Tuesday, January 1: New Year's Day

Wednesday, January 2

NEW MUTANTS v2 #1 (8-9)

One "January" day, "three weeks" after NM2 1 (5-7). Sofia spends her first day in an American school, on what is likely the first

day of the semester after the holiday break. We see bare trees and snow in Boulder.


"Two days" after Rhino's brain operation, they run some tests on him at the Mexican border lab. Later that day he outsmarts

Spider- Man and flees with Stella who seems to have started liking him.


One day, probably a few weeks after the night of the flashbacks throughout the storyline, Charlie Clemmens is diagnosed with

cancer and learns he needs half a million dollars to be operated. Then he has a sudden headache as he is starting up his car and

has a flashback to a police persecution on a rainy night. Later that night he spots three crooks assaulting a woman and calls Peter

Parker at the Daily Bugle to show up as Spider-Man. Bare trees.

Thursday, January 3


The day after TW 6 (1-12). This segment probably occurs before PPSM2 22-FB (7:1). Mindworm and Gibbon are reading in

prison the news about Spidey being fooled by Rhino when he breaks in and offers them to work for him.


Probably the day after TW 7 (1-10). Charlie Clemmens sees his wife (they are separated) and thinks about doing something with

his knowledge of Spidey's secret. Later he has another headache attack and remembers the same rainy night with the police after

some bank robbers. Then he calls Seeds (the guy in charge of that bank robbery, who is playing cards with his accomplices) but

hangs up. One of Seeds' accomplices states that Spider-Man has been watching over them "since the trial." Green grass and

bare trees.

CABLE v2 #92

One day, "one week" after C2 92-FB (9, 11) and "two weeks" after the other flashbacks in C2 92.

Friday, January 4


Probably the day after TW 7 (11-19). Charlie goes to church and asks a priest if it's a sin to break a trust in order to save a life

(thinking about revealing Spidey's secret). The priest can't answer.


The same day as TW 7 (20-22). Charlie calls Spider-Man at the Bugle to save a suicide jumper. Later that night he goes to see

his sick son Benny and gives him an autographed picture of Spider-Man. His son asks if they can go somewhere on "Friday."

Bare trees.

CABLE v2 #93 (1-11)

One day, "weeks" after C2 93-FB. Cable disarms a forty-seventh member of the Dark Sisterhood in a week's time in Chicago.

Saturday, January 5

CABLE v2 #93 (12)

The day after C2 93 (1-11). Cable leaves his rented building in Chicago.

CABLE v2 #93 (17)

The same day as C2 93 (12). Cable is spotted in Chicago by the Dark Sisterhood.

CABLE v2 #93 (20-22)

The same day as C2 93 (17). The Dark Sisterhood attacks Cable's warehouse and stumble into a trap. It is at least a "week"

before C2 94.


Probably the day after TW 7 (1-7). Seeds and his gang hesitate to rob a bank fearing Spidey may show up. Later Charlie gets a

job as a security guard at a diamond store; they ask him to start on "Monday." Then he sees his wife and asks her to tell his son

he is sorry he won't be able to take him out. That night he offers Seeds and his gang robbing the jewelry store where he's going

to work and revealing Spider-Man's secret in exchange for half of the take. (Charlie reveals knowing they robbed a bank and

were chased by the police on that rainy night he's been remembering). Bare trees and blowing leaves. Full moon.


The same night as TW 8 (8-22). Charlie Clemmens outlines the conditions of his plan for a jewel heist to Seeds and his

accomplices and reveals knowing one of the crooks threw the bank money down a sewer, being chased by the police on that rainy

night. To prove he can deliver Spider-Man they use Seeds' girlfriend to rob a pharmacy. Charlie calls Spider-Man and he shows

up to stop the robbery. They agree on "Friday" as the day for the heist. Spider-Man decides he needs to talk to Charlie. Bare


Sunday, January 6

MUTIES #3 (9:4-9:5)

One day during the "six weeks" following MUT 3 (6-9). Riek grows to hate himself and the world while learning the ways of the


X-FORCE #114

One day, "six months" after XFOR 113. It is "two days" before XFOR 115 FBs. Full moon.

Monday, January 7

PUNISHER v7 #32-FB (5:2)

One day early in the year, about three years before PUN7 32. Harry Ebbing takes over Dynaco.

Tuesday, January 8

X-FORCE #115 - FBs

One day, "two days" after XFOR 114. It is "six months" after XFOR 113.

Wednesday, January 9


One night with a full moon. It must be more than just "a few weeks" after X 100, given that this issue must occur after X 109,

since Kitty was missing for the whole period of time between X 100 and X 109. Gambit, Shadowcat and Wolverine, all wearing

their Revolution costumes, break into a military base to retrieve the files stolen from Cerebro by Bastion in X 65. While there,

Bastion's head (last seen in the Warlock v4 series, now called "Template") generates a bunch of holgrams, factual Cerebro files

mixed with phony "flashback" sequences, to confuse the intruding X-Men. Kitty reacts to Colossus' file without crying, so this

issue takes place before his death in UX 390.

Thursday, January 10

X-FORCE #115

One day, shortly after XFOR 115 FBs.

Friday, January 11


After the heist on "Friday," Charlie gets half of the take and gives Seeds an address where he'll meet Spider-Man "tonight at

nine." At the address (a Spidey convention takes place there), Seeds and his two fellows are trapped by Spider-Man and Charlie

who has another headache attack and collapses.

Saturday, January 12

CABLE v2 #94

One day. It is "weeks" after C2 94-FB and at least a "week" after C2 93 (20-22).

MUTIES #3 (10-13)

One day, "six weeks" after MUT 3 (6-9). Riek uses his newfound mutant powers to kill a group of UPDF soldiers and save his

squad of rebels. That night, Riek is scared of his powers and his use of them for killing. It is "a few days" before MUT 3 (14-



Heather Hudson gets pregnant about now.

Sunday, January 13

CABLE v2 #95

The day after C2 94. The end of the Dark Sisterhood storyline, occurring before G&B 3. Sometime after this story, Bogan

abducts Rachel, "months" before XX 45.


One day. This issue, featuring the day of Colossus' "death," must occur after his appearance in X2 109. It is probably more than

"a few weeks" after X 107 and must certainly be "a few days" after X 108. It is no more than "a few weeks" before ASTONX3

6-FB. This story must occur after X:D 1. The green grass and apparent warm weather in New York of this issue is inconsistent

with the holiday setting of X 109.

Monday, January 14

X-MEN #111-FB (12-13)

One day. The Beast is interviewed for TV, likely shortly after the cure of the Legacy Virus in UX 390.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #36/2 (1-11)

One day. Magneto appears here before X 111.


One day shortly after UX 390 and before Storm leaves in XX 2-FB. Bare trees and crescent moon.

ASTONISHING X-MEN v3 #5 - FB (8:5)

One day, shortly after UX 390. I have placed this flashback before NX 40/2-FB. Colossus awakens to see Ord, who tells him that his "death saved mutantkind from the Legacy Virus."

Tuesday, January 15


One day. Colossus' funeral. Cyclops appears here although he hasn't officially returned to the X-Men yet.

MUTIES #3 (14-24)

One day, "a few days" after MUT 3 (10-13). Riek revolts against the rebels, gets picked up by the Ugandan government, escapes

from them and returns to the rebel camp, only to kill the rebels and die himself.


One day, probably a few days after TW 9 (10-19). At the hospital, Benny Clemmens has been operated and Charlie lies in a

comatose state (remembering the rainy night when Benny accidentally unmasked Spider-Man). His wife explains to the doctor

how she didn't have a cent and then one "night" half a million in cash appeared on her dresser. The doctor states it bought her

son's life.

PUNISHER v7 #32-FB (5:4)

One day, maybe a week after PUN7 32-FB (5:2). Harry holds a dinner with the staff of Dynaco.

Wednesday, January 16


One day, between UX 390 and X 111, and "some time" after M:DS 4 (21-22). Wolverine and Quicksilver chat at Xavier's,

where we see green grass and trees that must be topical. It is long enough after X 111-FB (17:1-17:2) for Pietro to have healed.

Wolverine has two eyes, so this must occur before W2 162.

X-TREME X-MEN #3-FB (14:6-17)

One day. Rogue, Psylocke and Thunderbird are training in the Danger Room, wearing their red X-Treme costumes, which must

have debuted only when the X-Treme team's departure in G&B 1-FB was imminent, perhaps the day before departure.

Thursday, January 17


One day, "a week" before G&B 1. The majority of the X-Treme team leave the mansion, but Beast and Bishop stay behind as a

result of Stryfe's mind control. I left a gap of months between now and XX 2-FB, when the team finally decides to gather back

together to go after Destiny's diaries.


One day. Billy Fender, a private investigator, obsessed with finding Spider-Man's identity states being six years after his big

score and remembers the first time he saw Spidey.

Friday, January 18


The day after PPSM2 36 (1-10). After remembering a day when he just started working at an Insurance Company, Billy Fender

quits his job and heads to the Bugle, there he sees Jameson expecting to get a deal because he thinks he's just discovered that

Jonah is Spidey. There aren't many clues about placement of this issue but no real reason to move it out of publication order

either. Joe Robertson and Brother Richard (from PPSM2 34 and 37) appear here, and probably Billy Walters, Ben Urich and

Peter Parker too (21:1-21:2).

Saturday, January 19

MUTIES #4 (12-13)

One day, "three weeks" after MUT 4 (1-11). Jisa discovers she's not the only woman in Laolo's life. Warm weather in Rio.

Sunday, January 20

MUTIES #4 (14-17)

Perhaps the day after MUT 4 (12-13). Jisa tells Laolo she may be pregnant, and after he suggests an abortion, she returns home

but is rejected by her mother. A mutant bar bouncer named Renata takes Jisa under her wing. Green trees in Rio.

X-MEN v2 #110 (1-6:2)

One day. Kitty Pryde arrives in Moscow on an airplane with "Peter Rasputin's" ashes.

Monday, January 21: Martin Luther King Day

X-MEN v2 #110 (6:3-7)

The day after X 110 (1-6). Kitty arrives at the Ust Ordynski Collective.

X-MEN v2 #110 (10-12)

The same day as X 110 (6-7). Kitty scatters "Peter Rasputin's" ashes to the winds.

Tuesday, January 22


One day, probably after TW 6 (13). Spider-Man defeats Mindworm and the police cart him off to jail.

MARVEL BOY #6 (22-23)

One day, long enough after MB 6 (1-21) for an internet cult to form in support of Noh-Varr. This segment occurs before NA:I2 4. Oubliette destroys Disney World and demands the release of Noh-Varr from a federal super-penitentiary; she threatens to ruin "the holiday season for every child in the world until he's released." The president shown here is Clinton.

Wednesday, January 23


Early one morning. Bishop has a weird dream about him and Gambit fighting Cyclops and Iceman, then he wakes up. Xavier

believes that Bishop's mind had slipped off into the (possible) future. Beast discovers a symbiote (Le Bete Noir) in Bishop's

system. Gambit comes back home from a date (apparently with Rogue). Full moon.


The same day as G&B:A 1. It is "a week" after G&B 1-FB. Beast runs tests on Bishop. Gambit is suspicious and eventually

attacks the other X-Men. The three ladies being projections disappear. Gambit and Bishop team up to fight the team, then they

figure out that Stryfe is behind things, and Gambit decides that Stryfe wants the symbiote, so that he and Bishop should escape,

which they do. After Stryfe's mind control is broken, the Beast probably appears next in W2 162, the beginning of the story that

leads to his injury.


The same day as G&B 1. Gambit and Bishop go to the graveyard and meet the Witness and Stryfe.


The same night as G&B 2. Cable appears here after C2 95. Stryfe begs for help, Bishop wants to fight, Remy wants to go eat, so

they go to a diner, where Stryfe narrates his life story. Full moon.

GAMBIT & BISHOP #4 (1-18)

The same night as G&B 3. The diner sequence continues and Cable distracts Gambit and Bishop with an illusion.

Thursday, January 24

GAMBIT & BISHOP #4 (19-22)

The early morning after G&B 4 (1-18). Cable takes Witness and Stryfe back to the graveyard. Full moon.


The same early morning as G&B 4 (19-22). Cable makes Stryfe remember everything he has done, Stryfe explains about the

Bete Noir. Full moon.


The same early morning as G&B 5. Le Bete Noir tries to escape from Bishop's body, but Stryfe pulls it into himself, sacrificing

himself, and apologizes to Cable, before he dies.


This story, leading to the Beast's injury, probably occurs after G&B 1 and must occur after UX 30/4.



Sabretooth's adamantium bonding procedure is finished. Wolverine's left eye is ripped out.


Sabretooth goes on his first mission for Weapon X, so this issue must occur before WX:Z 1 (1-9).


Maverick is gravely injured, so this issue occurs very shortly before WX:Z 1 (1-9). I don't have these issues, so I'm going from

Jeph's notes that the Beast appears here and is badly wounded. The reference presumably made here to the "Eve of Destruction"

storyline is actually to the "Magneto Rex" series, as Jeph suggested.


One day, probably very shortly after W2 166, and the fact that Sabretooth is working for Weapon X places this segment after W2

165. Sabretooth has brought Maverick to Weapon X headquarters badly injured. The Director offers to save his life if he will

join Weapon X. Maverick agrees and is healed and transformed into Agent Zero.

Friday, January 25

X-MEN v2 #110 (13-14)

One day, shortly after X 110 (10-12). After flying from Russia to Chicago, Kitty Pryde writes a letter of resignation to Charles

Xavier. She has enrolled as a freshman in college (to which she must have applied sometime prior), perhaps after a long holiday

vacation for the University of Chicago. The green grass and trees in Chicago must be topical.

WEAPON X v2 #21 - FB

Probably the day after W2 166. Logan tells Bolt that Maverick is dead. Sometime after this, Bolt assumes Maverick's identity

and shows up next in WX2 6.


One day. It cannot be "two years" before PUN6 32. The Punisher catches up with Lieutenant Soap, then he is attacked by the

cybernetically resuscitated Russian, who throws Frank off the Empire State Building. Frank notes that he's "been back in

Brooklyn since the winter" - this may be a reference to the arrival of winter (e.g. December).

PUNISHER v6 #2 (1-18)

The same night as PUN6 1. After Spidey saves the Punisher from his fall, Frank pushes the Russian off the Empire State,

causing him to crash into the subway below and get hit by a train.

Saturday, January 26

PUNISHER v6 #2 (19-22)

The early morning after PUN6 2 (1-18). The events of PUN5 5 are referred to as having occurred "last year." Frank asks Soap

to investigate who sent the Russian after him while the police follow up on the subway incident. France is expected to test a

nuclear bomb "next Monday."

PUNISHER v6 #3 (1-6)

The same day as PUN6 2 (19-22). Soap tells Frank that the guy behind the Russian is General Kriegkopf, who is based on the

South Pacific Island of Grand Nixon Island.

DEFENDERS v2 #1 (1-3)

One day, "three weeks" before DEF2 1 (4-48).


The same day as DEF2 1 (1-3).

Sunday, January 27


One day, shortly after WX:Z 1 (1-9). The Director debriefs Weapon X, shown here as Mesmero, Sauron, Kane, Sabretooth,

Copycat (before DP3 57), Wild Child, Zero, and Agent Jackson. Given Wild Child's fairly happy demeanor, this scene probably

occurs before he loses his power of speech in WX:WC 1-FB. After this scene, Copycat leaves the team just prior to DP3 56,

based on the finality with which she "moves in with" Deadpool in that issue.

PUNISHER v6 #3 (7-22)

The day (at least "23 hours") after PUN6 3 (1-6). The Punisher arrives on Grand Nixon Island, where Kriegkopf greets the

French nuclear test crew, who have stopped there to refuel.

NEW X-MEN v2 #40/2 - FB

One day. I have placed this flashback between ASTONX3 5-FB (8:5) and ASTONX2 6-FB. Kavita Rao and Ord stand with piles of reference books.

Monday, January 28


The day after PUN6 3 (7-22). Kriegkopf's plan to nuke the E.U. is revealed as the Punisher sabotages his operations on Grand

Nixon Island.

PUNISHER v6 #5 (1-18)

The same day as PUN6 4. It is "2 weeks" before PUN6 5 (19-22). The Punisher foils Kriegkopf's plans by nuking Grand Nixon

Island. Since the French are ready to do the nuclear test, it must be the Monday noted in PUN6 2 (19-22) and PUN6 4 (7-22).

WOLVERINE v2 #167 - FB

One day. Logan receives an invitation by mail inviting him to repay a debt from W2 162-166, so this must be at least a few days

after W2 166. The payment of debt is participation in the annual Bloodsport contest in Madripoor. Logan refers to the Beast as

still convalescing from his injuries.


One day. Copycat has left Weapon X and moves in with Deadpool, so this story must occur after WX:Z 1 (10).

Tuesday, January 29


One day.


The same day as DP 57? Deadpool and Kane go on a mission for Weapon X that ends up involving the killing of a kid. Colcord

then gives Wade the assignment of killing Copycat. Green grass in Iowa.


The same day as DP 58. Deadpool tries to protect Copycat and ends up battling Kane. Meanwhile, Sabretooth kills Vanessa.

Green trees. The Bronx Zoo is open and visitors are wearing light clothing.

WOLVERINE v2 #167 (1-9:2)

Probably the day after W2 167-FB. Logan flies to Madripoor for the Bloodsport contest and encounters Viper.

X-MEN v2 #110 (15-22)

One day, probably a few days after X 110 (13-14). Charles Xavier receives Kitty's resignation letter, so this likely occurs before

XU 36-FB (3). Meanwhile, Magneto finds the Neo in Brooklyn, slays two of them, and demands allegiance from the rest.

Wednesday, January 30

WOLVERINE v2 #167 (9:3-22)

The day after W2 167 (1-9). Logan resumes his Patch identity and participates in round one of the Bloodsport.


The same day as W2 167 (9-22). Logan participates in round two and fights Mr. X in the championship bout. As he gets ready

to leave Madripoor, Viper tells Logan that Ogun is back.


The same day as W2 168. Wolverine gets his left eye back, so this story must occur before UX 392.

DEADPOOL v3 #60 (1-22:1)

The day after DP 59. It is probably a couple of days before DP3 60 (22). Jackson notes that Deadpool has put "two agents

(Kane, in DD2 59, and now Sauron) out of commission in as many days." Wade mentions having sat "on Santa's lap this year."

Deadpool defeats Sauron, Wild Child, and Agent Jackson, but when he storms Weapon X headquarters, Wade is killed by

Sabretooth, Jackson, and a bunch of guards.


One day, "a month" after his operation in TW 5 (21-22), the Rhino is already the kingpin of a citywide crime syndicate, is in love

with Stella and has forced a court injunction stopping Spidey from coming within half a mile of him after reading American law

"last Tuesday." As Rhino and Stella come back from the opera he gets a call from his brain operation doctor.

HOWARD THE DUCK v2 #1 (1-6:1)

One day during the "dead of winter." Snow.

Thursday, January 31


One day, "six months" before WX:WC 1 (1-4). Sabretooth and Wild Child unsuccessfully recruit Sunfire for Weapon X, then

Sabretooth slashes Wild Child's throat, leaving him voiceless. The fact that Wild Child appears happy and outgoing in WX:Z 1

(10) indicates that this flashback occurs after WX:Z 1 (10). Sunfire is shot in this flashback and enough time must pass between

now and XU 34/3 for him to recover.


The day after TW 6 (14-15). At the Mexican border lab the monkey with increased intelligence has committed suicide. Rhino

learns the effects of his brain operation don't stop and his intelligence keeps increasing on and on.

HOWARD THE DUCK v2 #1 (6:2-12:1)

The day after HTD2 1 (1-6).

Friday, February 1

WEAPON X: THE DRAFT - ZERO #1-FB (11/12:2-4)

One day. Zero slits the throat of a Columbian drug lord during the "few weeks" that separate pages 9 and 11 of WX:Z 1.


One day. As Peter calls Aunt May at "9 o'clock" to let her know that he may not be home for dinner (as he's been doing lately,

see other Spider-Man titles), Jonah asks Peter to make sure Spider-Man shows up for the shooting of a GM commercial with Jay

Leno "tomorrow." Jay Leno has drinks with friends expecting Spidey not to show up.

HOWARD THE DUCK v2 #1 (12:2-23)

The day after HTD2 1 (6-12). Snow.


One day, no more than "a few weeks" after UX 390. This flashback occurs before ASTONX3 5-FB. I have placed it after NX 40/2-FB. Ord provides a copy of Hank McCoy's notes on the Legacy Virus cure to Kavita Rao and notes that he has resuscitated Colossus.

DEADPOOL v3 #60 (22:2-22:5)

One day, probably a couple of days after DP3 60 (1-22). Wolverine receives Deadpool's severed hand in the mail at Xavier's,

where we see green grass and trees.

Saturday, February 2


The early morning after HTD2 1 (12-23).


The same day as HTD2 2. Green grass and trees.


One day. After catching a couple of thieves Spider-Man heads to the shooting of a commercial with Jay Leno. As Jay and

Spidey seat on the hood of a car and are about to start shooting a heavy light starts falling to them.


The same day as SM&JL 1 (3-5). After evading a falling heavy light Spider-Man and Jay Leno are attacked by gunned people

inside the studio where they were doing a commercial. They escape to the street where Leno gets his motorcycle.


The same day as SM&JL 2. After escaping gunned people on Leno's motorcycle and then beating them and some ninjas, Jay and

Spider-Man learn they've been set up to be filmed for some kind of reality programming. Spidey asks to be in the "Tonight



One "weekend" day, sometime before XU 32/3. Corsair appears here before XU 32/3. He and Scott have a father and son

outing and clear the air about issues. We see fishing and camping weather and jacket weather at night wherever it is Scott and

Corsair are. Full moon.

MUTIES #5 (1-4)

One night. Sven takes Ankhl back to his place and discovers that she is a mutant.

Sunday, February 3


One day, probably a few days after TW 6 (16). Rhino is tired of Stella and finds love ridiculous; she leaves him and goes back to


MUTIES #5 (5-8)

The day after MUT 5 (1-4). Bjorn overdoses and Sven takes his stash. Sven and Ankhl go to his sister's in Nykoping "for a few

days." We see snow, blowing leaves, and a full moon in Stockholm.


The day after HTD2 3. Full moon.

Monday, February 4


The day after HTD2 4. Howard appears on the Iprah Show and turns to dust.


The same day as HTD2 5. Howard chats with God and lands back on the set of the Iprah Show.


One day. Wade's funeral, probably days after his death in DP3 60 (1-22). The Weapon X gang appears at the funeral. This is

Sabretooth's last appearance with Weapon X before he defects, as shown in W2 170. Other guests include Wolverine, Cable,

and Black Panther.


Probably the day after TW 6 (17). Rhino sees Spider-Man and reveals knowing his secret, then gives him computer discs with

details of his criminal empires that won't be of any use to him where he is going; he is finding life utterly futile. At the top of the

Brooklyn bridge he thinks about suicide but again doesn't do it. Full moon.

Tuesday, February 5

X-MEN v2 #111

One day, "several weeks" after X 111-FB (17:1-17:2). Since Quicksilver is reported to be planning to return to the Avengers,

this storyline occurs between XU 30/4 and A3 38. A comment made in W2 162 suggests that this storyline occurs before W2

162, but this cannot be correct. According to X2 133, it is "one year" before X2 132, but this length of time may be too long.


The same day as X 111. After XU 32 and XBR 1. Logan's eye has grown back, so this story must occur after W2 169.

X-MEN v2 #112

The same day as UX 392.


The same day as X 112.

X-MEN v2 #113 (1-22)

The same day as UX 393. Jean Grey and her recruits battle Magneto, then Cyclops and Wolverine arrive and the latter skewers

Magneto. Xavier and the X-Men return Magneto to Genosha.


Probably the day after TW 6 (18-19). Rhino is back at the Mexican border lab to reverse the intelligence operation and go back

to be as stupid as he was before.

WEAPON X: THE DRAFT - ZERO #1 - FB (11/12:5-7)

Zero assassinates a government informant during the "few weeks" that separate pages 10 and 11 of WX:Z 1.


One night. Spider-man appears on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno to talk about their adventure "last weekend," and he

chokes. This event is referenced as happening "last month" in SM:SC 1. Full moon.

Wednesday, February 6

MUTIES #5 (9-20)

One day, probably "a few days" after MUT 5 (5-8). After Bjorn's sister and her friends use up the stash, Bjorn and Ankhl get

kicked out of her place and return to Stockholm, where we see snow and both bare and green trees. There, drug dealers attack

Bjorn and Ankhl uses her mutant power for the first time to blind the dealers. She then robs a dealer of his drugs, passes out, and

gets picked up by police and thrown in jail. It is a "week" before MUT 5 (21-23).

X-MEN v2 #113 (23)

The day after X 113 (1-22). Jean's recruits leave Xavier's, where we see one bare tree.


One night. Bloodscream attacks three homeless men wearing jackets and hats.

Thursday, February 7


The "morning" after W '01 (1-3). Logan helps a homeless man in New York City. It is a non-holiday weekday, as we see "rush

hour" in New York.

SPIDER-MAN'S TANGLED WEB #11 - FB (27:4-27:5)

One day. Miss Kay, a reporter from the Bugle, asks Peter out while at the Library to go to the Miró Exhibit at the MOMA on

"February 14th" but he doesn't seem to pay attention thinking of Aunt May, Doc Ock and a past due bill. In TW 11 these events

are said to have happened "last week."

CABLE v2 #96

One day, "a year" after C2 96-FB (14).

Friday, February 8


One day in "winter" with "unseasonably warm and sunny" weather in New York. Quicksilver has rejoined the Avengers, an

indication that this issue occurs after X 111. Black Knight has rejoined as well, so this story must occur after XCAL2 4. Thor

returns to the Avengers after an absence.


The same day as A3 38. Since Bruce Banner is retrieved from Doc Samson's place to assist the Avengers, this story probably

occurs before the Hulk leaves Samson in H3 24.


The same day as A3 39.


The day after W '01 (4-7). This segment occurs within a "few weeks" before W2 170. At the homeless shelter, Logan battles

Bloodscream, who escapes and reports back to Mauvais. Mauvais sends Blooscream to the Ravencroft Institute to free Vermin.

Full moon.

Saturday, February 9

IRON MAN v3 #41

One day. The introduction of Iron Man's "retro armor" puts this issue after A3 40. It is "a few short weeks" before IM3 42.

Coney Island is shown as being open, so maybe it's the same warm spell shown in A3 38. Of course, how would they open and

staff the place on short notice? Surely this warm weather was not certain well in advance.


One day, probably after A3 40. It is "days" before H3 26. General Ross visits Bruce Banner, who is undergoing treatment at

Doc Samson's, where we see snow. Ross takes Banner to Area 51, where he asks him to go after the Abomination. Upon seeing

Betty is a cryogenic chamber, Banner changes to Hulk and bounds off to find the Abomination.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #25 (1-35)

The same night as H3 24. Hulk battles the Abomination, whom the military take into custody. There is no snow in New

Hampshire, where the battle occurs. Bare trees at Samson's place. Full moon.


One night. The Fantastic Four appear in new blue and black costumes without the number 4 on the chest.


The same night as FF3 38. Thor's appearance with the Avengers here suggests that these issues occur after A3 38-40. Iron Man

is not present. Chest emblems bearing the number 4 are applied to the FF's new costumes.


The night of the day after W '01 (8-17). It is "three days" before W '01 (25-27). In the New York sewers, Logan battles Vermin

and Bloodscream, whose hands he cuts off. The villains escape. Full moon.

Sunday, February 10


The day after FF3 39. Peter Parker takes pictures of the Baxter Building, which has just appeared from space.


The same day as FF3 40.


The same day as FF3 41. Spidey has a heart-to-heart talk with Johnny Storm on top of the Statue of Liberty.


The same day as FF3 42.


The same day as FF3 43. The Torch cannot control his flame as of this issue, and the situation isn't fixed until FF3 49, so

Johnny cannot appear without flames between FF3 44 and 49.

FANTASTIC FOUR v3 #45 - FB (2-5)

The same day as FF3 44. Reed Richards tries to deal with Johnny's inability to flame off. It is "several days" before FF3 45 (8-


INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #25 (36-40)

Probably the day after H3 25 (1-35). Bruce Banner visits the Abomination, who is in custody at Area 51.

PUNISHER v6 #5 (19-22)

One night, "2 weeks" after PUN6 5 (1-18). The Punisher visits the President in the Oval Office to confront him about his

complicity in the Kriegkopf affair.

Monday, February 11


A few days after his intelligence reversing brain operation the Rhino is back running through walls, Stella is already married to

Romeo, who is now running her father's organization. Romeo is having a meeting when Rhino, working for the competition,

breaks in to beat them up.


The day after FF3 45-FB (2-5). Ben Grimm arrives near Sunshine City, Florida, where we see green grass and trees.

FANTASTIC FOUR v3 #45 (6-7)

The same day as FF3 45 (1). The Thing arrives at Alicia Masters' house in Sunshine City, where we see green grass and trees. It

is "several days" before FF3 45 (8-22).


One day. According to Tom Brevoort, this series occurs between A3 40 and 41. It is supposed to be "five years" after A 128,

but it must be quite a bit longer.


The same day as A:CQ 1. The Avengers encounter Thanos, who states that Sequoia "has grown 18 earth years in a third of that,"

so it is supposedly six years and several months (for the pregnancy) after GSA 4, but the time frame must be longer. Unable to

destroy a reunited Mantis, Thanos departs to kill her son, Sequoia. As the Avengers are "78.7 hours" from Sequoia's world,

Mantis has time to tell the Avengers her story. She states that she is now complete "for the first time in three years," since SS3 9,

but again, this is not long enough to accommodate all the MU stories that occur between then and now. Furthermore, the

implication that three years separate GSA 4 and SS3 9 must be incorrect, as more time exists between those two issues. "Several

hours" later, Mantis and the Vision get romantic.


One day, "about a week" (actually "not three days") before W '01/2 (3-13). Logan gets a call from an old friend named Gus,

who says he's selling his B&B in Holly, Alberta and moving to his sister's because he is spooked about something.

Tuesday, February 12


One early "morning," "days" after H3 24. This story probably occurs before DEF2 1 (4-38). Savage Hulk, perhaps on his way

back from Area 51, battles Killer Shrike in a small town in Wisconsin. Shrike's girlfriend Nadine is killed in the battle. Full



The morning after A:CQ 2 (1-20). After Vision and Mantis spend the night together, the Avengers' spacecraft is attacked by

Reptyl and the team routs the aliens.

CHAMBER #4 - FB (12:1)

One day, probably during the college year. "Right after" Students for Tolerance is founded at ESU, Alex's powers manifest



One day, "three days" after W '01 (18-24). Logan delivers a watch to the son of one of Bloodscream's victims. Mauvais

schemes with Vermin and the handless Bloodscream. Green shrubs in Manhattan.

Wednesday, February 13

MUTIES #5 (21-23)

One day, a "week" after MUT 5 (9-20). A mystery man gets Ankhl released from jail and offers her an alternative to the drugs

that were inhibiting her powers.

WEAPON X: THE DRAFT - ZERO #1-FB (11/12:8-10)

Zero takes down a terrorist organization in Los Angeles during the "few weeks" that separate pages 10 and 11 of WX:Z 1.

WOLVERINE ANNUAL 2001/2 - FB (7:4-7:5)

One night, "two nights" before W '01/2 (3-13). The townspeople of Holly kill Gus and burn down his bed and breakfast.

Thursday, February 14: Valentine's Day


Probably the day after W '01/2-FB (7). Logan gets a call from Gus' sister saying she has a bad feeling because Gus hasn't

showed at her place yet.


One day. While at the Bugle's lunch room, Miss Jill (another reporter) invites Peter out to meet at the Coffee Bean and go to see

a play. Since he's thinking of Aunt May, a medical bill, and Electro (Peter might just have learned that he is at large in the city

and thinks that capturing him is going to take the rest of his night) and doesn't seem to know what to say she makes sure he'll

remember by writing the time to meet her (8:00) on his arm. These events are said to have happened "today" in TW 11.


One day. It must be two days after A:CQ 3 (1-10). The Avengers' journey through space nears an end, then "five hours" later,

they reach Sequoia's world "3 days and 6 hours" after the end of A:CQ 1 (1-20). Sequoia rebuffs the Avengers and Mantis

reacquaints herself with the Prime Cotati. Thanos gives Reptyl godlike power.


The same day as A:CQ 3 (11-23).


The same day as A:CQ 4.


The same day as A:CQ 5.


The same day as A:CQ 6.


The same day as A:CQ 7.


On a "freezing" afternoon (probably the prelude of the coming snowstorm seen in TW 11), a couple of boys watch TV when Electro crashes into their apartment. The boys stand up to the villain, then Spidey arrives and smacks Electro.


I have placed this flashback on the same day as TW 10 (1-14). Spidey belts Electro, as captured by Pete's camera.


The same day as TW 10 (1-14); I have this segment on the same day as SENSM@ 1/2-FB. Spider-Man captures Electro. Then Spidey leaves the boys a check for damages, a check he was going to use for the rent (which means he is not leaving at his aunt's by this time), to repair the damages. The oldest kid cancels going out with a girl (for Valentine's Day?) to watch his little brother because their mother is sick in bed.

SPIDER-MAN: BLUE #1 - FB (1-5)

Spider-Man stops by the Brooklyn bridge to leave a rose on top of it as a way to remember Gwen Stacy, as he does "once a year

in Valentine's day." Later this day Peter begins his tape recordings telling how he fell in love with Gwen shown in SM:B 1-6.

The full moon seen here must be topical.

FANTASTIC FOUR v3 #45 (8-22)

One day, "several days" after FF3 45 (6-7). It is before FF '01. Reed finishes a "robo-tech suit" that allows Johnny control his

flame. After receiving a letter from Ben that he's quit the team, the FF go to Sunshine City to talk to him, only to encounter the

Puppet Master, who has created a false world for Ben and Alicia. After Puppet Master is defeated, Ben and Alicia tell each other

they no longer love each other (note my ironic placement on Valentine's Day). We see green grass and trees in Florida.


On "Valentine's Day," the Vulture activates a bomb that knocks Spider-Man unconscious after he tries to catch him for robbing a

jewelry store. While unconscious Peter misses meeting not one but two girls at the Coffee Bean for Valentine's Day. Later the

Vulture visits an old girlfriend and gives her the jewel he just stole. Jameson mentions that Peter is now a teacher. Somebody

that looks like Billy Walters (from earlier Spider-Man issues) appears here and is called Edwards by JJJ. Snow starts to fall.


It's Valentine's Day and "not feeling like being anybody's Valentine," Peter starts tape recording how he fell in love with Gwen

Stacy. Full moon.


Probably the same day as SM:B 1, as Peter mentions he just put down the tape recorder for "a second," he continues narrating his

memories of how he fell in love with Gwen Stacy.

Friday, February 15


One day. Peter awakens with a cold on the morning of a school day in which he has no "lesson plans prepared," only to discover

that a blizzard (Peter's exaggeration: "about fifty feet of snow piled up") on the "coldest day on record" in New York City has

forced school cancellations. Aunt May calls Peter to ask him to come dig her out of a snowdrift; Peter offers subway cancellation

as an excuse for not coming over, but May doesn't accept the excuse, which may be a sign she not only knows Peter is

Spider-Man, but that she's known long enough to feel somewhat comfortable with the knowledge. Barker watches Spidey leave;

on the way he finds the Vulture who gets mad at Spidey for "always" interfering at his every turn, now after just assaulting again

a diamond store (as in TW 11). They fight.


I have placed this segment on the same snowy day as PPSM2 37-FB (4-16). A homeless girl named Leah is wrapped in a Daily Bugle whose front page has the headline, "Spider-Man in Shocking Battle," and a photo of Spidey fighting Electro (which I have as a reference to TW 10 from the day before). She looks up and sees her idol Spider-Man fighting with the Vulture up on the rooftops. She retreats to her cardboard box home, which is decorated with pictures of Spidey. She drifts into unconsciousness, dreaming of being with Spidey and his hero friends.

PETER PARKER, SPIDER-MAN v2 #37 - FB (14-16)

The same day as PPSM2 37-FB (4-16); I have this segment on the same day as SENSM@ 1/2 (1-5). Spidey and the Vulture finish their fight and the villain dares Spidey to meet him in thirty minutes at the site of their first battle.


I have placed this segment on the same day as PPSM2 37-FB (14-16). After finding Leah unconscious in her box, Spidey brings her to a hospital, where a doctor tells him that she's dying. Spidey kisses her on the cheek and she dreams of him.


The same day as PPSM2 37-FB (4-16). Spidey contemplates the day's events waiting for the Vulture. We see a snowstorm.


The same day as PPSM2 37 (1-4); I have this segment on the same day as SENSM@ 1/2 (6). Spidey battles the Vulture with the Human Torch at his side; we don't see Johnny flamed off here, so it's possible that he's wearing the robo-tech suit from FF3 45 (8-22), or he may be unable to flame off, placing this segment during the "several days" between pages 7 and 8 of FF3 45; I chose the former so as not to break up an issue in Johnny's chronology. Later, Peter digs Aunt May out as the radio announces that the temperature is in "the minus thirties" with "an additional wind-chill factor of minus twenty." We see a snowstorm.

IRON MAN v3 #46 (1-2)

One day, "three weeks" before IM3 46 (3-15). The Sons of Yinsen make their presence known.

WOLVERINE ANNUAL 2001/2 (3-13:1)

One night, "two nights" after W '01/2-FB (7). It is "40 years" after W '01/2-FB (2). Logan arrives on his motorcycle in Holly,

Alberta, where we see lots of snow. He kills a Plodex that has been slaughtering the residents who had worshiped it.

Saturday, February 16

WOLVERINE ANNUAL 2001/2 (13:2-13:3)

The "morning" after W '01/2 (3-13). This segment occurs within a "few weeks" before W2 170. Logan calls Gert and tells her

about Gus' death, then rides off on his motorcycle. Bare trees and snow in Alberta.

DEFENDERS v2 #1 (4-38)

One day, "three weeks" after DEF2 1 (1-3). The "big four" Defenders get cursed by Yandroth. The Fantastic Four, Captain

America, Iron Man (in the retro armor he dons in IM3 41), and a behind-the-scenes Spidey battle a horde of demons. The

Human Torch is flamed on here and is out of the Baxter Building, so it is possible that Johnny Storm appears here during the

period in which he wears his "robo-tech suit" to flame off, between FF3 45(8-22) and 46; we see no flamed-off appearance

without the suit.


One day. At the Statue of Liberty, Frank kills an old Army buddy who recently murdered his wife and kids. We see rain and a

family of tourists in New York, so it's probably either a weekend or a school break.


One night, while on a date at a snowy ski lodge, Moonstar thwarts some armed robbers. This story probably occurs before NM2

1 (10-25).

Sunday, February 17


One day. Captain America, Reed Richards, and Officer Price testify at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing about T'Challa.

Gyrich becomes Ross' boss, and Mephisto appears. Rain at night.


The same night as BP3 30. Malice is up to no good, and Dakota North makes an appearance.

PUNISHER v6 #7 (1-6)

One day. Punisher nails some mobsters, but gang boss Paul Rosso escapes. It is warm enough for two guys to play basketball

outdoors in short-sleeve shirts.


One day, likely shortly after DEF2 1 (4-38), as this is the first time the curse is activated. Bruce Banner has assumed the Joe

Fixit persona and is found by Doc Samson at a Virginia roadhouse; Hulk refuses to go back with Samson for his ALS treatments.

Attuma usurps the throne of Atlantis. Given other evidence, we must conclude that Namorita is not captured by Attuma in this

issue, but rather escapes. It is "a few weeks" after the flashback in this issue and at least "a few months" after the end of

NHAWK 3. It is "months" before DEF2 11.


The same night as DEF2 2, and "six months" after Def2 3-FB.


The same night as DEF2 3. Namor must appear here before USA2 2, since Attuma rules Atlantis during the USA2 series. It

should also be before BP3 34.

Monday, February 18: Presidents' Day

PUNISHER v6 #7 (7-9)

Probably the day after PUN6 7 (1-6), since the Daily Bugle has a headline about the events of PUN4 7 (1-6). Punisher goes to

Harry's Bar to get a lead on Rosso from an informant.

DAREDEVIL v2 #27-FB (18-20)

One day, "three months" before DD2 27 (21). Sammy Silke joins Kingpin's organization and meets Richard Fisk.

DEADPOOL v3 #68 - FB - FB (9:1)

One day, "a while" before DP3 68-FB (4-10). Taskmaster visits Tyrell Farsa in the hospital.


The day after BP3 31. T'Challa, strung up and tortured by Malice, is freed by Ross and Omoro. Monica and Dakota bond.

Man-Ape captures Queen Divine Justice, who is "16."

Tuesday, February 19

PUNISHER v6 #7 (10-22)

On a "Tuesday" at "1 AM," Punisher goes to the warehouse only to discover it was rigged with explosives. He escapes and kills

the informant who sent him there. After he gets another lead, he kills a drug dealer, then slays Rosso. Short-sleeve weather.








Spidey gets involved in the Infinity Abyss adventure, which occurs over the course of eighteen hours. Green grass and trees are

seen in upstate New York in this series, but Spidey mentions that it is winter.

X-STATIX #10 - FB (15-17)

One day. Edie Sawyer joins a throng of X-Force fans and decides to become a X-Force member. It's supposed to be "March

19," but it may actually be February 19. We see green grass and trees in California.

BLACK PANTHER v3 #33 (1-19)

The day after BP3 32. T'Challa kicks Malice's butt. Queen Divine Justice escapes from Man-Ape. Green trees. Full moon.


One night, a "few weeks" after WX:Z 1 (10). Zero thinks back on his missions with Weapon X and toys with suicide in his

Weapon X quarters.

Wednesday, February 20

BLACK PANTHER v3 #33 (20-22)

The day after BP3 33 (1-19). The Thing pays a visit to Maria in Tibet. Queen Divine Justice stumbles onto a tribe that worships


DAREDEVIL v2 #29-FB (5-8)

One day, a short time after DD2 27-FB (18-20). Kingpin inducts Sammy Silke into his organization personally and refuses

Silke's request to have Matt Murdock killed.

X-FORCE #117 - FB (11:4-11:5)

One day. Professor X provides Guy Smith with a special suit to help Smith control his mutant senses. Xavier appears here in a

Morrison leather outfit, perhaps the earliest chronological appearance of one of these new X-Men outfits.


One day. Jarvis answers e-mail queries from Duane Freeman. Timing is uncertain, but it must be sometime before Freeman's

death in the Kang attack on Washington in A3 49 (1-21). I've placed this close to A '01.


One day, long enough after CA3 39 for the Madden case to go to a hearing.


One day, "about a month" after PPTSS2 22-FB (7:1), Mindworm is a model prisoner at Ravencroft at the time Spidey talks to

Mindworm's parole officer. It is more than "a year or so" before PPTSS2 22.

Thursday, February 21


Probably the day after BP3 33 (20-22). It is "about a year" after BP3 1 and thus about a year before BP3 62. Mephisto

continues to masquerade as Ross - it is long enough after BP3 30 for him to become an instant media sensation, appearing in

People Magazine (in what must have been a last-minute cover story). Ross, in Mephisto's body, seeks help from the Avengers

(who aren't home) and then Dr. Strange. Vibraxas tries to free Queen Divine Justice from Man-Ape, but fails. T'Challa and

Gyrich jet to Wakanda to face down Man-Ape, who tells Queenie aspects of her origin. Green trees in New York.


The same day as BP3 34. The Surfer's appearance with the Defenders here, combined with Iron Fist's chronology (before TB

57), place these issues between DEF2 4 and 5.

MUTIES #4 (18:1)

One day. Renata takes the pregnant Jisa to a doctor for a checkup.


One day. Peter, wearing a sweater, brings a stack of papers home to grade and Caryn, in her usual scant wardrobe, chases after

Barker. Later Spider-Man battles the Mimes. Brother Ian and Brother Richard from PPSM2 34 also appear in this issue.

Friday, February 22


The early morning after PPSM2 38 (1-20), Caryn sleeps holding the Teddy Bear Peter won for her in PPSM2 34 as Peter falls

asleep past midnight, marking papers for school.


One day. Captain America assumes responsibility for leading the Redeemers program, which he does part-time until TB 54.

This commitment does not prevent him from having adventures outside the program. See below for the reason I put a continuity

break between pages 37 and 38 of TB 50. During that time, the V-Battalion is undertaking an investigation, pardons are being

processed for the Thunderbolts, SHIELD is determining the future of the Redeemer program, and Hawkeye sits in stir while the

legal wheels turn for his imprisonment.

CABLE v2 #100/2

One day, before C2 97. Nathan Summers is cured of the techno-organic virus.

Saturday, February 23


One morning. Mr. Fantastic talks to his son about God. The nature of Reed's and Franklin's relationship here suggests that this

occurs prior to the whole Abraxas saga and the birth of Valeria. This must also occur after Reed dons his uniform with the raised

"4" symbol in FF3 39. We also need a "few days" of downtime before this for Reed to pull his old senior thesis out and modify

it. The interruption of Franklin's cartoons to report on Gaza Strip bombings suggests it is a Saturday morning.


One day. After his wife states he'll be "out of town for the weekend," Congressman Bradley Miles loses his arm being attacked

by a mind-controlled octopus at the beach, the month previous to PPSM2 39 (4-15).


One day, between FF3 45 (8-22) and FF3 46. Namorita appears. Tony Stark cameos, offering the aid of the Avengers.


One night. M.J. is photographed at an event.


The same night as SENSM@ 1-FB-FB (23:3). M.J. is photographed some more with Brady O'Brien.


The same night as SENSM@ 1-FB-FB (3:4). A drunk M.J. almost hooks up with Brady.

Sunday, February 24


Early one morning. Frank Castle has a dream about going back in time to kill Al Capone.

THUNDERBOLTS #50 (39-40)

One day, "two days" after TB 50 (38). It is "a week" before CV&VB 1 and TB 51.


One "weekend" day. This issue must occur between the time Stark gave up his company in IM3 41 and before he adopts the

Hogan Potts identity in IM3 42. Jan's dialog suggests that it is very shortly after IM3 41. Kang blows up the UN building,

which had been rebuilt since Noh-Varr's attack in M/BOY 2.


The same day as A3 41.


The same day as A3 42. It is shortly after FF '01. Namorita makes another appearance in this storyline.


The same day as FF3 46.


The same day as FF3 47.


The same day as FF3 48. The Invisible Woman becomes pregnant and is nearly full-term. Galactus returns to the Marvel

continuum. As of FF3 49, the Torch can control his flame with the help of a special costume.


A3 43 continues directly from A3 42 and so occurs the same day as FF3 46-49. Attuma rules Atlantis, so it is after DEF2 2.

AVENGERS v3 #44 (1-18)

The same day as A3 43. Stingray, Scarlet Witch, Jack of Hearts and Hercules repel an Atlantean invasion at Prince Edward

Island. Warbird, Vision, Silverclaw, Black Widow and She-Hulk block an incursion of Deviant forces in China. Thor and

Firebird defeat the Presence in Russia.

AVENGERS ANNUAL 2001 (2:5-30)

The same night as A3 44 (1-18). With the assistance of Jonathan Tremont, Hank Pym is cured of his multiple personalities.

Justice and Firestar reveal themselves to Photon as spies among the Triune Understanding. Hawkeye's in jail and the Hulk's in

Virginia. The green grass and trees in New York must be topical. Full moon.

Monday, February 25


"A few hours" (early the morning) after A '01 (2-30). At sunrise with a full moon shown, the Wasp, Photon, Triathlon and Hank

Pym leave the Triune Understanding headquarters in Texas, where we see green grass and trees.

AVENGERS v3 #44 (19-22)

The same morning as A '01 (31). Russian authorities take the Presence away, and the Deviants are rounded up. Hank Pym is

fine now and appears in his Goliath uniform. After Attuma's troops are defeated, the Wasp resolves to contact Namor to find out

what's going on, so it can't be long after DEF2 2. The U.S. government is reconstructing Sentinels, its backup plan to defeat


MUTIES #4 (18:2)

One day. Jisa has morning sickness.


One day. The X-Men (Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Jean Grey, Xavier) appear in their Morrison outfits, so this segment

must occur after X 113. That T-Ray is here rather than at the Massachusetts Academy may be an indication that this segment

occurs after the closing of the Academy in GX 75 (31-38), but that's not necessarily true. The X-Men's newest recruit, a teenage

boy code-named T-Ray, suffers burns on his face and arm in a Danger Room accident.

Tuesday, February 26

X-MEN: LIFE LESSONS (11:4-11:6)

The morning after X:LL (1-11). It is "one month" before X:LL (12-13). Terry is laid up from his injuries. Cyclops, Jean Grey,

and Xavier appear.


One day, shortly after Franklin's return in FF3 46-49.

U.S.AGENT v2 #1-FB (2/3:6-2/3:8)

U.S.AGENT v2 #1-FB (4:5-4:6)

U.S.AGENT v2 #1-FB (5:5)

U.S.AGENT v2 #1-FB (6:5)

U.S.AGENT v2 #1-FB (7:1)

These five flashbacks show a scene with U.S.Agent and Valerie Cooper. Senator Warkowski of the Senate Appropriations

Committee is stated as being up for re-election.

U.S.AGENT v2 #1

The same day as USA2 1-FB.

IRON MAN v3 #42

One day, "a few short weeks" after IM3 41. Tony Stark is puttering around with armor modifications. The first appearance of

"Hogan Potts."

IRON MAN v3 #43

The same day as IM3 42. Stark meets Goliath in an essentially empty (except for Jarvis) Avengers Mansion.


Vincent Colorito, AKA Leapfrog, is released from Evansville penitentiary under house arrest. These scenes are shown on the TV

news in TW 12 (1-5) as happening "earlier today."


The same day as TW 12-FB. At his aunt's house Eugene Colorito sees the news about his dad being released from prison earlier

and worries about the guys at school making fun of his father "tomorrow," then Vincent comes to pick up his son and move to

their own house. This story has some contradictions with already established facts about the characters' previous history.

Wednesday, February 27


One day - the anniversary of the Fantastic Four, which would place this story in the same month as FF 1 and FF 296. Namorita

appears, as does She-Hulk. We see green trees and warm weather in New York, but these must be topical.


The day after TW 12 (1-5). On a "Wednesday," guys at school make fun of Eugene's dad. When he gets home Spider-Man

comes to check on Leapfrog, Vincent promises he is back on the straight and narrow for good. Typeface is mentioned. Green


IRON MAN v3 #44 (1-7)

The night of the day after IM3 43. Here we have the introduction of Stark's transitional armor. It actually is being slightly

modified throughout Iron Man's various appearances until Grell and Ryan introduce a new version in IM3 50. Iron Man

investigates the bombing of Askew Electronics, whose head, Calista Hancock, announces that the company's going out of

business as a result, putting "Hogan Potts" out of a job. Full moon.

Thursday, February 28

IRON MAN v3 #44 (8-22)

The day after IM3 44 (1-7). After "Hogan Potts" spends the night with Calista, Iron Man discovers that AIM is behind the

corporate bombings. He faces Modok and the Ghost.

IRON MAN v3 #45 (1-14)

The same day as IM3 44 (8-22). Iron Man takes out Modok and his AIM quarters and the Ghost escapes.

U.S.AGENT v2 #2

One day, shortly after USA2 1. Attuma is ruler of Atlantis here and makes the first of his attacks on the surface world. That fact,

plus Namor's presence in issue #2 places the series after Def2 4. Captain America shows up, at SHIELD's behest, probably

breaking from his duties with the Redeemers. Green grass and trees in Washington, DC.

U.S.AGENT v2 #3 (1-21)

The same day as USA2 2. U.S.Agent, with Captain America, defeats the Power Broker. Johnny Storm is shown here in control

of his flame, so this segment cannot occur during his constant flame state between FF3 44 and 49.

X-STATIX #10 - FB (18)

One day. Edie Sawyer prepares to become a member of X-Force. The reference to "March 28" may actually be to February 28.


The day after TW 12 (6-11). After another day of people's jokes about his father, Eugene gets home and finds out his father got

a job doing a commercial taking a beating from the owner of a car shop. He goes out and school kids throw frogs at him. He

decides to use one of the Frogman costumes. Green trees and blowing leaves.

Friday, March 1

IRON MAN v3 #45 (15-22)

The day after IM3 45 (1-14). Tony Stark publicly reveals his Hogan Potts identity and purchases Askew Electronics. Iron Man

exposes and defeats the Ghost. Stark shows his friends the new facility for Stark Enterprises and tells them he's aiming to get his

company back from Stark Fujikawa. He gets a telegram from Ty Stone. It is "weeks" before IM3 46.


The night of the day after TW 12 (12-16). Eugene goes out on patrol as Frogman on "Friday night" and tries to scare loitering

school kids at a gas station; when they are beating him up his father shows and rescues him. Full moon.


One night. Asleep at Doc Samson's house, Bruce Banner has a dream involving Joe Fixit and Devil Hulk.


The same night as H3 27. Banner's dream concludes after Savage Hulk and Devil Hulk join in.


Probably the same night as IM3 45 (15-22), given the opening reference to events of the "last few days" and the fact that the

Daily Bugle headline is a reference to IM3 45 (8-22). The date on the newspaper looks like "Tuesday, October 8," but this must

be topical. Stark confronts Ty Stone about the telegram he received in IM3 45 (8-22), only to witness Rumiko reveal Stone's

dependence on his Dreamvision machine. Tony refuses to help Stone and spurns Rumiko, who then repents and dumps Stone.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #41 (1-20)

One night, shortly after CA3 40. It is "weeks" after CA3 37. This story must occur after A3 43 and probably after X 111. Full


TIGRA #1 (1-4)

One night. Greer Nelson visits her dead husband's grave on his birthday. Bare trees in the Bronx. Full moon.


It is either a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday night. The Punisher stumbles across a plot by a crime lord, the Medallion, to start a

huge war between rival New York taxis. Medallion dispatches a cabbie named Tjinder to kill rival cabbie Dylan in a cab

modified into a death machine by mechanic Mr. Badwrench. Four cabbies are noted as having been murdered "since November

17, 2001" (the year, of course, is topical). Full moon.

PUNISHER v6 #10 (1-4)

The same night as PUN6 9. The Punisher's taxi crashes and Dylan is killed. The building into which the cab crashes says,

"Waccio Comes Alive! Store Performance and Signing, March 25, 11 PM." Punisher kills Tjinder by gunning down his taxi.

Saturday, March 2

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #41 (21-22)

Early the morning after CA3 41 (1-20).

X-FORCE #116 - FB (2-5)

One day, after XS 10-FB (18) and XFO 117-FB (11:4-11:5), probably after IHM:MMH 1/2 (6-8), and shortly before XFOR

116. I'm allowing a few weeks between XFO 115 and XFOR 116-FB (2-5) for the X-Force name to be co-opted and the team

assembled; this is feasible, given the major point in this series that the media can create overnight sensations, and besides, given

the old X-Force's low profile, the concept of a new team may have been in the works for a while. The new X-Force battle a coup

in North Africa and Sluk is killed. Axel is twenty-seven years old.

PUNISHER v6 #10 (5-22)

The day after PUN6 10 (1-4). In an attempt to solve the cabbie killings (which have been going on "since November"), Punisher

goes undercover to get a job as a cab driver - at the Medallion's front company. From a cartoon in the Daily Bugle regarding

Dylan's and Tjinder's deaths, Medallion concludes that the Punisher must die. Then he learns that the Punisher has become an


IRON MAN ANNUAL 2001 (1-11)

One night in Sarawak, Iron Man finds himself wanted by the government there, which wants the transitional armor. After a street

scuffle, Stark is arrested, then freed by Anna Wei.


The night of the day after TW 12 (17-21). On "Saturday night" Vincent Colorito hears about his son's excursion as Frogman

making the local news and worries about people making fun of him.

TIGRA #1 (5-17)

The night of the day after TIGRA 1 (1-4). Tigra has her first run-in with the Brethren of the Blue Fist and discovers they're

rogue cops. She goes to Avengers Mansion to get some intel and approval from Cap and the Wasp to investigate. I've placed

Cap here between CA3 41 and 42, both of which also feature full moons.

Sunday, March 3


One morning, shortly after CA3 41 (21-22), given the full moon in both CA3 41 and 42.


Perhaps the day after PUN6 10 (5-22). The Medallion schemes against the Punisher, while the Punisher outwits a couple sent by

Medallion to kill him. Kevin the bartender sets up Lieutenant Soap with his girlfriend's daughter. She-Hulk is heard in a pre-

recorded public service announcement on the radio and one guy wonders "whatever happened to her."


One day, shortly before XFO 116.

IRON MAN ANNUAL 2001 (12-13)

The day after IM '01 (1-11). Tony Stark gets to know Anna Wei and fixes her computer that night.


The same night as CA3 42-FB. Full moon.


The same night as CA3 42.


The same night as CA3 43. Taskmaster refers to the Avengers raiding his operations, which we see in A3 38, so I place CA3 41-

44 after A3 38. Taskmaster must appear here before TM 1. Full moon.

UNCANNY X-MEN #394 (1-2)

One night. Warp Savant has big plans for his birthday "tomorrow."

Monday, March 4

IRON MAN ANNUAL 2001 (14-31)

The day after IM '01 (12-13). The Sawakan government finds the transitional armor and Tony Stark and Anna Wei retireve it.

The Avengers come to the rescue and Iron Man has them bring him, Anna and her son to San Francisco, where Tony Stark offers

them a new life. It is "weeks" before IM3 46.


The day after PUN6 11. Punisher kills Mr. Badwrench, then after being pursued by the Medallion's cabbies, crashes into the

crime lord's building and kills him.


One day.


The same day as CV&VB 1.


The same day as CV&VB 1. Attuma is noted as having taken over Atlantis, so this issue must occur after DEF2 2; this

necessitates a gap of months between pages 37 and 38 of TB 50.


The same day as TB 51.


The same day as CV&VB 2 and TB 52. The V-Battalion defeats Baron Strucker at the cost of Iron Cross' life.


A school day at the Stern Academy. This issue must occur after BP3 43. According to the MCP, this story occurs after INH3 4.

Franklin is "only seven" (yeah right). Green grass and trees in New York.

X-FORCE #116 (2-4)

One day, shortly after XFO 116-FB (2-5) and XFO 120-FB. Axel watches a videotape of the X-Force mission in North Africa.

CABLE v2 #97

One day. This story occurs after C2 100/2.

CABLE v2 #98

The same day as C2 97. Full moon.

CABLE v2 #99 (1-3)

The same night as C2 98.


The same night as TB 52. Graviton asks Moonstone to help him find a sense of purpose. Abe Jenkins finds evidence of stealing

at his job. Captain Marvel drops in on Songbird. Mentallo saves Clint Barton from a fight at Seagate Prison and proposes a deal

with Clint to help him escape. It is "a couple of weeks" before TB 54. Full moon.

UNCANNY X-MEN #394 (3-23)

The night of the day after UX 394 (1-2). This segment occurs before X 114. Warp Savant attacks Cape Citadel and is defeated

by the X-Men. Full moon.

Tuesday, March 5

CABLE v2 #99 (4-22)

The day after C2 99 (1-3).


The day after TB:LS 1 (1-19). Hawkeye strikes the deal with Mentallo, Moonstone agrees to help Graviton, Abe Jenkins exposes

the crime at work and is offered a job with the local police, and Melissa Gold, prompted by Captain Marvel, returns stolen

jewelry then gets a job in a music store.


The day after CV&VB 3 (1-21). After spending "eighteen hours" incinerating Strucker's satellites and nano-probes, the V-

Battalion discusses Strucker's plan and its own plans for achieving world peace. Citizen V's comment about "Colorado in

spring" is an indication that it is either spring or nearly spring.

X-FORCE #116 (6-13)

The day after XFO 116 (2-4). At a press conference, Anarchist is introduced as X-Force's newest member, then he blows off the

roof of a hotel in Beverly Hills, where we see green grass and trees. Logan and Scott Summers appear at the opening of the

twenty-first X-Force cafe.

IRON MAN v3 #48 - FB (6:4)

One day. Ultron Mark 12, planning to steal Stark's SKIN technology, has the mind-controlled Sun Tao outfitted in a replica of

the sentient armor and sends him to attack Askew Electronics as a diversion.

IRON MAN v3 #46 (3-15)

The same day as IM3 48-FB (6:4), "three weeks" after IM3 46 pg. 1-2. Hank Pym, as Goliath, tells Tony that his artificial heart

is evolving. Tony learns about the Church of Yinsen, established "a few weeks" earlier, right after pages 1-2. Iron Man is

alerted to the attack at Askew and battles a mind-controlled Sun Tao, defeats him, and learns that the SKIN technology has been

stolen from Askew. He suspects that the armor Sun Tao wears is not the original sentient armor. Right after this, Tony doffs the

transitional armor, puts on the classic armor and takes the transitional armor to Avengers Mansion to do some testing behind the

scenes. Meanwhile, Hank shops with Jan behind the scenes.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #45 - FB (2/3:5-5)

The same day as IM3 46 (3-15), "six days" before CA3 45-48. Hate Monger, posing as Adam Hauser, approaches a group of

workers on strike.


The day after FF3 51.


The same day as FF3 52. It is another school day at the Stern Academy. Green grass and trees in New York. Full moon.


The same night as FF3 53. Sue Richards gives birth to Valeria. It is "a few months" before FF3 68 (2-21). This story must occur before NA:I2 4. Full moon.


The night of CA3 45-FB (2/3-5). Behind the scenes, Hank resumes his Yellowjacket identity after returning from shopping.

Tony, in classic armor, is still testing ("tinkering with") the transitional armor, which is in pieces, when he's called upon to join

the rest of the Avengers to deal with Alkhema. The Avengers discover they have "twenty hours" to solve a mystery. Iron Man

gets Hawkeye out of Seagate Prison (so it's before TB 54) to deal with Alkhema and very early the next morning, the Avengers

head to Greece and Egypt, arriving at "dawn" local time. In Egypt, the Avengers battle Alkhema and the Ultron she

inadvertently creates. The confrontation ends with an explosion, the Avengers depart, and Antigone fetches the Ultron head from

the rubble.

IRON MAN v3 #48 - FB (4:6)

Immediately after A:UI, Ultron Mark 12, posing as Yinsen come back to life, dispatches the Sons of Yinsen (apparently without

Sun Tao) to fetch the Ultron head from Antigone. Ultron downloads the head behind the scenes.

Wednesday, March 6

TIGRA #1 (18-22)

Probably early the morning after TIGRA 1 (5-17). Tigra pursues Captain Morrison only to find him dead.

4 #2 - FB

Probably the morning after FF3 54. Reed, Ben, Johnny, and Franklin pose for a picture with Sue and the newborn Valeria in

Sue's hospital room, as seen in this photo on page 6, panel 5.

X-FORCE #116 (14-22)

Probably the day after XFO 116 (6-13). X-Force attempt to save a boy band from murderous gunmen and all but U-Go Girl,

Doop and Anarchist are killed in the melee.

X-FORCE #117-FB (4-6)

The same day as XFO 116 (14-22). U-Go Girl and Anarchist dispatch the remaining gunmen.

U.S.AGENT v2 #3 (22)

One day, right after an election in which Senator Warkowsky was defeated. This election may have been a primary held the first

Tuesday of March. U.S.Agent's suspension is lifted.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #45 - FB (6-13)

I'll say it's the afternoon of the day the Avengers return from the battle with Alkhema. Nick Fury has resumed his job as

Director of SHIELD, so this flashback must occur after CA:SL 1. He visits Cap, who is back at Avengers Mansion training. Cap

and Sharon Carter get put on the case to take the Helicarrier back from the Red Skull, who's had it for "a few months."

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #45 - FB (14-17)

Five hours after CA3 45-FB (6-13), it is night. Hate Monger, as Adam Hauser, influences the strikers to kill Mexican travelers in


CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #45 - FB (18-20)

Two hours after CA3 45-FB (14-17), Iron Man, still in classic armor, is at Avengers Mansion and locates the Helicarrier for Cap

and Sharon.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #45 - FB (21)

Five hours after CA3 45-FB (18-20), under the light of a full moon, the Hate Monger rendezvouses with Red Skull in Louisiana.

Behind the scenes, Tony has finished his work on the transitional armor and re-dons it to assist Cap in the Helicarrier case.

Thursday, March 7

X-FORCE #117

Possibly the day after XFO 117-FB (4-6). The new X-Force roster is announced at a press conference that is interrupted by

Cannonball, Meltdown, Warpath, and Domino. Coach announces that the team's new leader is newcomer Orphan, to the outrage

of U-Go Girl.

X-FORCE #118 (1-6)

The same night as XFO 117. Edie saves Guy from shooting himself, while Vivisector, Phat, Saint Anna and Bloke prepare to

move in with X-Force.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #46 - FB (2/3:5-9)

Eleven hours after CA3 45-FB (21) - now two days after IM3 46 (15) - Iron Man, in transitional armor, is back at Avengers

Mansion assisting Cap as Cap finds the Helicarrier in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #46 - FB (10-14)

One hour after CA3 46-FB (2/3-9), Nick Fury encounters Hauser.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #46 - FB (15-21)

Two hours after CA3 46-FB (10-14), Cap boards the Helicarrier while Iron Man monitors from Avengers Mansion. Apparently,

Cap wonders the decks for eighteen (!!) hours before the Helicarrier surfaces, and Cap encounters the Skull, who ejects Cap from

the Helicarrier.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #47 - FB (2/3:4-7:4)

Cap is rescued from his plummet by Sharon, but the Skull blasts their hovercar while Iron Man monitors from Avengers


CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #47 - FB (7:5-8)

A minute later, Hauser spreads hate in Louisiana.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #47 - FB (9-12)

Two minutes later, Cap and Sharon are rescued by Namor, who was alerted by Iron Man. Cap convinces Namor to join them.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #47 - FB (13-15)

Five hours later, Hauser and the Skull prepare to launch their insidious plan, while Nick Fury is helpless to stop them.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #47 - FB (16-21)

23 minutes after CA3 47-FB (13-15), Cap, Sharon and Namor have infiltrated the Helicarrier and attack the Skull. The identity

of the Hate Monger is revealed.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #48 - FB (4-17:4)

About an hour after CA3 47-FB (16-21), Cap, Sharon and Namor are prisoners of the Skull and Hate Monger. They escape,

battle the bad guys, save the day, and reclaim the Helicarrier, "almost three days" before CA3 45-48. Cap disappears with a

transport to go on "a special mission." Since SHIELD reclaims the Helicarrier here, this flashback must occur before M/K 14.

IRON MAN v3 #46 (16-22)

Right after CA3 48-FB (4-17), Iron Man, satisfied that his obligation to Cap has been met now that the day is saved, goes to

check on Sun-Tao at Stark Enterprises. According to my calculations, it has been three days since IM3 46 (1-15). Tony

confirms that Sun Tao is mind-controlled and that the armor is a reproduction of the sentient armor. After studying and adapting

the SKIN technology for three days, Ultron, as "Yinsen," goes with the Sons of Yinsen come to retrieve Sun Tao and confront

Iron Man.

IRON MAN v3 #47

Iron Man battles the Sons while Sun Tao snaps out of it. The Sons seize Sun Tao, then Jocasta comes back and helps Iron Man

take the battle to the Sons. Ultron reveals himself.

IRON MAN v3 #48

Ultron tells Iron Man his story. This story occurs before M/HOL05 1/2-FB (21:5). Ultron leaves to launch his grand scheme,

leaving the Sons to dispatch Sun Tao and Iron Man. Our heroes defeat the Sons and return to Stark Enterprises. Tony tries to

reach the Avengers for help, but they're "off dealing with Kang" (during the gap between A3 44 and 45). That night, Sun Tao

and Iron Man head to a stormy Las Vegas, where they defeat Ultron. Unbeknownst to our heroes, Antigone ends up in a hospital

with Ultron's head.


One day.


The same day as BP3 38.


The same day as BP3 39. Panther and Danny Rand battle each other and the Black Dragon. Iron Fist regains his powers,

justifying Graviton's taking him out later in TB 57. Nightshade discovers T'Challa of the future and he assumes the role of king

of Wakanda.

PUNISHER v6 #13 - FB

One night, "two days" before PUN6 13. As Kevin's "girlfriend" hasn't been around "all week," this flashback probably occurs at

the end of a week. At Lucky's Bar, Soap tries to convince Punisher to go to Colombia to save mobster Don Casino, who is held

hostage by guerillas. Soap is then approached by ex-con Bubba Prong and they leave the bar together.

Friday, March 8

PUNISHER v6 #14 - FB (7, 10-11)

The day after PUN6 13-FB. It is several days before PUN6 3 14 (17). After awakening in Bubba's apartment, Soap is attacked

by Bubba and kills him. Punisher travels to Colombia and hires Guiterrez as his guide.

X-FORCE #118 (7-22)

The day after XFO 118 (1-6). X-Force goes to Bastrona to rescue a mutant boy named Paco Perez. Bloke is killed in action.

X-FORCE #119 (1-16)

The same day as XFO 118 (7-22). Orphan saves Paco, but Saint Anna is killed. Edie accidentally teleports X-Force to her home

in the Ozarks, where we see green grass and trees. After X-Force teleports to their base in California, Coach reveals his plans for



Two days after IM3 48, as a result of Cap's "special mission," Nick Fury and Dum Dum Dugan take a hovercar to an island in

the North Sea to observe a funeral.


Nick and Dum Dum are joined by Sharon Carter and then the Avengers, including Iron Man, show up. We see green grass and

trees on that North Sea island.


Namor joins the group and remarks that he hasn't recovered Atlantis yet (so it's between Def2 2 and 11). They yack amid those

green trees.


The group talks. Iron Man says that the Helicarrier was stolen by the Skull "several months ago." Cap arrives with Bucky's

sister and he unveils a commemorative statue of Bucky sculpted by Alicia Masters. This story probably occurs before XU 48/2.

Saturday, March 9

X-FORCE #119 (17-22)

The day after XFO 119 (1-16). Orphan goes to Buenos Aires to give Saint Anna's father a gift from his deceased daughter and to

deliver Paco to a new family. That night, Coach tries to talk Edie into killing Guy.


The day after PUN6 14-FB (10-11). It is "two days" after PUN6 13-FB. In his second day in Colombia, Punisher kills the

guerillas, rescues Casino and takes him to Guiterrez, but they all get trapped in a hunter's net.


One day. Peter resumes narrating his memories of how he fell in love with Gwen Stacy, probably a while after SM:B 2 as he

starts his narration saying, "...When I started out making these tapes...."


One day, "two days" before TB 54.

Sunday, March 10

PUNISHER v6 #14 - FB (2-6)

The day after PUN6 13. The net breaks and Punisher, Guiterrez, and Casino continue to evade soldiers in the Colombian jungle.

PUNISHER v6 #14 (1, 7-16)

The same day as PUN6 14-FB (2-6). On the Punisher's third day in Colombia, Guiterrez leads Punisher and Casino to local

gangster Pacheco. Guiterrez and Casino turn on Frank and try to sell him out to Pacheco. Punisher kills Guiterrez and Pacheco

and takes Casino. We see "the carnival" going on in Columbia, so this segment must occur before March 13, the last possible

day this year for the beginning of Lent.

X-FORCE #120

The day after XFO 119 (17-22). Doop enlists Wolverine (in Morrison leathers) to help Orphan and Edie deal with the

treacherous Coach, who gets killed. It is probably before TB 57.

Monday, March 11


One day, "two days" after TB 53. It is "a couple of weeks"after Clint Barton was put in prison, but this may be a reference to a

transfer to Seagate after a few months spent being held elsewhere. Cap ends his association with the Redeemer program after

several weeks on the job.


The same day as TB 54. Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man are seen at Avengers Mansion.


The same day as TB 55.


The same day as TB 56. Graviton renders a whole horde of heroes helpless by suspending them in air. Iron Man is in his

transitional armor (probably after working some kinks out in CA3 46-FB). We have appearances by a non-pregnant Invisible

Woman (after FF3 54), Iron Fist (after BP3 40), Yellowjacket (after A:UI), and the X-Men (in their leather Morrison outfits). I

assume the Surfer is behind the scenes here. The Beast is not seen, so his appearance does not determine chronological

placement; I have this story occurring before his mutation into the cat form. The X-Force line-up suggests placement after XFO

120. Kang is in Damocles Base.


The same day as TB 57. The Thunderbolts defeat Graviton and all of them except Songbird vanish, having seemingly died. The

horde of heroes are freed. Namorita must get captured by Attuma after this, appearing next as his captive in DEF2 5.


The same day as TB 58. In the aftermath of Graviton's defeat, Songbird faces/frees Scream/Angar.

THUNDERBOLTS #60 (1-11:3)

The same day as TB 59. Although CV&VB 1-4 is noted here, this segment must occur after CV&VB 4. The Thunderbolts find

themselves on Counter-Earth, where they face that world's Thunderbolts. The V-Battalion discover that the force (Zemo) that

controlled Citizen V's mind is gone.

Tuesday, March 12

THUNDERBOLTS #60 (11:4-14)

It is probably now the day after TB 60 (1-11). Hawkeye and the prison escapees are outside of Pittsburgh. After they see a

newspaper with the headline, "Graviton Stopped! Thunderbolts Dead?," a Guardsman catches up to them. It is "a few months"

after TB 50 (1-36). We see green grass and trees.


The same day as TB 60 (11-14). Plantman kills the Guardsman who faces the prison escapees.

THUNDERBOLTS #60 (15-22)

The same day as TB 60 (11-14). Thunderbolts make discoveries about their new world. They learn that Counter-Earth

"Germany is going to send up a satellite later this week." Zemo appears in Fixer's tech-pack.

CABLE v2 #100 (1-16)

One day.

Wednesday, March 13

CABLE v2 #100 (17-21)

The day after C2 100 (1-16).

SPIDER-MAN'S TANGLED WEB #13 - FB (16:3-20:4)

One day. Human Torch attacks Al Kraven while he is fighting some gangsters. Al knocks Johnny out but Spider-Man shows up

and together they send Kraven to jail. "A few" hours later Al's attorney gets him out of jail. These events happen the same week

as TW 13.


One day. The falling leaves in New York must be topical. Jacket weather in Idaho.

IRON MAN v3 #49

One day.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #48/2 (1-3, 5:3-6:3)

One day. This segment includes dialogue supplied throughout pages 1-8. Nick Fury is SHIELD director, so this segment must

occur after CA3 48. Mystique is in SHIELD custody, so this story likely occurs after UX 389. The plot, involving terrorism and

weapons inspectors, must occur after 9-11. Fury gives Mystique an assignment to take down a foreign regime in exchange for

her freedom.


One day. Spider-Man stops Vulture from pulling an armored car heist on the Jersey turnpike. The Vulture manages to escape

after fighting in a farm. These scenes are said to happen "this week, Wednesday afternoon" in TW 13.

Thursday, March 14

X-MEN UNLIMITED #48/2 (4:1-5:2, 6:4-7:2)

Perhaps the day after XU 48/2 (5-6). Mystique seduces the leader of the regime and assumes his identity.

PUNISHER v6 #14 (17)

One day, several days after PUN6 14-FB (10-11), as the TV news reports that Bubba's funeral was today. At Lucky's Bar, Soap

tells Punisher that he's been promoted back to Lieutenant, that he's heard that Casino is back in town, and that his mob meeting

has been scheduled for tomorrow night.


One day. Namorita is shown a captive of Attuma, having been captured sometime after TB 58. Banner is seen at Samson's,

probably after H3 28; Samson is concerned about his mysterious disappearances disrupting his ALS treatments. Given Banner's

physical condition in H3 29, this story must occur before H3 29. The Surfer leaves for space, so I place this after BP3 35. Green

trees are topical.


The same night as DEF2 5, "several days"before DEF2 8 (1-22). Bruce Banner appears, still afflicted with ALS.


The same night as DEF2 6. We've placed this issue long enough before H2 29 for Banner to deteriorate seriously.

Friday, March 15

X-MEN UNLIMITED #48/2 (7:3-15)

The day after XU 48/2 (6-7). In a speech before a gathering of UN delegates and weapons inspectors, Mystique, disguised as the

regime leader, exposes the weapons violations and mass murders of his country. In the ensuing melee, Mystique escapes and is

free of captivity. Thus this segment likely occurs before her next scheme in UX 401.

THUNDERBOLTS #61 (5:2-19:3)

One day, "less than a week" after Graviton was defeated. Moonstone's Thunderbolts have an adventure aboard a train headed for

the rocket base in Germany of Counter-Earth.

DAREDEVIL v2 #29 - FB (17-19)

One day. Mr. Silke and the rest of Kingpin's inner circle are playing poker again. Mr. Silke complains that he can't figure out

why Kingpin refused his request to kill Matt Murdock. The rest of the crew seems hesitant to bring up the subject. Richard Fisk

(who apparently still sits in the corner to himself and drinks) suddenly asks Silke to come and talk with him. Richard explains to

Mr. Silke that Matt Murdock is Daredevil. It was supposed to be Kingpin's own little secret, but Richard found out threw

rummaging around his dad's file (or at least that's what the story hints). Richard has told all the rest of the crew, so they all

know about Kingpin's personal beef with Murdock.

DAREDEVIL v2 #30 - FB (5-8)

The same day as DD2 29-FB (17-19). Silke is stunned and wonders, "So why doesn't he just waste this Murdock. The guys been

a pain in his butt for year." But they're all silent. Richard whispers to him that he's tried to rally them before, tried to lead, but

he says "they won't listen to me." This makes sense. Richard Fisk has adopted in the past the costumed identity of the Rose and

has tried to usurp Kingpin's organization before. So Richard is planting now the seed of rebellion in Silke's head.


Perhaps the day after DP3 61, as Deadpool's funeral is noted as having "just" happened. Wade awakens among a group of street

people. Meanwhile, four other Deadpools make their public debuts. It is a day that banks are open. The VTV Awards are

"tomorrow." Green trees and apparently mild weather in New York. Full moon.

PUNISHER v6 #14 (18-22)

The evening of the day after PUN6 14 (17). Casino chairs the meeting of the mob bosses. Punisher shows up to kill them all.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #10/2 - FB (6:2-6:3)

One day, "three weeks" before AAF2 10/2-FB (6:5). Nina Price is in a Carpathian village looking for answers to her curse, but

everyone avoids her on the streets. She is attacked by a vampire.

Saturday, March 16

THUNDERBOLTS #61 (4-5:1)

One day, "days" after Graviton was defeated. It is "four days" after TB 61 (1-3). After the escapees' manacles cease signal

transmissions, Dum Dum Dugan gives Songbird the assignment of tracking Hawkeye and company.

THUNDERBOLTS #61 (19:4-20)

The day after TB 61 (5-19). The Thunderbolts' train adventure continues.


One day. Lieutenant Colonel Starkovsky is found murdered in a sex club early one morning and Yelena Belova is assigned to

investigate the death and to recover Starkovsky's missing files on the Black Widow. The investigation takes Yelena to the

morgue and to the sex club. We see snow in Moscow.


One day, "weeks" before XX 2. Storm shows up in the Rockies to retrieve Rogue for the quest for Destiny's diaries. They are

joined by Beast and Psylocke. Green grass and tress in the Rockies.

X-TREME X-MEN #3-FB (22)

Perhaps the same night as XX 2-FB. The X-Treme team gather together in some posh hotel (perhaps in the Rockies), where the

Beast suggests that they head to Spain to begin the hunt for Destiny's diaries.


The day after DP3 62. Wade, who notes that "a week ago, I was dead," encounters the other Deadpools at the VTV Awards, then

T-Ray crashes the party.

DEADPOOL v3 #64 (1-17)

The same night as DP3 63. The Gemini Star causes T-Ray to absorb all components of Deadpool's personality.


One rainy night. This story must occur before SC 1 (1-13). After having a bad week were they fought Spidey, Al Kraven and the

Vulture have a few drinks with Norman Osborn at the V-Bar. Osborn confesses having killed Spidey's girlfriend some years

ago. Timber Hughes is first seen in this story. While they are said to have gone out a few times she doesn't seem to be officially

Al's girlfriend yet. Al is making out with his attorney after she gets him out of jail. The Falcon is mentioned to be using an

armored costume; Green Goblin is probably last seen using his classic costume before going with a new bulkier one in PPSM2

44. The Rocket Racer must be taken to prison shortly after this story - perhaps in LONERS 2-FB (12:2-12:5) - to be seen there later in TW 16-17.

Sunday, March 17

THUNDERBOLTS #61 (21-23)

Early the morning after TB 61 (4-5). Hawkeye and his fellow escapees have a little altercation in Nebraska as Songbird shows

up hot on their trail in Iowa.


The day after TB 61 (19-20). Moonstone's Thunderbolts sabotage a rocket launch on Counter-Earth. Zemo's neural patterns

transfer from Fixer's tech-pack to a new body.

THUNDERBOLTS #64 (1-5:3)

The same day as TB 62. Moonstone's Thunderbolts encounter Zemo. It is "two weeks" before TB 64 (13-21) and thus one week

before TB 64 (5-9).

DEADPOOL v3 #64 (18-21)

The day after DP3 64 (1-17). Jealous of Deadpool's relationship with Death, Thanos vows to place a curse of everlasting life on

Wade. Green grass and trees in New York.

Monday, March 18


One night. Cage tells Moon Knight, "Haven't seen you in a while," an indication that some time has passed since M/K 9 and

that Cage didn't really touch base with Spector in the sea of heroes from TB 57-58, after which this issue must occur, given

Moon Knight's retirement in M/K 14. The full moon may be topical.


The same night as M/K 11. The full moon may be topical.


The same night as M/K 12. Moon Knight is injured.


The same night as M/K 13. The Heli-Carrier is in SHIELD's possession, so this story must occur after CA3 48-FB (4-17).

Moon Knight retires. Full moon.


The same night as M/K 14. This issue occurs before MOKF2 1 (1-16) and ALIAS 1 (1-12).

Tuesday, March 19


Hawkeye and the escapees arrive in Vancouver after making seven more stops at Justin Hammer facilities from Little Springs to

Tacoma following TB 61 (21-23).







This entire series occurs on one day, enough time after Karen's death in DD2 5 for Matt to have bought and fixed up Fogwell's

Gym and to have put Melvin Potter in charge of running it. Daredevil looks back on his past and relates it in his head to the

departed Karen Page. Placement is based roughly on (gasp) publication order relative to DD2.


One night. A Jonas Harrow experiment on Dragon Man and a plot by underground vampires collide and the Thing and She-Hulk

deal with the aftermath in the New York subway system.

Wednesday, March 20: Vernal Equinox


Early the morning after T&SH 1 (1-27). The vampires are defeated and Dragon Man escapes. This story occurs sometime before

M/K:DS 4/2.


One day. Steve Rogers visits an American World War II cemetery in France, where we see green grass and trees. Rogers tells

customs that he intends to stay in France for "a week." Meanwhile, a World War II veteran shares his stories with a class at East

Park Public School, so it's a school day.


One day, "one month" after X:LL (11:4-11:6). Terry is mobile but bitter. Nightcrawler appears.


One night. Songbird, on the trail of Hawkeye and company, is in a motel in Great Falls, MT, where we see green grass and trees.

Thursday, March 21

THUNDERBOLTS #63 (7-10:6)

The day after TB 63 (1-6). Songbird drives to a place near Kalispell, Montana, then to Bellingham, WA; in both places we see

green grass and trees. She heads toward Vancouver and makes another overnight stop on the way.


The night of the day after X:LL (12-13). Terry leaves Xavier's. Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Xavier appear.

Friday, March 22


The day after X:LL (14). Terry returns to public high school to deal with his disfigurement. Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and

Xavier appear.

THUNDERBOLTS #63 (10:7-20)

The day after TB 63 (7-10). Songbird arrives at Vancouver, where Hawkeye and company have been for three days, after making

eight stops at Justin Hammer facilities from Omaha to Tacoma. Green grass and trees there. Hawkeye's criminal companions are

captured. Hawkeye is freed from being chained to them and gets his costume back. It is "three weeks" before TB 65, during

which time Hawkeye must appear in CA3 50/6.

THUNDERBOLTS #63 (21-22)

One day. Zemo and his team of Thunderbolts arrive at Attilan of Counter-Earth.

THUNDERBOLTS #64 (5:4-9:3)

The same day as TB 63 (21-22). Zemo and the Thunderbolts check out Attlian of Counter-Earth. It is "one week" after TB 64

(1-5) and "two days" before TB 64 (9-12). It is "months" after TB 12 and "six weeks" before TB 68.


Perhaps the same night as GENX 75 (31-38). I'll go with Jeph's explanation of Emma's behavior. It should be long enough

before X 115 for Emma to spend some time in Genosha, and that means that Chamber is AWOL for some time. Full moon.


One night. We've placed this issue after DEF2 7, as Banner's body is now pretty well wasted. Bruce Banner is tested by Doc

Samson and Angela, then Anibus attacks them in their sleep and Hulk and Samson defeat the creature.


One day during the "month" after PPSM2 39 (1-3). At a technology exhibit Peter's class is attending, he detects something

unusual with congressman Miles not hiding his association with Biotechnix, the company that provided him with a prosthetic

limb after losing his arm "last month." Peter calls Joe Robertson, who had been running an article about Biotechnix "last

month," and Robbie tells Peter they had some leads on a shady connection between Miles and Biotechnix "a couple of weeks

ago" but Jonah wasn't interested in the story. Daredevil then tells Spider-Man that a sample microchip Peter got at the exhibit

probably came from a Biotechnix building in Chinatown. Fusion, who is presumably manipulating Dr. Octopus, hurries Doc

Ock to finish a limb for "tomorrow." Spidey then sees Congressman Miles and promises to uncover his connection with

Biotechnix. Robbie keeps failing at getting Jonah interested in the story.

Saturday, March 23


The day after PPSM2 39 (4-15). Spider-Man checks out Biotechnix warehouse and finds Dr. Octopus and after fighting him for

a while Fusion appears.


The same day as PPSM2 39 (16-22). Having learned they are after some kind of device, Spider-Man escapes Fusion and Dr.

Octopus taking with him a prosthetic arm and Doc Ock's briefcase. Joe Robertson convinces Jonah to uncover story behind

congressman after Jameson not finding it interesting "yesterday." Later Peter calls a number from Doc Ock's briefcase (there he

also finds a name, John Hancock and the codename GL-52) and figures recent accidents to recipients of prosthetic arms to be

premeditated. Later Fusion states incriminating information was stolen by Spidey "today" and forces Miles to go ahead and get

the device "tonight."


One day. Banner succumbs to ALS and is on the verge of death. Neither Reed Richards nor Doc Samson can help. Professor

Hulk heads to a mine in the Southwest.


The same day as H3 30. Professor Hulk gets a box of instructions on how to cure his ALS from a Leader ghost creature in the

Southwestern mine. Bare trees.

Sunday, March 24


The day after PPSM2 40 (1-11). Spider-Man sees Nick Fury (sometime after CA3 48) and states having looked for information

about GL-52 in the internet "last night," then explains that someone would be able to mind control the amputees through a

receiver in the artificial limbs. Fury reveals "John Hancock" is actually a radiation tracking device which was just stolen "last

night." After getting the device (that Fusion wanted to use to track down Spidey) from a mind controlled S.H.I.E.L.D. operative

amputee, Dr. Octopus reveals to Fusion he was pretending to be serving him in order to get what he wanted, then kills

S.H.I.E.L.D. operative an beats down Fusion. Joe Robertson has by this time broken down the scandal in "today's" Bugle,

Miles is under custody and the connection has been made between Biotechnix and the stolen device. Spider-Man goes to

Biotechnix and finds the S.H.I.E.L.D. operative dead and Fusion hanging unconscious from the ceiling.


The same day as PPSM2 40 (12-23). Spider-Man calls ambulance for Fusion and then finds out Biotechnix is also constructing a

building; he heads there and finds Dr. Octopus (who unlike Fusion didn't want to use the device but just sell it). Spidey thwarts

his operation, fights him and smashes the device. After causing Doc Ock to fall Spidey saves him from falling through the

building with his tentacles damaged. Spidey then gives back the damaged device to Nick Fury and tells him where to find

Octopus, then leaves knowing they won't be able to track anybody by his radiation signature anymore. Fury is actually not seen

taking custody of Doc Ock, so he probably escapes before Nick gets there as Octopus is seen free in later Spider-Man adventures.

An un-singed Matt Murdock appears here, as does his secretary, so this story must occur before DD2 46.

THUNDERBOLTS #64 (9:4-12)

This segment occurs "two days" after TB 64 (5-9). The end comes "twenty-seven hours" before TB 64 (13-21). On Counter-

Earth, the Thunderbolts rescue folks from cosmic storms in Tokyo and take them to Attilan.


Perhaps the day after H3 31. Having obtained the secret of the cure (a DNA sample from the brain of Bruce Banner's dad), Reed

Richards and Doc Samson perform a successful operation on Professor Hulk. She-Hulk and Thing are present. After being

cured, Banner visits his father's grave. This issue must occur before DEF2 8 (1-22).


One day. Cap and Sharon part ways in a story that must predate the "death" of Cap in CA3 50/4-5. Green grass and trees in



One day. The Surfer returns.

Monday, March 25


One day. In ASM '01, we have a reference to it being after a presidential election, and here we have a reference to a president

(Dubya) who has been on the job only "a few months." Assuming presidents in the Marvel Universe are inaugurated in January,

that would place this story around late March. Cap's identity is still a secret, so this story must occur before CA4 1.

DEFENDERS v2 #9 (1-21)

The same day as DEF2 8 (1-22). Patsy Walker and Valkyrie move to an apartment together. The Headmen allied to M.O.D.O.K

use Orrgo to conquer the world. Thor, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four show up to battle him but are turned into creatures by


DEFENDERS v2 #8 (1-22:1)

The day after DEF2 8-FB. It is "several days" after DEF2 6. The Hulk has been cured of ALS, so this must occur after H3 32.

DEFENDERS v2 #9 (22:1-22:2)

DEFENDERS v2 #8 (22:2)

DEFENDERS v2 #8 (22:3) ~ DEFENDERS v2 #9 (22:3-22:4)

The same day as DEF2 8 (22:2). Valkyrie, Nighthawk, and Hellcat, immune to Orrgo's mind control contact Dr. Strange.

DEFENDERS v2 #9 (22:5)


The same day as DEF2 8 and 9. The Headman and Orrgo bring villains out of time and space to battle the Defenders, but

Nighthawk manages to get totem to control Orrgo; M.O.D.O.K. escapes. Spider-Man, Thor, and the Fantastic Four are turned

back to themselves by Orrgo and villains are sent back whence they came. Orrgo departs promising not to come back and the

Defenders decide to help Namor to liberate Atlantis from Attuma. A number of super-villains are pulled from time and space to

appear in this issue -- their placement has not been determined. Assuming his presence is contemporary, Dr. Octopus, who was

captured by Spider-Man in PPSM2 41, might have managed to escape after being brought by Orrgo to battle the Defenders; he is

seen free in later Spider-Man adventures. A non-pregnant Invisible Woman makes an appearance, so this story is placed after

FF3 54.


One day, perhaps a while after X:LL (15-19). Terry at school.

Tuesday, March 26


Probably the day after X:LL (20). Terry at school.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #43/2 (1-4)

One day, "months" before XU 43/2 (7-12). Two days after burning a barn in England, Lockheed is rescued from hunters by the

Wolcroft sisters, who are wearing their school uniforms. Green grass and trees in the north of England.

INHUMANS v4 #11 - FB (5:4)

One day, two years after INH4 11-FB (5:3). 40-year-old Terry Haller Jr. hires biochemists to conduct embryonic stem cell


Wednesday, March 27


Probably the day after X:LL (21). Given that Magneto's presence here surprises no one, this segment must occur before X 114.

Terry's classmates have by-and-large accepted his appearance. On a school day, Terry is approached by Magneto to join the

Brotherhood of Mutants. Magneto (who appears healthy but may be using a thin exo-skeleton to function after injuries he

sustained in X 113) appeals to his feelings of being an outcast, but T-Ray declines and Magneto attacks him. The X-Men show

up to fight him off and T-Ray rejoins them, happy to have overcome the self-doubt his injuries caused him. Shortly after this

point, Terry might be absorbed into the student body after the Xavier Institute becomes a full-fledged school in X 114.


One day, the "month" after SM&JL 3 (5). This segment must occur after TW 13. J. Jonah Jameson asks Peter's help to convince

Spidey to be auctioned off at the Daily Bugle Celebrity Auction for the WTC victims scheduled for "Friday." Betty Brant notes

that among those who have signed up for the auction are Daredevil, Giant-Man (an erroneous, out-of-date reference to Hank

Pym) and Wasp, the FF, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Vision, Hawkeye, Doc Samson, Falcon, Luke Cage, Iceman,

Cyclops, and the rest of the X-Men (who Jameson says are "overexposed"). The Thing and Human Torch also try to convince

Spider-Man. The Scorpion and Al Kraven hear about it in Jay Leno's show. The Avengers are said to be off to Afghanistan on

the cover of the Daily Bugle. As noted by others, this story should happen long after 9/11, so it is likely camping season of the

following year.

Thursday, March 28


One day. While Jean Grey runs errands behind the scenes, Charles Xavier helps a telepath cope with her powers. Since Xavier

cannot walk here, this story must occur before X 114.

NEW MUTANTS v2 #11 - FB (8)

One day. "Thirteen"-year-old Laurie Collins goes on a vacation with her mother, perhaps during spring break at Laurie's school.

It must be between one and three years before NX 1 (in which Laurie is 15) and fourteen years after NM2 11-FB (2:5), when

Laurie's mother was pregnant with her.

NEW MUTANTS v2 #11 - FB (10:1-10:3)

The same day as NM2 11-FB (8). While on vacation, Laurie finds boys attracted to her and her mother tells her it's her

pheromone power.

Friday, March 29


It's "Friday" and after eating at his aunt's house Spider-Man attends the Daily Bugle Celebrity Auction for the WTC victims

(although there are now many more victims from the Kang War). Thor appears here with his classic costume, without beard.

Hawkeye may be here as part of a brief stay at Avengers Mansion to get intel on Justin Hammer, sometime between TB 63 and

TB 65. A man wearing dark glasses is in the audience at the auction; this may not be Matt Murdock, who should be avoiding

publicity at this time. In SM:SC 1 (52-56), Al Pacino later notes that he bid on a day with Wolverine and Rogue; neither X-Man

is seen at the auction, but we presume that Rogue, having grown tired of waiting for the rest of the X-Treme team, has sought out

Logan for more help dealing with her new powers, and that Logan roped her into the charity auction. Aunt May knows Peter's

secret ID, so this segment must occur after ASM2 38. Al Kraven bids for Spidey and J. Jonah Jameson to take a camping trip

together. Later that night as Jonah gets ready for the trip Joe Robertson mentions JJJ will be back "Sunday night," Spidey helps a

couple being assaulted. Full moon.

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #10/2 - FB (6:4)

One night during the "three weeks" between AAF2 10/2-FB (6:2-6:3) and AAF2 10/2-FB (6:5). The vampire keeps the

unconscious Nina in his private quarters.

Saturday, March 30

THUNDERBOLTS #64 (13-21)

One day. On Counter-Earth, the Thunderbolts temporarily stop the cosmic storms from spreading beyond Tokyo. This segment

occurs "twenty-seven hours" - two days - after TB 64 (9-12) and "two weeks" after TB 64 (1-5). It is "three weeks" before TB

66 and "weeks" before TB 72.


This could be the day referenced in SM:SC 1 that Al Pacino and Beverly D'Angelo hang out with Wolverine and Rogue, who are

"depressing." Scott Baio plays golf with the Thing and the Vision, and Captain America and Hawkeye go to dinner and the

movies with Bruce Springsteen and Kevin Spacey, all revealed in SM:SC 1 (52-56).


As they are having a lousy trip together, the Scorpion watches Spider-Man and Jameson from a distance, biding his time to attack

them. Al Kraven sees them on TV. We see green grass and trees and warm weather. Full moon.

CABLE v2 #101

One day.

CABLE v2 #102

The same day as C2 101. There is snow and cold weather in the Balkans.

CABLE v2 #103

The same night as C2 102.

CABLE v2 #104

The same night as C2 103. A television promo announces that "it has been two hundred days" from the World Trade Center

Bombing in ASM2 36, so it must be March 30. At the end of the story, it is "2 AM" in Skopje. There is snow and cold weather

in the Balkans.

Sunday, March 31


The Scorpion attacks Jameson as he walks alone in the woods, Spider-Man comes to the rescue and makes Gargan follow him to

a cave full of bears who knock down the Scorpion. Spidey wraps Scorpion with web fluid and they head to the city concluding

their trip. The Scorpion is probably sent to prison later this day but must be released shortly a few days after, as, other than

scaring Jonah and fighting Spidey, didn't commit any other crime. He is seen free next in GK 1/2.

4 #2 - FB (20:2)

One day. The FF watch a movie at home in the Baxter Building.

SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN v3 #25 - FB (6:2-6:5)

One night. Sarah and Gabriel encounter Bruce's gang and are inducted into the group after they show their power. We see a

combination of jackets and short sleeves in Paris.

Monday, April 1: April Fools Day


One day, "months" (well, technically) after Def2 2. Namor reclaims Atlantis and the frees Namorita. Namor appears on his

throne in CA3 50/6 (1-6) after this victory.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #43/2 (5:1-5:4)

One day, during the "weeks" after XU 43/2 (1-4). The Wolcroft girls take Lockheed to school. Green trees in the north of



One day. Punisher pays a visit to Don Signore during a dental appointment. Frank asks him "where's the smack been coming

from since the fourth of July bust?"


One day. Aunt May visits Uncle Ben's grave and Peter attends a Mets game on the anniversary of his death. This might be an

early April game, judging by the sign at the door of the stadium which seems to read: "Welcome to Opening Day" - an indication

that this story occurs before the Mets game seen in SM/DD 1 (1-22). The apartment shown here is the one Peter moved into in

PPSM2 30.


One day. Jameson has published his story about the "weekend of terror" he had camping with Spider-Man and is reunited with

other celebrities at a restaurant. Spidey swings by leaving a sign making fun of Jonah and some webbing in his chair. Wolverine

and Rogue are said to have spent a day with Al Pacino and Beverly D'Angelo, Scott Baio had to golf with the Thing and the

Vision, and Bruce Springsteen, Hawkeye, Kevin Spacey and Captain America went to dinner and the movies.


One day. Cap presumably dies in an explosion, probably several days before his funeral in CA3 50/6 (7-8). My placement of

this story on April Fools Day seems appropriate.


"One hour" after CA3 50/4, Cap's death is announced in a classroom. Green grass and trees.


One day. The Sandman, his body spread at Jones Beach, swallows a couple of singers alive during "Spring Break" festivities for

college students. It's probably late March or early April, and the full moon would place this in early April.

GENERATION X #75 (1-30)

One day. Chamber is invited to join the X-Men.

Tuesday, April 2

GENERATION X #75 (31-38)

The morning after GENX 75 (1-30). The Massachusetts Academy closes and Emma Frost accepts an appointment with Professor

X. Green grass and trees in Massachusetts.


One day. The Hulk, having finished a mission with the Defenders (perhaps the Atlantis mission in DEF2 11), is attacked by

Wakanda security as he passes through Wakanda. Queen Divine Justice gets Hulk to help rescue a nuclear sub from the bottom

of the sea.


One day.


The same day as XX 1. This story occurs before XCAL4 8-FB, "weeks" after XX 2-FB and "more than a year" before UX 460

(1-14); the Kang War may have interrupted the X-Treme team's diary hunt before it really had a chance to get started, and that

may explain the passage of weeks. Vargas injures Beast and kills Psylocke. BTS, the Shadow King escapes into another


X-TREME X-MEN #3 (1-8)

The same day as XX 2. We see "a lovely summer day" in Valencia, Spain, but although the weather may be nice, it may be



The day after PPSM2 42 (1-4). After learning that two celebrities were "this morning" revealed to be missing at the Spring

Break festivities, and seeing on TV another singer disappear, Spider-Man decides to investigate. At the scene (Jones Beach in

New York) he sees a bunch of people being swallowed by the "beach."


After the events of PPSM2 42 (5-22) "earlier tonight," Spider-Man helps rescue people at the beach, then agrees to keep

investigating "tomorrow."


One night. Full moon.

Wednesday, April 3

X-TREME X-MEN #3 (11-14:5)

The early morning after XX 3 (1-8).

X-TREME X-MEN #3 (18-21)

The same morning as XX 3 (11-14).


The day after PPSM2 43 (1-7). The Sandman begins to have "memories" from the minds of the celebrities he's swallowed.

Sandman shows up making no sense as his mind is invaded by the celebrities he's swallowed, then finally falls apart after he kept

eating celebrities and his mind went nuts. Spider-Man goes home.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN v2 #51 - FB (4-5)

One day. If the narrative reference to "April 3, 2003" is accurate as to month and day, then this is a flashback that occurred

months before ASM2 51. A gamma weapons test in the Nevada desert inadvertently causes a composite corpse of several long-

dead gangsters to reanimate as Digger.

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #50/6 (1-6)

One day. This segment must occur before S-H4 14-FB (6-8). A number of people express their feelings in the wake of Captain

America's supposed death. These scenes may occur over a span of several days, but I've lumped them all on this date, the day

before Cap's funeral. We see a non-pregnant Invisible Woman (post FF3 54) with the FF, and we see Namor as sovereign of

Atlantis (after DEF2 11 but likely prior to DEF2 12 and the resulting Order storyline). Hawkeye is seen, wearing costume and

brandishing quiver and arrows, so this must occur after the his freedom and costume are regained in TB 63 (10-20) - probably

during the three weeks between TB 63 and 65, like his appearance in Sweet Charity. We also see Iron Man both in armor and

out, the Pyms, Union Jack, Nomad, Thor, Mr. Hyde (in prison), Modok, Rick Jones, Jameson, the Mad Thinker, Awesome

Android, Nick Fury and SHIELD, Absorbing Man, U.S.Agent, Black Widow, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hydra, Arnim Zola,

Dr. Doom, Hulk, Jarvis, Black Panther, Batroc, and Red Skull.


One night, long enough after PUN6 14 (8-22) for Frank to conclude that "since the Tommy Casino business, the Mob have been

in freefall." By threatening Lieutenant Soap, Frank's mole on the police department, ruthless journalist Chuck Self blackmails

Frank into chronicling a night of Punisher mayhem. As Frank deals with a variety of perps, Self gets himself killed in the

process. Castle saves Lieutenant Soap. We see green trees and a full moon.


The day after BHOOD 4. Bela tortures Malon, but Bryson puts a stop to it. Marshal introduces himself to Mr. Reeves. Marshal

captures Bela and Fiona, and tortures them for information on X. This results in Bela losing his other hand, and Fiona dying.

Bryson takes Malon for a drive, and opens her eyes as to some facts about her father and uncle. They break into her Uncle (Dr.

Perot's) lab, where they find the remains of gruesome experiments performed on mutants fetuses. Malon probably kills her uncle

off panel, and definitely torches his lab. Full moon.

X-TREME X-MEN #3 (23-24)

The same evening as XX 3 (18-21). Brian Braddock and Meggan arrive for Betsey and Storm insists the injured Beast go home

to recover.


The same night as XX 3 (23-24). It is "weeks" before XX '01 (1-29) and "not long" before UX 455. Full moon.

Thursday, April 4

CAPTAIN AMERICA v3 #50/6 (7-8)

One morning, probably several days after CA3 50/4. A whole bunch of heroes shows up at Cap's funeral, including Thor (in

classic costume), Spidey, Daredevil, the FF, the Avengers, the Defenders, Rick Jones, SHIELD, and the X-Men. Iron Man is not

wearing the Grell-Ryan armor yet, so it is before A3 52. Thor is in his classic costume. Hawkeye is not seen at the funeral. We

see that the Beast is not cat-like; we theorize that while Storm was dropping Hank off at the Mansion, they learned of Cap s death

and decided to attend the funeral, even though Hank is injured. It is right after this that Hank mutates into his cat-like form.

Storm may be here out of respect for Cap, even though she's been trying to disassociate herself from the X-Men with whom she

appears here. Rick Jones is here before he grows the facial hair first seen in CM5 27. Cap must emerge from presumed death

right after this, and evidence of the injuries he's had since CA3 50/5 are seen in A3 45.

ELEKTRA v2 #2 - FB (16:5-16:8)

One day, the "week" before ELEK2 2. Saddam Abed Dasam shows up at a conference of world leaders.


One night. As Daredevil looks everywhere for a kidnaped girl, Spider-Man, out in the city the same night, without intending to

do so, finds the kidnaped girl and rescues her. Ben Urich is seen at the Bugle reading the Daily Globe with a headline saying:

"Spider-Man Saves Day, Lives" and a smaller one: Daredevil Thwarts Robbery." (I theorize that the Bugle is concentrating on

Cap's death as headline material and that this Globe paper is a morning edition that came out before the funeral.) He is upset that

Spidey gets the bigger press. He mentions Spidey saving "a couple of drunk high school kids" (these references might be

alluding to the events in PPSM2 42-43). Daredevil hasn't yet ended his confident relationship with Ben in this issue. A Mets

game is being played as DD looks for a kidnaped child, so it is after the opening day of Mets season play shown in PPSM2 34.

Full moon.

Friday, April 5


The morning after SM/DD 1 (1-22). Peter Parker and Matt Murdock are shown sleeping at their respective apartments as Ben

Urich goes to work with the news of Spider-Man rescuing the kidnaped child in the Daily Globe. (Other reporters may be

working on the Cap funeral.)


One night with a full moon and a lunar eclipse (perhaps later the night of XU 34/2).

AMAZING FANTASY v2 #10/2 - FB (6:5)

One night, "three weeks" after AAF2 10/2-FB (6:2-6:3). On the night of a full moon, Nina awakens and transforms into a wolf,

attacking and chasing off the vampire.

Saturday, April 6

X-FACTOR v2 #1 (1)

It is "dawn" in Los Angeles on "Saturday, April 6." A slain boy is strung up on the Hollywood sign.

DAREDEVIL v2 #30 - FB (11-20)

One day. Mr. Silke holds a secret meeting in Kingpin's garage lot. He convinces the others to help him kill the Kingpin and that

they would divide up the spoils of his empire among themselves. Richard Fisk is there, rallying them to get behind Silke's idea.

They decide the best way to go about this is to make a bold proclamation, showing Kingpin's no longer in control of his

organization. Everyone in New York in the underworld knows that Matt Murdock is not to be touched, by order of the Kingpin.

Well, the conspirators figure: "What better way to let everyone know that Kingpin's days are through then by killing Murdock,

and showing Fisk has no control over his own Empire." A short time later, we see Richard Fisk and Sammy Silke at a "contact

person" store, informing him that ''Mr. Fisk wants the word put out, for a half a million dollar hit on Matt Murdock's head."

This contact person takes their word as if it's the Kingpin's word itself, and puts the news out to the underworld.

X-FORCE #121 (1-11)

One day. Edie wants to have a relationship with Guy, Vivisector and Phat try to play up their images, and Lacuna makes

mischief at X-Force headquarters.

ELEKTRA v2 #1 - FB (10-20)

One day. It is "one week" before ELEK2 1. Since Nick Fury is shown here as director of SHIELD, this segment must occur

after CA3 48. Elektra is approached by a SHIELD agent in Paris about an assignment to steal a box from Dasam's Baghdad

compound and kill Dasam. Perhaps Elektra was chosen because Captain America is presumed dead and/or because the

assignment involves an assassination. The agent mentions that they've been looking for her for "quite a bit."


One day. It may be two months instead of "two years" before VENOM 10 (20-22). The appearance of the FF together in their

black and blue costumes with the "4" chest emblem places this story after FF3 45 (8-22), and given Johnny's and Sue's

chronologies, this story likely occurs after Sue delivers Valeria in FF3 54. Venom has just beaten up Spider-Man. The Fantastic

Four appear and save Spider-Man. During the fight, part of Venom's tongue is torn off. Using a device built by Reed, they

separate the symbiote from Brock. Sue holds them in separate force fields. The FF leave with Brock, the symbiote, and the

unconscious Spider-Man (intending to get him medical treatment). They do not notice the severed tongue. An unnamed passer-

by grabs the tongue fragment and takes it home to his apartment in Brooklyn. There, he tries to sell it on Ebay. Frankie and Vic

turn up in a helicopter, fire on the apartment and recover the tongue. A series of Frankies and Vics then convey the tongue to

Bob's facility in Mesa Verde, New Mexico. Meanwhile, Spider-Man wakes up at the FF's HQ (which I believe is erroneously

shown as Four Freedoms Plaza rather than the Baxter Building). Reed uses little metal insects to examine the symbiote.


Perhaps the day after M/K2 1.


The same night as M/K2 2.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #36/3 (1-2:2)

A "Saturday" night. The cat-like Beast is featured, perhaps for the first time. He is probably still recovering from his injuries

and mutation.


It is about now that Pepper and Happy Hogan conceive a child, nine weeks before it is killed in IM3 54 (1-17).

Sunday, April 7

X-FACTOR v2 #1 (2-9)

It is "Sunday, April 7." Jean Grey's anonymous appearance in the crowd at a press conference would indicate that this story

occurs before the X-Men go public in X 116. Jean appears in her Morrison outfit.

X-FORCE #121 (12-22)

The day after XFO 121 (1-11). Spike disrupts an X-Force press conference, then Lacuna petitions for membership.

X-FORCE #122 (3-18)

The same day as XFO 121 (12-22). In a Larry King broadcast hosted by Edie, things get out of hand when Spike and Anarchist

argue, Vivisector and Phat try to upstage everyone, and Lacuna goes public.

ELEKTRA v2 #1 - FB (21-36)

The day after ELEK2 1-FB (10-20). In Baghdad, Elektra meets SHIELD agents Stanley Dreyfuss and Molly Stiles and has a

scuffle with some Hydra henchmen.

WOLVERINE v2 #170 (1-5)

One day. Mauvais assumes the place of a contestant on the reality TV show, "Stay Alive," and heads for the location of the

program, the Canadian Arctic.

ELEKTRA v2 #2 - FB (16:3-16:4)

The "Sunday" before ELEK2 2. Secretary of State James Woo speaks to the press.

Monday, April 8


One day, shortly after VENOM 11. It cannot be "19 months" or "two years" before VENOM 10 (20-22). At the New Mexico

facility, the tongue has been grown into a second Venom symbiote. Unfortunately, Venom II has proven uncontrollable; rather

than bonding with a host, it just kills them. Bob appears and proposes sending in two hosts at once. Venom II still kills them but

behaves somewhat differently. Bob declares that Venom is ready to be transferred to the Arctic facility. At Four Freedoms

Plaza (error), Nick Fury and SHIELD arrive to take Eddie Brock and Venom into custody. Reed says that he has diagnosed

Eddie's brain cancer. One of the little insects jumps onto Fury and leaves with him, presumably going on to become the Suit.

Perry arrives at the New Mexico facility to pick up the symbiote and transfer it to the Arctic.

MARVEL KNIGHTS v2 #4 (1-15)

One day. It is a day that banks are open. Daredevil, Black Widow, and Punisher sabotage a Brothers Grace operation.

THUNDERBOLTS #65 (5-19:6)




These segments of TB 65 occur "three weeks" after TB 63 (10-20). Hawkeye, Songbird, and Plantman encounter the Masters of

Evil in Paris, where we see green grass and trees. After showing the villains the Hammer technology inside them, Hawkeye

forms them into a new team of Thunderbolts. We can posit that he trains them to work as a team by fighting Kang's forces

discretely between now and their next appearance in TB 67 (5-16).

THUNDERBOLTS #65 (20-22)


The day after ELEK2 1-FB (21-36). It is the "week" after ELEK2 2-FB (16:5-16:8). Dreyfuss dreams about having killed

Elektra, awakens, and goes to a meeting with Nick Fury and Dum Dum Dugan. Elektra shows up making demands and double-

agent Stiles reports to Dasam, who shows her the content of the box, the Scorpio Key. Dreyfuss' report is dated "7/17/01," but

this must be topical.

ELEKTRA v2 #3 - FB

The same day as ELEK2 2. It is presumably "one week" before ELEK2 1, but clearly that is impossible given that we've seen at

least one day-to-night-to-day sequence. In Iraq, Hydra offers Elektra a deal to kill Dasam and give the Scorpio Key to them.

When she refuses to answer the proposal, Hydra brings out Silver Samurai to fight Elektra.


The same night as ELEK2 3-FB. Elektra defeats Silver Samurai and faces Dasam and the Scorpio Key. Dreyfuss discovers he's

an LMD and goes to help Elektra.

ELEKTRA v2 #5 (1-15)

The same night as ELEK2 4. Dreyfuss dies and Elektra defeats Dasam. SHIELD arrives on the scene and Fury finds a note from

Elektra telling him to meet her at Central Park at noon on Wednesday.

X-FACTOR v2 #1 (10-23)

The day after XF2 1 (2-9), and so Monday, April 8. Jean Grey and Scott Summers appear here in the Morrison leather outfits.

Full moon.

WOLVERINE v2 #170 (6-22)

Probably the day after W2 170 (1-5). In Canada, Logannotes that "it's been a rough few weeks" and cites the events of W '01

and W '01/2. He sees Mauvais slaughtering fellow contestants on a live broadcast of "Stay Alive" and charters a plane to the

scene, where Mauvais performs a ceremony to summon Wendigo. Meanwhile, Sabretooth, having defected from Weapon X

since DP3 61, stalks Omega Red at a nightclub in Brooklyn.


The same night as W2 170 (6-22). Sabretooth stalks Deathstrike in Japan, where he has teleported. In a blizzard in the Canadian

Arctic, Wolverine finds himself in a three-way battle with Mauvais and Wendigo. Mauvais tears out Wendigo's heart and

swallows it, becoming the new Wendigo. Alpha Flight arrive on the scene.


The same night as W2 171. Wolverine and Alpha Flight battle Mauvais-Wendigo, who messes with Aurora's mind before being

dispatched by the Canadian gods.

WOLVERINE v2 #173 - FB (8-10)

The same night as W2 71, since Deathstrike is in Japan, where she and Omega Red cripple Yukio and capture Amiko.

Tuesday, April 9

X-FORCE #122 (19-22)

One day, two days after XFO 122 (3-18). X-Force presents new member Spike at a press conference, but Lacuna doesn't show

because she's decided to accept a job as host of the "Lacuna and the Stars" TV show, which debuts tonight. Placement before

BHOOD 9 is based on Lacuna.


Probably the day after W2 172. At Alpha Flight's headquarters, Shaman helps Logan try to figure out the source of a looming

threat to Logan. They are contacted by the Hudsons, who announce that Heather is pregnant. The Hudsons' plane is attacked by

Deathstrike and Omega Red. Logan contacts the X-Men, only to discover that Nightcrawler had been attacked and his on life

support. Realizing that those close to him are in danger, Logan prepares to take off for Japan to check on Yukio and Amiko

when he notices his powers are gone (a result of a canon at Weapon X powered by Leech). Sabretooth is now in Vegas.

WOLVERINE v2 #173/2

Probably the same day as W2 173. In Alberta, Puck, Sasquatch, and Snowbird send Aurora for medical treatment. During her

transport, she is abducted by agents of Weapon X and taken to a facility where Colcord plans to send Wild Child for her in the



One day. Laurie Collins tries to cope with her mutant powers at school. NM2 2 (1-20) refers to this day has having occurred

"last year." Green grass and trees and long-sleeve weather may put this flashback before NM2 11-FB (10:4-10:5).

AVENGERS v3 #45 (6-22)

One day. The dialogue suggests this is the first time Wanda has seen Hank as Yellowjacket. Clearly, though, Hank appeared as

Yellowjacket before now in A:UI. The dialog can be interpreted as being the first time Wanda decides to broach the topic. We

also have Cap bandaged up throughout the issue. While the dialogue suggests this was from his being turned into a zombie in A3

43-44, this can't be right, as Cap has made several appearances without bandages since A3 44. The current theory is that Cap's

bandages are from the explosion that presumably resulted in his death in CA3 50/4 and that he appears here shortly after his

funeral in CA3 50/6. Kang notes to his son: "We have tarried enough. The conquest of the 21st century lies before us. The

ground has been prepared and the time has come to begin our assault;" although the dialog occurs in the 40th century, this is a

clue that A3 45 can occur some time after A3 38-44 and does not need to follow those issues immediately. Another clue is the

buildup of global military defense that must take time to implement (A3 46 notes that France's fortifications took "weeks" to

build), and the Sentinel program is reactivated, with the first flight of Sentinels to be ready "96 hours" after the end of this issue,

set during an evening with a full moon. The Master sends up his ring walls at the end of this issue, which "forces" the Kang War

almost in it's entirety after Graviton's attack from TB 57-58.

Wednesday, April 10

MARVEL KNIGHTS v2 #4 (16-22)

The day after MK2 4 (1-15). Daredevil, Black Widow, and Punisher continue their scheme to take down the Brothers Polo.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #43/2 (5:5-5:7)

One day during the "weeks" after XU 43/2 (1-4). Lockheed accompanies the Wolcroft sisters, who are wearing their school

uniforms, suggesting that it's a school day. Green grass and trees in the north of England.

ELEKTRA v2 #5 (16-18)

Elektra meets Nick Fury in Central Park on the "Wednesday" following ELEK2 5 (1-15). She tells him she's keeping the

Scorpio Key.

WOLVERINE v2 #174 (1-7)

Probably the day after W2 173. In Japan, Logan visits Mariko's grave and sees Yukio in the hospital. A message on Yukio's

back tells Wolverine to meet his adversaries in Nevada.

Thursday, April 11


One morning, probably two days after the Master's ring-walls go up, a Plodex kidnaps the mayor of Boston and Stingray follows

in pursuit.


The same afternoon as A3 46-FB. The Avengers have split into squads to battle Kang's invading armies and to try to crack the

Master's ring-walls. Wasp assigns Warbird to head a squad of Avengers to find the Master's Arctic base. Cap prepares to lead

another Avengers squad in an assault on Kang's base. Green grass and trees in Texas, where Vision and Triathlon infiltrate the

Triune Understanding.

WOLVERINE v2 #174 (8-22)

Probably the day after W2 174 (1-7). Colcord is upset about Sabretooth absconding from Weapon X with critical files and wants

to find him ASAP. A powerless Wolverine arrives in Las Vegas, battles Omega Red and Deathstrike, and is knocked out. When

he awakens, he is greeted by Sabretooth, who is holding Amiko.


The same day as W2 174 (8-22). It is the anniversary of Mariko's death in W2 57. Sabretooth teleports out with Logan and

Amiko, leaving Deathstrike and Omega Red high and dry. Sabretooth and Wolverine play a hunting game in the Canadian

woods when Colcord shows up. Sabretooth teleports away. Full moon.

WOLVERINE v2 #175/2 (1-7)

The same night as W2 175. Expecting Logan to come after him on the fifth anniversary of Mariko's death, Matsu'o Tsurayaba

makes out his will.

Friday, April 12

WOLVERINE v2 #175/2 (8)

The early morning after W2 175/2 (1-7). Matsu'o wonders why Logan didn't show up at midnight as usual. Logan is loaded

into a body bag.

WOLVERINE v2 #176 (1-20)

The same early morning as W2 175/2 (8). After having a near-death experience, Logan awakens and escapes Weapon X custody.


Probably the day after A3 46. Warbird meets Marcus and a giant pyramid enters the solar system.


One night, probably a couple of days after M/K2 4 (16-22), enough time for Tune to round up evidence in several places,

including Belize. The full moon may be topical, especially in light of the one shown in eclipse in M/K2 1. Green grass and trees

in New York.


One night, "one week" after ELEK2 1-FB (10-20). Elektra breaks into the home of the man who shot her father.


The same night as ELEK2 1 (1-9). Elektra tells the man about her Scorpio Key adventure.

ELEKTRA v2 #5 (19-22)

The same day as ELEK2 3. Elektra leaves the Scorpio Key with the man "one week" after ELEK2 3-FB. Full moon.

WOLVERINE v2 #176 (21-22)

Probably the night after W2 176 (1-20). Back at Xavier's, Logan contemplates his experience when a healed Amiko is delivered

to him by Colcord. Full moon.

Saturday, April 13


The day after M/K2 5, starting at "3:30 A.M." Daredevil, Black Widow, and Punisher take down the Brothers Polo. This story

must occur before Daredevil's unmasking in DD2 32 and probably before M/K:DS 4/2.


Probably the day after A3 47. It is "weeks" before A3 51. Justice and Firestar, revealed as spies in the Triune Understanding

(where they have been since A'01), join Vision and Triathlon in the Triune's prayer-ship. Warbird kills the Master. The army

launches the Sentinels against Kang ("96 hours" - four days - after A3 45), who turns the Sentinels back against earth and

destroys the space vessel carrying Cap and his assault team. Behind the scenes, Scarlet Witch is taken prisoner by Kang,

"weeks" before A3 51 (1-5).

AVENGERS v3 #50 (2:3-10)

The same evening as A3 48. Cap and crew are rescued by Quasar and Living Lightning, and they all join the folks on the

Triune's prayer-ship to deal with the giant pyramid.

AVENGERS v3 #49 (1-21:4)

The same evening as A3 48. We see green grass and trees in Washington DC, which is nuked by Kang.

AVENGERS v3 #51-FB (2:2)

The same evening as A3 49 (1-21). Kang demands surrender.

AVENGERS v3 #50 (12)

The same evening as A3 50 (2-10). The space-bound Avengers are taken captive by aliens when they touch the giant pyramid. It

is "weeks" before A3 50 (15-38).

X-MEN UNLIMITED #36/3 (2:3-7:3)

One "Saturday" night, a week after XU 36/3 (1-2). The Beast finds the mutated cat and begins to nurse it back to health (perhaps

for lack of other helpful things to do during Kang's occupation, given what may be a recuperating period for Hank).

Sunday, April 14

AVENGERS v3 #49 (21:5-23)

Probably the day after A3 49 (1-21). The United States surrenders to Kang here, and, according to A3 51, many nations follow

suit "within days." Kang's global takeover must disrupt all aspects of daily life; it's safe to assume that school is suspended,

especially in large world cities, and when normal life resumes after Kang's defeat, schools must extend their calendar to make up

for lost time. It's hard to place other stories into the weeks Kang dominates the globe. Hawkeye's adventures in TB, however,

will have to fit in that period, as does the Beast story in XU 36/3.

Monday, April 15

X-MEN UNLIMITED #32/3 (1:1-1:3)

One day, after UX 391. On a distant planet, Corsair is approached by the chancellor of another planet whose princess, Tallibone,

needs to be rescued.

Tuesday, April 16

AVENGERS v3 #51-FB (3:1-3:3)

Soon after the Kang's victory in A3 49 (21-23), Kang's armies continue to battle unsurrendered nations, while She-Hulk,

Darkhawk, and the Fantastic Four are taken prisoner by Kang's forces.

Wednesday, April 17


One day shortly after TB 56. Sprocket visits Cardinal in prison to tell him about their dead daughter, Meteorite, "21 years" after

TB 67-FB (3). It is "twelve weeks" before TB 67 (5-16).

Thursday, April 18


One day. A bomb-filled van blows up an American embassy.

Friday, April 19

LONERS #2 - FB (12:2-12:5)

One night, perhaps between TW 13 and TW 16 (10-15). Johnny Gallo and Eddie McDonough hang out, then Eddie fights Rocket Racer as Hornet out of a sense of duty. As Ricochet, Johnny saves a woman from a mugger and then beds her.

Saturday, April 20

AVENGERS v3 #51 (1-5:1)

One day. Kang's army captures Wonder Man and takes him to a prison camp, where he is reunited with the Scarlet Witch, who

has been there for "weeks" (well, maybe a week) since her capture right after A3 48.

Sunday, April 21

AVENGERS v3 #51 (5:2-5:5)

The day after A3 51 (1-5). Wanda and Simon tend to sick prisoners "a few days" before A3 21 (6-8).

X-MEN UNLIMITED #32/3 (1:4-5)

One day, "some days" after XU 32/3 (1). The Starjammers rescue Princess Tallibone. It is "a few days" before XU 32/3 (6-11).

Monday, April 22


One day. Zemo's Thunderbolts deal with their responsibilities on Counter-Earth. It is "three weeks" after TB 64 pg. 10-20, so it

must be two weeks after TB 65 and one week before TB 68.

Tuesday, April 23


One day, "one month" before JLA/A 1 (8-48). Krona destroys Polemachus and Qward and encounters the Grandmaster.

AVENGERS/JLA #2 - FB (1-2)

The same day as JLA/A 1 (1-7). Krona explains to the Grandmaster that he is after the truth behind the reality that existed before

the Big Bang and intends to destroy the Marvel Universe in his quest.

AVENGERS/JLA #2 - FB (33:5-33:9)

The same day as A/JLA 2 (1-2). The Grandmaster challenges Krona to a game in which the champions of their two universes

would be pitted against one another, with Krona leaving the MU if the Grandmaster wins and the Grandmaster taking Krona to

Galactus if Krona wins.

AVENGERS v3 #51-FB (3:4)

One day. Spider-Man and Wolverine manage to stay free of Kang's armies.

Wednesday, April 24

X-MEN UNLIMITED #32/3 (6-11)

One day, "a few days" after XU 32/3 (1-5). The Starjammers discover Princess Tallibone's true colors and subdue her.

AVENGERS v3 #51 (6-8)

One day, "a few days" after A3 51 (5). People are executed for attempting to escape from the prison camp where Wanda and

Simon are. It is two days before A3 51 (9-12).

Thursday, April 25

AVENGERS v3 #51 (9-12)

One night, "two nights" after A3 51 (6-8). Wanda and Simon resolve their relationship. Full moon.

AVENGERS v3 #51-FB (18:6-19:1, 19:4-20:1)

The same night as A3 51 (9-12). Wanda and Simon hatch a plan for Simon's escape the night before A3 51 (13-20).

Friday, April 26

AVENGERS v3 #51 (13-17:1)

AVENGERS v3 #51-FB (10:2-19:3)

AVENGERS v3 #51 (17:2-18:5)

AVENGERS v3 #51 (20:2-20:5)

The morning after they hatch their plan, Wanda and Simon successfully execute their plan to allow Wonder Man to escape

Kang's prison camp.

AVENGERS v3 #50 (15-38)

Probably the same day as A3 51 (20). It is "weeks" after A3 50 (12). The space-bound Avengers break free of the captivity of

the aliens aboard the giant pyramid and defeat the ambitions of Jonathan Tremont. Triathlon is united with Hal and Chuck

Chandler. They all learn that earth has surrendered to Kang.

AVENGERS v3 #52 (1-11)

The same day as A3 50 (15-38). As Kang's armies continue to battle pockets of resistance globally, the Avengers finally crack

the Master's technology and break the Wasp out of Kang's imperial prison, where she has been since the surrender in A3 49 (21-

23). Cap's team use the giant pyramid to begin to return to earth. Warbird regrets slaying the Master and Thor and Firebird

argue. Iron Man dons the Grell-Ryan armor for the first time. We see snow in northern Montana. Given Kang's chronology, the

full moon here is an indication that this night is probably the one after the night of the full moon seen in A3 51 (9-12).

X-MEN UNLIMITED #32/3 (12)

One day, probably a couple of days after XU 32/3 (6-11). The Starjammers reunite Princess Tallibone with her father.

Saturday, April 27

AVENGERS v3 #52 (12-22)

The day after A3 52 (1-11). Wonder Man rejoins the Avengers. The Avengers, making a desperate final gambit to defeat Kang,

bring Deviants, the Presence and Starlight, and Atlanteans under Namorita into play as diversions, but their gambit fails. As

Kang prepares to deliver his final blow, the giant pyramid encounters Kang's base and Cap faces off against Kang.


The same day as A3 52 (12-22). With the assistance of Jonathan Tremont's self-sacrifice, the Avengers' assault on Kang results

in the destruction of Damocles Base.


The same day as A3 53. This story must occur before CV&VB:E 3. The Avengers defeat Kang in Maryland, the impact site of

Damocles Base. They return to New York, where they are hailed. The world rejoices as prisoners are freed. Marcus frees Kang

from captivity and Kang kills Marcus. It is "three weeks" before A3 55.

Sunday, April 28

WOLVERINE v2 #182 - FB

One day, "all these months" before W2 184. On his deathbed, mob don Sal Pazzo appoints his son Freddo his successor and

makes underboss Johnny Delaclavva swear to guide and protect him.

CYCLOPS #1 (1-5)

One day. Cyclops, Jean, Logan, and a well, cat-like Beast, all in their leather Morrison outfits, train in the Danger Room, then

Xavier suggests that Scott take some time off. Green grass and trees in Westchester.

Monday, April 29

CYCLOPS #1 (6-22)

Perhaps the night of the day after CYC 1 (1-5), enough time for Scott to fly from New York to Alaska and rent a motorcycle. In

an Alaska blizzard, Cyclops battles Black Tom and the Juggernaut. Full moon.


The same stormy night as CYC 1 (6-22), "a few hours" later. Cyclops enters a portal that takes him to the Savage Land, where

he battles Ulysses. It is "about a year" after the X-Men skirmish with "another group of mutant terrorists" that left Ulysses


Tuesday, April 30

CYCLOPS #3 (1-20)

The day after CYC 2, starting "a few hours" after. Cyclops encounters a group of Savage Land natives, for whom her battles the


GENERATION M #2 - FB (7:3)

One day, before UX 399. Stacy X services a client.

Wednesday, May 1

CYCLOPS #3 (21-22)

The morning after CYC 3 (1-20). "After a long night of celebration," Cyclops leaves the Savage Land by going through a portal.

CYCLOPS #4 (1-21)

The same night as CYC 3 (21-22). After going through the portal, Cyclops defeats Ulysses in South America.

THUNDERBOLTS #68 (2-4:1)

One night on Counter-Earth, Phantom Eagle kills a woman.

Thursday, May 2


The day after TB 68 (2-4). It is "six weeks" after TB 64 (5-9). Moonstone defeats Phantom Eagle and absorbs his moonstone.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #36/3 (7:4-12)

One day, "three weeks" after XU 36/3 (5-7), during which time the Beast has devoted himself to the care of the mutated cat,

leaving little room for other adventures, except perhaps for a Danger Room workout in CYC 1 (1-5). Hank's reference to

"reports of Third Species radicals" that he actually encounters in X '01 means that this story occurs before X '01. After this

story, I have Hank appearing in ICE2 1, then X 114. Green grass and trees in Westchester.

CYCLOPS #4 (22-23)

Probably the night of the day after CYC 4 (1-21). Scott returns to Xavier's, where we see green grass and trees. Professor X is

still in a wheelchair, an indication that this occurs before X 114.

Friday, May 3

DAREDEVIL v2 #26-FB (8-22)

One day, "a year" before DD2 74-FB (7-11). The case against that corporation (referenced in the flashback to 3 months ago)

ends on this date. The jury rules in Murdock's favor, awarding his clients the hugest amount of liability money in the history of

New York.

DAREDEVIL v2 #27-FB (3-10)

The same day as DD2 26-FB (8-22). It is "one week" before DD2 27 (21). On their way out the courthouse, Matt and Foggy are

surrounded by reporters who are congratulating Matt on his success. Then Nitro appears, blows himself up, and flees the scene.

Matt checks on Foggy, who is wounded, then dons his costume and chases after Nitro. He catches up to Nitro and beats the tar

out of him. A police cruiser pulls up and one of the officers accidently fires at DD. DD dodges and the bullet hits Nitro. DD

flees the scene.

ICEMAN v2 #1

One day. Iceman arrives in Hong Kong after being told by Alain Weiss that he and Opal Tanaka have a son. He ends up with

Opal at Weiss' Winterbrand Corporation, where the child is being kept because of a genetic condition that presumably Bobby

can help cure if he stays in Hong Kong for a year. Suspicious, Bobby contacts the cat-like Beast, who probably appears here

after XU 36/3 (7-12). Weiss cuts the transmission and sends his Augmen after Iceman.

ICEMAN v2 #2

The same night as ICE2 1.

Saturday, May 4

ICEMAN v2 #3

One day?

ICEMAN v2 #4 (1-18)

The same day as ICE2 3. Iceman defeats Weiss at the Winterbrand Corporation.

DAREDEVIL v2 #27 - FB (11-17)

One day, probably the day after DD2 27-FB (3-10), Matt checks on Foggy in the hospital. They discuss the assassination

attempt and figure out that someone has specifically targeted Matt Murdock. Their first suspect is the Kingpin. Matt pays a visit

to the Kingpin in his parking garage a short time later. Kingpin says he knows nothing of the assassination attempt. Daredevil

can tell he's telling the truth. Mr. Silke is there and he makes a quip about DD wearing his pajamas during the daytime. DD

smacks him silly and leaves.

ELEKTRA v2 #6 (1-2)

One day in Paris, Elektra receives an envelope offering her a job, an open bounty on Matt Murdock.

ALIAS #1 (1-12)

One day. Jessica finishes up with a client, gets ticked off, and has sex with Luke Cage. Cage remarks that he doesn't do the

spandex thing, implying it's after his last "costumed" appearance in M/K 15. He's also not wearing the do-rag/walkman number

that he starts wearing in DD2 36.

NEW X-MEN #114

One day, after UX 394 and CYC 4. This issue must occur after XU 42/4, as Xavier could not walk in that story. This is the first

time that the X-Men's Morrison outfits were shown to readers, but they have appeared chronologically in other titles before this

(TB 57-58, XF2 1-2, XFO 117-FB, XFO 120, XU 36/3, BHOOD 8, CYC 1-4). Jean Grey remarks about the Beast's new cat-

like appearance. After picking up a mutant in Australia, Cyclops and Wolverine head to Ecuador to encounter a powerful new

mutant presence. Xavier notes that a "new school term starts Monday" - this may be an indication that the Kang War disrupted

the normal course of the school year, with the last quarter postponed for over a month.

NEW X-MEN #115 (1-22)

The same day as X 114. This segment occurs after BP4 8-FB (7). It is "a few months" before MEK 3 and UX 425, "several

months" before UX 424, less than "a few short years" before XCAL3 2, and "days" before XX 5-FB. Because of the latter time

frame, it cannot be "one year" before X 132. Scott and Logan encounter Cassandra Nova, who sends Sentinels to destroy

Genosha. Scenes from Genosha's destruction are also seen in Shola's visions in XCAL3 5.

EXCALIBUR v3 #7 - FB (13:6-13:8)

The same day as X 115 (1-22). Wicked's parents die in the Genosha destruction.

NEW X-MEN #115 (23)

The same day as XCAL3 7-FB (13:6-13:8). Mass extermination on Genosha.

Sunday, May 5

ELEKTRA v2 #6 (3-21)

The early morning of the day after ELEK2 6 (1-2). Elektra breaks into Matt Murdock's office to warn of the bounty on his head.

After defeating another assassin, she leaves a message that Matt finds in DD 28-FB (1-21). Then she visits her grave.

DAREDEVIL v2 #28 - FB (1-21)

The same day as ELEK2 6 (3-21), a short time after DD2 27-FB (11-17). Matt returns to his office and finds on his desk the note

that Elektra left in ELEK2 6. The note warns him that there is a half a million dollar bounty on his head. She writes that she has

no idea who put up the bounty, but she warns Matt to "stay alive." He stands next to the window that she must have gone out.

Suddenly, he feels a red dot on his forehead. He ducks. Outside, Shotgun aims a sniper rifle at the window. A few seconds

later, DD appears and beats the tar out of Shotgun. DD then spots Boomerang on a nearby rooftop. Apparently Boomerang was

making his way over here to have a crack at the prize money as well. DD beats the snot out of him as well, and turns him into the

police. In the crowd nearby, we see Bullseye watching DD with an evil grin. He disappears into the crowd.

ALIAS #1 (13-17)

The day after ALIAS 1 (1-12). Jessica goes back to her office (apparently open on a Sunday) and meets with a client, who claims

that her husband is cheating on her.

ICEMAN v2 #4 (19-21)

Perhaps the day after ICE2 4 (1-18). This segment must occur before X '01 (1-29). Opal and her child leave Bobby.


One day, "some time" before ASTONX3 13. Emma Frost meets Cassandra Nova in the ruins of Genosha. Cassandra foretells

the decimation of mutants in the wake of House of M and strikes a bargain with Emma to help Emma survive the upcoming event

- Cassandra gives her a "secondary mutation" of diamond-like skin.

NEW X-MEN #116

This story occurs the same day as ASTONX3 13-FB and the day after X 115. This story probably occurs the year before

ASTONX3 2. The X-Men survey the annihilation of Genosha and have taken into custody Cassandra Nova, who switches minds

with Xavier. Emma Frost, her skin mutated into a diamond-like substance, arrives at Xavier's, where we see green grass, trees,

and rain. Scott and Jean have barely touched each other for "five months." This means that it must be five months or more since

the X:SC series, which had to take place before 9-11. Wolverine sustains injuries that tax his healing factor, so it is before UX

395. At the end of this issue, Cassandra as Xavier announces to the world that he is a mutant. It is before X '01 and XX 5.

MYS 1 refers to this issue as having occurred "recently."

Monday, May 6

ALIAS #1 (18-23)

The early morning after ALIAS 1 (13-17). Jessica goes to investigate later that evening and videotapes a man and woman

entering a building together. Before much happens, though, the man's beeper goes off at "two in the morning." He leaves via

the roof undressing into Captain America togs.


The same morning as ALIAS 1 (18-23). Jessica goes back to her office, then heads out to track down the client's address.

Finding it bogus, she returns to the apartment she staked out to learn the girl she had taped earlier was killed. After daybreak, she

goes to the Avengers Mansion (nobody's home) and returns to her office to encounter the police.


The same day as ALIAS 2. Jessica is questioned/badgered by the police and released with the help of Matt Murdock. This is

clearly the first time Jessica and Matt have met (Matt having stopped by as a favor for Cage) so this must occur before Jessica's

cameo in DD2 35; indeed, given that Jessica doesn't recognize Matt's name is indication that this story occurs before the press'

field day with Matt being Daredevil in DD2 32 (20-22). Jessica also swings by Carol Danvers' apartment (not Avengers

Mansion) and Carol is sick with a nasty flu/cold.

X-MEN UNLIMITED v2 #6 - FB (7:2-7:5)

One day. This flashback must occur after X 116 and probably just prior to X '01 (1-29). Scott, Jean, Logan, and Emma (in their

Morrison-era costumes) dine in a restaurant and Emma shows her first display of interest in Scott.

Tuesday, May 7


The day after ALIAS 3. On a "Tuesday," Jessica goes to Washington, DC to talk to the people who hired her as a the third party.

She learns that she was set up by someone with connections to the "Committee to Elect Democratic Presidential Candidate

Steven Keaton." Although this doesn't work terribly well with regard to the President only having been in office a few months,

there is specific mention that "election season is so far away." After Jessica leaves the parking lot, a large thug starts to rough her


ALIAS #5 (1-5)

The same day as ALIAS 4. Jessica kicks the thug's butt.


One day, "days" after X 115. Trish Tilby reports on the annihilation of Genosha.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #36 - FB (3:2-3:6)

One day. We see Kitty Pryde as a graduate student at the University of Chicago on a day that classes are in session. I place Kitty

here between X 110 (15-22) and XX '01/2.


One rainy day. Daredevil, Black Widow, and Punisher take out a renegade SHIELD agent in Manhattan. This story likely

occurs after M/K2 6 and probably occurs before the revelation that Daredevil is Matt Murdock in DD2 32; indeed, I've placed

this story before the Kingpin assassination attempt in DD2 26 (1-7).

Wednesday, May 8

ALIAS #5 (6-16)

The day after ALIAS 5 (1-5). Jessica confronts the guy ultimately responsible. Her contact at SHIELD, though, had her bugged

earlier and swoops in with helicopters and machine guns to save the day.

DAREDEVIL v2 #29 - FB (9-16)

One day. We see DD beating up some hoods in a bar, demanding who put the bounty on Murdock's head. One of them tells him

it's the Kingpin. DD pays another visit to the Kingpin, sneaking into his private chambers. He tells Kingpin he's learned that

the price on Murdock's head was issued from here. Kingpin says that's impossible, but suddenly realizes that one of his men

might have acted without his authority.

NEW X-MEN ANNUAL 2001 (1-29)

One day. This story must occur between X 116 and 117 and after ICE 4 (19-21). Because the Beast faces what he only heard

rumored in XU 36/3 (7-12), this story must occur after XU 36/3 (7-12). The X-Men are in Hong Kong to investigate trafficking

in mutant organs uncovered by Domino. John Sublime unveils his U-Men, humans turned into mutants.

NEW X-MEN #139 - FB (15:4-15:5)

The same night as X '01 (1-29). Emma comes on to Scott.

NEW X-MEN #139 - FB (17:1-17:3)

The same night as X '01-FB (15). Emma comes on stronger.

Thursday, May 9

NEW X-MEN ANNUAL 2001 (30-42)

The day after X '01 (1-29). This story must occur before ICE2 1. The X-Men encounter a suicidal Xorn and Cyclops convinces

him to live and join the team. It is "all those months" before X 147.

DAREDEVIL v2 #26 (1-7) ~ DAREDEVIL v2 #27 (1-2)

The day after DD2 29-FB (9-16). Mr. Silke asks for a conference with the Kingpin. Mr. Silke chews him out, then Kingpin's

men pull out daggers and stab him over and over. This attack on the Kingpin encourages the Triad to make a bid for power, as

seen in TM 1 (10-11).

ALIAS #5 (17-22)

The day after ALIAS 5 (6-16). Back in NYC, Jessica is visited by Steve Rogers. She gives him the videotape and they talk.

Steve's only response to the girl's death is "Yeah -- I -- Thanks for saying that. Every time I let my guard down, I seem to... I -- I

should have been there to..." And that's it. He changes the subject. He doesn't like the matter certainly, but I think he'd be

more overwrought if the two of them had been going out for a long time. Afterwards, Jessica calls Carol Danvers.

Friday, May 10

DAREDEVIL v2 #27 (21)

The day after DD2 26 (1-7). It is "one week" after DD2 27-FB (3-10). Ben Urich is working at the Bugle when he gets word

that the Kingpin is dead. The news passes like wildfire through the ranks of the media.

DAREDEVIL v2 #29 (1-2)

The same day as DD2 27 (21). Vanessa Fisk is in her resort in the Swiss Alps when she hears about her husband's ''death," and

immediately hops on a plane back to America.

DAREDEVIL v2 #30-FB (2)

The same day as DD2 29 (1-2). DD goes to Kingpin's office, finds a pool of blood on the floor, but the place has been cleared

out, like no one ever worked there.

DAREDEVIL v2 #30 (1, 3-4)

The same day as DD2 30-FB (2). DD and Ben Urich meet outside the Daily Bugle and discuss the possibility that the Kingpin is


X-STATIX #1 - FB (20:3)

One day. Arnie Lundberg is beaten by a group of boys because of his appearance. We see green grass and trees in Arnie's

Minnesota town.

IRON MAN v3 #50 - FB (5:6-9)

This flashback presumably occurs on "Christmas Eve," given both dialog reference to it and the presence of Christmas trees and

mistletoe, but this flashback must occur in continuity (between IM3 49 and 50) given the plot references made here. So the

Christmas references, as well as the snow, are, regrettably topical. Pepper notes that Tony is working day and night on the new

armor - this is the Grell-Ryan armor first introduced during the Kang War. After Tony Stark leaves his own party to power his

heart, the Black Widow shows up to tell him about the evil of General Radanovich. It is "one week" before IM3 50.


One night. Chamber finally turns up in London after not showing up at Xavier's following the events of GENX 75. Logan is

healed from the injuries he sustained in X 116, but apparently his system isn't quite back up to speed, as referenced in X 117.

Full moon.

Saturday, May 11

DAREDEVIL v2 #29 (3-4)

The day after DD2 30 (1, 3-4). Vanessa Fisk arrives in New York. She's taken by loyal Kingpin attendant Mr. Dini to Kingpin's

personal crime doctor. Kingpin is shown in a coma. Apparently Mr. Dini found Kingpin after Mr. Silke and company left him

for dead. Kingpin was barely alive, and now is in critical condition in a coma. Vanessa asks Mr. Dini who's behind this attack.

She soon realizes that her own son Richard was a part of this attack. After this, behind the scenes, Vanessa starts to take steps to

get revenge. She kills the man who put the word out for a hit on Matt Murdock.

DAREDEVIL v2 #31-FB (5-9)

The same day as DD2 29 (3-4). Daredevil and Ben Urich discuss who could be behind this attack on the Kingpin. They conclude

some of Kingpin's own men were involved. Daredevil investigates the place where a hit was put on Matt's life and finds the guy

who runs the joint dead. He smells Vanessa Fisk's lingering scent.

UNCANNY X-MEN #396 (1-6)

The day after UX 395. The X-Men encounter a bunch of torched mutants and Jonathon goes to bed with Sugar Kane. Full



One rainy night. A Nick Fury story that must take place after the Red Skull gives up control of the SHIELD helicarrier in CA3

48-FB (4-17).

Sunday, May 12: Mothers' Day

DAREDEVIL v2 #31 (1-4)

The day after DD2 31-FB (5-9). Sammy Silke and the gang celebrate victory. Richard Fisk is shown all of a sudden to be

remorseful, but he's still glad the Kingpin's gone. He's getting drunk while the others are living it up.

DAREDEVIL v2 #31 (10-19)

The same day as DD2 31 (1-4). Richard Fisk heads home, only to find his mother Vanessa waiting for him. She tells him she

wishes she never gave birth to him, and that he's been nothing but a disappointment. She kills him with one shot to the head,

and then leaves (and to think I placed this on Mother's Day!). Outside, she orders Mr. Dini to start a plan she's apparently had

put together over the last day or so. Over the next few hours, loyal Kingpin followers kill everyone involved in the assassination

attempt. Mr. Silke is the last one they try to kill. He heads back to his apartment with a prostitute on his arm, when he discovers

some assassins on the inside. He narrowly avoids their bullets and jumps out a window and down an alley. Behind the scenes,

Vanessa Fisk has her husband moved out of the country by plane. Later that night, we see Mr. Silke calling up his dad in

Chicago, asking to be bailed out. His father is apparently appalled that Mr. Silke had the gall to try to kill the Kingpin, and

basically tells him to not come home to Chicago. Mr. Silke's a dead man walking, and his father wants nothing to do with him.

DAREDEVIL v2 #31 (21-22)

The same night as DD2 31 (10-19). Mr. Silke turns himself into the FBI and asks for protection. The FBI laugh at him, saying if

he wants protection, he has to rat out his dad, the crime boss in Chicago. He refuses, and they start to take him to jail, but he

knows he'll be killed in prison, so he tries something else - he tells the FBI that he knows who Daredevil is.


One day. Peter continues narrating his memories of how he fell in love with Gwen Stacy, probably on a different day as SM:B 3

as he starts his narration with, "Hello, Gwen. Today, I want to talk about...Aunt May."


One day. Cap parachutes into the jungle and finds some lost troops.


The same day as CA:DMR 1.


The same day as CA:DMR 2. Placement here, between CA3 50/6 and CA4 1, is based on publication chronology for Cap issues.

UNCANNY X-MEN #396 (7-22)

The day after UX 395 (1-6). The X-Men find Chamber and lecture him, then they encounter Mr. Clean. Wolverine arrives in

London. Full moon.

UNCANNY X-MEN #397 (1-6)

The same night as UX 396 (7-22). Chamber goes to a club with Sugar Kane and Wolverine reconnoiters with the other X-Men.


One night. A Man-Thing story.

Monday, May 13

DAREDEVIL v2 #32 (1-19)

The early morning after DD2 31 (21-22). At 3:00 AM, the two FBI agents who questioned Mr. Silke have called in their

superior officer, with whom they discuss all the recent events. There is a whole issue dedicated to this meeting, where the FBI go

over the Kingpin events, and figure out that Vanessa Fisk must be running things right now. They also reveal that they've just

learned that earlier that night, Vanessa had the Kingpin moved out of the country. They then tell their boss that they've taken

what Silke told them and have concluded that there is a very strong chance that Daredevil is Matt Murdock. They also point out

that they've learned SHIELD has files on Matt Murdock that they're not sharing with the FBI. The FBI boss tells the two agents

to sit on the information, and not to discuss it with anyone else. Apparently the boss thinks DD's okay in his book, and just

doesn't want anything else to be done about it. He tells them to throw the book at Mr. Silke, unless he sells out his dad.

DAREDEVIL v2 #33-FB (6-18)

The same day as DD2 32 (1-19). At around 7 AM, one of those two FBI agents heads home, where we see him having a fight

with his significant other. She has to head to work, and he just got in. She's bitter and also complains about their lack of money.

She walks off in a huff, saying she can't be late for work because if she loses this job, they won't be able to pay their bills. Later

that day, after I suspect the FBI agent has slept, we see him casing Murdock's law firm. He looks up and sees the Black Widow

jumping down on Matt's roof. The Black Widow apparently looks into Matt's window, sees he is gone, and jumps away. The

FBI agent goes back to the office and does some research into DD and Black Widow's relationship. He becomes more

convinced that DD is indeed Matt Murdock. He then makes a choice; he calls up the Daily Globe and offers info in exchange for

money to help him and his girlfriend.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #43/2 (6:1-6:2)

One day during the "weeks" after XU 43/2 (1-4). Worms come out of a policeman's whistle. The Wolcroft sisters are wearing

their school uniforms.


One day. A "Nuff Said" adventure for the "big four" Defenders.

X-STATIX #1 - FB (20:4)

One day, "days" after XS 1-FB (20:3). Arnie Lundberg lies in a coma, listening to a recorded message from Edie Sawyer.

UNCANNY X-MEN #397 (7-22)

The day after UX 397 (1-6). Wolverine chats with Chamber and the X-Men have a tussle in a train station. Nightcrawler catches

up with a group of persecuted underground mutants. A tabloid reports that Sugar Kane is expecting Chamber's baby.

UNCANNY X-MEN #398 (1-19)

The same night as UX 397 (7-22). Sugar Kane is abducted and the X-Men defeat Mr. Clean in the tunnels under London.

Tuesday, May 14

UNCANNY X-MEN #398 (20-22)

The day after UX 398 (1-19). Sugar Kane reveals that she used Jono to advance her career. Chamber joins the X-Men as they

depart for home.

DAREDEVIL v2 #32 (20-22)

The morning after DD2 33-FB (16-18). This segment must occur after ALIAS 3. Foggy picks up his morning paper at the

newspaper stand. His jaw drops and he runs away. We see the headline: "Globe Exclusive: Pulp Hero of Hell''s Kitchen is

Blind Lawyer," complete with pictures of DD and Matt Murdock.

DAREDEVIL v2 #33 (1-5)

The same day as DD2 32 (20-22).

DAREDEVIL v2 #33 (19-22)

The same day as DD2 33 (1-5). The news spreads like wildfire. Matt wakes up late that morning to find reporters all over his

front doorstep. Foggy rushes in and they spend the better part of the day wondering how this happened. Foggy warns Matt that

it's probably time to hang up the costume. If he keeps the costume up forever, they can deny that he's Daredevil and he won't go

to jail. He also warns that people keep dying in Matt's life because he keeps putting on that costume, Karen included.

DAREDEVIL: FATHER #6 - FB (7:2-7:3)

The same day as DD2 32 (20-22). It can't be "two years" before DD:F 6 (1-13). Sean and Maggie Farrell are in a doctor's office

where she's just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She looks over and sees a newspaper on the doctor's desk - it's features

the headline revealing that Matt Murdock is Daredevil. This makes Maggie believe that every bad thing that's happened to her is

Matt's fault.

DAREDEVIL v2 #65 - FB (1-6)

The same day as DD2 33 (19-22). It is probably not "14 months" before DD2 65 and so probably not one month before DD2 65-

FB (12-16). Nick Fury looks at an online newspaper, which has the headline from DD 32 (20-22). Reporters surround Matt and

Foggy as they approach their law office. Once inside, they find Fury, who offers Matt a new job as a SHIELD agent, but Matt

turns Fury down and Fury teleports away. Spidey reads the headline at a newsstand. Reed Richards is BTS.


The same rainy day as DD2 65-FB (1-6). Scenes from this issue are repeated in DD2 65 (7). J. Jonah Jameson has a press

meeting with his reporters at the Daily Bugle, furious that another newspaper beat him to the DD's unmasking story. Ben Urich

and Peter Parker deny Murdock is Daredevil saying they know who DD really is. Jameson tells them both to get out after they

refuse to reveal DD's identity. That night at their office Foggy tells Matt to give up being DD but he doesn't heed the advice,

puts on the costume and leaves through the roof. Elektra in London and the Fantastic Four read the news and Peter changes to

Spider-Man as Daredevil is jumping across rooftops. The newspaper shown here has a date of "Wednesday, April 18" - but this

may be off a bit; the weather noted on the paper is "cloudy, chance of rain, 55."

DAREDEVIL v2 #65 - FB (8)

The same night as DD2 34. Spidey heads to Murdock's office, where he sees a group of reporters gathered.

DAREDEVIL v2 #35 (1-18)

The same rainy night as DD2 65-FB (8). Scenes from this segment are repeated in DD2 65 (9). Daredevil spots a mugging

taking place and catches the crooks. DD heads back towards his office and finds it under assault from Mr. Hyde (Mr. Hyde was

represented in court by Murdock a few years back and now wants revenge). Spider-Man shows up to help DD and together they

beat Mr. Hyde; then the two heroes rush off into the night leaving Mr. Hyde unconscious in the street.

DAREDEVIL v2 #65 - FB (10-11)

The same night as DD2 35 (1-18). Spidey tries to talk to DD, but to no avail. Back at home, Peter thinks about Matt's

predicament. M.J. is seen here with Peter, even though this flashback should occur during the time they were separated; this may

be a visit prompted by the chaos of the Kang War, an attempt at reconciliation that is thwarted by the thought of the dangers

surrounding the public revelation of a hero's identity.


The night before VENOM 13 (1-21). Eddie Brock and the original Venom symbiote escape the Vault.

Wednesday, May 15

DAREDEVIL v2 #69 - FB (1-2)

The day after DD2 32 (20-22). It may be more than "14 months" before DD2 68. Bont is eating lunch at Ryker's prison when a

fellow convict walks up to him and hands Bont a copy of "yesterday's paper," the Daily Globe headline revealing Matt Murdock

to be Daredevil.

VENOM #13 (1-21)

One day, "one month" before VENOM 10 (20-22). It is "four days" before VENOM 13 (22-23). The scientists at the Arctic

facility are frustrated with their assignment to monitor Venom II; the experiments they are being given to do seem pointless.

Bob-NY decides to release the Venom symbiote, which promptly slaughters everyone except Perry, who it adopts as a host. Nick

Fury and a BTS Reed Richards discuss the escape of Eddie and the original Venom symbiote. Fury activates the untested Suit

and drops him in the Arctic, with strict instructions to deny all contact with SHIELD and claim to be an alien.

THUNDERBOLTS #64 (22-23)

One night, "eight weeks" before TB 67 (5-16). Crimson Cowl breaks Cardinal out of prison and recruits him for the Masters of



One day. Tombstone has a heart attack during a bank robbery and is taken to a high security prison in an isle were the villains'

powers are nullified. After they run some analysis on him and decide to ship him for surgery to the mainland in a few weeks, he

is taken to share a cell with Jonathan Ohnn, aka the Spot.


One night, sometime after XX 4. Investigating Rogue's strange dreams, the X-Treme team head to South America (where we see

green grass and trees), where they encounter some reptilian refugees and attempt to access the Savage Land. This is the first time

Rogue has seen the mutated, cat-like Beast, who I've placed here after X 116. The full moon may be topical.


The same night as XX:SL 1. The X-Treme team make it to the Savage Land, only to run afoul of the schemes of Brainchild.

Thursday, May 16


The day after XX:SL 2. Brainchild makes Storm more beast-like.


The same day as XX:SL 3. The X-Treme team defeat Brainchild and the Savage Land mutates; they appear next in XX 5. The

Beast returns to New York after this adventure and probably appears next in X '01.

DEFENDERS v2 #12/2

One day. After defeating the Chronarch, the "big four" Defenders petition Gaea to free them from Yandroth's curse, but she

rebuffs them and they vow to chart their own destiny.


The same day as DEF2 12/2. The Defenders become the Order. According to writer Kurt Busiek, The Order occurs after A3 55.


The day after TW 16 (1-9). This segment may occur after LONERS 2-FB (12:2-12:5). Tombstone gets in a fight with Kangaroo II inside prison. Later Tombstone forms a crew with Rocket Racer, Hypno-Hustler, and Big Ben to get revenge on Kangaroo.

Friday, May 17

X-MEN UNLIMITED #43/2 (6:3-6:4)

One day during the "weeks" after XU 43/2 (1-4). A mother's scolding finger turns into a little tree.

IRON MAN v3 #50 - FB (14:2-15:5)

IRON MAN v3 #50 (1-5:5)

IRON MAN v3 #50 (14:1)

IRON MAN v3 #50 (15:6-36)

Tony Stark visits General Radanovich's country, survives an attempt on his life, and meets Ayisha and the resistance before the

general's troops attack. There is snow in the former Soviet republic in which this story is set.

IRON MAN v3 #54 - FB (2:3-2:6)

IRON MAN v3 #50 (37-38)

IRON MAN v3 #54 - FB (3)

IRON MAN v3 #50 (39)

All these segments of IM3 50, along with IM3 54-FB, occur during the course of a day. Aysiha is buried in her battle armor in

the attack and Iron Man, thinking her dead, destroys the general's warwagon. It is probably several days before IM3 50 (40).

IRON MAN v3 #54 - FB (4:1-4:3)

The same day as IM3 50 (39). Iron Man leaves, not knowing that Ayisha is buried alive beneath him.


Probably the day after TW 16 (10-15). Tombstone manages to get some scissors from a guy coming to kill him at the showers,

who has seen him come in there alone. Later Tombstone learns Ohnn (who is up for parole in "three days") is teaching Kangaroo

II how to read at the library twice a week, and decides to use that to kill Kangaroo.


One night in Las Vegas, Taskmaster exposes a dishonest dealer and meets Sandi.

IRON MAN v3 #54 - FB (5:1-5:3)

The same night as IM3 54-FB (4). Ayisha rises from the wreckage and checks in on her daughter.

Saturday, May 18

IRON MAN v3 #54 - FB (5:5)

Dawn of the day after IM3 54-FB (5:1-5:3). Ayisha begins her journey.


The day after TW 16 (16-18). Tombstone tells his crew they'll kill Kangaroo II "tomorrow" in the library when Ohnn goes to the

bathroom. Kangaroo II and his crew also plan to kill Tombstone.

NEW X-MEN #118 (1-3)

One day. A high school kid, wanting to be a U-Man after reading John Sublime's book, The Third Species, shoots a mutant

student at school and takes his eyes, only to be killed by police. This segment must occur after X '01(30-42).


One day, shortly after DD:F 6-FB (7:2-7:3). Maggie Farrell cuts out pictures of news stories featuring Matt/Daredevil for her


NEW X-MEN #117

One night. To fully recover from injuries sustained in X 116, Wolverine has been meditating in the woods for "four days," so his

last appearance, which I theorize is UX 398 (20-22), must be at least four days before this issue. We see bare and green trees and

the weather seems mild.

Sunday, May 19


The day after TW 16 (19-20). Tombstone is stopped by the prison guards from killing Kangaroo II.

VENOM #13 (22-23)

One day, "four days" after VENOM 13 (1-21). Perry is still stuck in the facility with Venom II. Patricia Robertson arrives to

return some movies.


The same day as VENOM 13 (22-23). Patricia Robertson finds the staff of an Arctic research lab slaughtered and brings the sole

survivor back to her radar station.

VENOM #2 (1-13)

The same day as VENOM 1. The Suit arrives at the research lab and surveys the scene. The folks at the radar station deal with

the thrashing survivor and a mysteriously ill dog.

NEW X-MEN #118 (6-15)

Probably the day after X 117 and X 118 (1-3). Wolverine is in Wyoming and the Beast lies in a coma. Scott, Jean, and Emma

deal with anti-mutant protesters at Xavier's, where we see green trees and mild weather. Jean makes a reference to the events of

X '01. Fourteen-year-old Angel is driven from her home because she's a mutant. Full moon.

Monday, May 20

VENOM #2 (14-22)

The morning after VENOM 2 (1-13). Venom appears at the radar station, having come with the survivor.


The same day as VENOM 2. The symbiote tries to touch Patricia, but is stopped by "the suit." The symbiote escapes with

Malone, "the suit" subdues and ties up Patricia and Daniel, and is then killed by the symbiote, which has already consumed



The same day as VENOM 3. The symbiote surprises Patricia, taunts her, frees her, and chases her. Delacroix arrives but is

quickly eaten by the symbiote, as is Daniel. Patricia gets a gun, blows up the symbiote, and runs into Perry who tells her what

the symbiote is.


The same day as VENOM 4. The Suit repairs himself, but he fails to prevent Venom from escaping the Arctic research station.


One day, "three days" after TW 16 (16-18). The Spot is granted parole after revealing to have informed the guards of

Tombstone's plot to kill Kangaroo II and having helped to educate inmates in the "past two years." A prison guard who wants

Tombstone dead informs him of Ohnn's betrayal and omits to give him his medicine as Lonnie lies almost unconcious at a prison

hole where he's been put after trying to kill Kangaroo. After Kangaroo II beats up Rocket Racer, Hypno-Hustler and Big Ben

they are taken to the emergency room where Tombstone is also taken after being found unconscious. When he wakes up he

learns he'll be taken out for a rescheduled surgery "this afternoon." As he is taken to the hospital Tombstone manages to escape

with the Spot's help. Spot mentions during parole he was Tombstone's cell-mate "for a short while."


The same day as VENOM 5. The Suit and two women (Frankie and Vic) in a hovercraft follow Venom as he, with Patricia in

tow, reaches Voici, Northwest Territories, where he kills people and hops bodies. Logan is there. Snow in the Arctic.

NEW X-MEN #118 (16-23)

The day after X 118 (6-15). Angel is abducted. Cyclops and Emma Frost confront John Sublime. Cyclops refers to the X-Men

having "just" smashed the illegal mutant organ smuggling operation in X '01. That night, in a rainy Wyoming, where we see

green grass and trees, Wolverine catches up with a group of Sublime's men about to amputate Angel's wings.

NEW X-MEN #119

The same night as X 118 (16-23). Full moon.

NEW X-MEN #120

The same night as X 119.

NEW X-MEN #121

The same night as X 120.

Tuesday, May 21

X-MEN UNLIMITED #36/2 (12)

One day. It must be after X 116, as we see picketers outside Xavier's school. The mutants that Magneto saved in XU 36/2 (1-

11) show up at Xavier's, but placement here forces the question of why it took them so long to arrive in Westchester.

NEW MUTANTS v2 #11 - FB (10:4-10:5)

One day. The short-sleeve shirts may put this flashback after NM2 2-FB. Withdrawn Laurie unintentionally causes problems at

school with her pheromone power. Green grass.

IRON MAN v3 #50 (40)

One day, probably several days after IM3 50 (39). Back in the USA, Tony Stark hears news from Radanovich's country and

thinks of Ayisha. The snow and the mayoral apology for failure to plan for snow removal must be topical.


The day after VENOM 6. Frankie, Vic, the Suit, Venom, and Logan get into a fracas and the Suit, realizing Venom is after

Logan for a host body, fries Wolverine to a crisp. Snow on the ground in Voici.


The same day as VENOM 7. Venom flees the scene, and as Logan and the Suit recover, Frankie and Vic take Patricia and nuke

the town of Voici, where we see snow.


The same night as VENOM 8. Frankie and Vic are destroyed and Venom takes over Logan's body and cuts up the Suit, as

another Frankie and Vic arrive on the scene. Full moon.

VENOM #10 (1-17)

The same night as VENOM 9. The new Frankie and Vic die, and the detonation of a bomb inside Logan forces Venom to take

over Patricia, in whose body it is trapped. Patricia leaves with the Suit's head. Snow in Voici.


One day. This story occurs after GENM 2-FB (7:3). Full moon.

Wednesday, May 22

VENOM #10 (18-19)

The morning after VENOM 10 (1-17). It is "eighteen days" before VENOM 19 (20-22). Logan awakens and heads off for a bar.

Snow in Voici.


Perhaps the day after UX 399. Stacy X joins the X-Men. Green grass and trees at Xavier's.


One day, "three weeks" after A3 54. More than 75,000 mourners gather on the National Mall in Washington (where we see

green grass and trees) to grieve for all those who died during Kang's occupation of earth. This may be the beginning of several

days of mourning to culminate in Memorial Day. Warbird is exonerated for killing the Master and the Avengers celebrate their

victory with a feast brought by Thor, who has not been seen by the Avengers since A3 54. Triathlon is separated from Hal and

Chuck Chandler. This issue must occur before JLA/A 1.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #43/2 (6:5-6:6)

One day. Lockheed ponders the relationship between the Wolcroft sisters and a girl named Thorne, who wear their school


Thursday, May 23


One day (I suppose), sometime after a "Tuesday." Stacy X is newly arrived, so this story cannot occur long after UX 400. The

X-Men track down a drug that gives kids temporary mutant powers, peddled by the Vanisher out of Cuba. The Beast cameos,

analyzing the drug. Nick Fury appears here too.

JLA/AVENGERS #1 (8-48)

One day, "one month" after JLA/A 1 (1-7). Yellowjacket appears here, as does Thor in classic costume, so this story must occur

between A3 55 and T2 32 (22). Hawkeye's appearance here (a response to a call for reservists) may occur between TB 65 and

TB 67 (5-16), a period in which he is training his new Thunderbolts team in Europe. (They may have been fighting the Kang

War in Europe just before this.) Genosha is shown destroyed, so this story occurs after X 115. Scarlet Witch is in her gypsy

costume, which she stopped wearing after A3 37, but we'll have to assume she re-donned it for this adventure. We see cameos

by Dr. Doom, the Hulk and the Punisher. As the Watcher observes, Grandmaster and Metron put into motion a game intended to

delay the destruction of Krona. Graviton and other threats from the MU attack the DCU, while a giant starfish attacks New York.

Claiming that the barriers between two realities are weakening, Grandmaster and Metron set the Avengers and JLA against each

other to gather twelve artifacts of power. The newspaper in Metropolis is dated "Thursday, July 25."


The same day as JLA/A 1 (8-48). The JLA and the Avengers battle each other to claim the artifacts of power, and when Krona

loses, he attacks the Grandmaster, discovers Galactus' identity, then summons and attacks him as well. Then, the Grandmaster

tips his hand and uses the gathered artifacts of power for his own end. Green grass and trees "somewhere along I-95." The corn

is high in the Kansas of JLA's earth.


The same day as A/JLA 2. The JLA and Avengers cope with the Grandmaster's merging of their two worlds with Krona trapped

between them.


The same day as JLA/A 3. JLA/A 1 (8-48) is referred to as having occurred "earlier today." As "chronal chaos" ensues, the JLA

and Avengers battle an army of Krona's super-villain minions in an attempt to restore their worlds. The heroes win, the worlds

separate, Krona becomes a cosmic egg, and Metron and Grandmaster ponder the situation.

X-TREME X-MEN #5 (1-6)

One night. A tape of "Xavier's" TV appearance from X 116 is shown here, as is Trish Tilby's report on Genosha (XX 5-FB).

The X-Treme team discuss these recent events in Valencia, Spain.

Friday, May 24

NEW X-MEN #122

One day, shortly after X 121. Cassandra Nova takes over the Shi'ar Empire and the X-Men plan their first press conference. We

see green grass and trees in Westchester.

SHE-HULK v4 #14 - FB (6-8:4)

One day. This flashback must occur after CA 350/6 (1-6). Mad Thinker upgrades the Awesome Android to mimic any ability,

and intends to have him get Thor's hammer "tomorrow."

X-MEN UNLIMITED #43 - FB (3-5:1)

One day. Rahne Sinclair is mugged outside the Met after a school field trip.


"A few hours" after XU 43-FB, Rahne is rushed to the hospital and Bobby DaCosta sees this through a live TV news video feed

to a web news site.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #43 (5:2-15)

The same night as XU 43 (1-2). Rahne is joined by her former New Mutants teammates to retrieve her stolen necklace. Then the

group catches up and reminisce at Harry's Hideaway. Cannonball likely appears here sometime before X 128.

X-TREME X-MEN #5 (7-23)

The day after XX 5 (1-6). The X-Treme team have arrived in Sydney, Australia to investigate a murder for which Gambit is

blamed. The Examiner plans the Triad's ascendancy in Australia. Rogue catches up with Gambit in a restaurant, where they

fight Red Lotus. The full moon doesn't jibe with the crescent moon in XX 6.

Saturday, May 25

SHE-HULK v4 #14 - FB (8:5-11)

The day after S-H4 14-FB (6-8). Since Thor appears here in classic costume, this flashback must occur before T2 32 (22).

Awesome Android battles Thor and manages to grab his hammer. Deeming the android worthy, Thor convinces him to turn

against the Mad Thinker. Jane Foster appears. Green trees in New York.


Probably the day after XX 5 (7-23). The crescent moon here inconsistent with full moons of XX 5 (7-23) and XX 8, but may be

the correct reference.


The same day as XX 6.


The same day as XX 7. Sage becomes catatonic here. The full moon doesn't jibe with the crescent moon in XX 6.


The FF may hold their annual open house on this day (see FOUR 30).


One night. Enough time needs to pass since GENX 75 for Banshee to gather his X-Corps resources. Mystique is behind the

scenes, free from custody, so this story should occur after XU 48/2. We see topical snow and a full moon.

RUNAWAYS #17 - FB (4)

One night, "more than a year" before RUN 17 and probably exactly a year before RUN 1. This flashback occurs within "a few

nights" before RUN 17-FB (5). Alex Wilder accidentally discovers his and his friends' parents participating in a sacrificial


Sunday, May 26

FOUR #2 - FB (20:4)

One day. Reed reads a story to Franklin and baby Valeria in bed at the Baxter Building.


Probably the day after XX 8. Sage is still catatonic. Jean states that she gives her first press conference "in a few hours." That

press conference happens in X 123. This issue occurs before XX '01. Green trees at Xavier's.

NEW X-MEN #123

One day. It is "a few hours" after XX 9. The autumnal colors must be topical.

NEW X-MEN #124

The same day as X 123.

NEW X-MEN #125

The same day as X 124.

NEW X-MEN #126

The same day as X 125. This story may occur before W:SAUDADE (1-17). Cassandra Nova is defeated and Xavier's spine is healed.


The day after UX 401.


The same day as UX 402. Jubilee must appear here after UX 34 (8-14).


The same night as UX 403.


The same night as UX 404.

UNCANNY X-MEN #406 (1-21)

The same night as UX 405. This issue must occur after A3 60 (1-24). It is "some time" before UX 429. The X-Men defeat

Mystique's and Martinique's scheme to take over Banshee's X-Corps operation as Paris (including the Eiffel Tower) is destroyed

in the process.

Monday, May 27: Memorial Day

UNCANNY X-MEN #406 (22-23)

The day after UX 406 (1-21). As Paris begins to clean up, Banshee lies in critical condition in a hospital room.


One day, "years" after A 188. A special team of Avengers is called in to deal with the Elements of Doom because much of the

regular team is unavailable; they may be away for the Memorial Day holiday. Thor appears here in classic costume, before he

assumes the throne of Asgard. Indeed, this flashback probably occurs before T2 32 (22), which leads directly into the plot

culminating in Odin's death. The cat-like Beast appears, likely after XX:SL 4. Iron Man's identity is probably not revealed

before this flashback. Green grass and trees in Philadelphia.


One day. Bryson and Malon strike against Malon's father. Warm weather and green grass and trees north of London. Full

moon. This issue also features a videotape showing events that occur over an unspecified period of time since BHOOD 5,

including a night with a full moon.

UNCANNY X-MEN #407 (1-15)

The night of the day after UX 405. Some day before a "Monday." Nightcrawler awakens to discover that he teleported himself

and Chamber to the snowy Bavarian mountain residence of Feuer Langhagen, an old circus friend of Kurt's. As the X-Men try to

mop up Sean Cassidy's mess, Jean Grey locates Kurt and Jono. Full moon.

RUNAWAYS #17 - FB (5:2-5:3)

One night, within "a few nights" after RUN 17-FB (4). Alex Wilder sneaks into his father's sub-basement to read books about

the Pride and concludes that his parents are heroes.

Tuesday, May 28

TASKMASTER #1 (10-11)

The day after TM 1 (1-9). In the wake of the Kingpin's apparent death in DD2 29-FB (9-16), Sunset Bain gives Taskmaster an

assignment to infiltrate Stark Enterprises labs.

BROTHERHOOD #6 (16-22)

The day after BHOOD 6 (1-15). Malon's father is revealed as a mutant and Bryson sacrifices himself to kill him.


One day, long enough after ORDER 1 for the Parringtons to set up a headquarters for the Defenders. Full moon.


The same day as ORDER 2.

SHE-HULK v4 #14 - FB (12:1-12:5)

One day, shortly after S-H4 14-FB (8-11). Awesome Android goes to GLK&H to ask Holden Holliway to be his lawyer.

TASKMASTER #1 (12-24)

The night of TM 1 (10-11). Taskmaster battles Iron Man at Stark Enterprises labs. Iron Man appears in Grell-Ryan armor, and

Taskmaster does not know Shellhead's identity, so this segment must occur before IM3 54 (18-22). After getting away,

Taskmaster is set up in a diner.

TASKMASTER #2 (1-8:2)

The same night as TM 1 (12-24). Taskmaster escapes the police.

CABLE v2 #105 (1-21)

One night. Cable stops a sadistic arena blood sport in Rio de Janeiro, but his mindblast goes awry and he is forced to flee from

the angry crowd. Full moon.

Wednesday, May 29

CABLE v2 #105 (22)

The morning after C2 105 (1-21). At dawn, Cable thinks about the events of the previous night. Cable remains in Brazil long

enough after this to appear in BHOOD 8.

TASKMASTER #2 (8:3-9)

The morning after TM 2 (1-8). Green grass and trees in New York.


Perhaps the day after ORDER 3. Here we see the first time the curse transports Order "in over a week."


The same day as ORDER 4. A horde of heroes appears to battle the Order. Among them are the X-Men in their Morrison

leather outfits. Daredevil is here, even though Matt Murdock is hiding out in Japan; the magnitude of the threat may have coaxed

him to join in, especially given that press contact would be minimal. Jeph theorizes that Professor X is here shortly after X 126

and that he is seated because he is still uncomfortable walking after his spine was healed.


The same day as ORDER 5. Strange may appear here before T2 41 (13-23). The horde of heroes battles the Order. Thor is not present, probably because he is dealing with affairs in Asgard after Odin's death. The dark sides of the "big four" Defenders are defeated. This story must occur before Namor rejoins the Avengers in A3 58. Because Iron Man and T'Challa appear to be on friendly terms here, this story likely occurs before BP3 41. H3 34 must occur after the ORDER series, since that issue marks the start of the shaved-head Hulk.


One day. Hoffman (who is X) whips up a rally, and attacks police in Philadelphia. Then he goes to a bar to meet Orwell, where

he is attacked by an anti-mutant fanatic, whom he kills, then blows up the bar. Meanwhile, Marshal has Asher, Malon, and Fagin

in custody, and persuades them to help him go after Hoffman. Hoffman reveals that him and Marshal were old friends.

MUTIES #4 (18:3)

One day. Laolo sees a visibly pregnant Jisa with Renata.

TASKMASTER #2 (10-17)

The night of TM 2 (8-9). Taskmaster impersonates Hong to get the Triads to attack Sunset Bain.

Thursday, May 30

TASKMASTER #2 (18-19)

The morning after TM 2 (10-17). Sunset Bain declares war against the Triads.

THOR v2 #42

Probably the day after T2 41 (13-23). Thor consults Orikal to confirm Odin's death, then goes to earth to save Jake Olson. Jake

talks Thor into accepting the throne and Thor decides to have Tarene take his place as earth's Asgardian protector. Thor and

Jake return to Asgard to accept the throne and celebrate the marriage of one of Volstagg's daughters.


One day. Iron Man appears in his Grell-Ryan armor, pushing this after the Kang War proper. We also saw that T'Challa was

apparently on friendly terms with Iron Man during The Order, suggesting this storyline occurs after that one. Iron Man's identity

is not shown as having been revealed, so this story occurs before IM3 53.


One day, between XX 9 and 10 and "weeks" after XX 4. There are green grass and trees in Sydney.


Perhaps the day after BHOOD 7. TV screens show presumably live footage of Professor X (presumably after his return in X

126), the X-Men (Cyclops, Wolverine, Archangel, Nightcrawler) in their Morrison leather outfits, X-Force, and Cable, who is

still in Brazil right after C2 105 (22) and before C2 106. Nightcrawler's presence with the X-Men suggests placement after his

limited series. While the X-teams take down various Brotherhood cells, Hoffman and Orwell plot. Malon, Asher, and Fagin

return to Hoffman, who gives them a mission, to kill a mutant who is supplying the enemy with information. They discuss it with

Hoffman, who has a plan to leave a substitute dead body in the mutants place. They subdue the mutants, and use Asher's powers

to burn down the building. Then they report to Hoffman, who tells them that their next mission is to assassinate Doop.


One day. Because of Bill's presence here, this story must occur after T2 32 (1-21) - and it's likely before T2 32 (22). Hercules

and Beta Ray Bill find Thor and they travel to Olympus. They witness the origin of Desak. It's warm enough for short sleeves in

New York.

THOR v2 #32 (22)

Perhaps the same day as T@ '01. A time gap exists between the last two pages of T2 32. All but page 22 is linked to MAXSEC,

and page 22 starts us on a continuous ride that leads to Odin's death, which must postdate A3 55 and probably A3 56-FB as well.

What we see here is Thor bringing Beta Ray Bill to Jake Olson's apartment, probably after a length of time in which Bill stayed

in Asgard. (Although Bill asks Thor whether the apartment is where Thor stays when he is mortal, Bill has been there before,

with the Warriors Three in T2 31.) A time gap is suggested in T2 33 when Jake asks his mother to remember the events of

MAXSEC; he notes that it happened "a couple of weeks ago," but maybe it just seems like it. This segment must occur after T:G

3 and S-H4 14-FB (8-11).

THOR v2 #33

The same day as T2 32 (22). Thor battles and defeats Nullitor, a killer robot sent by Zarrko. He is assisted by Tarene, who has

assumed the mantle of "Thor Girl." The snow seen here in New York must be topical.

THOR v2 #34

The same day as T33. It has been a while since Hannah Fairmont has seen Jake Olson. After Thor tests Tarene and agrees to

take her under his wing, he battles a Gladiator from the future, sent by Zarrko. The snow seen here in New York must be topical.

THOR v2 #35

The same day as T2 35. Tarene joins the battle against the future Gladiator, who is defeated. Keith Kincaid has been in a coma

"for weeks." Ulik and the trolls invade Asgard and are defeated when Odin awakens from his Odinsleep. Thor arrives in Asgard,

but Odin, upset that Thor was not present to defend Asgard, strips him of his godhood and returns his injured mortal form (Jake)

to earth.

THOR v2 #36

The same day as T2 35. As Jake lies in the hospital, Tarene tries in vain to get Odin to restore Thor. Loki and Karnilla capture

Tarene, place her lifeforce in the Destroyer armor, and sends the Destroyer to attack Thor's mortal self. When the Destroyer

attacks, Hescamar/Marnot shows up and restores Thor.

THOR v2 #37

The same day as T2 36. Thor is defeated by the Tarene/Destroyer and Surtur arrives on earth.

THOR v2 #38

The same day as T2 37. After some discussion with the Watcher, Odin restores Thor's true godhood and the Tarene/Destroyer is

defeated. Green grass and trees in Norway.

THOR v2 #39

The same night as T2 38. Thor returns to Asgard, where Odin separates him from Jake Olson and empowers the elixirs of

renewal to heal Thor of his injuries. As Thor enters a state of suspension, Surtur attacks earth and Odin, now weakened, sends

forces to engage the fire demon.

THOR v2 #40

The same night as T2 39. Asgardian forces battle Surtur in Oslo until Odin swoops in and sacrifices himself to defeat the fire

demon. Green trees in New York.

THOR v2 #41 (1-12)

The same night as T2 40. Thor and the Asgardians are faced with the death of Odin.

MUTIES #4 (18:4-18:5)

One day. Jisa and Renata watch the sun set.

TASKMASTER #2 (20-22)

The night of TM 2 (18-19). As Taskmaster dines with Sandi, a Triad facility is blown up by Bain.

Friday, May 31

THOR v2 #41 (13-23)

The day after T2 41 (1-12). Asgardians grieve for Odin as Desak plans to strike. Thor declines the throne of Asgard. Dr.

Strange cameos, perhaps after ORDER 6.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #43/2 (7-12)

One day, "months" after XU 43/2 (1-5). Lockheed ditches the Wolcroft twins and Thorne tells him where to find Kitty.

Lockheed departs England for Chicago; it may take him a while to fly there on his own, but he does appear in Chicago with Kitty

in XX '01/2. Green grass and trees in the north of England.


The night of the day after BP3 41. BP3 23 is referred to as having occurred "last year." Full moon.


The same night as BP3 42. Sue Richards is not pregnant here, so this story must occur after FF3 54. Heather Hudson tells

Logan that she has her "rough mornings...but the pregnancy's going along fine since last we saw each other," an indication that

this story occurs after W2 174.


The same night as BP3 43.


Probably the night after TM 2 (20-22). The Triad discovers Taskmaster's deception. It is "two nights" before TM 3.


The night after BHOOD 8 if not the same night. Lacuna's presence with X-Force places this after XFO 122. It isn't known quite

why Lacuna is here, since she never officially became a member of X-Force, having accepted a talk show gig. One might

conclude that she isn't here as an official member but as a fellow celebrity. U-Go Girl's presence here suggests that this issue

occurs sometime before the death storyline that starts in XFO 125. Hoffman sends Asher, Malon, and Fagin to attack X-Force's

motorcade. This doesn't work out too well. The there decide to try to get X-Force's attention, but other mutants attack X-Force,

and Fagin and Malon are killed in the crossfire. Asher is wounded. Marshal reveals that he was working with Orwell to take

down Hoffman. Hoffman attacks him, but kills Orwell instead. As Asher lays dying, he uses his blood to blow up both Marshal

and Hoffman. X-Force looks around wondering what just happened.


One night. Wolverine is in Manhattan, drinking and in a bad mood. Both Logan and Punisher separately encounter scenes in

which mobsters have had their legs sawed off. Their investigations lead both men to a warehouse, where they fight, until a band

of midgets reveal themselves as the ones responsible for the chainsaw attacks.


The same night as PUN6 16. It's been a couple of months since PUN6 14 (18-22). According to the narration in W2 186, it is

"a few weeks" before W2 181-FB. The midgets' leader, Tony Casino, reveals his plans to Logan and the Punisher, to whom he

extends an invitation to join his gang. They refuse and defeat Casino and the midgets. Then Punisher kills the mobsters the

midgets kidnaped.


One night during the "week" before PUN6 18. The Punisher finds a criminal, Johnny Peron, who has just been shot 217 times

and had a consignment of cocaine stolen from him. Peron directs the Punisher to Belfast, and then dies.

Saturday, June 1


One day. Blob spends some time at a New Mexico rodeo.


The night of the day after TM 3-FB (3-4), "one night" before TM 3. Sunset Bain and the Triads call a truce to go after



One night. Interested in making some money, Logan is in a mutant pit-fight bar in an undisclosed location. He ends up burning

the place down and leaving with an old friend named Nome.

MUTIES #4 (19-24)

One night. Renata leaves Jisa to work at the bar, and after her shift, Laolo demands her money and insists that she stay away

from Jisa. When Renata tells him where to go, Laolo and his buddies gang up on her. Meanwhile, Jisa reflects on the strength

she's found from Renata. Warm weather in Rio. We see part of what may be a full moon.

RUNAWAYS #17 - FB (6)

One night, "pretty quickly" after RUN 17-FB (5). Alex overhears the Hayeses and the Deans plotting to kill the rest of the Pride

"at next year's Rite of Thunder."

Sunday, June 2

TIGRA #2 (1-6)

One day, long enough after TIGRA 1 for Greer to be enrolled in the NYPD Academy, where she pokes around to sniff out the

Brethren of the Blue Fist.

PUNISHER v6 #18 - FB (2:3-4)

One day during several days before PUN6 18. In a bar in America (presumably New York), the Punisher talks with his British

Intel contact Yorkie Mitchell. Mitchell briefs him about the situation in Northern Ireland.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #34/3 (1-11)

One night. Sunfire appears here long enough after WX:WC 1-FB for him to recover from gunshot wounds. He tries to remove

his drug-addicted cousin from the debt of a mobster, but the cousin dies. Full moon.


The night of the day after TM 3-FB (7-8). Taskmaster dines with Sandi.


The same night as TM 3-FB (5-6). Sandi is badly injured as Taskmaster is captured and taken to Bain, who double-crosses the

Triads and orders Taskmaster killed, "ten hours" before TM 3-FB (21).


One night with a full moon. Iron Fist infiltrates Jonas Harrow's house (sometime after T&SH 1) and encounters his grotesque



One night with a full moon. This segment occurs sometime after MK 15. Leiko Wu infiltrates the Comte de St. Germain's cell

in France, where we see green trees and the Eiffel Tower. She is captured and her husband Clive Reston seeks Shang-Chi's help

to deal with St. Germain.

Monday, June 3


"Ten hours" after TM 3-FB (9-20), before dawn. A bound and bagged Taskmaster is dumped into the river.

TASKMASTER #3 (1, 22)

The same early morning as TM 3-FB (21). Taskmaster descends to the bottom of the river.

TASKMASTER #4 (1-22)

The same day as TM 3 (22), "one week" before TM 4 (23). Taskmaster gets even with Sunset Bain. Full moon.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #34/3 (12)

"Twelve hours" (the day) after XU 34/3 (1-11), Shiro Yoshida delivers the ashes of his cousin to his mother as the TV news

reports the death of the mobster in an inferno (caused by Sunfire).




The day ("nineteen hours") after MOKF2 1 (1-16). Shang-Chi joins Reston and Black Jack Tarr in a firefight with a horde of

assassins in Singapore.


The same day as MOKF2 1 (17-22). Shang, Reston, and Tarr escape and go to Hong Kong on another St. Germain lead. Shang

knows Leiko is a captive in France, and there she discovers that St. Germain is Fu Manchu.


The same night as MOKF2 2. Leiko Wu and Fu Manchu confront each other, revealing that Fu Manchu is Saint Germain and

responsible for whatever happened in the last two issues. Shang-Chi arrives and Fu Manchu orders an attack and escapes. Shang

Chi and Leiko Wu fight some goons, zombies, and monsters while talking about old times. Then they drive off in a jeep. In

Hong Kong, Black Jack and Clive watch a docking ship containing material that's going to Fu Manchu's secret island base.

Watching both them and the ship are the Omegans. At Shang Chi's place, a little girl tries to figure out how to get her doll out of

some quicksand. Full moon.

IRON MAN v3 #51 (1-13)

One evening. Tony Stark takes a teenage girl to the Haven and attends a conference about the Eastern European market in the

wake of the collapse of Radanovich's government.

IRON MAN v3 #51-FB (7:2, 7:7)

The same evening as IM3 51 (1-13). Abby St. Clair delivers Tony's briefcase to him at the conference.

TIGRA #2 (7-17)

The evening of the day after TIGRA 1 (1-6). Tigra does more snooping. Full moon.

Tuesday, June 4

TIGRA #2 (18-22)

Early the morning after TIGRA 2 (7-17). Greer gets inducted into the Brethren. Full moon.

TIGRA #3 (1-7)

The same early morning as TIGRA 2 (18-22). Greer spends a little time with the Brethren.

IRON MAN v3 #51 (14-22)

Early the morning after IM3 51 (1-13). Iron Man fights a fire.

IRON MAN v3 #52 (1-5)

The same early morning as IM3 51 (14-22). Iron Man retrieves a murdered Abby from the fire.


The morning after MOKF2 3 (1-20). Shang-Chi and Leiko are aboard the Citation X on their way from France to Hong Kong,

where they will arrive in "5 hours, 9 minutes."

THOR v2 #43

One day, shortly after T2 42. Tarene begins her role as earth's Asgardian protector. As preparations are being made for Odin's

funeral "tomorrow," Thor, now Asgard's king, defeats an Executioner cypher and reveals that Odin's power has begun to

manifest itself in him. Zarrko meets Desak to have him vanquish Thor.

IRON MAN v3 #52 (6-10)

Probably the same day as IM3 52 (1-5). The police question Tony Stark and other conference goers about Abby. That night,

Mary Reilly is killed. Full moon.

TIGRA #3 (8-9)

The night of TIGRA 3 (1-7). Tigra snoops some more.


The same day as MOKF2 3 (21-22). Fu Manchu arrives at his island headquarters, and Shang-Chi and Leiko arrive in Hong

Kong. Fu Manchu tests his hellfire weapon on a small village outside Hong Kong, killing everyone. He then ponders on where

to use it next. Still spying on the ship, Black Jack and Clive are attacked by Fu Manchu's goons. The Omegans jump in to help

out, even though Spetz doesn't want to. They are quickly overpowered, but Shang-Chi and Leiko arrive and save the day. That

night, Shang-Chi, Leiko Wu, Black Jack, and Clive are on their way to Fu Manchu's island base, stowing away on the shipment

boat they were spying earlier. They pass by the ruins of the village used in the test. The Omegans follow in their own boats. At

the base, Fu Manchu and Moving Shadow talk about killing Shang-Chi and ruling the world.


The same night as MOKF2 4. At Shang-Chi's place, the little girl continues to try to figure out a way to get her doll out of some

quicksand. The Omegans arrive on the island at the same time as our heroes, but on separate locations. The Omegans see the

hellfire weapon being charged up. Shang-Chi and company see an explosion from the Omegans' location and continue to make

their way to the base. Moving Shadow and Fu Manchu talk while Moving Shadow practices his sword moves, and while Fu

Manchu plays Pac-Man. The heroes drive to the base. The Omegans attack the entrance our heroes were trying to enter, and

engage in a fight with some of Fu Manchu's goons. Shang-Chi goes off on his own and runs into Fu Manchu, who reveals that

Moving Shadow and Shang-Chi are brothers by different mothers. On their way to the command center, Buckman, Parkins,

Turnbull, and Slade are killed without the rest of the Omegans noticing. Buckman's bomb is gone, as is the plan of blowing up

the base. Shang-Chi and Fu Manchu talk more, then Moving Shadow attacks. Full moon.


The same night as MOKF2 5. Shang-Chi battles and defeats Moving Shadow, who is killed by Fu Manchu. Meanwhile,

Commander Spetz' vendetta against Tarr spells death for him and his squad and Stone joins Tarr, Reston, and Wu in saving

London by diverting the scalar ionization to Hellfire. Fu Manchu supposedly dies in the destruction.

Wednesday, June 5


The day after MOKF2 6 (1-20). Tarr, Reston, and Wu depart, leaving Shang-Chi in China, where we see green trees.

THOR v2 #44

Odin's funeral, the day after T2 43, during which time Thor has grown a nice beard, probably a result of the Odin power in him

(Thor has never displayed the ability to grow a beard so quickly before). It is here that Thor sheds his classic costume, so all

scenes showing that costume must occur before now (actually before T2 43). It is "barely a month" before T2 45 and so it's

barely two weeks before the second flashback in T2 45.

IRON MAN v3 #52 (11-22)

Probably the day after IM3 52 (6-10). Iron Man draws out the killer, a senator's wife, who commits suicide. It is raining in the



One evening during the "week" after a BTS flashback reference on page 10, panel 4. The Punisher has "just arrived" in Belfast.

He meets up with Mitchell's IRA informant, Pat Morrison. Morrison plays along. After some asking around, the Punisher tracks

down Declan Fallis as the criminal responsible. He finds himself in a firefight between Fallis, a Catholic terrorist, and the local

Protestant gang led by Bobby Colbert. Finding Northern Ireland depressing even by his standards, the Punisher kneecaps Fallis

and Colbert and leaves them to fight over a single gun - not telling them that it's empty.

TIGRA #3 (10-22)

The night after TIGRA 3 (8-9). Tigra takes out some of the Brethren, then Greer gets asked to kill Tigra. An appointment book

notes that it is "June 5."

Thursday, June 6

TIGRA #4 (1-19)

The day after TIGRA 3 (10-22). Tigra flushes out the man behind the Brethren of the Blue Fist and defeats him. It is "three

weeks" before TIGRA 4 (20-22). Green grass and trees in New York.

THOR v2 #45-FB (4-6)

One day. This flashback occurs after T2 44 (no more classic Thor costume), and "only days" after Odin's death in T2 40. Thor

is not in his Lord Thor attire for this adventure, but it does happen when Thor had barely assumed the Asgardian throne.


One day. Jessica and Carol (now recovered) are having lunch at an outdoor cafe. Carol is called away on Avengers business, but

she acts fairly casual about it. Jessica finishes working on a case at "5:45 PM" and is visited by a 17-year-old fan. She kicks him

out and the wife of "Rick Jones" (no, not Marlo; this isn't "our" Rick) stops by claiming her husband is lost. The reference to

"Sept. 6" must be topical; perhaps it's June 6.

ALIAS #7 (1-7)

The same day as ALIAS 6. Jane Jones comes to Jessica to ask for her assistance in finding a husband she claims is Rick Jones. It

must be pretty late by this point, since most of this didn't start until almost 6:00.


One sunny day. Xavier is in his wheelchair in W:SAUDADE (18-41), so this segment may occur during the time after X 126 in which his spine is cured but he is insecure, as in ORDER 5-6. Wolverine arrives in Fortaleza, Brazil and is told on the phone by Xavier to check on some mutant activity in that town, which has been detected by Cerebro. Logan spots the mutant Mexer and two other street kids, on the run from armed goons, trying to steal his bike. Mexer takes out Wolverine with a mixture of telekinesis and psychosomatic powers. The three kids take off with the cars and their pursuers arrive too late. They help Wolverine to get up then depart. Logan slowly regains his senses and starts looking for Mexer. "A little while later," the miracle healer Kuhrradaizonest gets a shock because Mexer used his mutant powers again. Later, Wolverine finds his bike in the nearby slums, where he sees the goons beating up the kids. He attacks the gangsters and takes off on his bike with the kids. That night, Logan parties with the kids at the beach and dances with a local woman, who gives him a necklace with a mermaid symbol and mysteriously disappears. Taking the bus to Pirambu, Wolverine talks to Mexer about his powers and invites him to join Xavier's school. He spends the night at the kids' hut in Pirambu.

Friday, June 7

ALIAS #7 (8-22)

The day after ALIAS 7 (1-7). Jessica buys a copy of Rick Jones' biography. As she's reading it in the park, two kids tell her that

he's playing at Club Ultimate that night around "Tenish? Elevenish." She swings by the club, hears his set, and confronts him.

(Interestingly, there's a sign promoting a Dazzler performance. No time frame shown though.)

ALIAS #8 (1-15)

The same day as ALIAS 7 (8-22). After sorting out that Jessica is not a Skrull or Kree agent, Rick calms down and the two talk.

He's certain that several alien races have placed a bounty on his head, which is why he left his wife. He claims Captain America

is ticked at him, so they decide to go to the Baxter Building for help.


The day after W:SAUDADE (1-17). Wolverine wakes up as Xavier calls him on his mobile "X-Phone." Xavier tells him there is another, more powerful mutant nearby. Logan takes a swim and is then rejoined by the kids. They are attacked by the gangsters, who take Wolverine out, shoot at least one of the kids, and kidnap the unconscious Mexer. They throw what they believe to be Logan's corpse into the sea. Logan is found underwater by some sort of mermaid, who recognizes the mermaid symbol on Wolverine's necklace and revives him with a kiss. Later, Kuhrradaizonest heals a young woman, then tells his bodyguard Pedrao to bring him the "rotten one." Kuhrradaizonest confronts Mexer, who tries to flee but is stopped by Pedrao. Kuhrradaizonest then "heals" the boy. Logan finds himself lying on a beach then calls Xavier by using a public phone, tells him about what happened, and asks him if he can localize his X-Phone. Later, Logan goes to the luxurious home of one of the gangsters, who keeps a collection of mobile phones from all of his victims. Wolverine confronts him, and he tells Logan about what happened to Mexer. Wolverine refrains from killing him and leaves as the gangster's two small kids enter the room. That night, Wolverine attacks Kuhrradaizonest's mansion. After a fight, he takes out the healer, who has a powerful healing factor like Wolverine, by stabbing him through the heart. He doesn't withdraw the claws until Kuhrradaizonest is finally dead, despite the fact he told Wolverine about Mexer's fate.

ELEKTRA v2 #7 (1-7)

One night. Chris Olson provides Ione Katamides with contact information for Elektra.

Saturday, June 8

ELEKTRA v2 #7 (8-9)

Early the morning after ELEK2 7 (1-7). Olson reports back to Interpol agent Jean Valance.

ALIAS #9 - FB (19-22)

The morning after ALIAS 8 (1-15). In a coffee shop, Jessica and Rick are waiting for the Baxter Building to open. Jessica

claims it will open in about 45 minutes.

ALIAS #8 (16-22)

The same day as ALIAS 9-FB. Jessica and Rick can't get past the receptionist in the Baxter Building. Rick freaks out and runs.

ALIAS #9 (1-18)

The same day as ALIAS 8 (16-22). Jessica phones the Avengers hotline to tell them about Rick. Jarvis returns her call to say the

real Rick Jones is "alive and well and safe and sound" in Los Angeles. The teenage fan returns to her office that afternoon. As

he's not in school, this story may occur during the weekend.

IRON MAN v3 #53

One day.

IRON MAN v3 #54 (1-17)

The same day as IM3 53. Ayisha tells Tony of how she survived because of the battle armor, which has left her in such a terrible

state of existence that she wants Tony to kill her. When Tony refuses, she tries to force his hand by beating Pepper. Tony

discovers that the beating has cost the life of Pepper's "nine-week"-old fetus. Meanwhile, Temugin is called upon to assume the

legacy of his father, the Mandarin. It is "ten days" before IM3 54 (18-22).

FANTASTIC FOUR v3 #50/4 (1-5)

One day at the mall, Johnny Storm and the Thing shop for an anniversary present for Reed and Sue and decide on an Alaskan


X-FACTOR v2 #2 (1-3:3)

One day, presumably "two weeks" after XF2 1 (10-23), but it may actually be two months after, especially given the interruption

of the Kang War. Aaron Kearse is at a baseball game with his son. It is long enough into baseball season for Tony Robb to have

his "32nd home run of the year."

X-MEN UNLIMITED #46/2 - FB (6:5-6:6)

On "June 8th," a scientist at a lab in Johnson County reports that an experiment has gone awry and a creature has materialized,

determined to kill him.

Sunday, June 9

THOR v2 #45 - FB (10-13)

One day. It must be barely two weeks after T2 44 as it is "two weeks" before T2 45, which occurs "barely a month" after T2 44.

X-FACTOR v2 #2 (3:4)

The day after XF2 (1-3). It is "18 months" after XF2 2-FB (4-5). Aaron Kearse has an operation to replace his damaged arm

with a synthetic one.

INCREDIBLE HULK v3 #52 - FB (6:6)

One day. On "June 9," S-3 is in her first day after the facial surgery.

DAREDEVIL v2 #35 (19-20)

It is 26 days after DD2 35 (1-18). It is "a year and a half" before DD2 58. Matt and Foggy talk privately in an hotel room with

Ben Urich. Matt says he just got back from Japan and tells Ben that their relationship (Ben as DD's confident) is going to have

to end now for everyone's own good. He says he's holding a press conference "tomorrow."

VENOM #10 (20-22)

One day, "eighteen days" after VENOM 10 (18-19), "one month" after VENOM 13 (1-21), "19 months" after VENOM 12, and

"two years" after VENOM 11. Patricia resurfaces in Buffalo and her whereabouts are reported by another Frankie and Vic to

their boss in the Empire State Building, by which Spidey swings.

PUNISHER v6 #19 (1-3)

One day. Having received a last-minute tip-off from Soap, the Punisher has gone to Vermont to deal with a multi-million deal

between the East Coast families and the Montreal mob. The Russian mob also crashed the deal and shot everyone. Shot and

bleeding, Punisher escapes into the woods and stumbles upon the farmhouse where Joan (from the Ennis miniseries "a year or

two back") lives. She takes him into the house. We see both bare and green trees.

Monday, June 10

PUNISHER v6 #19 (4 -20)

The day after PUN6 19 (1-3). It is a "couple of weeks" before PUN6 19 (21-22). The Punisher wakes up in Joan's house after

sleeping there "all day and all night." The Punisher realizes that the Russians will be on his trail, and that Joan is in danger.

Since he's too badly injured to leave, he tells Joan to phone the police so that he can surrender to the authorities before the

Russians arrive. Joan refuses. Instead, she helps the Punisher to fight off the mob and kill them all. Green grass and green and

bare trees in Vermont.

DAREDEVIL v2 #35 (21-22)

The day after DD2 35 (19-20). Matt Murdock starts a press conference outside Murdock & Nelson's law office. Peter Parker

appears here.

DAREDEVIL v2 #36 (1-4)

The same day as DD2 35 (21-22). It is "three weeks" before DD2 36 (5-6) and "a year" before DD2 61 (12-21). Matt holds his

press conference. He gives a speech and says he is not Daredevil, then announces he is going to sue the Daily Globe, and its

publisher, a Mr. Rosenthal, for millions of dollars in damages for "slander" and "emotional and reputation damage."


One day, "one week" after TM 3 (1-22). Sunset Bain is released from the hospital as Taskmaster looks on.


One day, shortly before MK:DS 2 (4-10). Part of an Elektra story. Green grass and trees in San Francisco.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #34 (1-5, 6:2)

A "Monday." Skin visits Jubilee in California, where Jubilee has become an actress in B-movies and commercials. On this day,

she plays Sailor June.

ELEKTRA v2 #7 (10-11)

One day during the week following ELEK2 7 (1-7). Elektra arrives in Los Angeles and sees Ione's coded advert in the paper.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #46/2 - FB (7:9)

On "June 10th," the scientist reports that the creature was overcome by a surge of electricity.


One day. Norman Osborn visits Harry's grave, then cancels appointment for the "next couple of days" (which he probably uses

to prepare a video of Gwen Stacy's death and send it to the media). Peter visits Aunt May and tells her he's been having a dream

over and over; then goes out as Spider-Man and calls M.J. but doesn't know what to say making her believe a pervert is calling.

Later Spidey finds the Green Goblin (who is first seen here with a new bulkier costume) and fights him stating it's "June 10th."

The Goblin stabs Spidey and retreats promising to reunite "the family" with a funeral. We see a rainstorm.


One rainy day, perhaps several days after W:SAUDADE (18-41). Wolverine finds Mexer, now virtually mindless, working in the gold mines of the Sierra Pelada.


The same day as W:SAUDADE (42-43). Wolverine knocks out a watchman at Sierra Pelada.


The same night as TM 3 (23).

Tuesday, June 11


The day after XU 34 (1-5). On a "Tuesday," Jubilee shoots a tampon commercial.

TASKMASTER #4 (9-22)

The day after TM 4 (1-8). It is "one week" before TM 4 (23-24).

SHE-HULK v4 #14 - FB (12:6-13:1)

One day. Holden Holliway defends Awesome Android in court.


One day, a few days before W:SAUDADE (44-46). Wolverine argues with Xavier about Mexer.

Wednesday, June 12

X-MEN UNLIMITED #46/2-FB (10:5, 10:7)

On "June 12th," the scientist reports that the creature has regenerated, bigger and stronger than ever.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #33/2 (1-3:5)

One rainy day. An amusement park operator reveals his star attraction, an inoperative Sentinel he calls Metallak. It is "three

days" before XU 33/2 (3-7).

X-MEN UNLIMITED #34 - FB (7:2)

The day after XU 34 (6:1). On a "Wednesday," Jubilee shoots a monster flick.


The night of the day of XU 34-FB (7:2). Jubilee tells Skin about her day.

ELEKTRA v2 #7 (12-19)

One day, probably a couple of days after ELEK2 7 (10-11). Seeing Elektra's response to her advert in the paper, Ione dispatches

Megaera to make contact with Elektra, which she does, via a phone call monitored by Valance, who sends Olson back to Athens.

Thursday, June 13

X-MEN UNLIMITED #34 (6:3-6:4, 7:3-7:4)

The day after XU 34 (7:1). On a "Thursday," Jubilee shoots a rap video and tells Skin about it that night. Warm beach weather

in California.

ELEKTRA v2 #7 (20-22)

The day after ELEK2 7 (12-19). Elektra arrives in Crete and is picked up by Megaera.

ELEKTRA v2 #8 (1-7)

The same day as ELEK2 7 (17-22). Elektra takes the job offered by Ione - to capture the four men who raped Ione and bring

them to her - and promises to finish within "one month." Interpol fails to nab Elektra during her visit to Crete.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #46/2 - FB (13:3, 13:5)

On "June 13th," the scientist reports, presumably right before death, that the creature is feeding energy from him.


One day. Peter watches video of Gwen Stacy's death sent to the media by the Green Goblin. Aunt May also sees the video on

TV. Norman sees Flash Thompson with a job offer. Peter then bursts inside a restaurant where Norman is having a meeting with

Japanese executives; they argue and after a Japanese executive proposes Peter to stay Norman forces him out citing he has a

school day "tomorrow." Spider-Man then confronts J. Jonah Jameson and tells him the Goblin allegations are false. We see a



One day, perhaps several days after W:SAUDADE-FB (44:3) and a couple of days after W:SAUDADE-FB (44:4). Logan and Jean are both depicted in their Morrison-era uniforms. At Xavier's, Wolverine tells some of Xavier's students about Mexer, who polishes the Blackbird. The students leave Wolverine, who then tells Jean Grey about how Mexer reminded him of another kid he used to know in the Mideast "fifteen years ago." He talks about his regrets, ruminating about what could have been. The autumn leaves may be topical.

Friday, June 14: Flag Day


Early the morning after PPSM2 45 (1-13). Probably past midnight the Green Goblin forces Flash Thompson to drink whiskey.

Later, as Peter has the same dream he's been having lately, a drunken Flash crashes to the wall of Peter's school with an Osborn

Industries truck probably remote-controlled. In the morning Peter learns Flash was behind the wheel of the truck, goes to the

hospital to see him and hears a doctor tell Liz that Flash might have suffered irreversible brain damage. A rainstorm is shown.


The same day as PPSM 45 (14-22). Back at his apartment, Peter finds pictures of people close to him and a pumpkin courtesy of

the Green Goblin. Later that morning Peter goes back to his school and finds Norman who has dropped by to give a blank check

for damages to the school; Osborn then dares Peter to meet him "tonight at seven." Aunt May calls Peter saying she saw the

Goblin's televised message "last night" as Spidey goes to visit Flash at the hospital and finds Felicia and other friends have sent

get well cards and flowers. Spider-Man then meets the Goblin and they start to fight. A rainstorm is seen.


The same day as PPSM2 46. After having fought the Green Goblin for a while Spider-Man tells him about the dream he keeps

having, then refuses to kill the Goblin as a tribute to Gwen Stacy's memory.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #34 (8-14)

The day after XU 34 (7:3-7:4). On a "Friday," Jubilee tries out for a role, gets hit on, and returns to Skin for comfort and

support. Her attempt at show business is over, and she must appear next in UX 403.


Perhaps the day after XU 46/2-FB (13). As a favor to Nick Fury, Logan checks out the lab and defeats the beast. We see severe

weather in Johnson County.

CABLE v2 #106 (1-13)

One day. Cable is in Kazakhstan. A waning crescent moon.


One day, shortly after MK:DS 3 (1-3). The rest of an Elektra story. We see a waning crescent moon.

Saturday, June 15


Probably the morning after PPSM2 (1-17). Peter visits Flash Thompson at the hospital and apologizes to Liz for not coming to

see him before.

CABLE v2 #106 (14-18)

The day after C2 106 (1-13). Cable continues his Kazakhstan adventure. It is "two days" before C2 (19). We see a waning

crescent moon.

CABLE v2 #106 (19:4-21:2)

The same day as C2 106 (14-18). The end of Cable's Kazakhstan adventure.

X-MEN UNLIMITED #33/2 (3:6-7)

One night, "three days" after XU 33/2 (1-3). Sentinel 728-67 (aka Metallak) comes back online at an amusement park, kills two

mutants, and heads for Manhattan (what happened to this Sentinel?). Waning crescent moon.

Sunday, June 16: Fathers' Day


One day. In her apartment near the University of Chicago (whose classes may have been extended because of the Kang War),

Kitty Pryde visits the Friends of Humanity website as she views an image of Hammer Bay as it existed before the annihilation of

Genosha in X 115. It must be before XU 36 (1-12) and is probably after XU 36-FB (3). Lockheed is here with Kitty, so this

story must occur after Lockheed is told about Kitty's whereabouts in Chicago in XU 43/2 (7-12). I place this story on Father's

Day to give it more poignancy, as Kitty's father died in the Genosha genocide.

WOLVERINE ANNUAL #1 - FB (6:1-6:2)

One day. Patrick Smitty (about 15 years old) steals some records. Later, he confesses.

Monday, June 17


One day. Norman Osborn gets late to work on "Monday" and receives a surprise courtesy of Peter Parker, then contemplates


CABLE v2 #106 (19:1-19:3)

One day. Kemhebeck tells the story of Cable's Kazakhstan adventure "two days" after C2 106 (14-18).

CABLE v2 #106 (21:3-22)

The same day as C2 106 (19).

SHE-HULK v4 #14 - FB (13:2)

One day. Awesome Android now works at GLK&H to pay back Holliway for his services. He mingles with Pug and Mallory.

Tuesday, June 18

IRON MAN v3 #54 (18-22)

One day, "ten days" after IM3 54 (1-17). On the trail of Ayisha, Iron Man heads to the Arctic Circle, where Temugin's

employees are shipping the drug called Sleeping Dragon, to which Ayisha is addicted.

IRON MAN v3 #55

The same day as IM3 54 (18-22). Iron Man confronts Ayisha in the Arctic, and both are taken down by Temugin. Later,

Temugin forces Iron Man and fight him until they are separated by an explosion caused by Ayisha. Iron Man is rescued by a

ship's crew.

TASKMASTER #4 (23-24)

One day, "one week" after TM 4 (9-22). This segment must occur before AX 1. Publication dates suggest that this segment

occurs before DP3 68-FB (4-10). Green grass and trees.

Wednesday, June 19

CHAMBER #4 - FB (12:2)

One day. Alex tries to learn to control his power from the kids in Magnetic North.


One day. After having read on the Internet "last night" about Malpura being poisoned by a chemical leak from AGK years ago,

Spider-Man sees an activist survivor of that case who informs him Tara, a Buddhist deity, is seeking vengeance against AGK

with Spidey's help. Tara is about to be attacked at AGK after demanding restitution when Spider-Man shows up. Together they

fight a security agent who blames the CIA for paying them to test the virus and is later bathed with the chemicals becoming the

virus; he leaves swearing revenge.

Thursday, June 20


Probably the day after PPSM2 49 (2-20). Peter is reading about AGK denying link to CIA in poison gas leak when Tara appears

behind him to whisper thanks, then loses herself in the crowd, leaving a flower behind.


One day, during the "week" before MUT 6 (1-12). A boy named Liam inadvertently causes an explosion in an Irish town.

Friday, June 21: Summer Solstice

X-MEN UNLIMITED #35/3 (1-10)

One day. Some folks make an X-Men movie (presumably a sequel to the one noted in NW2 8), perhaps inspired by the heroism

of certain X-Men in the Khan Invasion of XX 18. Professor X's identity is known, so this story must occur after X 116.

Saturday, June 22

PUNISHER v6 #19 (21-22)

One day, a "couple of weeks" after PUN6 19 (4-20). The Punisher has now healed enough to leave, and has fixed up Joan's

house to repair the damage. They say goodbye, and the Punisher heads off for New York. We see both bare and green trees in

Vermont. The coats and the dialog suggests placement before spring, but these references might be topical.


One day. On some kind of mission, Logan crash lands a plane in the snowy Arctic, where he encounters a girl named Po and

Bruce Banner, who turns into Savage Hulk.


The same day as W/H 1. Hulk and Wolverine fight, and Po's mystery deepens.


The same day as W/H 2. Banner tells Logan the story of Po. It is "20 friggin years" after H 1.


The same day as W/H 3. Logan and Hulk find the remains of Po and her father and conclude that the girl they're with is a spirit

which they set free.

Sunday, June 23

NEW MUTANTS v2 #11 - FB (19:1)

One day. Sometime after Moira's death in X 108, Rahne Sinclair wanders on her motorcycle. Green grass and trees.


One day, a "year" before XU2 4 (5-12). This event must occur before UX 411. Juggernaut has a "bust-up with Spider-Man," as

noted in XU2 4 (5-12).

PUNISHER v7 #32-FB (6:1)

One day, less than six months after PUN7 32-FB (5:2). Dynaco is on the cover of Time, and that night the Dynaco staff goes to

a strip club and does cocaine.

Monday, June 24

ALIAS #10 (1-11)

One day, "two months" before ALIAS 10 (12-21). Jessica meets with J.J. Jameson who hires her to unmask Spider-Man. He got

the idea from the Daredevil outing, but considers their handling of the situation botched. Jessica mentions that she is working for

Matt, so this must occur after DD2 35.

THOR v2 #45

One day, "two weeks" after T2 45-FB (10-13). It is "barely a month" after T2 44. I'm inclined to think that the costume Thor

wears in A3 56 and M/DS 2/2 makes its first appearance here. SM:SC 1 must occur before this issue, as Thor is in his classic

costume there.

PUNISHER v6 #20 (1-3)

One day. The Punisher is about to kill some mobsters in New York when the police burst in. Officers Mike Pearse and Andy

Seifert arrest everyone. The Punisher is still hiding in the rafters and isn't caught. The Punisher sees Seifert steal some cocaine.

Tuesday, June 25

PUNISHER v6 #20 (4-20)

The day after PUN6 20 (1-3) - a "Tuesday." It is at least "weeks" after "Nine-Eleven." Pearse has heard that Seifert is trying to

get into a poker game run by Lt. Leary. Pearse warns Seifert that Leary is corrupt. Seifert notes a vacation he took "at the end of

January." The Punisher asks Soap for information on Pearse and Seifert. Soap reluctantly hands over the files but warns the

Punisher not to harm them. Soap threatens to expose the Punisher as a cop killer if he does so. The Punisher agrees that if he

uncovers anything, he'll give it to Soap so that they can be arrested. The Punisher visits Fonseca, the snitch who sent him (and

Pearse and Seifert) to the drug deal. In the evening, he tails Seifert to Leary's poker game, and watches from outside the house.

Leary introduces Seifert to "Big Pete," who wants to buy the drugs from him. When Pete leaves, the Punisher forces him at

gunpoint into the car. Green trees.

SHE-HULK v4 #14 - FB (13:3)

One day. Awesome Android interacts with co-workers at G:K&H.

Wednesday, June 26

PUNISHER v6 #20 (21-22)

The early morning ("one-thirty") after PUN6 20 (4-20). The Punisher watches Pearse's house from outside. He sees Pearse

drinking and beating his wife Becky, who notes that "it's only Tuesday," (as she hasn't gone to bed yet, she's not considering it

to be Wednesday). Green trees.

PUNISHER v6 #21 (1)

The same day as PUN6 20 (21-22). It is the week before PUN6 21 (2-22). Andy talks to Becky and tries to persuade her to

come home.

WOLVERINE v2 #177 (1)

One evening. Dogma kills a priest in the confessional of St. Ann's Church in Manhattan.

Thursday, June 27

MUTIES #6 (1-12)

One day, during the "week" after MUT 6-FB. Liam causes a third explosion, and Colin and his terrorist pals finger him as the

cause, concluding he's a mutant.

X-FACTOR v2 #2 (6-7)

One day. It is long enough after XF2 2 (3) for Aaron Kearse's new synthetic arm to heal in "a few days more." Kearse is given

an assignment to look into death threats against Tony Robb as soon as he's ready.

VENOM #14 (1-9)

One day. Patricia Robertson/Venom II has arrived in Manhattan. Thanks to the control collar she picked up in "Run," she

largely has control of the symbiote. SHIELD locates her, and Nick Fury makes plans to go after her. Bob poses as the Suit and

tells Patricia that there has been a change of plan. Following Bob's new orders, Patricia uses Venom II's shape-changing powers

to pose as a blonde girl and pick up a SHIELD agent in a bar. They head off together.

WOLVERINE v2 #177 (2-19)

The rainy night of the day after W2 177 (1). It is "three days" before W2 177 (20-22). Father Braun meets his friend Logan to

tell him of his fellow priest's murder and the evil faction of the Vatican's power elite, led by Cardinal Panzer, that are behind it.

Braun tells Logan that Panzer intends to reprogram people with extra-low frequency vibration emanations that have been messing

with Logan's senses "for a couple a' days now." They are attacked by Dogma and Logan defeats him. Logan and Braun trace

the source of the emanations to the Brooklyn Bridge. They destroy the device, but Dogma throws Logan into the river and

abducts Braun.

FANTASTIC FOUR v3 #50/4 (6-8)

On the night of Reed's and Sue's anniversary, they and Johnny and Ben are on the Alaskan cruise that Ben and Johnny gave

them as a present. We all know from the Official Marvel Index to the Fantastic Four #3 that Reed and Sue were married in "late

June" (in FF@ 3). This segment probably occurs a year to the day before the anniversary shown in FOUR 21 (1-7).


One night. This story must occur a while after TB 60 (1-13), even though this mission is mentioned in TB 60 (1-13).


The same night as CV&VB:E 1. It may be a Thursday.

Friday, June 28


The day after CV&VB:E 2 (5-21). It may be Friday.


The same day as CV&VB:E 2 (22). This story must occur after A3 54. Cap, Vision, and Warbird appear.


The same day as CV&VB:E 3. This segment occurs "two days" before CV&VB 4 (21-23).

MUTANTS #6 (13-14)

Probably the day after MUT 6 (1-12). When Colin's pals try to abduct Liam, Liam makes their car explode. Later, Liam

confides in his girlfriend Bridget.


One day. This story must occur before A3 57. Ant-Man follows his daughter Cassie to a party. Placement here is somewhat

arbitrary given very few chronological clues. No moon is shown, the late June ballpark means school is out, and Cassie has free

time to go to the mall at her leisure. Chronological analysis suggests that Cassie has just turned thirteen.


One day. Jessica travels to Lago, NY to find a girl named Rebecca Cross. She meets Rebecca's estranged parents and goes

through her room, then heads to her high school. The reference to it being "May 12th" may be topical, but it should be after

Rebecca's disappearance on "April 14th." Green grass and trees in New York.

ALIAS #12 (1-16)

The same day as ALIAS 11. Jessica talks to Rebecca's classmates and discovers that she appeared to be a mutant. That night, a

drunk Jessica meets up with the local sheriff in a bar and they have sex. It is a school day - this may actually be during a

summertime extension of classes held because of the disruption caused by the Kang War. We see green grass and trees and

short-sleeved shirts.

CABLE v2 #107

One day, no more than a month before SX 3.


One day?


The same day as DP3 65. Warm swimming weather.

VENOM #14 (10-22)

The night of the day after VENOM 14 (1-9). Patricia has killed the SHIELD agent and replaced him, using Venom II's shape-

changing powers for disguise. A SHIELD team led by Nick Fury heads out to capture Venom. Not realizing that there are two,

they attack and subdue the real Venom, Eddie Brock. Following Bob's orders, Patricia/Venom II kills all the SHIELD officers

on her helicopter and seizes the controls. She opens fire on the other SHIELD agents. Spider-Man arrives and brings down the

helicopter with his webbing. Bob remotely deactivates Patricia's control collar, and she turns fully into Venom II. The two

Venoms confront one another. Full moon.


The same night as VENOM 14 (10-22). The two Venoms fight one another. Patricia re-establishes some control over Venom II

and flees. Nick Fury attacks Venom I with a bazooka. Venom I defeats Fury and webs him up. He considers killing Fury, but

decides to give chase to his duplicate instead. Bob arrives and cuts Fury down. He reveals himself as a superior officer, and

orders Fury not to interfere with his plans any further. Fury reluctantly complies. Meanwhile, Spider-Man catches up with

Venom II, but cannot make sense of Patricia's deranged ramblings. Venom I arrives and the two Venoms start fighting again.

They brawl into the sewers. The real Suit appears and attacks them both. Full moon.


The same night as VENOM 15. The renegade Frankie clone arrives in New York, planning to kill Venom II. In the sewers, the

Suit has driven away Venom I. Patricia has temporarily re-established control of Venom II, but only barely. The Frankie clone

arrives and confronts Patricia and the Suit. Meanwhile, above ground, the real Venom attacks Spider-Man, wrongly assuming

that he is somehow connected with the Suit. Spider-Man fends off Venom I and leaves. Full moon.


The same night as VENOM 16. The Suit and the renegade Frankie reactivate Patricia's control collar. The Suit and Frankie

compare notes on Bob. We establish that Venom II is "genetically skewed to produce a collection of reproductive hormones,"

and if it is reunited with the original Venom, something unspecified but apparently unpleasant will happen. The Suit comes up

with a drastic and convoluted plan to thwart Bob and Venom. He delivers Patricia/Venom II to the Fantastic Four (in the Baxter

Building, as confirmed by dialogue, though the art shows Four Freedoms Plaza). Then the Suit attacks a power relay station and

somehow causes a blackout throughout the northeast. The blackout disrupts Bob's communications with the Ark clone agents.

The Fantastic Four tell the media that they have captured Venom. Hearing this on the radio, Spider-Man goes to the Baxter

Building to try and warn the FF about the second Venom. The FF brush him off and tell him not to interfere in their plan.

Moments later, the real Venom arrives and attacks. Full moon.


The same night as VENOM 17. Venom appears in PPTSS2 1 sometime after this. Mr Fantastic and the Human Torch

immediately flee the Baxter Building in the Fantasticar, taking Patricia with them in a container. Venom does not realize that

they have gone and continues to search the building for Venom II. Reed and Johnny take Patricia to a FF storage facility in

midtown. Bob overpowers Reed and Johnny. Posing as the Suit, Bob releases Patricia and sends her back to the Baxter

Building. Meanwhile, despite Ben and Sue's efforts to stop him interfering, Spider-Man also enters the Baxter Building. The

Suit ambushes Venom I and tries to kill him. Spider-Man saves Venom, refusing to let Eddie Brock be murdered. Venom II

arrives. The two Venom symbiotes merge into one. The reunited Venom swings happily away into the night. Bob pronounces

himself satisfied with events and says that now they must wait. Full moon.

Saturday, June 29

ALIAS #12 (19-22)

The morning after ALIAS 12 (1-16). Jessica wakes up in a jail cell then goes to a local church on a tip from a reporter. Green

grass and trees in Warwick, NY. It is "Saturday."


The same day as ALIAS 12 (19-22). At the church, Jessica encounters a mutant-hating preacher, then has an argument with the

sheriff. She gets a phone call from Scott Lang, to whom Carol Danvers gave her number - this doesn't necessarily mean that this

story occurs after A3 61, the end of the first storyline featuring Scott as an Avenger; Scott and Carol may have been developing a

friendship behind the scenes since A3 26, in which both served in an ersatz Avengers lineup. As Jessica investigates Rebecca's

disappearance, she overhears a radio talk show in which people are discussing the revelation of Daredevil's identity - placing

this issue after DD2 32 (20-22). Jessica finds Rebecca's father dead. Green trees in Warwick, NY.

TIGRA #4 (20-22)

One day, "three weeks" after TIGRA 4 (1-19). Greer graduates from the New York Police Academy, so it may be a Saturday.

Steve Rogers appears here, and from the dialog it's apparent that his identity as Captain America is not public, so this segment

must occur before CA4 1. Green grass and trees in New York.

MUTIES #6 (15-17)

Perhaps the day after MUT 6 (13-14). Colin's friends use Liam to terrorize a statue dedication, and Colin and Bridget want this

use of Liam's powers to stop. We see rain and a full moon in Ireland.


One day, shortly after DP3 66. Outlaw refers to having met Deadpool at the gym (in DP3 65?) "the other day." Deadpool has

cashed the check he earned in DP3 66, so a bank would have had to be open between that night and now. Deadpool is hired to

protect Dazzler, who performs at a concert "after five years away from the stage." Deadpool flushes the miniaturized Rhino

down the toilet. Full moon. Sandi says that "it's only June."

DEADPOOL v3 #68 - FB (4-9)

The same night as DP3 67. "Eight hours" before DP3 68, Deadpool and Taskmaster chat in a bar. Publication order suggests

that this flashback occurs after TM 4 (23-24). It is "a while" after DP3 68-FB-FB (9:1).


The same night as ALIAS 13. Jessica goes to a nearby town and finds the missing Rebecca Cross. She's not a mutant, she's a

spoiled little brat who ran away from home, because she hated the prejudices of her small redneck town. Jessica drags her back

home, to find out that the sheriff has arrested Rebecca's aunt, who killed Rebecca's dad, (as seen in ALIAS 13). Jessica, having

"solved the case," heads back to New York. As she's driving Rebecca back to her home, Jessica gets a phone call from Matt



One night. Sabretooth's appearance in this miniseries likely occurs during the span of time between DP3 61 and WX2 1. It is

warm enough to be tending to plants on a rooftop garden in New York City. Full moon.


The same night as S:MSO 1. Lightning and a full moon.

ELEKTRA v2 #8 (8-10)

One night. Presumably after doing some research, Elektra nabs her first victim in Los Angeles. Megaera approaches Olson with

a proposal from Elektra. Full moon.

Sunday, June 30


The rainy early morning after S:MSO 2. Green grass and trees in New York. Full moon.


The same rainy morning as S:MSO 3. Green grass and trees in New York.


The same morning as S:MSO 4 (1-9). Sabretooth kills Bonnie.


The same morning as S:MSO 4-FB (20:1-20:3).


The same morning as S:MSO 4 (9:4).


The same day as S:MSO 4-FB (20:4-20:5).

DEADPOOL v3 #68 - FB (10-18:3)

The morning after DP3 68-FB (4-9). Deadpool meets a client named C.L. Montgomery, who hires him to kill his rival.

Deadpool immediately sets out to do so, impulsively.

MUTIES #6 (18-24)

The day after MUT 6 (15-17). The terrorists make Liam cause another explosion, but Liam chooses to blow himself and the

terrorists up instead. Liam survives but is secretly poisoned by authorities to end his threat. We see green grass and trees in



One day, "two days" after CV&VB:E 4 (4-20). The Battalion attends a funeral for Goldfire, who is noted as "twenty-three years

old." The Mighty Destroyer decides to retire and hand the reigns of the Battalion over to Jim Hammond; Aubrey's actual

retirement occurs "less than a year" before INV3 4.

IRON MAN v3 #55/2

One day, "over two weeks" after IM3 55, during which time Stark has been on a ship in the Arctic with no communication with

his colleagues. Tony finally makes it back to find his company reeling from his absence. Rumiko shows up, "weeks" after last

seeing Ty Stone, and has an argument with Tony. With press cameras rolling, Tony armors up to save a dog. Iron Man's identity

is revealed, so this story must occur before A3 56.

WOLVERINE v2 #177 (20-22)

One day, "three days" after W2 177 (2-19). At the Vatican, one of Panzer's followers tortures Braun to discover Logan's

identity. "Later, on the streets of Rome," Panzer's goons transport a captive Logan inside a van.


The same night as W2 177 (20-22). Logan breaks free and infiltrates the Vatican. He fights Panzer's goons and defeats Dogma.

Panzer tries in vain to break Braun into revealing Logan's identity. Logan arrives, Panzer's flunky identifies him, and Panzer

shoots Braun dead. Just then, Cardinal Parente arrives and pretends to take Panzer into custody to get Logan to leave. As Logan

leaves Rome with Braun's body, Panzer and Parente ponder what Logan's involvement may mean for their future plans.


The same day as DP3 68-FB (10-18). "Eight hours" after DP3 68-FB (4-9), Deadpool takes out the rival. That night, after he

talks to Montgomery's mutant son, Deadpool throws away his image inducer, then discovers that Sandi is in the hospital.

DEADPOOL v3 #69 (1-8)

The same rainy night as DP3 68. Deadpool, Ratbag, and Taskmaster visit Sandi in the hospital, then go after the boyfriend who

put her there. Deadpool cold calls a bunch of folks, including Logan (presumably at Xavier's) and Cap (presumably at Avengers

Mansion) before heading to Germany.