Tuesday, July 1

NEW X-MEN #151 (20-21)

One day. Scott stands over Jean's grave. We see bare trees and leaves on the ground, which probably are topical.

NEW X-MEN #151 (22) ~ NEW X-MEN #154 (22)

The same day as X 151 (20-21). This segment must occur after Emma's appearance in UX 442. The Xorn/Magneto affair

happened "this past year." Scott mentions that "Professor X has retired" - this may be a reference to Xavier's stepping down as

headmaster, a decision he announced in X 138 (10-14), but not to Xavier's leaving, which he does not know until X 155. At

Jean's grave, Emma Frost tries to convince Scott to reopen Xavier's school. The bare trees and autumn leaves on the ground are

probably topical, and who knows why Emma's wearing a fur coat and hat.

NEW X-MEN #154 (23)

The same day as X 154 (22). This segment probably occurs before W3 7. Thanks to the intercession of the deceased Jean Grey,

seeking to avoid a bleak future (portrayed in X 151-154), Scott accepts Emma as his lover. We see blowing autumn leaves,

which probably are topical.

NEW X-MEN #155

The same day as X 154 (23). Scott asks Hank if Xavier is "planning on rebuilding the school," which is seen in ruins after its

destruction in X 147-FB (20-21). Hank answers that "he's left that up to us, Scott. He's gone to Genosha with Logan...and I'm

not sure he's ever coming back." This dialog suggests that Xavier's departure was very recent, and Scott and Emma are probably

here right after the completion of the rescue effort referenced in UX 442; Hank may have been stationed at the Institute. Emma

wants to restart the school, but Scott and Hank aren't enthusiastic about the idea; there are no construction vehicles or any sign of

rebuilding at the Institute. Emma and the Cuckoos encounter mutant haters torching the temporary shelter for school survivors in

Salem Center - last seen in NM2 13 (3-23) - while Scott and Hank discover that Cassandra Nova was freed from her force field

prison when the school was destroyed. The falling autumn leaves are probably topical.

NEW X-MEN #156 (1-22:3)

The same day as X 155. It is "several days" before X 156 (22-24). Hank and Scott argue, then respond to Emma's summons for

help against the attack on the shelter, where a mutant boy named Germaine is killed. The experience convinces Scott to join

Emma in rebuilding the Institute. Since we see the Institute under reconstruction in XX 46 (12-23), this segment must occur

before then. Green trees in Westchester.


One day. Spidey fights and defeats the Rhino, who endangers a school bus full of kids; the bus may not necessarily be for the

normal school year.


The same day as SMU 2/2-FB. Mary Jane has an acting gig, so this story likely occurs after her first disastrous attempt at getting

an acting job in ASM 505 (10-22). M.J. ponders her worth as she considers Peter's contributions as Spidey; it would make sense

for this to occur after she loses the acting gig in ASM 505. Waning crescent moon.


One night, shortly after A/TB 2. The Thunderbolts force the Wizard to give them his anti-gravity discs.

Wednesday, July 2


The day after A/TB 3 (1-5). It is "all these months" after TB 75 (24-37). Hawkeye discovers that the Avengers have been spying

on the Thunderbolts, and while Karla grows suspicious of "Cobalt Man," Tony starts seeing things from the Thunderbolts'

perspective. The Thunderbolts infiltrate the Magneto protocol array above the earth and construct a Liberator, a device that

drains transnormal energy across the planet. Green vegetation in New York.


The same day as A/TB 3 (6-22). The Liberator collects energy from sources all over earth and the Avengers rush to Thunderbolts

HQ to stop it. The two teams battle, Tony Stark's ruse is exposed, and the collected energy in the Liberator is transferred to

Moonstone, who unleashes it. Reed and Sue Richards cameo.


The same day as A/TB 4. It is "a few months" before TB 105. As Moonstone comes unglued and threatens the world with her

power, the Avengers and Thunderbolts try to stop her. Zemo gets burned saving Cap, then Jolt appears from Counter-Earth and

Hawkeye must decide to help or fight Karla.


The same day as A/TB 5. It is "weeks" before A/TB 6 (17-20). The Avengers battle the Thunderbolts over Moonstone's fate,

and ultimately the threat becomes so dire that Hawkeye must sacrifice her mind to defeat her. Zemo absconds with Karla's


X-TREME X-MEN #46 (12-23)

One day, shortly after NM2 13 (3-23). This segment must occur before XU2 3 (1-2), M/KSM 6 (4-22), and EX3 46. The X-

Treme team assist with recovery, not rescue, efforts (and thus probably post-UX 442) in New York City, where we see Cyclops,

Cap, and Thor (in classic costume and thus after the Reigning); these efforts may have been going on for days since the arrival of

the X-Treme team after XX 46 (1-11). Storm flies from the city to Xavier's, where we see some reconstruction already

occurring; this places this segment after X 156 (1-22). After encountering Archangel there, Storm heads to Harry's Hideaway,

where she meets up with the original New Mutants. The X-Treme team and the New Mutants gather for dinner in the complex

beneath the destroyed mansion; this is another clue that this segment occurs after X 156 (1-22), as the Cassandra Nova situation

must have occurred before now - the basement levels may now be considered a safe place and the mutants displaced by the

torching of the Salem Center X-Corps building may now be residing here. Dani turns down Sam's offer to be an X-Man and

Storm rallies the X-Treme team to join her as XSE marshals. Rachel renames herself Marvel Girl. Green grass and trees in New



One day. It is not long after "June 23, 2004," the postmark date of a letter that Peter receives, presumably written by Gwen Stacy

around ASM 119-120. M.J. gets a part in a play that is referenced in M/KSM 5, so this story must occur before M/KSM 1. That

rainy night, Peter visits Gwen's grave and is attacked by two mysterious figures, from whom he escapes. We see green, leafy

trees and bare trees in New York. Full moon.

Thursday, July 3


The day after ASM 509. "It's Thursday." The two mysterious figures, Gabriel and Sarah, lure Spidey into a bomb trap which

Spidey survives. Spidey has Lieutenant Lamont analyze Gwen's letter for tracings of a second page; they discover that Gwen

was pregnant and delivered twins Gabriel and Sarah, who, according to my calculations are nearly 17 years old (their birth

occurring around ASM 94-98). May makes a comment that suggests that it is "June," which may be close.

WEAPON X v2 #18 - FB

One day, "several weeks" before WX 18. Cyclops notes that Cable "recently informed" the X-Men that Neverland is a myth,

following WX2 13; this flashback likely occurs after WX:DOFN 3-FB (6-7). Logan mentions the files he accessed in the

Weapon Plus compound, which places this flashback after X 146, and by extension, after X 150 (30-31). Logan tells the X-Men

that it's time to take down Weapon X and that the way to do it is to plant a mole in the organization. Among those gathered is

Xavier, who is sitting, though not in a wheelchair; he must be crippled at this point, given that this flashback must occur after X

150 (30-31). Chamber volunteers to be the mole.

WEAPON X v2 #15

Perhaps the same day as WX2 18-FB. We see one corner of the Xavier Institute, in which Chamber's room is located; this

structure must be part of the new facility, not the one destroyed in X 147-FB. Chamber's act to get him noticed by Weapon X

goes into effect: he causes trouble in a Manhattan bar and the X-Men - Cyclops, Archangel, Husk, Wolverine, and Iceman (who

must be using an image inducer to make himself look normal) - try to talk him down, but when Jono lashes out at them, they

subdue him and hand him over to the authorities. "Hours later," Brent Jackson shows up in Chamber's prison cell to offer him a

place in Weapon X. We surmise that after this point, Logan spends most of the summer away from the Institute. We see green

grass and trees and warm picnic weather at Xavier's, but we also see autumn leaves, which must be topical.

X-STATIX #19 (1-5)

One night. Vivisector and his actor boyfriend Brandon Cody attend a premiere of Cody's first movie. Dr. Finlay tells Xavier

he's terminating his employment at Xavier's lab. Xavier is in a wheelchair here, so this segment must occur after X 150 (1-31).

Friday, July 4: Independence Day


The day after ASM 510. Peter thinks that any children of Gwen's would "still be children." When Peter runs a DNA test, he

encounters Sarah and discovers she looks just like Gwen did. Peter confirms that Gabriel and Sarah are Gwen's kids, then M.J.

finds out what's going on and tells Peter she knows who the father is. Green grass and trees. Full moon.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #512 (1-21:1)

The same day as ASM 511. Mary Jane tells Peter that Norman Osborn is the father of Gwen's kids.

X-STATIX #19 (6-9)

Probably the night of the day after XS 19 (1-5). Finlay offers Vivisector a formula that will eliminate his mutant powers. Lacuna

miraculously emerges from her coma on the set of her TV show.


One night, two weeks after DD:F 1 (16-26). Nero watches the late night news at home. The news highlight is about the serial

killer dubbed "Johnny Sockets" on the loose in New York City, having committed "the third such murder in as many weeks."

The news also notes the shift of crime from Hell's Kitchen to other parts of New York (reflective of Daredevil becoming the new

Kingpin); this shift is detailed in DD2 56. A woman enters the room and tells Nero it's time to go to the club. Matt (no goatee)

can't sleep because of the heat and quietness of his neighborhood, so he goes on patrol as Daredevil, which he admits is

pointless, since he's "kicked the bad guys out of Hell's Kitchen." He investigates a commotion in Chelsea, where he sees

criminals tied up on the ground as the police arrive. Detective Chris Gonzalez is told by another police officer that the criminals

are part of a drug ring that a group of new super-heroes called the Santerians apparently just busted up. It is "day twenty of

what's being called the deadliest heat wave in New York history."

Saturday, July 5

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #512 (21:2-22)

The morning after ASM 512 (1-21). Determining that Gwen's kids are dying, Peter vows to find and save them.


The same day as ASM 512 (21-22). This story must occur before M/KSM 1 (1-15). To find Gabriel and Sarah, Spidey holds a

press conference and arranges to meet them at the Brooklyn Bridge. Spidey tells the twins the truth about their father, but while

Sarah believes Spidey, Gabriel doesn't. Spidey kicks Gabriel off the bridge and saves Sarah from falling off the bridge after she

is shot by a cop. As Spidey takes Sarah to the hospital, Gabriel heads to a subterranean chamber where he finds Goblin costumes

left for him and Sarah by Norman.


The same day as ASM 513. It is "two days" before ASM 515 (1-15) and must be more than just "several weeks" before PPTSS2

23 (2). Gabriel takes up the mantle of the Green Goblin after he listens to a taped message from his father and injects himself

with the Goblin serum, which halts his accelerated aging process. Meanwhile at the hospital, Spidey saves Sarah's life by

donating his blood. When Spidey recovers, M.J. tells him that there is a five million dollar reward for a picture of him without

his mask on; this can't be the same reward as was offered in M/KSM 5-8. A now-crazed Gabriel attacks Spidey and when Sarah

steps in to help the wall-crawler, she is forced to shoot down Gabriel's glider into the harbor. Sarah leaves, Spidey passes out,

and an amnesiac Gabriel washes up on a nearby shore, where it is warm enough for a family to wear bathing suits.

X-STATIX #19 (10)

Probably the day after XS 19 (6-9). Finlay runs some tests on Vivisector.

DAREDEVIL: FATHER #2 - FB (14:1-14:3, 14:5-14:7, 15:2-15:4, 16:1-16:3, 16:5-16:7, 17:2-17:4)

Perhaps the night of the day after DD:F 2 (1-13). Johnny Sockets kills a woman in a back alley behind a night club and is chased

off by a bouncer.


The same night as DD:F 2-FB. Nero watches TV news coverage of the murder that Johnny Sockets committed.

Sunday, July 6

X-STATIX #19 (11-15)

Probably the day after XS 19 (10). Vivisector gets into an altercation with his teammates when he announces his intention to

take Finlay's formula. Anarchist's face is slashed and Guy needs to be placed in a sensory depravation chamber "for a few days."

NEW X-MEN #156 (22:4-24)

One day, "several days" after X 156 (1-22). Scott apologizes to Jean at her grave. We see green and bare trees and fallen

autumn leaves at Xavier's, which is under reconstruction and is clearly not finished, despite Scott's statement that "we've rebuilt

the school." Members of the Uncanny team appear here.


The night of the day after DD:F 2 (14-17). Because Jessica is a private eye here, this segment must occur before PULSE 1 (3-

22). At "10:58 PM," Matt and Foggy review their latest case with client Maggie Farrell. Sitting in as well is Jessica Jones (not

visibly pregnant), who Matt is trying to bring in as a private investigator for the case. When they see that Maggie has a black

eye, Matt inquires about spousal abuse, but Maggie denies it and storms out of the office.

Monday, July 7


One morning. Peter kisses M.J. on his way to work.


The same day as ASM 516-FB (2:3). It is "two days" after ASM 514 and "a little over two years" after ASM 515 FB (8:4).

This segment occurs before PPTSS2 23 (1-9) and must occur before SM/RS 1. It is a school day, probably during a summer school session; this may be confirmed by the fact that Peter has to substitute teach a "remedial citizenship" class. Charlie Weiderman shows up to Peter's school and gets Peter to agree to be a reference for an interview he wants to line up with Tony Stark; Weiderman wants money to fund the development of a military skinsuit he conceived. Peter hesitantly agrees out of guilt, and Charlie tells Peter he'll send Peter "all the data I've got so far, care of your aunt, since I've still got her address" - this is likely May's Forest Hills address, an indication that this segment occurs before M/KSM 1 (1-15), especially given that ASM 509 occurs before M/KSM 5.

X-STATIX #19 (16:1-16:3)

Probably the night of the day after XS 19 (11-15). Cody states that "the first weekend box-office" for his movie was abysmal, so

it's probably early in the week following the movie opening in XS 19 (1-5). Vivisector takes Cody out to dinner.


Probably the night after DD:F 2 (18-20). Matt spies on Maggie and Sean at their house in Hoboken. Maggie and Sean have a

fight and Sean leaves the house. Sean says he likes to go for walks in the city, but Maggie accuses him of having another lover.

Matt follows Sean to New York City and leaps from rooftop to rooftop in an effort to spy on him. Suddenly, he is blasted out of

the sky by an energy attack and falls to the ground. A bunch of costumed characters stand over the fallen Murdock, ready to kick



The same night as DD:F 2 (21-30). Matt has been attacked by the Santerians, a new group of NYC super-heroes whose powers

are magical/voodoo in origin. The leader of the Santerians, Eluggua, says that Matt the Kingpin has cleaned up crime in Hell's

Kitchen, but he's simply pushed all of the crime into other districts. Eluggua then asks Matt what he's going to do about Johnny

Sockets, and Matt says nothing, since Johnny Sockets isn't killing people in Hell's Kitchen. Eluggua calls Matt a fake and they

fight. The Santerians beat up Matt and leave him alone. Matt wakes up in the alley later on and hears word that Johnny Sockets

has struck again.

Tuesday, July 8

X-STATIX #19 (16:4-18)

Probably the day after XS 19 (16). Guy is in his sensory depravation chamber, so it's within "a few days" after XS 19 (11-15).

Vivisector takes Finlay's formula and demonstrates his loss of power on Lacuna's TV show.


One day. Doc Ock tries to rob a bank, but is thwarted by an impregnable vault. When he discovers that a youth named Brigham

Fontaine is responsible for the vault design, Ock goes after him at a party that night. Despite Spidey's intervention, Doc Ock

abducts Fontaine. Peter and M.J. are back together, and it is likely this story occurs after ASM 501. It is Mary Jane's birthday,

so this story must occur the same calendar day as PPTSS @ 9/3 (1-10). Peter mentions that he tutored Fontaine "last year at

Midtown High;" this indicates that Peter has been teaching for at least a year, and this placement puts this story after Peter's

second year of teaching.


The same day as SM/DO:OR 1. Doc Ock convinces Fontaine to help him break into the bank vault.


The day after DD:F 3 (1-10). Matt stays home from work (so it's probably a weekday) and spends the day recovering from his

wounds. He calls up Maggie and Sean Farrell, his latest clients, and asks Maggie to meet him tomorrow. That night he goes out

and tracks down the Santerians and he starts to battle them again to show them who the boss of Hell's Kitchen is.


The same night as DD:F 3 (11-22). Daredevil battles the Santerians again and defeats them. They call a truce and go their

separate ways.

Wednesday, July 9


The day after SM/DO:OR 2 (1-3). Dock Ock attacks the U.S. Army Center Research Lab to fetch materials that Fontaine needs,

and Spidey fails to stop them. Ock takes Fontaine to an underground lab where Fontaine whips up a belt with the power to

destroy the bank vault. Spidey finds him there, and after a tussle with Ock, "rescues" Fontaine from Ock. Later, Peter chats with

M.J. and Fontaine voluntarily returns to Ock at his Pier 75 lab.


The same day as SM/DO:OR 2 (4-22). Fontaine offers to help Dr. Octopus.

X-STATIX #19 (19-22)

Probably the day after XS 19 (16-18). Cody leaves Vivisector and X-Statix boots him from the team. As X-Statix battle mutated

loggers in Newfoundland, Finlay intends to become the next Vivisector with Miles' genetic material.


The day after DD:F 4 (1-9). Matt meets with Maggie Farrell to discuss her lawsuit. Matt asks her if she's being abused by her

husband Sean. She denies it and fires Matt. That night, Johnny Sockets kills his latest victim. At Nero's residence, Nero

watches the evening news again. Barry Fling is interviewing the new Police Commissioner Chris Gonzalez about the Johnny

Sockets crime-wave. Daredevil breaks into Nero's residence and says he's figured out that Nero is Eleggua. Daredevil asks why

Nero fights crime, and Nero explains. Nero asks Daredevil to help catch Johnny Sockets, and Daredevil leaves, refusing to help.

The TV news reports that the police might have a suspect in the Johnny Sockets case. Tony Stark has a fund-raiser on this night.

It is baseball season, since a newspaper headline states, "Mets slide continues." Green shrubs and light clothing.

Thursday, July 10


The day after DD:F 4 (10-28). It is "a couple of years" after DD saved Guida from the Matador. Matt is at his office when FBI

agent Guida barges in and demands to speak with Matt. He tells Matt that the FBI has received its first lead in the Johnny

Sockets case - an old address book that belonged to Matt. It contains the addresses of many of Matt's former clients, all victims

of Sockets. Matt figures out that the book was stolen from his office. Guida returns the book to Matt and warns Matt the FBI

might be paying him a visit soon to ask him about the murders. Matt examines the book and picks up the scent of Sean Farrell's

cologne. Guida leaves and Matt calls up Maggie and tries to warn her, but Sean hangs up the phone on her.


The same day as DD:F 5 (4-13). Maggie sneaks up on Sean to stab him.


The same day as DD:F 6-FB (8:5). Matt has a limo driver take him to the Farrells' house in New Jersey, but when he gets there,

he breaks inside to find Sean bleeding to death and talking about how he was always jealous of Matt. Matt figures out that it's

Maggie, not Sean, who is the Johnny Sockets killer. Sean tells Matt that Maggie is heading to his law office. Matt races back to

New York City. At the law office, Maggie drugs Foggy and prepares to pluck out his eyes.


The same day as DD:F 5 (14-25). It is probably a few days before DD:F 6 (14-24). It can't be "two years" after DD:F 6-FB

(7:2-7:3). Matt races back to his law office to prevent Maggie Farrell, who he has discovered is the serial killer "Johnny

Sockets," from killing Foggy Nelson. He busts in just in time and Maggie goes into a rant about how it's Matt's fault that she's

had such a cruel life, and thus it's his fault that she's a serial killer. The FBI bursts in, and when Maggie tries to surrender, one

of the Feds accidently shoots her in a moment of panic. As she dies, she whispers a secret in Matt's ear that she's the daughter of

the blind man young Matt Murdock saved from being hit by a truck of radioactive chemicals. This man molested young Maggie

as a little girl, and this would've been prevented if Matt had not saved the old man from being hit by the truck.


Probably the day after SM/DO:OR 3 (1-4). Ock and Fontaine successfully break into the bank vault (on a day the bank is open)

and steal the contents. News reports force Peter to end his and M/J.'s "make-up trip." Ock and Fontaine break into Central Bank

Research Center so Fontaine can give Ock more power. Spidey intervenes but is defeated when Fontaine assist Ock. The bad

guys head back to Ock's lair where they argue. Fontaine heads to a TV station with a plot and a weapon up his sleeve. Green

trees and brown grass.


The same day as SM/DO:OR 3 (5-22). Spidey and Doc Ock show up at the TV station and in the ensuing battle, Fontaine's

mind is taken over by his weapon, which seeks a greater power source. Spidey and Ock follow Fontaine to a power plant.


The same night as SM/DO:OR 4. Spidey pursues Ock and Brigham to a chemical plant, then a nuclear plant, where Brigham

almost becomes one with the machine, then nearly dies before being saved by Ock, who is defeated by Spidey. Full moon.

Friday, July 11


The day after SM/DO:OR 5 (1-21). Recuperating in the hospital, Brigham talks to news reporters.


One day, sometime before P:RX 1 (4-7). Vincent Carraciola kills Suspiria's husband and kidnaps her daughter. It's a sunny day

on the beach in Italy.


One day. Franklin's parents call him for dinner, but he and Herbie have switched bodies. After flying around town they switch back to normal, but Franklin remembers HERBIE's security codes. The FF appear in their classic costumes (blue suit with black gloves, boots, belts, and neck-areas, and a blue 4 on the chest on a white circle). Short sleeve weather in New York City.

Saturday, July 12


One day. After a chance encounter with Spidey, a boy decides not to hold up a store.

X-STATIX #20 (1-9)

One day.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #6 - FB (2:1)

One day, "a few months" before NC3 6 (2:2-2:3). Ghosts are starting to appear in the New York subway more frequently.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #7 - FB (15-16)

One day, "a few months" after CA5 7-FB (11-14). Nomad beats up suspected perps, then wakes up in a hotel room and feels

himself going insane.


One day. After being denied a trampoline for the roof of the Baxter Building, Franklin uses a molecular density recalibrator to simulate bouncing. He accidentally bounces of the roof and past the White House, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the St. Louis Arch, and Mt. Rushmore, and ends up at the Grand Canyon. With the device broken, Franklin has to ride Herbie to get home.
Reed appears in his classic FF costume.

Sunday, July 13


One morning. This story must occur before M/KSM 3-FB (15:2). Spidey battles and defeats the Vulture.

X-STATIX #20 (10-21)

The day after XS 20 (1-9). Myles flies to New Hampshire to attend his father's sixtieth birthday party. The new Vivisector

crashes the party and tries to kill Myles' father, but Myles saves his dad and Finlay is killed. X-Statix retrieves Myles and

teleports him to their headquarters, where Myles uses good feelings, not anger, to turn back into Vivisector.


One day. To get Franklin to stop playing so many video games, Sue gives him the comic book "Protectors of Peace" to read. Franklin uses a machine to bring the characters to life, and when it's over he lets his mom know that it was more exciting than video games. Sue appears in her classic FF costume.

One night, several days prior to W/P 1 (17-20). Contract killer Harvey Long breaks out of prison and learns of a sanctuary called

Erewhon from a guy named Gottlieb. Long begins his trip to Erewhon the day after this flashback, and it took Napoleon at least

three days to get there in the traveling montage before this -- so either this full moon is incorrect, or the one in the main body of

the series is, or it takes a full month for Harvey to get to Erewhon. Green grass.

DAREDEVIL: FATHER #6 (14-24:7)

One night, probably a few days after DD:F 6 (1-13). Matt is in costume, which must be an exception to his giving up the

costumed identity during this time. As Daredevil swings across rooftops on patrol, he spots the Santerians busting a criminal

gang. He moves on and pays a visit to Maggie Farrell's dad, who he informs of his daughter's death. Matt tells him he knows he

molested her, and the old man breaks down crying.

Monday, July 14


One day, "weeks" after EX3 46-FB. New York City appears normal, so this story must occur after XX 46 (12-23) and the city's

rebuilding likely took a remarkably short time. The Institute is a building site; they've made considerable headway on rebuilding

it, but it's obviously very far from finished. The Exiles return to the mainstream Marvel Universe and are given a new member,

Namora, and a mission to leave their possessions and earn their wings. Namora rebels and seeks aid from Namor, who brings her

to the Fantastic Four, who in turn imprison her. The Exiles drop by the Xavier Institute and run into Beak. The Tallus informs

them that they must rescue Namora. Also appearing are Angel Salvadore and her brood, Beast, Nightcrawler, and Juggernaut in

his gray and gold costume. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


One day. Powerhouse and Masterblaster try to rob a bank, but Spidey defeats them. A bystander falls for Powerhouse. Green



One day, "two years" after SMU2 4/2-FB. Thomas Mitford tries in vain to get Joseph Waking-Bear to join his hospital staff.


One day, "weeks" after A/TB 6 (1-16). This segment occurs "two months" before TB2 1 and "months" before TB2 8 (7-21).

Given the presence of Hawkeye with no armored sleeve, this segment must occur before DD2 61 (3-5), M/KSM 2, HAWK3 1 (3-

17), and A3 77. The catatonic Karla is in the Avengers' infirmary. Jolt decides to return to Counter-Earth. Smithers returns to

Seagate Penitentiary and Jenkins is released from prison, vowing to start up the Thunderbolts again. Melissa turns down an offer

to join the Avengers and Eric gives up his powers. Warbird offers Dallas a job with the DHS.


Probably the same day as A/TB 6 (17-20). This segment occurs before TB2 17-FB (16:3), TB 101-FB, and TB 106-FB. In

Germany, Zemo takes up his mask and a resolves to fulfill a mission.

X-STATIX #20 (22)

Perhaps the night of the day after XS 20 (10-21). X-Statix attends a charity gala, their first appearance with the re-formed


Tuesday, July 15


The day after EX3 46. The Exiles and Beak head to the Baxter Building, where they fight the Fantastic Four and Namor.


The same day as EX3 47. It is "a few months" before X 162, but also "a few weeks" before X 163; the former is probably right.

Reed Richards determines that the Exiles' mission is to leave Nocturne behind and take Beak with them. Because Beak is phased

out of time, Angel believes that he up and left her. That morning the Exiles and Beak leave Nocturne behind, and Nocturne is

approached by Exodus to join his brotherhood (where she shows up in X 161). Sub-Mariner, the FF, Angel and the brood,

Beast, Northstar, and Nightcrawler appear.


One day, sometime after T2 79 (21-24). Given the press questions about Spike's death, this story cannot occur long after XS 20

(22). Russian terrorists abduct Doop and turn him into a super-weapon. X-Statix enlists the aid of the Avengers, consisting of

Cap, Iron Man, Hawkeye (without the armored sleeve introduced in A3 77), Scarlet Witch (back in classic costume), Ant-Man

(also back in classic costume), and Thor (back with the team and in classic costume). In the ensuing battle, Doop's brain

explodes into six pieces that end up in different locations around the globe and in Asgard, which is back in its own dimension.

Both teams vow to retrieve the pieces, which must be done within "three days" (thus three days before XS 25), or Doop will die.

Green grass and trees in New York. Full moon.

SHE-HULK v3 #4 (1)

One "Tuesday" night. She-Hulk and her colleague, Pug, summon Spidey to offer him a chance to file suit against J. Jonah


Wednesday, July 16

SHE-HULK v3 #4 (2)

On a "Wednesday," a process server informs JJJ that he's being sued by Spidey. The Daily Bugle spread on the recap page,

along with its date of "June 9, 2004," is just a page format; I don't consider it to be "real."


Probably the day after XS 21. Cap fights the Anarchist in Thailand and gets a piece of Doop's brain. Dead Girl fights the Scarlet

Witch on a ship in the Atlantic and gets another piece.


Probably the same day as XS 22. After tricking Vivisector, Hawkeye gets a piece of Doop's brain in Azania. Venus Dee Milo

wins another piece of the brain from Ant-Man in Antarctica. Full moon.

Thursday, July 17


Probably the day after XS 23. Guy Smith battles Iron Man in France, where we see green grass and trees and weather warm

enough to be naked. Guy beats Shellhead, but gives him his piece of Doop's brain.

SHE-HULK v3 #4 (3:1-3:4)

On a "Thursday," Peter and M.J. discuss Spidey's lawsuit against Jameson.

WEAPON X v2 #28 - FB

One day. This flashback occurs before WX2 26 (1-10) and probably occurs after WX2 14. Mr. Sinister shows Scalphunter his

latest creation, Hans.

Friday, July 18


It must be the day after XS 24., as it is "three days" after XS 21. Given Hawkeye's costume, this story must occur before DD2

61 (3-5), M/KSM 2, HAWK3 1 (3-17), and A3 77. Thor must appear here before T2 80 (7-22). Thor battles Doop in Asgard,

but when the Valkyrior awaken, the Avengers and X-Statix team up. When Doop starts to die, the two teams restore his brain

and Cap determines that X-Statix is responsible enough to care for Doop. Later, back at their headquarters, the members of X-

Statix, figuring they've lost their edge, decide to break up.

SHE-HULK v3 #4 (3:5-4)

On a "Friday," She-Hulk and Pug discuss Spidey's lawsuit against Jameson.

Saturday, July 19


One "Saturday," the "19th" of a summer month that follows a month with 30 days (so it must be July). Franklin's "at camp," so it's Herbie's day off. He spends the day getting buffed, playing video games, getting a tan, saving the city from aliens, and receiving the key to the city from the mayor. When Franklin returns home early, Herbie sadly glances at his key to the city.

GLA #1 - FB (12:2-16:1)

One day. The appearance of Vision and Hawkeye here places this flashback before A 500, and Thor's presence in classic

costume places the flashback between T2 79 (21-24) and T2 80 (7-22) - perhaps around the time he was with the Avengers in

XS 21-26. On an animal rights tear, the new Ani-Men attack a modeling shoot in Milwaukee. The Great Lakes Avengers

respond, but they're sidelined by the Avengers.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #3 (1-2)

One night. In New Orleans, Gambit accepts a job from a Mr. Green to retrieve some discs from Tyler Winn, a man he is told is a

rogue CIA agent. Full moon.


One afternoon, probably several days after W/P 1-FB (18). It is "ten years" after W/P 1-FB (16). Erewhon has grown

tremendously, and the town's ruling Council announces the arrival of a great prize in "a matter of days" - the Punisher.

Currently Erewhon is made up almost exclusively of criminals hiding from him, and they all want vengeance.

Sunday, July 20


The early morning after W/P 1 (17-20). I've placed this series between PUN7 6 and 7; if this is right, then this segment should

occur long enough after PUN7 6 for Castle to heal from injuries sustained in that issue (which I've placed on June 20). Pursued

by the Punisher, Harvey Long runs through the jungle and encounters Wolverine. Full moon.


The same day as W/P 1 (21-22). It is "ten years" after W/P 2-FB (15-16) and "years" after W/P 2-FB (18). Wolverine, hired to

ensure Harvey Long testifies against his former bosses, clashes with the Punisher. As the two fight, Harvey runs away, arriving

in Erewhon at sunrise. Logan and Frank call a truce and follow his trail into the town, but there's no sign of him. The Lady

takes Wolverine aside and implores him to help her escape from Erewhon, and that night the Atheist and the Demon plead their

cases to the Council, that they should each be the one to kill the Punisher. The Council discovers that the Lady has skipped town

with Logan. The Atheist is dispatched to kill them both, and Gottlieb makes an offering, the head of Harvey Long, to a shadowy

figure he calls "the founding father."

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #3 (3-11)

The day after XU2 3 (1-2). Gambit discovers the true story of the discs, saves Winn from CIA operatives, and loses his earnings

in the process. He says that the discs will go to "a schoolmaster in Westchester," but that may be a reference to Cyclops, not


X-STATIX #26 - FB (5-6:2)

One night. X-Statix is disbanding, and at their farewell party, Guy has a premonition about their final mission. We see a number

of guests dressed up like Silver Age Marvel heroes; if these are the real heroes (who may have been requested to wear classic

costumes to the event), then Thor must appear here before T2 80 (7-22) and I have the Surfer here prior to SS4 14.

X-STATIX #26 - FB (7-11:3)

The same night as XS 26-FB (5-6). X-Statix leave their party and meet to review their mission: taking out armed gunmen who

have overrun a mansion. Green grass and trees in California.

X-STATIX #26 - FB (22-23)

The same night as XS 26-FB (7-11). X-Statix teleport to their mission.


The same night as XS 26-FB (22-23). X-Statix is slaughtered by the gunmen at the mansion.

Monday, July 21


The early morning after W/P 2. Wolverine and the Lady are ambushed by the Atheist and a party of men; the Lady is fatally shot

and Logan escapes. Books sneaks into the Punisher's hotel room and Frank stops him from stealing his weapons. Frank sees the

entire town of Erewhon standing outside, and they open fire, causing Frank to be caught under a collapsing ceiling. As Frank

considers sawing off his own leg to escape, Wolverine stumbles into a trap laid by the Atheist and ends up strung up between two

trees, with the Atheist preparing to fire a crossbow bolt at him. Full moon.


The same early morning as W/P 3. Logan is shot through the head with an arrow, but manages to string up the Atheist. Van

Daemon can't bring himself to shoot the Punisher, and Castle kills him. Punisher goes on a killing spree and Logan and Castle

reconnoiter. The citizens of Erewhon revolt when they discover that Punisher was lured to the sanctuary to "cull the herd." The

"founding father" turns out to be the corpse of Hitler. Full moon.


The same day as W/P 4. Logan and Castle battle Napoleon, Gottlieb, and the revolting mob and are subdued. Gottlieb dies and

the Atheist escapes. Napoleon sets Wolverine and Punisher up to fight each other, but Castle kills Napoleon. Frank and Logan

are recaptured.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #3 (12)

The day after XU2 3 (3-11). Gambit reports back to Mr. Green.


One day. Shatterstar, who has spent the last "two whole months" fighting in a Madripoor gladiatorial arena, is approached by a

hooded woman and asked to kill a villain she calls the Destroyer. That night, Shatterstar is attacked in his apartment by a trio of

ninjas, the leader of which is Dominicus Pierce, Shatterstar's target. He claims he is a sacred guardian of an ancient blade called

the Five Fingers of Annihilation. The hooded woman desires the blade, which is the only thing that can defeat a creature called

the Skornn, who feeds on mutants. Pierce entrusts the blade to Shatterstar. Elsewhere, later, one of Pierce's ninjas reveals

himself to be a traitor, working alongside the hooded woman, who is revealed to be Spiral. Full moon.

Tuesday, July 22


The early morning after W/P 5 (1-17). Just before sunrise, Books sneaks in to release Frank and Logan. Later that morning,

Wolverine and the Punisher head to civilization. Logan notes that the Atheist escaped the trap he'd left him in, and the Punisher

promises to promptly return with enough weaponry to kill them all. In Erewhon, Books explains to the remaining townspeople

that without the Punisher, they'd be free men and that none of them wants that.


Probably the day after XFOR:SH 1. Shatterstar, Pierce and his men assault Spiral's headquarters, little realizing they are walking

into a trap. Four female warriors attack and the turncoat ninja shows his true colors. During the battle, Shatterstar realizes that

the walls are holographic and he locates the way into Spiral's command center, a "dimensional womb" where platforms float in a

starry void. Shatterstar and Spiral duel, and Spiral gains the Annihilation blade and knocks Pierce off a platform, condemning

him to fall for eternity. Shatterstar knocks the blade out of her hand and she leaps after it. Shatterstar leaps after her as she

conjures a dimensional portal in their path and Shatterstar wakes up somewhere else. He is sucker-punched by a towering figure

who looks almost exactly like Cable. We see long sleeves in Madripoor.


The same day as XFOR:SH 2. It is "several months" before XFOR2 1. Shatterstar discovers that he has landed on a parallel

earth and that Spiral rigged her dimensional portal so that he arrived here three years after she did. In that time, she has

conquered almost all of this world and has slain its Shatterstar. This Cable believes him to be an assassin in disguise, but when

they are both ambushed by Spiral's troops, Cable changes his mind and brings Shatterstar back to their base. Cable's small strike

force is the last rebellion against Spiral, who has now taken the name Apocalypse. Cable suddenly receives a psychic

transmission from Sunspot, who has spent the last six months infiltrating Spiral's castle; he almost stole back the Annihilation

blade, but was discovered and captured. Hoping to rescue him, Cable's force mounts up the Lockheeds for a last, desperate

assault on Spiral's floating fortress.


The same day as XFOR:SH 3. Spiral throws Sunspot over the side of her floating castle, but he is rescued by Boomer on her

Lockheed. While Cable's forces attack Spiral's troops, Shatterstar engages her in a sword fight. He is on the verge of defeating

her when he is attacked by Dominicus Pierce. Using her time-manipulation powers, Spiral had let Pierce fall through the void for

over a hundred years, then retrieved him, and now he owes her his life. While Shatterstar battles Pierce, Spiral jumps to

Boomer's Lockheed and kills it with the Annihilation blade. The dying creature smashes into the castle, knocking Boomer,

Spiral, and Pierce over the side. Sunspot catches the former two while Pierce is fried by a blast of fire from Cable's mount.

Later, with Spiral captured and her reign over, Cable prepares to send Shatterstar and the Annihilation blade home. After some

questioning by Boomer, Spiral provides the technology to open the portal and Cable sends Shatterstar through, a final psychic

message ringing in his head as he returns to Madripoor.

HAWKEYE v3 #1 (3-17)

One day. Given the new Hawkeye costume in this story arc, this segment must occur after A/TB 6 (17-20). Clint Barton drives

his motorcycle "twelve hours" from New York to Myrtle Beach, where he gets pries into the life of a stripper named Peppermint

who is accosted by a guy named Jimmy Muscles. We see fireworks at night.

Wednesday, July 23


One day. Curt Connors sees his son mourning his mother.

SHE-HULK v3 #4 (5)

One "Wednesday." The newspaper date of "June 23, 2004" may be close (although the year is topical). It also suggests two

weeks after the supposed June 9 setting of S-H3 4 (2). Smythe agrees to supply Scorpion with Spider-Slayers for an attack on

Spidey and JJJ during the courtroom proceedings.


One day, after A/TB 6 (23) and "months" before TB2 2 (1-9). Baron Zemo sends Killgrave after Andreas Von Strucker. The

depiction of Zemo and Andreas together in this panel is confusing, since Andreas would be unaware of Zemo's hand in this.

Thursday, July 24

SHE-HULK v3 #4 (6-18)

The day after S-H3 4 (5). On day one of the courtroom proceedings, Scorpion attacks and his defeated by Shulkie and Spidey.

The date "June 24, 2004" may not be quite right; I have it as July 24.

THOR v2 #80 (5-6)

One day, "one month" ("thirty days") before T2 80 (7-22). On their way to Gunin-Gap to destroy the mold for Mjolnir, Eitri and

two of his associate dwarves are drowned in the river Vuluspa and Loki locates the mold, a powerful tool he has been seeking.

HAWKEYE v3 #1 (18-25)

One day, a "couple" of days after HAWK3 1 (1-17). Clint confronts Peppermint's boyfriend Bailey, but discovers he didn't send

Jimmy Muscles after Peppermint. Suspecting Bailey's wife Belinda, Clint buys some archery equipment that night at Wal-Mart.

It is "kinda warm out to be wearin' jackets."

HAWKEYE v3 #2 (1-14)

The same day as HAWK3 1 (18-25). Clint uses his archery skills to follow up his investigation. We see fireworks again in

Myrtle Beach. Full moon.

Friday, July 25

SHE-HULK v3 #4 (19)

The day after S-H3 4 (6-18). On day two of the court proceedings, Pug extends Spidey's lawsuit to Peter Parker. The date "June

25, 2004" may not be quite right; I have it as July 25.

HAWKEYE v3 #2 (15-22)

The day after HAWK3 2 (1-14). Clint visits Belinda and follows up with further investigation.

HAWKEYE v3 #3 (4-5)

Probably the same day as HAWK3 2 (15-22). It is a day a public library would be open. Clint gets a Myrtle Beach librarian to

hack into Army personnel records and pays her with dinner and sex, which is a clue that this story arc should occur before Clint

hooks up with the Wasp in A3 83; that means that HAWK3 6 (21-23) should occur before A3 77. Full moon.


One day, probably a few days after XFOR:SH 4 (1-21). Shatterstar thinks about the alternate Cable's inspiring words as he

climbs Mount Xixabangma towards a sacred temple.

Saturday, July 26

SHE-HULK v3 #4 (20)

The morning after S-H3 4 (19). Spidey settles the lawsuit at the GLK&H law offices, which must be open on a Saturday.

HAWKEYE v3 #3 (6-22)

The day after HAWK3 3 (4-5). Hawkeye heads to Miami to confront Alex Kreiter about the real reason for Peppermint's being

threatened - her discovery of a secret from Bailey's and Kreiter's Vietnam War experience. That night, Kreiter sends his goons

after Clint, who defeats them and delivers them back to Kreiter. When Clint gets too close to the truth, Kreiter commits suicide.

Bailey finds Peppermint and encourages her to kill Clint upon his return to Myrtle Beach. Full moon.

SHE-HULK v3 #10 - FB (21:2)

One day. Titania trains to battle She-Hulk.

DAREDEVIL v2 #56 - FB (9)

One day. Matt (with goatee) and Milla walk down a block of Hell's Kitchen that's been renovated, thanks to their efforts. The

renovation of Hell's Kitchen is also noted in PUN7 7 (1-11).

Sunday, July 27


The day after HAWK3 3 (6-22). Clint returns to Myrtle Beach, where Peppermint is accidentally killed. Finding out more about

the Laos massacre, Clint suits up and confronts Scully, then decides to go to Laos. Full moon.

HAWKEYE v3 #6 - FB (4)

The same day as HAWK3 4. Clint, Bailey, and Scully prepare to leave for Laos.

SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED v2 #6/2 (5:9-6)

On the night of the day Augie is released from prison, he auditions for a position as a thug for the Mercenary. According to a

wall calendar, it's either Sunday, the 29th day of a 31-day month or Sunday, the 28th day of a 30-day month.

Monday, July 28

SHE-HULK v3 #4 (21)

A "business day" shortly after S-H3 4 (20). Peter Parker and JJJ issue public apologies to Spidey while dressed in chicken suits.


Probably the day after HAWK3 4. Hawkeye, Bailey, and Scully reach the sight of the Laos massacre, where Clint discovers the

reason for the massacre - the soldiers' greed for the contents of a temple that opens every forty years. Hawkeye uses a flare

arrow to cause the temple to open and an army of archers descends upon them. The reference to 2007 being forty years after the

Vietnam flashback must be topical. Full moon.

HAWKEYE v3 #6 (5-14)

The same night as HAWK3 5. It is "years" after HAWK3 6-FB (1-3) and a "week" before HAWK3 6 (15-16). Hawkeye dons

his costume for the first time in this story arc - it is a new costume featuring an armored left arm, so this story must occur after

XS 25 and A/TB 6 (17-20). Bailey dies and Hawkeye defeats the archers, but his hit by a poison arrow. Scully takes off with the

prized column from the temple.

WEAPON X v2 #16

One day, long enough after WX 15 for the doctors at Weapon X to give Chamber a new face through "surgery" (as noted in

WX2 19). It is "several years" after WX 16-FB. This story must occur after X 150 (1-31), as monitors in the Weapon X

compound show a recorded video of Weapon XV's attack on Magneto. Brent Jackson shows Jono around the Weapon X

compound and offers him a trial assignment, to kill John Sublime. Logan, probably here after UX 443, is seen doing surveillance

on Jono. Green trees.

WEAPON X v2 #17

The same day as WX2 16. Chamber meets Logan in a movie theater (in a place where it's raining) and discuss Jono's

assignment to infiltrate Weapon X for the X-Men. "Hours later," Jono agrees to kill Sublime, and that evening, he, Jackson,

Sauron, and Wild Child attack Sublime's headquarters, where it appears to be a normal business day. Sublime and his U-Men

root out the skulking Jono.

WEAPON X v2 #18

The same night as WX2 17. It is "several weeks" after WX2 18-FB. Jackson, Sauron, and Wild Child save Chamber, who then

finds and supposedly kills John Sublime and reports back to Wolverine.


Perhaps the night after ASMU2 6/2 (5:9-6). Augie tries to find Vivian, only to discover that her grandmother died while he was

in prison "last year" and that Vivian is married now.


One night. Because M.J. is a stage actress, this story must occur after ASM 509 and so after ASM 515 (1-15). While he beats up some burglars, Spider-Man chats with Mary Jane on the phone. Meanwhile, a senator goes to a museum and sees a necklace. When he puts it on he's possessed by Kulan Gath, who turns the city medieval. Everyone is affected but Spider-Man. As he makes his way to the museum, Kulan Gath, remembers that the last time he was in this era Red Sonja bonded with Mary Jane. He calls Mary Jane to kill Spider-Man. She's bonded with Red Sonja through her sword just as Spider-Man finds her. The snow may be topical.

The same night as SM/RS 1. As Kulan Gath changes the city, Venom (Eddie Brock) is hit by the wave. Elsewhere, Red Sonja fights Spider-Man. J ust as he starts to calm her down, Venom attacks. Meanwhile, Kulan Gath and Jonah chat while Robbie saves a kid from Vermin. Spider-Man and Red Sonja escape from Venom, but Spidey is taken away by a group of Kulan Gath's men.

The same night as SM/RS 2. Venom reports to Kulan Gath, who attacks him for his symbiote. Meanwhile, Spider-Man wakes up in a prison and sees Roobbie. Elsewhere, Red Sonja assembles an army, and they free Spider-Man during their attack. While Kulan Gath steals the symbiote, Red Sonja and Spidey defeat Vermin. Then they're attacked by the Lizard, the Scorpion, and the new Hobgoblin.


The same night as SM/RS 3. Spider-Man and Red Sonja fight the villains, and Hobgoblin grabs Red Sonja and flies away. They pass through the energy barrier and Hobgoblin reverts to his normal self. Meanwhile, Kulan Gath, bonded with the Venom symbiote, attacks and captures Spidey. Red Sonja starts to remember some of Mary Jane's memories while she fights Hobgoblin. After she defeats him she's shot by the police.

The same night as SM/RS 4. Kulan Gath has strung Spider-Man up in a tree. He expands the energy wave to transform more of New York, and it reaches Red Sonja. The policemen around her turn into his men and they take her to Kulan Gath. As he's about to kill them both, Brock attacks to get his symbiote back. Red Sonja breaks free and destroys Kulan Gath's necklace, turning New York back to normal. Red Sonja is sent back to Hyboria.

Tuesday, July 29


The day after SM/RS 5 (1-20). Because Brock is Venom in SM/RS 5 (1-20), this segment must occur before M/KSM 1 (1-9). Peter and Mary Jane get some Chinese food. Only Peter remembers the Red Sonja/Kulan Gath affair.
NEW WARRIORS v3 #2 - FB (1:1-1:2)

One day. Footage of a nice private zoo in Salina, Kansas.

SHE-HULK v4 #3/2

One day. Because Jen is on earth and appears to be in control of her power, and because GLK&H's comic book library is still

intact, this story must occur before S-H3 7. Jen returns some comic books she borrowed from GLK&H in S-H3 2.

DAREDEVIL v2 #73 - FB (5-6)

One night, "a few months" before DD2 73. Jennifer Norton spies her husband talking to a demonic imp on his shoulder.

Wednesday, July 30


One day. It cannot be "two months" or "a couple months" after W3 6, but rather six months, as noted in W3 9; given Logan's

dream about the deceased Jean in W3 12, this issue probably occurs after X 154 (23). Blaine's reference to having served in

Vietnam with Logan "over thirty years ago, now" must be topical. Outside of El Paso, Wolverine interrupts a convenience store

robbery and discovers a tractor trailer full of the corpses of illegal Mexican immigrants who died of heatstroke. Logan heads into

El Paso to enlist the help of an old friend, Garcia Nestor, in tracking down the immigrant smuggling ring. Meanwhile, in

Portland, ATF agent Cassie Lathrop tries fruitlessly to track Logan down, and just as she's given up, she spies his El Paso

activities on the evening news. Green grass in Oregon.


One day, the day before PULSE 1. The Bugle's Terri Kidder does a piece on the Avengers and Jameson chews her out. Later

that day she is scooped by Fox News on a Spider-Man/Vulture battle. That evening, Terri hears that a few Oscorp staffers have

gone missing over the last week. She gets a quick interview with Norman Osborn before a reception he has at 8 PM, but when

she asks him about the missing people, he strangles her to death and, as the Green Goblin, dumps her body in the Central Park

reservoir. Leafy trees and jackets in New York. Full moon.

DAREDEVIL v2 #56 - FB (10-17)

One day, "months" before A4 9-FB. Reed Richards appears here with an unscarred face; this flashback likely occurs after FF

511. The Democratic Party of New York asks Matt (with goatee) to run for mayor of the city on their ticket and tell him that an

official request will come at a dinner "tomorrow." Matt then meets Reed Richards, Luke Cage, Peter Parker, and Stephen

Strange in a park, where we see short sleeves, green trees, and what appears to be warm weather. As the FBI surveys the

situation, the four chastize Matt for going too far and an argument ensues; they feel Matt has become a dictator, something about

which Reed should know.

DAREDEVIL v2 #65 - FB (26:4-32)

The same rainy day as DD2 56-FB (10-17). It must be much less than "12 months" before DD2 65. It is "a while" after DD2 5.

After Matt leaves the other heroes, he walks around town and finally goes to Dr. Strange's house for advice and assistance.

Mention of Karen Page's death seems to surprise Strange, who should know better, as he attended Karen's funeral. Matt's facial

hair doesn't quite match his goatee in DD2 56-FB (10-17).

DAREDEVIL v2 #56 - FB (18-22)

The same rainy night as DD2 65-FB (26-32). During a thunderstorm, Matt is attacked by a gang of Yakuza thugs.


The same rainy night as DD2 56-FB (18-22). Matt battles the Yakuza, sustaining heavy injury. When the FBI arrive on the

scene, Matt is gone.

Thursday, July 31

PULSE #1 (1-2)

The morning after DD2 57-FB. Ben Urich reads the Bugle coverage of the Yakuza battle of the night before.


The day after DD2 57-FB, so it must be the same day as PULSE 1 (1-2). It cannot be "almost a year to the day" after DD2 50.

Ben Urich talks to Milla in a diner about Daredevil's past year.


The same day as DD2 56. It is the day after DD2 57-FB, "a year" after DD2 50, and "a year or two" after the MGH drug started

on the East Coast. Ben continues talking to Milla, who notes that Matt is her husband.


The same day as DD2 57. It is supposed to be "about four months" after Matt's and Milla's wedding in DD2 74-FB (1-3) on

"May 4," but I have it as three months (just barely four months inclusive). It is "a year and a half" after DD2 35 (19-20), but this

may be an approximation signifying a time period of more than a year. Ben tells Milla he'll find out what happened to Matt.

After checking with Foggy, Ben finds Matt (with goatee) recuperating at the Waterfront Medical Center. FBI agents Driver and

Del Toro interrogate Yakuza member Sano Orii.

DAREDEVIL v2 #59 (1-9)

The same day as DD2 58. It is "9 days" before DD2 59 (10-22). As Orii is released, the Yakuza assassinate Agent Driver. The

news reaches Ben, who with Foggy has just witnessed Matt fall unconscious from a nervous breakdown.


The day after W3 7. Cassie Lathrop has traveled to El Paso, where she shows Logan's sketch to the Border Patrol. Meanwhile,

Logan tracks down Ian Ritter, the man who organized the truckload of immigrants, but when he confronts him, Ritter is killed by

his assistant, who then sets the building on fire. The Border Patrol shows up, and Cassie leaps into the fire to save Logan, who

then has to save her. That night, acting on the information he got from Ritter's assistant, Logan swims the Rio into Mexico.

Friday, August 1


The early morning after W3 8. It is "six months" after W3 6 (which I already placed in February). In Mexico, Logan confronts

some of Rojas' men, while in El Paso, Cassie tracks down Nestor's bar. Logan forces one of the men to drive him to Rojas'

estate. but the other two call ahead and many armed guards are waiting when Logan arrives. He cuts them all down and comes

face-to-face with Rojas, who is revealed to be a pregnant woman.

WOLVERINE v3 #10 (1-17)

The same early morning as W3 9. It's closing time at Nestor's bar, but Cassie continues to drink and refuses to leave.

Meanwhile in Mexico, Logan confronts Rojas, who reveals that the immigrants had all swallowed heroin-filled condoms and

were smuggling them into the US. She taunts Logan, daring him to kill her, but he refuses, struggling to control himself. As

soon as he storms out, Rojas goes into labor. Logan returns to Nestor's bar to sleep, and finds Cassie waiting. She asks to stay,

and he offers her the couch.

PULSE #1 (3-22)

The day after DD2 57-FB and PULSE 2. This segment must occur after DD:F 2 (18-20). Jessica Jones is not yet visibly

pregnant, yet according to my calculations she's over five months pregnant. She interviews for a job at the Daily Bugle, where

Jameson pitches a new section of the paper spotlighting super-heroes called "The Pulse," to which Ben Urich is assigned. Terri

Kidder's body is fished out of the reservoir.


The same night ("twenty hours" after) as W3 10 (1-17). Logan returns to Rojas' estate, where he helps deliver her baby.

Saturday, August 2

WOLVERINE v3 #10 (18-21)

The early morning after W3 11-FB. When Cassie awakens, Logan is gone; Nestor said he went back across the river, with

"unfinished business" and at that moment, Logan bursts through the door of the bar, holding a crying newborn.

WOLVERINE v3 #11 (1-13)

The same day as W3 10 (18-21). Logan returns to Rojas' estate and searches for personal information, discovering that she has a

sister who is married and living in Illinois. Green trees and bushes in El Paso.


The day after PULSE 1 (3-22). References to "last night" and "yesterday" seem to suggest that PULSE 2 occurred the day before

this issue, but it may be three days after. Jessica (still not showing) and Luke argue about her new job at the Bugle, whose

reporters investigate Terri Kidder's murder. Ben Urich concludes that Norman Osborn is the murderer and contacts Peter Parker.

Iron Man cameos. Green, leafy trees in New York. We see people wearing coats, hats and scarves, but this may be topical.


The same day as PULSE 3. Ben and Peter discuss Ben's knowledge of Peter's secret identity and Peter tells Ben that Osborn is

the Green Goblin. Suspecting Osborn to be a killer, they vow to bring him down. The Bugle decides to expose Osborn and

notifies police. That night, the police, with Ben Urich and Jessica Jones, arrive at Oscorp to see Osborn and the Green Goblin

explodes onto the scene.

PULSE #5 (1-12)

The same day as PULSE 4. This segment must occur after SM/BC 5-FB (17). Spidey arrives and battles the Goblin, who gets

away. Jessica (still not looking pregnant; Spidey can't tell) thinks that the Goblin killed her fetus, but a doctor confirms that it's

alive and well. The doctor also states that the fetus "doesn't have any bones yet," but this can't be right, as this story occurs after

ALIAS 28, in which Jessica was already "three months pregnant." A news reporter states, "I didn't think we'd get a bigger news

story this year than the fall of Wilson Fisk;" the reference may not be to DD2 50 but to Fisk's conviction, which probably did

occur earlier this year. The reference apparently doesn't consider "Magneto's" attack on Manhattan, surely a bigger news item.

The "this year" statement does contradict the statement that DD2 56 (which ties into PULSE 1-2) occurs "almost a year to the

day" after DD2 50.

HAWKEYE v3 #6 (15-16)

One night. HAWK3 6 (5-14) is referred to as having occurred "last week." Hawkeye has tracked Scully to Hong Kong, where

he convinces him to help take down Belinda. The full moon is inconsistent with that in HAWK3 5.

Sunday, August 3

PULSE #5 (13-19)

Perhaps the morning after PULSE 5 (1-12), given that Cage was determined to get Osborn and that he wears different clothes

here than in PULSE 5 (1-12). This segment occurs "two or three months" before M/KSM 9. The Bugle reports that Osborn is

the Goblin and Osborn surrenders himself to police to appear as a victim. Cage publicly attacks Osborn, forcing Osborn to don

the Goblin mask and battle him. Spidey arrives and Cage subdues Osborn.


The same morning as PULSE 5 (13-19). The Goblin escapes from Cage (according to M/KSM 12) and takes people hostage in a

church, presumably during a Sunday morning service. "Four hours" later, Spidey catches up with him.


The same "Sunday morning" as PULSE 5 (13-19). This story probably occurs after ASM 515 (1-15). This story occurs sometime after Iron Man's identity becomes public knowledge (IM3 55/2) and must occur after ASM 514, SMF2 2 (22), and SM/RS 5 (22). It is "three months" before M/KSM 10 (1-10). Spidey battles and defeats the Green Goblin.

PULSE #5 (20-21)

The same day as M/KSM 1 (1-9). The press has a field day with the capture of Osborn and his exposure as the Goblin and the

Bugle staff is delighted.


The same day as PULSE 5 (20-21). A battered Peter arrives by cab at Aunt May's house in Queens, where he helps Aunt May

move out to a Manhattan apartment, unaware he's being watched. We see green and bare trees in New York.

WOLVERINE v3 #11 (14-18)

The day after W3 11 (1-13). Logan tracks down the sister and convinces her to adopt Rojas' baby. We see snow on the ground

in Illinois, but this must be topical.

Monday, August 4

PULSE #5 (22)

The day after PULSE 5 (13-21). This segment must occur before M/HOLSPEC '04. The Bugle's headline reads "Osborn

Jailed!!" Jessica reports to work.


One day, between RUN 17 (23) and RUN 18. Nico is residing at Father Flanagan's home for unwanted Goth kids. One night, she is confronted by Marie LaVeau, who retrieved the Black Mirror from the Minorus. She needs Nico's blood to deactivate a spell blocking its usage. After some fighting, Nico breaks the mirror and Marie LaVeau gets the final page of the Darkhold hidden inside.

HAWKEYE v3 #6 (17-21:4)

One night, shortly after HAWK3 6 (15-16). In Myrtle Beach, Hawkeye foils Belinda's scheme.

Tuesday, August 5


One day, two days before ASMU2 5. Spidey nabs a robber but bystander John Murray is apprehended by police.


The same day as ASMU2 5-FB (3-4). Police find the robber all webbed up.

SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED v2 #5 - FB (5:2-5:3)

The same day as ASMU2 5-FB-FB. While Murray is at the police station, a Bugle reporter makes note of his arrest and leaves.

Then the real robber is brought into the station.

HAWKEYE v3 #6 (21:5-23)

One night, shortly after HAWK3 6 (17-21). This segment must occur before A3 77. Hawkeye tells his tale to his friends in

Myrtle Beach, while Belinda and Scully try to piece the column back together in Laos.

Wednesday, August 6

WOLVERINE v3 #11 (19-20)

One day, probably a few days after W3 11 (14-18). The Murillos have traveled to El Paso from Illinois.


One day, the day before ASMU2 5. John Murray loses his job because of the Bugle's report of his arrest.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #12 - FB (10:4-12:3)

One day. Titannus' forces invade the Trellions' planet and he strikes a deal to serve at the Trellion king's side.

NEW WARRIORS v3 #5 - FB (5:5)

One day. Footage of Nuponder, Michigan.

Thursday, August 7


One day. ASMU2 5-FB (3-4) is referred to as having occurred "the day before yesterday." John Murray's son holds the Bugle

staff hostage in an effort to clear his father's name. Robbie Robertson gets the kid to hand over his gun and the police take the

youth away.


One day, "a few weeks" before ASMU2 5/2 (11). Spidey thwarts some bank robbers and saves a hostage who nearly dies. We

see green trees and a little autumn color in New York.

WOLVERINE v3 #11 (21)

Perhaps the night of the day after W3 11 (19-20). Logan shows up at Cassie Lathrop's house, and is invited in for the night.

Green grass and green trees and rain in Portland. Logan is wearing his dog tags in this arc, suggesting that this is before he

returns to his Reload costume in AX3 1.

Friday, August 8


One early morning, shortly after W3 11 (21). Logan has a dream about Jean while staying at Cassie Lathrop's place. A

newspaper headline reads "Capt. America captures Osama," with a picture of Cap, but this is probably an artist joke.

Leafy trees in Oregon. Full moon.


One day, "a little while" before M/KSM 6-FB (12). Osborn, jailed here after M/KSM 1 (1-9), diagnoses his guard's wife's

condition and prescribes something that will kill her. An incarcerated Rhino is shown here, probably before his miniaturization

in S-H3 5.


One day. Curt Connors visits his psychiatrist. He "can't remember" how long it's been since his wife's death in SM:QL 4. The

doctor refers to Billy as a "ten-year-old boy," but she must be mistaken, as Billy is noted as being 16 in SM:QL 3.

ORDER v2 #2 - FB - FB (1/2:9-1/2:10)

One night. Becky Ryan performs on stage before screaming young fans.

Saturday, August 9

WOLVERINE v3 #13 (1-10)

One day, shortly after W3 12 and more than "two weeks" after Sabretooth's previous appearance (likely X 142). Hired by a

shady company, Sabretooth hunts a feral woman known as the Native in British Columbia. When she slaughters his hunting

party and defeats him, Sabretooth decides to try to get Wolverine to do the hard work for him. It is "supposed to be spring," and

we see gray skies and snow in B.C.

DAREDEVIL v2 #59 (10-22)

One day, "9 days" after DD2 59 (1-9). After nine days drifting in and out of consciousness (and thus unavailable for other

appearances), Matt awakens, clean shaven, in a safe house that Foggy arranged. Matt dons the costume for the first time "in a

long time" and goes to apologize to Luke and Jessica, who apparently have just moved in together. Luke tells Matt that Jessica is

pregnant, reinforcing the fact that she still doesn't show (although she does have a loose shirt on). That night, Daredevil, Cage,

Spider-Man, and Iron Fist invade the Yakuza's base.

DAREDEVIL v2 #60 (1-21)

The same night as DD2 59 (10-22). It is indeed a "couple of years" after DD2 21 (18-22). This segment occurs a "week" before

DD2 64 (1-12) and must occur before DD2 55 (17-22), CM6 19, and M/KSM 11. The four heroes kick Yakuza butt and Matt

tells his comrades that he's back in the super-hero business. He then sees Milla who confronts him about his state of mind and

its link to their relationship. We see falling leaves and a full moon.

Sunday, August 10

WOLVERINE v3 #13 (11-16)

The day after W3 13 (1-10). In the early hours of morning, Logan sneaks out of Cassie Lathrop's house and speeds away.

Presumably that night, Sabretooth gives his report to the shady company that hired him. We see evergreens, green bushes, and

rain in Oregon.

DAREDEVIL v2 #60 (22)

The rainy morning after DD2 60 (1-21). Ben Urich checks out his Pulse article about Daredevil's return and the Yakuza



One day. At an early point in Augie's training as one of the Mercenary's thugs, he is humbled by the villain.


The "Sunday" after PPTSS2 11 (1-3). Curt Connors tells his troubles to Peter Parker, but notes that a research grant he's to

discuss with the Montalbetti Foundation "tomorrow" could be a turning point for him. We see green grass and trees, warm

weather clothing, and people playing baseball in Queens.

Monday, August 11


The day after PPTSS2 11 (4-9). Mary Jane is "away for a week on a photo shoot," so this story must occur after ASM 505-FB.

Billy Connors is staying at his aunt's house at 2:30 PM, so it's likely that this story occurs during summer vacation. On a

"Monday," Curt is rejected by the Montalbetti Foundation. In anger, Curt goes to the Richardson Institute, the workplace of his

rival for the grant and an explosion ensues. He turns into the Lizard and he and Spidey fight.

WOLVERINE v3 #13 (17-22)

Possibly the day after W3 13 (11-16). Sabretooth tracks Logan to a Montana diner and gives him a file on the Native. Green

grass and bushes in Montana.


One day. Hawkeye (in his new costume with the armored sleeve) must appear here after HAWK3 6 (21-23), given that his casual

sex with the librarian in HAWK3 3 (4-5) should occur before his liaison with Jan in A3 83. A man is seen reading a newspaper

with a headline, "Red Skull Stopped!;" this suggests that this issue occurs right after A3 70 (1-15), but if this issue occurs in

sequential order with other issues of A3, then at least a few weeks must have passed, given that A3 72 occurs "a few weeks" after

A3 68. Cap, Hawkeye, and the Wasp fight the Wrecking Crew in England, where we see green grass and trees and people

wearing coats and jackets.


The same day as A3 77. It is "days" before A3 82. The Avengers defeat the Wrecking Crew, but local resident Kelsey Leigh

dies from injuries she sustains while defending Captain America from "Thunderball." Green grass and trees in England.


The same day as A3 78. Tensions run high as the Avengers deal with the death of Kelsey Leigh - Cap and Hawkeye argue about

the latter's inadvertent exposure of Leigh's corpse to her kids, Cap and She-Hulk try to console the kids, and Jan and Hank have

an argument about Hank's past physical abuse of her. Angry about "Thunderball"'s brutality, Hawkeye pays a visit to the jailed

Wrecking Crew, only to be savagely beaten by them. Green grass and trees in England.


The same day as A3 79. Poised between life and death, Kelsey meets Brian Braddock and Meggan and chooses the sword of

might over the amulet of right, turning her into the new Captain Britain. As the Wrecking Crew flees the Avengers, she

intercepts and skewers "Thunderball," who seeks to draw strength from a mysterious master. The three of them and Wanda

disappear. Green grass and trees in England.


The same day as A3 80. This story must occur before ASMU2 7-FB (4:2), probably before S-H3 5, and I have Brian Braddock

here before X 444. The new Captain Britain and Wanda, joined by Cap, defeat Morgan Le Fey and her black knight, the ersatz

"Thunderball," and free Braddock and Meggan from captivity. The Avengers return to New York with new member Captain

Britain and her family, who take residence at Avengers Embassy and cannot be told that Kelsey is the new hero in their midst.

Wasp and Hawkeye are sent to the infirmary. Green grass and trees in England.

Tuesday, August 12


One day. This flashback must occur after ASMU2 3/2. The Owl, "fresh out of jail" (perhaps after having been put there after his

defeat in DD2 45), is "re-establishing himself" and "doesn't have a decent gang together yet." He sends Electro and Vulture out

to collect an debt for the Kingpin.


One day during the "August" before SPELLBINDERS 4 (9:6). After breaking up with Chad, Sally's powers are turned against

her and she freezes to death.


One day. Simon considers Captain America, not himself, as "a super hero." Simon has lunch with his former agent Neal, who asks him how the Scarlet Witch is. Simon tells Neal about how Wanda went nuts and people were killed, but this can't be a reference to the events of Disassembled - rather, it must be a reference to a previous event with details manipulated by Neal. Simon tries to convince Neal that it's possible to turn folks from evil to good. After lunch, they are fiercely attacked by Ladykiller. She and Simon battle and Simon wins. Neal bets Simon that he can't reform Ladykiller and proposes to make a documentary about his effort to do so. Ladykiller awakens to discover she's been collared with a device that causes her pain when she's hostile. Simon proposes that she cooperate and introduces her to Hank McCoy and Carol Danvers.

WONDER MAN v3 #2 - FB (4-7)

The same night as WM3 1-FB. Simon shows Ladykiller her quarters and tells her he's going to rehabilitate her. Inhibited by a

restraining collar that prevents her from trying to hurt others, Ladykiller tries to escape, but winds up in Beast's presence.

Wednesday, August 13


One day, "just a few weeks" before M/KSM 6 (4-22). Tigra and Wonder Man fight Boomerang, according to Sandman.

WONDER MAN v3 #2 - FB (8-22)

The day after WM3 2-FB (4-7). Ladykiller tells Simon about being sold into sexual slavery at age twelve. Simon talks to Carol

Danvers about his charge. That night, Ladykiller attempts to escape, only to end up again in Beast's presence. In the billiard

room, she tells Simon about her encounter with the Mandarin. Then, Ladykiller successfully escapes, but returns. Beast sees

hope for her.


It is "Wednesday," so it must be "two days" after SPECSM2 11 (10-23); Curt may have been unconscious for much of that time,

while Peter tended to him. At "7:18 PM," Peter takes Curt to a "safe place" in the sewers to chill while Peter does some

investigating. At "10:33 PM," a security guard delivers to the Bugle a surveillance camera videotape showing Spidey and the

Lizard's transformation into a man.


One day. Because Daredevil cameos here, this story must occur after DD2 60 (1-21). Marlo decides to leave Moondragon (who

must appear here after THANOS 3) to return to Rick. Genis broadcasts a recording by Rick to all of earth from Titan. Phyla

argues for assuming the name Captain Marvel. A future version of Marlo shows up on Titan and fights Genis before dying.

Daredevil cameos.


The same day as CM6 19. Genis travels to the future to prevent the events leading to Marlo's death. Meanwhile, Phyla drops in

on Marlo and Moondragon.


The same day as CM6 20. Genis continues his mission in the future, while the Magus attempts to abduct Marlo, only to be

driven back by Phyla.


The same day as CM6 21. As Genis continues his mission in the future, Phyla takes Marlo to safety and the Magus returns and

attacks Moondragon.


The same day as CM6 22. Phyla and Marlo arrive on Hyperion, where they see Moondragon's defeat by Magus on a viewscreen.

Rick Jones spends time in the future.


The same day as CM6 23. This story must occur before WM3 5-FB. To save the future, Genis kills his own infant son at a point "years" from now. Magus claims Moondragon as a disciple.

WOLVERINE v3 #14 (1-11)

One day, probably a couple of days after W3 13 (17-22). Sabretooth reports back to the shady company that Wolverine is on the

Native's trail. Meanwhile, in British Columbia, Logan tracks down the Native's burrow and discovers cave painting-style art that

indicates that she escaped the Weapon X project at the same time he did. We see leafless trees and green grass and bushes in

B.C. Full moon.

Thursday, August 14

WOLVERINE v3 #14 (12-22)

The morning after W3 14 (1-11). Logan and the Native encounter one another and, after a savage fight, they kiss. We see

leafless trees and green grass and bushes in B.C.


One day, "days" after A3 78. Hawkeye (his leg and hand in casts) and the Wasp are still recovering from injuries sustained in A3

79-81 and Hank Pym reverts to his Giant-Man identity. There is no reference to Tony being Secretary of State. The new Captain

Britain gives Captain America a piece of her mind at a memorial service for Kelsey Leigh, leading Cap, Hank, and Iron Man to

suspect that Britain is Kelsey. Clint and Jan share a kiss. Meanwhile in the Middle East, in an effort to reform the Invaders,

Union Jack, Spitfire, and John Walker (now resuming a Captain America identity) retrieve Blazing Skull from captivity. Green

grass and trees in New York.


The same day as A3 82. The new Invaders ally themselves with Namor against the nation of Mazikhandar. Hank Pym discovers

Jan and Clint sharing a romantic moment. If this is the only time that Jan and Clint have sex, then it's roughly anywhere from a

week or so to about three weeks before A 503-FB (1-3). Green grass and trees in New York.


The same day as A3 83. It is "not long" after A3 70 (16-20). The Avengers fight the Invaders in Mazikhandar and Walker learns

he was set up by Dell Rusk a while back. The Mazikhandarian despot is overthrown and his successor assassinates him before

the heroes' eyes. Hawkeye no longer has his casts (that was a quick healing). Green grass and shrubs in Manhattan.


The same day as A3 84. It is "months" before INV3 6 and long enough before INV3 1 for attacks on Mazikhandar to occur "at

regular intervals." The Invaders and Avengers deal with the situation as the Thin Man hints at an unknown agenda behind

everything. Namor makes Mazikhandar an Atlantean protectorate and installs Sulumor as advisor.


Perhaps the day after W3 2-FB (8-22). Huan calls Carol "Ms. Marvel," but this story must occur during the time Carol was Warbird; either this was an accident or an intentional misnomer, as the name appears in quotes. Simon has a training session with Ladykiller, who shows him and Carol that she has an impulse for unnecessary killing. Lord Thunder and two associates fly on a plane, aiming to get Ladykiller. Ladykiller tells Carol she's tired of Simon's moralizing "day after day." Carol gets Ladykiller to talk about her parents, as Simon and Hank listen in. They are relieved to discover that Ladykiller didn't kill her parents but feels responsible for their deaths. This encourages Simon, who reports to Neal Saroyan that things with Ladykiller are progressing. Neal is visited by Lord Thunder and his associates. A day of rain and clear weather in L.A., where we see green grass and trees.


The same night as WM3 3-FB. It is a "week" before WM3 5-FB. Simon releases Ladykiller from her control collar. Saroyan, the head of the Nobility, discusses the Ladykiller situation with Lord Thunder and his associates, all members of the Nobility. Beast and Carol express their concern to Simon about Ladykiller's release. Ladykiller plays hero by busting up a gang and a police marksman tries to take a shot at her. Simon arrives and takes Ladykiller from the scene. Lord Thunder shows up and kills the marksman. Ladykiller tells Simon she played hero for him, and Simon asks her to be his date at a "gathering at Stark Towers that celebrates the anniversary of Captain America's joining" the Avengers "next week;" this reference does not correlate with the same calendar date as A 4. Carol and Hank believe the date idea is a bad one. The Nobility regroup and Saroyan reveals his plan to use Ladykiller to destroy the Avengers. Green grass and trees. Full moon.


The day after PPTSS2 12 (1-12). M.J. is back from her photo shoot. That rainy evening, Spidey checks in on Curt in the sewer

hideout and tells him they made the paper. Curt turns into the Lizard and attacks Spidey. We see green trees and light, long-

sleeve clothing in New York.


The same night as PPTSS2 12 (13-21). Spidey battles the Lizard and both realize that a desperate Curt was in control of the

Lizard the whole time. After an unsuccessful abduction of his "nine-year-old" son, the Lizard escapes.

Friday, August 15


The morning after W3 14 (12-22). Sabretooth tracks Wolverine and the Native down, and although he gets the drop on them, the

Native defeats him again and drives him off. She then leads Logan to her "home," a cabin in the woods, that he vaguely

remembers. We see evergreens and snow-capped bushes in B.C.

DAREDEVIL v2 #55 (17:2-22)

One day, probably months after DD2 55 (15-17), long enough for Maya to become a noted figure in the New York arts world.

Since Daredevil is in costume and does not have a goatee here, this segment must occur after DD2 60 (1-21). Maya (wearing a

fur coat) and Daredevil meet on a rooftop. We see blowing leaves.


The same day as W3 15. Logan tries to get answers about their shared past from the Native, but they are interrupted by three

helicopters full of strike troops from the shady company. Logan destroys two of the 'copters and their men, but the third captures

the Native, and Logan is hit with a high-voltage taser. Hours later, he regains consciousness to find Sabretooth standing over

him. Green grass in B.C. Full moon.

WOLVERINE v3 #17 (1-6)

The same night as W3 16. Native arrives at the Workshop, Dr. Vapor quotes "a day at least" for decontamination and "the better

part of a week" for a successful operation, but is told to rush things. Logan awakens and examines the dead company men, and

Sabretooth explains that they both want vengeance on the company. Full moon.

Saturday, August 16

WOLVERINE v3 #17 (7-12)

The day after W3 17 (1-6). Logan reaches Sabretooth's humvee and disables the bomb the company had left underneath it. They

begin to drive. "97 minutes later," Dr. Vapor cuts at Native's neck with a scalpel. Later, Dr. Vapor inserts a radioactive pellet

into the Native's side. After coming out of surgery, Vapor claims that they'll be ready to operate "by morning." Green grass and

trees in British Columbia.

RUNAWAYS v2 #14 - FB (17-18)

One day, after RUN 17 (17-23), "a few months" after RUN2 14-FB (11-16), and "months" before RUN2 14-FB (19-22).

Sometime after Alex's disappearance, his gamer friends have a reunion where Hunter says he's hacked into Alex's old account

and seen a (biased) presentation of the Pride, as well as instructions to bring him back.


One day. As the FF (in street clothes) and Herbie watch his last baseball game of the season, Franklin tries to get an edge by using Impacto Kinetic Amplification Gel on his bat. He eventually hits a home run, but in the bottom of the ninth he drops a pop fly when his glove explodes. Peewee football starts in "a few weeks."

Sunday, August 17

WOLVERINE v3 #17 (13-21)

The early morning after W3 17 (7-12). Sabretooth shows Logan where the Workshop is located, but when they arrive, Logan

runs him over with their Humvee and proceeds to storm the Workshop alone. Dr. Vapor successfully harvests the Native's

ovaries. Green grass and trees in Montana. Full moon.


The same early morning as W3 17 (7-12). Wolverine kills a bunch of guards at the Workshop and reaches the Native. He

removes the radiation pellet and kills Dr. Vapor, and the two escape. Sabretooth kills Murray and Willoughby, and decides to

go after the Native and kill her too. Green grass and trees in Montana. Full moon.


One day, "three months" after IF 2-FB. In the Himalayas, a Shadow Thief reports back to his master, Chi, with Iron Fist's

abandoned mask. Danny is at his new home in Colorado. Mary Blue Cloud arrives and asks for Iron Fist's help. Danny tells

that he's retired and that she should go away. He reluctantly listens to her story, but isn't interested. However, the weather's

terrible, so he agrees to let her stay the night. During the night, the house is attacked by Shadow Thieves. Iron Fist fights them.

Green trees in Colorado.

IRON FIST v4 #3 (1-11:2)

The same night as IF 2. Iron Fist defeats the Shadow Thieves and leaves with Mary in his car. Green trees in Colorado.

Monday, August 18

IRON FIST v4 #3 (11:3-22)

The day after IF 3 (1-11). Another victim of the Shadow Thieves is delivered to the office of coroner Karen Hildebrande in

Sioux Falls, SD. In Colorado, Danny takes Mary to the bus station and puts her on a bus back home. Then he phones his NYPD

contact, Lt. Scarfe and exchanges information on recent killings by the Thieves. However, then Iron Fist realizes that Mary's bus

is full of Shadow Thieves, and he breaks off to rescue her. After defeating the Shadow Thieves again, Danny reluctantly agrees

to drive Mary back home himself. Green grass and trees in Colorado.

WOLVERINE v3 #19 - FB (3-4)

The day after W3 18. This flashback begins "two days, eleven hours, seven minutes" before W3 19. Sabretooth tracks down

Wolverine and the Native, who have returned to the cabin in B.C.

DAREDEVIL v2 #65 - FB (33)

One day. Daredevil stands on top of a gargoyle atop a building in a pin-up that is seen at FBI headquarters in DD2 65.

HAWKEYE v3 #7 - FB (9-13)

One day. An uninjured Hawkeye investigates the murder of a Brooklyn deli owner Anatoly Krylenko, whose funeral is today.

Cap appears. Green trees in New York.


The same day as HAWK3 7-FB (9-13). It is "years" after HAWK3 7-FB (1-3). Hawkeye discovers that Krylenko may be

Vladimir Pradov, a former Soviet colonel responsible for 2000 civilian deaths in Afghanistan. That night, Clint encounters Black

Widow, who claims to have killed Krylenko.

HAWKEYE v3 #8 (4-5)

The same night as HAWK3 7. It is "years" after HAWK3 8-FB. The Widow escapes from Clint.

Tuesday, August 19

IRON FIST v4 #4 (4:4-21:3)

The day after IF 3 (11-22). Early in the morning "somewhere in South Dakota," Danny watches over Mary as she sleeps at the

roadside. That day, Danny and Mary drive on and arrive at the Blue Cloud home, where Mary's parents happily greet Iron Fist.

The Shadow Thieves carry out another random killing at a motel. After dinner, Danny chats with Mary's mother, who talks

about Mary's powers. Yet another corpse is delivered to Karen Hildebrande. A Shadow Thief attacks the Blue Cloud home and

Iron Fist defeats it. Green grass and trees in South Dakota. Full moon.

HAWKEYE v3 #8 (6-8:3)

The day after HAWK3 8 (4-5). At Avengers "Mansion" (should be "Embassy"), Clint talks to Gyrich about the Krylenko killing,

then he talks with Krylenko's widow in Brooklyn, then he flies to Moscow, where we see bare trees. Green grass and trees in

New York.


The "Tuesday" after PPTSS2 13 (1-16). This segment occurs before M/KSM 7 (1-2). Curt Connors gets himself put in jail by

staging a bank robbery. Peter visits him and Curt explains that his incarceration is best Billy's sake.

WOLVERINE v3 #19 - FB (5-19)

The day after W3 19-FB (3-4). Sabretooth incapacitates Logan and kills the Native (and Logan's unborn child). This flashback

begins in the early morning - "two days, three hours, forty-one minutes" before W3 19 - and ends at night - "one day, five

hours, seventeen minutes ago" before W3 19. Green grass and trees in B.C.

SHE-HULK v3 #5

One day. Nova is probably here after A/TB 3, the Wrecking Crew after A3 81, the Rhino after M/KSM 6-FB (11), and Night

Thrasher before NW3 3-FB (15:2). On a day that GLH&H offices are open, the New Warriors defeat Southpaw, who is sent to

the Big House, where a bunch of villains are kept shrunken in size. Southpaw turns out to be Holden Holliway's granddaughter

and when he and She-Hulk go to see her, the miniaturized, incarcerated villains break free and hitch a ride on Shulkie. Green

trees in New York.

SHE-HULK v3 #6 (1-20)

The same day as S-H3 5. It is a "few months" after S-H3 2 (1-13). Sandman may appear here before ID 1 (3-8), Electro (in

classic costume) before M/KSM 2, Rhino before ASMU2 6 (1-7), and the Wrecking Crew before TB2 2 (1-9). Holloway and

Jennifer return to the GLH&H offices, where Hank Pym enlarges the shrunken Southpaw and the escaped villains enlarge as

well. She-Hulk and Yellowjacket, assisted by Awesome Android and Southpaw, defeat the villains. Andy rejects the

programming of the Mad Thinker, whose android body is decapitated.


One day. The dislocation of Spidey's shoulder in PPTSS2 6 (8-22) is noted as having occurred "recently." CP victim Joey Beal

watches New York from the rooftop of his building. The weather is warm enough for him to wear a short-sleeved shirt.

Wednesday, August 20

IRON FIST v4 #4 (21:4-21:6)

The morning after IF 4 (4-21). Danny leaves with Mary, having reluctantly accepted that he needs to stick with her in order to

fulfil her visions. Mary's parents watch them leave. Green grass and trees in South Dakota.

SHE-HULK v3 #6 (21-22)

The day after S-H3 6 (1-20). Damage Control shows up to repair the damage to the GLH&H offices. Awesome Android takes

the day off. There is a reference to a "Yankees" game, so this story must occur before late October. Pug says it "must be


HAWKEYE v3 #8 (8:4-19)

The day after HAWK3 8 (6-8). It is "days" before HAWK3 8 (20-22). Hawkeye gets a new bow and arrows in Moscow (from a

contact of Marc Spector's) and heads by train to Siberia, where we see bare trees and snow. He meets up with the Widow and

they both prevent the theft of sarin-filled missiles from an old weapon silo. Hawkeye's bow arm is injured in the process.


The day after PPTSS2 14 (1-9). Spidey saves Joey Beal from an attack by Morbius.


One day. This story may occur days before the birthday depicted in FOUR 1 (1-6). Franklin sneaks into his mom's closet, where

he finds Herbie guarding some presents. Herbie says, "These presents are not to be touched until your birthday, this weekend."

Franklin, though, has an invso-ray gun to get a peek inside. Unfortunately, he has the gun pointed backwards and makes himself

(and the gun) invisible. In a panic he fires a few mores times at random. He trips over an invisible stool and loses the gun.

Herbie flies to the kitchen (past Sue) to grab a bag of powdered sugar, with which he covers the room so the two can see the gun.

They re-inviso-ray everything and clean up the powered sugar. Sue pokes her head in as Franklin tries to suggest that he wasn't

looking for his presents. Sue responds "What presents?" as she makes them invisible, confusing poor Franklin.

Thursday, August 21

WOLVERINE v3 #19 - FB (1-2)

One early morning, two days after W3 19-FB (5-19). Nightcrawler (in street clothes) waits for Logan at Jo's bar in Manhattan.


The same rainy early morning (before "dawn") as ("twenty-six minutes" after) W3 19-FB (1-2). Logan arrives at Jo's bar to have

Kurt give the Native last rites.

WEAPON X v2 #19 - FB

One morning. Marrow's Gene Nation conducts their "sixth attack on a Weapon X-related facility in as many months." This

means that this flashback occurs at least six months, inclusive, after WX2 13 (12-21).

IRON FIST v4 #5 (1:1-1:2)

One day. A Shadow Thief in South Sioux Falls begins to glow with energy and then turns into a bolt of energy which flies


DAREDEVIL v2 #65 - FB (34)

One day. Daredevil appears with the Hulk in a pin-up that is seen at FBI headquarters in DD2 65.

ROGUE v3 #5 - FB (17:5-18:3)

One day. Dream Beasts appear in Mississippi and Campbell St. Ange investigates their origin by traveling to the Far Banks,

where he discovers a malevolent force, Rogue's mother.


One day, "a few weeks" after ASMU2 5/2 (1-10). Peter Parker checks up on the hostage that he rescued. We see falling autumn



One day, a "week" after WM3 4-FB. Avengers Mansion is intact, so this story must occur before A 500 (1-8). Thor is shown here in his classic costume, so this story must occur before T2 80 (7-22). Genis is shown here in his classic Captain Marvel garb, so this story must occur after CM6 24. Hawkeye is not seen here; perhaps he is out of the country as shown in HAWK3. The Avengers throw a bash at Avengers Mansion "celebrating the anniversary of Captain America joining the team;" this does not line up calendar-wise with the anniversary of A 4. The Beast is seen in his Reload "diaper" costume here; apparently Hank is switching between this and his Morrison leathers at this point, as he appears in the latter in "Disassembled." Huan becomes Ladyfair and Carol questions Simon's relationship with her. The Nobility count on Huan's true nature resurfacing in a planned attack on the Avengers at their party that night. Wonder Man introduces Ladyfair to the party's attendees, which include She-Hulk, Justice, Thor, Dr. strange, the FF, Wolverine, Shadowcat, Cyclops, Spider-Man, Cage, Wasp, Iron Man, Daredevil, Warbird, Beast, Black Panther, Songbird, Moondragon, Quicksilver, Valkyrie, Yellowjacket, Falcon, and Spider-Woman (apparently Jessica Drew decked out in her costume, but without her powers fully restored). Through a tiny receiver in her jaw, Huan gets a command from Neal to poison the punch, which she does. But when Cap goes to drink it, Huan knocks it away. Fearing what she might do under Neal's mind control, Huan spills the beans about Neal and mortally stabs herself. Simon flies across the country and bursts into Neal's office, only to find him killed by his associates. Green tree in New York.

Friday, August 22

IRON FIST v4 #5 (1:3-22)

The day after IF 5 (1). Other Shadow Thieves turn into energy bolts in Paris, Rio, London and New York. All of the energy flies

to the Himalayas and energizes Chi. Following a lead from Scarfe, Danny and Mary go to visit Karen. Karen agrees to talk to

them and reveals that she herself was once a Shadow Thief. Karen has traced one of the Shadow Thieves to a warehouse address,

and she invites Iron Fist to join her in visiting it. In the Himalayas, Chi talks with the Whispers on the Wind. Iron Fist drops

Karen off in a motel, and then heads to the warehouse. Meanwhile, Karen goes to the motel and abducts Mary, with

encouragement from the Whispers on the Wind. Iron Fist soon realizes that he has been tricked, but by the time he gets back to

the motel, Karen and Mary are gone. Iron Fist improvises a costume for himself and puts on a makeshift mask.

IRON FIST v4 #6 (1)

The same day as IF 5 (1-22). It is "eight days" before IF 6 (2-22). Mary and Karen teleport to the Himalayas.

SHE-HULK v3 #8 - FB (4:1-4:4)

One day. The Champion has taken over the planet Skardon and challenges the cosmos to dethrone him through combat in a

cosmic boxing arena. Adam Warlock answers the call and beats Champion, but because Warlock violated the rules, the Skard

nurse Champion back to health.

WEAPON X v2 #19

The day after WX2 19-FB. Maverick infiltrates an old safehouse of Cable's, only to discover that it's been taken over by

Marrow and her Gene Nation, the terrorist successors to Nathan's underground movement. Marrow convinces Maverick to join

Gene Nation. Unbeknownst to them, Agent Zero is in the facility. At Weapon X headquarters, Chamber discovers a room of


WEAPON X v2 #20

The same day as WX2 19. Chamber contacts Logan, who is at the Hellfire Club, and reports on the telepaths; he plans to stow

away on a transport about to leave for Neverland. Agent Zero forces Marrow to divulge Grand Central Station as the location of

Gene Nation's current job, and Zero hurries there to face Maverick, who he believes to be the terrorist. In reality, the terrorist is

a living bomb who explodes herself. In the rubble, Weapon Zero unmasks Maverick. Logan does not appear in any costume

during this story arc.

WEAPON X v2 #21

The same day as WX2 20. Maverick turns out to be Bolt, and Weapon Zero turns our to be Maverick. Bolt dies and Agent Zero

hunts down Gene Nation, slaying hordes of operatives, but sparing Marrow. Zero reports back to Weapon X headquarters, which

he finds deserted. Logan tracks Chamber to Neverland, which he finds deserted. Full moon.

WEAPON X v2 #23

The same night as WX2 21. The message "Roanoke" is discovered by Logan at Neverland, Agent Zero at Weapon X

headquarters, and Fantomex at the empty grave of John Sublime. Full moon.

WEAPON X v2 #24 (1-16)

The same night as WX2 23. Fantomex goes to Weapon X headquarters, where he battles Agent Zero until they decide to work

together. Logan takes a train to Roanoke.

Saturday, August 23

WEAPON X v2 #24 (17-22)

The morning after WX2 24 (1-16). Fantomex and Agent Zero arrive at Roanoke, where they encounter Logan.

WEAPON X v2 #25 (1-21)

The same day as WX2 24 (17-22). It is a "year" before WX:DOFN 1 (13-24). Logan recounts his unsuppressed memories of

killing innocents as a Weapon X operative. John Sublime emerges alive and well. He tells Logan, Fantomex, and Agent Zero of

a war between the Weapon X and Weapon Plus programs and sends the U-Men to kill them. The heroes escape. Green grass

and trees in Roanoke.

HAWKEYE v3 #8 (20-22)

One day, "days" after HAWK3 8 (8-19). Clint has his arm in a sling from his injury, and I've placed this segment long enough

before A 503-FB (1-3) for the arm to heal. He talks to Natasha about Krylenko's family. Then he visits Eden, a girlfriend from

his circus days who is being released from prison after what must be more than a "ten-hitch."


One day, "three days" before ASMU 6 (9-11). Spidey gets his clock cleaned by the Rhino, who I presume appears here after S-

H3 6 (1-20). Spidey ends up with a fractured forearm in a sling, plus other injuries.

FOUR #1 (1-6)

A "Saturday," a "few months" before FOUR 12. It is Franklin's "8th" birthday, so it must be the same day of the year as FF @6,

which was established in OMITFF 5 as occurring in late August. Naturally, Franklin must be quite a bit older than eight, but the

age clue does place this story after FF3 60 (3-9), in which he is noted as being "seven." This may be the birthday that was noted

as approaching in FF 505, and given that the team is together and Reed's face is fine in this story, it may be after FF 511; and

given the references in FF 512-513 to the story arc that ended in FF 511, and given the late August setting here and the water

park opening in FF 512, this story likely occurs after FF 513. This may also be the birthday referenced as approaching in

SG:ELF 1/4; if so, then this segment occurs during the "weekend." Cap and She-Hulk appear at Franklin's party. The FF are

told that the federal government's funding has dried up, and that the "money manager" that Reed hired, Terry Giocometti,

embezzled their funds, left them broke, and fled the country. (The same manager also stole funds from Stark Industries and

Osborn Corporation, but neither of those losses was as devastating as the FF's). The FF now have to find jobs or declare

bankruptcy; nothing is mentioned about Reed's patent income. Johnny has a girlfriend named Kourtney, and Valeria must be

nearly eighteen months old here.

THOR v2 #80 (7-22)

One day, "one month" ("thirty days") after T2 80 (5-6). This segment must occur after XS 25, XS 26-FB (5-6), and WM3 5-FB. Thor notes that he's killed Fin Fang Foom. Loki, Surtur, Ulik, Fenris, the Midgard Serpent, and Hymer the Giant, armed with weapons forged from Mjolnir's mold, attack Asgard. They kill Amora and slice off Sif's arm. Thor smashes his hammer as he vanquishes Loki's allies and is nearly killed by Loki before teleporting to New York to enlist the aid of the Avengers.

THOR v2 #81

The same day as T2 80 (7-22). As Thor, Cap, and Iron Man survey the death and destruction in Asgard, they are attacked by

Loki and his allies. After the heroes drive off their foes, they discover that Balder has been killed. Thor vows to avenge Balder's

death, but refuses the Avengers' help and sends Cap and Iron Man back to earth.

THOR v2 #82 (1-5)

The same day as T2 81. It is "two months" before T2 82 (6-9) and before T2 82-FB. The Warriors Three and the wounded Sif

are attacked by the ship Naglfar.

Sunday, August 24

SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED v2 #6 (8:1-8:5)

The day after ASMU2 6 (1-7). Peter Parker thinks about his battle with the Rhino, which is reported in a newspaper that states

that the (probably topical) weather forecast is "partly cloudy, chance of snow. High 25-30."

DAREDEVIL v2 #65 - FB (35)

One day. Daredevil fights a bunch of ninjas atop a building in a pin-up that is seen in FBI headquarters in DD2 65.

SHE-HULK v3 #8 - FB (4:5-4:6)

One day. Adam Warlock and company teleport around the universe and find cosmic strongmen to fight the Champion.

Champion defeats them all, including Drax.


One day, "around" UX 444. Rachel is upset about Scott's being with Emma Frost so soon after Jean's demise and has a heart-to-

heart talk with Alex about her feelings. Green grass and trees at Westchester. Full moon.

GRAVITY #1 (1-20)

One day. Greg Willis arrives in New York City from Wisconsin via bus, thinking about the accident last summer that gave him

his gravity powers and his high school graduation. He's come to make a name for himself as a super-hero and to go to college at

New York University, where it is "the day before classes" start. After seeing some of the city, he meets with his advisor, James

Whitemore. Their meeting is interrupted by a fight between Rage and Black Death. Greg changes to Gravity and decks Rage,

not realizing he's the good guy. Black Death holds Gravity in a dark energy, but Rage comes to and Black Death escapes,

promising he'll see Gravity again. Greg returns to his dorm room and meets his roommate, Frog, who's been at NYU for

"orientation" for "a week." That evening, Gravity goes on patrol, and although he helps a few people, it doesn't go well. He also

comes across the Thing battling Man-Bull, and Ben tells Gravity to buzz off. Ready to give up for the night, Gravity rushes an

elderly woman to the hospital and falls asleep in the waiting room. Iron Man cameos. Full moon.


One night, sometime after ASM 508. After determining that the "chosen one" is not in Los Angeles, the mage Miguel is attacked

by a gunman, who Miguel puts to sleep with a spell. Full moon.

Monday, August 25

GRAVITY #1 (21-22)

The day after GRAV 1 (1-20). At 7:30 AM, a nurse wakes Gravity and notes that the old woman would be dead if he hadn't

brought her to the hospital. Late for class, Gravity heads to NYU and meets classmate Lauren Singh, who races him to class. It

is the first day of classes of the academic year.

SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED v2 #6 (8:6-9:3)

Perhaps the day after ASMU2 6 (8). Wearing an arm sling, Peter Parker teaches a school class and obsesses about the Rhino.

Peter's class seems to have students younger than high-school age; this may be a special summer class that Peter agreed to teach

for the school district.

ASTONISHING X-MEN v3 #1 (1-11:3)

One day. Kitty arrives at the Institute with her luggage and her hair cut (an inaccurate artist interpretation?) - she remarks to

herself, "Nothing has changed. The place was destroyed, and now it looks like nothing happened. No time has passed." There

is no obvious construction happening at the Institute. Kitty immediately walks into an indoor school assembly at which (after an

introductory speech by Scott) Emma introduces the senior staff (all in civilian clothing) - "Since Professor Xavier is away on

sabbatical, Mr. Summers and myself will be acting heads of school. Doctor McCoy and Miss Pryde will round out the senior

staff along with Logan, who is...elsewhere" (perhaps not back from WX2 25?). Emma pulls a stunt at the assembly that she

labels "the first lesson" - presumably classes begin after this point.

FOUR #1 (7-22)

One day, probably two days after FOUR 1 (1-6), as it is a school day for Franklin (probably the very beginning of a new school

year) and the Pembroke Academy (where Alicia teaches art) is open. Valeria is old enough to sit up in a high chair. Sue gets a

job substitute teaching, Ben finds a job, and Johnny struggles to find an acting job. Reed tells Sue that the mayor is evicting the

FF from the Baxter Building. Green grass and trees and light clothing in New York.

SHE-HULK v3 #7 (1-18)

One day. This story must occur after S-H4 3/2. Beta Ray Bill probably appears here before T2 85. As She-Hulk and Southpaw

argue about Holloway sticking them together for the past "few days," the Living Tribunal's agents, the Magistrati, materialize at

GLK&H and offer Jennifer a place in their order. She accepts, and she and Southpaw are whisked across the cosmos. She-Hulk

finds herself presiding over the Star Chamber, a cosmic claims court. One such case involves the Watchers. Green trees in New York. Meanwhile, Champion defeats Beta Ray Bill and Gladiator in battle on Skardon.

SHE-HULK v4 #20 - FB (9:5)

The same day as S-H3 7 (1-18). She-Hulk presides over the case of a Watcher who witnesses the Recluses, a race that wishes to remain anonymous.

SHE-HULK v3 #7 (19:1-19:4)

The same day as S-H4 20-FB (9:5). Watchers Zoma, Uatu, and Qyre present their case.

SHE-HULK v4 #20 - FB (9:6)

The same day as S-H3 7 (19:1-19:4). She-Hulk considers the testimony.

SHE-HULK v3 #7 (19:5-20:4)

The same day as S-H4 20-FB (9:6). She-Hulk renders a decision that the Recluses find acceptable. Qyre loses his mouth so he can tell no one of the true nature of the Recluses.

SHE-HULK v4 #20 - FB (10:1-10:3)

The same day as S-H3 7 (19-20). She-Hulk dismisses the case. The Recluses are afraid that She-Hulk might someday reverse the decision and decide to have RT-Z9 watch her.

SHE-HULK v3 #7 (20:5-22)

The same day as S-H4 20-FB (10:1-10:3). Champion defeats Adam Warlock on Skardon. RT-Z9 tells She-Hulk her next assignment is on Skardon.

SHE-HULK v3 #8 (1-12)

The same day as S-H3 7 (20-22). It is supposed to be "almost three months" before S-H3 8 (13-14), "three months" before S-H3 8 (15-18), and "three solar months" before S-H3 8 (18-22), but it may actually be three weeks. Pip summons She-Hulk to Skardon, where she finds Gladiator, Drax, Beta Ray Bill, and Silver Surfer - here after SS4 14, and perhaps C&DP 10 - hospitalized with injuries inflicted by Champion. Warlock cocoons himself (something he shouldn't be able to do at this point). Champion defeats She-Hulk, but she files an appeal.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #1 (4-22)

The day after AAF2 1 (1-3). It is "the first day of school" at a high school in Brooklyn, probably 11 or 12 years after AAF2 1-

FB. Freshman Anya Corazon gets into a fight with a bully named Trent. That night, she goes to meet the bully in the park and

encounters Miguel battling the Sisterhood of the Wasp. Miguel realizes that Anya is the initiate, and seeks to protect her, but she

is stabbed by one of the thugs. Miguel dispatches the thugs with a spell. Green trees in New York.


The same night as AAF2 1 (4-22). Miguel performs a spell, saving Anya's life, and officially making her "the initiate." As part

of the spell, Miguel takes Anya's locket and Anya falls unconscious. Green trees in New York.

Tuesday, August 26

ASTONISHING X-MEN v3 #1 (11:4-17, 18:3-18:5)

The morning after ASTONX3 1 (1-11). Logan shows up in Scott's and Emma's bedroom and a brawl ensues over Jean. The

fuss raised by Logan over the prospect of costumes places this segment before any of his appearances in his Reload costume (e.g.

X 157). Scott notes that "Avengers, Fantastic Four - they don't get chased through the streets with torches." (Apparently the Avengers haven't disbanded yet, since Scott refers to them in the present tense; the impression is that Disassembled hasn't happened yet.) Later, Logan and Kitty wait for Lockheed to arrive. Kitty notes that "Lockheed wanted to fly on his own. I thought he'd beat me here..." Logan says, "The dragon'll show. I did." Kitty responds, "Big entrance," and Logan replies "Sorry about that. Wasn't planning it, I just...sometimes I go off." This dialog implies that this segment occurs later the same day as ASTONX3 1 (14-17). Green grass and trees at Westchester.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #2 (4-22)

The day after AAF2 1 (1-3). Anya wakes up to find herself hatching from a cocoon above her bed with her wound healed and a

tattoo of a spider on her arm. At school, she discovers her locket missing and starts to remember the previous night's events.

Miguel shows up and watches her practice gymnastics after school. Then Anya goes to the park to look for her locket and

encounters Miguel, who tells her to stop by WebCorps tomorrow afternoon after school. He quickly disappears, leaving Anya

confused. We see green grass and trees and sporadic rain in New York.


Probably the day after FOUR 1 (7-22), given the newspaper headline. Sue, Ben, and Johnny search for an apartment before Sue

begins her first day teaching English at Pembrooke Academy. Kourtney ditches Johnny. Ben stops jewel thieves on his break.

Reed forgets to pick up Franklin from school. Green grass and trees in New York. The narration notes that the night brings "the

first cold rain of the season" and that "tomorrow, the leaves in Central Park will start to change colors," but given Franklin's

August birthday, this reference must be topical.

UNCANNY X-MEN #444 (1-7)

One "sunny summer afternoon". We see green grass and trees. Baseball game between "Storm's team" ("the visitors," with

Cannonball, Wolverine, Magma, Sage, Rogue, Gambit) and "the home team" (Beast, Cyclops, Husk, Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost,

and "Rachel Grey - the newly-minted Marvel Girl"), with Dani and Shan in the ersatz broadcast booth - everyone's in civilian

clothing. Kitty has long hair (wow, that haircut grew out fast!). Lockheed is present, Gambit is sighted, and students are present

in the stands. Scott: "Why are you on Storm's team, Wolverine? Isn't your place here, with the Institute?" Logan: "I make my

own place, bub. Just like I choose my own friends." Scott: "What's that supposed to mean?" Logan: "Stay focused, Scotty." (It

appears that Logan is irked at Scott, quite possibly still holding a grudge about Scott's relationship with Emma following Jean's



One day. This flashback must occur after A3 81. The new Captain Britain stops the Rhino, as pictured on a web site presumably

the next day.


Probably the day after ASMU2 6 (8-9) and the same day as ASMU 7-FB (4:2). The Avengers (Cap and Iron Man) apprehend

the Rhino after a stand-off at Queens Mall; this presumably follows his defeat by Captain Britain.


The same night as ASMU2 6-FB. Probably the night of the day after ASMU2 6 (8-9), as it is "three days" after ASMU2 6 (1-7).

Peter thinks more about Rhino, then he sees the TV coverage of the Rhino's capture and goes out again as Spider-Man.


It must be the same night as ASMU 7-FB (4:2). Moon Knight is back in action, as pictured on a web site the next day. Full


Wednesday, August 27


Presumably the morning after ASMU 7-FB (4:2) and (4:3) and thus the day after ASMU2 6 (9-11). An office worker helps

Spidey defeat Mysterio. According to a calendar and web site, it is "August 1" (the month may be right) and the calendar

indicates that it's a Wednesday (but if it's not, it should be another weekday).


A windy day following "three months of oppressive heat" in New York. Sue oversees the FF's move out of the Baxter Building

(perhaps at the end of a month). Reed pays a visit to the unemployment office and is late picking up Franklin from school. Ben

is asked by his co-workers to slow down on the job. Johnny turns down a reality TV show. We see green grass and trees but

also many trees with autumn leaves; the narration notes "a change in the seasons."

X-MEN v2 #157 (1-22)

One morning. Early rumblings of the coming of Xorn II occur in China, where someone "references a local Chinese superstition

revolving around the month of August." Alex (in Reload costume) is having coffee (and presumably breakfast) and Annie

suggests to him, "Let's play hooky today and go to the park." Alex tells Annie, "Scott's setting up the new teams, and he put me

in charge of one of them...so we have to make sure everyone's cool with the switch-ups...start drills and practices..." With a taxi

waiting, Mrs. Guthrie leaves Jay at the Institute with his luggage - apparently Jay is being dropped off at the Institute and, if this

occurs after ASTONX3 (1-11), then Jay already has missed one assembly, the one in which the senior staff was introduced,

which explains why he doesn't know who Scott Summers is. (No mention of Melody here as having been enrolled previously, so

she may be attending for the first time now. Mrs. G. may already have bid her goodbye prior to this scene just before leaving.)

Throughout, Jay is called "Josh." Maybe Cannonball is showing Melody around and given the friction between Sam and Jay,

Scott suggested Alex as tour guide for Jay. This is not an official tour, organized for groups of students - like that shown in NX

1 - this is probably a special courtesy to a member of the Guthrie family; it still didn't excuse Jay from having to take the tour in

NX 1. Touring the Danger Room, Jay sees Juggernaut (back in his classic brown costume) for the first time and is introduced to

Iceman, who argues with Alex about Juggernaut. This prompts Alex to say, "Let's go talk to Scott about changing your

assignment to one of the other teams, shall we? Bobby: "What do you mean, you're going to talk to Scott about changing me to

another team? You don't have that kind of authority. You're not team leader." Alex: "As of today, yes I am. As one of the

'original students,' I'm surprised you don't check the school bulletin board more frequently." The tour passes by the gym, where

we see Rachel and Bishop working out in gym clothes. The tour goes through the greenhouse, where they see Storm - Jay: "She

was hot. Who was she?" Sammy: "That was Ororo - Storm. Awesome, isn't she?...But if you think she's hot, wait until you see

Emma Frost. Woof." The greenhouse has been finished "for weeks." The tour passes through the cafeteria, where Rogue and

Gambit (in costume) are getting "gumbo" (so it's not breakfast - probably lunch) - the two join along and ask to be "unassigned"

from Alex's team as they want time for themselves and not be running missions. In Scott's office, everyone has problems with

the team assignments - Nightcrawler (in Reload costume) says, "-Scott, my friend, you know this can't work --" (so it's

apparently before the Danger Room scene in UX 444 in which he thinks he should work with Ororo and Logan more often);

Archangel says, "Genosha?! I don't want to go to Genosha!"; Beast (in Morrison leather) says, "This is an untenable situation,

Scott --" (probably because Hank feels that Gambit should not be assigned to a team, given his remarks in examining Remy in

UX 444); Kitty (in long hair and pre-Reload leather) says, "Wait, I thought you didn't need me anymore?" This may be a

reference to an unseen conversation in which Kitty was told that she'd be on the Institute staff - the reason for her moving back

to Westchester in ASTONX3 1 (1-11) - but would not be needed on a combat team; Wolverine (in his Reload costume) says,

"Listen, bub, I appreciate the faith in me, but I can't be on all teams" (perhaps Scott made the decision to add Logan to the XSE

team after the baseball game in UX 444); Jubilee says, "Please, please, please let me be on Paige's team" (Paige has a team?);

Sage says, "Why am I even here?"; Northstar says, "Am I expected just to teach?!"; others present are Polaris, Husk, and

Lockheed. Scott replies, "...No adjustments will be made to the team assignments! Period!" Scott is wearing his Reload costume

(minus the cowl). Right from there, the tour proceeds to Cerebra, where Emma (in Morrison costume) tells them, "I have an

assignment that will take all your minds off this current nonsense....A five-hour flight on a X-plane should bring you all together

harmoniously, don't you think?" Green grass and trees at Westchester.

UNCANNY X-MEN #444 (8-11)

Perhaps the same day as X 157 (1-22). The Institute is mostly completed, but we do see scaffolding and construction equipment

there. Sage uses her cyber glasses to call up web database icons, incl. the Avengers, the FF, the Hellfire Club, Purity, White

House; no implications that she actually enters those databases. Beast, Sunspot, Vange Whedon, and assorted students are

poolside at Xavier's. Melody and Jay Guthrie mug for a TV camera (presumably a live broadcast by "MBS-TV," since the

reporter's name is on screen) and Sam (in XSE costume) shoos the media away - Sam: "You, Jay, should know better!" Jay:

"You're not the boss of me, not now, not ever!" (Jay should be here after he was dropped off at the Institute in X 157.) Beast (I

suppose fresh from his swim) examines Gambit (no bandage) - Gambit: "I check out perfect, n'est-ce pas?" Beast: "I'm sorry,

Gambit. But both Storm and I feel you need more time in rehab. Just to be sure your restored powers are as 'perfect' as you

claim." The implication is that the exam is entirely related to Remy's powers, not to blindness. Our theory: Storm requested

Beast to examine Gambit because Remy was determined to join his team on the China assignment given just prior to this in X

157. Green grass and trees in Westchester.

X-MEN v2 #157 (23-25)

The same day as X 157 (1-22) and perhaps as UX 444 (8-11). After that "five-hour flight," Havok, Polaris, Iceman, Juggernaut,

Wolverine, Rogue, and Gambit (who we determine has ignored Beast's advice) head to China where a tear in the magnetic field

leads them to Xorn II.

X-MEN v2 #158

The same day as X 157 (7-25). The China adventure continues - the X-Men battle and defeat eight Chinese immortals. In the

melee, Gambit is blinded and Xorn II's head cracks open, creating a black hole. Sammy tries to interest Jay in socializing at the

Institute - Sammy: "So, uh, Josh...I don't know, you wanna play catch or something?" Jay: "Call me 'Jay,' Sammy. My life as

'Josh' is over. 'Jay' is what the guys in my band call me." (Apparently brother Sam also calls him that, but the name probably

originated with the band.) Jay talks to Sammy about his dead girlfriend. Jay and Sammy catch fellow students talking to a tree

(Black Tom). Green grass and trees at Westchester.

X-MEN v2 #159

The same day as X 158. Havok manages to contain Xorn and sends most of his team, except the bickering Cain and Bobby, to

find Xorn's helmet. Both groups encounter the Collective Man and the Chinese army. Gambit's eyes are bandaged. Jay

familiarizes himself with Xavier's. Sammy reports to Emma that he thinks Black Tom is on the grounds. Green grass and trees

at Westchester

X-MEN v2 #160

The same day as X 159. Thanks in large part to Iceman and Polaris, the two groups of X-Men defeat the Collective Man and the

Chinese army. They find the containment helmet and get it on Xorn. That night, Alex and Annie have a talk (picking up from X

157) and Sammy shows Cain where he thought he saw Black Tom - it's now dinner time: they're serving lasagna in the cafeteria.

Green grass and trees at Westchester. Full moon.


The day after AAF2 2 (4-22). Anya arrives at WebCorps and Miguel introduces her to his boss, Mr. Sanderson, who pulls

Miguel aside to dispute young Anya's status as "the One." After grilling Sanderson, Anya suspects something fishy about WebCorps.

On the way out, WebCorps computer guy Ted gives Anya a cell phone, saying they'll call her when they need her. That night,

Anya meets her friend Lynn at a nightclub, where Anya flirts with gymnastics captain Paul Townsend. A WebCorps helicopter

picks her up to take her on a rescue mission for Miguel, who is in danger at a Wasps' Nest. Miguel tries to escape a gang of

thugs by climbing the copter ladder, but the Wasps fly up after him.


The same night as AAF2 3. Anya, Miguel, Ted, and Nina try and fly away in the helicopter but it gets shot down by the Wasps.

The Wasps nearly kill Anya, but Miguel saves her and casts a sleep spell on her, putting her to sleep.

Thursday, August 28

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #4 (9-22)

The day after AAF2 4 (1-8). Anya wakes up in bed and goes to school. After school, she attends field hockey practice and her

powers start to manifest. A teammate suggests they practice "later this week." Anya gets a call from Miguel to come to

WebCorps, where she learns that she's the new hunter who is to work with Miguel to fight the Wasps. WebCorps board

members agree to put Anya through "the Trials." Miguel tells Anya she needs to prepare to go on a training trip over the weekend.


Probably the same day as AAF2 4 (7-22). Anya gets her dad's permission to attend an "internship training" for the weekend.


One day. This story must occur after NX 34-FB. The Institute appears fully constructed. Cyclops and Emma (in their new costumes, so it's likely after ASTONX3 6) introduce themselves to a group of "new students," which include Jay (who wears an X shirt), and they give the kids a tour (this would be Jay's second tour, following X 157; although Scott was the one who arranged for Jay's first tour, apparently the overly organized, "anal retentive" Cyclops figured another tour was necessary - he even slated Noriko Ashida for this tour, even though she's been around for months!) - the tour includes the Danger Room (don't they all?). Luna: "Don't you have orientation for the new semester?" Noriko: "I don't know why I even need to be there! I've been at the school for weeks now...and I watched it being rebuilt." Cyclops: "There will be a school-wide assembly on Monday." Sofia has been in the States for "what? Only a year?" - since NM2 1 (5-7). David Alleyne and Noriko Ashida are "17," Sofia Mantega and Josh Foley are "16," and Laurie Collins is "15," making this story occur between one and three years after NM2 11-FB (8), in which Laurie is 13. The kids sneak into the Danger Room and run into trouble. Green grass and trees at Westchester.


The same day as NX 1. Surge and Dust get off on the wrong foot as roommates. Cyclops (in his Reload costume) confronts

Surge about the Danger Room escapade and tells her she must have her gauntlets looked at "tomorrow." Afraid that the students

are being trained to be X-Men, David intends to leave Xavier's.

FOUR #4 - FB (6:3-6:6)

One day. The FF pays their debt to the City of New York.


One night, probably after ASMU2 6 (9-11). After spending the day in Brooklyn breaking up a bank heist and rescuing folks

from a fire, Spidey busts a caper by the Mercenary and his henchmen. Spidey webs up Augie.

Friday, August 29

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #2 (10-17)

The morning after NX 2 (1-9). Jay Guthrie meets Dani's and Emma's students. Dani reassures her students about new school

policies to be announced at "Monday's assembly." Julian: "Hey, you the new guy? Josh Guthrie?" Jay: "It's Jay. I'm not Josh

anymore. My old life is over." Jay thinks of Icarus as his code name and meets the soon-to-be New Mutants and Hellions.

Iceman introduces himself to the soon-to-be New Mutants and Hellions. Dani gives her students training costumes. Green grass

and trees at Westchester.


The day after FOUR 4-FB (6). It is a school day. "Valeria started teething today," and she drinks from a bottle and sleeps in a

crib; she should be at least several months old by now (my calculations put her at over a year old). Johnny is getting in shape to

become a fireman. Hammerhead tries to enlist Reed's help in going after Giocometti. On his way to his temp job, Reed saves

the life of a would-be suicide jumper. The references to Reed's grandfather serving in World War II must be topical, a nod to a

2004 reference point that doesn't necessarily exist in the MU; from the original reference point of FF 1 occurring in 1961, it

could be Reed's older brother who served in WWII, but that would change Reed's recollections drastically. Autumn leaves on

the trees in Manhattan.

GRAVITY #2 (1-10:3)

One day. Greg and Lauren's breakfast is interrupted by Rhino robbing an armored car. After a rough start, Gravity throws Rhino

out of sight. The Black Knight rides his atomic steed in the background. That evening, Greg watches the news, hoping for a

story on Gravity. He's disappointed but does catch a story about Spider-Man and "what appears to be a talking duck"

(presumably Howard).

DAREDEVIL v2 #61 (1-2)

One day. Milla seeks the annulment of her marriage to Matt.

AVENGERS #503 - FB (1-3)

One day. Hawkeye is shown here without his arm in a sling, and he is working on his archery, perhaps to limber up the bow arm

that was injured in HAWK3 8 (8-19), so this flashback probably occurs after HAWK3 8 (20-22), in which the arm was still in a

sling. Jan tells Wanda that she had a pregnancy scare (with Clint as the presumed father) because her period came late, so this

flashback should occur anywhere from a week or so to about three weeks after the tryst in A3 83. Jan inadvertently mentions

Wanda's children. We see warm, bathing weather and green grass and trees in Manhattan.

AVENGERS #503 - FB (6)

Probably the same night as A 503-FB (1-3). This flashback occurs a "long time" before A 503 and must occur before CA&F 1-

FB (11-12). Wanda visits Agatha Harkness to inquire about her children (and ends up slaying the old woman).

Saturday, August 30

GRAVITY #2 (10:4-16)

The day after GRAV 2 (1-10). From 3:00 to 5:00 AM Greg waits for the day's paper at a newsstand. He's rewarded by a small

story which reveals Rhino was later apprehended by SHIELD. The Greenwich Guardian appears on a rooftop and Gravity

investigates. They talk and agree to meet at midnight. The Guardian bounds off into what appears to be the beginnings of

sunrise. Greg returns to his dorm room, briefly talks to Frog, and then has class with Lauren. Full moon.

IRON FIST v4 #6 (2-22)

One day, "eight days" after IF 6 (1). In Central Park, Iron Fist defeats some Shadow Thieves. Afterwards, he compares notes

with Scarfe again. Eventually the Whispers on the Wind appear and teleport him to the Himalayas to confront Chi. Outside

Chi's mountain headquarters, Iron Fist is attacked by Karen, who he defeats. He fights past the Shadow Thieves, defeats Chi and

rescues Mary.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #5 (2-20)

A day during the weekend after AAF2 5 (1). A WebCorps helicopter takes Anya to a desert in the Yucatan, where she is

supposed to survive on her own. Anya is attacked by a pack of wolves, her powers emerge, and she defeats the wolves. Miguel

and the helicopter return and pick her up. Anya is now the Brotherhood's new hunter and she chooses the name "Araña" as a


UNCANNY X-MEN #444 (12-23)

One day. Sage uses her cyber glasses to call up a camera shot of the Danger Room, where we see Rogue (in a generic X-training

costume) escorting students for a session that was booked for them, but Storm, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine (all in standard X-

training costumes) are running through a session themselves; if students are signed up for the Danger Room, the implication is

that the school year has begun. (There is no evidence that this scene has to occur at the same time as the previous scenes in

Sage's cyber glasses. The two different scenes with the Beast - poolside and in the med lab - suggest that Sage may be checking

in at different times.) Nightcrawler to Storm and Logan: "Perhaps we should work together more often, ja?" Logan: "Tell me

more about this XSE, Ororo." Storm: "Someone has to keep the peace, Logan. The first generation of mutants needs to take

responsibility for their heirs." Sage: "Forgive the interruption, my friends. You have missions." (Sage's statement implies that

Logan and Kurt are officially part of the XSE team. This means that: they've already been assigned to work with Sage; that

Kurt's statement was probably a tongue-in-cheek remark made after he knew they were to work together - if so it's a change of

heart from his objection in X 157; and that Logan's inquiry about the XSE - after months of XSE members hanging with the X-

Men - was prompted by the fact that he was now part of the team, as of X 157. The whole Danger Room session may have been

prompted by the fact that Ororo, Kurt, and Logan all were put on the same team and they felt it necessary to conduct one of those

drills Alex mentioned in X 157.) Since the African mission was in reaction to an attack that happened "today," then UX 444 (15-

23) should occur the same day as UX 444 (12-14). Storm, Bishop, Marvel Girl, and Cannonball (all in XSE costumes) rout an

attack by the Weaponeers, high-tech raiders working for Achmed Al-Khalad; the Weaponeers appear next in XCAL3 11 (9-22).

Meanwhile, Sage calls Brian Braddock to arrange a visit to Braddock Manor. Meanwhile, Wolverine and Nightcrawler (both in

their new Reload costumes) arrive in Washington State to deal with an alpha-level mutant who has taken hostages. Logan: "The

local law won't accept our XSE badges." Nightcrawler: "We represent the XSE." (Both statements confirm that Kurt and Logan

are on the XSE team.) Green grass and trees in Britain and Washington State

UNCANNY X-MEN #445 (1-10)

The same day as UX 444 (12-23). Logan's and Kurt's Washington mission results in the death of Tommy Reichert, the

threatening mutant boy, and the arrest of Logan and Kurt. Arriving on the scene are Storm and Carol Danvers, who introduces

herself to local law enforcement as "Warbird of the Avengers. Chief of Tactical Operations, Department of Homeland Security"

and gets them to stand down. Sage uses her cyber glasses to see Logan (still in tattered costume) interrogated by FBI in Seattle,

the press reporting that the X-Men will not be charged, a press conference by Vange, and reactions to the event seen on TV and

the web Green grass and trees in Washington State.

DAREDEVIL v2 #61 (3-5)

One day. Because Hawkeye is shown with his armored sleeve, this segment must occur after XS 25, A/TB 6 (17-20), and A3 76.

Falcon's presence with the Avengers suggests that this segment occurs before CA&F 1-FB-FB (5:2). The Avengers (Cap,

Falcon, Iron Man, Wanda, and Hawkeye) stop Viper's terrorist scheme in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian army assume custody of

Viper from the team.

DAREDEVIL v2 #69 (14)

One day, "a few days" before DD2 65. It is "14 days" before DD2 68. Inside the prison courtyard, Bont gets some MGH in a

drug deal. Bont says he's "out of here in a few days."


One day. Reed, Sue, and Ben take Franklin and his friends camping (so it's probably a weekend) and encounter some

extraterrestrials. After having taken written tests, Johnny seeks a job as an apprentice firefighter. We see autumn leaves on trees

and someone mentions that it's "late in the season to be camping" in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and suggests that it's almost

time for snow.


The same night as FOUR 5. Sue tries to protect the boys while Reed impersonates an extraterrestrial to investigate the strange

visitors to the Pine Barrens. We see green grass and leafy trees, but it's also just before what is expected to be "the first snowfall

of the season" in New Jersey.


The same night as FOUR 6. It is a "few weeks" before FOUR 8. Sue saves Reed and some of the kids from captivity before the

aliens in the Pine Barrens leave earth. Johnny tells girlfriend Kourtney that he got his paid internship with the fire department.

We see "the first snow of the season" in New York and New Jersey, but no accumulation is seen.


One night. Spidey leaves a perp hanging in a web net. Waning crescent moon.

Sunday, August 31

UNCANNY X-MEN #445 (11-22)

The early morning after UX 445 (1-10). "Later...after the end of a hard day," Nightcrawler is lamenting Reichert's death and

Storm arrives to comfort him and they dance in the sky above the Institute. "Pretty much simultaneously" (confirmed by Sage's

monitor screens), Bishop, Marvel Girl, and Cannonball arrive via car at Braddock Manor, where it's daytime - it must be before

sunrise at Westchester and after sunrise in England. Bishop: "Hey, Sam, apropos of nothing special - when do you Guthries get

to form your own team of X-Men?" Rachel: "Yeah! How many of you are active mutants?" Sam: "Well, I got a brother with

wings, can you believe it?" Rachel: "Not to mention your two sisters. How's your mom feel about that?" Sam: "She enrolled

Jay at the Institute, and of course he totally hates it, which means he hates me." (That places this segment before X/U 3/2.)

Rachel: "He'll get over it." Sam: "Oh man, you do not want to know how mama reacted when she saw us on TV. When she

called, I felt like a kid again. On my way out to the woodshed." (Mrs. Guthrie may have seen a TV rebroadcast after departing

the Institute in X 157, since she had to call to ream Sam out.) Bishop, Rachel, and Sam battle the cybernetic creature, the Fury,

under Braddock Manor. Believing himself to be in mortal danger, Sam thinks, "Paige - you'll be the oldest now. Look after Jay

an' Melody, sis. Make me proud!" (This implies that Melody is a student at Xavier's instead of at home with mom and the other

siblings, Jedediah, Lewis, Joelle, et al, plus Ray Jr.) Green grass and trees in Britain. Full moon.


The same day as UX 445 (11-22). The Fury uses Sam's cyber glasses to remotely possess Sage and send her on a rampage

through the Institute. Storm, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine free Sage of the Fury's influence and set off at once to Braddock

Manor to help their teammates defeat the Fury. Among the occupants of the Institute downed by the release of interdiction gas in

the melee - Scott and Emma (who must be having a very late elegant dinner); Dani, Beast and Gambit (without bandage),

presumably in the med lab (we can surmise that Beast is checking on Remy's eyesight this time); Rogue and the students from

that same Danger Room class from UX 444, all in standard X-training costumes and presumably in the Danger Room (in what

must be a new session). Sam's leg is "broken." Green grass and trees in Britain.


The same day as UX 446. The XSE team defeat the Fury and Braddock Manor is destroyed in the battle. In the aftermath, Storm

says: "What matters now is getting Sam to a hospital (presumably local). Then, we'll worry about Brian and the rest."

(Apparently, Sam quits the X-Men after recovering from the injury and appears next in XFOR2 2.) Logan: "You did good today,

Red." Kurt: "We all did. We may have some rough edges but we came together as a team." (The implication is that this was the

new XSE team's first mission together.) Green grass and trees in Britain


The same day as UX 447. The XSE team (without the injured Cannonball) return to Braddock Manor to find it in fine shape -

Brian says, "I'm sorry I wasn't here when the attack happened. As ruler of Otherworld, my responsibilities keep me so busy I

don't get back here often. The manor can usually take care of itself." Right after visiting the manor, Logan tells Rachel, "It's

what I was tryin' t' tell ya. We've been invited t' Buckingham Palace, for dinner with the Queen." (So this visit doesn't

necessarily have to occur right after UX 447.) That night, the XSE team prepares for their dinner and Rachel talks to Kitty (BTS)

on the phone. The XSE team is kidnaped by Viper, who infests them with power-stripping nannites and traps them in a twisted

version of Murderworld and apparently shoots Sage. Green grass and trees in Britain.


The same night as UX 448. After Viper leaves, "Sage" is revealed to be Logan in disguise, whose healing factor makes him

recover from the bullet wound. Kurt and Ororo crash a Purity meeting. Viper forces the X-Men into a choice - allow one of the

queen's housemaids to be blown up or force the detonation of a baby nuke. The heroes manage to save the day. Storm and

Rachel are injured and are taken away in an ambulance. Viper and Courtney Ross join Sebastian Shaw as the new Hellfire Club.

Green trees in London.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #5 (21-22)

The day after AAF2 5 (2-20). Anya returns home on a "Sunday." Her dad , upset that she didn't call him at all, grounds her, but

Anya asks to keep her internship at WebCorps. He demands to speak to her "supervisor" Miguel. Light clothing, green trees and

a few blowing leaves in New York.

GRAVITY #2 (17-18)

The day after GRAV 2 (10-16). Gravity meets the Greenwich Guardian and they patrol together.

DAREDEVIL v2 #61 (6-11)

One day, not long after DD2 61 (3-5). It is "two days" before DD2 62 (1-2). Bulgarian authorities agree to hand Viper over to

the U.S. if the U.S. hands over the Black Widow. Fury is ordered to recall Natasha from a field assignment in London, but he

tells her to disappear for a while. Waning crescent moon.

Monday, September 1: Labor Day


One day. At "5 minutes after midnight," Knox and Foley attempt a summoning spell to call the "fulcrum." The spell backfires

and Knox is transmuted into a swarm of lizards. Kim, napping in the moving truck, dreams Knox's death. That morning, Paul,

Renata and Mason discuss Knox's death, while Kim moves into her new house in Salem. Chad drops by Kim's house to

introduce himself, and warns her to keep her head down and not hang out with the "wicks." Green trees in Massachusetts.


Perhaps the day after AAF2 5 (21-22). This story occurs before AHOS 1 (1-6). Miguel convinces Anya's father to let her keep

her "internship" at WebCorps. Anya shops for a "costume" at the mall, then she and Miguel rush off to disrupt the initiation

ceremony of the Wasps' own "Chosen One." They find the Wasps' mage Vincent performing a spell over a cocoon. Anya kicks

many of the Wasps' butts and Miguel casts a spell destroying the railcar, but they can't find Vincent or the cocoon amidst the

debris. Anya goes home and practices her new abilities, happy with her new role as a super-hero. A lot seems to happen on this

day with no reference to school; perhaps it is Labor Day.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #2 (18-23)

The "Monday morning" after NX 2 (10-17). At an outdoor orientation meeting for the students - clearly different from the

assembly in ASTONX3 1 - this assembly is specifically aimed at the formation of squads for combat training "in light of recent

dangers faced by the school." (This orientation may occur after classes have started; after all, the educational mission of the

Institute is more important than the combat training.) Cyclops, Emma, and Dani introduce their student training squads, the

Corsairs, the Hellions, and the New Mutants. (The other senior staff - Beast, Kitty, and Logan - are not here.) Cyclops: "I'm

happy to have you all back to the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning for a new semester. We've had some setbacks. But we're

still here. As you all know by now, Miss Frost and I will be running the school as headmasters. Professor Xavier is away,

pursuing other aspects of his dream." Cyclops: "Those squads that have already been chosen will be introduced today. But all of

you will be in a squad before the month is over." The students now have costumes and code names. Green grass and trees at


NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #3 (1-19)

The same day as NX 2 (18-23). The New Mutants and Hellions argue and Cyclops decides to have them compete in field day

exercises. "Nineteen"-year-old Rahne tells "sixteen"-year-old Josh she's too old for him; age really should be an issue, as Rahne

must be older than 19 by now. Emma and Dani find and recruit Kevin Ford for the school; Kevin is "a fifteen-year-old who was

a student here last summer for a couple of weeks" (in NM2 3-6). Gambit cameos here without a bandage around his eyes, but it

is not known for sure that he is sighted. (Given all the other clues, I think this is going to have to happen while Remy is blind;

maybe he's taking a short break from the bandages or we can chalk this up to an art error.) Green grass and trees at Westchester.


One day. This segment must occur after PPTSS 19. It is a "few months" before M/KSM 12 (1-18). It is probably more than

"four weeks and five days" before M/KSM 7 (4-21). It is a school day; Peter has a new class to teach, so it may be the start of a

new school year. CNN is showing a live battle involving Captain America and perhaps the Avengers, but it's hard to tell what's

going on. After Peter discovers that someone has vandalized Uncle Ben's tombstone, the culprit phones Peter and tells him he

knows Peter's secret identity and makes a veiled threat to harm Aunt May. Peter rushes to May's new apartment, only to

discover it trashed and May gone.


The same stormy night as M/KSM 1 (16-23). Stark is shown as Secretary of Defense here, so this story must occur between IM3

83 (21) and A 500. Hawkeye has his armored sleeve, so it's sometime after XS 25, A/TB 6 (17-20), and A3 76, and Quicksilver

is with the group; we also see Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Cap, and Ant-Man II; Falcon is not present, and neither is She-

Hulk (perhaps because she's off-world). Electro may appear here after S-H3 6. After ushering M.J. out of the city, Spidey tries

to track down Aunt May, who is in her "early seventies." He tries to recruit Black Cat, who's busy in Florida, then he tries to

shake down Osborn at Ryker's in a scene that I've placed after the revelation of Gwen's and Osborn's kids, although no mention

is made of that here. Desperate to locate Nick Fury, Spidey drops in on Avengers Embassy, where no security restraining system

exists as seen in S-H3 3 (5-10). After alienating the Assemblers, Spidey drops in on the Owl, who is working his way up in

organized crime in the wake of Kingpin's defeat in DD2 50. He tells Spidey that Vulture and Electro kidnaped May and Spidey

tracks them to a nightclub. Spidey's visit to Avengers Embassy may be the story reported in the Bugle in DD2 61 (22).


The same night as M/KSM 2. It is a "year" after M/KSM 3-FB (15:1). The Vulture probably appears here after ID 5. Spidey

battles Electro, who brags about his new costume and tells him that the Owl set him up because the villains absconded with

Owl's money, which they still have here, so it must be within a couple of days after M/KSM 3-FB (15:2). Spidey is seriously

injured and taken to the hospital, where doctors remove his mask. Peter is identified by an EMT as "male. twenties," but the age

could be an error attributable to Peter's youthful physique. Green trees in New York.


One day. It must be much less than "12 months" after DD2 65-FB (27-32). It is "10 months" (probably inclusive) after DD2 65-

FB (20-25) and is probably less than "13 months" after DD2 65-FB (12-16). It must be more than "14 months" after DD2 65-FB

(1-6). Agent Del Toro is standing around the FBI headquarters going over the Murdock file. Her boss hands her a memo (dated

a topical "5/7/2005") stating that Alexander Bont, the Kingpin's predecessor, is being released from prison. The boss notes that

Matt Murdock was his lawyer.

DAREDEVIL v2 #61 (12-21)

It must be the day after DD2 61 (6-11). It is "a year" after DD2 36 (1-4) and "39 hours" before DD2 64 (13-15). A scene from

this segment is repeated in DD2 66-FB (18), in which Alexander Bont is present, thus showing that this segment occurs after

DD2 65-FB (27-32). On what is presumably a slow news day, Matt chews Ben Urich out for a Pulse piece by Kat Farrell about

Daredevil. Matt finds Natasha (who has been doing SHIELD assignments "for over a year") in his apartment seeking a place to

stay, then they both go off to bust up an arms shipment by Jigsaw.


The same night as DD2 61. In this newspaper photo, Daredevil and Black Widow swing into action.


The same night as DD2 61-FB. DD and Black Widow beat up Jigsaw down at the Pier before heading back home to Matt's

place, There, Natasha hits on Matt, but he declines to respond to her seduction.

Tuesday, September 2

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #3 (20-23)

The morning after NX 3 (1-19). The Hellions and the New Mutants compete in their field day exercise. Green grass and trees at



The same day as NX 3 (20-23). The Hellions defeat the New Mutants at field day and Josh blames Sofia's lack of leadership.

Later that day, we see a love polygon develop involving Cessily, Kevin, Laurie, Josh, and Rahne. At dinner, Agent Pierce of the

FBI shows up to arrest Kevin for the murder of his father. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #5 (1-14)

The same day as NX 4. Pierce tries to get Kevin to surrender himself for questioning. The New Mutants attempt to sneak Kevin

out of the Institute, but they are caught. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

DAREDEVIL v2 #61 (22)

The morning after DD2 61-FB. The Daily Bugle reports on Daredevil and the Black Widow and also reports "trouble at

Avengers Mansion?", which may be a reference to M/KSM 2; this same newspaper edition appears as an old newspaper in

PULSE 7, so this segment must occur sometime before PULSE 7. When the arms shipment bust hits the press, a furious

Pentagon director demands to talk to Nick Fury.


The day after M/KSM 3 (1-18). After spending "all night" in a distant motel (where we see green grass and trees), M.J. sees a

TV report on Spidey's battle with Electro. The hospital has not instituted a media blackout and so Vulture, in a new costume,

bursts into Peter's hospital room.


The same day as M/KSM 3 (19-22). It is "two and a half days" before M/KSM 5. The Vulture abducts Peter and drops him

from the sky, and Peter is unable to save himself without his web shooters - this is either an indication that M/KSM 1-12 must

occur before PPTSS2 15-20 (in which he gains the ability to shoot webs organically) or an indication that Peter wasn't thinking

straight; it may actually be the latter. Peter is saved by Black Cat, who is working for the Owl, who notes that he's rebuilding his

career "from that Daredevil fiasco" in DD2 45. Felicia delivers Vulture to Owl, who tortures him and Electro. Peter is returned

to the hospital and an orderly submits photos of the unmasked Spidey to the Bugle.


The day after SPELLBINDERS 1 (1-9). At her "first day at John Hathorne High School" (apparently, school has already started

for the other kids), Kim is attacked by an air elemental and is saved by Mink and Liza Beth. Liza Beth covers the attack to the

principal by claiming it was a fight, but all the students appear to be aware of the elemental and take such things in stride. At

lunch, Kim ticks off Mason by claiming not to know anything about magic, and she gets invited to a no-wicks-allowed party on

Saturday by Kris. That afternoon, Knox's ghost appears and orders Kim to make the others into "a seven," but she is

immediately attacked magically again and apparently killed. Green grass and trees in Massachusetts.


The same day as SPELLBINDERS 1 (10-23). Kim finds herself in ghost form, surrounded by other ghosts, many of which seem

to revere her. Sally's ghost points out that her body isn't dead and suggests that she's just spirit-walking. Kim commands the

ghosts away, just as Sally warns her to avoid the Pillar of Smoke. Kim returns to her body where her parents are fretting over

her, and claims she just fell and hit her head.

DAREDEVIL v2 #62 (1-2)

The same day as DD2 61 (22). It is "two days" after DD2 61 (6-11). Director Wallace of the CIA is ticked off at Fury, who has

apparently allowed the Black Widow to remain free. "It's an election year," and the implication is that it's campaign season

before a presidential election.

DAREDEVIL v2 #62 (11-20:6)

The same day as DD2 62 (1-2). At their law office, Foggy holds up the newspaper showing the Widow/DD story and asks Matt

if he slept with Natasha, but Matt says no and that he still loves Milla. Foggy notes that Milla wants an annulment and Matt says

he doesn't care. Jigsaw bursts into Matt's office and asks what he did wrong to bring Daredevil down upon his weapons

smuggling operation. Jigsaw offers to give Matt a cut of the money, but Matt rejects Jigsaw. Later, Matt has lunch with Natasha

and explains he's legally married and still in love with Milla. Matt asks Natasha why she's really here. Green trees in New

York, where it's warm enough to eat al fresco.

DAREDEVIL v2 #63 (1-2:2)

The same day as DD2 62 (11-20). From two blocks away, a sniper gets Matt and Natasha in his sights.

DAREDEVIL v2 #62 (20:7-22)

The same day as DD2 63 (1-2). Natasha starts to explain she thinks someone's put a price on her head, but just then, the sniper

opens fire on the café where they're having lunch. Green trees in New York, where it's warm enough to eat al fresco.

DAREDEVIL v2 #63 (2:3-23)

The same day as DD2 62 (20-22). Matt and Natasha duck the gunfire. Daredevil jumps to the rooftop and pummels the assassin,

a CIA operative named Quinn. Quinn disables Daredevil with an ultra-sonic device and shoots Natasha through the shoulder.

Quinn escapes, Natasha destroys the device, and she and DD help the people wounded in the assassination attempt. That

evening, back at Matt's house, Matt dresses Natasha's wound and Natasha discusses her reason for being at Matt's. Jigsaw and a

group of thugs break into Matt's house, determined to make Murdock pay.

DAREDEVIL v2 #64 (1-12)

The same night as DD2 63 (2-23). Nick Fury looks at the online addition of the Daily Bugle, the headline of which reads:

"Murdock Mowdown: Gunfire rings out for lunchtime lawyer and his mystery gal pal." He concludes that the Widow is hiding

in plain sight with Murdock. Natasha kicks Jigsaw's butt and the police take him away. Later that night, Natasha and Matt

prepare to leave Matt's house, but Natasha gets a message on her wristwatch from Fury, telling the two of them to sit tight, and

be bait to draw Quinn out. The web site notes that date is "7/26/04" (which may be topical) and the temperature in New York

today was"85 degrees." The site also infers that it's a presidential election season. Full moon.

Wednesday, September 3

DAREDEVIL v2 #64 (13-15)

The morning after DD2 64 (1-12), "39 hours" after DD2 61 (6-11). As Matt and Natasha step out the front door, Quinn taking

aim from a nearby rooftop, but Fury and SHIELD shoot him with a tranquilizer dart and take him into custody. The danger now

over with, Natasha kisses Matt goodbye and they go their separate ways. Blowing leaves in New York.


The morning after SPELLBINDERS 2 (1-5). Over breakfast, Paul's coven discusses the idea of merging with Foley's. Mason is

very against the idea. Kim is late for school again, having apparently been at the hospital for a checkup. During science class,

Kim presses Foley for an explanation, and learns about the magical bloodlines in the town. Foley's explanation is interrupted by

the science lab bursting into flame. Everyone gets out safely except Kim, who has to rescue herself by putting out the fire with a

mixture of ammonium salts and baking soda. Chad asks Kim to Kris' party as a date. Kim reveals that she's adopted and places

the party on her (strangely arranged) calendar for Saturday, the first of a month with 30 days. Green grass and trees in


NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #5 (15-23)

The "morning" after NX 5 (1-14). The school gives Kevin up to the FBI, but the Hellions vow to bring him back and recruit

Sofia to help them. It is a class day at Xavier's, where we see green trees.

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #6 (1-18)

The same day as NX 5 (15-23). It is "two weeks" before NX 6 (19-22). Jay alerts the New Mutants and they go stop the

Hellions from fighting the FBI. Alerted by Rahne, Scott and Emma arrive on the scene and send all the students back to the

Institute. Kevin goes off with the FBI. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

IDENTITY DISC #5 - FB (14:3-14:5)

One day. SHIELD agent Valerie Jessup gets a copy of a disc from AIM that proves she tampered with SHIELD files to

disassociate herself with the Vulture.

IDENTITY DISC #5 - FB (3:3-3:4)

One night. Bullseye is shot at by members of two rival syndicates with whom he has signed exclusive contracts. Deadpool looks

at a photo of his ex-wife.


Perhaps the same night as ID 5-FB (3:3-3:4). Sandman spends an evening at home with his mother.

Thursday, September 4

DAREDEVIL v2 #64 (16-22)

The day after DD2 64 (13-15). This segment occurs "months" before DD2 77 (7-22). Fury calls up CIA Director Wallace and

tells him that he knows Wallace hired Quinn and that he's not to do anything unlawful like this again or he'll send a file on

Wallace to J. Jonah Jameson. Madame Hydra is set free from her Bulgarian prison and Natasha confronts the Bulgarian diplomat

who asked for her in exchange for Madame Hydra. It turns out to be Natasha's former husband, Alexi. SHIELD and an

Avengers quinjet arrive on the scene to take Alexi into custody. Meanwhile, Matt hands Milla the signed annulment paper after

making one last failed attempt to ask for her back. We see falling leaves in a rainy New York. Full moon.

SHE-HULK v3 #9 - FB (1-2)

One "chilly autumn morn," "two weeks" before S-H3 9 (3-16). Hercules stops an armored car robbery by Armadillo, Jack

O'Lantern, and Constrictor, the latter of whom Herc injures severely.


One day, perhaps near the beginning of a school year. Teddy Altman meets Greg Norris in the school locker room.

Friday, September 5

SHE-HULK v3 #9 - FB (17:2-18:1)

The day after S-H3 9-FB (1-2). In a bar, Hercules sings a song about his defeat of the Constrictor.


One day, whose morning (before "lunch") occurs "two and a half days" after M/KSM 4. It must be more than just "a few weeks"

before M/KSM 9 as it is "two entire months" before M/KSM 12 (1-18). M.J. mentions the "big part" she got in ASM 509.

Eddie Brock arrives in New York. Peter awakens in his apartment (having missed "a few days" of school), where M.J. and

Felicia have been caring for him. They show him the Bugle article featuring his unmasked photo. Because his face was beaten

up, he is not recognized, so Jameson has offered a reward (donated by a mystery person) for identifying him; this reward must be

different from and probably occurs after that noted in ASM 514, judging by the "What? Again?" remark. M.J. notes that Matt

Murdock, Nick Fury, and Dr. Strange have been working on locating Aunt May. M.J. confesses to Peter that they are in financial

trouble. That evening, Spidey defeats Doc Ock, who has escaped from a convoy escorting him from prison. The cops then attack

Spidey to collect on the reward money. Green grass and trees in New York, and it is warm enough for M.J. to be outdoors in a

short-sleeved shirt.


The same evening as M/KSM 5. Spidey escapes from the horde of cops.


One night, "a little while" after M/KSM 6-FB (11). The guard rushes his wife to the hospital.


One night. Logan is in Canada to see "if any of the old gang's about," an indication that this story probably occurs before AF3

2-FB-FB (20:2). He runs into a drunk, self-pitying Puck in a bar. Logan gives Eugene advice before Puck is arrested for having

beat up a bunch of bar patrons and having caused property damage. The Christmas lights in the bar may be a year-round

decoration as the trees outside are leafy.

Saturday, September 6


The day after M/KSM 6 (1-3). It may be more than just "three weeks," before M/KSM 7 (4-21) and the "month" before M/KSM

9. It is the "week" after the woman Osborn treated first got sick from the treatment. This segment must occur after XX 46 (12-

23) and probably after FF 516, given that Hydro-Man appears here in his new costume. Given that the Xavier Institute appears rebuilt with students hanging around, this segment should occur either after X 157 or very shortly before. According to Sandman, "Tigra's been living in L.A. for the last six months" and "she teamed up with Wonder Man against Boomerang just a few weeks ago." On a day that "isn't April first," Peter learns about an auction uptown "tonight" involving Eddie Brock. In his search for Aunt May, Spidey turns to the imprisoned Osborn and then goes to the Xavier Institute, where Rachel Summers tells him she thinks May is dead. Emma and Scott are in San Antonio dealing with a kid with thermonuclear powers. That night, a bunch of villains shows up at the auction, where Eddie Brock offers to sell Venom for charity money. Peter notes that "Aunt May is seventy-two years old." Green grass and trees in Westchester.


The same night as M/KSM 6 (4-22). The auctioneer suggests starting the bids at $10 million.


The same night as SENSM2 38-FB (3:3). After confirmation from Brock, the auctioneer begins the bidding at $10 million.


One day, shortly after ID 5-FB (14) and ID 5-FB (3). It is "one week" before ID 5. It must be more than "twenty years" after ID

1-FB (1-2) and more than "sixteen years" after ID 1-FB (13). Sandman may appear here after S-H3 6. Juggernaut is here in his

gray costume and Sabretooth in classic orange and brown costume with fur (his first costume). Valerie Jessup, claiming to be an

agent of Tristram Silver named Valeria Merrick, recruits Vulture, Sandman, Juggernaut, and Sabretooth for a job.

GRAVITY #2 (19:1)

One day. Gravity and the Greenwich Guardian take out a gang dressed in skeleton costumes.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #3/2 (1-2:1)

One evening, between "8:30 PM" and "9:07," "Jay" Guthrie broods about his dead girlfriend at Xavier's and calls his mother.

Students abound at the Institute and there's a reference to "flying class," so classes must have started. Green grass and trees at



A Saturday, at least two days after, but less than a week after, SPELLBINDERS 2 (6-18). Kim arrives at Chad's house and meets

his crazy mother, also learning that Sally is dead and has a connection to Chad. They leave for the party, watched by Foley and

Liza Beth, who are weaving a protection over Kim in case she's attacked at the party with no wicks around to protect her. Green

grass and trees in Massachusetts.


The same evening as SPELLBINDERS #2 (19-22). Kim has known Chad for "like 6 days." The guys are watching a pro-

football game, Patriots v Giants (the NFL apparently plays on Saturdays in the MU). Out at a park, Paul points out to Renata that

even if Kim is warded, she could still be attacked by mundane means. Renata immediately rushes off towards the party, where

the power has gone out, and one kid attacked with magical lightning. In the panic, a cloaked figure attacks Kim with a knife.

Mason calls in Foley's coven as backup to make sure that Renata doesn't get hurt. At the house, Sally's ghost appears to Kim

again, and shows her how to spirit walk deliberately. Kim scouts a path and knocks down the cloaked figure, which becomes a

werewolf and continues chasing her. Faced with all seven witches though, the werewolf changes again and escapes. The witches

decide that Kim should go to the Pillar of Smoke and unlock her power, but she declines because of Sally's advice. When she

gets home, though, all her stuff has been trashed, and she changes her mind, wanting whatever power is coming to her. Finally,

the villain is revealed to be Chad. Green grass and trees in Massachusetts. Full moon.

Sunday, September 7

X-MEN UNLIMITED #3/2 (2:2-12)

The early morning ("a nice night") after XU2 3/2 (1-2). At "3:07" AM, Cannonball checks in on brother Jay, in response to

Paige's concerns about Jay - this appears to be the first time they've really talked since Jay's arrival. They fly to Manhattan,

rescue people from a burning building, and have a talk in which Sam encourages Jay. (This may not be on a school night, since

it's unlikely Sam would wake up his brother in the middle of the night to go to New York if it were.) Jay: "I don't want to be a

mutant anymore." (No mention of Dr. Rao's serum here, so maybe it hasn't been announced yet.) Jay mentions that Sam called

his family once "two months ago." Cannonball's leg is fine; if this indeed occurs after UX 449, then his broken leg was probably

healed by Archangel or Elixir by now. Jay has not heard of the Hellfire Club before now. Green grass and trees in New York.


The day after SPELLBINDERS 3. Kim and both covens hike through the woods to the Pillar of Smoke. Chad follows, easily

bypassing all the wards they set behind them. Chad kills the Pillar's guardian and attacks them just as they realize that their

opponent has been using their own magic powers against them. Foley and Kim escape, arriving at the Pillar just at sundown, but

when Kim touches it, she doesn't gain any power. Chad absorbs power directly from the Pillar, then shatters it and consumes a

large piece. He travels away, arriving back in town sometime after dark. Green grass and trees in Massachusetts. Full or

gibbous moon.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #1 - FB (9:4)

One day. Cap watches Hawkeye (shown in his armored sleeve) practice his archery.

Monday, September 8


One early morning, starting at "midnight" of the night after the day of ID 1 (3-8). Deadpool and Bullseye join the others

recruited Valeria, who assigns them with obtaining what she claims is the Identity Disc from AIM. Sandman refuses to cooperate

and is discorporated (as planned).


The same day as ID 1 (9-22). It is a day that the offices of Koenig & Strey are open. Valeria prepares the five remaining villains

for the AIM raid by assigning them to do surveillance and obtain items that will facilitate the raid. We see green trees and

Brooklyn Tech College is in session.


The morning after SPELLBINDERS 4. Banished by Chad to the Salem Witches' home-world, the witches are unable to get

home, because the Thief has absorbed almost all the magic out of the world. Back on Earth, Chad begins mind controlling all the

other witches and gathering them in the school, while Sally's ghost tells Kim that the foundation of the Pillar still stands. The

original Thief on the witches' world attacks, but they combine their powers long enough to travel back to Earth. Right at dawn,

the pillar reveals its foundation to Kim, and she finds the right sigil to unlock her powers, transporting herself and Foley to the

land of the dead. In the school gym, Chad combines all the town's witches in order to bring Sally back to life, but is interrupted

by the two covens. Green grass and trees in Massachusetts.


The same day as SPELLBINDERS #5 (1-22). In the land of the dead, Kim learns that she is a Necromancer, and her job is to

heal breaches like the one Chad created in resurrecting Sally. Back at the gym, Chad defeats the witches quickly again, but is

rejected by the resurrected Sally, and decides to kill everyone. Kim and Foley arrive, and with everyone else's help, hold Chad

off long enough for Kim to banish Sally's soul. Since Chad used his own soul as an anchor, he is also dragged off into the

Underworld. Everybody picks themselves up, and Kim finds one of the lizards that got made out of Knox, promising to help him

next. Green grass and trees in Massachusetts.

Tuesday, September 9


Early morning, just after midnight following ID 2 (1-14). Deadpool returns to the group with the skeleton key he and Bullseye

were assigned to retrieve.

IDENTITY DISC #5 - FB (11:3)

The same early morning as ID 2 (15). Vulture secretly reports back to Valeria on the whereabouts of the group.

IDENTITY DISC #2 (16-22)

The same early morning as ID 5-FB (11:3). The villains retire to a bar. Bullseye arrives with the real key, having double-

crossed Valeria, and the other villains beat him up. Valeria shows up and gets the key.


The same day as ID 2 (16-22). Deadpool, Bullseye, Juggernaut, Sabretooth, and Vulture infiltrate AIM headquarters to get the

identity disc.

IDENTITY DISC #4 (1-19:4)

The same day as ID 3. The villains battle AIM until only Juggernaut is left to claim the Identity Disc.

IDENTITY DISC #5 - FB (12:4-12:5)

The same day as ID 4 (1-19). Juggernaut looks at the contents of the disc.

IDENTITY DISC #4 (19:5-19:6)

The same day as ID 5-FB (12:4-12:5). Juggernaut is caught looking at the disc.

IDENTITY DISC #5 - FB (12:6-13:1)

The same day as ID 4 (19:5-19:6). Juggernaut faces the Vulture, who set everything up.

IDENTITY DISC #4 (20:1-20:3)

The same day as ID 5-FB (12-13). Vulture shoots Juggernaut, who falls.

IDENTITY DISC #5 - FB (13:2-13:5)

The same day as ID 4 (20:1-20:3). Vulture takes the disc and leaves Juggernaut.

IDENTITY DISC #4 (20:4-22)

The same day as ID 5-FB (13:2-13:5). As the AIM headquarters burns, the Vulture is arrested by police.


The same rainy night as ID 4 (20-22). Fury interrogates Vulture, believing that Sabretooth was the mastermind behind the

operation. As Vulture is led away by a SHIELD agent, it is revealed that the agent is Valeria, that Valeria is Vulture's daughter,

and that the operation was to retrieve the disc that linked Valeria with Vulture. Fury and Dum Dum can't figure out the reason

for the villains' AIM operation since SHIELD possesses the Identity Disc.

Wednesday, September 10

IDENTITY DISC #5 (21-22)

The day after ID 5 (1-20). Sandman is alive and well in St. Lucia, having been paid to fake his death at Valeria's hand. Tristram

Silver meets him and notes that he may go after the Identity Disc.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #12 - FB (12:4-13:1)

One day. Titannus serves as the Trellion king's right-hand man.

SHE-HULK v4 #5 - FB

One day, within a month before A 500 (1-8). After his trip into the future (shown in S-H4 1-3), Hawkeye videotapes messages

for his friends, including Two-Gun Kid. Clint's armored sleeve is not visible, but he doesn't need to wear it to record messages.

SHE-HULK v4 #20 - FB - FB

The same day as S-H4 5-FB. In Hawkeye's message to She-Hulk, he tells her he loves her.

Thursday, September 11

DAREDEVIL v2 #66 (1-3/4:1)

One day. Alexander Bont steps out of a taxi onto the streets of Hell's Kitchen, which he doesn't recognize anymore. Newspaper

headlines read "Mutant terrorism on the rise" and "Captain America speaks out against war." It's snowing hard in New York;

temporal references throughout DD are inconsistent and this one may be topical.

DAREDEVIL v2 #69 (20-21)

The same day as DD2 66 (1-3/4). It is "two days" before DD2 68. Bont visits Melvin Potter at his costume store and threatens

to kill his "four year old daughter" unless he puts on his Gladiator costume and gets Daredevil. Snow, likely topical, is falling in

New York.

DAREDEVIL v2 #66 (17)

The same day as DD2 69 (20-21). Bont stands inside a video store and mutters how it use to be a restaurant.

DAREDEVIL v2 #66 (19-22)

The same day as DD2 66 (17). Bont visits his wife's grave then pays a visit to a strip club owner Slick Saul and accuses him of

being one of the gang who took over his territory after he went to jail. Bont takes a MGH pill and gains momentary super-

strength, which he uses to kill Saul. It is snowing in New York and snow has accumulated on the ground; this may be topical.

DAREDEVIL v2 #67 - FB (14-15)

The same day as DD2 66 (19-22). Special Agent Del Toro of the FBI stops by the strip club to investigate the murder of Saul.

She examines the body and figures out from the strippers that it must've been Bont who killed Saul.

Friday, September 12

DAREDEVIL v2 #68 - FB (13-19)

The day after DD2 67-FB (14-15). Del Toro visits Murdock at his office and asks for help. She pulls out the amulets of her

uncle, the White Tiger, and says she doesn't know what she's supposed to do with them.

DAREDEVIL v2 #69 (7-10)

The same day as DD2 68-FB (13-19). Del Toro pleads with Matt to share why he's a super-hero. Matt at first refuses, saying he

could incriminate himself. She in turn says she plans on quitting the FBI. Matt finally tells her to meet him on the roof of St.

Catherine's Church at 11:00.

DAREDEVIL v2 #69 (15-19)

The same night as DD2 69 (7-10). Del Toro puts on the amulet of the White Tiger and manages to get up onto the roof of St.

Catherine's Church. Daredevil gets her to jump across the rooftop and challenges her to hit him.

DAREDEVIL v2 #70 - FB (2-15)

The same night as DD2 69 (15-19). Daredevil tests Del Toro's skills by getting her to duel him. Interrupted by a robbery down

the street, they head to the scene. Daredevil leaves Del Toro to stop the crime alone, and she does. Daredevil reappears and tells

Del Toro that's why he's a super-hero. Matt gets out of costume and heads home, only to find Melvin Potter wearing his

Gladiator costume and sitting on his doorstep. Melvin springs a trap on Matt and manages to knock him out. Melvin calls Bont

and says he's captured Daredevil.


One night during the school year. This segment occurs after AAF2 6. While on patrol, Arana and Miguel beat up some

hoodlums and get them to squeal on Thomas Bander, an apparently corrupt judge working with the Sisterhood of the Wasp. The

hoodlums say that Bander is paying a secret visit to Court of Appeals at "midnight" tonight. Miguel calls up Ted and gets him to

hack into the Court's security systems. Miguel also calls Nina, telling her to come for back up.

Saturday, September 13


The day after AHOS 1 (1-6). At "midnight," Arana, Miguel, and Nina catch Bander sneaking into the Court of Appeals to steal

files for the Sisterhood. They capture him and knock him unconscious, but several Wasp agents burst in. Miguel and Arana beat

them up, Arana throws the unconscious judge into Nina's car, and they escape. "Later," Anya sits on a rooftop recovering from

the battle. Miguel calls in and reports they have Bander in custody. He tells Anya to take the next few days off because she's

coming down with a cold. Anya goes home to find her father cooking dinner (apparently early in the morning!). He tells her to

get on with her homework. As they sit down for dinner, he gets a phone call from his reporter partner Dan. After hanging up the

phone, Gil mentions he's working on a piece investigating corrupt Bander. Green grass, leafy trees, and short sleeves in New York.


The morning after DD2 70-FB (2-15). Matt Murdock, his costume visible beneath his shirt, is tied up in a chair at Fogwell's

Gym and is punched repeatedly by Gladiator in the presence of Alexander Bont, who decides to videotape the scene.


The same morning as DD2 67. It is the day after DD2 68-FB (13-19), "two days" after DD2 69 (20-21), "years" after DD2 69

(3-6), and apparently "twenty years" after DD2 68-FB (13). It is "14 days" after DD2 69-FB (14) and must be more than "14

months" after DD2 69-FB (1-2). Melvin pleads with Bont to let him slay Murdock now, but Bont says he wants to torture Matt

some more. Bont stops videotaping Murdock being beaten up and he and Melvin drag Matt outside to show Hell's Kitchen its

"Kingpin." Bont is "93 years old."


The same morning as DD2 68. Bont and Melvin toss the beaten up Matt Murdock out onto the street. The people of Hell's

Kitchen start standing around the spectacle and see Matt's costume under his shirt. As Del Toro gives a statement to the police

about the robbery, a cop runs in exclaiming that "some maniac chained up Matt Murdock and is parading him up and down the

damn street." Bont tells Melvin to execute Matt, but Del Toro bursts onto the scene and kicks Gladiator's butt. Bont pops

another MGH pill and throws Matt back inside the gym. As Bont beats Matt up, his heart explodes and he dies at Matt's feet.

The Feds question Matt in the hospital. Foggy Nelson explains that Bont captured Matt, dressed him up in a Daredevil costume

because of the media smear against Matt, and had Melvin beat Matt up. The Feds say SHIELD has Melvin in custody and that

he's going back to jail.

GRAVITY #2 (19:2)

One day. Gravity and the Greenwich Guardian save people from a burning building.

Sunday, September 14


One day, shortly after AHOS 1 (7-22). Anya, Miguel, and Ted interrogate Bander at Webcorps. They learn from him that

Vincent, the leader of the Wasps, is hiring an assassin named Amun to help the Wasps out in criminal endeavors. Amun is to

meet Vincent tonight at a secret rendezvous place in an abandoned warehouse. Anya heads home for a few hours and catches her

father writing up a story on Bander for the newspaper. Anya tries to read the story when he's not looking, but doesn't learn

much. She soon gets a phone call from Ted that it's time to hook up with Miguel to break up Vincent's meeting with Amun.

Miguel arrives before Arana and tries to break up the meeting between Vincent and Amun, but Vincent says that he purposefully

had Bander leak the information on this meeting to Webcorps, and that this is a trap to give Amun a chance to prove himself by

killing Miguel. Arana arrives and all four battle. All four retreat when the battle becomes a stalemate. When Arana tells Miguel

that she saw the face of Amun during the battle, he says that she is now marked for death by Amun, and must be on guard. Green

trees in New York.


The same night as AHOS 2 (1-15). Miguel walks Arana home. He does a perimeter check but determines that Amun didn't

follow them. He tells her to come directly to Webcorps after she gets out of school tomorrow and warns that her life is still in


ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #2 - FB - FB (20:2)

One day, "three days" before AF3 2 (18-21). This flashback probably occurs after XU 12/2. Alpha Flight is called on to

investigate an occurrence. Sasquatch, his memory wiped of the incident, is the only one to make it back.

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #1 - FB (3-8)

It must be the same night as AF3 2-FB-FB (20). During the college season at McGill University, Walter Langkowski tries to

recruit Yukon Jack and Zuzha Yu into a new Alpha Flight. Green trees and jackets in Canada.

WEAPON X v2 #26 (1-10)

One night, after WX2 28-FB. After hanging out with fellow bad guys in a bar, Sabretooth reports to Michael Grand, his

employer at Megacorp (who is actually John Sublime in disguise). Grand wants Creed to retrieve Sinister, who as Dr. Windsor

now runs a medical research facility. I have Constrictor here, well and in civilian garb, shortly before his beating in S-H3 9-FB


Monday, September 15

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #1 - FB (9-21)

The day after AF3 1-FB (3-8). On a weekday during the school year, Langkowski tries to recruit Nemesis, Major Mapleleaf, and

Rutherford Princeton into a new Alpha Flight. Green grass and trees in Vancouver.

WEAPON X v2 #26 (11-22)

Probably the day after WX2 26 (1-10). Sabretooth arrives at the medical research facility (on a day it's open) to retrieve Sinister,

but Sinister's lackey Hans mops the floor with Creed.

WEAPON X v2 #27

The same day as WX2 26 (11-22). Creed faces nine more Hans-type individuals and is defeated. Sinister disappears and when

Creed comes to, his Megacorp employers express their dissatisfaction. As Creed leaves Megacorp on a stormy night, he

encounters Scalphunter.

WEAPON X v2 #28 (1-18)

The same day as WX2 27. Concerned that the Hans army makes him dispensable, Scalphunter gives Sabretooth information that

allows him to get to Sinister and take out the Hanses. As Creed and Essex prepare to battle, Grand shows up and pays

Sabretooth, who leaves. Grand reveals himself as Sublime to Sinister and wants to make a deal with him - the Hans army in

exchange for a peek at the mutant files that Creed stole from Weapon X.


One day, a "few weeks" after FOUR 7. It is a school day at Pembroke Academy. Johnny complains that all he's done at the

firehouse is clean, and the chief tells him that "these last few years have been rough on the firemen," a reference that must

include 9-11. Namor shows up to woo Sue yet again, and he gets into a fight with Reed. The recap states that "winter blankets

Manhattan," and we do see snow on the ground, along with bare trees and trees still featuring autumn colors. Also, the Hudson

River is noted as being "half-frozen." These, unfortunately, are probably topical references.


The same day as FOUR 8. It is "one month" before FOUR 10 (9-22). Reed's fight with Namor is interrupted when Johnny

recruits them to help find a boy suspected of having fallen into the icy Hudson River. Namor finds the boy dead in the river and

returns him to his mother. Meanwhile, Psycho-Man shows up on a bus at Port Authority vowing revenge on Susan. We see

snow and bare trees, and "the temperature only plummeted a few days ago," making ice on the Hudson still thin in places - these

are probably topical references.

FOUR #11 - FB (1-2:1)

The same day as FOUR 9. It is "one month" before FOUR 11. Psycho-Man walks down the snowy streets of New York.


One day, "three months" after RUN 17 (17-23). Captain America, the Scarlet Witch, and the Vision are at L.A. City Hall, where

they've apparently just arrested some Pride agents. Accompanying narration suggests that this has been happening fairly

regularly over the last few months. Journalists ask Cap whether it's true that the Runaways stopped the Pride. Cap dodges the

question and lectures everyone about the dangers of underage super-heroics.


The day after AHOS 2-FB. Anya walks to school with her best friend Lynn. They go to class and have a quiz, when into the

classroom walks Amun, who's posing as an Egyptian transfer student named Jon Kasiya. Green grass and trees in New York.


The same day as AHOS 2 (15-22). It must be a year after AHOS 3-FB (5:1-5:3). Kasiya sits down in class next to Anya,

notices the spider tattoo on her arm, and figures out that Anya is Arana. After school, Amun starts snooping into Anya's private

life. Webcorps plans to move Bander to a safe house at "10:00 pm tonight." Both sides prepare for action - Miguel and Nina at

Webcorps, and Vincent and Sam at the Wasps headquarters. Anya goes home to find her father going out on an assignment,

realizes he's investigating Bander, and thinks that she might run into him tonight. She tries to find out all her father knows by

getting Ted to hack into his computer, but she doesn't learn much. That night the Wasps attack the armed escort going from

Webcorps to the safe house. Sam kills Bander and Amun wounds Miguel with a dagger. Amun tells Arana that he knows her

secret identity and tells her to surrender or he will kill everyone close to her. Just then, she sees her father videotaping the battle

nearby. She grabs him, carries him to safety, and destroys the video card for his digital camera. When she gets back, the battle is

over and the Wasps have fled. Miguel is rushed to a medical facility at Webcorps and Arana feels like she's failed.

Tuesday, September 16

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #2 - FB (3-17)

The day after AF3 1-FB (9-21). According to the recap page of AF3 9, this story occurs "little more than two weeks" before AF3

2-FB (3-17), but I'm thinking it can't be more than two days. Langkowski fetches Yukon Jack, Zuzha Yu, Nemesis, and Major

Mapleleaf. Green grass and trees in Canada.


The day after AHOS 3. Gil Corazon and Dan Stevens sit in a restaurant and go over the events of last night. Gil tells Dan about

being rescued by the "spider-thing" girl who confiscated his digital footage of the battle. Green trees in New York.

THOR v2 #82 - FB

One day during the "two months" following T2 82 (1-5). After having survived the fall of Valhalla and the deaths of Hyrm and

Ulik, Thor fights Loki's ally Geirrodeur in his "last" battle before T2 82 (6-9), while leading the Asgardians to Vanaheim.

WEAPON X v2 #28 (19-21)

Perhaps the rainy night of the day after WX2 28 (1-18). Sublime talks about his deal with Sinister as a Hans is being tested.

Creed plays poker with Scalphunter when he is called away to join the Brotherhood, so this segment must occur before X 161.

Sabretooth notes that Sinister was leaving for Genosha "this morning," and that places this segment before XCAL3 5.

SHE-HULK v3 #8 (13-15)

One night. It may not be "almost three months" after S-H3 8 (1-12), but rather only almost three weeks. Guardsmen arrive at

GLK&H to check up on Southpaw and leave after being fooled by Ditto's impersonation of Southpaw. Full moon.

GRAVITY #2 (19:3-23)

One night, either "a few nights" or "a few weeks" (probably the latter, given the lunar phases) after GRAV 2 (17-18). It is "a

couple weeks" and a "month" before GRAV 4 (1-7). Gravity and the Greenwich Guardian encounter a jewelry store burglary.

After taking out the bad guys, Gravity hears Guardian yell and is then attacked by Black Death. Full moon.

GRAVITY #3 (1-8)

The same night as GRAV 2 (19-23). Black Death gives Gravity a beating, but Gravity escapes through a vent. Green tree in

New York.

Wednesday, September 17

NEW X-MEN: ACADEMY X #6 (19-22)

One day, "two weeks" after NX 6 (1-18). With the help of lawyer Vange Whedon, charges against Kevin are dropped at a

Georgia court, where we see green trees. Back at the Institute, Kevin joins the Hellions and Jay joins the New Mutants. Rahne

and Josh kiss. It is "last semester" relative to NX 11. Scott and Emma appear. Green trees in Georgia

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #2 - FB (18-21)

The morning after AF3 2-FB (3-17). It is "three days" after AF3 2-FB-FB (20). Langkowski retrieves Princeton and assembles

his new team.


The same day as AF3 2-FB (18-21). Langkowski debriefs the new team on the Plodex.

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #4 - FB (7:3)

The same day as AF3 3. Langkowski gives the new team its assignment.


One day. The Falcon invades the marine base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.


The same day as CA&F 1-FB-FB (5:2). The Falcon retrieves detainee Leila Taylor (now a Bugle columnist) from the base.

GRAVITY #3 (9-11)

The day after GRAV 3 (1-8). Greg meets Lauren at the library and explains his extensive bruises with a story of being mugged.

That evening in their dorm room, Frog tells Greg the cops have video of Black Death beating Gravity.


One night, "about six hours" after CA&F 1-FB-FB (5:2). At "11:53 PM," Steve Rogers visits Robbie Robertson at the Bugle to

ask him what he knows about Leila's and Falcon's business in Cuba.


Probably the same night as AF3 4-FB (7:3). Split into three pairings, the new team track the Plodex. Major Mapleleaf and

Yukon Jack encounter the Mole Man before everyone ends up in the same place aboard a Plodex ship.

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #5 (1-4)

The same night as AF3 4. Sasquatch disrupts the disorienting environment of the Plodex ship.

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #1 ~ ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #2 ~ ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #5 (5-6)

The same night as AF3 5 (1-4). The new Alpha Flight faces the captured members of the old Alpha Flight on the Plodex ship.

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #5 (7-21)

The same night as AF3 5 (5-6). The new Alpha Flight battles Plodex that have assumed the appearance and powers of the old

Alpha Flight.


The same night as AF3 5 (7-21). The new Alpha Flight debate whether to destroy Plodex eggs to save the earth from their threat.

The old Alpha Flight decide to transport the eggs to the Plodex home world, leaving Walter to carry on with the new team.


The same night as AF3 6. According to the recap page of AF3 9, this story occurs "little more than two weeks" after AF3 2-FB

(3-17), but I'm thinking it can't be more than two days. The members of the new Alpha Flight use a teleporting device aboard

the Plodex ship to travel to their homes for the night. Nemesis tries to get Walter to free her from her inhibitor device by

showing him her face. Yukon Jack finds his people celebrating his absence. Centennial discovers his old home has fallen on

hard times. In Montreal, Zuzha makes a pass at Mapleleaf and they encounter wax figures that have come to life. Full moon.

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #8 (1-19)

The same night as AF3 7. Summoned by Major Mapleleaf's flying horse Thunder, Alpha Flight gathers to defeat the Manimator.

Green trees in Montreal.

SHE-HULK v3 #8 (15-18:2)

One day. It may be three weeks, not "three months," after S-H3 8 (1-12), during which time She-Hulk and Southpaw are on

Skardon, as are (presumably) Adam Warlock (now out of his cocoon), Pip, Gamora, Drax, the Surfer, Gladiator, and Beta Ray

Bill. On "the day before the big fight," Jennifer trains. An encounter between Southpaw and Champion gives her an idea for

winning the fight.

Thursday, September 18


The early morning after CA&F 1-FB (4-6). This flashback must occur after A 503-FB (6). At "12:32 PM" (should be AM) at

Avengers "Mansion" (should be "Embassy"), Cap tells the Scarlet Witch that he's going to Cuba, where a hurricane is about to

hit. This places this story during hurricane season, between June 1 and November 30. Wanda is wearing the costume she first

was seen wearing in A3 65.


The same early morning as CA&F 1-FB (11-12). At "1:53 AM" at the Naval Air Station in Miami, Cap is grounded because of

the hurricane.


The same early morning as CA&F 1-FB (14). Between "2:18 AM" and "4:14 AM," a man posing as Cap hunts down the Rivas

drug cartel in Cuba, whose leader meets with the Falcon.


The same early morning as CA&F 1 (between "4:21 AM" and "5:03 AM"). Falcon and Leila battle the Anti-Cap and escape, but

they are caught in the hurricane and the Falcon's flying rig explodes. Cap and Wanda make it to Cuba, where Cap touches base

with a SHIELD agent.


The same morning as CA&F 2. It is "nine years" after CA&F 3-FB (1-2) and four years after CA&F 3-FB (4). Falcon and Leila

survive and touch base with some of Sam's former associates now in Cuba. The Anti-Cap catches up to Falcon and fights him.

Cap retrieves the bug where Falcon left it, then finds his partner and faces the anti-Cap. Iron Man, Yellowjacket, and Scarlet

Witch appear.


The same day as CA&F 3. It is "four years" after CA&F 4-FB (1) and must be less than "three years" after CA&F 4-FB (10-11).

Cap battles and defeats the anti-Cap and discovers that he's an agent of naval intelligence and that the whole mission was a set-

up orchestrated by Nick Fury. Cap hides the anti-Cap and the bug, while Wanda plays spy in the Rivas Compound in Cuba.

Hurricane season.

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #8 (20)

The morning after AF3 8 (1-19). Alpha Flight has breakfast at Centennial's house and Puck guesses that Major Mapleleaf has no

powers. Gardner Monroe finds his Flashback costume in his bathroom. Green trees in Canada.

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #9 - FB (12:3)

The same morning as AF3 8 (20-21). It is "several years" after AF3 9-FB (12:1-12:2). Gardner Monroe awakens in his bed.

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #8 (21)

The same morning as AF3 9-FB (12:3). Monroe finds his Flashback costume hanging on the shower rod.

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #9 - FB (12:4)

The same morning as AF3 8 (21). Monroe approaches the costume.

SHE-HULK v3 #8 (18:2-22)

The day after S-H3 8 (15-18). It may be three weeks, not "three solar months," after S-H3 8 (1-12) and probably more than "just

a couple of weeks" before S-H3 11. After she makes Champion remove his infinity gem, a buffed-up She-Hulk defeats the Elder

and saves the Skard. Pip takes her and Southpaw back to earth. Beta Ray Bill probably appears here before T2 82 (15-23).

SHE-HULK v3 #9 (3-14)

The same day as S-H3 8 (18-22). It is "two weeks" after S-H3 9-FB (1-2) and "a while" before A 500 (9-37). It may be over

three weeks, not "over three months," after S-H3 8 (1-12). She-Hulk and Southpaw return to earth and Jen exclaims that she

hasn't "checked in with the Avengers" in all the time she was gone; this is an indication that this segment must occur before she

leaves the team in A:FINALE. Jen touches base with John Jameson and they go to the Baxter Building to have Reed Richards

whip up a costume that helps Jen control her new strength as She-Hulk. Meanwhile, Mallory at GLK&H is representing

Hercules in a lawsuit filed by the injured Constrictor. Green trees in Manhattan.

SHE-HULK v3 #10 (1-3:2)

The same day as S-H3 9 (3-14). Champion visits the Watcher named Zoma to ask him who hates She-Hulk the most.

SHE-HULK v3 #9 (15:1-15:3)

The same day as S-H3 10 (1-3). After She-Hulk and John Jameson leave the Baxter Building, Titania prepares to attack.

SHE-HULK v3 #10 (3:3)

The same day as S-H3 9 (15:1-15:3). Titania runs toward She-Hulk.

SHE-HULK v3 #9 (15:4-15:5) ~ SHE-HULK v3 #10 (3:4-4:1)

The same day as S-H3 10 (3:3). She-Hulk whacks Titania hard.

SHE-HULK v3 #9 (16:1-16:3)

The same day as S-H3 9 (15:4-15:5). She-Hulk and John Jameson see Titania go flying from Jen's punch.

SHE-HULK v3 #10 (4:2-22)

The same day as S-H3 9 (16:1-16:3). It is "many weeks" before S-H3 11. As Titania lands in the mud, Zoma tells Champion

all about her. Then Champion teleports to earth to offer Titania the power gem.


One day, shortly after AHOS 4 (1-2). At Webcorps, Miguel's health is declining; he and Arana are linked and his health will

continue to fade until Arana comes back. In a letter, Anya informs Webcorps that she's staying away until she figures out how to

deal with Amun. Ted goes looking for her. That evening, Spider-Man encounters Arana for the first time. Arana explains she's

going to stop being a crime fighter because a villain learned her secret identity and now everyone is in danger around her. Spidey

tells her she can't quit when the going gets tough. Just then, Ted drives by on his bicycle below, chased by some thugs in a car.

Arana leaps to the rescue, kicking the thugs' butts, and Spider-Man swings off, wishing her good luck. After the thugs are

beaten, Ted begs Arana to come back to Webcorps, but then Amun shows up and starts to attack Arana again. He has the upper

hand at first, but Arana becomes angry, her eyes start to glow, and she starts kicking Amun's butt. Ted warns that she's releasing

the "spirit of the hunter" in her, and that she could go out of control. Amun retreats and Arana snaps out of it, not remembering

her rage. Green trees and short sleeves in New York. Full moon.


The same night as AHOS 4 (3-23). It is "two weeks" before AHOS 7. Anya and Ted arrive back at Webcorps and check on

Miguel, who is still in the medical facility, where "Nina's been staying over every night," keeping vigil. When Anya gets near

Miguel, he recovers. Meanwhile, Vincent tells Amun they are pleased with his work so far. Amun then asks about the origin of

the Sisterhood of the Wasps, while at the exact same time, Anya asks about the history of the Brotherhood of the Spider. To

protect Anya's identity, Miguel casts a spell and makes her tattoo vanish. He tells her it will reappear in times of crisis. The

waning crescent moon is inconsistent with the full moons of AHOS 4 and 6.

Friday, September 19


The morning after CA&F 4 (between "5:48 AM" and "7:38 AM"). Cap is falling for Wanda. To keep their captive super-sailor

alive, Cap and Falc drop in on Luke Cage to get a blood sample with AVX. After delivering the sample, Cap and Falc go to the

Daily Bugle to meet with Nick Fury, Robbie Robertson, and Admiral Westbrook, the head of ONI. When Cap refuses to hand

over the super-sailor to ONI, the admiral has Falcon arrested, but Falc shoots the admiral.


The same morning as CA&F 5 (between "7:38 AM" and "8:02 AM" or so). Cap and Falcon flee the Daily Bugle building. The

super-sailor is stabilized with the AVX patch. Hank Pym discovers the bug is not a bio-weapon, but rather DNA. Falcon gets a

new high-tech costume from T'Challa. Cap starts hallucinating. He and Wanda share a kiss.

SHE-HULK v3 #9 (16:4-21)

The day after S-H3 9 (3-16). It is "three weeks" before S-H3 9 (22) and must be more than just a "few weeks" before S-H3 11.

According to Jen's dialog in S-H3 11, this segment occurs before A 500 (1-8). On "day two" of Constrictor v. Hercules, the

plaintiffs play a tape of Herc singing about his beating of Constrictor (now in full body cast), then Jen convinces Herc to do the

right thing and pay Constrictor, much to Mallory's chagrin.


The day after AF3 8 (22). Sunpyre, who apparently died in UX 405, is here alive and well. A mind-controlled Big Hero 6

attacks Alpha Flight as they picnic in a park where we see green grass and trees. As the Flight defeats the Japanese heroes,

Flashback arrives on the scene to ask Alpha Flight for help. They go to Flight's headquarters, where we see snow. Flashback

wants the Flight to go back in time and prevent his future self from getting killed in the past. Nemesis uses her magic blade to

send Major Mapleleaf back, and he prevents James Hudson from taking his job with Roxxon, an action that will indirectly save

Flashback. In the present, Alpha Flight is attacked by Box robots.


The same day as AF3 9. After Sasquatch determines that Mapleleaf's efforts created an undesirable present, Nemesis dispatches

Centennial to the past, via a weigh-station at which Nemesis reveals to him that she's his wife. Rutherford changes history again,

this time in such a way as to turn Alpha Flight's new present into an acid rain bath.


The same day as AF3 10. After determining that Rutherford's efforts created a nuked Canada, Nemesis dispatches Zuzha and

Yukon to the past. Their meddling creates a present in which super-heroes are outlawed.

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #12 (1-20)

The same day as AF3 11. Nemesis dispatches herself to the past but things end up getting messed up yet again. Sasquatch then

dispatches himself to the past and convinces the past Shaman to use magic to set things right. Everything is rebooted to the battle

with Big Hero 6 and Flashback arrives with Shaman's bag. From the bag emerges Alpha Flight from around AF 9, and while the

original Alpha Flight are still in space, their time-traveling versions join the current team.


One school day during the college year, presumably a Friday since a professor tells his class to "have a great weekend." At the

New York Public Library, Jennifer Kale's brother Andy is introduced to his new job bagging and boxing books in the rare book

collection by his boss, Lou, who is actually Satan. When Andy opens one of the books, he's transformed into a demon. Across

the Marvel Universe, mystics are shocked by the realization that the tome of Zhered-Na has been opened. Dr. Strange tells

Topaz that a creature known as the Hellphyr has been loosed and will feed upon all the world's mystics. Strange locates Jennifer

Kale and gets her to help in exchange for letting her keep the book. When Jennifer arrives at Strange's house, she and Topaz

watch Strange resurrect Satana. We see a combination of T-shirts, halter tops, and jackets.


One day, shortly after RUN 18-FB. This story occurs after MYSARC:SG 1/2. The five remaining Runaways meet up at the observatory again. We're told that Gert and Nico have been in orphanages, Molly has been in the custody of the X-Corporation, Karolina has been placed with foster parents, and Chase has already run away, though he turns up for this meeting. None of them are happy with the situation. Chase announces that he has found out where Old Lace is being held. They go there, a warehouse in downtown LA, fight their way past robot guards, and free Old Lace. They also recover the Leapfrog. The Runaways decide not to return to their new homes. Instead they board the Leapfrog and go on the run.


The day after AHOS 5 (1-10). Anya gets out of school and meets up with Lynn, who has flowers for Jon because his absence

from school leads her to believe he's sick. They go to Jon's house and try to go inside, but Jon has his assassin weapons

sprawled out all over the floor, so he suggests going out instead. They go to a coffee shop, where Jon and Anya glare at each

other, while Lynn chats with Anya and flirts with Jon. An argument between two other guys in the coffee shop turns into an

armed attack. Anya leg sweeps the gunman, and the gunman starts firing at Anya, who ducks behind a table with Lynn. Green

grass and trees in New York.


The same day as AHOS 5 (11-22). Anya subdues the gunman, saving Jon's life. Protecting her identity, Anya makes it look like

Jon is the hero, which increases Lynn's crush. The police arrive and take Anya, Jon, and Lynn to the police station to file

statements. Jon privately tells Anya that since she saved his life, he will not attack her friends and relatives, but they are still

enemies. Vincent arrives and takes Jon home, and Gil arrives and checks up on Lynn and Anya. Meanwhile, Nina takes Miguel

home, from Webcorps' medical facility and calls Anya to ask her to keep watch over Miguel's place as Arana. Later that night,

Vincent, Amun, and a bunch of Wasp thugs break into Miguel's house and attack Miguel. Arana arrives, kicks butt, and escapes

with Miguel to Webcorps, where Arana explains to Miguel that Amun won't attack her in her personal life. Miguel is told to stay

at Webcorps until he is fully recovered, and Arana goes home. Full moon.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #1 (1-3)

One stormy night. Barney Franks, security guard at the children's psychiatric ward of Metro-General Hospital, takes an

unscheduled bathroom break. When he returns four minutes later, 13 of the 14 children he was watching over have been

violently murdered. The remaining child, Seth Walker, sits silently on the floor knotting a piece of string.

Saturday, September 20


The morning after CA&F 6. At "2:15 AM," with Navy Intelligence looking for him, Falcon decides to hole up at Leila's place,

in part to protect her. Cap wakes up from hallucinating that he and Wanda were together "last night," only to find Falcon in his

apartment. They discuss the anti-Cap situation before Cap goes to the U.N., where at "8:38 AM" we see Pym and Wanda (in

classic costume), preparing to listen to Stark's address, the very one that he gives in A 500, judging by the text that Tony

practices here - this is an indication that this issue occurs before A 500, but given the events in CA4 29, and the discrepancies in

Wanda's and Hank's attire here and in A 500, Tony's address must be postponed. Pym tells Cap that the bug is actually the

DNA of Modok. Green grass and trees in New Jersey.


One day, shortly after RUN 18. Molly writes in her diary about her recent adventures with the Runaways.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #1 (4-6)

The day after NC3 1 (1-3). At the Xavier Institute, Scott gives Logan a box containing a new mask. Logan grudgingly puts it

on, then punches Scott out; this may be residual resentment about Scott's fairly recent decision to have the team wear costumes

in ASTONX3 1 (1-18) - Logan must have worn his Reload costume before now and the mask may be a replacement. Storm

briefs Kurt on the events and asks him to look into it, fearing that a mutant is behind the deaths of 13 human children. Kurt is a

member of Storm's XSE team, placing this segment after UX 444. Green trees and green falling leaves in New York and weather

warm enough for an evening outdoor swim for Ororo.


Probably the same night as CA&F 7. It is a "week" before CA&F 9. In clamping down on the Rivas drug cartel in Columbia,

Cap discovers that their pilot is a Navy Seal working for Westbrook. Meanwhile ("10:24 PM"), Sam, who still has the goatee

from CA&F 7, shakes things up in Chinatown. Modok resurfaces and kills an AIM agent. At "11:12 PM," someone shoots at

Robbie Robertson as he stands in his bathroom.


The same night as CA&F 8 (1-12). Robbie thinks he sees something in his shattered bathroom mirror.


The same night as CA&F 8-FB (18:6). Robbie goes to the window.


The same night as CA&F 8 (12:5). Robbie looks out the window. Leafy trees in Manhattan.


One day, long enough after WITCHES 1 for the Hellphyr to attack three psychics and a shaman. The Hellphyr attacks and

injures Glamour in her home. Using the Orb of Agamotto, Dr. Strange, Wong, Jennifer, Topaz, and Satana view the aftermath of

the Hellphyr's attack on Glamour. Strange explains why he has called the three women together, but, unimpressed with how the

three are working together, he leaves. The three women snipe at each other. Lilith, who has been watching the three witches

bickering, gives birth to a demon and sends it to attack the witches. Strange visits Glamour's hospital room and warns Illusion

that if he tries to interfere, he'll die. He leaves, commenting that he has "others to visit." Andy is met by two friends on the

street who convince him to provide some money so they can buy some stolen CDs. He offers to take them back to his apartment.

Wong spars with the two witches, and during the exercise, Satana accidentally injures Jennifer. Wong warns them they must

work together. Illusion arrives at his magic shop and comforts Lizzie, his cat. He lights a candle in an effort to track the

Hellphyr, but the spell conjures the Hellphyr, and it attacks and apparently kills him. Lou watches from the sidewalk outside the

shop. Strange arrives at Lilith's base, in time to witness Illusion's death, scried by Lilith. Strange warns Lilith to stay away from

the witches. She assures him she will, but cautions that other bad things can happen, and shows him an image of her demon

stalking the three witches, back at Strange's house.


The same night as WITCHES 2. Lilith's demon attacks the witches. During the battle, Jennifer accidentally injures Satana.

Lilith taunts Strange, while they watch the battle. The witches destroy Lilith's demon. Satana and Jennifer argue, and Jennifer

rushes out, leaving the house. Jennifer calls Andy and leaves a message saying she's on her way over. Andy tries to reach the

answering machine to stop her, but he inadvertently partially transforms into Hellphyr and destroys the answering phone. When

Andy wonders what's happening to him, Lou steps out of the shadows, offering answers. Strange arrives home, and compares

notes with Satana. Lou taunts Andy and watches through a window as Jennifer's cab arrives. Strange divines that Jennifer has

gone to Andy's apartment. Lou explains to Andy what's happening to him, while Andy gradually transforms into Hellphyr.


The same night as WITCHES 3. The Hellphyr attacks Jennifer in Andy's apartment. Jennifer thinks the Hellphyr has injured

Andy, but Lou reveals that the Hellphyr is Andy. Strange, Satana, and Topaz arrive, and while the three witches battle the

Hellphyr, Strange battles Lilith. Satan entices Satana to quit the team and join him, revealing that the book is inside the

Hellphyr, and the only way to get the book is to kill the Hellphyr. Satana refuses the offer and the witches destroy the Hellphyr

with Andy's encouragement, gaining possession of the book. Strange defeats Lilith and she teleports away. In Andy's

apartment, Strange insists that the witches give the book to him. They remind him of his promise to Jennifer, and they leave him,

taking the book with them.

Sunday, September 21

GRAVITY #3 (12-13:2)

Early one morning, several days before GRAV 3 (13-17). Greg goes out in costume, presumably to meet Greenwich Guardian.

He still has a wound on his forehead, but the bandage is gone. He ends up standing on a rooftop till sunrise.


The morning after CA&F 8-FB (18-19). At "8:15 AM," Cap considers his encounter with Wanda and Pym (presumably the day

before) and thinks that Modok's mental powers could be causing his hallucinations. At "9:32 AM," Cap and Sam see the Anti-

Cap at the Wakandan Consulate to ask him about Westbrook's plan for the Modok DNA and the Rivas cover, to no avail. When

Cap and Sam go to Robbie for help at "10:36 AM," Robbie questions Cap about Sam's strange behavior, then Cap is called back

to the Consulate, where he witnesses the Anti-Cap's death, presumably from a reaction to the AVX substitute.

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #12 (21:1)

One day. Alpha Flight members transported from the past reclaim their team name.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #1 (7-22)

Probably the night of the day after NC3 1 (4-6), as NC3 1 (1-3) is referred to as having occurred"that night," not "last night."

Kurt meets night nurse Christine Palmer, who introduces him to Barney. Barney begins to intimate that "true evil" is behind the

childrens' deaths, but they are interrupted by Dr. Childs, who objects to Kurt's presence and removes Barney. Kurt then goes to

visit Seth, who is making small figurines out of clay and has not spoken since the night his friends were killed. Kurt's

appearance frightens Seth, so he teleports away, ending up on the roof, where he discovers hoofprints burned into the surface,

leading across the roofs of the city and ending at the Dakota Building. There Kurt spots Dr. Childs hosting a party, which is

interrupted by Barney shouting from the street that Dr. Childs lied to him when he promised the children wouldn't be hurt. Dr.

Childs stares impassively down at Barney, who suddenly bursts into flames. Full moon.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #2 (1-6)

The same night as NC3 1 (7-22). Kurt teleports the burning Barney Franks into the Central Park Reservoir, but the magical

flames continue to burn underwater and Kurt watches in horror as Barney dies. He reports in to Storm, who suggests contacting

Dr. Strange, but Kurt says he'd like to try someone else first. Full moon.

Monday, September 22

CAPTAIN AMERICA v4 #29 (1-18)

One day, "a couple days" before CA4 30 (14-22). This segment must occur after PPTSS2 20. After defeating Mr. Hyde (who

escaped from the Raft), Cap runs into someone he thinks is Diamondback and the two are recruited by Nolan, a rogue SHIELD

agent impersonating Nick Fury, to rescue Senator Winslow (who's expected "to run for president in 2008") from the clutches of

Hydra in Florida. The heroes complete their mission. Spidey and Moon Knight (who apparently has returned to action) cameo.

The waning crescent moon is inconsistent with the full moon of CA4 30 (14-22).

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #2 (7-22)

Probably the day after NC3 2 (1-6). It is likely two days before NC3 3. In Limbo, Kurt asks Amanda Sefton's advice on the

case. She suggests that Seth may have an innate knowledge of magic and that the knots in his string may be locking spells,

keeping him from talking. That stormy night, Kurt visits Seth again and unties one of the knots in his string, enabling Seth to

talk. Seth begins to describe the night his friends died, saying that he felt hot inside and tied a knot to stop the feeling. Dr.

Childs bursts in, ordering Kurt out of his hospital and bringing a woman, who he claims is Seth's only living relative, to take

custody of him. On the way out of the hospital, Kurt is found by Nurse Palmer, who brings him to the morgue, where she shows

him that the bodies of all the children have burned down to ash.


One school day, probably very shortly before A 500 (1-8). The Scarlet Witch finds Billy Kaplan outside the grounds of

Avengers Mansion, nursing a wound inflicted by a bully at school. Wanda gives Billy a pep talk and tells him to stand up to the

bully. Falling autumn leaves in New York.


One day. X-Corp headquarters in Mumbai, Singapore, and Nairobi are simultaneously bombed, and as Xavier tries to get a sense

of those responsible, his telepathic link is violently broken. Haunted by visions of the destruction of Genosha, Shola unleashes

his power, which is detected by the U.S. military. Then Stripmine, Appraiser, and their band of trolls attack, looking to pillage

Genosha. The attack on X-Corp is referenced in XFOR2 2, which must occur after this. Xavier detects the presence of Mr.

Sinister, so this story must occur after WX2 28.


The same day as XCAL3 5. Their powers neutralized, Xavier, Magneto, Callisto, Wicked, Shola, and Karima are held captive by

the pillagers, who are in league with Unus. Freakshow remains free, chased by trolls. Shola's power returns and he subdues

trolls and Unus, but is blindsided by Black Beast. Xavier, Magneto, Callisto, and Wicked escape captivity.


The same night as XCAL3 6. While Black Beast attempts to tap into Karima's Omega Sentinel capabilities, Xavier leaves

Magneto to neutralize Wicked's nannites and he, Callisto, and Freakshow battle Black Beast, Stripmine, Appraiser, and the

trolls. The villains are defeated when Karima is freed. "Two hours later," Xavier and Magneto pledge to rebuild the Republic of


IRON MAN v3 #87 - FB (3:4-5:1)

One night, which must occur more than "a couple of days" before IM3 87 (3-21). Tony and Rumiko have dinner in Japan and

run into Clarence Ward. Rumiko finds an engagement ring in Tony's jacket pocket.

Tuesday, September 23: Autumnal Equinox

EXCALIBUR v3 #8 (1-16)

Perhaps the day after XCAL3 7. Seeking to rebuild Genosha, Xavier tries to enlist help. Unus and his gang turn him down, but

the jailed Magistrates, Black Beast, Stripmine, Appraiser, and trolls agree to work in exchange for parole. The rebuilding begins,

and Xavier aims to find every living person still on the island.

AVENGERS #500 (1-8)

One morning, probably very shortly after YAS 1-FB (15-16) and within a month after S-H4 5-FB. This segment occurs after S-

H4 5-FB and must occur after SM:BBRAO 1 (17-22) and WM3 5-FB. According to Jen's dialog in S-H3 11, this segment occurs after S-H3 9 (16-21). Jack of Hearts shows up at Avengers Embassy and blows up the place. Ant-Man is killed but the other Avengers present survive. Green grass and trees in Manhattan. The embassy's computer notes that Jack's file is "inactive as of May 5th of this year," suggesting that Jack perished before May 5; this may not be right, but it is the same year as A3 76.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v4 #29 (19-22)

The morning after CA4 29 (1-18) and the same morning as A 500 (1-8). Winslow and Nolan discuss the rescue, which was a set-

up. Cap and the Diamondback LMD return to New York, where Cap answers a "priority white alert" from the Avengers and the

Diamondback LMD goes home to report to her boss, the Red Skull. We see green trees in New York and folks wearing

everything from shorts to jackets.

AVENGERS #500 (9-37)

The same morning as CA4 29 (19-22). It is "a while" after S-H3 9 (3-14). While addressing the U.N., Tony Stark verbally

attacks the Latverian delegate, snaps at Yellowjacket, and tells Wanda (back in current costume) he feels drunk before they get a

"code white" alert from the Avengers. Cap shows up at the burning embassy, as does the Vision, who rams his quinjet into the

building's remains and attacks his teammates with Ultron robots that emerge from pods that eject from his body. The Avengers

beat the robots, but Wasp and Captain Britain are injured and hospitalized, and She-Hulk goes savage and tears the Vision apart.

The Falcon, for some reason, does not appear in the high-tech costume he wore in CA&F 6-8 and he is clean shaven. Green trees

in Manhattan.


The same day as A 500 (9-37). Tony is asked to resign as Secretary of Defense, then responds to the Avengers emergency and

knocks out She-Hulk, who is turned over to SHIELD custody. The Vision's parts are sent to Stark Enterprises. Captain Britain

and Wasp are hospitalized and Pym pours out his feelings. After getting no show of support from his teammates on the U.N.

debacle, Iron Man leaves in a huff. Cap, Falcon, and Hawkeye return to the Embassy to find a horde of Avengers and other

heroes. Green grass and trees in Manhattan.

AVENGERS #502 (1-3)

The same day as A 501. The assembled Avengers try to make sense of the chaos. Jocasta's presence in her original body is

unexplained. Warbird is back in her classic costume.

IRON MAN v3 #86 - FB (3-4)

The same day as A 502 (1-3). CNN reports on Stark's U.N. scene and Stark's being relieved of his duties as Secretary of State.

Rumiko tries in vain to contact Tony from Japan.

AVENGERS #502 (4-22)

The CNN report continues, noting that the UN has disavowed the Avengers. The assembled Avengers are attacked by a fleet of

Kree warriors and Hawkeye sacrifices himself to destroy one of the attacking alien ships. The Kree retreat and Dr. Strange


AVENGERS #503 (4-5, 7-15)

The same day as A 502 (4-22). Dr. Strange explains to the Avengers that Wanda is behind all the chaos and when she attacks,

Strange is forced to shut her mind down.

EXCALIBUR v3 #8 (17-20)

The same day as A 503 (7-15). Thanks to Broadband, Magneto catches a "live" news television report on the destruction of

"Avengers Mansion" (no longer "Avengers Embassy" since the UN disavowed the Avengers in A 502) and "casualties among

earth's mightiest heroes." According to a statement by Xavier in XCAL3 11, it is "barely a night" since Xavier left to find

survivors on Genosha. The waning crescent moon is consistent with that shown in CA4 29.

AVENGERS #503 (16-30:5)

The same day as XCAL3 8 (17-20). It is a "long time" after A 503-FB (6) - long in terms of an unattended corpse hanging

around. This segment occurs before S-H3 11 and must occur before CA5 1-FB (9:5) and shortly before CA&F 13. It is "three

months" before A:FINALE. This story must occur before CA&F 9, although that would mean the Falcon appears in A 500-503

in his old costume between appearances in CA&F in his new costume; it also means that he's a wanted man in A 500-503. The

Beast is wearing his Morrison-era outfit, so this story should occur before such stories as ROGUE3 2, XU 6/2, and C&DP 6 (17-

21). The Quicksilver who appears in this story arc is a creation of Wanda; the same might be true of the Spider-Woman who

appears here, as it cannot be Jessica Drew, unless Julia Carpenter has donned the classic togs she never wore before. The

Avengers find and battle Wanda, who is defeated by Dr. Strange when he is forced to shut her mind down. Fury finds the

deceased Agatha Harkness. Then Magneto (who as far as the Avengers know should be a dead mass murderer) just shows up and

takes her. Green trees in Manhattan.


The same day as A 503 (16-30). Magneto flies away with Wanda as Cap looks on. Green grass and tress in Manhattan.

AVENGERS #503 (30:6-31)

The same day as XCAL3 9-FB. This segment occurs before GSSW 1, must occur before NC3 3, and probably occurs before

BW4 1 (1-11) and S-H4 13-FB (3:4~16:1). It is "a while" before M/TU3 6. According to Tom Brevoort, this story occurs

before M/KSM 11. After Magneto and Wanda leave, the Avengers disperse.

EXCALIBUR v3 #8 (21-23)

The same day as A 503 (30-31). Magneto teleports back to Genosha with Wanda in tow.

GLA #1 - FB (16:2-22:3)

The same night as A 503 (30-31). It must be much more than just "a couple weeks" before GLA 1-FB (22:4). The Great Lakes

Avengers see and hear news coverage of the deaths of Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and Vision and the disbanding of the Avengers

(which must be a premature and erroneous report, as the disbanding doesn't occur until A:FINALE). Mr. Immortal picks up the

mantle and has his team go out on patrol. They encounter Maelstrom, who kills Dinah Soar and takes off with a large device.

Deathurge comes to claim the slain Dinah Soar and Mr. Immortal is distraught. Full moon.


One rainy night, probably very shortly after A 503 (30-31). Young Kang travels to the present only to find that "the Avengers

had disbanded" - at this time, the disbanding could not have been official, since this flashback must occur before A:FINALE.

Wednesday, September 24

YOUNG AVENGERS #2 - FB (10:2-11)

Perhaps the day after YA 2-FB (10:1). This flashback must occur before YAS 1-FB (17-18) and A:FINALE. When he fails to

contact former Avengers (including Tony Stark, who appears here), Young Kang sneaks into Stark Industries and discovers the

Vision's torn-up body, whose processing system and data files he downloads. Vision must be here before HERC 1-FB (7-9).

IRON MAN v3 #86

The day after IM3 86-FB (3-4). It is probably less than "several months" after IM3 86-FB (17-19) - it may just be several days

after - and probably just two years, not "three years," after IM3 86-FB (1-2). A fake Iron Man slays the Stark-Fujikawa board of

directors and attacks Happy and Pepper.

IRON MAN v3 #87 (1-2)

The same day as IM3 86. Pepper and Happy are informed about the murder of the board.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v4 #30 (1-13)

One day. Cap and the Diamondback LMD foil Batroc and his gang at a Yankees game, where we see folks in light clothing and

jackets. The Red Skull gets an armor from Nolan and refuses to pay. That night, the Diamondback LMD sleeps with Steve.


One afternoon and night, likely two days after NC3 2 (7-22). Beast is wearing his Reload costume (perhaps for the first time), so

this story must occur after A 503 (30-31). Storm interrupts a fencing match between Kurt and Kitty, chastising him for taking a

"time-out" on Seth's case. Kurt tells her that he's had the Beast do some detective work and discovered that all fourteen children

were orphans, their care sponsored by residents of the Dakota Building. That night, Kurt visits Seth again to find that he has

almost finished sculpting fourteen clay figurines he calls "jars." They are interrupted by Christine's cry that Seth's aunt is

attacking Dr. Childs outside. Kurt intervenes and at Dr. Childs' urging, teleports the woman into a nearby church, where, to his

astonishment, thirteen demons are exorcized from her body. Kurt takes her to Limbo, and he and Amanda discover that Dr.

Childs put the demons into the woman's body, forcing her to pretend to be Seth's aunt, but the demons were too strong and

forced her to attack the doctor. Amanda reveals that Brad and Roger have heard rumors that most of Satan's inner circle have

been freed from hell with the exception of one, the demon Pazuzu, who remains locked somewhere between hell and earth. Kurt

begins to put the pieces together and realizes that the demons were freed by bursting through the bodies and souls of the children,

except Seth, who used his innate magical knowledge to "lock" Pazuzu inside himself. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Dr. Childs

enters Seth's room, dagger in hand, ready to cut Pazuzu free.


The same night as NC3 3. A lightning storm has begun. Kurt learns from Christine that Dr. Childs has taken Seth from the

hospital and he asks to borrow her phone. Meanwhile, Dr. Childs brings Seth to the Dakota Building, explaining that he's

magically disrupted Kurt's teleporting powers and thrown protective wards around the building. They arrive and enter a room

with thirteen smiling patrons and thirteen demons trapped in a magic circle. Dr. Childs tells Seth that his pact with the devil,

freeing the fourteen demons in exchange for fourteen years of servitude to them, is not complete until all fourteen demons have

been freed and all fourteen children have died. Suddenly, Kurt reveals himself as one of the patrons, disguised by his image-

inducer. He punches Dr. Childs, trying to keep him from cutting Seth, but all Dr. Childs needs to cut is the knot in Seth's string,

which he does. Suddenly Seth's stomach starts bulging and Kitty leaps out of the crowd as well. She phases Seth, allowing the

demon Pazuzu to pass through him. Pazuzu is freed, but since Seth's blood was not spilled, Dr. Childs' pact is incomplete and

Pazuzu turns on him, ripping him to shreds as the circle binding the other demons dissolves. At that moment, Amanda teleports

in with Nurse Palmer holding Seth's fourteen clay statues. Combining her spells with the magic Seth imbued into the statues,

Amanda is able to trap all fourteen demons inside them, and as the X-Men collect the fleeing patrons, the demons vanish in a

burst of flame. Green trees. Full moon.

Thursday, September 25


The day after NC3 4-FB. Kurt tells Storm how he got into the warded building (Kitty simply phased him in) and they discuss the

fallout of the case. The patrons are in jail, Kurt has regained his ability to teleport, Amanda has the fourteen clay statues lined up

on her hearth, and Seth is now living at the Xavier Institute, studying under Emma Frost. Storm congratulates Kurt on a job well

done. Green trees and green falling leaves.

IRON MAN v3 #87 (3-21)

The day after IM3 87 (1-2). This segment must occur more than "a couple of days" after IM3 87-FB (3-5). It is "three months"

after IM3 87-FB (9-13). A 500 is referred to as having occurred "the other day." Pepper and Happy are concerned about Stark

as a senate investigating committee reviews the murder of the Stark-Fujikawa board. Rumiko and friend Oshima arrive at Tony's

place and are killed by the fake Iron Man. Tony emerges from a self-examination, discovers Rumiko, and is attacked by the fake

Iron Man. Green grass and trees in New York.

IRON MAN v3 #88

The same day as IM3 87. Tony dons armor and battles the fake Iron Man. The media and the military gather at the battle scene,

the Stark estate in Virginia, where we see green grass.

IRON MAN v3 #89 (1-12:4)

The same day as IM3 88. It is "one week" before IM3 89 (12-14). The fake Iron Man, revealed to be Clarence Ward, is

defeated. Pepper activates a failsafe that disarms Tony and the military, thereby averting a showdown. After Tony leaves, the

military commander kills Ward. Green trees in Virginia. "It's not even Halloween."


One day, after YA 2-FB (10-11). Billy avoids the bully at school, but when he sees him picking on another student, Billy stands

up to him and exhibits his powers for the first time. After almost killing the bully, Billy heads to Avengers Mansion to seek out

Wanda for help, but he finds the building destroyed - the fact that this is a surprise to him indicates that it must be shortly after A

503, and that means that young Kang must have arrived from the future immediately after A 503, because as Billy stands at the

ruins, he is approached by young Kang as Iron Lad.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v4 #30 (14-22)

The day after CA4 30 (1-13). It is "a couple days" after CA4 29 (1-18). I have placed Anaconda here after her stint in Six Pack

in C&DP 7-8. Fury orders Nolan to investigate the goings-on at Hydra Island. The Red Skull gets the Diamondback LMD to

pour poison in Steve's drink on their date tonight, but before Cap can drink it, the two are attacked and captured by the Serpent

Society. Full moon.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v4 #31 (1-2)

The same night as CA4 30 (14-22). Cap and the Diamondback LMD are chained up by the Serpent Society.

Friday, September 26

GLA #2 - FB (2:2-4)

One day, probably a few days after GLA 1-FB (16-22). It must be much more than just "a couple weeks" before GLA 2. In rainy

Milwaukee, the GLA attend Dinah Soar's funeral and Mr. Immortal fights Deathurge.

GRAVITY #3 (13:3-17)

One day, several days after GRAV 3 (12-13). Greg has been skipping classes hasn't been speaking much to people for some

time. Finally Lauren comes to his dorm room and makes him go with her to a boat parade on the East River. Greg's bruises have

faded. We see long sleeves, an outdoor boating event, and green trees in New York.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v4 #31 (3-22)

The day ("16 hours") after CA4 31 (1-2). Cap infers that the events of A 500-503 occur in the past "week." Cap's enemies

gather to bid on the captured hero, but Cap and the Diamondback LMD free themselves and defeat the Serpent Society. Nick

Fury apprehends Nolan and his followers. Spidey arrives at Cap's apartment seeking help, but swings away when he sees Cap

isn't there. Cap deals with the destruction of his apartment, assists Paladin on a mission behind the scenes, and heads over to

Diamondback's place for dinner. Just before he arrives, the Red Skull kills the Diamondback LMD because she refuses to follow

up on the plan to kill Cap.


The same night as CA4 31 (3-22). This story occurs before M/TU3 6, "months" before CA5 1, and probably occurs before

CA&F 9. The Skull attacks Cap, but is defeated by the resurrected "Diamondback," who is revealed to be an LMD. Nick Fury

and SHIELD arrive an explain the entire situation, which turns out to have been a plot by Nolan, with the Red Skull as a pawn.

Cap is reunited with the real Diamondback. The Diamondback LMD is next seen in stasis in the SHIELD hellicarrier in FOES 4.

Saturday, September 27


One day. The title of this story is "Saturday Night Fever," so I suppose it's a Saturday. It is long enough after XCAL3 8 (21-23)

for Xavier's charges to have built some habitats, to have continued to convert the ruins of Hammer Bay to arable land, and for

Karima to note to Magneto, "We haven't seen you in so long, we were starting to worry." Magneto maintains vigil over Wanda

and wishes to summon Xavier, who is still with Callisto up-country, where they discover some child survivors. Karima fetches

Hub, who teleports to Xavier and returns with Callisto and the children. Black Beast leads the Magistrates on a mission to

retrieve a cache of supplies and encounter a clawed creature, who decimates the Magistrates. Black Beast escapes and makes his

way back to Callisto and company before collapsing.


The same day as XCAL3 9. It is "only days" after Xavier left between pages 16 and 17 of XCAL3 8. Hub teleports to Xavier's

house to get a medical kit for Black Beast, but Magneto has encased the place in a force field and orders Hub to fetch Xavier. As

Wicked watches over McCoy, Callisto and Karima investigate the Magistrates' slaughter and encounter the Sugar Man and

Rastus. Callisto's left tentacles are torn off before the bad guys are defeated. Xavier arrives back at his house and Magneto asks

for his help with Wanda.

EXCALIBUR v3 #11 (4-8)

The same day as XCAL3 10. It is "six months" before XCAL3 11 (9-22) and XCAL3 13 (19-23). Xavier and Magneto argue

about Erik's fetching of Wanda, but Xavier agrees to help.


One day. This story must occur after A 503 (16-31), and so likely after CA4 32. It must be more than "eight years" after CA&F

9-FB. At "7:43 AM," the Navy gives the anti-Cap a burial at sea, but the Falcon retrieves the anti-Cap from the water and

revives him from a death-like paralysis at "9:12 AM" to set him against Westbrook. Modok kills the sixth AIM agent "in the last

week," since CA&F 8 (1-12). Cap believes that the Falcon's erratic behavior of late is, like his own hallucinations, the result of

Wanda's de-stabilization. That evening, Cap and SHIELD agent Morales attend a yacht party held by Westbrook, then they

infiltrate the Rivas Compound in New Jersey at "8:41 PM." Green trees in the New York area.


The same night as CA&F 9, between "8:42 PM" and "9:10 PM." Cap encounters Modok at the Rivas Compound and discovers

that Damocles Rivas (the Saint) is trapped in Modok's body. Falcon shakes down a senator who's in bed with the Rivas Cartel.

The anti-Cap confronts Westbrook but can't bring himself to kill him. Falcon arrives, subdues Westbrook, and fires the anti-

Cap, and all three are attacked by the Saint, who now has Modok's mind. Green grass and trees in New Jersey.


The same night as CA&F 10. At "9:26 PM," Cap and Morales investigate Westbrook's sunken yacht while Modok (in the

Saint's body) messes with the minds of Falcon and the Anti-Cap. At "10:02 PM," Cap and Morales return to the Rivas

Compound, where SHIELD is investigating. At "10:08 PM," they coax the Saint (in Modok's body) to the compound, the anti-

Cap kills the Saint's body, and at "10:14 PM," Morales injects Modok with the virus, but to no avail. Struggling inside Modok,

the suicidal Saint teleports away and Cap follows him to Singapore, where the Hulk is.


The same night as CA&F 11. Morales refers to CA&F 9 and 10 as having occurred "last week," but this can't be right. Knowing

that the death of Modok will release an airborne genetic mutation that will threaten the planet, Cap tries to keep Hulk from killing

the Saint. A mind blast from Modok causes the Banner personality in the Hulk to emerge so that a way to neutralize the virus

can be found. Banner links up with Hank Pym and Reed Richards to hastily concoct an experimental compound that Cap feels

compelled to administer even after Modok is placed in stasis. Banner reverts to Savage Hulk. The Falcon has Redwing destroy

the compound and insists that a new batch be prepared and tested. Full moon.

FOUR #11 - FB (2:2)

One night, "twenty-eight days" before FOUR 11. Controlled by Psycho-Man, a gang of transients attacks a woman in Central

Park, where we see snow, which may be topical.

Sunday, September 28

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #12 - FB (13:2-14:1)

One day. Titannus serves at the side of the Trellion king and takes notice of his daughter, Amissa.

GRAVITY #3 (18-22)

One evening. Lauren has Greg come to her place and meet her parents. Greg's bruises appear to have healed completely. Just as

they're about to kiss, Lauren and Greg hear the commotion outside of Spider-Man fighting Jack O'Lantern. Although at first he

wants to go meet Spidey, Greg stays with Lauren instead. Green trees in New York.

Monday, September 29


Early one morning, shortly after CA&F 12. Sam's remark about starting "a quest to find the Scarlet Witch" is probably an

indication that this story occurs shortly after A 503 (30-31). At "2:49 AM," the anti-Cap dispatches a Dr. Trevian. At "2:52

AM," the Falcon is shacked up with Morales when Cap arrives to inquire about Sam's recent behavior. After Steve and Sam call

their partnership quits, Leila's boyfriend shows up with a gun and ends up shooting Cap. Cap is rushed into the hospital at "3:08

AM" and presumably dies in the E.R. At "3:42 AM (?)," the anti-Cap bombs the Baud Olan Embassy and kills its occupants.

When Anti-Cap returns to Chelsea at "3:24 AM," Falcon meets him. Green trees in New York. Full moon.


The same day as CA&F 13. It is "six weeks" before CA&F 14 - FB (8-21). After "almost 12 minutes" of a deep shock

resembling death, Cap regains consciousness and he and Morales head at "3:24 AM" to the Wakandan Consulate, where they

learn of the killing of the Baud Olan royal family "a few minutes ago." Morales detects Falcon's flying rig in Baud Olan and she

and Cap arrive there "a couple hours" later. There they encounter Admiral Westbrook, who offers Cap a deal. Cap refuses and

resolves to find Falcon and the anti-Cap on his own.

FOUR #11 - FB (2:3)

One day, "twenty-one days" before FOUR 11. Controlled by Psycho-Man, a high school sophomore attacks a classmate with


X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #4 (1-4)

One "evenin'." Juggernaut (who appears in brown costume) requests to be a gym teacher at Xavier's and Scott decides to test

him. Sammy mentions that he has "a math test tomorrow." Green trees at Westchester.

Tuesday, September 30

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #4 (5-12)

The morning after XU2 4 (1-4). Logan tests Juggernaut and Cain passes. Logan and Scott are in their Reload costumes. Logan

mentions Juggernaut's "bust-up with Spider-Man last year" (sometime before UX 411) and Juggernaut's tossing Logan through a

car "two years back"; these events may not match up to any published story. Scott gives him the job of gym teacher, with his

first class scheduled for "tomorrow" and a "semester's lesson plans" due "by next Monday" (an indication that it may still be

fairly early in the semester).

IRON MAN v3 #89 (12:5-14)

One day, "one week" after IM3 89 (1-12). It is "days" before IM3 89 (15-21). Tony says goodbye to the deceased Rumiko in

Kyoto, where we see green grass and trees and cherry blossoms in bloom.


One day, "two weeks" after AHOS 5 (1-10). Anya works on a homework assignment for school. She's supposed to write up a

story about her childhood, but she can''t seem to write about her mother, whom was killed many years ago. Anya heads to

Webcorps for some training and a meeting. Webcorps' new mission is to stop the Sisterhood of the Wasp from hosting a crime

boss conference over the next few days. Apparently the first crime organization to arrive is the Clan Fei, a Chinese Triad gang

led by Nataku Fei and his daughter Chi Fei (AKA Lady Chi, who has poison touch powers). Lady Chi has refused the

Sisterhood's offer of protection while in NYC, but Vincent tells his assassin Amun to watch over her from afar while she tours

the city. Miguel and Arana attack them, with Miguel capturing the elder Fei and defeating Amun when the assassin tries to

interfere. Arana takes down Lady Chi.

Wednesday, October 1

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #4/2 (2-11)

Perhaps the day after XU2 4/2 (1). Emma and Logan attend the wedding, where they are cooly received. Logan ends up fighting

a bunch of guys and Emma outs the groom as a mutant.

DAREDEVIL v2 #73 - FB (10-18)

One day, a "week" before DD2 73. This flashback likely occurs after DD2 59. Doris is attacked from behind by a knife-wielding

man in a mask, but Daredevil appears and a fight ensues. The attacker shoots mystical hellfire out of his eyes and flees.

Daredevil chases him and beats him into submission. Daredevil checks on Doris, who faints from the experience.


One day. Greg and Lauren, wearing jackets, get their photo taken outside an amusement park.


One school day. Teddy (wearing long sleeves) tells Greg that he's a shape-shifter.

Thursday, October 2

ROGUE v3 #1

One day, "two days" before ROGUE3 4 (1-6). Rogue deals with a blind, bandaged, humiliated Gambit, who notes: "Ever since

the accident, you're my only chance to get outside now and again" (indicating that it's a little while after X 160). Juggernaut is

in his brown costume, and after he suffers a heart attack in the field, Havok proclaims him "out for a few weeks minimum"

(however, the vestiges of the heart attack must fade away, along with memories of what happened, at the conclusion of this story

line). She goes on a mission with Havok, Polaris, Iceman, and Juggernaut to find a presumed reality-warping mutant girl in

Mississippi. Rogue calms the girl and absorbs her powers. The X-Men take the girl back to Westchester while Rogue stays in

Mississippi to find the girl's family. Rogue encounters Campbell St. Ange, a man who knew Rogue's mother and is immune

from Rogue's powers. Green grass and trees and blowing leaves at Westchester.

ROGUE v3 #2

The same day as ROGUE3 1. The reality-warping girl vanishes from Xavier's and the Beast and Havok lose their memories of

her. Rogue heads to the place where she grew up and learns about the lives of her parents and Aunt Carrie. As St. Ange

watches, Rogue encounters her double. Beast is wearing his Reload costume under his lab coat (putting this story after A 503).

There's a heat wave in Mississippi, where the record 9 AM temperature is 99 degrees and the expected high temperature is 108

degrees. Green grass and trees.

ROGUE v3 #3

The same day as ROGUE3 2. St. Ange leads Rogue to Lorenzo Moontreader, the dying shaman of her parents' commune, from

whom she learns her parents' story. Rogue fends off an attack by Dream Beasts and Moontreader dies.

Friday, October 3

IRON MAN v3 #89 (15-21)

One day, "days" after IM3 89 (12-14). This segment must occur before A:FINALE. Tony holds a press conference to announce

that he is giving up his cabinet position and, in an effort to regain his secret identity, his role as Iron Man. Tony returns with

Happy and Pepper to Stark headquarters, where he is welcomed back by his employees. Meanwhile, Mandarin II bides his time

to strike at Iron Man. Green trees in New York City, where we see a statue of the fallen Ant-Man.

DAREDEVIL v2 #74 - FB (14)

One day. Milla and Lynn are at work when Lynn gets a cell phone call from her teenage daughter, who is in the middle of a

hostage crisis at a bank that is being robbed by the Jester. The phone goes dead and Lynn starts panicking. Milla calls up Matt

and says, "Matt? Get your uniform."

DAREDEVIL v2 #75 - FB (6-19)

The same day as DD2 74-FB (14). Daredevil battles the Jester at the bank.. After getting his butt kicked, the Jester shows

renewed strength and throws Daredevil out the bank windows. Daredevil realizes that something is different about the Jester and

races back in to fight him. Most of the hostages escape while the two of them battle, but the Jester grabs Lynn's daughter and

pulls her back into the bank vault. The Jester soon vomits up a demonic imp, the source of his enhanced strength. Daredevil

can't see the demon, which starts to attack Lynn's daughter before Daredevil scares it away. Lynn's daughter is traumatized by

this event and Daredevil interrogates the Jester about the demon.

DAREDEVIL v2 #74 - FB (15-18:3)

The same night as DD2 75-FB (6-19). Milla takes Lynn home, where they wait for word from DD or the police. In through the

window comes Daredevil, carrying Lynn's unconscious daughter. Daredevil leaves, saying he's still got some crime-fighting to

do. The daughter wakes up and goes to her room without telling her mother what happened.

DAREDEVIL v2 #74 - FB (19)

The same night as DD2 74-FB (15-18). It is a "week" before DD2 73. Lynn goes to her daughter's to check on her, only to find

she slit her wrists and poked out her own eyes. Before doing that, her daughter had drawn some sketches, all of which look like a

demonic imp.

GRAVITY #4 (1-7)

One day, "a couple weeks" and a "month" after GRAV 2 (19-23). It is "weeks" before GRAV 4 (12/13:9). On his way to a date

with Lauren, who is now his girlfriend, Greg encounters the Greenwich Guardian, who has been in the hospital for "the past

month." He's recently found out Black Death intends to steal a seismic pulse generator to destroy Manhattan skyscrapers.

Guardian wants to steal it first to keep it away from Black Death and eventually convinces Gravity to go along with this.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #4/2 (1)

One night. Emma invites Logan to accompany her to the wedding of old college acquaintances.

Saturday, October 4

GRAVITY #4 (8-11)

The early morning after GRAV 4 (1-7). Gravity and the Greenwich Guardian steal a top-secret device from Initech. Gravity

leaves it with Guardian and realizes he's missed his date. Outside his dorm room he finds Lauren waiting. She slaps him and

leaves. He goes in and listens to all the messages she's left. Green trees in New York.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #4/2 (2-11)

Perhaps the day after XU2 4/2 (1). Emma and Logan attend the wedding, where they are cooly received. Logan ends up fighting

a bunch of guys and Emma outs the groom as a mutant.

ROGUE v3 #4 (1-6:2)

One day, "two days" after ROGUE3 3. A blind, bandaged Gambit decides to go after Rogue, and when he can't get the X-Men

to take him to Mississippi, he hitchhikes. Rogue hears a radio report about a panic at a preschool, so it's likely a weekday or the

day after a weekday during the school year. Green trees at Westchester.

Sunday, October 5


One day. Cyclops (wearing a variation of his Reload costume) has Logan run through a Danger Room program to assess

leadership skills.

SHE-HULK v3 #9 - FB (22:1)

One day, between S-H3 9 (16-21) and S-H3 9 (22). This flashback must occur before C&DP 7, WX2 26 (1-10), and SECWAR

3 (8-22). In a photo, we see the Constrictor, in full body cast, spending Herc's money at a tropical locale.

Monday, October 6

FOUR #11 - FB (2:4)

One day, "fourteen days" before FOUR 11. Controlled by Psycho-Man, a pack of dogs attacks a couple. Bare trees in


ROGUE v3 #4 (6:3-22)

One day, long enough after ROGUE3 4 (1-6) for Gambit to travel by truck to Mississippi. Rogue has another run-in with Dream

Beasts and her double before returning to her motel room, where St. Ange awaits. They nearly share an intimate moment when

Remy arrives. Green grass and trees in Mississippi.

ROGUE v3 #5

The same day as ROGUE3 4 (6-22). It is "a couple weeks" after ROGUE3 5-FB (17:5-18:3). Remy tries to attack St. Ange but

strikes Rogue instead and flees after realizing what he's done. He then encounters Rogue's double and when the Dream Beasts

come to retrieve her, he follows them to the Far Banks. St. Ange tells Rogue his back story, reveals the girl from issue #1 as a

Dream Beast, and he and Rogue embark for the Far Banks to fight Rogue's mother. Green trees in Mississippi.

ROGUE v3 #6

The same day as ROGUE3 5. Rogue, Gambit, St. Ange, and Rogue's double meet up with Rogue's mother at the Far Banks.

Rogue absorbs her double, who turns out to be a creation of her mother. The "mother" they face is a dream incarnation of

Rogue's mother, who died some time ago. The dream dissolves, St. Ange leaves, Rogue and Gambit awaken in the real world,

and Rogue makes up with her aunt. Green grass and trees in Mississippi.

GRAVITY #4 (12/13:1)

One day. Gravity prepares to punch a perp.


One night. Logan has an adventure in a New York bar.

Tuesday, October 7


One day. An AIM kill team has shot down a X-plane carrying Sage, Storm, Emma, and Kitty. As they sit in the fuselage,

trapped under the Atlantic Ocean, they tell each other date stories until Storm summons up the strength to free the plane. All

four women wear their Reload costumes.


One day. Rachel and Rogue (in Reload costumes) bring a car accident victim to a hospital, where they encounter a doctor's

mutant son, a boy with SCID who they discover can possess people. They convince his father to admit him to the Institute. That

night, the Beast (in Reload costume, so after A 503) arrives with an X-plane to pick up his teammates and the boy. Green trees.


One day. In Naples, a tabloid reporter named Louis follows young celebrity Nina Price on her traveling adventures around

Europe. Louis believes she is hiding a secret and follows her around town. Nina checks into a seedy hotel and emerges at

nightfall to walk around the bad side of town. When she is attacked by a couple of lowlife hoods, she turns the tables on them,

revealing herself to be a vampire. She kills the thugs and drinks their blood. When Nina overhears Louis taking pictures of this,

she grabs him and drags him to the top of a building, and threatens to toss him off the building, but then she lets him go. He

rushes back to his hotel and downloads the photos, thinking he has proof that Nina Price is a vampire, but he quickly discovers

that Nina is in none of the photos he shot. Waning half moon.


One night. Kurt meets a Rwandan mutant telepath in Manhattan. Kurt wears a pullover, but other people are in light clothing.

Green trees in Manhattan.

Wednesday, October 8

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #8 (1-5)

One day, "three weeks" before XU2 8 (6-7). Warren notes to himself, "When was the last time I was actually in an honest-to-

goodness brawl? One that took place outside the boardroom, anyway...?" - this is probably an indication that this segment

occurs before his involvement with the X-Men's battle against Phoenix in X:PE 2-5. Scott summons Warren to assign him the

task of founding a charity that will give the Institute a positive image. A student at Xavier's asks Warren if he can "enroll in your

flight class next semester." Rachel, Kitty, and Dani appear. We see green trees at Westchester.


One day, Kitty tries to help Jacob, a student at Xavier's whose mutant powers are causing him to turn into a gas. Kitty deals with

the frustration of not being able to reverse the process, but is there for him when he dissipates. Kitty, Hank, and Emma are in

their Reload costumes. Green grass and trees at Westchester. Waxing crescent moon.


One "Wednesday night." Residents of Hell's Kitchen gather in a church basement to discuss the effect Daredevil is having on

people 's lives as the new Kingpin. Mikey J.'s girlfriend tells her tale.


The same night as DD2 71. The conversation about Daredevil continues, prompting Archie Meyers to remember his DD story.


The same night as DD2 72. It is "a few months" after DD2 73-FB (5-6) and a "week" after DD2 74-FB (19). The conversation

continues as Jennifer Norton talks about her jailed husband and the demonic imp that once impelled him to attack fellow attendee

Doris. Doris calls Jennifer a liar, but Lynn produces a picture of the imp drawn by her daughter before she committed suicide.


The same night as DD2 73. Lynn talks about her daughter's mysterious suicide and a man named Lawrence laughs. He says that

old, dark religions provide the answers and that Matt Murdock knows about these religions. He says that Matt is a ninja who can

hide himself in plain sight and is sitting in on this conversation. Everyone turns to look at the silent guy in the corner - it's



The same night as DD2 74. This story must occur before PULSE 13. Matt explains that he's been investigating a string of

bizarre incidents "the last few weeks" and tracked Lawrence to the meeting. Matt talks about the Jester's involvement with the

demonic imp and identifies Lawrence as a Hand reject now in Hell's Kitchen selling secrets of the Dark Arts. Lawrence flees

and Matt changes into his Daredevil costume and chases after him. As Lawrence starts to vomit up the demon, he shoots himself

in the head, killing himself and the demon. Matt changes back into civilian clothes and returns to the church basement. He says

it's over and that he simply wanted to give all of them closure, and to explain why he does the things he does. Having said his

piece, he walks out the door of the church. There is an FBI surveillance van just across the street, and he goes over and knocks on

the door. When the FBI guys inside open the door, Matt has slipped away.

Thursday, October 9

BLACK PANTHER v4 #8 - FB (8:2)

One day. Runoff from Erich Paine's Nigandan factory pollutes the water table with dangerous chemicals.

GRAVITY #4 (12/13:2)

One day. Gravity confronts three thieves.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #12 - FB (14:2-15:2)

One day. Titannus has an indiscretion with Amissa, then attacks her father and has him imprisoned. Titannus takes the Trellion


THOR v2 #82 (6-9)

One day, "two months" after T2 82 (1-5), during which time Thor cannot appear in other stories. It is shortly after T2 82-FB.

Thor discovers an emaciated Volstagg, survivor of a battle that leveled Alfheim and took Hogun's and Fandral's lives.

Friday, October 10

SHE-HULK v3 #9 (22)

One day, "three weeks" after S-H3 9 (16-21). This segment occurs after S-H3 9-FB (22:1) and before HERC 1-FB (6:4). In her

control suit, She-Hulk arm wrestles Hercules, who then leaves for new adventures.

BLACK WIDOW v4 #1 (1-11)

One day, probably after A 503 (30-31). An assassin catches up to Natasha, who is now retired in Arizona. She kills the assassin

and seeks help from old SHIELD colleague Phil Dexter in New Mexico. Dexter tells her that there is a string of assassinations of

women, including that of former KGB operative Stacy Matheson. Natasha and Bill start the drive to Matheson's place in

Alabama. It appears that "Monday" is the next full working day. Full moon.

Saturday, October 11

BLACK WIDOW v4 #1 (12-22)

The day after BW4 1 (1-11). It is "three days" before BW4 2. On the way to Alabama, Natasha helps a woman being assaulted

and they leave Dexter's car behind to take a train across Oklahoma. The mystery man who hired Natasha's would-be killer

brings in two new operatives, Max Hunter and Kestrel, from an organization called North. They discover the abandoned car

rigged with explosives.

GRAVITY #4 (12/13:3)

One day. Gravity prepares to fight some thugs.


One day. For kicks, Teddy shape-shifts into Johnny Storm. We see a green tree and jackets and skirts in New York.

MYSTIQUE #14 (1-5)

One night. A mutant escapes and is recaptured at the testing labs of Derma Free in Austria.

Sunday, October 12

MYSTIQUE #14 (6-10)

The day after MYS 14 (1-5). Xavier appears to Mystique in a telepathic projection sent from Genosha, so this segment must

occur after UX 443. He and Forge send her to Sweden to investigate Derma Free. We see Raven eating an ice cream cone at

Coney Island.

SILVER SURFER v4 #14 (17-21)

One day. Silver Surfer travels through space. The rest of the entire run of SS4 takes place in an alternate future.

TOMB OF DRACULA v4 #1 (16:2-16:4)

One day. Michiyo Watanabe battles vampires in Japan, where we see leafy trees.

Monday, October 13

FOUR #11 - FB (2:5)

One "early morning," "seven days" before FOUR 11. Controlled by Psycho-Man, a NYC police officer fires into a crowd.

MYSTIQUE #14 (11-21)

The day after MYS 14 (6-10). Mystique infiltrates Derma Free headquarters in Sweden and learns about the company's testing

lab in Vienna.

MYSTIQUE #15 (1-12)

The same day as MYS 14 (11-21). Mystique escapes from Derma Free headquarters, having learned that the company uses her

cloned cells. Xavier appears telepathically.

Tuesday, October 14

MYSTIQUE #15 (13-22)

The day after MYS 15 (1-12). In Salzburg, Mystique encounters Shepard then infiltrates Derma Free's labs with Shortpack, who

gets caught.

MYSTIQUE #16 (1-7)

The same day as MYS 15 (13-22). Mystique and Shortpack escape from Derma Free's Salzburg labs with the mutants they free.


One day, "two weeks" before ASMU2 10 (5-11) and "days" before ASMU2 10 (4:1-4:3). Jameson hires aspiring journalist

Tyler Crane to be his personal assistant. Jessica Jones (her pregnancy not showing) and Ben Urich appear.

GRAVITY #4 (12/13:4)

One day. Gravity punches the Shocker.


One day, "three days" after BW4 1 (12-22). Natasha and Phil attend Stacy's funeral and case her home to find clues. They then

interrogate the father of Stacy's unborn child. There they are ambushed by an armed squad and get away, but Natasha is shot.

Green grass and trees in Alabama.

Wednesday, October 15

MYSTIQUE #16 (8-22)

The day after MYS 16 (1-7). Mystique goes after Viktor, Derma Free's mutant supplier in Prague. Xavier appears

telepathically. Green, leafy trees in Stockholm.

MYSTIQUE #17 (1-7)

The same day as MYS 16 (8-22). Xavier appears telepathically to Raven in Prague and instructs her not to kill Viktor.

NEW X-MEN v2 #21 - FB (1-4)

One rainy day in Chicago, sometime after XX 30. It is "one year" before NX 21 (5-21). William Stryker saves surgeon Jack

Abrams from experiencing a car accident.

THOR v2 #82 (10-13)

One day. Thor, Volstagg, and their entourage, which includes an orphaned boy that Thor has adopted, find the corpses of

Harokin and Hrimnerr.

BLACK WIDOW v4 #3 (1-5)

The day after BW4 2. On the road with Phil again, Natasha cleans the gunshot wound to her gut at "six-fifteen in the morning."

Meanwhile, another female ex-Russian agent is shot by guards at the Red Room, an old KGB training facility in the Ural

Mountains. That night, Phil and Natasha are back in the safehouse in Oklahoma where they left Sally Anne. Phil discovers that

the agent who tried to kill Natasha was an agent of the Red Room and she decides it's time to seek out some more information.

Thursday, October 16

MYSTIQUE #17 (8-22)

The morning after MYS 17 (1-7). Mystique kills Viktor and the Salzburg police burst in on the freed mutants harbored by Raven

and Shortpack. Full moon.

MYSTIQUE #18 (1-13)

The same day as MYS 17 (8-22). Starting at "10:44 PM (CET)," Mystique saves the mutant lab rats in Salzburg and disfigures

Helena Carlson. Full moon.


The same day as MYS 18 (1-13). "One hour" before MYS 18 (14-16), Sasha escapes her captors.

MYSTIQUE #18 (14-16)

The same day as MYS 18-FB. At "3:18 AM (CET)," "one hour" after MYS 18-FB, Sasha catches up to Mystique and


GRAVITY #4 (12/13:5)

One day. Gravity defeats a thug as the Greenwich Guardian looks on.


One day, shortly after AHOS 7. Miguel and Anya share a dream about Anya's childhood. They both wake up in their homes and

go to Webcorps, where Miguel wants to start a meeting "before the spring thaw." Miguel holds a meeting with Ted, Nina, and

Anya to discuss the next crime lord coming into town to meet with the Sisterhood of the Wasp. Next on their list to capture is

Felix Jade, a Mexican crime lord. Anya immediately recognizes the picture of Jade from her dream; this is the man supposedly

responsible for the death of her mother. That evening, Jade arrives in NYC and meets up with the Sisterhood of the Wasp. As

Vincent and Amun escort him around town, they are being followed by CIA and FBI, but Vincent and Amun elude the Feds. At

Webcorps, Miguel has put off the attempt to capture Jade for a couple of days, but he catches Anya sneaking out to try and take

out Jade on her own. They have an argument and Miguel casts a web spell, pinning her to the wall. She threatens to break out

and go after Jade and Miguel knows he can't truly stop her, so he calls up Ted and Nina and says they're going to go ahead and

try and take down Jade tonight. Bare and leafy trees. "Snow" early in the day does not accumulate in New York - it may be

topical. Apparently there is no school today even though it's a weekday.


The same night as AHOS 8. Arana calls upon the power of the Hunter, which she has been told to never let fully out, and she

breaks free from the webs in which Miguel stranded her. She heads off to face Jade. Miguel, Nina, and Ted sneak into Jade's

safe house and set up a trap. As Vincent and Jade continue their tour around town, they are followed by cops, who they elude.

Vincent and Jade make it to Jade's safe house, where they are attacked by Miguel and Nina. Arana follows Amun to the safe

house. She bursts in and attacks Jade. Vincent casts a spell and he and Jade vanish, escaping Arana. Amun flees the scene as

well. Miguel convinces Arana to break out of her fury and the Hunter leaves her. They apologize to each other and agree to

work together to stop Jade.


The same night as AHOS 9. Arana asks Miguel that when they meet up with Jade she be allowed the chance to fight him alone.

Miguel agrees. Full moon.

BLACK WIDOW v4 #3 (6-12)

The night of the day after BW4 3 (1-5). Natasha, Phil, and Sally Anne are now in rainy Atlanta, Georgia, where Natasha breaks

into the house of Jim Koenig, someone she thinks can give her answers on the Red Room's current operational status. Koenig

tells her that the Red Room has come out of retirement and that he gets all his information from a Martin Ferris, who acts as a

U.S. government liaison to the Red Room's activities in the U.S. Natasha regroups with Phil and Sally Anne and they drive off.

Friday, October 17


The day after AHOS 11-FB. Anya wakes up and heads to school. Miguel phones her and says they've tracked where Vincent

teleported Jade - somewhere in the Hudson River Valley just outside NYC. Miguel tells Anya to ask her father for permission to

go on a "Webcorps seminar" outside of NYC for the weekend. Anya goes home and asks Gil, who allows her to go because he's

investigating Jade's arrival in town and doesn't want Anya getting mixed up in all of this.

MYSTIQUE #18 (17-21)

The day after MYS 18 (14-16). It is "days" before MYS 18 (22-23). Dermafree is under investigation for using unwilling

mutant subjects. Shortpack heads to Genosha to talk to Xavier about being reassigned. Green grass and trees.

SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED v2 #10 (4:1-4:3)

One day, "days" after ASMU2 10 (1-3) and "days" before ASMU2 10 (4:4-4:6). On a day that the Chameleon robs a bank,

Jameson and Crane prepare a story about Spidey's being the culprit, despite Robbie's objections.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #6 (17-21)

One day, "weeks" after C&DP 6 (1-16). Cable and a ticked-off Deadpool come to terms. Cyclops, Beast, and Emma Frost (all in

Reload costumes, so after A 503) report to SHIELD, vowing to stop Nathan. Since the Astonishing team is working with Fury,

this segment probably occurs after ASTONX3 6 (20-23).

THOR v2 #82 (14:1)

One day. Thor and company find the remains of the fallen Kurse.

BLACK WIDOW v4 #3 (13-15:2)

The day after BW4 3 (6-12). In Washington, DC, Max and Kestrel tell Nick Fury that Natasha was in Atlanta Georgia "last

night," but the trail has grown cold again. Fury makes clear that he doesn't like North. That night, Natasha, Phil, and Sally stop

at a North Carolina hotel. Phil shares new information with Natasha, who decides to speak to Martin Ferris next.

Saturday, October 18

MYSTIQUE #19 (1-20)

Probably the day after MYS 18 (17-21). In Genosha, Shortpack asks Xavier to reassign Mystique to another handler. Mystique

assists Shepard in retrieving an object from Hydra headquarters in the Bronx. Afterward, Shepard presents Raven with the

object, Oscar Wilde's pen, as a gift.


The day after AHOS 10 (1-10). Vincent and Jade and a bunch of the Wasps are at a Wasp hideout in the countryside. Vincent

contacts Sam at the Wasps' headquarters and starts to plan an evacuation. Jade is insulted with all of this running away and

declares he will stay and fight Arana. Vincent starts to protest, but Jade uses his mental powers to make Vincent leave.

A short time later, Arana, Miguel, Ted, and Nina all attack the Wasp hideout. Arana and Miguel confront Jade and Arana says

she's there to avenge Sofia Corazon.


The same day as AHOS 10 (11-22). Amun researches the story Arana told him about Jade killing his mother and finds some

disturbing info. Sam tells Amun to check on Vincent. Meanwhile, Vincent continues driving down the road, until he finally

snaps out of Jade's mental control. Realizing he's been suckered, Vincent heads back to the Wasps' hideout, where Arana and

Jade do battle. Downstairs, Ted and Nina battle the Wasp drones. It's a stalemate, and Jade realizes he might lose, so he takes

control of Arana's mind and has her knock out Miguel. Jade then has her drive off with him. Ted and Nina revive Miguel and

they conclude that Jade used his mind powers on Arana. Vincent pulls up and the battle resumes between them. Green grass and

trees in New York. Full moon.


The same night as AHOS 11. Amun arrives at the Wasps' hideout to find Vincent battling Miguel, Ted, and Nina. He races off

to find Arana. Miguel defeats Vincent and leaves him to be interrogated by Ted and Nina. Miguel flies off to find Arana as well.

While driving with Jade, Arana tries to break free of his mind control. She finally has a vision of her mother and she pulls the car

over and steps out. Jade realizes she's free of his mind control, and they fight. Arana kicks his butt, ties him up, and tosses him

back in the car, which she sends off a cliff into a body of water below. Amun arrives and tells Arana that he's discovered that

Jade did not kill her mother. Miguel arrives is alarmed Arana sent Jade to his death. She dives into the water to rescue Jade, but

when she gets to the submerged car, she finds that Jade has escaped. A short time later, Miguel transports Arana back to the

Wasp hideout. Arana apologizes for letting things get out of control and everyone forgives her. The wind is blowing leaves off

the trees in New York. Full moon.

BLACK WIDOW v4 #3 (15:3-18)

The night of the day after BW4 3 (13-15). Natasha and the gang are now in Washington, DC, where Natasha seduces Ferris in a

bar and gets him to take her back to his place. Once there, she captures and drugs him, forcing him to talk about his connections

to the Red Room, now called "2R."

FOUR #10 (1-8)

On a "Saturday night," the FF have strange nightmares.

Sunday, October 19

BLACK WIDOW v4 #3 (19-23)

The early morning after BW4 3 (15-18). At "nearly 3 AM," Natasha finishes her interrogation of the drugged Ferris. She learns

that 2R is in league with a cosmetics company called Gynacon. He gives her some names and addresses in Russia and the

location of the Red Room. She leaves him and heads back to the hotel where Phil and Sally Anne are. She decides to head to

Moscow to figure out who's really behind the assassination attempt on her.

MYSTIQUE #19 (21-22)

The morning after MYS 19 (1-20). After sleeping with Shepard, Mystique agrees to kill Xavier and has Shepard take her to the

Quiet Man.

MYSTIQUE #20 (1-6)

The same day as MYS 19 (21-22). It is "more than three weeks" before MYS 20 (7-8). Shortpack tape records a message for

Xavier saying that he quits and is going to kill Steinbeck. Mystique accepts the assignment from the Quiet Man to kill Xavier.


One day. Spidey battles the Lizard, who has escaped from the prison where he's been since PPTSS2 13 (7-21).

GRAVITY #4 (12/13:6)

One day. Gravity chases a robber.

THOR v2 #82 (14:2-15:1)

One day, "many days" before T2 82 (15-23). Thor and company find the corpse of the fallen Vidar.

Monday, October 20


Probably the day after M/KSM 7 (1-2). On a "Monday," Spidey fights Hydro-Man (who is in his new costume).

MYSTIQUE #18 (22-23)

One day, "days" after MYS 18 (17-21). In Stockholm, a disfigured Helena Carlson plots against mutantkind with Herr Stein.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #7 - FB - FB (7/8:1-7/8:3)

One day. Cable reroutes waterways to flood half the Sahara, which takes Nathan a total of "four days" to do.

FOUR #10 (9-22)

One day, shortly after FOUR 10 (1-8). It is "one month" after FOUR 9 (20-22). Sue tells Alicia that she's had a feeling of dread

"for the last month. Since it started warming up." The warmth may be an illusion. Alicia shows Sue a sculpture she made of the

Psycho-Man since feeling anxiety in the last "month." Sue takes Franklin and Valeria (who is looking pretty big here, certainly

older than a toddler) to Reed, who appears to be in his temp job. Ben is shown at his construction job. Psycho-Man causes a

mass hallucination in Manhattan, resulting in people imagining chaos throughout the city.

FOUR #11

The same day as FOUR 10 (9-22). It is "one month" after FOUR 11-FB (1-2), "twenty-eight days" after FOUR 11-FB (2:2),

"twenty-one days" after FOUR 11-FB (2:3), "fourteen days" after FOUR 11-FB (2:4), and "seven days" after FOUR 11-FB

(2:5). The FF battle Psycho-Man's mass illusions and try to calm Manhattan. After they dispel the illusions, Reed discovers

that their enemy is attacking them from the Baxter Building.

FOUR #12

The same day as FOUR 11. It is a "few months" after FOUR 1 (1-6), "two months" before FOUR 13 (6-11), and at least "four

months" before FOES 1. The FF battle Psycho-Man, who is revealed to be dying. Sue defeats him and offers him help. Behind

the scenes, Dr. Strange and Tony Stark work on helping Psycho-Man and Ben and Johnny work with the X-Men (not the

Avengers) to clean up Manhattan. That night, Reed and Sue meet on the roof of the Baxter Building, where they haven't been

since "Franklin's birthday party" in FOUR 1 (1-6). it is revealed that Reed did not try to regain the FF's fortune so that the FF

could assume normal lives, but Sue convinces Reed that their lives as adventurers are meant to be. Sue suggests that the FF

broker a deal with the mayor to get the home back and that Reed invent a cure for acne to build up their fortune - this could be

an indication that this story occurs before FF 512 (1-10), or the statement may reflect Sue's unawareness that Reed has already

done it or Sue's meaning an idea like his cure for acne. Full moon.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #5 (1-18)

One evening. The events of X 150 (1-29) are noted by the mayor as having occurred "last year," but if the centennial celebration

in NC3 6 actually does occur on "October 24," then X 150 would have occurred earlier this year; perhaps the reference is to a

fiscal year that runs from July through June - one of the mayor's big concerns about Magneto's destruction would have been the

impact on the city's annual budget and so he might frame the event temporally in that context. Kurt and Christine and Logan and

Ororo wait for a subway train while on a double date in New York when an army of rats runs by, followed by an out-of-control

train. They all teleport aboard to help. Kurt and Christine check on the conductor, who died of fright. Logan makes sure that

the passengers are all right and Ororo stops the train by short-circuiting the third rail with lightning. Kurt discovers a ghost on

the tracks and it slimes him. When it disappears, Logan and Ororo decide to go home and call Cyclops for a ride, while Kurt

goes to Christine's place for a shower. At her apartment, Christine and Kurt start to have a discussion about their relationship

when Ororo calls from the Blackbird, telling him to go to the Mayor's office to talk about the ghosts. After leaving the Mayor's

office, Kurt talks to the widow of the conductor. Falling brown leaves in New York, and people are wearing coats and jackets.

Full moon.

Tuesday, October 21

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #5 (19-22)

The early morning after NC3 5 (1-18). After searching the subway for over two hours, Kurt finds more ghosts.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #6 - FB (2:4-11:3)

The same early morning as NC3 5 (9-22). Nightcrawler tries to communicate with the ghosts, who show him the bones of

victims of an accident from 100 years ago. At dawn at the Institute, Kurt asks Hank to analyze the bones he found.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #6 (2:2-2:3)

The same day as NC3 6-FB (2-11). It is "a few months" after NC3 6-FB (2:1). New York prepares for the centennial

celebration of the subway. At the Institute, Storm talks with Emma Frost about the subway ghosts.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #6 (11:4-14)

The same day as NC3 6 (2:2-2:3). In Limbo, Kurt asks Amanda if she can find out anything about the ghosts.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #6 - FB (21:3)

The same day as NC3 6 (11-14). Amanda and Kurt finish their conversation.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #6 (15-17)

The same day as NC3 6-FB (21:3). It is "a few days" before NC3 6 (18-19). At the public library, Kurt researches the subway's

history for three hours, then goes to the subway to give the ghosts an update. Then he goes to the Mayor's office to tell him what

he discovered - there was an accident during the subway's construction that was covered up, and that's why the ghosts are upset.


The day after M/KSM 7 (3:1). On a "Tuesday," Spidey cuts classes (so it's a school day) to fight the Sandman.

SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED v2 #10 (4:4-4:6)

One day, "days" after ASMU2 10 (4:1-4:3). Crane gives Jameson a title for his latest anti-Spidey editorial.

GRAVITY #4 (12/13:7-12/13:8)

One day. Gravity defeats Whirlwind.


Cable spends "two days" throwing loggers out of the Amazon rain forest, presumably between C&DP 7-FB-FB (7/8:1-7/8:3)

and C&DP 7-FB-FB (7/8:4-7/8:5).


One night, probably a few days after AHOS 12 (1-21). Arana vows to make up for trying to kill Jade. She then hears some

police sirens and heads out on patrol. Full moon.

Wednesday, October 22


The day after M/KSM 7 (3:2). On a "Wednesday," Spidey battles the Rhino, who I have in ASMU2 10 (5-11) after this.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #7 - FB - FB (7/8:4-7/8:5)

One day. Cable stops the white blood count deterioration of AIDS victims in Africa.


One day, a "week" before B:GH 1. Bullseye causes a fire at an east coast maximum security prison, then he snipes the entire

staff as they try to escape the building.

WHITE TIGER #3 - FB (7:6)

One day, "one year" before WT 3 (1-9). Sano salutes his father Kenzo Orii in Tokyo.


One day, probably a few days after BW4 3 (19-23). In rainy Moscow, Natasha checks out the addresses Ferris gave her and

occasionally looks around the city for people she knew from her childhood. She sneaks into a familiar building and realizes that

she was experimented upon as a child there. She escapes from guards there with the help of Grigor Ivanovich Pchelintsov, who

reveals that he was one of the scientists who experimented on her and 26 other Black Widow agents years ago. All of them were

put through a psycho-chemical regimen which implanted fake memories into their minds, and which gave them headaches and

vomiting if they try to remember the truth. Grigor tells her about the field station in the Ural Mountains where they worked on

the Medusagen chemical. Natasha steals a jeep and forces Grigor to guide her to the field station. In Langley, Virginia, Max and

Kestrel try to get ICT Monitoring to cooperate with them but get nowhere. On their boat, McMasters and Vassily discuss who's

fault it is that the Black Widow hasn't been caught yet; Vassily blames Max and Kestrel and McMasters blames the Russians.

Vassily gets a phone call from Lyudmila Kudrin, the woman in charge of the field station. Green trees in Russia.

Thursday, October 23

BLACK WIDOW v4 #5 (1-2:3)

Probably the day after BW4 4. After driving for a while, Natasha and Grigor are in the Ural Mountains. Figuring out there are

snipers on the tower above the field station, Natasha has Grigor drive up to the front entrance while she sneaks around through

the back of the station.

BLACK WIDOW v4 #5 - FB (20:3)

The same day as BW4 5 (1-2). Behind the field station, Natasha passes by the dead body of another former Black Widow agent.

BLACK WIDOW v4 #5 (2:4-23)

The same day as BW4 5-FB (20:3). Before the sniper can shoot Grigor, Natasha climbs the tower and takes out the sniper. She

concludes that the station is just a lure for old agents and that the real facility is inside a nearby mountain. Meanwhile, Max and

Kestrel head back to New Mexico, to talk to the local sheriff near where they found the Widow's car. He says that some people

saw a strange car stopping along the side of the road near where they found the Widow's car and that they got a partial license

plate number. That night, McMasters' boat is docked at Freeport, Bahamas for some reloading. A mysterious assassin tries to get

onto the boat to kill McMasters, but Vassily kills the assassin. Back in the Urals, Natasha has waited for nightfall, but has now

slipped into the real Red Room facility inside a nearby mountain. She sees that this place is a full-fledged operational laboratory.

Breaking into the office of the woman who runs the place, she meets Lyudmila Kudrin, former head of biotech at the Red Room,

and another of the scientists who worked on the Widow program years ago. Natasha gets many answers from her. Lyudmila

explains that she had all of the Widow's genetic structure altered to allow for fast healing, slow aging, skin toughness, and

resistance to illness. Natasha also learns that she can't have babies; if she gets pregnant, her body automatically has a

miscarriage. She learns that Stacy was taking Medusagen pills to lower her immune and repair functions and allow her fetus to

survive. Natasha also learns that the Red Room sold most of their biotech to Gynacon. In New Mexico, Max and Kestrel finally

locate Phil's house. They barge in, shooting and appearing to wound Sally Anne and kill Phil.


The day after M/KSM 7 (3:3). On a "Thursday," Spidey battles the Enforcers.


One day. Irene Merrywether interviews Nathan for the Daily Bugle.


The same day as C&D 7-FB. More of Irene's interview of Nathan.


The same day as C&DP 8-FB. More of Irene's interview of Nathan.


The same day as C&D 9-FB. Still more of Irene's interview of Nathan.

Friday, October 24


Perhaps the day after C&DP 10-FB (8), as Irene's interview with Nathan appears in the Bugle. It is "weeks" after C&DP 6 (1-

16). Working for the Astonishing X-Men, Deadpool battles the Cat in Hong Kong and acquires two of the eight surviving

components of Graymalkin, components that may be the key to stopping Cable. The X-Men train to face Cable, SHIELD

continues to monitor Nathan's meddling in world affairs, and G.W. Bridge assembles a new Six Pack (including Domino,

Constrictor, Anaconda, Solo, and Hammer) to take down Cable. I have Anaconda here after CA4 31 and Constrictor here after

S-H3 9-FB (22:1), following a recovery from the injuries he sustained in that title; the theory behind the quick recovery - he

found a superhuman healer and used some of his settlement to pay for his restoration to health.

GRAVITY #4 (12/13:9)

One day, "weeks" after GRAV 4 (1-7). Greg Willis gets his midterm grades, making this late October.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #6 (18-19:6)

One day, "a few days" after NC3 6 (15-17). Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine, and Cyclops attend the centennial celebration and

the ghosts are there too. The Mayor publicly announces that there was an accident in the subway 100 years ago.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #6 - FB (20)

The same day as NC3 6 (18-19). The Mayor says that reparations will be made to the families of the workers killed in the

accident, which makes the ghosts happy, so they disappear.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #6 (19:7)

The same day as NC3 6-FB (20). At a diner, Kurt tells Christine that the accident was 101 years ago today, "October 24, 1903,"

and that the subway officially opened 100 years ago today, "October 24, 1904." - although the implied year 2004 must be

topical, the date of October 24 may be accurate.

NIGHTCRAWLER v3 #6 (21-22)

The same evening as NC3 6 (19:7). Kurt tells Christine what Amanda said as he was getting ready to leave Limbo. Kurt and

Christine decide to just be friends.


One "Friday" evening at the end of the pre-playoff high school football season. Star quarterback Adam Aaronson makes an

impossible pass to win the game and send his team to the playoffs. Then he passes out. Green grass and trees and short-sleeve



The night of the day after M/KSM 7 (3:4). On a "Friday," "two weeks" before M/KSM 7 (4-21), Spidey chases two stoners

from the Smithsonian driving a replica of the Spider-Buggy.

Saturday, October 25

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #12 (21:2)

One day. The Narya of the past marries Yukon Jack.


One day. Irene Merriwether interviews Deadpool.


One day. Deadpool snatches another Graymalkin component, this one at Genetech Research Lab on Long Island, and is stopped

by the Cat, but the Astonishing X-Men arrive and take Wade and the component back to the Institute. There, Wade is given an

X-Men version of his own costume. The Six Pack confront Cable, then Nathan issues an ultimatum to the world's governments

- disarm within "forty-eight hours" or Nathan will destroy all weapons arsenals himself. Fury and Reed Richards appear; Reed

appears on a screen from an unknown location. Green grass and trees in New York.


One day. Kate Bishop helps her sister try on gowns at a bridal salon. On her way home, Kate is attacked and raped in the park,

where we see autumn colors.


One day. Eli Bradley tries to defend his grandfather Isaiah when a gang attacks him. After the gang leaves, some pushers try to

sell Eli some MGH pills and Eli accepts. Back at home, Eli and Isaiah are beset by the gang again, but this time Isaiah beats

them and Eli throws his pills away. We see autumn colors and jackets and short sleeves in New York.


One night. For kicks, Teddy shape-shifts into the Hulk. Jackets in New York.

Sunday, October 26

CABLE & DEADPOOL #10 - FB (5:5-5:6)

One day, "twelve hours" before C&DP 10. The Cat shows up at Deadpool's London flat and gets Weasel to tell him where

Wade is.


The day ("twenty-four hours") after C&DP 8, the Astonishing X-Men attack Cable and Deadpool double-crosses the team and

Six Pack joins in the battle on Nathan's side. SHIELD gets Reed Richards (BTS) to bring the Silver Surfer to earth to attack

Cable. Professor X appears here as a virtual projection.


The same day as C&DP 9. It is "three days" before C&DP 11 (1-19). The Surfer appears here before DEF3 1-FB and must

appear here after S-H3 8 (18-22). As the Surfer and Cable battle, SHIELD observes the situation, and the X-Men, Six Pack, and

the Cat scramble to keep Cable's floating island from crashing. Deadpool teleports Cable to his safehouse in Switzerland, where

he, following Cable's wishes, uses the device he put together to remove Nathan's higher telekinetic and telepathic abilities,

leaving Cable seemingly catatonic.

BLACK WIDOW v4 #6 (1-9:2)

One day, probably a few days after BW4 5 (2-23). Natasha and Lyudmila land a cargo plane at SHIELD West Coast Command

in Oregon, where they meet with Nick Fury. Fury takes them to a nearby SHIELD hospital, where Phil Dexter lies unconscious,

recovering from several gunshot wounds. Natasha asks where Sally Anne is, but Fury says there was no one else there when they

found Phil. Fury says he believes North is behind the attack but refuses to aid her more beyond that. He walks away and

Natasha states she always feels like punching Nick Fury but never does. Lyudmila explains that the reason for that is that Fury

uses a "pheromonal lock and key" that prevents attack by any Black Widow operative. That evening, Fury calls and gives

Natasha a hint about where Max and Kestrel are staying.

Monday, October 27

BLACK WIDOW v4 #6 (9:3-22)

The day after BW4 6 (1-9). Natasha captures Kestrel and kills Max for shooting Phil. She leaves, having learned where they are

keeping Sally Anne. That night, Natasha sneaks onto McMasters' boat in Miami and has a duel with Vassily, who is wearing the

pheromone chemical that prevents her from hitting him. When Vassily breaks Natasha's nose, she becomes free from the

chemical and kills Vassily. Natasha interrogates McMasters and learns that he wanted all of the Black Widow agents dead so

that he could file a patent on all of the chemical procedures that the Red Room sold to his corporation, for use in the cosmetics

industry. Natasha demands that McMasters tell her where Sally Anne is, but he only knows that Red Room operatives took her

away. Natasha kills McMasters.


Probably the same day as BW4 6 (9-22). It is "two weeks" and during the "month" before BW5 (1-8). A doctor finishes

operating on Sally Anne and evil agents take her away.

GRAVITY #4 (14-15)

One day. Greg meets with his English professor, Prof. Busha, to see what he can do to keep from failing. Greg starts studying


WOLVERINE v3 #20 (1-2:2)

One "October" day. It is "weeks" before W3 20 (2:3-2:4). In Nagasaki, Japan, limo driver Ichiro takes his millionaire boss's

son and his own son to the park to play baseball, when Ichiro's son is kidnaped by a criminal group, who supposedly mistake

Ichiro's son for the millionaire's son. The millionaire expresses his sympathies to Ichiro and his wife. The kidnapers want $10

million from the millionaire, but Ichiro can't afford that, and the millionaire isn't going to shell out money for someone else's

kid. Ichiro and his wife report the abduction to the police.


One day within a week before B:GH 1. Bullseye steals three black-market nukes off a frieghter in Anchorage Bay. Crossing the

Canadian border into the U.S., he is cornered by an eight-man strike team and kills seven of them before keeling over with a

seizure and being captured. NSA agent Scott Hoskins, the only survivor, has a scar across his face from the incident and harbors

a righteous anger at the deaths of his fellow agents.

MARVEL TEAM-UP v3 #12 - FB (15:3-17:3)

One day. Amissa frees her father from prison and they rout Titannus, forcing him flee the planet with a captive Amissa.

Titannus escapes a fleet of Trellion ships, then locks the resistant Amissa in a stasis pod aboard his ship.

MACHINE TEEN #1 (10-23)

The "Monday" after MTEEN 1 (4-9). It is "years" after MTEEN 1-FB. At school, Adam interacts with friends, teachers, a

security guard, and the vice-principal. After school, Adam gets into a fight with teammate Ricky at football practice and passes

out when he demonstrates super-human strength. Adam's "father" Aaron Isaacs takes him home to his lab where he runs

diagnostics on Adam, who turns out to be a robot. Meanwhile, Holden Radcliffe locates Isaacs but needs to investigate the

teenage son he shouldn't have. Green grass and trees and short-sleeve weather.


The same night as MTEEN 1 (10-23). Radcliffe checks in with a mole in Adam's school, the security guard.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #8 (6-7)

One night, "three weeks" after XU2 8 (1-5). Warren gets an inspiration for the new charity Scott assigned him to found.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #11/2 (1:1-1:4)

One night. Nina Price kills a thug outside of a bar.

Tuesday, October 28

MACHINE TEEN #2 (3-23)

The day after MTEEN 2 (1-2). Adam cannot remember yesterday's events and Isaacs tries to reassure him before he heads off to

school. Adam fails a test, gets chewed out by his girlfriend, and sees the school nurse. After school, Adam gets into another

fight with Ricky and gets stabbed in the hand. The wound exposes his wires and Adam passes out. A witness runs into the

security guard and reports the incident. The guard calls Radcliffe and tells him to move in. We see green trees and people

wearing jackets and short-sleeved shirts.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #11/2 (1:5-7)

The day after AAF2 11/2 (1:1-1:4). Nina meets at a zoo with executives from her father's studio, who tell her that her father has

decided that she should hire a personal assistant to help manage her trips around the world. The job interviews start, and most of

the people she interviews just want to work for her so they can submit their movie scripts to her father. Eventually, she

interviews Inger Rinefeld, a young woman who impresses Nina with her frank attitude. Nina also notices that Inger has

experience handling predatory animals. Nina says she'll let Inger know if she has the job tomorrow. Inger decides to secretly

follow Nina around, thinking she's hiding something. As sunset approaches, Nina checks herself into the quarantine section of

the zoo. Inger follows a couple of nosy night custodians into the quarantined area and sees Nina in her wolf form attack them

and scare them away. Inger uses a tranquilizer gun on the wolf and gets the wolf back into her cage. Full moon.


One night, "two weeks" after ASMU2 10 (1-3). Because JJJ is noted as a Spidey-hater, this segment probably occurs before

M/KSM 8 (16-21). Peter gets a photo to the Bugle, where Crane has a front-page Spidey-bashing story lined up on a mock-up

dated "Tuesday, October 8, 2005" - the day of the week and the month may not be topical. Crane discusses his dislike for

costumed heroes. On his way to press, Crane encounters the Rhino on a rampage and is saved by Spidey; Rhino may still be on

the loose following the battle with Spidey in M/KSM 7 (3:3). Spidey defeats Rhino, who is taken away; my next appearance for

Rhino is at Ryker's in M/KSM 10 (1-10), at least a "week" after this. Crane changes his mind about super-heroes.


The same night as MTEEN 2 (3-23). It is "a long time" after MTEEN 1-FB. Isaacs tells Adam that he's a robot and that his

seizures are caused by a programming glitch that occurs whenever Adam sees evidence that he's not a normal boy. Upset, Adam

storms out of the house and is ambushed by Radcliffe's men. After defeating his attackers, a shot-up Adam stumbles to the house

of his friend J.T., who reveals his knowledge of Adam's being a robot. J.T. tells Adam that Radcliffe must be after Isaacs, and

indeed, Radcliffe shows up at Isaacs' house. Green grass and trees.


The same night as MTEEN 3. It is "about a year" after MTEEN 4-FB. Adam and J.T. go to Adam's house to find his dad is

missing and the place is wrecked. Elsewhere, Dr. Isaacs is tortured by one of Radcliffe's goons. Radcliffe appears with two

henchmen and makes some cryptic comments. At the Aaronson residence, Adam asks J.T. some questions. J.T. finds a hard

drive and Adam tries to download it. They're attacked by one of Radcliffe's goons, but they escape. J.T.'s house is being

watched by more of Radcliffe's people, so they go to the football field instead. Adam calls Carly to meet them. At the football

field, Adam and J.T. have a heart-to-heart, then Carly shows up. She's been fooled by Officer Michaels who accompanies her.

Michaels reveals that he works for Radcliffe and captures Adam, J.T., and Carly.

MACHINE TEEN #5 (1-20)

The same night as MTEEN 4. It is "one year" before MTEEN 5 (21-22). With Isaacs, Carly, and J.T. locked up, Radcliffe's men

try to extract the data they need from Adam's data core. Adam tricks Radcliffe into believing that he's been reprogrammed to

turn on Isaacs, but it's a ruse to free the captives. When Radcliffe encounters Adam and company, Adam threatens to destroy

himself and the needed data if Radcliffe doesn't allow the others to go free. Adam has Isaacs secretly remove the data core and

take it with him as he, Carly, and J.T. get free. Adam then blows himself up, destroying Radcliffe and his men as well. Isaacs is

forced to move again and start a new life elsewhere.


One night, "a few weeks" before DX 7. This story occurs between XX 46 and DX 1. Bishop reports to his new beat in

Manhattan's District X and helps Dzemal, a Bosnian mutant, get out of a gang run by Filthy Frankie Zapruder. We see people

wearing jackets. Full moon.


The same night as XU2 2. Dzemal brings the money he got from Bishop home to his father, but his father refuses it.

Wednesday, October 29

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #11/2 (8)

The morning after AAF2 11/2 (1-7). It is "over a month" before AAF2 12/2. Nina reverts to normal and Inger lets her out of her

cage. Nina hires Inger.


One day. Agent Hoskins and NSA/CIA agent Marcus Baldry enter a maximum security prison for seven former NSA operatives

who went rogue and had to be taken down. En route to Bullseye's cell Baldry explains that he intends to use a good cop/bad cop

scenario on the prisoner, getting Bullseye to talk about his past to soften him up and eventually get him to tell where the nukes

are. Bullseye seems to respond to this approach and tells a story of his childhood in the Bronx, while the warden receives a call

that the missiles have been found, but the plutonium is missing.


The same day as B:GH 1. The police find the warheads cut up and placed on a playground, where kids have been playing on it

for "at least a week." Baldry and Hoskins ask Bullseye about his baseball career.


The same day as B:GH 2. Some of the plutonium is found in a railcar in Mexico City, along with the corpse of the nuclear

engineer who assisted Bullseye. Baldry and Hoskins ask Bullseye about an old CIA assignment he had in Nicaragua.


The same day as B:GH 3. Bullseye tells the agents how he came to New York, donned a costume, and became a notorious super-

villain in the media. When he taunts them about the warheads, Hoskins loses his cool and has to go talk with the warden.

Bullseye tells Baldry a story about how the NSA actually set the Kingpin up in New York in order to keep super-powered beings

in check, then he admits he made the whole thing up. Baldry is defeated at his own game and the warden agress to let Hoskins

into Bullseye's cell to use harsher methods to get the location of the plutonium out of him.


The same day as B:GH 4. Hoskins and Baldry enter Bullseye's cell, with Horace backing them up. Meanwhile, the warden gets

a call that, contrary to previous theory, Bullseye does not have a tumor, but rather some scarring from an old surgery and

therefore must have faked the seizure that got him captured. Hoskins begins working him over and Bullseye keeps antagonizing

him. With cold dread the feds realize that Hoskins has knocked one of Bullseye's teeth out. Bullseye kills Hoskins with a tooth

between the eyes and when Horace tries to shoot him, Bullseye uses his manacles to deflect the shot right back through the

cyborg's cybernetic eye. The prison staff sets the self destruct and tries to evacuate, but they are assassinated by men in suits

who intend to buy the plutonium from Bullseye. Bullseye tells Baldry that a lot of the family history he gave was bull. Bullseye

lets Baldry run away, but the agent gets trapped in containment foam meant to keep the prisoners from escaping. Using Horace's

handprint, Bullseye tracks down his bedridden father, who is one of the other prisoners. He tells his father that mom's dead as he

rolls his bed to the glass door of a fireproof cell. Bullseye gets inside the cell and watches his father burn with the rest of the

installation. After the fire burns down, Bullseye makes his way out to the snipers outside and completes the sale of the remaining

plutonium for $3 million. Then he drives away smiling.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #11 (1-19:5)

One day, "three days" after C&DP 10. Modok probably appears here after CA&F 12. Irene and Fury talk about Cable. To

protect his physical body, Nathan traps the Six Pack in his mind. Deadpool obtains a techno-organic embryo from AIM, then he

gets the Fixer to agree to try to figure out a way to merge the embryo with Nathan's body to save Cable. Bare trees in London

and apparently nice weather in Florida. Waxing half moon.

Thursday, October 30


One day. While under the influence of a mutant siren in District X, New York cop Gus Kucharsky shoots two people dead and

wounds himself with a shot to the head. To help Gus, his partner, Izzy Ortega covers up the incident. Green trees and light

clothing in New York.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #11 (19:6-22)

The day after C&DP 11 (1-19). As Fixer and Deadpool work with the embryo, Agent X attacks.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #12 (1-21:3)

The same day as C&DP 11 (19-22). It is "one week" after C&DP 12 (21-22). It must be more than just "a month" before C&DP

13 and "a few months" before C&DP 18 and C&DP 20 (2-13). Deadpool defeats Agent X and, with Weasel and the Fixer, gets

the techno-organic embryo to Cable. Cable merges with the embryo, which restores Nathan with a new techno-organic arm and

frees the Six Pack. We see a waxing half moon but the whole moon is visible.


One night, sometime after the "May 24" noted on a newspaper clipping. One of Jamie Madrox's duplicates, dying from a

stabbing he must have received the day before, catches a taxi back to Mutant Town, where Rahne Sinclair is visiting Jamie, who

is now a private investigator. As Rahne and Jamie get reacquainted, another duplicate arrives, dressed as a Buddhist Monk.

Jamie says he needs to reabsorb this duplicate to learn what all the dupe has learned in his travels. He asks Rahne to go to a local

bar, where she meets Guido Carosella, who explains what Jamie is up to. The wounded Jamie duplicate enters the bar and

collapses on the floor. Guido yells for the real Jamie, who arrives and looks at his dying duplicate. Jamie reabsorbs the dying

duplicate and is knocked out from the pain. When he awakens in his apartment, he tells Rahne and Guido that the limited

memories he got seemed to involve Chicago and a pretty woman. He creates a new duplicate of himself, whom he asks to stay

with Rahne and Strong Guy while he goes off to investigate in Chicago. Jamie refers to Rahne as a teacher at Xavier's, so this

story must occur sometime after NM2 10. Rahne is under 21, not old enough to drink legally. Rahne notes that Jamie has quit

his job at X-Corp in Paris, placing this story sometime after X 131. Rahne notes that Guido and Lila Cheney were an item, but

they apparently have broken up. Green, leafy trees. It is warm enough for outdoor swimming in Chicago. Waxing crescent


Friday, October 31: Halloween


The day after DX 1-FB. Izzy visits Gus in the hospital and continues the cover-up. Izzy returns to the precinct and meets

Bishop, who's been called in to check out rumors of an impending mutant gang war in District X.


The same day as DX 1. As Internal Affairs investigates the Gus shooting, Bishop goes out on patrol with Izzy and during a

fracas with a bug-hatching mutant, Bishop displays his mutant power. Local crime boss Shaky Kaufman finds out from Jazz

about a new street drug called "Toad Juice" and the mutant who secretes it, who is controlled by rival crimelord, Frankie

Zapruder. That night, Izzy goes home to his mutant wife. Short-sleeve shorts worn by New Yorkers


One evening. It is a day on which the Today show broadcast a story on the disbanding of the Avengers; Ben mentions that "th'

lucky ones are in the hospital," but that he still doesn't know exactly what happened; this is an indication that this story occurs

during the "three months" between A 503 (16-31) and A:FINALE, and before the FF appear with the Avengers, including a

healed Wasp, in M/KSM 11. Fantastic Four, Inc. is working its way out of the red with revenues from trademarks and patents.

Mysterious obelisks appear around Manhattan and the island is levitated. "It is Halloween" - we see trick or treaters, but for

some reason the trees are still leafy and green. Valeria is a toddler and appears to be about 18 months old here, and that fits in

nicely with calendar placement.


The same night as FF 517. Reed stops Manhattan from levitating and the rest of the team discover the culprit, an alien named

Zius who seeks to eject the island into the sun because it contains something that can thwart the cloaking device he's been using

to shield planets from Galactus. That something turns out to be Sue, who surrenders herself to save Manhattan.


The same night as FF 518. According to FF 525, it is "a few days" before FF 523. Reed uses a new device to remove Sue's

powers, which forces Zius to restore Manhattan and leave. Reed explains that the device actually caused Sue and Johnny to

switch powers. Before Reed can switch the powers back, Galactus shows up to claim the being with Sue's invisibility powers -



The same night as FF 519. I've placed this story before PPTSS2 21 (1-15). Galactus leaves for space with Johnny, then

dispatches him to battle a challenger named Karragan. Johnny freaks himself out when he accidentally takes Karragan apart with

Sue's power, boosted by the power cosmic. Meanwhile, the rest of the FF regroup and head for space with Quasar to pursue

Galactus and Johnny.

MADROX #2 (1-6)

The night of the day after MADROX 1. Jamie arrives in Chicago, just in time to save an old friend named Stringer, a Chicago

Tribune reporter and mind-reading mutant, from being beaten up by a group of thugs. Jamie spends the night at Stringer's place

and asks to use the newspaper database in the morning. The waning crescent moon is inconsistent with the waxing crescent

moon shown in MADROX 2 (7-22).

Saturday, November 1


Probably the day after FF 520. As the FF and Quasar near Galactus' ship, Johnny tries in vain to find a green but uninhabited

planet for Galactus to eat. Johnny gets Galactus' attention by deducing why he needs heralds.


The same day as FF 521. Johnny recounts Galactus' origin. When Quasar and the FF arrive, Johnny hatches a plan to stop

Galactus from eating a planet. With the help of a gizmo whipped up by Reed, Johnny unleashes his power cosmic at Galactus,

causing both Johnny and Galactus to revert to human.


The day after DX 2. Kaufman finds and seizes the toad boy and Zapruder is furious. Absolon Mercator visits Gus in the hospital

to let him know that he witnessed the shooting. That night, Jazz pushes Toad Juice at a nightclub and encounters Mr. Mercator.

A non-mutant woman suffers a disfiguring death after taking the Toad Juice. There is no sign of there being school for Izzy's

kids, but Izzy's wife is a teacher who is grading assignments, so it's probably a weekend day during the school year. It's also a

day with mail delivery, so it's likely a Saturday.

MADROX #2 (7-22)

The day after MADROX 2 (1-6). It is "a couple days" after MADROX 1 and "three days" after the stabbing of the first Jamie

duplicate. A newspaper headline reads, "Magneto Alive Again?!?," which may mean that this segment occurs the day after A

503, in which Magneto made a public appearance. Jamie and Stringer head to the archives of the Tribune and look for the May

24th newspaper headline which Jamie remembers from absorbing the dying duplicate's memories. Stringer recognizes the girl

pictured in the article as Sheila Desoto, fiancee of millionaire industrialist Edward Vance, who has alleged ties to organized

crime. Jamie decides to head to Vance's mansion. Back in New York, mysterious assassin Clay is notified that Madrox is back

in Chicago and agrees to hunt him down. At Jamie's detective agency, a woman named Carol Campbell wants the duplicate

Jamie to investigate her quadriplegic mutant husband, who she believes is cheating on her via astral projection. In Chicago,

Madrox comes upon an outdoor pool outside the Vance mansion, and finds Desoto swimming in it. Sheila gets out and kisses

Jamie. Back in New York, Clay shoots the duplicate Jamie and the real Jamie in Chicago cries out in pain and falls into the pool.

Green grass and trees in Chicago. The waxing crescent moon is inconsistent with the waning crescent moon shown in

MADROX 2 (1-6).


The same night as MADROX 2 (7-22). The Jamie duplicate in New York survived the bullet, which merely grazed his head.

Guido tries to nab the assassin Clay, but a disturbed neighbor blows Guido out the building and Clay gets away. Rahne, on a

stakeout outside the Campbell apartment, sees Ned Campbell's astral projection leave and she follows. In Chicago, Jamie

resurfaces from the Vance pool and faints. Jamie is tossed into a closet in Vance's mansion and Sheila pleads innocence about

his presence. Jamie frees himself and overhears Vance speaking on the phone in Russian to someone. Jamie is caught

eavesdropping by Clay, who leads Jamie into the room to see Vance. When Jamie pleads ignorance about knowing what Vance

was talking about, an evil duplicate of Vance's emerges and says that Jamie knows Russian. Bishop appears in a police car with

Izzy, who is in uniform, so this story must occur after DX 2. Green, leafy trees. Waxing crescent moon.

MADROX #4 - FB (4-18)

The same night as MADROX 3. It is "a few hours" before MADROX 4. Because of Izzy's uniform in DX 3, Bishop must

appear here before DX 4. Jamie confronts his evil duplicate, who he realizes he created when his head hit the bottom of the pool.

Jamie realizes this duplicate is his self-loathing manifesting itself. Sheila admits to Vance that she married the duplicate Jamie

some time back. Vance tells Clay to give the evil duplicate a gun, to kill Jamie but Jamie remembers the memories of his

Buddhist monk duplicate and reabsorbs the evil duplicate without having to touch him. He escapes with Sheila and they drive

away. Jamie tells her of the death of her husband and Shiela concludes the killer was Clay. Shiela explains that Vance, feeling

threatened by rumors of a mystery mutant who's taking down all of Chicago's crime-lords, believed Jamie was this mystery

mutant and sought to have him killed. Jamie suspects Stringer being the mystery mutant, so he arranges to meet with Stringer at

a newspaper warehouse. In New York, Rahne, follows Ned's astral projection and sees that Ned's having an affair with a man.

Ned spots Rahne and his astral projection form battles her. Rahne claws the projection, causing Ned to have a seizure in his bed.

Jamie confronts Stringer, who denies he's the mutant trying to take over the crime gangs in Chicago. Just then, a flare gun sets

the warehouse up in flames and Jamie and Stringer get separated as they try to flee. Green, leafy trees. Waxing crescent moon.


The same night as MADROX 4-FB. As Jamie searches for Stringer, a piece of burning ceiling falls down on him and the impact

creates another duplicate, who flees, leaving Jamie trapped in the debris. Stringer almost makes it to the exit, when he is

confronted by Sheila, who turns into a monster and slays Stringer. Clay appears and it becomes clear these two are the ones

taking over the crime gangs. Sheila tells Clay to go hunt down Jamie and finish him off. Green, leafy trees. Waxing crescent


MADROX #5 (1-8)

The same night as MADROX 4. Rahne, Guido, and Jamie's duplicate are back at Jamie's office when Carol Campbell calls to

tell them that Ned passed away in his sleep. Rahne blames herself. In Chicago, Clay finds Jamie trapped under the fallen debris.

Clay admits he killed Jamie's duplicate on Sheila's orders because the duplicate figured out her plans to control the crime gangs.

The duplicate who abandoned the building returns, whacks Clay over the head, and frees Jamie. Jamie discovers that Clay is

capable of duplicating himself as well. The floor collapses around them, separating Jamie from Clay. Jamie flees the building,

carrying Stringer, who dies in his arms. Green, leafy trees. Waxing crescent moon.

GRAVITY #4 (16-23)

One night. Greg goes with Frog to a party, where Greg sees Lauren with another guy and leaves. Outside, the Greenwich

Guardian calls for Gravity again. Frog reveals the Guardian was soundly defeated by the Jester on the NYU campus a couple

years ago. He hadn't been seen since, until recently. Guardian reveals he heard from Black Death. They're meeting him at an

abandoned warehouse. While talking, the Guardian puts on the device and reveals it's actually a graviton trap. He suspends

Gravity and reveals himself to be Black Death. Green trees in New York.

GRAVITY #5 (4-19)

The same night as GRAV 4 (16-23). It is the "year" after GRAV 5-FB. Gravity awakens from a reverie still captive of Black

Death and now in the middle of the NYU campus. Black Death goes on a tirade while he starts tearing up parts of the campus,

using the graviton trap to harness Gravity's powers against his will. Gravity eventually reasserts control and destroys the trap.

He and Black Death fight and Gravity wins. Black Death then melts away before Gravity's eyes. After seeing that Gravity

needed no help, Spider-Man makes his presence known, then he leaves for a date, presumably with M.J. Green grass and trees in

New York. Full moon.

Sunday, November 2

GRAVITY #5 (20-21)

Probably the morning after GRAV 5 (4-19). As Quasar flies by, Lauren is with a guy at the bakery when she spots Greg. He

tells her he's going back home to re-evaluate his plans. She tells him to stay and not give up. Quasar may appear here during the

day or two he's in New York between FF 522 and 523. Green trees in New York.

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #12 (21:3)

One "weekend" day. Zuzha and Major Mapleleaf spend time with family.


The day after DX 3. Bishop and Izzy investigate the nightclub death and learn that they must find the girl's boyfriend, who stole

a bag of Toad Juice tablets from Jazz. Izzy learns he's getting a promotion while Gus is let go from the force. Mercator rescues

the toad boy from Kaufman's compound and cures him of his mutation. That night, Bishop and Izzy track the Toad Juice thief to

a party. Izzy switches from uniform to plain clothes here. It is "thirty years" after DX 4-FB.

DISTRICT X #5 (1-3)

The same day as DX 4. Bishop and Izzy are too late; a bunch of non-mutant partygoers dies from taking the Toad Juice. Green

grass and shrubs in New York

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #12/2 - FB (2:2)

One day. Inger points to a criminal who is walking out of a door onto the street. Inger has come up with the idea of tracking

down wanted criminals to ensure that Nina doesn't kill an innocent person.

MADROX #5 (9-21)

The day after MADROX 5 (1-8). This segment occurs before XF3 1-FB (14). In New York, Jamie's duplicate, Rahne, and

Guido are in the mutant bar with Carol Campbell, helping her cope with the death of her husband. There Carol confronts the

man with who Ned had an affair and she sets him and herself on fire. The duplicate puts them out with a fire extinguisher and

they call 911. In Chicago, Jamie returns to Vance's place and breaks in on a scene in which Sheila is trying to console Vance,

saying Jamie must have used a mutant power to force Jamie into marrying her. Clay stands in the background. Jamie confronts

them and, after explaining the truth about Sheila, dupes her into confirming the truth. Vance kills Sheila and Clay and lets Jamie

live. Jamie returns to New York on a bus. Late that night, Jamie arrives back in his office and meets back up with his duplicate,

Rahne, and Guido. Nobody wants to talk about the disasters their first cases were, but Guido reveals they've renamed Jamie's

detective agency "X-Factor Investigations." Green, leafy trees. Waxing crescent moon.

Monday, November 3


Perhaps a day or two after FF 522. According to FF 525, it is "a few days" after FF 519 and "a little while" before FF 525 (12-

21). According to the FF Handbook, this story occurs before SSBRB 2-FB (13-16). It is a school day (Sister Mary Catherine

may be teaching an after-school class given that we see kids out of school earlier in the day). Quasar attunes himself to sense the

location of Galactus' essence and takes off. The FF and Alicia teach Galen something about humanity and he exiles himself to

another dimension to hide from the essence and save worlds. Then Reed tries to switch Sue's and Johnny's powers back, but the

attempt strips the FF of their powers and gives them to four other people. It is snowing in New York, where we see both bare

and green trees and people skating outdoors; this is inconsistent with the Halloween setting of FF 517.


The same day as FF 523. The FF's powers go bouncing from person to person in Manhattan. Reed devises gauntlets that allow

his team to regain their powers by touching the people who have them. Reed gives fake gauntlets to Ben and plans to absorb the

Thing's power himself to spare Ben further time in monstrous form. Ben catches on and accepts the Thing's power. The team

returns home and joyfully responds to a trouble alarm from the Microverse. We see green shrubbery and people wearing coats in

New York.

DISTRICT X #5 (4-17)

The day after DX 5 (1-3). It is "three days" before DX 7-FB. Zapruder bombs Kaufman's club. Bishop and Izzy investigate and

encounter Mercator, who they fight and barely escape with their lives. That evening, Bishop has dinner at Izzy's.

Tuesday, November 4

DISTRICT X #5 (18-23)

The day after DX 5 (4-17). A violent gang war breaks out between Zapruder's and Kaufman's crews. Bishop and Izzy race to

the scene, but Izzy has forgotten his gun at home, where Mercator shows up and fails to stop Izzy's son from accidentally

shooting his sister. Green trees and light clothing in New York.


The same day as DX 5 (18-23). Mercator heals Izzy's daughter but flees when Izzy arrives and believes Mercator attacked his

family. Bishop and the police arrest Zapruder, Kaufman, and their crews, then they go after Mercator, who's determined to

destroy District X. Mercator is defeated and jailed. Izzy's son confesses to the shooting of his sister.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #12 (21:4-22)

One day, "one week" after C&DP 12 (1-21). Nick Fury visits Cable at Nathan's South Pacific island, Providence. Nathan is

receiving thousands of applications for immigration to the island.


One day. For the first time, Powerhouse is visited in prison by her admirer.

GENERATION M #5 - FB (6:1-6:2)

One day. Ken and Sally notice that Minnie is getting smaller.

Wednesday, November 5

FANTASTIC FOUR #525 (1-11)

One day, probably a couple of days after FF 524. No sooner do the FF return from the Microverse than they are lured into a trap

by Diablo, who insists that Reed let him use the FF's time machine to right some wrongs during the Spanish Inquisition. Diablo

gives Reed "two days" to consider and threatens to turn the city to gold if he refuses.

GRAVITY #5 (22:1-22:2)

One day. Greg is berated by Prof. Busha, but is going to class again, even though he's no longer sitting with Lauren.


One day, shortly after BW4 6 (9-22). This segment occurs during the "week" before BW5 1 (13-23). In Texas, a man named

Mikey urges Jason Williams to exact revenge on the Black Widow for crippling him and killing Jason's dad. At the White

House, Nick Fury is called on the carpet for the "retired" Black Widow's assassination of McMasters. Presumably that night in

Havana, Natasha (who's "nearly forty") seeks refuge with Yelena Belova (who's "not yet thirty"). Fury visits Daredevil in New

York and tells him that Natasha will top the most wanted list "as of tomorrow." Green grass and trees in Washington, DC.

Thursday, November 6

FANTASTIC FOUR #525 (12-21)

The day after FF 525 (1-11). It is "a little while" after FF 523. It is a mail delivery day. Reed works on a way to track Diablo

and Sue subs for the cranky Johnny in handling the FF's business affairs with Jian. The FF experience unusual dreams that Reed

determines are one another's.


One day, three days after DX 5 (4-17). A mailman finds Gus' body.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #12/2 (1:1-1:2)

One day. Dum Dum Dugan gives money to Louis for the tip that Nina Price is a vampire. He then points a gun at Louis and tells

him never to tell this story to anyone ever again.

ELEKTRA v2 #35

One night. It is supposed to be "three years to the day" after DD 181, but while this may indeed be the anniversary of Elektra's

"death," it must be much more than three years after. Elektra and Matt encounter each other at her grave site.

Friday, November 7


The day after FF 525 (12-21). Reed determines that the dream fever the FF and Alicia are experiencing is something they

brought back with them from the Microverse. Afflicted with the fever himself, Diablo uses the Philosopher's Stone to eliminate

it. Reed takes the stone and uses it to cure himself and his friends, but Diablo uses the capture of the stone as a way to access the

Baxter Building, which he's turned to stone. Diablo mistakes an inter-dimensional transporter for the FF's time machine and

inadvertently sends himself to another world. The Baxter Building reverts to normal and Sue talks to Johnny about his dreams.

This story probably occurs before M/KSM 11 and HERC 1-FB (7-9).

GRAVITY #5 (22:3)

One day. Greg walks by some of the damage on the NYU campus from his fight with Black Death in GRAV 5 (4-19). Green

tree and jacket and hat weather in New York.

GENERATION M #5 - FB (6:3)

One day. Sally takes Minnie in for a check-up.

Saturday, November 8


One day, "two weeks" after M/KSM 7 (4:1). It is "three weeks" after M/KSM 6 (4-22) and is probably more than just "four

weeks and five days" after M/KSM 1 (16-23). Given that this storyline culminates in the end of Mac Gargan's career as the

Scorpion, this segment must occur after SECWAR 5. Early one morning, Black Cat tells Spidey that Fortunato bought the

Venom symbiote for his son Angelo. That day, Angelo receives the symbiote. That night, Peter and M.J. attend Peter's high

school reunion (thus I place this segment on a Saturday), where Angelo as Venom attacks Peter. Peter is noted as being in his

"twenties," but that can't be right. Full moon.


The same night as M/KSM 7 (4-21). It is "two days" before M/KSM 8 (22-23). Peter still has his mechanical web-shooters here,

another clue that places M/KSM 1-12 before PPTSS2 15-20. Spidey fights the new Venom and Angelo dies after the symbiote

abandons him. During the battle, an innocent man dressed as Spidey is killed.


The same night as M/KSM 8 (1-16). Eddie Brock tries unsuccessfully to commit suicide. We see a close-up shot of Eddie Brock's slit wrist.


The same night as SENSM2 38-FB (3:4). Eddie Brock lies on the floor with more blood coming from his slit wrist. Spidey vows to stop Jameson's competition for his true identity.

Sunday, November 9


Probably the day after M/KSM 8 (1-16). Because JJJ is a Spidey fan after this segment, I place this segment after ASMU2 10 (5-

11). Peter dupes Jameson into thinking that his son John is Spider-Man and Jameson gives Peter half a million dollars for the

information. Peter gives the money to a struggling waitress.

THOR v2 #82 (15:2-23)

One day, "many days" after T2 82 (14-15). This segment probably occurs after S-H3 8 (18-22). Thor and company, joined by

Valkyrie and the one-armed Sif, battle Durok and Fenris Wolf. Durok and Valkyrie fall and Beta Ray Bill - probably here after

S-H3 8 - enters the fray.

THOR v2 #83

The same day as T2 82 (15-23). Beta Ray Bill slays Fenris Wolf and Loki's hordes flee. Thor appoints Bill king of the

Asgardians while he goes to Hildstalf to find Odin's wisdom. There Thor encounters the Odin Force in the form of a ghost boy

who has Thor pluck out his eyes to find wisdom. After Thor discovers that Ragnarok is a cycle, the Odin Power tells him he

must die and be reborn.

THOR v2 #84

The same day as T 83. Thor regains the Odinforce and defies Those Who Sit Above in Shadow. He defeats Mangog and Loki

and destroys the Asgard that Loki magically rebuilt for himself. Then Thor declares that he will bring Ragnarok.

THOR v2 #85 (1-9)

The same day as T 84. Upon seeing that Those Who Sit Above in Shadow get their power from the cycle of Ragnaroks that

befall the Norse Gods, Thor sends Surtur to Asgard to give his compatriots one final battle.


The same day as T2 85 (1-9). Surtur stands over the battlefield.

THOR v2 #85 (10-11)

The same day as SSBRB 1-FB (14:6). Sif, Volstagg, and Bill press onward through the battle.

FANTASTIC FOUR #537 - FB (5-6)

The same day as T2 85 (10-11). The laws of time in hell may be different, and although Doom's time there may seem to be

short, months may have passed since he was trapped there in FF 537-FB (1-4). Ragnarok rends tears in the fabric of hell, from

which Doom is able to see the Asgardians' battle, which includes Loki, Balder, and Volstagg. Doom leaps into a tear in the

dimensional plane.


The same day as FF 537-FB (5-6). Beta Ray Bill continues to fight alongside the Asgardians.

THOR v2 #85 (12:1) ~ STORMBREAKER: THE SAGA OF BETA RAY BILL #1 - FB (6:1-6:3)

The same day as SSBRB 1-FB (4-5). Sif and Volstagg are killed in battle.

THOR v2 #85 (12:2)

The same day as T2 85 (12:1). Bill knocks back a bunch of foes with his hammer.


The same day as T2 85 (12:2). Sif lies motionless on the battlefield.

THOR v3 #1 (4)

The same day as SSBRB 1-FB (14:7). The battle continues to rage.

THOR v2 #85 (12:3-24)

The same day as T3 1 (4). This segment occurs before HERC 1-FB (7-9) and ARES 1 (12-22). Thor removes Beta Ray Bill from the scene and then destroys the tapestry thread that causes the Ragnarok cycle. In doing so, he makes the destruction of Asgard permanent. The remaining Norse gods die, except for Thor, who appears to transcend corporeal form and enters a great sleep.

THOR v3 #1 (5)

The same day as T2 85 (12-24). Thor joins Don Blake in the void.

FANTASTIC FOUR #537 - FB (7-8:2)

The same day as T2 85 (12-24). Doom sees Thor's hammer in the dimensional rift and tries to reach it but fails. The

dimensional rift must be a tear in time; both Doom and the hammer likely are deposited back on earth months after this point,

with Doom's return in FF 537-FB (8:3-8:5) occurring exactly a year after FF 537-FB (1-4).

Monday, November 10


One day, probably right after T2 85 (12-24). This event occurs "two years" before T3 4 (3-23). Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg show up at a refugee camp in Africa as mortal guards with new identities and no memories of their former lives.


One day, "six weeks" after CA&F 14-FB (2-7), during which time Cap has searched for Falcon and the anti-Cap to no avail.

Leila's finished her expose on Westbrook and Congress will hold hearings "in a few weeks." Joe Robertson gives Cap a lead that

takes him to Paris, where he finds and fights the anti-Cap. Upon being defeated, the anti-Cap kills himself with a speeding

subway train. Redwing leads Cap to what he hopes will be Sam.


The same night as CA&F 14-FB (8-21). Cap races after Redwing to a cemetery. Green grass and trees in Paris.


The same night as CA&F 14 (1). I've placed this segment before A:FINALE. At the cemetery at "4:21 AM" local time, Cap

finds the Falcon's costume. A Falcon mini-series was supposed to have followed this issue, but it has not been published; Sam is

back in A:FINALE, which presumably follows that unpublished series. Green grass and trees and rain in Paris.


One night, "two days" after M/KSM 8 (1-16). The man behind the abduction of Aunt May and the reward for Spidey's identity

calls Peter and tells him to meet him "for lunch tomorrow." Full moon.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #12/2 (1:3)

One night. At a restaurant, Nina tells her waiter her steak is not rare as she ordered.

Tuesday, November 11


The day after M/KSM 8 (22-23). It may be more than just a "month" after M/KSM 6 (4-22) and "a few weeks" after M/KSM 5.

Osborn has "been locked up for two or three months" since PULSE 5 (22). This story must occur before BEYOND 1. Peter

meets the mystery man and learns it's Mac Gargan, the Scorpion. Gargan tells Peter he's known his secret identity for "coming

up on a year this Christmas." Gargan tells Peter about a large, long-standing super-villain program involving a corporate cabal

and tells him Osborn's knowledge of it puts him in danger at prison. Gargan asks Peter to break Osborn out of prison "tomorrow

at midnight," before Doc Ock has a chance to kill him "this weekend." A student shows up at Peter's for help with a paper "due

tomorrow." Gargan returns to his place, only to encounter the Venom symbiote. Bare trees in New York. People are wearing

jackets and it's cold enough to see people's breaths, but a bistro is still serving patrons lunch outdoors.

MYSTIQUE #20 (7-8)

One day, "more than three weeks" after MYS 20 (1-6). Xavier has Forge and Mystique abandon a mission in Tokyo to come to


GRAVITY #5 (22:4)

One day. Greg plays video games with Frog.


One day during the "week" after BW5 1 (1-12). After a visit with a psychiatrist, Martin Ferris is given a proposition by Kestrel.

Yelena, who hasn't even fired a gun in "years," sends Natasha on a mission to go back to Florida to free up the black market

supply of medical supplies for Cuban prostitutes suffering from AIDS. Presumably that night, Natasha and a squad of Cuban

special forces raids the black market warehouse. There she finds a shipment of Gynacon Medusagen and discovers that it came

from a place near Miami Beach. The black market guys are killed and the special forces head back to Cuba with the medicine,

while Natasha elects to remain in Florida "for a few days" to investigate. Meanwhile, Kestrel and Ferris are on the lookout for

Black Widow. Green grass and autumn and bare trees.

Wednesday, November 12

MYSTIQUE #20 (9-10)

Probably the day after MYS 20 (7-8). Forge and Mystique meet Xavier and Callisto in Genosha. Xavier sends them on a

mission to Monte Carlo to find the missing Shortpack.

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #12 (21:4)

One day. The Plodex child spends time in the sea with Namor.


The day after BW5 1 (13-23). It is "two weeks" and the "month" after BW4 6 (9-22),"a week and a half" before BW5 2 (12),

and "three, four weeks" before BW5 (18-22). Natasha breaks into the doctor's house and gets the doctor to confess to operating

on Sally Anne.


The rainy night of the day after M/KSM 9. Felicia suggests that it's been "three months" since M/KSM 1 (1-15) but it may be

only two months (three months inclusive). Despite M.J.'s objections, Spidey and Black Cat go to Ryker's to break Osborn out of

prison, where the Rhino has been for at least a "week," perhaps following his capture in ASMU2 10 (5-11). I presume that

Rhino is released from Ryker's after this and appears next in ASMU2 13, a story in which it appears he has no outstanding


Thursday, November 13


The early morning after M/KSM 10 (1-10). At "ninety seconds" after midnight, Spidey and Black Cat spring Osborn and the

three escape, but the heroes are double-crossed by Osborn and ambushed by the Sinister Twelve, including Scorpion/Venom.


The same early morning as M/KSM 10 (11-23). According to Tom Brevoort, this story is intended to occur after A 503; the

Wasp must appear here after her recovery from Disassembled, and since the FF are also here, this story must occur after FF 526

because of the Thing's remarks in FF 517. The Wasp is probably here shortly before PPTSS2 20, following the travel abroad

mentioned in A:FINALE. As the villains gang up on Spidey, the Goblin goes off to kill M.J. Cap, Iron Man, Yellowjacket,

Wasp, FF, and Daredevil (here after DD2 60) show up and relieve Spidey, who hastens to save M.J. After getting waylaid by

Scorpion/Venom, Spidey encounters the Goblin with the unconscious M.J. on a bridge. Full moon.


The same rainy morning as M/KSM 11. It is a "few months" after M/KSM 1 and "two entire months" after M/KSM 5. Spidey

and the Goblin fight, M.J. shoots Norman, and Spidey saves M.J. from a fall off the bridge. Doc Ock attacks Norman and they

both fall off the bridge. Spidey deduces where Aunt May is and digs her out of a grave, where Norman has kept her alive and

anesthetized. After sunrise, Captain America fishes the surviving Doc Ock out of the river; Norman is not found. Spidey visits

Black Cat in the hospital.

GRAVITY #5 (22:5)

One day. Greg visits the still-hospitalized woman he saved in GRAV 1.


One day. Matt Murdock listens to an audio tape Natasha sent to him in the mail. Natasha's message states that she's taken up

fighting crime (to get to Sally Anne).

MYSTIQUE #20 (11-22)

Probably the night of the day after MYS 20 (9-10). Mystique runs into Shepard while looking for Shortpack at a Monte Carlo

casino. Then, Forge and Mystique encounter Fantomex, who tells them that Shortpack has gone after Steinbeck. Mystique runs

off and Xavier has Forge cut the scrambler that shields Mystique from detection by her enemies. Shortpack is held captive by

Shepard and the Quiet Man, who reveals himself to be Steinbeck. Waning crescent moon.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #12/2 (1:4)

One night. Vampire Nina Price kills a criminal and drinks his blood.

Friday, November 14


One day, sometime before FR:MM 1/4. Reed and Sue decide to give Franklin a present because he's been so well-behaved lately. Although Franklin was hoping for a dog, it turns out to be a hamster and Franklin's disappointed. "Later" in his lab, Reed talks with the mayor about his "instant reconstructor." HERBIE finds Franklin about to use Reed's transmutanator on the hamster to turn him into dog, but the settings aren't right and the hamster grows to enormous size. HERBIE captures the monster hamster in a force field and sends it to the roof where it won't damage Reed's lab. By the time HERBIE and Franklin reach the roof, the hamster has burst out of the force field and is now wreaking havoc through the city. HERBIE steals the instant reconstructor out from under Reed's nose, zaps the hamster wheel and provides it, skyscraper-size, to the monster hamster, who happily starts running in it. "Soon" Reed comes up to the roof looking for his instant reconstructor only to find HERBIE and Franklin playing with the returned-to-normal-size hamster.


The day after MYS 20 (11-22). Xavier has Forge follow up on finding Shortpack in Monte Carlo. In Cannes, Fantomex learns

of Mystique's mission for Shepard and in return for his silence he has Mystique go to the Virgin Islands to steal a discarded

Spider-Man costume from a man who bought it online. To ensure Fantomex's silence, Mystique stabs him, infects him with a

techno-organic virus, and dumps him into the ocean. With her scrambler now shut off, Mystique is found by U.S. authorities.


The same night as MYS 21. Steinbeck reveals his motives to Shortpack. Mystique escapes the authorities and is rescued by

Shepard, who orders her to go to Genosha and kill Xavier "tonight" or Shortpack will be killed. Mystique teleports to Genosha

and, posing as Prudence, wakes Xavier. The full moon conflicts with the waning crescent moon shown in MYS 20 (11-22).


The same night as MYS 22. Since Logan is in his Reload costume here, this story must occur after ASTONX3 1 (18:3-18:5).

Mystique stabs and wounds Xavier before being driven away by Forge. Raven returns to her New York pad at supersonic speed

and encounters Logan and Rogue. A battle and explosion ensues and Mystique escapes and gets to a Brooklyn hospital, where

she is detected by the Quiet Man and Shepard.

MYSTIQUE #24 (1-17)

The same night as MYS 23. It is "days" before MYS 24 (18-22). This segment must occur before WX:DOFN 1-FB (15:3-

15:4). Shepard shows up at the hospital but is sandbagged by Mystique and a recovered Fantomex. After severing Shepard's left

hand, Mystique teleports to the Quiet Man in Niagara Falls. After a battle, Quiet Man blows up and Mystique and Shortpack are

separated. Shepard escapes from Fantomex. Green grass and trees in New York.

Saturday, November 15


One day. Franklin is frustrated because he's not sure whether a girl named Katie likes him or not. He realizes that he'd be able

to figure out what she thinks about him if he borrows his dad's telepathy helmet, which he finds in the lab. As soon as Franklin

turns the helmet on, he starts receiving an image of himself tied to a chair. Worried about "who's got it in for" him, he checks

out other people in the building. Sue enjoys a cup of coffee in the kitchen and is thinking about the beach. Reed's in the lab

thinking of equations. Ben's watching TV and thinking about steak and root beer. Johnny's playing video games and listening

to tunes. Franklin is even more frustrated and starts picking up images of him duct taped to a bed. HERBIE tries to calm him

down, but then Franklin gets an image of himself strapped to the outside of a rocket and being blasted towards the moon.

Franklin continues concentrating until he discovers that his captor is HERBIE. Franklin's upset but HERBIE reminds him that

his prime directive is to protect him and he can't override his programming. Franklin then remembers that he wanted to read

Katie's thoughts in the first place and dashes off to find her.


One day during the "week and a half" between BW5 2 (3-7) and BW5 2 (12-17). Natasha beats up a thug in a back alley.

X-MEN #161

One day, "quite some time" after UX 412 (4-24). Sabretooth tells Logan, "can't I go anywhere without runnin' into you, runt?"

(an indication that this story occurs shortly after W3 19). Juggernaut now appears in a new gray/yellow costume, which places

this story after ROGUE 1 and XU2 4 (5-12). Led by Exodus and Black Tom, and including Sabretooth - fresh from WX2 28

(19-21) - and the extra-dimensional Nocturne, the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants strikes in Philadelphia. The X-Men,

without the Juggernaut and the still blind Gambit, show up and battle the villains, who retreat. The X-Men return to the Institute,

where we see green grass and trees. Sammy's mother thinks about going out with Cain and Annie leaves the Institute, fearing for

the safety of her son. The Brotherhood plan to attack the Institute and Tom introduces his secret weapon, Juggernaut. Green

grass and trees and autumn leaves in Philadelphia.

X-MEN v2 #162

The same day as X 161. It is "a few months" after EX3 48. Xorn (revealed as the brother of the original Xorn, he must have

been hanging around Xavier's BTS for a while now) tells Alex and Emma that Magneto was not responsible for the destruction

of Manhattan, but rather someone else in their midst who he has yet to determine. Sammy discovers Juggernaut hanging with the

Brotherhood and when the villains attack the boy, Cain retaliates. The X-Men arrive on the scene and are defeated by the

Brotherhood. Green trees at Westchester. Full moon.

X-MEN v2 #163

The same night as X 162. It must be more than "a few weeks" after EX3 48. As Annie leaves, Carter detects that Sammy's dead.

Gambit, Rogue, Northstar, and Mindee defend the Institute against an attack by the Brotherhood. Havok's team, joined by

Nocturne, regroup. Green, leafy trees at Westchester.

X-MEN v2 #164

The same night as X 163. This story occurs before A4 20. The X-Men battle the Brotherhood, and when a cook from Xavier's is

killed, Nocturne phases into Black Tom and Xorn decides to suck the villains into his black hole mind. Mindee mind-wipes the

Brotherhood and Juggernaut volunteers to get sucked along with the villains so he can look after Nocturne. After getting rid of

the threat, Xorn leaves to meditate on his action. Annie and Carter drive away with an evil, invisible passenger. Sabretooth (in

his second costume) does not get sucked into the black hole; rather, Logan carves him up. I would say that this leaves Creed free

to pop up next in SABRETOOTH2 1. The events of this issue are referenced in NX 7. Green, leafy trees at Westchester.

Sunday, November 16

WEAPON X: DAYS OF FUTURE NOW #1 - FB (15:3-15:4)

One day. This flashback must occur after MYS 24 (1-17). Having been sabotaged by an old Weapon Plus program, E.V.A.

strikes out at Fantomex.

WEAPON X v2 #25 (22-23)

The same day as WX:DOFN 1-FB (15:4-15:5). E.V.A. deactivates herself and crash lands with Fantomex inside.


The same day as WX2 25 (22-23). A shot of Fantomex's right arm amid the debris of the crash.


One day, "several months" before SSBRB 2. According to the FF Handbook, this flashback occurs after FF 523. A young

Korbinite scientist named Ven spots an image of what appears to be Ashta in distant space heading towards his planet. He is

afraid to tell anyone at first, thinking they'll believe him insane. He goes home and tells his girlfriend Sala and she convinces

him to tell the head scientists. Ven goes reports his findings to his superiors, who agree to look over his work. They take their

findings to the head scientists, who hold a council meeting about Ven's work. The military barges in and says that if it is Ashta

approaching, they're taking over, as it's a military threat now.

GRAVITY #5 (23:1-23:3)

One day. Greg does a computer search and finds his name.


One day, probably after DX 6. This story occurs after NYX 7 (1-41). One night, Kurt and Rachel share a kiss during a Danger

Room exercise. The X-Men are called to investigate a series of mutant-related murders in District X. The daughter of a mob

boss named Parisi appears to have been kidnaped by the killer. The team has barely hours to find the killer and return Jade Parisi

to her father before the resulting media frenzy brings mutant-human relations to a boiling point. Following the evidence to a

nightclub, the X-Men discover that the killer is X-23, a 15-year-old girl with adamantium claws like Logan's. Green trees and

light clothing in Manhattan.


The same day as UX 450. The X-Men battle X-23 and discover that the people she killed were Jade's kidnapers. Jade's

defender Geech battles X-23 and the X-Men until Jade turns up safe and sound. The X-Men rescue Jade's boyfriend from the

Bacchae, then they contact Sage to relay the events of the evening, but Sage breaks contact and enters the abandoned Hellfire

Club headquarters. Green trees in Manhattan.


One day during the "week and a half" between BW5 2 (3-7) and BW5 2 (12-17). Natasha attacks a truck load of thugs who are

unloading merchandise.

Monday, November 17


One school day. Franklin digs out Reed's "speed enhancer" from the lab. He explains to HERBIE that he "lost a race in gym

class today - to a girl" and he doesn't want the incident to be repeated. He tries the harness on and starts racing around his room

a few times before darting out the door. Franklin races across the continent, but he can't slow down because the speed enhancer

goes on the fritz. After "less than two minutes," he races back to the Baxter Building, running circles around HERBIE as he tries

to explain his dilemma. HERBIE captures Franklin in a force field and removes the harness. Franklin decides to go to bed early

because he's so tired.

HERCULES #1 - FB (6:4)

One day, after S-H3 9 (22). After a "3-day drinking binge" one "wild weekend," Hercules is seen passed out in a tabloid photo.

MYSTIQUE #24 (18-22)

One day, "days" after MYS 24 (1-17). Forge encounters Mystique trying to get the interference transmitter. Mystique dupes

Forge into thinking that he's destroyed the gadget, but she has it and can now hide from the authorities again. We see people

wearing coats and scarves in Baltimore.


The day after UX 451. The X-Men track Sage to the Hellfire Club and are joined by Emma Frost. Emma and Rachel fight. The

X-Men are separated while attempting to use the Club's global transmat system, with Emma and Rachel materializing in a Hong

Kong casino, where an auction of mutant slaves is being held under the auspices of the Club. Emma faces Viper and Courtney

and Rachel attracts the attention of Selene. "Meanwhile," the other X-Men find themselves in a Paris sewer, where Bishop

shoots his teammates. Green grass and trees in Manhattan.


The same day as UX 452. After Nightcrawler teleports the team out of the sewer, it is revealed that Bishop shot his teammates to

neutralize nannite spores that infected them upon arrival. The nannites do a number on Logan's healing factor, and Bishop

instructs Kurt to get him to X-Corp Paris to recover, but they stop at a coffee house where they discuss relationships and are then

attacked. Rachel encounters Red Lotus, who notes that he's working with Courtney and Viper to shut down the mutant slave

trade. Bishop and Storm track Sage to a Hellfire Club facility where they find Sebastian Shaw and Roberto da Costa, who has

joined the Club as Black King. Roberto tells the X-Men that they're trying to shut down the slave trade. Everyone at the Club is

subdued in an attack by Donald Pierce. Storm believes that Roberto has "rejoined Cable's cause" - this is not necessarily a

reference to Roberto rejoining X-Force, but rather Nathan the Savior's movement, likely before XFOR2 1. Green trees in Paris.

Full moon.


The same night as UX 453. This story must occur before XCAL3 11 (1-3), M/TU3 1-FB, and ASTONX3 12. In Hong Kong,

Rachel defeats Selene and Emma, Courtney, and Viper hand the slavers over to the authorities. In Paris, the X-Men battle Pierce

and his Cleaning Crew and Logan is seriously injured. Shaw decapitates Pierce and is himself seriously wounded and taken

away in an ambulance. It is revealed that the Pierce attack was a scenario by Sage to get Roberto installed as Lord Imperial of

the Hellfire Club. Green trees in Paris. Full moon.


Perhaps the day after SSBRB 2-FB (13-16). The military's probes of Ashta end up destroyed as they draw near. As the military

ponders what to do next, the priests burst into their chambers and demand the truth about whether Ashta is coming. The priests

decide it's time to start making plans for evacuation.

Tuesday, November 18


One day, probably several days after M/KSM 12 (1-18). This segment probably occurs before PPTSS 19 and ASMU2 14. Mac

Gargan is locked up in Norman's old cell and his Scorpion costume is put up for auction among bad guys; the winner of that

auction may be the person who appears in the Scorpion costume in SECWAR 4-5. J. Jonah Jameson now is a Spidey supporter,

Aunt May gives Peter a pep talk, and Norman sends a letter to Peter. Peter and M.J. have sold May's condo and May is moving

back to her old house, which she's renting from the new owner. We see green trees and people wearing coats in Manhattan.

GRAVITY #5 (23:4-24)

One night. This segment probably occurs before M/TU3 15. Gravity rescues a woman and her son from a mugger with heat power.


One "Tuesday" during the "week and a half" between BW5 2 (3-7) and BW5 2 (12-17). Natasha blows up a warehouse while

opening fire on some thugs.


The day after FR:HF 1/3 (1-5). It is a school day. Katie runs across the finish line as Franklin sleeps on the track. The coach

and another child look on, confused.

Wednesday, November 19

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #12 (22:1)

One day. Having died, Centennial and Nemesis lay in their coffins.


One day. On what is probably a weekday, Spidey and Captain America fight Adriana Soria, aka "the Queen," an insect-powered

woman who is wreaking havoc in Manhattan. Nick Fury appears.


The same day as PPTSS2 15. Spidey and Cap, joined by Fury and his troops, deal with the Queen's hostage situation. Innocents

die and Cap finally pushes Ana off a skyscraper. Some folks are dressed in light clothing.

GENERATION M #5 - FB (6:4)

One day, not long after GENM 5-FB (6:3). Sally takes Minnie to the hospital for tests. It is cold enough in New York for coats,

hats, and mittens.


One day. This segment occurs after FR:HF 1 and FRSSS 1/2 (5:4-5:6) and "one week" before FR:HF 1/4 (2-5). Franklin sees an ad in his comic book for "Super Ocean-Apes." He clips the coupon for them as HERBIE warns him about the problem he had with his hamster.

Thursday, November 20

GENERATION M #5 - FB (6:5-6:6)

The day after GENM 5-FB (6:4). A doctor tells Sally and Ken that Minnie has a genetic quirk that is making her grow younger.


One day during the "week and a half" between BW5 2 (8:1-8:3) and BW5 2 (12-17). Daredevil beats up thugs who are trying

to rob a convenience store. Natasha blows up a boat full of drug dealers pulling into port in Miami.


Probably the day after PPTSS2 16. Cap briefs Fury and military and intelligence reps on the Queen and charges them to find her

and Spidey "within the next five or six days" to avoid "an extreme situation." That evening, after having a Queen-inspired dream

for the "second time this week," Peter grows two extra eyes. Green trees in New York.


The same night as PPTSS2 17. Despite Peter's appearance, M.J. tells him they have to attend a wedding that she mentioned

"three weeks ago."

Friday, November 21


The day after PPTSS2 18 (1-3). Peter and M.J. attend a wedding, which Peter flees when he feels himself continuing to morph.

Cap tells Nick Fury about the Queen's back story and her plan to detonate a bomb that will kill every human within a 600-mile

radius and thus create a utopia for insects and folks with an insect gene. Green grass and trees in New York.


The same night as PPTSS2 18 (4-21). Cyclops appears here in his new costume. May Parker is here, so I've placed this story after M/KSM 12 (19-23). Spidey morphs into a spider-creature and the Queen subdues him. Cap tells Nick Fury about the origin of the bomb. Cap calls in Thunderbolt Ross, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch II, Iron Man, Wasp, and Cyclops to find Spidey and the Queen. SHIELD intercepts a message by the Queen warning people to evacuate the east coast before the bomb is detonated "this Thursday, but Cap figures that a successful evacuation can begin in "two days," giving the heroes that long to find the bomb. It is the "Friday night" before "Thursday the twenty-third," making this the 17th of the month, but this may be topical. The Torch alludes to there being a ball game at Yankee Stadium tonight. We see green grass and trees and falling leaves and the weather is nice enough for a rooftop cookout in Manhattan.

Saturday, November 22

BLACK PANTHER v4 #8 - FB (9:2)

One day. Fearing that the X-Men will come for him one day, Erich Paine gives himself a mimicking ability.

GENERATION M #5 - FB (7:1)

One day. Doctors watch over Minnie in the hospital.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #12/2 (1:5)

One night. Nina Price butts in front of other people waiting in line for a party.

Sunday, November 23


Probably early morning, two days after PPTSS2 19 - Fury notes that they have "about five hours left," presumably before they

can begin a successful evacuation of the east coast, which Cap noted could begin in "two days" in PPTSS2 19, and which would

presumably occur at dawn; this is reinforced by Peter's mention of "breakfast" at the end of this story. Cyclops, Storm, and

Nightcrawler (in their Reload costumes) appear, as do Iron Man and two other flying heroes with capes, neither of whom is

positively identified. Aunt May's appearance here places this story after M/KSM 12, and since the Wasp is here, I'd place this

story shortly after M/KSM 12, following the travel abroad that occurs just prior to A:FINALE. Fury's presence as SHIELD head

probably places this story before SECWAR 1 (1-2). This story occurs "ages" (an exaggeration) before IHM:WOR 1 (1-10).

Super heroes and law enforcement work together to locate the Queen's bomb. The spider into which Peter has mutated dies, but

from its carcass emerges a mutated Peter Parker, now able to shoot webs naturally - placing this story sometime before TB2 3.

Peter disarms the bomb, touches base with Cap and Fury, and returns to M.J. as it starts to rain. Green trees in New York.

Monday, November 24


One day, "six months" after SECWAR 2-FB (14-19). Cap tries to talk Fury into disclosing the nature of the Latverian mission

with the other operatives.

LIVEWIRES #6 - FB (6:1-6:2)

One day. Amongst a burning mess, Jenkins reflects that they'll run out of team members before targets, so they're all destined

for annihilation.

LIVEWIRES #6 - FB (21:2-22)

The same day as LW 6-FB (6:1-6:2). It is at least "six months" before LW 6 (1-18). Amongst the burning wreckage of Project

Livewire, destroyed by the Livewires themselves, Jenkins reflects that only the programmed-for-loyalty constructs could be

trusted - and that he himself defined their goals differently from how the suits would like, setting them on their fellow covert

research programs, since they deserved it. And the revised objectives mean the Project Livewire humans have to die. Before

Social crushes his head, he asks that his glasses be given to one of their yet-to-be-activated Stem Cells.


One day, "one week" after FR:HF 1/4 (1). Franklin has received his Super Ocean-Apes and has them in a fish bowl. HERBIE

inadvertently reminds Franklin of Reed's "accelerated growth powder" and Franklin's off to the lab, where Reed runs tests on

Squid Kid. Franklin and HERBIE then race by with an enlarged brine shrimp chasing them. Reed's oblivious, but Squid Kid

sees the danger and leaps out after them. The monster corners Franklin and HERBIE in the hangar when Squid Kid grabs the

giant shrimp from behind. There's a slight tussle, but then Squid Kid and the shrimp fall in love and begin kissing. "Later"

Franklin and HERBIE wave goodbye to the happy couple as the Fantasticar flies them on autopilot out to the ocean. Franklin

then turns to admire the ad in another comic book for x-ray specs.


One day, "a week and a half" after BW5 2 (3-7). Natasha calls up Rafael Perez, the head of organized crime in Miami, and says

she's making his life a living hell because she wants info on where they took Sally Anne to. Matt is back inside his office, and he

plays Natasha's audiotape for Nick Fury. They make the connection that Natasha is attacking organized crime in Miami. Agents

Kestrel and Martin Ferris are in Miami interrogating some of the local drug dealers about what they know about Natasha

attacking organized crime there.


One night. Spidey encounters the Marauders, a group of guys who try to get beaten up by super-heroes. Full moon.

Tuesday, November 25


The early morning after BW5 2 (12-17). It is "three, four weeks" after BW5 2 (3-7). Rafael Perez has just finished having

dinner with Bobby Campero, a corrupt corporate guy who's in bed with the sinister agents who kidnaped Sally Anne. Perez asks

Campero to just tell Natasha where Sally Anne is, but Campero is afraid he'll be killed if he gives up that info. He leaves Perez's

house and drives off, but is ambushed by Natasha. They pull over along the side of the road and she starts to interrogate him, but

she doesn't know that there's a sniper's bead on her from above.


The same day as BW5 2 (18-22). This segment occurs "30 years" after BW5 3-FB. Just before "3 A.M.," Ferris tries to strafe

Natasha from his helicopter, but he's attacked and forced to land by Fury in another chopper. Kestrel loses Natasha, but Bobby

gets shot. Daredevil shows up, but Natasha tells him to go home to Hells' Kitchen, which she notes as "gentrified." As Sally

Anne McMasters recuperates at Darien Gap, she befriends a Chilean woman named Mariela, who gives her a history lesson about

Ochoa and his role in torture in Chile. Fury is captured and beaten by Ferris. He's up for a Congressional hearing "in his near



The same day as BW5 3. Rafael Perez, tells Bobby Campero's wife that he will get Bobby back alive. They are suddenly

interrupted by Jason Williams, who says he's hunting Natasha on his own personal vendetta and is willing to work for Rafael. At

Darien Gap, Sally Anne and Mariela witness another prisoner being taken to an interrogation room.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v5 #1 - FB (9:5)

One day, sometime after A 503 (16-31). Dressed in an overcoat, Steve Rogers visits Hawkeye's grave. We see bare trees.

SHE-HULK v3 #11

One day, after A 503 (16-31). This story occurs during the "year" before S-H4 7. Given that in S-H3 12, Hank Pym has "come

back stateside" (maybe for Thanksgiving), this story probably occurs during the time just before A:FINALE that Hank and Jan

are back from being abroad following her recovery - a time that also includes M/KSM 11 and PPTSS2 19-20. It is supposed to

be "just a couple of weeks" after S-H3 8 (18-22) and a "few weeks" after S-H3 9 (16-21), but also "many weeks" after S-H3 10

(4-22); the source for the latter reference is an alien Elder and it may, oddly, be most accurate. The Mad Thinker is not

incarcerated in this issue. Now trained in the use of her power gem, Titania disposes of Champion and attacks GLK&H, severely

injuring Mallory Book. Titania then finds She-Hulk, who is talking to Doc Samson (here without eyepatch) about her

transformations. During her attack, She-Hulk turns back to Jen Walters. Green grass and trees in New York.

SHE-HULK v3 #12 (1-19)

The same day as S-H3 11. It is a "year" before S-H4 2 (4-20). Southpaw escapes the ruins of GLK&H. Unable to see She-Hulk

in her Jen form, Titania ends up battling Doc Samson, Spidey, the FF, Cap, Iron Man, Yellowjacket, Wasp (in fine health),

Hercules (now working for Damage Control and apparently copacetic with Cap and Shellhead), and Awesome Android (who is

severely injured). Jen, enlisting the aid of comic fans and Ditto, finds a way to trick Titania and take her power gem. Green trees

in New York.

SHE-HULK v4 #14 - FB (14:1)

The same day as S-H3 12 (1-19). Awesome Andy observes as the EMS and fire department respond to the carnage at GLK&H.


It must be the same day as S-H3 12 (1-19). This event occurs before NA:I2 2. She-Hulk hands the power gem over to Reed


Wednesday, November 26

SHE-HULK v3 #12 (20-22)

Probably the day after S-H3 12 (1-19). This segment occurs before S-H4 4-FB (2-8). Mallory is in the hospital, Southpaw is on

the lam with the Mad Thinker's severed head, Awesome Andy won't talk to Ditto, and Hercules works with Damage Control.

Titania is shrunken and imprisoned in the successor to the Big House, the Lang Memorial Penitentiary. Jennifer can no longer

turn into She-Hulk; Doc Samson says it's a mental thing and to give it time - so some time must pass between now and stories in

which Jen can change into She-Hulk again, such as M/TU3 11 and FOES 2-6. GLK&H plan to rebuild and be back in business

in "eight months," so if things stayed on schedule, it's eight months before S-H4 1.


The day after BW5 4 (1-4). After having bad dreams all night, Sally Anne awakens to find the evil scientists who run the place

have come for her. Natasha and Bobby Campero are on a boat in the swamp waterways of Cuba heading to the Darien Gap

facility. Matt is at Guantanamo Bay checking on Nick Fury, who's showing signs of having been tortured. Blair taunts Matt,

saying they're going to keep Fury there forever. Matt attacks Blair and the guards, knocking them out. (One of the guards

doesn't make the widely known connection between Matt and Daredevil.) Fury tells Matt to escape, and he promptly does just as

more guards burst in. Rafael and Jason have come to an agreement to have Jason hunt down Natasha and rescue Bobby

Campero. Natasha breaks into the Darien Gap facility and rescues Sally Anne, who's been experimented on and is in a drug

induced stupor. Natasha sets off some explosives to provide cover for their escape, but some of the guards spot her.


One day. It is the day before Thanksgiving. In looking for his dad, Franklin walks through a dimensional gateway and finds an

alternate reality Reed who's a turkey in a world populated by intelligent turkeys. As Franklin and HERBIE try to return to their

reality, they are captured by the Turkey Universe FF show. Turkey Universe Reed kicks on his universal translator and offers to

have Franklin be a part of their annual Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. "Soon" Franklin and HERBIE are isolated in force field

chambers and realize that they're to be part of the Thanksgiving meal itself. Turkey Universe Franklin and Turkey Universe

HERBIE (called TURKIE) enter, as Turkey Universe Franklin wants to play with a real live human. 616 Franklin and HERBIE

make a quick escape.

Thursday, November 27: Thanksgiving Day


The early morning after BW5 4. Matt Murdock jumps over the fence at Gauntanamo Bay and arrives in Cuban territory, only to

be picked up by Yelena Belova (who knows about Matt's DD identity). Back at the base, Blair is sending soldiers and

helicopters out to find Murdock, but Murdock fools a copter pilot into thinking he's been killed. At the Darien Gap facility,

Natasha has been captured by Dr. Ochoa and his men. Agent Kestrel and Martin Ferris arrive and start torturing her. When they

see that Natasha doesn't fear pain, they decide to capture Sally Anne and torture her in front of Natasha. Dawn arrives, and Sally

Anne comes out of her drug stupor out in the jungle alongside Bobby Campero. Sally Anne can't decide how to rescue Natasha,

when she and Bobby are suddenly confronted by soldiers. A short bit later, soldiers drag Sally Anne into the cell with Natasha.


The same morning as BW5 5. It turns out that Sally Anne was rescued by soldiers loyal to Yelena, who break in and rescue

Natasha. Yelena and Matt are leading the raid, and they set Natasha free. Agent Kestrel and Martin Ferris make a run for it into

the jungle, but they are quickly tracked down by Natasha and killed. Natasha makes her way back to the Darien Gap facility,

which is now under the control of Yelena and her forces. Bobby Campero died in the crossfire. Matt makes a comment that he

is still a wanted man, but says that he'll head back to the states. Yelena and Natasha rescue all of the women being help prisoner

at Darien Gap. Natasha and Sally Anne agree to stay with Yelena in Cuba, where they will have safe asylum.


The day after FR:HF 1/5 (1-5). The FF sit down for Thanksgiving dinner and Franklin notes that he's thankful that he's not the

main course. Ben brings out the cooked bird and Franklin starts to become nauseous.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #12/2 (1:6)

One night. Wolf Nina Price attacks a thug. There must be a full moon.

Friday, November 28

GENERATION M #5 - FB (7:2)

One day. Sally and Ken wait as Minnie gets younger.


One "Friday" night. Warren's reference to Xavier sending his regards is an indication that this segment probably occurs

sometime after X 157; Warren may be in New York while arranging a deal for his Wings Over the World idea. The FF, Spidey,

Black Cat, Dr. Strange, and Archangel gather to play poker. That no one from the Avengers is here may be an indication that this

story occurs after A 503 (16-31). I've placed the FF here after FF 522. The Kingpin (possibly out on bail as he awaits trial)

arrives and challenges the group to play him.

Saturday, November 29

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #12 (22:2)

One day. Thunder is a member of the League of Super-Pets.


One day. The FF, Spidey, Black Cat, Dr. Strange, Archangel, and Kingpin continue playing poker all day.

Sunday, November 30


The "Sunday" morning after PPTSS2 21 (1-15). Spidey beats the Kingpin at poker. Archangel and Black Cat flirt, but his

relationship with Paige may be still be on.


One day, perhaps a few days after BW5 6 (1-20). This segment must occur before SECWAR 1 (1-2). Sally Anne and Natasha

are still in Cuba, resting up and relaxing. The President is on the TV making a speech about terrorism. Matt is in his Daredevil

costume back in Hell's Kitchen, where there are "Wanted" posters for Matt and Natasha. Nick Fury is still in Guantanamo

prison. Rafael Perez is having Bobby Campero buried. Jason Williams gets ready to hunt Natasha.

Monday, December 1

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #8 (8:1)

One day. Warren Worthington meets with Gilbane Construction to plan the building of the Wings Over the World facility.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #12/2 (1:7)

One day. Nina Price speeds through traffic without regard to other people on the street.

PUNISHER v7 #7 (1-11)

One day, long enough after PUN7 6 for Frank to heal from his injuries. Frank deals with a bomb explosion in Hell's Kitchen,

which has been cleaned up, as referenced in DD2 56-FB (9). We see bare trees, leaves on the ground, windy weather, and coats.

Tuesday, December 2

PUNISHER v7 #7 (12-18)

The day after PUN7 7 (1-11). It is "three days" before PUN7 10. Finn, Michael, and Peter discuss the ramifications of having

let a bomb off in NYC. Frank sees Tommy Toner abducted by Maginty's men.


One day with a rainy evening. It is more than "a year or so" after PPTSS2 22-FB (7:2). Spidey encounters a homeless man who

he realizes is the Mindworm. Green trees in New York. We see a variety of clothing, from short sleeved shirts to padded jackets.


One night, "three months" after A 503 (16-31) and, I'd argue, "six months" (inclusive) before A4 1 (1-8). It must be more than

just "a few months" before A4 15-FB and more than "six months" before MSM2 1. This story must occur before M/TU3 1, TB2

1, CA5 1, YA 2-FB (10-11), and SSO 1 (1-7). This story must occur after IM3 89 (15-21), since Stark notes that the public

considers Iron Man to be someone else now. Captain Britain has been released from the hospital and She-Hulk is back to

normal, probably following S-H3 12 (20-22). The Wasp has returned from abroad after her recovery; my theory is that she

appeared in M/KSM 11-12, PPTSS2 19-20, and S-H3 12 during a short time between her return from travel abroad and this

story - and that only a few of the Avengers assembled in this story (Cap, Iron Man, YJ, Jen) knew of the travel and return until

now. Beast appears in his Reload costume. Stark tells the team that he and his company will not "be in a position to finance the

Avengers anymore" - this means that this story must occur before XFOR2 5. After "months," the Avengers gather at the ruins of

Avengers Embassy to discuss Disassembled. Stark notes that he's keeping the place in ruins as a memorial. Quicksilver notes

that Magneto has taken Wanda out of the country to Charles Xavier. Pym announces that he has accepted a fellowship at Oxford

and that he and Jan are "leaving in a month" (perhaps to begin the new year at Oxford). She-Hulk, Falcon (presumably here after

an unpublished story following CA&F 14), and Captain Britain leave the team. The rest greet a crowd of supporters who have

gathered at the site. The Avengers disband. After this story, or perhaps beginning before this story and after A 503, Jennifer

spends most of "8 months" in Bone, Idaho.


The same night as A:FINALE. This flashback must occur between YA 2-FB (10-11) and YA 8-FB. While posing as Tony Stark

for fun, Teddy Altman sees a TV broadcast of Iron Man (with Cap, Wasp, and Beast visible) announcing the disbanding of the

Avengers. He and his friend Greg go to the wrecked Avengers Mansion. Teddy discourages Greg from looting the place. Then

Young Kang shows up as Iron Lad.


The same night as A:FINALE. It may not be "three months" before CA5 7-FB (18-19). In a bar outside Pittsburgh, Jack

Monroe sees a TV news report about the Avengers disbanding "earlier today."

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #12/2 (1:8)

One night. Vampire Nina Price has just finished drinking some blood.

Wednesday, December 3

PUNISHER v7 #7 (19-22)

The day after PUN7 7 (12-18). Maginty kidnaps young Billy, and blackmails Napper French (Billy's granddad) into working for


PUNISHER v7 #8 (1-19)

The same day as PUN7 7 (19-22). It is "two days" before PUN7 10. Punisher meets up with Yorkie Mitchell and Andy Lorimer.

Maginty puts Napper to work cutting up Tommy Toner. The River Rats play pirates with a yacht in New York Harbor.


The rainy day after PPTSS2 22 (1-9). It is "a week" before PPTSS2 22 (13-22). Peter talks to M.J. and Aunt May about



One night, "a few weeks" after XU2 2. Matti Falcone and his brother are selling vermin for twenty bucks a pop. They run when

they see a squad car, but Matti drops one into a gutter drain. As Matti reaches in for it, we see the Worm in the sewer

underneath. Ortega and his new partner Nancy confront the boys to ask how their father is doing. Izzy and Nancy talk in the squad car. At the Ortegas' apartment, Izzy and Armena get ready to go to the O-Zone for an art exhibit, but Armena finds Izzy's diary and they fight. Carrie the babysitter shows up and they leave. In front of the O-Zone, they run into Bishop, who joins them. They meet Izzy's sister Laline, who's running the exhibit. She introduces them to Nemesio, whose paintings predict the future. Nemesio gets a flash of blood on Izzy's hand then shows them a picture of Winston Hobbes, the Worm. Bishop, Izzy, and Armena leave the exhibit, and run into Dzemal outside. Bishop catches up with him, but is leery of the company he's keeping. They leave, but Dzemal is given a hard time by Jazz, who then gives him some drugs. Bishop drives Izzy and Armena home, and they talk about Mr. M. At Dante's Inferno bar, Mr. M talks to the bartender about how business has slowed since Kaufman left. Mr. M leaves with a lady, who then shoots him in the head at the East River. We see cold weather, with people wearing hats and coats, and people's breath can be seen. Full moon.

Thursday, December 4

SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN v3 #22 (12:1-12:3)

Probably the day (during the "next couple of days") after PPTSS2 22 (10-11). Spidey foils a heist while thinking about

Mindworm. Then Peter attends a rooftop party.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #8 (8:2)

One day. Warren Worthington meets with Scalar Tensils to design wing equipment for his Wings Over the World project.


The day after DX 7. Mr. M is with Hanna at a New York hospital while Izzy talks with the doctor. Mr. M survived last night's

gunshot wound. As Mr. M and Hanna leave, Izzy calls Bishop. At the Precinct 11 station house, Izzy accuses Bishop's boss

Vazhin of hiring a professional to kill Mr. M. Bishop confronts and threatens Vazhin, who admits hiring the assassin. Bishop

leaves and calls Izzy, but he isn't home. Armena invites him up anyway. Izzy is at the park with Hanna, Mr. M, Esteban, and

Chamayra. Izzy and Hanna run into Gregor, who tells them about the ''tunnel rats,'' mutants who live in the sewers. Izzy isn't

happy to hear about families living underground, but the tunnel rats are armed and don't want to leave. At the Ortegas'


Armena and Bishop are talking when Izzy and the kids return. Bishop comforts a crying Armena. Izzy's ticked, Bishop leaves,

Armena goads Izzy, and then he chokes her. He leaves and runs into Bishop, who's waiting outside. Izzy slugs him and keeps

walking. At the Wildkat Klub, Izzy asks Lara the Illusionist to look like his wife. Underground, the Worm watches a meeting

Melek has called with all of the tunnel rats. They decide that the surface people won't leave them alone, so he decides to shut off

their power. Nemesio is seen, worried about what's going to happen. The Worm enters St. Jerome's Children's Hospital and

kills a security guard. We see autumn trees, daytime grass, nighttime snow, and people wearing coats, hats, and gloves.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #12/2 - FB (2:3-2:4)

One day. As Nina and Inger walk around Toronto, Inger notices that they are being followed by a mystery man (Jack Russell).

PUNISHER v7 #8 (20-23)

The night of the day after PUN7 8 (1-19). Punisher confronts Finn, Michael, and Peter in an Irish bar.

PUNISHER v7 #9 (1-18)

The same night as PUN7 8 (20-23). Frank gets into a gunfight with the River Rats, who enter the bar. Finn and Michael escape,

but Peter is captured by Yorkie and Andy. One leafy tree is shown in silhouette.

Friday, December 5


The early morning after AAF2 12/2-FB (2:3-2:4). This segment occurs "over a month" after AAF2 11/2 (8) and before NFHC

1. Nina and Inger track a dangerous criminal to a shack in the woods. Vampire Nina attacks but discovers it's an ambush; the

criminal is really a SHIELD operative, and he and another SHIELD agent attempt to capture Nina. They nearly succeed, but the

Werewolf by Night jumps in and attacks the SHIELD agents. Nina and Jack Russell team up and defeat the SHIELD agents.

Back at SHIELD headquarters, Dugan says that it's time to ask Nina to join SHIELD. At dawn, Nina and Jack transform back

into humans and walk off together with Inger. Jack tells niece Nina he has a lot to tell her about her mother. People are wearing

coats in Toronto. There cannot be a full moon.

PUNISHER v7 #9 (19-22)

The morning after PUN7 9 (1-18). Maginty tells Napper to continue cutting up Tommy. He says he wants 6 or 7 packages of

body parts going out in the mail "today," which puts this segment after midnight. Frank interrogates the now awake Peter.


The same day as PUN7 9 (19-22). It is "two days" after PUN7 8 (1-19) and "three days" after PUN7 7 (12-18). It is the "year"

after PUN7 10-FB (4:3) and PUN7 10-FB (5:2). Peter tells Frank all he knows about the Irish gang war, the efforts of warring

factions to get the estate left by deceased mob boss Ol' Man Nesbitt.

PUNISHER v7 #11 (1-10)

The same day as PUN7 10. The gun battle continues. Punisher figures out Maginty is sneaking up on him, and turns around and

fires, missing Maginty, but killing all of Maginty's men. Everyone flees the scene as the cops show up. Maginty tosses the

severed head of Tommy Toner out in front of the remaining Westies, scaring many of them off. Maginty kills Brenda's right

hand man Gerry. As Frank, Yorkie, and Andy get down to their escape boat, they run into the River Rats. They wound Eamon

and kill Bunk. The wounded Brenda falls into the bay, and gets fished out by Finn Cooley, who offers up a peace treaty between



The day after DX 8. It is "years" after DX 9-FB (21:3-21:4). Izzy comes home to Armena watching the news at dawn. They

talk briefly and start to patch things up when Izzy is called to the station, where Izzy has been re-partnered with Bishop. Nancy

gives Izzy a hard time. They read a note from Melek and Bishop says they have three days before SWAT teams move into the

sewers. A witness from the children's hospital describes the Worm, who Bishop recognizes from Nemesio's painting. Izzy calls

his sister. Bishop, Izzy, and Laline look around Nemesio's apartment, where there are more prophetic paintings. Nemesio is

gone and Izzy gets more agitated. Nemesio is with the tunnel rats, but transit cops are trying to run them out. This upsets Melek.

At the station house, Bishop and Izzy discuss the case when Gregor's sister comes to see Izzy. She thinks Gregor is with

Nemesio. Another message arrives from Melek, threatening another blackout. Melek and Ahmed combine their powers to

sabotage power lines from underground, instead of going up to do it personally. Dzemal watches. The blackout happens and

Millicent Ferrall is killed by the Worm in her apartment. An hour later, Bishop and Izzy show up and discover Millicent used to

work at St. Jerome's. They talk to Millicent's boss, who gives them a history lesson on the Worm. They decide to visit the

parents. Snow blankets Manhattan.

SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN v3 #22 (12:4-13:1)

Probably the rainy night of the day after PPTSS2 22 (12:1-12:3). Peter walks along a street and then sits at home with M.J.

Saturday, December 6

PUNISHER v7 #11 (11-22)

The morning after PUN7 11 (1-10). Maginty heads back to the his hideout, and walks inside, only to be knocked out cold by

Napper French. Napper straps Maginty into the same bed that he was cutting up Tommy Toner in earlier, and prepares to start

cutting up Maginty. At dawn, Brenda, Finn, and Michael arrive back at the Westies' hideout, where they agree to share their

portions of the code with each other. All of the remaining River Rats abandon Polly and Eamon, leaving them to fend for

themselves. Back at the Punisher's base, they get ready for the next round. Yorkie has a talk with the still helpless prisoner

Peter, and Punisher reloads all his weapons.


The same day as PUN7 11 (11-22). Maginty wakes up to find himself tied to the bed. Napper French starts cutting off a couple

of Maginty's fingers when the last two of Maginty's remaining thugs burst in and kill Napper. They untie Maginty, who decides

it's time to call a truce. He heads out to the Westies hideout, where they meet up with Brenda, Michael, and Finn. Eamon and

Polly arrive a short time later, and they all declare truce and give up their sides of the code. They get the coordinates to the

money that' Nesbitt hid away for them, and take off for a rusted tanker in New York harbor. Frank, Yorkie, and Andy follow

them out there. As they get inside, Punisher and company launch their attack. Michael and Eamon are killed. Frank is wounded

by a shrapnel grenade tossed by Finn, and Yorkie has to rescue Frank. Maginty, Finn, Brenda, and Polly all make it into the

lower part of the old tanker and find a treasure chest. They open it up and find not money, but a bomb waiting for them. The

tanker explodes, knocking Frank and Yorkie into the water. Andy pulls them out, and they leave before the cops arrive. Later, as

they're driving out to the airport, they pull over to the side of the road. Andy pulls out Peter from the trunk, takes him into a

back alley and kills him. Frank thanks Yorkie for saving him at the tanker but not to come back to New York anytime soon.

Frank gets out of the car and walks home. Andy gets back in and they drive off to the airport, heading home to England.

SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN v3 #22 (13:2-13:3)

Perhaps the day after PPTSS2 22 (12-13). Spidey battles Electro.

HERCULES #1 - FB (7-9)

One day, after T2 85 (12-24). The Avengers hold a memorial service for Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Jack of Hearts, and Vision. Reed,

Sue, and Ben are probably here after FF 526. Cyclops, Logan, and Beast (in his Reload costume) are here. Also here are Nick

Fury (not in prison), Spidey, Subby, Shellhead, Daredevil, Moon Knight, Quasar, the Surfer, Warbird, Spider-Woman

(costumed, but probably de-powered), Darkhawk, the Panther, Stingray, Wonder Man, and Tigra. Wasp and YJ are notably

absent. If the Vision's body is in the casket, then this flashback must occur after YA 2-FB (10-11). A drunk Hercules crashes

the service and chastises the group for not memorializing the dead Thor. Thor's death is news to Iron Man, who claims that

Thor's "been gone for a few weeks" (although it must be longer than that since Iron Man has seen him).


The day after DX 9. It is a "Saturday." At dawn, Bishop and Izzy talk to the Hobbeses and decide to move them to a safe house.

Bishop calls Mr. Vazhin to give him an update. Izzy goes home to clean up and pop some pills, then gives Carrie the babysitter a

hard time about shedding her skin in front of his kids. Bishop and Izzy investigate the sewers, then get attacked by some of the

tunnel rats, then talk to Melek, who says they won't leave the sewers. Then they run into Dzemal. Bishop and Izzy wait for the

Worm to arrive at the Hobbes residence and Izzy pops more pills. Nemesio watches the Worm go through the sewers. Izzy calls

Lara while watching for the Worm, but he becomes distracted and doesn't see him approach. The Worm attacks Bishop. Snow

and bare trees in New York.

DISTRICT X #11 (1-6)

The same night as DX 10. Bishop is thrown through the window. Izzy hangs up on Lara and calls for backup. Inside, the Worm

screams at photographs. Nancy shows up as the Worm comes out, but he escapes. Later that night, Izzy talks to Armena about

the Worm getting away, but she scolds him about upsetting the babysitter.

Sunday, December 7

ALPHA FLIGHT v3 #12 (22:3-22:4)

One day. Walter Langkowski experiments in his lab.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #8 (8:3)

One day. Warren Worthington arranges to use SHIELD anti-gravity units for his project. Nick Fury appears here aboard the

heli-carrier, so this segment likely occurs before SECWAR 1 (1-2).

DISTRICT X #11 (7-22)

The day after DX 11 (1-6). At the Ortega's apartment, Izzy makes Esteban feel like crap, and Armena confronts Izzy about his

pills, then kicks him out. She also lets him know that she knows that he's sleeping around. At the station house, Mitya asks Izzy

if he's found Gregor yet, but he had forgotten. His boss tells him to go home as he's not needed for the raid in the sewers, but

Ortega shows up anyway, and Bishop agrees to let him come along. Most of the tunnel rats inform Melek that they're going to

the surface.

Bishop introduces Izzy to Wilma Parks from child welfare. They go into the sewers and meet the group going to the surface.

Nemesio runs through the sewers and meets the group. He tells them he knows where the Worm is and takes them there.

DISTRICT X #12 (1-17)

The same night as DX 11 (7-22). Bishop, Izzy, and Nemesio look around the Worm's place and discover that he's been eating

people. They stumble across Melek fighting the Worm, who's already killed Sarah. Everyone fights, the Worm impales

Nemesio, Bishop shoots the Worm with energy, the Worm attacks Bishop, and Izzy shoots and kills the Worm. Bishop and Izzy

recover and Melek wanders off with Sarah's corpse. Nemesio reveals that he knew he would die down here, then he dies. Izzy

blames himself for everything and Bishop tells him to go home. Instead, Izzy goes to Lara's place.

Monday, December 8

GENERATION M #5 - FB (7:4-7:5)

One day. On Minnie's "fourth birthday," her body turns six months old. Sally argues with Ken.


One day, "5 months" before SSO 1 (8-22). Since "the Avengers are dead or disbanded," this story must occur sometime between

A:FINALE and A4 1 (1-8). Valerie Cooper requests funding for a new human-driven Sentinel project run by the Office of

National Emergency and engineered by Jim Rhodes. Green trees.


One rainy night, "a week" after PPTSS2 22 (10-11). Spidey swings in on the Mindworm, who's being hassled by a gang. In the

ensuing melee, Mindworm is killed.

Tuesday, December 9


One day, "six months" before A4 7 and after A 503 (30-31). Jessica Drew is working on a private eye job, waiting outside a

convenience store for troublemakers. While she waits, she reflects on her career downturn and muses that even if she had made it

to the Avengers, she would almost certainly have been killed by "whatever the hell happened at Avengers Mansion that killed

half the team." The troublemakers show up and Jessica defeats them with her SHIELD training and malfunctioning powers,

earning $800 from her client. Jessica returns to her apartment and finds a man called Connely waiting for her, carrying her old

Spider-Woman costume. After a brief altercation, he subdues her. He claims to be a fan of hers and offers to restore her powers

and give her life direction purpose again. She asks what he wants, and he replies "See, well, there's the rub." Green trees in San


NEW AVENGERS #14 - FB (9:5-11)

The same day as GSSW 1. Connely tells Jessica that Hydra will give her her powers back if she gets reinstated by SHIELD and

agrees to be a double agent for the bad guys. Jessica meets with Fury, who asks her work against Hydra as a double agent for

SHIELD. It is cold enough in San Francisco for jackets and trenchcoats.

Wednesday, December 10

NEW AVENGERS #14 - FB (12)

Perhaps the day after A4 14-FB (9-11). In a Hydra lab, Jessica begins the procedure that will restore her powers. The procedure

may take seventeen weeks rather than "seventeen months."

Thursday, December 11

GENERATION M #5 - FB (8-9)

One day, "a few months" before GENM 1 (1-5). This flashback occurs during the "year" before CW:FL 1 (6-13). Minnie dies.

Friday, December 12

NEW WARRIORS v3 #3 - FB (15:2)

One day. This flashback probably occurs after S-H3 5. Dwayne Taylor uses his fortune to fund research for a cure to cancer. He

finds Zachary Smith who has found a cancer-eating bacteria, as shown in this newspaper photo.

LONERS #2 - FB (13:1-13:2)

One night. As Johnny Gallo watches news coverage of a battle involving Iron Fist and Moon Knight, Eddie McDonough calls him and tries in vain to get him to get back together as Hornet and Ricochet.

Saturday, December 13

FOUR #14 - FB (2:1-2:2)

One day. Alicia works on a sculpture of Captain America and the Thing visits. The full moon shown here is probably the one

before that shown in FOUR 14 (1-21).

Sunday, December 14

ASTONISHING X-MEN v3 #1 (18:1-18:2)

One day. Dr. Rao prepares for a presentation in which she's "about to change the world."

ASTONISHING X-MEN v3 #1 (19-24)

The same day as ASTONX3 1 (18:1-18:2). Dr. Rao, wearing the same clothing as in ASTONX3 1 (18:1-18:2), announces a

cure for the mutant gene. Ord and his group of mutant terrorists take hostages in the Chapman Building and Scott's team

responds, donning the Reload costumes). Green grass and trees at Westchester


The same day as ASTONX3 1 (18-24). The X-Men defeat Ord and his gang and save the hostages at an annual fund-raiser

which Emma hasn't attended for the first time; it's because her identity as a mutant is now publicly known, an indication that this

story may occur the year after X 116 (although I have it as two years). Tension builds between Emma and Kitty and Beast visits

Kavita Rao. Lockheed finds Kitty. Green grass and trees in New York. Full moon.

Monday, December 15


It seems to be late the day after ASTONX3 2; Beast informs his teammates: "I went to see Kavita. She agreed I should verify her

results and gave me a sample. I'll be a day at most."; and Rao tells Ord: "I saw your 'diversion' on the news. Mercenaries.

Hired thugs in a room full of innocent people. It's inexcusable." Yet it's long enough after ASTONX3 2 for "over sixteen

hundred alleged mutants" to have lined up outside Benetech Labs demanding Dr. Rao's "cure." Cyclops gets a meeting with

Nick Fury and tells him: "You know about this 'cure' thing, right? 'Mutants are a disease.'? This monster shows up right when

all that comes out, running a crew carrying your ordnance, and the best you can do is accuse him of being one of us?" (Again, it

seems to be late the day after ASTONX3 2.) It's a school day in which Emma taught an ethics class and Kitty counsels a student

(Wing). After getting into a fight with Logan over the serum, Beast makes a discovery about a Benetech test subject and insists

on going there "tonight." Green grass and trees at Westchester. Full moon.


The same night as ASTONX3 3. As the X-Men case Genetech, Ord shows up at the Xavier Institute and battles Wing and

Hisako. He injects Wing with serum. At Benetech, the X-Men fight security and Kitty encounters Colossus. Full moon.


The same night as ASTONX3 4. Elixir heals Wing, who discovers that his powers are gone. The Beast confronts Dr. Rao about

her experiments on mutants, the X-Men fight Genetech security, and Colossus smashes Ord, who has returned to Genetech from

the Institute. Nick Fury and SHIELD show up.

ASTONISHING X-MEN v3 #6 (3-19)

The same night as ASTONX3 5. SHIELD Agent Brand explains Ord's mission to rid the world of mutants. The X-Men defeat

Ord and destroy most of Rao's work in the process. Fury doesn't appear to trust the Astonishing team very much; that probably

places this issue before C&D 6 (17-21). Full moon.

Tuesday, December 16

ASTONISHING X-MEN v3 #6 (20-23)

The morning after ASTONX3 6 (3-19). This segment must occur before M/TU3 1-FB and HERC 1-FB (7-9). Scott and Hank

discuss Rao's cure and Kitty and Peter get reacquainted. Green grass and trees at Westchester.

Wednesday, December 17

MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2004 #1/3 - FB (2:3-4)

One day during "the week before Christmas." Franklin goes holiday shopping with Johnny and his girlfriend Kourtney

(introduced in FOUR 1, and with whom he's been going out for "months" now). Then Franklin accompanies his mother and

Valeria (who is in a stroller) to St. Patrick's Cathedral, where Sue lights a few candles. We see snow and bare trees in New


Thursday, December 18

FOUR #14 - FB (2:3-2:4)

One day, probably shortly after FOUR 14-FB (2:1-2:2). This flashback occurs before FOUR 13 (1-5) and "a month" before

FOUR 14 (1-21). Philip Masters shows up at Alicia's apartment and promises to restore her eyesight.

Friday, December 19


One day, "later" in the "week" of M/HOL2004/3-FB (2-4). Franklin asks Ben about Hanukkah, then he asks his father if he

believes in God, just like he did back in M/DS 3. It is not known why neither Franklin nor Reed remember that previous


X-MEN v2 #165 (1-8)

One day. X-23 is now with the X-Men; Logan states, "It took courage for X-23 to come to our school," and he assigns her to

share a room with Kitty and Rachel (who X-23 meets for the first time here). Iceman asks X-23, "What kind of a name is X-23?"

as if he has just recently met her. These are clues that this story occurs very shortly after UX 454. The X-Men handle rescue

operations at the scene of a major highway accident.

Saturday, December 20

DISTRICT X #12 (18-22)

One day, long enough after DX 12 (1-17) for Izzy to have set up visitation times with his kids. It is likely a weekend, since the

kids are not in school. Izzy wakes up next to Lara in her apartment. He mentions that he's taking his kids to see a movie and do

"dad stuff." On the way to pick up his kids, Izzy stops to see Gregor. It's revealed that he fell asleep in the sewers while he was

missing and grew roots into the ground. Now he's stuck here, more plant than human. He's even growing fruit. Mikhail reads to

him. Jacket weather.

Sunday, December 21

X-MEN v2 #165 (9-24)

One day. This segment probably occurs before GAM4 1 and must occur before M/TU3 1-FB. X 165 (1-8) is referred to as

having occurred "the other day." Warren and Paige are back from "hanging on the coast." Elixir has been trying to cure Gambit's blindness with no luck, so Sage does another "jump-start" on the Cajun's powers, restoring his sight (why this wasn't done earlier is beyond me). Sam Guthrie is here, "playing hookie from X-Force," according to the narration - so it must be after XFOR2 6; and he must be here before C&DP 15 (6-11), given his off-world adventures from then until House of M. Jubilee is here too, but Colossus and Psylocke are not. Julian Keller refers to "my man Icarus," but that doesn't necessarily mean that Jay is still a member of the Hellions. Xavier and Magneto appear unnoticed as projections at the Institute - Magneto: "You could join them, you know. They're your students, Charles - your house, your legacy." Xavier: "This isn't the time, old friend. There are too many questions I'm not prepared to answer just yet..." The X-Men help out at a hospice, and Warren states the X-Men "try to do this every year." "'Tis the season" of "Christmas," "the season of joy," but it's before the students leave for holiday break (so before M/HOL'04 1/2) - we see the Institute decorated with holiday greenery (including "mistletoe" and a Christmas tree), Beast and Rachel dressed up like Santa Claus and an elf and wish folks a "season's greetings," Sage wishes Gambit a "Joyeux Noel," and Scott and Emma wish Rachel a "Merry Christmas" by introducing her to her grandparents John and Elaine Grey. We see autumn leaves on trees that should be bare as well as green grass in the Westchester area, but enough snow at Xavier's for a snowball fight (probably courtesy of Iceman and Storm). Noriko states that "it's cold enough outside," and during a concert by Lila Cheney, Storm warms things up at the Institute so "nobody needs coats."


One snowy day, probably a few days before PRX 1 (4-7). Dressed as Santa Claus, the Punisher kills some mobsters in New


MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2005 #1 - FB (4:3-4:8)

One day. In Subterranea, the Moloids offer their Christmas gifts to the Mole Man. When he receives a snow globe, Mole Man

says "Santa..." and wanders off.


One day. Sue Richards meets Bethany Palmer at a "holiday party" that Fantastic Enterprises hosts during the "year" before

FOUR 28 (1-22).

Monday, December 22: Winter Solstice


On "December 22nd," the faculty of the Xavier Institute dismiss the students for "holiday break." All the faculty and students

have places to go except Kevin Ford, so Scott and Emma decide to stay at the Institute with him for the holidays. Beast appears

to have reunited with Trish Tilby. We see bare trees at Xavier's, as well as snow created by Iceman, who does not appear here in

ice form (probably because he's using an image inducer).


One day, shortly after M/HOL05 1-FB (4:3-4:8). Hoping to draw out their master, the Moloids kidnap department store Santas.

The FF intervene and Reed decides to launch an expedition against the Moloids, but Ben decides to help the Moloids draw out

Mole Man. Ben asks Spidey (who's fought Mole Man "once or twice"), Hulk (who talks dumb and apparently can be reached by

phone booth in the southwestern desert), and She-Hulk for clues. Jen appears here in her She-Hulk form in a law office with files on super-humans, so it may not be GLK&H per se, which may be rebuilding in the wake of S-H3 12 (20-22).

Ben talks to the dancer the Mole Man dumped and to Mole Man's grandmother. Finally, he gets Namor to dress as Santa and

brings him to Subterranea because of a resemblance Namor has to a Santa from Mole Man's youth. When this fails to draw out

Mole Man, the FF leave with the kidnaped Santas. Meanwhile, Mole Man enjoys a vacation in Santa Barbara.

Tuesday, December 23


On a snowy "December 23rd," Scott and Emma take Kevin Christmas shopping and to a movie. We see a Christmas tree at FAO



One snowy day during the "Christmas" and "Chanukah" season. Uatu spies on Ben Grimm, who mopes around the Baxter

Building and kicks HERBIE, depressed because everyone else is out. Ben wanders into a lab and touches a polarized energy

lattice with his finger. The ground shorts out, sending Ben careening into an insect-o-cutor and allowing Annihilus to step

through from the Negative Zone. Uatu holds a koala and watches as Annihilus lunges at Ben trying to murder him. Uatu stands

with a quetzal and a manta ray, watching the fray. Annihilus wallops Ben, who picks up a "turbulence gun." The gun doesn't do

much good and Annihilus breaks it. He then notices the TV and says that he caught part of the episode in the Negative Zone but

never learned how it ends. Ben offers to let him watch if he surrenders. Reed (in his current/classic costume) and Sue (in a new

costume with thigh-high boots, evening-gown length gloves and no belt) return home with Christmas presents to find Annihilus

and Ben asleep in front of the TV with a half-eaten pizza, some popcorn and soda.

Wednesday, December 24: Christmas Eve


On a snowy "December 24th," Scott and Emma take Kevin skating at Rockefeller Plaza, then they pick a Christmas tree. That

night, they sit by the fireplace at the Institute. Full moon.

MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2004 #1/3 - FB (9:3-9:5)

One night. The FF celebrate what is probably Christmas Eve in the Baxter Building. We see a Christmas tree and wrapped gifts.

Kourtney is probably here before FOUR 13 (6-11).

MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2005 #1/3 (1-10:3)

One "Christmas Eve" night, "a year" before M/HOL05 1, and so probably the same night as M/HOL04 1/3-FB (9:3-9:5).

Desperate to get his kids Christmas gifts, Albert Potter dons his Hurricane costume and breaks into a department store. The FF

subdue him and discover his motives. Full moon.

X-MEN v2 #181/2 (1-5:4)

One "Christmas Eve" night. Perhaps as the FF are busy in M/HOL05 1/3 (1-10), Franklin realizes he forgot to get his family

presents. He and Herbie use Reed's time platform to travel to different time periods and collect gifts, but while they make it back

to the present, they lose the gifts and ruin the platform.

GLX-MAS SPECIAL #1/2 - FB (6:3-7:3)

Probably the night of Christmas Eve. It is "1 year" before GLX 1/2. The GLA fight the giant robot snowman of Dr.

Tannenbaum, who is "out to destroy Christmas." Snow in Muskego, Wisconsin.

GLA #3 - FB - FB (14:3-15:3)

The same night as GLXS 1/2-FB (6-7). In snowy Muskego, the Great Lakes Avengers save Christmas from Dr. Tannenbaum's

giant robot snowman.

Thursday, December 25: Christmas Day

X-MEN v2 #181/2 (5:5-5:6)

The "morning" after X 181/2 (1-5). On "Christmas" morning, apologizes to his family for not getting them presents, but the FF

remind him that the holidays are about being together.

MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2005 #1/3 (10:4-11)

The morning after M/HOL05 1/3 (1-10). On "Christmas Day," Potter's kids awaken to find that the FF have brought them a

Christmas celebration.


It is a snowy "Christmas" in this standalone story that probably occurs out of sequence with other issues of PPTSS2. Peter visits

Uncle Ben's grave and imagines having a talk with him about responsibility and guilt. After Peter leaves, Aunt May shows up.

Bare trees. Waning crescent moon.


One snowy day, probably a few days after PRX 1 (1-3). This segment occurs after P:BV 1-FB (8-9). It is "48 hours" before

PRX 1 (7:5). At the mobsters' funeral on "Christmas Day," the mobsters' wives discuss how Dominick, the surviving member

of the family, is flying into town and that they should keep the businesses running like normal, with them running things in place

of their husbands. They decide to pool some money to call Suspiria to kill the Punisher.

Friday, December 26


One day. Mitch Carson and a squad of SHIELD agents go on a space mission.

Saturday, December 27


One night, "48 hours"after PRX 1 (4-7). Suspiria arrives in New York from Sicily. Full moon.

Sunday, December 28


One day, after A/TB 6 (23). As Zemo exercises with Moonstone's gems, he discovers the Wellspring of Power. A spying

Grandmaster makes the same discovery.

Monday, December 29


One day. Wolverine arrives in Japan to visit Amiko and meets Yukio at a restaurant. Yukio reveals a necklace she stole. They

decide to investigate its origins, so they bring it to Logan's old friend, Kenichiro, who recognizes it as the "Mark of Mana" and

freaks out. They are subsequently attacked by ninjas and Kenichiro dies in the fight. Wolverine grabs the necklace and has

visions of an ancient battle. Logan makes a topical reference to the upcoming "Girl's Day" on March 3.


The same day as W:S 1. Wolverine visits the shrine in question. That night he calls Yukio then infiltrates the shrine in costume.

He finds the body of Mana Yanowa surrounded by monks. They are then attacked by more ninjas, all the monks are killed, and

Wolverine takes Mana and leaves. Green trees in Japan.

Tuesday, December 30


The day after W:S 2 (1-18). Wolverine puts the necklace on Mana and she wakes up.


The same day as W:S 2 (19-22). Mana explains her past and she and Logan come up with a plan to battle her sister Hana. Later

that day, she blesses Wolverine and they prepare for the fight. Meanwhile Hana and the demon Ryuki raise some zombie ninjas.


The same night as W:S 3. Wolverine confronts Hana and her zombies while Mana talks to Oinari, the ''good'' version of Ryuki,

to get help. Wolverine defeats the zombie ninjas and Hana escapes. Mana gives Logan the Blade of Blood, a magic sword.

Green trees in Japan. Waning half moon.

Wednesday, December 31: New Years' Eve


The day after W:S 4 (1-18). Wolverine and Mana confront Hana and Ryuki, who have the help of a few more demons.


The same day as W:S 4 (19-22). Everyone fights. Wolverine kills most of the demons and Hana reveals that she has Yukio and

Amiko captive. Wolverine defeats Ryuki, Mana defeats Hana, and the fight's over.


The "New Year's Eve" after PRX 1 (7:5). Punisher kills Dominick and his goons. At "11:40 PM," Suspiria shoots civilians in

Times Square during the New Year's Eve countdown to draw out the Punisher. The cops can't do anything because she's

threatened to detonate bombs that she claims to have planted. Punisher sees it on the news, heads over, and is fooled by a sniper

decoy as Suspiria watches.