty to the new New Warriors and a chance to join the Initiative. Sofia sees the broadcast on a TV at the diner where she works. As she discards the trash, she notices the disc Thrasher gave her and she chucks it. This causes an explosion of webbing. Jubilee shows up and tries to talk Sofia into joining the Warriors. Sporting a wrist-mounted gadget, Jubilee shows that lack of powers is not a problem.


One day. This flashback occurs after A:TI 2 (1-20) and before A:TI 5-FB (3/4:2-3/4:13) and A:TI 4 (7-8). Von Blitzschlag creates a number of MVP clones and uses Taskmaster to help program MVP's abilities into them before running Spidey footage with which to program them. Von Blitzschlag and Pym select one of the clones, reveals his origin to him, and accompany him to the Van Patrick farm, where he is handed over the MVP's family as the real deal. MVP's father tells of Michael's regimen, based on the research findings of his grandfather, Abraham Erskine. Green grass and trees in Kentucky.

One day during the "week" before H3 107 (6-7). Amadeus Cho hacks Warren Worthington's into bank accounts and transfers $1.2 billion to an offshore account. Later, he uses the account to purchase a $50 million amphibious flyer.

Tuesday, April 26


Probably the early morning after NW4 2 (10-22). The new New Warriors respond to Stark's offer of amnesty by defacing Stark Tower.


Probably the day after NW4 2 (10-22), as Sofia as different clothing on and the group probably defaced Stark Tower at night. Harry and Bev check in on the remains of the old New Warriors at the coroner's office. The Atlantean consulate seized Namorita's corpse, but Microbe's is present. Remains of Night Thrasher's clothing exist, as does inconclusive evidence about his identity. The new New Warriors - Skybolt (Redneck), Tempest, Decibel (Chamber), Blackwing (Beak), Ripcord, led by Wondra (Jubilee) - train in a danger room created from Arcade's Murderworld. Kaz (Wiz Kid) tells Jubes that the group needs to go easy on the equipment. Ms. Marvel shows Stark the graffiti written by the Warriors on Stark Tower. Jubilee continues to try to convince Sofia to join the Warriors, but Sofia remarks how changed Jubilee is and asks what she knows about Night Thrasher. Harry and Bev talk with Bandit, who is now a paraplegic. He tells them about a mysterious withdrawal from a Taylor Foundation offshore account "a couple months" ago. They analyze the voice print from the withdrawal request and it matches Dwayne's. As they set out to trace the money trail, Harry and Bev are gassed into small size by Night Thrasher, who warns them to back off. Jubilee asks Blackwing questions about Thrasher. Logan finds Jubilee and gives her advice about the course she's taking. The Gibbon has been spotted. Coat weather.

NEW WARRIORS v4 #4 (1-6)

The same day as NW4 3. Yellowjacket restores Harry and Bev to normal size. Kooning calls Stark to tell him he's not satisfied with Stark's handling of the Warriors.

NEW WARRIORS v4 #4 - FB (12:3)

Presumably the same day as NW4 4 (1-6). This flashback must occur after A:TI 3 (1-6). The Initiative recruits try to stop the new Zodiac in downtown Manhattan. It is unlikely that the recruits were sent on a mission at this early stage of their training; chances are that they decided to tackle the situation on their own.

NEW WARRIORS v4 #4 (7-22)

The same day as NW4 4-FB (12:3). This segment is noted in A:TI 8-FB (6-21) as having "just" happened, but given the placement of this arc before FF 547 (and thus before World War Hulk), some time must pass between this segment and A:TI 8-FB (6-21). The New Warriors practice. Night Thrasher talks to Jubilee, who guesses who he is. A news report about the battle between the Initiative and Zodiac sends the Warriors to join the fray, which happens right outside Sofia's diner. The Warriors - Blackwing (Beak), Phaser (Radian), Decibel (Chamber), Wondra (Jubilee), Skybolt (Redneck), Tempest (Angel), Ripcord (Stacy X), Longstrike (Tattoo), Night Thrasher - fight Zodiac, and Cancer kills Longstrike.


The same day as NW4 4 (7-22). This story must occur before FF 547. As Ms. Marvel and Iron Man look on in horror at the televised battle, Phaser is enraged by the death of his sister and the New Warriors try to hold their own against Zodiac. Sofia steps into the battle and attacks Scorpio, but she is blasted. The New Warriors rally and Zodiac teleports away. Paramedics show up to tend to the gravely injured Sofia and the Warriors retreat before SHIELD arrives. Later, upon seeing a newspaper report with the headline "New Warriors Foil Zodiac," Kat Farrell challenges Sally Floyd to uncover a story behind the plethora of teenage super-groups. Meanwhile, Sofia (who is estimated to be "seventeen," "if that") hovers near death in an ICU. Kooning tells Stark he wants to pull the plug on the Initiative, but Stark tells him he can turn the PR nightmare to the government's advantage. Harry and Bev pay a visit to Storm and T'Challa in the Baxter Building to fish for a connection between Wakanda and the New Warriors, but T'Challa denies involvement and tells them to look elsewhere for answers. Back at their HQ, the New Warriors argue over the mission and Night Thrasher enters to say he's disbanding the group. The weather in New York is warm enough for al fresco dining but long sleeves and jackets are seen, as are green hedges.

NEW WARRIORS v4 #6 (1-18)

The same day as NW4 5. Night Thrasher offers all the team members money to carry on, but everyone insists on continuing. Sofian's work mates visit her in the hospital and Jubilee comes to fetch her. "Later," Harry and Bev are slipped a CD that shows that Stark is the Warriors' mystery funder. "Later" that night, they take the CD to Ben Urich, who gets into an argument with Harry about what he knows concerning Stark's Machiavellian plans. Jubilee returns to Warriors HQ with Sofia, and they convince Thrasher to continue the team. All but Thrasher reveal their former identities.


One day, "just" before ORDER2 1 (3-14). The Order saves thousands of acres in the San Gabriels.


One day. This story probably occurs after X 204 (4-5) and shortly after W:F 1. It may not be "six weeks" after C&DP 42 (22-23), but long enough for a statue of Nathan to have been made. Logan raids a Libyan port to which suspicious shipments were sent and discovers evidence of Hydra involvement. At Cable's statue in Rumekistan, Deadpool encounters Cyclops, who tells him the X-Men need his help. Back at Agency X, Wade tells his associates that Scott wants him to break into Bob's Hydra base, which is receiving shipments. Wade intends to go there to save Weasel before Logan storms the place. At the base, Hydra tests Weasel's teleportation device and Weasel exclaims that no one will be able to stop Hydra now that its warriors can teleport. Wade and Bob attack the base and Weasel introduces himself to them as the Penetraitor. Wade takes out all the Hydra guys and accidentally shoots Bob in the leg. Logan shows up and beheads Deadpool. Green trees in Rumekistan.


The same night as CDP 43. This story may not occur "weeks" after C&DP 39 (1-7). Hydra forces show up and attack Logan while Weasel works on his teleportation device and Bob reattaches Wade's head. Wade recovers and fights Logan while Weasel uses his device to teleport all the Hydra agents to Guantanamo, showing he intended to betray Hydra. "Hours later," Wade talks with Cyclops in front of Cable's statue in Rumekistan. Bob and Weasel show up, and Weasel's malfunctioning teleportation device sends Wade and Bob away. Green trees in Rumekistan.

Wednesday, April 27

NEW WARRIORS v4 #6 (19-22)

Probably the day after NW4 6 (1-18). Harry and Bev deliver the CD to Stark and Ms. Marvel. Stark denies that he's behind the Warriors and Harry tells him to stop making work for the police. Alone, Dwayne Taylor steps out of his wheelchair to look out a sunlit window. Full moon.

LONERS #6 (20:2-22)

One day, "one week" after LONERS 6 (1-20). Mickey, Johnny, Chris, Namie, and Julie meet in Johnny's apartment and attempt to put the pieces of their group back together.

X-MEN v2 #204 (4-5)

One day, long enough after UX 204 (1-3) for Scott to have gotten obsessed about a memory he has of Cable and probably before C&DP 43. Emma and Scott talk about his grief over Cable's death.

ORDER v2 #1 (3:2-14)

One day. This segment must occur after MA 6 (21-22). "The Order has been training at the highest levels for almost a year;" this is either an exaggeration or the Order's origin must predate the start of the Fifty-State Initiative. As Anthem, Hellrung leads his team (now named "Order") in their "first public mission" - a battle against Infernal Man in Los Angeles. The team loses both its android stand-ins, the Bannermen. Corona defeats Infernal Man by going nova and damaging his equipment. A mystery paramilitary guy (the Man from Shadow) arrives with troops to claim the defeated villain. Iron Man stands with Pepper Potts (uber team leader "Hera") and Anthem to give a press conference about the Order. Ares, with whom Stark has "stood side by side...as an ally and friend against some of the most profound evil the world has ever faced," watches the press conference on TV. As they assist in the clean-up, several members of the Order plan to celebrate their victory by going out partying.


Probably the day after C&DP 44. While Wade and Bob spend time in World War II, Weasel works at Agency X on trying to find them, but he lacks the equipment needed. He goes to the Baxter Building to use the Fantastic Four's equipment. The FF shown here are Thing, Human Torch, Black Panther, and Storm. Green tree in New York.


The same day as C&DP 45. This story must occur before FF 547. It must be more than just "about eight years" after C&DP 46-FB (1-5). Weasel helps the new FF go time traveling to retrieve Wade and Bob. They meet up with the original FF in the timestream and the new FF successfully bring Wade and Bob back to the present. Outlaw and Sandi stay at the Baxter Building while Wade, Bob, and Weasel return to Agency X, where they see Hayden with a new client, Dr. Strange. Strange asks Deadpool if he would like to help stop a threat to the world that Wade created. Green trees in New York.


The same evening as C&DP 46. Strange explains that Wade unleashed black energies that threaten the planes of reality when he stabbed T-Ray. As Hatden, Outlaw, and Sandi observe, Strange sends Wade and Bob through various dimensions, including that of the Mindless Ones. They face threats in each reality and finally find T-Ray. Strange has Wade plunge a sword into T-Ray again to restore the black magic to him. T-Ray's spirit departs to find its soul. To rejoin T-Ray's body and soul, Strange sends Wade and Bob to the Louisiana home of Brother Voodoo.


The same night as C&DP 47. Wade and Bob face a horde of zombies, then Brother Voodoo arrives and puts Bob to sleep. He interrogates Wade about his motivations for rejoining T-Ray's body and soul. Jericho tells Wade he has no soul and sets him to battle T-Ray on an alternate plane of existence. Instead of "killing" T-Ray, Wade shoots himself in the head. This action reunites T-Ray's body and soul and saves the integrity of the dimensional barriers. It also proves Wade has a soul, which Strange reveals to be his true goal in the entire exercise. Wade rejoins the awakened Bob and they depart.

Thursday, April 28

ORDER v2 #1 (15-25:2)

The day after ORDER2 1 (3-14). This segment occurs before A:TI@ 1/5-FB. At "6:30" AM, a morning news show reports on the drinking and partying of four members of the Order at a West Hollywood club "last night." Stark, Pepper, and Hellrung confer about damage control, and at "7:56 AM," Anthem fires Pierce, Avona, Maul, and Corona. Immediately after, he appoints four second-stringers to take their place and orders them to report to the training site "at eleven." Not having "slept three consecutive hours in the last three weeks," a tired Pepper inadvertently suggests joining Hellrung in his shower. The new recruits undergo a process that gives them super powers and they participate in an Order demonstration for the press. During the demo, Pepper reports on a group of super-humans heading for California from the Pacific. The group consists of Crimson Dynamo, Ursa Major, Gremlin, Iron Maiden, Ultimo?, and Mongu automatons.

ORDER v2 #2

The same day as ORDER2 1 (15-25). It is "six weeks...give or take" after ORDER2 2-FB (9). This story occurs "a spell" before ORDER2 3 and must occur before TB 116. Kate Kildare holds a press conference to announce the replacement of Avona, Maul, Corona, and Pierce with Mulholland, Aralune, Supernaut, and Veda. Avona is found slain in a subway car. The Order fights the Russian automatons and Heavy is zapped by Gremlin. Pepper sends Calamity to Drenkov Island, where he encounters a group of Russian agents in chemical hibernation who are controlling the automatons, one of whom, Dynamo, is an A-bomb delivery system. Pepper tells Calamity to euthanize the agents, but he freezes, so she sends Supernaut to get the job done. The bomb in Crimson Dynamo goes off, but Aralune contains the blast and saves the day. Kildare calls another press conference about Becky eating the bomb. That night, Henry talks to Becky about her possible suicidal inclination. Chester Chez gives Kildare a heads-up about an adult video featuring Becky that will hit the press "in the morning."


One day. Recruits Cloud 9, Komodo, Hardball, Rage, and Slapstick are trained by Gauntlet, Hellcat, Black Widow, and Stingray.

AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #5 - FB (3/4:2-3/4:13)

One day. This flashback must occur after A:TI@ 1/4-FB (1-8). Gyrich recruits Bengal, Constrictor, Mutant Zero, and the Scarlet Spiders (a trio of MVP clones wearing Iron Spider costumes) for a black-ops team. Nighthawk and Doc Samson cameo.


One day, shortly after BP4 34. This story must occur after DP/GLI 1 (3-18), C&DP 46, UX 489 and NW4 5 and before S-H4 17 and SILWAR 4. At the Baxter Building, Johnny hits on one of the Dora Milaje and tells her of the FF's adventure in the Zombieverse, from which T'Challa says he has learned a great deal. Ben and Ororo argue about her hair. In space, Reed and Sue retrieve the earthbound object and Sue grants Reed "two days" to study it, expecting to see him back on "Thursday" (making this a Tuesday). Sue heads back to Titan while Reed goes to Camp Hammond, where War Machine and She-Hulk (in her SHIELD costume) train recruits. Reed shows the object to camp "director" Hank Pym, and together they identify it as a space voyager intended to communicate information through scent about the alien culture that created it. On board Reed's spacecraft in earth orbit, Reed figures out how to translate the scents in the voyager device into a verbal and visual message - a warning from the Odotopian race about the invading Contrasepsis race. At the U.N., T'Challa warns about U.S. policy concerning Wakanda, Atlantis, and Attilan and is told that "Attilan has all but declared war with humanity." As Sue arrives on Titan, she is attacked by the Frightful Four (Wizard, Trapster, Hydro-Man, Titania). "Shortly," Reed and Pym gather the new FF to go to the world of the Odotopians and stop the Contrasepsis. Just then, they receive a transmission from Sue, who is defeated by the Wizard, who dares Reed to come get him. The FF's ship takes off, but it is destroyed by a bomb planted on the craft by the Wizard. Green grass in Connecticut.


The same day as FF 547. Wizard believes Reed dead and tries to force Sue to declare him the bigger intellect. With Pym present, the FF thank T'Challa for suspecting a trap and sending the ship off without passengers. Reed transmits a message to Titan to threaten the Wizard. The FF take another craft to Titan and they fight the Frightful Four. Wizard uses a neural disruptor on Reed and opens a case containing Klaw's sonic converter. Klaw re-forms. Green trees in New York.


The same day as FF 548. It is "a few weeks" after FF 544 (14-22). Wizard explains that he cloned Klaw from a sound sample. The FF battle the Frightful Four and defeat Klaw. Sue is freed and mops the floor with the remaining villains, humiliating Wizard in the process. The heroes load the villains into a pod headed back for earth and T'Challa confiscates Klaw's sonic horn. The FF enter hyperspace on their way to the Horologum Supercluster to help the Oditopians against the Contrasepsis. As they travel, they discover that the space-time continuum is damaged, and after radioing Pym at Camp Hammond they discover that an Oditopian weapon has been fired, causing the universe to start falling apart. Arriving at their destination, the FF find a congress of Watchers gathered, no sign of Oditopian life, and a horde of Contrasepsis attacking.


The same day as FF 549. This story must occur before Z:BB 1 and SENSM2 35. I have the Thing here before A:TI 3 (7-22). The FF ditch the Contrasepsis and witness a Watcher fall into a growing patch of non-reality as the Oditopian weapon continuesc to destroy space-time. T'Challa summons the Silver Surfer and Reed convinces him to help locate the Contrasepsis. They find them fighting Dr. Strange, who has spent "days" trying to get to the source of the reality-endangering corruption. Strange shows the heroes that Eternity is dying and Reed understands the story of the Oditopians and Contrasepsis. Uatu arrives and retrieves Greg Willis from Sheboygan, where we see green trees and grass (which short-sleeved Greg is mowing). Greg turns into Gravity and is whisked to Strange and the FF. With Storm's and Strange's help, Gravity patches up reality, the Contrasepsis disappear into a pocket dimension, and Uatu leaves to face punishment for interfering. The FF return to earth, where they have dinner at the Baxter Building with the kids. With Reed and Sue back, T'Challa and Storm resign from the FF and insist on moving out.

SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN v2 #35 - FB (5:3, 5:5)

One day, "maybe three weeks" before SENSM2 35-FB (6:3). Calvin Zabo pulls up in a car and offers Ethan Myers a chance to be a super-hero. Myers and gassed and awakens in a bed, where he feels his body evolving.

ORDER v2 #3 - FB (14:2)

Probably the same night as ORDER2 2. Pepper Potts claims Avona's body from the LAPD.

Friday, April 29

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #8 (11-12)

One day. This segment must occur out of sequence with HFH2 8 (13-16). Paladin is hired to abduct someone, and the job

requires him to assemble a team "by tomorrow morning."

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #8 (17-22)

The same day as HFH2 8 (11-12). It is "one week" after HFH2 6. Humbug explains the Heroes for Hire's solving of the

diamond heists to Louis Kravits, but since his diamonds are lost, Kravits leaves without paying. Paladin arrives at the heroes'

headquarters and offers to pay each of them a million dollars to help him get Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy.

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #9 (1-3)

The same day as HFH2 8 (17-22). The Heroes for Hire report to a SHIELD science lab in New York to have a scientist brief them on a mission to go to the Savage Land to retrieve Moon Boy so SHIELD can get his DNA for medical research. Misty is forced to accept the assignment for financial reasons.


One day. This story must occur after MA 6 (2-20) and before A:TI 8-FB (6-21). Ms. Marvel, Wasp, and Black Widow fight and defeat Bad Girls Inc. (Asp, Black Mamba, and Diamondback, the latter of whom must be inducted into the Initiative after this). They freshen up at Stark Tower (perhaps before its destruction in World War Hulk rather than after its reconstruction). There they discuss a book that Jarvis is seeking to publish, a story that Gyrich once told, an adventure recalled by Carol, and Spidey. The trio respond to an emergency and leave Jarvis to do the laundry. Green trees and sunbathing weather in New York.

SHE-HULK v4 #17

One day. This story occurs after PWJ2 4. She-Hulk must appear here after A:TI 1 (17-23), FF 547, H3 106-FB (1:4), and IAM 8 (10-20). She-Hulk and her Hulkbuster unit defeat and contain Zzzax. She-Hulk talks about all the Helicarriers SHIELD has lost. Quartermain prepares to debrief Stark, "the new Director of SHIELD," aboard the Helicarrier, but Stark prefers to have dinner and sex onboard with She-Hulk. Project Achilles staff test the other captured Hulk foes - Abomination, Wendigo, Toad-Men, and U-Foes. Mallory insists that Zix sue the Inquisitor for running pictures of her affair with Awesome Andy, the cause of her losing credibility and clients. Mallory goes with Two-Gun Kid to the Bar With No Name to win back her super-villain clients, but Two-Gun ends up in a brawl with Batroc, Vulture, Shocker, Electro, Lightmaster, and Mongoose. Zzzax enters the Helicarrier's systems and causes all the technology aboard to go berserk. She-Hulk faces a horde of rogue Fury LMDs, which SHIELD has "been using like they were going out of style" "ever since Nick Fury went into hiding." The LMDs, who spout dialog they've said in previous stories, are taken down by Jen. The Hulkbusters take down Agent Cheesecake, when her programming his affected. The Project Achilles stasis tubes are opened, but Gaffer subdues Abomination, Wendigo, Ironclad, and Vector with a new weapons system and declares the first test of Project Acilles to be a success. Vapor and X-Ray escape. During clean-up, Jen hears one of the defeated Fury LMDs regurgitate dialog from Banner's launch into space.

SHE-HULK v4 #18

The same day as S-H4 17. This story must occur shortly before A:TI 3 (7-22). Jen takes the LMD's head to GLK&H, where Zix assists in obtaining information from it regarding the Hulk's exile. As they make their discovery, Amadeus Cho taps into the exposed files remotely. The Hulkbusters, minus Jen but plus Agent Beefcake, head to New Mexico, where they find the Leader in one of the Hulk's old hideouts, just days away from implementing a villainous plan. The group defeats the Leader and radios back to the helicarrier, but the garbled transmission leads SHIELD agents onboard to think they captured the Hulk. They proudly celebrate as Iron Man arrives onboard, and as Stark tries to figure out the mistake, She-Hulk arrives and confronts Stark about the Hulk. They fight, and Jen compares Stark to Doom. Iron Man injects She-Hulk with nanites from Project: Achilles and she reverts to her normal human form. Stark shows Jen the subjects of Project: Achilles and explains that he plans to use the nannites on the Hulk when he returns. Jen vows to fight Stark as a lawyer and is escorted off the helicarrier.


The same day as S-H4 18. Jen is picked up in Jersey by Amadeus Cho, for whom SHIELD has been hunting "for months." Jen changes clothes, and they go to a diner, where Cho tries to recruit Jen. Cho is monitored by Reed Richards, and Cho, knowing this, sends a hint to send Doc Samson to them. Samson attacks them and seemingly injures Cho's pet coyote. Cho's discussion with Samson helps Jen see what side she's on. Cho manages to temporarily cancel out Jen's nanobytes. Thanks to grape soda supplied by Cho, she changes into She-Hulk and wallops Samson. Cho slips away with his posse-playing coyote and calls Jen, who reverts to normal. Jen refuses to join Cho, but Cho rendezvouses with two other allies - Hercules and Archangel. Richards and Samson monitor the rendezvous, as well as the law catching up to Jen. Iron Man appears on another monitor. Green grass and trees in New Jersey.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #107 (3-4)

The same day as H3 106. Gabe Jones arrives in a flying SHIELD vessel and orders Hercules and Archangel to hand over Cho. Cho surreptitiously causes a missile to fire from the vessel to provoke his allies into fighting SHIELD.


The same day as H3 107 (3-4). Hercules is enraged at the missile attack, as shown on news footage.


The same day as H3 107-FB. Hercules attacks the SHIELD vessel as Archangel flies Cho to safety.


Perhaps the same day as H3 106. This story occurs between H3 105 (19-21) and H3 107 (1-2). Doc Samson visits Jen at her motel and tries to convince her that the Hulk's exile was justified, but he fails. Jen tells him that their actions were unlawful and that they'll regret their actions when Hulk returns. As the Hulk's starship hurtles through space, a group of scavengers attacks it and Hulk repulses them, unleashing a rage he's built for the Illuminati. The Hulk's companions get him to focus on the targets of his rage. They decide to go after Black Bolt first when they land on earth. Jen awakens from a slumber because she senses that Bruce is on his way.


One day, a "week" after A:TI 2 (1-20) and probably the same day as S-H4 18. Connors probably appears here before SENSM2 35. I have the thing here after FF 550. As guest instructor the Thing trains Initiative recruits Triathlon, Slapstick, Komodo, Bengal, Cloud 9, and Hardball, Yellowjacket talks to Curt Connors about Komodo. After the training session, Cloud 9 has a counseling session with Justice while Pym and War Machine give Komodo a secret assignment. They tell her that SHIELD and the Initiative have miniaturized inhibitor collars into nanobots (SPIN tech) that neutralize a target's powers and that they tried it on She-Hulk, who Komodo is surprised to discover "broke ranks." That night, Hardball, who "doesn't turn twenty-one for another two weeks," encounters a guy in a bar who knows all about him and asks him what he knows about SPIN tech. War Machine and Komodo go after their targets - Shocker, Boomerang, Hydro-Man, and Spider-Man, who are fighting on a rooftop. As Rhodey and Melati attack Spidey (in his black costume), the villains scurry away, only to be attacked by a squad of "Scarlet Spiders," dressed in Iron Spider costumes. Spidey disables War Machine's armor and as Komodo tries to inject Spidey with the SPIN tech, he convinces her that the Initiative will use it against her. He knocks her aside and escapes. Komodo begs Rhodey not to take her powers away. Spidey says that "Valentine's Day was months ago."

THOR v3 #4 (1-2)

One day, probably two days before T3 4 (3-23). Ernest Lereaux of Doctors Without Borders arrives at Don Blake's Oklahoma hotel to fetch Blake for a trip to Africa.

SILENT WAR #1 (1-5:2)

One night, "some months" after SOM 6 (1-19). This segment must occur at least "a week" after A4 24. After spending "a week" in New York posing as Eastern European visitors, Inhumans Gorgon, Jolen, Kurani, and Nahrees attend a stage performance, where Gorgon announces that Attilan is at war with the U.S. over the American government's refusal to return the Terrigen crystals. When members of the audience speak out against them, Gorgon tells Jolen to "silence them." Full moon.

WORLD WAR HULK #4 - FB (19:2)

The same night as SILWAR 1 (1-5). Jolen starts to "silence" members of the audience.

SILENT WAR #1 (5:3-14)

The same night as WWH 4-FB (19:2). This segment must occur before CWBDR (2-4). Jolen misunderstands and kills 47 people, including Clarinda Roberts' husband, and injures hundreds of others. As the Inhumans try to flee the scene, the Fantastic Four arrive and demand their surrender. They fight and the FF subdue the Inhumans. O*N*E arrives and take the Inhumans into custody.


One night, referred to as "the other night" in TB 110 (21-22). Jack Flag argues with his wife about his decision to be an

unregistered super-hero as he goes to help the victim of a mugging.

Saturday, April 30

SILENT WAR #1 (15-19)

Probably the morning after SILWAR 1 (5-14). This segment must occur before WWH 1 (6-9). Gorgon is interrogated at an O*N*E secure unit at the Pentagon. His interrogator states that the president will make an address "today," but I theorize that the address is preempted by the Hulk crisis. On the moon, the Inhumans discuss their course of action. Black Bolt is indecisive and Medusa mistakes his wishes.


One day, after BP4 22 (7-23) and between SILWAR 1 (1-14) and SILWAR 2 (7-22). Stark reports on Ororo's refusal to register

and advises the president not to provoke the Wakandans. Stark reports on the U.S.' preparation to defend against the Inhumans

in the wake of Jolen's killings and the placement of Gorgon and party in O*N*E custody. Stark also reports on current events in

Israel, Japan, Great Britain, and Latveria.


One day, "months" after A4 16 (18-22). Stark reports on his hope to transfer Batroc to the new Initiative training grounds at

Camp Hammond. Stark reports on U.S.Agent's assignment to Omega Flight, whose members are not mentioned. Stark reports

on the threat of Atlantis, but doesn't mention Atlantis' participation in the Civil War final battle. He also reports on recent

events in France, China and South America.


The morning after A:TI 3 (7-22). After Pym and Von Blitzschlag leave Pym's lab, Hardball sneaks in and steals a dart of SPIN tech from Project Achilles. "Thirty minutes later," he hands it over to his mysterious benefactor, who tells him his family's financial troubles are over. Hardball sneaks back into his barracks right before Gauntlet arrives to wake everyone up. Gauntlet sends Hardball, Komodo, Thor Girl, Rage, Slaspstick, and Ultra Girl on a ten-mile run. Green trees in Connecticut.


One day. A TV news commentator remarks about SHIELD "being co-opted" by Stark may be an indication that Stark is SHIELD director. Another commentator says that Stark, "the leader of the pro-registration forces is big brother" because of his technology. A TV talk show guest criticizes government propaganda about registration. Norman Osborn is interviewed about Stark offering him "redemption."

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #107 (1-2)

One day, after WWHP:WB 1. "Three hours" before arriving on earth (and thus out of sequence with the rest of H3 107), the Warbound discuss the enemies they will face.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #107 (6-7)

The same day as H3 107 (1-2). Because the night of A:TI 3 (7-22) must occur between S-H4 18 and this segment, this "later" segment must occur the day after H3 107 (5); it cannot occur more than a day after H3 107 (5), since Warren notes that he was a beloved millionaire, not a traitor and fugitive, "yesterday." Hercules and Archangel catch CNN coverage of their fight with SHIELD and Warren discovers that his bank accounts are frozen. Cho reveals his illegal funds transfer and shows them the two heroes the amphibious flyer he bought.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (1-6:1)

The same day as H3 107 (6-7). The Hulk's stone ship approaches the moon and NORAD detects it.

IRON MAN v4 #19 (1-7)

The same day as WWH 1 (1-6). While at the U.S. Capitol, Stark receives a message from SHIELD about a U.F.O. Stark sends Iron Man drones to investigate and the Hulk has them destroyed with an EMP blast. After meeting with a senator to argue for SHIELD funding, Stark discovers that the U.F.O even took out his stealth drone. He asks to speak to the president. Green grass and trees in Washington, DC.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (6:2-9)

The same day as IM4 19 (1-7). This segment must occur after SILWAR 1 (15-19). The Hulk lands on the moon and faces Black Bolt, who whispers and causes a blast. The Hulk survives and attacks Black Bolt.

IRON MAN v4 #19 (8:1-8:2, 8:3 first balloon)

The same day as WWH 1 (6-9). Stark reports to the president that the U.F.O. has reached the moon. Black Bolt screams at the Hulk, who withstands the barrage.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (10:1-10:2)

The same day as IM4 19 (8:1-8:2). NORAD detects an explosion on the moon, which causes chunks of lunar rock to take out NORAD satellites.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #107 (8-9:3)

The same day as WWH 1 (10:1-10:2). The explosion causes a tidal wave on earth that rocks the amphibious flyer containing Cho, Hercules, and Archangel as they reach Atlantis. Cho asks Namor to join them in helping the Hulk, and Namor tells him his plan is moronic.


The same day as H3 107 (8-9). The Hulk holds the defeated Black Bolt in his clutch.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (10:3-10:5) ~ IRON MAN v4 #19 (8:3-8:4)

The same day as WWH:X 1-FB (7:5). It is "forty-eight hours" before WWH 5 (41-42). On the steps of the Capitol, reporters ask Stark about "rumors about a fight with She-Hulk" as Stark tells the president by phone that the U.F.O. has hit satellites. The president tells Stark that the U.F.O. has reached New York. Green trees in Washington, DC.


The same day as WWH 1 (10:3-10:5). In the Front Line newsroom, Ben Urich asks Sally Floyd to a "late lunch" even though it is "early evening" according to GR5 12 and "night" according to HFH2 11. Sally notes that Danny's cat has been acting weird "all week" and that the pigeons are gone. They go out into the street and see the Hulk's stone ship in the sky above. The newspaper date of "Wednesday, June 27th" on the cover must be topical.


The same day as WWH:FL 1 (1-5). Ant-Man (as Slaying Mantis), Monstro, and Visioneer rescue survivors at an emergency scene and Visioneer tells Eric that she knows he loves her. Eric sees the Hulk's ship in the sky and the trio go to investigate.


The same day as IAM 10 (1-5). This segment occurs after A:TI@ 1/4-FB (1-8). Justice takes Cloud 9 to MVP's Kentucky home to have her tell his parents that she will honor him, but there they encounter the MVP clone. Before they can react, Justice gets a radio summons to return to base in response to an omega-level threat. They leave, and the MVP clone sees a live TV news broadcast showing the Hulk's ship. Green grass and trees in Kentucky.


The same day as A:TI 4 (7-8). The Hulk's ship hovers over Manhattan, then projects an image.


The same day as WWH 1 (11). The image shows the Hulk.

IRON MAN v4 #19 (9:1)

The same day as WWH:FL 1 (6:1). Stark and Dum Dum take off from the Capitol in a hovercar as SHIELD units converge on Manhattan.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (12) ~IRON MAN v4 #19 (9:2) ~ AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #4 (9:1)

The same day as IM4 19 (9:1). Through a projected image, the Hulk announces that he's come to smash. SHIELD agents monitor the situation from the war room ay Camp Hammond.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #107 (9:4)

The same day as WWH 1 (12). Namora announces to Namor, Cho, Hercules, and Archangel a transmission from the surface world.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (13:1-13:3) ~ AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #4 (9:2-9:3)

The same day as H3 107 (9:4). The Hulk projects an image around the world of the Illuminati exiling him into space.


The same day as WWH 1 (13:1-13:3). The Hulk rats out Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Strange, and Black Bolt.


The same day as WWH 1 (13:4). Rhodey tells Gyrich he had no idea Stark shot the Hulk into space.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (13:5) ~ INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #107 (10:1) ~ IRON MAN v4 #19 (9:3)

The same day as A:TI 4 (9:4). Hulk recounts how he was sent to Sakaar to die. Among the worldwide audience are Stark and Dum Dum and Namor and company.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (14:1-14:3) ~ INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #107 (10:2-10:4) ~ AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #4 (10:1-10:2)

The same day as WWH 1 (13:4-13:5). The Hulk introduces the Warbound and recounts how the Illuminati destroyed Sakaar.

IRON MAN v4 #19 (10:1-10:2)

The same day as WWH 1 (14:1-14:3). Stark orders SHIELD to take up defensive positions and Dum Dum questions the order.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (14:4) ~ INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #107 (10:5) ~ IRON MAN v4 #19 (10:2-10:3) ~ IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN #10 (5:5) ~ AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #4 (10:3)

The same day as IM4 19 (10:1-10:2). It is "thirty hours" before WWH:FL 3 (1-6) and "thirty-two hours" before WWH:FL 3 (7-12). The Hulk gives New York "twenty-four hours to evacuate" and demands to see Reed, Stark, and Strange upon his return. At Camp Hammond, Pym pauses the live feed, says he's just been in touch with Iron Man, and says there is a plan for this event.


The same day as WWH 1 (14:4). Pym gives a suitcase of SPIN tech vials to Rhodey, who's shocked to hear about Project Achilles.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (15) ~ INCREDIBLE HULK v3 107 (10:5) ~ IRON MAN v4 #19 (10:3)

The same day as A:TI 4 (10:4). Hulk holds up the battered Black Bolt to show what will happen to earth if his demand is not met.

IRON MAN v4 #19 (10:3-11:3)

The same day as WWH 1 (15). Dum Dum realizes that Stark doesn't want people getting hurt protecting him and argues for taking offensive action, but Stark insists that SHIELD concentrate on evacuation and defense preparations.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (16:1-16:2)

The same day as IM4 19 (10-11). The Hulk carries the battered Black Bolt as the stone ship prepares to leave.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #107 (11-12)

The same day as WWH 1 (16:1-16:2). Namor assumes an "I told them so" stance and views the Hulk as a threat. Namora joins Cho, Herc, and Archangel in agreeing to help the Hulk, but Namor damages the amphibious flyer to prevent the heroes from going to the Hulk's aid.


The same day as H3 107 (11-12). Visioneer opts for evacuating Manhattan with her son while Monstro and Eric decide to stay. Aboard the Helicarrier, Agent Carson is called to duty and vows revenge against Eric.

IRON MAN v4 #19 (11:4-13:4, 13:5 balloon)

The same day as IAM 10 (6-7). Stark and Dugan continue to argue about a course of action. Stark tells Dum Dum that he's offering temporary amnesty to any unregistered super-humans who assist with the evacuation of New York. Iron Man flies away, saying that he has "to pay some folks a visit."

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (16:3-20)

The same day as IM4 19 (11-13). Stark flies out of Washington into space and fixes the satellites, but the Hulk's ship fires another EMP blast that takes out the satellites again. Iron Man is visited by Strange's astral image. Strange tells Stark that they have "twenty-four hours" to solve the problem they created. Strange offers to have his comrades assist in the evacuation, and Stark offers full pardon for anyone who turns himself in after the crisis is over. "Forty-seven minutes later in northern Vermont," Stark and Reed visit Robert Reynolds to enlist the aid of the Sentry. Green grass and trees in Vermont.

WORLD WAR HULK #4 - FB (26:6-27)

The same day as WWH 1 (16-20). Stark tries to talk Sentry into taking action but fails.

AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #4 (11-12, 13:1 intro dialog)

The same day as WWH 4-FB (26-27). Rhodey delivers the SPIN tech vials to Stark at Stark's Long Island armory. Stark tells Rhodey that he's been in contact with Dr. Strange, who is now conscripting Jen Walters (to whom She-Hulk powers are returned), Spidey, Cage, Spider-Woman, and others. Rhodey tells Stark that the Initiative will stay out of combat.

NEW EXCALIBUR #24 (19-22)

One day, perhaps long enough after XCAL4 24 (1-18) for Britain to do some rebuilding following the defeat of Albion. This segment occurs shortly before X:DBTS 1. Memorials are held for the innocents who perished during Albion's attack. Now pardoned and working for the British government, Lionheart reveals her identity to her children. Cain announces he's leaving to answer "a panic call about an old debt," but Brian convinces him to stay for the party Excalibur throws celebrate their victory over Albion.

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #9 (4-22)

Perhaps the day after HFH2 9 (1-3). The Heroes for Hire arrive in the Savage Land. and split into teams to search for Moon Boy. Humbug is bit by an ape and devoured by huge bugs. Shang-Chi and Tarantula get intimate. Misty and Colleen find Moon Boy.


The same day as HFH2 9 (4-22) and probably the same day as WWH 1 (16-20). Shang-Chi regrets having sex with Tarantula as it's unbalanced his chi. Black Cat awakens to find that Paladin undressed her to dress her chest wound, and fighting ensues. Shang-Chi and Tarantula arrive and Shang ends up nearly choking Paladin. Misty, Colleen, and Moon Boy encounter Devil Dinosaur, who attacks to protect his eggs. The heroes unite and separate Moon Boy from Devil Dinosaur with much angst. Humbug returns, transformed by the Savage Land's insects, and warning of an emergency in New York.


The same day (dusk) as ("a short time" after) WWH 1 (16-20). This story occurs "a short time" after WWH:X 1-FB (1). It must occur after NX 36 (3-23), since Cessily refers to her torture at the Facility in this issue. Xavier uses Cerebra to try to find new mutants and wonders if mutants are an endangered species. As the Beast trains the New X-Men, the O*N*E calls the Sentinels away from the Institute to deal with the New York crisis. Beast turns on the TV and sees taped news coverage of the Hulk's ultimatum. Just then, Hulk arrives at the Institute and demands Xavier. Beast has Prodigy evacuate most of the students through the Morlock tunnels while he and the New X-Men battle the Hulk. When Elixir uses his power on Hulk, it makes Hulk madder. He rips off Rockslide's arms and throws them to Connecticut. He pounds X-23 after she slices him. The Astonishing team (Cyclops, Emma, Colossus, Shadowcat, Lockheed, and Wolverine) arrive, then Xavier shows up and reads Hulk's mind. Hulk asks Xavier how he would have voted about his exile. Green trees at Westchester.


The same evening as WWH:X 1. This story must occur between XCAL4 24 (19-22) and X:DBTS 1; given that Cain is still with Excalibur, it may be the same evening as XCAL4 24 (19-22). Sam is not present, probably because he's in the med lab, still injured after X 204 (1-3). With the New X-Men sidelined, the Astonishing team battles the Hulk and the Cuckoos call in reinforcements from X-Factor in Manhattan, the Uncanny team in a Blackbird jet over Connecticut, and Excalibur at their London headquarters. Juggernaut makes a deal with Cyttorak to send him to the Institute. Hulk breaks Colossus' arms and defeats the Astonishing team and the Juggernaut, then the Uncanny team and X-Factor show up. Green trees at Westchester. Full moon.


The same evening as WWH:X 2. Given Rockslide's and Pixie's appearances and the lack of new uniforms for the New X-Men, this story must occur before NX 37 (1-21). X-Factor and the Uncanny X-Men battle the Hulk. Juggernaut makes a deal with Cyttorak to regain his power and takes on the Hulk, who outsmarts him. When Hulk finally faces Xavier, Cessily tells him about all the recent mutants deaths they've suffered. Hulk decides that Xavier is already living in hell and returns to the Warbound on his stone ship to await the deadline. Juggernaut leaves and warns Xavier not to come after him. The X-Men work on their injuries. Green grass and trees at Westchester. Full moon.


The same night as (starting "five hours" after) WWH:FL 1 (6:1). Ben Urich hands out assignments to reporters to cover the mass evacuation of New York and the landing of a portion of the alien craft in Central Park. Urich checks on his wife and Sally goes to bed with Danny.

GHOST RIDER v5 #12 (1-12)

It must be the same night as WWH 1 (16-20). Ghost Rider endangers innocents aboard a plane when he defeats an avatar of Lucifer that has taken the form of an airline pilot.

GHOST RIDER v5 #12 - FB (16:2)

The same "night" as WWH 1 (16-20). The Thing helps in the evacuation of New York.

Sunday, May 1


The early morning ("ten hours") after WWH:FL 1 (6:1). Ben Urich is present in Central Park when Korg, Arch-E-5912, and refugees from Sakaar disembark from the small vessel. Korg announces that he is ready to negotiate the terms of their peaceful occupation and Arch-E says he wants to analyze some super-heroes.


The same morning as WWH:FL 1 (8-13) - it must be an hour after, as it is "six hours" before WWH:FL 1 (17-19). Arch-E-5912 detects an electromagnetic disturbance from above.


The same morning as WWH:FL 2/2-FB. Arch-E 5912 receives a transmission from Korg outlining his mission directives.


The same morning as WWH:FL 4/2-FB. Arch-E 5912 saves a homeless woman from a gang of looters. He is killed immediately after this.


The same morning as ("three hours" after) WWH:FL 1 (8-13). It is the morning ("thirteen hours") after WWHLFL 1 (6:1). As the morning papers hit the streets, J. Jonah Jameson is upset that Front Line got pictures of Korg. TV news reporters interview people around the city and folks interact with the Sakaar refugees.

GHOST RIDER v5 #12 (13-18)

The morning after GR5 12 (1-12). Johnny Blaze awakens and heads for Buffalo. On the way, he encounters the exodus out of New York and stops at a diner, where he sees TV news coverage of the evacuation. Despite the wishes of the spirit of vengeance inside him to stay on task, Johnny decides to help the New Yorkers. He changes into Ghost Rider and heads for Manhattan. Green grass and trees.


The same day as WWH:FL 1 (14-16) and WWH:FL 2/2-FB and "seventeen hours" after WWH:FL 1 (6:1). At his precinct house, Danny Granville is assigned to help Korg find the killer of Arch-E-5912.


The same day as WWH:FL 1 (17-19). Danny and Korg visit the scene of Arch-E's death.


The same day as WWH:FL 2/2. Danny and Korg shake down an informant who leads them to Slappy's Deli, a place where Arch-E was spotted. Danny sees that a recording camera is on the premises.


The day after WWH 1 (16-20) and probably the day after HFH2 10. The Heroes for Hire and Moon Boy fly into New York and encounter Derek Khanata and the Scorpion, who has a pissing match with Tarantula. Derek informs the group of the "Hulk situation" and postpones the completion of their transaction until the situation is resolved. Paladin bows out and the rest of the heroes follow Humbug to discover hatchlings of the Sakaar Brood in Manhattan. Humbug kills one of them and uses his dismembered body to make his team smell like the insects. He says the group must go to their home aboard the stone ship.


The same day as HFH2 11. Humbug tells his teammates that a Brood Queen has arrived with the Hulk and that her "hivelings" are preparing a nest for her to give birth to offspring that will overrun earth. They steal aboard the stone ship to stop the queen. Miek senses that intruders have slaughtered a hatchling and tells Korg, Elloe, and Hiroim. The trio finds, attacks, and defeats the Heroes for Hire. Humbug confronts the Brood Queen, who appeals to his insect nature. He bows before her.


The same day as HFH2 12. It is "three years" since Shang-Chi killed anyone. The Heroes for Hire and Moon Boy are imprisoned aboard the stone ship. Misty blames herself, Shang fears the killer inside him, and Humbug questions the need for punishing all his teammates. Seeking to protect Colleen, Humbug claims Tarantula as the one who killed the hiveling, but Colleen confesses and Humbug orders both of them to be meat for nerve-maggots.


The same day as WWH:FL 1 (17-19). Sally Floyd and Ben Urich drive through the Lower East Side and note the people who have not left or have returned to Manhattan. A street gang attack their car and they escape.


The same day as WWH:FL 2-FB and "twenty-three hours" after WWH:FL 1 (6:1). From the office, Sally calls home and leaves a message for Danny "an hour away from D-Day."

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (21-22)

The same day as WWH:FL 1 (20:1-20:3). Spidey and She-Hulk (who is re-powered by Stark technology) assist with the evacuation.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (23:1) ~ HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #11/2 (1:1-1:2)

The same day as WWH 1 (21-22). A SHIELD craft glides above Manhattan with a message that it is Manhattanites' "last chance for evacuation" and that telepaths will locate those who think about wanting help. Scorpion hears the announcement.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (23:2)

The same day as WWH 1 (23:1). The announcement continues to state that "as of 6:13 P.M., anyone who stays is presumed to have done so voluntarily" and that the government cannot be held responsible.

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #11/2 (1:3-6)

The same day as HFH2 11. Ms. Marvel cameos. While Manhattanites face their "last chance for evacuation," Scorpion defeats some looters and continues on her mission to infiltrate an NYPD evidence storage facility to retrieve an object. Inside, she encounters Paladin, who is there to steal "a king's ransom in impounded super criminal weaponry."


The same day as HFH2 11/2 (1-6). Scorpion and Paladin battle, using impounded criminal weaponry, including Cockroach Hamilton's shotgun, Chemistro's alchemy gun, Whiplash's whip, Gladiator's gloves, Melter's ray gun, and Stilt-Man's suit.


The same day as HFH2 12/2. Scorpion subdues Paladin and obeys orders to kill him. Scorpion takes and absorbs into her gauntlet a sample of weaponized thallium intended for poisoning the Hulk. After she leaves, Paladin stops play-acting dead and accepts payment from Scorpion's boss, who knows now that Carmilla can pull the trigger on a sanction. Scorpion arrives in the battle area to take on Hulk.

IRON MAN v4 #19 (13:5-16)

The same day as HFH2 14/2. It must be the day after IM4 19 (11-13). Cage helps with the evacuation. Iron Man goes to a Stark facility and finishes his work on a new Hulkbuster armor. He dons the armor and flies away.


The same day as IM4 19 (13-16). This segment occurs "a while" before IAM 12. Visioneer and her son are among the last evacuees from New York, as Eric and Monstro help in the evacuation. They reconnoiter right as the Hulk's deadline approaches. Green tree in New York.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (23:3-25)

The same day as IAM 10 (7-9). After five million people are moved "in twenty-three hours," Doc Samson, She-Hulk, Spidey, Wonder Man, Cage, and Ms. Marvel expect to see the Sentry arrive, but it's Iron Man in Hulkbuster armor. The Hulk emerges from his ship.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #107 (13-14:1)

The same day as WWH 1 (23-25). Namora, Cho, Hercules, and Archangel arrive via their repaired ship in the Hudson River to find the evacuation "nearly done." They see the Hulk jump off his ship.


The same day as H3 107 (13-14). Sally and Kenny prepare to cover the Hulk conflict.

IRON MAN v4 #19 (17)

The same day as WWH:FL 1 (20:4-20:5). Iron Man flies up toward the descending Hulk.


The same day as IM4 19 (17). The Hulk and Iron Man approach each other in air.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #107 (14:2-14:3)

The same day as WWH 1 (26). The Hulk and Iron Man smash into each other.


The same day as H3 107 (14:2-14:3). Sally and Kenny react to the explosive sound of the titans' impact.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (27-28)

The same day as WWH:FL 1 (20:6). The impact shatters windows and the shockwave hits Wonder Man, She-Hulk, Cage, Doc Samson, and Ms. Marvel.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #107 (14:4-17:1)

The same day as WWH 1 (27-28). The shockwave capsizes vessels in the Hudson River and Cho's group rescues their occupants. Cho makes contact with the Hulk's ship, but it blasts at Cho's vessel, sending it crashing into the dock. Hercules and Archangel continue with rescue efforts and encounter Bill Foster's nephew Tom.


The same day as H3 107 (14-17). Sally and Kenny watch the battle between Hulk and Iron Man and are nearly killed by crashing debris.

IRON MAN v4 #19 (18:1)

The same day as WWH:FL 1 (21-22). The Hulk and Iron Man trade blows in mid-air.


The same day as IM4 19 (18:1). The Initiative recruits help last-minute evacuees and fight looters in Manhattan. They see a live news report of Iron Man's battle with the Hulk.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (29) ~ IRON MAN v4 #19 (18:2)

The same day as A:TI 4 (13-15). As Iron Man fights the Hulk, he broadcasts a speech admitting his deed. Dum Dum listens.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (30:1-30:3) ~ IRON MAN v4 #19 (18:3-18:4) ~ AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #4 (15:2-16:1)

The same day as WWH 1 (29). As Stark talks of his motivation to save the world, he injects Hulk with SPIN tech.


The same day as WWH 1 (30:1-30:3). Komodo identifies Stark's weapon as SPIN tech and Hardball gets a sinking feeling.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (30:4-31) ~ IRON MAN v4 #19 (18:5-19)

The same day as A:TI 4 (16:2-16:4). Stark talks about responsibility as he sends the Hulk reeling. Ms. Marvel, and Spidey appear.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (32:1-32:4)

The same day as WWH 1 (30-31). The president, a stadium of Dallas fans, and Rick Jones (in Las Vegas) react to TV coverage of the battle and Iron Man's speech.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (32:5-33:1) ~ IRON MAN v4 #19 (20:1-20:2)

The same day as WWH 1 (32:1-32:4). Iron Man announces that he just injected Hulk with power-suppressing nanobots and takes responsibility for the next move. Green grass and trees in New York.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (33:2-33:3)

The same day as WWH 1 (32-33). Jets fire missile at the Hulk and She-Hulk shouts "No, wait!"

IRON MAN v4 #19 (20:2-20:3)

The same day as WWH 1 (33:2-33:3). More firepower rains down on the Hulk and Stark asks Bruce to forgive him. The Hulk is blasted.


The same day as IM4 19 (20:2-20:3). Slapstick, Rage, Komodo, and Hardball watch the Hulk get blasted.


The same day as A:TI 4 (17:1). Another blast sends Hulk crashing into a building, injuring Monstro in the rubble. Ant-Man finds the downed Hulk and enters his body, but finds that he's unable to harm the behemoth.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (33:4-35:2)

The same day as IAM 10 (10-17). In the midst of the blast, the Hulk recalls his queen and her death. He rises from the blast crater and says "You."

IRON MAN v4 #19 (20:4)

The same day as WWH 1 (33-35). The Hulk faces Iron Man and repeats "You" and Stark replies "Oh, hell."

IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN #10 (17:2-18:1)

The same day as IM4 19 (20:4). The Hulk repeats "You" and adds "You killed her," as Ant-Man escapes out his nose and sees Iron Man reply "Oh, hell." Eric realizes he must get away.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (35:3-36)

The same day as IAM4 10 (17-18). Hulk repeats "You killed her" and Iron Man flies into the sky, repeating "Oh, hell." Hulk smashes into Iron Man.


The same day as WWH 1 (35-36). Hardball, Rage, Komodo, and Slapstick see Hulk get up and smash Iron Man.

IRON MAN v4 #19 (21:1) ~ IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN #10 (18:2)

The same day as A:TI 1 (17:2). Hulk presses his attack.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (37:1)

The same day as IM4 19 (21:1). The Hulk and Iron Man careen toward Stark Tower.


The same day as WWH 1 (37:1). Hardball, Rage, Komodo, and Slapstick see Hulk and Iron Man streak toward Stark Tower.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (37:2) ~ IRON MAN v4 #19 (21:2) ~ IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN #10 (18:3)

The same day as A:TI 4 (17:3). The Hulk and Iron Man smash into Stark Tower.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (37:3-37:4)

The same day as WWH 1 (37:2). The Hulk and Iron Man land inside Stark Tower and Hulk prepares to smash.

IRON MAN v4 #19 (21:3)

The same day as WWH 1 (37:3-37:4). The Hulk smashes Iron Man.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (37:5-38)

The same day as IM4 19 (21:2). The Hulk pummels Iron Man and the force of the attack sends the two plummeting down through the collapsing Stark Tower. The Watchtower spires fall as Spidey, Cage, Wonder Man, Ms. Marvel, and Doc Samson watch.


The same day as WWH 1 (37-38). Hardball, Rage, Komodo, and Slapstick see the Watchtower spires fall.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (39-41:1)

The same day as A:TI 4 (17:4). The Watchtower spires crash to the ground as Iron Man and Hulk continue to plummet.


The same day as WWH 1 (39-41). It is "almost a month" before IAM 11 (1-3). Ant-Man falls from the sky near the fallen tower and passes out, badly injured.

IRON MAN v4 #19 (21:4-22)

The same day as IAM 10 (19). The Hulk and Iron Man land in the rubble and Hulk hoists Iron Man.

WORLD WAR HULK #1 (41:2-42)

The same day as IM4 19 (21-22). Spidey, Cage, Wonder Man, Ms. Marvel, and Doc Samson rush to the scene as the Hulk emerges victorious over Iron Man.

WORLD WAR HULK #2 (1-9:2)

The same day as WWH:FL 2 (1-4). At the Sanctum Sanctorum, Iron Fist reports to Echo, Ronin, and Strange that Hulk has crushed Iron Man. Strange uses his magic to search for a hero who can defeat and redeem Hulk. The Warbound join the Hulk in advancing on the assembled Avengers. Hulk pummels She-Hulk.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #112 - FB (1:3)

The same day as WWH 2 (1-9:2). Hulk, Hiroim, and Miek advance on Wonder Man, Doc Samson, Spider-Woman, and Ares.

WORLD WAR HULK #2 (9:3-13)

The same day as H3 112-FB (1:3). The Warbound and the Hulk defeat the heroes and send Cage flying.


The same day as WWH 2 (9-13). From a rooftop, Sally and Geoff see Cage land and walk away. Daredevil arrives to help a young girl endangered by the crash. He fails to convince her brother to go with her to an evacuation center. Sally talks to Daredevil, who has "been patrolling all over the city these last two days." Sally tries to call Urich.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #110 - FB (10/11:5)

The same day as WWH:FL 2 (3-9). Hulk screams as he stands over the bodies of She-Hulk, Wonder Man, Spidey, Ms. Marvel, and Doc Samson.


The same day as H3 110-FB (10/11). Rage convinces Hardball, Cloud 9, Ultra Girl, Slapstick, and Thor Girl to fight the Hulk. They dash off, and Triathlon reports in to Gyrich that six of his teammates are going into combat. Pissed, Gyrich calls a new task force into action to save the recruits, who encounter the Hulk and the Warbound standing over the defeated Avengers, which include Cage (who must have returned to battle and gotten his head handed to him).


The same day as A:TI 4 (18-22). The Warbound defeat Rage's Initiative group.

GHOST RIDER v5 #12 (19-22)

The same day as A:TI 5-FB (7-9), later in the day of GR5 12 (13-18). After riding "all day," Ghost Rider makes it to Manhattan and encounters the Hulk.


The same day as GR5 12 (19-22). This story probably occurs before GR@2 1. Blaze tries to get Hulk to stop his rampage, but Hulk refuses. They fight, and Blaze relinquishes control to Ghost Rider, who turns against the military. As Reed (from the Baxter Building) and Strange (from the Sanctum) observe, Strange notes that Ghost Rider avenges only the innocent, which they are not. Black Bolt lies defeated and Iron Man's helmet lies in the rubble.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #112 - FB (1:1)

The same day as GR5 13. Archangel, Amadeus Cho, Namora, and Hercules stand together (presumably in the midst of helping rescue people).

WORLD WAR HULK #2 (14-18/19:1)

The same day as H3 112-FB (1:1). At the Baxter Building, Reed finishes preparing a device with the help of Sue, Ben, Johnny, T'Challa, and Ororo (who should be here after FF 550 -- the latter two are not referred to as members of the FF; they may be visiting or were called by Reed for help). On their monitors they see the defeated Doc Samson and She-Hulk. Then they see Hulk and the Warbound approach the Baxter Building. Storm knocks the Hulk down and Johnny blasts him.


The same day as WWH 2 (14-18/19). Sally gets through to Urich, who notices the blast atop the Baxter Building. A cop shouts that "the Torch is goin' nova."

WORLD WAR HULK #2 (18/19:2-21:2)

The same day as WWH:FL 2 (9-10). The nova blast doesn't work, and Hulk emerges with a downed Torch.


The same day as WWH 2 (18/19-21). A news reporter announces that the Torch is alive but that the Hulk is unaffected by the blast. Urich gets to cover.

WORLD WAR HULK #2 (21:3-22)

The same day as WWH:FL 2 (10:3). The Thing jumps in and belts the Hulk. This action is photographed by a Frontline photographer and appears in that paper later the same day, as seen in WWH:FL 3.


The same day as WWH 2 (21-22). Thing attacks Hulk again.

WORLD WAR HULK #2 (23-25:2)

The same day as WWH:FL 2 (10-11). Hulk pummels the Thing as the surviving FF and the Warbound look on.


The same day as WWH 2 (23-25). Urich and a cop observe the battle, then see a bright light appear atop the Baxter Building.

WORLD WAR HULK #2 (25:3-28)

The same day as WWH:FL 2 (11:2-11:3). The light appears as the Sentry, but Hulk sees through the deception and destroys the device that Reed concocted to simulate Sentry. Hulk attacks Reed.


The same day as WWH 2 (25-28). Urich and the cop observe the Hulk belting Reed. Urich sees the power go out. The earth moves and Manhattan suffers a blackout.

WORLD WAR HULK #2 (29-35:3)

The same day as WWH:FL 2 (11-12). Hulk defeats Reed, and Sue calls the Sentry to let him know they need him now. As Hulk and the Warbound drag the Avengers and FF down the street, Rick Jones (who got to New York from Vegas in a big hurry!) approaches and tells Hulk that Cap is dead. From his Sanctum, Strange sees and opening and tries to reach Banner within Hulk's mind. Hulk tries to shake off the attack and lands in the river. Green trees in Vermont.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #107 (17:2-18:1)

The same day as WWH 2 (29-35). Namora, Hercules, Archangel rescue people in damaged buildings. Cho notices that things are quiet. He finds the Hulk emerging from the river.

WORLD WAR HULK #2 (35:4-35:5)

The same day as H3 107 (17-18). Cho, Archangel, Hercules, and Namora approach the Hulk.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #107 (18:2-19)

The same day as WWH 2 (35:4-35:5). Cho tells Hulk he's there to help him. The Hulk attacks and Hercules intercedes. Hulk clobbers him.

WORLD WAR HULK #2 (36-38)

The same day as H3 107 (18-19). As Gabe Jones observes the fight between Hulk and Hercules, he reports in to Thunderbolt Ross, who gets ready to move in with the Army.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #107 (20-24)

The same day as WWH 2 (36-38). The battered Hercules tries to make Hulk understand that they're trying to help. Hulk pauses and sees supporters gathered.


The same day as H3 107 (20-24). The Hulk attacks his would-be supporters. Nearby, both Rick Jones and Miek resolve to help Hulk in their own ways, each recalling his history with Hulk. Miek attacks Rick, but Mung arrives and fights Miek. Rick convinces Miek not to kill Mung, and Rick and Miek go their separate ways.


The same day as H3 108. It is "thirty hours" after WWH 1 (14:4). The military move in and try to get stubborn residents to evacuate since "there's going to be a major military offensive in this sector within the next three hours." Ben and Sally compare notes via phone. At the Daily Bugle, Jonah is upset about Frontline getting the scoop on World War Hulk events and argues with Robbie Robertson about it. Jonah vows to fight back. Green trees in New York.


The same day as H3 108. Thunderbolt Ross boards a military chopper to attack the Hulk.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #109 (1-3/4:2)

The same day as WWH 3 (1-3). Cho, Hercules, Archangel, Namora, and the band of Hulk supporters with them try to convince the Hulk of their sincerity. Hulk spots military aircraft approaching and warns the supporters away.

WORLD WAR HULK #3 (4/5:1-4/5:2)

The same day as H3 109 (1-3/4). The aircraft fire adamantium shards at the Hulk.

WORLD WAR HULK #3 (4/5:3) ~ INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #109 (3/4:3)

The same day as WWH 3 (4/5:1-4/5:2). The shards hit the Hulk.

WORLD WAR HULK #3 (6-8:1)

The same day as WWH 3 (4/5:3). As soldiers open fire on the Hulk, Rick Jones tries to get them to stop. Detecting an opportunity to act, Strange, in Iron Fist's presence, sends his astral self into the downed Hulk's psyche.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #109 (3/4:4-5:1)

The same day as WWH 3 (6-8). As Cho watches, Hulk rises and leaps into the air.

WORLD WAR HULK #3 (8:2-9:1)

The same day as H3 109 (3/4-5). Hulk grabs hold of one of the military choppers in mid-air.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #109 (5:2)

The same day as WWH 3 (8-9). As Archangel flies nearby, Hulk yanks the pilot out of the craft.

WORLD WAR HULK #3 (9:2-19:2)

The same day as H3 109 (5:2). Strange reaches Hulk, who stops fighting and plummets to earth with the burning chopper as Ross' men look on. Inside the Hulk's mind, Strange tries to appeal to Banner, but Hulk tricks Strange and injures his hands. In his Sanctum, Strange collapses by Iron Fist's side. The army continues its barrage.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #112 - FB (1:2)

The same day as WWH 3 (9-19). Hercules tears things up as Gabe Jones shields himself.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #109 (5:3-10:1)

The same day as H3 112-FB (1:2). As Hulk batters another copter, Cho radios to Ross and tells him to call off his troops. Ross tells Cho and his "Renegades" to leave. The Warbound arrive on the scene and discover the Renegades fighting for Hulk. As he watches from a nearby rooftop, Rick Jones is seized by Scorpion and Gabe Jones. The Warbound and Renegades deal with a collapsing building.


The same day as H3 109 (5-12). It is "thirty-two hours" after WWH 1 (14:4). Ben and Sally have reconnoitered and find themselves in the middle of the military attack. Brood hivelings collapse a water tower onto a helicopter, which spins out of control. Ben and Sally rush to the crash site, where they see that the copter destroyed an old lady's home.


The same day as WWH:FL 3 (7-12). Sally Floyd witnesses the Hulk fighting the army.

WORLD WAR HULK #3 (19:3-24)

The same day as WWH:FL 5-FB. Ross' army resumes their barrage. Hulk breaks through the Warbound's shields to leaps into action, destroying tanks and using tank guns as missiles to take down copters. Hulk attacks Ross' chopper. Ross shoots Hulk's right eye and they plummet to the ground.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #109 (10:2-16)

The same day as WWH 3 (19:4-19:5). Hulk emerges from the crash with the unconscious Ross. The military launch a missile attack, and Hulk leaps into the air, pushing aside Archangel and Namora, to catch the missile. It explodes and he plummets to the ground. Rick approaches Hulk, who tells him to leave him alone. Hulk leaves and Hiroim allows the Renegades to walk free in Manhattan. The Warbound leave and Gabe and Scorpion arrive. Gabe deputizes the Renegades and orders Rick to follow the Hulk. When Cho objects, Gabe asks him to stay and use his smarts to prevent further disaster from damaged city systems. Cho agrees and emergency responders set up camp.


The same day as H3 109 (10-16), HFH2 13, and HFH 13/2. On "World War Hulk D-Day +1," Humbug agrees to be host for Brood's eggs. Korg releases Shang-Chi, Misty, Felicia, and Moon Boy, while Miek takes Colleen and Tarantula to the catacombs to be tortured. Misty and company report to temporary SHIELD HQ 342 Delta, which is on red alert following Ross' defeat. Misty asks Khanata for the location of the catacombs and Khanata tells her that Stark is a POW. Scorpion shows up and tells the team that she killed Paladin. Black Cat gets upset and attacks Scorpion. Khanata subdues Felicia and the team leaves the base. They then encounter Paladin, who explains about Scorpion's test. Misty makes a deal with Paladin - for helping free Colleen and Tarantula, Paladin gets Moon Boy. "Twenty minutes later," Paladin shows up with a hot-wired SHIELD tank and they head to Madison Square Garden, where Brood and Humbug report to Miek. The Heroes for Hire bust in and Felicia snaps off Humbug's helmet to reveal his mutated half-insect face. Green grass and trees in New York.

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #15 (1-17)

The same day as HFH2 14. The Heroes for Hire fight Humbug, who explains how he is part of the Hive then leaves. The heroes locate Colleen and Tarantula through a tracer with which Paladin spiked their food. Misty incinerates the nerve maggots in their cell. The heroes return with their freed teammates to the tank, but Shang-Chi leaves to take revenge on Humbug. Brood encounters Humbug's helmet - the Hive-Mind of Earth, which sterilizes Brood and tells her that Humbug is poisoned and the Brood's progeny are doomed. Shang finds Humbug, who writhes in pain as the Brood eggs die within him. He asks Shang to kill him.

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #15 - FB (20:5-21:1)

The same day as HFH2 15 (1-17). Shang grabs hold of Humbug's head.

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #15 - FB (22:2)

The same day as HFH2 15-FB (20-21). Humbug regrets harming Colleen.

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #15 - FB (22:5-23)

The same day as HFH2 15-FB (22:2). Shang rips Humbug's head off.

HEROES FOR HIRE v2 #15 (18-24)

The same day as HFH2 15-FB (22-23). Shang returns to the tank. "Later," Paladin takes custody of Moon Boy as part of his agreement with Misty. Upset, Colleen tells Misty that the team has gone bad.


The same day as HFH2 15. SHIELD sets up Captain Rectitude as bait for the Hulk.

THOR v3 #4 (3-23)

One day, probably two days after T3 4 (1-2). Blake arrives with Lereaux at a refugee camp in Dabran, Africa, and after a day's work, the camp is attacked by the genocidal Ngare tribe. Blake turns to Thor and fights the Ngare alongside three guards who have been there for "two years." Thor recognizes these mortal guards for who they really are - the Warriors Three - and conjures up a storm that transforms them back into their true forms. Thor creates a chasm that divides the victims from the Ngare, then returns with the Warriors Three to Asgard, where Thor asks Heimdall for help in finding more Asgardians disguised as humans.


One rainy day, 'years" after WWH:GC 1-FB (1-4) and perhaps more than "three years" after H3 20 (1-20). This story occurs after WWH:GC 4-FB (3-4). When General Ryker shows up out of hiding for his wife's funeral, a SHIELD squad moves in to arrest him, but Ryker promises the squad leader Charlie that he can help him give his "new boss" Stark a clean victory on the Hulk. Meanwhile, at a South American AIM base, Ryker's team of gamma-powered operatives - Griffin III, Prodigy III, Mess, Mister Gideon, and Grey - frees and kills the captive Flux, a "loose end" for Ryker.


The same day as WWH:FL 2/3. Punisher and Clarke arrive in Manhattan and end up fighting Mung and his bug army while trying to get stranded civilians evacuated. Stuart makes Castle a "Venomech" costume that allows him to fight and kill Mung.

IRON MAN v4 #20

The same day as PWJ2 12. Back on his stone ship, Hulk takes the battle to the SHIELD helicarrier. He encounters Dugan, who tells him that Stark is Director of SHIELD and that Fury went underground. Dugan tells Hulk that the Fury who tricked him was an LMD. Amused that Stark played SHIELD for fools, Hulk passes on trashing the helicarrier and leaves. Dugan calls together Lindsay and Quartermain, who offer different approaches to handling the situation. Dugan notes that Gabe Jones is "in the field with a recon team." Dugan orders Lindsay to start evacuating the outer boroughs and Quartermain to research their weapons options. In Stark's helicarrier office, Dugan is contacted by Stark, who is a chained prisoner fitted with an obedience disk. Stark remotely accesses a doomsday plan and shows it to Dugan on the office computer. The plan calls for destroying Manhattan by opening a portal to the Negative Zone through a series of transmitters that Stark asks Dugan to have Gaffer and Weinberg construct from a prototype at Stark's Long Island workshop. The transmission is ended when Stark's Warbound captor returns and zaps him unconscious. This may be the point at which Stark passes out "an hour" before Cho and Scorpion discover Stark and company in H3 109 (17-23).


The same day as IM4 20 and A:TI 5-FB (7-9). It is the day after WWH:X 3 and "two weeks" after A:TI 5-FB (1-2). Gyrich calls together his Shadow Initiative team (Trauma, Bengal, Constrictor, Mutant Zero, and the Scarlet Spiders) to retrieve the captive Initiative recruits before the world finds out that another group of kids rushed into battle without a plan. The group wonders who Mutant Zero is, but Gyrich keeps her identity secret and minimizes her involvement. In Brooklyn, Yellowjacket, War Machine, and Justice finish gathering the Westchester Sentinels and Initiative teams from across the country (including the Order) into a perimeter defense around Manhattan. Rhodey mentions that Dugan has told him about Stark's "contingency plan for Manhattan." Pym and Rhodey inquire about the "NW" graffiti all over the city, and Vance replies that it stands for "New Warriors;" apparently, Pym and Rhodey are a bit uninformed. With the Scarlet Spiders keeping an eye on the team and out for the Hulk in stealth mode, Constrictor, Bengal, and Trauma sneak into Madison Square Garden, and when Death's Head units catch them, Mutant Zero saves the day then disappears. The trio frees the Initiative cadets and Cloud 9 displays a killer instinct when they defeat Korg and Elloe. The Scarlet Spiders radio the Shadow Initiative that the Hulk has defeated the Army and is now on his way to the Garden. As his team and the cadets get away, Trauma stalls the Hulk by using his power on him, but it doesn't work, as Hulk explains he has no fear. Hulk leaves Trauma badly injured. Soon, Trauma is in the Camp Hammond infirmary with his teammates gathered around. He offers to help Cloud 9 with her fear of what she's becoming. His power level is downgraded and Moonstar makes a snide comment to Gyrich about it.

WORLD WAR HULK #3 (25-26)

The same night as A:TI 5. The president calls the Sentry and asks him to save the day, but Sentry is afraid of acting. Meanwhile, Wong tends to Strange's wounded hands in the Sanctum Sanctorum and the captive Avengers and Fantastic Four are held as prisoners of the Warbound. Green grass and trees in Vermont.


The same night as WWH:FL 3/2 and so the same night as WWH 3 (25-26). Danny and Korg review the surveillance tape and Danny concludes that Korg killed Arch-E 5912.


The same night as WWH:FL 4/2. Korg threatens Danny, but when the police bring forth the homeless woman who Arch-E saved, Danny concludes that the robot's interference contradicted his orders and that the paradox forced Arch-E to commit suicide. "Later," with the case closed, Danny and Korg share a drink and Korg returns to his stone ship.

Monday, May 2


It must be the morning after WWH 3 (25-26) and WWH:FL 6/2. While in bed, Sally asks Danny where he got his black eye, but Danny is elusive.


Perhaps the morning after WWH:GC 1. Gamma Corps trains in upstate New York. Ryker broadcasts a message to the Hulk, who is aboard his stone ship. Ryker fires a missile at the ship.


The same morning as WWH:GC 2. It is "years" after WWH:GC 3-FB (1-4), WWH:GC 3-FB (9-10), and WWH:GC 3-FB (17-18). Hulk beats the missile, then he's attacked by Humanoids coated with a toxin based on Hulk's DNA and developed by Prodigy. Mister Gideon, Mess, and Griffin attack Hulk in succession, concentrating on his neck and setting Grey up for the coup-de-gras - snapping the Hulk's neck.


The same morning as WW:GC 3. This segment occurs "four days" before WWH:GC 4 (23-24). The members of Gamma Corps realize they're the only unit in, and the only survivors of, Ryker's program. As Ryker rejoices over the Hulk's defeat, Mess moves in for the kill, but Hulk recovers and crashes her arm. When Mess tells Hulk to kill her like he killed her son, Hulk apologizes and leaps away to the Staten Island dump, the location of Ryker's underground facility. Gamma Corps follows Hulk and fights him some more, but in the process they realize how they were misled and examine their own motivations. As the facility comes down around him, Ryker calls SHIELD for help, but Dum Dum dismisses him, Green grass and trees in New York.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #109 (17-23)

It must be the morning after IM4 20. After helping stabilize Manhattan's infrastructure, Cho rejoins his fellow Renegades and Gabe Jones. They see the Warbound building an arena at Madison Square Garden. Gabe gives Cho the green light to handle things his way. Cho gives each of his teammates a beeper and they split up. Gabe sends Scorpion to accompany Cho and they discover the Warbound's torture chamber in a subway tunnel. There they see Ross being tortured and surrounded by chained heroes fitted with obedience disks - Stark, She-Hulk, Invisible Woman, Thing, Storm, Ms. Marvel, Doc Samson, Cage, Spider-Man, Wonder Man, Black Panther, and Human Torch. Cho sneaks closer and Reed tells him "Tony passed out an hour ago." Stark comes to and tells Cho to end it or Hulk will kill them all. Cho insists that Hulk isn't a killer, but Hulk shows up and says, "Wanna bet?"

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #110 (1-24:3)

The same morning as H3 109 (17-23). It is the day after H3 110-FB (10/11) and must be more than a "couple of years" after H2 464. Hulk closes in on Cho, but Scorpion arrives to save him. Cho clocks Scorpion and tries to convince Hulk he's not a killer. Hulk takes Cho into the streets and shows Cho he intends to have his captives kill one another. Realizing his judgment error, Cho futilely attacks Hulk, then Archangel arrives with Scorpion, who injects the weaponized thallium into Hulk. As Hulk lay reeling, Cho tells him all his rage and pain is his own fault to test him. When Hulk recovers, he can't bring himself to kill Cho but buries him under rubble. Herc digs Cho out. The Renegades are convinced Hulk is no monster, but they wonder if Hulk believes it.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #112 - FB (1:4)

The same morning as H3 110 (1-24). Hulk leaves Hercules and Archangel.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #110 (24:4)

The same morning as H3 112-FB (1:4). Hulk joins Miek and Elloe.

WORLD WAR HULK #3 (27-38)

The morning after WWH 2 (29-35). With Ross and his soldiers held captive in the arena at Madison Square Garden, Hulk supporters call for a show while Korg suggests walking away. Rick Jones shows up at the Sanctum Sanctorum, as do the Warbound. Hiroim lifts the enchantment disguising the sanctum and Iron Fist, Ronin, and Echo burst from its doors. The Warbound defeat the trio and fit them with obedience disks. Hiroim enters the sanctum to confront Strange. Strange tells Wong to leave, calls forth Zom, and drinks a potion. Rick and the other Warbound join Hulk in the arena, where Rick tries to talk Hulk out of organizing gladiator fights. Miek prepares to kill Rick, but just then Zom/Strange arrives to smash Hulk. Green trees in New York.

WORLD WAR HULK #4 (1-15:1)

The same morning as WWH 3 (27-28). As the president flies in a helicopter overhead, Strange/Zom kicks the Hulk's butt, but in the process buries innocents under a ton of rubble. Hulk saves them and Strange, seeing his error, hesitates, finding the power hard to control. Hulk strikes back and subdues Strange.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #111 (1:1-1:2)

The same morning as WWH 4 (1-15). The Renegades see Hulk defeat Strange.

WORLD WAR HULK #4 (15:2-16:4)

The same morning as H3 111 (1:1-1:2). Rick tries to tell Hulk that his saving people proves he is good, but Hulk walks away and Miek places a control disc on Strange.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #111 (1:3-2)

The same morning as WWH 4 (15-16). As Hulk and Miek walk away with Strange, the Renegades assist victims in the rubble. Angel and Cho debate the Hulk's capacity for killing.


The same morning as H3 111 (1-2). Sally phones Urich about Danny as Ben heads to Madison Square Garden with a crowd of "thrill-seekers from out of town." Sally walks the Manhattan streets while talking on the phone to her mother, who is in the evacuation zone. Sally goes to a bar, where J. Jonah Jameson offers to buy Front Line. She refuses the deal. At the Garden, Ben sees an alien creature kill a lion from the zoo as a warm-up act for the gladiatorial event organized by the Warbound.

WORLD WAR HULK #4 (16:5-17) ~ WORLD WAR HULK: FRONT LINE #4 (10:1-10:2)

The same morning as WWH:FL 4 (2-9). Elloe welcomes the crowd to the arena as the captive heroes are brought out onto the field.


The same morning as WWH 4 (16-17). Urich talks to a spectator next to him.

WORLD WAR HULK #4 (18-23:3)

The same morning as WWH:FL 4 (10:1-10:2). Clarinda Roberts, Tom Foster, and a Hulk supporter testify against Black Bolt, Stark, Reed, and Strange. A monster from Sakaar is released onto the battlefield and the four heroes fight it.


The same morning as WWH 4 (18-23). Hulk watches as Stark battles the monster.

WORLD WAR HULK #4 (23:4)

The same morning as WWH:FL 4 (11:2-11:3). Black Bolt kills the monster.


The same morning as WWH 4 (23:4). The slain monster lies next to the heroes. Ben Urich realizes the spectators are no different from the Warbound.


The same morning as WWH:FL 4 (11-12). In the midst of a war zone, a drunk Sally Floyd witnesses acts of violence by her fellow New Yorkers. Moon Knight saves Sally from a guy harassing her. Jonah sees a TV news report about the success of Front Line's reporting of the war with Hulk. Sally talks on the phone with Urich, who left the arena early but gets caught in a mob scene outside. Sally arrives at the scene and tries to fight the crowd to get to him.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #111 (3-11:3)

The same morning as WWH:FL 5 (1-10). Wong tells the Renegades that Zom is seeking a new hist now that Strange has been defeated. The group finds that Zom has occupied Iron Man's abandoned Hulkbuster armor. They fight him, then chase him as he tries to find one of SHIELD's underground armories. Hercules and Namora support underground beams to prevent further damage to Greenwich Village.

WORLD WAR HULK #4 (24-38)

The same morning as H3 111 (3-11). Hulk makes Reed, Stark, Strange, and Black Bolt fight each other. The president arrives at the Sentry's home to convince him to step in. Reed goes to deliver a killing blow on Stark, and seeing on TV that the Hulk gives Stark the thumb down, Sentry flies to the scene. Green grass and trees in northern Vermont.


The same morning as WWH 4 (24-38). Reed narrowly misses giving Stark the killing blow, and Rick correctly concludes that it's because the Hulk decided to save Stark. Hulk declares that no one will die but that he and the Warbound will raze New York. Stark gives Hulk one last chance to surrender.


The same morning as WWH 5 (1-4). As Sally tries to reach Ben, the mob looks up to see the Sentry arrive.


The same morning as WWH:FL 5 (11-12). Sentry flies over Sally and the crowd.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #111 (11:4-12:2)

The same morning as WWH:FL 6 (1:1-1:2). Angel and Cho discover that SHIELD has a nuke in Chelsea and they take flight to get there before Zom. While in air, they see Sentry slam through the Warbound's stone ship.


The same morning as H3 111 (11-12). The exploding stone ship gets the Warbound's attention as sentry flies toward the arena. WORLD WAR HULK: FRONT LINE #6 (1:3)

The same morning as WWH 5 (5). Sally sees Sentry fly into the arena.


The same morning as WWH:FL 6 (1:3). Sentry greets Hulk.


The same morning as WWH 5 (6). The arena explodes.


The same morning as WWH:FL 6 (2:1). Sentry slams into Hulk and plows him out of Madison Square Garden and through several other buildings with explosive force.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #111 (12:3-13)

The same morning as WWH 5 (7-8). Cho tells Archangel that the explosion is Sentry, who continues to slam Hulk. Wong escapes from underground and Herc and Namora are flooded while supporting the beams.


The same morning as H3 111 (12-13). This segment occurs "three days" before WWH:FL 6 (10-). As the crowd flees from the arena area, Sally helps Ben Urich escape. Sentry slams into Hulk some more. Pieces of the stone ship come crashing down, causing major fires and destruction as Sally and Ben run. Green trees in Manhattan.

WORLD WAR HULK #5 (9-17)

The same morning as WWH:FL 6 (2-9). Sentry smacks Hulk again, and Hulk decides to fight back. The ensuing battle wreaks havoc on Manhattan. The heroes are released from the arena, and Sentry loses control.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #111 (14-15)

The same morning as WWH 5 (9-17). Angel notes that Sentry is going insane, then Cho leads Angel back underground when Cho deduces that Zom is tearing into the SHIELD emergency bunker to transport Manhattan into the Negative Zone. They pick up Wong and Cho drops himself toward Zom.

WORLD WAR HULK #5 (18-19)

The same morning as H3 111 (14-15). Heroes and Warbound alike deal with the carnage as Stark readies a satellite weapon to fire on Hulk and Sentry. Hulk leaps at Sentry.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #111 (16-18)

The same morning as WWH 5 (18-19). Hulk approaches Sentry as Cho tricks Zom into occupying his body, and when Archangel knocks Cho out, Wong catches Zom's essence in an amphora.

WORLD WAR HULK #5 (20-35)

The same morning as H3 111 (16-18). The Hulk's and Sentry's battle ends with an explosion and the reversion of the combatants to Banner and Reynolds. Upset at the loss of the Hulk, Miek lunges at Banner, but Rick Jones intervenes and is skewered by Miek's spear. The angry Banner turns back into Hulk and pummels Miek, despite the Warbound's atrempts to stop him. Miek reveals that he watched the Red King's people load the warp core onto the shuttle that destroyed Sakaar. Angry at everyone, but mostly himself, Hulk stomps.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #111 (19-20/21:6)

The same morning as WWH 5 (20-35). Namora kisses/performs mouth-to-mouth on Hercules, then the waters recede and Angel and Cho arrive. Cho uses the Hulkbuster armor to keep the beams up. The Renegades escape the tunnels as Hulk's rampage continues. Cho sees that Hulk is going to kill everyone.

WORLD WAR HULK #5 (36-38)

The same morning as H3 111 (19-20/21). Hulk's rampage causes tremors felt far away. Hulk tells Stark to use the satellite weapon to stop him, and the space beam hits Hulk.

INCREDIBLE HULK #111 (20/21:7-20/21:9)

The same morning as WWH 5 (36-38). The Renegades see the Hulk being bombarded by the space beam.

WORLD WAR HULK #5 (39-40)

The same morning as H3 111 (20/21:5-20/21:7). The beam explodes, leaving a catatonic Banner in the crater of the explosion.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #111 (20/21:10-22)

The same morning as WWH 5 (39-40). The Renegades see Banner in the crater. Hercules tells Cho he should be proud about saving the world, but Cho is despondent.

WORLD WAR HULK #5 (41-42:2)

The same morning as H3 111 (20/21-22). It is "forty-eight hours" after WWH 1 (10:3-10:5). The Warbound are arrested, Rick is taken away by medics, and SHIELD transports Banner to the Mohave Desert. Full moon.


The same "morning" as WWH 5 (41-42). This story occurs before DAMCON4 1 and "two weeks" before WB 1. It may occur before W3 52. Misty, bug blood still dripping from her hands, laments her role as a killer. As the Warbound are loaded onto their prison shuttle, it is sealed to the ground. Stark calls in Thing, Cage, and Spidey to help free the shuttle while the Warbound discuss their thoughts about Miek's actions. Fires alongside the Baxter Building are contained. Stark, whose head, right leg, and right arm are bandaged, permits Damage Control to set up a second headquarters in the sub-basement of the old Avengers Mansion. Tom Foster gains access there and produces and drinks a growth serum that turns him into the new Goliath. Stark suits up, saves Misty from a bug retaliation, and carries her past the rampaging Goliath, who steps into the middle of an alien civil war waged over the deaths of the hivelings. Iron Man and Misty fight arena robots who are out to set bombs to shatter the fractured Manhattan, which Hercules and Cho struggle to keep together. Thing, Cage, and Spidey battle Korg, Hiroim, and Brood, as Elloe races to stop the warring aliens. Elloe is skewered. A bomb explodes, but Hiroim and Korg, using their Warbound knowledge and assisted by Thing, close Manhattan's fissures. The Warbound escape, as do Hercules and Cho. Foster uses his power to assist Damage Control in the cleanup.


Perhaps the day after A:TI 5. At Camp Hammond, Gauntlet chews out the six Initiative recruits who broke ranks and pushes them to start over in their training, derogatorily referring to them as New Warriors.


The same day as A:TI 6 (1). This segment occurs "three days" before A:TI 6 (6-22). Infuriated, Rage tells Gauntlet to shut his "freakin' hole" and Gauntlet drums Elvin out of the Initiative program.


The same day as A:TI 6 FB (12:2-12:5). This segment occurs "a few days" before A:TI 6 (6-22). Justice confronts Gauntlet about MVP and in the resulting argument, Vance threatens to kill Gauntlet.


The same day as WWH:A 1. With Cho by his side, Hercules drinks wine from casks at a damaged liquor store. SHIELD helicopters locate them and Hercules fights back, but then surrenders to Gabe Jones. Jones grants Warren and Namora amnesty, but Herc and Cho are taken into custody. Herc is taken to Ares, who lords his victory over his half-brother. Ares tells Herc he will register, join the Initiative, and rebuild Avengers Tower single-handedly. Gabe Jones assigns Cho with arranging the restoration of Manhattan, but Cho distrusts SHIELD. When Herc smashes Ares through the adjacent wall, Cho uses the distraction to steal Gabe's laptop. Herc grabs Cho and they escape. Cho asks Herc if he'd like to spend their "summer vacation" destroying SHIELD with the info on the laptop, then he jams SHIELD's ability to track the computer. Ares, onder Man, and Black Widow offer to go after Herc and Cho.


The same day as H3 112.

Tuesday, May 3


The morning after A:TI 6 FB (17). Gauntlet leaves his Camp Hammond base bouse to report for work and is savagely attacked.


The same morning as A:TI 6 (2-3). Slapstick beats up Gauntlet.


The same day as A:TI 6-FB (23:3). This segment occurs "two days" before A:TI 6 (6-22). Lovers Yellowjacket and Tigra find the beaten Gauntlet with an "NW" written in blood on his chest. All former New Warriors on base are rounded up and incarcerated.

THOR v3 #5 (1-21)

One day, at least "a few days" after T3 5-FB (21-22). Thor gets an invitation to a town meeting that will be held "Friday." Heimdall tells him that "over the last few days" the number of Agardians he's been able to detect have been dwindling and that the answer lies in the southwestern desert. Thor goes there and finds an underground prison filled with people. The Destroyer appears and as Thor battles him, he hastily frees the spirits of Asgardians from the captive mortals without considering their identities. When Thor beats the Destroyer, he discovers that its shell is occupied by Balder. Thor discovers that the lost Asgardians have left and the only one who remains behind is Loki, now in the form of a female. Loki convinces Thor that she is reborn and her thirst for schemes is past. Thor cautiously gives her a second chance.

WORLD WAR HULK #5 (42:3-42:6)

The day after WWH 5 (5-42). The catatonic Banner lies in a pod in an underground facility in the Mohave Desert.


Probably the same day as WWH 5 (42:3-42:6). This story occurs "two weeks" before WWHA:W 1. Dugan calls in Kate Waynesboro to catch the Warbound. She interrogates the captive Miek about Elloe, who he believes might betray the Warbound.


The same day as WWH 5 (42:3-42:6). Fires continue to burn in Manhattan by day and night.

Wednesday, May 4


The day after WWH:FL 6 (9:2-9:3). Manhattan continues to burn throughout the day and into the rainy night.


One night. This story probably occurs after GR5 13 and must occur before GR5 14-FB. Lucifer walks into a bar and kills everyone except a Heaven/Hell double agent. As Lucifer drives away, he jumps in a new body and follows. The double agent catches up to Lucifer to find him fighting Ghost Rider. Before Ghost Rider kills the Lucifer fragment, he stabs the double agent. While he dies, Ghost Rider gives him the penance stare to reveal what he really is, an angel or a demon. The guy doesn't remember, and he dies not knowing what he really is. The snow may be topical.
BLADE v8 #11

One night, "three weeks" after BLADE8 11-FB (4-6). It is "decades" after BLADE8 11-FB (7), "11 months" after BLADE8 1 (1-21), and "a few weeks" after BLADE8 10. Blade has returned home from his world tour, his first night home in "months." Lucas Cross and his armed guards appear, recapping events and informing his son that he knows where Jamal Afari is. Hannibal and Blade fly with Lucas on his private jet to Transylvania. Lucas mentions the fact Jamal will be at their destination. Lucas, Blade, and Hannibal arrive at the tourist attraction, Count Dracula's Castle. There, they discuss the particulars of the prophecy. Blade is told to smash the amulet, drop Drac's splinter on the salted earth, and all vampires will regain their souls. He refuses. Lucas' men bring out Jamal, and threaten to stake him if Blade doesn't do it. Hannibal turns on Blade, they fight, and Hannibal King is staked in the heart, turning to dust.
BLADE v8 #12 (1-18)

The same night as BLADE8 11. Blade takes down Cross' men, then gets stabbed by Dracula. Jamal is threatened and the amulet destroyed. Blade bumps into Lucas, the splinter hits the ground, and the prophecy comes true. Hannibal and all vampires ever come back to life. Dracula holds Blade to his promise years ago and departs unharmed. In Wisconsin, numerous SHIELD agent vampires appear on the farm where their Helicarrier went down in BLADE8 1 (1-23). In a cemetery somewhere, Deacon Frost crawls out of a grave. The vampire clowns are happy to be back. Baron Blood stares. Glory (or maybe Rachel Van Helsing) stands on a mountain. Draconis is in the middle of London, where Tara Brooks wanders around a cemetery. In New York City, the Yellow Kid vampire is on the prowl again.

Thursday, May 5


The day after WWH:FL 6 (9:4-9:5). This segment occurs "three days" after WWH:FL 6 (2-9) and days" before WWH:FL 6 (16-22). Evacuees return to Manhattan. They include the Urichs, whose house is destroyed. Granville checks in on jailed friends of Korg, whose release is ordered by the police captain. Sally assesses the damage in Hell's Kitchen, where she gives Daredevil the finger.


One day, "two days" after A:TI 6 (4-5), "three days" after A:TI 6-FB (12:2-12:5), and "a few days" after A:TI 6-FB (17). If the Frog-Man shown here is the same one captured by Kraven, then this story probably occurs before PWJ2 13. Gyrich holds a press conference and is badgered by Sally Floyd about the status of the Initiative program. She notes that "there haven't been signs of any super hero traffic onto or off of the base [Camp Hammond] for the past two days." SHIELD agents Marquez and McAllister show up at Camp Hammond under Stark's orders to investigate the attack on Gauntlet. They grill Debrii, Rage, and Vance, who is dating Ultragirl. Pym catches Cloud 9, Komodo, and Hardball discussing MVP and orders them to stop. Hardball sees Marquez and McAllister find the buried Capekiller armor he used in his mission from A:TI 4 (1-6) and PMs his benefactor (Hydra), who tells Hardball to lead the agents on a false trail. When that trail leads to Pym's lab, Yellowjacket injects Gauntlet with a stimulant that revives him enough for him to finger the Ghost (falsely) as the one who attacked him. With the mystery "solved," Gyrich kicks the agents off the base and Slapstick chuckles.


Perhaps the same day as A:TI (6-22). Gauntlet lies comatose.

SILENT WAR #4 - FB - FB (6:2-6:3)

One day, "a few days" before SILWAR 4. Medusa visits Ahura, who has spent "all those years" with the Pacifiers. She notes that Ahura's anger is gone, but so is his consciousness.

THUNDERBOLTS #110 (11-17)

One day. This segment must occur after TB:DM 1. The media reports on the deployment of two robot survey planes, a flying jail cell (T-wagon), and the ship Zeus from Thunderbolts Mountain. Aboard the Zeus are the new Thunderbolts - Moonstone, Penance, Venom, Songbird, Radioactive Man (in his containment suit), Swordsman, and Bullseye. A commercial advertises Thunderbolts action figures. There is a "tropical storm heading towards Florida."

THUNDERBOLTS #110 (21-22)

The same day as TB 110 (11-17). As Jack Flag returns home from work (to which he doesn't have to return until "next week"),

he spots the two survey planes and concludes that the Thunderbolts are on his tail. He tells his wife to go to her mother's and

suits up.


The same day as TB 110 (21-22). The T-Bolts confront Jack Flag and after some difficulty manage to take him down, with

Bullseye paralyzing him out of the public eye and Moonstone putting a false spin on the event for the media. Andreas beats on

the helpless Jack for shattering his sword. Osborn is disappointed in his team's performance and asks to see Karla as he mixes

prescription drugs. The CSA provide him with the names of more targets - Black Fox, Scarlet Spider, Digger, Dansen Macabre,

Purple Mask, Battlestar. Green trees in Cleveland.

THUNDERBOLTS #112 (1-13)

The same day as TB 111. A TV commentator states, "this situation isn't just a disagreement between Captain America and Iron Man," but this doesn't mean that this segment occurs during the Civil War. Osborn critiques the Thunderbolts on the Jack Flag mission and Melissa and Karla argue. Chen meets privately with Osborn, who can't treat Chen like a criminal like his teammates per orders of the Chinese government. Osborn explains the political reasons for the new Radioactive Man costume. Osborn picks the next target for the Thunderbolts, then he visits Gargan and Bullseye separately in their quarters. Gargan talks about his life with the Venom symbiote,and Bullseye displays his sociopathic tendencies. Stan Lee promotes his TV show, "Who Wants to Be a Thunderbolt." Political pundits debate the Thunderbolts and registration. The White House press secretary discusses Osborn. Green trees.

Friday, May 6


Probably the day after A:TI 6 (6-22), given the urgency of Justice's demand to know about MVP, now that "the Hulk situation is over" and "the base is no longer under lockdown." This story occurs before A:TI 8-FB (6-21) and probably occurs before A:TI@ 1. Given that the remains of Avengers Tower appear here, this story must occur long enough before IM4 21 (3-22) for the tower to be rebuilt. Von Blitzschlag arrives at the site of the demolished Avengers Tower with Congressman Woodman (who Von Blitzschlag erroneously calls "Senator") and others for a gamma defense summit. Woodman has arranged for the theft of Von Blitzschlag's briefcase of gamma energy secrets, but decides to call it off on hearing that Von Blitzschlag has arranged for security. He fails to abort the operation in time, and three operatives in Vulturion costumes snatch the briefcase. Von Blitzschlag sends the Scarlet Spiders after them. Justice and Cloud 9 demand to know the story behind MVP, but War Machine and Yellowjacket break off the meeting when they're informed of the briefcase theft. Peter Parker looks in on "May Morgan" from outside her hospital room and overhears the attending staff remark about her lack of visitors. As he vents his frustrations on the hospital roof, he sees the Vulturions being chased by the Scarlet Spiders and freaks. A frustrated Justice and Cloud 9 take the Initiative portal to the headquarters of Kentucky's team, the Action Pack (Vox, Prima Donna, Frog-Man). Justice attacks the team and blasts a hole in their building as he and Cloud 9 head to the Van Patrick farm. They find the farm abandoned. Parker attacks the Scarlet Spiders and the battle is caught by a TV news crew. Among those who see the live broadcast are Stark and J. Jonah Jameson. The Spiders convince Parker to help them go after the Vulturions. Peter confiscates the briefcase and the Spiders make a deal with him to get it back - they report to the news crew that Peter was the fourth of the government Scarlet Spiders, whose powered costumes can mimic any of the real Spidey's costumes as well as street clothes. This casts doubt among the public that Peter is the original Spidey. Jameson and Gyrich aren't happy. When they return to Camp Hammond, the Spiders are admonished by Von Blitzschlag, who addresses them as Michael, Van, and Patrick, clones of the deceased MVP.


One day, "four days" after WWH:GC 4 (1-21). Mess has her arm in a sling and Griffin is in a wheelchair with both arms and a leg in a cast. Gamma Corps set their sights on their new targets - the Illuminati.

THOR v3 #5 (22-23)

The "Friday" after T3 5 (1-21). Volstagg and other occupants of Asgard attend a Broxton town meeting. Meanwhile, having been hastily released by Thor, Hela, Ulik, the Enchantress, and the Midgard Serpent (?) walk the earth.

THUNDERBOLTS #112 (14-22)

Probably the day after TB 112 (1-13). Jillian Woods awakens with a lover at "noon" and prepares for a job interview "at two."

On the Navajo Reservation, Jason Strongbow talks to a friend about a costume he had that was trashed "back in the spring, and

as he gazes at his original American Eagle costume, he thinks about opposing registration. That night, Steel Spider foils a bank

robbery in nearby Phoenix, and Osborn gets the green light to go after Steel Spider.


The same night as TB 112 (14-22). Steel Spider returns to his apartment and plays the messages on his answering machine. At

Thunderbolts Mountain, Osborn meets with Baldwin and is concerned that the boy's too crazy for field service. Osborn then

meets with Andreas Strucker, who he keeps in line with the hope that his sister can be cloned from her skin, which Andreas keeps

on his sword hilt. Secretly, Moonstone offers an alliance with Strucker to ensure his sister's reincarnation and Karla's

assumption of Thunderbolts leadership. On the Navajo reservation, Strongbow hears about the Steel Spider's bust of a robbery

of some guy by Andy Bear and his crew "tonight." Strongbow agrees to intercept Steel Spider to prevent an escalation of

violence. After her interview at a museum "today," Jillian gets a phone call from Roxxon Blackridge to schedule an interview

"tomorrow" for a security job. She accepts. Osborn (now in different suit) briefs the Thunderbolts (minus Bullseye) on the Steel

Spider for a mission to take him down in public "tomorrow afternoon."The team notices he keeps referring to Steel Spider as

Spider-Man. As Ollie Osnick hears a TV news report that Peter Parker "is still at large," he works on his Steel Spider arms.

BLADE v8 #12 (19-20)

One night, not long after BLADE8 12 (1-18). In Dougherty's Bar & Grill, Blade gives Hannibal Doom's vampire hunger cure potion.

Saturday, May 7


The day after TB 113. This story must occur after C&DP 40. Strongbow finds Osnick and tells him to stop the violence. Just then, the Thunderbolts arrive to arrest Steel Spider, and Strongbow joins him in fighting the group. Jillian finds herself caught in the battle, teaming up with Strongbow and Osnick. Karla is injured from a spear launched by Strongbow, and Bullseye is released to help the T-Bolts. Green trees in Phoenix.


The same day as TB 114. This story must occur before TB:BP 1. Moonstone devises a strategy in which she disables Bullseye's nanochain to provide a diversion. Venom bites off the Steel Spider's left arm and eats it. Penance beats himself up for not being good enough. After Bullseye kills his SHIELD handlers, Moonstone orders Bullseye's nanochain to be reactivated, right at the moment that American Eagle gives Bullseye a head trauma then snaps his neck. Sepulchre leaves to attend her interview and accept her job with Roxxon to get out of the country. "Hours later" at Thunderbolts Mountain, a doctor tells Osborn that Bullseye is paralyzed.


One day, "days" after WWH:FL 6 (10-15). Ben Urich catches Sally Floyd drinking in a bar. Sally realizes that Front Line's true benefactor is J. Jonah Jameson. She goes to the Bugle to confront him and he reveals his plan to own two hot newspapers fueled by competition. Sally takes up Jonah's challenge to be a good reporter and not to tell Ben. Joe Robertson appears. Green trees in Manhattan.

SILENT WAR #1 (20-22)

One day. This segment must occur after WWH. After what must be several days' captivity, Gorgon's interrogator exposes him to the Terrigen Mists and Gorgon becomes a monster.

SILENT WAR #2 (1-6)

The same day as SILWAR 1 (20-22). While fighting Karnak in a training session in Attilan, Luna detects that the humans are

using the Terrigen Mists. Gorgon breaks out of his chamber and the mists surround Professor Cartwright, who gains great

strength from exposure to them.


One day, probably after A:TI 7. Gyrich tells Congressman Woodman that Armory's gauntlet has not been functional since it was removed from her and advises against amputating the comatose Gauntlet to make use of his gauntlet.


One day. San Francisco psychiatrist Dr. Burke meets with patient Violet Lightner and asks her about her scars and why she is no longer with the Initiative. Violet refuses to talk and Lightner readmits her for surveillance. She calls Gyrich and tells him that Violet can keep secrets.

Sunday, May 8: Mothers' Day

SILENT WAR #2 (7-22)

The day ("twenty-four hours") after SILWAR 2 (1-6). This segment occurs after SILWAR 3-FB and must occur after CW:BDR

(2-4). "Commander" Maria Hill tells Cartwright that the president has ordered a halt to experiments on Inhumans, but rather to

use the mists on a force of Marines so that they can be deployed for retaliation. She notes that the president "doesn't have

confidence in the superhuman population" to do the job. Black Bolt visits Maximus in the Attilan dungeons. Maximus taunts

Black Bolt about his lack of follow-through in his declared war and warns about retaliation. Maximus suggests genocide. With

the help of Desideria, Luna pinpoints the location of the Terrigen Crystals at the Pentagon. Lockjaw teleports Black Bolt,

Medusa, Karnak, and Somnus to the Pentagon, but a SHIELD deflector shield routes them to a place where they face the Sentry.

Sentry takes Black Bolt aside and persuades him to stand down. The Inhumans return to Attilan, where Desideria tells them that

Pietro has kept some of the Terrigen Crystals and is in New York. Lockjaw teleports Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, and Luna to

Pietro's place in Mutant Town. Pietro shows them that he has fused the crystals to his body.

SILENT WAR #3 (1-5:2)

The same day as SILWAR 2 (7-22). Pietro asks to return to Attilan with the Inhumans so that he may confer terrigenesis, but Medusa tells him there's a death sentence on him there. Black Bolt uncharacteristically attacks Pietro.

SILENT WAR #4 - FB (2:2)

The same day as SILWAR 3 (1-5). Pietro falls to the floor and Medusa moves to hold her husband back.

SILENT WAR #3 (5:3-20)

The same day as SILWAR 4-FB (2:2). This segment must occur before XF3 17. Luna goes to her fallen father and senses something wrong with her king. Layla and Madrox show up and confront Black Bolt. Layla makes Pietro tell the Inhumans about what he knows from his recent trip into the future, that Attilan is destined to be destroyed. To protect her from this fate, Pietro asks that Luna not return to Attilan with the Inhumans, but Luna replies that her place is with her family. The Inhumans leave, and Crystal returns to tell him she's annulling their marriage and that he will not see Luna again. The Pietro of "three days" past sees Crystal kiss Pietro, but he doesn't know it's a goodbye kiss. Back in Attilan, Crystal puts Pietro behind her and Luna tells her that she saw something bad in Black Bolt.

SILENT WAR #4 - FB (2:3-6)

The same day as SILWAR 3 (5-20). This flashback occurs "a few days" after SILWAR 4-FB-FB (6:2-6:3). Medusa confronts Black Bolt about the madness that may consume him. She talks of visiting Ahura against his orders and suggests that Luna use her new power to heal the mental illness of both Ahura and Maximus. Black Bolt gets upset.

SILENT WAR #3 (21-22)

Perhaps the same day as SILWAR 4-FB (2-6). Medusa visits the jailed Maximus.


The same day as SILWAR 3 (21-22). This story occurs "a few days" after SILWAR 4-FB-FB (6:2-6:3). It must occur after CW 7-FB (25:2), CW 7-FB (23:2), and FF 547. Medusa discusses her plight with Maximus and they kiss. Black Bolt witnesses this and flies away in rage and despair. "Commander" Maria Hill brings Professor Cartwright a dozen volunteer Marines for terrigenesis experiments. Cartwright reveals to Hill that terrigenesis is killing him and that the volunteers are on a suicide mission to become living weapons. All twelve Marines agree to die to participate. Hill phones the Secretary of Defense that they have volunteers. Luna has a vision that the Americans are using the mists again. As the Inhumans debate a course of action, Black Bolt returns and submits a written order of war. The Inhumans attack Washington, causing civilian deaths as they head toward the Pentagon. Hill orders that "Director Stark" be informed and that the Avengers be scrambled.

SILENT WAR #5 (1-20)

The same day as SILWAR 4. This segment must occur after MA 6 (21-22). The Mighty Avengers arrive and battle the invading Inhumans at the Pentagon. Sentry hesitates to fight, fearing what Black Bolt will do if he gets involved. Woz and Mala sneak into the facility and free Gorgon and the other captive Inhumans. Cartwright returns the "cursed" Terrigen crystals to the escapees. In Attilan, Medusa, possessed by an evil presence, forces Luna to use her healing power to break down the Pacifiers' barrier containing the evil presence inside Maximus. Back at the Pentagon, Iron Man unleashes a repulsor blast that forces the Inhumans to teleport back home. Left behind, Black Bolt whispers, injuring Wasp and Black Widow and leaving destruction as a parting message. He leaves with Gorgon and the escapees.


One day. Woodman (wearing a different trench coat than that seen in A:TI@ 1) reports to his fellow agents of Hydra, which bought Hardball's contract from Power Broker. Woodman tells Hydra what he knows about Hardball, who is working as a double agent within the Initiative.


One day. The Scarlet Spiders tend to Von Blitzschlag as he prepares a memo to Gyruch about Michael Van Patrick.


One day. This flashback occurs after ORDER2 1 (15-25). Pennsylvania's Initiative team, the Liberteens (Blue Eagle, Ms. America, Revolutionary, Iceberg, Whiz Kid, Hope, and 2D), defeat the new Flag-Smasher and his Ultimatum group when they try to attack the Liberty Bell. That night, the group celebrates its victory at their headquarters, Liberty's Lair. Green grass and trees in Philadelphia.


The same night as A:TI@ 1/5-FB. The Revolutionary, who is a Skrull in disguise, reports in to a fellow Skrull operating undercover at Camp Hammond, whose goal is to use the Initiative to put a Skrull in every state. Green grass in Connecticut.

Monday, May 9

SILENT WAR #5 (21-22)

The day ("twenty-four hours") after SILWAR 5 (1-20). Aboard the helicarrier, Stark tells Hill that the president has ordered a retaliatory attack on Attilan, but that the Marine subjects of Cartwright's Terrigen mist project, not the Mighty Avengers, will be launching the attack.

SILENT WAR #6 (1-17:1)

The same day as SILWAR 5 (21-22). The Inhumans return the stolen Terrigen crystals to their rightful place, but "there are dozens of fragments missing." The transmuted Marines land on the moon and engage the Inhumans in battle. Maximus is freed and he asks Luna to cure Ahura. Together with Medusa and Carthus, they view the battle with the humans, whose dying state is detected by Luna. When one of the Marines explodes from the effects of Terrigenesis, the rest of the transmuted humans surrender in a ploy to get into the city. Once there, Maria Hill orders the detonation of a warhead inside one of the Marines. The explosion destroys Attilan.


The same day as SILWAR 6 (1-17). A time-traveling Pietro from SOM 6 reads a Daily Bugle newspaper headline, "Inhumans to Earth: Drop Dead." He then looks into the sky to see an explosion on the moon.

SON OF M #6 - FF

The same day as SILWAR 3-FB-FF. It is "months" after SOM 6 (20-22). The explosion from the moon reflects in Pietro's eye.

SILENT WAR #6 (17:2-23)

The same day as SOM 6-FF. This segment must occur before NA:I2 5. Pietro stares at the moon and Maria Hill averts her eyes from the sight of the blast. Black Bolt is disgraced, and the surviving Inhumans turn to Maximus to lead them. Maximus proposes that the Inhumans return to earth to live.


One day during the "three weeks" between SENSM2 35-FB (5:5) and SENSM2 35-FB (6:3). Ethan Myers trains in the use of

his new powers, which include the ability to scale walls.

Tuesday, May 10


Earlier the day of FF 551. The Fantastic Four fight and defeat Diablo.


One day during the "two weeks" between WWH:A 1 and WB 1. Tom Foster shows up at Damage Control headquarters to speak to Lenny Ballinger but is forced to take a number and wait.


One day, shortly after FF 550, given that Ben and Johnny are excited that the original FF are back together and they've "been on the run constantly since the Frightful Four attacked" (this may be a reference to the Inhumans' attack followed by World War Hulk, allowing time for Reed to recover and T'Challa and Storm to move out of the Baxter Building). Upon returning to the Baxter Building from a battle with Diablo, the FF find three visitors from the future - Dr. Doom, Namor, and T'Challa, who have come to stop Reed from implementing a utopia plan that ends up ruining the future. The FF discover Reed's secret workroom and Reed learns that Sue leaves him for Namor in the future. Hearing enough, Reed takes a blaster and blows off Namor's head.


The same day as FF 551. Reed blows the Panther's head off too and reveals that both of his victims are robots. Although his charade is exposed, Doom tries to plant seeds of doubt about Reed among his teammates. They refuse to listen and attack Doom, but he dispatches them and traps Reed, who asks Doom for the truth. Just then, the FF of the future arrive.


The same day as FF 552.

SHE-HULK v4 #19 (1-5)

One day. With World War Hulk done, Jennifer Walters is no longer She-Hulk. She is staying at the Thing's old penthouse in Atlas Towers while she looks for a new place. Jen is in the process of suing Tony Stark to get her powers back. Mallory Book has her first visit with her new client, the Leader, a prisoner in SHIELD's Gamma Base One. Back at GLK&H, Jen is furious that Mallory is representing the Leader. Jen is subpoenaed to give testimony at the Leader's trial.

Wednesday, May 11

SHE-HULK v4 #20 - FB (17:3)

One day. John Jameson sheds his godhood and returns to earth, where he discovers that She-Hulk is now plain Jen Walters.


One day. This segment occurs "three weeks" before TB:BP 1 (8-13) and must occur after TB 115. The Thunderbolts (Songbird, Radioactive Man, Penance, Swordsman, Venom) fight Brother Nature. They trick him into surrendering by faking a radiation threat from a breach in Chen's containment suit. Moonstone is ticked that the team followed Songbird's orders instead of hers, and she doesn't get much support from Osborn, who announces designs for the group's "new action figures," apparently a new wave following those seen in TB 110. Karla talks to Andreas about their deal about killing elissa in the field, but he says the plan is ill-advised, as her death would make her a martyr. Green trees.


One day, "weeks" after X:EV 1 (1). The Starjammers capture their third Shi'ar supply line and convince the soldiers guarding it to join the Resistance. Ka'ardum praises Havok for his leadership as he outlines his plan to attack Feather's Edge, but Alex demurs. On Chandilar, Vulcan grows impatient with the Starjammers' victories and with the opposition of some of the Shi'ar to his rule. Rachel tells Lorna that she plans to find the Shi'ar secret order that ordered the murder of her family. Deathbird tells Vulcan of intelligence about the Starjammers gathered by spies.

Thursday, May 12


One day. The Starjammers attack Feather's Edge, to find that Vulcan and the whole Shi'ar fleet are there, prepared for the defense. The Starjammers find themselves outnumbered, but the Scy'ar Tal arrive and blow up Vulcan's ship.


The same day as X:EV 1 (15-22). The Scy'ar Tal attack the Shi'Ar and Gladiator's wrist is broken. Havok and Rachel contact one of the aliens and discover that the Scy'ar tal are actually the M'Krann, out for revenge for the theft of their world, the M'Kraan Crystal, by the Shi'Ar. The Scy'ar Tal fire a homing beacon down to the planet at Feather's Edge and warp away. Realizing what's happening, the Starjammers and Shi"ar teleport to a safe distance and watch as a star is teleported through a Shi'ar stargate onto Feather's Edge. Vulcan realizes that the Scy'ar Tal are heading for the M'Krann Crystal and he, Deathbird, and the Imperial Guard materialize on the Starjammers' ship.


The same day as X:EV 2. This segment occurs "1,000 years" after X:EV 3-FB. Vulcan asks the Starjammers for assistance against the Scy'ar Tal and gives the heroes "24 hours to decide" before departing with the Imperial Guard. The Starjammers debate their course of action and Alex decides to ally with Vulcan. That night, he and Lorna discuss his self-doubt and Rachel has a nightmare about the killing of her family, a dream that Korvus shares.

SHE-HULK v4 #19 (6-17)

One day. "Ben and Sue are off in space." New York is "still recovering from the Hulk's recent attack on the earth" and many downtown buildings are still damaged. Jen doesn't know that Clint Barton is alive. At GL&H, Chas and Lewis discover that Stu is really Ditto. The Hulkbusters deliver the Leader to the courthouse for the first day of his trial, at which Doc Samson testifies. Under examination, Jen admits to being more inhibited in her She-Hulk form and is called to list her lovers. She denies ever having slept with Juggernaut. Mallory argues that Jen is addicted to her gamma-irradiated state and is unaccountable for her actions, as is Stearns. That night, Jen asks Pug to come over to her penthouse and they list the ways in which Jen and She-Hulk are different. They dance, and Pug leaves, saying he'll buy Jen lunch "next week."

Friday, May 13


The day after X:EV 3 (2-12). The Starjammers arrive on the Shi'Ar ship to join Vulcan, but when Rachel sees the Death Commandos on board, she flips out and attacks. Her teammates restrain her, and "later," Havok lays out the game plan. He orders the Imperial Guard and Starjammers to take out the Scy'ar Tal's weapon, Finality, and Ka'ardum to lead the fleet to the M'Kraan Crystal. The Starjammer and the Imperial Guard's ship Praetorium make the jump outside od Shi'Ar space, where they find that the Scy'ar Tal have gathered dozens of stars capable of obliterating the entire Shi'Ar Empire.


The same day as X:EV 3 (13-22). The Scy'ar Tal attack Ka'Ardum's battlecruiser in an attempt to take the M'Kraan Crystal. Meanwhile, the Starjammers and Imperial Guard attack Finality. Vulcan defeats the Scy'ar Tal defenders of Finality by severing their link to their leader. This action turns the tide of battle for everyone. Vulcan attacks Havok then gathers the Imperial Guard to plan a final assault on te Sy'ar Tal.


The same day as X:EV 4.

SHE-HULK v4 #20 - FB (7:1)

One day. Stu Cicero finds himself zapped to Duckworld. He must have journeyed forward in time to land here after being zapped by Zix in S-H4 10 (11-22).

SHE-HULK v4 #19 (18-23)

The day after S-H4 19 (6-17) and the same day as S-H4 20-FB (7:1). On the steps of the courthouse, the Leader commands an army of humanoids to attack Jen and the Hulkbusters. He takes control of Crimson and has him set him free, then he voluntarily surrenders, eager to see the trial through. At GLK&H, Chas and Lewis get Zix to tell them what happened to the real Stu, who is in Duckworld.

SHE-HULK v4 #20 - FB (7:2-7:10)

The same day as S-H4 19 (18-23). Stu dons a beak to blend into the Duckworld populace. He finds Ducktor Strange and has him open a portal back to earth.

SHE-HULK v4 #20

The same day as S-H4 19 (18-23). It must be more than "a few weeks" after S-H4 20-FB (13-14). Mallory and Jen return to GLK&H, where Chas, Lewis, and Ditto are gagged in Zix's office and coworkers are astonished that Mallory got a not guilty verdict for the Leader. Zix calls Jen, Mallory, Matt Hawk, and John Jameson into his office, where he reveals himself as RT-Z9 and shows that the beings controlling him have activated his self-destruct sequence. Stu materializes in the Nexus of All Realities in Florida, where he encounters Man-Thing and Richard Rory. Stu takes Richard's van and heads back to New York, but the van breaks down and Stu calls in to warn GLK&H about Zix. Whiz Kid rushes to Stu and fetches him. Zix reveals his mission for the Recluses, who are unnerved by Jen's recent actions. Matt reveals that Hawkeye is still alive. John Jameson admits it's over between Jen and him. Jen convinces RT-Z9 that she poses no threat to the Recluses, and the recorder deactivates the self-destruct and leaves for space. He radios in to the Recluses, but they have been wiped out by a conqueror who re-activates RT-Z9's self-destruct code. The recorder explodes, and the only witness is Qyre, who cannot speak of the tragedy thanks to Jen. Meanwhile, the Awesome Android finds the Mad Thinker and Southpaw.

Saturday, May 14


One day, "three months" after TB 108. This story must occur after FF 550. In his Manhattan apartment, Wendell Volker reviews his notes on the Zemo family for his doctoral thesis. He attends a physics lecture at Columbia University presented by Mr. Fantastic. Volker meets Reed after the lecture and shows him notes that suggest that Helmut was not actually atomized in his fight with Grandmaster, but transported through time. Reed is surprised that this could be generated by students "in three months," but Volker notes that, "You have been...busy...here with...other issues -- but Zemo's disappearance gained a lot of attention in Germany. Theories of what happened to him have become a cottage industry." Reed verifies Volker's equations. Back in his apartment, Volker resolves to bring back Helmut and claims to know how to do it.

X-FACTOR v3 #14

One day. This story must occur after FNSM 16 (1-20). Siryn and Monet are angry with Madrox and with each other (and have

been so since XF3 13). Layla gets the girls to call a truce with each other and they decide to go shopping in Paris. Rahne and

Guido visit Mrs. Buchanan to tell her of her husband's death at Guido's hands and she forgives him. Jamie chats with Rictor in a

bar, then meets Samson at the zoo to talk about his loss of control over his dupes. Jamie decides to round up his dupes, starting

with the SHIELD agent. He goes to SHIELD headquarters and encounters Val Cooper, who tells him that he'd be in jail if it

weren't for her running interference between the feds and X-Factor. Getting nowhere in finding the agent, Jamie leaves SHIELD

HQ, only to be captured by Hydra, which mistakes Jamie for his agent dupe. It is a "gorgeous day" on which the Central Park

Zoo is open. Green grass and trees in New York.

Sunday, May 15

X-FACTOR v3 #15

Probably the morning after XF3 14. Madrox is taken to a Hydra base, where he meets Dr. Locke, the man responsible for

brainwashing Guido. After Madrox undergoes brainwashing, he creates a massive number of dupes and thins out the Hydra

control over him. The crush of the dupes kills the Hydra agents. Jamie's SHIELD agent dupe arrives at the base with a SHIELD

squad. Madrox reabsorbs the agent dupe and dwells on the fact that his killing of the Hydra agents has no emotional impact on

him. In Paris, Siryn and Monet encounter a protest against former mutants. They fight the crowd and are arrested by the police

and thrown in jail, where they discover that the crowd subsequently killed the former mutants. When one of the killers is led past

Siryn's and M's cell, Monet attacks him.

X-FACTOR v3 #16

The same day as XF3 15. Madrox arrives at an Episcopal church (which must be right next door to the Hydra base!). He aims to

reabsorb a dupe who is an Episcopal priest with a wife and son, but finds he can't do it. He grants the dupe his life. Monet and

Theresa break out of the French jail, leaving the killer impaled on the cell wall. They elude the gendarmes and go to the building

that housed the murdered mutants. They encounter a survivor, a girl named Nicole. Monet insists on taking Nicole back to the

U.S. with them, despite Theresa's objections. The trio take off in a plane just as the police approach the airstrip. A blinding

flash from an unseen mystery figure eliminates the cop cars. Green grass and trees and autumn leaves. It must be Sunday, as an

Episcopal service is seen.

WOLVERINE ANNUAL #1 - FB (9:1-9:4)

One day. Patrick Smitty (still about 18 years old) hooks up with a group planning on pulling some bank heists.

Monday, May 16

X-FACTOR v3 #17

Probably the day after XF3 16. This story must occur after SILWAR 3 (5-20). Madrox shows up in Detroit to absorb a dupe who doesn't want Madrox to absorb his knowledge. The dupe arranges for his own death by cop right before Madrox's eyes by assassinating a dirty cop. Layla calls Jamie to ask him to return to New York via a plane that she's booked for him. Rictor tries to get a moping Rahne to open up and says he thinks she's upset because Madrox didn't think she was good enough to sleep with. Then Rahne and Rictor stop what they think is a mugging, only to discover that they attacked FBI agents and are surrounded by cape-killer agents who arrest them. Cape-killer agents raid X-Factor Investigations and arrest Layla and Guido just as Jamie returns home. Jamie is escorted into a limo to meet with Val Cooper, who tells him that the after Elijah Cross, the leader of a terrorist group called X-Cell, who believe the government is responsible for M-Day. Val tells Jamie that Rahne and Rictor helped him escape. Cross flees and asks assistance from Quicksilver. Most of the trees in Detroit are bare.

X-FACTOR v3 #18

The same day as XF3 17. Before Cross can accept Pietro's help, Callisto shows up to give Quicksilver some payback, but Pietro

decks her and tells Cross he has identified an intermediary who can help make the transfer of Terrigen energies from Pietro to his

beneficiaries safer. After the police grill Rictor about X-Cell, Val Cooper releases him and Rahne into Jaime's custody. Cape-

killer agents retreat from X-Factor offices and Monet and Siryn return with their French ward, Nicole. Jaime proposes going after X-Cell before the feds find take them forcefully. Layla splits her teammates into groups and sends them on seemingly wild goose chases to find X-Cell, but fate leads Rictor and Jaime to a skirmish with the de-powered Blob and Fatale, who escape. As they flee, they crash their car in front of Monet and Siryn. Then Marrow arrives on the scene. Coats and jackets and green trees in New York.

X-FACTOR v3 #19

The same day as XF3 18. Jamie absorbs a dupe who was poisoned by Fatale. Marrow stabs Theresa in the shoulder. M subdues Marrow and Fatale and Siryn defeats Blob. At X-Factor headquarters, Nicole and Layla chat. On the trail of Cross, Rahne and Guido encounter Abyss, Reaper, and Callisto, who are taking Rictor. Abyss dispatches Guido, and Quicksilver shows up to defeat Wolfsbane. They drop Rahne in the sewer and leave with Rictor. X-Factor take the captured Blob to their headquarters, where Theresa's wound is tended. Pietro tells Rictor that Rictor can help mutantkind survive by acting as a siphon to channel Pietro's restorative powers.

X-FACTOR v3 #20

The same day as XF3 19. Rictor acts as a siphon that enables Pietro to restore powers to Cross, Reaper, Abyss, and Fatale. Callisto is skeptical of the safety of the process and implores Marrow not to undergo it. X-Factor launches an assault on Pietro's place and while they battle Cross, Reaper, Abyss, and Fatale, Layla sneaks into Pietro's and exposes the true cause of M-Day to Callisto and Marrow. Pietro stabs Marrow and when he threatens Layla, Rictor uses his newly reactivated powers to expel the Terrigen crystals from Pietro's body. Cross explodes from the Terrigenesis process, and the dying Abyss drags himself and the dying Reaper and Fatale into an otherwordly dimension. Callisto and the wounded Marrow escape and Pietro wanders off. Rictor is drained of power.


One day, "two weeks" after WWH:A 1 and WWHA:W 1/2. As Thing and the new Goliath help repair the damage to Manhattan, Waynesboro and a SHIELD soldier use a gamma radiation detector to find the Warbound. In a tunnel below the city, they encounter Korg and Brood, who saves them from alligators and takes them to Hiroim and Elloe, who is still injured. A squad of SHIELD soldiers arrives and a teleportation beam takes Brood, Korg, Elloe, and Waynesboro away to a desert where Army troops confront them. Hiroim finds himself captive in a facility where someone is trying to harness his old power. A tremor ensues and is felt for a hundred miles around. Waynesboro and the Warbound track the tremor to the facility and they attempt to free Hiroim. A blast rocks the area and the Leader arrives. A football team is seen, presumably training.


The same day as WWHA:W 1.


One day, "eight days" before SUBM3 1 and SUBM3 6 and "months" after CW 7 (17-22). This flashback must occur after FS:DOCA 5 (18-23). During a civic parade, an explosion rocks Bentonville, Kansas, killing the entire population. Iron Man and SHIELD respond and finds a dead man outside of town with gills carved into his neck and traces of Atlantean DNA on his wounds. Stark contacts Namor, who swears that the Atlantean government did not sanction the attack. Namor questions the captive Nitro, then his advisors tell him of rumors of a rogue, thirteenth Atlantean sleeper cell on the surface world. Namor swears to find those responsible for the terrorism. The military urges retaliatory measures, but Stark resists rash action. In Atlantis, Namor confronts a traitor named Timoran and slays him when he attacks. Namor contacts a mysterious colleague (Doom) about the situation, then dons an armored costume. Green trees in Kansas.

Tuesday, May 17

X-FACTOR v3 #21 (1-15)

One day, shortly after XF3 20. Nicole tries to acclimate to New York and Layla is mysteriously threatened by her. Josef Huber teleports to New York to check up on Nicole. Madrox tries to make up with Siryn and Monet, and the resulting sex talk draws in Guido and Rahne. Rictor despairs about losing his powers and he and Rahne get intimate. Both a waxing and waning crescent moon are shown here.


One day, "maybe three weeks" after SENSM2 35-FB (5:5). Ethan Myers receives a classic Spidey costume from his mysterious

benefactor, who tells him to "go out tonight."


One night, probably long enough after XCAL4 24 (19-22) for England to have fully recovered from Albion's attack and to have planned a national celebration. Excalibur hosts a party to celebrate their victory over Albion; I interpret this as a different party from the one shown in XCAL4 24 (19-22). This story must occur after WWH:X 2. Exiles Psylocke and Thunderbird of Earth 1100 show up and Brian is overjoyed to see his sister alive. Talia tells Proudstar about her stroke. Wisdom and Alison share a kiss. Betsy tells Brian that Longshot is alive but bereft of memory. James Jaspers befriends Merlyn and turns a squad of the Captain Britain Corps into monsters who look like the Fury. Roma detects something wrong and tells Saturnyne to prepare the corps for battle. Rouge-Mort and her Janissaries arrive at Excalibur's party and she stabs Brian in the chest. Full moon.


The same night as X:DBTS 1. As Britain celebrates its victory over Albion (which I have has a month earlier), Betsy, Proudstar, and Brian's teammates fight Rouge-Mort and the Janissaries. Seeing Brian's grave condition, Betsy teleports the heroes to the Crystal Palace, where Excalibur meets the other Exiles. Alison is reunited with Longshot but is dismayed by his amnesia. She has a heart-to-heart with Mystiq while Brian regains consciousness in the palace's medical bay. Brian says that the attack was the first in a wholesale assault on the Captain Britain Corps. Roma has Saturnyne prepare the Corps to battle Jaspers and his Furies at the Starlight Citadel.


The same night as X:DBTS 2. As the Captain Britain Corps fight Jaspers and the Furies, Saturnyne tells Roma that it's a prelude to the real battle for which Roma needs to prepare. The Exiles' Shadowcat summons doctors Ororo, Peter, and Kurt of Earth-2532 to assist with Brian. Psylocke tells Sage and Wisdom that they need to "borrow" Albion from Crossmore Prison to stand in Brian's place to save the Omniverse. Saturnyne and the Exiles join the battle against Jaspers. Rouge-Mort and her Janissaries move in to take Roma to Merlyn, but Dazzler shows up to defend her.


The same night as X:DBTS 3. The Exiles' Sabretooth, Blink, Morph, and Thunderbird fight Jaspers. Wisdom, Sage, and Psylocke go to Crossmore Prison and get Albion to agree to help. Dazzler battles Rouge-Mort and the Janissaries at the Starlight Citadel and falls. Despite Longshot's efforts to protect her, Roma is stabbed by one of the Janissaries. Longshot starts to fremember Alison, but is then defeated by Merlyn. Albion joins the battle against Jaspers. The Fury-Prime assumes control over Jaspers and takes down a number of the remaining Captain Britain Corps. Brian arrives on the scene, healed and ready to fight.


The same night as X:DBTS 4. As Brian battles the Fury-Prime, Roma transfers her knowledge to Sage. Merlyn encounters the fallen Roma and kills her, but Betsy attacks him. Albion joins Brian in fighting Fury-Prime, and Blink blows up the creature with a full quill of her energy lances. A piece of the Fury latches onto Merlyn, unnoticed, and Merlyn teleports away. Longshot remembers Alison and they kiss. With Roma dead, Saturnyne invites Albion to lead what remains of the Captain Britain Corps. Betsy finds Sage, who thinks she's gone mad and refuses to return to earth because of the threat she believes she poses. Betsy tells Brian she's staying with the Exiles and Sage. A memorial is held for Roma.


The same night as SENSM2 35-FB (6:3). Myers leaps across rooftops in his Spidey costume.

Wednesday, May 18


One day, probably several days after Z:BB 1. Volker tells a Miss Klein about her family ties to the Zemo clan, then shoots her.

X-FACTOR v3 #21 (16-22)

The morning after XF3 21 (1-15). Val Cooper offers Guido a job as head of law enforcement for District X. A couple asks X-Factor to intercede in a family affair to end the life of bigotry into which their grandchildren are being indoctrinated by their father. Nicole finds a positive pregnancy test in the toilet. Huber introduces himself to Madrox in a bar and says they will be great allies.

X-FACTOR v3 #22 - FB

The same day as XF3 21 (16-22). Rahne and Rictor make out. Huber proposes to Madrox that they have the government declare mutants an endangered species. Madrox brings Huber back to his teammates to discuss the proposal. M and Siryn check out an anti-mutant concert to check on the indoctrinated grandchildren. There, Siryn is shot and Monet is drugged. They awaken in a bunker, where they are visited by the kids' hired protectors, Solo and Clay. After they leave, M breaks free. Nicole follows Layla to a bridge in Central Park. Layla asks her what she should do about the pregnancy test, but Nicole responds that Huber wants her dead. Nicole decks Layla with a rock and tosses her off the bridge. Green grass and trees in New York.

X-FACTOR v3 #22 (1:1 ~ 22:1)

The same day as XF3 22-FB. Nicole stands on the bridge. Green grass and trees in New York.

X-FACTOR v3 #22 (22:2)

The same day as XF3 22 (1:1). Nicole sees the pregnancy test.

X-FACTOR v3 #22 (1:2-1:3)

The same day as XF3 22 (22:2). Nicole picks up the rock. Green trees in New York.

X-FACTOR v3 #22 (1:4-1:5 ~ 22:3-22:4)

The same day as XF3 22 (1:2-1:3). Nicole smashes the pregnancy test and tosses it into the stream. Green trees in New York.

X-FACTOR v3 #22 (1:6-1:7)

The same day as XF3 22 (1:4-1:5). Nicole tosses the rock off the bridge. Green trees in New York.

X-FACTOR v3 #22 (1:8 ~ 22:5)

The same day as XF3 22 (1:6-1:7). Nicole walks away. Green grass and trees in New York.

X-FACTOR v3 #22 (22:6)

The same day as XF3 22 (1:8). Layla Miller's body floats in the stream.

X-FACTOR v3 #23

The same day as XF3 22 (22:6). This story occurs "months" after XF3 1. Pietro pulls Layla out of the stream and revives her. He takes her to the inside of a park carousel where he tries to kill her but fails because he's conflicted. Layla escapes. At X-Factor HQ, Cyclops and Beast arrive and Huber talks to them, Madrox, Rahne, Guido, and Rictor about his plan to get the government to protect mutants. Using his power, Huber convinces Scott and Hank to help organize a "Million Mutant March" to be held in "a few weeks." In Las Vegas, Siryn and M kidnap the two kids in an elevator with Solo and Clay. Layla phones Madrox to tell him Nicole tried to kill her on orders from Huber. Exposed, Huber attacks Madrox, Wolfsbane, and Guido and teleports them to an Arctic wasteland. Green grass and trees in New York.

X-FACTOR v3 #24

The same day as XF3 23. This story must occur before UX 492. I have Rahne here before W3 53 (20-22). As they freeze in the Arctic, Guido tells Madrox he's quitting to become sheriff of Mutant Town. Rahne refuses to turn to wolf form and elects to die with her teammates. Siryn and M reunite the kids with their grandparents, and the parents secretly work for Huber. When M tries to check in with the team and gets no response, she flies to New York, where Rictor battles Huber and discovers he's immune to his powers. Nicole pursues Layla into a subway station and ends up getting hit by a train. M fights Huber and Rictor finds his teleportation device and returns Rahne, Guido, and Madrox to New York. Huber withdraws to his isolated lair. Green trees in New York.


The day after SENSM2 35-FB (7:2). This story must occur after ASM 540 and FF 550. Connors probably appears here after A:TI 3 (7-22). At "3:00 A.M.," the police nab someone they think is Peter Parker but turns out to be Myers in a his Spidey costume. That day, the Bugle's headline reads "Spider-Man Spawns Copycat!!" Under police interrogation, Myers relates his tale, then he is returned to a cell in the prison called "the Tombs," where he is to stay until more interrogation "tomorrow morning." That night, the real Spidey (in black costume) busts into Myers' prison cell, where Myers is morphing into a multi-armed creature. Prison guards arrive and Spidey tells them he's taking Myers to Metro-General Hospital and to call Reed Richards. "Twenty-five minutes later," the police have set a trap for Spidey at the hospital, but Peter arranges to hand Myers over to Reed and Nurse Palmer on a nearby rooftop. Peter asks Reed to save Myers and leaves with the blanket he used to cover him. Spidey takes the blanket to Curt Connors for an analysis of the fluids on it to find the source of Myers' metamorphosis. Meanwhile, another Spidey wannabe swings around the city and falls to his death after missing a ledge. Calvin Zabo, the mysterious benefactor, approaches Jordan Harrison and threatens the lad to get in his car. Green grass and trees in New York. Full moon.

SUB-MARINER v2 #2 - FB (2-20)

One day. It must be two days after SUBM3 1-FB because it is "6 days" before SUBM3 2. Iron Man and a SHIELD force go to Atlantis to contain Namor. Namor leaves his general Argos in charge of the Atlantean troops, charges past SHIELD, and heads to the surface to bring vengeance to the thirteenth cell, which arrives in Seattle and plans its next attack. Iron Man is ordered to stay in Atlantis while Norman Osborn charges Venom with tracking down Namor, who finds a clue in the rubble of Bentonville. Full moon.

Thursday, May 19

SUB-MARINER v2 #2 - FB (21-22)

The day after SUBM3 2-FB (2-20). Namor arrives at the Xavier Institute to enlist Xavier's aid in finding the thirteenth cell. There he encounters Logan. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


The same day as SUBM3-FB (21-22). It is "five days" before SUBM3 3. Logan tells Namor to leave and they fight. Xavier arrives and he uses Cerebra to find the traitorous Atlantean cell, in Seattle. When Xavier sees that Namor's other twelve Atlantean cells are still deployed, he refuses to help Namor and demands he leave. As Namor goes, the O*N*E Sentinels at the Institute move to arrest him. Namor trashes them and takes off. The thirteenth cell prepares to detonate a payload in Seattle, where it's a trash collection day. From their SHIELD command ship, Stark and Hill continue to stand guard outside Atlantis, where traitors plot to destroy those in the Atlantean military who support Namor, starting with Argos, "tonight." On his way to Seattle, Namor is ambushed by Venom, who shoots him with oxygen-sucking namotech spores and rips off two of his ankle wings. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

SUB-MARINER v2 #4 - FB (2-7)

The same day as SUBM3 3-FB. It is "five days" before SUBM3 4. Namor turns the tables on Venom and rips out his tongue. In Atlantis, the traitors kill the scientists then battle the realm's soldiers.


Perhaps the day after Z:BB 2. Volker examines antiquities in Castle Zemo, shoots the two men he's with, and drags their bodies and others into a circle on the floor of Castle Zemo.


The same day as Z:BB 3. Volker slits his arm and watches his blood mix with that of the gathered corpses. Helmut Zemo appears in the circle. Zemo convinces Volker not to kill him so that he may atone for his ancestors' sins. Zemo saves Volker from committing suicide and convinces him to accompany him.


One day This story occurs "decades" after W3 52-FB (17-20). It must occur after X 203, so it cannot continue directly from W3 51. Because T'Challa and Ororo are in Wakanda (presumably back from New York after moving out of the Baxter Building), this story may occur after WWH:A 1. Sabretooth wakes up to find himself chained up in Wakanda; somehow he found his way there after being ejected from Providence in C&DP 41 and T'Challa and Ororo have arrested him. Logan is there (presumably called by Ororo), and as Storm begins to tell him of a discovery Wakandan archeologists have made "a few days ago," Creed breaks free and runs off, so the Black Panther follows him. Ororo takes Logan and they follow, and Logan cuts off Sabretooth's hand before he can kill T'Challa. Black Panther and Storm show Wolverine what they were going to tell him about earlier - a bunch of elephant/humanoid skeletons.
WOLVERINE v3 #53 (6-17)

The same day as W3 52. This story occurs "decades" after W3 53-FB (18-19) and "two days" before W3 53 (20-22). Wolverine chats with Black Panther and Storm about genetics and evolution. Later, Sabretooth escapes again. Logan goes to find him, but he's attacked and beaten by Wild Child.

One night, after SENSM2 35 and "six days" before SENSM2 36 (5-14). Spidey tracks down a spider-creature doppelganger and

takes him to Connors to speed up his work on an antidote. Until now, Connors had only the blanket fluids to use. Connors

expresses his concern about May. Spidey sets out to capture other spider doppelgangers. Full moon.

Friday, May 20

SUB-MARINER v2 #4 - FB (8-22)

It must be the day after SUBM3 4-FB (2-7); Namor may have passed out for a while from the trauma of having his wings ripped off. Namor finds it hard to fly with only two wings, but makes it to the Baxter Building, where a Herbie unit on legs plays with Valeria. Namor asks Sue for help, but Sue refuses, given Namor's status. She lets him use the Fantasti-car to go to Seattle. On the way, he contacts Doom, who calls his attention to newscasts showing the Atlantean terror cell's work in using the Extractor to suffocate a building full of people in Seattle. Namor arrives at the building, but before he can destroy the Extractor, he is attacked by the terror cell, whose leader Kamar declares himself to be Namor's son. Green grass and trees in New York and Seattle.

SUB-MARINER v2 5 - FB (2-21)

The same day as SUBM3 4-FB (8-22). It is "four days" before SUBM3 5. Kamar tells Namor his warped side of his backstory as an abandoned child, as reinforced by the traitor Zoran. Namor confirms that Kamar is his son but rejects his version of the story. Namor fights and kills Kamar's colleague Arath, who is the traitor who copied Nitro's power and blew up Bentonville. In Atlantis, the city's loyal forces under Argos fight the traitors under Zoran. Namor stealthily returns to Atlantis with the captured Kamar and slays Zoran. Namor imprisons Kamar, orders that traitors have their right hands cut off, and visits the captive Nitro and chews him out for lending his power to the traitors. Having removed the threat to the surface world, Namor plans to reason with Stark but asks Argos to prepare the troops in case things go wrong. Green trees in Seattle.

Saturday, May 21

SUB-MARINER v2 #5 - FB (22)

The day after SUBM3 5-FB (2-21). It is "72 hours" before SUBM3 5. Stark reports to the general that Namor has returned to Atlantis without his knowledge and has asked to meet with him. The general refuses to negotiate with Namor.

SUB-MARINER v2 #6 - FB (1-3)

The same day as SUBM35-FB (22). It is "72 hours" before SUBM3 6-FB (16-17). Iron Man confronts Namor on the outskirts of Atlantis and tells him that SHIELD intends to remain in the sea, monitoring Atlantis. An angry Namor returns to his palace while Stark returns to his quarters.


One day during the six days between SENSM2 36-FB (1-4) and SENSM2 36 (5-14). Spidey delivers a webbed up spider

doppelganger to the precinct of police detective Jonas Fogg.

WOLVERINE v3 #53 (20-22)

One day, "two days" after W3 53 (6-17). I have Rahne here after XF3 24. Wolverine wakes up to find Sasquatch, Wolfsbane, and a de-powered Feral and Thornn waiting for him.


The same day as W3 53 (20-22). Wolverine and the Lupines travel through Canada to the Weapon X facility. Once there, they spilt up to look for Sabretooth, and Sasquatch is attacked by Wild Child. Logan, joined by Feral, finds Sabretooth suspended in a tube. Sabretooth breaks free and attacks. Wolverine wakes up and finds Sasquatch, Wolfsbane, and Thornn all beaten. He then finds Sabretooth eating Feral.


The same night as W3 54. Wolverine and the Lupines take Feral's corpse and leave. Romulus and Wild Child watch as the plane takes off.

Sunday, May 22

SUB-MARINER v2 #6 - FB (4-9)

The day after SUBM3 6-FB (1-3). It is "24 hours" before SUBM3 6-FB (16-17). Dreading the prospect of monitoring or occupation by the surface world, Namor contemplates war but decides instead to regain anonymity by stealthily evacuating Atlantis via the tunnels beneath the city. Amor proposes to his council that Atlanteans use the sleeper cells' technology to survive on land and infiltrate surface society anonymously. Namor expects the evacuation to be "complete in the next 48 hours." Atlanteans begin packing and the first wave of them enter the tunnels.

WOLVERINE v3 #55 (1-6)

The day after W3 55-FB. Wolverine retrieves the Muramasa Blade from Cyclops and Emma Frost.

SHE-HULK v4 #21 (1-17)

One day, "weeks" after Jen was last She-Hulk (WWH). This story occurs after FF 547. Mallory Book becomes partner in GLK&H (now GLK&B). In the aftermath of a fight between She-Hulk and Rhino, the combatants are revealed to be counterparts from Earth A. Code Blue arrests them along with Earth A versions of Jack of Hearts, Scarlet Witch, 3-D Man, Scorpion, Monica Rambeau (in Nextwave outfit), Egghead, Ms. Marvel, White Tiger, and Hammer and Anvil. The staff at GLK&B review a film by Albert DeVoor promoting vacations in which Earth A people assume the identities of their Earth-616 counterparts. GLK&B takes DeVoor on as a client and has him give them his client list. Jen Walters visits She-Hulk of Earth A in her holding cell and is forced to release her to battle an Earth-A Wrecker. At GLK&B, Dazzler and Beast confront their Earth A counterparts, and Hulkling and Wiccan are upset that their counterparts registered and joined the Initiative. Vermin brings in the ashes of his deceased Earth-A counterpart. Imprisoned and shrunken at the Big House, Titania asks Book to represent her. Reed Richards, cooperating with his counterpart on Earth A, devises a dimensional interface and sends back an Earth-A Dr. Strange. Pug shows up with a goatee and tells of his indenture to the witch who gave him the love spell cure. Jen yells at Reed for his recent actions, then goes out on the town with Earth A She-Hulk, with whom decides to switch places, despite Book's objections.

Monday, May 23

SUB-MARINER v2 #6 - FB (10-15)

The day after SUBM3 6-FB (4-9). It is "24 hours" before SUBM3 6-FB (16-17). Namor goes to the Antantean prison and gasses Nitro and Kamar. Donning a new costume, Namor dresses Kamar in his old costume and chains him to the throne next to Nitro, who's encased in a force field into which energy is pumped. He tells Kamar how his actions have cost Atlanteans their home and that he's earned death. From a nearby SHIELD sub, Stark monitors the building energy in Atlantis and issues a defense alert.

WOLVERINE v3 #55 (10-23)

The day after W3 55 (1-6). This segment may occur before W3 50/2. Wolverine waits for Sabretooth in Canada. When he arrives, Logan decapitates him with the Muramasa Blade. Afterwards, Wild Child appears and lets Wolverine know that Romulus is pleased that he's finally killed Sabretooth, and Romulus watches from afar.
SHE-HULK v4 #21 (18-22)

The day after S-H4 21 (1-17). Marcus Stone and Reed Richards send Earth A citizens back to their world. Jen says goodbye to her friends and enters the portal, but Reed fetches her back, figuring the atomic resequencer would realign her atoms to match her Earth A counterpart. Reed's plan works, and Jen is She-Hulk again, sans nannites. Earth A She-Hulk returns to her world. Stu announces that he now has a job at Marvel. She-Hulk and Pug go to dinner.

Tuesday, May 24

SUB-MARINER v2 #6 - FB (16-17)

The day after SUBM3 6-FB (10-15). Nitro overloads and Atlantis explodes.

The same day as SUBM3 6-FB (16-17). It is "8 days" after SUBM3 1-FB. Aboard a SHIELD sub-sea vehicle, Iron Man and Maria Hill survey the ruins of Atlantis and see Kamar's skeleton on Namor's throne.


The same day as SUBM3 1. It is "6 days" after SUBM3 2-FB (2-20). Stark learns that a DNA test on the skeleton shows it to be Namor's.


The same day as SUBM3 2. It is "five days" after SUBM3 3-FB. The general responds to Stark's report about the corpse and the missing Atlanteans.


The same day as SUBM3 3. It is "five days" after SUBM3 4-FB. Reed reports to Stark what his autopsy reveals about the skeleton's identity.


The same day as SUBM3 4. It is "four days" after SUBM3 5-FB (2-21) and "72 hours" after SUBM3 5-FB (22). Stark reports to the general that the skeleton is not Namor's but is a relative, and that he believes Namor and the population of Atlantis are at large. The general suspects Atlantis is preparing to attack and regrets allowing SHIELD to handle a military job.

SUB-MARINER v2 #6 (18-19)

The same day as SUBM3 5. This story occurs "eight days" after SUBM3 1-FB and must occur before ORDER2 4. Stark and SHIELD find the tunnels beneath Atlantis and realize that the population evacuated.

WOLVERINE v3 #50/2

One day, perhaps between W3 55 (10-23) and W:O@ 1 (1-3). Logan (wearing his current costume) wakes up in snowy Canada after having a dream.

Wednesday, May 25

SUB-MARINER v2 #6 (20-23)

Perhaps the day after SUBM3 6 (18-19). This segment must occur before ORDER2 6 and P:R 2. Atlanteans arrive in the harbors of surface cities. In snowy Latveria, Namor leads Argos and the rest of the Atlantean army (and presumably Nitro) to his "only ally in recent days," Dr. Doom.


One day, "six days" after SENSM2 36-FB (1-4). Spidey captures another spider doppelganger and brings him to the police station, where Curt Connors administers a vaccine to previously captured doppelgangers to prevent them from changing into spider-creatures. As Zabo looks on, Jordan Harrison tries in vain to break out of his confinement.

Thursday, May 26


The day after SENSM2 36 (5-14). This segment must occur after IAM 8 (10-20). Peter meets with Reed Richards in a Times Square restaurant. Reed tells Peter that he and his family are in Reed's and Sue's prayers. Reed shows Peter a tracking device that he found embedded under Ethan Myers' skin and suggests that Peter look for more clues in the subway tunnels below Manhattan. Spidey goes there and closes in on Zabo's hideout, where Zabo reviews the purpose of his experiments to understand what makes Peter tick. Detecting Spidey's approach, Zabo prepares to turn into Mr. Hyde.


The same day as SENSM2 36 (15-23). At the police station, Felicia meets Jordan's mother and friend, who have reported

Jordan's abduction by Zabo. Spidey finds Jordan in a cell in Zabo's subway tunnel hideout, then Hyde attacks. In the battle

between Spidey and Hyde, the thick glass of Jordan's cell cracks, allowing the youth to break out. Jordan finds Zabo's lab and

takes a beaker of acid. He catches up to the battle, in which Hyde has ripped his eyelids off to remove Spidey's webs from his

face. Believing that Zabo killed his mother, the enraged Jordan throws the acid at Hyde, and although Spidey catches the beaker

with his webbing.


The same day as SENSM2 37 (1-19). Some acid spills onto Hyde's face, disfiguring and blinding him. Spidey presses the

advantage to beat Hyde into unconsciousness.


The same night as SENSM2 37-FB. I have Black Cat here before HFH2 6. "Later," Spidey and Black Cat observe as Jordan is reunited with his mother and friend and they ponder Jordan's inclination to kill Zabo.

Friday, May 27


One day. Mary Jane encounters Brady O'Brien in a coffee shop and they chat. O'Brien reveals himself as a SHIELD agent and tells M.J., "You think I haven't read the news the last months, Mary Jane?" M.J. relates stories from her past, and O'Brien tries to convince her to save herself by leaving Peter. She refuses and O'Brien arrests her. Peter arranges to meet Detective Lamont in a diner. With Aunt May "dying," M.J. "terrified" and living in "a freakin' motel," and him "hiding like an animal," Peter says he's "sick and ashamed and embarrassed" about what's he's done to his family. He wants to turn himself in in exchange for May's and M.J.'s immunity. Peter relates stories from his past. When Lamont and Peter discover that M.J. is cornered by the Feds, Peter swings into action and rescues M.J. The couple swing up to a tower. The Daily Bugle headline reads, "Spider-Fugitive Continues Treasonous Rampage."


The same day as SENSM@ 1-FB. Atop the tower, Peter and M.J. commit themselves to each other and to their fugitive lives.


One day. This segment occurs after W:O 15 (21-22) and may occur after W3 50/2. In Madripoor, Logan meets with Tai, who notices he's not wearing an eyepatch anymore. Logan asks him for some help in finding Seraph's body.


The same day as W:O@ 1 (1-3). This segment occurs "two days" before W:O@ 1 (24-36). Tai agrees to help Logan.


The night before M/CP2 1. A John Doe is shot and murdered in a New York apartment.

Saturday, May 28

ORDER v2 #3 (3:2-10)

One day, "a spell" after ORDER2 2. On Order "mission 017," Anthem, Calamity, and Mulholland battle a group of creatures (dubbed "Zobos") running rampant on Rodeo Drive. Mulholland belts the speeding Wa when he gives her grief about her performance. Then Calamity goes out of control and defeats all the creatures. Back at HQ, Black and Wa argue and Heavy (out of ICU, but still bandaged from being zapped by Gremlin in ORDER2 2) tells them to knock it off.

MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS v2 #1/5 - FB (2:6-3:4)

One day. The Thing finds himself unable to retrieve a dropped pair of earrings for Alicia.


One day. Stacy Dolan investigates the shooting death of a John Doe in an apartment whose owner is unknown. Statements from two witnesses yield a composite sketch that depicts a Watcher.


The same day ("six hours" after) M/CP2 1. Dolan and her associate Mahoney decide to investigate two theories about the John Doe shooting - that it's related to super-powered people, and that it's a covert assassination. While Mahoney follows up on the latter, Stacy takes the sketch to the Baxter Building and shows Reed Richards, who tells her that it's unlikely a Watcher was involved. Reed runs a check on John Doe's photo and concludes that he can't be and hasn't been identified by any earthly means.


The same day as M/CP 2. This story occurs "months" after NA@ 1 (2-23) and "six months" after M/CP 1-FB (4). Stacy and Mahoney discover that prints from the crime scene belong to the dead Yelena Belova. They report back to their lieutenant, Michael Sloetti, who isn't thrilled about cosmic suspects, extraterrestrial victims, and dead SHIELD agents. He sends them out to re-canvas the murder scene, where they discover a guy who lifted the wallet of a man who was at the scene, Jaafar Yoosuf.


The same night as M/CP 3. Dolan and Mahoney raid the apartment where Stacy arrested Yoosuf "six months ago." No one's there, but fellow cop Collins fires at Stacy, who receives a flesh wound and crashes out a window, only to be saved from the fall by Ms. Marvel. Carol returns Stacy to the apartment, where Dolan tells Mahoney what happened.

Sunday, May 29


The day after M/CP2 4 (1-7). With her arm in a sling, Dolan reports to Sloetti, who tells her that the bullets that killed their John Doe were fired from her gun, and Collins is claiming self-defense.


One day, "two days" after W:O@ 1 (23) and before W:O 16. Logan goes searching for Tai and finds him digging up Seraph's body. Now exposed as working for the mystery group that's been pulling Logan's strings for years, Tai commits suicide. Logan removes Seraph's skeleton from her coffin and discovers the name of Romulus.
ORDER v2 #3 (11-22:4)

The day after ORDER2 3 (3-10). Hellrung meets with Wa, who is upset about not being able to kill the Russians. Pepper meets with Mulholland about how her powers work and they go to the morgue to see the body of Avona. Milo taps into the Internet to search for info on the soldiers and the mystery military guy from ORDER2 1 and Wa is intrigued by the Stark Satnet system. Two city council members try to kick the Order out of their historic building. Zobos show up in Culver City and Century City, so the team splits up, but neither team includes Calamity, who uses the Satnet system to find Crenshaw. Wa shows up with a baseball bat at Crenshaw's trailer home.

ORDER v2 #4

The same day as ORDER2 3 (11-22). This story must occur after SUBM2 6 (18-19). The Order battles and defeats Zobos at Culver City, Century City, and the Bradbury. Afterward, Heavy notes the precision of the timing and build-up of Zobo attacks and concludes that the team is being tested and that an even bigger test coming at the same time tomorrow. Mulholland chats with the dead Avona and discovers that one of her teammates had something to do with her death. The Man from Shadow approaches Jamal Peoples in a bar and offers to hire him with a perk of killing Hellrung. Anthem checks in with Stark, who has "meetings all day long." The Order learns that the Zobos are the reanimated corpses of the homeless, controlled by cellular signals. Hellrung finds Wa at Crenshaw's and discovers that they've bonded. That night, the Order discover an empty facility near Skid Row at which the homeless were made into Zobos. There they find the shades of the Man from Shadow. Green grass and trees in California.

Monday, May 30: Memorial Day

ORDER v2 #5

The day after ORDER2 4. Kate Kildare confronts Becky about the sex tape. She arranges for news to be leaked that Becky is a minor, a year younger than her father reported, in order to get the tape's maker to back down. Mulholland and Supernaut respond to the site of a giant lizard-monster attack. Tony Stark purchases the Demeter estate in Hollywood as a new headquarters for the Order. Veda and Calamity go to see Corona but discover that he's being attacked by the Black Dahlias. The villains flee the scene when Supernaut and Mulholland arrive, even though Holly messes up. When Veda calls her on the carpet, Mulholland reveals that she was once a Black Dahlia. The media reports on Becky's age; this ruins her father but saves her career.

ORDER v2 #6

The same day as ORDER2 5. This story must occur after SUBM2 6 (20-23). Henry, Pepper, and Kate question Mulholland about the Black Dahlias. Henry gets upset and Mulholland spits at him. Henry calls Stark, but he's busy setting up a movie to star Henry in order to get in good graces with a Hollywood day academy near the Demeter. Henry gets upset at Stark's not taking him seriously. Supernaut and Aralune respond to a report of more giant creatures. Supernaut discovers that it's a Shadow trap, but Becky is taken out and his armor is frozen. Milo is forced to defeat the final creature outside his armor. Wendy of the Black Dahlias collects her payment of drugs from the Man from Shadow for killing Corona. Milo drags Becky to a hiding place before the Man from Shadow (General Softly) arrives. The Black Dahlias ambush Mulholland and inject her with power-inhibiting nanobots. Heavy shows up in San Francisco to investigate seven devices along the shoreline. When the devices create a wall of ocean just offshore, Heavy calls in available teammates, who arrive "one hour later." Namor, who apparently has re-adopted his old black costume, emerges from the seawall. In an apparent move to mislead surface-dwellers from the real actions his people are taking to infiltrate their world, Namor says that Atlantis "has been destroyed" and his people are "a nation of refugees," and issues a warning to leave his people alone. He demands to be taken to the Order's "leader." Night falls, and Milo and Becky are stranded and helpless.

ORDER v2 #7

The same night as ORDER2 6. This story probably occurs before NA:I2 5.


One day, "three weeks" after TB:BP 1 (1-7). Melissa's mother shows up at Thunderbolts Mountain to see her daughter for the first time since Melissa was eleven. They talk and reconcile, but then the mom reveals that she plans to make money from Melissa's fame by writing a book about her and Melissa tells her to get out of her life. Osborn makes a comment to the mother about children. Full moon.


The same day as TB:BP 1 (8-13). Moonstone tells Melissa's mother that Osborn would pay any price to protect the team.

Tuesday, May 31


The day after TB:BP 1-FB (21:2-21:3). Melissa's mother does in a car accident.


The same day as TB:BP 1-FB (14:2-14:4). Karla tells Melissa of her mother's death. Melissa insists on going on a mission with the team. They fight and defeat the Jury, and when the press asks Melissa about her brutality during the fight, she blows out their microphones. Melissa tells Moonstone that she suspects that Norman and she, knowing her mother's true psychological state, set her up to resume drinking and commit suicide. Melissa threatens Karla that she will retaliate against her if anything happens to others she cares for.


One day, "days...weeks...months" after IAM 10 (19). Eric awakens in a medical bay on a SHIELD helicarrier and Agent Carson places him under arrest.


The same day as IAM 10 (20). It is "almost a month" after IAM 10 (19). Carson lords it over Eric, who's just glad to be alive. Eric is injected with a sedative for transport.

Wednesday, June 1


The day after IAM 11 (1-3). This segment occurs "weeks" before IAM 11 (20). Eric awakens in an interrogation chamber on the helicarrier, where Carson tells him his life story as a killer to frighten him. Carson beats on Eric, who passes out. When Eric reawakens, Carson dons the Ant-Man armor, enters Eric's nose, and causes considerable internal injuries. Meanwhile, Black Fox lands on the helicarrier. As Carson prepares to inflict further injury on Eric, Iron Man and a squad of SHIELD agents burst in and take down Carson. Eric lies to Stark that Carson is the treasonous killer. Black Fox bursts in to free Eric, but to keep his cover, Eric betrays him and Fox is arrested. Iron Man tells Eric he'll investigate his story.


One day, after W:O@ 1 (24-36). Logan visits the Captain America memorial and drinks.


The same day as W:O 16. Logan continues to drink at Cap's memorial.


The same day as W:O 17. Logan continues to drink at Cap's memorial.


One day. Patrick and the gang count some money after their seventh heist. Tomorrow will be their eighth heist.

Thursday, June 2


The day after W@ 1-FB (9:5). This flashback may occur after W3 55. Patrick and the gang prepare for their next heist. Meanwhile, Wolverine wanders around town and is given a flower by an old lady. Patrick and the gang burst out of their van and push the old lady over, killing her when her head hits the curb. They proceed into the bank and when one of their masks rip, they kill everyone inside. Wolverine comes back to check on the ruckus and finds the old lady, then follows the gang back to their place. He confronts one about the old lady and stabs him in the head. He then starts in on the rest of them.

The same day as W@ 1-FB (9-19). Wolverine attacks and kills the roomful of criminals while Patrick watches.

The same day as W@ 1 (1-2). Wolverine finishes killing everyone but Patrick. He tells Patrick to warn the rest of his group, and he does. Patrick's boss tells him not to worry about it, and he goes home.


One day, "a few months" after PWJ2 3 (16-22). The Rhino must appear here after escaping his arrest from C&DP 37-FB (20). If the Frog-Man here is the same as the one in the Action Pack, this story probably occurs after A:TI 7. Rhino robs a bank and accidentally kills the guard. Punisher catches up with him and they fight. Spidey (in black costume) prevents Castle from finishing Rhino off. Punisher catches up with them, but Spidey webs him up. Al Kraven shows up, shoots Spidey with a dart, and takes down Rhino. Rhino awakens on a ship in a cell next to Vulture, Tiger Shark, Frog-Man, Bushmaster, and Aragorn. G.W. Bridge finds Domino in Turkey and tells her he's putting their team back together. Waxing crescent moon.


One night, probably shortly after SVTU2 1-FB (8:4). This story must occur after A:TI 2 (1-20) and MSM2 17 (14-22). Now a boxer in Mexico after failing with the Rangers, Armadillo is contacted after a bout by Modok in disguise. On a New Mexico Indian reservation, Thomas Firehart is chastised by tribal elders for his work as a contract killer, then he is approached by Modok in disguise. In Reno, Mentallo cheats at poker and runs afoul of the casino's owner, Killgrave. As he flees, Mentallo is approached by Modok in disguise. In his Brooklyn home, Robert Farrell is approached by Modok in disguise. Modok tells all four to report to a Brooklyn address "at midnight on the fifth."


Probably the same night as SVTU2 1 (5-13). Chameleon, Nightshade, Spot, and Living Laser are approached by Modok. Chameleon immediately contacts Monica Rapaccini at AIM.

Friday, June 3


The day after W@ 1 (20-23). This segment occurs "one week" before W@ 1 (30-35). Patrick's boss stops by and together they go to take care of Tarell, who they think might go to the cops. When they arrive at the factory Tarell works at Wolverine attacks, but he falls into a vat of molten metal, melting off his flesh.


Probably the day after PWJ2 13. Kraven shows his captives (who include Mandrill, Man-Bull, Kangaroo, and Gargoyle) who's boss by blowing Aragorn to bits. Clarke acquires info on every property owned by Kravinoff and they check each one, finally coming to his ship in the harbor. In their cells, Vulture shows Rhino that Kraven broke his hands. Kraven feeds his prisoners Aragorn meat. That night, Bridge finds Contessa de la Fontane on a mission in Paris. Castle sneaks aboard Kraven's ship and finds his caged captives. Kraven arrives and subdues Rhino and Castle. Punisher awakens in chains and Kraven tells him he's removed the humanity from the captives and set them free on the ship, which is sinking. The savage Tiger Shark approaches Castle. Green trees and jacket weather in New York. The full moon shown here is inconsistent with the waxing crescent moon of PWJ2 13.


The same night as PWJ2 14.

SHE-HULK v4 #22 - FB

The night of "June 3." This flashback occurs "three months" before S-H4 22. Hi-Lite attempts to rob a museum, but when he encounters a security guard who has a heart attack, he performs CPR on him and saves his life. The police show up and arrest Hi-Lite.

Saturday, June 4

MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS v2 #1/5 - FB (3:5-7:3)\

One night. The Thing and Alicia Masters go to a fancy restaurant on their "anniversary" (if it's the anniversary of their first meeting, then it must be the same day of the year as FF 8 - late spring). Ben embarrasses himself when his chair collapses, but later a grateful cabbie and a squad of police officers give him and Alicia first-class treatment.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #28 (1-9)

One night, "weeks" after CA5 25 (16-32). This story must occur after UX 486 (23-24) and probably after WWH:X 1-FB (1), on a separate occasion of Stark and Xavier meeting. It must occur more than "two days" before CA5 28 (10-22). The Winter Soldier contemplates going after Stark. Xavier probes Crossbones' mind and discovers that someone has erased pieces of his memory. Xavier makes a veiled threat about making the villain relive the worst moments of his childhood "for the rest of the month," which indicates that this story does not occur very late in a month. Xavier reports to Stark, who orders Crossbones taken to the Raft until his trial. Leading a new Serpent Squad (Cobra, Eel, and a new Viper), Sin attacks a nerve center for the Asian stock market.

Sunday, June 5


One "early Sunday morning." This flashback occurs between SVTU2 1 (5-13) and SVTU2 1 (14-22). Thomas Firehart hitchhikes to Brooklyn on I-40, presumably somewhere in New Mexico.

Monday, June 6


One rainy early morning just after midnight of the "fifth" of the month shortly after SVTU2 1 (5-13) and long enough after SVTU2 1-FB (12:3) for Firehart to get to New York. A Daily Bugle ad shows the headline "Spider-Man Still Menaces New York" with a photo of Spidey in classic costume. Armadillo, Rocket Racer, Puma, and Mentallo meet up at the Brooklyn facility where they were directed by the disguised Modok. Inside, they see a briefcase of cash and a rival group - "Chameleon," Nightshade, Spot, and Living Laser - also summoned by Modok. The two groups clash until they are stopped by Modok, who reveals himself and asks them to sneak into a fortress and steal a weapon. Mentallo sees through Modok's deception about the monetary reward.


The same day as SVTU2 1 (14-22). Modok's recruits flub a training session, then Modok tells them that the weapon they seek is a hypernova trapped in a temporal bottle. The weapon powers the Infinicide, a floating fortress that has appeared briefly out of the timestream over China and is calling people around the globe who were touched by the "wars recently waged by so-called heroes" (Civil War and World War Hulk) to download their memories. Mentallo thinks about betraying Modok to AIM for a finder's fee and pokes around his cohorts' minds to seek an ally and encounters a psychic block in "Chameleon." Modok assigns "Chameleon" with infiltrating the Infinicide with his thoughts disguised by Mentallo. Modok tells the group they will "leave for China in twelve hours." Mentallo implants false memories of World War Hulk in "Chameleon," then confronts him with his suspicion that he's Spidey in disguise, on a mission for the Avengers. "Chameleon" flames on and burns Mentallo to a charred husk. Firehart's uncle decides to strip him of his power after learning that he disobeyed the tribal council. That night, "Chameleon" joins the rest of the team and reports that Mentallo bailed, but Modok is suspicious. The scene is monitored by AIM central command, where the real Chameleon collects his first payment from Monica Rapaccini for allowing her to plant the Super-Adaptoid into Modok's team disguised as him. Rapaccini believes Modok plans to use the Inificide power source to create a new Cosmic Cube. Firehart's trial for federal bribery "starts next month." Green grass and trees and pleasant weather in New York.


The same night as SVTU2 2. As the Chameleon, the Super-Adaptoid infiltrates the Infinicide's beacon ship in China (where it is daytime) and uses one of Spot's portals to allow Spot, Puma, and Living Laser to enter the facility from a nearby tunnel dug by Armadillo, where Nightshade is as well. The quartet nabs the Hypernova, and Puma passes it through one of Spot's spots.


The same day as SVTU2 3 (1-15). Suspecting betrayal, Modok substitutes the real Hypernova with a fake while it passes between Puma and Spot in the dark dimension.


The same day as SVTU2 5-FB. Spot betrays his teammates, teleports outside, and unknowingly hands the fake Hypernova to Mandarin II, who then zaps Spot with his black light ring. At the Lost Mesa Reservation (where it is night), the tribal council strips Puma of his power, and Firehart, Laser, and "Chameleon" run into a room full of Modoks while eluding Infinicide guards. Acting remotely through the Adaptoid, Rapaccini blasts the guards, and Firehart despairs of his power loss. Armadillo and Nightshade emerge from the tunnel only to see the beacon ship crash and explode. Green tree in China. Full moon.


The same night as SVTU2 3 (16-22). In China (where it is day), an invisible force field from AIM Central Command saves Puma and Living Laser. Rocket Racer shows up in Big Wheel and Modok orders his minions to use it to pursue Mandarin II, who plans to use the Hypernova to power Axonn-Karr's fallen spaceship. Laser, Nightshade, Puma (repowered by a lynanthro-catalyst supplied by Nightshade), and the Adaptoid (as Chameleon) attack Mandarin while Rocket Racer grabs the Hypernova to hand it over to his secret employer, Agent Khanata of SHIELD. The Adaptoid pursues Racer as Puma slices off Mandarin's right hand. Mandarin's ship crashes into Big Wheel.


The same night as SVTU2 4. This segment occurs "four days" before SVTU2 5 (13-21). The Adaptoid defeats Rocket Racer and takes the Huernova, only to discover that it's a fake. Puma, Nightshade, and Living Laser fight Mandarin, but the Adaptoid attacks the lot of them, demanding to know where the real Hypernova is, but the group destroys the android. Living Laser retrieves what he believes to be the real Hypernova and uses it on himself to regain his human form, but he is gone in the resulting blast.


The night before CA5 28 (10-22). The Serpent Squad retrieves a list of SHIELD monitoring stations in New York from an AIM listening post.

Tuesday, June 7

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #28 (10-20)

One day, more than "two days" after CA5 28 (1-9). This segment must occur only a few days, not "about a week," before CA5 33. Falcon reports to Fury on the fruitless search for the Winter Soldier. Sam and Sharon set out to find the Red Skull as a way to find Bucky. A disguised Faustus gives a SHIELD agent an assignment for "tomorrow morning." An attorney delivers Stark a letter written to Stark by Cap during the Civil War. After reading it, Stark calls in the Black Widow. After "two days of hunting" following his receipt of photos of the new serpent Squad, Winter Soldier infiltrates an AIM listening post associated with Cobra and discovers that the Serpent Squad received a list of SHIELD monitoring stations from this post "last night."

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #29 - FB (3:2)

The same night as CA5 28 (10-20). The Serpent Squad attacks and kills the agents at a SHIELD monitoring station after being let in by brainwashed agent Patrick Stansfield.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #28 (21-22)

The same night as CA5 29-FB (3:2). The Serpent Squad dons the uniforms of the killed SHIELD agents.

Wednesday, June 8

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #29 - FB (1:1, 1:3, 2:2, 2:4, 4:1, 4:3)

The morning after CA5 28 (21-22). Disguised as SHIELD agents, the Serpent Squad attacks the SHIELD subcarrier, kills the agents aboard, and frees Crossbones.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #29 (1-5)

The same day as CA5 29-FB (4:3). Maria Hill debriefs Stark on the Crossbones escape and the missing agents who were supposed to handle security for his transfer to the Raft. Stark concludes that there's a mole in SHIELD.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #29 - FB (9:4-10:3)

The same night as CA5 29 (1-5). Winter Soldier learns about Crossbones' escape from a TV news report.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #29 (6-22)

The same night as CA5 29-FB (9-10). Natasha fruitlessly interrogates underground mercenaries about Winter Soldier's whereabouts. Winter Soldier resorts to his last lead to find the Red Skull - infiltrating the Kronas building, where the Skull and Lukin argue. Falcon and Sharon attack an AIM outpost and Sharon has a flashback to Cap's assassination. They collect some data and leave. Natasha sees them and follows. Winter Soldier breaks into Lukin's office and demands to know where the Skull is. As Crossbones and Sin enter, Bucky realizes that Lukin is the Skull.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #30 (1-8)

The same night as CA5 29 (6-22). Stark discovers that someone's been impersonating a SHIELD psychiatrist and that he's responsible for the disappearance of SHIELD agents "yesterday." Winter Soldier fights Crossbones and Sin and is disabled by a Soviet shutdown code uttered by the Skull.

Thursday, June 9

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #30 (9-22)

The morning after CA5 30 (1-8). The captive Winter Soldier finds himself at the mercy of Faustus. Sharon discovers she's pregnant. Stark rereads Cap's letter asking him to redeem Bucky and to get someone to carry on as Cap. Black Widow shows up at Falcon's place and suggests they work together to find Winter Soldier. They head to Sharon's place to join her just as Stark discovers that Sharon was treated by the imposter psychiatrist and comes to the conclusion that Sharon killed Cap. He calls Natasha to order her to take Sharon into custody, but it's too late; Sharon blasts the Widow, Falcon, and Redwing. Stark orders a SHIELD team to join him at the scene.


Probably the same day as CA5 39 (9-22) and (perhaps not accurately) referred to by Natasha as "earlier today" in CA5 31. SHIELD digs up Faustus' grave and finds it empty.


One rainy day, "one week" after W@ 1 (24-29). Now healed, Wolverine kills Patrick's boss, then Patrick.

Friday, June 10


The early morning of the day after CA5 30 (9-22). Falcon comes to and Stark and Natasha tell him that Sharon's been compromised by Faustus. Red Skull addresses 2,000 brainwashed soldiers. Faustus appears to break the captured Bucky so that he reverts to his Soviet-programmed Winter Soldier persona. Faustus tests his loyalty by telling him to shoot Sharon. Bucky fires.


The same day as CA5 31. Bucky discovers that the shot he fired at Faustus was a blank and Faustus knocks him out. When Faustus returns to his underground RAID facility, he gets a call from the Red Skull, who orders him to turn Bucky back into Winter Soldier or kill him. Stark orders that all records of Sharon's pregnancy be erased. Redwing leads Falcon and Black Widow to Faustus' facility, where Bucky escapes from his cell, but is still restrained. As Falcon and the Widow fight RAID agents, Faustus prepares to escape, and on hearing of Bucky's escape, he sends Sharon to get him. Sharon finds and zaps Bucky and takes him aboard the escape jet. Falcon pursues the jet and Sharon throws Bucky from the aircraft to divert him. Falcon catches Bucky and they crash land inside a building. Natasha finds them there, and as SHIELD backup arrives, she arrests Bucky.


The day after W@ 1 (30-35). This segment may occur before W3 56 (1-13), and would have to occur at least "six weeks" before that segment. Wolverine wanders around town.

One day, "four days" after SVTU2 5 (1-12). Armadillo, Puma, and Nightshade report back to Modok, who reveals that he has the real Hypernova. Monica sends a robot to Modok with a billion dollars to buy the Hypernova and Modok accepts, splitting the cash up among his three remaining henchmen, who leave happy. "That night," Monica discovers that the Hypernova she bought unleashes the Living Laser, who blows up her AIM facility. Modok rejoices in his victory.


The same night as CA5 32. This story must occur only a few days, not "about a week," after CA5 28 (10-20). Red Skull chastises Faustus for losing Bucky. Falcon and Redwing continue trying to find Sharon. Winter Soldier escapes custody and goes after Stark. They fight, but the battle stops when Stark shows Bucky the letter that Cap left him. Natasha arrives and they all review the letter. Stark tells Bucky that the Skull is responsible for Cap's death and Bucky tells Stark that Lukin is the Skull. They view a news report on today's death of Lukin in a plane crash, which they know to be faked. Bucky agrees to honor Cap's wishes to become the new Captain America as long as he's cleared of any Winter Soldier mind implants and can operate independent of Stark. Stark complies.

Saturday, June 11

X-MEN v2 #204 (6-18)

One day, long enough after X 203 for the Marauders to have gotten bored doing nothing. Sinister continues to try to sift through the injured Rogue's mind for vestiges of sanity. He and Mystique argue. Gambit tries to talk to Rogue, who momentarily awakens with her own personality, then reverts to insanity and goes unconscious. Remy and Mystique discuss Rogue. As a Sentinel stands guard at the Xavier Institute, the Astonishing team (Scott, Hank, Emma, Kitty, Peter, and Logan) and Bobby discuss Sinister's possible plans for removing sources of knowledge about possible futures. Scott notes that he's called Bishop and asked him "to come as soon as he can." Scott asks Kitty to work with Emma on dredging up memories of the Destiny Diaries and says that he'll assemble a team to find Sinister. Thinking he'll be sidelined, Bobby argues with Scott. Exodus complains to Sinister about waiting "endlessly" for "the dawn of a new age."

Sunday, June 12

Monday, June 13


One day, "weeks" after IAM 11 (4-19). This segment occurs "three days" before IAM 12. Now healed, Eric O'Grady finds himself back at work in the surveillance center of a SHIELD helicarrier.


One day. This story must occur after ORDER2 2 and probably after TB:BP 1 (14-22). TV news programs report that police break up a memorial vigil for Captain America in Central Park, Yellowjacket unveils a genetic sequencer to detect superhumans, charges are dismissed against the Thunderbolts for injuries sustained during the Steel Spider's capture (and Osborn is interviewed about it), American Eagle is cleared in the "recent" altercation with the Thunderbolts, the Order (including Aralune, Veda, and Supernaut) charge into action, and reports of ill-treatment, overcrowding and systems failures at the Negative Zone prison, which is run by Captain Marvel. Osborn learns that Doc Samson will come to Thunderbolts Mountain soon to check on Penance, who attacks prisoner Hellrazor. When Osborn sees the carnage, he goes to kill Baldwin, but Moonstone convinces him to use the power Robbie just demonstrated on Osborn's behalf. Venom, Radioactive Man, Swordsman, and Songbird arrest Caprice. Songbird confronts Gargan about his cannibalistic urges. An episode of TV's "Who Wants to Be A Thunderbolt" airs with contestants vying to be Captain America. Mindwave destroys a police station in Las Vegas then surrenders and asks for the Thunderbolts. Green trees in Las Vegas.


The same day as TB 116. Doc Samson arrives at Thunderbolts Mountain and talks to Robbie Baldwin. Songbird, Radioactive Man, and Venom return with the captive Mindwave, who is incarcerated next to Caprice, Mirage, and Blue Streak, with whom he concocted a plot to attack on the Thunderbolts from inside their headquarters. The four villains plan what they will do "over the next twenty-four hours." Clarissa and Chen discuss the fragile sanity of their teammates. Norman finds his Goblin mask in his desk.


The same day as TB 117. Norman has a breakdown. Venom tells Gargan what a wuss he is. Samson continues to talk to Baldwin. Andreas blows up the Zeus and Melissa and Chen extinguish the resulting inferno. Osborn orders a security team to Swordsman's quarters, but Venom devours some of the guards. Andreas prepares to demand his dead sister back.


The same day as TB 118.

Tuesday, June 14

Wednesday, June 15

Thursday, June 16


One day, "three days" after IAM 11 (20). This story occurs "a while" after IAM 10 (7-9) and must occur before ASM 543 and A:TI 8-FB (6-21). Aboard the helicarrier, Eric slips Black Fox instructions for overriding his cell lock before he's transferred to the Negative Zone prison (referred to as "the Vault"). Veronica tells Eric she's pregnant with his baby, but he refuses to be part of the baby's life and expresses his regret at being such a terrible person. Iron Man checks on Yellowjacket, who is having difficulty finding a competent agent to fight in the Ant-Man armor. When Eric performs well in the suit, Stark asks him to accompany Pym to Camp Hammond for Initiative training as Ant-Man "tomorrow morning." "Later that evening," Eric reveals his real identity to Abigail and tells her he's going away to become a better person. On his way back to the helicarrier, Eric sees Spidey (in black costume) fighting the Absorbing Man, but he decides not to get involved.

IRON MAN v4 #21 - FB (12:2)

One day, "three days" before IM4 21 (3-22). Graviton escapes federal custody while being transferred from a medical facility to the 42 intake station in upstate New York.


One day, "two weeks" before P:R 1 (1-17). Venom convinces a guard on Thunderbolts Mountain to stab himself in the eye.

Friday, June 17


It must be the day after IAM 12, since in that issue Eric was supposed to report to Camp Hammond "tomorrow morning." One day during the "week" before A:TI 8. This flashback occurs after A:TI 7, must occur after IAM 12 and GSA2 1, and may occur after M/CP2 2/3. It does occur after NW4 4 (7-22), but that segment cannot have "just" happened; apparently Gyrich is still giving the team grief for that episode, which I have as nearly two months before this, given temporal references in IAM - this seems odd, given more recent infractions by the team (such as the defection episode during World War Hulk), but NW4 1-6 must occur before WWH, given T'Challa's and Ororo's status as FF members in those issues and She-Hulk's pre-WWH SHIELD agent status in FF 547-550, which established the return of the original FF. Cloud 9, Hardball, Komodo, Triathlon, and Thor Girl escort the defeated Dragon Man to Camp Hammond for transfer to the Negative Zone prison. When Komodo and Hardball reveal their romantic relationship, the jealous Dragon Man goes wild, and one of the Scarlet Spiders saves Cloud 9 from the attack. The creature is subdued by the assembled heroes, which include Stature, Stingray, Bengal, Nighthawk, Constrictor, and Gargoyle. War Machine takes Dragon Man to the prison and asks that hourly reports be forwarded to Stark while he's gone. A new busload of recruits - Ant-Man (O'Grady), Crusader, Melee, Bob Geldoff, Dragon Lord, Geiger, Red 9, and Diamondback - arrives at the camp, and Gyrich introduces them to their drill instructor, Taskmaster, who Stature, Gargoyle, and Pym still consider to be a villain. Stature asks Pym if her father could have survived by shrinking like Pym did in Texas, but Pym assures her that he is dead. When Eric bad-mouths Lang, Cassie attacks him. Pym joins the battle, and Taskmaster takes down all three giant combatants. "Later," Triathlon commends the team for their work against Dragon Man, but Gyrich berates the team about their loss against the Zodiac. Hardball threatens to expose MVP's death if Gryrich doesn't lay off. Hardball and Komodo share a moment and she changes back to normal for him. Gyrich and Blitzschlag propose to Pym that they staff the Fifty-State Initiative with MVP clones.


One night, "at the end of a very long week" for Spidey. As M.J. sits with the comatose May in the hospital, she despairs about May's condition. Outside the hospital room door, fellow patient Eddie Brock sees the two women and the trace of Venom left in him convinces him to don a cheap Venom costume to take his vengeance. Spidey roughs up some muggers then visits Madame Web to ask her help in contacting May through her coma. Full moon.


The same night as SENSM2 38. As Black Cat guards the door to the hospital lounge, inside Madame Web leads Peter, M.J., and Anna Watson in a seance in which Peter reaches the comatose May. May bids Peter goodbye. The trace of Venom convinces Brock to kill a nurse, but he can't bring himself to kill May. He cuts up his arms to let Venom out of him, and when Peter arrives in the room, Eddie jumps out the window. Peter saves Brock, who later wakes up, chained to a hospital bed. The trace of Venom appears to him, but Eddie takes control. Full moon.

NEW WARRIORS v4 #7 (1-2)

One night. Night Thrasher thwarts the theft of Starktech from a warehouse. Full moon.

Saturday, June 18

NEW WARRIORS v4 #7 (3-22)

Perhaps the stormy day after NW4 7 (1-2). At New Warriors HQ, Jubilee has the team learn more about the gadgets that give them their powers. Chris continues to dwell on his deceased sister. After a suitable recuperation period, Sofia (her head is still shaven) joins the Warriors. She meets the team's sentient robot named P-Jack and is invited to select which gadgets, salvaged from Avengers Mansion, she will use as a super-hero. Ultra Girl holds a press conference to announce the Junior Guardsmen program she's been appointed to lead. In attendance are Stark, Ms. Marvel, and Miriam Sharpe. The media is skeptical of a hero program that involves school-age kids, as is Justice. Dressed in his Night Thrasher costume, Donyell Taylor visits the grave of his brother Dwayne. Silhouette shows up and identifies him. She argues with him about the decisions he's made to take up the Thrasher identity and lead a team of New Warriors. Midnight's Fire shows up and attacks them.


One day. This story must occur before ASM 543. Peter and M.J. watch over May in her hospital room, then Peter goes out to vent his frustration and has a spiritual experience.

Sunday, June 19: Fathers' Day

IRON MAN v4 #21 - FB (10:1-10:3)

Early one morning. Someone identified as Maya Hansen is found dead in the bathroom of a Paris hotel with a suicide note at her side.

IRON MAN v4 #21 (1-2:3)

The same day as ("five hours" after) IM4 21-FB (10:1-10:3). At 2 AM, Nebraska Initiative team members Paragon and Gadget do a security check on an old pumping station.

IRON MAN v4 #21 - FB (16:5)

The same early morning as IM4 21 (1-2). Paragon, Gadget, and a security guard walk through the pumping station.

IRON MAN v4 #21 (2:4-3:2)

The same early morning as IM4 21-FB (16:5). The trio discovers Graviton in the pumping station.

IRON MAN v4 #21 (3:3) ~ IRON MAN v4 #22 - FB (7:4)

The same early morning as IM4 21 (2-3). Gadget screams Graviton's name.

IRON MAN v4 #21 (3:4) ~ IRON MAN v4 #22 - FB (8:1-8:2)

The same early morning as IM4 21 (3:3). Gadget screams and Graviton yells.

IRON MAN v4 #21 (3:5-22)

The same day as IM4 21-FB (17:1-17:2). This segment occurs "three days" after IM4 21-FB (12:2) and must occur long enough after A:TI 5 for Stark Tower to be rebuilt. It may be two months, not "six months," after IM4 16. A blast rocks the pumping station. Paragon is taken to a hospital in critical condition, Graviton is taken into federal custody, and Gadget is MIA. In Stark Tower (minus the Watchtower spires), Stark dreams of Cap. Later, at Kooning's office, Stark shares his theory with the Secretary of Defense that the Mandarin is after Extremis. Koenig tells Stark that Maya is dead, then Maria Hill reports on the Nebraska incident. The media reports on troubling questions about the super-hero initiative. Iron Man goes to Nebraska and checks in with Nebraska Initiative leader Captain Ultra, who is bitter about his assignment. They visit the hospitalized Paragon, who relays the events of that morning. Stark goes to the blast site to discover that Gadget was compressed into a small ball. Iron Man orders that Graviton be remitted to SHIELD custody. At Prometheus Genetech, Borjigin talks to Maya Hansen about the importance of her work with Extremis. Green grass and trees in Nebraska. Full moon.

Monday, June 20

IRON MAN v4 #22

Perhaps the day after M4 21 (3-22). At the Initiative field office in Omaha, Dum Dum places Captain Ultra on leave. Ultra tells Stark about the missing persons case Gadget was investigating. Iron Man asks the captive Graviton about the events of "that night," but Hall claims he's innocent and claims that he sees the dead who he's failed. Maria Hill is concerned that Stark is "wearing the armor almost all the time now." Mandarin shows up in Kooning's office and objects to Stark's continued presence in Omaha. He tells Kooning that Extremis is being tested on human subjects and that they "could field a new Captain America by the end of the year." Stark searches Gadget's apartment for clues and sees a vision of Happy Hogan that clarifies the case. Iron Man visits the hospitalized Paragon and accuses him of murdering Gadget. Misunderstanding the situation, Captain Ultra attacks Stark but is defeated. Iron Man discovers that Paragon has escaped. Paragon heads to the Prometheus Corporation in Nebraska, where is mother has died.

IRON MAN v4 #23 (1-21:4)

The same day as IM4 22. Paragon fights Borjigin, who persuades him that Graviton killed his mother. Aboard the Helicarrier, Maria Hill sees Stark coming apart at the seams. Paragon bursts into the Helicarrier and attacks Graviton, who fights back and kills Paragon before killing himself right before Stark's eyes. Stark reports this to Val Cooper, the CSA, and "guest" Norman Osborn. Stark suspects an unidentified suspect is behind Gadget's murder and refuses to close the investigation. THE CSA deliberate on Stark's request, calling his stability into question. Kooning calls in witness Maria Hill. The CSA decides to whitewash the investigation and Stark reports that to Dugan. At Prometheus Genetech, Borjigin reports to Maya that his scientists have developed a genetic sequence that predetermines survival of the Extremis metamorphosis. Maya suggests developing an inhaler to replace the Extremis injection. Stark finds Doc Samson in his office and the psychiatrist insists that Tony take "two weeks personal leave, effective immediately" and wear a psionic resonance dampener so that Stark can't remotely interface with any digital tech, including his new armor.

Tuesday, June 21: Summer Solstice

Wednesday, June 22

Thursday, June 23

IRON MAN v4 #23 (21:5-22)

One day, perhaps a few days after IM4 23 (1-21). Stark is spending his personal leave in Omaha continuing his investigation. He calls Mrs. Rennie, the secretary at Stark Tower, which is repaired and complete with Watchtower spires, and requests that his "car" be airfreighted to him. The snow in Nebraska is inconsistent with the weather seen in IM4 24 and may be topical.


One night. Hellcat swings through Chinatown and returns to her apartment, where she changes and pries open a magical diary, which wrecks the place. She leaves and is picked up by a cabbie who looks like Patsy. Back in the apartment, another Hellcat appears.


The same night as M/CP2 1/2. Hellcat answers Patsy's cell phone and learns about Patsy's date. She busts out of the window to head to the restaurant. Patsy arrives at the restaurant and meets her date, but also encounters her cabbie self, a sweet version of herself, and a French version of herself.


The same night as M/CP2 2/2. The Patsies scuffle and Isaac Christians arrives. He is the owner of the restaurant and tries to help sort things out. He is nagged by a woman who appears to be his wife, then he's attacked by Hellcat.


The same night as M/CP2 3/4. This story occurs "all those years" after M/CP2 4/2-FB. The key to Patsy's diary is found and Patsy locks it, which eliminates the various versions of her. Isaac explains his enchantment and Patsy and her date resume their evening.

Friday, June 24


One "Friday." This story may occur before A:TI 8-FB (6-21). Taskmaster steals aboard the Helicarrier and gets past Sharon Carter and Dum Dum Dugan to reach Maria Hill's quarters. When security catches up to him, they learn that in exchange for a presidential pardon, Taskmaster was assigned with testing the Helicarrier's security and it was found wanting. Taskmaster is allowed to leave.

IRON MAN v4 #24

Perhaps the day after IM4 23 (21-22). Stark checks on the status of his "car," and Mrs. Rennie tells him that it will arrive "this evening at six-twenty." Suspecting that Stark is continuing his investigation in Omaha, Doc Samson meets there with Captain Ultra in the latter's office. Samson mentions "a Pittsburgh game this weekend," and I interpret this as a baseball reference to the Pirates. Maya tells Borjigin that she's corrected his airborne version of Extremis to prevent a deadly pandemic. Nonplused, Borjigin checks with a scientist at Prometheus, only to discover that Maya's work is irreversible. Kooning reports to Borjigin that Stark is still in Omaha and is expecting a crate at Council Bluffs Airport. Stark meets with Dum Dum at a diner and tells him that he believes the missing people were abducted for drug tests. He has SHIELD check on the DNA of the missing persons and they discover that they all share the same gene as Stark, one that resists the violent effects of the Extremis metamorphosis. Stark shows up at the airport to receive his "car," a crate holding his classic armor. He dons the helmet and is attacked by an Extremis subject, Michael White. Samson and Ultra join the battle and White is defeated and identified. Stark confers with Samson and Ultra about his theory about the missing persons being Extremis test subjects. It is golf season in Nebraska, where we see green grass and bare trees.

Saturday, June 25


One night. The Thing and Alicia meet for dinner in a restaurant.

Sunday, June 26

Monday, June 27

IRON MAN ANNUAL v2 #1 (1-4)

One day. Stark calls his top SHIELD agents together, including Maria Hill and Gaffer. He tells them that Agent Huang has been undercover in Madripoor "for several months" and that it's time to overthrow Madame Hydra by giving the country's disgruntled people a leader handpicked by SHIELD. He proposes to go to Madripoor himself, under the guise of a vacation, to facilitate the takeover.

IRON MAN ANNUAL v2 #1 - FB (6:1)

The same night as IM@2 1 (1-4). Stark consults with Gaffer about the upcoming mission.

IRON MAN ANNUAL v2 #1 - FB (6:3-6:5)

The same night as IM@2 1-FB (6:1). Gaffer tells Stark that they'll have to place Stark's armor in geosynchronous orbit, but that he's got some undetectable gadgets for him.

IRON MAN ANNUAL v2 #1 - FB (8:3)

The same night as IM@2 1-FB (6:3-6:5). Gaffer tells Stark not to touch or ingest anything suspicious while on mission.

Tuesday, June 28

IRON MAN ANNUAL v2 #1 (5-38)

The day after IM@2 1-FB (8:3). Statk and three undercover female agents arrive in Madripoor. Madame Hydra greets them and injects Stark with a compound formulated to prevent him from using Extremis, but not before he's disabled the monitoring devices in his room, where he and the agents set up a computerized scenario of events in the room. They then go to Lowtown to meet up with Agent Huang. A bar fight with Huang provides Stark the cover he needs to collect intel from the agent. Roughhouse and Bloodscream join the fight and Bloodscream's touch leaves a scar on one of the agents. The bar is destroyed, and Madame Hydra shows up with the captured Agent Huang, who she executes for his attempt on Stark's life while Stark is forced not to blow the agent's cover. Back at their hotel, Stark and the female agents detect a Hydra squad coming to kill them. They skydive out of the hotel and destroy trap the squad in a pre-set explosion of the hotel room. The quartet enter the jungle and soon find Tyger Tiger, who asks her to overthrow Madame Hydra with SHIELD support. She agrees after Stark shows her a secret Hydra weapon project. Stark then goes to the royal palace, where he challenges Madame Hydra. She takes the bait, then discovers she's been set up to betray her intentions for Madripoor's people on live television. This incites a mob attack on the palace while Stark calls on his armor and beats Roughhouse and Bloodscream. Iron Man destros the Hydra weapon and Tyger Tiger assumes control of the palace. After the battle, Tyger tells Stark that her coronation is "tomorrow" and SHIELD calls Stark away because Mount Wundagore's all lit up."

Wednesday, June 29

Thursday, June 30