Wednesday, July 1

UNDERWORLD # 4 - FB (10-16:5)

The day after UX 4-FB (4-9). Jackie attacks the Grizzly and Boomerang. As he's about to kill them, he's attacked by the Punisher. Meanwhile, the Owl calls Mr. Pain to take care of Jackie.
UNDERWORLD # 4 (1-3)

The same day as UW 4-FB (10-16). Jackie fights the Punisher.
UNDERWORLD # 4 (18-19)

The same day as UW 4 (1-3). Jackie fights the Punisher, but they're interrupted by the police. Jackie is captured and the Punisher gets away.

NEW X-MEN v2 #20 (18-21)

One day, "2 days" after NX 20 (16-17). This segment occurs after X-23 6. Emma dismisses the now-powerless Dani and

reaffirms to Scott that the ex-mutants must leave the school. Josh tries to fix Laurie's withered arm but can't. Logan calls X-23,

who is in San Francisco lamenting the loss of a friend. He asks her to return to the Institute but she throws the phone into the



Probably the same day as NX 20 (18-21). Val reassigns Lexington as squad leader and Lazer can't object, given that Lexington

is no longer a mutant. The team departs for a new assignment in Westchester.


The same day as SSO 5 (20-21) and before NX 22 (6-21), since the news of Dani's firing is spreading. 27-30 mutant students

remain at Xavier's, placing this segment before ASTONX3 13. As parents retrieve their de-powered children from the Xavier

Institute, out on the grounds Logan and Colossus save Mammomax, Peepers, and Erg from an attack by the Sapien League.

Then Sentinels from O*N*E arrive. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


The same day as HOM:DA 1 (32-38). Sentinel Squad O*N*E lands at the Xavier Institute. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


The same day as SSO 5 (22). The X-Men gaze at the new arrivals. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

X-MEN v2 #177

The same day as HOM:DA 1 (39-40). The Sentinels tell the X-Men to stand down, but the mutants attack. As the Leper Queen

and her Sapien League look on from the woods, the X-Men fight the Sentinels. During the battle, Polaris hides the fact that she's

lost her powers, and when a Sentinel tosses her to the sidelines, she encounters Val Cooper and soldiers from O*N*E. Green

grass and trees at Westchester.

X-MEN v2 #178

The same day as X 177. Lorna confides in Val about her loss of powers. An archaeologist encounters a subterranean discovery

in Egypt and a powerless Gazer makes a discovery in space. Val introduces the X-Men to the Sentinel Squad and tells them that

the squad is at the Institute to stay. The Sapien League attacks. As the Leper Queen prepares to execute Bobby, his teammates

come running and see that he's changed to ice. Leper Queen flees. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

X-MEN v2 #179

The same day as X 178. This story occurs before GENM 1-FB (13-14) and X:DG 1 (1), "several days" before NX 21 (5-21), and

the "week" before X:198 3 (4-14). It must occur before W3 36 and RUN2 10-FB (1-2). The archaeologist's find turns out to be

organic and technological. Outlaw and Peppers arrive at the Institute and encounter the Leper Queen, whose Sapien League

strike force is defeated by the X-Men and the Sentinel Squad. Emma examines Bobby and concludes that he never lost his

powers but rather that he subconsciously blocked them. Bobby can now change back from ice form. Polaris finally admits to her

teammates that she lost her powers, even though they already figured it out. Lorna quits the team, determined to prepare for the

thing she saw in space when it comes to earth. Alex quits and exits with Lorna. As Mystique and Pulse steal art, she tells him

that she's setting him up with Rogue. Green grass and leafy trees.


Probably the same night as X 179, since Kurt notes that Bobby "has lost his powers - completely" - he's unaware of the return

of Bobby's power in X 178 likely because his team left for England before that happened. This story occurs after XCAL4 8-FB.

After a performance at a London club, Dazzler fights a group of ersatz X-Men and left for dead. Nightcrawler and his squad

(Kitty, Rachel, Betsy, Talia, and Cain) arrive via X-jet at the ruins of Braddock Manor, where they reunite with Brian. Wisdom

shows up and reports Alison's murder. The group reports to the crime scene and restarts Alison's heart, then takes her to a

hospital. The investigation leads Brian, Kitty, Rachel, Lockheed, and Wisdom to Fraser's Bank, where Brian tries in vain to

convince his comrades that Courtney Ross is Sat-Yr-9 and Wisdom has a discussion with Kitty. Back at the hospital, the Shadow

King's Charles Xavier (now in this reality because of M-Day) tries to steal Nocturne's mind. Green grass and trees in England.

Full moon.


The same night as XCAL4 1. Brian and company return to the hospital, where Kitty and Rachel go inside Nocturne's mind and

encounter the ersatz Xavier, who reveals that he and his X-Men are from another dimension. As Kitty and Rachel fight a losing

battle, Brian, Kurt, Betsy, Cain, Wisdom, Lockheed, and a revived Allison battle the ersatz X-Men. Sage shows up to help, but

the ersatz X-Men abduct Talia and escape, with Juggernaut in pursuit. Wisdom reams out Brian for not having a battle plan.


The same night as XCAL4 2. This story occurs before UX 466 (1-18). The heroes go on the offensive, defeat the ersatz X-Men

and Xavier, and rescue Talia. As the bad guys are apprehended by MI-13, Pete Wisdom offers asylum to the heroes. Kurt

declines and Brian leaves for Otherworld, but some of the others accept. Wisdom resolves to get Captain Britain back. Green

grass and trees in England.

X-MEN: THE 198 #1 (8-12)

One night. Members of Purity hang out at Mutant Town's Wildkat Klub, which lost all its mutant hostesses on M-Day. The

Purity guys note that the number of remaining mutants on earth is 198 and that O*N*E has set up the Xavier Institute as an

internment camp. A still-powered Toad is present, having fled Genosha. When the Purity guys discover another mutant, Lorelei

Travis, in the club, they attack her. Toad leaps to her rescue, but not until after the Purity guys shave her mutant hair. Toad

offers to take Lorelei to the Institute. Full moon.

RUNAWAYS v2 #9 (1-7)

The night of the day after RUN2 10-FB (8-9). At "9:48 P.M." (Eastern time), Dagger lies comatose in a New York hospital bed

after the attack of "last night." Cloak comes to visit her, but is attacked by the New Avengers. Cloak says, "Spider-Woman?

With Captain America? So the rumors are true? The Avengers are back" - this means that this story arc occurs before A4 15 and

thus before A4 11-FB (3-4). Cloak is hit on the head and suddenly remembers the Runaways. He teleports out to seek their help.

It is "31 degrees, sleeting" in New York, where we see snow.

RUNAWAYS v2 #10 - FB (1-3)

Probably the same night as RUN2 9 (1-7). It is "24 hours" before RUN2 10. This flashback must occur after X 179. Wolverine

and Iron Man are in route to answer the call for help from Cap.

Thursday, July 2

UNCANNY X-MEN #466 (1-18)

Probably the day after XCAL4 3. It must be a few days, not "a couple of weeks," after HOM:DA 1 (3-31). Because Val seems

to be introducing herself in her new role, this segment probably occurs before X:198 2. Kurt, Kitty, Betsy, and Rachel jet back

from Britain and drop Rachel off at the Greys'. The jet continues on to the Institute, where Sentinels stand watch and the feds

monitor activity and tents are set up for mutants arriving for sanctuary. Psylocke taunts the Sentinels. As they fish, Kurt asks

Sam about a rumored "new uniform" of Sam's, then he receives a phone call from Talia, who's alarmed by the Sentinels at the

Institute that she sees on a live news feed. Kurt tells her to stick with Captain Britain and company. In the carriage house that is

now the base of operations for Storm's team, Bishop monitors Sage's cyber-network because Sage is "overseas." Storm hasn't

returned from Africa. Vange and Marie d'Ancanto discuss the legalities of the mutant situation. Val Cooper and Colonel Reyes

(Cecilia's brother, now in charge of the military unit assigned to the Institute) ask Scott and Emma for data from Cerebra, but

Scott, who destroyed the files, tells them that Cerebra's memory cores were damaged. Val and Reyes explain the conditions of

O*N*E's presence at Xavier's. Green grass and both green and autumn-colored trees in New York.


One rainy day, "a few days" after GENM 1 (1-5). Reporter Sally Floyd attends Ned Ralston's funeral. Green grass and falling

green leaves in New York.

X-MEN: THE 198 #1 (13-15:7)

The day after X:198 1 (8-12). Mr. M visits the de-powered Hannah Levy at Bellevue Psychiatric Center. Hannah convinces

Absolom to go to the Xavier Institute to help the remaining mutants. He starts to walk from Manhattan to Westchester. Full


UNDERWORLD # 4 (20-22)

The day after UW 4 (18-19). Jackie wakes up in a prison hospital and is greeted by the doctor who told him he had powers. He injects Jackie with a healing factor as some villains prepare to attack the prison. Among the villains shown here are Judge, Trapster, Gibbon, Slyde, Shocker, Dragonfly, Nekra, Roughhouse, Plantman, Titania, White Rabbit, and Black Talon.

The same day as UW 4 (20-22). Jackie gets dressed, fights and defeats the attacking villains. Meanwhile, Mr. Pain attacks Grizzly and Boomerang in the hospital. Later, Jackie meets with the Owl and is attacked by Mr. Pain. After a fight, Jackie gains the upper hand. Jackie kills Vince, and goes to meet the Consultant. It''s revealed that the Consultant was actually the Hippo, and he''s been keeping tabs on him the whole time. He offers to have Jackie work for him, but he refuses, and leaves as the Armadillo enters. Later, Jackie commits a robbery under his new name: Underworld.

One night. Hector Espejo has started recorded his findings on his webcam to be broadcast on the regular Internet. As he records,

he finishes downloading an info file on what's happened to Thor in the other dimension. Hector notes that "we haven't seen too

much of him these days in this dimension," so this story occurs sometime after T2 81.

UNCANNY X-MEN #466 (19-23)

One night. Rachel talks to Kitty by telephone. The Greys invite their extended family over to meet Rachel. A blast kills John

Grey. It is snowing in New York.


The same night as UX 466 (19-23). A Shi'ar strike force attacks the Grey home and slaughters most of the family gathered there.

Rachel sends out a psychic scream that alerts Scott, Emma, Betsy, Kitty, and Kurt. The X-Men arrive and engage the Shi'ar

Death Commandos in battle. The Shi'ar Blackcloak defeats Rachel and leaves a traceable phoenix mark on her back. Even

though it's snowing enough to show accumulation, we still see green, leafy trees in upstate New York.

UNCANNY X-MEN #468 (1-18)

The same night as UX 467. It is probably several days before UX 468 (19-21) and "just" before UX 469 (1-13). According to

Leonard Samson in UX 469, it is "weeks" after Jean Grey's death in X 150 (30-31), but it must be longer than that; besides,

Samson refers to Rachel as having "seen her mother killed," but she wasn't around when Jean died. More X-Men (Bishop,

Cannonball, Colossus, Gambit, Rogue) arrive and battle the Shi'ar Death Commandos and a Warskrull. Elaine, the last survivor

of the Greys, is killed, but the X-Men and the O*N*E Sentinels defeat and capture the murderers. It is snowing and we see green

grass, green and bare trees in New York.

RUNAWAYS v2 #9 (8-22)

Probably the night of the day after RUN2 10-FB (1-3). The Runaways "haven't fought anyone in weeks." It must be at least a

month, and probably several, after RUN2 8, since "it's been a month since [Karolina's] last transmission." At "6:41 P.M."

(Pacific time), the Runaways are playing Monopoly in their hideout when Cloak suddenly appears, asks for their help, and

teleports out with them. It is "71 degrees, sunny" in Los Angeles, where we see green grass and trees.


The same night as RUN2 9 (8-22). It is "24 hours" after RUN2 10-FB (1-2). Cloak and the Runaways arrive in NYC. They go

to Father Lantom's church, Cloak's and Dagger's sanctuary for the last few months. They have a look at the evidence against

Cloak and then split to investigate. Chase and Nico track down Pusher Man, the drug dealer that may have provided a drug able

to duplicate Cloak's powers. However, they are disarmed by his sidekick Bo. Meanwhile, Captain America interrogates one of

the orderlies tending Dagger and learns about a recent visit to her from Father Lantom. Meanwhile, Gert, Victor, and Old Lace

(disguised as a dog) follow the track from the glove left at the crime scene and run into Spider-Man, who had implanted a tracer

in the glove. A big, green She-Hulk makes a cameo appearance.


The same night as RUN2 10. It may be two days, not "several days," after RUN2 10-FB (8-9). In the hospital, Dagger starts

emitting light at Reginald Mantz. Meanwhile, Molly helps out at Father Lantom's church. Gert and Victor eat some sushi with

Spider-Man. Victor asks Spidey, "So you really are with the Avengers now?" Nico and Chase bluff their way out from the

Pusher Man by pretending they are working for the Pride and acting tough. Pusher Man asks Nico and Chase, "tell us which

super-powered Boy Scout troop you narcs are part of. The Young Avengers ? Or maybe those New Warrior cats from the TV?"

- this dialog places this story after NW3 3 (1-20). Nico and Chase get the fake Cloak's name - Reginald Mantz. They return to

Gert and Victor and neutralize Spider-Man. Meanwhile, some of the New Avengers come to Father Lantom's church and start

asking questions.


The same night as RUN2 11. This story occurs before X/RUN A. Given Cloak's statement about "rumors" of the New Avengers

in RUN2 9 (1-7) and Victor's questioning Spidey about the team in RUN2 11, this story probably occurs before A4 11-FB (3-4).

This means that Cage's statement, "I got a kid," and his reference to himself as "a dad" are references to his as-yet unborn child.

Molly beats up Wolverine, who refers to Molly as one of "only 198 mutants left on this stinkin' planet" - meaning that this story

occurs after X 179. Spider-Woman and Cage fend off the MGH-powered Reginald Mantz, but are thrown out a window. The

other Runaways show up and beat Muntz up by purging him of his drug. Cloak sends the Runaways back to L.A. They are

monitored by the members of the New Pride. Snow in New York.


The same night as RUN2 12. Molly writes in her diary about her recent adventures with the Runaways.

Friday, July 3


It must be the day after UX 468 (1-18). This segment must occur before UX 468 (19-21) and UX 469 (14-22). In a British

court, She-Hulk defends Cain Marko in a trial for the destruction he caused in XCAL4 3; the trial may have been arranged

quickly. Pete Wisdom gets the case thrown out. Pirate news broadcaster Bean reports on the massacre of the Grey family and on

the Sentinels at the Xavier Institute. As in UX 469 (1-13), Kurt and Betsy are in the infirmary of the Xavier Institute, recovering

from injuries sustained in battle with the Shi'ar Death Commandos. Wisdom offers Sage a place with the team he's trying to

form. Talia and Alison hang out together. Agent Rana Mousabi is attacked by a Warwolf. Brian and Courtney have a tete-a-

tete. Green grass and trees in New York and England.

X-MEN: THE 198 #1 (15:8-23)

The day after X:198 1 (13-15). Toad and Lorelei are helicoptered into the Xavier Institute, where mutant refugees have set up a

shanty-town and Erg has put up a "198" flag. Emma tells Scott that Amara has been found in Guatemala and that Empath has

been sent to fetch her. Mr. M arrives at the Institute and floors one of the Sentinels guarding the place. Green grass and trees at


X-MEN: THE 198 #2

The same day as X:198 1 (15-23). Because Val is now meeting with more X-Men than just Scott and Emma, this segment

probably occurs after UX 466 (1-18). Because Bishop gets a sense of O*N*E's agenda in this issue, it probably occurs before his

discussion with Ororo in UX 469 (1-13). It is "a few weeks" after Amara was teaching students at the Institute. Empath retrieves

Amara from Guatemala and returns to the Institute with her. There she meets Johnny, the mutant with a sucky hole and tentacles

in his torso. Outlaw and Cyclops greet her and she sees a number of mutants in the Institute's shanty town, including Mr. M,

who restores Lorelei's hair. In the Institute's war room, Val Cooper meets with the X-Men (Emma, Scott, Bishop, Kitty, Hank)

to discuss the arrival of Mr. M and the relocation of mutants to the Institute. Kitty calls the Institute a concentration camp. Erg

and his pals try to leave the grounds and run afoul of the O*N*E Sentinels. Mr. M. neutralizes the situation. General Lazer tells

Val to report to his office "nine A.M. tomorrow." That night, Johnny D feeds his sucky hole a lock of Amara's hair and it's

transformed into a mini-clone inside a shell.


One day during the "few days" following GENM 1 (6). Sally Floyd researches reports of mutants losing powers coming in from

around the globe.

HULK: DESTRUCTION #1 (1-3, 5-6, 13)

One day. At the Pentagon, Thunderbolt Ross is briefed on the possibility of the Abomination working for the US government.

Ross isn't thrilled with the idea. Green grass and trees in Washington, DC.


One night. This flashback must occur before FNSM 1 (3-22) and A4 14. After a gunman breaks into J. Jonah Jameson's home

and ties JJJ and John Jameson up, the victims are saved by El Muerto, who seeks a favor from JJJ. During this incident, JJJ

discovers that John really isn't Spider-Man. After this point, JJJ returns to his Spidey-bashing ways.

SHE-HULK v4 #6 - FB (1:2)

One day. On a distant planet, Starfox has a roll in the hay with a space-farmer's daughter.

Saturday, July 4: Independence Day

NEW X-MEN v2 #21 - FB (9:4)

One day, shortly after M-Day. Stryker speaks before a throng of followers who proclaim him a prophet and savior.

YOUNG AVENGERS #12 (18-24)

One day. This segment occurs before A4 18 and long enough after YA 12 (1-17) for Eli to partially recover from surgery. It

must occur before S-H4 1. On the grounds of the destroyed Avengers Mansion, the Young Avengers set up a memorial garden

for deceased Avengers and have a service for Teddy's adoptive mother. Following Cap's instructions, Jessica Jones gives Kate

Hawkeye's bow and arrows as well as his codename. Tommy joins the team as Speed, then the group rushes off to fight the

Zodiac, which is holding the UN hostage. Green grass and trees in New York.

NEW AVENGERS #11 - FB (3-4)

One day. This flashback may occur after S-H4 1, must occur after SM:BO 5 and HERC 5, and probably occurs after SM/BC 6.

Steve Rogers meets with Matt Murdock in Central Park and tries to enlist Daredevil's aid in going after Silver Samurai, who

escaped during the Raft breakout in A4 1-2 "last month" (the time reference is probably inaccurate - more likely "last spring")

and may be involved with the Hand in Japan. Logan is not available for the job and the Avengers don't know when he will be;

my theory is that Logan is fetching X-23 at this point. Green grass and jacket weather in New York.

NEW AVENGERS #11 - FB (7-8)

The same day as A4 11-FB (3-4). Matt refuses to join the Avengers because he's been outed and six federal task forces are trying

to put him in jail. He doesn't want to the team to be guilty by association. Green grass and jacket weather in New York.

NEW AVENGERS #11 - FB (12)

The same day as A4 11-FB (7-8). Matt suggests that Cap enlist a certain someone with the same training, fighting styles, and

knowledge of the Hand and clan Yashida he has.

NEW AVENGERS #11 - FB (15)

The same day as A4 11-FB (12). Steve meets with the person Matt suggested and lays out the reconnaissance assignment.

NEW AVENGERS #27 - FB - FB (2:3-2:4)

The same day as A4 11-FB (15). It must be more than just "a month" before A4 27-FB. Steve and Maya Lopez continue their


Sunday, July 5

NEW EXCALIBUR #4 (15-22)

The day after XCAL4 4 (1-14). Courtney discovers that her accounts have been closed, then she and Brian encounter Kelsey

Leigh, who's now known as Lionheart. Brian tells Kelsey, "I'd heard you were with the Avengers?," to which Kelsey replies,

"Haven't you heard? The Avengers as you knew them no longer exist." The fact that Brian doesn't know about the Avengers'

new lineup means that this segment probably occurs before A4 15-FB. Kelsey fights Brian out of retribution for messing up her

life. Warwolves attack Talia, Alison, and Cain and another Warwolf posing as Rana Mousabi attacks Sage. Green grass and

trees in London.


The same day as XCAL4 4 (15-22). It is "a few years" after XCAL 41 (1-x). Kelsey is joined in the battle against Brian by a

new Albion, who appears to hold some influence over Kelsey. Wisdom shows up at Sage's place and the Warwolves retreat from

there. Talia, Alison, and Cain defeat the other Warwolves, then respond with Sage and Wisdom to an airburst caused by a battle

between Brian and Albion. When the team arrives, Albion beats a retreat with Kelsey. Brian realizes that be must live up to his

responsibilities on earth in the wake of M-Day and asks the others to join him as the new Excalibur. Green grass and trees in

London. A full moon can be seen in the daytime.


One day. In Central Asia, mobs drive former mutants into an old X-Corp clinic and torch the place.

UNCANNY X-MEN #469 (1-13)

Probably the same day as UX 469-FB. This story occurs "just" after (probably within two days after) UX 468 (1-18), and Ororo

has "just heard" about the massacre of the Grey family. It must occur after XCAL4 4 (1-14) because Kurt and Betsy are in the

infirmary in that segment. It probably occurs after X:198 2, given Bishop's knowledge of O*N*E's agenda. As Sentinels stand

around the Institute, O*N*E monitors Rachel. Bean broadcasts a report on the Central Asia massacre and notes that the X-Men

"haven't been active since M-Day." Storm contracts Bishop and offers to come home from Africa, but Bishop advises her not to.

Paige and Sam (who is in a new costume) get into a scuffle with O*N*E when they wrongly suspect Paige of being connected to

Bean. Beast examines the marking on Rachel's back and concludes it's permanent. Rachel thanks Kurt and Betsy, who are

recuperating in the Institute's infirmary, for their help against the Death Commandos, who are in custody. Snow at Westchester.

GENERATION M #1 - FB (13:5-14:3)

One day, a few days before GENM 1 (13-17). This flashback must occur after X 179. Because of the situation at the Institute,

Cyclops and Wolverine deliver the machine containing Chamber to Midtown Hospital for continued monitoring.

NEW X-MEN v2 #21 (5-21)

One day, "ten days" before NX 21 (22:1-22:3). It is "one year" after NX 21-FB (1-4), "several days" after X 179, and "weeks"

after NX 21-FB (8:2). This segment must occur after X 179 since Sentinels are standing around the Institute. Forge makes a

lighter pair of gauntlets for Surge, who notes that "it's been a messed-up few days. So many students leaving." News reports

from around the globe report on wide-scale mutant disappearances and the closure of X-Corps offices. In a TV interview,

Stryker calls for the internment of remaining mutants, and students at the Institute react. Sofia and Julian argue. Logan arrives

and introduces the students to X-23. Scott and Emma argue about Laura's admission to the school, but Scott insists and

overrules Emma. David takes the students to the Morlock tunnels below the Institute to show them the "Danger Cave" training

area he's set up, which simulates old X-Men missions. As X-23 secretly looks on, the students check out a few scenarios.

NEW X-MEN v2 #22 (6-21)

The same day as NX 21 (5-21). It is "six months" after NX 22-FB,"seven days" before NX 22 (22-23), and at least "weeks"

before NX 32. Tensions mount as the students go through more scenarios in the Danger Cave - Santo insults Josh, Hellion

rejects X-23, Tag wanders away because he feels useless, and Kevin runs off when he overhears Julian's concerns about him.

Jay tells the group about Dani's leaving the Institute - confirming the rumors in HOM:DA 1 (32-38) - and the students say their

goodbyes to her.

X-MEN v2 #200/2 - FB (4:4)

The same day as NX 22 (6-12). Dani Moonstar (after apparently changing clothes) walks out the Institute gate.

NEW X-MEN v2 #21 (17-21)

The same rainy night as X 200/2-FB (4:4). Scott assigns X-23 to be Dust's roommate since Nori now has her own room. Josh tends to the recuperating Laurie while Nori and David make out. Julian expresses his concern for the powerless Sofia, but she refuses to see him. Kevin runs through the streets of Westchester, where we see green trees. Back in Dallas, Forge hears a radio report about the Sentinels at the Institute. Emma plays head games with Laura and tells her she's going to be leaving.

X-MEN: THE 198 #3 (1-3)

One night. O*N*E agents force mutant druggie Jazz to register at the Xavier Institute.

GENERATION M #1 (8:4-11)

One day. In the first press conference she's attended in "almost a year," Sally Floyd challenges Congressman Sykes, an anti-

mutant legislator up for re-election, when he calls for mutant registration. Sally decides to write about surviving mutants.

NEW AVENGERS #11 (1-2, 5-6, 9-11:3)

The night (in Japan) of the day after A4 27-FB (2:3-2:4). Maya, as Ronin, inflitrates the Yashida fortess in Osaka, where we see

green grass.

NEW AVENGERS #12 - FB (1-2:2)

The same night as A4 11 (1-11). At the Yashida fortress, Kenuichio Harada meets with Kuroda of the Hand. Green trees in


NEW AVENGERS #11 (11:4-11:5)

The same night as A4 12-FB (1-2). Kuroda presents Harada with his Silver Samurai armor.

NEW AVENGERS #12 - FB (2:3-2:4)

The same night as A4 11 (11:4-11:5). Kuroda tells Harada that the Hand has been searching the world for him and hadn't

known he was in SHIELD custody. Kuroda asks Harada to head the Clan Yashida.

NEW AVENGERS #11 (13:1-13:4)

The same night as A4 12-FB (2:3-2:4). Ronin spies on Harada receiving his armor and sword. Green trees in Japan.

NEW AVENGERS #12 - FB (2:5-2:6)

The same night as A4 11 (13:1-13:4). Harada says he doesn't understand and a response comes from Viper, who "fell off the

grid two months ago," after XCAL3 13 (1-18).

NEW AVENGERS #11 (13:5-14:2)

The same night as A4 12-FB (2:5-2:6). Viper walks onto the scene as Ronin looks on.

NEW AVENGERS #12 - FB (3:1)

The same night as A4 11 (13-14). Viper tells Harada that SHIELD has fallen apart and grown rotten without Fury there.

NEW AVENGERS #11 (14:3)

The same night as A4 12-FB (3:1). Viper continues to approach Harada.

NEW AVENGERS #12 - FB (3:2-4:1)

The same night as A4 11 (14:3). Viper tells Harada that Hydra is aimless and she kisses him.

NEW AVENGERS #11 (14:4-14:5)

The same night as A4 12-FB (3-4). Ronin spies on the kiss as Hand ninjas sneak up behind her.

NEW AVENGERS #12 - FB (4:2-4:6)

The same night as A4 11 (14:4-14:5). Suspicious of her intentions, Harada pushes himself away from Viper. A Hand ninja

reports an intruder.

NEW AVENGERS #11 (16-22)

The same night as A4 12-FB (4:2-4:6). This segment probably occurs after NA:I 1-FB (12-13). Ronin fights the Hand ninjas as

she tries to retreat. Ronin makes her way back to Stark offices in Osaka, where the Avengers await. Ronin apologizes to the

team and falls in a hail of ninja stars. Green trees in Japan. Full moon.

NEW AVENGERS #12 (5-22)

The same night as A4 11 (16-22). The Avengers battle the Hand. Viper proposes to have Harada control the Japanese

underworld to build a power base for the Hand to fight SHIELD and Hydra. When a ninja reports that a bunch of Hand

operatives pursued the intruder and are engaging his hero allies, Viper gets furious. The Hand ninjas are recalled and Spider-

Woman slips away to meet with Viper. They discuss the deal they made that gave Jessica her powers back. When the Avengers

arrive on the scene, Viper has Spider-Woman blast her to maintain appearances. Then the Silver Samurai arrives. Green trees in


NEW AVENGERS #13 (1-21)

The same night as A4 12 (5-22). This segment must occur before ROGUE3 7 and A4 27-FB-FB (1-2) and also before C&DP 25

1-3), given the reference to Avengers fighting ninjas in that issue. Iron Man wipes out the Hand with a concussion blast and the

Avengers try to straighten things out with Harada, who claims to have been kidnaped by SHIELD "a month ago" (maybe more)

and thrown in the Raft before being picked up by the Hand, with whom he has no intention of doing business. Harada plans to

raise a stink about being abducted and held prisoner in America. The Avengers leave in their quinjet with a captive Viper.

While airborne, Spider-Woman secretly releases the emergency hatch and allows Viper to escape. This action sucks Cap out of

the quinjet and Jessica dives after him; they're both saved by Iron Man. The team returns to the Watchtower, where Ronin

reveals herself to be Echo. The Avengers vow to follow up on the SHIELD corruption. Green trees in Japan.


One "weekend" day. Doc Samson (with two good eyes) arrives at the Pentagon and chats with Ross. They pass a janitor and go

into Abomination's cell to start the session.


The same day as H:D 1 (19-22). Samson begins the session. Abomination mentions that he married two different Nadias, then

blames the Hulk for everything that's gone wrong in his life. Ross and Abomination chat while Samson takes notes. Meanwhile,

the janitor cleans up.


The same night as H:D 2. Ross and Samson recap what's been covered so far, then Mercy shows up. Only Abomination can see

her, and Ross thinks he's crazy until Samson reminds him of who Mercy is/was. Abomination talks to Mercy in front of a

confused Ross and Samson. Abomination gets upset and frees himself. As Samson tries to hold him back, the janitor arrives and

threatens Abomination. The janitor is really Bruce Banner.


The same night as H:D 3. Hulk and Abomination fight while Samson gets Ross to safety. Abomination claims ignorance of

Bruce sleeping with his second wife Nadia. Meanwhile, Mercy lets Samson see her, and she reveals leading Banner here. Hulk

subdues Abomination but refuses to kill him and leaps away. Full moon.

PUNISHER v7 #19 (1-3)

One night. Nicky Cavella and Teresa Gazzera dig up the Castle family grave.

PUNISHER v7 #19 - FB (20:4-21:3)

The same night as PUN7 19 (1-3). Cavella makes a video of himself urinating on the skeletons of Frank's family.

Monday, July 6


The morning after A4 13 (1-21). At breakfast, Cap asks Jessica Drew who she's working for.


The same day as A4 13 (22). This story must occur after FNSM 6-FB (4-7), since JJJ is anti-Spidey in A4 15-FB. Cap grills

Jessica and she tells her story of being a double agent. The conversation is heard but only by their fellow Avengers (including

Logan and Sentry), but by Nick Fury, who says they have some work to do. While they talk, the top of Stark Tower/Watchtower

glows, as Bugle staffers Jameson, Robertson, Farrell, and a pregnant Jessica Jones notice. As the media reports on the energy

flux, Tony calls for a press conference to be held at "four o'clock."


The same day as A4 14. This flashback probably occurs after XCAL3 4 (15-22). It must be more than just "a couple of weeks"

after A4 1 and more than just "a few months" after A:FINALE. This flashback is referred to as having occurred "the other day"

in MSM2 1. As Ms. Marvel chaperones a super-villain prison transfer in the Rockies, Klaw breaks out. When Carol defeats

him, Klaw's form is absorbed into his horn, which is taken into custody. When she hears about the Avengers plans to announce

a new line-up "this afternoon," she flies to New York. She arrives at Avengers Tower, where Cap offers her a spot on the team.

Carol declines, stating that after the events of HOM she needs to re-earn her wings as a solo super-hero. Cap and Iron Man call

in J. Jonah Jameson, Robbie Robertson, and Kat Farrell and get Jameson to agree to lay off Spidey in return for exclusive

coverage of the Avengers. At the press conference, Cap introduces the world to the new line-up - Iron Man, Spider-Man,

Spider-Woman, Cage, and Sentry; Logan declines to appear on stage. That evening, the Daily Bugle publishes a scathing

diatribe against the team by Jameson, who has reneged on his deal. Jessica Drew meets Connelly in a pub. She tells him that

Fury plans to work secretly with the Avengers to take Hydra down. Short sleeves in New York.


The same day as A4 15-FB. This story must occur before C&DP 24 (21), FNSM 6-FB (10-13), IM:I 5 (9), U/SM 72/2 (1-6),

NA/X:TT, and NA:LH, and shortly before PULSE 11 (19-21), A4 21-FB (2:4), and ASM 525, likely occurs before TP:RTR, W3

41, and ARES 2, and may occur before FFS 1. Given Cap's comment in A4 13 that Sentry was "not ready" to fight with the

team, most Sentry adventures with the Avengers likely occur after this point - these include AAF2 13 (1-6), M/TU3 14, NA/FF,

and SENTRY2 1 (1-13), in which the Watchtower appears publicly. Carol Danvers writes about the day's events in her new



The day after H:D 4 (1-20). Ross is told the Abomination will be dealt with, but really the Abomination's been hired to work for

the U.S. government, who sends him to Korea.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #13 - FB (3:2)

One day. Vegas walks into her sister Jane's laboratory to visit her.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #14 - FB (8-10)

The same day as AAF2 13-FB (3:2). Jane introduces Vegas to Dr. Heisenberg, the head of the laboratory. They explain they are

building a probability generator to try and control luck. Just then, the Renegades burst into the laboratory. Suicide King heard

about this luck generator machine from Vegas and wants a demonstration. Heisenberg says it's still unstable, but the Renegades

pull out their weapons, and things start to get nasty.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #13 - FB (3:4)

The same day as AAF2 14-FB (8-10). Vegas wakes up, having survived an explosion at the laboratory in which Jane was

supposedly killed.

PUNISHER v7 #19 (4-22)

The day after PUN7 19 (1-3). It is "one year" after PUN7 1 and during the "year" after PUN7 18. The reference to it being

"almost thirty years" after P:YO 1 must be topical. O'Brien is attacked by fellow prisoners who want to rape her, but she beats

them up easily. Rawlins meets with the American generals who were angry at Nick Fury. The generals have one last mission for

Rawlins before they will let him retire - getting rid of the Punisher. Meanwhile, Frank, who has just killed a group of neo-Nazi

bikers, kills a group of black thugs who were coming to wage war on the bikers. Cavella hosts a dinner with the other remnants

of the New York Mafia and says he can help them regain the power they all once had if they make him the new boss. He also

says that the first thing they need to do is to get rid of the Punisher. The other mobsters need time to think about it, so Nicky tells

them to go home and watch the 6:00 news tonight. O'Brien, framed by the other prisoners for the killing of a prison guard,

realizes she has to flee the prison. When the 6:00 news is broadcasting in a local bar, everyone stops and watches a video the TV

station has been sent showing Cavella's urination at the Castle family grave. In a corner of the bar, Frank is not very happy.

Bare trees and blowing leaves.

NEW AVENGERS #16 (9-10:8)

One "night," shortly after A4 15. This segment occurs "one week" after HOM 1 (7-17); the former is probably accurate. This

segment must occur before NA:I 1-FB (12-13). Aboard "Helicarrier One," Maria Hill contacts Tony Stark (who's been "up for

two days straight") to express interest in the press conference that she "just caught" about the Avengers going public. Hill baits

Tony by mentioning the House of M and a possible connection between the Avengers' Genosha trip and the worldwide loss of

mutant powers. Stark dismisses Hill, wishing her a "good night."

Tuesday, July 7

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #13 (1-6)

Probably the day after AAF2 13-FB (3:4). It is "two days" before AAF2 13 (7-22). This segment must occur after A4 15. A

TV news report shows the New Avengers (Cap, Iron Man, Cage, Spidey in classic costume, Spider-Woman, and Sentry)

charging into battle; the report notes, "The Avengers - whose members now include a mutant, an ex-convict and at least one

wall-crawler of questionable character - have a history of polishing up diamond-in-the-rough defenders to stand alongside the

brightest stars in the super-hero..."; this places this segment after the team goes public and Sentry joins in A4 15. At a diner in

Eastern Oregon, Vegas stops a robber and leaves before the cops arrive. He wonders how he managed to dodge the robber's

bullet and finds it strange that the bullet destroyed the winning lottery ticket that was just purchased by someone else.


The day after GENM 1 (8-11). It is "six months" after Sally lost her baby, and so more than six months after GENM 2-FB

(13:2). Sally convinces her editor to let her write about the experiences of surviving mutants.

UNCANNY X-MEN #468 (19-21)

One day, probably several days after UX 468 (1-18), probably assuming the Grey's monuments were erected prior their deaths.

Betsy must appear here after UX 469 (1-13). Rachel is probably here before UX 469 (14-22). The X-Men attend the Greys'

funeral at Bard College, where we see snow on the ground.

UNCANNY X-MEN #469 (14-22)

One day. This segment must occur after XCAL4 4 (1-14), probably occurs after UX 468 (19-21), and perhaps occurs before DS2

1. Doc Samson (with two good eyes) comes to the Institute for a session with Rachel and gets upset when he learns that O*N*E

is monitoring their session. Samson talks to Val about the X-Men's post-traumatic stress and recommends that Rachel see a

psychiatrist off-campus, but Val cannot grant her leave. Paige rants to Sam about the feds' intrusion into the X-Men's lives.

They try to hack into government computers. Bishop has dinner with Val. Rachel has a talk with Scott, then sneaks out of the

Institute's grounds. Bare trees and snow at Westchester. Full moon.


It is probably the day after NX 21 (5-21), since we see a Daily Bugle headline about Stryker's calling for mutant internment.

Peter Parker is still mourning the loss of his HOM family and cannot talk about it with M.J. Pietro is down and out and

mourning the loss of his powers. Seeking a place where he can regain a life, he sends a signal to the Inhumans. He tries to help a

mutant being attacked, but he proves ineffectual. Spidey shows up and saves the day, then he reams out Pietro. Feeling suicidal,

Pietro jumps off a building and hits the ground. As Spidey arrives at his side, Crystal and Lockjaw show up. Full moon.

SON OF M #2 (1-6)

The same night as SOM 1. It is "days" before SOM 2 (7-22). Lockjaw teleports Crystal and the injured Pietro to Attilan, where

a healer tends to him. Crystal has a brief discussion with her family about Pietro.


The night of the day after PUN7 19 (4-22). As Cavella and Gazzera wait, the Mafia bosses meet to consider Nicky's proposal.

Tony Pizzo and "Fat Mike" want to side with Nicky, but Joey Picardi, doesn't like making Nicky the leader. Joey comes out of

the room to go to the bathroom and tells Nicky he's not going to vote for him. Teresa goes into the bathroom, kills Joey, and

hauls off the corpse. The other mobsters agree to Nicky's plan. Cavella tells them to go home and wait for word from him in the

morning about what to do next.

Wednesday, July 8


The "morning" after UX 469 (14-22). Logan visits Ororo in Africa. Sam has fun evading a Sentinel. Val realizes that Rachel is

gone and that an image inducer has been tricking O*N*E into thinking she's there. Accompanied by a Sentinel, Bishop checks in

on District X and touches base with Charlotte Jones. Rachel visits a psychiatrist in Chicago. Detecting Rachel's presence away

from her teammates, the Sh'ar Death Commandos break out of their Manhattan prison. They run into Bishop, but despite his

efforts to stop them, the Commandos abscond with Jones and teleport themselves to Rachel. We see green grass, green and bare

trees, patches of snow on rooftops, and coats and jackets at Westchester.


The same day as UX 470. This story occurs a "week" before UX 472. It occurs before XCAL4 6 and must occur before the 198

are granted permission to leave the Institute grounds in X:198 3 (4-14). In Africa, Ororo and Logan resolve to stop the

recruitment of children for a warlord's army. As Rachel battles the Death Commandoes, Kurt, Val, Sam, Betsy, and Bishop take

an X-jet to Chicago, accompanied by a Sentinel. The X-Men beat back the alien strike force and a Shi'ar ship in orbit above

earth fires a death ray at Chicago to slay Rachel. Rachel and Betsy deflect the beam back to the Shi'ar ship. Rachel is grounded,

and she vows not to wreak lethal vengeance to honor her mother.

PUNISHER v7 #21 (1-9)

The day after PUN7 20. Having escaped prison, O'Brien shows up at Roth's apartment and asks Roth to use his internet hacking

skills to create a new identity for her so she can flee the country. She then notices a newspaper on Roth's table, which features

pictures of the Punisher and the disturbed grave of his family. She starts watching the news coverage of the event on TV and

feels sympathy for the Punisher. Roth, upon cracking some CIA databases for O'Brien, finds out that her ex-husband, Rawlins,

is in town. O'Brien immediately changes her plans; instead of fleeing the country, she now wants to kill her ex-husband.

PUNISHER v7 #43 - FB (17:1)

The same day as PUN7 21 (1-9). The Punisher kills a Russian mobster and his thugs.

PUNISHER v7 #21 (10-22)

The same day as PUN7 43-FB (17:1). Frank kills all save one of his thugs. The survivor tells the police that the Punisher told him to give a message: bury his family again if they want the carnage to stop. The city says it will not yield into Frank's demands since the bodies of Frank's family are now part of a criminal investigation, but city officials become quiet as the bodies continue to pile up. At Nicky Cavella's place, he and the other mobsters go over their plan. Nicky explains that Frank is going on a killing spree to get the city to re-bury his family, that way he can get his head clear and back in the game before coming after Nicky himself. Just then, into the room walks Rawlins, an old friend who Nicky is shocked to see.

GENERATION M #1 (13-17)

One day, "a few years" after GENM 1-FB (16:2). GENM 1-FB (13-14) is referred to as having occurred "the other day." It is

before XCAL4 9-FB (4:2) and "weeks" before GENM 5 (1-4). Sally follows a lead for a story that brings her to Midtown

Hospital, where she sees the unconscious Chamber hooked up to life support. Sally goes home and gets her report in "by eleven"

for press "in an hour."


One day, "ten days" after TB2 10, "days" after HOM 8,"four days" before TB2 12 (19-22), and "six weeks" before TB2 13. This

segment probably occurs after NW3 6 and FOES 6 and before C&DP 25-FB (1/2:2) and IHM:MI 1/2 (1-4). When the T-Bolts

are spotted, Killgrave sends a bunch of his pawns after them; they include Justice, Firestar, the new female Dr. Spectrum,

Vulture, Iron Man, Wizard, Namorita, Nova, Spider-Woman, and Human Torch. Atlas arrives on the scene, his sentient energy

having formed a new body. The T-Bolts escape to their makeshift base in an abandoned subway tunnel, cloaked from detection

by Genis. Here Abe is still recovering from his wounds from TB2 10. Joystick infiltrates the Baxter Building, fends off the

controlled FF, and makes off with a chemical analyzer that will help the T-Bolts break down the water toxin. Genis discovers

that Killgrave is using the Overmind to monitor the thoughts of everyone in Manhattan. Melissa confronts Erik about the attack

on Genis and believes that Killgrave was behind it. The T-Bolts attack Killgrave, who is tended by Captain America and Spider-

Woman. Genis transforms his costume and fries Killgrave's brain before they can discover who helped Killgrave by opening

spatial rifts to communicate his orders.

TOXIN #1 (1-17)

One day, after VVC 4 and A4 6. Mr. Hyde may appear here after YA 8 and before his BTS battle with the New Thunderbolts

between TB2 12 (19-22) and TB2 13. Pat Mulligan tells policeman Meadows about his bond with Toxin. At Ryker's Prison,

Mulligan grills inmate Mr. Hyde about King Cobra, a Raft escapee who Mulligan is after. Hyde gives Mulligan a piece of

Cobra's molted skin and with it, Mulligan tracks down Cobra. Toxin battles and defeats Cobra. We see both green and bare

trees, green grass, blowing leaves, and coats and jackets in New York. Full moon.


One night. Invincible pops into Earth-616 and ends up helping Spidey (in classic costume design, perhaps generated by version

2.0 of his new costume) battle Dr. Octopus, who's in a lab coat. The New Avengers (Cap, Iron Man, Cage, Sentry, Spider-

Woman, and Logan) appear at Avengers Tower, where May and M.J. reside. Iron Man notes that it's been a while since the team

did "something even remotely cosmic," and he refers to the Kang War in that context. Invincible severs Doc Ock's arms before

leaving Earth-616. Green trees in New York.

Thursday, July 9

TOXIN #1 (18-23)

The day after TOXIN 1 (1-17). After leaving Cobra to the police, Mulligan encounters Spider-Man, who asks him to help track

down Razorfist. Razorfist slays a bunch of lowlifes to claim a hideout. We see autumn colors and falling leaves in New York.

GENERATION M #1 (18-19:2)

The day after GENM 1 (13-17). At "a quarter to twelve," Sally's editor calls to tell her that her article is very popular. He gives

her a regular column. She comes into work and sees her printed article about Chamber.


One day during the "week" after HOM 8 (11-19). As a O*N*E Sentinel stands vigil at the Institute, Beast wonders where all the

mutant energy went on M-Day.


One day, probably shortly after XCAL4 5. This story must occur after UX 471. A doctor checks on Rachel and wonders how

she survived being dead for 93 minutes. Excalibur settles in to their new digs at the Lake House. Sage checks in on the X-Men's

battle in Chicago and tries to find info on Albion and Lionheart. Distraught over the loss of his family on M-Day, Colin Hardy

destroys a London railway station and Brian, Cain, Alison, and Talia tend to rescue efforts. Brian and Alison go to assist

Wisdom with the transfer of the evil X-Men from Wormwood Scrubs Prison, but they are surprised and subdued by Black Tom,

posing as the prison warden. The Shadow Xavier seizes Sage, and Cain and Talia are buried in a trap at the railway station.


The same day as XCAL4 6. Cain and Talia emerge from the rubble. Brian, Alison, and Wisdom turn the tables on Tom and

Scicluna. Sage shoots Shadow Xavier, and when Cain and Talia arrive, Tom makes a run for it. Scicluna is retrieved by Black

Air and they leave with the evil X-Men except the dead Shadow Xavier, abandoning Tom in the process. Cain catches up with

Tom, who takes a hostage. Cain negotiates the situation and gets Tom to give up. Green trees in England.

X-MEN: THE 198 #3 (4-14)

One day during the "week" after X 179. This segment must occur after UX 471. Val Cooper announces to the mutants at the

Institute that they are free to leave the grounds as long as they agree to have tracking devices inserted beneath their skin. Some

of the crowd doesn't react favorably. Amara gets irrationally ticked at Empath. Lorelei and Mr. M get together. Jazz catches

Johnny D making a mini-clone of him. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


One day. Spider-Man and Iceman battle and defeat Sandman in Central Park, as noted in ASMU2 14/2.


Probably the day after M/TU3 14. Sanitation worker Artie spends the day cleaning up the messes left by Spidey's "all-out battle

with Doc Ock," the thwarting of a robbery, and an apparent battle with Sandman involving Iceman. That night, Spidey (in

classic costume design) saves Artie from a mugging and leaves Artie an "X-Mas" present in appreciation for all his work. Artie's

been stockpiling weapons he's recovered from the sites of super-hero skirmishes. We see Christmas season trimmings, coats,

frozen breath, bare trees, and snow flurries in New York, but these references may be topical.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #13 (7-22)

One day, "two days" after AAF 13 (1-6). It may be the day after M/TU3 14 - A radio report notes, "...in close pursuit, until both

Spider-Man and the tentacled man, Dr. Octopus, escaped into the maze of tunnels below New York's Grand Central Station" -

this presumably is a news report to an event that happened today or yesterday - perhaps describing a nighttime chase that

immediately preceded M/TU 14. Vegas arrives in Austin, Texas to visit old girlfriend Meg Lantry. He tells Meg that the

Renegades killed his sister and that he wants revenge. Sergeant Harlan Stone of the Texas Rangers (aka Tombstone II) is at

Meg's house and takes Vegas away in his car to arrest him. On the way to the police station, Tombstone explains the difference

between "Anomalitos" and "Anomalocos" and introduces Vegas to a girl named Electrisha, who's out walking the street. Shortly

after, Vegas breaks out of the car and escapes to an abandoned warehouse where the Renegades used to meet. Inside he finds

Padre, a Renegade arsonist whose powers make him immune to fire. Tombstone breaks into the place behind Vegas and Padre

sets the place on fire.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #14 (1-12)

The same day as AAF2 13 (7-22). Vegas has a vision that Meg is in a car wreck and wakes up to find he's still alive with the

warehouse burning down around him. He escapes, leaving Tombstone behind, and heads to the local hospital to find his

suspicions confirmed - Meg was indeed in a car wreck, and is there in the hospital. Vegas figures out that he received

luck/probability super powers from the explosion at Jane's lab. Meg's bad luck of being in a car wreck helped give him good

luck to escape the fire. Vegas goes to a diner to think over his next move. He thinks how unlucky he is to not have any money to

buy anything, but just then, the waitress takes pity on him and buys him a cup of coffee. He realizes he can't control these

newfound powers at all. Padre walks into the diner and knocks Vegas unconscious.


The day after PUN7 21 (10-22). Punisher wakes up in his van after having a nightmare in which he killed everyone on the planet. Meanwhile, Rawlins tells Nicky that he's hunting the Punisher and that he wants to team up with Nicky. They come to an agreement - Rawlins will help Nicky kill the Punisher and then he'll disappear and leave Nicky alone to run the Mafia empire. They concoct a plan to use Nicky as bait to draw the Punisher out. The mayor of NYC confers with his top aides about what to

do about the Punisher. They decide to re-bury the Castle family quickly and hope that the Punisher and Cavella kill each other in

the coming battle. Then they hold a press conference to announce they are re-burying the bodies. After listening to the press

conference, Frank decides it's time to go after Nicky, even though he knows it's a suicide run. He goes to Tony Pizzo's diner to

see if Nicky is there. Meanwhile, Roth and O'Brien are on a stakeout outside of Cavella's hideout. Rawlins tells Nicky to sit

outside the diner and he'll wait on a nearby rooftop to snipe the Punisher as he pulls up. A short time later, the Punisher pulls

up. He steps out of his van and prepares to shoot Nicky, but O'Brien shoots Nicky first with the sniper gun. She yells at Frank

to go.

PUNISHER v7 #23 (1-11)

The same night as PUN7 22. Teresa knocks Frank down with a shotgun blast to the chest. O'Brien fires a few more shots at

Teresa and Nicky's men before turning around and throwing Rawlins' unconscious body in the trunk of Roth's car. Before

Teresa and the other mafia goons can finish off Frank, O'Brien and Roth speed around and pick up Frank and drive off. Nicky,

whose bullet-proof vest saved him, gets in a car with Teresa and they start following the others. Frank, O'Brien, and Roth head

back to Roth's place. They tie Rawlins up in a chair in the pantry and start interrogating him. He at first doesn't want to talk, but

O'Brien leaves him alone with Frank. Outside, Nicky and Teresa stake out the place and wait for Pizzo and the other remaining

goons to arrive before they launch an attack.

Friday, July 10

PUNISHER v7 #23 (12-22)

The early morning after PUN7 23 (1-11). This segment occurs "18 months" after PUN7 6 and during the "year" after PUN7 18.

After interrogating Rawlins, Frank explains that Rawlins is a CIA agent who teamed up with Nicky because the army generals

ordered him to do it. Roth suggests they videotape Rawlins' confessions and use it to blackmail the generals into leaving all of

them alone. Frank agrees to the plan. Later on, O'Brien and Frank hop into the sack together. Meanwhile, outside, Nicky gets a

phone call from Pizzo saying they're too scared to come and help them attack the Punisher. Nicky leaves Teresa to watch Roth's

place and drives off to have a talk with Tony and the others. Teresa decides not to wait for the others, sneaks inside, and prepares

to attack Frank and O'Brien, who are asleep in bed together. O'Brien will be "thirty-nine in December."


The same day as PUN7 23 (12-22). It is a school day, "not long," but more than "two weeks," before PUN7 25 (1-12). Teresa

attacks and wounds O'Brien and Frank, but the two get the upper hand on her and kill her. Meanwhile, Nicky has a talk with

Pizzo and the other remaining Mafia men, all of whom tell Nicky that they're tired of taking orders from him. Frank realizes

they're pressed for time and videotape Rawlins confessing to crimes he's committed for the CIA. After he confesses to

orchestrating the hijacking of the plane, O'Brien decides she wants to videotape him confessing to other crimes, so O'Brien and

Frank decide to make a copy of this tape and come back and film Rawlins some more. They leave Roth alone with Rawlins, and

step outside. They don't get far down the street when they see Cavella drive by. Nicky spots them and they shoot out his tires.

Nicky jumps out of his car and takes a kid hostage. Frank gets Nicky to accept defeat and let the hostage go. Frank and O'Brien

run back up to Roth's apartment to find Roth dead and Rawlins missing. Frank tells O'Brien she needs to disappear before the

police come and they go their separate ways. Later, Frank drives Cavella out into the New York countryside and marches him at

gunpoint into the woods. Frank shoots Nicky in the stomach, leaving him to bleed to death where no one can hear his cries for

help. There is a light amount of snow on the ground and we see folks in coats and hats.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #14 (13-17)

The morning after AAF2 14 (1-12). Vegas wakes up handcuffed in the back of the Padre's car driving down the road as Padre

sets the car on fire. Padre tells Vegas that Jane is still alive and that Suicide King is holding her hostage. Vegas activates his

powers and escapes. He then causes Padre to run into an oilrig along the side of the road. The oilrig and the Padre's car


SHE-HULK v4 #14 - FB (14:4)

One day, probably before SH4 1. Awesome Andy escorts Mallory Book (who's on crutches) to work at the newly rebuilt



One day, "late last week" before MSM2 1. Carol Danvers quits her job at the DHS.

SON OF M #2 (7-22)

One day, "days" after SOM 2 (1-6). Luna says she's "six years old," but it must be much more than six years after FF 240. Luna

gives her healed father a one-of-a-kind crystal and takes him to Videmus, a blind Inhuman who allows Luna to see images of

earth through Pietro's mind. Quicksilver petitions Black Bolt to undergo terrigenesis so he can regain power, but Pietro's

request is denied. Pietro consults Videmus, who gives him details about the cavern holding the Terrigen Mists. Pietro uses this

information to sneak into the chamber, and after he emerges from the mists, he encounters a duplicate of himself.

SON OF M #3 (1-9)

The same day as SOM 2 (7-22). Pietro's duplicate says that the mists have returned Pietro's powers in a different form - Pietro

can now use his body's quickly vibrating atoms to shift forward in time for brief periods. Pietro discovers that he's shifted

"fourteen days" into the future and that the duplicate is himself. The future self gives Pietro Luna's crystal and tells him that he

must get another exposure to the Terrigen Mists. Pietro shunts back to the present and stores the crystal from the future with the

one from the present. The Inhumans, alarmed by the break-in at the sacred cavern, suspect Pietro and insist that he be

accompanied at all times outside his apartment. Pietro would like to reconcile with Crystal, but Crystal is unsure. Pietro then

moves forward "eight days" into the future and encounters a future self who tells him he must return to earth with Luna and use

the crystals from the sacred cave to restore the mutants.


One day. This story must occur after A4 15, since Sentry is an active member of the Avengers. It is unlikely the FF appear here

in the midst of FOES. The New Avengers and the Fantastic Four recover a Kree ship discovered in Louisiana by the US military.

It's been there for thousands of years, and they bring it back to "Avengers Tower" (which has no Watchtower spires). When they

crack it open, Kree soldiers are revived from suspended animation and attack them. The Kree think that the heroes are Skrulls,

until Iron Man uses a translation program to explain that the Kree-Skrull War ended while they were in suspended animation.

The Kree leave, threatening to one day add Earth to the Kree empire. SHIELD is referenced, but there is no indication was given

of who's in charge. Wolvie's costume here has the gold diamonds on the legs, as in W3 20-27, GAM4 5-6, and SENTRY2 1 (1-


X-MEN: THE 198 #3 (15-22)

The day after X:198 3 (4-14). A group of mutants get the tracers implanted then Reyes takes them into Salem Center for three

hours of R&R. Mammomax gets into a scuffle with some locals and the O*N*E zap him via the tracer. When the gang boards

the O*N*E vehicle to head back to the Institute, Jazz is missing. While scoring some drugs, Jazz is killed through Johnny D's

mini-clone and Reyes discovers his body. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

X-MEN: THE 198 #4 (1-14)

The same night as X:198 3 (15-22). Beast concludes that Jazz was strangled, but the 198 are convinced that the implanted tag

killed Jazz. Val argues with General Lazer about the tags. When Erg encourages the 198 to rise up against O*N*E, he's zapped

by his tag. As tensions mount, Mr. M arrives on the scene and removes the implanted tags from those mutants with them.

Mercator invites the 198 to join him and Lorelei when they leave the Institute "in the morning." Johnny D flushes his doll of

Jazz down the toilet, then he meets Leech and learns of his power.


Probably the day after TOXIN 2 (1-8). Jim Mulligan tries to get Meadows to tell him where his son Pat is, but Meadows doesn't

say. Toxin is distracted from his hunt for Razorfist by a store robbery. Razorfist welcomes a new teen, Anton, to his flock; he's

given a task of washing bandages "by Tuesday." The blood on the bandages leads Pat to Anton, who leads Pat to Razorfist's

place. As Pat faces Razorfist, he finds himself unable to transform into Toxin. This story occurs during the school year, although

this isn't necessarily a school day. Green trees in New York.

TOXIN #3 (1-11)

The same night as TOXIN 2. It is generally "six months" and specifically "six months, two weeks, three days, five hours" after

A4 2 (5-18). Pat turns into Toxin and frightens Razorfist into fleeing. Razorfist slashes follower Lulu while dashing off and

Toxin takes the injured teen to the hospital. The Answer robs a bank and Pat learns of it in a TV news report. Pat grapples with

defining bad guys for Toxin. Green trees in New York.

Saturday, July 11

X-MEN: THE 198 #4 (15-22)

The early "morning" after X:198 4 (1-14) - probably before sunrise as it's still dark. Mr. M leads a group of mutants out of the

Institute. The group includes Amara, who argues with Manuel about her decision to follow Mercator. After "hours" of walking,

Mercator's group is met by a group of X-Men (Scott, Emma, Hank, Bobby, Kitty, Kurt) who intend to bring them back to the


X-MEN: THE 198 #5 (1-20)

The same early morning as X:198 4 (15-22). As Mercator and his group battle the X-Men and the Sentinels, Johnny D offers

General Lazer his assistance in killing Mr. M. D uses his power to force Leech to take away Mercator's power and Amara to

incinerate the powerless Mr. M. Magma suspects that Empath made her kill Mercator. The escapees are returned to the Institute

and Johnny D is in Lazer's good graces. Lorelei and Leech keep vigil at Mercator's casket. Green trees in New York. Full


SON OF M #3 (10-13)

The day after SOM 3 (1-9). It is "two days" before SOM 3 (14-18). Quicksilver finds Crystal with her gardener, Jolen, and

becomes jealous. Pietro attacks Jolen and Jolen subdues Pietro. Crystal admonishes Pietro.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #14 (18-22)

The day after AAF2 14 (13-17). Vegas returns to Austin and visits Meg in the hospital. He encounters Tombstone, who says

Vegas did good work in defeating Padre, who apparently is in the hospital and under arrest. Tombstone says that the other

Renegades have left the state, setting them outside of his jurisdiction. He offers to set Vegas up as a bounty hunter and Vegas

accepts. A short time later, Vegas rides off into the sunset on a quest to save Jane from the rest of the Renegades.

SHE-HULK v4 #20 - FB (10:5)

One day, just before S-H4 1. Holden Holloway leaves Artie Zix in charge of GLK&H while he goes in search of Southpaw.


One day, probably after A4 15. This story must occur out of sequence with other issues of W3, probably before W3 36. After

Logan accepts a job that T'Challa requested the Avengers to do, he finds himself in Africa, dropped off by T'Challa in the

country of Zwartheid, a neighbor of Wakanda. Logan goes to the slain president's home, picks up his baby daughter and

smuggles her out of Zwartheid past the forces of General Lago.

GLA #2 - FB (5-7)

One day. Seeking to transform reality, Maelstrom hires Batroc, Machete, and Zaran (who must have escaped the authorities after

TB2 8) to steal an object. With Mr. Immortal still having lost it and Big Bertha never around, Flatman and Doorman decide to

go to New York to recruit new members.


One day, "some time" before ASMU2 15. After Ethan's brother robs a store, Ethan locks him out of the car so he can't get away.

Spidey arrives and nabs Ethan's brother. Short-sleeve weather in New York.

TOXIN #3 (12-20)

Presumably the day after TOXIN 3 (1-11). Razorfist uses perfumes to throw Toxin off the scent. Pat checks on Lulu in the

hospital, then allows Toxin to savagely beat a cop-killer. He finds the Answer in a bar and tries to get advice from him about

how to manage Toxin. We see green and brown leaves on trees and jackets worn in New York. Full moon.

Sunday, July 12

X-MEN: THE 198 #5 (21-23)

The morning after X:198 5 (1-20). People awaken at the Institute to discover that Mr. M's corpse has changed into living


TOXIN #3 (21-22)

The morning after TOXIN 3 (12-20). This segment probably occurs before IHM:OL 1-FB. The Answer is back in Ryker's

Island prison and Pat follows his advice by jumping in front of a subway train.

TOXIN #4 (1-20)

The same day as TOXIN 3 (21-22). It is "two days" before TOXIN 4 (21-22). Toxin takes over Pat's body and saves him from

the train. Toxin tries to talk Pat out of suicide and Pat concludes that Toxin needs him to survive. Pat decides to use this

knowledge to try to control Toxin. That night, Wrecker and Piledriver break and enter the Museum of Modern Art to find

Wrecker's substitute crowbar in the foundation. They cause an explosion that reveals the crowbar. The police respond and cops

are killed and hurt in the melee that ensues. Pat and his father arrive on the scene and Toxin defeats the villains. Green trees in

New York.


One day, "a month" (more than three weeks) before PULSE 12. D-Man is arrested for vagrancy. The date on the police report,

"4/12/02," must be topical.

X-MEN v2 #180 (1-5)

One day. It may be three months, not"three weeks," before X 180 (6-11). As Alex prepares to leave the Institute, Scott chews

him out, then Alex leaves with Lorna. Bobby insists on going after them for fear of Alex having a clear run at Lorna, but Scott

orders him to stay and Emma reminds him that he still needs help with his powers. Bobby acquiesces. Leafy trees with blowing

leaves at Westchester.

NEW THUNDERBOLTS #12 (19:3-22)

One day, "four days" after TB2 12 (1-19). The T-Bolts restore Manhattan's water supply to normal. Abe pleads with Melissa to

stay on the team and she agrees, if she's made team leader. Genis tells Erik that he knows that his attack was his own doing, not

Killgrave's, but Genis agrees to keep Erik's secret. The defeated, catatonic Killgrave is sent back to prison by the man who was

controlling him all the while - Baron Zemo.

X-MEN v2 #187/2

One day, before U/SM 72/2 (1-6). Electro (in classic costume) shows up at Marvel offices to make Tom Brevoort pay for

portraying the villain as a wimp in a comic book. The Masked Marvel shows up and knocks out Electro.


One day. This story probably occurs before FNSM 1 (1-2). Iron Man's identity is not known. Spidey (in classic costume)

subdues four of the Sinister Six - Doc Ock, Hydro-Man, Boomerang, and Venom, but Sandman eludes capture. Electro is "on

his way to jail," perhaps following X 187/2. Iron Man arrives to summon Spidey to join the Avengers in going to Springfield to

check on an odd energy signature. When the heroes leave, Sandman shows up and frees his comrades so they can go to

Springfield to recruit the source of the energy. The Avengers (Cap, Iron Man, Spidey, Spider-Woman, and Logan) encounter

Harley, the energy source, in Springfield. The Sinister Six arrive to claim Harley, but she and the Avengers defeat the group.

The Avengers give Harley a communicard and leave. The head of Spaulding Enterprises, armed with a vial of Sandman, vows

payback at Stark. It is "two weeks" before "Thanksgiving," but this may be topical.


One day, "six months" before H3 100/2 (1-3). Somewhere in the American Southwest, Amadeus Cho talks with Agent Sexton

on the phone after his house has burned down. She says that "the enemy," not her organization, is responsible. Later that day,

Cho is attacked by a helicopter outside a diner where Bruce Banner is eating. Cho and the Hulk escape. They chat on top of a

mesa, and the Hulk leaps away. Cho calls Agent Sexton back.

NEW X-MEN v2 #22 (22-23)

One day, "seven days" after NX 22 (6-21). In New York, Stryker gathers his assassins for a mission.

GLA #2 - FB (8-22)

Probably the day after GLA 2-FB (5-7). This flashback probably occurs after Swordsman's appearance in TB 10 and probably before MK5 2-FB. According to GLXS 1/3, it is "summer." Falcon is growing mustache and goatee stubble here, probably a regrowth after having shaved it. In New York, Flatman and Doorman unsuccessfully offer membership to a bunch of heroes, including the Swordsman (who's at Thunderbolts headquarters), Wolverine, Spidey, Moon Knight, Daredevil, Energizer, Hercules, Nightcrawler, Iron Fist, Cage, Falcon, Cloak, Dagger, Shang-Chi, Tigra, Wonder Man, Black Bolt, Arana, and others. Squirrel Girl accepts and the three assist Grasshopper in fighting Batroc's Brigade. Grasshopper is killed and the villains escape with their heist. Green grass and trees in New York. Full moon.

Monday, July 13


One morning. Early one morning (before sunrise), Spidey (in classic costume) meets the Impossible Man. They see an alien named the Imperator land in Central Park and prepare for the merger of Earth's populace with the H'Mojen race. Spidey and Impy are bested by Imperator. Meanwhile, Reed, Sue, Franklin, and Valeria Richards enjoy a vacation. Soon after 7 AM, the injured Spidey shows up at the Baxter Building, where Ben and Johnny have breakfast. Ben calls the vacationing Reed and tells him Spidey's report on Imperator. Reed agrees to come right away. Ben and Johnny go to Central Park, where Imperator keeps them at bay while he summons the H'Mojen. Green grass and trees and short-sleeve weather in New York. Full moon.


The same day as SM&FF 1. Peter returns home (their Stark Tower apartment?) to M.J. and May, only to discover that the merging process with the H'Moj has affected them. The Richardses return from vacation and as the kids head to the Baxter Building, Reed and Sue join Ben and Johnny in Central Park, where they hold off people who are turning into H'mojen. They are joined by Spidey, and, unable to stop Imperator, they go to the Baxter Building to check on Alicia and the kids, who have not been affected. There they catch an alien broadcast informing the world of its fate. Spidey and Johnny go for help to the Sanctum Sanctorum, where they see that Strange and Wong have been affected. An affected Iron Man fights Warbird (in classic costume), an affected Cap fights Cage, and Sue and Ben are unsuccessful in stopping Imperator. Reed takes a one-man craft on a mission to see other worlds colonized by the H'Mojen, and appoints Spidey to take his place in the FF. Big bugs are sent to deal with the FF for conspiring against the merging. Green trees in New York.


The same day as SM&FF 2. Reed surveys worlds previously visited by the H'Mojen and gathers intel on the race. The rest of the FF and Spidey battle big bugs, then they go to Transia to enlist the aid of the Knights of Wundagore. There, they retrieve one of the High Evolutionary's gadgets, designed to maintain genetic integrity in a populace. The heroes then travel to Latveria to ask Doom's help in using the gadget. Doom duplicates the device and prepares to bounce several bursts from it off his satellite array. Ben, Sue, Johnny, and Spidey then confront the Imperator and Spidey coughs up a strange purple ooze.


The same day as SM&FF 3. Reed returns and belts the Imperator, who sets wild creatures against the heroes. The body conglomerate of the P'oppup'ian race shows up, having rebuilt itself from a single cell in Spidey, who inhaled the incinerated remains of the Impossible Man. Mayhem ensues as the conglomerate separates into many beings, the H'mojen parasites arrive, and the heroes learn the Surfer-like story of the Imperator. Evaluating the situation, Spidey comes up with a solution to the H'mojen's needs and the threat of the P'oppup'ian population explosion. Reed finds an uninhabited planet for both races to co-exist.


Perhaps the same day as SM&FF 4 (1-20). Franklin watches as the Fantastic Four (in their classic costumes, as in SM&FF) thank Spider-Man (in his classic costume, as in SM&FF) for his help in saving the day. Impressed by Spider-Man, Franklin grabs a device out of Reed's lab that reverses gravity. As Franklin walks on the ceiling the device overloads and creates a black hole in his bedroom. It shorts out and destroys itself just before his mom walks in.


Perhaps the same day as FR:WBW 1. Peter Parker catches up with M.J. and the Impossible Man returns to life. Green trees in New York.
GLA #3 - FB - FB (6:1-6:3)

The day after GLA 2-FB (8-22). As captured on amateur videotape, Doorman begs Captain Ultra to join the GLA to no avail.

GLA #3 - FB

The same day as GLA 3-FB-FB (6). While modeling, Big Bertha sees the videotape played on the TV news. Flatman and

Doorman show Squirrel Girl their headquarters and she meets a still-suicidal Mr. Immortal. Deathurge reports to Maelstrom.

While Flatman, Doorman, and Squirrel Girl investigate the theft of a chronal accelerator from the University of Wisconsin-

Milwaukee, someone dressed as Dr. Doom infiltrates GLA headquarters and kills Mr. Immortal and Monkey Joe. Even though

it's "July 13th," it's already dark in Wisconsin at "3:36 PM." Green grass and trees in Wisconsin.

GLA #4 - FB (2:2-15)

The same day as GLA 3-FB. Flatman, Doorman, and Squirrel Girl return to GLA headquarters at "4:29 PM" and see that Big

Bertha has subdued the Dr. Doom impersonator, who turns out to be a disgruntled Leather Boy. In squirrel form, Deathurge

comes to claim Monkey Joe and Mr. Immortal forces Deathurge to divulge Maelstrom's plans and Craig's true nature, that he's a

homo supreme. With that knowledge, Craig snaps out of his depression and assembles the team to go after Maelstrom. At "5:11

PM," the GLA arrives at the place where Maelstrom is finalizing his universe-obliterating machine. As the team battles Batroc's

Brigade, the machine activates and starts collapsing the universe. Quasar and Living Lightning appear in their Avengers space

station. Doorman dies. Green grass and trees in Milwaukee.

GLA #4 (2:1)

The same day as GLA 4-FB (2-15). At "5:27 PM" on "July 13th," Doorman exists in a dark afterlife.

GLA #4 (16-18)

The same day as GLA 4 (2:1). Doorman meets Oblivion, who has plans for him. Maelstrom's machine causes a vortex to

appear and heroes and villains alike are caught. At "5:28 PM," Mr. Immortal confronts Maelstrom and explains what kind of

hellish existence Maelstrom will have if his machine wipes out the universe. Craig tells Maelstrom that suicide is the way out

and that he'll do it first.

GLA #1 - FB (22:4)

The same day as GLA 4 (16-18). It must be much more than just "a couple weeks" after GLA 1-FB (16-22). Mr. Immortal puts

a gun to his head. It is "July 13th."

GLA #1

The same day as GLA 1-FB (22:4). It is "26 years" after GLA 1-FB (3) and must be 18 years after GLA 1-FB (5). Mr. Immortal

blows his brains out.

GLA #4 (19:1-19:2)

The same day as GLA 1. Maelstrom reacts to Craig's apparent suicide.

GLA #2

The same day as GLA 1. It must be much more than just "a couple weeks" after GLA 2-FB (1-4). Flatman appears to get sucked

into the vortex. It is "July 13th."

GLA #4 (19:3-22)

The same day as GLA 2. This story occurs before IHM:MI 1 (1-4). It is probably not "six frickin' months" (but perhaps six

weeks) before GLXS 1/5. Maelstrom blows his head off and Mr. Immortal revives and stops the machine. The day is saved,

Flatman survives, and Squirrel Girl adopts a new squirrel, Tippy-Toe. Doorman arrives as the new Deathurge and takes

Maelstrom away. Back at headquarters, the team decides to change their name under legal pressure from the Maria Stark

Foundation. When all team members reveal themselves to be mutants, Craig gets an idea. Green trees in Wisconsin.

SON OF M #3 (14-15)

One day, "two days" after SOM 3 (10-13). Pietro asks Luna to think about going to earth with him. He then travels "nine days"

into the future to appear in SOM 3 (16), then "twelve days" into the future to appear in SOM 3 (17-18).


One day, "some time" after ASTONX3 13-FB. Since Logan mentions the "buncha students gone," this story must occur after

parents retrieve many of them in HOM:DA 1 (32-38). This story can't occur after the last de-powered mutants leave, given that

it's noted here that the last time many of the students - not necessarily Gambit's class from X 171 (32-40) - were in the former

Danger Room was in ASTONX3 12; this means that this story must occur before NX 23 (5:1-5:2) and the Danger Room session

that day involving all the students. Logan has a training session with some of the still-powered students in the former Danger

Room. Agent Brand has an argument with SHIELD Director Hill on the Helicarrier. After Kitty has a bad daydream, Peter

kisses her. Emma secretly meets with a manifestation of the new Hellfire Club, then tries to entice Scott by assuming Jean's

form. Green grass and trees and some falling leaves at Westchester.

ASTONISHING X-MEN v3 #14 (1-20:1)

The same day as ASTONX3 13. Emma confronts Scott about his inner feelings regarding Jean, his relationship to Xavier, and

his self-doubt. Agent Brand learns that precogs are predicting that an X-Man will soon destroy Ord's world. Peter and Kitty

have sex for the first time.

MS. MARVEL v2 #1 - FB (8:2-9:1, 9:3-10:1, 10:3-11:1)

One "morning." Carol is noting has having quit her DHS job "late last week." Ms. Marvel flies past Stark Tower (which has the

Watchtower spires) and meets with publicist Sarah Day, who represents Cap, the FF, and the Astonishing X-Men. Day suggests

that Carol do a piece on the TV show, "Super Powers."

MS. MARVEL v2 #1 - FB (2-6:1, 6:5, 7:5)

The same day as MSM2 1-FB (10-11). Ms. Marvel foils an armored car heist by Stilt-Man, who may appear here after getting

out of jail where he was seen in ASMU2 12 (11:4-11:5). Green grass and trees in New York.

MS. MARVEL v2 #1 (2-13)

The same day as MSM2 1-FB (7:5). A4 15-FB is referred to as having occurred "the other day." Jessica (whose pregnancy is

not visible) notes that Carol was an Avenger "not even six months ago"; this may be a clue that A:FINALE was less than six

months ago, but that probably isn't right. Carol Danvers talks with Jessica Jones at a restaurant about her decision to commit

herself to being the best super-hero she can be. It's hard to tell if Jessica is pregnant or not.

SHE-HULK v4 #1

One "Monday," "a year" after S-H3 1 (14-22) and "eight months" after S-H3 12 (20-22). This story must occur after YA 12 (18-

24) and probably before IHM:OL 1 (6-15), after S-H4 14-FB (14:4), and just after S-H4 20-FB (10:5). It is within "a year or so" after A3 75. Jen changes to She-Hulk now with the aid of a gamma-charger on her left hand. While jogging, Jen takes out a mugger. Cap and Spider-Woman offer her a place in the New Avengers ("there's a spot on the team") and she decides to think about it. Jen reports for her "first day back at the office" in the rebuilt Timely Plaza headquarters of GLK&H. There, she's assigned to defend Charles Czarkowski, who traveled back in time to shoot his would-be murderer in the back. Jen and Pug are unable to consult the firm's destroyed comic collection and have to rely on recent fictionalized accounts, including those of the Young Avengers. Jen discovers that Holliway is gone and that Mr. Zix has been appointed to take his place. Meanwhile, Mallory defends Boomerang and Ox II against prosecution by the DA's office regarding a bust by Stature and the new Vision. Jen changes to She-Hulk and fights the villains, then attends a therapy session with Doc Samson (who has two good eyes). The TVA is brought in to help with the jury selection for the Cazrkowski case because impartial jurors can only be found from a time before the well-publicized killing. One of the jurors is Clint Barton, plucked from sometime before A 500. Jen is determined to keep Hawkeye from going back. Green grass and trees in New York.

SHE-HULK v4 #2 (1-3)

The same night as S-H4 1. Clint Barton sneaks out of the jurors' hotel and plays Hawkeye, defeating a number of perps,

including Whirlwind. She-Hulk goes to bed with John Jameson. Full moon.

MS. MARVEL v2 #2 - FB

The same night as MSM2 1 (2-13). Sarah Day watches a promo for the episode of "Super Powers" about Carol scheduled to air

"next week." An hour later, a Brood spaceship is attacked by Cru and some of the Brood flee to escape pods that plummet to

earth an hour after that.

Ms. MARVEL v2 #1 (14-22)

The same night as MSM2 2-FB. Ms. Marvel goes out on patrol and sees a UFO. She calls Cap, who's busy fighting Hydra

agents with Sharon Carter in South America. Carol follows the UFO to a Georgia town, where she is struck by a beam from the

wreckage. When she comes to, she sees the Brood destroying the town. It is warm enough in New York for outdoor dining and

light clothing.

MS. MARVEL v2 #2

The same night as MSM2 1 (14-22). Carol battles the Brood, then Cru arrives. Seeing Cru as a threat, Carol blows its head off,

but it grows back. Cru rips images out of Carol's mind and tosses her aside. Carol interrogates a Brood, who tells her that Cru is

hunting the Brood to near extinction and that the Brood were attempting to set Cru up to destroy itself with cavorite crystals on

earth. Carol flies to McCord Air Force Base, where the government has stockpiled cavorite crystals. There, she encounters Cru,

who already has a crystal, and everything goes white.

MS. MARVEL v2 #3 (1-15)

The same night as MSM2 2. It is "several weeks" before MM2 9 and "several months" before MSM2 21 and 22. Spaulding, Georgia becomes a crater. Above the earth, Cru stabs Carol's right arm and they battle. Carol blows Cru to bits, and lands back on earth, where she blacks out with a strange substance on her arm.

Tuesday, July 14

ASTONISHING X-MEN v3 #14 (20:2-23)

The morning after ASTONX3 14 (1-20). This segment must occur before NX 23 (5:1-5:2). Peter and Kitty get up and Logan

can tell what's happened with them. Hank faces a manifestation of Cassandra Nova. Scott awakens to find that his eye beams

are gone.

ASTONISHING X-MEN v3 #15 (1-10)

The same day as ASTONX3 14 (20-23). Emma, through a manifestation of Cassandra Nova, turns Beast into a beast and Logan

into a frightened boy. Peter takes the catatonic Scott to the med lab, where he battles a manifestation of Sebastian Shaw. Kitty

encounters a manifestation of Nagasonic Teenage Warhead, who turns Kitty into a ghost who phases through the basement.


The same day as ASTONX3 15 (1-10). As Scott lies on a med table, he sees Colossus fighting nothing.

ASTONISHING X-MEN v3 #15 (11-23)

The same day as ASTONX3 18-FB. In his own mind, Colossus battles a manifestation of Sebastian Shaw and loses. One of the

mutant students battles the bestial Beast, who chases after Logan. Beneath the Institute, Kitty solidifies and vows retribution.

On the Peak, SWORD's orbital HQ, Danger pays the captive Ord a visit and tells him of the mutant destined to destroy his



The same day as ASTONX3 15. Ord escapes from the Peak and hops aboard a shuttle piloted by Danger. Emma, through "the

Hellfire Club," tries to gain access to Stuff, the organic prison of Cassandra Nova at the Institute's basement. Kitty returns to the

Institute and phases Emma into a subterranean cavern and forces her to identify her "associates." Leaving Emma underground,

Kitty returns to the Institute, only to be assaulted by Perfection, an evil manifestation of Emma created in Emma's psyche by

Cassandra. Agent Brand destroys Ord's shuttle, but Ord escapes with the assistance of Danger. It appears that he was trying to

kill himself, perhaps because the mutant destined to destroy Breakworld is the mutant he brought back to life - Colossus. Green

grass and trees at Westchester.


The same day as ASTONX3 16. Agent Brand sees Ord escaping with Danger. Emma messes with Kitty's mind and tricks her

into releasing Cassandra from her prison. Ord and Danger blast into the Institute, looking for Colossus. Emma is shot by the de-

powered Cyclops. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


The same day as ASTONX3 17. Beast is freed from his bestial state. Scott shoots the psychic manifestations of the Hellfire

Club. The recovered Logan and Hisako battle and immobilize Ord and Danger. Kitty fetches the real Emma from underground

and discover that Cassandra's been manipulating Emma. Cassandra shows up and as Scott tries to get Emma to stop her, Ord

and Danger break free and attack. Just then, Agent Brand and SWORD teleport everyone to a vessel bound for Breakworld.

Green grass and trees at Westchester.


The same day as ASTONX3 18. Brand gets everyone to stand down and Danger gets a virus. On the way to his cell, Ord sends a

message to Breakworld's ruler Kruun that he's aboard a vessel with Colossus heading for Breakworld, which is "more than a day

away." Kruun sends warships to intercept the SWORD vessel. Scott still can't access his powers and Emma's mind is mending

from the assault by Cassandra Nova. Kitty talks to Peter about the fantasy she experienced under Nova's control. Brand outlines

her plan for the X-Men to help her disable an earth-shattering missile on a moon of Breakworld. The Breakworld armada arrives

and starts blasting the SWORD vessel.


The same day as ASTONX3 19. Brand creates a diversion that allows the heroes to divide into two groups and deploy to

Breakworld, where they plan to reconnoiter and destroy the missile. Colossus and Kitty end up crash-landing on the planet, and

Kitty phases them both below ground. Hisako's armor protects her from the crash, but Logan's face is burned away. Scott,

Emma, Hank, and Brand land in a separate group and encounter a large wall mural depicting Colossus as a world-killer. Hisako

mentions that she has a chemistry test "on Wednesday."


The same day as ASTONX3 20. The X-Men and Brand split up to try to destroy the missile. Kitty and Peter encounter Aghanne, who believes that the prophecy involving Peter may be misinterpreted, then Kitty and Peter retire to the boudoir. Brand and Beast are beset by a "snowstrike." Danger attacks Emma and Scott, and after Scott is badly injured, Emma tells Danger to kill her.

ASTONISHING X-MEN v3 #22 (1-18)

The same day as ASTONX3 21. Emma dares Danger to kill her and confirms her suspicion that Danger cannot kill the X-Men. The X-Men reconnoiter, and Brand tells Kitty that Lockheed has been working for SWORD since Kitty rejoined the X-Men. ASTONISHING X-MEN v3 #22 (19) ~ ASTONISHING X-MEN v3 #23 - FB

The same day as ASTONX3 22 (1-18). Knowing that Kruun is spying on them, the X-Men play act at making a plan, all the while telepathically setting into motion a plan involving setting Scott up as a decoy to get close to Kruun through a red herring ace in the hole" called Leviathan.

ASTONISHING X-MEN v3 #22 (20-23)

The same day as ASTONX3 22 (19). The X-Men go after the missile, and Scott takes off in a spacecraft to distract the warships guarding the weapon. Scott's ship is blasted and he floats into space.


The same day as ASTONX3 22 (20-23). As planned, Kruun revives Scott, demanding to know about the Leviathan. Logan and Hisako battle Kruun's fighters and get captured according to plan. Beast and Brand examine the prophetic rock. Colossus and Kitty reach Aghanne. With Emma's help, Scott reveals the X-Men's plan to Kruun and blasts him with eye beams he only pretended to lose.


The same day as ASTONX3 23.

SON OF M #3 (19-22)

The day after SOM 3 (14-15). It is "eleven days" before SOM 3 (17-18). Secretly carrying the crystals in a case, Pietro goes to

Luna and convinces her to use Lockjaw to transport them to earth. Pietro has Luna send Lockjaw back, then Pietro exposes Luna

to the Terrigen crystals.

SON OF M #4 (1-6)

The same day as SOM 3 (19-22). Luna is referred to as being "six years old," but it must be more than just six years after FF

240. Luna gains the ability to see into people's souls and she sees a dark spot inside her father. Crystal chastises Lockjaw for

delivering Luna to Earth, but Crystal's family refuses to pursue Pietro and Luna.

SHE-HULK v4 #2 (4-20)

The day after S-H4 2 (1-3). It is "twenty-two days" after S-H4 2 (21) and a "year" after S-H3 12 (1-19). Awesome Andy heads

out on "a secret mission." During Czarkowski's trial, Jen tries to warn Clint of his fate and she and Pug discover that all the

jurors were transported from a year ago, shortly before their deaths. Czarkowski summons a robot from the past and the trial is

disrupted as She-Hulk, joined by Hawkeye, defeat the robot. The judge declares a mistrial and when all the jurors are sent back

to their own times, Jen manages to have Clint take back half of her warning note. Czarkowski escapes to his lab, uses a

scrambler to hide is identity, and sends a warning message back to himself in the past. When he sees his reflection, he realizes

that it was he who shot himself. To prevent a paradox, Justice Peace sends Czarkowski back to be shot by himself.

SHE-HULK v4 #2 (22)

The same day as S-H4 2 (4-20). Justices Peace and Love arrest She-Hulk for tampering with a time trial and whisk her away.

SHE-HULK v4 #3

The same day as S-H4 2 (22). Assuming Razorback appears here from the present, then this story occurs "not too long" after S-

H4 3-FB (21-22). She-Hulk is convicted of tampering with time and attends a sentencing hearing in which a multitude of heroes

are brought in from the past in her defense. A villain from the future named Clockwise wreaks havoc on the proceedings and

She-Hulk defeats him. Determining her to be an irreplaceable being, the TVA decides not to give She-Hulk the maximum

punishment - erasure from history. Instead, they decide to remand into her custody a prisoner of her choice from the time cells

to make room for Clockwise. Jen makes her choice.

TOXIN #4 (21-22)

One day, "two days" after TOXIN 4 (1-20). It is the week before TOXIN 5 (4:4). Toxin helps Pat change shape so that he can

interact with his wife and baby son in the park without their knowing who he is. Green grass and trees, blowing leaves, and long

sleeves in New York.

MS. MARVEL v2 #3 - FB

The day after MSM2 3 (1-15). In a press conference, Reed Richards speculates that the explosion of a cavorite crystal caused the

destruction of Spaulding.

MS. MARVEL v2 #3 (16-21)

The same day as MSM2 3-FB. The FF find Carol lying on the ground in Georgia with the strange substance on her. The bits of

Cru float in low earth orbit. Carol returns home with her right arm in a sling, only to find Sarah Day with a "Super Powers"

crew. The trees in Georgia seem to be covered in snow, but it's probably ash.

MS. MARVEL v2 #4

The same day as MSM2 3 (16-21). This story occurs "a month" after GSMM 1-FB-FB (5-14). As she deals with the TV crew,

Carol is attacked by Warren Traveler, who can no longer perceive reality properly. She defeats him and takes him to Dr. Strange.

After Carol leaves to go to a hotel room (since her apartment is wrecked), Traveler discovers the Wand of Watoomb, which

allows him to center his mind well enough to attack Strange and escape.

MS. MARVEL v2 #5 (1-19)

The same night as MSM2 4. MSM2 1-4 have occurred within the "last 48 hours." It may be three months, not "three weeks,"

before MSM2 5 (20-21). Carol is awakened by a summons for help from Dr. Strange. When she reaches the Sanctum

Sanctorum, she's pulled into an alternate reality and battles Warren Traveler there. Carol forces Traveler to transport them back

to her reality and she and Strange team up to defeat Traveler, who disappears in a burst of energy.


One night. Ace and Jacquie, agents of GRAMPA, fight vampires in London (in "case #714"). Ace turns on a space satellite with

giant mirrors that reflect a beam of sunlight onto London, frying all the vampires. Green grass and trees in London.

Wednesday, July 15

NEW X-MEN v2 #23 (5:1-5:2)

One early "morning," shortly after NX 22 (22-23). It is "eight weeks" after NX 23 (1-2). This segment must occur after

ASTONX3 14 (20-23). Scott and Emma argue about Emma's plans for the students. Green trees at Westchester.

NEW X-MEN v2 #20 (22-23:1) ~ NEW X-MEN v2 #23 (5:3-5:6)

The same early morning as NX 23 (5:1-5:2). It is "two weeks" after NX 20 (16-17). As she argues further with Scott, Emma

answers the front door of the Institute.

NEW X-MEN v2 #20 (23:2)

The same early morning as NX 20 (22-23). At the doorstep, Emma finds Jay Guthrie on the ground, bloody and missing his


NEW X-MEN v2 #23 (6)

The same early morning as NX 20 (23:2). Scott scoops up Jay and takes him to the infirmary. Emma summons Josh Foley.

NEW X-MEN v2 #21 (22:1-22:3) ~ NEW X-MEN #23 (7:1)

The same early morning as NX 23 (6). It is "ten days" after NX 21 (5-21). Josh shows up at the infirmary and sees the injured


NEW X-MEN v2 #21 (22:4-23:2)

The same early morning as NX 21 (22:1-22:3). Emma explains that Jay's healing factor isn't compensating for the amputation

of his wings. Jay starts to regain consciousness.

NEW X-MEN v2 #21 (23:3-23:5) ~ NEW X-MEN v2 #23 (7:2)

The same morning as NX 21 (22-23). As Hank, Emma, and Josh look on, Jay springs awake in a panic, reliving the assault on


NEW X-MEN v2 #23 (7:3-20)

The same day as NX 23 (7:2). Emma ushers Josh out of the infirmary and erases his memory of seeing Jay. She calls the still-

powered students together and has them engage in a free-for-all battle with one another in the former Danger Room for the honor

of being trained as X-Men. Emma mentally instructs Julian to take out X-23 first, but in the melee, Hellion fails to do this. At

the conclusion of the battle, Emma announces that the X-Men trainees are Mercury, Dust, Hellion, Elixir, Rockslide, and Surge.

A ticked-off Scott enters the room and insists that Laura be added to the trainee list. Emma appoints Surge as the trainee team


SHE-HULK v4 #4

The morning after S-H4 3. Mr. Mobius has She-Hulk fill out a bunch of paperwork and releases the Two-Gun Kid into her


SHE-HULK v4 #5 (1-11)

The same day as S-H4 4. "Early" one "morning," Awesome Andy secretly helps Mallory Book with physical therapy and

develops a crush on her. She-Hulk returns to the present with Two-Gun Kid and they go to the GLK&H building, where the

Gambonno brothers cause trouble. Two-Gun and Jen defeat the villains and Mallory is charmed by Two-Gun, much to the

dismay of Andy. Matt Hawk is offered a job at GLK&H, then he, Jen, and Mallory go to the Maria Stark Foundation to retrieve

legal documents held for Matt in a safe-deposit box. Matt is forced to deposit his guns because he doesn't have a permit. Green

trees in New York.

X-FACTOR v3 #7 - FB - FB

One day. Banshee records a tape for his daughter to see after his death. Green grass and trees in Ireland.

SENTRY v2 #1 (14-23)

One day, probably shortly after SENTRY2 1 (1-13). Sentry defeats Terrax in the Ukraine. He returns to the Watchtower and has

a session with his psychiatrist, Dr. Worth, who is concerned that he spends little time as Bob Reynolds.

TOXIN #5 (1-3)

The day after TOXIN 4 (21-22) - "day two" of Pat's arrangement with Toxin. Disguised as "Larry," Pat spends time with his

wife and baby. That night, Pat allows Toxin to go free. We see shorts, short sleeves, and al fresco dining in New York. The

waxing crescent moon is identical to that two weeks later in TOXIN 5 (10-21); one must be topical.

SENTRY v2 #1 (1-13)

One day. Given that the New Avengers and the Watchtower appear publicly in this segment, it must occur after A4 15 and

perhaps after NA/FF. The Sentry helps his fellow New Avengers rout an invasion of New York by Attuma, perhaps after Attuma

had a taste of Florida in HERC 3 (15). Then Sentry performs several other tasks around the world as prioritized by CLOC. That

evening, he returns to the Watchtower and has a discussion with the Void, who he has imprisoned in a vault. Wolvie's costume

here has the gold diamonds on the legs, as in W3 20-27, GAM4 5-6, and NA/FF.

NEW X-MEN v2 #23 (21-22)

The same night as NX 23 (7-20). The X-Men (Scott, Emma, Bishop, Kitty, Colossus, Beast, Rogue, and an iced-up Iceman)

assemble the students and Emma tells them that with only "hundreds" of mutants left in the world, everything has changed. At

the same time, Stryker holds an anti-mutant rally.

NEW X-MEN v2 #26 - FB (5:5)

The same night as NX 23 (21-22). Jay phones Stryker to help the former mutants who are boarding a bus to leave the Institute.

NEW X-MEN v2 #23 (23-25)

The same night as NX 26-FB (5:5). This segment may occur more than just "a few months" before NX 44. "45 minutes" after NX 23 (21-22), the remaining de-powered mutants at Xavier's board a bus to leave. As the bus pulls away, it's destroyed by a missile launched by Stryker's Purifiers. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

Full moon.

NEW X-MEN v2 #24 - FB (4-5:3)

The same night as NX 23 (23-25). Surge rushes to the burning bus and sees Andrea Margulies dead inside.

NEW X-MEN v2 #24 - FB (6:3-6:6)

The same night as NX 24-FB (4-5). The Hellions rush toward the bus and Santo drops to his knees.

NEW X-MEN v2 #24 - FB (7:5-8)

The same night as NX 24-FB (6:3-6:6). Julian finds Brian Cruz in the wreckage and spilled gas explodes.

NEW X-MEN v2 #24 - FB (9:4-10)

The same night as NX 24-FB (7-8). Julian gets blasted in the face as Laura rushes forward. Josh tries to heal Mark Sheppard,

but it's too late.

NEW X-MEN v2 #24 - FB (11:5-13)

The same night as NX 24-FB (9-10). It is probably several days before NX 24. Noriko gets injured and Sooraya screams. A

Sentinel arrives and reacts to the carnage.

SHE-HULK v4 #5 (12)

The same night as S-H4 5 (1-11). Matt Hawk shares a room with Awesome Andy.

Thursday, July 16

SHE-HULK v4 #5 (13-15:2)

The morning after S-H4 5 (12). Matt Hawk gets up and accompanies Jen to a court hearing regarding a copyright case between

Reed Richards and Dr. Wu (Richards is not present). There, he exhibits his lack of knowledge regarding modern law. Matt feels

like an anachronism and Jen refers him to Leonard Samson's "weekly support group" for time-displaced entities.

GENERATION M #1 (19:3)

One weekday. Oprah does "a piece on the old Mutant Diaries book collection from a few years back." It makes the Book-of-the-

Month Club.

SENTRY v2 #2 - FB (9:5-11:1)

One day during the "week" before SENTRY2 (8-11). As Sentry defeats Xeniac, the villain threatens to kill Lindy.


One day, after HOM 8 (11-19). A de-powered Mesmero struggles to survive life on the street.


One day. This story must occur after X 179 and CA5 14 and probably occurs after W3 41. In Japan, Logan attacks the prime

minister's convoy and fights Silver Samurai. Dum Dum Dugan and SHIELD and the New Avengers (Cage, Cap, Iron Man,

Spider-Woman, and Spidey in his original costume design) follow his activity with great concern, believing he's gone rogue.

They contact Emma Frost, who tells them all is not what it seems and that Logan has regained all his memories. In reaction to

this news, the Canadian Secret Service destroys documents and a Royal Air Force officer commits suicide. Green trees in Japan.

WOLVERINE v3 #37 (1-15)

The same day as W3 36. It is probably several days before W3 37 (16-22). It must be more than just "a couple months" after

SECWAR 5. SHIELD and the Avengers continue to monitor the Logan situation. Silver Samurai slices Logan down the middle

of his torso and Logan cuts off the Samurai's right hand. Logan stumbles away, eludes the authorities, and catches a ship bound

for Canada.


One day, "five weeks" before TB2 13 and "a couple months" before TB 101. According to TB2 13, Abe leaves the Thunderbolts

for surgery and rehab. New team leader Songbird immediately dismisses Blizzard from the team and requests that Joystick be

remanded into federal custody.

Friday, July 17


One day, "late last week" before MSM2 1. Carol Danvers quits her job at the DHS.

SHE-HULK v4 #6 - FB (1:3-1:4)

One day. Starfox parties with space-bimbos in a space-bar.

TOXIN #5 (4:1)

One day. It must be two days after TOXIN 5 (1-3) as it's "day four" of Pat's arrangement with Toxin. "Larry" spends more time

with his family. Green grass and trees in New York.


One day, probably after M/TU3 9 and YA 7. When Big Wheel tries to help Spidey battle what must be the new Stilt-Man, the

villain gets away. Jackson Weele explains that he's on step nine of his 12-step program for reformed costumed baddies. Seeking

to help him, Spidey inadvertently gets him into a battle with the thieving Shocker, and Big Wheel saves the day by disabling the



On "7/17," Tony Stark is sent an e-mail invitation to a charity fund-raiser, as shown in IM:I 1.

ORDER v2 #6 - FB (8:4)

One day. The Black Dahlias kick Mulholland Black out of their group.

SENTRY v2 #2 (1-5)

One night. After dinner, things deflate between Bob and Lindy.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #15/3 (1)

One night, "ten days" before AAF2 15/3 (2-8). Hoping to collect insurance money, Paul Vance sets fire to his video store and

accidentally sets fire to himself.

Saturday, July 18

TOXIN #5 (4:2-4:3)

The day after TOXIN 5 (4:1). Pat awakens to find that Toxin stole some electronics and that night, Pat drops the goods off at a

police station. Green bushes in New York.

SENTRY v2 #2 (6-7)

One day. Bob monitors world events, including a press conference by Captain America. As he observes Lindy in the rooftop

garden, he wonders about her happiness. Then CLOC detects a threat by Wendigo near Seattle.

FOUR #20 (20-22)

One day, "some time" after FOUR 20 (1-19), long enough for Franklin to have forgotten the Inhuman kids' names. Franklin asks

his mom about the fate of Alecto and Reyno and Sue reassures him that they're fine. But on the moon, Alecto must pretend that

she doesn't even remember Reyno. We see both long and short sleeves and ice cream cone eating al fresco in New York.


One day. At the camp the men made, the rescued woman, nicknamed "Shanna" because of her resemblance to the comic book

character, kills an attacking dinosaur. "Shanna" is now speaking English, which she mastered in five weeks. That afternoon,

Shanna takes a shower in a waterfall and has an adventure with an alligator. At dusk, going through a supply inventory, one of

the men opens a packet which releases a fast-acting biological weapon. The reference to a "70-year-old Nazi lab" is a topical

reference. It is "July 18."

PUNISHER v7 #26 - FB (10:5)

One day. Viorica escapes with Anna.

PUNISHER v7 #26 - FB (11:4-12:1)

The same day as PUN7 26-FB (10:1). Viorica and social worker Jen Cooke receive an e-mail from Vera with a picture of

Anna's dead body.

PUNISHER v7 #25 (1-12)

The same rainy night as PUN7 26-FB (11-12). It is "not long," but more than "two weeks," after PUN7 24. Punisher is set to

kill Antony Pavla, but Viorica shoots Antony first, wounding him, and his men chase her. Punisher finishes Antony off.

Meanwhile, officers Parker and Miller argue in their squad car when they receive a call for shots fired. They respond. Punisher

follows Viorica into an alley and kills the men chasing her. She asks for his help in stopping the people who killed her baby

when Parker and Miller show up. Punisher disarms them without harming them and leaves with Viorica. Coat and jacket

weather in New York. The reference to the "pitch black" night may mean that there's a new moon.

FOUR #22

One rainy night. Ben Urich and Jessica Jones call on the Thing to investigate a series of attacks that have been happening around

Yancy Street on rainy nights. The pregnant Jessica is so large that Ben tells her, "You gotta be due, like, yesterday." Ben and

Jessica interview a woman who tells them that the threat is a golem that was unearthed during recent construction. Ben

encounters the golem and fights him, then sympathizes with him and tells him to go into the river to live.

Sunday, July 19

PUNISHER v7 #25 (13-22)

Early the rainy morning after PUN7 25 (1-12). Cristu and Vera discuss Antony's death and the possible ramifications of the

Punisher's discovery of their operation. At police headquarters, Stu Westin receives a phone call from Cristu. Stu approaches

Captain Tom Price about a plan he has to take down the Punisher. Meanwhile, Punisher returns home with Viorica, who has

passed out and begins to have nightmares. Viorica begins to tell the Punisher her story.


The same day as PUN7 25 (13-22). This story occurs "one week" before PUN7 27 (1-8) and is referred to as having occurred

"the other day" in PUN7 28 (2-18). Viorica continues her story, and Punisher finds out about the slave/prostitution market.

Viorica tells Punisher about Cristu and his dad, Tiberiu. She thanks him for killing Anthony. Viorica tells Punisher about Vera,

then about a girl who escaped "last week" who got a message to the others about a social worker who would help. Meanwhile,

Tiberiu kills some drug dealers and Cristu calls Vera to tell her that he's thinking about killing his dad. At police headquarters,

Stu has Parker and Miller put on fake casts and bandages for Captain Price's press conference. At the press conference, it's

announced that the police will begin actively hunting the Punisher. That night, Punisher stakes out the house where Viorica was

being kept. He starts his plan to get into the place, but he's interrupted by the police. He escapes, but Ernie Mosstow, the officer

chasing him, injures himself. Leafy trees and heavy clothing in New York.

SON OF M #4 (7)

One day, "six days" before SOM 4 (10-17). Pietro and Luna are now staying at a beach house that Pietro was able to acquire

with gambling earnings won through time travel. Pietro has a newspaper from "next week" that has a headline about the

Inhumans demanding the return of stolen artifacts.

SENTRY v2 #2 (8-11)

One day, a "week" after SENTRY2-FB (9-11). Sentry and Lindy attend a get-together with the FF in the Baxter Building. Lindy

talks to Sue about her relationship with Bob and about life in the Watchtower with "costumed weirdos coming in at all hours of

the day and night." Bob tells Reed of his concern for Lindy.

THING v2 #5 - FB

One day, "two months" before THING2 5 (4-10). This flashback occurs before THING2 1. At a movie premiere on a "Sunday,"

the wealthy Ben Grimm meets the film's star, Carlotta Larosa. He's confronted by old man Sheckerberg, who insists Ben work at

his shop to repay him a debt. Shecky rips up a check he received from Ben dated "11/15" (perhaps actually "2/15").


One day. Dr. Strange goes into a trance for three days, until DS2 1.

WOLVERINE v3 #37 (16-22)

One day, probably several days after W3 37 (1-15). Logan awakens from a dream to discover that his ship has reached Canada,

where we see leafy green trees. Logan reaches the facility of Department K.


The same night as W3 37 (16-22). This story must occur after CA5 14. Logan looks at evidence left at Department K that

confirms his memories of having help when he escaped the facility. He telephones Cap to inquire about the whereabouts of that

help - the Winter Soldier. Iron Man cameos.


One day. Felicia Hardy (staying in Hollywood) gets a call from a friend in New York, as the girl she is being asked to find is

dumped inside a garbage car collector. She then flies to New York to investigate. In the time it takes the Black Cat to get to New

York, Peter calls into school sick to nail some pushers to follow up the overdose death (two days ago) of a boy from the high

school at which he teaches. That night, his leads bring Spidey to the apartment of Hunter Todd, where he encounters Black Cat.

Todd and his girlfriend are killed by a heroin overdose, apparently by a Mr. Brownstone on the phone. Full moon.


The same night as SM/BC 1. Spidey and Black Cat compare notes. Later that night, they battle Scorpia who is attacking

Garrison Klum. Spider-Man recognizes this guy to be Mr. Brownstone. Felicia mentions that it s been five years since she and

Peter split up, and Peter notes that it's been a rough few months for him. It's easy to accept Peter's flirting with Felicia if this

series during the period of time in which Peter is not seeing or talking to M.J. - between ASM@ '01 and ASM2 43 - but sadly,

such is not the case. Mr. Brownstone mentions the Kingpin is blind (from DD2 15) and also believes him to be dead - this

suggests an original placement between DD2 29-FB (9-16) and DD2 45 - but since this series was rewritten to compensate for

the long delay in publication, we'll have to chalk Brownstone's comments up to rumor.

SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED v2 #12 (11:1-11:3)

One night. Big Wheel performs on the monster truck circuit at Madison Square Garden.

Monday, July 20

NEW X-MEN v2 #24

One day, probably several days after NX 24-FB (11-13). It is "three weeks" after HOM 1 (7-17). The X-Men bury fifteen of the

42 bus explosion victims on the grounds of the Institute; this may be the start of the cemetery we see in X:DG 6 (25-28). The

New Mutants and Hellions mourn. Betsy gives O*N*E crap for not being able to prevent the tragedy, but Val blames Emma.

Julian (finally) learns that Sofia left the Institute the day of the attack. Jay, not recuperating well in the infirmary, is finally told of

the tragedy. Meanwhile, in a New York City church, Stryker selects his next target. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

SENTRY v2 #2 (12-16:2)

One day. Bob talks to the Void about his memory loss and the Void suggests the supposedly dead General, dropping a hint

about his possible whereabouts. Bob sees Dr. Worth. Then he battles Dr. Octopus, who's in his classic costume.

GENERATION M #1 (19:4-22)

One day. Sally debates Congressman Sykes on national TV. She returns home to find an envelope labeled "Not Enough Died"

taped to her door. She opens it to find photos of slain mutants.

FOUR #23 (1-4)

One day. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is hired by Marvel to write the FF comic book.


One day. "Shanna," Doc, and two others decide to go back to the lab to get the antidote for the virus, which must be

administered within seven days. Later that day, a dinosaur attacks and kills one of the men, then "Shanna" kills the dinosaur. It

is "July 20," "Day 1" in Doc's medical log.


The stormy night of the day ("maybe twenty-four hours") after SM/BC 2. It is "two" days before SM&BC 4. Felicia notes that

she's pushing thirty. Garrison gets rid of the Ortega family that sent Scorpia to kill him. Black Cat, disagreeing with Spidey's

methods of handling their case, sucker punches Spider-Man and decides to follow up on Garrison herself, only to fall victim to



The same night as SM/BC 3. Francis Klum spies Garrison about to rape the unconscious Felicia, and tired of Garrison's abuse

and afraid of his recklessness, Francis decides to kill his brother.


The same night as SM/BC 5-FB (18:2-18:4). Felicia lies underneath Garrison's bloody corpse after Francis killed his brother.

Tuesday, July 21


The day after GENM 1 (19-22). Sally takes the photos to the police and fears that her column is instigating the mutant killer.

SON OF M #3 (16)

One day, "nine days" after SOM 3 (14-15). Pietro tells his self from "nine days" in the past to jump forward in time again as he

himself will do.

SENTRY v2 #2 (16:3-16:4)

One day. Sentry ponders his relationship with Lindy.

SENTRY v2 #2 (17:1-17:2)

One day. Sentry attends a meeting with his fellow Avengers. Bob fixes clocks.


One day, long enough after W3 38 for Logan to travel across Canada and fly to Yugoslavia. Dum Dum Dugan communicates

with several men that SHIELD is keeping at Leavenworth to protect them from Logan. Logan arrives in Belgrade, where he and

the Winter Soldier fight. Logan is ambushed and shot by the Soldier's female accomplice. While Logan is incapacitated, the

Winter Soldier insists she take his money and leave. He tells her that he murdered Logan's wife and unborn baby.

WOLVERINE v3 #40 (1-21)

The same day as W3 39. Logan recalls his relationship with his wife Itsu and his first encounter with Muramasa. Bucky tells

Logan of the circumstances surrounding his killing of the pregnant Itsu. In return, Logan tells Bucky things about him that

Bucky didn't know.

TOXIN #5 (4:4)

One day. It is the week after TOXIN 4 (21-22) and the week before TOXIN 4 (10-21), as it's "week two" of Pat's arrangement

with Toxin. "Larry" shares a tender moment with his unsuspecting wife.

SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED v2 #12 (11:4-11:5)

One day, at least a "week" before ASMU2 12 (11:6). On step twelve of his 12-step program, Jackson Weele tries to spread his

message of recovery to incarcerated villains, including Shocker and Stilt-Man, the latter of whom was defeated by Power Pack,

and apparently gets out of jail to appear next in MSM2 1-FB (2-6). Hypno-Hustler decides to follow Weele's path.

SHE-HULK v4 #5 (15:3-15:5)

One day. Matt Hawk attends Doc Samson's "weekly" EDIT support group.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #20 (1:1-1:3)

One night. Wade Wilson watches TV. Full moon.


One night, referred to as "the other night" in GENM 2 (6-8). A john steals Stacy X's money in the back of a car.

Wednesday, July 22

GENERATION M #2 - FB (12:3)

Early one morning at "3 AM," Congressman Sykes sets an illegal and unconstitutional precedent on the floor of the House.

SENTRY v2 #2 (17:3-17:4)

One day. Sentry saves firefighters at a fire. He contemplates an old photo.

DOC SAMSON v2 #1 - FB (4:4-4:5)

One day. Wolf and Flora Punnett send a video e-mail to their daughter, Doc Samson's goddaughter Tina.

DOC SAMSON v2 #1 - FB (14:2-14:3)

The same day as DS2 1-FB (4:4-4:5). Wolf and Flora are tricked by the BTS Cam into freeing the Living Totem


The same day as DS2 1-FB (14:2-14:3). It is "three decades" after DS2 1-FB (5:2). This story may occur after UX 469 (14-

22). Samson mentions he helped Scott Summers through the denial stage of grief "recently." After helping SHIELD talk down a

psychologically-disturbed Skrull in control of nuke-armed satellite, Doc Samson is contacted by Tina. An hour and three

minutes later, the Skrull is taken away safely by SHIELD, and Doc meets with Tina, who tells him about her parents' plight and

bad deeds involving magic and Cam's ghost. Samson and Tina seek Dr. Strange's help at his Sanctum Sanctorum, where

Strange's new protege, Jack Holyoak, inadvertently turns his master into a frog. Tina returns Strange to normal by kissing him.

Seeking to season his protege, Strange offers Holyoak to assist Samson and Tina. The trio journey via SHIELD aircraft to Joshua

Tree National Monument. They learn from the cop investigating the disappearance of the Punnetts about the legend of the freed

Living Totem. Jack summons up Cam's ghost, who admits he tricked the Punnetts into freeing the Living Totem so they could

be forced into releasing his spirit from the Earth. Living Totem attacks the humans for Cam and adds them to the other captives.

Samson convinces the Punnetts to free Cam from the bounding, but Living Totem doesn't want his only friend to leave and tries

to stop it. Samson stops him by breaking up the totem pieces and vows to help the creature called Whistlepig by curing his

schizoid tendencies and reintegrating the personality. Tina and Jack get to join him in this, opting to stay on to aid in helping the

Living Totem. Meanwhile in Maine, a weird fellow feeds a dopey woman to a giant monster.


One day. Using Cerebra, Emma Frost pulls a search engine request off the web that Felicia enters from Ryker's Island about the

limitations of teleporters carrying passengers. After this, Emma shares this info with Nightcrawler.


The same day as SM/BC 5-FB (20:1-20:3). SM/BC 3 is referred to as having occurred "two nights ago." It is "a few years"

after Felicia's priors were expunged in a deal with the DA's office. Murdock mentions the White Tiger trial, so this story must

occur after DD2 40. Peter tells Matt, "I stood by you when you went nuts and declared yourself the new Kingpin," which places

this story after DD2 50; but this statement isn't even true, given the events of DD2 56-FB (10-17). Felicia Hardy, in jail for

Klum's murder, is visited by Matt Murdock, who tries to get her to use a rape kit to support a self-defense case, but Felicia insists

she wasn't raped. Murdock returns to his office, where he's hounded by reporters who suspect he's Daredevil. Waiting inside is

Peter Parker, who asked him to represent Felicia. Peter convinces Matt to help him bust Felicia out of jail. Spidey and Daredevil

go to the jail and find only two living people there - Felicia and Klum's brother Francis. Francis teleports Felicia away.


One day, two days after SSD2 3. On "Day 3," "Shanna," Doc, and their surviving companion arrive at the lab.


The same day as SSD2 3 (22). "Shanna" and Doc find the antidote quickly. Back at the base camp, Columbo shoots some

invading dinosaurs. After "Shanna" finds the incubator tanks holding her dead "sisters," she and Doc find a jeep and some

dynamite. The jeep gets stuck and their companion is eaten by a dinosaur. After a fight, Doc blows the dinosaur's head off with

some dynamite.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #20 (1:4-2:2)

The day after C&DP 20 (1:1-1:3). Wade Wilson watches TV.

TOXIN #5 - FB (5-9)

The day after TOXIN 5 (4:4). Pat wakes up in a restaurant in which 28 people were just killed. Despite Toxin's protests of

innocence, Pat suspects that the symbiote is the killer. Pat leaves the scene, the media report on the massacre, and the police try

to solve the case. Razorfist reviews the stolen restaurant security tape showing the murders that he and his followers committed.

TOXIN #5 (4:5)

The same night as TOXIN 5-FB (5-9). Pat writes up the day's events into his laptop journal.

Thursday, July 23


The early morning after SM/BC 4. Spidey calls Nightcrawler to get some info on teleporters. Kurt arrives and tells Spidey and

Daredevil about teleporting descendants of Nazi experiment victims. He also tells them about Felicia's web inquiry. Francis

gives Felicia her costume and talks to her about Garrison's abuse. Felicia tries to talk him into turning himself in for the murder

of his brother. She tells him that she, too, is a rape victim. Full moon.


The same day as SM/BC 5. Because DD is active and Peter almost slips up and gives away DD's identity, this story must occur

before DD2 76 and probably before A4 11-FB (3-4). Felicia tells Francis about her life and tries to get him to turn himself in.

Daredevil and Spidey arrive and Spidey attacks Francis. Suspecting Felicia of betraying him, Francis tries to shoot her, but

Spidey intervenes and Francis falls off the bridge. As he falls, Francis teleports himself away. Green trees and jackets in New



The morning after SSD2 4 (1-21). On "Day 4," the jeep runs out of gas.


The same day as SSD2 4 (22). Dinosaurs eat the dinosaur killed in SSD2 4 (1-21). At the base camp, most of the men are dead

and the survivors are burning the bodies.

FOUR #24 - FB

One day, shortly after FOUR 23 (1-4). On what appears to be Aguirre-Sacasa's first day of work at Marvel, editor Warren

Simons gives him advice. Aguirre-Sacasa wears different clothing from that seen in both parts of FOUR 23.

SENTRY v2 #2 (17:5-18)

One day. Sentry defeats mechanical creatures aboard a spaceship.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #20 (2:3-13)

The day after C&DP 20 (1-2). It must be more than just "a few months" after C&DP 12 (1-21). This segment occurs within

"several months" before C&DP 25 (7-21) and probably occurs after NX:H 4 (1-16). Deadpool accepts a job and heads to

California, where he breaks into the Dominus Corporation to steal a hard drive terminal. There he battles the BAD girls

(Diamondback, Asp, Black Mamba), who are after the same terminal. They all discover that a freelance cleaner already took it to

Long Island. Nate and Irene discuss the large influx of immigrants to Providence.

WOLVERINE v3 #40 (22-24)

One day. Logan is in China carrying a satchel containing his brown costume. He makes his way to the mountain home of Muramasa and tells him that he's come to claim his revenge.


One night. The Kingpin (who must still be out on bail before his trial) sells a mysterious bandaged enemy of Spidey's the

Mysterio suit he acquired indirectly from Jack O'Lantern for $10 million so Kingpin can rebuild his empire.

Friday, July 24


The day after W3 40 (22-24). At dawn in China, Wolverine practices his sword moves. On the Helicarrier, Dum Dum has a

conference call with the Secretary of State. An alarm is sounded because Wolverine is attacking the White House. The President

is rushed to safety as a missile crashes on the White House lawn. Wolverine begins to interrogate the Secretary of State but is

interrupted by a Shiva robot who's emerged from the missile. Shiva disintegrates the Secretary, so Wolverine cuts the robot in

half with his magic sword and escapes. Dum Dum is informed that SHIELD's services are no longer required, while in Chile,

Nuke is given his orders.

SENTRY v2 #2 (19-22)

One day. Sentry deduces that the General is in the Negative Zone and prepares to go there.

SENTRY v2 #3

The same day as SENTRY2 (19-23). Sentry finds the Hulk in the Cascade Mountains and enlists his aid in going after the

General. They enter the Negative Zone and battle the General and his forces, including Danny Boy and Blastaar. Despite

Sentry's assurances to the Hulk, the Void shows up and breaks all of Hulk's bones. The Void makes oblique references to

Sentry's secrets before Sentry and Hulk are retrieved from the Negative Zone. Sentry takes Hulk to the Watchtower, where the

Reed Richards assesses Hulk's condition. Reed and the rest of the FF appear in costumes with black 4s. Sentry feels guilty for

exploiting Hulk. Green grass and trees.

SHE-HULK v4 #5 (16)

One day, "two weeks" before S-H4 5 (17-18). "Three weeks" before the Bar exam, Matt Hawk prepares by pouring over law


SON OF M #4 (8-9)

One night. Pietro tells Luna he's going to use the Terrigen Mists to restore mutants' powers. He announces that they're going to

Genosha. Full moon.

FOUR #23 (5-22)

One day, shortly after FOUR 24-FB. Aguirre-Sacasa, wearing the same clothing as in FOUR 23 (1-4), goes to the Baxter

Building to meet the FF and he sees the team battling an army of creatures modeled after the Impossible Man. The creatures

escape and the FF and Roberto chase them down. While they're gone, the Impossible Man and Woman abduct Franklin and

Valeria. The creatures re-form into ersatz versions of the FF and face the team. Green tree and short-sleeve shirts in New York.

FOUR #24

The same day as FOUR 23. The FF defeat the ersatz FF. After doing some research, Aguirre-Sacasa correctly concludes that the

Impossible Man and Woman have taken Franklin and Valeria because they are grieving over the loss of their own children. Thee

FF find the couple and offer to help locate their wayward children. Aguirre-Sacasa reports back to Marvel and the FF and the

Impossible Couple set up at dinner to thank the comic writer. Johnny refers to Kourtney as his "girlfriend." Green trees in New


CABLE & DEADPOOL #20 (14-25)

The day after C&DP 20 (2-13). "Hours later," Cable takes off from Providence.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #21 - FB (8:5)

The same night as C&D 20 (14-15). As recorded on Rand-Meachum's surveillance systems, Deadpool's old pal Weasel

performs a cleaning assignment for the company and inserts a version of the Dominus Objective into the computer system to see

if it would work.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #21 - FB (12:2)

The same night as C&DP 21-FB (8:5). As recorded on Rand-Meachum's surveillance systems, the Cat sneaks up behind


CABLE & DEADPOOL #20 (16-21)

The same night as C&DP 21-FB (12:2). Deadpool infiltrates Rand-Meachum and encounters Weasel, who was just hit from

behind and bound by the Cat. After Wade frees him, Weasel notes that his attacker infected Rand's computers with the Dominus

Objective. Cage and Iron Fist arrive, thinking Deadpool is the saboteur. Green bushes on Long Island.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #21 (1-19)

The same night as C&DP 20 (16-21). Deadpool fights Cage and Iron Fist and Cable enters the fray to help him. The BAD girls

also show up and escape with surveillance footage of the Cat. The guys corner Weasel and discover that it was he who infected

Rand-Meachum's system, but they don't know the identity of the man who attacked Weasel and stole the Dominus Objective.

Weasel is arrested. Green grass and trees on Long Island.

Saturday, July 25

SHANNA THE SHE-DEVIL v2 #5 (13-22)

One day. Almost back at the base camp, Doc and "Shanna" discover hundreds of migrating dinosaurs. They open a path with

some dynamite and start to run. If it is "Day 6," it cannot be "July 24," as noted in Doc's log; dehydrated and exhausted, he may

be fuzzy on the date.


The same morning as SSD2 5 (13-22). On "Day 6," as "Shanna" and Doc run through the valley of dinosaurs, Doc's leg gets

caught under a boulder after a landslide and dinosaurs close in on them.


The same day as SSD2 6. "Shanna" administers the antidote at the base camp, then goes off to destroy the bridge to avert a

dinosaur attack. Doc arrives with one less leg and says that everything's going to be alright.

SENTRY v2 #4 - FB (4-8)

Perhaps the day after SENTRY2 3. It is "one week" before SENTRY2 4. Bob Reynolds talks to Dr. Worth (who has been Bob's

therapist "for some years now") about his betrayal of the Hulk. Worth asks Bob about the Void, but Bob sidetracks the

discussion by reminding Worth of the weight of the therapist's responsibility. That rainy evening, Worth returns home to his

wife and sickly daughter Katie, who will "be seventeen this week."


One day, probably after SM:B 5. According to TB2 13, the New Thunderbolts battle the U-Foes.

SON OF M #4 (10-17)

Probably the day after SOM 4 (8). It is "six days" after SOM 4 (7). Pietro and Luna arrive in Genosha, where about a dozen

former mutants remain. There they meet Callisto, who has lost her heightened senses and her tentacles and hurts herself. Pietro

exposes her to the mists and Callisto regains her heightened senses. On Attilan, Videmus tries to get guards to accompany him to

the Royal Palace, but Goran refuses to leave his post guarding the Terrigen Mists. Videmus goes to Black Bolt and turns himself

in for high treason.

SON OF M #3 (17-18)

The same day as SOM 4 (10-17). It is "twelve days" after SOM 3 (14-15) and "eleven days" after SOM 3 (19-22). Pietro meets

up with himself from "twelve days" in the past and enters the sacred cave and collects the crystals inside. When Goran discovers

Pietro there, Pietro kills him. The Pietro of the past takes the crystals back to his present.

SON OF M #4 (18-22)

The same day as SOM 3 (17-18). The Inhumans discover Goran's corpse and the theft of the crystals. Jolen names Pietro as the

guilty party. As Callisto goes to fetch other former mutants for treatment, her powers overload. Magneto finds her in agony and

she tells him that Pietro is responsible.

SON OF M #5 (1-15:1)

The same day as SOM 4 (18-22). Pietro offers the Terrigen Mists to Wicked, Hub, Unus, Hack, Purge, Freakshow, and Shola.

They take it and their powers return, but with bad side effects. Magneto shows up and tells the group that Pietro has poisoned

them. Pietro beats up Magneto and sends him packing. In Attilan, Videmus explains his motives for helping Pietro and Black

Bolt banishes him. Hub teleports Callisto to a hospital in the Seychelles.


The day after W:OS 1. The President holds a staff meeting while the missile is removed from the front lawn of the White House.

Dum Dum is interrupted and the President gives Trevor permission to use the "Wolverine Solution." Elsewhere, the mystery

man receives a phone call from Trevor while Nuke has diagnostic checks run on him. Elsewhere, scientists discover that the

Shiva robot was spliced at the molecular level, and not cut. The President and Trevor have a conference call with the Silver

Samurai, who tells them about the Muramasa Blade, Wolverine's magic sword. Meanwhile, Nuke is airdropped into Vietnam.

Wolverine meditates, and feeling sorry for himself, gives Trevor a call. He then heads to Vietnam to chat with Nuke.


The same night as W:OS 2. Wolverine and Nuke fight. Meanwhile, the mystery man talks with Trevor on the phone, while

Trevor chats with the President. As Wolverine is about to put Nuke out of his misery, Captain America shows up and interrupts.


The same night as W:OS 3. Emma Frost has a dream about Wolverine and wakes up in bed next to Cyclops. She contacts

Wolverine telepathically while he's fighting Captain America. He tells her he's busy. Nuke wakes up and Wolverine starts to go

into a berserker rage. Cyclops, Emma, and Hellion arrive and stop Wolverine from killing Captain America.


The same night as W:OS 4. This story occurs after W:O 15-FB (14:5). Everyone fights and Emma tells Wolverine that "they" have Logan's brainwashed son in an unknown location. Wolverine gives his magic sword to Cyclops, then heads off to find his son.


The same night as W:O 5. It is "about 40 years" after W:O 6-FB. Wolverine's on a Vietnamese cargo boat leaving Vietnam, still

not quite healed from the Muramasa Blade. He thinks about another time his healing factor didn't quite work. Thinking of

Carbonadium reminds Wolverine of Maverick, so he decides to look for him. The coast guard tries to search the cargo boat he's

on, so he steals their boat and drives away.

FOUR #25 (1-3)

One night, "some nights" before FOUR 25 (4-6). It is the "week" before FOUR 26. Dr. Strange returns from shopping to find

that the front door to his Sanctum Sanctorum has been desecrated and that Wong has been attacked and strung up. Bare tree in

New York.

Sunday, July 26

CABLE & DEADPOOL #21 (20-21)

One day, long enough after C&DP 21 (1-19) for the Cat to make it back to Hong Kong. There, he plus the Dominus Objective

into Black Box.


The same day as C&DP 21 (20-21). The BAD Girls fight Shen Kuei at his Hong Kong home then call a truce and compare

notes. Nathan and Wade travel from Providence to New Delhi to confront Black Box. There they fight clones of Rive and

Makeshift before they tear apart an empty Black Box armor and face the mystery villain behind it all.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #23 (1-19)

The same day as C&DP 22. It is "days" before C&DP 23 (20-21). Black Box turns out to be Garabed Bashur - Commcast -

whose plan for world control is thwarted by Nathan, who now uses his link with the Dominus Objective to replace his lost

telepathy. Wade, joined by the Cat and the BAD Girls, battle the Rive and Makeshift clones. Nathan makes Bashur see the error

of his ways and gets him to join Cable's cause. The Cat and the BAD Girls learn that Nathan was the one who hired them all.

Wade is unaware that Cable also hired him.

SON OF M #5 - FB

The day after SOM 5 (1-15). Her internal radar on the blink, Hub continues to attempt to get back to Genosha. On her last

unsuccessful attempt, she teleports into the ocean.

SON OF M #5 (15:2-22)

The same day as SOM 5-FB. The Inhumans show up at the Baxter Building and enlist the FF's aid. Reed's intel leads the

Inhumans to head to Genosha. General Lazer sends the O*N*E on a mission to Genosha to retrieve the Terrigen crystals for fear

that mutants will regain their powers. Luna continues taking the mists. Hub finally returns to Genosha after "close to twenty-

four hours" of trying. The Genoshan mutants are confronted by the Inhumans and they battle. Pietro and Luna attempt to leave,

but Pietro is shot with a tranquilizer by Lazer and O*N*E and Luna gets mad.

SON OF M #6 (1-19)

The same day as SOM 5 (15-22). This story occurs before A4 20, "days...weeks...months" before SOM 6 (20-22), and "some months" before SILWAR 1. This may be the last visit of the Inhumans to the Baxter Building prior to FOUR 30; in that issue, Medusa notes that Black Bolt is pleased that they are "visiting under...kinder circumstances than last time" - Crystal goes on to bring up Alecto and Reyno from FOUR 20 (1-19), but it may be a diversion from a discussion about Pietro. Lockjaw teleports Luna and Pietro away but leaves the Terrigen crystals behind for Lazer to retrieve, which Magneto witnesses. The battle between the Genoshans and the Inhumans ceases when Unus loses control of his Terrigen-induced power and dies. Magneto and O*N*E arrive and Medusa demands the return of the Terrigen crystals. Lazer refuses and Black Bolt declares war on the U.S., wiping out the O*N*E forces with a whisper. The Genoshans decide to leave Genosha with Lazer, but Magneto stays. In California, Pietro realizes that Luna is addicted to the crystals and he has Lockjaw teleport her to Crystal. The Inhumans return to the Baxter Building, where Reed learns that the Genoshan's powers have faded. The Inhumans leave on uneasy terms, with the future depending on what the U.S. decides to do with the crystals.

SENTRY v2 #4 - FB (10-14)

The day after SENTRY2 4-FB (4-8). It is "six days" before SENTRY2 4. Bob meets his wife's yoga instructor. That rainy

night, Hammerhead pays a visit to Worth's house. He tries to coerce Worth into asking Bob about the Void. Cloc witnesses this

encounter from outside. Green trees in New York.


One day, "a little over a week" before CA5 17. "A few hours" from Pilsburg, Iowa, the Winter Soldier visits Ms. Tolin, the

daughter of his WWII lover, Gretchen Heller. He asks where Gretchen is buried so he can pay his respects.


The day after W:O 6 (1-12). It is "three days" before W:O 6 (18-22). Dum Dum comes across the coast guard report about the

stolen boat and figures that it was Wolverine who stole it and that he will end up in Washington state. That night, Wolverine

hitches a ride with a trucker after Emma Frost tells him over the phone that Maverick is in Queens, New York. Jacket weather in

New York and Washington state.


One rainy night. Sally interviews a powerless and hopeless Stacy X.

PUNISHER v7 #27 (1-8)

One "winter" night, "one week" after PUN7 26. Punisher interrogates a pimp. Cristu and Tiberiu watch the news, then argue

about what to do about the Punisher. Cristu leaves and calls Vera. Parker and Miller meet Mosstow in a bar and talk about how

the Punisher is being set up. At police headquarters, Westin and Price talk about the Punisher. At a motel, Punisher asks Viorica

what the social worker's name is.

Monday, July 27

SENTRY v2 #4 - FB (15-21)

The day after SENTRY2 4-FB (10-14). It is "five days" before SENTRY2 4. Worth asks Bob about the Void, but before he gets

anywhere, Cloc sends Sentry on a mission in Kudistan. In Bob's absence, Cloc gets Worth to check on the Void in the lower

vault of the Watchtower, but all he finds is a mirror. Worth realizes that Bob carries the Void with him.

SENTRY v2 #5 - FB (2-3)

The same day as SENTRY2 4-FB (15-21). It is "five days" before SENTRY2 5. Worth talks to Cloc about the repercussions of

his discovery.

GENERATION M #2 (9-13)

The day after GENM 2 (6-8). Sally's editor gives her an assignment to get something out of the X-Mansion, from which "no

one's heard a word...for weeks," but only after she goes to A.A. "tonight." Sally visits Jubilee, who is now a political activist

trying to antagonize Congressman Sykes. Sally and Jubes have been friends for "four years now." Jubilee no longer has an "in"

with the X-Men and can't help Sally. That night, Sally goes home and drinks and cries while watching videos of Minnie.

PUNISHER v7 #27 (9-22)

The day after PUN7 27 (1-8). It is "two years" after PUN7 27-FB. Jen Cooke gives a lecture and is approached by the Punisher

afterwards. At Police headquarters, Parker and Miller are harassed and a fight breaks out. At Jen's place, Punisher gets the

information that Jen has acquired on Cristu's operation. Later at his place, he reviews it. Jen throws up in the toilet because she

feels bad about helping out the Punisher.

PUNISHER v7 #28 (1)

The same day as PUN7 27 (9-22). At 5:25PM, Punisher reads up on human anatomy.

DOC SAMSON v2 #4/2 (1-6)

One day. Living Totem (cured and in one piece) gets a Kachina doll in the mail from an unknown sender. Unbeknownst to him,

it was sent by Cold Winter, the shaman responsible for his plight, whose spirit is now in the doll. Cold Winter enacts small

revenge plots on Whistlepig, replacing his wood varnish with paint thinner, turning the stove on when he's standing too close to

it, and leaving a power saw in his bed still running. Soon enough, Cold Winter gets a blade and begins to stab the Living Totem

as he sleeps at night. Whistlepig recognizes his voice and is stunned to learn that the shaman survived and has spent years

tracking him. Jack hears the commotion and enters, and while trying to put a containment spell on Cold Winter, incinerates his

doll form instead. The spell broken, Whistlepig thanks Jack.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #15/3 (2-8)

One day, "ten days" after AAF2 15/3 (1). Paul Vance wakes up in the presence of two detectives, but his new X-ray eyes make

him think they're skeleton people. This frightens him, so he sets them on fire with his eyeballs. He steals a motorcycle, goes

home, and calls his girlfriend Janie, who tells him she's met someone else and they're moving away. Three hours later, Paul goes

to rival Big Budget Video with a camcorder strapped to his head and attacks the manager. Green grass and trees and short sleeves.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #16 (1-4)

One day, "one week" before CA5 16 (5-22). While on a murder spree, Crossbones and Sin kill a guy who's been following them

- someone from AIM.

Tuesday, July 28

DOC SAMSON v2 #4/2 (7)

The day after DS2 4/2 (1-6). Jack gets rid of all of his knickknacks just to be safe. Cold Winter, now in a Wolverine doll/clock,

is shipped back to the Westchester Collector's Society.

SENTRY v2 #5 - FB (4)

The day after SENTRY2 5-FB (2-3). Worth asks Lindy if she's noticed inconsistencies in Bob's behavior. Worth suspects a

relationship between Lindy and Ramon.

GENERATION M #2 (14-22)

The day after GENM 2 (9-13). It is presumably the same day of the week as GENM 3 (1-16) and GENM 5 (24), assuming that

Sally's AA group meets once a week. The police discover another mutant homicide victim. Sally interviews Dezmond Harris, a

basketball player who welcomes the loss of his mutant leaping ability. Sally wears a long-sleeved shirt, but it's warm enough to

play basketball outdoors in jerseys and shorts. That rainy night, Sally goes to an A.A. meeting but doesn't stay. She meets with

Detective Izzo, who tells her he suspects the mutant killer is a mutant.

PUNISHER v7 #28 (2-18)

The day after PUN7 28 (1). At 3:15AM, Tiberiu is attacked by drug dealers looking for revenge in his home, but he kills them

all. Parker and Miller talk about their injuries. Punisher drives to where he thinks Cristu's new operation is. At Cristu's place,

Vera and Cristu talk on the phone about how Tiberiu was attacked this morning. Later, Punisher watches the guard schedules of

Cristu's operation. At dinnertime, Punisher drugs the food and kills all the guards. He calls Jen to pick up the girls. She shows

up to get them and Punisher prepares to interrogate Cristu.

PUNISHER v7 #29 - FB (13:2)

The same day as PUN7 28 (2-18). Miller gives Mosstow a bloody nose when she and Parker pay him a visit.

TOXIN #5 (10-21:3)

One day. It must be a week after TOXIN 5 (4:4) and two weeks after TOXIN 4 (21-22), as it's "week three" of Pat's

arrangement with Toxin. Pat's father encounters "Larry" spending time with Gina and the baby. A TV station airs a tape of

Razorfist taking responsibility for the restaurant massacre and demanding donations to prevent a "Saturday" sometime soon from

being a "slasherday." Pat proposes ending the agreement with Toxin after tonight so they can go after Razorfist. Toxin

accidentally breaks Pat's laptop and loots a store to replace it. Spidey arrives and subdues Toxin. When Pat awakens, Spidey

tells him he has to tame Toxin and put away Razorfist. Razorfist learns Toxin's true identity from Meadows. Green grass and

trees in New York. The waxing crescent moon is identical to that two weeks earlier in TOXIN 5 (1-3); one must be topical.

FOUR #25 (4-6)

One night, "some nights" after FOUR 25 (1-3). Kourtney is back in New York after having shot a movie in L.A. She and

Johnny are out on their "first date in many moons," so it's many moons after FOUR 21 (1-7). They return from the date only to

find that a woman visiting Kourtney has jumped off her building.

Wednesday, July 29

SENTRY v2 #5 - FB (5-7)

The day after SENTRY2 5-FB (4). It is "three days" before SENTRY2 5. Bob walks out of a counseling session with Worth

after the doctor asks him questions about the Sentry's origin.

PUNISHER v7 #28 (19-22)

The day after PUN7 28 (2-18). PUN7 26 is referred to as having occurred "the other day." Jen arrives back in town and is

approached by Parker and Miller. At Cristu's place, Punisher drugs and disembowels Cristu and begins to interrogate him.

PUNISHER v7 #29 (1-15)

The same day as PUN7 28 (19-22). Tiberiu shows up at Cristu's place at the Punisher attacks. After a firefight, the Punisher

escapes. Jen receives a phone call from the Punisher leaving Cristu's place, officers Parker and Miller are with Jen. They set up

a meeting with the Punisher. Tiberiu pays Vera a visit. Punisher meets Jen and isn't surprised to see Parker and Miller there too.

During their conversation, it's discovered that Westin is working for Cristu and Vera.

TOXIN #5 (21:4-22)

The day after TOXIN 5 (10-21). "Larry" says goodbye to Gina. Pat's father shows up at his apartment only to find Razorfist

there. Green trees in New York.

TOXIN #6 (1-3)

The same day as TOXIN 5 (21-22). It must be several days before TOXIN 6 (4-19). Toxin bursts in and chases Razorfist away,

but Pat's father dies in his arms from injuries sustained by Razorfist.


One day, "three days" after W:O 6 (13-17). Wolverine finds Maverick in a shelter for former mutants in Queens, and Jubilee

happens to be there as well. Suddenly Omega Red attacks, looking for Carbonadium.


The same day as W:O 6 (18-22). Wolverine and Omega red chat. Omega Red attacks and throws Wolverine out the window.

WOLVERINE: ORIGINS #8 - FB (7:1-7:3)

The same day as W:O 7. Maverick fights Omega Red.


The same day as W:O 8-FB (7:1-7:3). Maverick tells Omega Red that he doesn't have the Carbonadium Synthesizer.


The same day as W:O 8-FB (8:1). Omega Red leaves with Jubilee.


The same day as W:O 8-FB (9:2). It is "four days" before W:O 9 (10-23). Wolverine thinks of Jubilee while he climbs back up

the building while his son watches from afar. Once inside he finds Maverick. Maverick tells Wolverine what he missed.

Maverick tells Wolverine where the Carbonadium Synthesizer is. Wolverine thanks Maverick and leaves.

DOC SAMSON v2 #2 - FB (8:4)

One day. Sam Laroquette leaves a message for his colleagues at Gamma Base that he's leaving to join a cult at the New Orgonon

ranch in Maine.


One day, at least a "week" after ASMU2 12 (11:4-11:5). Hypno-Hustler tries to be a hero as Spidey looks on.


One day. Vincent (the de-powered Mesmero) hangs out with his girlfriend, a prostitute named Glory. Glory's pimp sees them

and attacks Vincent. Glory shoots the pimp and saves Vincent. Vincent asks Glory to leave with him and swears that he's going

to make a comeback. Rogue makes a cameo appearance showing her Sunfire power. Green grass and trees in New York,

although the coloring on some pages makes it look like autumn.


One day, probably after TOXIN 1 (1-17). According to TB2 13, the New Thunderbolts battle Mr. Hyde.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #23 (20-21)

One day, "days" after C&DP 23 (1-19). On Providence, Nathan meets with Gareb, Irene, Johann, and Prester John and brings

them up to speed on his use of the Dominus Objective. He phones Wade anonymously to give him another assignment.

FOUR #25 (7-8)

The night of the day after FOUR 25 (4-6). Ben answers a summons by Alicia to check out her apartment in the wake of an

intrusion in which someone stole the heads off her Fantastic Four statues.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #16 - FB (14-16:1)

The "Wednesday night" during the "week" before CA5 16 (5-22) and CA5 17. The Winter Soldier battles a metal spider-looking

thing, which shorts out and crashes into a building in Pillsburg, Iowa, causing an explosion.

Thursday, July 30

PUNISHER v7 #29 (16-22)

The day after PUN7 29 (1-15). It is "three days" before PUN7 30 (1-19). Westin receives a call from Vera, and then is told

about Mosstow''s condition. Punisher interrogates Vera about Stu Westin and where to find Tiberiu. Punisher kills Vera.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #24 (1-7:1)

Perhaps the day after C&DP 23 (20-21). Deadpool carries out his assignment to infiltrate Fort Dix and uncover information

about a secret military program called Project: Code of Silence, a project that Irene has been investigating for "the last two

months." The project has moved out of Fort Dix and Nathan discovers that SHIELD diverted material to the Savage Land "two

months ago." Nathan sends Irene to help Wade. She leaves Providence and arrives at Wade's place in New York "twelve hours


FOUR #25 (9-13)

Presumably the day after FOUR 25 (7-8). Reed and Sue chaperone a visit by Franklin's class to the Museum of Natural History.

They find themselves trapped in the butterfly conservatory out of which the air is being sucked. Reed smashes their way out, but

the butterflies are dead.

DOC SAMSON v2 #2 (1-22)

Perhaps the day after (during the same "week" as) DS2 2-FB (8:4). It is long enough after DS2 1 for Living Totem to be cured

and back in one piece. Doc Samson lifts weights. Tina tries to repair a being called Robot X in the Samson building's trophy

room, but Jack uses magic and messes everything up, causing the robot to revive in human-hating form. Samson beats it down,

then tries to contact Laroquette at Gamma Base, only to learn Sam left. Jack tells the group what he knows about the cult. Jack,

Samson, Tina, Whistlepig, and Jack hop a plane to Bangor, Maine and "several hours later" find Sam at the ranch, but the leader,

Arick Schnellageister, quickly reveals his evil motives and takes control of Samson's mind at dinner. Before he can kill Jack and

Tina, Whistlepig rushes in and saves them. They head to the old barn at the center of town, where they find what Living Totem

had been sensing for a while - a plant creature known as the Weed has been feeding on the harnessed Orgone Energy, which,

when someone ingests a portion of the beast, becomes telepathically controllable. Jack, Tina, and Whistlepig escape, get some

chemicals from a local farm, and return to use it on the Weed. Living Totem uses the nearby Cloud Buster cannon on the Weed

and finishes it off, freeing the zombies. Schnellageister is dismayed that his beloved beast is destroyed, and Samson takes him

into custody. Green grass and trees and long sleeves in Maine.

SENTRY v2 #5 - FB (8:3-12)

The night of the day after SENTRY2 5-FB (5-7). It is "two days" before SENTRY2 5. Hammerhead (who may be here before

DDVP 4) meets Worth in a villain bar and presses him about talking to Bob about the Void. Worth refuses and leaves, and when

Hammerhead orders the killing of Worth's family, Cloc arrives and opens fire on Hammerhead and his goons. In the bar are Doc

Ock, Grizzly, and Vulture.

Friday, July 31

CABLE & DEADPOOL #24 (7:2-19:4)

Probably the day after C&DP 24 (1-8). It is "days" before C&DP 24 (19-21). This segment must occur after Peter's first day

back at the Bugle in M/SM 14 (19-22), and so after M/KSM 18 (10-20) - and probably during the summer before Peter's return

to teaching for the school year. It's established that it's not Saturday night (it's daytime). At the Daily Bugle, Jameson chews

out Peter Parker for asking for an advance; Peter is probably working at the Bugle for the summer after failing to get the summer

teaching position in M/KSM 13 (7-22). Reporter Ken Ellis recruits Peter to go with him to cover a story in Great Neck. As Ken

drives over the Queensboro Bridge, Deadpool lands on their car and throws Peter off the bridge. Wade climbs in the car and asks

Ken about Project: Code of Silence. Peter saves himself with his organic webbing, changes into his Spider-Man duds, and traps

Ken's car in webbing. Spidey and Wade battle on the bridge as Nathan observes through the Dominus Objective. In touch with

Nathan via phone, Irene worries that the Avengers will get involved. Nathan sends a message to Ken's Blackberry that Wade can

help him and the reporter stops the fight.

TOXIN #6 (4-19)

One day. It must be several days after TOXIN 6 (1-3) and probably a couple of days before TOXIN 6 (20-22). Gina catches Pat

at his father's funeral and spits in his face for deserting her. That night, Pat visits Meadows in the hospital and discovers that

Meadows was the one who gave Razorfist his address. Meadows tells Pat where he might find Razorfist. Pat meets with Spidey

and shares his fear that Toxin will take him over in his revenge. Then he goes after Razorfist, who is preparing for "Slasherday."

Toxin defeats him and removes his blade prostheses. We see green grass, falling leaves, and trees changing from green to

autumn colors in New York. Full moon.


One day. New York firefighters Frank and John chat on their way to the station house. When they arrive, they're almost

immediately called out to a fire. Once there, Frank, who's strong and impervious to fire, climbs the side of the building to get

inside. He finds and rescues the guy who set the fire. John calls him Monstro, but he doesn't like the name and doesn't want to

be on the news. That night, Frank drinks himself silly while looking at a picture of his family. Both short and long sleeves are


SENTRY v2 #5 - FB (13)

The night of the day after SENTRY2 5-FB (8-12). It is "one day" before SENTRY2 5. As Worth brushes his daughter's hair, he

puzzles over the identity of Bob Reynolds' "professor." Bare trees.

SENTRY v2 #5 - FB (14:2)

Probably the same night as SENTRY2 5-FB (13). Sentry (as seen in a newspaper photo) saves 152 people when a boat capsizes

on the Nile.

FOUR #25 (14-15)

Presumably the night of the day after FOUR 25 (9-13). Ben Urich is called out to Cypress Hill Cemetery to see that seven

corpses have been disinterred and arranged around a table with a pentagram of blood on it. Green grass and bare trees in

Brooklyn. It is the "Halloween" "time of year."

Saturday, August 1

SENTRY v2 #5 - FB (14-18:1)

The day after SENTRY2 5-FB (13) and probably the day after SENTRY2 5-FB (14:2). As Worth reads a newspaper report

about Sentry's heroism on the Nile, he sees a TV news report that 152 people were killed when a jet crashed into a building in

the Bronx. Lindy is concerned for Ramon's welfare, since he lives in the Bronx. Hulk is still recuperating in the Watchtower.

When Worth presses Bob about the coincidence of lives saved and lost, Bob loses it and flees. As Worth follows Bob to a

carnival grounds, he calls Lindy to have her bring Worth's family to the Watchtower.

SENTRY v2 #4

The same day as SENTRY2 5-FB (14-18). It is "one week" after SENTRY2 4-FB (4-8), "six days" after SENTRY2 4-FB (10-

14), and "five days" after SENTRY2 4-FB (15-21). The Sentry is involved in a battle that's destroying a carnival (perhaps it's

open for special holiday programming). As people flee, Dr. Worth forces his way inside the park.

SENTRY v2 #5 - FB (18:2-22:2)

The same day as SENTRY2 4. Worth confronts Bob at the carnival and Bob becomes the Void, claiming that the Sentry is the

separate entity. Sentry confronts Void.


The same day as SENTRY 5-FB (18-22). It is "five days" after SENTRY2 5-FB (2-3), "four days" after SENTRY2 5-FB (4),

"three days" after SENTRY2 5-FB (5-7), "two days" after SENTRY2 5-FB (8-12), "one day" after SENTRY2 5-FB (13). Void

shoots Worth.

SENTRY v2 #6 (1-14)

The same day as SENTRY2 5. Sentry saves Worth and drives off the Void. Sentry tries to explain his origin to Worth, then he

goes to see Dr. Strange at his Sanctum Sanctorum. Strange examines Sentry's incomplete essence and more of Sentry's

background is revealed. Sentry returns to the Watchtower and ponders in the rain.


One day between C&DP 24 (7-19) and C&DP 24 (19-21). A general involved with the secret military project is photographed

by Peter Parker as Ken Ellis uncovers the secret of the project.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #16 - FB (5:6)

One day, "two days" before CA5 16 (5-22). A stoplight camera in Iowa takes a picture of Sin driving by.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #17 - FB (5:1-5:2, 6:1-6:2)

It must be the same night as CA5 16-FB (5:6), since it is "two nights" before CA5 17. Crossbones and Sin break into the AIM

headquarters beneath Pilsburg, Iowa. They wipe out most of the AIM agents there and gain access to a vault of powerful weapons.

FOUR #25 (16-22)

Presumably the night of the day after FOUR 25 (14-15). It is not clear whether Ben is or is not rich or lives in the Baxter

Building. He and Ben have "turned the first floor of the Baxter Building into a haunted house" and have opened it to the public.

As they prepare to watch horror DVDs with Reed and Sue to put them "in the Halloween mood," a possessed Valeria enters the

room and announces that they're all going to die. Val snaps out of it. At Whisper Hill, Salem's Seven gathers together,

summoned by Nicholas Scratch, masquerading as Agatha Harkness. Salem's Seven "has been dead - or banished - or inanimate

- for the last seven years." Green grass and bare trees in upstate New York.

FOUR #26

The same night as FOUR 25 (16-22). This story occurs after FOES 6. The FF take Valeria to Dr. Strange to be examined.

Unbeknownst to the heroes, Strange is being masqueraded by Scratch, who sends them to Whisper Hill to recite an incantation

that presumably will prevent Salem's Seven from summoning Scratch. Meanwhile, Diablo is approached by a voice (Reed) who

asks him for assistance in exchange for freedom from the Negative Zone prison in which he is being held. At Whisper Hill, the

FF fight Salem's Seven and Sue recites the incantation, which frees Shuma-Gorath. Scratch reveals his true identity to the FF.

Green grass and bare trees in New York.

FOUR #27

The same night as FOUR 26. Diablo shows up at Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum and frees Strange and Wong from a trap in

which Salem's Seven left them. Diablo explains that Reed freed him from where he'd been "banished" in exchange for his

assistance against Scratch. At Whisper Hill, the FF fight Scratch and Shuma-Gorath and Reed convinces Salem's Seven to

switch sides after Scratch reveals his duplicity. Diablo and Strange arrive on the scene, bringing Franklin and Valeria, who recite

a spell on Diablo's order. The children's innocence activates a spell that transports Scratch to Mephisto's realm. Strange

teleports Shuma-Gorath to Stonehenge, the site of the demon's first defeat by humanity "centuries ago." Diablo then has the FF,

Salem's Seven, and the kids join hands and a spell transports all of them to Stonehenge as well. There, they find that a beat-up

Strange has banished Shuma-Gorath to the beyond. Salem's Seven wonder what their fate will be. Green grass and bare trees in

New York.

Sunday, August 2

SENTRY v2 #6 (15-22)

Probably the day after SENTRY2 6 (1-14). As the Hulk continues to rest in the Watchtower, Sentry has a discussion with

Worth, then he flies off to an abandoned facility in West Virginia he dimly remembers. There (where we see green grass and

trees), Sentry finds himself a straight-jacketed patient.

SENTRY v2 #7

The same day as SENTRY2 6 (15-22). Dr. Strange and the Professor try to get the straight-jacketed Sentry to believe he's a

delusional man named John Victor Williams and that all the Void's memories, relationships, and powers are not real, but Sentry

sees through these mind-games and breaks free. When Sentry demands that the Professor tell him the truth about him and the

Void, Nick Fury (LMD) activates a bomb inside the Professor's chest cavity. Sentry flies the Professor into space, where he

explodes. Sentry goes to meet Robert Reynolds, the Void, in Antarctica to find out the truth.

SENTRY v2 #8

The same day as SENTRY2 7. This story must occur before NA@ 1 (2-33). The Hulk probably appears in FNSM 2 after this

and must appear here before FF 533. Sentry learns his true origin from the Void, then he flies the Void into space and tosses him

into the sun. Sentry returns to the Watchtower, freed from the Void for now.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #24 (19:5-20)

One day, "days" after C&DP 24 (7-19) and probably the day after C&DP 24-FB. It may be be two weeks, not "two months,"

before C&DP 25 (1-3). This segment occurs before any of the flashbacks on pages 1-2 of C&DP 25. Ellis' expose on the

appropriation of Homeland Security funds for the secret military project (with photo by Peter Parker) is published in the Bugle,

which reports high temperatures in the "60's." On Providence, Nathan tells Irene that Ellis' assignment enabled Cable to

discover that Project: Code of Silence involved the creation of a force field to isolate Providence.

TOXIN #6 (20-22)

One day, probably a couple of days after TOXIN 6 (4-19). This segment must occur before NA:MWF and FNSM 1 (1-2). Fitted

with normal prosthetic arms, Razorfist is incarcerated at Ryker's Island prison. Spidey (in classic costume) and Pat talk about the

fate of the kids who were under Razorfist's tutelage and Spidey congratulates Pat for having control over Toxin. Pat then meets

with Gina transforms into Toxin, showing her the reason he ran out on her.

PUNISHER v7 #30 (1-19)

One day, "three days" after PUN7 29 (16-22) and "two days" before PUN7 30 (20:1-20:2). Punisher visits Viorica at a motel.

Parker and Miller wait for a phone call from the Punisher. Punisher attacks the new operation, kills all of the guards, and

kidnaps Tiberiu. He gives the girls a phone number to call. Miller visits Jen at a motel. They talk about the Punisher, and Jen

receives a call from the girls Punisher just freed. Punisher meets with Westin, and makes a deal to get the girls visas so they can

stay in the states. He sets fire to Tiberiu (who's awake) and records it, so that Westin can deliver a videotaped message to

Cristu's European end of the operation.


One day. Wolverine's son's girlfriend sees Wolverine's son having a conversation with another man in a café.


The same day as W:O 11-FB (14:7). Wolverine's son's girlfriend calls her friends and starts drinking.


The same day as W:O 11-FB (15:4). Wolverine's son kills a guy in a hotel and steals his passport.


The same day as W:O 11-FB (13). It is "four days" after W:O 8 (1-9). Dum Dum interrogates a freighter ship captain and finds

out that Wolverine has gone to Berlin. Meanwhile, Wolverine meets a contact to locate the Carbonadium Synthesizer.

Wolverine thinks to himself, then Black Widow confronts him.


The same night as W:O 8 (10-23). It is "many years" after W:O 9-FB. Wolverine and Black Widow chat about Carbonadium

and that the one she has is a fake and the real one is in Brussels. Dum Dum and SHIELD arrive and attack Omega Red.

Wolverine distracts them with the fake Carbonadium Synthesizer.


The same night as W:O 9. This story occurs long enough before NW4 2-FB (2:1) for Jubilee to recover. Everyone fights and Omega Red is captured by SHIELD. Wolverine finds an impaled Jubilee and Dum Dum calls for medical assistance. He then shoots Wolverine in the head several times to subdue him. Wolverine's son arrives, stabs Dum Dum in the chest, and disembowels Wolverine.


The same night as W:O 10. Wolverine gets up off the floor, puts his guts back in himself, and escapes from the oncoming SHIELD agents. He finds some clothes left behind for him in an alley and disappears into the crowd outside. His son watches from across the street, then makes his way back to his girlfriend's apartment, where she's waiting for him, upset and drinking. They have an argument and he tells her that he was just using her. He reveals that he drugged her booze and prepares to kill her.


One night, "weeks" before WI:DD. Because of upgrades on his computer, teenage hacker Hector Espejo, whose online

codename is the Watcher, hacks into the Internet of another dimension. He reads about the Captain America of another universe.

Monday, August 3


One day. According to TB2 13, the New Thunderbolts battle AIM.

PULSE #11 - FB

One day. D-Man foils a jewelry store robbery.

PULSE #11 (1-18)

The same day as PULSE 11-FB. The Thing doesn't recognize Jessica Jones, even though he met her before in FOUR 22. The

recap page says that Jessica "is in the second trimester," but this doesn't jibe with her size and her water breaking in this issue,

not to mention that it appears to be 21 months since she got pregnant. Jessica arrives at the Baxter Building to pick up Sue

Richards for a lunch date set up by Carol Danvers, who meets them at the outdoor café. Sue talks to Jessica about being a super-

hero mother. Meanwhile, Ben Urich does a story on the jewelry store lobby and learns the identity of the hero, but then

discovers that merchandise is missing from a smashed case next to where D-Man was standing. Green trees in New York.


One "summer" day. Franklin wrecks his room by fooling around with Reed's new weather generator.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #16 (5-22)

One day, "one week" after CA5 16 (1-4) and "two days" after CA5 16-FB (5:6). It is "six months" after CA5 14, the "week"

after CA5 16-FB (14-16), and "three weeks" since Crossbones and Sin popped up on SHIELD's radar "last month." Sharon tells

Steve that her new bosses (read: Maria Hill) "aren't so thrilled about your new Avengers" - this places this segment after A4 6.

Sharon enlists Cap's aid in going to Iowa to investigate both a presumed recent appearance by Bucky and the murder spree of

Crossbones and Sin. They talk to the local police, investigate the scene of the explosion, and suspect something is amiss. That

night, a non-local tells them about the explosion. Steve is excited about Bucky being alive and kisses Sharon. They end up in

bed and are interrupted by AIM scientists who've come to ask for Cap's help. Green trees in Iowa. Full moon.


The same day as CA5 16 (5-22). It is "two" days after CA5 17-FB (6:1-6:2), during the "week" after CA5 16-FB (14-16), and

"a little over a week" after Bucky visited Ms. Tolin. This story occurs before CA65AS 1. Cap and Sharon learn that Sin and

Crossbones have taken over the AIM facility beneath Pilsburg, Iowa. Cap, Sharon, and a SHIELD strike force storm the facility

and fight AIM agents set up as fodder by the villains and a Modoc Squad activated by Sin's careless killing of an AIM scientist.

Sin and Crossbones get away with a kidnaped SHIELD agent, who they torture into telling them that Lukin killed the Red Skull.

Cap and Sharon visit Ms. Tolin and ask about the Winter Soldier, who Cap thinks is going after Lukin for revenge. Cap believes

that the underground Nick Fury set Bucky up to encounter the AIM base. Green grass and trees.


One day. Dinosaur Ace and Jacquie fight the human King Sapien and his Primateers (in "case #803"). King Sapien plans to use

his time machine to alter the historical course of evolution so that simians are the higher life form. Before he can use it, Ace

shoots the machine. After an explosion, human Ace and Jacquie arrest ape King Simian and drop him and his Primateers off at

the Bronx Zoo, where we see green trees.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #25 - FB (1/2:1)

One day after C&DP 24 (19-20) and within "two months" (maybe two weeks) before C&DP 24 (21). This flashback may occur

before TB2 13-FB (9-18). Cable pays the Fixer for "a handful of circuitry."


One day, between CA5 17 and CA5 18-FB. Aboard the Helicarrier, Cap and Sharon Carter talk about the Eisendorf mission, and

then about finding Bucky. Outside Eisendorf Lukin chats with the Red Skull as he makes his way to the ruins of Eisendorf


Tuesday, August 4

PULSE #11 (19-21)

One day. This segment must occur after FOUR 22 and YAS 1, and shortly after A4 15. The Wasp now runs a costume design

firm in New York; we don't know what's happening with Pym's Oxford appointment; perhaps it was for only one semester.

Jessica and Carol take Cage to Van Dyne Design to get a new costume for him. Jessica's water breaks.


The same day as PULSE 11 (19-21). It is "a month" after Dennis Dunphy was arrested for vagrancy; the report of that event has

a topical date of "4/12/02." Jessica notes that she's "only been pregnant for six months, "Jan notes that Jessica is "not due for

months," and Strange refers to her "early delivery," but this would mean that it's only three months after ALIAS 28, but this

can't be right - I estimate that it's 14 months since then, which would mean that Jessica is 17 months pregnant - hardly early.

Ben Urich talks to Jonah about D-Man and notes that the pattern of missing items from businesses he's helped has occurred "in a

three-week period." Urich also notes that "the Feds got" Daredevil and that "he's going down." After some digging, Urich goes

into the sewers to find Dunphy. Warbird rushes Jessica to the hospital, but a fearful, bigoted administrator refuses to admit her

because of her powers. The New Avengers (Cap, Iron Man, Spider-Man in classic costume, Spider-Woman, and Wolverine)

arrive and, joined by Cage, take Jessica to Dr. Strange. Green trees in New York.


The same day as PULSE 12. This story must occur before M/KSM 20, M/HOL05 1/2, and should occur a few months before BP4 10. There is a reference to the FBI's pursuit of Matt Murdock, so this story must occur after DD2 75, but since DD appears here, this story must occur before DD2 76. D-Man mentions the Winter Soldier, an indication that this story occurs after CA5 14. Ben Urich talks to D-Man and upon discovering that he's delusional, decides to help him by bringing in D-Man's idol, Daredevil. DD talks D-Man into coming out of the sewers. The press gathers around Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, anxious for a story about the birth of Jessica's baby. Jessica calls J. Jonah Jameson and rips him one for the story he did on the Avengers in A4 15-FB. She refuses the Bugle any coverage, then she gives birth to a girl. Cage asks her to marry him. The Daily Globe, dated "December 4, 2005," gets the headline and the Bugle runs Urich's D-Man story, plus an exclusive titled, "Spider-Man Menace: How Much Does the Web-Crawler Know About the Murdock Papers?"

PULSE #14 - FB (2-5)

The same day as PULSE 13. This flashback occurs during the "week" before PULSE 14. Cage and Jessica discuss his proposal.

FANTASTIC FOUR #527 (1-14)

One day. The FF are still experiencing financial difficulties and are undergoing an audit; their accountant notes that "the income

from the new patents you've filed since the government confiscated your accounts will begin to offset your liabilities enough to

have some actual spending money in...about two, three months." This isn't necessarily an indication that this story arc occurs

before the FF's business is re-established in FOUR 13 (6-11). Ben discovers that his personal funds were untouched and that

he's rich. (He probably arranges to purchase homes in short order after this.) Fury (LMD) approaches Reed with an opportunity

to accelerate the FF's financial recovery and invites him to meet with the Feds at a classified air force base in Nevada "tomorrow

at two."


One day, sometime after TOXIN 6 (20-22). SHIELD agent Gail Runciter e-mails cheat sheets on the Raft escapees to Jessica


CABLE & DEADPOOL #25 - FB (1/2:2)

One day, after C&DP 24 (19-20) and within "two months" (maybe two weeks) before C&DP 24 (21). This flashback must occur

after FOES 6 and TB2 12 (1-19). Cable meets with "the escaped felon, the Wizard" to discuss "the manipulation of gravimetric


PUNISHER v7 #30 (20:1-20:2)

One day, "two days" after PUN7 30 (1-19). Punisher watches Westin board his plane at JFK Airport. That night, Punisher sends

Parker the file on Westin.

Wednesday, August 5


Early one morning. This segment probably occurs after TOXIN 6 (20-22), and CW:CS 1/6. In their Stark Tower bedroom, Peter

and M.J. discuss a dream that Peter has involving Morlun and a morgue.


The same day as FNSM 1 (1-2). Peter and M.J. train with Steve Rogers, who tries to get Peter to avoid relying on instinct to



The same day as FNSM 1-FB. Because JJJ has returned to bashing Spidey, this segment must occur after FNSM 4-FB (4-7). In

this segment, Peter sets up a camera for taking Spidey pictures, so it's presumed that he's still taking pictures for the Bugle (after

resuming this work in summer), perhaps to supplement his teaching income. Spidey busts in on a bank robbery by a new perp

named Tracer who shoots homing bullets at Spidey. Spidey is struck in the left shoulder by one of the bullets and sees Dr.

Castillo, a doctor who specializes in treating super-heroes. Back at Stark Tower, he tells M.J. he has to go back out and pursue

Tracer. His spider-tracer leads him to attack a limo that actually contains J. Jonah Jameson. That night, Castillo calls Spidey to

report concern about the results of the tests she gave him. Morlun spies on Spidey outside Stark Tower. Green trees in New


FANTASTIC FOUR #527 (15-22)

The day after FF 527 (1-14). Reed goes to Nevada and learns that the government project is to create a battalion of soldiers with

FF-like power in a cosmic storm identical to the one that created the FF. The storm is due to occur "in just a few weeks."

CABLE & DEADPOOL #25 - FB (1/2:3)

One day after C&DP 24 (19-20) and within "two months" (maybe two weeks) before C&DP 24 (21). Cable has lunch with Tony

Stark and agrees to give Stark the specs for a "fission waste processor."


One day. This story occurs after RUN2 12 and probably before RUN2 13. The X-Men (Scott, Emma, Kitty, Hank, Logan, and

Colossus) show up in Los Angeles to recruit Molly to come to the Xavier Institute to be trained in the use of her powers (perhaps

she's being recruited to join the New X-Men, since the school function of the Institute has been terminated by now). If the

Sentinels are accompanying the team, they're off-panel. A fight between the X-Men and the Runaways ensues, then the X-Men

decide to leave, but not before Emma finds the missing Old Lace.

SHE-HULK v4 #5 (17-18)

One day, "two weeks" after S-H4 5 (16). Mallory returns Matt Hawk's guns to him and convinces Matt not to pursue a law

career but rather take the job of keeping GLK&H's super clients under control.

DOC SAMSON v2 #3 - FB (1-2)

One day. The new Scorpion beats up tech directorate SHIELD agents named Lewis, Branson, and Eisley.

DOC SAMSON v2 #3 - FB (16:6)

The same day as DS2 3-FB (1-2). Eisley shoots at Scorpion and misses, hitting Agent Nagayoshi.

DOC SAMSON v2 #3 - FB (3:2-3px)

The same day as DS2 3-FB (16:6). Backup arrives and Scorpion is subdued.

DOC SAMSON v2 #2 (23)

Probably the same day as DS2 3-FB (3). SHIELD agent Khanata hopes Doc Samson can deal with the new Scorpion, currently

in custody aboard the Helicarrier "somewhere over the Atlantic."


Probably the same night as DS2 2 (23). Doc Samson arrives at the Helicarrier to get to the truth about Scorpion, who Khanata

believes to be innocent in the charge of shooting Nagayoshi. After a brief session, Samson learns whatever Scorpion is hiding

has something to do with the comatose Nagayoshi. When given news that the agent has come out of the coma, Samson tells

Scorpion he died, knowing it'll set her off. She breaks free and Samson takes a fall to let her get away, hoping she'll lead them

to something that'll shed light on her secrets. They follow her as she heads to the tech directorate, then the hangar bay. The

three agents who supposedly "caught her and got eat up for it" are fleeing and she's following. The truth comes out that they

were the true crooks, trying to sell SHIELD tech on the black market and that Nagayoshi pretended to go along with them. The

bad guys are taken away in handcuffs and Scorpion is happy to learn Nagayoshi isn't dead after all. Full moon.


The same night as FNSM 1 (3-22). As she prepares for a performance at the theater, M.J. reads Jameson's editorial about his

encounter with Spider-Man. M.J. tries to figure Peter out.

Thursday, August 6

SHE-HULK v4 #5 (19-22)

The morning after S-H4 5 (17-18). This flashback must occur before S-H4 14-FB (14:5). Two-Gun Kid subdues the bail-

jumping Bushwacker. Then Jen and Matt view a DVD that Hawkeye left Matt. As instructed by the DVD, they go to a storage

locker to discover a sky cycle that Clint left for Matt.


The day after M/KSM 19 (1-2). M.J. tries to confide in Steve Rogers over a game of pool, but finds it difficult to get him to

understand her situation as the wife of a hero. Secretly concerned about his health news, Peter walks in and swings off as Spidey.

M.J. puts in another performance and encounters an obsessed fan who is seeing the play for "the fifteenth" time "this month" (so

it's likely late in the month). She catches a live TV report about Spidey's rematch with Tracer, a reckless battle that involves

Iron Man. As Morlun looks on, M.J. heads back to Stark Tower (which does not look like the Watchtower), where Peter shows

her the Dr. Castillo's report.


One day. Robots from space spread love and happiness when agents of GRAMPA Ace and Jacquie (in "case #999") arrive and

blow them to bits with a rocket launcher. Green grass and trees.


One day, shortly after FF 527 (15-22). It is "a few weeks" before the anticipated cosmic storm. The Thing shops for expensive

tailored suits with his new fortune. From the Nevada air force base, Reed calls Sue to catch up on things. Sue mentions

Franklin's "studies," so it's during the school year or a summer semester. Simone Debouvier, a Child Welfare employee, visits the Baxter Building as part of an investigation into the safety of Franklin and Valeria living with their family. At the base, Reed works with scientist Debra Love, who brings up the topic of the x-factor that caused the FF's powers to be unique to each individual. Reed ponders the x-factor that night. Then the fuel core of the project's space ship explodes and Reed is injured saving project personnel from the explosion. Love suspects that Reed sabotaged the fuel core.


The day after FF 528 in a time pocket. As project personnel try assess the damage and try to determine its cause, Reed secretly

calls for the Fantasticar and uses it to escape. Arriving at the Baxter Building, he encounters Sue meeting with DeBouvier and a

group of nannies she brought with her. DeBouvier leaves, vowing to return "in a few days." Reed discusses the project with his

teammates. Concluding that the cosmic rays that gave them powers was a communication signal by a far-off race, Reed is

determined to take a rocket through the new cosmic storm. The rest of the team sign on and they rocket into space, defying

military orders to cease. They enter the storm.


The same day as FF 529 in a time pocket. The FF ride out the cosmic storm and return to earth with an alien hitchhiker who used

the cosmic rays as a carrier signal for teleportation. Sensing Ben as a kindred spirit, the creature seeks asylum from his kinsmen,

who are pursuing him to end his radical notions of universal truths. Ben notes that the FF are "broke."


The same day as FF 530 in a time pocket. The creature's pursuers arrive on earth and Sue, Johnny, and Ben battle them as Reed

and the alien retreat to Reed's lab, where they plan to use the Negative Zone displacement vortex to spirit the alien away. The

Baxter Building is hit by artillery from the battle outside, Reed's equipment overloads, and he and the alien are pulled into the

cracks between time and space. They are drawn back to the Big Bang.


The same day as FF 531 in a time pocket and the same day as FF 528 in mainstream reality. This story must occur before

SM/HT 5 (23:2) and THING2 1 (1-7). As Reed witnesses the course of creation and learns the secrets of the universe, his

thoughts influence the nature of the cosmic rays that would eventually bombard him and his teammates, giving them unique

powers. Reed returns to the point in time in FF 528 in which he's talking to Debra Love. Reed's journey has changed the

cosmic rays monitored by the government project, making them useless. The project is scrapped and Reed returns home to find

the kids in bed, Sue pondering what to do about the child welfare folks, and Ben showing off his new duds. Reed has learned to

savor the moments of life.

Friday, August 7


Early one morning. This story must occur after A4 15, given that the New Avengers have a public battle here. Tracer causes

New York's machines to revolt and the Avengers (BTS, individuals uncertain) respond to the crisis without Spidey, who's deep

asleep in his bedroom at Stark Tower. When Peter awakens, he gets upset at M.J. and May about not being woken and takes off

for action. May, whose "estimated age" is "73 years," goes to the kitchen and imagines she's talking to Ben about Jarvis. There,

she encounters Tracer, who tells her he's a reservist assigned to be at the Tower while the team is out; May believes this. Spidey

encounters Morlun, who refuses to kill him because Peter's deterioration interests him. After Morlun leaves, Logan appears and

tells Spidey to return to the Tower, where Tracer gains May's confidence. Spidey returns and battles Tracer, who detects Peter's

condition and is then defeated. May insists that Peter tell her about his health.


The same day as ASM 525. DD must appear here before DD2 76 and Hulk must appear here before FF 533. May and M.J. insist

that Peter get help from his super-friends. Stark gathers Reed Richards, Hank Pym, and Bill Foster (in a different Goliath

costume from the one he wears in THING2 1) to examine Peter and they decide they need Bruce Banner's help. "On hour later,"

the group locates and battles the Hulk in the Southwest. After Hulk reverts to Banner, the group takes him to the Baxter

Building, where he suggests that Spidey see T'Challa. "Three hours later," T'Challa feeds Peter special herbs but they don't

appear to work. That night, as Spidey dwells on his fate, he defeats the Ox, imagining he's Morlun. Spidey encounters

Daredevil, then consults Dr. Strange, who determines that Peter is doomed by a non-physical malady. Green trees in New York.

Full moon.

FOUR #28 (1-22:3)

One day. The Baxter Building's Roberta now has a full robot body. Bethany Palmer, an employee at Fantastic Enterprises for

"ten years," tells Sue (who now wears reading glasses) about the abuse she's suffered from her husband for "four years." Sue

goes home with Bethany and confronts her husband to facilitate a divorce and prevent future abuse of any woman by him. Sue

tries in vain to reach Reed, who's conferring with the other Illuminati (Black Bolt, Namor in classic trunks, Dr. Strange, and Iron

Man, but not Xavier), whose "meetings are becoming more and more frequent." Reed thinks to himself that "there's a war

brewing." Reed answers a call from night nurse Christine Palmer about Martin Simms, a patient dying of cancer. Reed stays at

Martin's bedside that night until Simms dies. Reed returns to the Baxter Building, where he and Sue swap stories of their day.

Green trees in New York. Full moon.


One night. This story probably occurs after X/RUN A. A reference to the events of Decimation places this story after HOM:DA

1 (3-31). Molly wakes up in a sewer, surrounded by a few other kids. They have all been kidnaped by the Provost, who forces

them to pick pockets and commit other acts of thievery for him. He sends them to rob a bank. Molly drives the kids to turn

against the Provost, and finally turn him into stone by breaking his magic wand. The kids go home and Molly falls asleep at a

bus stop near the La Brea Tar Pits.

Saturday, August 8


One day, shortly after RUN2 13. Molly writes in her diary about her recent adventures with the Runaways.

NEW THUNDERBOLTS #17 - FB (1:1-1:6)

One day, "three days" before TB2 17. The new Swordsman sits in a room, pondering his past with Killgrave and considering his


NEW THUNDERBOLTS #13 - FB (1/2:3-8)

One day. At "11:16 A.M.," the New Thunderbolts battle and defeat the new Dr. Spectrum. That afternoon at "1:47 P.M.," Carol

Danvers, Dallas Riordan, and Henry Peter Gyrich plan to use the Thunderbolts to fight the New Avengers, who the CSA views as

a potential threat. That evening at "6:34 P.M.," Dallas gives Melissa the assignment to go up against the Avengers, and Erik and

Dallas have a heart-to-heart.


The same evening as TB2 13-FB (1/2-8). Melissa prepares Radioactive Man for the assignment.


The same evening as TB2 14-FB-FB (5:1). Speed Demon bets that Stark will try to buy his way out of the upcoming conflict.


The same evening as TB2 14-FB-FB (7:3). Songbird asks Joystick to infiltrate Stark Tower in return for a provisional pardon

from the CSA.


The same night as TB2 13-FB-FB. This flashback may occur after C&DP 25-FB (1/2:1). At "10:21 P.M.," Abe takes his

repaired armor out for a test and encounters the Fixer, who makes him an offer. At "10:26 P.M.," the Avengers (Cap, Iron Man,

Spidey, Cage, and Sentry) are sent on a bogus assignment to battle a bogus Red Ronin off the Jersey coast and are ambushed by

the Thunderbolts. The two teams battle.


The same night as TB2 13-FB (9-18). At "10:34 PM," the battle is engaged and the Thunderbolts gain the upper hand.


The same night as TB2 14-FB (1-7). At "11:42 P.M.," Joystick breaks into Stark Tower (which does not look like the

Watchtower) and encounters Spider-Woman.


The same night as TB2 13-FB (19-20). Joystick secretly distributes miniaturized surveillance microbes around the Avengers HQ

as she battles Spider-Woman. Carol Danvers, Henry Gyrich, and Hank Pym start receiving transmissions. Meanwhile, Abe

Jenkins and Norbert Ebersol find Donnie Gill in a strip club and recruit him for a mission to "save the world."

Sunday, August 9


The early morning after TB2 14-FB (8-11). At "12:06 A.M.," the Vice President gets a briefing about the Avengers/

Thunderbolts battle from Danvers and Pym, who apparently set things up.


The same early morning as TB2 13-FB (21). At "1:14 AM," the Avengers/Thunderbolts battle continues. As Iron Man realizes

that the government sent them, the T-Bolts defeat the Avengers and issue a warning before vanishing. At "2:32 AM," a battered

Joystick leaves Stark Tower, having completed her job. Spider-Woman sees Josytick get away with the rest of the Thunderbolts

and contacts her fellow Avengers.


The same early morning as TB2 14-FB (12-20). It is "six weeks" after TB2 12 (1-19) and "five weeks" after Melissa assumed

leadership of the team. At "2:43 A.M." at the offices of the CSA, Dallas, Carol, Gyrich, and the Vice President monitor the

transmission from Spider-Woman to Cage concerning the attacks by the Thunderbolts.


The same early morning as TB2 13. It is "a few weeks" before TB2 18 and C&DP 25 (7-21). This story probably occurs before

M/KSM 20. As they monitor Stark Tower and the Baxter Building (where we see the Thing), Danvers, Pym, and Gyrich talk to

their ally, Baron Zemo. Together, they have enacted the Guardian Protocols to save the world.

FOUR #28 (22:4-22:6)

The early morning after FOUR 28 (1-22). Given Namor's presence at the Illuminati meeting in FOUR 28 (1-22), this segment

probably occurs before his departure from the group in NA:I 1-FB (14-22). Reed and Sue go to bed. Full moon.


One day. This story must occur after SENTRY2 8 and FNSM 2. A nearly bald, green, smart Hulk is enlisted to clear out a

Hydra weapons cache in Nevada. The cache holds a gamma bomb, which explodes. "Five hours later," the Thing discovers that

he's lost $2 million in a bad stock deal and Reed and Sue get a call from child welfare, which is following up its investigation.

When Reed hears about the gamma explosion, he sends Ben and Johnny out to deal with the enraged Hulk, who's been spotted

near Las Vegas. "Four hours later," the duo arrive in Nevada, where they see Hulk's destruction. Authorities fear that Banner

has reverted to a more primitive version of Hulk. Meanwhile, Reed and Sue tell the child welfare rep that they're willing to give

up custody of Franklin and Valeria with one request. Ben and Johnny encounter a savage Hulk.


The same day as FF 533. Reed and Sue announce to the media that they've agreed to give up custody of Franklin and Val to the



The same day as FF 533. This story must occur before WWH:GC 4-FB (1-3). Ben and Johnny battle the Hulk, who has flashbacks to tragic moments in his life. After the battle reaches Las Vegas, Ben figures out that the Hulk is messed in the head, so he tries to calm the beast and convince him to accept his help, but Hulk's savagery returns when he relives Betty's "death."


The same day as FF 534. Hulk and Thing start to fight again and people take bets on the outcome.


The same day as FF 535 (1-5). It is "one month" before NA:I 1. The Hulk smashes the Thing.

FANTASTIC FOUR #535 (6-23)

The same day as NA:I 1-FB (11). This segment occurs "a few hours" after FF 535-FB and shortly before NA:I 1-FB (12-13).

The Thing and Hulk continue to battle, then Johnny goes nova on the Hulk and the monster regains his sanity. The safe house in

which a decoy Franklin and Valeria are kept is destroyed, proving that no place is safe for the kids so they're better off at the

Baxter Building with their family. Ms. DeBouvier concedes. The bald Hulk and a bandaged Thing have a talk, then Hulk leaves.

Green grass and trees at an undisclosed location. Full moon.

Monday, August 10


One day, shortly after FF 535 (6-23). Given the chronologies of Spidey and the Hulk, this flashback likely occurs after A4 15

and would have to occur before A4 16. Iron Man meets with Commander Maria Hill to discuss the chaos wrought by the Hulk in

Las Vegas; they may not have the chance to discuss the outing of the Avengers, which Hill finally gets around to in A4 16. Hill

chides Iron Man for refusing to terminate threats like the Hulk who keep going on rampages. She notes that folks on Capitol Hill

are looking to blame super-heroes for this kind of threat - a reference to the Superhuman Registration Act. This may be the first time Stark hears of the Act, and his intel from the underground Nick Fury in CW:C 1-FB (8-9) may follow quickly after this.


One day. Franklin Richards messes with dad's collection of Doombots.

PUNISHER v7 #30 (20:3)

One day. Punisher kills a slave trafficker. The reference to winter may be topical.


One day. This flashback must occur before ASM 529. It may occur after NA:I 1-FB (12-13). Nick Fury secretly supplies Tony Stark with a file concerning the Registration Act that Congress is considering.


One night. This story must occur before CW 1 (1-7) and BEYOND 1. Jessica Jones' baby appears here, so this story must occur

after PULSE 13. The Avengers hold their holiday party at Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. In attendance are Captain

America, Iron Man, Spider-Man (in classic costume), Spider-Woman, Cage, Wolverine (again with the diamonds on the pants),

Wasp, Yellowjacket, She-Hulk, Wonder Man, Black Panther, Iron Fist, Dr. Strange, Gravity, Wong, Jarvis, M.J., and Aunt May.

Santa enthusiast Virgie Hanlon unwittingly activates Ultron to play Santa. The robot attacks and is defeated by the Avengers.

The ruins of Avengers Mansion are still standing. The Assemblers track down Virgie and bring the party to her place. Cap gives

a speech about Santa and ideals. The references to "Christmas Eve" and snow may, unfortunately, be topical; the party may be to

celebrate the birth of Cage's and Jessica's baby.


One night. Annie and Jackson Clarke are having fun in Atlanta when her scientist dad and his goons show up in weird flying

vehicles. Annie turns into Positron and starts a fight, but Jackson puts an inhibitor disc on her, which knocks her out. Her dad

comes out and retrieves her, but Jackson gives the money back that her dad paid him to bring her to him.

Tuesday, August 11


One day, "years" after A@ 8. As the CSA examine the female Dr. Spectrum (Martha Gomes) and the captured power prism,

telecommunications specialist Alice Nugent is possessed by the prism. Erik talks to Dallas about the supposed death of his

brother Conrad. Abe has lunch with Melissa, then joins the Fixer in testing Donnie's new Blizzard costume. Chen has his excess

radiation purged at the Chinese consulate. In his Whizzer guise, Sanders steals money from Richmond Enterprises and

Nighthawk (in a different costume from that shown in THING2 1-2) arrives at Thunderbolts headquarters to confront Sanders.

He engages the Thunderbolts in battle, then Erik calls in to report that the prism, through Alice, is reuniting the Squadron

Sinister. Just then, the newest Dr. Spectrum (Nugent) and a new Hyperion burst into Thunderbolts headquarters. Green trees in

New York.


The same day as TB2 15. Hyperion and Dr. Spectrum fight the Thunderbolts and destroy their headquarters in the process.

Speed Demon decides to join the attackers and they make off with Nighthawk. Mach IV, Fixer, and Blizzard break into the

Wiley Institute for Debilitative Mental Health to see patient Enrique Gallante. They activate his power to access the Darkforce

Dimension. Spectrum outlines her plan to take over the world in order to save it, but Jim and Kyle rebel and attack her and

Hyperion. The Thunderbolts show up and defeat Spectrum and Hyperion, who vanish. Melissa kicks Jim off the team for

stealing money and asks Kyle to join. Green shrubs in the Bronx.


The same day as TB2 16. It is "three days" after TB2 17-FB (1:1-1:6). Nighthawk may appear in THING2 1 (15-23) after this.

As the Thunderbolts go through the rubble of their Brooklyn headquarters, Nighthawk offers the team an upstate facility of his as

a temporary HQ and a warehouse in New York or LA that they can use more permanently after it's set up in "a month or two."

Mach IV, Fixer, and Blizzard find Blackout in the Darkforce Dimension. Swordsman fights his way through a bunch of Hydra

goons in a Hydra facility in Russia, where he finds the captive Baron Von Strucker. He frees Strucker and reveals himself to be

Strucker's son Andreas. Baron Zemo shows up and Andreas fights him. Andreas stabs Zemo's right hand and as he prepares to

finish Zemo off, his father stops him to find out why Zemo came to rescue him. Zemo asks Baron Strucker to help him create a

new world order. Intrigued, Strucker agrees and they teleport away, leaving Andreas alone to ponder his future.


One "summer" day, "several years" after MSHSW 1. This story must occur after M/KS-M 9 and M/HOL'05 1/2. Michael

Collins buries the Bi-Beast, a Skrull, and a Kree, the latest in a series of casualties that fill a cemetery. He notes that "it's about

to begin again." After nearly flunking "last semester," Gregg is at college with his girlfriend, who knows his secret identity. He

turns into Gravity and fights Brushfire, then responds to a report of a huge construct in the park. The construct takes off into

space, and Gravity blanks out. He awakens to find himself on board with Spidey (in classic look), Venom (Gargan), Kraven,

Medusa, Firebird, Hood, Wasp, and Hank Pym (in a flak jacket outfit). Someone posing as the Beyonder commands those

aboard to slay their enemies and claim all they desire. Hood attacks everyone else and is put in his place. Venom skewers

"Spidey" and Medusa attacks Venom in retaliation. Green trees in New York.


The same day as BEYOND 1. Wasp and Pym try to stop Medusa from killing Venom, but then Venom pierces Medusa's leg and

the heroes attack Venom. The heroes' ship then crashes onto Battleworld, but the heroes survive. Pym bandages Medusa's leg

and Gravity fetches "Spidey's" body from the crash. The heroes encounter Michael Collins, whose group is also on Battleworld.

Pym enlarges a miniature Quinjet and the group blasts off, but Dragon Man destroys the craft. As the heroes face Dragon Man,

Michael reveals himself as Deathlok. "Spidey" wakes up from seeming death.


The same day as BEYOND 2. This story occurs "years" after BEYOND 3-FB. The heroes defeat Dragon Man, then take a break

by a campfire. Hood argues with Gravity and gets a lecture from Michael. Michael explains that he's been on Battleworld for

years as part of a bargain struck with "the Beyonder" and has witnessed dozens of bouts involving hundreds of super-humans.

Hank pulls Jan aside and says that they "haven't really talked since London" - this is probably a reference to the time they were

living in London while Hank taught a Oxford. Jan notes that "we tried it and it still doesn't work," but Hank refuses to believe it

and notes that he'll prove himself worthy of her. Kraven finds the dead "Spidey," who advises him to kill the others. Convinced

that "Spidey" is not Peter Parker, Kraven walks away, but the Hood shows up, shoots "Spidey" in the kneecap, drags him to the

others, and forces him to reveal himself as a Space Phantom.


The same day as BEYOND 3. Because no one is surprised to see Northstar alive, this story must occur before NX 13 (4-5). The

heroes battle the Space Phantom, who assumes the form of Xemnu. When beaten, the Phantom assumes the form of Northstar

(in original costume) and escapes. The heroes decide to hunt down the Phantom and trade him to "the Beyonder" for their

freedom. Pym enlarges a dimensional portal to Limbo and they enter, waiting for the Phantom to replace Northstar in that realm.

The portal disappears behind them because Venom has smashed the Battleworld side of it to bits. The heroes are trapped and

Venom claims victory in "the Beyonder's" game.


The same day as BEYOND 4. Kraven asks Deathlok for the movie rights to his life story. Gravity and the Hood share info about

their lives. Jan and Hank argue and when Jan seeks counsel from Medusa, they catch Bonita kissing Hank. Appearing as

Northstar, the Space Phantom disputes Venom's claim to winning the contest. When the Space Phantom returns to Limbo, the

heroes attack and force him into returning them to Battleworld. The Phantom tries to take Deathlok's place, but the heroes see

through his deception and force the villain to retreat. The Watcher appears on Battleworld. When Venom attacks the heroes,

Hank appears to vaporize him. Then Hank proceeds to blast all the heroes.

BEYOND! #6 (1-19)

The same day as BEYOND 5. It is "several years" after MSHSW 12. As Uatu watches, "the Beyonder" offers to grant Hank, the

apparent winner, his wishes. Hank demands that "the Beyonder" reveal his true self, a Stranger who is using deadly contests to

study humanity. Hank demands that the Stranger end his experiment. The Stranger realizes that Hank cheated by shrinking his

colleagues to make it appear they were slain. Hank restores them to normal size and they fight the Stranger. Intimidated by the

silent Uatu, the Stranger agrees to end his experiment and offers the heroes a brief opportunity to return home. Gravity uses his

power to keep Battleworld from falling apart as the heroes flee. They all make it back to earth, but the strain has killed Gravity.

"American Idol" is on TV "tonight." Green trees in New York.

Wednesday, August 12

NEW AVENGERS #21 - FB (2:4)

One day. This flashback must occur before CW 1 (18-19). Because the Avengers appear here publicly, this flashback must

occur after A4 15. If Spidey is in his classic costume (not in the version 2.0 Iron Spider costume that mimics his classic

costume), then this flashback may occur before M/KS-M 20. The Avengers (Cap, Sentry, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Spidey, and

Cage dressed in a suit) appear at a public event in front of a crowd holding signs.


One evening. A Bugle article on the New Avengers has appeared, and the public appearance of the team here places this story

after A4 15. Captain America is hosting National Night Out, a street event honoring New York's police and fire departments; in

the real world this occurs on the first Tuesday in August, but not necessarily so in the MU. In attendance are the New Avengers

(Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Cage, Wolverine, and Spider-Man in classic costume) and the Fantastic Four (here in Ultimate-type

costumes), a large group of police and firemen, and many civilians, including kids Sharon, Russ, and Austin. Suddenly, Kang

appears aboard a time-ship. He states that he has learned that the three children are destined to defeat him, and although he's

unsure of the details, he has traveled there to get rid of them before they can. He aims time-blasters at the kids, and Cap, Spidey,

and Cage leap to their aid. Each kid travels back in time with a hero to a different time period to face challenges with which

they're able to deal from reading. In the present day, while the rest of the heroes attack and distract Kang, Reed and Logan sneak

into the back of his timeship, which contains displays of several Kang costumes and hundreds of books. Mr. Fantastic realizes

that the instructions to operate the platform and recover the displaced heroes must be in one of the books. As the police and

firemen poke their heads in and ask what they can do to help, Wolverine tells them to grab a book and start looking. Eventually

one of the firemen finds the correct book, and Reed uses the time platform to recover the heroes and kids. As Kang beats back

the heroes, he hears a voice behind him and is shocked to discover himself from his own future, who has returned to warn

himself of a grave mistake. He reveals himself to be Cage, and one of Kang's own time-rays hits Kang from behind. As Kang

vanishes from sight, he realizes that just as he foresaw, the children provided the means to his defeat. Short sleeves in New York.

Thursday, August 13


One day. In the Arctic, Vincent Stegron finds an asteroid that gives off a radiation that causes the evolutionary process to


PUNISHER v7 #30 (21:2-22)

One winter day. Viorica works as a waitress, sees a small child, and breaks down crying. Snow on the ground.


One day. This story must occur after A4 15, since the Watchtower spires are seen on Stark Tower. Spider-Man - in his original

costume design, probably before M/KSM 20 - has just webbed up Boomerang, who he tells that he'll always make time for the

villain though he is an Avenger now. When Spider-Man arrives at Stark Tower, he finds an unconscious Jarvis and destroyed

section of the tower with a strange portal in the background. Jarvis explains there was a large fight and the X-Men were there and

they and his fellow Avengers went through the portal. Spider-Man follows. On the other side of the portal he finds the

Astonishing X-Men (Scott, Emma, Beast, Kitty, Colossus, Logan) along with Captain America, Iron Man, Cage, and many

WWII soldiers fighting Kang-like robots that are reminiscent of Kang as Kang's sword ship hovers above the battlefield. Iron

Man explains to Spider-Man that Kang mind-controlled the X-Men and sent them to fight the New Avengers. The New

Avengers freed the X-Men and defeated Kang, but he got away. Using equipment he left behind they accessed his ship found out

his new plan and using the technology moved to intercept him. His plan is to kill Captain America in the past. Kang is defeated

and the New Avengers take him into custody. The New Avengers and X-Men return a second after they left. The X-Men head

back to the mansion, but Wolverine aims to stay at the tower because it has better TV. Iron Man tells Jarvis to call a service to

help clean up.


One night, "two months" before CA5 18 (5-10). This flashback occurs after CA5 14 and CA65AS 1. In rainy Hamburg,

Lukin/Red Skull recruits Max Lohmer.

Friday, August 14

BEYOND! #6 (20-22)

One day, probably a few days after BEYOND 6 (1-19). According to CW:BDR, this segment occurs sometime before Civil War.

Uatu observes the funeral of Gravity, attended by Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, Crystal, Hank, Jan, Bonita, Hood,

Gargan, Kraven, and Michael (who hasn't been able to turn back into Deathlok since returning to earth). Green grass and trees in

New York. Greg Willis' birth and death years (1988 and 2006) are topical.

SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN v2 #27 - FB (4:2-4:5)

One day, shortly after SENSM2 27-FB (1-4). Stegron, now reverted to reptilian form, boards a freighter with the asteroid inside

a crate.


One day during the "week" after PULSE 14-FB (2-3). This story occurs before NA@ 1 (2-33). Jessica talks to her unnamed baby about Cage's proposal and decides to marry him.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #25 - FB (1/2:4)

One day, after C&DP 24 (19-20) and within "two months" (maybe two weeks) before C&DP 24 (21). Cable and Irene meet with

Chinese leaders to hammer out a "refugee relocation program." Cable's visit to China lasts "three days."


One night. Hector Espejo continues his research about the parallel dimension. He reads about that dimension's Wolverine.

Saturday, August 15


One day. This story probably occurs after USM 72/2 (1-6), NA/X:TT, and TB2 14 and may occur after A4 21-FB (2:4). Finally

coming to terms with his terminal illness, Peter has determined to make the most of his last days by spending quality time with

his family. Accompanied by Aunt May and M.J. dressed in old Iron Man armors, he infiltrates Dr. Doom's Latverian castle and

they use Doom's time machine to transport themselves to a happy day when Peter was a boy and his parents were still alive.

Upon materializing back in the present, they take out some Doombots and return home. When Spidey returns the loaned armors

to Tony Stark, Stark suggests the perfect getaway for Pete and M.J. Presumably that night, Morlun determines that the time has

come to feast and comes looking for Peter at the Daily Bugle and Stark Tower, undetected by everyone. He is unable to find

Peter, who is with M.J. gazing at earth from one of Stark's space-pods.


One day, "three months" before CW 1 (1-12). Cobalt Man, Coldheart, Speedfreek, and Nitro break out of Ryker's Island prison.

Sunday, August 16


One day, "a week" before DDVP 1 (8-22). Frank notes, "For three weeks, I've done nothing," so this segment must occur more

than three weeks after his last previous appearance (which I have as M/KSM 15). He notes that he and Daredevil have "been

playing cat and mouse for two months now." He also notes, "Since the Kingpin of Crime was taken down, half the east coast's

underworld has been in complete chaos. A thousand little would-be emperors scramble for their shot at the big chair" - this

comment would place this segment after DD2 50, and most likely after DD2 60, when Matt starts wearing the costume again and

stops thinking of himself as the "new Kingpin," and the Yakuza have shown that others are out to fill the power vacuum.

Punisher (in his classic costume) prepares to snipe Hammerhead - who may be here after SENTRY2 5-FB (8-12) - and Jackal

(somehow returned from the dead) in an effort to have Hammerhead become the new kingpin of crime. Daredevil shows up and

the two fight. Hammerhead, the Jackal, and their thugs overhear the battle and flee. The police arrive and Punisher flees the

scene. Green grass and trees in New York.


The day after M/KSM 20. Morlun attacks Spidey, beats him to a pulp, and plucks out and eats Peter's left eye.


The same day as ASM 526. It is "a few days" before ASM 528 (19-22) and "a couple of weeks" before SENSM2 26. The police

show up and Morlun flees. Spidey is rushed to the hospital and is not expected to survive. Cap, Cage, and Iron Man arrive and

as they talk to hospital officials about getting Spidey released into their custody, Morlun enters Peter's room and prepares to feed

on him. M.J. shows up and tries to fight Morlun, but he breaks her right arm. Peter's spider nature is awoken and he savagely

attacks Morlun with heretofore unknown powers. Morlun is destroyed and Peter dies in M.J.'s arms. The Avengers try to

comfort M.J., who gets her arm put in a cast. Then Iron Man leaves the hospital with Peter's corpse. Green trees in New York.


The same night as FNSM 3. M.J. returns to Stark Tower and tells May that Peter's dead. Tony offers to alter the corpse to hide

the cause of death and protect Peter's identity for the sake of his family's safety, but M.J. wants the world to know of her

husband's heroism. Logan hits on M.J. (whose arm is healed by Stark science, as explained in ASM 528) to help her move from

grief to rage. Steve comforts May and Jessica checks on M.J. An intruder alert sends everyone to the lab where Peter's corpse is.

They find that the corpse has split open. Full moon.

Monday, August 17


The day after M/KSM 21 (1-18). A teacher takes a class to the seashore to collect spiders. Under a nearby pier, there's a large

cocoon. We see green trees and short sleeves.


The same day as M/KSM 21 (19-22). Within his cocoon, Peter embraces "the Other" - the spider entity that has been part of him

since the radioactive spider bite. Reborn, he emerges from the cocoon and heads back to Stark Tower, where M.J., May, Jarvis,

Steve, Tony, Jessica, Cage, and Logan welcome him. Tony offers to make Peter a new costume. That night, Peter takes his

wedding band from the corpse in the lab.

SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN v2 #38 - FB (5:1-5:3)

One day. The hospitalized Eddie Brock (with some hair) listens to the piece of Venom that is still inside him.

Tuesday, August 18


The day after ASM 527. Tony Stark, Hank Pym, and Reed Richards examine Peter, whose body is rejuvenated, whose reflexes

are made instinctual, and who has acquired retractable wrist spikes from the metamorphosis. Meanwhile, Flash Thompson is

hired as a gym teacher at Peter's school (P.S. 108); he may not start the job for a few weeks. Flash is healed, but his coma has

left him with memory loss, including any recollection of Peter after high school. At Stark Tower, M.J. thanks Logan for trying to

help her out of her shock. As Spidey swings M.J. through the city, M.J. talks about lessons she learned about herself following

the news of Peter's supposed death. Spidey detects something spider-related going on at Stark Tower and goes there, only to find

that spiders have eaten his old body. He encounters a female spider-creature, who escapes. Clothing includes hats, jackets, and a

turtleneck sweater.


The same day as FNSM 4. Everything from M/KSM 20 on is noted as having occurred "this last week." Spider-Man chases the

spider entity around NYC trying to convince it that he is not trying to hurt it. The entity relays a cryptic message to him and then

escapes through a sidewalk grate. Spider-Man immediately returns to Avengers Tower, which is covered in webbing. Iron Man

sends a sample of the webbing to Reed Richards for analysis. The Avengers (Cap, Iron Man, Logan, Cage, Spider-Woman)

speak with Spider-Man, who they think is responsible for the webbing. Later that day, Iron Man and Cap want Spider-Man to

stay put until they can figure out what is going on.


One day, after the flashbacks on pages 1-2 of C&DP 25. This segment must occur after A4 15. Concerned about the information

in Cable's hands, "Nick Fury - SHIELD field operations commander" (who must be the LMD) calls in Captain America, who

must know that this Fury is an LMD; apparently any comment about this is off-panel. Both men are shown on a "SHIELD

Helicarrier - somewhere over the North Atlantic," but in C&DP 25 (1-3), Fury (LMD) reports to Cap in holographic form at

what is presumably Avengers Tower.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #25 (1-3)

The same day as C&DP 24 (21). It may be two weeks, not "two months," after C&DP 24 (19-20). It is "two days" before C&DP

25 (4:1-4:2). Fury (LMD) appears to Cap in holographic form at what is presumably Avengers Tower (without the Watchtower

spires). Fury shares information about Cable that he's gleaned from stolen SHIELD files. Fury (LMD) notes that he's "on the

outs with" SHIELD, which "has a cancer up its butt"; this is in direct contrast to the narration in C&DP 24 (21) that refers to

Fury as a "SHIELD field operations commander." This issue is probably the correct reference and is meant to invalidate the

scene aboard the Helicarrier in C&DP 24 (21). Fury (LMD) makes a remark about the Avengers fighting ninjas - a reference to

A4 11-13. Fury (LMD) asks Cap to go to Providence and spy on Cable - not "kick his @$$" as the directive is in C&DP 24


Wednesday, August 19


The day after M/KSM 22 (1-8). Peter speaks with Logan and then Mary Jane. Later he goes to Dr. Strange's place to see if he

can help him figure out what is going on. Later that evening, Spidey speaks to Aunt May, who assures him he will be ready for

anything. At the same time a mysterious webbing is shown on a New York church. Green trees and "cold" weather, with jackets

and coats in New York.


One day, "six weeks" before MM:FFF (6-7). A TV newscast, featuring J. Jonah Jameson and an in-control Jennifer Walters,

reports that Reed Richards is heading up a parole project for integrating the classic Atlas monsters into society. His plan is

basically to shrink them to human size from their exile on Monster Isle and then help them get jobs in normal society. The first

four test cases will be Googam, Fin Fang Foom, Gorgilla, and Elektro. It's noted that Gorgilla is being granted parole after a

"five-year" legal battle.

IRON MAN v4 #1 (1-4)

One day, two days before IM4 1 (5-32). Mallen is injected with a dose of Extremis. The date "November 7" may be topical.

Thursday, August 20

CABLE & DEADPOOL #25 (4:1-4:2)

One day, "two days" after C&DP 25 (1-3). It is "two weeks" before C&DP 25 (7-21). Cap arrives at Providence undercover as

"Roger Stevens."


One day. Since Reed and Sue are home and happy, this story must occur before Civil War. Franklin gets a hold of Reed's Re-De-Evolver and accidentally turns his dad into a chimp. Simian Reed grabs the device and blasts the various members of the FF with Franklin in pursuit. Franklin trades him the device for a banana and promptly changes all his family back, except for Herbie, who's still stuck as a toaster.

Perhaps the night of the day after M/KSM 22 (9-22). Stark runs more tests on Peter. Spidey goes to Leo Zelinsky to get his torn

costume repaired. There, he hears a boom and rushes out without his top to investigate, only to discover that an apartment

building has collapsed. As he rescues folks trapped in the rubble, Spidey discovers that he can see in the dark, detect vibrations

through his webbing, and carry people on his back. "It's Thursday."

Friday, August 21


The day after ASM 528 (1-18). It is "a few days" after FNSM 3. Peter and M.J. watch TV news coverage of Spidey's rescue and

talk about Peter's transformation. Stark works on a new costume for Spidey.

IRON MAN v4 #1 (5-32)

One day, two days after IM4 1 (1-4). This segment probably occurs after A4 10. Dr. Killian, the man who stole the Extremis

dose, shoots and kills himself at Futurepharm labs in Texas. Tony Stark is filmed at Stark International's Coney Island plant for

a documentary. The plant is being picketed by anti-arms protesters. Iron Man responds to a call by Futurepharm scientist Maya

Hansen. Mallen is transformed by his Extremis injection. There is a reference to an appointment Stark made "nine weeks ago."

The date "November 9" may be topical.

IRON MAN v4 #2

The same day as IM4 1 (5-32). While on route to Futurepharm via jet, Stark has a remote conference with his board, who insist

on getting a new CEO and accepting jobs from the military. Stark arrives at Futurepharm and Maya briefs him on the suicide and

stolen project. Tony jets with Maya to San Francisco to see an old mentor, Sal. Mallen destroys an FBI headquarters in Houston

and when Tony and Maya learn about it via CNN, Maya concludes that an Extremis enhancile was responsible. Green grass and

trees in San Francisco.

IRON MAN v4 #3

The same day as IM4 2. While making a call, Tony uses "Avengers liaison channel," which indicates that the team is not

disbanded during this story - so it's either before A:FINALE or after A4 6, likely the latter. On the way to Houston via jet, Maya

tells Tony about Extremis. Iron Man tracks Mallen and when they clash, there's a lot of deadly carnage on the highway. Mallen

breeches Iron Man's armor and prepares to finish him off. Green grass in Houston.

IRON MAN v4 #4

The same day as IM4 3. Iron Man blasts Mallen, who takes off for Washington DC at 300 mph. Iron Man is rescued from under

a car and taken to Futurepharm, where he reveals his identity to Maya. Convinced that it's the only way to take down Mallen,

Tony has Maya inject him with a revised Extremis dose, which is supposed to integrate his body and armor. Maya suggests

calling the Avengers, and Tony tells her to do so if he dies - this means that this story must occur after the formation of the New

Avengers becomes public knowledge. Green trees.


One day. Doc, Tina, Jack, and Whistlepig head to Vegas to attend the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show (which occurs in the

real world in January). The Hulk of Earth 617 inadvertently breaks down the barrier between his world and Nightmare's realm.

Nightmare defeats Hulk and accesses the mind of Doc Samson 617, discovering his reality. Nightmare unleashes his dog-like

demon servants and forces Samson 617 to watch as his world's heroes are killed, tortured, and overwhelmed. Nightmare has an

Energumen enter the 617 Samson's body as part of a plot to force him to cross over to Earth 616, merge minds with his

counterpart, and open the breach between dimensions on that side. Samson 617 arrives in Vegas that night, traps Tina in a

deadly virtual reality game demo, then alters a slot machine which traps Jack and Living Totem within.


The same night as DS2 4. Doc Samson wins big at one of the blackjack tables using a new algorithm he devised in his head,

going on a two-hour streak with plans to use the winnings to establish a new wing at Mount Sinai Hospital. Samson 617,

disguised by Energumen's glamour spell, makes our Doc think he works for the IRS and tricks him into taking him to his room to

talk about taxes on his winnings. Meanwhile, Tina escapes the deadly VR game by impaling herself on her own sword. She asks

around for Living Totem's and Jack's location and saves them. Samson 617 makes his true image known and tells his

counterpart an altered version of events concerning Nightmare's taking over of his realm. He tricks 616 Doc into putting on a

device that allows Nightmare's forces to pour in. Jack uses his magic to track down the cause of his, Tina's, and Whistlepig's

misfortunes, and they arrive just as Nightmare's dog creatures emerge from the portal in Doc's hotel room. In Symbol-Space,

Samson 617 takes on a Hulk-like form and beats on Samson 616, who he hates being more famous and heroic, but images of his

parents appear within the subconscious space and remind him how proud they are of him. Samson 617 fights off Energumen's

control. Nightmare shows up, takes down Samson 617, and allows Energumen to take over Samson 616. But Samson 617 stops

him with his last gesture, giving Samson 616 a chance to kick the demon back into the rift, close the tear in the dimensional

fabric, and knock Nightmare back into it as he does. Living Totem, Jack, and Tina finish off the demon dogs as the portal closes.

Samson 616 wakes up and explains the corpse of his double as a reminder that no one is perfect.

Saturday, August 22

IRON MAN v4 #5

The day ("24 hours") after IM4 4. Tony awakens and shows Maya how his restored body is now integrated with his armor.

Seeing through satellites, Tony locates Mallen.

IRON MAN v4 #6

The same day as IM4 5. This story must occur before NA@ 1 (2-33). It must occur before IM:I 5 (10-22) and IM:I 2 (9-22), and

so before IM:I 1 (1-15). Iron Man battles Mallen and is forced to kill him. Iron Man deduces that Maya helped dose Mallen

with Extremis and he returns to Futurepharm with MPs to arrest her.


One day, "a week" after DDVP 1 (1-8) and within a "week" before DDVP 2 (1-11). This segment is referred to as having

occurred "the other night" in DDVP 2 (1-11). From a rooftop, Punisher spies on the Mellville Building, the criminal fortress of

Hammerhead and the Jackal. He heads back to one of his safe houses, only to find Daredevil there, so he retreats again. He

eventually stops for a bite to eat in Bastelli's Diner, where he discovers that the owners are the victims of a protection racket.

When the local gangsters drop by to threaten Mr. Bastelli some more, Frank starts to pull out his gun, but Bastelli's daughter

Mary, convinces him to not turn their restaurant into a war zone. After the thugs leave, Frank leaves out the back door, only to

run into Bastelli's teenage son Martin. Martin is ashamed that his father always cowers to the thugs, so Frank offers to take care

of the thugs for the kid. Martin gives Frank the address of the local thugs' hangout. Frank goes to there and kills many of the

thugs. Martin witnesses the massacre and thinks it's the coolest thing ever. Frank tells Martin to head home and not to tell

anybody about what he saw. "The heat in Hell's Kitchen is unbearable," so this segment presumably occurs in summer.


One day, "a couple of years" after GR4 1-FB. It cannot be "thirty years" after GR 1. Johnny Blaze is in hell. Every night he

rides as the Ghost Rider, trying to outrun the hordes of demons to escape but every night they catch him and rip him asunder.

He's repaired the next day and resumes the cycle. At sunset in Manhattan, angels Daniel and Malachi meet secretly atop a

gargoyle on the Chrysler Building. Daniel expresses his dismay over Kazaan being loose on earth and says that heaven and hell

have sent their best trackers to hunt Kazaan down. Malachi has secrettly been using info fed to him from Kazaan to get a

promotion and giving info to him in return. If Kazaan is caught by heaven, this arrangement between them will be revealed. A

pregnant woman spots them, Malachi shuts her off, and she miscarries. Meanwhile in Texas, a biker gang damages the car of

Hoss, a tracker from hell. To retaliate, Hoss mangles the guilty biker and kills the rest. Needing someone who knows the local

roads, he offers the biker a job as his driver and puts him back together with his head up his butt, dubbing him Buttview. At a

Dine & Dash, the archangel Ruth is paying for her meal when a small boy keeps trying to tell his mother about the "lady with

wings." The mother pays no attention, but Ruth notices and puts a hex on the kid, making him believe he's a sinner and causing

him to shove colored pencils into his eyes. Ruth departs, gets on a Greyhound bus, and acts as if nothing's happened. In

Manhattan, Daniel tells Malachi the story of Ghost Rider. Malachi is unsure of how to do it, but he resolves to get Ghost Rider

out of hell.


The same night as GR4 1. Quadriplegic Earl Gustav fires the board of directors of his company, Gustav Petroleum, then heads to

his private chamber, which features a large pentagram on the floor. He summons Kazaan, who informs him that the pentacle

isn't enough; he'll need physical form to come to earth. Gustav telling his secretary to recall the board and say all is forgiven.

Ghost Rider meets the angel Malachi, who says that he'll give Blaze freedom from hell, either to return to Earth freed from his

curse or to go to heaven, if he'll hunt down Kazaan and return him to the pit. Malachi has arranged for him to be freed from hell

for a short period to do this task, but he'll have competition in the form of Hoss and Ruth. In Texas, the KKK plans to hang a

black man for being involved with the daughter of a Klansman. Suddenly, a portal from hell opens and out pops Ghost Rider,

who kills the Klan members. Back at Gustav HQ, Earl has an apology party to win back the trust of the board of directors. It

works, and he brings them into his private chamber. Once they're on the pentacle, they're all viciously ripped apart, and their

remnants become the building blocks for Kazaan to take physical shape.


One night. Hector Espejo continues his research about the parallel dimension. He reads about that dimension's Namor.

Sunday, August 23


The morning after GR4 2. Daniel and Malachi meet on the moon and Malachi says that he has set Ghost Rider free, but Daniel

notes that Kazaan now has physical form. Daniel wants no further part in the scheme to cover Malachi's tracks. As Hoss drives

along a Texas desert road with Buttview, Ghost Rider passes them. Hoss recognizes Blaze and catches up to him, questioning

what he's doing free. Ghost Rider spews fire into his car and uses his new mouth-chains to snatch the demon. As the two fight,

Ruth's Greyhound bus passes. Recognizing the pair, Ruth takes control of the bus and drives it at them. At Gustav HQ, Kazaan

tells Gustav he wants to start a new hell on earth. Elsewhere, a demon tells a corrupt priest named Father Adam to go to Texas,

find Ghost Rider, and send him back to hell by killing him. Adam proceeds to ensure no one will be looking for him by blowing

up the church on his way out, his cache of high tech weapons in tow. Gutav and his secretary show Kazaan a giant drill made to

his specifications.


The same day as GR4 3. Hoss and Ghost Rider crawl out from under the wreckage of the bus to discover that Ruth has taken off

on Blaze's motorcycle. Hoss offers to give Ghost Rider a ride to their target if they agree to work together in taking down

Kazaan. Blaze agrees and the two hop into the damaged caddy with Buttview driving. Elsewhere, Father Adam is on a train,

recalling the time he sold his soul for love. Back in the caddy, Hoss tells GR how he ended up in hell, then explains what he

knows of Kazaan. At Gustav Petroleum, where the giant drill has begun to dig into the earth, Ruth arrives and mows down the

security guards on Ghost Rider''s bike. The magma released by the drill activates sigils and allows the drill to poke through the

spirit barrier, creating a tunnel between the afterlife and the physical plane. Ruth finishes off the last of the guards, and Hoss,

Ghost Rider and Buttview arrive in time to see the Gustav skyscraper rip apart in a swarm of escaping demons.


The same day as GR4 4. On the moon, the two angels are perturbed about the way the situation has unfolded. Malachi is still

hopeful Ghost Rider will fulfill his side of the bargain, even by teaming up with Hoss, just as long as heaven doesn't end up

capturing Kazaan. The last of the security soldiers flee from Ruth as she makes her way to an elevator at the Gustav Petroleum

building. The elevator comes alive with several demons attached, taking her down instead of up as she needs to go. Hoss, Ghost

Rider, and Buttview drive through the swarm of tentacle-like arms of the various demons flailing about. Ghost Rider uses his

flame breath to also help clear the way. Atop the skyscraper, Kazaan addresses his assembled demons, getting them pepped for

their new war on man. Below, Ghost Rider finds his bike where Ruth ditched it. She shows up, having just gotten freed from the

elevator demons. Blaze takes his bike and heads for the top of the building while Hoss is left to take on the archangel. The pair

duel and Ruth wins. Father Adam arrives and prepares his weapons to kill Ghost Rider, who drives up an elevator shaft to the

top floor of the Gustav building. Kazaan mocks Ghost Rider, who is stunned by the revelation that the demon he was sent to

destroy is possibly in cahoots with the angel who freed him, but is sidetracked when Father Adam tries and fails to shoot him.

Blaze fires back his own fiery bullet from his mouth, setting the evil priest ablaze. Father Adam begs God for one more chance.


The same day as GR4 5. This story must occur before NA:LH. In the midst of battle with Ghost Rider, Kazaan's true form is

revealed - a faceless white and blue angel. Before Kazaan can depart to take another physical form, Ghost Rider spews some

flaming chains from his mouth, holding the demon-angel in place. Gustav's secretary threatens to kill him unless he uses the

reversal spell. She tortures Gustav into saying the hymn of recall, which causes all the demons freed by the drill to retreat back

into hell, taking Kazaan with them. Father Adam shoots Ghost Rider with a magic holy bullet. Adam dies and goes to hell to

face Hoss. A scare from Ruth causes Gustav to plummet to his death. Ghost Rider awakens in hell to see Gustav, skull on fire,

zooming by on his wheelchair. Malachi appears and explains that no one can save a lost soul from damnation and that his

promise was a lie. Ruth shows up and rips off Malachi's wings. She and Hoss tell Blaze the true story of Kazaan and Malachi

and reveal that they teamed up to ferret out the brothers. Hoss arranges for Malachi to join Blaze in his daily suffering in hell.

One day. Franklin wants to go ride some new roller coaster, but Reed asks him to fetch the anti-graviton transport from the hangar bay. Franklin gets in the subatomic sled by mistake and goes on a crazy ride with Herbie through sub-space before popping back into the hangar bay. As Franklin tries to keep his lunch in place, Reed pops in to say he's changed his mind and wouldn't mind taking a break to go on that coaster with Franklin after all. Franklin wobbles off, still dizzy from the sled.
DOC SAMSON v2 #5/2 - FB

One night. A little girl named Sadie has nightmares involving Nightmare.

Monday, August 24

DOC SAMSON v2 #5/2 (1-7)

The day after DS2 5/2-FB. Sadie is brought to Doc Samson to help deal with her nightmares. Living Totem manages to

undermine the Doc's claims of there being no such thing as monsters in the real world by popping up and scaring her at an

inopportune moment. With Sadie scared even more, her parents scold Samson for it and promise a lawsuit. Whistlepig was only

going to give her a dream catcher to help out. Samson complains about how people come to him for science and reason, not

magic. Living Totem comes to her huge mansion of a house and places the dream catcher on her bed. As Sadie has another

nightmare, the dream catcher pulls Nightmare out to the real world, where Living Totem beats him to a pulp. The little girl

laughs at Nightmare, and this causes him to lose power and fade away. Realizing he still scares Sadie, Whistlepig departs,


MACHINE TEEN #5 (21-22)

One day, "one year" after MTEEN 5 (1-20). On the first day of a new school year, Isaacs drops off his rebuilt robot son at

Edison High. Adam Aaronson is now programmed to be aware of his true nature. Green trees.


One day. On what appears to be the first day of a new school year, Peter Parker introduces himself to his new biology class, a

class he's teaching because of cutbacks. Jordan Harrison is among the students in this class.


Probably the same day as SENSM2 28-FB (3:1), since both Jordan and Madeline are sitting in the same seats, wearing the same

clothes. Jordan's an eager student in Parker's class.


One day, two days before IM:I 1 (16-22). Despite the date references in both stories, this segment probably occurs after IM4 6.

Fury (LMD) is in charge of SHIELD BTS. Tony Stark buys a smart laser from two black-market operators and plants a tracker

on them, then he attends a charity fund-raiser. When the black-market operators return to their base, Tony detects it and leaves

the party. As Iron Man, he attacks the base, then calls in SHIELD to mop up this sting operation to capture illegally stockpiled

tech. Fortune magazine has a cover story about "the resurrection of Stark International." According to e-mails, it is "8/25" and

"Thursday, August 25."


One "December 24th," "the day before Christmas." At "4:33 PM," Squirrel Girl and Tippy Toe go to get eggnog and toilet paper

for the GLX's holiday party. They encounter a SHIELD squad headed by Dum Dum Dugan, who asks them to assist in fighting

Modok. The duo defeats Modok and Dugan asks Squirrel Girl to become a SHIELD agent. She declines and heads back to GLX

headquarters, only to realize she forgot the toilet paper. She goes back out, and "a few minutes later," she encounters Thanos. It

is snowing in Milwaukee, where we see green grass and leafy trees. Unfortunately the references to Christmas may be topical.


The same night as GLXS 1. It is "1 year" after GLXS 1/2-FB (6-7) and "2 years" after GLXS 1/2-FB (6:2). It cannot be just "3

years" after GLXS 1/2-FB (6:1) and just "4 years" after GLXS 1/2-FB (3-5). At "6:18 PM," the remaining members of the GLX

answer a challenge by Dr. Tannenbaum, who seeks to destroy Christmas with evil, living Christmas trees at a tree grotto in

Muskego. Mr. Immortal defeats the trees by weighing them down with ornaments and artificial snow. Before heading back to

the GLX party, Mr. Immortal visits Dinah Soar's grave. Meanwhile, Squirrel Girl defeats Thanos, who is identified as the

genuine article by the Watcher. Unfortunately the references to Christmas may be topical.


The same night as GLXS 1/2. GLA 2-FB (8-22) is referred to as having occurred "last summer." At "7:32 PM," a new

Grasshopper - Neil Shelton - foils a theft by Killer Shrike at Roxxon Labs in New York. After his victory, Grasshopper

launches himself into the air in a "maximum jump." Curiously, we see blue skies and green grass and trees. Unfortunately the

references to Christmas may be topical.


The same night as GLXS 1/3. At "8:06 PM," the GLX exchange gifts at their party. Doorman leaves to collect two souls who

have died - first, Grasshopper, who ejected himself into space, then Doorman's own father, who fell off the roof while putting up

Christmas lights. Along the way, Doorman encounters Santa. Unfortunately the references to Christmas and snow may be



The same night as GLXS 1/4. It may not be "six frickin' months" (but perhaps six weeks) after GLA 4 (19-22). Terrax must

appear here before A:SIL 2. Still trapped in squirrel form, Deathurge makes a deal with Oblivion to collect the soul of Tippy Toe

in "eight minutes" time to make up for botching the collection of Monkey Joe. Deathurge fails. Meanwhile, Dugan calls

Squirrel Girl to assist in fighting Terrax, who is attacking Milwaukee, where we see snow.

Tuesday, August 25


The early morning after GLXS 1/5. This story must occur before THING2 8-FB (5-8). On "December 25th," at "12:08 AM,"

Squirrel Girl returns and the GLX gaze at a "Christmas star," which is actually Grasshopper's corpse burning up on re-entry into

earth's atmosphere.

DOC SAMSON v2 #5/2 (8)

The morning after DS2 5/2 (1-7). This segment probably occurs before S-H4 7 (1-14). Sadie and her parents show up at Doc

Samson's place, as the girl wants to see the "Totem Man." The parents are happy that Sadie is sleeping soundly again, and

Samson approves of Whistlepig playing with the girl.

SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN v2 #28 - FB (8:2-9:3)

Perhaps the day after SENSM2 28-FB (2:4). Jordan, wearing different clothes from those shown in SENSM2 28-FB (2:4), tells

Peter Parker he's counting on him to push him to excel in biology.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #25 (4:3-4:4)

One day during the "week" following C&DP 25 (4:1-4:2). "Roger Stevens" takes tours and undergoes psychological tests and

skills screenings at Providence.


One day, within a "week" after DDVP 1 (8-22), which is referred to as having occurred "the other night." Word is out on the

street that if anyone sees the Punisher, they're to call Hammerhead, so that Hammerhead's men can take him out. A store clerk is

beaten to death by Jimmy Sweets and Swedish Dan, two of Hammerhead's men, for not calling them up when the Punisher was

in the store buying food. A short time later, Frank follows Jimmy and Dan through the streets and into the subway, where a trap

is set by Hammerhead's men. Frank turns the tables and kills the thugs, including Swedish Dan. Jimmy Sweets flees down a

subway tunnel and Frank is unable to catch him. At the Bastellis' apartment, Martin shows his sister Mary that he's bought a gun

and says he's going to use it for protection from now on, but Mary tells him to get rid of the gun. At the Mellville Building, the

Jackal and Hammerhead hold a meeting with crime lords and Hammerhead consolidates his power as their new leader.

Wednesday, August 26


One day, two days after IM:I 1 (1-15). Tony calls in psychiatrist Maggie Dillon to examine and save the Living Laser, whose

consciousness is trapped in stasis in the captured smart laser. Meanwhile, Spymaster plots against Stark and enlists the aid of the

Ghost. According to an e-mail, it is "8/27."


The same night as IM:I 1 (16-22). The Ghost agrees to fetch the Living Laser from Stark International for Spymaster.


One day. Maggie Dillon and Tony Stark text-message each other about Maggie's tests in preparation for reaching the Living



The day after DDVP 2 (1-11). A remark by Foggy suggests that Bullseye and Kingpin are in prison. At Matt's office, Foggy and

Matt discuss Hammerhead and Matt decides to pay Hammerhead a visit. That night, Daredevil breaks into the Mellville

Building, warns Hammerhead to stop waging war on the Punisher, and says he'll take care of Castle and return for Hammerhead.

At a club party, Martin feels confident enough with the gun in his pocket to ask a girl out, but the girl's boyfriend beats him up.

As Jimmy Sweets lays low with his girlfriend in her apartment, the Punisher bursts in and prepares to kill Jimmy, but then

Daredevil bursts in and the two struggle. Before Jimmy can escape, Bushwacker bursts in and sets fire to the place. Green trees

in New York.


The same "hot August night" as DDVP 2 (11-23). Everybody flees the burning apartment, with Bushwacker chasing after Frank

and claiming that he's been hired by the Jackal to kill him. Daredevil takes the burned Jimmy Sweets to the hospital and Frank

escapes from Bushwacker (who Frank doesn't remember having fought in PWJ 12-13). Martin has returned home and when

Mary sees him moping around, she gets him to go with her to another club. He goes to the club, gets freaked out by the raunchy

dancing there, and steps out back. Mary comes out to comfort him, but just then they witness a man from the club starting to beat

up his girlfriend. Martin pulls out his gun, scares off the man, and starts to comfort the girlfriend. People from the club

congratulate Martin for scaring off the thug.


One day, shortly after ASM 528 (19-22); between then and now, Spidey presumably has no costume and shouldn't make

appearances. This story must occur after NA:I 1-FB (24). It must occur after CW:C 1-FB (8-9), given that Tony knows about the proposed Registration Act by this point. Stark unveils the new red and yellow costume he designed and made for Spidey. Packed with features, the costume gets a trial when Spidey nabs some perps. That night, Stark asks Peter to be his hired protege, to stick with him through grim times that lay ahead. Peter swears a blood oath to stick by Stark and Tony gives him his first assignment - to accompany him to a hearing of the Metahuman Investigations Committee in Washington. Green

trees. Full moon.

Thursday, August 27


One day (probably early morning), shortly after NA:I 1-FB (12-13). This flashback must occur before H3 88 (1-9) and probably

occurs after FOUR 28 (22:4-22:6), given that Namor is with the group in that segment. The Illuminati (Iron Man, Reed, Namor,

Strange, and Black Bolt) meet to discuss how to deal with Hulk. The team votes to exile him to space, but Namor refuses to go

along and gets into a fight with Iron Man. Namor admonishes the group and leaves.


The day after ASM 529 and perhaps the same day as NAI 1-FB (14-22). After his meeting with the Illuminati, Tony Stark meets Peter Parker at the airport and tells him that he's brought along version 2.0 of Peter's new costume, even though version 1.0 "isn't even twenty-four hours old yet." On board, Stark briefs Peter on the Superhuman Registration Act; this is the first Peter's heard of it despite its being on the news. They arrive in Washington and Peter checks into a hotel room, where he dons the new costume, which can change its appearance and features appendages ("waldoes") that pop out of the back. Tony and Peter appear before the Metahuman Investigations Committee to oppose the registration act. Afterward, Stark is questioned by the media and Reed and Sue Richards watch the live feed on TV. Titanium Man shows up to kill Stark and Spidey fights the villain. Green trees in Washington, DC.


The same day as ASM 530. This segment must occur before IM4 7 (1-5) and BP4 16 (1-9). Spidey battles Titanium Man, and

when the villain has Spidey on the ropes, he spouts off about how helpful the registration act would be to America's enemies.

Spidey turns the tide of battle and Titanium Man flees. Green trees in Washington, DC.


The day after DDVP 3 (1-12). Daredevil pays a visit to Jimmy Sweets in the hospital and gets Jimmy to agree to testify against

Hammerhead and the Jackal. That night, Punisher breaks into Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland and steals a bunker-

busting bomb and a military helicopter. He returns to New York and assaults Hammerhead's skyscraper. Bushwacker arrives to

try and take out Frank, but Daredevil arrives on the scene and captures Bushwacker. Frank drops the bomb on the skyscraper,

blowing out its top floor. He drops down out of the helicopter and dashes through the remains of the skyscraper, but

Hammerhead, the Jackal, and their men are not there. Frank discovers that they were all taken away by the police that afternoon.

Frank is mad at Daredevil, who he sees as having prevented him from getting to the Jackal and Hammerhead. He thinks it's time

to do something about Daredevil once and for all.

Friday, August 28


The early morning after ASM 530. It is "six months" after FF 536-FB (2:5-2:6) and probably shortly after FF 537-FB (9-10). "A little after four AM," Reed gets home from a meeting or assignment, and when Sue asks him how it went, Reed flashes back to his Illuminati meeting, which must have occurred early the previous morning. Reed and Sue catch a TV news broadcast showing Stark's interview from ASM 530, which happened "yesterday." The military summons the FF to help face an invasion of Doombots in Oklahoma. The heroes and the army fight the Doombots, then Dr. Doom himself arrives, much to Reed's disbelief. Doom is there to claim an object that fell from the sky "six months" earlier - Thor's hammer. Doom claims that it took his sources in the U.S. government "months" to find the location of the hammer, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Doom gave them the order to find the location; Doom may have immediately checked with those sources upon his return to earth and

discovered that they already knew the hammer's location after "months" of investigation, so it's not necessarily "months" after

FF 537-FB (9-10)


The same morning as FF 536. This story must occur before FFS 1. Reed is shocked to see Doom out of hell. As Doombots

attack the FF, Doom reaches for Thor's hammer. As he touches it, the power of the Asgardians is released into the heavens and

Doom discovers that he cannot lift the hammer, despite his brush with power during Ragnarok. Doom leaves. As news reports

are broadcast about the flash of light, thunder, and explosions in Oklahoma, a mysterious figure gets on a bus.


"One day" after DDVP 3 (13-22). The Jackal and Hammerhead are locked up at Salamanca Federal Prison in upstate New York.

Hammerhead says they'll be out once their lawyer bails them out, but the Jackal reveals that he's had their lawyer killed. He

apparently does get out eventually - after being transferred to Ryker's where he appears in DD2 81 - to appear in SENTRY2 4-

FB (10-14). The Jackal wants to stay in prison. He reveals that while he's been helping to set up Hammerhead as the big boss

on the outside, the Jackal's set it up so that he himself is the boss on the inside of prison. The guards are under the Jackal's

payroll and he's able to run their criminal empire from the inside of the prison now. Punisher spies on the prison and forms a

plan to make the Jackal pay.


The day after ASM 531 (1-10). This segment must occur before FNSM 6, SM/A 1 (1-21), THING2 6, A4 17, X 186, and

M/TU3 21 (1-9). Stark uses Titanium Man's attack to bolster his argument against a registration act and shows the Senate

committee footage of Titanium Man's dialog from the battle. Spidey vouches for the recording's authenticity and makes a

compelling argument against registration, but the committee strikes his comments from the record because Spidey is unwilling to

reveal his identity. Afterward, Peter suspects that Titanium Man's attack was a set-up by Stark, but Stark leads Peter to believe

that it wasn't. That evening, Iron Man pays Titanium Man for his performance. Green grass and trees in Washington, DC.

Saturday, August 29


One day. Franklin takes a Universal Translator to the zoo to talk to the animals and some monkeys talk him into letting them out of their cage. The monkeys set all the other animals free and cause a stampede. When Franklin returns home, Reed (in classic costume) lets Herbie know that the Fantastic Four are leaving for a bit to round up some escaped zoo animals.

One day, "a few weeks" after TB2 14. This story must occur after WM3 5-FB. While the Thunderbolts train at the Richmond Ranch in upstate New York, Genis inadvertently creates a bunch of spatial apertures (as he's been doing "for weeks") that threaten his teammates. Joystick decks Genis and Radioactive Man examines him. Chen concludes that Genis has been trying to come to grips with powers beyond comprehension. Melissa accidentally links with Genis' mind and sees visions of him destroying the universe. The Thunderbolts consider getting help from the Avengers. Zemo spies on the Thunderbolts from his headquarters, where he has plans for Blackout and partners Mach IV, Man-Killer, Fixer, and Blizzard. As Andreas Strucker spies on Zemo's crew, Zemo releases the captive Moonstone, who confronts Andreas. Andreas flees to the Richmond Ranch in a Hydra skimmer. He tries to warn the Thunderbolts, but it's too late - Moonstone shows up and destroys the ranch. Green grass and trees in upstate New York.


The same day as TB2 18. It is "three days" before TB 100. The Thunderbolts find themselves in the Microverse battling a storm

while Mach-IV and company fight Karla, whose plug is pulled by Zemo. Jenkins expresses concern about Zemo's power.

Gyrich talks to Dallas about siding with Zemo against Genis and mentions that "Carol Danvers quit and went back to playing

super hero" - in fact, we see Carol on a monitor hoisting the armored car from MSM2 1-FB (2-6), but this isn't necessarily a live

feed. Another monitor shows Cable at Providence. In the Microverse, the Thunderbolts regroup and Andreas tells them about

Zemo's pact with Strucker, his gathering a task force, and his plans to save the world from Genis. The team debates killing

Genis. Zemo reaches into the Microverse and Genis bursts forth with his teammates. The Thunderbolts battle Zemo's team.

Zemo convinces Eric to betray his friends to ensure his brother the Smuggler's freedom from the Darkforce Dimension. Zemo

then has Blackout cast Genis into different pockets of time across the Darkforce Dimension. Smuggler is freed and the world is

saved. Green grass and trees in New York.

NEW AVENGERS #27 - FB - FB (1-2:2)

One night. In her guise as a vacant heiress, Maya Lopez attends a party in Tokyo.

NEW AVENGERS #27 - FB - FB (4:1, 4:3)

The same night as A4 27-FB-FB (1-2). At the party, Maya eavesdrops on the conversations of gangsters.

NEW AVENGERS #27 - FB - FB (4:2, 4:4)

The same night as A4 27-FB-FB (4:3). Armed with information from the party, Maya goes to work as Ronin and busts in on


NEW AVENGERS #27 - FB - FB (3)

The same night as A4 27-FB-FB (4:4). Ronin beats up the gangsters.


The evening of the day after DDVP 4 (1-4). Daredevil visits a woman whose husband is in prison with the Jackal. She just went

and visited her husband that day and acted as a courier, delivering a message to a thug on the outside - an order by the Jackal for

a hit-man to kill a judge. Daredevil says he stopped the hit-man from killing the judge, but the Punisher's already killed the man

who hired the hit-man. The woman says she didn't know the contents of the note she was passing along. Daredevil warns the

woman to get out of New York, saying the Punisher might come after her. It is cold and rainy; the weather apparently has

changed considerably since DDVP 1 (8-22).

Sunday, August 30


The day after DDVP 4 (5-8). Matt asks Assistant D.A. Thomas Wynn to investigate the Jackal to see how he's running the

prison. Wynn says he'll look into it.


One day, long enough after SENSM2 27-FB (4:2-4:4) for a freighter to travel from the Arctic to New York. Stegron's freighter

arrives in New York harbor.


One "Sunday." This story must occur after ASM 531 (11-20), since Spidey has his Iron Spider costume. Anya shares a dream

he's been having about her mother with Miguel. They spy on the Sisterhood of the Wasp, who plan to resurrect their hunter

"tomorrow night" with the assistance of a living totem. Miguel drops Anya off at home and she writes in her diary. Anya goes

out as Arana and joins up with Spider-Man and they subdue some muggers. Full moon.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #25 (7-21:5)

One day, "two weeks" after C&DP 25 (4:1-4:2). It is "a few weeks" (perhaps several) after TB2 14 and within "several months"

after C&DP 20 (2-13). It is at least "two weeks" before C&DP 26-FB. Deadpool infiltrates Avengers Tower, which has the

Watchtower spires. Cap returns to his apartment in Providence only to find Cable, who's known that Cap was in Providence all

along. Cable says that Cap's shield was his in the future, a glimpse of which Cable shares with Cap. Cable tries to reason with

Cap about the bigger picture and Cap starts to understand what Nathan is doing. Cable tells Cap about the surveillance systems

that the CSA planted in Avengers Tower when the Avengers fought the Thunderbolts.


One day. As Mr. Fantastic finishes Herbie's upgrades, Franklin asks if he can make Herbie more fun. Reed thinks on it.

Monday, August 31


The day after SM/A 1 (1-21). Anya goes to school, where Amun tells her he was fired by the Wasps. At Webcorps, Miguel

enlists Spider-Man to help prevent the resurrection of the Wasps' hunter and Nina gets ticked. Anya shows up and Miguel tells

her that she took Nina's place as hunter because of a premonition of Miguel's. Anya gets upset and leaves. Spidey goes after her

and tries to convince her to join the mission. Webcorps attacks the Wasps' ceremony and Anya releases the hunter power to

Nina. Nina and Anya subdue the awakened Wasp hunter, but Miguel dies in the battle and the Wasps' totem escapes with

Vincent. Nina blames Anya for Miguel's death and Anya leaves Webcorps for a solo career.


The day after FR:WBW 1/4 (1). Mr. Fantastic (in classic costume) has built a completely new robot: Humphries, which relegates Herbie to housekeeping mode full time. After discovering that Humphries will actually make him do his work, Franklin destroys it.
CABLE & DEADPOOL #25 (21:6)

Perhaps the day after C&DP 25 (7-21). Cap helps finish the mural at Providence.


One day, shortly after SENSM2 27-FB (4:6). Geologist Richard Treyman receives Stegron's crate and opens it.

SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN v2 #23 - FB (7:1-7:4)

The same day as SENSM2 27-FB (5:1). Curt Connors toils at the Museum of Natural History and gets a phone call from



The same day as SENSM2 23-FB (7:1-7:4). Treyman asks Connors to look at the asteroid he found inside the crate.

SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN v2 #23 - FB (7:5-7:6)

The same day as SENSM2 27-FB (5:2). Connors agrees to examine the rock.


One day. Vanna gets a humoring judge to issue a restraining order against Spider-Man.

THING v2 #1 (1-7)

One day. This segment occurs after THING2 5-FB (1-3) and must occur after FF 532 and before S-H3 6-FB (4-6). Thing (in a

new costume resembling wrestling tog bottoms) and Goliath (in a different costume from the one seen in FNSM 2) defeat

Cauldron and Foster asks Ben for an investment in his new invention. Green tree in New York.

THING v2 #1 - FB

The same night as THING2 1 (1-7). Ben has a night on the town with his new girlfriend, actress Carlotta LaRosa.


The night of the day after DDVP 4 (8-9). This segment is referred to as having occurred "the other night" in DDVP 4 (14-21).

Punisher has killed Wynn, who supposedly was on the Jackal's payroll. Daredevil believes Wynn was innocent and that Frank's

crossed the line. He discusses the Wynn shooting with a detective who likes Daredevil. At Bastelli's Diner, a couple of

gangsters arrive to shakedown Mr. Bastelli for money. Martin pulls out his gun and kills the gangsters.

Tuesday, September 1


Perhaps the day after FNSM 5 (15-16). After blogging her restraining order news, Vanna gets a call from J. Jonah Jameson who

has her come into the Bugle offices and has Peter Parker photograph her with the document. The story makes the front page of

the Daily Bugle.


One day, "three days" after TB 100-FB and "a few days" before TB 101. Melissa and Zemo are on the moon at a new monument

erected to Genis' memory next to that of Mar-Vell. They embrace as they discuss salvation, redemption, and a new beginning for

the Thunderbolts.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #88 (1-9)

One "Tuesday," shortly after NA:I 1-FB (14-22). Bruce Banner, living like a hermit in the Alaskan wilderness "for a while," is

paid a visit by Mark, a person who flies around and delivers supplies to people living in the wilderness. They share a meal, and

Mark invites Bruce to come to a bar in the nearby town of Kinnetuk this "Saturday." Bruce at first says he prefers to be alone,

but Mark talks him into it. It is "spring" and the grizzly bears are coming out of hibernation.

THING v2 #1 (8-13:3)

The day after THING2 1-FB. Alicia, now romantically involved with architect Arlo North, reads the news about Ben's

reputation as a billionaire playboy, as do Peter Parker and M.J. at Stark Tower. Wonder Man asks Warbird if she's going to

Ben's poker game "on Friday" and Carol answers that the poker games at Ben's new penthouse aren't the same as the old games,

an indication that it's probably been at least a couple of weeks since FF 532. Carlotta plans a party for "Saturday" an un-invites

rival Milan Ramada. Green tree in New York.

THING v2 #1 (13:4-14)

Perhaps the same night as THING2 1 (8-13). Seeking revenge for Carlotta's affront, Milan goes to a closed amusement park and

engages Arcade's services. The waning crescent moon is inconsistent with the waning half moon of THING2 3.

Wednesday, September 2

SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN v2 #27 - FB (5:3-5:4)

Probably the early morning after SENSM2 23-FB (7:5-7:6). Rain comes to New York and Stegron emerges as the asteroid's

radiation starts to seep out across the city.


The same early morning as SENSM2 27-FB (5:3-5:4). Mary Jane wakes up in Avengers Tower (which doesn't have the

Watchtower spires) and sees Peter perched on the balcony outside. Peter senses something wrong and goes out to investigate in

his old costume (it can't be version 2.0 of the new costume, which can assume different designs, because the costume is torn in

SENSM2 24).

SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN v2 #23 - FB (5, 6:2, 6:4)

The same early morning as SENSM2 23 (1-3). Spidey fights the Vulture.


The same early morning as SENSM2 23-FB (5-6). Spidey demands that the Vulture tells him why he dropped people from the



The same early morning as SENSM2 23-FB (8:3). Vulture answers that he was hungry and that vultures eat dead things.


The same rainy day as SENSM2 23-FB (9:4). Before 5:30 AM, M.J. gets up to prepare for work and finds Peter and Aunt May

already up. Peter (who's a "part-time teacher, part-time photographer") goes to the Bronx Zoo to take photographs of monkeys

that tore each other apart and rhinos that committed suicide. After M.J. finishes her photo shoot, she pops into the Daily Bugle,

where she encounters John Jameson, who's there to see his father. M.J. exits the Bugle, leaving her scarf behind, and John starts

looking sinister. On the subway, Peter's Spidey-sense is triggered by a sick puppy. That night, TV news footage shows Susan

Richards intervening when a man is attacked by a group of guys with machetes. M.J. expresses to May her reservations about

living in Avengers Tower and subconsciously grabs a knife. Connors calls Peter as he feels himself turning into the Lizard.

Green grass and trees and coats and scarves in New York. The statement, "There wasn't even a full moon last night," contradicts

the full moon seen in SENSM2 27.


The same night as SENSM2 23 (4-22). Under the influence of the strange rock he examined, Connors injects his serum into his

son Billy.


The same rainy night as SENSM2 25-FB. The police investigate the murder of Treyman at the Natural History Museum and

conclude that the Lizard is back. Vermin claims a victim. John Jameson gains access to Avengers Tower, where M.J. and May

are alone since the Avengers are out helping the police fight the mayhem in the city. Spidey goes to Connors' place and

discovers two Lizards. As he pursues them, Black Cat joins him and fiercely attacks one of the Lizards. As Felicia regains her

composure, that Lizard escapes. A bystander shoots the other Lizard, who reverts to human - it's Billy Connors, who must be

more than just "thirteen years old."


The same rainy night as SENSM2 24. While the Thing and the Human Torch battle one of Mole Man's monsters at the South

Street Seaport, Spidey and Black Cat take Billy to Four Freedoms Plaza, where Reed Richards places the boy in a bio-bath. Reed

runs tests on Billy, Felicia, and Spidey. John Jameson turns into Man-Wolf and attacks M.J. and May in Avengers Tower. The

ladies keep John at bay until Stark's security robots take over and subdue him. Each on his own, Lizard and Vermin make their

way through the sewers toward the Natural History Museum. Felicia slips away from Four Freedoms Plaza. At Avengers Tower,

M.J. bandages Peter 's shoulder wound and Peter dons version 2.0 of his new costume. (Why he didn't have it on before is

unknown.) Seeking extrasensory help in uncovering the mystery of the strange influence taking over everyone, Spidey goes to

see Madame Web.


The same night as SENSM2 25. Thomas Firehart starts feeling antsy at a meeting, ducks out and turns into Puma. He tears a

dog to pieces.


The same rainy night as SENSM2 26-FB. Madame Web refers to Spidey's death and rebirth and Spidey replies that "it's been a

weird couple of weeks" - this is an indication that it's roughly two or three weeks after FNSM 3. Madame Web suggests that a

common source is causing people to turn feral and points Spidey to the location of the Lizard and the source - Central Park.

Puma finds Black Cat and offers himself as a target for her growing ferocity. At the Baxter Building, Reed Richards examines

John Jameson and Billy Connors and suggests a source of radiation as the cause of their problem. Vermin attacks the Lizard in

Central Park. Spidey arrives and subdues both creatures, then encounters Stegron. Green trees in New York.


The same night as SENSM2 26. Spidey fights Stegron while Felicia and Puma take on Lizard and Vermin. Through a comm

link, Reed Richards gets Spidey to use the camouflage in his Iron Spidey costume for the first time and points Spidey to the

location of the asteroid. Spidey wraps the rock in a piece of his costume and defeats Stegron after the radiation dissipates. Reed

and Sue contain the rock at Four Freedoms Plaza, Thing releases John Jameson, Felicia and Puma go to bed, Vermin is caged,

Curt and Billy are reunited, Pete rejoins M.J., and Madame Web predicts a complicated future for Peter. Stark makes a cameo.

Green trees in New York. Full moon.

Thursday, September 3


One school day. Given the Watchtower spires in FNSM 7, this flashback must occur after A4 15. Peter discovers that Flash

Thompson is out of his coma, working as a coach at Midtown High (PS 108), and is without any memory of their being friends;

Flash may have just started working, weeks after he was hired in FNSM 4. Flash still admires Spidey and believes he will accept

Jameson's challenge to wrestle Muerto for charity.


One rainy night, probably a few days after DDVP 4 (9-14). After searching all over town for the Punisher, Daredevil finally

finds Frank's parked van. It's a trap set by Frank, but Daredevil evades it and the two battle. Angry over Daredevil's

interference, Punisher lets his trigger finger get the better of him and accidentally shoots a hobo. Daredevil subdues the Punisher

and rushes the hobo to the hospital. The police finish their questioning of the Bastelli family regarding the shooting at the diner.

Mr. Bastelli has had Martin leave to visit the boy's aunt in New Jersey for safety. The police offer protection to Mr. Bastelli, but

he refuses and makes the police leave. Bastelli thinks everything will be alright if he pays off the gangsters, but now that the

police have left, the gangsters arrive to pay the family a visit.


The same rainy night as DDVP 4 (14-21). DDVP 4 (9-14) is referred to as having occurred "the other night." The Punisher

wakes up on the street, climbs back into his van, and drives away. Daredevil takes the hobo to the hospital, where doctors

successfully operate on him. Inside his van, Frank overhears on the news about the Bastelli family being assaulted. He wants to

check on Mary and the hobo he accidentally shot.

Friday, September 4


The day after DDVP 5 (1-7). Frank puts on a disguise and heads to the hospital. While Frank checks on the unconscious Mary,

Martin bursts into the room to check on his sister. Realizing that Martin is still in danger, Frank takes him out of the hospital just

as some gangsters and crooked cops arrive to kill Martin. Frank kills them instead as they step out of the hospital. Martin

escapes from the Punisher's grasp and flees. Frank figures the boy is heading back to his apartment and Frank heads there.

Inside the apartment, Frank finds Martin crying in his room. When the gangsters arrive to kill Martin, the apartment complex

turns into a war zone, as Frank starts blowing away the gangsters. The police and Daredevil arrive outside.


The same day as DDVP 5 (7-22). It is several days or weeks before DDVP 6 (18-22). Punisher and Daredevil fight and Martin

tries to get them to stop. Daredevil is accidentally struck by a bullet from Martin's gun. The remaining bunch of Hammerhead's

gangsters burst in and open fire, killing Martin. Frank kills the gangsters. A SWAT team bursts in and shoots Frank several

times. Frank is hauled off to the hospital and jail.


One "winter" day, "a few days" after TB 100. This story occurs "several months" after TB 101-FB and "a couple months" after

Melissa kicked Blizzard off the team. The Thunderbolts hang out in the timeless environments Zemo has created for them. Erik

and Conrad have a heart-to-heart and Melissa tells Erik to earn the team's trust back. Nighthawk leaves the team in a huff after

learning that he was wanted for his money. Blizzard gets a new costume and holds a grudge against Melissa. Zemo and Joystick

spar. Zemo and Melissa kiss. Melissa tells Swordsman to lighten up on his drinking that the team is going on a mission "in two

hours." Radioactive Man confronts Melissa about her closeness to Zemo and Melissa replies that her plan is to kill Zemo.


One day, after FNSM 6-FB (10-13). A huge sign on the Daily Bugle building challenges Spidey to fight El Muerto. Across the

street in Avengers Tower, Peter tells May and M.J. that he's decided to accept the challenge. Jarvis asks May out on a date for



One rainy night, "some months" after ASM 518 and shortly before FNSM 7. An alternate universe Ben Parker finds himself in

this reality, looking at the ruins of his house and visiting his own grave. He is confronted by the Hobgoblin of 2211. Green trees

in New York.


The "Friday" night after THING2 1 (8-13). Ben Grimm hosts a poker game.

Saturday, September 5


The night of the day after FNSM 6-FB (17-18). It is "ten years" after FNSM 6-FB (15-17:1). Spidey is in his Iron Spider

costume, so this story must occur after ASM 531 (11-20). El Muerto fights Spider-Man in the wrestling ring, as J. Jonah

Jameson, Robbie Robertson, and Flash Thompson watch ringside and M.J. and Logan watch on TV at Avengers Tower. El

Muerto falls when Spidey instinctively uses his wrist spikes. Watching from above, the Gilded One intends to claim El Muerto's



The same night as FNSM 6. This story occurs shortly after FNSM 8-FB. Spidey consults with Iron Man about his stinger and

the magical nature of his powers. Iron Man returns to Avengers Tower (with the Watchtower spires) and checks on M.J.'s arm.

JJJ and Robbie visit El Muerto in the hospital and they encounter El Dorado, who is there to kill El Meuerto. Spidey bursts in

and fights El Dorado. El Muerto joins in and buys Spidey enough time to concoct a chemical that allows him to defeat El

Dorado, who escapes. May and Jarvis go on their date, and while dining, May sees her husband Ben outside the restaurant.


The same night as FNSM 7. Jarvis calls Spidey and reports May's shocking vision. On his way to the restaurant, Spidey

encounters the alternate Ben Parker and the Hobgoblin of 2211.


The same night as FNSM 8. As Hobgoblin 2211 captures Spidey, Aunt May arrives and sees the alternate Ben.


The same night as FNSM 9 (20-22). Suspecting an evil plot against Peter, May tells the alternate Ben off. Jarvis arrives and

punches Ben, then Ben decks Jarvis and wanders off depressed. He encounters Chameleon 2211, disguised as a street dweller,

who tells him about divergent realities and offers him a gun to solve his problems.


The same night as FNSM 10 (1-13). This flashback must occur more than just "a few weeks" before FNSM 17 (11-21). When

Ben refuses to kill himself, Chameleon 2211 picks up the gun, shoots Ben, assumes his shape, and walks away. Floyd Baker

encounters Ben just before he dies.


The same night as FNSM 19-FB (17:3-17:7). Spidey's battle with Hobgoblin 2211 is interrupted by Spider-Man 2211, who

turns out to be the father of Robin Borne, Hobgoblin 2211. The two future beings confront one another, and Spidey slings a

hurled pumpkin bomb back to Hobgoblin, causing her to disappear. Spidey learns that it was a retcon bomb that wiped Robin

from existence. Spider-Man 2211 leaves and finds what he believes is Ben, intending to return him to his own reality. But

"Ben," Chameleon 2211 in disguise, shoots Spider-Man 2211. Green grass and leafy trees with blowing leaves in New York.



The same night as FNSM 10 (1-22). It is "some months" before FNSM 18. Standing over the slain Spider-Man 2211,

Chameleon 2211 declares his intention to stay in this reality. A kid hanging out in the cemetery witnesses the scene. Ben lies

dead in an alley. Green grass and bare trees in New York.


The same night as FNSM 18-FB (1:1-1:3). After Chameleon 2211 leaves the slain Spider-Man 2211, the kid takes the hero's

helmet and watches his body vaporize. A cemetery caretaker arrives and chases the kid away. Green grass and bare trees in New


INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #88 (10-20)

The "Saturday" night after H3 88 (1-9). Bruce shows up at the bar and meets up with Mark and Katie, a girl with whom Mark

flirts. Bruce overhears a couple of guys who are planning on raping a drunken girl. They take the drunken girl out back into the

woods, but Banner follows them out there. He turns into the Hulk and beats up the thugs before disappearing. Full moon.

THING v2 #1 (15-23)

The "Saturday" night after THING2 1 (13-14). Nighthawk may appear here after TB2 17, as he has a new version of his costume

featuring a thicker stripe on the forehead - a style he wears in CW. Ben and Carlotta attend a party at the home of Irma Roberts,

a wealthy collector of Thing sculptures. Also present are Tony Stark, Kyle Richmond, and Frank Schlichting. A newly arrived

statue springs to life and subdues Ben. Ben awakens alongside Constrictor, Nighthawk (in a costume different from that shown

in TB2 15-16), and the other party guests in Arcade's Murderland. Green grass and trees in the Hamptons, where it is warm

enough for guests to wear light clothing outdoors.

Sunday, September 6

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #88 (21-22)

One day. Mark pays another visit to Bruce at his lodge in the woods. Mark invites him to another social event, but Bruce says

he doesn't plan on ever going back into town, and that it's for the best. Mark then hands Bruce a communicator device, and with

the push of a button, the Nick Fury LMD (who Bruce believes is the real Fury) appears before Bruce as a hologram with a

message. It turns out Mark is a SHIELD agent who was given orders to hunt down Bruce.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #89 - FB (3-4:2)

The same day as H3 88 (21-22). It is "six days" before H3 89. Bruce arrives on an aircraft carrier in the Bering Straits, where he

meets up with the Fury LMD.


The same day as H3 89-FB (3-4). Bruce and the Nick Fury LMD stand on the deck of the aircraft carrier.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #89 - FB (4:3-11)

The same day as NA:I 1-FB (23:1). The Fury LMD tells Banner about a space station that's actually a weapon that can target

and detonate nuclear weapons on earth. The LMD tells Banner that Hydra smuggled the weapon aboard a Russian space capsule

and that it's been storing power in space for "years." "Fury" tells Banner that SHIELD made two previous attempts to destroy

the weapon, but the last one activated a pre-emptive strike that resulted in the disaster at Chernobyl on "April twenty-fifth,

nineteen eighty-six." To prevent the weapon from being used by terrorists, Fury (LMD) wants Banner to go into space and

destroy it as the Hulk.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #89 - FB (13-14)

The same day as H3 89-FB (3-11). The Fury LMD outlines the space mission and stresses its importance.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #89 - FB (15:2-16)

The same day as H3 89-FB (13-14). Banner agrees to the mission.

THING v2 #4 - FB (19:3-20:5)

One day. Reed gives Franklin $1000 to spend on himself. Franklin buys a bunch of toys and candy and ends up getting bored

and sick. When he sees his mother and Johnny having franks and beans because "things are tight," he feels bad about the way he

squandered his money.

THING v2 #2

The day after THING2 1 (15-23). The police investigate the disappearance of the party guests and summon Alicia for help.

Meanwhile, Arcade sets up a challenge for the party guests in Murderland. Ben, Nighthawk, and Constrictor battle various

threats while Tony Stark tries to find a way to cripple Murderland's machinery. Stark finds an Iron Man armor and blasts it off to

send a signal to the Avengers, but Arcade blasts the armor. Thing barely defeats a robot Hulk when he is approached by a team

of robots representing Hulk's various incarnations. Green grass and trees in upstate New York.

THING v2 #3

The same day as THING2 2. It is noted that Alicia's "birthday's a week away," but it can't be, since more time elapses between

now and the birthday seen in THING2 7-FB; perhaps the birthday is a month away. Murdock denies being Daredevil and says

he's "suing those papers for claiming I'm Daredevil" - this places this story before DD2 76; as in A4 11-FB (3-4), Matt suspects

that the Feds are on his tail, as he notes that he's "going to be detained for a while." Nighthawk talks Constrictor into teaming

with him and brings up the notion that Schlicting give up his criminal ways. They join Ben in fighting the Hulk robots, then

Stark hacks into Murderland's servers and locates the immunity spot. Meanwhile, Alicia and her attorney Matt Murdock track

down the source of the robot statue at the Roberts' and figure out what happened to Ben and company. The heroes fight they

way to Murderland's immunity spot while Carlotta pays Arcade off so she can escape. As she takes off, the heroes stop her

getaway and expose the fact that Arcade was going to double-cross and kill her. Stark battles Brynocki and makes him into a

mini-Iron Man who's now on the heroes' side. Together they defeat Arcade. Tony sends a distress call only to discover that the

FF are on their way to Murderland, tipped by Alicia's investigation. That night, Daredevil pays a visit to Alicia, who tells him

that she doesn't love Ben anymore, but DD can tell she's lying. The waning half moon is inconsistent with the waning crescent

moon of THING2 1 (13-14).

THING v2 #4 - FB (4:4)

The same night as THING2 3. Stark and Ben find Carlotta's servants wrapped like presents in a room under Murderland.

Monday, September 7: Labor Day

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #89 - FB (17-18)

The early morning after H3 89-FB (15-16). It is "five days" before H3 89. At "zero-four hundred hours," the Fury LMD gives

Hulk a dossier with the weapon's layout. Hulk enters his space pod.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #89 - FB (1-2)

The same morning as H3 89-FB (17-18). It is "five days" before H3 89. The Hulk's pod enters space.

THING v2 #4 (1-21)

It must be the day after THING2 4-FB (4:4) and THING2 4-FB (19-20). If THING2 1 (15-23) occurred on a Saturday night,

then it's probably Monday now and Franklin is not is school, probably because Franklin is "sick to his stomach," but it's all a

plan by Reed to teach Ben a lesson about his wealth. In Attilan, Lockjaw gets a stone sliver stuck in his skin. When he tries to

get help, the Inhumans (back in their original costumes) ignore him and the Watcher declines to "interfere." Lockjaw teleports to

earth. Ben and Iron Man return to New York with Carlotta (Ben's girlfriend "up till a few hours ago"), her guests and servants in

two FF aircraft. Reed asks Ben to take Franklin and Val out of the Baxter Building on a pretext. Lockjaw shows up and Ben

removes the sliver. Ben takes the kids and Lockjaw to an outdoor café, an outdoor carousel, a toy store, and the horse races, but

Franklin doesn't enjoy himself. Ben and Lockjaw battle and defeat Shockjock at the races. Then they teleport to Attilan with the

kids. Franklin tells Ben his tale of the $1000 and Ben learns a lesson. The Inhumans grant Lockjaw's request to return to earth

and stay with the FF. Green grass and trees and mild weather in New York.

ARES #1 (8:2-11)

One day, "many years" after ARES 1 (1-8). At S. Lieberman Elementary School, Ares, now known as "John Aaron," meets Mrs.

Perrine to discuss the aggressive behaviour of his son, third-grader Alexander. Later that day, Ares picks up Alexander, who

played basketball with his buddy Quinn. That evening, while watching TV footage from Iraq, Ares and Alexander have a good

natured father/son brawl. A poster says: "Field Trip Planetarium March 16th. Permission slips due March 8th."

SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED v2 #12/2 - FB (2:6-3:3)

One school day. Paul Sidorsky stands out in Peter Parker's science class.

SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED v2 #12/2 - FB (4:4-5)

The same day as ASMU2 12/2-FB (2-3). After class, Sidorksky talks to Parker about Spider-Man's webbing.


One day during the college year. This segment occurs after GLA 4 (19-22) and NW3 6 and "days" before IHM:MI 1 (5-10).

Squirrel Girl is in love with Speedball, one of the stars of the New Warriors reality show that's such a big hit right now. Her

pet/sidekick Tippy-Toe finds her obsession amusing and hopeless. Speedball's soon going to be visiting the University of

Wisconsin in Madison and Squirrel Girl has plans to get him to notice her. She tries to ask advice of her teammates, Flatman and

Mr. Immortal, as they play video games. Mr. Immortal suggests she just walk up and introduce herself instead of coming up

with an elaborate scheme of them pretending to be bad guys she can defeat to save the day and gain Speedball's attention. She

finds this stupid, and storms off, which Flatman chalks up to "teenage" hormones.

Tuesday, September 8

THING v2 #4 (22)

Perhaps the day after THING2 4 (1-21). The FF, Lockjaw, and the kids enjoy themselves in Central Park, where we see green

grass and trees and nice weather.

ARES #1 (12-22)

Presumably the day after ARES 1 (8-11). This segment must occur after T2 85 (12-24) and probably after HERC 5. Ares drives

Alexander to school and reminds him "no fighting!" "Later," Ares is working at a construction site. He is confronted by a young

skater who he identifies as Hermes. Hermes tells him that Asgard has fallen and Olympus is in danger itself. Ares tells him off

by shooting a nail through his right foot. As Hermes leaves, the wood house on which Ares was working crashes down. Later

that day, Ares is back home again, watching more footage of the Iraq war and pondering how he could reveal his true nature to

Alexander. He gets a phone call from Mrs. Perrine, Principal Pastuszak, and Detective Mack about the disappearance of his son.

When Mack asks him about the missing social security number of Alexander, Ares angrily rushes off. While the TV news states

that "earlier today, a mass grave was found beneath a soccer stadium in northern Iraq," Ares chooses weapons from his large

hidden arsenal, then proceeds to shave his hair into his traditional Mohawk. Meanwhile, detective Mack arrives with several

policemen, having discovered that both Alexander's and "John Aaron's" social security numbers are false. At that moment, Ares

crashes down the front door and tells the cops to stay "the hell out of his way." Sunny weather.


The same day as ARES 1 (12-22). The Avengers are noted as being back now, so this story likely occurs after A4 15. The

Olympians, led by Zeus and Achilles, watch Mount Olympus besieged by undead legions from the east, who spread towards the

horizon. Achilles jumps into battle headfirst and calls upon his warriors to join him. Meanwhile, in Achilles' stronghold, two of

the Myrmidon (Achilles' warriors), who seem to be brothers, watch over the sleeping Alexander. The police open fire on Ares,

who is struck down, but rises up again and proceeds to shoot both of detective Mack's legs. He then steals a police car. SWAT

teams are called in to stop him, but he only causes more destruction. The wounded Mack tells two SWAT team members to call

in the Avengers or someone. Immediately afterwards, Ares is confronted by Achilles and two Myrmidon. Achilles admits that

Zeus has kidnaped the boy in order to force Ares to help Olympus. He reveals that he has been disfigured during the battle with

the undead. Ares, Achilles, and the Myrmidon then leave Earth. The four warriors arrive at Olympus, which appears to have

fallen, and Alexander has disappeared from the place Hermes took him to be watched over by the Myrmidon during the battle.

They then fight off several undead before they're transported to the halls of Zeus. Ares confronts Zeus, Hercules, and Hera.

Zeus begs to Ares on his knees to help Hercules and himself to defeat the foe from the east and recover Alexander. In the lands

of the eastern dead, Mikaboshi, in serpent form, confers with his fellow eastern gods that he intends to turn Alexander into the

new god of war in order to destroy all other pantheons. Alexander awakens in a Japanese-type setting and is greeted by a geisha.

The geisha offers him a drink, actually a truth-revealing potion which shows him the true nature of his father. After the vision,

Alexander falls to sleep again and the geisha is revealed as Mikaboshi.

ARES #3 (1-21)

The same day as ARES 2. On Mount Olympus, Zeus begs for forgiveness, but Ares strikes him down. Zeus tells Hercules and

the other Olympians not to move against their only hope. He then asks Hercules to give Ares an overview of the situation.

Hercules tells him about the fall of Asgard and the seemingly unrelated attack by Mikaboshi on Olympus, during which many

heroes have died, including all but three of the Myrmidon and Odysseus. The gods Apollo and Athena, Patroclus, Ajax, Jason

and his Argonauts, Perseus, Neptune, and Artemis are still left to defend Olympus. At that moment, the undead warriors attack

again and Ares joins Hercules and the other warriors in the fight. In the land of the eastern dead, Alexander has visions of past

wars, from the ancient Greeks to World War II. Mikaboshi in geisha form convinces him that his father is to blame for all this

horror, but that he has to become the new god of war and kill his father -- not in order to perpetuate war, but to make peace

under one strong hand, following the example of the first Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huangdi. "At the walls of Olympus," the

Olympian warriors are attacked by a giant blue flame. Ares puts himself on fire and asks Hercules to throw him straight into the

eastern ranks, which Hercules gladly does.

ARES #4 (1-4:2)

The same day as ARES 3 (1-21). While Zeus coordinates the Olympian troops, he discovers the chained Alexander behind

enemy lines, approaches him and introduces himself as his grandfather. Alexander then transforms into a dark demon-like being

and stabs Zeus with his demonic fingers.

ARES #3 (22)

The same day as ARES 4 (1-4). Zeus is struck down by a dark hand and bleeds heavily from the eyes and the chest.

ARES #4 (4:3-17)

The same day as ARES 3 (22). It is "five years" before ARES 4 (18-22), but this time reference may be relevant to Mikaboshi's

realm, not mainstream MU earth. Alexander returns to Mikaboshi (again in Geisha form). They discuss the evil of the

Olympians before he joins the battle. Ajax discovers the fallen Zeus. The Olympians are then approached by Mikaboshi, who

puts Alexander to sleep and transforms into a giant black demonic form. Hercules and Ares manage to drive it off. The undead

armies recede but take Alexander with them. "Later," in the presence of Hercules and Ares, Hera and Asklepios try to heal the

wounded Zeus. At that moment, Hermes arrives and tells them that an old man has been found who refuses to speak to anyone

but Zeus. After Ares threatens the old man with a gun, the stranger introduces himself as Inari, the former messenger of the

heavens. Inari begs them to ask his own pantheon for help. The proud Olympians refuse, and Ares orders Hermes to give Inari

some water and to see him off to the east. Only Hercules argues that they could have learned from Inari. "Later," Achilles and

Ares discuss the situation.


One day during the college year. This segment occurs "two days" before IHM:MI 1/2 (4-6) and probably after TB2 12 (1-19).

Justice (who is 22 and working for the Childwatch Foundation) stops a Manhattan bank robbery by Whirlwind and returns the

villain to the Raft. This causes him to run late in meeting with Firestar, but luckily her class at Empire State University (where

the 19-year-old is a freshman) is also running late. The pair head off to meet with a wedding planner. Justice's to-do list is still

very long, though Firestar seems very concerned about the price, and not very excited about anything at all. He promises to take

care of all the details so she can focus on her schoolwork and departs. Green trees and long-sleeve weather in New York.


One school day. Franklin comes home from school (which may be a different school from the Stern Academy, where he would

have attended two years ago) and complains to Sue that he has to do a school project with a partner, Katie Power. Sue takes off

"to go meet Franklin's dad in the Negative Zone" and Katie makes goo-goo eyes at Franklin. When Herbie shows up, though,

she realizes he'd make a great science project and Franklin suggests that there's even cooler stuff in his dad's lab. Havoc ensues

which eventually leads to Katie trying to fly the Fantasticar around the city to save Franklin from falling to his death. She

catches him with Herbie clinging behind the Fantasticar, and we close by seeing Franklin making goo-goo eyes at Katie as she

flies them off into the sunset.

Wednesday, September 9


One day, "some time" after ASMU2 15-FB. On the day his brother comes home from prison, Ethan makes a friend. Short-

sleeve weather in New York.


One day. This segment occurs after PULSE 14 and "months" before M/CP2 3. It must occur before DD2 80, since Jessica wears a ring in DD2 81. It must occur after IM4 6, since Stark can control his armors through Extremis, and after SENTRY 8, since Sentry knows about his relationship to the Void. It must occur after ASM 531 (11-20), since Spidey has his new costume here; this means that Jessica took months to finally tell Cage she's decided to marry him. Jessica notes that "it's a million damn degrees outside," but even exaggerated, this may be topical. At Avengers Tower (with the Watchtower spires), everyone fawns over Jessica's and Cage's baby. Jessica accepts Cage's proposal of marriage. When Tony Stark, Cap, and Sentry (introduced as "the newest Avenger") meet New York's mayor to explain about the Watchtower situation, Yelena Belova, the new Super Adaptoid, attacks. The rest of the Avengers join the battle, and when it looks like Yelena is losing, AIM destroys her via a destruct button. Suspecting Spider-Woman knows more about the situation than she's letting on, Iron Man yells at her.


One day, perhaps several days after DDVP 6 (1-17). Recovered from his wound, Matt Murdock reads a newspaper in his office.

The newspaper headline reads, "Punisher Sentenced to Salamanca." Recovering from his wounds in the hospital ward of

Salamanca prison, Frank reads a note from Mary Bastelli, who has made a full recovery. In the letter, Mary thanks the Punisher

for trying to save her brother and urges Frank to keep fighting crime. One of the prison medical staff tries to give Frank some

medicine, but Frank realizes it's poison and shoves it down the staffer's throat, killing him. Frank says he's going to get the

Jackal this time for certain. Realizing that the Punisher is in the same prison as he, the Jackal gets worried.


One night on a day before a school day. This story occurs before WI:DD. Hector Espejo continues his research about the

parallel dimension. He reads about that dimension's Fantastic Four. Waning half moon.

Thursday, September 10

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #95 - FB (2:5-2:6)

One day, before H3 94 (9-23). The Silver Surfer approaches the wormhole that leads to the planet Sakaar. He feels drawn to the

wormhole and thinks it will provide the answer to an old longing he feels in his soul.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #101 - FB (3:5)

The same day as H3 93 (2:5-2:6). Silver Surfer is sucked into the wormhole.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #95 - FB (3:1-3:4)

One day, before H3 101-FB (3:5). The Surfer awakens in a prison cell on Sakaar. Death's Head guards hold the weakened

Surfer down and implant an obedience disk onto his skin. He is forced to fight in the arena and finds the bloody struggle for

survival that he wanted all those years ago.


One school day. Franklin returns home from school and grabs a Universal Force Field Generator so he won't get beaten up by a bully tomorrow.


One day, "days" after IHM: MI 1 (1-4). This segment must occur before CW 1 (1-12) and THING2 8-FB (5-8). At UW-

Madison, Speedball meets his adoring teenage fans. As Squirrel Girl watches from a tree, she notices the only male in the crowd,

a shady character who turns out to be Speedball's old enemy, the Bug-Eyed Voice. Squirrel Girl beats the tar out of him,

because of the crowd of fans, the only people to notice her heroic actions are the police, who threaten to charge her with

aggravated assault for beating up a guy armed only with paintball guns. She's let go and the villain is held until the celeb can

leave town. At sunset, when Squirrel Girl returns to GLX HQ in shame, Speedball appears. He heard about what she did and

thanks her not only for that, but for all the fan mail she's sent. He gives her a kiss, and just like in her daydreams, he admits he

likes the taste of hazelnuts, which her lips are said to taste like. He departs, Squirrel Girl is ecstatic, and it turns out Tippy-Toe

was the one who secretly called Speedball to tell him about the whole incident. Green trees and short-sleeve weather in Wisconsin.


One "Thursday" night, "two days" after IHM:MI 1/2 (1-4). Firestar is in a funk and her dorm mate Jupiter tries to cheer her up

by bringing in two guys in to be her "boy toys." Meanwhile, Justice visits Firestar's father on Staten Island and discusses how he

feels he's ready for the next stage in his life but that Angelica isn't. Bart Jones suggests that if she's not ready for marriage to

wait for her or move on.

Friday, September 11


The day after IHM:MI 1/2 (4-6). This segment probably occurs before S-H4 8 (1-10). On "Friday" morning, Vance meets the

minister at the Alliance Unification Church on Staten Island. He tries to reach Angelica on her cellphone, but she's drunk and

passed out in her bed, nearly naked, while Jupiter is in the other bed naked with one of the guys in it with her. Later, Justice

meets Firestar on the Queensborough bridge and Angelica lies about her cell battery dying to explain why she wasn't there that

morning. He shows her one of the invitations they saw, which he had to pick out because time to get them printed was running

out. He also picked out the flowers and her dress and complains he's the woman in this relationship and he knows she doesn't

want to get married. She doesn't deny it, admitting that she just wants to be "normal." Firestar has to go but promises to call

him later, but he's pretty sure she won't and flies off. She takes one last look at the invitation to the wedding, leaves it on the

bridge, flies off, and soon the invite goes spinning into the wind.


The day after FR:WBW 1/2 (1). Franklin is attacked by a bully at school, but his force field bounces him around everywhere, until the bully is caught by the principal.

One day. With the Avengers in attendance, Cage and Jessica Jones are wed.


One night, sometime after M/TU3 10 and probably after GLA 2-FB (8-22). It cannot be "two years" before MK5 8 (1-21); perhaps it's two months before. Moon Knight fights Bushman and gets his legs crushed. So he cuts off Bushman's face and kills him.
MOON KNIGHT v5 #1 - FB (19)

The same night as MK5 2-FB. Moon Knight has crushed legs.

Saturday, September 12


One day, "six days" after H3 89-FB (3-11) and "five days" after H3 89-FB (1-2). The space weapon finds the Hulk's pod and

reels the Hulk in. Hulk sees that the weapon has SHIELD markings and realizes he's been duped.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #90 (1-4:1)

The same day as H3 89. The Hulk attacks the rogue satellite.


The same day as H3 90 (1-4). The Hulk tears off the end of one of the Godseye's tentacles.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #90 (4:2-22)

The same day as NA:I 1-FB (23:2). Hulk is defeated and pulled into the vessel. Seeing that the Hulk has failed, Fury (LMD)

calls in a wave of SHIELD agents in attack fighters, but they are destroyed by the satellite. The satellite glows with energy, and

the people at SHIELD suddenly realize that the satellite has transformed all of its energy to gamma radiation, as the satellite is

trying to mimic the Hulk. Inside the satellite, the Hulk has fallen unconscious and become Banner again. Banner wakes up and

walks around the interior of the satellite until he is confronted by a mechanical monster, which is supposedly the A.I. of the rogue


INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #91 (1-21)

The same day as H3 90 (4-22). The Fury LMD holds a conference with the Pentagon, in which he says that their only hope now

is that the Godseye satellite overloads itself trying to absorb all of this gamma radiation. The mechanical monster inside the

satellite attacks Bruce, who changes back into the Hulk. The Hulk and the Godseye monster fight each other. The Godseye

overloads and explodes in trying to replicate the strength and energy of the Hulk. The Hulk is picked up by a passing SHIELD

spaceship, and he climbs onboard, thinking he's heading back to earth, but then the automated ship turns around and flies away

from earth. Back on earth, the Fury LMD gives himself a pat on the back.

FOUR #29 - FB (1:3-1:4)

The same day as H3 91 (1-21). Pieces of the Godesye satellite fall to earth and land in the Savage Land.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #91 (22:1) ~ INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #92 (1:1)

The same day as H3 91 (1-21). Hulk's ship blasts through space, away from earth.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #91 (22:2-22:3)

The same day as H3 91 (22:1). A video monitor aboard Hulk's ship starts broadcasting a message from the Illuminati.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #92 (1:2-1:3)

The same day as H3 91 (22:2-22:3). On the monitor, Reed tells the Hulk he's being exiled into space. The Illuminati appear as


INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #91 (22:4)

The same day as H3 92 (1:2-1:3). Hulk screams as the ship blasts through space.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #106 - FB (2:1)

The same day as H3 91 (22:4). Hulk rips a hole into the side of the ship.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #92 (1:4-1:6)

The same day as H3 106-FB (2:1). According to CW:OS, this segment occurs "months" before CW 1 (1-12). Hulk continues to rip the side of the ship open, then he sees a wormhole open up ahead. The ship enters the wormhole.


The same day as H3 92 (1:4). This flashback must occur before ASM 529. Hulk screams as his ship goes through the


FOUR #29

Probably the same day as FOUR 29-FB (1:3-1:4). The FF go to the Savage Land to retrieve the surviving pieces of the Godseye

satellite, each of which has intelligence. The group splits up and destroys the pieces. Sue suspects Reed is keeping a secret

about this mission, and that night after the team returns to the Baxter Building, Reed reports to a mysterious figure that all

evidence of Godseye is destroyed.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #92 (2-20)

Probably the same day as NA:I 1-FB (24), although the passage of time might be different than on earth. This segment occurs

during the "week" before H3 93 (17-23). The navigation error deposits the Hulk on Sakaar, a world in which he is claimed as

property of the emperor. Hulk is subdued, enchained, and pressed into service as a gladiator in a deadly arena in which he

acquits himself. When Hulk tries to attack the emperor he is rebuffed by the emperor's guards and is subdued. The emperor

sentences Hulk to the Maw.


One day. A bunch of mobsters lie dead at a bachelor party in Brooklyn gone horribly wrong.

Sunday, September 13

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #92 (21-22)

The day after H3 92 (2-20). The Hulk awakens on a transport with fellow prisoner Miek and others. They approach the Maw.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #93 (1-13)

The same day as H3 92 (21-22). While rebels in the remote corners of the planet discuss the Hulk's cutting the Emperor's check,

the Hulk himself is fighting for his life against a lava monster in the Maw. He defeats the monster, but then he, Miek, and the

other slave Natives are taken into another arena, where they meet up with other gladiators in training. Primus Vand orders all the

slaves to start killing each other until there are only seven left. One of the new gladiators, Ronin Kaifi, protests, demanding to

speak to the Emperor, but Primus Vand kills him. The rest start fighting, until those remaining are the Hulk, Miek, Korg, Lavin

Skee, Elloe Kaifi, Hiroim, and Brood #2 of 6. The seven are locked up for the night, and they get to know each other, and

determine they should work together from here on out, if they are going to survive.


The day after PVB 1 (1). In Westport, Connecticut, Nico talks to Uncle Fonzie about their dead mobster relatives.


The same day as PVB 1 (2). Nico questions Fonzie's taste in disco dancing.


The same day as PVB 1 (4:4-4:5). Uncle Fonzie, still in drag, tells Nico to put out a contract on the Punisher. Nico leaves and

talks to his grandmother Rosala. Later, Nick Katzenbaum, the Patrillo family lawyer, is contacted by Bullseye, who's answering

the contract. Bullseye has the target carved into his forehead. Nick makes an offer, Bullseye accepts and kills Nick. Jacket

weather in New York.


The same day as PVB 1 (12-22). Bullseye meets Nick and Bobby, and tells them he accepts the hit on the Punisher. He then lets

them know who's the boss, and what the plan is. That afternoon, Bullseye sets up an ambush for the Punisher, and then gets a

waitress's phone number. That night, Bullseye pisses the Punisher off with his ambush, upsetting a mob hit he was planning.

Bullseye throws a paper airplane with a note on it at the Punisher, telling him where some of the remaining Patrillos will be

tonight at 11:00 PM. At 11:00 PM, Bullseye meets with Nico, Bobby, and two other Patrillos. Bullseye is in full costume here,

but the Punisher is wearing his skull shirt, black jeans, a black trenchcoat, regular black boots, and white short gloves.


The same night as PVB 2. Bullseye talks to the Patrillos and directs their attention out the window, to see the Punisher on the

street. Bullseye starts killing people, so the Punisher kills all the Patrillos except Nico, who escapes. Bullseye escapes and steals

a bus. Punisher steals a car and follows. Bullseye drives his bus into mobster Tony DiFazzio's place, the Punisher arrives and is

duly distracted with the prospect of killing a bunch of mobsters. Bullseye escapes by pretending to be an injured bus passenger.

When the Punisher is finished killing mobsters, he's stopped while leaving by a police officer.


The same night as PVB 3. Bullseye, having killed the ambulance paramedics, kills the officer who's trying to arrest the Punisher.

Monday, September 14


The morning (two hours) after PVB 4 (1-3). It is "2 days" before PVB 4 (4:3-4:5). The Punisher kills some mobsters while

looking for Bullseye. Eight hours later, the Punisher kills some mobsters while looking for Bullseye.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #93 (14-16)

The day after H3 93 (1-13). It is "a few days" before H3 93 (17-23). The seven gladiators are put to their final test - they have

to face Korg's brothers, brought back as mindless drones. Korg is hesitant to strike at his brothers, but Hulk snaps some sense

into him. They defeat the other Kronans.

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #72/2 (1-6) / X-MEN v2 #189/2 (1-6)

One day. This segment occurs after X 187/2, must occur after A4 15, and probably occurs before M/KSM 20. The Masked

Marvel is posing for his artist friend Eddie because the two are collaborating on a comic. They are called by Marvel editor

Nicole Boose who wants to know about the proposal is coming. She suggests that they get a good guest star for the second issue

because launching a new hero is tough. The artist suggests Spider-Man but the Masked Marvel doesn't want him to be in the

comic if they don't portray him correctly. The artist suggests going to ask him. At Avengers Tower (which has the Watchtower

spires), the Masked Marvel asks Jarvis for Spider-Man, but he is not in. Jarvis offers him a beverage while he waits, but when

Jarvis leaves he decides to sneak around. He is confronted by Wolverine and defends himself. Wolverine says that he's

impressed and they take a walk and talk about heroing.

Tuesday, September 15

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #72/2 (7-8) / X-MEN v2 #189/2 (7-8)

The day after USM 72/2 (1-6). Adam and Eddie finish telling the editor their proposal which stars Wolverine and Spider-Man.

She loves it, but Marvel doesn't feel it is the right time, but approves two eight-page back-ups and believes that the world hasn't

seen the last of the Masked Marvel.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #26 - FB (9-10)

One day, at least "two weeks" after C&DP 25 (7-21). On Providence, Irene notes that "Nathan has been missing for two weeks

with no contact" and that "there have been several museum thefts in the last six months." Wade discovers that his "mutual

teleporting schtick" with Cable no longer works. Black Box picks up a faint trace of Nathan tracking the movement of the stolen



One school day, "a week" before ASMU2 12/2 (6-10). This segment must occur after ASM 519. After class, Peter learns that

the parents of the absent Paul Sidorsky were killed "last night" by a burglar. Back at Avengers Tower, Peter talks to M.J., Aunt

May, and Jarvis about it.

MOON KNIGHT v5 #1 - FB (20)

One day. Moon Knight yells at Jean-Paul, who has no legs. Marlene cries.

Wednesday, September 16


One weekday before another weekday. This story occurs after WI:FF and "weeks" after WI:CA. Hector Espejo rides to school

on the bus. He's downloaded an audio novel off the Internet of the other dimension. The novel is about Daredevil, who lived in

Japan in the 19th century. In Hector's world (Earth-616), it is public knowledge that Matt Murdock is Daredevil, or at least that

most folks suspect that Murdock is DD.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #26 - FB (13-21)

Probably the day after C&DP 26-FB (9-10). It is "three weeks" before C&DP 26. On the trail of Nathan, Wade and Irene find a

sphinx in Akkaba, Egypt where inscriptions tell of "the rising of Apocalypse." Dark Riders attack and as Wade fights them,

Irene discovers a sphinx within the sphinx, where Black Box detects alien technologies. Cable arrives with Ozymandias and the

Dark Riders bow to him. Nathan says he has no intention to stop the return of Apocalypse.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #27 (6-9:2, 12:4-20)

The same day as C&DP 26-FB (13-21). It is "weeks" before C&DP 27 (21) and X:A/D 1. Cable explains to Wade and Irene

that Apocalype's history of death and rebirth is his fault and that now Apocalypse is needed as a catalyst to bring remaining

mutants together following M-Day. Apocalypse is reawakened prematurely and Nathan fights and bests him so that En Sabah

Nur can return to his chrysalis chamber and emerge strong at a later date.


One day. "2 days" after PVB 4 (4:1-4:2). It is "one week" before PVB 5 (5-20). The Punisher kills some mobsters while

looking for Bullseye.


One day. This story must occur after FF 537, since Reed knows Doom is back, and after A4 15, since Stark Tower has the

Watchtower spires on it. Doom is probably here before W3 42 (7-11). Spidey appears here in what appears to be his old

costume, but it is probably version 2.0 of his new Stark-designed costume assuming the classic appearance. There, Johnny asks

Spidey what it's like being an Avenger and Cap notes that Spidey has been a real asset to the team. Spidey doesn't remove his

mask to eat in front of Johnny; it doesn't necessarily mean that Johnny doesn't know Spidey's identity, but I've placed this story

before SM/HT 5-FB anyway. Dr. Doom, who is once again the head of Latveria, invites Reed to dinner on a Latverian holiday,

the anniversary of Doom's mother's death. Reed shows up at the Latverian embassy in New York and Doom subtly teleports

Reed and himself to Castle Doom while Doom sends Doombots to the Baxter Building, Avengers Tower, and Damage Control

headquarters to seek out an artifact of his that Reed has held for years. But Reed has the object with him, and on this day of

rapprochement, he willingly returns the object - a photograph of Victor as a child with his mother. Green trees and falling

autumn leaves in New York.

Thursday, September 17

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #93 (17-23)

One day, "a few days" after H3 93 (14-16). It is a "week" after H3 92 (9-20). The seven gladiators have graduated from the

Maw, and are now being put to their first battle. They are transported to an Imperial farming community which is under attack

by Wildebots, alien feral robots. The Hulk and his companions slaughter the Wildebots easily. They are invited on board a

pleasure barge for a feast with Imperial aristocrats and are treated like guests of honor. Also on board is Lieutenant Caiera,

who's spying on the Hulk. She calls up the Red King and tells him that the Hulk has survived the Maw and is growing in

popularity. Just then, rebels burst onto the ship, and ask the Hulk to join the resistance against the emperor.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #94 (1-8)

The same day as H3 93 (17-23). The rebels again ask Hulk to join their resistance. Elloe agrees and tries to convince Hulk to

join. Hulk declines, saying he's done giving help to those who ask for it. A squad of Death's Head units breaks in and kills or

captures all of the rebels. They also haul off Elloe for siding with the rebels. The rest of the gladiators sided with Hulk and

didn't join the rebels. Later on, as the gladiators are being escorted to their bedchambers, Hulk enters his room to find Lt. Caiera

there. She offers to buy the Hulk and take him away to a distant, isolated land where Hulk can live in peace alone. Hulk refuses,

saying he's not falling for any sort of offer again.


One school day. This flashback must occur after ASM 524, since it is noted in SM/HT 5 that Peter, M.J., and May are living

with the Avengers. I've placed it after FFS 1. Given the desire to keep May's identity secret from the FF in M/KSM 18 (21-22),

that segment must occur before this flashback. Given Peter's anxiety about keeping his identity secret from the Thing in ASMU2

11/2, that story must occur before this flashback. Spidey has organic web-shooters here; he's in what appears to be his classic

costume here, but it could be version 2.0 of the Iron spider costume, as in FFS 1. The Torch gives a presentation at P.S. 108,

where Peter is teaching, but the kids are more impressed when M.J. shows up. Johnny is flabbergasted to discover that Peter is

married to M.J. Carmine Villanova of the Maggia crime family interrupts the presentation, seeking to kill D.A. Tower's son in

revenge for what happened to Villanova's convict son. In order to save the day, Peter secretly reveals his identity as Spidey to

Johnny. Spidey and the Torch defeat Villanova, then Johnny tells Spidey to meet him at their usual meeting place, the Statue of


SPIDER-MAN/HUMAN TORCH #5 (1-4:4, 15-22)

The same day as SM/HT 5-FB. This story must occur before M/KSM 16. At the Statue of Liberty, Spidey confirms his Peter

Parker identity to the Torch and the two talk about how they envy each other. Johnny invites Peter and his family to the Baxter

Building "tonight." Peter, M.J., and Aunt May have dinner with the FF.

Friday, September 18

FOUR #30 - FB

One day. Reed Richards presents a paper at Stetson University, Ben agrees to talk to a kid on Yancy Street, Johnny and

Kourtney go to a charity auction, and Sue visits U.S. troops.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #94 (9-23)

The day after H3 94 (1-8). This segment occurs after H3 95-FB (2-3). In the imperial crown city, Hulk and the other gladiators

march into the arena. The arena announcer explains the rules: any gladiator who survives three rounds is given amnesty and

becomes a citizen of the empire. One of the Empire's flying battleships drops a bomb on the Gladiators. Hulk catches it and

blows it up before it can hit the ground, sparing his fellow gladiators. Then, the second challenge begins: Death's Head guards

enter the arena and attack the heroes. With the Hulk's help, the gladiators defeat the guards. The third and final challenge is

postponed until tomorrow. That night, Lavin Skee unexpectedly dies of his wounds suffered in the arena earlier that day. The

others start to wonder if they are next to die, but to encourage each other they start telling tales of experiences they've survived

before now. After finishing the tales, Hiroim proposes that they become "warbound." They each take an oath to fight beside

each other as brothers and sisters till their dying days. Meanwhile, Caiera checks on the final challenge - "the Silver Savage," the

Surfer, who's been subjugated by an obedience disk.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #95 (1-4:1)

The same day as H3 94 (9-23). Caiera notices that the Silver Surfer looks just like the Sakaarson, a legendary figure who's

supposed to bring peace and harmony.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #20 (6-12)

One day. It cannot be the day after M/TU3 20 (1-5) because of Curtis' reference to M-Day in M/TU3 20 (14-16) and Spidey's

appearance in the Iron Spider costume in M/TU3 21. After having breakfast at the Happy Sunrise Diner with his friends, Curtis

finds the Ringmaster's Cosmic Cube ring outside the diner. At home "later that day," Curtis unexpectedly makes a giant sundae

appear out of nothing. He calls his friend Troy and tells him to come over. Leafy trees in New York.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #20 (14-16)

The same night as M/TU3 20 (6-12). This segment must occur after HOM:DA 1 (3-31), since Curtis says that "all the mutants

are gone now - most of them, anyway." Troy shows up at Curtis' place and they determine that Curtis' ring is the cause of the

sudden appearance of things about which Curtis thinks. The two guys experiment with the ring by conjuring up stuff. Waning

crescent moon.


One night. Hector Espejo has started recorded his findings on his webcam to be broadcast on the regular Internet. As he records,

he finishes downloading an info file on what's happened to Thor in the other dimension. Hector notes that "we haven't seen too

much of him these days in this dimension," so this story occurs sometime after T2 81.

Saturday, September 19

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #20 (17-21)

The morning after M/TU3 20 (14-16). Curtis and Troy awaken after spending the night making things materialize. They decide

to keep the ring a secret and head to the Happy Sunrise Diner, where they meet their friends. The waiter there asks Curtis out

and he accepts. In a secret bunker under Tokyo, scientists monitor the regenerating head of Titannus, into whose reforming brain

they've put implants.

FOUR #30

One day, before CW 1 (1-7). This story must occur before FF 538 (1-17). It is a day on which mail is delivered. The FF hold an

open house, something they do "every year," "as sure and predictable as the tides." Namor and the Inhumans attend. Medusa

notes that Black Bolt is pleased that the Inhumans are "visiting under...kinder circumstances than last time" - this may be a

reference to SOM 6 (1-19), as suggested by Crystal's response, "Mercy, not that again;" Crystal's discussion of Alecto and Reyno from another unpleasant previous visit in FOUR 29 (1-19) may be a diversion from an inevitable and painful discussion about Pietro. This also implies that the happy occasion of THING2 8-FB (17-18) occurs after this story. Namor notes the Illuminati's project with the Hulk and notes that "Stark's paranoia has begun to seem...less paranoid." Johnny pulls a prank on Ben as they hang out on the Baxter Building roof with Kourtney and Alicia. Ben and Alicia then visit the practically invalid Puppet Master and she gives him a chunk of clay. Dr. Strange and Salem's Seven join the attendees of the Open House. The public responds to the event enthusiastically. Sentry makes a cameo. Green grass and trees and sunbathing weather in New York.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #95 (4:2-22)

The day after H3 95 (1-4). This segment occurs before A:SS 1 and GSH 1/2. Hulk and the others march into the gladiator arena

to face their final challenge. When they see it's the Silver Surfer, Hulk thinks he's found a friend, but the Surfer attacks. The

Hulk and the others barely manage to defeat the Surfer and the Hulk breaks the Surfer's obedience disk. At first, they think

they've won their freedom, but the Red King has a final challenge for the Hulk. Caiera marches a group of rebels in chains out

onto the field and among them is Elloe Kaifi, their former teammate. Caiera orders them to kill the rebels to prove their loyalty.

Hulk refuses to kill her, so Primus Vand activates their obedience disks, filling the gladiators with pain. The Surfer activates his

Cosmic Power and zaps every obedience disk in the arena. Slaves and gladiators alike are suddenly free, and they break down

the arena and march into the nearby wilderness. A short time later in the woods, the Surfer and the Hulk shake hands in

friendship, but Hulk decides to stay on this planet, while Surfer takes off for the stars once more. Having now escaped the arena,

the seeds of revolution have begun.

Sunday, September 20

THING v2 #5 (4-10)

One "Sunday," "two months" after THING2 5-FB. With Lockjaw along, Ben works at Sheckerberg's pawn shop. The Yancy

Street Gang vandalizes Ben's vehicle and Lockjaw teleports the chauffeur home. We see short sleeves and laundry hanging out

to dry in New York.

DAREDEVIL v2 #94 - FB (10)

One day during the period when Milla and Matt are separated and getting divorced - thus before DD2 76. Milla has received

Matt's signature which would finalize the divorce, but Milla consults with her lawyer and finds herself unable to officially file

the divorce; she decides she still loves Matt after all.

MOON KNIGHT v5 #1 - FB (21)

One day. After Marc signs off on some foreclosure papers, Marlene tries to cheer him up, so he slaps her around a bit.

Monday, September 21

THING v2 #5 (11-14:3)

Probably the day after THING2 5 (4-10). It must sometime early in the week after THING2 3. Ben makes a business call to Arlo

North, but Alicia answers. Thinking he subconsciously dialed her number, Ben ends up thanking Alicia for bailing him out of

the Murderland fiasco. He re-dials and gets Arlo, who he asks to do a job for him. Alicia suggests a repayment by noting that

her "birthday is coming up." Green trees in New York.


One school day. Franklin wants to go to the Himalayas to prove that the Abominable Snowman exists, so he and Herbie teleport there. Franklin drops the teleporter's remote control unnoticed by Herbie. They encounter a Yeti and run off, but it follows them and returns the remote control. Franklin realizes that the Yeti is lonely, so they play and get into a snowball fight. The temperature in New York is in the high 90s.

One day. At "2:44:07 AM," Maggie Dillon e-mails Stark about her initial foray into TIP communication to reach the Laser and

the resulting physical backlash. Tony is busy in a meeting, then saving a damaged plane as Iron Man. The date of the e-mail is

"9/22," which may be topical.

Tuesday, September 22

MOON KNIGHT v5 #1 - FB (22)

One day. Depressed, Marc Spector spits on his statue of Khonshu.

One day. Franklin belches at dinner and is excused without dessert. Franklin tries to find out what's wrong with him by using an X-ray machine, but accidentally bombards himself with beta rays, which turn him into a purple monster. He rampages though the house until the Baxter Building's sensors detect high levels of radiation and de-radiate him. Franklin then apologizes to his mom for his behavior at dinner.
SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED v2 #12/2 (6-10)

One night, "a week" after ASMU2 12/2 (1-4). Spidey drops in on Paul Sidorsky and introduces him to Cap, Iron Man, Cage,

Daredevil, Thing, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Stature, and Shadowcat, who all share their life lessons with Paul and give

him hope. The first three heroes listed are not presented as Avengers. Green grass and trees in New York.


One night, shortly after M/TU3 20 (17-21). Curtis experiments with his ring and draws conclusions about the nature and limits

of the powers it has.

Wednesday, September 23: Autumnal Equinox


One day, "one week" after PVB 4 (4:3-4:5). It is "2 days" before PVB 4 (21-22). The Punisher questions Lonnie when

Bullseye calls. Since he's across the street, he shoots a rocket launcher at Lonnie's house. Lonnie dies and the Punisher escapes.

Bullseye gives two kids his rocket launcher. Punisher attacks and he and Bullseye fight. One of the kids threatens the Punisher

with the rocket launcher and Bullseye escapes. Jacket weather.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #21 (1-9)

The day after M/TU3 21-FB. This segment must occur after ASM 531 (11-20), and probably shortly after, given that Curtis has

not seen Spidey's new costume (although Spidey implies that Curtis is out of touch). Curtis shows Troy the costumed identity he

has assumed, Freedom Ring. That evening, he goes on a date with Jeffrey. Meanwhile, Spidey (in version 2.0 of his Iron Spidey

costume) responds to an explosion.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #21 (12-22)

The same evening as M/TU 21 (1-9). Curtis interrupts his date with Jeffrey to slip away and become Freedom Ring to help

Spidey in a battle with the Abomination. Abomination critically injures Curtis and Spidey rushes to take him to a hospital as the

Astonishing X-Men (Beast, Colossus, Kitty, Logan, Cyclops, and Emma) arrive to battle Blonsky. Green trees in New York.

The full moon is inconsistent with the waning crescent moon of M/TU3 20 unless more than two weeks have passed.


The same night as M/TU3 21 (12-22). The X-Men defeat the Abomination "in less than ten minutes," according to M/TU3 22.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #22 (7-8)

The same night as M/TU3 21. At the hospital, Curtis' friends are told that his prognosis is not good.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v2 #22 (14-15)

The same night as M/TU3 22 (7-8). This segment occurs "weeks" before M/TU 23/2 (1-2). Troy and Jeffrey stand beside the

bed of the comatose Curtis.


One night. Reed and Sue leave for a date, and Franklin starts to use his dad's inter-dimensional phase shifter to look for ghosts. He contacts some and they try to hold him hostage, but Herbie saves him. However, the incident has altered Franklin's perception and now he can see spirits.

Thursday, September 24


One day, probably after TOXIN 3 (21-22). The Answer (out of prison) and Ruby Thursday are in Paris during their two-month

job together.


One day. In Pakistan, a shrunken Micromax kills a terrorist named Sidi from inside his head. Sidi's comrade Jafaar witnesses the death. It is "September 24," but the reference to "2006" must be topical.


One night. The Fantastic Four return from an extra-dimensional alien-fighting adventure. Franklin asks if the aliens followed them back and Mr. Fantastic explains that they can't, as he sealed the dimensional rift with a device he made. Franklin asks if they can use it on the monster under his bed but no one believes him. The monster attacks and Franklin uses Reed's device on it.

Friday, September 25


One day. The Fantastic Four leave to fight the Mole Man and Franklin is upset that he can't come along. He uses his dad's lab to give himself some powers, but he can't control them, so he has them removed.


One day, "2 days" after PVB 4 (5-20). Uncle Fonzie and Nico play solitaire in drag together.


The same morning as PVB 4 (21-22). At 8:40 AM, Bullseye calls Nico and tells him to get his payment ready by midnight

tonight. It is a "Friday."


The same morning as PVB 5 (1-3). At 10:50 AM, Bullseye calls Louis and tells him where to meet Mary tonight. It is a



The same morning as PVB 5-FB (7:3-7:7). At 11:40 AM, Bullseye calls Mary and sets up a date for tonight. It is a "Friday."

PUNISHER VS. BULLSEYE #5 - FB (10:3-10:4)

The same day as PVB 5-FB (6:3-6:6). At 2:10 PM, the Punisher sets a bomb up in the constructions site's office. It is a



The same night as PVB 5-FB (10:3-10:4). Between 6:13 PM and 9:50 PM, the Punisher gets ready for a Rossi mob family

meeting at a construction site when Mary the waitress shows up. It is a "Friday."


The same night as PVB 5 (4-6). At 9:52 PM, Mary's babysitter Louis shows up at the construction site. It is a "Friday."


The same night as PVB 5 (7:1-7:2). At 9:53 PM, Mary yells at Louis while the Punisher and Bullseye watch. It is a "Friday."


The same night as PVB 5 (8-10). At 9:55 PM, Mary yells at Louis some more, and the Punisher realizes through their

conversation that he can't use his bomb because Bullseye has Mary's kids in the construction site's office. Bullseye shoots at the

Punisher, kills Mary and Louis, then paralyzes the Punisher with a tranquilizer dart. At 11:58 PM, Bullseye arrives to get his

money from Nico and Uncle Fonzie, but the Punisher is waiting outside with a rocket launcher and blows up the house. It is a

"Friday." A wall calendar says it's "March."


One night, between H3 95 (4-22) and H3 96. Hulk and his companions rest at a campsite for the escaped gladiators and slaves.

As Hulk sleeps, he has a dream of Bruce Banner, who is trying to retake control of their body and transform the Hulk back to

Banner. Banner manages to regain control for one instant, and Miek wakes up to momentarily see Banner sitting next to him.

Miek rubs his eyes in disbelief, and when he looks again, it's the Hulk sitting next to him. Back inside Hulk's mind, the Hulk

defeats Banner and will remain in control of their body for some time to come.

Saturday, September 26


The morning after PVB 5 (11-19). This segment must occur before DD2 78. Bullseye escapes and talks to Rosala. At 9:40 AM,

Leo Rossi pays Bullseye for wiping out the Patrillo family, then hires him to kill the Punisher. It is a "Saturday."

THING v2 #5 (14:4-17)

One day, long enough after THING2 5 (11-14) for Arlo to have drawn some conceptual plans. Ben calls a press conference to

announce that he's funding the construction of a youth center. Scheckerberg is disgusted that Ben named the center after

himself. A gang of Maggia goons tries to horn in on the project and Ben beats them up. The Maggia hires the Trapster and the

Sandman to sabotage the project.

GENERATION M #4 - FB (12:6)

One day, "two weeks" before GENM 4-FB (13-15). The Ghoul slaughters thirteen Morlocks, as depicted in a photograph.


One day. At the rebuilt Xavier Institute, Scott tells Kitty a story from the early days of the X-Men. Green bushes and long sleeves at Westchester.


One evening. At "9:12:55 PM," Maggie Dillon e-mails Stark and asks about his recollections of Arthur Parks. The e-mail is

dated "9/27," which may be topical.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #96 (1-4)

Probably the night of the day after GSH2 1/2. At the Hulk's camp, some of the escaped slaves, along with Miek and Arch-E-

5912, share stories about the Hulk. One of the slaves badmouths the Hulk and the Hulk stops by to scare the slave off. Lt.

Caiera and Governor Denebo lead the army in charge of tracking down the Hulk's rebel forces. They make contact with the slave

who ran away from camp, a spy for the Red King. Caiera and Denebo launch missiles at the camp, but the camp was secretly

moved, thanks to a trap set by the Hulk, and the only one who gets hit with the missiles is the spy.


One night. Peter, Ben, and Johnny enjoy "poker night" as Aunt May serves cookies.

Sunday, September 27

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #96 (5-18:3)

The day after H3 96 (1-4). Denebo tries to draw the Hulk's forces out of hiding by executing a local village, much to Lt. Caiera's

distaste. Hulk and his companions see it's a trap and since all of the villagers are executed before they could do anything, they

leave. A nearby village is attacked by the feral Wildebots, and the Hulk's forces charge in and destroy the Wildebots. Headman

Charr, the village leader, offers them temporary sanctuary. They have lunch with the village, and Miek uses his hive powers to

"chem bond" with Hulk and the others, showing them a flashback to his youth. Miek reveals that this village was founded on the

ruins of his hive, which Charr obliterated. Miek calls for revenge, and Charr agrees to a duel in "twelve hours" (tomorrow

morning). That night, Charr offers to help train the slaves to fight, and Korg and Hiroim ask Miek to hold off on claiming

revenge, as they could use all the help they can get. Hulk tells Miek it's up to him to do what he pleases.


Probably the day after IM:I 2 (9:1). From a limo, Stark text-messages Dillon in response to her e-mail.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #10 - FB (10:2)

One day. In Washington, T'Challa talks to the U.S. Secretary of State about the attempted invasion of Wakanda.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #10 - FB (11)

The same day as BP4-FB (10:2). T'Challa's mother talks to him about finding a wife.

THING v2 #5 (18-22)

One "Sunday," shortly after THING2 5 (14-17). "A few days away from the build," Arlo meets with Ben to go over plans for the

youth center. Arlo starts to confess his relationship with Alicia (who he met "recently") when workers report that the equipment

has been sabotaged. Ben proceeds to demolish the abandoned building on the construction site and is attacked by Trapster and


THING v2 #6 (1-14:2)

The same day as THING2 5 (18-22). This story must occur after ASM 531. Ben sends up a signal flare for the FF, but Sue is

helping Namor contain an oil spill in the North Sea, Reed is fighting Blastaar in the Negative Zone (where Reed may be involved

in working on his prison), and Johnny is fighting Dragon Man in Hawaii. Spidey (in version 2.0 of his new Stark-designed

costume) heeds the call and helps Ben subdue the villains. Ben shields the blast of a bomb that Trapster set. As SHIELD takes

the villains away, Ben asks Spidey about the three arms of his new costume. Spidey changes the appearance of the costume to

the classic look and swings away. Ben knows Spidey's identity.

Monday, September 28

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #96 (18:4-22)

The morning after H3 96 (5-18). The duel commences. Headman Charr pins Miek to the ground and Miek cuts off his own arm

to escape and he counters and pins Charr. Miek hesitates to kill him, because he knows Charr could be useful. He lets out an

anguished cry, to which a distant cry from underground responds. The Hulk opens up the ground of the village to find Miek's

lost brothers and sisters being kept as slaves in an underground mine. In anger, Hulk and his companions tear down the village

and free the slaves. Caiera, Denebo, and the army enter the village to find it in ruins, and Charr contemplates his sins.

THING v2 #6 (14:3-15)

Probably the day after THING2 6 (1-14). It is "a full week" before THING2 6 (16-22). Ben calls in Damage Control to build the

youth center and learns that Hercules is part of the crew. Arlo tells Ben about his relationship with Alicia.


One day. Stark sees a security map as an internal bio-monitor, indicating that this segment must occur after IM4 6. At "6:48:09

AM," Stark e-mails Dillon with information about Arthur Parks. Armed with it, Dillon makes her second foray into TIP

communication to reach the Laser and wakes up that night in the Stark med lab. Stark has reservations about placing Dillon in

danger with the probes. The Ghost infiltrates the Stark facility and Iron Man forces him to retreat without the Laser. The e-mail

is dated "9/29," which may be topical.


The same day as IM:I 2 (9-22). Ghost reports to Spymaster that he killed Iron Man, but Spymaster challenges this assertion by

pointing out that Stark is upstate and will be attending a reception at a new research institute "tonight." At the reception, Stark

chats with rival Sinclair Abbott and then with his flirting wife.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #10 - FB (10:1)

The day after BP4 10-FB (11). In New York, T'Challa addresses the U.N. about the attempted invasion of Wakanda.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #10 - FB (12:3-12:4)

The same night as BP4 10-FB (10:1). T'Challa and the Dora Milajae go to the Orpheum and watch Monica Lynne perform.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #10 - FB (13-14)

The same rainy night as BP4-FB (12). After the performance backstage, T'Challa asks Monica to marry him but she refuses.


The same night as BP4 10-FB (13-14). This story must occur at least a few months after PULSE 13, given that Luke's baby can

hold its head up in BP4 14-FB (4-9). T'Challa and the Dora Milajae go to a nightclub, where they encounter Cage, who's

playing bodyguard for a rapper. They all get involved in a scuffle. When Cage gets back home, he finds T'Challa waiting for

him. T'Challa offers Cage a job and ninjas gather outside the apartment. Leafy and bare trees in New York. Waning crescent



The same night as BP4 10. Falcon now has a mustache and goatee (again). T'Challa, Cage, and the Dora Milajae battle the

ninjas, who capture the Panther and Cage and fly away in an aircraft. The Falcon tries in vain to stop the craft from getting away.

The craft streaks to China, where T'Challa and Cage are welcomed by Fu Manchu, who is now going by the name "Han." Han

offers his daughter Kwai Far as T'Challa's bride. Han is insulted when T'Challa tells him he loves someone else. When Shang-

Chi arrives, a fight breaks out with Han's men and a dragon. Cage encourages T'Challa to go on a date with Kwai. People are

wearing coats in New York. Waxing crescent moon.

Tuesday, September 29

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #97 (1-7)

Perhaps the day after H3 96 (18-22). Rebellion has started up in the capital city. The Red King and his army go through the

streets killing any insurgents. Meanwhile, out in the wilderness, Caiera, Denebo, and Charr hunt the Hulk's group. Caiera gets a

call on her communicator to return back to the capital and aid the Emperor. The Hulk and company arrive at the Maw and free

more slaves, and take Primus Vand prisoner.


One day during the "week" before GENM 3 (17-21). At the Ravencroft Asylum, where the number of mutant inmates dropped

from 77 to 3 on M-Day, one of the three remaining mutants feels superior to his fellow inmates.


Probably the day after BP4 11. In Louisiana, Blade attacks a group of vampires and encounters Brother Voodoo. Following

Hurricane Katrina, Monica Rambeau checks in on her aunt Charm, who tells her about marauding vampires. T'Challa and Cage

arrive in Louisiana from China to help victims of the hurricane. As they help out, they are attacked by vampires. Blade and

Drumm join in the fight. Green grass and green and bare trees in Louisiana. The full moon is inconsistent with the crescent

moon of BP4 10 and 11.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #13 (1-21)

The same night as BP4 12. T'Challa, Cage, Blade, and Brother Voodoo battle the vampire horde. T'Challa enlists the aid of

Monica Rambeau, whose powers vanquish the horde. Green grass and trees in Louisiana. Full moon.


One night. After having a lot to drink, Marc Spector daydreams about fighting crime. Then he crawls around on the floor.
MOON KNIGHT v5 #2 (1)

The same night as MK5 1. Marc rolls around on the floor.

Wednesday, September 30

BLACK PANTHER v4 #13 (22)

The morning after BP4 13 (1-21). T'Challa and the Dora Milaje reconnoiter with Cage and Drumm. Leafy trees in Louisiana.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #14 - FB (4:3-9)

The same day as BP4 13 (22). It is "two days" before BP4 14. T'Challa flies to New York and drops Cage off at his apartment

building, where Jessica and the baby (who can hold her head up) wait.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #97 (8-20)

Probably the day after H3 97 (1-7). The Hulk and company are about to enter the Steppes, a no man's land where the Red

King's army won't follow, but they see in the distance Denebo executing a bunch of Natives. Hulk and his followers charge into

battle, and Denebo lets off explosives which almost bury the good guys under a mountain of rock, but the Hulk holds back the

falling rocks while the others do battle. Miek kills Charr, and Denebo's army is defeated. Miek, Elloe Kaifi, and No-Name seek

to kill every last soldier in the Governor's army, but Hulk forbids killing foes that have surrendered. Meanwhile, back in the

capital, Caiera helps to put down the insurgents. The Red King starts executing anyone in the streets indiscriminately, and Caiera

asks him to yield. Just then, Denebo returns to the capital, his clothing in ruins. When the Red King sees Denebo failed, he

executes him. Back at the border to the Steppes, the Hulk and company hunker down for the night. Korg reports that someone

has executed Primus Vand and all of the other prisoners. Miek comments they deserved it, but Hiroim warns they don't want to

become monsters like the Red King. Hulk ponders that he already is a monster. Miek goes off to sit with his fellow Natives in

private, and he begins to undergo a transformation.


One day, "six weeks" after MMFFF 1 (4-5). Johnny tosses his keys to lot attendant Googam and makes some rude comments.

Maintenance worker Gorgilla's in the background sweeping. Googam goes home to his dingy apartment, writes in his journal,

and hears from what he thinks is his father. The journal date of "Dec. 1st" must be incorrect.

MOON KNIGHT v5 #2 (13-22)

The day after MK5 2 (1). Crawley visits Marc and gives him some medication, but he decides not to take it and go out for lunch. Meanwhile, Profile is informed that Moon Knight is moving around again.

MOON KNIGHT v5 #3 (1-16)

The same day as K5 2 (13-22). As Marc goes to Frenchie's Bistro, Profile updates the Committee on Moon Knight. After an argument Marc goes home. That night, Jean-Paul is beaten brutally with his own prosthetic legs.

Thursday, October 1

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #97 (21-22)

The morning after H3 97 (8-20). Hulk decides he doesn't want to lead the rebellion anymore because he's afraid he'll eventually

destroy everyone in a fit of rage. As he prepares to go off into the wasteland of the Steppes alone, he is confronted by Miek, who

has transformed overnight into a Hive King.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #98 (1-6)

The same day as H3 97 (21-22). Miek and his fellow Natives confront the Hulk, demanding that he stay and fight the Red King.

Hulk refuses at first, and he and Miek fight. Korg breaks it up, and Hulk is finally convinced to stay with the army. The rebel

forces split up; those who are unable to fight are led by Horoim and Korg into the Steppes to seek refuge. The Hulk, along with

Meik, No-Name, and Elloe lead the rest back to fight the Red King's army.


The day after MMFFF 1 (6-7). Elektro is helping Willie Lumpkin (out of retirement again!) deliver packages and he meets

Roberta. Ben notices the twinkle in his eye and offers to help the two hook up. Meanwhile, Reed and Sue are at the Green Wok,

eating dinner. Gorgilla is washing windows outside and Fin Fang Foom starts a ruckus in the kitchen over some screwed up

orders. Reed has a chat with Fin over the appropriateness of the actions and suggest they play a game of chess on Saturday in

Central Park, while Ben convinces Elektro to ask Roberta out on a date. Green trees in New York.

MOON KNIGHT v5 #3 (17-23)

The day after MK5 3 (1-16). It cannot be "two years" since Marc last saw Frenchie, as M/TU3 10 cannot have occurred that long ago. Marc visits Jean-Paul at the hospital and Marlene shows up. Later, Marc stabs a mugger in the face. Elsewhere, the Committee realizes that beating Jean-Paul beat half to death was a bad idea, so they hire Taskmaster to confront Moon Knight.

The same night as MK5 3 (17-23). Marc hallucinates that his statue of Khonshu is talking to him and that Bushman is behind it. Meanwhile, the Profile chats about Moon Knight with his date. Marlene walks in while Marc is talking to his Khonshu statue. She yells at him for a bit, then Taskmaster bursts in through the window. Full moon.


The same night as MK5 4. Taskmaster prepares to kill Marc and Marlene, but Samuels shoots him with a shotgun. He falls out the window and drives away in his van. Marc, Marlene, and Samuels drive to Moon Knight's hangar, where Nedda is waiting for them. Moon Knight puts on his suit and flies off in one of his moon-jets. As the Taskmaster demands compensation from the Committee for his lost equipment, Moon Knight flies his jet through the window. Full moon.
MOON KNIGHT v5 #6 (1-7)

The same night as MK5 5. Moon Knight beats up the Taskmaster and leaves.


One night, probably a month before IHM:OL 1 (6-15). The Answer plays "Strip Q'n'A" with the Sisters of Sin at the Back

Room Bar in Cleveland. Ruby Thursday shows up and asks Answer for access the procurement budget for AIM. Full moon.

Friday, October 2

MOON KNIGHT v5 #6 (8-10)

The day after MK5 6 (1-7). It is nearly a month before MK5 6 (11-24). Marc shaves and visits Marlene, then Jean-Paul.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #98 (7-22)

Probably the day after H3 98 (1-6). Hulk's army runs into Caiera's Imperial army. Hulk and Caiera meet between the two

armies to negotiate. Caiera says she wants Hulk dead to stop the insurgency. Caiera challenges Hulk to a duel. They fight, and

the battle seems to be a standstill, with neither one winning. The Emperor listens in on the battle from the Capital, and when he

sees Caiera can't win, he orders a doomsday missile be launched. This missile crashes where Caiera and the Hulk are battling,

and it releases an alien race of spores called the Spikes. The Spikes attack and infect the Imperial soldiers and turn them into

Spike zombies. They surround Hulk and Caiera.


The same day as H3 98 (7-22). The Spikes attack the Hulk and Caiera. Hulk tosses Caiera far away so that she doesn't have to

fight the Spikes. Hulk fights the Spike, and becomes infected, but he is able to pull the Spike spores out of his skin. Hulk

regroups with Miek, Elloe, No-Name, and the others. Caiera lands at a nearby Imperial village, and warns them that the Spikes

are heading their way. Hulk and the others make their way to the village as well, and they team up with Caiera and the villagers

trying to fight the Spikes. Meanwhile, Hiroim and Korg see the battle off in the distance from where they are hiding in the

Steppes. They hijack an Imperial vessel and fly out to join the battle. Miek and his fellow Natives sense another imprisoned

member of their race in this village, and they open up a prison door to find a "Hive Queen" being held prisoner there. Miek frees

the Queen and in a rage starts to attack the villagers. One of the Spikes makes it over the village wall and attacks the Queen

when Miek isn't looking. This snaps Miek out of it, and he and the Hulk kill the Spike. The Red King witnesses all of this

through a communication device and becomes mad at Caiera for not attacking the Hulk and for trying to save the villagers.

Caiera tells the Emperor over the communicator that she will kill the Hulk after she evacuates all of the villagers. The Red King

reveals to Caiera that he was the one who released the Spikes and that he believes Caiera is a failure. He orders the army to drop

a deathfire bomb on the village, which incinerates the last few Imperials that hadn't yet evacuated. Caiera survives the blast and

finally sees the Red King for the monster he is, so she swears loyalty to the Hulk. The Hulk and company use the vessel Korg

hijacked to flee the village. A nearby pleasure barge floats by overhead; it has been broadcasting the battle live on Imperial TV,

and the Hulk makes an announcement that he's coming for the Red King to kill him. The Red King responds, "Bring it on."


One day. An Arab leader appoints a new Arabian Knight to defeat Ororo.


The same day as BP4 15-FB. This story occurs "two days" after BP4 14-FB (4-9). It must be more than "ten years" after BP4

14-FB (2:3-2:7). In the Sudan, Storm defeats some African slavers and releases their captives. Logan helps out. T'Challa

arrives in his jet and asks Ororo to marry him.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #15 (1-20)

The same day as BP4 14. This segment must occur before UX 472. As T'Challa proposes, the new Arabian Knight attacks. The

Panther and Storm defeat him as they discuss their relationship. The Arabian Knight's failure by T'Challa is reported to an

official in Kenya. The Panther and Storm jet to Wakanda, where T'Challa is cheered and where Ororo talks to T'Challa's


IRON MAN v4 #14 - FB

One day. Happy Hogan takes Pepper to the Cauliflower Club and see a vegetative former boxer.


The day after MMFFF 1 (8-12). The Fantastiflare goes off and Johnny takes off to fight Annihilus in Pittsburgh. Elektro and

Roberta go on a date in the park as Googam gets Gorgilla to help break into Reed's lab. The alarms go off and Fin finds out from

Gorgilla what's going on. Also hearing the alarm, Roberta takes Elektro back to the Baxter Building, and there's an all-out battle

between the hordes of Tim Boo Ba and the other monsters. The Fin Fang Four follow Tim out to the water, where he's soon

defeated. It is a "Friday." Full moon.

Saturday, October 3


The day after MMFFF 1 (27). The front page of a newspaper, dated "October 2005 Saturday," features four articles; one notes

the defeat of Tim, one notes Googam's appearance on Letterman "tonight" (maybe a prime-time special), one says that Gorgilla's

been found on the Statue of Liberty, and one has Willie Lumpkin taking credit for teaching Elektro everything he knows. There's

also a small note citing an article covering the FF saving the universe (presumably from Annihilus) that appears on page 48.

Reed and Fin play chess in the park.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #100 (1-18)

Probably the day after H3 99. The Hulk and his band of rebels have regrouped in a nearby mountain range, where Miek and his

fellow Natives try to heal their Hive Queen. The alien race known as the Spikes are driven towards their location by the Red

King's Imperial army. Hulk smashes open the mountainside and out pours hot lava, which washes over the Spikes and the

Imperials, killing them. Hulk and the other rebels then leave the region. They regroup a short time later, only to see the Hive

Queen tragically transform into one of the Spikes. Miek takes a flamethrower to her, thus dooming his race of Natives to

extinction. Hulk and the other rebels march into the land of the Shadow People to seek their aid in the coming battle against the

Red King.


One day. UX 472-474 cannot occur between UX 186 and 187 (3-23) because Sentinels appear in this story. It may be more than

just a "week" after UX 471 and "weeks" after BP4 9. This story must occur after BP4 15 (1-20). In Africa, Storm fights and

defeats a man rounding up children for his army. As Val Cooper and O*N*E spy on the X-Men, their cameras are

commandeered by Jamie Braddock, who renders the Sentinels inert. The X-Men (Rachel, Kurt, Bishop, Sam, Betsy) attack

Jamie, who holds the group at bay and tells them he's there to help them "save all creation." The Watcher shows up to observe

and Jamie explains how he brought Betsy back to life and rendered her impervious to reality-altering super-beings. As Jamie

starts to tell the X-Men about a cosmic threat called the Foursaken, he's pulled into a portal and vanishes. Green grass and trees

at Westchester.


The same day as UX 472. Nightcrawler teleports himself, Betsy, Bishop, Sam, and Rachel away, and Jamie causes the group to

appear in Manhattan. The Watcher follows the group and tells them about the First Fallen and his Foursaken, who turn out to be

Jamie and his three old friends, Godfrey Calthorp, Ned Horrocks, and Amina Synge. Jamie is a captive of his friends at the

Metropolitan Museum of Art, from where the Foursaken attack Kurt's team with soul-stealing salamanders. Undetected by the

Foursaken, Betsy prevents the villains from bringing the First Fallen to earth, but everyone gets sucked into the portal from

which the First Fallen was emerging. Green grass and trees in New York.


The same day as UX 473. The X-Men and the Foursaken find themselves in a peaceful world created by First Fallen and

inhabited by four beings from each world who the First Fallen has selected for eternal bliss. When the heroes discover that the

First Fallen intends to destroy all those who aren't selected, Psylocke stabs him through the head with her psychic blade and all

heck breaks loose. Jamie teleports the X-Men and his Foursaken teammates back to New York and sacrifices himself to defeat

the First Fallen. The Foursaken depart and Bishop gets a call from Storm, who asks the X-Men's help in fighting Colonel Shetani

in Kenya. Green grass and trees in New York.


The same day as UX 474. The X-Men (Bishop, Kurt, Betsy, Rachel, Sam) meet Ororo at her hotel in Kenya, which is ripped

apart by an explosion.


The same day as UX@2 1-FB. This story occurs shortly before XCAL4 8 and BP4 15 (21-22) and "years" after UX 226. As

Sentinel Unit Five patrols from outside Kenyan airspace, Ororo lies impaled in the hotel rubble and explores her feelings for

T'Challa in dreams of Forge, Jean, and Kitty while the X-Men find themselves in a firefight with local militia under Shetani's

orders. Ororo awakens, summons lightning that cauterizes her wounds, and unleashes her fury on Shetani, who reveals himself

as her uncle. The defeated villain leads Storm to her grandmother and she discovers she is of a maternal royal line. Ororo tells

her friends that she owes T'Challa an answer to his question.


One day. The FF, Peter, and M.J. enjoy themselves at Ben's. The fact that Ben has a place of his own with a pool is an

indication that this segment occurs sometime after FF 532. The reference to "spring break" may be topical.

Sunday, October 4

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #100 (19-22)

The day after H3 100 (1-18). The rebels hunker down in tent as a windstorm picks up in the desert they've entered. There is talk

among the rebels of the Hulk being the legendary savior Sakaarson, and Hiroim relates a story of how he grew up thinking he

was the Sakaarson until he became disillusioned with this world's religion. Hulk steps out of the tent to see the Shadow People

have found them.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #101 (1-18)

The same day as H3 100 (19-22). The Shadow People greet the Hulk and teleport him, Hiroim, and Caiera away to their temple.

They narrate that it was they who created the wormhole in the atmosphere above the planet Sakaar, and that their prophecies said

it would bring the savior of the planet to them. They put the Hulk through a psychic test to see if he truly is the Sakaarson savior,

but Hulk fails the test by attacking a vision of the Illuminati. They ask Hulk to leave, but Hulk decides if he can't have the

Shadow People as allies, he'll have their weapon. He yanks the ancient starship out of the ground and proclaims he's taking it.

A short time later, Hulk and the spaceship, flown by Arch-E-5912, and his rebel forces fly off to the capital, taking out the

Imperial Armada with an EMP blast from the spaceship. The spaceship then takes out the power in the capital Crown City, but

the Red King dons his power armor reboots the power to it. As the Spikes overrun the countryside, Hulk feels that he should try

and communicate with them. He and his teammates walk into the Spike spaceship and meet the Spike Leaders, who are ready to

propose a truce.


The same day as H3 101 (1-18). The Spike Leaders explain their race lives in the stars, feeding off of dying suns, but they crash-

landed on this world several years ago. Cut off from direct contact with the sun, they turned insane, feeding off of everything

else. Now that they've been unleashed on the surface again, they tell Hulk that they'll help him if he'll help the Spikes return to

outer space.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #101 (19-22)

The same day as H3 102-FB. Elloe and Hiroim wait for Hulk and the others to come back as they stand guard outside Crown

City. Elloe and some of the other rebels decide to attack the Crown City to kill the Red King, but the Red King fries them easily

and nearly kills Elloe. The Hulk reappears with the Spikes on his side.


The same day as H3 101 (19-22). Hulk and the Red King battle, and when the Red King sees he can't win, he presses a

"Doomsday" button, which sets off an explosion deep below the surface of the planet. Korg and Caiera say that they can feel the

planet splitting apart, and cracks in the ground appear everywhere. Hulk dives into the lava and swims to the core of the planet,

where he fuses the splitting continents back together with his bare hands. He then returns to the surface and punches the Red

King, who lands in the wilderness outside of Crown City. There, the Red King is finished off by a passing group of rampaging

Wildebots. Hulk is named the savior of Sakaar and there is a parade through the streets of Crown City. As nightfall descends on

the city, Hulk and the Spike Leaders head into private chambers, where the Spike Leaders begin feeding on the Hulk for

nourishment. Korg and Hiroim stop by and let Hulk know that he's the new emperor of Sakaar.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #15 (21-22)

One day. This segment must occur shortly after UX@2 1 and is the next time after BP4 15 (1-20) that Ororo and T'Challa see

each other. T'Challa aks Ororo how the conversation with his mother went. Storm agrees to marry the Panther.

THING v2 #6 (16-22)

One "Sunday," "a full week" after THING2 6 (14-15). Ben cuts the ribbon on the new youth center, named for his brother

Danny. Attending the reception are the FF (Johnny is not shown), Hercules, She-Hulk, Peter Parker, and M.J. Ben makes his

peace with Arlo and Alicia. Alicia reminds Ben that he promised to take her somewhere for her birthday, which is seen in

THING2 7. Shecky reminds Ben that he has to work at his pawn shop. After work, Ben can't get a lift home from either his

chauffeur or Lockjaw, so he waits for a bus. When Ben falls asleep at the bus stop, the Yancy Street Gang paint graffiti on him.

Monday, October 5

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #103 (1-14)

The day after H3 102. On "Day One of the Reign of the Green King," the Spike Leaders detach from Hulk after feeding on him

all night. They leave to spread the energy among the Spikes. Caiera notices that the withered Hulk shrinks from underneath this

blanket as he momentarily reverts to Bruce Banner. Within seconds, Hulk regains control of himself and tosses the blanket aside,

restored to his usual self. Hulk and Caiera step outside onto the streets of the city, but the peace is shattered as a remaining

holdout of Imperials launch an attack. Miek and Elloe lead the counterattack and slay all of the remaining loyal imperials. Elloe

comes across her mother, who's fighting with the loyalists. Elloe tells her mother that it was the Red King who killed her father,

and her mother says she knows this, but she doesn't want to be ruled over by creatures. Miek and his fellow Natives hear her

words and before too long, the remaining Imperials fight against the Natives, with Elloe and Miek now at each other's throats.

Hulk arrives and tells them to settle their differences in the Great Arena. A short time later, Elloe and Miek and the other Natives

and Imperials refuse to make up and the match begins in the arena. Suddenly the Hulk jumps into the arena and demands they all

fight him instead. When they back down, Hulk tells them to all become friends and embrace each other, or he'll kill all of them


BLACK PANTHER v4 #16 (1-9)

One day, shortly after BP4 15 (21-22). It is "several years" after Ororo's romance with Forge. Since Spidey appears here in his

Iron Spidey costume, this story must occur after ASM 531 (1-10). When Tony hears about the nuptials, he remarks that "another

one bites the dust," then apologizes to Peter and M.J., but not Cage; this might be an indication that this story occurs before

Cage's wedding in NA@ 1 (34-38), but not necessarily. News of T'Challa's and Ororo's engagement spreads through Wakanda

and around the world, including Avengers Tower (with no Watchtower spires), the Xavier Institute (where we see the

Astonishing team, including Logan), the Baxter Building (where the FF wear white "4" emblems on their costumes), the south of

France (where the spurned Zanda decides to go to Wakanda), and the SHIELD Helicarrier, where Dum Dum (recovered from the

stab wound from W:O 11) sweats over the security at the wedding and Everett Ross is summoned for intel. In the Bronx, Isaiah

Bradley gets a special holographic invitation to the wedding. The news reaches Monica Lynne, who is performing in

Washington, DC. The reference to it being "over 60 years" after WWII is topical. Green trees in New York and DC.


One day, "three weeks" after C&DP 26-FB (13-21). This story occurs before X 180 (12-22). Ozymandias prepares for the rising

of Apocalypse.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #18 (5-10)

One day, "two months" after CA5 18-FB. Steve arrives in London and gets reacquainted with Jackie Crichton and Joe Chapman.

Steve explains about Lukin and Bucky's determination to kill him. Indeed, Bucky is in London, where Kronas' new HQ is set to

open "in one week." Green trees in London. According to a newspaper, it is "Monday, March 7."


One day. This story must occur after FNSM 2, PULSE 13, and W3 5-FB, given DD's appearance in those issues. This story must occur after CU/DD 1 (18-22) and DD2 74-FB (10). This story occurs after A4 15, since a newspaper headline reads, "New Avengers or Faux Avengers?" The FBI monitors as Ben Urich visits the Kingpin in a federal prison. Fisk explains to Ben that he's cutting a deal with the FBI - he'll prove that Daredevil is Matt Murdock in exchange for his own freedom. He's requested Urich's presence to get the story in the newspapers and ensure the FBI keeps their end of the deal. In NYC, Daredevil stops a bank robbery and is amazed to see the people on the street applauding him. Matt heads back to his office and Foggy Nelson hands him a copy of today's issue of The Pulse, whose headline shows that Daredevil is the most popular super-hero in NYC. Matt and Foggy conclude that they have weathered the storm and that the press is no longer interested in making Matt's life a living hell. Just then, Milla Donovan enters. This is the first time she and Matt, still separated, have each other in some time, but Milla seems to be in a mood for reconciliation. Matt gets a phone call from Urich, who wants to let him know about Kingpin, but Matt doesn't take it. Foggy leaves and as he heads home, he sees the latest headline for the Daily Bugle: "Daily Bugle Exclusive! Kingpin tells all! The truth about Murdock revealed!"

DAREDEVIL v2 #77 (1-6)

The same day as DD2 76. At FBI headquarters in Washington, Agent Del Toro (who's been working on the Murdock case for

"nine months") speaks to the director of the FBI, asking if he really plans on cutting Fisk a deal and arresting Matt Murdock.

The Director states that Fisk is forcing his hand by making this public with the media story. Del Toro quits.

DAREDEVIL v2 #94 - FB (11:2-11:5)

The same night as DD2 76. Milla and Matt make love in a hotel room.

Tuesday, October 6

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #103 (15-22)

The day after H3 103 (1-14). On "Day Two of the Reign of the Green King." the Shadow Elders meeting with the Hulk in the

capital. They say that they had a treaty with the Red King, but now that the Red King's dead, they want to form a new treaty

with the Hulk. They offer Caiera as a bodyguard to the Hulk, but Hulk asks instead to have her as a wife. Caiera accepts, and the

treaty is agreed to. A short time later, Hulk and Caiera have a private wedding ceremony, and Caiera asks Hulk to bare his soul

to her. Hulk reluctantly agrees and transforms back into Banner, revealing his other half to her. Banner explains they both

inhabit the same body, but Caiera doesn't care, She kisses Banner, Hulk re-emerges, and they have their "honeymoon." That

evening, as Hulk and Caiera stand out on their balcony overlooking their subjects, Miek and No-Name wander deeper into the

palace. The two bugs stumble across a chamber where they find the space shuttle that flew the Hulk to this world. They hit a

button and the message from the Illuminati to the Hulk begins broadcasting on a monitor. Miek learns that the Hulk was exiled

from his planet, and he plans on discussing this further with the Hulk.

BLACK PANTHER v4 #16 (10-23)

Perhaps the day after BP4 16 (1-9). This segment occurs after UX@2 1 and must occur before NX 27. In his Dallas lab, Forge

thinks about Ororo's upcoming wedding. T'Challa and Ororo jet to the U.S. to meet her father's family, and T'Shan wants to

prepare a reception for them. When the couple arrives at the Munroes' house in New Jersey, they see Hydra agents trespassing

there. The agents are dispatched and Ororo finally meets her paternal grandparents and her cousin David. Although the Hydra

agents he sent failed, Man-Ape plans to wipe out the heroes who will gather at the wedding. He notes the power vacuum left

with the Red Skull dead (his existence within Lukin is not known), Magneto missing and rumored powerless, and the Green

Goblin in jail (not missing, as he was in M/KSM 12). Green grass and trees in New Jersey.

X-MEN v2 #180 (6-11)

One day. It may be three months, not "three weeks," after X 180 (1-5). Gazer and Torso fly through a solar storm while in orbit

around earth. After spending time in Nebraska and Acapulco, Havok and Polaris try to adopt a cover as they spend time in

Puerto Benito.

DAREDEVIL v2 #77 (7-22)

The day after DD2 77 (1-6) and DD2 94-FB (11:2-11:5). It is "months" after DD2 64 (16-22). Elektra assassinates a

businessman who's apparently crossed the Hand. She picks up a copy of today's paper on the way out the door; the headline is

about Fisk and Murdock. On the SHIELD Helicarrier, Director Maria Hill meets the Black Widow for the first time when the

latter barges into Hill's office and says she wants to have SHIELD get Murdock out of trouble. Hill explains she's not Nick Fury

and she's not going to stick her head into the FBI's business. A short time later, Foggy awakes from a drunken stupor in his

house to find that Natasha has broken in. Natasha asks where Matt is and Foggy says he doesn't know. Natasha warns Foggy to

get out of the country before he's arrested, but Foggy says he'll wait for Matt. Matt and Milla wake up in bed together at a

hotel. As they profess their rekindled love for one another, Matt suddenly notices that Elektra is right outside their window.


The same day as DD2 77 (7-22). This story probably occurs after M/KSM 18 (10-20) and PVB 5 (20-22) and occurs "over two

years" after DD2 50 (22-23). Elektra (who is noted as being in charge of the Hand) bursts in and tells Matt to turn on the TV.

Milla runs out of the room in a panic. Matt sees on the TV that the Kingpin is going to give evidence to the FBI. Daredevil and

Elektra dash out the window as Milla stumbles back into the room and catches the news on TV. Meanwhile, Luke Cage and Iron

Fist come and escort Foggy away from the law office, outside of which reporters are swarming. Cage tells reporters, "I'm not

talking about my personal life and I'm not talking about the Avengers!" - another indication that it's after A4 15. As Urich

observes, Kingpin meets with the director of the FBI and explains that "the Murdock Papers", the evidence that proves Matt is

Daredevil, is in a safe inside a law office in NYC. The only two other people who know about the Murdock Papers are Elektra

and Bullseye. The press has a field day with the story and the Owl watches the story unfold from inside prison. On a rooftop,

Matt and Elektra encounter the Black Widow and they decide to team up and get the Murdock Papers. A short time later, they

run into Del Toro, who's going after the Murdock Papers as well before her ex-boss can get them. As they all approach the

lawyer's office, Bullseye attacks.


The same day as DD2 78. This story occurs at least "three weeks" (perhaps inclusive) before WT 1 (1-11). Bullseye (with the target on his forehead and wearing his costume) attacks. Matt knows that Del Toro is way out of her league, but she still wants to help fight Bullseye. Matt knocks her out and throws her off a roof and into a passing dump truck to be carried away from the scene. Matt then begs Natasha to get Milla out of town. Natasha heads off while Matt and Elektra battle Bullseye. The battle ends when Bullseye is hit by a bus. Before Elektra and Matt can get the Murdock Papers, a sniper in a helicopter off in the distance shoots him - it's Paladin, working for the FBI. Elektra carries off the near-dead Daredevil just as the FBI shows up on the street. Kingpin reveals that the Murdock Papers are just a lie Fisk came up with years ago. FBI director Leland Drummond is furious, but Fisk explains that the FBI now has the proof they want - if they can find and arrest Murdock, the bullet hole in Matt's body will provide proof he was interfering with an FBI raid. Fisk explains that the only logical place they could've taken Matt to is to the Night Nurse. Fisk then explains that Urich knows where the Night Nurse's secret hospital for super-heroes is located.

DAREDEVIL v2 #94 - FB (12:3-12:4)

The same day as DD2 79. In her hotel room, Milla watches a TV news report that Daredevil has been shot and may be dead.


The same day as DD2 94-FB (12:3-12:4). This story must occur after NA@ 1 (2-33) since Jessica Jones wears a ring in DD2

81. It is "two months" before DD2 92. Night Nurse must appear here before OATH 1. Natasha picks up Milla at the hotel room

and Milla convinces Natasha to take her to Matt. Foggy, Iron Fist, and Cage arrive at the home of Cage and Jessica Jones (who

doesn't appear pregnant here) in Harlem, where they hear on the news that Daredevil has been shot and killed. They immediately

conclude they need to go to Night Nurse's secret hospital, where Elektra shows up with Matt. Night Nurse begins operating on

him. Leland Drummond gets Ben to tell him the location of the Night Nurse's facility. Elektra feels that Matt is going to die, so

she calls on her ninjas in the Hand to come and perform Dark Arts healing techniques on Matt. A short time later, Natasha and

Milla show up, as do the ninjas. When the FBI shows up, Elektra buys her healers more time by ordering her ninjas to attack the

FBI. Cage and Iron Fist show up and battle the ninjas. The healing spell revives Matt, who is tired of running. His dismisses

Elektra and the Hand and the FBI arrests him. Matt ends up in a jail cell awaiting his arraignment.


One day. Peter and Johnny exchange Christmas gifts in front of a Christmas tree as M.J., dressed as Santa, looks on. The

Christmas references may be topical, or may be a photography set-up for Christmas cards to be sent by the FF.

GENERATION M #3 (1-16)

One day, perhaps the same day of the week as GENM 2 (14-22) and GENM 5 (24), assuming that Sally's AA group meets once a

week. Sally gets a call from the mutant slayer, who calls himself the Ghoul. After meeting with the police, Sally reports to work

and her boss sends her to a meeting of a support group for former mutants, FOOM. That rainy night, she runs into the de-

powered Fred Dukes, who gives her a tip to look into Ravencroft Asylum. Then, Sally attends an AA meeting and goes home,

where her former husband Ken awaits. They argue.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #18 (11-19)

The day after CA5 18 (5-10). Cap, Union Jack, and Spitfire spy on a mysterious shipment arriving in port in the night and being

offloaded onto Kronas trucks. Cap and Joe steal aboard the freighter. Meanwhile in Dallas, where it is dusk, Crossbones and Sin

commandeer a plane to London.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #19 - FB (9:4)

The same night as CA5 18 (11-19). Cap and Joe are on the freighter.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #18 (20-22)

The same night as CA5 9-FB (9:4). Cap and Joe encounter Max Lohmer, the new Master Man, and his associates, the Master


CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #19 (1-8)

The same night as CA5 18 (11-22). Lukin activates a bomb timer on the freighter, and the heroes evacuate the crew and barely

escape the blast. Master Man is burned.

Wednesday, October 7

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #19 (9-12)

The day after CA5 19 (1-8). The Winter Soldier sees TV coverage of the freighter explosion from "late last night." Cap and Joe

get chewed out at MI-5 and Sharon Carter arrives with orders from the prime minister that Joe and Jackie are working for

SHIELD "for the next week."

GENERATION M #3 (17-21)

The day after GENM 3 (1-16). It is the "week" after GENM 3-FB. "On a morning colder than a Canadian winter," Sally goes to

Ravencroft Asylum, where Prism takes revenge on the powerless Nelson Cragg. On the drive back home, the Ghoul throws the

body of a slain mutant onto Sally's car. It is snowing, but we see green leafy trees in New York.

GENERATION M #4 (1-3:3)

The same day as GENM 3 (17-21). The police arrive on the scene and decide that they have to go public about the Ghoul and

that Sally needs a police escort wherever she goes. Green, leafy trees in New York.

WHITE TIGER #1 - FB (9:3-9:4)

One day. Nelson and Murdock are assaulted by the press outside a tribunal. Matt wonders publicly why the FBI director "disbanded the task force assigned to my case and tried to fire Angela Del Toro." Matt seems free, but it could be around his trial (shown in DD2 81).


Probably the day after DD2 80. This story must occur before WT 1 (12-33). It is "one month and one day - 32 days" before DD2 82 (6-14), and that means this story must occur during a month with 31 days. Matt Murdock appears in court for his arraignment with Foggy as his lawyer. Among those present are Steve Rogers, Reed Richards, Peter Parker, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones (who is wearing a ring on her ring finger). He is sent to Ryker's Island without bail to await his trial. Later that afternoon, the Kingpin walks out of prison and tells the press about the deal he's struck with the FBI, but just then, Leland Drummond and his agents pull up and re-arrest Fisk. The director says they just received proof from a witness that Fisk murdered one of his henchmen for disobedience years ago. The witness is the Owl, who doesn't think it's right that the Kingpin gets out of jail while he remains incarcerated. Murdock and Fisk are sent to Ryker's Island, where we see the Owl, the Gladiator, and Hammerhead, the latter of whom apparently was incarcerated again after SENTRY2 4-FB (10-14).

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #104 (1-3)

The day after H3 103. Hulk wakes up in bed as he receives a message from Miek. He soon meets Miek in the laboratory and

sees some Imperial scientists examining the space shuttle that brought the Hulk to this world. A monitor replays the message

from the Illuminati and Hulk smashes the monitor in a fit of rage.

WORLD WAR HULK #5 - FB (32:3)

The same day as H3 104 (1-3). Hoping to kill Hulk, the Red King's people load an old warp core onto the shuttle. Miek watches and does nothing, figuring that the explosion will not kill Hulk but return him to being the World Breaker.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #104 (4-19:4)

The same day as WWH 5-FB (32:3). As dawn emerges, Caiera announces to Hulk that she's carrying his child. Happy at last, Hulk and Caiera and the rest of the Warbound set to work rebuilding the city. Hulk then announces that he's sending Korg and Hiroim to negotiate peace with the Fillians, Arch-E-5912 to negotiate with the Wildebots, and Miek and Elloe to help him round up the Spikes. Later that day, Hulk, Elloe, and Miek hop onto their spaceship and launch the Spikes into outer space, and they succeed in sending them back where they belong among the stars. The souls of everyone who the Spikes consumed while on this world are released, and everyone who suffered loss at the hands of the Spikes feels their loved ones saying goodbye to them. Happiness engulfs the land. Hulk returns to Sakaar and meets up with Caiera. Hulk and Caiera march hand in hand back into the Crown City together, with everyone holding a celebration in their honor. A statue of the Hulk is unveiled atop the damaged space shuttle that brought Hulk to this world. The people cheer.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #105 (1-2:1)

The same day as H3 104 (4-19). Arch-E-5912 meets up with a pack of Wildebots outside of Crown City and reports to them that the Green King wants peace with them. He patches into the video feed for the news back in Crown City to show the Wildebots that everyone loves the Green King, and they're celebrating his rule.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #104 (19:5)

The same day as H3 105 (1-2). Hulk goes to kiss Caiera but hears a beeping sound coming from the shuttle.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #105 (2:2)

The same day as H3 104 (19:5). The Wildebot leader points out to Arch-E-5912 that something is wrong with the shuttle.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #104 (20:1) ~ INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #105 (3:1)

The same day as H3 105 (2:2). Hulk turns his attention to the beeping noise, as the Wildebot leader and Arch-E-5912 see it


INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #104 (20:2-20:3)

The same day as H3 104 (20:1). Hulk sees that the source of the noise is the shuttle and he races toward it as a computer voice

from the shuttle says, "Warning: Warp Core Compromised."

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #105 (3:2-3:3)

The same day as H3 104 (20:2-20:3). As Hulk races to the shuttle, Arch-E-5912 disconnects the feed and turns to race back to

Crown City.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #104 (20:4-21:4)

The same day as H3 105 (3:2-3:3). Hulk picks up the shuttle and as he prepares to toss it away, the recorded message from the

Illuminati comes on. Hulk tosses the shuttle high and tells everyone to get down. He grabs Caiera and shields her. The shuttle

explodes overhead.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #105 (3:4)

The same day as H3 104 (20-21). As Arch-E-5912 races toward Crown City, he sees the explosion.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #104 (22)

The same day as H3 105 (3:4). The shockwave and heat from the blast starts to engulf Crown City.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #105 (4-18)

The same day as H3 104 (22). On "Day 3 of the reign of the Green King," everyone inside Crown City is killed except for the Hulk. Caiera crumbles to dust inside his arms. The tectonic plates of the continent are cracked by the explosion, reducing much of the countryside to rubble. Hiroim states that the planet is doomed. Miek and Elloe, inside the Shadow Elder's spaceship, race across the countryside rounding up as many people as they can, including Arch-E-5912, Korg, and Hiroim, and No-Name. They pick up the Hulk last. The Hulk sees no point in going on, but his Warbound companions point out that in their spaceship, they can go anywhere, and that gives Hulk the idea of heading back to Earth to pay a little visit to the idiot Earthlings who created the space shuttle.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #23/2 (1-2)

One day, "weeks" after M/TU3 22 (14-15) and "two days" before M/TU3 23/2 (3-10). At the hospital, Curtis' doctor tells him

he's paralyzed from the waist down.

X-MEN v2 #180 (12-22)

The day after X 180 (6-11). This segment occurs after C&DP 27 (12-20). A group of Sapien League thugs come looking for

Alex and Lorna, but Alex dispatches them. That night, the defeated thugs call the Leper Queen, who decides to come as quickly

as she can. Aboard Gazer's spacecraft, Torso goes silent. Alex and Lorna witness something streak down from the sky and at the

site of the crash they discover the creature Lorna saw in space - Doop.


It must be the same day as X 180 (12-22). It is "weeks" after C&DP 27 (12-20). Ozymandas enters an Egyptian pyramid by

using a tattoo of the Akkaba symbol to activate a reciprocal symbol on a trapdoor. He looks at Apocalypse in his crysalis

chamber (visibly whole and in costume, unlike the Necropocalypse of C&DP 27). He then starts thinking about how this time

Apocalypse will rise to save rather than test mutantkind.


The same day as X:A/D 1. With Apocalypse's chamber in the background, Ozymandas looks over some carvings he has made of

tales he'd heard, involving vampires arising as a result of the Egyptian god Set.


The same day as X:A/D 2. Ozymandas looks over carvings representing past events and begins to carve some more.


The same day as X:A/D 3. Ozymandas, looking over Apocalypse's crysalis chamber, finishes relating the story, noting how

Apocalypse had learned from his encounter with Dracula how his blood "was power in and of itself," thinks how it was time for

Apocalypse to rise on his terms, and walks off. Apocalypse then wakes.

X-MEN v2 #181

The same night as X 180 (12-22) and X:A/D 4. It is "weeks" before X 187 (5-23). The plummet in global mutant activity

resulting from M-Day awakens Apocalypse from his slumber in Akaba. Gazer leaves his space vehicle. In Costa Rica, Alex and

Lorna have an encounter with Doop and discover a large sphinx-like monument to Apocalypse. The Leper Queen tells her back-

story to a follower who she then has to kill. She attacks Lorna and Alex reacts by blasting Doop, who he believes to be the

attacker. The shredded Doop seizes Lorna and the Leper Queen and flies away with them. At the Xavier Institute, Mystique

introduces Pulse to the X-Men and announces her intention to join the team and hook Rogue up with Pulse. Remy has a cow,

but Scott affirms that she's been given probationary status by team vote. Full moon.

X-MEN v2 #185/2

The same night as X 181. As the Leper Queen struggles in chains aboard Apocalypse's sphinx, Apocalypse begins transforming

the captive Polaris into the horseman Pestilence.

X-MEN v2 #182 (1-12)

The same night as X 181. Apocalypse transports Gazer from space to his sphinx temple, where he pits Gazer against

archaeologist Dr. Foster in a battle to the death for the mantle of the horseman War. Unbeknownst to Apocalypse, Ozymandias

kills Foster so that Gazer can become War. Apocalypse sends his horseman Pestilence to a World Health Organization lab to

ingest samples of deadly diseases.

Thursday, October 8

X-MEN v2 #182 (13-19)

Probably the day after X 182 (1-12). After disappearing in ROGUE3 12, the crippled (but alive) Sunfire recuperates in a facility

in Aspen. Apocalypse appears and offers to restore him. As Pulse and Rogue talk outside the Institute (where Sentinels are

standing guard), Mystique and Gambit talk about Rogue while they spar in a boxing ring inside. Apocalypse prepares Gazer to

become War. Snow in Aspen and green grass and trees at Westchester.

X-MEN v2 #182/2

Probably the same day as X 182 (13-19). Gazer's transformation into War continues. Ozymandias retrieves the shackled

Sunfire, but Shiro, having second thoughts, decks Ozymandias and tries to escape Apocalypse's sphinx.

X-MEN v2 #183/2

The same day as X 182/2. Sunfire goes back to free Gazer, but Gazer turns on him and Shiro is apprehended by Apocalypse.

X-MEN v2 #182 (20-22)

One day. Alex returns to the Institute and reports that Lorna may be dead. Just then, Apocalypse's sphinx appears above the

Institute. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

X-MEN v2 #183

The same day as X 182 (20-22). Shan was a teacher at the Institute "weeks ago." Apocalypse implores the mutants to join his

cause, then releases Famine, who makes everyone feel starved. Apocalypse entices the crowd with an elixir that will stop their

hunger. Some mutants are drawn to Apocalypse, as are the Sentinel Squad, all but one of whom abandon their posts.

Apocalypse sends War out to fight the last Sentinel. As the X-Men join the fray, Gambit steals aboard the sphinx, meets

Apocalypse and drinks his elixir to join his cause.

X-MEN v2 #184/2

The same day as X 183. Gambit explains his motives to Apocalypse and undergoes his transformation into a Horseman.

X-MEN v2 #184

The same day as X 184/2. Some of the 198 rejoice over the fallen Sentinels. Havok takes out Famine, who the X-Men discover

to be Shiro. When Ozymandias questions Apocalypse's reluctance to release Pestilence, Apocalypse lashes out at him.

Ozymandias tries to enlist War to rebel against Apocalypse, but War betrays Ozymandias. Mystique tells the X-Men that Pulse

can take down Apocalypse, but Pulse is afraid. Ozymandias sneaks into the Institute and offers to help them fight Apocalypse,

who Ozy believes is insane. With Ozy's help, some of the X-Men steal into the sphinx and confront Apocalypse. With

Scalphunter, Skids, and Fever Pitch at his side, Apocalypse unveils his newest Horseman - Gambit as Death. Green grass and

trees at Westchester.

X-MEN v2 #185 (1-18)

The same day as X 184. It is "one week" before X 185 (22). Some X-Men battle Apocalypse and Death aboard the sphinx and

the antidote to Pestilence's plague is inadvertently destroyed in the melee. War breaks into the Institute to free Famine, but he's

driven away by Emma, Scott, and a revived Shiro, who then collapses. The X-Men are forced to retreat from Apocalypse's

departing sphinx, which then heads to the U.N. Apocalypse smashes in and demands that the U.N. cull the human population to

10% of its current size to redress the human/mutant balance of power. Apocalypse gives the U.N. "one week" to comply before

he unleashes Pestilence to destroy all humankind. Green trees.

GENERATION M #4 (3:4-8)

Perhaps the day after GENM 4 (1-3). The Alternative publishes the story about the Ghoul and Sykes has a field day with the

news, arguing in a televised debate with Sally that mutants need to be registered. Sally leaves the studio and encounters Sarah

Purser, a former mutant distraught over the loss of her power of flight. Before Sally's eyes, she commits suicide by jumping off

the top of a parking garage. Sally must go home and write about Sarah right after this so that her article appears in the next day's


CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #19 (13-22)

The "next night" after CA5 19 (9-12). Cap and Jackie go undercover to search for the Winter Soldier, who is actually in a

Kronas-built underground tunnel which Sharon and Joe are exploring. The duo leave and join Cap and Jackie "twenty minutes

later" to check out a facility in which the Master Race were sighted. There they find the dead bodies of agents from RAID, an

AIM splinter group, and plans for an air assault on London. At Kronas headquarters, a scarred Master Man swears vengeance on

Cap and Lukin/Skull tells him he will have his chance on his next mission "in a few days' time."

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #20 (1-5)

One same night as CA5 19 (13-22). Sin and Crossbones land a plane at a small airstrip an hour from London. They plan to blow

up the Kronas Building "tomorrow night." Cap tells Sharon he's sure the air attack will come during the Kronas gala. The

Winter Soldier makes a discovery in a bunker. "Later that night," Cap and Jackie talk about Sharon. Cap tells Jackie that she

should join "the Avengers...the new ones." Jackie declines.

Friday, October 9

GENERATION M #4 (9-12)

The day after GENM 4 (3-8). Sally reports to work and coworkers express their support in light of Sarah's suicide, which

appears as the topic of Sally's article in today's Alternative. Beak, who has lost his power and bird-like appearance, shows up at

the office and tells Sally that the X-Men have granted her an interview on "short notice." He gives her instructions to meet a

representative and leaves. Sally gets a phone call from the Ghoul, who instructs her to open a note he sent her - it's a photo of

the Morlocks he slaughtered.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #23/2 (3-10)

One day, "two days" after M/TU3 23/2 (1-2) and "two weeks" before M/TU3 23/2 (11:5-11:7). The paralyzed Curtis is released

from the hospital and returns to his apartment, where he uses the ring to make himself walk. He discovers that his neighbor is a

Skrull who had been sent to spy on the Avengers. The Skrull decides to become a super-hero named Crusader and he resolves to

teach Curtis how to use the ring to make himself strong and invulnerable. A first test shows that Curtis can do it.

THING v2 #7 - FB

One day. It is Alicia's birthday (both Arlo and Ben are celebrating it with presents today), but it cannot be only "a week" after

THING2 3. After seeing Arlo give Alicia a model of the Venus de Milo for her birthday, Ben picks up Alicia for her birthday

date and has Lockjaw teleport them to Paris to see the real statue. When this idea backfires, Ben has Lockjaw teleport them to

the Baxter Building, where Ben uses Reed's time machine to transport them back to ancient Greece to see the completion of the

statue. Val still sits in a high chair and drinks from a cup.

THING v3 #7

The same night as THING3 7-FB. Ben and Alicia return and watch after Franklin and Val while Reed and Sue spend time in the

paradise simulator. Reed and Sue return and notice that parts of ancient Greece are outside the Baxter Building, a problem that

Reed says he'll fix in the morning.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #20 (6-21)

The night of the day after CA5 20 (1-5). As Cap and Sharon monitor the Kronas Building in their flying car, they see that Lukin

has surrounded the building with planes and spotlights. Cap is convinced that this is a distraction to keep him from noticing an

attack from a nearby blimp. Cap attacks the blimp and encounters Master Man and the Master Race. Union Jack and Spitfire get

aboard and join the fight. The blimp catches fire, and the Winter Soldier, set to assassinate Lukin, sees the burning dirigible and

comes running. Cap and Master Man fall out of the plummeting craft and Cap catches a building outcropping. As the blimp hits

the Thames, Sin and Crossbones send a plane careering toward the Kronas Building and parachute out. Red Skull commands

Lukin to press a button that wakes a new Sleeper. The Sleeper destroys the plane and stands to face our heroes.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #21 (1-17)

The same night as CA5 20 (6-21). Sharon hits Master Man with her hover car and crashes. Injured, she faces Crossbones and

breaks Sin's nose, but the Skull prevents the duo from killing Sharon. Union Jack and Spitfire take down Master Man. Cap and

Winter Soldier destroy the Sleeper and Bucky, whose bionic arm is destroyed, slips away from the carnage.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #21 - FB (18:3-18:4)

The same night as CA5 21 (1-17). The Master Race is arrested and Cap and company refuse to speak to the press.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #21 - FB (18:1)

The same night as CA5 21-FB (18:3-18:4). According to CA4 24, this flashback occurs "a week" before CW 1 (1-7). The Red

Skull sends a recorded message to the press that the night's destruction was just the beginning.

Saturday, October 10

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #21 - FB (18:5-19:2)

The day after CA5 21-FB (18:1). Lukin issues a public statement decrying the attack on his company. He notes that "in the

United States, Congress is drafting legislation," a reference to the Superhuman Registration Act.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #21 (18-22)

The same day as CA5 21-FB (18-19). This segment must occur before UJ2 3. It is "nearly a year" after the intelligence community reported the Skull's presumed death in CA5 1. Cap, Sharon, Jackie, and Joe watch TV news coverage of last night's battle, then Cap and Sharon leave in a taxi. As Bucky prepares to board "the two PM train to Paris," he phones Nick Fury to arrange for a new arm and an extraction from France. Lukin is introduced to Crossbones and Sin. Green trees in London.

X-MEN v2 #185 (19-21)

One day, shortly after X 185 (1-18). Val invites Scott and Alex to the O*N*E Sentinel base in New Mexico, where she tells the

brothers that since "the O*N*E Sentinels are out of commission for some time" and shows them Crazy Train and War Machine,

two new Sentinel models that O*N*E intends to use against Apocalypse.


One day. Peter joins the FF on a "trip to the Macroverse."

GENERATION M #4 - FB (13:2-15)

Perhaps the day after GENM 4 (9-12). It is "two weeks" after GENM 4-FB (12:6). Sally (wearing a coat) goes into the Morlock

tunnels to discuss the Morlock slaughter with Marrow.

GENERATION M #4 - FB (13:1)

The same day as GENM 4-FB (13-15). Marrow poses for a photograph to accompany Sally's article.

GENERATION M #4 - FB (16-17)

Perhaps the same evening as GENM 4-FB (13:1). Sally meets with the police to discuss nabbing the Ghoul.

Sunday, October 11

THING v2 #8 - FB (14:3-16:2)

One Sunday, "a month" before THING2 8. Shecky tells Ben his debt is paid off and that he doesn't have to work for him

anymore. Shecky takes Ben to temple, where Shecky and Rabbi Lowenthal convince Ben to prepare for a bar mitzvah.

GENERATION M #4 (13:1)

Probably the day after GENM 4-FB (13:1). Sally's article about the Morlocks is published in the Alternative.

GENERATION M #4 - FB (18:2-19)

Perhaps the same day as GENM 4 (13:1). Sally interviews twins Joe and Jim Prindle about life after the loss of Jim's alchemy

power. Green, leafy trees and T-shirt weather.

GENERATION M #4 - FB (18:1)

The same day as GENM 4-FB (18-19). The Prindle brothers are photographed for Sally's article.

GENERATION M #4 (20-22)

The same day as GENM 4-FB (18:1). Sally rushes from the Prindle interview to meet with her X-Men contact, who she

discovers to be Warren Worthington, a man she once dated. Warren tells her he wants her to write about him, then he shows her

the shriveled up remnants of his wings.


One day during the "week before Valentine's Day." Peter doesn't know what to get M.J. for Valentine's Day. (I have

substituted Sweetest Day for Valentine's Day.) He first asks Mandrill for some advice while he's got the villain strung up by

webbing, but to no avail. He heads home to Stark Tower and watches from the kitchen as M.J. hangs out with Cap, Iron Man,

and Cage, viewing basketball on the usual "game night." Peter admires her strength and her ability to associate with such

legendary super-heroes with such ease, while he himself still has trouble getting the courage to ask Cap to pass the salt at dinner.

Soon, in the garden, he lets her try on his old web-shooters, which he hasn't used in "ages" - an exaggerated indication that it's

been a while since PPSM2 20. M.J. has a ball using the web shooters and asks Peter about the things he's made with the


Monday, October 12

GENERATION M #4 (18:1)

Probably the day after GENM 4-FB (18:1). Sally's article about the Prindles is published in the Alternative.


The day after GENM 4 (20-22). It is "weeks" after GENM 1 (13-17). Sally talks to Warren "until the early hours of the

morning," then she decides to write a story about Minnie. Back in the office presumably later that day, she interviews Dani

Moonstar, but is distracted by the story she just wrote. Sally hands it in to Neil for publication. Breezy coat weather in New


X-MEN v2 #200/2 - FB (5:1)

One day, during the "months" between HOM:DA 1 (3-31) and X 200/2-FB (5:2). Beast works in the lab to find a way to reverse the results of M-Day.

Tuesday, October 13


The day after GENM 5 (1-4). Sally's story about Minnie is published in the Alternative.

GENERATION M #5 (10-21)

The same day as GENM 5 (5). It is "two days" before GENM 5 (22-23). Sally visits Warren to finish her interview, and Warren

praises her for her courage. The Ghoul bursts in to exact his revenge on Sally for her "betrayal," only to realize that he's been set

up by the X-Men and that Warren's missing wings were just a holographic projection. The X-Men defeat the Ghoul.


One day, "four days until Valentine's Day" (Sweetest Day). Pete's still clueless about what to get M.J. While he (in what I posit

is the Iron Spider costume in classic mode), Cage, and Cap fight Dragon Man, Spidey asks Cage for advice on what to get. After

getting info from SHIELD, Cap announces Dragon Man is vulnerable to sonic attacks. Cage borrows Cap's shield, slams his

steel-hard hand against it, creates a sonic burst, and takes the android out, though at the expense of the trio's hearing for an hour.

SHIELD shows up to take Dragon Man away, and Cage points out how tough it must be for Spidey to be married to a non-

powered woman.

SHE-HULK v4 #14 - FB (14:5)

One day. This flashback must occur after S-H4 5 (19-22). Awesome Andy feels rejected when he sees Mallory Book with Matt

Hawk at GLK&H.

Wednesday, October 14

SHE-HULK v4 #6 - FB (2)

One early morning, "one week" before S-H4 6 (3-9). Starfox has an indiscretion with a woman named Christina Garvey.

Waning crescent moon.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #23/2 (11:1)

One day. Freedom Ring lifts a car as part of his training with Crusader II.


One day, long enough after IM:I 3 (1-7) for Stark to have implemented a number of new security measures and for Dillon to fully

recover. Iron Man reviews with Stark security staff new security measures that feature a few intentional flaws. He greets the

recovered Dr. Dillon, gives her an armor for protection in subsequent probes for Parks, and asks her to dinner "Friday night."

Stark leaves and Dillon prepares for another probe. According to an e-mail, it is "10/14."

IRON MAN: THE INEVITABLE #3 - FB (12:4, 12:6, 13:3-13:4, 14:2-14:3, 15:3-15:14)

The same day as IM:I 3 (8-11). Dillon connects with Parks in her probe.


One day. While looking for his misplaced cloak of levitation, Strange instead finds a drug for treating brain tumors. He

confronts Wong about it, and Wong tells him he only has three months left to live. Strange is not willing to accept that and

believes he can find a cure. Autumn leaves on trees.


The same night as OATH 1-FB (13-15). Strange and Wong follow some ley lines on the island of Manhattan, as described in a

book by Dion Fortune, looking for an artifact that is supposed to be located in a Chinatown shop. While Wong fights off four

street thugs, Strange uses the artifact to open a doorway to the dimension of Oktid the Omnipotent, an "ancient god of suffering,"

who holds a legendary serum that could help Wong. Strange crosses the doorway and confronts Oktid.


The same night as OATH 1-FB (16-20). It is probably a few nights before OATH 2-FB (3-4). Strange holds the serum in his

hand after the fight with Oktid.

Thursday, October 15

GENERATION M #5 (22-23)

One morning, "two days" after GENM 5 (10-21). Her right arm in a cast, Sally returns to work and is greeted by the applause of

her co-workers.

X-MEN v2 #185 (22)

One day, "one week" after X 185 (1-18). As Gambit experiences an inner conflict as Death, Apocalypse prepares to release


X-MEN v2 #186

The same day as X 185 (22). This story occurs before XCAL4 9 and must occur before CW 1 (18-19), given Cap's presence

with the Avengers. Because Spidey appears in version 2.0 of his Stark-designed costume, this story must occur after ASM 531

(11-20). Reed Richards is reachable, but is unavailable for "a few days." Apocalypse's sphinx appears over the U.N. Building

and engages the Avengers (Cap, Iron Man, Spidey, Cage, Logan) in battle. Crazy Train (manned by Skylark) and War Machine

(manned by Rhodey) arrive on the scene with two jets of X-Men. The X-Men invade the sphinx and Ozymandias skewers

War/Gazer. Sunfire arrives and takes off with the downed Death/Gambit. Placed on the defensive, Apocalypse escapes through

a tear in space created by his Infernal Machine, and Pestilence/Polaris is gravely injured. Alex realizes she's Lorna and

administers CPR, saving her life and getting a cold in the process. Back at the Xavier Institute, Emma gives Alex a serum for the


X-MEN v2 #186/2

The same day as X 186. In the tear in space, Apocalypse is approached by a Celestial.


One day, "two days" before Valentine's Day (Sweetest Day). In the Stark Tower kitchen, Pete asks Tony for a favor in making

the perfect gift for M.J.

Friday, October 16

X-MEN v2 #187 (1-4)

Perhaps the day after X 186. Back in Japan, Sunfire enlists Gambit to form a new team of Horsemen independent of Apocalypse

and resolves to get Polaris to join them.

One school day. It's picture day at school and Susan reminds Franklin to look extra nice. So he cuts his hair...badly. He tries to remedy the situation with Dad's "sonic tonic," but his hair grows insanely fast and requires Herbie to cut it repeatedly every few seconds. Herbie finally finds a hair remover which Franklin uses generously. He departs for school in a touque, but when pictures come back, he's completely bald. Sue's wearing a sweater and Franklin has on a wool hat and heavy winter coat.

The "Friday night" after IM:I 3 (8-11). Tony and Dillon have dinner, but when Tony sees that Dillon is experiencing physical

stress, he chastises himself for not reading her report about her probe and sends Dillon to her hotel in his limo. Dillon makes the

driver take her to Stark International's Long Island facility, where the Ghost falls for Stark's trap and infiltrates the facility

through one of the intentional blind spots. Iron Man traps the Ghost, neutralizes the villain's intangibility, and prepares to pound



The same night as IM:I 3 (12-22). Iron Man mops the floor with the Ghost, and Spymaster fires the spy. Dillon reaches Arthur

Parks, who recovers and turns the tables on Dillon, breaking out and causing an explosion at the Stark facility.


The same night as IM:I 4. Iron Man discovers the injured Dillon in the ruins of the laser womb. As he talks to her, she dies.

Saturday, October 17

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #23/2 (11:2)

One day. Freedom Ring bends a steel bar as part of his training with Crusader II.

One day, sometime after FR:HF 1. Franklin's bored with his hamster so he hooks him up to one of Reed's gizmos to make him smart. Although it doesn't seem to work at first, the hamster, now calling himself Norbert Q. Sniffles: Hamster of Destruction, traps Franklin and Herbie in a stasis beam. The two break free and chase Norbert until he hooks himself up to the building's central power grid. He gets zapped and becomes a normal hamster, so Franklin takes the smoldering rodent back to his cage. Norbert thinks evil thoughts of revenge.

On "Valentine's Day" (Sweetest Day), Pete gives M.J. her gift, a pair of silver bracelets that fire webbing at the touch of a pair of

fake thumbnails - something for her to use if she's ever in trouble. His faith in her ability to take care of herself makes this the

greatest thing anyone has ever given M.J., and she loves it. Pete makes the night more magical by replaying an old prank on

Johnny Storm (who has several expensive cars and doesn't appear hurting for money); Spidey sends a flying bat made of

webbing after Johnny, who burns it up and ends up covered in webbing. M.J. finds this the funniest thing ever, and as she and

Pete watching the night sky, Pete reflects on the "full moon," which always makes him think about how lucky he is to have M.J.


One night, probably a few days after OATH 1-FB (23). Strange is confronted and shot by Brigand in his Sanctum Sanctorum.


The same rainy night as OATH 2-FB (3-4). Night Nurse must appear here after DD2 80. If the real Flag-Smasher is referred to

here, then this story must occur before C&DP 28. Araña, who got hit by (probably an imitator) Flag Smasher's mace, and Iron

Fist, who "pulled his hammy fighting a bunch of ninjas," sit in the waiting room of Night Nurse's underground super-hero

hospice, when Wong brings in Dr. Strange, who has been shot. Night Nurse tells Iron Fist and Araña to come back later, and

Strange is put on the operating table straightaway. While his body is unconscious, Strange appears to Night Nurse in his astral

form. Meanwhile, Brigand, who found breaking into the Sanctum Sanctorum harder than breaking into Baxter Building "last

year," tells his employer, Nicodemus West, that he shot Strange with a silver bullet, fired with the handgun he believes Hitler

used to shot himself. West doubts that Doctor Strange is dead, but is nonetheless happy that Brigand returned with the serum he

was supposed to be stealing anyway. Back at the clinic, Strange explains to Night Nurse that he's not a ghost, and proceeds to

tell her about his medical history. Wong is ready to donate blood for Strange. Night Nurse operates on Strange, while his astral

projection flirts with her. Wong believes that this is all his fault. While Strange's astral form finishes relating how this got

started, Wong collapses. Strange returns to his body on the operating table and tells Night Nurse that the serum contains the cure

for cancer.


The same night as OATH 1. Nicodemus West analyses the serum found by Strange and finds out it's the cure for cancer. He

tells "Diane" to summon an emergency gathering of the Overlords. Strange gets up and thanks Night Nurse for her care. Night

Nurse finally agrees to let Strange leave, but insists that she come along. Strange, Wong, and Night Nurse go to Jonas Hilt's

medical research lab in the Bronx. Strange reveals that he has given Hilt a sample of Oktid's elixir for tests. They find that the

sample of the serum has disappeared and that Jonas Hilt has been shot by the same weapon used to shoot by Brigand to shoot

Strange. Strange suspects Baron Mordo to be behind this. Later that night, Strange, Wong, and Night Nurse ride the train and

discuss Mordo's possible involvement. Wong recalls how Mordo died of cancer, but Strange believes that his cancer "may be

less terminal than we once thought." Strange magically stops the train just above the Harlem River and tells Night Nurse and

Wong to jump off the train. They're transported to a "safe house hidden within the folds of reality's fabric," where they are

attacked by robots who look like Stark security droids. Wong and Strange easily defeat the robots, but Night Nurse is taken

hostage by Brigand.


The same night as OATH 2. Night Nurse fights off Brigand, who is magically taken captive by Strange. Strange takes a journey

into Brigand's mind to find out who his employer is. He is attacked by illusions of Nightmare, Dormammu, and former foes

before Brigand finally reveals the true identity of his employer - Nicodemus West, who Strange doesn't recognize. Meanwhile,

Nicodemus West, meets the board of directors of his company, Timely Pharmaceuticals. The directors wish the serum to be

eliminated and for West to use his magic skills to terminate Strange. They threaten West to make public why he doesn't practice

the mystic arts anymore. Back in Brigand's extra-dimensional retreat, Strange now remembers who West was. Strange locks

Brigand inside his own mind, to contemplate his crimes for an eternity. Later, West practices black magic at the Timely building.

As Wong, Strange, and Night Nurse return to the hospice, they find it in flames, attacked by what seems to be a giant demon.


The same night as OATH 3. Strange reveals that the creature is the Marrakant Hellguard, who "incinerated every sorcerer

supreme who confronted it since the 1500s." Strange attacks the creature, but it swallows his cloak of levitation, and grabs both

Wong and Night Nurse, which reminds Strange why he never joined the Avengers. Strange shoots the Hellguard with Hitler's

mystically charged handgun, which he then dissolves into insects. Strange takes Night Nurse and Wong through a magic portal

to Nicodemus West. West imprisons the trio with the emerald bands of Exador and tells Strange how he got his magical skills.

Strange refuses to believe West's story, but West tells him the Ancient One chose him as a substitute for Strange. West recalls

how he was contacted, as he was on his way to the police to confess the murder of Pavlish, by two ambitious young

representatives of Timely, who had been following him since India. They were worried that magic could render irrevelant their

own business, and struck a deal with West not to use his magical abilities for healing in exchange for a position in the company.

Strange then bursts through the emerald bands, not noticing that Wong has a stroke, and smashes West's head against a mirror.

West explains that he has to destroy the serum as it acts as a remedy for every single disease on the planet, making

pharmaceutical research superfluous. While he strikes back at Strange, Night Nurse interrupts the fight, announcing that Wong

has died.


The same night as OATH 4. Night Nurse and Strange debate how to save Wong, who has suffered a cerebral edema. Strange

imprisons West in mystical chains, but West escapes with the vial containing the elixir. Strange, who realizes this might be the

only thing that could save Wong, finds West in Timely's executive washroom, where he is about to pour the serum down the

drain. After a brief exchange of views about West's incompetence as a sorcerer, West flees to the roof, where he and Strange

fight. Strange wins, thanks to Wong's training in martial arts. West falls down the building, still holding the vial, and is killed,

though he manages to cast an astral projection one moment before impact. One single drop of the serum is left, and West's

projection mocks Strange about the choice he has to make - saving Wong or detaining the cure for all diseases.

Sunday, October 18

THING v2 #8 - FB (16:3)

One "weekend" day, Ben gets some "Sunday schoolin'" from Shecky.


One day, between A:TI@ 1/2-FB (4:2) and ATI@ 1/2-FB (4:4=4:5). Armory zaps Flying Tiger. Jacket weather.


The night of the day ("24 hours") after OATH 5 (1-18). This story probably occurs before IF5 2 (3-8). Wong awakens in the Sanctum Sanctorum and is greeted by Strange and Night Nurse. Strange believes that using the potion to save Wong was necessary, as he owed his life to Wong several times. Night Nurse Strange out to look after his wounds and reveals that she grabbed a memo from the board of Timely in West's lab, which reveals the implication of all the members. She has sent this to the SBC, the FDA and "a certain lawyer who's used my services in the past." Strange then invites her to set up her hospice inside the Sanctum Sanctorum. She accepts, and the deal is sealed with a kiss.

Monday, October 19

One school day at the beginning of basketball season. This story may occur before FR:FFF 1. Reed is the only member of the FF to appear in this story, so this story might occur during Civil War, at a time when other FF members are not around, but I've placed it just before Civil War. Franklin's late for his first basketball game, and he grabs Reed's "psychic projector" as a possible help. Herbie notes Franklin's "last disastrous attempt at playing sports." Franklin does poorly at the game until he inadvertently uses the projector to everyone into evil basketball monsters. There's a bit of a chase before Franklin calms down enough to change them back. He ditches the headband and realizes that he should've just made himself taller.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #23/2 (11:4)

One day. Freedom Ring jumps off a building as part of his training with Crusader II.

SHE-HULK v4 #6 - FB (4:2-6:2)

One day, "a couple days" before S-H4 6 (3-9). This flashback occurs after THING2 1 (1-7). "Bazillionaire" Ben Grimm tries to

get She-Hulk to represent him in lawsuits filed by villains he's clobbered, but Jennifer turns him down because GLK&H are

representing some of those villains. When Ben sees Cauldron at GLK&H, he gets ticked and storms out. Also seen at GLK&H

are Slyde, Madcap, and Gibbon. Starfox arrives to ask for Jen's legal help.

SON OF M #6 (20-22)

One day, "days...weeks...months" after SOM 6 (1-19) and "months" before SOM 6-FF. Pietro travels into the future to see where his actions will lead, then returns to the present, determined to restore mutants' powers himself.


One day, at least 24 days before DD2 87 (1-17). This event may occur after THING2 8, must occur after OATH 1, and must occur before WT 1 (12-23) and CW 1 (18-19). Hired by Alton Lennox, Danny Rand assumes the mantle of Daredevil.

Tuesday, October 20


One day, "7" (Annihilation) days before A:P 1 (2-8). Thanos waits on the edge of the universe, Verse System 026, with his pet

Skreet and his herald, the Fallen One. He's joined by Death in child form. He senses something is coming. She confirms so,

saying it's something wonderful, and tells Thanos to learn from the one behind the coming destruction, for he knows her

intimately. After she departs, Thanos contemplates her remarks.


One day. Stark attends Dillon's funeral (as does Doc Samson), then he flies to back to New York for a dinner reception with

Governor Pataki, where Sinclair Abbott gives him a hard time. Leafy trees. According to an e-mail, it is "10/20" and "October

20," which may be topical.


One night, perhaps the same day of the week as GENM 2 (14-22) and GENM 3 (1-16), assuming that Sally's AA group meets

once a week. This segment occurs before CW:FL 1 (6-13). Sally attends an AA meeting.

WHITE TIGER #1 (1-11)

One night, at least "three weeks" (perhaps inclusive) after DD2 79. Angela (in a makeshift masked black outfit) busts up some punks and encounters the new Daredevil.

Wednesday, October 21

WHITE TIGER #1 (12-33)

Probably the day after WT 1 (1-11). This segment occurs prior to the events of Marvel Civil War" and "weeks" before WT 5 (1-13). Since Matt is in jail, this segment must occur between DD2 81 and 86. Danny Rand appears to have just started being Daredevil, so this segment probably occurs shortly before DD2 82 (1-5). Spidey appears in his classic costume (probably the Iron Spider 2.0 costume). Angela meets with agent Coville for some exposition on Chaeyi and King Cobra. He also points her towards Guerrero's PI agency for work. Crooked agent Karlson is angry at Sano for his clumsy underlings losing part of the fake IDs. Angela gets a real super-hero costume and chats with Black Widow. White Tiger busts Eddie again and fights King Cobra, but they escape and leave her beaten in a back street. A newspaper headline reads, "House debates Registration Act;" another reads, "Super hero civil war?," with a picture of Captain America, but this must be an error.
WHITE TIGER #2 (1-5)

The same day as WT 1 (12-33). White Tiger and a late-coming new Daredevil beat up some left-behind members of Sano's gang, including Eddie. The new DD brings Angela back home, and she tells him what's going on. Angela knows the new DD is not Matt and calls him "Daredevil 2.0."

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #23/2 (11:5-11:7)

One day, "two weeks" after M/TU3 23/2 (3-10). After training with Crusader II, Freedom Ring feels he's ready for action. They

go check to see if there are any emergencies that might require their attention.

It must be the same day as M/TU3 23/2 (11:5-11:7).

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #21 (10-11)

The same day as M/TU3 23/2 (11:5-11:7). Aboard the Helicarrier, the evil Tony Stark escapes his cyrogenic tube and subdues

two SHIELD agents.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #22 (1-6)

The same day as M/TU3 21 (10-11). The evil Stark frees the Diamondback LMD.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #22 (9-13)

The same day as M/TU3 22 (1-6). The evil Stark wipes the Diamondback LMD's memory and reshapes it into an armor for

himself, becoming the Iron Maniac.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #22 (16-20)

The same day as M/TU3 22 (9-13). The Maniac escapes the Helicarrier after battling SHIELD agents, Cap, Cage, and Spider-


MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #22 (21-22)

One night (in Japan). In a secret bunker under Tokyo (where it is night), scientists release the regenerated Titannus. Full moon.


The same day as M/TU3 22 (16-20). At Avengers Tower (which has the Watchtower spires), May scolds Logan for drinking out

of a milk carton. Logan and Spidey (in the Iron Spider costume) get a call from Cap aboard the Helicarrier. He asks them to

keep the Iron Maniac occupied until he, Cage, and Spider-Woman get to the ground. Spidey and Logan engage the evil Stark in

combat and are clobbered.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #23/2 (12)

The same day as M/TU3 23 and M/TU3 23/2 (11:5-11:7). Police request backup as the Iron Maniac mops the floor with Spidey

and Logan.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #24 (1-14)

The same day as M/TU3 23/2 (12). It is "days" before M/TU3 24 (15-16). As Iron Maniac jets off to the Baxter Building,

Freedom Ring and the Crusader encounter him. The evil Stark subdues them both, then Cap, Cage, and Spider-Woman arrive

and fight him. In the melee, Stark is taken out, but the Crusader is severely injured and Curtis Doyle is killed.

SHE-HULK v4 #6 (3-9:3)

One day, "one week" after S-H4 6-FB (2) and "a couple days" after S-H4 6-FB (4-6). On the last day of jury selection in the

case of New York v. Eros, Starfox tells the press that he had relations with Christina Garvey. Jennifer gets upset but Eros' power

calms her anger. That night, Pug works up to courage to express his feelings to Jen, but John Jameson arrives and Pug leaves.

Green trees in New York.

Thursday, October 22

SHE-HULK v4 #6 (9:4-22)

The day after S-H4 6 (3-9). This segment must occur before the flashbacks on S-H4 14 (3). Two-Gun Kid follows Awesome

Andy to Mallory Book's place and sees him helping her with physical therapy. When Matt Hawk mistakes the situation for a

romantic relationship, Mallory corrects him and breaks Andy's heart by saying the android means nothing to her. When Jen

changes into She-Hulk for work (which she does now because of all the villains now at GLK&H), John expresses his dismay and

Jen tells him off. At GLK&H, Mr. Zix discusses Eros' case with a projection of Isaac and this causes Pug to suspect Zix of

something. Starfox mistakes Awesome Andy for a villain and attacks him and Grizzly. When She-Hulk restrains Eros, he uses

his power to make Jen and John enamored of each other. Eros also makes Mallory enamored of Awesome Andy. Jen and Pug go

with Eros to court for the first day of his trial, but thoughts of John make it hard for Jen to concentrate. Green trees and light

clothing in New York.

SHE-HULK v4 #7 (1-14)

Probably the same day as S-H4 6 (9-22). This segment probably occurs after DS2 5/2 (8) and must occur before A:N 2. This segment may occur before NWAVE 1. The period ending with S-H3 11 is referred to as having occurred "last year." According to S-H4 10, this segment occurs while "the Registration Act was coming up for a vote." During a recess, She-Hulk works out at Doc Samson's offices and she spontaneously reverts to Jen Walters, a result of her mental blocks getting stronger. Jen is called back to the courthouse, where many women (in light clothing) are picketing to "free Starfox." During his trial, Eros' power affects the prosecution's witnesses and the court is forced to have Eros participate in the trial via video hookup from a cell at Ryker's. The judge gives Jen permission to get character witnesses for the defense, so she asks Hercules, Warbird, Quasar, Monica Rambeau, Cap, Tigra, Yellowjacket, and the Wasp. Jan notices Jen's submissive behavior when John Jameson's around. Isaac reports to Zix that Mentor is not pleased with the trial. It is warm enough for dining al fresco in New York.

THING v2 #8 - FB (16:4-16:5)

One "weekday." Ben attends Hebrew School and practices his Torah and Haftorah portions with Rabbi Lowenthal.

WHITE TIGER #2 (6-16:3)

The day after WT 2 (1-5). Angela gets a job at the Guerreros' PI agency. Sano menaces his underlings. That night, Angela and her team escort two socialites to a "former mutants" night club. Sano and King Cobra are also there, and Sano and Angela dance around a bit.

Friday, October 23

WHITE TIGER #2 (16:4-21)

The early morning after WT 2 (6-16). White Tiger and the new Daredevil attack Sano outside another night club, but the fight is interrupted by armed cops pretending to be the NYPD.
WHITE TIGER #3 (1-4)

The same day as WT 2 (16-21). It is "one year" after WT 3-FB (7:6). Spider-Man hauls White Tiger and the new DD from their sticky situation. He can tell that the new DD is not Matt.


The same early morning as WT 3 (1-4). Some real cops find the scene with "Homeland Security Special Operations" agents shooting everywhere. Karlson and King Cobra are seen.

WHITE TIGER #3 (5-9)

The same day as WT 3-FB-FB. Angela tries visiting Matt at Riker's, but he refuses to see her BTS. Angela goes to work that evening. The villains discuss the plot again.

SHE-HULK v4 #7 (15-22)

The day after S-H4 7 (1-14). At Eros' trial, the victim's testimony makes Jen realize that her overtures to Eros years ago were the

result of Eros' powers. Jen races out of the courtroom, her rage changing her into She-Hulk and destroying her gamma-charger.

At Ryker's, she kicks Eros' butt and puts him in shackles, but Mentor has Isaac teleport Eros away. Both sides of the trial plan to

follow up with a resolution on the case. John picks Jen up from the courthouse and Pug rethinks his relationship with Jen.

One day. Because the Inhumans are still on good terms with the FF, this story must occur before CW 1 (1-7). Black Bolt and Medusa stop by the Baxter Building to have dinner with Reed and Sue. Franklin is assigned to watch Lockjaw, and he tries to get him to teleport them to neat places. When Lockjaw finally does teleport, it's to a fire hydrant so he can relieve himself.
X-MEN v2 #187 (5-23)

One day, "weeks" after X 181. This segment must occur before UX 475 and must occur before X:DG 1 (2-28), given the lack of

Sentinels in this segment. At the Xavier Institute, Lorna's mind is having difficulty dealing with her experience as Pestilence

while her powers mutate from that of the Polaris-like ability hardwired into her by Apocalypse. Gambit and Sunfire arrive to

claim Polaris and fight the X-Men. When Polaris awakens and refuses to go, Sunfire beats a retreat with Gambit in tow. Alex

meets with Val Cooper to discuss the lack of adequate defense while the Sentinels are gone. Val notes that "a new Sentinel

Squad is due at any time." Polaris decides to leave the Institute that night to search for Apocalypse and the answers about her

new powers. Rogue and Pulse start to get close. Back in Japan, Gambit and Sunfire look for direction and encounter Mr.

Sinister. Green grass and trees at Westchester. Full moon.

Saturday, October 24


One day. This story may occur after S-H4 7 (1-14). The Captain and Elsa Bloodstone sit outside a café preparing for Nextwave's latest endeavor - investigating the Beyond Corporation's excavation of a "buried biological weapon of mass destruction." Gen. Dirk Anger intimidates the dead skin cells off a quintet of unnamed H.A.T.E. recruits. He is interrupted by an off-screen voice telling him that they've located the Shockwave Rider, after which he heads to the Aeromarine's communications room. Anger makes contact with Monica Rambeau and Aaron Stack, both of whom are piloting the Shockwave Rider, a H.A.T.E. aircraft stolen by Nextwave after they resigned from H.A.T.E. After Monica tells Anger to shove his indignation once she tells him they have Beyond's marketing plan and it clearly details their funding of H.A.T.E., Monica has Aaron kill the conversation. The Beyond contractors manage to unearth a massive green spheroid from the Earth. It turns out to be the giant eye of Fin Fang Foom, who goes completely nuts and rampages towards Abcess. Elsa and the Captain react to Fin Fang Foom's presence, as does Monica, who tosses the arriving Tabitha Smith a flight harness so she can go fight the big scary dragon-thing. Elsa and the Captain set off to do their bit of the operation, but are stymied when a jeep full of Beyond Human Resources agents runs Elsa over. Elsa sends the Captain flying off to aid Tabby, while Elsa makes very short work of her assailants. Elsa calls Aaron on her cell and briefs them that Beyond knows of their presence. We see the other side of that conversation as Monica goes on one of her "when I was an Avenger" tirades in response to Elsa's allusion that she killed her attackers. Elsa briefs Monica on the fact that her attackers were not human, and Aaron confirms that they're bio-engineered drones. Monica seemed satisfied and sends Tabby out the hatch to deal with Fin Fang Foom. Fin Fang Foom immediately notices Tabby, who is taken aback by the fact he's wearing underpants.


The same day as NWAVE 1. Tabby begins strafing Fin Fang Foom after he snacks on some citizens of Abcess. Tabby is horrified when Fin Fang Foom catches her and declares his intention to "put (her) in his pants," but is rescued by the Captain, although the rescue sends them flying through a building window. They emerge still relatively healthy and rejoin the battle. Dirk Anger ruminates on why girls should never be allowed into H.A.T.E. as a nurse dumps a sack of baby chicks into a Cuisinart and feeds it to Anger through an I.V. tube. Aaron briefs Monica on the battle's progress, prompting her to join the fray herself, after telling Aaron to put the Rider in a parking orbit. Monica's attack on Fin Fang Foom proves futile, and she grabs Elsa in mid-flight to haul her to a rooftop where the complete membership of Nextwave consider their next move. Monica comes up with the idea of dropping Aaron down Fin Fang Foom's throat, surmising damaging him on the inside stands a better shot that external attack. Before they can act, the Captain notices more of Beyond's Human Resources agents approaching. Elsa proceeds to shoot out both of Fin Fang Foom's eyes, giving Aaron a clear passage into the creature's mouth, while Monica, Tabby, Elsa, and the Captain deal out the pain on their attackers. Aaron makes his way down Fin Fang Foom's digestive tract as we proceed headlong into another. Aaron lands in the pit of Fin Fang Foom's stomach and grows an insane number of sharp objects. Meanwhile, Fin Fang Foom is lashing wildly at everything within reach after being blinded by Elsa. He's just about to stomp all over Nextwave when Aaron begins shredding away at his insides. Fin Fang Foom immediately starts feeling ill, finally to the point that actually pukes up his own heart. He then falls dead, allowing Aaron to travel out the other end of the beast to safety. Following that, the Nextwave team board the Shockwave Rider and depart on their next mission.

One day, "7" days after A:P 1 (1). It is "7" days before A:P 1 (9-35), "11" days before A:N 1, "12" days before A:P 1 (36-37),

"15" days before A:P 1 (38-42), "17" days before A:SIL 1,"19" days before A:SIL 2, "21" days before A:SIL 3 (1-13),"22" days

before A:SIL 3 (14-23) and A:SIL 4 (1-20),"29" days before A:R 1-FB, "40 days" before A:SIL 4 (21-24), "41" days before

A:SKRULL 1 (1-10), "46" days before A:SKRULL 1 (11-19), "47" days before A:SKRULL 1 (20-23), "52" days before

A:SKRULL 2 (1-7), "55" days before A:SKRULL 2 (8-25), "65" days before A:SKRULL 3 (1-9), "66" days before A:SKRULL

3 (10-16),"68" days before A:SKRULL 3 (17-22) and A:SKRULL 4 (1-24), "95" days before A:R 1 (16-22), "183x" days before ANN 2-FB, "204" days before ANN 1-FB and ANN 1 (1-12), "206" days before ANN 1 (13-31), "212" days before ANN 2, "218" days" before ANN 3 and ANN 4 (1-2), "220" days before ANN 4 (3-25) and ANN 5, "222" days before ANN 6 (1-21), A:HOGT, and A:HOG 1 (1-11), "227" days before A:HOG 1/2; "268" days before ANN 6 (22-24), "274" days before A:HOG 2, and "281" days before A:HOG 2/2. Because NOVA4 1 occurs roughly "six months" after this segment, all those references cannot be Earth days, but rather "Annihilation days" that I estimate are half as long as Earth days. At the Kyln prison at the Crunch, Omega Core's "finest," Cole and Swad, escort some new prisoners into custody of a Cleric. Things have been noticeably tense lately, and things get worse when A.I. interior monitors suddenly scatter to the surface, an indication they've been overridden to bear witness. Suddenly, a fleet of bug-like spacecrafts break through the Crunch energy cascade, and begin to attack the Kyln planets. The swarming happens fast, Swad falling victim and dying in Cole's arms, as the human gives his religious alien partner his absolution. Cole dies doing this, as the prison world explodes around him, and the swarm, soon to be called the Annihilation Wave, presses onward, this first encounter becoming known simply as "Annihilation Day."

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #24 (15-16)

One day, "days" after M/TU3 24 (1-14). This segment probably occurs before M/TU3 25 (3-21). Curtis Doyle is buried at

Cypress Hill Cemetery. The Skrull Crusader now possesses the ring and is happy about it.


One day. This segment must occur after A4 15 since Avengers Tower features the Watchtower spires. At a meeting at Stark

International, at Avengers Tower with Cage and Spidey (in classic costume or Iron Spider 2.0 imitating the classic costume), and

on a date, Stark is distracted by thoughts of Dillon's death. According to e-mails, it is "10/24," which may be topical.

UNION JACK v2 #1 - FB (8:2)

One night. Al-Fasaud tampers with airport security systems to let a RAID terrorist into Britain.

UNION JACK v2 #1 (1-4:3)

The same night as UJ2 1-FB (8:2). After working at his job painting a street lamp in London, Joe Chapman reminisces about

how co-worker Sully reminds him of his dad. He changes into Union Jack and goes out and kills the three last remaining

vampires in London. The last one causes him some problems, but he is beheaded by an MI5 helicopter. MI5 tells Union Jack

that they would like to have a word with him.


One night. Under the instruction of Japanese scientists, Titannus attacks Baltimore and causes much destruction. From his

Sanctum Sanctorum, Dr. Strange senses Titannus' attack. Waning crescent moon.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #25 (3-21)

The same night as M/TU3 24/2. This segment probably occurs after M/TU3 24 (15-16) and must occur before W3 42 (1-6).

Spidey packs for a trip to Washington with Stark; this cannot be the same trip as that shown in ASM 529-530, but rather a later

trip, perhaps the one noted in UJ2 3. Despite the fact that he now has version 2.0 of the Iron Spider costume, he decides to take a copy of his classic costume out for "one last spin." As he leaves Avengers Tower (with the Watchtower spires), Dr. Strange summons him. Strange also gathers Ms. Marvel, Cage, Wolverine (interrupted in battle with Deadpool), Captain America, and She-Hulk (interrupted while in bed with John Jameson) at his Sanctum Sanctorum. Strange tells the group that Titannus is back and they all go to Baltimore to confront the villain. As they battle Titannus, the heroes are joined by the Skrull Crusader, who places the villain in a pocket reality. Strange detects that Titannus is being controlled and pinpoints the source. The Japanese scientists are arrested and Titannus is handed over to SHIELD. The waxing crescent moon and full moon shown here are inconsistent with each other and with the waning crescent moon of M/TU 24/2.

X-FACTOR v3 #1

One night, sometime after M-Day. This story occurs "months" before XF3 23. Siryn meets a young informant who is gunned down by an operative for Singularity Investigations. Teresa chases after the operative, who commits suicide prior to capture. After blaming her backup, Strong Guy, for the informant's death, she returns to X-Factor Investigations and starts blaming herself. There, she meets Layla Miller, who is joining X-Factor. Meanwhile, a powerless Rictor contemplates jumping off a building while Rahne yells at him from the street. A Madrox duplicate joins Rictor on the ledge and asks him to join X-Factor, then he pushes Rictor over the edge. Snow flurries in New York. Full moon.

X-FACTOR v3 #2

The same night as XF3 1. M swoops in and saves Rictor. Madrox absorbs his renegade duplicate. While a crowd stages an anti-

mutant rally outside, X-Factor decides to take the case of Gloria Santiago, who believes an evil mutant has taken over her sister's

mind. Siryn investigates and discovers that the sister is just having an affair with a client at the hotel where she works. Gloria

leaves. When Siryn fails to fall for a trap they've set for her, Singularity Investigations figure that a random element has entered

the picture and now they're not sure about their next move or how X-Factor might fit into a grander scheme. Rictor refuses M's

invitation to join X-Factor and takes his motorcycle to a gas station that Layla suggests. There, he saves a de-powered mutant

girl from being killed by her de-powered mutant boyfriend. Gloria calls X-Factor as she's being arrested in her sister's hotel for

the murder of her sister. Bare trees in New York.

WHITE TIGER #3 (10:1)

One night. Angela and her colleague watch their charges.

Sunday, October 25

X-FACTOR v3 #3

The early morning after XF3 2. Madrox and Teresa go to the hotel where Gloria is being arrested. There they encounter Damian

Tryp of Singularity Investigations. Rahne and Teresa question Gloria at the police station, but she can't remember what

happened at the hotel. Rictor, Guido, and Rahne intercede when a former mutant is attacked, then they run into "the first serious

riot in Mutant Town," provoked by a mutant haters called "Reals." Rictor goes to get Monet for backup, but she catches her in

the buff and she refuses to help. A Singularity agent infiltrates the X-Factor building and knocks out Rictor, but then he's

electrocuted by Layla Miller. Bare trees in New York.

X-FACTOR v3 #4

The same early morning as XF3 3. Madrox calls Monet and tells her to come to the police station to help Gloria remember what

happened. On the way there, Monet passes by Rahne and Guido in a face-off with the rioters. Madrox sends Teresa to help

Rahne and Guido, which she does by clearing out the rioters with her scream. Tryp invites Vaughn to stay at Singularity, but

Vaughn insists on leaving for Hollywood. Before Vaughn leaves town, X-Factor exposes him as the killer of Gloria's sister. The

media report on Gloria's exoneration and on X-Factor's dispersal of the riot, and Madrox notes that it's been a "heck of a night."

Layla ships the corpse of the Singularity agent back to Tryp with a warning to stay out of Mutant Town. Teresa invites Rictor to

"breakfast," but Rictor declines and Teresa goes off alone, only to be attacked in an alley.

X-FACTOR v3 #5

The same morning as XF3 4. Teresa is held captive in a movie theater by a former mutant doctor who blames the X-Men for M-

Day. Rictor finds Teresa and her captor is thwarted.

X-FACTOR v3 #6

The same "Sunday" as XF3 5. This story is referred to as having occurred "the other day" in XF3 7-FB. X-Factor debates what

to do to tend to Teresa, who lies injured in bed at their headquarters. Rictor blames Layla and demands to know what her story

is, but Guido tells him to lay off. Rahne meets a woman from Layla's old orphanage and she takes Layla away. Rahne shares

info on Layla with Jamie. Madrox summons Dr. Castillo to tend to Teresa. Guido suspects that Singularity was behind the

attack on Teresa, so he and Jamie confront Damian Tryp Jr. in Central Park. Jamie and Rahne then go to the orphanage to check

up on Layla, only to find her bruised. Layla tells them that she can sense the future, and Rahne and Jamie take Layla from the

orphanage. Back at X-Factor headquarters, Layla talks to Rictor, who suspects that she gave herself the bruises. Layla secretly

appears to have the power to kill and reanimate a butterfly. Green grass and trees in New York.

UNION JACK v2 #4 - FB (19:1)

The day after UJ2 1 (1-4). Phil Gavin gives false information to Micromax to send him and Excalibur away, so that they won't

be present to protect London.

UNION JACK v2 #1 (4:4-22)

The same day as UJ2 4-FB (19:1). This segment must occur after GSW 1. At MI5 headquarters, Gavin tells Union Jack about RAID (Radically Advanced Ideas in Destruction), the splinter group of AIM, which is trying to fill the space opened by the recent decimation of Hydra by Wolverine. Gavin informs Joe that RAID plans multiple strikes then introduces him to the agents assigned by Britain's allies - Sabra, a new Arabian Knight and Val de la Fontaine, who says she was sent off to "the Hinterlands the moment Nick Fury went underground." Sabra and Arabian Knight argue about Saudi Arabia's financing of terrorist activities and Joe stops the bickering. Gavin shows them a faraday cage containing al-Fasaud, who has been captured "last night" by an MI5 telepath. Al-Fasaud informs the heroes about RAID's plans, while a picture of the FF appears on a TV screen in the background. He reveals the names of the "enhanced individuals" employed by RAID - Shockwave, Firebrand, Ecstasy, Boomerang, Zaran, the new Machete, Crossfire, Jack O'Lantern, Jackhammer, and the Corruptor - and announces that the attack will take place at 4 PM "today." Joe suggests that MI5 contact the Avengers or the Fantastic Four, but Gavin tells him "they're off on one of their secret infinity wars or whatever." Also their British operatives, from Captain Britain to Micromax, are unavailable. Joe wants to evacuate the city, but Gavin refuses. Union Jack and his allies then leave Gavin to fight the terrorists. They fly over London in one of MI5's flying cars and confront Batroc at a London hotel. Batroc proves unwilling to betray his partners and escapes. Joe discovers that Batroc left his mobile phone behind and it shows Zaran's phone number on the screen. Back at MI5 headquarters. Joe and Val discuss his breakup with Spitfire, who is currently on holiday "on some greek island," and about her lack of contacts with Nick Fury lately. Arabian Knight and Sabra nearly start a fight about the role of women in society. Sabra tells him she lost her son due to a Palestinian attack. Just then, an MI5 employee interrupts with information that they've got a location - 500 meters from the Houses of Parliament. "Ten minutes later," Union Jack and his allies fight and defeat Zaran, Machete, and RAID agents at the Houses of Parliament. Zaran tells them that Parliament already had been evacuated. At noon ("four hours left to 4 PM"), Joe discusses strategy with his allies and spots a TV crew. Union Jack tells a BBC reporter about the possible attacks. At MI5 headquarters. Gavin tells the incoming Joe that his playing "the protector of the common people" has caused attacks by RAID on the London Tower Bridge, Thames Tunnel, and Heathrow Airport. Bare trees in London.


The same day as UJ2 1 (4-22). Jack O' Lantern, Jackhammer, and Shockwave brutally assault a train in the Thames Bridge

tunnel. Union Jack, Arabian Knight, Sabra, and Val fly to rescue. Joe orders Sabra to take Tower Bridge and the Knight and Val

to go to Heathrow while he handles the tunnel. Joe jumps off the MI5 flying car and fights the three super-villains in the tunnel.

He takes out Jackhammer and Shockwave, then MI5 comes to the rescue. Joe hits Jack O' Lantern with one of their flying cars

and tells MI5 to extradite him to a country with death penalty. He borrows another flying car and leaves to see "a lady about a

bridge." At the Tower Bridge, Sabra fights Crossfire and the Death-Throws. Sabra captures Tenpin, and Joe saves her from an

attack by Knickknack and Ringleader, but Joe's flying car is obliterated by one of Bombshell's bombs. Sabra and Joe take out

(the new?) Oddball and Crossfire, who falls into the river and has "probably drowned." Bombshell surrenders. The Arabian

Knight and Val fight Boomerang and Firebrand, while RAID agents hijack a plane. The hijackers are knocked out by the

incoming Sabra and Union Jack, and Joe manages to land the plane. On leaving the plane, he faces the Corruptor, who has taken

control over his three allies.


The same day as UJ2 2. This story must occur after CA5 21 (18-22). Union Jack is attacked by his mind-controlled allies. He directs Sabra's and the Arabian Knight's attack against the Corruptor, who is knocked out, but Joe's allies continue fighting him. Joe takes out the Contessa with a headbutt and manipulates Sabra and the Knight into fighting each other. Sabra wins and attacks Joe, who defeats her by cutting off her oxygen supply with a capsule from his belt poaches. Still at the airport, Joe reports back to Gavin. A taxi driver who was on the hijacked plane thanks Joe for the rescue and the crowd at Heathrow cheers him. Back at MI5 headquarters, Joe and Gavin argue about the events of the day and Gavin reminds him Ecstasy is still on the loose. At that moment, Ecstasy attacks MI5 headquarters in order to liberate all the captured RAID agents. Gavin suggests using the Arabian Knight's scimitar to take her out. Joe rushes to the infirmary, where his three allies have been taken after the battle at Heathrow. Arabian Knight is in no shape to fight and his scimitar's magic only works when he is using it himself. To pass the magic on to Joe, he suggests that Joe kill him and take the sword. Joe refuses and leaves the infirmary. He calls Avengers Tower and Captain America responds that he's alone at the tower, and that "Iron Man and Spider-Man are on their way to Washington;" this may be a reference to the Washington trip for which Spidey was packing in M/TU3 25 (3-21), and so it might be the day after that segment. Cap looks at some info about Ecstasy that the Avengers got from Dr. Strange and tells Joe how she was taken out by Dagger's bio-energy lightning bolts. Joe has an idea to fight off Ecstasy and tells Cap that there's no need to send someone to London. He and Gavin confront Ecstasy next to al-Fasaud's faraday cage, and Joe takes her out after tricking her into absorbing al-Fasaud, shutting down her darkness powers. Gavin informs the assembled heroes that Ecstasy's attack caused 16 deaths and that she teleported Shockwave away before Joe stopped her. He then tells them that MI5's interrogators found out that RAID's weapon of mass destruction is actually an assembled dreadnought. Gavin and the assembled heroes discuss if Arabian Knight is fit enough to help facing off the Dreadnought when they see a bomb blast outside. Joe, Arabian Knight, Sabra, and Val fly out to check and find a giant dreadnought rampaging on Trafalgar Square.

UNION JACK v2 #4 (1-16:3)

The same day as UJ2 3. Joe, Arabian Knight, Sabra, and Val fight the Dreadnought. Sabra is taken out twice, and the Arabian

Knight is easily pushed aside by the Dreadnought. After some construction workers hit the Dreadnought with a wrecking ball,

Joe takes him out by stabbing the Dreadnought's liquid nitrogen tank with a flagpole. While the BBC news shows footage of the

battle against the Dreadnought, Joe visited in the MI5 infirmary by Micromax, who reveals that he was in the Middle East with

Excalibur, following a false lead on RAID. Val, the Arabian Knight and Sabra leave. Gavin congratulates Joe for his

performance and tells him Agent Scott will give him a ride home, where Joe undresses, watches Gavin on TV declining to

comment the director general's policies, and falls asleep.

THING v2 #8 - FB (10:2-13)

One day during the "week" before THING2 8. The Impossible Man comes to earth in a meteor storm and radios the FF for help

with his version of hiccups. Ben catches up with Impy in the Himalayas and scares him out of his "popups," but not before Impy

inadvertently destroys the temples of Shemballa. Ben heads back to New York and asks Arlo to help rebuild the temples. Arlo

nonchalantly takes off for his new job, and Alicia remarks that it's a "strange time" with Ben being "back in my life" (as evident

in FOUR 30). Arlo's departure leaves Alicia free to go out that night to an opera with Ben.


Probably the day after IM:I 5 (9). This segment must occur after IM4 6. Iron Man goes into space to look for traces of Arthur

Parks but can't find him. Returning to his office, Stark finds Doc Samson waiting. They discuss Dillon and Tony shows Samson

his Extremis abilities. Iron Man finds a recording of Spymaster's last transmission to the Ghost and traces it to Greenwich, CT,

where Spymaster (Sinclair) ambushes the Avenger.


The same day as IM:I 5 (10-22). Iron Man defeats Spymaster, then faces the Living Laser, who regains corporeal form. Iron

Man absorbs Parks and has him locked in a containment cell at Stark Enterprises.

WHITE TIGER #3 (10:2)

One day. Angela does some research work and follows suspects in disguise.

Monday, October 26


One school morning. Franklin accidentally activates a Super-Adaptoid to copy him, and it is accidentally sent to school in Franklin's place. He and Herbie follow and see the Adaptoid stop a bully and be nice to Katie Power. Disgusted, Franklin beats up the Adaptoid and is mean to Katie, which makes her cry. He apologizes and they walk to class.
UNION JACK v2 #4 (16:4-22)

The day after UJ2 4 (1-16). Joe wakes up as he hears a report on TV that the resignation of the director general of MI5 has been

demanded during the whole morning and that Gavin should be next in line to take his seat. He curses himself for the "bloody

idiot" he is. While Gavin is informed that the Director General's resignation will be announded at 3 PM, he is confronted by an

angry Joe and asks the other MI5 employees to leave the room. Joe tells him about all the inconsistencies, such as Cap's being

reachable although Gavin told him the Avengers were on a mission. Joe accuses Gavin of planning RAID's attacks to make the

current director general look bad and take her place. Gavin admits his guilt but tells Joe that exposing this without having

substantial proof would destroy his relationship with MI5. When Gavin asks Joe to join him, Joe punches him in the face and

presents him to reporters outside.


Probably the day after IM:I 6 (1-20). At Stark Tower (with the Watchtower spires), Stark updates Avengers files concerning

Spymaster, Living Laser, and Ghost. He talks to Jarvis about Dillon.

THING v2 #8 - FB (16:6)

One day. People get invitations to Ben Grimm's bar mitzvah.

WHITE TIGER #3 - FB (18:1)

One day, between WT 3 (5-9) and WT 3 (15-21). A cop friend tells Del Toro about the scene with the fake cops at the nightclub.


One "Monday." Officer Mangel makes his rounds, beats up some drug dealers, and checks in on his whorehouse. Later, he finds a cat-like creature that opens up and burrows into his chest.


One day. This segment must occur after X 187 (5-23) and XF3 7-FB-FB and before A4 16 (1-8). The Sentinels seen in this

story arc must be the new squad referred to in X 187 (5-23). Vulcan is freed from Krakoa by the energy of the Collective. He

attacks a space shuttle that launched on "6.18.2005." Using Cerebra, Emma detects the mutant's presence and is knocked out.

Scott, Logan, and Rachel jet to the shuttle's crash site in the Adirondacks, ditching the pursuing Sentinel. At the Institute, Kitty

and Kurt see visions. On rainy Muir Island, Banshee follows a vision of Moira MacTaggert to a building containing an archive

of Xavier's notes. Sean plays a tape of Moira saying what a bastard Xavier is. The search team is led into a cave by a vision of

Jean and is defeated by Vulcan, who drags Scott and Rachel away. As Logan comes to, he is found by the Sentinel and O*N*E,

who place him under arrest. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


The same night as X:DG 1 (2-28). With a Sentinel chaperone, Kitty and Beast arrive at the air force encampment in which

Logan is being held. They are accompanied by Emma, who takes control of Commander Stack's mind to get Logan released.

The three return to the Institute, and try to repair Cerebra so they can locate Scott and Rachel. Alex (who presumably hasn't left

yet) gets anxious about the disappearance and sees a vision of Bobby and Lorna together. Scott and Rachel awaken to discover

that they are bound and powerless. Green grass and trees in upstate New York.

WHITE TIGER #3 (10:1)

One evening. White Tiger shadows King Cobra and Sano.

Tuesday, October 27


One day, "two days" before XF3 7. X-Factor sweeps their headquarters for bugs.


One day, not long after A:P 1 (2-8). The Annihilation Wave destroys the Etherals' home at the heart of a sun.

SHE-HULK v4 #20 - FB (11:1-11:6)

One day. Mr. Zix's recording devices spy on the daily routines of Awesome Andy and Mallory Book, and She-Hulk in bed with John Jameson.


One day. A vase is broken and Franklin is blamed, but he didn't do it. Shortly afterwards, a future Franklin and Herbie appear through time-travel, and the young and older Franklins quickly begin to fight over the future Mr. Fantastic's time-travel device. As they pop around the past few minutes, Franklin knocks over a vase, then the future Franklin and Herbie return to their own time.

The day after X:DG 2 (1-11). Scott and Rachel learn that they are held at a facility that Xavier was in "a long time ago," then

they meet their mysterious captor. As Banshee jets to Westchester, Vulcan monitors his conversation with Kurt. On his way to

the airport with Logan to pick up Sean, Kurt expresses concern about his vision and the strange behavior of their teammates.

They arrive at the airport and at "5:42" in the "evening," they see the Blackbird jetting right toward Banshee's plane. Banshee

flies out of the plane and tries to stop the Blackbird, but it explodes. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


The same day as X:DG 2 (12-21). Vulcan is caught on camera watching the carnage from the Blackbird explosion from high in

the air.


The same night as X:DG 2 (12-21). Believing the X-Men to be responsible for the sabotage, the O*N*E locks down the

Institute, but they back off when Kitty shows them that she reported the Blackbird missing "yesterday." Alex, Bobby, and Peter

see visions Lorna cameos in her purple Polaris costume; perhaps she had a momentary recovery. In the plane wreck, Logan and

Kurt find Banshee's corpse and the tape of Moira that he was bringing. Beast scans the tape and runs it, only to learn a secret

about Xavier. Scott and Rachel are tormented by their captor. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

WHITE TIGER #3 (10:1)

One night. White Tiger fights thugs.

Wednesday, October 28


One "Wednesday," two days after NWAVE 3 (1-7). H.A.T.E. has located Nextwave in the area that they've laid their "seed"(the cat-like creature) and prepare to intercept them. Meanwhile, Tabby comes across Officer Mangel eating a car and he attacks her. After a quick fight she calls Nextwave, then she's attacked by the beyond Corporation's Human Resources personnel. After another quick fight, Officer Mangel has started to turn robotic.
The same day as NWAVE 3 (8-22). Nextwave fights the robotic Officer Mangel and the Beyond Corporation's Human Resource personnel. Mangel grows to ten stories high and places Nextwave under arrest. After a quick fight he's defeated by Tabby and the Ultra Samurai seed inside him is destroyed. As Nextwave leaves, Mangel is killed by his prostitutes.

One day, "7" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8) and "four (Annihilation) days" before A:N 1. This segment occurs after

DRAX 4 (21-23) and M-Day and before CW 1 (1-7). It must be more than just "five years" after NO 1. At Verse 001, the

Xandar Cluster, the entire Nova Corps is summoned to the space port. Hundreds to thousands of passengers are delayed in their

intergalactic travel, as per Nova Corps protocol. The last group to arrive includes Richard Rider, Pyo, and Samaya. The human

has a little trouble adjusting to the aliens, as it seems five years' experience in Terran time don't count for much in the galactic

scheme. Kyln Prison Convoy Dredge 02 has docked at the space port, its destination destroyed before it could reach it. Within,

two of the ship's most recent occupants, Drax and his human companion Cammi, are hassled by members of security. Drax's

genetic matrix doesn't match up to that of the Drax charged with the death of 200,000 Skrulls. This gets him off the hook, even

though the guards are fully aware this is somehow still the same old Destroyer. Until the Xandar lockdown is complete, they'll

be allowed to remain onboard, but the minute it's over, they're to be kicked off. Cammi's bored and whiny, at least until Drax

notes that something big has happened. Soon at the Nova Corps Central building on the planet, the Novas get debriefed by a

Xandarian woman, who explains the situation with the Annihilation Wave destroying Kyln. The situation with the prison worlds

and surrounding planets is stressed, and the Nova Corps is being dispatched to reinforce what little remains of the Omega Core

fleet against rioting and repair. She's just finishing up boosting the troops' morale with reminding them of how good they are,

when the Annihilation Wave suddenly appears in Xandarian space. They attack quickly and never let up. The Nova Corps is

dispatched to save their own and their own location, but find the entire fight futile. Drax grabs Cammi and manages to snag an

escape pod, which pilots itself safely through the carnage outside. Back on Xandar, the Worldmind's commlinks are down and

the Corps is without means of communication. Richard Rider finds himself facing the ground forces of the giant insectioid

aliens. He impresses Samaya and his fellow Novas with his fast thinking plans in the field. The turning of the tide doesn't last

long, as Rich finds himself with the Centaurian woman, facing the plummeting and ablaze space port crashing their way. No way

to go around or get out of the way, Rich decides they should go through the middle of it. This impresses Samaya, who offers to

mate with him for life if they survive it, but she's hit by debris and killed instantly. Rich is distracted by it and soon succumbs to

the inferno pouring from above, followed by a massive explosion. By the time he wakes up and crawls from beneath the

wreckage, thanking his suit's life support, and making his way to the top of the debris pile, his injuries and disorientation get an

added shock by the complete destruction for miles around. He collapses in tears and blood, and records a verbal log, detailing

the fact Xandar has fallen, and with it, so has the Nova Corps.


The same day as A:P 1 (9-35). It is "ten (Annihilation) days" before A:SIL 1. Xandar is destroyed by the Annihilation Wave.

THING v2 #8 - FB (5:3-8:4)

One day. This flashback is referred to as having occurred "the other day" in THING2 8. Squirrel Girl must appear here after

IHM:MI 1 (5-10) and GLXMS 1/6. Thing and Squirrel Girl fight and defeat the Bi-Beast in Central Park. This Bi-Beast may be

a new android body for the creature that perished in BEYOND 1. Green grass and trees and light clothing in New York.


It must be the day after X:DG 3, as it's "three hours" before X:DG 5. O*N*E sees Vulcan on a tape recording of the Blackbird

disaster. They send Nathanial Briggs to Westchester Airport to investigate in his Sentinel armor. Green trees in New York.


The day after X:DG 3. Logan, Kurt, and Hank watch Moira's tape and learn about the first team of new X-Men that Xavier sent

to rescue the original team from Krakoa. Scott and Rachel awaken to find themselves freed from their shackles and discover that

they're in an American research facility that was run by Moira, a place that Scott dimly remembers. Their captor arrives and

reveals himself to be Scott's brother, Kid Vulcan, who was one of the members of the substitute X-Men team.


The same day as X:DG 4 and "three hours" after X:DG 5-FB. This story may not necessarily occur after NA:I 1, but it is before

NA:I 1, then Xavier does not make his return known to his fellow Illuminati immediately. Scott refuses to believe Vulcan.

Briggs arrives at Moira's facility and engages Vulcan in battle. Scott uses the distraction to send Rachel away. Vulcan slays

Briggs and leaves the scene with Scott in tow. That night, the X-Men watch TV news coverage of the event and Kitty discovers

that the scene was Moira's research facility. Rachel arrives at the Institute and Vulcan and Scott arrive at Muir Island and meet

Xavier there. The X-Men (Kitty, Colossus, Beast, Rachel, Iceman, Emma) arrive and Vulcan holds them at bay. Xavier reveals

that he's regained his ability to walk but has lost his mutant powers. Green trees in New York and rain in Wales and Scotland..


The same night as X:DG 5. This segment must occur more than just "one week" before X:DG 6 (25-28) and must occur before XF3 7-FB and M/HOL '07 1 (1-15). It is "at least a week" before UX 477 (1-6), and probably far longer than that. Xavier tells everyone about Gabriel's history and about what really happened with Krakoa. Concluding that Darwin has been Gabriel since then, Rachel separates Darwin's consciousness from Gabriel's. The X-Men then attack and, disgusted by what the team's become, Vulcan blasts off into space. The X-Men discover that Darwin's consciousness is taking human form.


One day, probably a month after IHM:OL 1 (1-5) and "two days" before IHM:OL 1 (15-20). This segment probably occurs after

S-H4 1. "Two weeks" after Answer gives Ruby her information, he ends up with a black card with Bullseye's symbol on it in his

mailbox. He asks around his fellow villains as to who would want him dead. Wizard denies he's behind it, since people come to

Answer with questions but come to him for solutions. He contacts Boomerang as well, offering him fifty freebies for info, only

to find out he hasn't a clue either. Answer realizes he has to ask Ruby, who is in Bethesda running a scam on AIM using the info

Answer gave her. He IMs her, but she stiffs him again. As Answer packs up his apartment to leave town, Bullseye fires on the

place. Answer uses his special abilities to escape. Full moon.


One day. Mr. Fantastic shows Franklin his astronomy lab in an attempt to get him interested in less destructive hobbies. The Invisible Woman calls to let Reed know the Torch and Thing are fighting, so he leaves to take care of it. While he's gone, the computers detect an alien life form nearby, so Franklin teleports it inside. He let it out and it runs around, making a mess and breaking things. Herbie tricks it back into its pod and they teleport it back into space. Reed returns to find his lab a wreck.
Mr. Fantastic mentions Franklin's recent '"hyperactive and destructive behavior," placing this story after at least the majority, if not all, of the Franklin Richards one shots.
WHITE TIGER #3 (11-14)

One night. White Tiger and King Cobra fight inconclusively.

Thursday, October 29

NEW AVENGERS #16 (1-8)

One morning. This segment must occur after X:DG 1 (2-28). It is months" after HOM 1 (7-17) and "five months" before M/CP2 1/4 (1). The Collective energy bolt from space hits a post office in North Pole, Alaska and destroys the town. From the impact point, Michael Pointer, now a Collective super-being, rises and screams.


The same morning as A4 16 (1-8). The Collective rises from the rubble.


The same morning as M/CP2 2/4-FB (1). The Collective walks from the rubble.

NEW AVENGERS #16 (9-17)

The same morning as A4 18-FB. This story is cited as occurring both "months" and "one week" after HOM 1 (7-17); the former

is probably accurate. Aboard "Helicarrier One," Maria Hill contacts Tony Stark (who's been "up for two days straight") to

express interest in the press conference that she "just caught" about the Avengers going public - the busy Hill may not have been

watching the press conference live but rather on tape; this segment may occur weeks after A4 15 and Hill may have known about

the Avengers going public for some time but has just been too busy to watch the press coverage; in any case, it would be ideal if

Hill and Stark were not in touch with each other during the span between A4 15 and A4 16 (1-17), but they are seen together in

NA:I 1-FB (12-13), which likely occurs between A4 15 and this segment. Hill baits Tony by mentioning the House of M and a

possible connection between the Avengers' Genosha trip and the worldwide loss of mutant powers. Stark dismisses Hill, wishing

her a "good night." Just then, at "four in the afternoon" (in whatever time zone the Helicarrier is), SHIELD receives a red alert

because the Collective is making his way at top speed into Canada. Alpha Flight (including what are probably the past versions

of Guardian, Vindicator, Shaman, and Puck - not the present versions still in space) is sent to stop the Collective.


The same morning as A4 16 (9-17). The Collective mops the floor with Alpha Flight.

CIVIL WAR: THE INITIATIVE #1 - FB (6/7:5-6/7:6, 6/7:8, 6/7:10, 6/7:12)

The same morning as NA 17-FB. The Collective finishes his assault on Alpha Flight.

NEW AVENGERS #16 (18-22)

The same morning as CW:I-FB (6/7). It is months" before CW:BDR (5-6). The Collective leaves the shattered Alpha Flight

behind and SHIELD tracks him as he heads toward Pennsylvania. The FF cannot be reached, so the president orders the

reluctant Maria Hill to call in the Avengers "who were just on T.V."


The same morning as A4 16 (18-22). It is "months" after HOM 1 (7-17). This story must occur after ASM 531 (11-20), since

Spidey has his new costume. The Avengers (Cap, Iron Man, Spidey, Spider-Woman, Cage, and Logan) arrive in Detroit, where

kids are heading for school. Cage tells the press the team is there to deter street crime. Maria Hill calls the team away to have

them intercept the Collective. Iron Man contacts Carol Danvers, but because the FF "are not currently in this dimension" and the

X-Men "ain't answering," Cap tells Hill to summon Daisy Johnson, then he contacts Bob Reynolds and orders him to become the

Sentry, despite Bob's fragile mental state. Iron Man stops the Collective in Cleveland and tries to talk to him, but Carol barrels

in and slugs it out with the super-being. And explosion ensues, and Carol is knocked to Toledo, where she finds herself with

Binary power. Bare and green trees in Detroit, green trees in Cleveland, and green grass and trees in Toledo.


The same day as A4 17. Spidey tells Tony that the new Avengers have "only been together two weeks," but this can't be correct.

This story must occur after YA 12 (18-24) and before CA5 18? Sharon finds Daisy and tells her Cap needs her. Iron Man

summons the new Vision from Avengers Tower, where Vizh is dining with his fellow Young Avengers. Iron Man and Ms.

Marvel are held at bay by the Collective, then Sentry bursts on the scene and takes the battle to space. Carol reverts to normal

and tells the team that she felt she was facing a host of different powers. Spidey meets Maria Hill for the first time aboard a

Helicarrier, where the Vision downloads the old Avengers files so they can be checked for the energy signature Iron Man picked

up from the threat. Spidey, Vision, and SHIELD review footage of the Alaskan impact and conclude that the Collective is a

postal employee named Michael Pointer. They also identify his power sources as the mutants who lost their powers on M-Day.

In space, the Collective ditches Sentry and heads back to earth. Green grass and trees.


The same day as A4 18. SHIELD monitors Iron Man's comm-link discussion with Spidey and picks up on the House of M.

Spidey and Vision try to leave the Helicarrier, but they're subdued. As Iron Man and Sentry try to prevent the Collective from

reaching earth, the other Avengers head to the Helicarrier, where SHIELD hacks the Vision's drives and their psychics pluck the

story of House of M from Spidey's brain. Cap confronts Hill, who mentions that the president is "drafting the registration act."

After SHIELD analyzes the House of M data, they determine that the best course of action is to stop engaging the Collective in

battle and let him go to his destination - Genosha.


The same day as A4 19. This story occurs after SOM 6 (1-19) and X 164 and must occur before CW 1 (1-7). It is probably several days before M/CP2 2/4-FB (2:6). This story may occur before IM4 7 (1-5), the storyline that leads to Stark's acceptance of registration and a storyline that features Ms. Marvel as an Avenger. SHIELD detects the arrival of the Collective at Genosha and the president gives Maria Hill the go-ahead to vaporize the island. She refuses, noting that the Avengers have arrived at Genosha. The mutant energies of the second Xorn, who lost his powers on M-Day, give the Collective's energies consciousness and communicates with Magneto, who is the sole inhabitant of Genosha. Xorn's consciousness, seeing Magneto as the leader that besieged mutantkind needs, channels the mutant energies into Magneto, leaving Michael with a residue of power. Through Magneto, Xorn raises the Genoshan dead to battle the Avengers. The situation gets dire and the president orders Hill to sacrifice the Avengers and destroy Genosha. Hill refuses. Sharon Carter arrives with Daisy Johnson, who works with the Avengers to separate the energies from Magneto, contain them, and hurl them into the sun. As the team regroups, Daisy notes that her "Avengers name" is Quake, but Cap tells her he didn't intend for her to be a new recruit. SHIELD offers to train Michael in the use of his newfound powers. As a SHIELD helicopter leaves with the unconscious Magneto, it explodes and no trace of Magneto is found.

WHITE TIGER #3 (15-21)

The day after WT 3 (11-14). Angela goes to a family reunion. She busts some crooks on her way back and makes her public debut as White Tiger. The fashion page of the Daily Bugle comments on the new White Tiger. Judging from the paper's content, Spider-Man's identity is not public and Moon Knight is active.

X-FACTOR v3 #7 - FB

Probably the day after X:DG 6 (1-24). This flashback is referred to as having occurred "the other day" in XF3 8. One morning,

Madrox gets a letter by courier from Damian Tryp Sr. inviting Jamie to meet with him at "three PM today." Cyclops shows up at

X-Factor HQ to tell Theresa that Banshee is dead, but she refuses to believe him. Scott is surprised to see Layla at X-Factor HQ

but doesn't let on that he knows her for fear of exposing the House of M event. After Scott leaves, Theresa's teammates witness

her denial. Siryn views the pre-recorded tape Scott gave her, in which Banshee bequeaths her Cassidy Keep. Jamie goes to see

Tripp Sr., who offers to buy X-Factor for $50 million. Madrox suspects he's getting close to linking Singularity to M-Day, but

Tripp suggests he go to his allies for answers. Jamie threatens Tryp, who telekinetically throws him through an upper-story

window. The impact splits Jamie into two forms.

X-FACTOR v3 #7

The same day as XF3 7-FB. From the roof, the real Jamie absorbs the two plummeting Jamies, who are duplicates. Jamie calls

Layla and asks her to sweep their headquarters for bugs like they did "two days ago." Jamie has DNA samples of the Tryps that

he intends to have analyzed. Theresa lights a pipe that her father left her.

Friday, October 30

WHITE TIGER #4 (1-12)

Probably the day after WT 3 (15-21). Cage is "gonna be a dad," but this segment cannot occur before PULSE 13. White Tiger defends some bystanders from the Lizard. She witnesses Kenzo Orii being attacked by anti-superhuman terrorists as he arrives at JFK airport. Angela learns the socialites she protects are grounded and she has the night off. She works out with Luke Cage and gets her first street informant.

One day. H.A.T.E. has determined that Nextwave is heading to one of the Beyond Corporation's War Gardens, so Anger orders pursuit to Wyoming. Later, Nextwave discovers that the War Gardens are where the Beyond Corporation's Human Resources personnel are grown. The Human Resources department are all broccoli robots, so they burn the field. The Aeromarine arrives and attacks Nextwave. They fight, and Monica is shot in the shoulder.


The same day as NWAVE 5. It is "three days" before NWAVE 7 (8-22). After some fighting, Aaron infiltrates the Aeromarine and convinces Anger to stand down. The Aeromarine leaves and Nextwave begins repairing the Shockwave Rider.

One day, "11" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8) and "four (Annihilation) days" after A:P 1 (9-35). It must be more than just

"five years" after NOVA 1. The Annihilation Wave's strike on Xandar has caused almost complete destruction to the star system.

Population centers are vaporized, the Nova Corps are deprived of tactical support and exterminated, and the habitat shards have

lost stability and are falling into the local sun. The main planet shard, Orienta, suffered the most intense of the assaults and is

floating away from the sun. The last remaining Nova, Richard Rider, is informed of this by the Worldmind, who is speaking

directly to him through his helmet, urging him to awaken and take action. Nova is currently lying on the snow-banked world,

partially buried under some debris, physically injured and mentally dazed. He slowly gets back on his feet and gets his bearings

by conversing with the Worldmind, who explains what is required of him. Nova Corps Priority Two involves safeguarding the

Worldmind, and in about two hours, the collective artificial sentience that governs and maintains all of Xandar culture will be no

more. Rich, unresponsive to the order, spots a trio of Annihilation Wave troops scavenging the dead as food. Despite

Worldmind's protests, Nova engages the bugs in combat and gets beaten easily due to his prior injuries. Worldmind urges him to

engage flight powers and depart, and he does so, still feeling relieved for at least having landed a blow on some of the guys who

killed the Corps. He soon reaches the Hub, the underground central control for Worldmind, and comes face to hologram-face

with the entity, which makes clear to Rich that as he contains the bio-template for the Xandarian race, Xandar will never be

extinct as long as he survives. Moreover, he can continue to function elsewhere and aid in defeating or containing the

Annihilation threat, not to mention dispatch the Nova Force. Rich is convinced, though is a little disturbed when he learns the

Worldmind must download itself and the entire Nova Force directly into him. Being reminded of his father by the

supercomputer, he notes how just a small piece of the force made him a human rocket, he's concerned what the whole thing will

do. Rich is worried he'll be driven insane like Super-Nova, but Worldmind addresses his concern. Rich agrees, and Worldmind

charges him up with the full Nova Force and reconfigures his suit into a new, armored design. With Worldmind in his head, the

new Nova takes off for the surface and is overwhelmed by the power he wields. The Worldmind tries to keep him calm and

focused, but Nova begins using his energies to dish out some revenge on the Annihilation ships, smashing through several of

them in a rage. Aware this will cause an overload of the Force, the supercomputer attempts to pacify Rich through neural

inhibitors and the like, but it still doesn't stop him from creating a considerable strike against the Wave. Annihilus, at his

Command Section elsewhere in the universe, becomes aware, and wonders exactly what just attacked. Nova crashes back down

to Orienta, and once he cools off, he rationalizes his reasons for blowing up. Survivor guilt sets in as he dwells on seeing people

burning to death and wonders why he's still alive. Suddenly, Drax and Cammi appear. Drax tells Nova that he's his best shot

out of getting off the planet alive, and Cammi notes how Drax can't fly, which doesn't bode well for his chances.


The same day as A:N 1. This story must occur after S-H4 7 (1-14). Drax introduces himself and Cammi to Nova, with whom he

wishes to partner since he knows where the hangars for starships are and had the clearance codes for them. Nova wants them to

get away from him since he's dangerous, but Drax reminds him of the destructive forces that are caused the planet's attack

already. Drax notes that Cammi is from Earth like him, and the girl insults Nova's costume and admires his glutes. Worldmind

urges Rich to get off the planet as soon as possible. Drax and Cammi watch incredulously as Nova seems to talk to himself.

Despite now knowing Drax is a mass murderer, and ignoring Worldmind's wishes that he leave the two survivors behind, Rich

leads the pair to the nearest hangar. As Worldmind notes, he's afraid to use his power despite the supercomputer's assurance of

assistance. Ninety minutes later, in the sub-levels of the world, the trio reach a hangar, only to find all the ships destroyed by

Annihilation troops, who are eating the crafts. Worldmind informs Nova of a different hangar to try, but the bugs notice the three

and engage in battle. Drax sends Cammi ahead with Nova and remains behind to deal with the creatures. When more of the

bugs appear and attack the two Earthlings, Rich refuses to use his power of out fear and nearly gets Cammi killed. Drax saves

her and questions Nova's failure to use his powers. Getting nagged from two sources, Rich puts them together by tossing his

helmet over to Drax, and telling them to sort things out. Drax dons the helmet and talks with Worldmind. The dour, sarcastic

Cammi resumes speaking with Nova. Drax finishes his talk with Worldmind, returns the helmet, and reveals what the two have

decided upon. Drax is going to teach Nova the skills to properly harness the Nova Force, tightening his self-control and focus.

Soon, at the next hangar, the trio find an intact ship, but Nova is unable to take off, since the airspace is thick with the

Annihilation Wave's fleet. The only way they could get away safely is to open a stargate as they launched from the world, which

Drax suggests. But Rich will have to tap into the Nova Force to do it, since the ship won't allow opening a gate in a planet's

atmosphere. Nova's worries are abated by Drax's cool demeanor and assurances of aid in keeping him from losing control. The

ship takes off and Nova begins to draw upon the gravimetric energy. Encouraged by Drax, Rich opens the stargate and they exit

nine light years away at Nycos Aristedes. The ship's engines die and it gets caught in the world's gravity. The planet's traffic

control contacts them about their plight, they request assistance, and help arrives in the form of Quasar. He snags the ship into a

solid orbit above the planet. Nova recognizes him and Cammi claims his costume is even cornier than Rich's.


The same day as A:N 2. Quasar aids the ship in landing and welcomes Nova to Nycos Aristedes, where Quasar is assisting in a

mass evacuation. He wants Nova to join him, but the Worldmind wants Rich to keep moving, since he's brought Drax and

Cammi to "safety." Nova's not even sure how he could help, since he couldn't even save Xandar. Drax informs Quasar of how

Nova has the full power of the Corps inside of him, which embarrasses Rich. Drax explains this is part of the training - facing

up to truth and not being in denial is the first step to mastering self-control. He also mentions that what the war needs more

destroyers and fewer complainers. Drax explains to Cammi why they're sticking around, that Nova's possession of the Nova

Force ensures their safety. A ship from the fleet-arm, Superheavy Kallis Ateratar, arrives in orbit to assist in evac by making

stargates. It'll take five days to get everyone off the planet, and Quasar brings up the fact Nova has the power to make a massive,

bulk-capacity stargate. He's hesitant but is willing to give it a shot. Unfortunately, the fleet-arm's ship is attacked by a sudden

assault from Annihilation Wave crafts. Quasar takes off immediately to assist, and Nova listens to Drax's advice and gets his

head in the game at last. He joins Wendell in orbit, trying to protect the Superheavy from the nonstop blasting. Quasar realizes

this is just an advance unit and will hold them off himself, urging Nova to open the giant stargate as soon as possible. Rich tries

it, and after ignoring Worldmind for some time, listens as the supercomputer provides aid in the task. Meanwhile, in his starship

2.7 light years from Xandar, Annihilus senses the use of the Nova Force on a grand scale again, and informed of its location,

engages drive systems. Annihilus wants to see it for himself. Back at his destination, the first fleet of evacuees makes it through

Nova's stargate. Quasar and Nova try to buy the remaining ship's time by battling the Annihilation Wave, but Superheavy Kallis

Ateratar detects something coming. Suddenly, the ship explodes as Annihilus and his command section arrives. Drax is

somehow aware of just who has made the scene. Quasar and Nova find themselves face to face with several really big ships and

a lot of little ones.


The same day as A:N 3. The last of the evacuees takes off from the planet, leaving Drax and Cammi behind. In orbit, Nova

ignores both Quasar and Worldmind and mounts a frontal assault on the Annihilation Wave. He's determined to keep the bug

ships busy while the colonists escape into the stargate, which will take around twelve minutes. As per Rich's wishes, Worldmind

taps into his cerebellum to process data nonverbally and more quickly to him, aiding in his battle against the hundreds of craft.

This allows him to do serious damage on the fleet and actually be a hero for the first time in a while. Quasar joins him in the

nick of time. Rich notes they won't last but maybe ten minutes against the Annihilation Wave, but they'll make it the hardest ten

minutes they've ever known. While the pair lays waste to countless craft, Drax contacts Nova from the planet surface. He tells

him to head for the heart of the fleet and attack Annihilus with a shot to the head, and the entire wave will fall by squishing the

king bug. As it happens, Annihilus wants just this; he senses the power of both Quasar and Nova and wants their energies for his

Cosmic Control Rod. He has the fleet put into position to allow the pair a direct path to him, and thanks to interference, no

method of communication with Drax. They plunge in and attempt to attack Annihilus dead-on. Annihilus slashes Nova's face

and Quasar crashes into his partner. Wendell tries to protect the uncpnscious Rich, but Annihilus feasts on the quantum energy.

Quasar resists until the end, but is soon engulfed by his own power, shattered into energy, and ingested by the Cosmic Control

Rod. Nova smashes Annihilus in the head. Worldmind warns Rich that what happened to Quasar will happen to him, but Rich

thinks up a plan, which the supercomputer puts into effect the moment Annihilus tries sucking on the Nova Force. Worldmind is

connected to the Annihilation Wave briefly. The current segment of it is ordered to attack itself and the order can't be

countermanded. Though Rich wants to remain to finish the fiend, he agrees with Worldmind and retreats. Though the

supercomputer boosts his healing and repair systems, Nova's cardiac rhythm kicks up and he passes out while out in space.

Annihilus orders his fleet to self-terminate, trying to weed out what the Xandarian turned against him. The rest of the Wave will

retreat and renew in another cycle, promising not to be fooled the same way again. Worldmind urges Nova to awaken and

reports that the wave has withdrawn. He is proud of Rich for winning the battle. Nova, though, informs him he's not getting the

Worldmind to safety, as he's remaining in him until the war is finished, as they make too good a team. The supercomputer

agrees. Drax and Cammi soon arrive in a small ship and pick up the exhausted Nova. Rich tells him that Quasar's dead, and

Drax notes his face wound will leave a scar. He opens up a small stargate for the trio to depart the system, which Rich offers as a

down payment on lessons. He wants Drax to teach him how to destroy.


It must be the (Annihilation) day after A:N 4, since it is "12" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). In the Kree/Skrull disputed

territory, Ronan the Accuser tracks down a pair of Kree who were actually behind the Skrull massacre of which Drax had been

accused. As he's bringing them to face justice, about a dozen Kree soldiers, their guns aimed at him, surround him. Ronan is

placed under arrest and accused of sedition against the empire. He hands over his weapon and his prisoners and gives up without

a fight.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #11/2 (10-11)

One day, "a few months" after XU2 11/2 (9). Mark Hawkins sits in a psychiatric hospital and lives an imaginary life in his head.

Green grass and bushes and bare trees.


One day, "two days" after IHM:OL 1 (6-15) and "weeks" before IHM:OL (21-22). This segment must occur before TB 103 (6-

11). Ruby calls the Answer's place and discovers it's been taken over by the police. She calls the bar, finds out he hasn't been

seen in days, and calls Boomerang, who mentions Answer called a few days ago asking about Bullseye wanting to kill him.

Answer shows up in Ruby's hotel room and reveals that Bullseye never wanted him but intended to kill her instead. Bullseye

arrives and flings a compact disc into Ruby's chest. He scolds her for running the exact same scam on AIM using five different

identities. Bullseye uses a menu to chop off her head, which Answer gets to keep after telling Bullseye that Ruby moved all her

backup systems into her chest cavity. The assassin departs, assured Answer wouldn't be stupid enough to lie to him. It's

snowing in Bethesda, but there's no snow on the ground and the grass and leafy trees are green. Full moon.

Saturday, October 31: Halloween

WHITE TIGER #4 (13-14)

The day after WT 4 (1-12). While following Pyne, Angela crosses paths with Emma Frost, who's buying perfume.

THING v2 #8 - FB (17-18)

One day, "a few weeks" before CWF (38). This flashback probably occurs after FOUR 30. Ben celebrates his bar mitzvah. In

attendance are Iron Fist, Captain America, She-Hulk, Justice, Beast, Aquarian, Marvel Girl, Sub-Mariner, Dr. Strange,

Impossible Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Wonder Man, Ms. Marvel, Yellowjacket, Wasp, Black Bolt, Medusa,

Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Alicia Masters, and Willie Lumpkin.


One day, "three months" before IAM 4, but it must be more than three months after IAM 1-FB, which is supposed to occur "six

months" before IAM 1. Dum Dum Dugan escorts a group of agents, including Eric O'Grady, to the rebuilt Helicarrier. "Like

two hours" later, Mitch Carson runs up to Eric in the corridor and demands to know where the Ant-Man suit is, but Eric denies

all knowledge of it. Afterward, Veronica King meets Eric and apologizes "for that night in the rain" and they part on good terms.

"After a few hours of settling in," Eric, as Ant-Man, heads to the women's showers to spy. One of the women, "a highly

decorated sniper," spots him. Panicking, he reaches a vent, but only barely gets to the sealed opening after using both his human

and robot arms on it. He then finds himself surrounded by ants. He discovers the ants listen to him, although there's a limit to

what he can get them to do. He swiftly sets up an ant-race.

THING v2 #8

One "Saturday night," the same night as THING2 8-FB (17-18). This story occurs days after THING2 8-FB (5-8), during the

"week" after THING2 8-FB (10-13), and "a month" after THING2 8-FB (14-16). This story occurs before C&DP 30 (1-9) and

must occur before CW 1 (1-7). Since Namor is here, this story probably occurs before his split from Reed and Tony over

registration in NA:I 1. It cannot be only "thirteen years" after FF 1. Danny Rand appears here as Iron Fist, but that doesn't mean this story can't occur during the time he was playing Daredevil; since that gig is supposed to be a secret, it would make sense that he shows up here as Iron Fist, as he does at Ororo's and 'Challa's wedding. Ben Grimm hosts a super-hero poker tournament at his penthouse apartment. In attendance are Hercules, Constrictor, Lockjaw, Colossus, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, Wolverine, Spider-

Woman, Beast, Nighthawk, Cage, Wonder Man, She-Hulk, Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Yellowjacket, Wasp, Cyclops, Stingray,

Human Torch, Ms. Marvel, Goliath (Foster), Impossible Man, Tigra, Falcon (no goatee), Captain America, Spider-Man, Sub-

Mariner, Marvel Girl, Big Bertha, Squirrel Girl, Flatman, Doorman, Mr. Immortal, and Alicia Masters. Spidey is likely wearing

version 2.0 of the Iron Armor costume in classic costume mode, since Namor makes reference to Spidey's "new costume."

Flatman beats Ben for the championship and the GLX rename themselves the Great Lakes Champions. Alicia offers to make Ben

feel better with a romantic proposition and Ben ushers everyone out.

MOON KNIGHT v5 #6 (11-24)

One day, nearly a month after MK5 6 (8-10). Marc Spector talks with his investor, who tells him that a patent will sell soon and will make him very wealthy. Later, Crawley stops by for a visit. Later still, Marc talks to his hallucinations. That night, Moon Knight breaks into the Profile's hotel room and makes a point, then heads home and stands before his Khonshu statue. Marlene swings by for a visit.

IRON MAN v4 #7 (1-5)

One night. This segment must occur after ASM 531 (1-10), since Spidey has version 2.0 of his Stark-designed costume in IM4

8. It may occur after A4 20. In London, a hooded man authorizes the assassination of the first person on a hit list. In Bulgaria,

Andrei Gorlovich, the first person on a hit list, is killed and his companion tells police that Iron Man did the killing. Bare trees

in Bulgaria.

Sunday, November 1


One day, "15" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). It must be two (Annihilation) days before A:SIL 1. Silver Surfer surfs

around in Verge System 001, not far from the Xandar cluster, admiring the wondrous Syllth creatures. They flee in fear, sensing

what Surfer also senses - the approaching Annihilation Wave. He recognizes the wave as not merely an infection, but an

infestation. In Kree System 114, Starbase Yon-Rogg near the Skrull border, rumors are being passed around the soldiers

concerning the Annihilation Wave. A pair of Skrull systems has fallen already to something called the Harvester of Sorrows,

which destroys whole planets. This sits well with the xenophobic beings, their enemies getting killed is fine with them.

Unfortunately, nobody's aware of a connection between this and the strife in Kyln, believing the Nova Corps to be handling that.

As these half-truths pass about, the Super-Skrull uses his invisibility power to hang around the gym, eavesdropping. Back at

what was once the Xandar Cluster, the Annihilation Wave is dormant, remaining in place as this section of the fleet completes

their purging of the Verge System. The commander of this portion, Eradica, reports to her beloved master of the success and

gives other various figures. She's one of his concubines, and desires to be his one and only queen eventually. The master is Annihilus.

IRON MAN v4 #7 (6-22)

The day after IM4 7 (1-5). In New York, Iron Man fights Crimson Dynamo while conducting some remote multitasking. He

ends the battle by stopping Dynamo's heart and restarting it. The Avengers (Cap, Cage, Spider-Woman) arrive on the scene and

Cap gives Tony crap for his methods, but Iron Man leaves for a "two o'clock" meeting with Nick Fury aboard the hellicarier.

Tony appears to think that Fury is the real deal when he must be the LMD; it's unclear what kind of role Tony thinks Fury has

given that Tony knows that Maria Hill has been in charge. Fury asks Stark about Project Argonaut, but Tony lies and claims

ignorance. Stark heads back to a Stark Enterprises facility where he's making a corps of Iron Man armors. In London, the

hooded man authorizes the next hit, Dennis Kellard, who is boarding a plane in Paris.

IRON MAN v4 #8 (1-19)

The same day as IM4 7 (6-22). Kellard's plane is destroyed in mid-air by someone in Iron Man armor. The Fury LMD links the

slain Kellard with Karim Najeeb, the man who ordered Ho Yinsen's execution and who's scheduled to speak at a peace summit

hosted by Stark Industries. The Fury LMD calls Stark and asks about Najeeb. Graviton breaks out of the Raft and the New

Avengers (Cap, Logan, Cage, Spider-Woman, and Spidey in his version 2.0 Stark-designed costume) fight him. Graviton cracks

Spidey's ribs before Iron Man shows up and blasts the villain within an inch of his life before Cap stops Tony. That night at

Avengers Tower (shown with the Watchtower spires), Logan gives Stark grief about showing up to the battle late. Tony gets

ticked and summons his Extremis body armor. Spider-Woman uses her pheromones to diffuse the situation and Stark swears he

wasn't as late as the logs show. In Columbia, the assassin attacks the compound of the next person on the hit list, Ara Tanzerian.

IRON MAN v4 #9 - FB (4:5)

The same day as IM4 8 (1-19). The assassin - Iron Man - kills one of Tanzerian's bodyguards.

IRON MAN v4 #8 (20-22)

The same day as IM4 9-FB (4:5). Iron Man slays Tanzerian and SHIELD sees him fly away.


The day after IAM 4-FB (4-12). Veronica meets Eric at his station. They're both uncomfortable with Chris' empty station, and

she says everyone's still shell-shocked and knew at least a few people who died in the Helicarrier crash. With everyone so

depressed, she thinks they didn't get enough time off, and Eric agrees, but he says the world won't save itself. With all her

friends either dead or still hospitalized, Veronica asks Eric out. She immediately plays it down but doesn't retract it and he

accepts, letting out a "heh" once she leaves. Meanwhile, Hank Pym suits Mitch up in the prototype Ant-Man suit and sends him

off on a dry run to get used to everything. "Later that night," Veronica has a good time with Eric, although she mentions that

she'd spoken to Kirsten earlier in the day and she acted like she had no clue what was up with Chris and her, but Eric brushes it

off. Veronica then says that she doesn't think he's so bad at all, and they smooch. After sex, Eric smirks and looks at the

sleeping Veronica. When he's sure she's asleep, he grabs the Ant-Man suit. "A few minutes later," he goes back to the ant-nest,

promising prizes of food for the winner of tonight's races. Just then, the suited-up Mitch finds him, intent on taking him down.


The same night as IAM 4-FB (13-19). It is "two weeks" before IAM 5-FB (14-21). Mitch and Eric, both ant-sized and suited

up, square off. Eric knows it's Mitch, but Mitch doesn't know it's Eric. Mitch orders Eric to surrender and Eric refuses. They

fight, and after Mitch gets the upper hand, Eric gets the ants to trample him and gets away. Returning to his room, and hoping

that Mitch doesn't know it was him, Eric finds Veronica gone, and the whole suit except the helmet vanishes when he returns to

full size. Looking at the underside of the helmet, he finds three buttons. The left one releases a burst of gas, which he presumes

is how he shrinks, and the middle one activates a message to voice-start a training program. The helmet tells him to put it on to

begin, and a recording of Pym goes into detail about the modes, specifically, the fact that the suit can either peel itself off when

going full-size or stay on the body. Veronica knocks at the door. When Eric lies to her about why he disappeared and refuses to

go for a walk with her, she walks off, calling him a jerk and herself an idiot for doing it with him. Meanwhile, Mitch, his suit

trashed by the ants, reappears in Pym's lab. Pym is impressed by Eric's trick with the ants and promises he'll have the prototype

fixed in a few days.


One day, two days after NWAVE 6. A Beyond Corporation Human Resources representative summons Dread Rorkannu, Lord of the Dank Dimension, prodigal scion of Faltine. The two strike up a deal to rent out some Mindless Ones in exchange for $100 and the Suicide Girls. Meanwhile, Nextwave chills out while flying in their busted up Shockwave Rider. Back in Colorado, Mindless Ones begin to pour into the streets.

WHITE TIGER #4 (15-21)

The night of the day (a "day and a half") after WT 4 (13-14). This segment occurs "three days" before WT 5 (1-13). Sano kills Pyne as he gets the last blank IDs. White Tiger starts beating up King Cobra, but he bites her with a powerful poison and leaves her for dead. It is a "Sunday."

Monday, November 2


It must be two (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (38-42), since it is "ten (Annihilation) days" after A:SIL 1-FB and "17"

(Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). It is two (Annihilation) days before A:SIL 2. Near the edge of the Skrull empire, Silver

Surfer finds the debris of the destroyed Xandar. Nearby, a trio of brutish green-skinned guys called Seekers, led by Ravenous

and attached to dog-like beings called Currs, beat up Air-Walker on some of the ruins of Xandar. They work for Annihilus, and

their lord wants Galactus' former heralds. Air-Walker tries to fight the trio, but their power is too great. They argue semantics

about how the Annihilation Wave is no different from Galactus. Ravenous is pleased to see the Surfer and admits Xandar wasn't

wiped out just to feed the Annihilation Wave, but to draw out Air-Walker and Firelord. Learning enough about the Seekers and

Currs to be fully aware they're behind the destruction and mean him harm, Surfer refuses to surrender and joins Air-Walker in

fighting back. Ravenous draws upon "the Essence," the Negative Zone's version of Surfer's Power Cosmic. The Currs rip

Gabriel apart, and Surfer's not doing too well against his match, so he distracts the Seekers, grabs the android, and heads a few

light-years away. There, Air-Walker tells the Surfer of Xandar's fate. He also points out the Seekers didn't know he was a robot,

meaning there are gaps in their intelligence, a weakness to be exploited. Before dying for about the 50th time, Gabriel urges

Surfer to quit wandering around aimlessly while the universe is destroyed. Surfer destroys the lifeless shell of his fellow ex-

herald and departs. Meanwhile, in the Andromeda Galaxy, Thanos watches the destruction alongside Skreet and Fallen One.

They're amazed to see Surfer has ripped open a black hole with his energy discharge. Thanos sends Fallen One to seek out a

Seeker and inform it that the mad Titan wants to be an ally. Skreet wonders why Thanos wants to side with the "buggy things,"

and he merely responds that he wants to know the purposes behind the Annihilation Wave, knowing there's more to this than

mere conquest. At the ruins of Tala Prime, Silver Surfer finds many Skrull corpses floating around, similar to that Galactus had

wrought upon planets he himself brought him to. Remembering such events, and recalling Alicia Masters' sensing compassion

within him, Surfer realizes the difference between this and what Galactus did - the Annihilation Wave is worse, as there is

meaning behind this death and destruction. Angrily vowing Annihilus must be stopped, Surfer takes off into space, fists crackling.


The day after NWAVE 7 (1-7). It is "three days" after NWAVE 6. Anger is notified that the Beyond Corporation has gone ahead with the "magic deal" without them and that Nextwave is on their way to Colorado. Later, Nextwave arrives and battles the Mindless Ones.

The same day as NWAVE 7 (8-22). Nextwave regroups and prepare to fight more Mindless Ones. Elsa destroys some Mindless Ones. Dread Rorkannu summons more Mindless Ones and Nextwave continues to destroy them. The Captain happens upon the Dread Rorkannu and beats him with a toilet brush.
IRON MAN v4 #9 (1-10)

Perhaps the day after IM4 8 (20-22). It is "less than a week" before IM4 10-FB. It must be more than "15 years" after TOS 39.

Nick Fury (it must be the LMD) and SHIELD review intelligence about the recent killings and determine that Stark, affected by

the Extremis drug, is the assassin, and they consider cancelling the peace summit, which is "less than a week away," to safeguard

scheduled speaker Kareem Najees. Eavesdropping on the briefing, Stark asks that the summit go forward and offers to have

himself incarcerated to prove his innocence. Stark is imprisoned at Leavenworth and cannot make other appearances until IM4 9

(11-22). The Iron Man armor is locked up at Fort Knox. Leafy trees in Virginia.


One day, "weeks" after C&DP 27 (12-20). It is probably two days before C&DP 28. G.W. Bridge and the Thin Man plan to end

Cable's and Deadpool's incursion in Rumekistan and hire Domino to take them down.


One day. Logan is in the frozen wasteland of Nunavut to make himself forget about Jean Grey. He lies in the snow, healing from

grave wounds inflicted by "an old 'friend'" (presumably Sabretooth) who followed him and who Logan apparently defeated. The

thought of Jean comforts Logan before he gets up and walks away.

Tuesday, November 3


The day after NWAVE 8 (1-21). With all of the Mindless Ones now destroyed, Nextwave heads for the Shockwave Rider.


One day, probably several days after A4 20. Michael Pointer remains incarcerated during the funeral of the loved ones he killed.

One day, two (Annihilation) days after A:SIL 1. It is "19"(Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). Terrax must appear here after

GLXMS 1/5. In the Skrull Empire's Elidorian Reach sector, the Annihilation Wave's forces feast on the dead for fuel. Terrax

arrives and engages the Seekers and Currs in combat. Seven light-years away at Tercera Prime, Silver Surfer finds more death

and destruction deeper in Skrull territory. He finds a servant to the Skrulls named Tarq Maru, the sole survivor of the world.

Tarq plans to to die with his planet, but Surfer won't leave him behind and brings him along. Not far behind, the Seekers and

Currs track Norrin's progress. Thanos and Skreet, escorted by Ravenous and some Seekers, meet Annihilus aboard the bug's

idled starship in Yarvan 7. Annihilus explains that as our universe expands, the Negative Zone retracts, and that he sees that our

universe is his by that right that the Negative Zone is his. Thanos points out he's fighting against universal balance and denies he

wishes to fight him for control of this universe. Death foretold his coming, and their love of death is yet another bit of common

ground. At Tercera Prime's ruins, Silver Surfer is attacked by Seekers. He shields Tarq, and during the battle realizes the Currs

are more than aids in tracking; they are the source of their "Essence" cosmic powers. The Seekers confirm this weakness, and

wait for him using it against them to kill them, but Norrin wants no more death and gives the killers a chance to strike back. He's

saved by the sudden arrival of Firelord and Red Shift, who have overheard the discovery of the Currs' importance and destroy the

Seekers. Surfer doesn't approve, but Firelord points out this is war. Surfer tells him that Air-Walker is dead. In the Badoon

Hegemony, Galactus summons his current herald Stardust and stresses the fact the "balance" has been undone. Surfer takes Tarq

to a refugee caravan, and on the way there, they realize their own common thread is the Power Cosmic, which Annihilus must be

after. Meanwhile, Terrax is defeated and transported elsewhere by the Seekers.


One weeknight. The Thing appears on Conan O'Brien's show.


One night, at least "nine months" after P:RX 1 (20-33), since it took Suspiria that long to learn to walk again, but it may not be

"over a year" after P:RX 1 (20-33). Ready to kill some guys he's been trailing for the past two days, the Punisher is cut off by

Suspiria, who gets to them first. They team up and get on her plane where she explains why she's after the same guys he was,

and that they're now going to Italy to take out Vincent Carraciola and Herman Zeufeieden. Suspiria thinks about the murder of

her husband and kidnaping of her daughter. Frank thinks of the slaughter of his family. Coat and jacket weather in New York.

Wednesday, November 4


One morning, probably two days after C&DP 27 (21), since it is "day two" in Domino's mission log. This story must occur after

OATH 1 if the real Flag-Smasher appears there. Domino watches Wade fight Ultimatum soldiers and report to the resistance

movement in Rumekistan, where it is raining. Domino meets with an old friend who's now an Ultimatum soldier and can't

decide whether Deadpool or Flag-Smasher should be killed. At Providence, Irene sends Ken Ellis inside info on the Superhuman

Registration Act. Back in Rumekistan, Wade meets Weasel, who is working for the resistance. They are attacked by Domino,

and after a fight in which Domino finds herself on the losing end, Ultimatum forces scare the resistance fighters away. After

dawn, Deadpool prepares to kill Flag-Smasher as he makes a public speech, but Domino ends up assassinating him. The leader

of the resistance then introduces the people to their new head of state - Cable.


The same day as C&DP 28. It must be more than "seven weeks" ("two months") before C&DP 33. Given Irene's statement that

"they're in the middle of considering legislation to register superhumans," this story must occur sometime before CW 1 (32-33).

Cable convinces Ultimatum to join him and Domino resists the urge to take down Cable. After a meeting in which plans to

rebuild Rumekistan are laid, Wade follows the suspicious resistance leader, only to discover that he's Citizen V. On Providence,

Black Box checks his files for info on Citizen V and Irene notes that Nathan is upset at Domino's silence. Deadpool fights and

defeats Citizen V and delivers him to Domino, who lets him go. Domino reveals her distrust of Nathan and leaves.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #14/2 (1-9)

One day. Peter Rasputin tries to find inspiration for a work of art that is to be displayed at a gallery "this Friday night."

FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (22:1-22:2)

One day. A TV journalist interviews Johnny Storm.


The day ("hours") after P:BV 1 (1-12). At dusk, Frank and Suspiria parachute out of her plane and land on her lawn in Italy.

They go inside and find out where Vincent is, but they're attacked by men sent by Vincent. They escape after blowing up

Suspiria's house, then leave in a boat. Grapes are fully grown on the vines in Italy at Suspiria's house.

WHITE TIGER #5 (1-13)

One day, "three days" after WT 4 (15-21) and "weeks" after WT 1 (12-33). This segment occurs about 20 years after WT 5-FB (7:3) and several years after WT 5-FB (7:5). The new Daredevil finds White Tiger lying on a rooftop, half-hidden by a new camouflaging power. She finally figures out he's really Danny Rand. She meets with her bosses, who know and are fine with her "after hours" occupation. She beats up Danny for lying and being so careless. Cage is called to assemble with the Avengers. That night, White Tiger follows Eddie yet again, but is interrupted by Deadpool, who tries to arrest her because he thinks she's Black Cat.


It must be two (Annihilation) days after A:SIL 2, since it is "21" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). At what remains of the

Kyln prison system, two freed prisoners named Aegis and Tenebrous survey the damage. Nearby, Fallen One seeks the Beyonder

in the prison debris, and they sense his connection to Galactus. He finds the Beyonder's female body, "Maker," dead.

Tenebrous engages Fallen One, who claims he works for Thanos and hasn't worked for Galactus in centuries. Tenebrous plans

on learning all Fallen One knows and making him serve Aegis and him. Meanwhile, in the Skrull system of Tercera Minor, Tarq

Maru is dropped off on one of the many refugee ships passing by. Silver Surfer is still dawdling in joining Firelord and Red

Shift in their planned opposition of Annihilus. Stardust appears, sent by Galactus in exchange for the Surfer, who he wants to

see in person. Norrin does so, but gets tracked on his trip by a Seeker. For the other three ex-heralds, decisions about how best

to strike get put on hold when the Annihilation Wave materializes in front of them. The refugee ships are placed in peril, so the

trio strike, discovering that their enemies want them alive. At the flagship, Annihilus is having trouble harnessing the Power

Cosmic. He's had Morg killed, but with his death, the energy went with it. Thanos claims he never gave much thought to

investigating the details of the Power Cosmic, since there are items of greater power in the universe. It's not good enough for

Annihilus, and though Thanos plays docile and dumb, but just smart enough, Terrax is the last living specimen remaining on

whom to test. Thanos gets Annihilus to agree to a small fee in exchange for using his skills and knowledge to harness the Power

Cosmic from Terrax.


The (Annihilation) day after A:SIL 3 (1-13). It is "22" (Annihilation) days after A:P (2-8). Silver Surfer reaches Galactus, who

explains that the Kyln prisons existed long before even he was around, and their unknown architect used them when the universe

was young to imprison Aegis and Tenebrous. The pair, the Lady of All Sorrows and the Darkness Between, were of the Cosmic

Balance, and long ago, they and the architect were the only survivors of a war. Galactus feels that their intentions of revenge

against him will be far worse for reality than the Annihilation Wave. He wants Norrin to be his herald again, but Surfer's lost his

conviction over the years. Galactus offers to renew his will, give him new power, and remove his remorse, but Norrin wants to

keep the latter to define himself. As Galactus reinvigorates the Surfer, a section of the Annihilation Wave materializes around his

ship. Ravenous and his fellow Seekers have come for Galactus, assured this will bode well for him in the eyes of his master,

Annihilus. But when informed that Silver Surfer is also there, Ravenous loses his edge and demands the Seekers take Galactus

quickly. The restored Surfer, once more Galactus' herald, destroys several of the wave's ships instantly.


The same day as A:SIL 3 (14-23). This segment must occur before NA:LH. At the Obada'an Rim, Silver Surfer surveys the

destruction he caused on the Annihilation Wave's armada. Ravenous remains, and they do battle, talking the whole time. Norrin

ends it by killing the Curr, then blowing up the uninhabited planet. Drained and trapped on a piece of it, Ravenous is left

wondering exactly what Norrin has become. Surfer lets him live and returns to Galactus, noting how he's not a killer and how

the planet had no sustenance on it. Galactus needs to feed now, though, and Surfer sets off to find a suitable world. He knows

he'll have to bring destruction to the universe, but with purpose and meaning. Surfer's big plan is to also steer Galactus clear of

Annihilus, since that'll save lives.

Thursday, November 5


The day after P:BV 1 (13-18). At dusk in Rome, Frank and Suspiria plan, and Vincent and Herman chat. That evening, Frank

and Suspiria enter the casino where Vincent is and proceed to kill a bunch of hotel guards. Suspiria tortures Vincent to find out

where the kidnaped kids are, then kills him. She and Frank take off to the airport and rescue the kids that Herman has stashed in

a plane. Suspiria stops Frank from killing Herman in front of the kids, but she does strap Herman to the planes landing gear,

crushing him when they land.

WHITE TIGER #5 (14-21)

The day after WT 5 (1-13). Kenzo Orii visits Angela to try to make her leave his son alone, but fails and leaves. Later, Sano attacks her while she walks in a park. She jumps into the river and swims right into the Lizard.

WHITE TIGER #6 (1-5)

The same day as WT 5 (14-21). Angela escapes and presses charges against Sano.


One day, "7 years" after NWAVE 9-FB (6-7). Nextwave are confused; they're in a town that, according to the Beyond Corporation's marketing plan, is supposed to be attacked by dinosaurs right now. But instead, it's completely empty. Nextwave decides to get out of the town when they're approached by a floating upside down castle. In it is the head of the Beyond Corporation Number None, as well as Mister Sssh, Pope Omerta, and General Quiet. Together they are the core cell of S.I.L.E.N.T., and the city was a trap. Number None unleashes his super-teams on Nextwave: the Surgery (Doctor Injectable, Doctor Nosexy, Doctor Meatball, and Doctor Headless) and the Vestry (the Inquisitor, Father Faith, Red Rosary, Reverend Guilt, and Abbess Horror). The Homosexuality (Sun King, the Midniteman, Polestar, and Slightly Creepy Policewoman) are said to be along as soon as the gay parade in San Francisco is over. Number None unleashes his other super-team, the New Paramounts (Charlie America, Giant-Sam, Bulk, and Forbush-Man). A big fight ensues.

The same day as NWAVE 9. The Surgery, the Vestry, and the Homosexuality are revealed to be broccoli people, and Forbush-Man unleashes his omni-stellar mind on Nextwave. Everyone's minds are thrown into Forbush-Vision, forcing them to view skewed alternate realities. Tabitha is spared since she has no mind, and after she blasts Forbush Man out of the empty city, Nextwave focuses on the upside-down castle.

The same day as NWAVE 10. As Nextwave approaches State 51, the Beyond Corporation's floating terror factory, Anger attacks from behind in the Aeromarine, crashing into them and destroying both the Shockwave Rider and the Aeromarine. Escaping the explosions, Nextwave proceeds to the command center, beating up everything they see on the way. Nextwave is attacked by Number None, who he impales X-51 through the chest.

The same day as NWAVE 11. This story must occur before BP4 18. Since he's a robot, getting impaled really didn't do anything to X-51. He saws off Number None's head, and the team opens up Number None's chest to find a Modok baby inside. After throwing a fit he runs away, so they follow him to the command center. The Modok baby arrives first and is killed by Devil Dinosaur, the real leader of S.I.L.E.N.T. They kick him off the city and blow him up.
FANTASTIC FOUR #543 - FB (22:2-23)

One day. A TV journalist interviews Sue Richards.

X-MEN v2 #200/2 - FB (5:2)

One day, "months" after HOM:A 1 (3-32) and after X 200/2-FB (5:1). As the Thing looks on, Reed and the Beast work in the Baxter Building on finding a way to reverse the effects of M-Day.


One day. This flashback occurs "six months" before M/CP/2 3. Stacy Dolan arrests a black market punk named Jaafar Yoosuf, who was trying to buy super-powers on the black market. Jaafar swears revenge on Stacy. It is "November 5," but the reference to "2006" must be topical

Friday, November 6


The day after P:BV 1 (19-35). Frank and Suspiria chat, and make plans to spend the evening together.

WHITE TIGER #6 (6-20:2)

The day after WT 6 (1-5). Angela gets full support from the Guerreros. Together with various heroes, White Tiger busts up the Chaeyi. Sano accidentally kills his father and is forced to suicide, and lots of mooks are arrested by the police. King Cobra escapes. Spidey's hobby as a photographer is not known by Cage, Danny, or Black Widow.

IRON MAN v4 #17 - FB

One day, "five months" before IM4 17 (1-13). The Mandarin has ten rings fused to his back.

SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN v2 #38 - FB (5:4-6:3)

One day. The hospitalized Eddie Brock (bald again) listens to the piece of Venom that is still inside him.

X-MEN v2 #200 - FB (5:3)

One day. Stark, Reed, and the Beast conduct a test on Rictor to find a way to reverse the effects of M-Day.


One day, before WWH:GC 4-FB (4:1-4:5). The Wilkinsons take their son Timmy to the Toronto Institute for the Developmentally Disabled, where the administrator offers to help him by taking him to the Gamma Corps facility and implementing some radical procedures. My calculation have Timmy as being age 18.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #14/2 (10-11)

The "Friday night" after XU2 14/2 (1-9). Kitty, Logan, and Scott go to the gallery show where Peter's painting is displayed.

Saturday, November 7

WHITE TIGER #6 (20:3-21)

The day after WT 6 (6-20). Soledad Ayala sees the new White Tiger as forgiveness from her late husband. Meanwhile, Karlson and King Cobra hire Omega Red to hunt down and kill White Tiger.
X-MEN v2 #200/2 - FB (5:4)

One day. This flashback probably occurs before CW 1 (1-7). Yellowjacket helps the Beast try to find away to reverse the effects of M-Day.

X-MEN v2 #203 - FB

One day, "months" before X 203. Afraid that the Destiny Diaries will fall into enemy hands, Kitty goes to Scott, who tells her to hide the diaries, then Emma can wipe the memory from her mind and make everyone believe a blank set of diaries is the real deal. Right after this, Kitty hides the diaries in Flint, Michigan.

IRON MAN v4 #9 (11-22)

One day during the "less than a week" period following IM4 9 (1-10). A mystery figure in London authorizes the killing of

Zakim Karzai and Aftaab Lemar. The Iron Man armor assembles itself and blasts out of Fort Knox. It flies to Iraq and slays

Karzai and Lemar. Iron Man removes his helmet and Tony Stark is revealed to be inside the armor, wondering what he's just

done. When the Fury LMD gets word that Stark has escaped from Leavenworth, he sanctions Sentry to search for and neutralize

Stark. The Watchtower spires appear on Avengers Tower.

DAREDEVIL v2 #82 (1-5)

One rainy night, perhaps after WT 1 (12-33). Danny Rand, dressed up as Daredevil, stops a late night robbery in Hell's Kitchen and beats up a bunch of thugs. A couple of kids photograph him jumping across a rooftop.

Sunday, November 8


One day, "29" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). Before a tribunal, with Ronan present, Tana Nile testifies that she was

undercover on As'sklo and witnessed Ronan committing treason with Baroness S'bak in a scheme to overthrow the ruling house

of Hala, the House of Fiyero, and give the Skrulls some Kree planets in return.


One day. Kingpin kills members of Lamuerto's gang in the prison shower.

MS. MARVEL v2 #8 - FB (1:5-2:2)

One day, "several days" before MSM2 8-FB (2:3-2:5) and "a few months" before MSM2 8 (1-15). This flashback occurs after

SW3 4. Julia Carpenter is injected with a formula made by Maximilian Coleridge's labs to restore her Spider-Woman powers.

IRON MAN v4 #10 (1-5)

Perhaps the day after IM4 9 (11-22). Stark shows up at the Marin County home of his friend, Berkeley University prof, Sal

Kennedy, where it's morning. The Defense Secretary contacts the Fury LMD and tells him that the peace summit will proceed

based on the LMD's personal guarantee of the safety of the delegates. He adds that cabinet members are hoping the LMD will

screw up "so they can finally fry your ass" - this is an indication that authorities believe the LMD to be the real Fury. Stark

shaves his facial hair and bleaches his hair to disguise himself. Green grass and trees and autumn trees and falling leaves in


IRON MAN v4 #10 - FB

The same day as IM4 10 (1-5). It is "less than a week" after IM4 9 (1-10). The Avengers (She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Cage, Spider-

Woman, and Cap) and the FF show up at the peace summit in London to help provide security.

IRON MAN v4 #10 (6-22)

The same day as IM4 10-FB. Stark and Sal go to Berkeley, where Sal examines Stark's brain and finds a foreign mass of nano-

tech there. Iron Man jets to a prison in West Virginia and retrieves Maya Hansen from the middle of a fight with a fellow inmate

whose brother was killed by Mallen. Back in California, Maya identifies the foreign mass in Stark's brain as a receiver unit

that's been there for "a long time." As Stark tries to figure out where the sender might be, Sentry attacks. Stark dons his armor

and fights, but Sentry neutralizes him. Green trees in California. It's a "Sunday."

IRON MAN v4 #11

The same day as IM4 10 (6-22). Iron Man neutralizes Sentry by having Cloc bombard him with reports of impending crises and

the Nick Fury LMD gets concerned for the safety of Karim Mahwash Najeeb as he speaks to a crowd at the peace summit in

London. Controlled by a man in the crowd, Iron Man arrives in London and the New Avengers, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and the

Fantastic Four go after him. As the heroes realize they're chasing an empty, remote-controlled armor, the disguised Tony Stark

locates the man who's been controlling him in the crowd at the conference. He claims he's the son of Ho Yinsen and (in an

implausible story) that Tony's brain implant was put there many years ago. A SHIELD sniper guns down the man, but that

triggers a failsafe that activates five drone Iron Man units in Stark's lab. Green grass and trees in California.

IRON MAN v4 #12 (1-21)

The same night as IM4 11. From the Helicarrier, Stark and the Fury LMD monitor the activities of the drone units around the

world. The FF battles a tunneling drone in Saudi Arabia and the submariner drone attacks Namor (in green trunks) in the Pacific

Ocean near Guam. Iron Man defeats the submariner drone, then he subdues the tunneling drone and hoists it high into the

atmosphere, where he's attacked by a stealth drone. Iron Man kayos the stealth drone and flies after the plummeting tunneling

drone, which is crippled by the Human Torch and destroyed when Iron Man hurls it into the battlefield drone. Stark gets an SOS

from Cap, who's fighting the Hulkbuster drone with their fellow Avengers in Manhattan. When Iron Man arrives, the Avengers

are all but beaten and Stark decides to stop the drone with a high-voltage backfire charge that stops his own heart.

DAREDEVIL v2 #82 (6-14)

The rainy evening of the day after DD2 82 (1-5). It is "one month and one day - 32 days" since Matt was thrown in prison in

DD2 81. A prison guard hands Matt Murdock a copy of today's Daily Bugle newspaper, which has the headline, "Murdock

behind bars, Daredevil still free?" along with a photograph of "Daredevil" jumping through the rain. Meanwhile, at Murdock's

law office, Foggy and Ben Urich have a heated conversation about how best to help Matt. Ben shows Foggy a copy of the

newspaper and Foggy denies any involvement with the new Daredevil. Ben leaves and Foggy sees the new Daredevil outside of

his window. Foggy goes up to the roof and tells this new Daredevil to not come around and that he doesn't want anything to do

with him.

Monday, November 9

IRON MAN v4 #12 - FB

The day after IM4 12 (1-21). The Bulgarian girl who witnessed Iron Man's slaying of Gorlovich is given a lethal injection.

IRON MAN v4 #12 (22-23)

The same day as ("an hour" after) IM4 12-FB. This segment must occur before CW 1 (1-7) and before NA:I 1. The blond Stark

recuperates in Tisch Hospital after the Extremis drug saves him from death. By his side are Sal and Maya, who tell him that the

implant is inert and should be metabolized "within a few weeks." Stark regrets the damage done by his technology and notes his

support for the registration of super heroes.

DAREDEVIL v2 #82 (15-34)

The day after DD2 82 (6-14) and DD2 82-FB. It is the "week" before DD2 83 (14-23). The director of the FBI gives Warden

Cole authorization papers to have Murdock put in with the general population of the prison. Foggy wakes up to find Becky

Blake and Dakota North at the law office. Dakota says that she's just received word that they're moving Matt to general

population and they decide they have to visit Matt in prison today. Matt has his bandages removed in the prison medical ward

and he meets up with Carlos Lamuerto, who offers Matt the chance to side with him in prison hierarchy. Matt denies being

Daredevil again, but is taken by a prison guard to a corridor where Hammerhead and his gang are waiting. They knock out the

guard and the convicts attack Matt, but Matt defeats them easily enough. When prison guards arrive, Matt claims he stumbled

into the middle of a gang fight, but the guards throw him in solitary confinement anyway. Later, Foggy and Dakota arrive and try

and reassure Matt they'll figure out something. But when Foggy and Dakota leave and Matt is escorted back to his cell, Foggy is

led by a corrupt prison guard into a corridor where they are attacked by some thugs. Foggy is stabbed in the chest, and although

Matt hears it all from his cell, he can do nothing. Fellow prisoner Kingpin laughs at Matt.


The same day as DD2 82 (15-34). According to DD2 88 (1-20), Foggy is rushed to the hospital and before he is operated on, he

is forced to sign papers putting him in FBI protective custody.

PUNISHER v7 #32-FB (9:4)

One day, "one week" before PUN7 31 (5-22). Dermot gives Harry his current plan.

PUNISHER v7 #32-FB (10:1-10:2)

The same day as PUN7 32-FB (9:4). Dermot lays out his plan.

PUNISHER v7 #32-FB (10:5)

The same day as PUN7 32-FB (10:1-10:2). Stephens objects to Dermot's plan.

NEW AVENGERS #26 (10-19)

One day, "several months" after A4 26-FB. In a village near Wundagore Mountain, Clint Barton subdues a thief and meets his

victim, Wanda Maximoff. Wanda has adopted a new life and remembers nothing of her former life. Clint doesn't find closure,

but ends up sleeping with Wanda.


One day, "two days" before M/HOL '07 1 (16). Because Xavier is at the Institute and Logan has his Astonishing costume, this segment must occur after X:DG 6 (1-24). Logan makes his way through the sewers and encounters a deactivated Sentinel. He calls the mansion looking for Xavier, but Bobby answers the phone in the middle of a party (which I theorize is not a holiday party; perhaps it's Xavier's birthday). Meanwhile at the Daily Bugle, Peter Parker tries to sell some photos to Jonah, but he turns him down. Back in the sewers, the Sentinel smacks Wolverine; it's piloted by a laid-off mall Santa. (I theorize that this segment occurs during a time that malls are hiring Santas and this man was not hired.) Peter makes his way across town when the Sentinel starts rampaging through the streets. He dons what must be version 2.0 of the Iron Spider costume mimicking the classic costume to fight the Sentinel. He teams up with Wolverine and together they stop it. The Santa is arrested. During the fight, Spidey lost the cake he was hauling around, but Wolverine has an idea. Later, Peter and Mary Jane go to Aunt May's party (which I theorize is not a holiday party, nor is it a birthday party for Peter, M.J. or May - perhaps Anna Watson?) and Peter has a new cake. The reference to "Christmas Eve" must be topical.

Tuesday, November 10

NEW AVENGERS #26 (20-22)

The morning after A4 26 (10-19). This segment must occur before S-H4 20-FB (13-14). Clint leaves Wanda's bed.

PUNISHER v7 #32-FB (11:1)

The day after PUN7 32 (10:5). Stephens is attacked by drug dealers.

PUNISHER v7 #32-FB (11:4)

The same day as PUN7 32-FB (11:1). Harry starts to put Dermot's plan into motion.


One day, "a few months" after RUN2 8 and "eighteen months" after RUN2 14-FB (11-16). It is "two weeks" before RUN2 20.

Molly has been grounded since their "last battle" in RUN2 13, so she cannot make other appearances as an active member

between RUN2 13 and 14.


One night, probably after TOD4 4. Lilith has just finished feasting on a couple in their house, especially enjoying the man. When she goes to collect her two female familiars, she finds them both dead, sucked dry by none other than her father, Dracula. Dracula wants to try another truce with Lilith. He's going to have a meeting with some vampire clan heads soon, in an effort to consolidate power bases. With he and his daughter fighting, the vampire community gets all the more fractured, and with the two of them united, things could easily turn around. Lilith is suspicious of his motives.

Wednesday, November 11


One day, two days after M/HOL'07 1 (1-15). This segment supposedly occurs on "December 26," but because W3 49 is supposed to occur on "December 24," and because that story occurs after W3 46, which follows X188-FB (4-17), which occurs at about the time of Xavier's departure for space in UX 476, I conclude that the party held by Xavier here occurs earlier; it must occur before UX 475-FB (3-5) and likely before X:DG 6 (25-28). Given the interplay of W3, CW:X, and CW that follows this point in time, the classic Spidey costume seen here must be version 2.0 of the Iron Spider costume. The fact that Peter is working for the Bugle actually places this story before the revelation of Spidey's identity in ASM 532 (18-19). Given that, at that time, Logan was obsessed with Nitro, I'm inclined to place this segment before W3 42 (1-4/5), the start of the Civil War. Peter calls up Jonah to ask about the picture of Wolverine baking a cake in today's paper. Meanwhile, Logan and Iceman are on the Daily Bugle's roof with a giant ice ball (of Bobby's making).
MS. MARVEL v2 #8 - FB (2:3-2:5)

One day, "several days" after MSM2 8-FB (1-2) and "weeks and weeks" before MSM2 8-FB (3). Julia Carpenter's powers


The night of the day after LOM:M 1/2 (1-7). This segment probably occurs before BLADE8 1-FB (13-17). Lilith shows up at Drac's castle for the meeting as a show of solidarity. The vampire clan heads are less than thrilled with her actions over the years, and thus, upon first instance of hostility, Lilith slaughters all of the vampire clan leaders. Once that's done, she threatens her father, reminding him that whatever power he thinks he possesses, she has the power to take it away. After she leaves, he smiles. One of the vampire leaders, barely surviving, notices, and before Dracula finishes him off, he elaborates that she did just as he'd wanted her to do. Lilith has made herself the enemy of several vampire clans now. Dracula's blameless in the matter and can swoop in and take over the five clans. Green trees in Transylvania.

Thursday, November 12


One early morning. This story occurs after FOUR 29 and "one month" after NA:I 1-FB (11). This story must occur after Tony

accepts registration in IM3 12 (22-23) - and long enough after for him to recover - and probably after Namor appears at Ben's

bar mitzvah in THING2 8. Reed notes that "Xavier's been missing since the House of M"; this may mean that this story occurs

before X:DG 5 or simply that Xavier has not made his return known to his fellow Illuminati at this point. Iron Man calls the

Illuminati together and tells them about the Superhero Registration Act. Iron Man and Reed argue that they should support the

legislation to diffuse the politicians, but Namor and Strange disagree and leave.


One day. This story must occur after A:SIL 4 (1-20), since Galactus refers to Galactus as his "lord." It probably occurs before

ANN 1-FB. This story must occur after A4 15 and GR4 6, and before CW 1 (1-7). Cap gets a call at Avengers Tower from Nick

Fury, who alerts him that Hydra has seized control of a transmitter station in Arizona that controls a U.S. military satellite. The

satellite is armed with a particle beam, which Hydra is threatening to use, but it has a secondary function -- communications.

Specifically, it's the satellite that delivers active-duty soldiers' e-mails home. Fury is unable to handle it, being "out of action,"

and Cap mentions that the other Avengers are "all off with their families for the holidays. Even Wolverine's spending some

quality time with the X-Men." So Cap contacts the Silver Surfer, telling him, "Dr. Richards said you'd returned to Earth." The

Surfer agrees to handle the robots that Hydra has placed on the satellite, and Cap says he'll liberate the transmitter station, but he

fears that Hydra might also attack the satellite's remote station overseas, and wishes someone was able to travel there and retrieve

the soldiers' e-mails. The Surfer suggests Ghost Rider, who he says "only recently returned to this plane of existence." Ghost

Rider attacks the Hydra agents who are, indeed, laying siege to the overseas base. He defeats the Hydra agents and asks the

soldiers manning the station to copy the e-mails onto a flash drive he brought with him. Meanwhile, in space, the Surfer fights a

many-headed dragon-like robot that Hydra has placed on the satellite. He defeats the robot and contacts Cap via radio, stating

that the satellite is still armed, and asking if he should destroy it. Cap tells him to sit tight. Meanwhile, in Arizona, Cap

parachutes down outside the transmitter station and battles his way inside. Cap's progress is interrupted as Cap comes face-to-

face with the Punisher. Frank thanks Cap for the diversion that allowed him to slip inside, and the two forge an uneasy alliance

and defeat the Hydra goons who are controlling the particle beam. The U.S. military mops up outside and Ghost Rider arrives

with the flash drive. Avengers Tower has the Watchtower spires. The references to "December 2006" and the "holidays" must

be topical; the New Avengers must taking time off for another reason.

Friday, November 13


One day. It must be 19 (Annihilation) days after A:SIL 4 (1-20), since it is "40" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). On

Harborage Minor, Tenebrous and Aegis examine the inhabitants, finding the lack of purpose fascinating. They're more

concerned with Thanos, who has finally arrived. Skreet warns Thanos about the pair, and Thanos learns that Skreet is a "chaos

mite," firstborn of the creation event, an unstable alpha life form. She refuses to explain how she survived and notes how the

Proemial Elders are all dead. They return the seemingly lifeless Fallen One to Thanos. Aegis senses Thanos serves not Galactus,

but a darker, female person. The pair say they have unfinished business with Galactus. Thanos claims he seeks Galactus too, and

they now have common goals. He wants an understanding so as to further all their own agendas.


It must be the (Annihilation) day after A:SIL 4, since it is "41" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). It is five (Annihilation)

days before A:SKRULL 1 (11-19). In the fourth Skrull system, the planet Ask'lo has been changed from a zoo for the empress to

a battleground. A sector of the Annihilation Wave, headed by Admiral Salo and including the Harvester of Sorrow, arrives.

Wave troops check the planet, finding no signs of life or resistance until the Skrulls shapeshift from their forms of the ground and

vegetation. Many Skrulls are laid to waste, but not Super-Skrull, who's been tracking the wave from world to world, attacking it

all over the galaxy. Kl'rt kills a good number of the bugs, but since no anti-aircraft batteries were found, the troops are ordered

to retreat and the Harvester of Sorrow is used to blow up Ask'lo and convert it into energy for the wave. Super-Skrull barely

makes it off the planet in time.

WOLVERINE v3 #42 (1-4/5:5)

One morning, "six weeks" before W3 48. This segment must occur after M/TU3 25 (3-21) and likely after M/HOL '07 1 (16). Logan fights the Crusader and his flunkies aboard a federal treasury plane they hijacked. Logan brings the plane down for a crash landing.

WOLVERINE v3 #48 - FB (1:5-1:6)

The same day as W3 42 (1-4/5). The plane crashes in a corn field.

WOLVERINE v3 #42 (4/5:6-6:1)

The same day as W3 48-FB (1:5-1:6). The plane explodes as it hits the ground.

WOLVERINE v3 #48 - FB (2-5:2)

The same day as W3 42 (4/5-6). Logan has a near-death experience.

WOLVERINE v3 #42 (6:2-6:4)

The same day as W3 48-FB (2-5). According to W3 48, it is "ten days" before W3 43 (1-14). Logan wakes up "three hours" later

and gets directions to the nearest bar from an FAA body-hauler.

CIVIL WAR #1 (1-7:1)

The same school day as W3 42 (6:2-6:4). This segment occurs after IM3 12 (22-23) and A:P 1 (9-35) and during the "year" before X:MC 1. It must occur after A4 20, M/HOL'05 1/2, FR:FFF 1/2, and THING2 8 and probably occurs a couple of days before CW 1 (13-17). According to CW:OS, this segment occurs "months" after H3 92 (1:4-1:6). According to CA5 24, this segment occurs "a week" after CA5 21-FB (18:1). This segment occurs after IHM:MI 1 (5-10) and after Nova's departure from the New Warriors in A:N 1. It occurs before the flashbacks in S-H4 8 and "two weeks" before W3 43. It is (many) "weeks" before NOVA4 2 (1-16) and probably after X 200/2-FB (5:4). It must be more than "weeks" after A4 1, as noted in A4 30-FB. This segment occurs "exactly one hundred and forty-seven days" before P:R 1 (1-). "Three months" after breaking out of Ryker's, Cobalt Man, Coldheart, Speedfreek, and Nitro are staked out at a house in Stamford by the New Warriors, who are filming an episode for the "second season" of their reality TV show. Despite the fact that they're outmatched, the Warriors attack for the sake of ratings. In the fracas Nitro prepares to explode. Green grass and trees in Connecticut.

CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE #1 - FB (2:2-2:4)

The same day as CW 1 (1-7). Cameraman John Fernandez stands before Nitro as he explodes.

CIVIL WAR #1 (7:2-7:4)

The same day as CW:FL 1-FB (2:2-2:4). This segment occurs "two weeks" before TB 103 (1:1). Nitro's explosion killing and

wounding an estimated 800-900 people, including schoolchildren.


The same day as CW 1 (7:2-7:4). Speedball absorbs the brunt of the explosion and is blown into the sky.


The same day as CW:FL 1/2-FB (8:6). It is probably a few days before CW:FL 1 (1-5). John Fernandez lay dead.


The same day as CW:FL 1/2. While flying in a plane, Tony and Peter find out about the Stamford disaster.

WOLVERINE v3 #42 (7-11:1)

The same day as ASM 532-FB (2-3). This segment probably occurs after FFS 1. As Logan orders beer at the bar, he gets an

alert on his Avengers pager and sees TV news coverage of the Stamford explosion. In Latveria, Doom views a tape of the

Warriors' fight and takes an interest in Nitro. Logan shows up in Stamford and helps in the rescue/recovery effort. Green trees

in Latveria.

CIVIL WAR #1 (8-9)

The same day as W3 42 (7-11). The Avengers (Cap, Cage, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Logan, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Falcon

w/goatee), Goliath (Foster), the FF, and the X-Men (Scott, Rachel, Colossus, Iceman) help the authorities search for survivors in

Stamford. This occasion may be the last time that Carol has talked to Cap, "a couple weeks" before MSM2 5 (20-21).

CIVIL WAR #1 (10:1) ~ WOLVERINE v3 #42 (11:2)

The same day as CW 1 (8-9). Iron Man tells Cap the authorities have a lead on Nitro.

CIVIL WAR #1 (10:2-11:2)

The same day as CW 1 (10:1). Iron Man discusses the New Warriors' bad judgment with Cap. Rachel levitates some debris.

WOLVERINE v3 #42 (11:3)

The same day as CW 1 (10-11). Logan dwells on scapegoats for the tragedy.

CIVIL WAR #1 (11:3-11:5)

The same day as W3 42 (11:3). Logan notices that the Sentinels have arrived.

CIVIL WAR #1 (12:1-12:2) ~ WOLVERINE v3 #42 (11:4)

The same day as CW 1 (11:3-11:5). Logan remarks about the Sentinels' presence and Lex notes that they're just doing their


CIVIL WAR #1 (12:3-12:5)

The same day as CW 1 (12:1-12:2). As they work, the heroes discuss the repercussions of the tragedy.


The same day as CW 1 (12:3-12:5). "Two hours" after ASM 532-FB (2-3), after all the bodies have been retrieved from the

rubble, Spidey notices that onlookers are staring at the heroes with hatred. The president arrives by helicopter.


The same day as ASM 532-FB (4-5). This flashback occurs "days" before A:TI 8-FB (2-3) and "several months" before A:TI 8. Thing, Cap, Iron Man, Yellowjacket, Mr. Fantastic, and Goliath sift through the rubble at Stamford. Pym, Reed, and Stark resolve to make sure such a catastrophe does not occur again.

WOLVERINE v3 #42 (12)

The same day as W3 42 (11:4). It is "days" before W3 42 (13-15) and W3 42 (17-19). A suburban couple is summoned by the

Operations Directorate. It is not a Thursday. Green grass and trees in New York.


The same day as W3 42 (12). This flashback must occur before SENSM2 29-FB. "Three hours" after ASM 532-FB (4-5), Peter

accompanies Stark to the White House, where Tony meets with the president and tells him that he is Iron Man. After the

meeting, Tony explains the new reality of superhuman registration to Peter and asks him to consider revealing his secret identity

to comply with the Registration Act, which the president is expected to sign very soon (so soon that Tony stays in DC to meet

with the president again after he signs the act, but these plans may change). Peter flies back to New York in a Stark jet. Green

grass and trees in Washington, DC.


The same night as CW:FL 1-FB (2:5). Two guys discover Speedball barely conscious in a wheat field in upstate New York.

The energy absorbed by Speedball is released, killing the two guys.


The same night as ASM 532-FB (6-12). This segment must occur before XF3 8. As M.J. showers in Avengers Tower (no

Watchtower spires), Peter (after a stressful day) watches a TV news report about the tragedy in Stamford. A sports report on the

TV indicates that it's Major League Baseball season. Full moon.

Saturday, November 14


The day after CW:FL 1/2 (1-6). It is long enough before CW:FL 2/2 for Robbie to recover and regrow some of his hair. A

powerless Speedball comes to in a SHIELD medical facility and is arrested.

SHE-HULK v4 #8 - FB (8:4)

One day, after CW 1 (12:3-12:5). In the wake of the Stamford tragedy, Hindsight Lad has started his hate site "Destroy All

Warriors" and sets up a fake attack on his property.

CIVIL WAR #1 (13-17)

One day, shortly after CW 1 (12:3-12:5). This segment must occur before ASM 532 (20-22) and FF 538-FB. It is referred to as

having occurred "last--" (likely month) in CW:YA&R 1. Larry King interviews She-Hulk about a proposed ban on super-heroes.

At a memorial service for the Stamford victims, Miriam Sharpe, the mother of a boy who was killed, spits at Tony Stark and

blames him for the recklessness of vigilante super-heroes. Present are J. Jonah Jameson and photographer Peter Parker. Perhaps

that night, Johnny Storm goes clubbing and is beaten into a coma by a throng of people who blame him for the Stamford tragedy.

Green trees in Connecticut and light clothing in New York.

SHE-HULK v4 #14 - FB (3:1)

One day, after SH-4 6 (9-22). Awesome Andy and Mallory Book take a romantic carriage ride. Green grass and trees in New


WOLVERINE v3 #42 (13-15)

One night, "days" after W3 42 (12). With hatred and fear of super-humans mounting, Logan is asked to leave a Japanese

restaurant in New York and confronts a hostile group outside.


One night, "two weeks" after IAM 4-FB (4-13). His shift ending after seven straight hours, a bored Eric sits, staring at a screen

until he gets a signal he can go. Veronica meets up with him, and after he blows her off, she slaps him across the face and storms

off. Arriving at his room, he finds Mitch, who bullies him into being there at "tonight's poker game" at Mitch's place at 2100

hours. "After 2100 hours," Veronica lies crying on her bed beside a pregnancy test. "At that very moment," in Mitch's room,

Mitch, Eric, Jamie and Frank talk about M-Day for a bit, then get into throwing cash at the table. Eric makes the mistake of

boasting that he's the best in the world at lying. Mitch flips out, realizing that Eric does have the Ant-Man suit and swears to kill



The same night as IAM 5-FB (14-21). It is "two days" before IAM 6-FB (17). Mitch sends Jamie and Frank out and refuses to

believe Eric's protestations of innocence. Eric then suggests Mitch search his room and see that he's wrong. "Minutes later,"

Mitch escorts Eric along the corridor. Veronica tries to speak to Eric about something really important, but Mitch isn't having

any distractions and promises to send Eric down as soon as they're done. Mitch tells Eric he's going to hell. When they reach

the room, Eric enters, shoves Mitch out the way, and locks the door. By the time Mitch overrides the lock, Eric's vanished. Eric

suits up in the ventilation shaft, but gets a rude shock when Mitch, suited and shrunken in the prototype suit, catches up with him

and knocks them into the cafeteria. They fight at ant-size across the room and in Dum Dum Dugan's hat until Eric tries to jet

away and inadvertently fries the left half of Mitch's face. Upset, Eric grows to full size and asks for directions to the nearest

infirmary. Dugan tells him, then realizes what's happening and tells the grunts to stop Eric, who gets away after dropping Mitch

off at the infirmary. "A few minutes later," Dugan catches Eric at the nearest Helicarrier-surface transport and holds a gun to his

back. Eric kicks Dugan in the crotch, throws his bag over the side, and jumps overboard to freedom.

Sunday, November 15


One rainy day, probably a few days after CW:FL 1-FB (2:5). The staff of the Daily Bugle attend John Fernandez's funeral, then

retire to a bar to discuss the Stamford tragedy, the Superhuman Registration Act, and Jonah's reaction to it. Green grass and

trees in New York.

CIVIL WAR #1 (18-19:4)

The day after CW 1 (13-17). This segment occurs before S-H4 8 (1-10) and probably before TB 102-FB (1-2). It must occur

after X 186, after A4 21-FB (2:4), and after Danny Rand assumes the mantle of Daredevil, an event that occurs 24 days before

DD2 87 (1-21). It is "two weeks" before the superhuman registration proposal goes to a vote in Congress, but it appears that

Congress acts on the proposal more quickly; the swift response is noted in CW 1 (32-33). With Johnny in the hospital, "23" (I count 24-25) super-heroes - Reed, Sue, Ben, Strange, Iron Man, Cage, Wasp, Yellowjacket, Falcon, Nighthawk (with the thick forehead stripe seen in THING2 1-3), Spidey, Spider-Woman, Scott, Logan, Hercules, She-Hulk, Valkyrie, Patriot, Hulking, Kate, Cassie, the new Daredevil, Felicia, Rachel - gather at the Baxter Building to debate about superhuman registration and the group is dividing into two camps.

CIVIL WAR #1 (19:5-19:6) ~ WOLVERINE v3 #42 (16:1-16:3)

The same evening as CW 1 (18-19). At "6:36 PM," Falcon objects to the infringement of superhuman rights, but Yellowjacket

remarks that superhumans are lucky to have been tolerated for as long as they have. Logan remarks that masks are necessary in a

hostile world, and the Thing inquires whether "Johnny would have ended up in the hospital last night" if some superhumans

weren't giving everyone a bad name.

WOLVERINE v3 #42 (16:4)

The same evening as CW 1 (19:5-19:6). Someone answers, "I don't know."

CIVIL WAR #1 (20)

The same evening as W3 42 (16:4). Spidey expresses concern for the safety of loved ones if superhumans' identities were outed.

Nighthawk wonders if they're being paranoid, but the new Daredevil remarks that this is the end of the way heroes do business.

WOLVERINE v3 #42 (17-19)

The same evening as CW 1 (20). It is "days" after CW 1 (13). Iron Man tells Logan that SHIELD is withholding intel about

Nitro and Logan is itching to get him. Logan and Cage have a discussion about registration and civil liberties.

CIVIL WAR #1 (21-23)

The same evening as W3 42 (17-19). In a Helicarrier above New York, Cap meets with Maria Hill and warns her that the issue

of registration will result in war between factions of the super-hero community. When Hill suggests that Cap and the Avengers

suppress the objectors, Cap rebels and Hill orders SHIELD to attack Cap. Cap plows through the SHIELD agents.


The same evening as CW 1 (21-23). Cap battles SHIELD agents, as depicted on videotape.

CIVIL WAR #1 (24-28)

The same evening as CA5 22-FB-FB. Cap smashes through a squad of agents, out of the room and onto the Helicarrier deck.

NEW AVENGERS #21 - FB (1:3)

The same evening as CW 1 (24-28). SHIELD agents fire at Cap as he runs on the Helicarrier deck.

CIVIL WAR #1 (29-31)

The same evening as A4 21-FB (1:3). This segment occurs before A4 21 and CW:WC 1 (3-14), shortly before S-H4 9-FB,

probably before ASM 532 (18-19) and TB 102-FB (1-2), and "weeks" before CA5 22-FB (10-18). According to Civil War:

Falle Son Daily Bugle Special, this segment occurs a "few months" before CA5 25 (16-32). Cap escapes from the Helicarrier.

After this, he becomes a fugitive. The Watcher shows up at the Baxter Building to observe.


One day, shortly after CW:FL 1 (1-5). This segment occurs after GENM 5 (24) and the "year" after GENM 5-FB (8-9). Ben

Urich and Robbie Robertson discuss the Bugle's handling of the Stamford tragedy. Ben is assigned to cover "the Iron Man press

conference tomorrow morning." That night, Spider-Man (in version 2.0 of his Iron Spider costume) visits Sally Floyd at her

apartment. Spidey talks about the pressure for him to reveal his identity and the consequences. He tells her to "go to Iron Man's

press conference tomorrow." A reference to "Friday" as an upcoming day indicates that it's neither Friday nor likely Thursday.

THUNDERBOLTS #102 - FB (1-2)

One day, "three days" before TB 102. This flashback probably occurs after CW 1 (29-31). Nighthawk joins the Squadron

Sinister, now renamed Supreme Power, and the Grandmaster to find the Wellspring of Power that spawned the Squadron's


Monday, November 16


The "morning" after CW:FL 1 (6-13). This segment must occur before CW 2 (3:1), in which a newspaper headline announces

that Congress has passed the Registration Act. Iron Man conducts his press conference about "the proposed Super Hero

Registration Act currently making the rounds of Congress," whose acceleration has been the subject of "much speculation in

recent weeks." Iron Man removes his helmet to reveal himself as Tony Stark.


One day, "two days" after IAM 6-FB (4-16). This flashback must occur before CW 2 (3:1) and cannot occur "one week" before

IAM 6. Mitch is barely up and about but determined to go after Eric. Director Maria Hill, against her better judgement, lets him

since they've got no time to train anyone else in the use of the Pym-particle scanner, and "Congress is about to announce the

Superhuman Registration Act," so she can't spare anyone.


One day, between CW 1 (18-19) and CW 1 (32-33). Congress discusses the Registration Act, which ends up passing "before

anyone can blink."

DAREDEVIL v2 #83 (1-13)

One day, several days after DD2 82 (15-34). This segment must occur before A4 22 (1-9). Matt Murdock has been temporarily

released from jail with armed guards to attend Foggy's funeral. In attendance is Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Danny Rand, Ben

Urich, Becky Blake, Dakota North, Milla Donovan, and Rosalind Sharp, who blames Matt for Foggy's death and slaps his face.

Matt is escorted back to prison where he runs into Morgan, who asks Matt to join his side in the prison hierarchy, and offers to

help Matt find Foggy's killer. Matt refuses. As Morgan leaves, he taunts Wilson Fisk in his cell. Meanwhile, Warden Cole is

again on the phone with the head of the FBI, complaining that one of his prison guards has gone missing. At the Daily Bugle, J.

Jonah Jameson tells Ben Urich to go cover Matt's appeal in court tomorrow; the Feds claim that Matt can take care of himself

outside of solitary confinement.

NEW AVENGERS #21 (1-9)

One day. In a hideaway, Steve Rogers tries to draw, but he's so lost in thought about recent events that he fails to detect a

SHIELD squad that has snuck up on him with new "capekilling tech" designed by Stark. He defeats the SHIELD team and

encounters Dum Dum, who allows Cap to escape. Cap heads for an old secret bunker of Nick Fury's in the Manhattan sewers.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #22 - FB (2-5)

Probably the day after CW 1 (29-31). It is "weeks" before CA5 22. Aboard the Helicarrier, Maria Hill shows Sharon Carter

footage of Cap's battle with SHIELD agents and they discuss Cap's actions. Hill asks Sharon to help SHIELD get Cap back.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #22 - FB (8:2-9)

The same day as A4 21 (1-9). Sharon Carter checks in on Dum Dum, whose face is bandaged and whose left arm is in a cast

from the beating he and his cape-killer squad took from Cap. He stands over his beat-up armor and regrets the conflict.

SHE-HULK v4 #8 - FB (8:5)

One day. Debrii's identity is outed by the New Warriors hate site and her car is torched.

SHE-HULK v4 #8 - FB (8:6)

One day. Timeslip's identity is outed by the New Warriors hate site and she flees from a mob.

CIVIL WAR #1 (32-33)

One day, probably after C&DP 29. This segment must occur after CW:FL 11-FB (18:2). A reference to Congress' passing of

the Registration Act may be an indication that this segment occurs "three days" before CW:FL 2/2. Rallying around Miriam

Sharpe, protesters demand superhuman registration at the White House, where the Cabinet notes Congress' swift response and

Cap's going underground and becoming a figurehead for opponents to registration. Present are Iron Man, Reed Richards, and

Yellowjacket, who plan to deal with Cap. Green trees in DC.

CIVIL WAR #2 (3:1)

One day. It cannot be "six months" before CW:BDR. Newspapers report: "Registration Act Passed by Congress," "President

Promises Swift Action," "Captain America Goes into Hiding," and "Tony Stark Now Backing Super Hero Reform," - the last an

apparent reference to the press conference of CW:FL (14-18). This may be a collection of recent papers that don't necessarily

share the same date.

CIVIL WAR #2 (3:2)

Perhaps the same day as CW 2 (3:1). It is "seven days" before CW 2 (8:4). The press interview a government official about

Cap's stance. She states that "there's seven days before the act becomes law" (this may be a reference to the proposed

registration deadline date, not the date the president is expected to sign the Act into law, which turns out to be "three days" after

Congressional approval, as per CW:FL 2/2).

PUNISHER v7 #31 (5-22)

One day, "one week" after PUN7 32-FB (9:4) and about seven years after PUN7 31-FB. Punisher kills some drug dealers,

destroys their cocaine, and meets Stephens as the police arrive. Punisher leaves as Stephens begs him not to leave him with the

cops. Meanwhile across town, Dermot informs Harry of the problem involving Stephens. Later that night in a diner, Punisher

watches the news which is talking about his hit earlier, and recognizes Billy LaCarda in the background. He decides to head over

to the police station. Punisher gets into the police station with a fake badge, stops LaCarda from killing Stephens, and they leave.

Harry is informed that the hit was a failure, so he calls Barracuda. It's winter in New York and people are dressed for cold



One day, "seven (Annihilation) days" before A:SKRULL 2 (1-7). R'kin gives a thumbs-up to some Skrulls as he does mechanic



One day, five (Annihilation) days after A:SKRULL 1 (1-10), "46" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8), and "six (Annihilation)

days" before A:SKRULL 2 (1-7). Super-Skrull reaches a dreadnought ship and explains the situation to Skrull warlord S'bak.

She merely notes his concerns, and is more worried with keeping her control of this sector from other warlords than mounting a

futile offensive. Kl'rt tries to argue, even asking for a small force of soldiers for him to lead against the Harvester of Sorrows,

but she rebuffs him. Enraged, Kl'rt strikes the woman down and takes off, fighting his way through the craft. Once he reaches

the void of space, fighter jets prepare to attack him when suddenly a smaller ship appears, tosses him a line, and drags him

aboard before taking off. The pilot is a young Skrull named R'kin, a mechanic for the fleet whose father fought by Kl'rt's side

against the Kree at Harkoon. R'kin claims the Super-Skrull is his hero. A transmission from S'bak provides a bounty on Kl'rt's

head for 3 million golden z'laks. Left with no options, Super-Skrull warns the boy not to cross him and explains they have to

take out the Annihilation Wave before it reaches Zaragz'na, where his son lives. To do this, they need to go to the source of the

wave's origin, the Negative Zone. With only two ways to get there, one involving traversing the hostile-filled universe and the

other inside the home of his worst enemy, Super-Skrull chooses the latter.

Tuesday, November 17


One day, "days" after A:TI 8-FB (2:1-2:2). This flashback occurs many "weeks" before A:TI 8-FB (4-5) and a "few months" before CW 7 (8-12). Reed, Pym, and Stark meet to brainstorm ideas "that'll change the world." Pym proposes idea #41, "the Fifty-Stare Initiative," and suggests that teams can use the "G.I. Ant-Man" armor he's designed (the one stolen by Eric O'Grady). Stark suggests idea #42, an expansion of Reed's Negative Zone prison.

NEW AVENGERS #21 (10-20)

Perhaps the day after A4 21 (1-9). This segment must occur before S-H4 8 (11-16), BP4 17 (1-14), and MSM2 5 (20-21), and

probably before CW 2 (1-2). Cap awakens in Fury's secret bunker when Falcon shows up looking for him. Cap verifies Sam's

identity and asks him if he registered (which doesn't necessarily mean that mandatory registration is law yet). Cap swears to

fight back and Sam agrees to help him put a resistance team together. They write off Spider-Man (in version 2.0 of the Iron

Spider costume) as a Stark ally, then, in Cap's "first public appearance" since going AWOL, they defeat the Shocker who was in

a standoff with police at a federal courthouse. The TV news reports the incident and notes an "emergency Congressional session

to debate legality of role of super heroes in government." Cap and Sam try to enlist Hank Pym, who tells them he's on Stark's

side. Pym turns giant and tries to prevent the duo from leaving to give a SHIELD team time to arrive. Cap injures Pym's nose

and he and Sam flee, with a SHIELD team in pursuit. Avengers Tower has the Watchtower spires.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #22 - FB (7:2)

The same day as A4 21 (10-20). The SHIELD agents fire at Cap and Falcon.


The same day as CA5 22-FB (7:2). Cap and Falcon elude the SHIELD agents. Sam asks Cap, "Who's next?"

SHE-HULK v4 #8 (1-10)

One day, after CW 1 (18-31). This segment probably occurs after IHM:MI 1/2 (6-11). John Jameson test pilots an Extreme

Vertical Assault (EVA) craft for the military, who plan to use it against super-humans who oppose the Superhuman Registration

Act, which is expected to pass (be signed into law by the president). Jennifer sees Doc Samson and Dr. Strange at Strange's

Sanctum Sanctorum. Strange lifts Wanda's old spell from Jennifer, which cures her of her difficulty in changing into She-Hulk.

At GLK&H headquarters, Justice and Rage (both back in their old Avengers costumes) asks for Jennifer's help in shutting down

a hate site on the web that is revealing the secret identities of the remaining New Warriors. She agrees, and that night John

Jameson talks to her about her different stances as She-Hulk (pro-registration) and Jennifer Walters (anti-registration).

DAREDEVIL v2 #83 (14-23)

The day after DD2 83 (1-13). It is a weekday during the "week" after DD2 82 (15-34). In court, Becky Blake argues that Matt is

blind and in danger and should remain in solitary confinement, but the judge sides with the Feds. Later that day at Ryker's, the

Owl walks into Matt's cell to taunt him, but Matt attacks the Owl and breaks his arms and legs. Meanwhile, the new Daredevil

busts up a drug deal only to find the dead body of the prison guard who led Foggy and Dakota into a trap. That evening, Ben

Urich approaches Dakota North in a bar and asks her to team up with him to find out who the new Daredevil is.


The day after PUN7 31 (5-22). Barracuda kills a snake on his boat while his girlfriend dies from a drug overdose. He throws her

body overboard and sails away. Stephens tells Punisher about Harry as they eat breakfast in New York. Stephens fills Punisher

in on Dermot. Meanwhile, Harry takes the Dynaco staff skiing, and Dermot has sex with Harry's wife, Alice, at the ski party.

Barracuda takes care of some business in Florida. Punisher decides to go to Florida to deal with Dynaco at their shareholder

meeting. He goes to the airport and gets on a plane. Snow on the ground in New York.


The (Annihilation) day after A:SKRULL 1 (11-19). It is "47" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8). Kl'rt and R'kin show up at

Reed Richards' lab. He puts up security measures, but Super-Skrull is given enough leeway to explain what he's doing there and

what he wants. A few hours later, the tale is finished, and Reed agrees to open the portal to the Negative Zone to allow his

enemy to seek out an army to fight the Harvester of Sorrow from the dimension that created it. Reed's concerned about R'kin,

but Kl'rt lies and says he's much older than he looks. The kid is suited up and is shocked at seeing what lies beyond the portal

and hearing the Super-Skrull say that they'll either return as heroes or not at all.


The same day as A:SKRULL 1 (20-23). It is "five (Annihilation) days" before A:SKRULL 2 (1-7). R'kin and Kl'rt rush into the

Negative Zone portal.


The (Annihilation) day after A:SKRULL 2-FB (1:4). It is "four (Annihilation) days" before A:SKRULL 2 (1-7) Kl'rt tosses

some guys out of their ship and takes it, despite R'kin's protests.

AGENTS OF ATLAS #5 - FB (21:4)

One day. Jimmy Woo prepares to enter the ATLAS Foundation.
AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 - FB (9-10)

The same day as AoATLAS 5-FB (21:4). Jimmy and his SHIELD team infiltrate the ATLAS Foundation. They are attacked and all but Woo are killed.
AGENTS OF ATLAS #6 - FB - FB (6:4)

The same day as AoATLAS 1-FB (9-10). After Jimmy's SHIELD team has been killed, Yellow Claw tends to Jimmy to ensure he'll survive until SHIELD can stabilize him.
AGENTS OF ATLAS #6 - FB - FB (14:4)

The same day as AoATLAS 6-FB-FB (6:4). Yellow Claw tells M-11 that Marvel Boy can restore Jimmy, and that Gorilla Man can find him.


One night, probably after CW:FL 1 (6-13). Spidey (in the Iron Spidey costume) swings around New York, thinking about

Japanese internment during World War II as he ponders the decision he must make about registering and revealing his identity.

Wednesday, November 18

SHE-HULK v4 #8 (11-16)

The day after S-H4 8 (1-10), since John refers to his test flight as having occurred "yesterday"; apparently it took no time for the

New Warriors case against the hate site to go to court. This segment must occur before W3 43 (1-14). On "day one" of the court

case, Stamford survivors tell their stories and an outburst by Rage gets him and Justice removed from the courtroom.

Meanwhile, John has a clandestine meeting with Cap in a bookstore basement. Cap asks John if he'll ask She-Hulk to fight on

his side if the Registration Act is enacted. John refuses and talks about his feelings for Jen. Steve encourages John to do

something about it.

AGENTS OF ATLAS #3 - FB (19:2)

The day after AoATLAS 6-FB-FB (14:4). Ken Hale contacts Bob Grayson, tells him about Jimmy's situation, and asks if he can help.

The same day as AoATLAS 3-FB (19:2). Bob Grayson is separated from the Uranians.
AGENTS OF ATLAS #3 - FB (19:3)

The same day as AoATLAS 5-FB (7:3). Bob Grayson leaves Uranus.
AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 (6:4-8)

The same day as AoATLAS 3-FB (19:3). Maria Hill is noted as SHIELD director. Ken Hale is brought to a SHIELD base and is filled in on what's happened recently to Jimmy Woo. Dum Dum Dugan and Derek Khanata ask him about his time in Jimmy''s team from the late '50s and show him footage of Jimmy's last mission.
AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 (11-21)

The same day as AoATLAS 1 (6-8). Ken asks to see Jimmy, who's on life support and has no higher brain functions. That night he sends a message to M-11, the Human Robot, who breaks through the wall and together they storm the base and retrieve Jimmy's body. They''re picked up by Marvel Boy and brought to his spaceship. As SHIELD scrambles to figure out what's going on, Marvel Boy restores Jimmy's health by resetting him to his 1959 self.
BLACK PANTHER v4 #17 (1-14)

One day. This story must occur after A4 21 (10-21), given that Cap is a fugitive and is in touch with Sam, although Sam isn't

apprehended here for being an accomplice of Cap's. T'Challa and Ororo hold a press conference in Manhattan. Logan and

T'Shan go along with Cage's plans to give T'Challa a bachelor party, but T'Challa rejects the idea. Storm goes shopping with

Kitty Pryde and Sue Richards and discovers that someone's been passing herself off as T'Challa's bride. Back at the Wakandan

Embassy, T'Challa and Ororo have a romp and the Falcon (depicted with a red, not a yellow, beak symbol on his mask) relays a

message from the "indisposed" Cap concerning the Bradleys. Sam is determined to get Cap to the wedding despite "what the

state department says." Meanwhile in Africa, Man-Ape goes ape over the wedding. Avengers Tower does not have the

Watchtower spires.


One day, "three days" after TB 102-FB (1-2). This story must occur before the president signs the Registration Act into law, as

noted in CW:FL 2/2. As Joystick secretly observes, Speed Demon fights ninja monks in Tokyo who have been tapping power

from the Wellspring. Speed Demon leaves after the monks spit out their power, then Joystick emerges and beats info about the

Wellspring out of one of the ninjas. She teleports to the Fixer's lab in New York, where Zemo has a teleconference with Gyrich

and Dallas. Zemo notes "the recent aggressive stances taken by your government towards the superhuman community" and

Abner predicts that "if they really go through with the registration act, it'll split the super hero community in half" (this is an

indication that the president has not yet signed the Act into law). As Joystick reports to Zemo, Supreme Power convene and

discuss the Wellspring of Power, then teleport away to find access points to the Wellspring as Joystick appears at their Manhattan

apartment. Grandmaster sees her as Fixer teleports Joystick to Istanbul. There, she beats on more monks whose released powers

she records on a device created by Fixer. Speed Demon shows up and fights Joystick, who breaks his legs and collects his

power. Back in New York, Zemo congratulates Joystick, who is double-dealing with the Grandmaster.


One day, between DD2 83 (14-23) and DD2 84 (1-16). Matt Murdock beats up more inmates who tried to attack him.


One day, "a week" after DD2 82 (15-34). Foggy comes out of post-op sedation, and Matt has been beating up fellow inmates at


PUNISHER v7 #33 (5-22)

The day after PUN7 33 (1-4). Dermot meets Alice. Punisher wakes up in Barracuda's trunk, tries to escape, and they fight.

Barracuda loses an eye and four fingers. Alice and Dermot plot against Harry. Punisher and Barracuda fight. Later, Dermot and

Harry talk to the recently arrived Stephens. Meanwhile, Barracuda takes Punisher out in his boat and throws him into shark-

infested waters.

PUNISHER v7 #34 (1-19)

The same day as PUN7 33 (5-22). Punisher fights a shark. Meanwhile, Harry, Dermot, and Stephens chat. Punisher fools the

shark and secretly hitches a ride back to land on Barracuda's boat. That night, Barracuda meets with Harry, Dermot, and

Stephens. Later still, Punisher passes out in Barracuda's front yard.


One night. This flashback must occur after CW 1 (13-17). Word gets out about Thor's hammer in Oklahoma and guys line up to

get a shot at lifting it.

CIVIL WAR #2 (1-2)

One night, probably after A4 21 (10-20) and before CW:WC 1 (3-14). SHIELD picks up a chained-up Vulture, Grim Reaper,

and Trapster - the latest in a string of fifteen super-villains apprehended by Captain America "inside of seventy-two hours."

Maria Hill suspects that Cap now has allies.

Thursday, November 19

BLACK PANTHER v4 #17 (15)

The "morning" after BP4 17 (1-14). Storm tells T'Challa that she's going out with the girls on "Friday night" and suggests that

he go to the bachelor party his friends are planning for that night.

SHE-HULK v4 #8 (17-22)

The day after S-H4 8 (11-16). This segment must occur before CW:WC 1-FB (19:1|2). On "day two" of the court case, the

defense calls Iron Man to the stand and Jen brings up Stark's past sins concerning his Iron Man secrets. Afterward, Iron Man

gives She-Hulk data on the identity and location of the hate site's creator. She-Hulk, Justice, Rage, Slapstick, Ultragirl, and

Firestar confront Hindsight Lad, who explains his actions. The heroes are approached by an angry mob, which is dispersed when

an EVA craft lands. Inside is John Jameson, who proposes marriage to Jen. Green grass and leafy trees.

PUNISHER v7 #34 (20-22)

The day after PUN7 34 (1-19). Dermot and Alice have sex in the hot tub while Barracuda watches.


The same day as PUN7 34 (20-22). Barracuda lets Dermot and Alice know he's there. Alice and Dermot make Barracuda an

offer in their plan against Harry. Meanwhile, Punisher patches himself up and prepares for his assault on Dynaco. Later that

day, Barracuda meets with Harry while Punisher watches, and he decides to attack the entire corporation. Alice and Dermot have

sex when Stephens walks in. Dermot kills him and they call Barracuda to clean it up. Later at 4:00PM, the Dynaco shareholders

meeting begins on Harry's boat. Punisher puts himself into position, and Alice's and Dermot's plan begins as the press arrive at

Harry's building.

PUNISHER v7 #36 (1-21)

The same day as PUN7 35. This segment occurs sometime before PP:B 1 (1-20). Harry's plan has been leaked to the press and Harry flees by helicopter from the reporters. The news makes it to television live, and the Dynaco shareholders find out about it. Alice gives Barracuda a blow job to distract him when Dermot attacks with a pipe wrench from behind. They throw him overboard and have sex. Harry calls and Alice reveals she's been cheating on him, so he commits suicide by jumping out of the helicopter. When Alice and Dermot finish, Dermot calms down the shareholders, but the Punisher blows up the boat.

PUNISHER v7 #31 (1-4)

The same day as PUN7 36 (1-21). Punisher watches as sharks eat people.

PUNISHER v7 #36 (22)

The same day as PUN7 31 (1-4). This segment probably occurs before DD2 84 (17-22). Punisher watches as sharks eat people.

AGENTS OF ATLAS #2 - FB (3:6-4:2)

The day after AoATLAS 1 (11-21). In Africa, Derek's cousin Kal'Ti speaks to an elder about the Gorilla Man.
AGENTS OF ATLAS #2 (1-3:2)

The same day as AoATLAS 2-FB (3-4). Dum Dum and Derek chat with Reed Richards about Marvel Boy's history, and then go over their notes.
AGENTS OF ATLAS #2 (3:4-3:5)

The same day as AA 2 (1-3). Derek plays for Dum Dum a recording sent by Kal'Ti.
AGENTS OF ATLAS #2 (6-11:3)

The same day as AoATLAS 2 (3:3-3:5). Dum Dum informs Derek that since Jimmy is gone, a spot has opened up in the SHIELD directorate, and the higher ups want him for the spot. He then makes his way to Jimmy's place to see what he can find out about Jimmy's mysterious 1950s FBI team. Once he gets there he finds that Ken, Bob, M-11, and Jimmy are already there, and Jimmy is pleased that most of his clothes still fit. Jimmy introduces himself and reveals that he doesn't remember anything past 1959.
AGENTS OF ATLAS #2 (11:5-17:6)

The same day as AoATLAS 2 (6-11). Bob takes a recording of Jimmy's place and they prepare to leave, but Jimmy wants to take his car along. Derek reveals he knows where Venus is and Jimmy invites him along. Yellow Claw and Mr. Lao watch from afar. Once aboard Bob's spaceship, Jimmy goes through a re-creation of his place looking for clues to his past, and then the team hits the sack en route to Africa to search for Venus.

SHE-HULK v4 #9 - FB

One day, "six days" before S-H4 9 (1-9). This flashback occurs shortly after CW 1 (29-31). Pug barges in on Mr. Zix floating in

his office conversing with someone distant about She-Hulk's recent proximity to Uatu. Zix secretly prepares to shoot Pug, but

Pug claims no interest in the mumbo-jumbo; he just wants to review GLK&H's video records.


One day, long enough after CW:FL 1/2 (7-11) for Robbie to recover and grow back some hair. It must occur before HFH2 1-FB

and after TB 102, and may be "three days" after CW 1 (32-33). A government lawyer visits Robbie Baldwin at an undisclosed

location where Robbie has been for "more than three days." The lawyer tells him that "the Superhuman Registration Act - which

passed in both Congress [meaning the House] and the Senate three days ago - was signed into law today by the president." (The

law likely includes a deadline for registration that may be shortly after this.) The lawyer gives Robbie one chance to avoid

punishment for Stamford by registering and agreeing to work for SHIELD in subduing unregistered super-humans. Robbie

refuses because he insists he did nothing wrong. He is beaten and taken to a maximum security penitentiary, where he is handed

over to the mercy of other prisoners who know his identity.


One day. It is "52" (Annihilation) days after A:P 1 (2-8), "seven (Annihilation) days" after A:SKRULL 2-FB (1:2), "five

(Annihilation) days" after A:SKRULL 2-FB (1:4), and "four (Annihilation) days" after A:SKRULL 2-FB (2:1-2:2). R'kin is

regretting his joining up with his supposed hero in the Negative Zone. Super-Skrull has since been scouting Annihilation Wave

installations trying to find a way to take down the Harvester of Sorrow, killing a few high-ranking officers from the wave. R'kin

hasn't been needed thus far to do much but pilot, until Kl'rt gives him the role of waiting outside a door as he interrogates

another wave member at a station in the Chroanus Belt. R'kin breaks from his role and enters the door to see just how vicious

his hero actually is. Super-Skrull tortures the officer and learns where the Harvester of Sorrows' designer currently resides, then

kills the creature by burning him alive. R'kin is shocked and loses faith in Kl'rt's valor and honor, forcing the elder Skrull to

forcibly remind him that his father wasn't a coward, and that being a warrior means doing whatever it takes. The mechanic

realizes his hero is evil and begins thinking of a way to be freed of him lest he become like him.


One day, "four days" before W3 43 (1-14). Nitro leaves the East Coast in a pick-up bound for California.

Friday, November 20

AGENTS OF ATLAS #2 (17:7-21)

The day after OA 2 (11-17). This segment occurs "years" after AoATLAS 3-FB (2:3). Jimmy and company arrive in Africa and meet Kal'Ti, who brings them to Venus. She's been living in this region for years, having put an end to tribal warfare in the region years ago. As reunions are made, Jimmy wanders off and is attacked by the Yellow Claw and his men.
AGENTS OF ATLAS #3 (1-2:2)

The same day as AoATLAS 2 (17-21). Derek contacts SHIELD to let Dum Dum know he's alright. In Africa, the reunion continues.
AGENTS OF ATLAS #3 (2:4-13)

The same day as AoATLAS 3 (1-2). Derek thinks to himself that Namorita died "recently," so this segment must occur shortly after CW 1 (1-7). Jimmy battles the Yellow Claw's men, and when the others join in, the Yellow Claw is revealed to be a robot. They decide to head for San Francisco, say their goodbyes and head off. On the way, they chat about the old days. When they arrive in San Francisco they check out the ATLAS entrance where Jimmy lost his team. Not finding anything useful, they stop for coffee and go over their notes. M-11 runs off, stating that Namora is not most likely dead. Jimmy convinces him that it may be faster to take Bob's ship rather than walk all the way to the Arctic Circle.

The same day as AoATLAS 3 (2-13). Khanata and Dugan have a conversation.
AGENTS OF ATLAS #3 (14-21)

The same day as AoATLAS 3/2. On the way to the Arctic, Bob fills the group in on what he's been up to. Jimmy and the gang arrive in the Arctic Circle and find Namora's body.

The same day as AA 3 (14-21). As Yellow Claw watches from afar, M-11 begins to melt the ice around Namora's body. Protective sea monsters attack. As Jimmy and the others fight, M-11 frees Namora, who quickly takes care of the creatures. After she thanks M-11 for rescuing her, the group regroups in Bob's spaceship and decides to look into various ATLAS Foundation fronts, and Derek is invited along.